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Wrestling Cheers- Episode 84: Someone Has To Review Hell On Earth 14, Why Not Us? (Review)

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Wrestling Cheers- Episode 84: Someone Has To Review Hell On Earth 14, Why Not Us? (Review)

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This is wrestling chairs relate to talk about things going on the northeast Ohio independent wrestling seen we preview shows we review shells and sometimes we even have interviews along the way this is a review you episode of a Ws Hell on earth fourteen. I'm your host. I am heavy set for get an all of that. Let's get into little bit housekeeping. Please rate review and subscribe to wherever you're listening to this podcast whether it be apple podcast Google podcast yeah stitcher tune in Youtube spotify IHEART radio and pod being wrestling cheers that pod bean dot com please rate not rate like subscribe follow us on all your social media facebook twitter instagram facebook dot com slash wrestling cheers twitter dot com slash rushing cheers instagram dot com slash racing cheers email. If you choose a desire wrestling cheers at g mail dot Com we have the merge store over at what a maneuver dot net like. I said we'll be talking about a I W's final show at Our Lady of Mel Karnal Hell on Earth Fourteen and who do we have on the show this week well first off. We have stacy hey. How's it going man? How's it going going good? I did to talk about the final Mount Carmel Shell all all right and then we also nope just us just menial. Yeah swerved me there. I thought I'd miss somebody else checked now. I think the last two man show was being you may may have been is like fuck it. I'm like well Stacy's in that's we're going to do enough talking so we don't have a third person that's fine. We'll be fine yeah so let's talk about one thing that I mean. We'll get to kind of later but you were the big person uneven thing about having you on for this. This makes total sense. Is that bad joke. No she joking Danielle while I'm on big to wink think I literally no room to speak because we're both anyway <hes> L._A.. Park you are a yeah that is where you are huge fan <hes> him and make I told them like I said it even think about like Oh like we could have had you on the preview but I don't really how was it to meet L._A.. Part was awesome. He was great. He does not speak a lot of English. <hes> I was the last person who got a photo off with him. That's awesome yeah. They called last call dude. I'll be honest like I don't get claustrophobic much but there were a lot of people in that building to get from where I'm at the bleachers because that ramp <hes> I had to go all the way around and that back part like Uber Push all the way up against Gimmick table yeah not and I was like I had a buck and mental health moment. I was like Oh man I don't I know of I can get through this crowd but there was no way I wasn't getting a photo op so I like when I heard call Alaska. I was like what Buckingham going I don't know if he's come back at intermission and it was it was awesome. Man whose Rugen I the thing that I mentioned the somebody at some point of the show like merely the intermission or before the show is how packed it wasn't that building. If you were trying to walk around it was like the one lane construction auction traffic where it's like one language and both ways we have a flag or so that one point like you have to stop you have to let a whole bunch of people through and then you and probably bunch people behind you are GonNa go that same way but just opposite so it's like it and it was the bigger person like I'm fucking huge. It may be even more tight for me like a fuel bad like you've left move out of away. Interrupt People's conversations yeah. I don't know my that's my mental illness with that ship yeah yeah it was a lot of people which is good. I'm glad people came out that like I I had kind of mentioned that Hell on earth I wanNA say was ten. which was the last one at Turner's hall it was packed? It had that same feeling feeling and I wanted to have that same thing here and thank God like I don't know what it was like to be. Someone who showed up late because that parking lot was full earlier than normal normal even if you show up late like you're searching for parking spot so it was it was probably definitely worse move. I don't know how far away people parked. I don't know if people did use uber like it was suggested or lift or whatever ridesharing APP you'd prefer to us but it was awesome too early so we had a pretty close spot yeah I I assumed it was going to be what it was like. As far as the way thorn was talking about I was like is is Phil now but the Fox going on right yeah no no when that would that conversation was going down and certainly was but in comparison so last year I had to work on black Friday ironically enough normally. I don't have to work but I tend to work this black Friday yeah so last this year I got there like right as intermission was ending right and I was still able to get a parking space wasn't a real space. I used like up against the building. There's those hashed out. Mark's in front of the one onset doors like down towards the end of the building where it's not really a parking space. It's like a divider I parked in that but but like that there was no way that was even open at intermission of this show like I saw some some very questionable park jobs yeah like the thing that I tried this show that I hadn't tried any other show we. It's something if you've listened to the show long enough I've somewhat mentioned and that's normally I sit on one particular side of the ring literally every Mount Carmel Show I've been to it's been <hes> how you want to describe it. It's if the gymnasium for the entrance right yeah opposite of the they'll say if the gymnasium was bare it's opposite of the stage page yeah so they literally the first Mount Carmel Show had calmer show. That's I sat in that rose front row more on the obstacle or the normally closer to commentary but as time went on like that's Kinda was responding you know my group with Kayden and you know all the people that you know started becoming friends with Kane you know Justin Dome Leonard Bids and all those people and like that was my home like that I was really O._C._D.. About my spot I think the only time that I didn't sit front row at the show robbing a show there was a time when I was like second row because I got a ticket late so but always talked about I kinda wanted to try sitting in a different spot but I'm too stubborn round like no. I'm just GONNA take my spout. I'm just GonNa take my spot and thinking about it like the day before or even the day of I was like me and I keep talking about wanting to sit in different spots. This is the last show at fucking Mount Carmel so I'm going to take the spot that I've wanted to for Awhile and I sat on commentary side front row with Thirsty Jabber <hes> Patrick Rick <hes>. Mrs Jobber was put on her her chair but it was a different experience in number one I I felt like I got way better videos way better pictures and granted. It's because I'm on heart Cam side so people aren't going to be blocking me and I think that helped out with whatever like I know <hes> head of you. Fan Reese pretty much openly stole the instagram video that I had of danced and justice breaking the stage breaking the ramp spot. I think I'm I was the only person they had video of that. That was one one of the moment that like as soon as it was done. I was like all thank God. I got that one because that one was good. Somebody do a boomerang of that. That was hilarious yeah. I I seen that too. That's on the another wrestling twitter feed I think every two into but yeah that and they were were they were on the ramp like closer to the Andrew so the behind view boomerangs was good. I noticed a few people kind of traveled around and got different spots like new young Ed was back and Forth Corinne over where you guys were up in the bleachers where we were. I I took in my last time of sitting in what I will forever. Say is the best view for wrestling I've ever had I would've paid front row. Oh price for that seat at the top of the bleachers dead center the ring. It's it's perfect. It's like the view that you get on TV from our chance. I believe it's I that is the thing that I'm the saddest about from out carvel well. It's like the best view ever have wrestling I will never have and you never sat in the bleachers at <hes> Akron. Now they're different. I don't know I mean they the view from back there might did you good. I I kind of like the front row at Akron YEP AS DO I. It's a it's a nice venue. I can't wait till we go back to it. At some point I had more shrine. I think if things have to be a little oh you know mobile for awhile whether it's not a permanent home for w <hes> hitting that up maybe three times a year instead of the two times a year <hes> I I know by ticket every time <unk> getting up by taking every time whatever but I like the fact that the Akron shows have to be on Saturday. It's nice. I like going to show on Saturday. I realize it's probably harder to get Aladin on a Saturday. There's more competition but I like the Saturday shows yeah. I'm I'm the same way 'cause like for me. I work Monday through Friday so if I have off that day my hat like I'm using vacation day or I'm just taking a hit saying okay. I'm not going to get paid for this day. But at least I want to be able to show up to the show but even though going back to what I'm saying earlier. Normally I don't buy Fridays. I haven't worked a black Friday and I don't. I don't know how long and then I was told I was we were going to have to work and I was trying to work out a deal with my the boss Mike. I need to get back home and this is something I don't think I mentioned on twitter like I mentioned about the whole incident but I told him I had to be home because I had a family event <hes> and that's me-meeting a._i.. Yeah W. Not necessarily just lying. I was meaning ahead. How do I worked out a deal because there were a couple of people on my account who were a off? They