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"ed rollins joe" Discussed on The Erick Erickson Show

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"ed rollins joe" Discussed on The Erick Erickson Show

"And yet they are. The biden administration has problems beyond f. Gives you the problem for the bite. Administration is that we've crossed over into competencies and so afghanistan is now kind of defining everything else. Afghanistan itself is setting the tone for the rest of the by administration they did not competently withdraw from afghanistan. They did not competently withdrawal or deal with the virus they have not competently dealt with the budget situation. Not competently really dealt with anything lately and it's having spillover effects on joe biden Significant negative effects on his administration. And here's the thing. The midterms are coming. The midterms are coming and because the midterms are coming the democrats should be starting to disagree with joe biden back in nineteen ninety george h w bush president of the united states. He got elected in nineteen thousand. Nine hundred eighty eight with very famous line at the one thousand nine hundred eighty eight republican convention read my lips no new taxes and then at the end of nineteen eighty nine. George h w bush raised taxes. Ed rollins joe. The pollster ed rollins pretty famous guy at rollins. Ed rollins at the time was the executive director of the national republican committee. The in our cc. Ed rollins middle out to the republicans. The house representatives. You've got to fight your president. You have got to fight your side. You must fight george. H w bush. You was vocally. Condemned this if you want to win. And here's the thing that happened. The republicans who condemned george h w bush won reelection in one thousand nine hundred ninety the republicans who stood shoulder to shoulder with him and definitive. They lost as we head into the midterm elections if the democrats want to preserve any semblance of power in washington. Dc they better stand up to their own guy because they're not and it's going to have a spillover effect down. Ballot is gonna have a spillover effect on them this historic the nine hundred ninety. The republicans ran against the incumbent. Republican president george h w bush and they were able to mitigate their losses. The party of the white house tends to lose. They lost but they mitigated damage. The ones who are most vocal against him were the ones who held onto power. The democrats should probably remember that. It's going to be interesting to see if some of the swing state. Democrats suing district. Democrats stand up to him. Some of our but not a whole lot of them. We'll see where it goes. Y'all before i get a commercial break. I gotta introduce you to a new product that i've been using and i really like. It is innovative in that. It's quiet and that it's heater and it's it's air. It's a fan from eden pure you can get the air purifier from eden..

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