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Yelich's 14th homer helps Brewers beat Mets 8-6

Clark Howard

04:09 min | 4 years ago

Yelich's 14th homer helps Brewers beat Mets 8-6

"Yelich hits it in the air team right field. Racing back. His Conforto that all changes here yelich goes deep and the brewers lead at five zero one he is now tied for the most home runs before may first in major league history that is his fourteenth Dinger of the year in the fifth inning is the brewers. Take a five one lead to the bottom of the fifth with one out Pete Alonzo gets a basic here comes Robinson canal Woodruff's pitch ground ball to third could be to shot to second for one Arshi is the first time and the brewers turn the double play and eating is over. Second time Robinson knows involved in a double play. He had these strike them out. Throw him out earlier on brewers would add to their lead in the top of the sixth inning. Robert gazelle machine comes on to pitch I battery faces. Hey, Seuss Aguilar. He strikes out. But then Ben gambled. Doubles Lorenzo Cain lined up to the second hour of the day intentionally walked Christian yelich to get to Mike loose dacas. Basell brings home the pitch and Mushtaq is ground. Paul left side that's gonna get through into left field. Gambles around thirty is gonna try to score. No throw coming and move stock is drives in another. It's six to one brewers. Brandon Woodruff would be done after five innings. He gives up just one run on six hits junior. Garrett comes into pitch in the sixth inning throws a scoreless. Six brewers would get into a little bit of trouble though in the seventh inning. Alex Wilson comes onto pitch ipad or he faces. I'm Ed Rosario Rozario for two and hope for five the series. It's one torch right-center long run, Lorenzo Cain. Over as head. And this one is going to be gone all run for a metro sorrow and the Mets at around at sixty two next hitter. Travis d'arno pitch from Wilson ride in the left field line is headed for the corner. It's a fair ball off the wall gamble gets too quickly. Fires into second base. Here's at the tag is in time. They got Dr no not perfect draw from Ben Gammel. Yeah. They get them at second that ends up being a huge play, especially when you consider how the rest of this ending would go down. Dominic. Smith comes up as a pinch hitter. He would walk and that would end the day for Alex Wilson. Alex Claudio comes in would give up a base hit Jeff mcgeough or there's also a throwing error on the play next hitter. After that as pita Lonzo. Here's the pitch. Fly ball field. Gambled back. This ball is gone. He Alonzo homerun. Number nine and just like that. It's a one run game. Yes. Six five. So that's where Dr no being out at second really has a big role in this game in the way it was going so one run game. But the brewers would get some more insurance in the top of the eighth inning. Greece. Kamilia comes into pitch for the Mets per battery phases. Ben gamble. He walks Lorenzo Cain. Then gets Basit runners on at the corners for Christian yelich on yelich pitch chopper. First base side. It is a fair ball gambles coming home. He's gonna score yelich beats the Piat. I it's an infield single. The brewers at a run at seven five canes at second wild pitch by juries familiar. Cain would move to third after might moussaka strikes out swinging. The next hitter is yes, Monte GRANDE. All familiar throws runner. Takes office swinging about off the glove of Amelia canes, coming home. He's going to score as Grondahl is out at first base yellow pages in scoring position. Mission. It's an RBI ground for Grondahl and a huge run scores again. Eight five brewers Mets would start shipping away again though in the bottom of the eighth inning. Jeremy Jefferson comes onto pitch. The first battery faces JD Davis. He walks Brandon Nimmo than singles and the next hitter. After that is I'm Ed Rosario Jeffers throws lupin wider base hit field.

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