took like vacation days. I normally deliver in Columbus. Would I in growth called Grove port at two in the afternoon. I delivered at nine twenty in the morning by S- I woke up at five A._M.. And had to leave my terminal which is a nor Jackson at about about six six thirty. Oh God the long day for you more. Oh it was the the great thing is like towards the end of the show like I didn't feel it by like by the time I got home by the end of the show. I was just like man. I'm tired I'm not I'm not the fall asleep at my body which is like just worn so then obviously driving home and then by the time I got home in like loud my body to wind down like I don't think I went to bed till I two in the morning I get I mean we didn't get home until five A._M.. Aw Yet at the other end cathedral like all you know five A._M.. I can't do that shit and then drive home. That's why we never go to the after after's to if we go to the after after it's like seven A._M.. Eight A._M.. When we get home I fucking old man? fucking old young near would have done that shit all day. I'm too far old now so let's let's get into this show and like like normal which is something I'd love about A._I.. W You know we started off off with a couple of matches that warrant announced sure did started off with jock Sampson and Manse Warner versus Eric Ryan and Bobby Beverly Versus Derek Direct tour reading the twitter handle cat damned Eric. Can you just get Eric Director. Dare director and Dan Housing versus the Chali Ville Fuck. It's a thing that I have to mention that. I had a little bit of fun with is win. Jock advance manse came out you know there are in jackets pulled down the zippers when they got in the ring or the buttons whatever exactly they were in there wearing Pittsburgh steelers shit obviously viewers guard you got some shares but I think there was way more more booze and then Eric Ride and by beverly came out and I know Eric on that aircraft and Bobby Beverly is browns fan and I mentioned something to Rub your Dick on that. I didn't know what I was talking about. He's like about the Reveiz Dick on fifth. Wayne and I'm like no known like I'm like no the fucking sweat he's like Oh and he's like he's like road fucking amazing. I don't know if it was intentional with this or if they just get over just G._B.. And they went for it that way but I felt like it was a well Tracy's not what year to make fun of your local sports team promoter of tea from Outta town so we're going to take the steelers eat the trees. You may have taken. It's in between that and Jock is a steelers fan yeah. That's too bad for her. I had fun with him because man that means he's one of those fucking guys who's in Ohio State Fan and a steeler fan here because I like that to worst fan bases ever Jesus Christ I I joke. I joked around with him when he was in the ring and at the merchantable I was like hailed to the victors because he actually if you've noticed like he actually has that well. I was the Buckeyes anybody has the Buckeye Tattoo that little Oh yeah but yeah that's jocks really good for you know coming out with that kind of shed on the funny thing is his high school has the Cleveland browns colors. Oh yeah yeah he had a shirt that came out that was brown and orange and I was like oh Cleveland browns shirt. He's my high school. Caller is one of my high school had taste. This was a fun match start off with a number one unannounced but every team is you know the well loved it w team I feel like the fuck. It's don't get enough love. I'd agree like they're not in as many announce matches anymore like it's like oh we're going to have its price tag match up kept. Here's the fuck it's one. I don't know if that right. Maybe it's because it's like the fucking to a team been around ad w forever yeah so. I don't know that it's like a big draw to announce them but you know everybody's going to be happy to see him yesterday. Make they make for a real nice. Surprise is <hes> I love the fuck it's man they're great <hes> that pounces great every time I I like before I'm glad that their books yeah it sucked when they were gone because they were around the Turner's halls days and then like when we came to Mount Carmel they were only around for a handful of shows and then they just disappeared they had ride on some real life. Shit come up and I don't even think they wrestling that much of the data was like closer to where they're from and then they were a mystery tag team a couple years back and like they've been back and full force which had been really happy because they were I was like I don't WanNa say critic against awesome but they were one of those teams like almost ed within J.. F. Row was just like I don't get these guys and it was because I had never seen a promo of. There's like the ceiling passionate. Okay cool have fucking their name like why does like why should I care about these guys yeah the pounds cool cannibals cool but like look at all these other tag teams that we had at that time like world. These guys are cool to what's what state has them stand up then they really good promo that was put on Youtube and I'm like okay like that. Touch me that like connected and now like I get I get the fuck is so that's dress team at the after party every time I really do. They like certain cy every time trying to move. I've seen them <unk>. I don't go to many after parties. I went to the radio and I can't remember they were. They're not really outrageous. I can't remember <hes> yeah they were wrestler. I don't remember if they were that after they were on wrestler so this match ended with Chuck Samson Samantha Manson were both painting at the same time Bobby Beverly and Nasty Russ for the win their you know another thing that I liked in this match was on the production and things it was very much <hes> a free bird rule but it's been <hes> Derek and Eddie as tag team for a while and to switch it up and have Van Housing V._N.. And Eddie just be out at ringside. I think it's cool that there's like that fluidity with that team him where they're kind of mixing. You know different guys in when it's tags from the production and with you know what happened later and deal with that yeah I I would imagine that rank you can be part of that in the future to weather's that fluidity between like which you guys you get when you go up against the production I mean we've even seen Dan Housing and Eddie. I feel like a lot. I ain't kidding. That's it's been a team before for sure yeah. It's it's that's pretty much. It was magnum and Frankie and then the other three you know it was whatever the after right after this match 'em J. F. came out and obviously tracy. Smothers wasn't there was previously announced the during during the day on twitter which really sucks. I was looking forward to this match. My only issue in this is coming from a fan standpoint. I think he's done it before lately and I think Tracy Tracy is now going to be that unreliable dude where when I see him on the flyer if F._W.. Hinge the Bookham. I don't think he showing up and I don't know I don't know whether like what his reasoning I know the last time it was because he couldn't get the day off work yeah so I I don't I don't know I I don't. I don't know nothing about nothing valid. I got inside information but my assumption think it was young. Tonight talked about this at the show is like I think Tracy may have taken the date and my understandings that Dude's a pizza delivery drivers and Black Friday is a big fucking day in pizza like there's there's a lot of money to be made pizza drive that day <hes> and I think he may have taken the date not realizing it was black Friday. They backed out or may have been work thing. I don't know that I feel like that's a safe a safe guests if you're making guesses as to why he may have canceled again. I don't fault the guy you gotta make money. You GotTa make money now bomber that cancelled but what I'm saying is like if he gets announced for another show. I'm just like okay. I believe it when I it like. I don't think it's not saying I don't know I think I want to say this is like third booking in a row that he hasn't showed up at yeah yeah but I liked tracy smothers electricity sub. There's two he's been in some great matches like I mentioned last week like him. Versus <hes> Great Yeah great out him verses Cococabana Cabana versus Swat versus law gle <hes> there's definitely more like he's just so great and even if like I said if you go to power mom watches match versus Cochabamba van I I swear it's literally twenty minutes before the match really starts. It's like a big back and forth but it's so good. That sounds like Tracy smothers match. You Know God yes but anyway m._G._M.. Came out talk some shit like M._J.. Does does an he. It was open challenge but he wanted as a gauntlet but there was only one match so I'm happy when I tweeted this out. I use the word open challenge so if someone came next I'd be like well. Here's this other match but nope there was just one on so basically the regular thing of like nobody in in the backs man enough to fight me or having an imagine like let's bring somebody I'd challenge anybody and outcomes horns walk all the Latte legit last minute replacement for Tracy smothers. That's I think that's pretty good I was I was hoping actually it would have been Mary and Fontaine 'cause I'm like Fontaine. VERSUS NJ F- could be really really good yeah I I I saw Mariam Fontaine have would still one of my favorite matches of the year this year so yeah I mean Fontaine would have been good. I'm glad they got Sahgal. I thought the match was great. Everything leading up to the matches great yes. He got a whole room room for people to call him over and over that doesn't get old. I think it's funny that like even he mentioned like. Are you know we have problems with these fans who say say these things and then he goes all right now like doc. Let's chant he's con. He thought that I mean we got lucky. We get the C. J. F. right before he broke himself the out for four to six weeks he did all injured man. That's cry. I didn't hear about until you tweeted about it and I thought it I'm like Oh my God I welcome people. Can we bubble wrap Ethan page. Yeah make sure he's very similar about fucking across. He's getting old enough. He might need to be both put even engaged to Oh my God yeah. It's it's a lot of people it's like. I probably a fifth of the people who worked at show are injured. Lake is that a coincidence or is at any moment mm it like that many people could have the potential being injured and obviously if they work that show they're working a lot of dates. You know what I mean. It's wrestling people get hurt. I've anytime there's shit like that where it's like. Oh Oh it's occurs like it's a funny joke to me that like it's like final destination with engine but it's it's fucking coincidence fan. All those people work in a lot more like Marco stunt so he's working a lot of shows that are televised in one way or another US trying to get his name out there. He's trying to impress people get. 'em Jeff has what looks to be a very full schedule. All the time could got you dart. Cody Rhodes and some of these people have a lot of miles miles on their bump guard. You know what I'm like so I mean people are going to get hurt. It sucks though that sucks that it's taken out so many big names on the indies you know both Joey's bucket crazy like I honestly don't mean this in a bad anyway but we're gonNA kinda benefit from Marco stunt <hes> he's going to be on the podcast this concave this will come out yeah. That'd be technically next month but yeah granted he was. I've had this plane literally only thing I've talked about this when he the day he did the G. C._W.. Stuff the Boston New York idea hemmed him a couple hours later but I had been like thinking this in my mind and I'm like fuck. I better strike acquire the irons hot. Hey I want to do this but it's it's in December. How do you feel and he agreed to do it? Then like I was like de having him bright around gleaning into that day and we were like ironing owning out stuff so it was like okay like we'll have like this talk about Blah Blah Blah work on this time like now his schedules open right so we'll be able to fit him but which I'm GonNa talk about with him fucks me because I think two of the opportunities I was going to have to meet him. I think both earn out the window again unless he happens to show southern run aground pro when I go other than that I'm fucked. I'll you're not going to mania. NOPE key might not be ready ready by mania. It's about as it's it's like a six month injury. Yeah I mean that's you might not be able to wrestle I. I think he'll probably be there for signings. Yeah I mean I don't know I don't know fucking up about that. You can ask him about that. You talk to know yeah the world. That's I think his is going to be really easy interview because there's going to be this stuff like hey. Let's talk about this shit and then we'll get into the other crazy topics too but it's like hey it's here. Let's talk about anyway <hes> yes. We had 'EM J. F.. Versus Horns Vago and <hes> harmful algal body slammed <hes> Dave Dawson and he gets the D. queued food so N. J. F. is your winner and I mean there was like there was a lot going on. That's the only thing I hate about one on live. tweeting is like okay. How am I gonNA fit everything? That's said onto twitter as fast as I can so I kind of throughout the holders like a bet that Hanako couldn't body Slam J. F. So it ended with Hans Lockwood being blinded trying to body slam somebody and turns out to be was potato body signs him and next thing in he uh when he can finally see goes out and then Sir low blow by M J F <hes>. I don't remember hi there was yeah it was low blow by M J F ended up thought he was disqualified but it turns out. No horns log was disqualified. Qualified you know what you're right. Yeah that is that was finish man. It was a bad light to be David potato until his event not to be data yet real. Though that crowd addicts time he came out. You got booed hard. The guy next to me was saying that he thought that potato was going to have a he'll turn because it keeps like screwing up matches and only thing that I'll say because I don't remember I sound like he's already turned heel. We've already done Dave. The potato is in in the pocket of somebody he was that there is a faction called flex industries headed by chess flex her and it was basically like a million dollar corporation idea and he was the the referee in their pocket and then that eventually through time went out the window potato. Stop riffing W for awhile individual he came back and everything was kind of started over with him so he like. We've been there. It's been done. I don't think we're going back to that well. I don't know I'd be technically. He hasn't like every time the he's done something that made people mad at it's been like oh you say he'll. He's actually just been like calling shit right what I._B._M.. Like within the context of what what should be allowed in a match like if you body slam the referee that's your disqualified. How about a horn smuggle talent potato not to count them out like Cochabamba that was good and propsed horns log on that fucking can suplex? It looks good every time the APP. That suplex looks good every time the batch was good. I it was it was the best you could have hoped to have a not like I was. I had high hopes for Tracy Smothers M._J.. M._J. F- just appreciate talking between the two of them. Oh God yes swat. Will I think probably did as good or better. The Tracy would've been the match itself and <hes> the the Mike stuff was everybody's good strategy tracy to it was one of my favorite matches of the night is good. I like and I think I threw it out on my personal twitter asking Curt Hawkins who he's rooting for in this madge because Kurt Hawking's was one of the trainers for your trained of Jerem J. F. and he's he's like best friends will swap with on my hailing written for in this Maj was good yeah for. I don't think it was very long but it was still for what it was. It was it was great. Engine like Nj Dude who he is entertain me every time I've seen him and he just keeps getting better and better than W is like hindering wise no he just finds ways to entertain in even with this one with everything on with payer like he was like kissing him afterwards like because he was so happy that he didn't lose the horns swallow and didn't have to pay them money. Oh that was another great back and forth while talking about obviously jeff is that rich character but you have horns walk who's been in actual movies. These were they high grossing movies not necessarily but muppets yes leprechaun no but he at the throw out a couple jabs <hes> because I think it was like I'm jeff like outlets for five thousand like is that enough for you and it's like he's well not even like my my mother money Tony. That's great good. I'll next match we see in another does this was announced but there was change we had instead of Ethan Page was Dr Daniel See Rockingham versus Katy B versus dominant Greenie versus Joshua Bishop night high honestly don't think Ethan Paddle know what happened but I don't think he was showing up. I think like I don't know whether he planned his vacation and took the booking or he took the booking looking and then planned his vacation and then had to like cancel. This is like hey can. We not do it but they already made the graphic or something because I think he posed like the next day he was still on vacation he would. There was no apologies what I'm doing yeah yeah. I don't know what went on with that would have been nice to see ego but the end was fine. Yeah everybody got the throat toilet paper. Dan and they will more time. I WANNA post a video of <hes> got a really really really those nice amount of toilet paper thrown at them. I made sure I passed out. I forget how many fucking roles of before like trying to even get to you people are giving give me all right. Guess Guess route but they're given given toilet table to people up in the bleachers is always rootless fucking like every time it's happened like with the exception of surprisingly I've seen Pam. Get it to the Ring Kelly jus. I knew it was going to be Pam and yeah but I I've. I've seen people just it people in the seats in front of us. Are you never makes it. Dan You need like the kid quarterback from little giants who through that toilet paper in the middle of the the shopping mile. That's another movie. I've never seen a ED or so lion king. Let's talk about this podcast without about lying. He's never seen liking anyway. It makes sense of your age because I think I was like ten when it came out so I was in the definitely demographic the need to see it you are what a teenager i. I don't know what you're that. We've come out. I want Oh maybe ninety six hundred seventy four so eight here on ninety four. I think don't quote me Yeah I was. I was like smoking Weeden lead heavy metal. Now I mean it makes us ninety four seventeen years old but then again as an adult. I do watch pixar movie so I don't. I don't know where I look for. Repeat this with teenage me was a watch Disney deep Rome's that wasn't unless it was like fucking sword in the stone and Shit slack cauldron but for but for football movies little giants is good Rick Moranis Ed O'Neill yeah. I don't know why I've never seen it because the puck love Ed O'Neill and I love Rick Moranis like especially he was at that time period where I can't he was like I can't say hey couldn't do no harm but like it was almost killing definitely in the middle of the honey I shrunk movies. These are honey. I blew up movies. Whatever was yeah? You said you could do a wrong but I feel like every honey. I'm movie after the first one was wrong as things get get I have to. I don't know how I'd have to revisit honey. Blew up the kid because I as a kid. I thought that was cool and then I remember seeing honey. We shrunk ourselves. which I thought was okay but there might think there was more so I don't know but anyway I remembered about liking those movies? Little Diane's is fucking grain. I think it's one of my top five if not favorite football movies people constantly reference Sandlot with it and like sandlots me as I I don't see how that movie could be on the same level at Sandlot and me up not seen it. I'm not huge huge on Sandlot what I've seen it but like I was never obsessed with like a couple of times as a kid but like that. was that the only the only things that the only things I really remember of it as Babe Ruth 'cause it's a kid I loved Babe Ruth Small fucking anyway <hes> so Dr Tennessee Rockingham Kate he bead Dominic Woods Tommy Greeny and Joshua Bishop Jeff Fatal four-way and basically this Maj was side. You know a lot of people going back and forth of who is in the ring but you had a war starting to build. I really enjoyed it of dominant greeny and Joshua Bishop. I should say continuing to build so I think at one point it was one of those times where they keep fighting each other and like they go in the back like if they just disappear because they keep fighting so you're left with Katie be and Dr D._N._C.. Rockingham and Katie pinned Dr Dan for the win in Katy B is fucking getting over more and more every A._W._s.. Show sure is I. I really do love it. The first time I saw that dude was joey spring break and I've dug that dude since then like I I was like there's a Doodoo k. by that just got kyle written on his year Abu K with this guy. He's definitely evolved the character since then but I like he's good. He's like a big Haas Dude. The move I beg it next up was tagged t match chase Oliver and trae Lamar versus Magnum C._k.. And Frankie Flynn four the A I W tag team championships in this there is a lot going on in this small amount of time and I was recording videos tweets out shit at just such. It's a cluster basically magnum and Frankie picked up the win really quick everything was magnum who pin chase quick yeah and haven't really really quick <hes> and I was actually Kinda. Kinda surprised that the match was as early as it was like it didn't feel to me like intermission was coming yet but like I understand now why it was because of how long like the the entire process of this where <hes> which of course they knew going in <hes> but yeah it was kind of like a surprise that like everybody expected I think when would the match when it was announced that you know it was magnums last match the either it was going to be in the production went over and it would be like free bird thing yeah or trey and Chaser you knew champs and I assumed it was going to be like you know a normal given some time to do a match match and it was I mean it was quick. I would say that match was five minutes. Maybe maybe maybe five so I think I think magnums inference was longer than the match. Oh my God. That's another part that I totally forgot. The crowd is just going nuts for magnum with Magnum C._k.. Clap Clap Clap Okla Magnum C._k.. <hes> you know he does his normal slow. Coming out just looks at the crowd gets to right by the ring or he can go off and do his normal thing where he puts his arms out and and you'll take some time does it and out of a weird sign of respect like for me. I've always had my job as I kneel when he comes out because he's like royalty but fuck it. This was the last time and everybody in the Front Wro who wore hat like stood up so he could throw it in ether. Everybody's hat he wore the road who like Bush did to get there. <hes> at Badass his hat was thrown Gerry's from Smart Moore his hours though it was not ended something that I almost forgot about but yeah that's even another additional thing to this particular moment so we had that's out started off. We have the a five minute match magnum pins chase and then he basically says that he's not retiring he got we got all our money and the joke was in. He's GonNa he's GonNa pull a Braun. He grabs Frankie's Nike's title and he says I'm leaving here with championships. Gets about halfway down the ramp and I'm like I'm like Oh my God what the Faulk and then the weird worlds music hits baby and in hand they have their Chandler biggins memorial tag team tournament trophies and I was like Oh my God. I forgot all about this. This doesn't really happen with many cashiers. Were you forget that they have that opportunity so they come out like nope. You're not going because he he says like as long as he's an acting champion. He's not retiring in even okay then what's going to happen right so like I said totally forgetting about it for world comes out they want to cash in and it's happening now and I I wanna say maybe a little bit longer than the first match but short so short yeah it was good yeah. It was good World Tag Champs Yup it was weird by and <hes> Alex calar pinning magnum to become the new A._M.. W tagging champions and so that no one address get interesting farther there were I've heard fans at the show saying that they thought Magnum Magnum did the job or maybe they were. They were saying that they thought no consequences should've should've won the titles or whatever and not the one thing that I said Magnum is old school and he was gonna WanNa go out on his back and the one thing that makes the most sense is the weird world becoming taxing champions. I get it that okay. He's announcing his retirement. <hes> this is going to be the match so he should put over no consequences and I I like no consequences but are how are we going to be really honest and think they're ready to be tag team champions. I mean granted. I'm just I'm just a fan but I don't know if you would have the crowd behind them. The weird world has been doing this longer and it made sense as for them to win and it created a moment because these guys like I said these guys have been doing it for years and this was a perfect moment and our lady of Malcolm Lawyers and with everything that has gone on between the weird world and the production like this makes sense and the thing that I love is in the wings. We still have p. m. e. and I'm thinking we're getting pammy versus. The were weird world for the titles maybe absolution. Maybe a different time but we're going to see these two teams but has I'm looking forward to it. That's what's also man. I'm you know people could like like I liked strange as fine weird world fine I hi I'm happy the you know in twenty eighteen the weird world tag champion somewhere. That's a that's a championship tag. I fucking love. I love everything about it i. I don't know that there's any better tag team like if you asked me to like elohim man what's w about one of the things I would show. You've always the weird yeah because I think it really is a good. There's a part of A._I.. W that it really is that it's a I dunno I fucking Shit. I loved that the chance I bought the whole thing was done really well. I thought untold really good story and I think it sets up a lot of interesting shit going forward the they were the team that it makes sense to be on top after the production the thing that kind of question and I really hope A._I.. W answers this on their podcast of okay. What was the plan for the tag titles before magnums retirement like I'm in Greenwich even this show it was supposed to be David Arquette and R._J.? City versus the production obviously wasn't going to be dropping the titles Dr Cats Yeah. You wouldn't think good guy that that'd be fun though pocketed saying that would be great but that's that's I mean I think weird world versus Jason Sometimes fucking Greatbatch God yeah but you have. I was GonNa say you have you had that match. Get thrown out so then you have it be no consequences and then you have magnum have to announce his retirement the week of and I almost like I was like well good things like that. I matched it happened so it may people th- really really think on the other hand though if you had his retirement airman against R._J.. City David Arquette that would have been the belief like Oh my God that there and when the titles right holy Shit but then you can still swerve with but I mean again if magnums not retiring. I don't know that they're dropping. Those belts only does apertures Thorne. I mean he knows what what is planned was. Mostly will address it at some point the question for people the next time he asks for fucking questions by gas somebody throw that out there. I knew throughout the Jewish Legionella question I'm like what was the plan for him and like what will be done and I I do. He did answer that he still going to have a title shot when he comes back on like say he's still owed title shot at some point you want. It's good God I think technically from two thousand thirteen I WANNA say don't quote me on the year. Michael Algan still is still owed a still Oda Jalen championship match because he was the he's the only person as champion and win like he actually said fuck it. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa get tournament as the champion and he won so he technically had title shot and then later that year the whole border thing happened and yeah now everything else has happened with him and he's not necessarily booked in the same places still booked but not the same places. I got no opinions on now. I was never a Mike. I'll guide young I always he said I liked elegant but he seemed and I understood if people said he came off as an asshole but I don't think he necessarily was to everybody. Now that the shit that went down I I kinda have no opinion on it because am I wasn't around for that chip. I don't know nothing behind them affect me. I'm not late so yeah. The weird world new taxing champions. I'm excited for it which is fucking great and then Magnum gave his <hes> his farewell speech. I think I had clocked in about eighteen minutes. I did record it all unfortunately though I don't know how w feels about it because I actually recorded maturity not all of Garganas and I had posted a screen shot online of me just getting trying to get uploaded to one of my cloud drives and it's like a huge file thing when <hes> he seen the screen shot biggins message me he was like are you planning me on this. I going on youtube but I'm like no no on like. Explain it to him. He's like Oh okay <hes>. Please don't post it because we're GONNA. That's going to be a big selling point for the D._V._d.. Grin it. I don't think magnums thing is going to be a big selling point for the D._v._d.. But I will openly say this. I'm not putting it out even if I if W said I'm I have the opportunity to have the their permission I actually did Ford it to Magnum and he informed me that they are using thin footage for the documentary so so there's a there's a possibility you will see it on marking out to be as posted that that if anybody had footage Sunday 'cause they were gonna mix some of it in <hes> miss that really good speech man yeah. It was good as good God. I I saw somebody. I don't remember specifically what was say that they thought it was longer than Janis speech. No no no Janis speech went on flocking ev Johnny speech went on for. I think close to an hour thing when I'm like fifty to fifty five minutes magnus was like I think I got about eighteen and I went from beginning to end the speech. A song right or is that with the songs you know that's what I did from I did from beginning to to him walking through the current or at least getting close to lock into the curtain it was it was good man. I I really I really liked the somebody's gotta be arrested or why not you are. Somebody's gotta be anything. Why not you might be the name of this episode? Aged will say yeah. It was thought it was great. It was a good sendoff. I'm sad to see that dude no longer wrestling but you gotta take very south definitely had it's fucking crazy than he has spina ETA. It wasn't diagnosed until he's however the fuck will magnum is right now. <hes> pretty nuts yeah but you just announced that he has another <hes> acting role that he's doing soon so it's not like the guy won't be busy. I'm actually hoping at some point I wanNA see him onstage. Whore like go to one of his <hes> school functions that he's directing just Kinda like show support like love you and wrestling and I love you as a person to so here's me coming to this show whenever it is right yeah he's every interaction I've ever had with that? Dude US been nothing but the fucking best and I I hope everything goes as good as possibly cam for that guy going forward are and hopefully he's not a stranger around a add up. I would like to see him still come around. Maybe have a a place there in a different capacity if you know if that's something that he wants that they were therefore commentary manager talk in anything anything man I mean just the the amount of difference between the promos that guy cuts the promo videos that he would put out for every match compared to almost everybody else on the indies that does that same shit. He was like head shoulders better than people at and I. It's a fucking shame that you know how lights <hes> life can be just gives you. A guy doesn't mean good shit happens late late does that he seems to be in pretty good. Fuck it spirits about the whole thing and you know and then than before we went into intermission. We received the announcement that I figured what's going to happen. At this. Show we have official location which most people probably know by now about official location for the December twenty show no which is welcome to the party Powell and his featuring Masako Tanaka rock yet is Assad Tanaka was gonna be crazy and that's going to be at Ohio Nets in Parma which yeah I think for me. It's like a five minute difference like five minutes closer according to my phone but yeah it's like five or ten minutes closer from meet still although you know more mount car will I think probably means no more fun house. I would say okay so because I looked I I mean I know roughly no the area but not too far away snacks so I'd be willing to put money down that the next added you have to party is going to be at knacks and I was actually huge fan and axe like act Max is fine. The only problem I've ever had naxos getting served yeah treasury the first time we were there was shitty. I WanNa see the Setubal Tear Shelat but I am I was there was it's Jalen mate one after party two years ago. Okay we were there before then. That's not as bad I think he bad night was fucking impossible to get served like I remember like being swallow swaddled had like a student corner of the Bar Pam and I were standing there with them and it was like both of us trying the PUCK and flag people down to come get drinks and then once you've got somebody like people crowded in around like Oh hey I I drink juke. I cannot get a drink like they were so understaffed that night. Last year was a little bit better. This year was a little bit better. <hes> it was a little easier to get a drink still waited at times but no worse than waiting at like funhouse sometimes moons busy <music> so trying to remember. It was jailed the first time or no I'm thinking yeah. I think you're you're right. was that the with the Dama was there was at the your dame. Oh Big Dame. Oh No. That was the year before okay then that was okay then you weren't there for the time that the very first time we were there. They were not expecting the crowd so they had like two people working. Oh man the time I was there. I think they only had fogged people working that first time and that would have been a whole year later. The navy got a little bit. I remember big like he was pissed. He's just want whatever he wanted. It was something small news like what we meet and we're both waiting. We wanted to something small and then I went there Atlanta last time we were there and there wasn't that bad well. I think that will be thing this year to <hes>. I don't know people were getting served any faster but I was certainly ordering like three drinks at a time when I ordered yeah like for myself because I knew from the year before like I know that picture of up the drinks for the next hour his I don't know what I'm GonNa get served again but I don't Max is fine. I like Max now. Got Good food next think they'll thing I've really had there. was there chicken intended. They weren't bad yeah. I don't remember specifically what I've had there but I remember not thinking it was bad all right and with intermission that means we'll be going to this commercial break so we'll be right back. What's up? Everybody does is Alex worldwide killer coming. You live here for thrift store. Wait wait a minute Gresley who wrestling cheers where everybody knows I know my name Alex Worldwide Keller and you're listening to wrestling Jews and I wanNA tell you all about wrestling cheers t shirts whatever maneuver dot net it's a heck of a shirt because we're everybody knows your name and wrestling is a game in the game is pain. Yeah and pain is what we feel and what we feel. It's real whatever maneuver dot net wrestling jeers doing up for your boy Alex Worldwide chiller alright and we're back and the first match we had coming back from intermission was none other than to infinity and beyond versus p. m. e. Filling Marino experience up. This was a decent match to come back to just how well to infinity beyond has become heels over the past couple years just going to be everybody loves them to just go away and then on so that had just go away heap of people we were getting tired of them as champions and so I always felt like sometimes that's what you need is a champion. Someone who is just you want them to lose your pain to see them lose. They come out now like it's just the same nothing as nothing changed reba pocket Edem but that's what what I I really like about them because gone back watching hold head W._a._l._e.. When they weren't you know faces and I might call God? It doesn't feel like they been around that long because we know a lot of Colin from the E._C.. W days and lately some of the stuff he's done to Oh five live and ring of honor but this is for a long time and this is like one of the very few promotions that has to invent and beyond its so ingrained for me to Boo do Colin Delaney from to him beyond that like I was at a bring honor show in Pittsburgh last earlier. This year I think was earlier. This year likes towards the end the last year and he. He worked at show and I had to remember that like oh no. I'm not going to do this because he's certainly not supposed to be aided there yeah yeah the image a really good at the aided and and he had the is really good at getting everybody to love him like this was a great lakes classic baby face versus heels match him with to what I think are really good tag team matches but you really good tag teams names that handle their matches as team not as dudes just put together but it's like real like tag team like tandem moves and psychology and stuff. That's good. I thought it was really good. Match doesn't actually match and I was Kinda surprised by the ending cheech pinned Marino for the win yeah I would like to see that via thing for a little bit is to infinity and beyond beyond the maybe having a little series yeah that match was good I would I would not be disappointed in seeing that rehashed over and over again how long the foreign to engine and beyond gets another acting title shot clock. I mean probably soon enough. I if you look at rue the options art apps somebody as like a he'll tag team I mean there's the production there's to infinity and beyond. Who's the other guilt exit? That's a good point. There's people are probably going to tweet us what I put they think but John and <hes> yeah yeah yeah. Oh Oh document just duke money as a whole two tabs. I mean that's honestly that's who I would like to see weird world against first before it ever got the lake some to infinity beyond stuff yeah Yakking manse. There's a lot of natural storytelling you can tell with to invent the infinity me on but weird world and Duke money. It's kind of what was told at the Taylor bigalow tactic tournament you definitely have attacked team. That could be a little bit of left wing liberal than you have the right wing conservatives of Duke money and there's just to me. There's comedy comedy in that. John Paul's that shit out. I don't know if guns and jets news for everybody is real conservative liberal but he's saying I think there's a lot of like those two teams and Duke being involved in it up to just like a good natural story between Weird World Numb at and again I think P._M.. Into infinity beyond is a match. I would be happy to watch over and over over again. I think I think those are two good places for both of those teams to be and people say tag-team wrestling dying and I feel like an ad w it's good why you're like tag-team wrestling on television vision is kind of like there's a handful of good teams in the but like they have a real problem with just toss into people they don't have any good ideas or together and throwing them out there as a tag and what I love on the Indian is there's not a lot of like a lot of the teams that worked in the indies Ara tag team and they travelled together book together and they're that team in multiple place. <hes> I ethic tag-team wrestling on the indies is a great place. I could probably name ten teams off. The top of my head that I think are great name about ten teams I WanNa C._N._A.. W We don't see often or haven't seen at all but I'm not getting into Dallas right now. I I WANNA see avid seen <hes> heaven. Dom together in person probably won't add W got other shit in w but like that's a great tags. Even those guys seemed to be taken. Combat is not just like two guys thrown together but like making a thing of it like Satcom. Yeah got to see them when the P._W._a.. Protecting titles Nice Pretty Pretty I love them together. Good God for just going down the VA list at Kevin coup also so something monthan fundraising. Here's a anyway moving on me. I I think on the tag-team wrestling is doing fuck a great <hes> okay my need some help on this one. There's a name I'm terrible with Spanish. Fuck it up. I fuck it up anyway. Next up. We had a six man at Saks mantech segment scramble match. The radio kid gringo loco facade Lewis Linden Flip Kendrick in L.. E. Joe L. Hilo Deal L._A.. Park which if I'm correct me into the Sun Valley Park actually it says translate tweet translate that perfectly for me survey says could not tweet yeah. There's a lot of those <unk> allio day in <hes> in Lucia the sun havoc yeah. This was a fucking crazy maginal. I'm going to just fast forward to the end then <hes> so crazy. I didn't even get who Lewis Linden Pin but he got the pin fall but after the match fan started throwing money into the ring. I'm one of them mainly as I did have of an extra dollar wait you're single in my on my wallet and I'm like fucking good match thrown in dollar yeah. That's a that's the thing that has not happened before that. I'm aware of it but I think it's pretty common at Lucia Coz Lucia or Japan like I thought it was only shows I could be wrong fuck. I've never been do a show in Japan. I've never been to a show in Mexico but I I always thought tipping was Japanese polite thing to do. I mean I'm not one hundred percents <unk> either the time I've seen it. I feel like it's always been like a a Lucia show but I could be wrong but yeah that's certainly a thing that happened. There were people over the bleachers that like from I forget who came out I I I think Laredo was first. I personnel and there was a nude Losada's mind going flippy Shan it's flippy Shit match yeah yeah. It's really ship match but there was a lot of really good stuff in that match tons of really good work match yeah I fucking that is a on my list of best matches of the night. I've really enjoyed that match. Yeah Pam was so fucking bombed his she loves gringos fucking entrance music music. Oh yeah they changed it used that new music. He's been using other places. She was bomb. She was so hyper Bokov out that music it and she was like stone face mad. That's the thing that sucker sobe wrestlers air W that like change their theme and like you're just quit who the fuck wait a minute winded Eddie Kingston changes fucking theme on the side. No my favorite <hes> Eddie Kingston theme was hooting clan cream as good one. Josh just changed his been black betty forever now. It's sabotage and Don's changed his hand fulltime. 'em Dog. I know has changed. Maybe a couple but I think he sucked to his most recent one maybe over year or two but he's jumped around be. This'll this was a fun magic. I don't really have other any words to describe it. We don't we did I yeah to me that match is worth buying the show like it was. There was tons of good spots in the match. I it was fun if you like Lou just up. It's very much worth watch right next up. We had nick gage. Versus is L. A. Park number four in this match. I WanNa bring up something on this podcast and I've talked about privately in some chats. I'M NOT GONNA call the personnel but there is a W.. Fan Out there who has told me that they do not like Nick Gage because he is an unsafe worker out of your with that I I want to hear other fans thoughts on that and when I asked him <unk> trying to keep the sex out of it saying they fuck fuck it up. I mean let's face it. There's more male fans than female fan so so him when I asked him. Why has any talent ever told him this? I was thinking okay. He's unsafe because this person said to okay whatever so I was like as the talent told you this goes no but I have been told that he they're scared of him so make that a what so you will. I JUST WANNA get other people's opinion on an if this person wishes to out themselves. Obviously they have all the rights in the world. I'm not quick to do it so I feel like it's real easy right tank. After that are catnaps. It'd be like Nick Gage. The unthanked worker hit the fuck outta here with that noise. It's like I don't I look I'm not trained. I don't know what safe and not safe in ring what I do no no is nick. Gage gets booked a whole lot and a whole lot of different places including places like luggage. Are you the quackenbush this book and Nick Gage if you can't fuck him work get out of your with that now now. I don't buy it for a second <HES> I. I have never heard anybody say anything about dude that. was you know to insinuate in any way he's unsafe <hes> you there. There is like it's it's wrestling man dude. Everything like the guy who heard say like Oh. I'm afraid to Nick Gage might have been trying to help sell the gimmick murder death. Gill Dude robbed a bank. Maybe afraid of the fact that the dude robbed back. I don't know whether people need to just joy pocket wrestling and stopped with all the fuck it ought fakes bullshit like just enjoy rustling wrestling's Fahd. I sing my my the big thing with wrestling is emergency fans as when it's like well. I don't like these wrestlers for this reason and I will always like downgrade them which I have my handful of restaurants that I don't like but they're in W._W._e.. Nine nine three people and none of them are at a and I don't like them because of disrespect has nothing to do with entering shit. Oh totally has to do with them. Disrespecting either someone I like something I like or somewhere and that has nothing to do with fucking wrestling has to do with their characters fucking people value. I can even one of them. I bet you can name two of them. I can only think of one right now anyway <hes> yeah yeah that's my thing too. I don't hate anybody in a w of all places to. I've had problems with DON's. I've had problems with Carson. Those are in the past and ever since then like there's there's literally nobody that I'm like I hate this person. There might be like wrestlers and caters. I don't get like all right. People like this respiratory cool like I don't I don't get it. I'm not a fan but I don't hate the person which is like. I'm just not buying it like that. That's the farthest I go with a lot of wrestlers. There's anymore yeah I. I don't know me like everybody's real quick to pick everything apart nowadays like fucking wrestling twitter men and then it spells over like I've noticed that like he was wrestling not taste like you said you had this conversation at the puck and show like the wrestling twitter virus as found its way into actual people's conversations shows and for off with all that shit like just the joy wrestling if you like wrestling just fucking enjoy it go what you like. Hey who you want to who who you want to boo just don't be down and don't like I don't know I what does it matter that you'd think. Snake Gauges is unsafe clearly for people who were in a position to make those decisions. Don't feel that way yeah. I not belittling you bring up just yeah I just so it. Just I wanted to get other people's opinion on it. 'cause it's more was when the conversation just mean him. It's like okay. I'm not I'm not crazy for thinking. He's not a unsafe worker. However proper English states that sentence but like I'm not not weird but everybody's like wow I brought it up in the channel like cream with me like he's he's fine? I think he's he's a good dude like what I'll say. He offered to sing Insect Karaoke you with my girlfriend so that sounds fucking terrifying the me God. I WanNa see sounds like you so fucking scary. I WanNa hear not not the killers gimmick. I WanNa hear him do Karaoke what's salone. What's wrong with it? I don't know have to ask her. I was I was the table drink just imagining him like singing like bye bye bye or I probably might have been what it was great and the next time you see her. She'll probably you so yes back to the matches. We sidetracked poor. Nick engaged versus L._A.. Park in the thing that stuck out to this match was <hes> the shit talk and I I wanted him on the show this week but he he was unfortunately too busy is Patrick. Patrick was one hundred percent M._d.. K. For this match yelling at L. A. Park in L._A.. Park was gelling ship back and it was fucking great and the best man L._A.. Parka Park of fucking killed it. I'd everything that I wanted that match to be. This match was came out and Fucking W._C._W.. Music did all this fucking little book in Play Guitar on the chair. The little dance is cooking. Everything that I love about Parka Parka worked into this match and then lost his shit talking raking val. It's great that's fucking great. I love everything about this match. There was that <hes> fucking L. A. Park through a bell at Thurston Jabber and I think he threw a chair. If I got a correct after store jabber yet you know through the puck and ringing `bout yeah that was that was like right in front of us are even at the beginning of the show there there wasn't a bell like Hana what happened and I noticed at some point Mike Oh there there's the belt but they're officially was Nobel at the beginning so that miserable or just like Chuck L. At the end yeah. I don't know if you around I'm for it was some Jalen I can't remember but someone through the ring belt broke it that might have been permanency twenty fifteen and they actually had to get a ring bell from Kate and the next day like he happened to have one so twenty fifteen. I was only the second day so if it was that year <hes> yeah then you were there with the new bell but her maybe wasn't double dare in <hes> Tho- hooligans against through somebody through it and they fucking broken. I'm going to have to ask Cayden if he remembers but it was a two day tournament and broke it day one and with they had to use cadence day to Mitt and the Parka were his age. I mean that you've gotta be fought. I I would assume fifty at least <hes> e- fucking can still move yeah and he was always like a bigger dude is bigger yet now but it was great man. I thought that match was mucking. Great Gauge took that dived outside on him great. I'm so happy that was my Christmas present to myself. Was I got to see in the park is great. Did you buy the mask I did not by he actually by the time I went over there but all that shit away the master usually a lot of Fuckin- money yeah <hes> and I I wasn't spending mask money I got I got a picture with them. That would be my fucking Christmas card. If I was having them this year I can police Nabi died me and the park and I was like a bucket list for me man but yeah Orcas legit one of my favorite methods like my boogeyman for Young Ed I was GONNA say wasn't number one for you. I mean number one's always Foley but he's way up there Mick Foley always you didn't go to <hes> we talked about this. I can't remember why the nine hundred stars of fully was there. I met fully before okay okay. I thought bullied you stand up in like a tiny basement youngstown. How like five six years ago great he's? He's definitely one of the best dues to meet like when I met him. I actually thanked him for like what he did for danced because I thought that was just way cool dude that it doesn't have to do anything anymore like he could just coast off his success but he always seems to be so grateful for all of it and that's one thing I've always loved about him. He's not my favorite. He's not only to be my I top ten but I think if I were rate like what they are as people God he's up there. Oh Yeah Mick Foley is fantastic human being in addition to being my favorite wrestler over side note. I I don't know if we talked about this or not but I finally finally bought beyond the Matt digital copy seen it before right. Oh haven't via jets have two copies Techni V._H._S. but I don't have V._C._R.. I asked that because the other night when we were watching watching the G. C._W.. Show from L._A.. We found out that young added never seen <hes> strangle mania that's J._C.. W right yeah okay the kind of makes sense granite crazy enough jeff. I'm an ICY P fan. I've never seen strangle mania. <hes> what the Fuck Summers now. Oh my God just watch is I think it's probably on fucking youtube as a seem seem big money wrestler. I mean Hustler's yeah. No just watch strangle me. I I tried out for big money Rustler's at the gathering one year anyway but no what I was going to the day when I was GonNa say is just <hes> that Eh documentary number one if you can buy it on Blu Ray or digital fucking don't because my only my one of my biggest issues with it is like to make it fit wide-screen they just top chopped off the top and the bottom great why wasn't shot for wide-screen he was shot fucking square exactly so Gimme the fucking square for that's what it's GonNa like they'll get it's like a because what makes me think about that when they talk to Foley's friend when they start to transition into everything about fully and he could be go to his house like well Parents House and may talked like I said talked her as one friend like you could like half half his head. His forehead is chopped off because they're trying to format for why three and I'm like if this is what it is give me just the square. I Have Super Nintendo classic. I have a Nintendo classic so if I'm watching catching a square in the middle of the screen it's fine. D._V._D.'s a square in the middle of the screen. Yeah I think I'M GONNA I'm GonNa Great. I'M GONNA define it on D._V._D.. I think D._v._D.'s cheap now. I bought the medium for like three bucks the Exchange Yeah but as I somehow I couldn't find I have another copy of it somewhere in a box somewhere but I wanted to see it down but never seen it and it was like Oh. The exchange has re dollars all by. I bet you can find demand. The transfer is fine. I think if that was shot that's I think if I look for on Amazon I think D._V._D.. Oba Cheap Oh. I'm sure that'll be that'll be people selling for like a dollar. Maybe two to three dollars shipping yeah so come on museum. It's not like it was like you've got a pretty wide D._v._d.. Released or V._H._S. rules but what I was going to mention it's like so weird like watching that and like you see Foley's daughter now like then she was in love with a camera then in house again she she got like a little taste of it and she fucking blew up and she's just as Goofy as fucking Dan that's when they have not into. It makes me feel incredibly all I wasn't like a child when that came out and ed now she's like full grown adult <hes> such as another reminder closer to the great all right <hes> L._A.. Park pinned nick aged for the win as we get back always he did question yeah her. I I would look in love. I hope somebody books La- Parka from fucking mania weekend any any show that's in that <hes> that Weight Eagle Hall the Books Parka. You've automatically sold the ticket to me me about wasn't going to your shell. I am now Boca Park next up. We had the summer the Kobe and that comb well what the fuck born right for the main event her hobby. I guess it was Akot main event. I felt like it was I it man. This is a love Kingston. They had real hard match to follow him in tracing yeah really fucking hard matched Apollo but I I do feel like they did it like they were two separate matches and took a little bit of while to get into it but they they took the time and I felt like you know by the end of that Mash like I was into it then. I didn't know what's going to happen it. It was kind of slow burn to get there in that in the last batch but now mad dawn and justice tour that police apart. I was fucking great so yeah. Tim Danced Versus Matthew Justice for the a I W in tens championship at this is everything we thought it was going to be hit when fucking everywhere in like a previously somewhat mentioned the whole bit of Tim Danced and Matthew Justice going through the stage <hes> got a good video of that and yeah it's cut. It's that God's specials nuts. This might imagine tonight. It's by match the night it's one of my matches of the year right now but it's it was fucking fantastic that unprotected chair shot man fuck. I cringe every time justice takes one of those God God damnit. Does it look at every time <hes> he got color early in the pocket match and like this match is a win win for me. It's two favorite guys today I w like I just don't do anybody in this match and everything's good good and like so I forget what show it was but there was a show sometime in the last probably six to eight months where it might have been the hip hop show where justice tried to get up above the bleachers to that set curtains little landing thing there yeah I was looking at it from the bleachers like with that angle looking at the ladder on the stage I think he was actually higher up with the ladder on the stage than he would have been up there but I think that was a higher spot if not the same height that was a fucking crazy gel is real good d- There was so much in this matches definitely one of those matches the only way to describe it his just check out the M._p.. Four D._V._D. Blu ray whatever when it comes is out this this was a crazy Majett. I do believe you know a win around what Arou- around all around the whole Jim and of course like we said break breaking the fucking ramp right before the main event but match justice pinned Tim dance to become the new A. W. Intense champion graves that side not just noticed. I tweeted out intense champions. It was crazy moment. I was really excited. Just the match was nuts then what we're going to see now with Matt Justice as the champion right now in A._I.. W We have to local champions Yeah I love it I've been I've been saying that ship chipper while that I like it when that's the case when it's like the the hometown guys champs I like it. It's like it's almost like a reset. You know what I mean like. You've had so many other people and I mean I guess I mean weird. World didn't exactly ticket from guys who aren't hometown guys. I realized MAG travels but like the production is an A._I.. W thing <hes> and Don's has a long history with w but man met his add a fucking. You're like longer than a year. He's had an year in. Let's say two years ever since he re debuted in they W it's just been this crazy match after crazy match and really rebuilding his stock and head W and it was believable that hell earlier this year that he was going to become some sort of champion didn't ov- is going to be absolute. Did NOVAS GONNA be intense faulk. Maybe he was GONNA get rub touting partner. We didn't know but yeah he had championship written all over him an Tim. Don's was the perfect opponent for that. He's a guy that some of the crowd loves some the crowd hates. <hes> man that love group was real small at this show like there three times where I really feel like it was just trevor and I hugged dots and then all people yellen sucks. I think because it's met justice there was more vivid came between the two. I think you were going. You know what Matt Justices Guy like. I'll take him over dance any day but if it was don's versus annot gauge or Don Versa Janetta there was more people chanting for danced might take on all that was when like there were so many people chanting inning sox. I was like fuck you mother fuckers. I was doing at five years ago <hes> so now they're bandwagon bay that that's how really how I felt needed to dos before eighty tip DANZ school. I I hate to beat had dude but I remember when it was Tim fucking dons and I was like one of the only people maybe within five people that was yelling at the top of their lungs sucks up your because I was just on the other side of it like I genuinely feel like what was just trevor and I yell at talking on like dance versus gauged. I'm rooting for gauge. Don's versus Gel. I was actually rooting more for Danilovich Johnston this match. It was like I really like justice. I I really do but I've openly admitted that I've been cooler with Don's now and some of his tweets lately been hilarious to me and he doesn't tweet a lot so when I see Tim Don's tweet I read it. Oh My oh my God. That's not the promotion. It's like a joke. It's good and the flipside of vengeance like okay. I was five years ago. I was like the only one yelling sucks now. Everybody's yelling sucks. I can't imagine imagine a scenario where cheer against Tim Don's home. One of my favorite people is wrestling. I'm just going to cheer for both people and Joy. That wrestling gave me a crazy fucking match of the L._A.. Park I would just here for boats <music>. I'm telling you I don't I cannot imagine a scenario where I would cheer against him. He's tag teaming with elden. I I don't care I'm trying to cheer I. I Like Gym Dance Man. I'm Tim Don Smart. I'm not I'm happy over the past year so he's kind of got more opportunities like him. Getting an option airing of honor I think is good and I hope he he gets more of that. <hes> I thought he had a really good start Wicha Kara but then when she car went away for a while I felt like he just kind of floundered and that that might have heard him but like I'm I'm really happy for the doing on one hundred percent pure real shit yeah. I and I'm really happy for Justice Fan every every justice match sort of feels like the easy w moment of the night like he brings a little bit of that to to every match even if it's not like a no match it still has a little bit of that feel <hes>. I haven't seen that Dude Russell a bad match. I've seen him Russell fucking lot this year in person and I've never seen him have a bad and he's a fucking really good dude and really glad that use champ between him and weird world. I'm really curious of who the first number one contenders are going to be and justice if it's not a rematch versus Donald as much as I like rematches we kind of had this going like this was i. I hope is supposed to be the final chapter. Let's go onto a new number one contender new new matchup and move on from there yeah I I feel like there are a whole bunch of different places. You can go with justices champ <hes> because he's he's a face but he's not necessarily a face. You know what I mean. SORTA like we're Johnston's a you'll but he's not necessarily ill like so there's like I feel like it leaves the door wide open for who can go up against him in the future <hes>. I don't even know naturally it would be like there's nobody who stands out to me. That would be like that guy. That's that's who they'll have <hes>. That's who they'll have go against next. I don't know I think Manetti Kingston fucking great match. Oh God idea I would watch the fuck out of that. I don't know if it would happen as that soon because getting into the main event of the evening we have Eddie Kingston versus hot sauce Tracy Williams for the w absolute championship and element coming from that previous match this this match lacked a little bit. Maybe just getting into that that I was so good not take anything from these dudes but I understand why sometimes there's a buffer offer match to bring people back down and get them ready for another big match but to be honest I thought that La- park at Nick Gage be between the two championship matches yeah I see that that would have been a really good cool down period for for us but yeah fucking hot sauce Tracy Williams Eddie Kingston. This was well first off we had gear Eddie Rebid Basketball Jersey year and the funny thing was he was that I think Awa. Hey that'd be the next day it was Basketball Jersey basketball shorts Eddie but we got ear Eddie the night before man tracing sure has great teacher. Do you WanNa you WanNa talk about this. Because you're the one that actually knew who something in a old Japanese horror movie Osu or House it's good and he he wore it as a mask. Just changed the lettering at the bottom of say sauce instead of <hes> house or <unk> Ore Osu. Maybe something I should bring up the jobber but it's something I've I kinda notice more. How how many shirt designs are just parodies of something man a usually hate parody shirts but that's such an obscure? You're fucking reference obscure enough that some people didn't even know that it was a parody show yeah and I think the point with parody shirts is for someone to go. Oh I like this thing and I like this wrestler so I'm GONNA buy their shirt to be like hey. I like these. Two things like for example when the just can't in my mind was the Magnum C._k.. Actually will stop. I was GONNA mention his Oregon trail woman. Oh let's talk about his Lascher at that he sold which wasn't antique officer and I as soon as I seen I was like oh I love Andy Kaufman. I have that actual shirt. I'M GONNA buy the signature yeah yeah. It's it's a great shirt CAM bought one. He obviously really didn't have my size so I just let her get one in her size. She can wear it <hes> but yeah. It's a great shirt. I love Indycar man I <hes> when I was at star cast I woke up really early and went and listened to lawler bill no after talk about the whole run with the Andy Kaufman Yeah and <hes> big singing a song the end magnums thing was like a Kaufman thing yeah. I'll I always say this about Kaufman like him in wrestling <unk>. I feel like he's the greatest he'll of all time. People can say Hogan people could say Vince I'll say no because what I always felt as a kid watching clips of wide everything that happened. I felt like everybody was just hated him and I. I don't think you could do that today. You can't have an actor. You can't have none of somebody from S._N._l.. Like you can't have Keenan Thompson. Come in in just this shit on professional wrestling and make you WANNA see him. Get beaten actually put forth the all the effort into wrestling like the thing with costume was really respected exactly. That's what I'm saying and I think that's where people got our cat wrong. The first time <hes> and I mean you can blame Vince Russo for that <hes> but like our chat really respects wrestling and you can tell that he does and I I heard people draw comparisons Harrison's between Kaufman and arquette and I think that's a little misplace <hes> our pets not trying to do Hoffman and there was so many little nuances to what cop and visit Mrs just turned into League along diatribe about you and you call like there were so many little things that Kaufman did <hes> just in like like you talk lawler after talk about how like some of those edges against women were just a fucking shoot like you would eventually just penn but yeah they they just went in his early Memphis <hes> matches and like they talked about just like how respectfully was in the back and like how they were friends and like apertures role in the whole thing like a all the shit that happened in stark asked for every horrible dumb. Everybody comes sing with Papa Buck Bullshit thing that happened like if there's if there's anything worth buying just like to learn some wrestling history and to get like some fucking cool insight on something that was amazing weird in the history of wrassling just go on site and just by that one thing if you can't just that Andy Kaufman Jerry lawler the though after the fucking great I'll even throw this out. 'cause I know not a lot of people really like lawler and all this shit like I. I don't personally I don't. I don't care what people say but early on when he started his is podcast the dinner with the King <hes> I'm extra pulling up right now episode six. He starts talking about Andy and like it's Andy Cole. It's called any Kaufman. The beginning next episode is called any confident versus waller the first match <hes> two episodes later. It's the David Letterman late night slap like talking everything about that the next episode episode ten <hes> happens to talk more about Andy Kaufman I he stretches it out. Episode Thirteen is Andy Kaufman is not live <hes>. I thought there was more but I could be wrong but anyway it's he goes into his own like talking about any Kaufman and that wasn't that sounds. It sounds like I mean that really kinda follows the format that <hes> they did at stark asked net of going through the whole thing and like stuff where like there were things they were doing where Andy was sick and he hadn't told them yeah like Andy Andy. We already knew he was sick when they did that. Letterman's yeah ghetto they talk about a lot of that stuff. He was also like an and you're right. He was like a weight like Arquette was a pretty big star when he won the W._C._W.. Belt like scream and been out and shit yeah but like Andy Kaufman wasn't just on Saturday night live. He was on talking taxi to I. He was a big fucking deal. I like. I don't know who I compare them to right now. I don't know the various anybody right. Now that you the fans <hes> I don't know I think it's hard yeah because remember this to like now. There are five hundred thousand things on T._V.. And so if you're even of your a star on S._N._l.. And you have like fucking sick gone. You're still not as famous is Andy. Kaufman was then when there were fucking four or five T._v.. Channels and he was on two shows on those four or five channels. I have a particular show I listened to that actually talks about how like you know in the seventies and eighties obsolete before that too but seventies and eighties were like the last moment of only a handful of people are famous because you had to do a lot to be famous yeah yeah you either had to me famous for doing something in sports famous for being on T._v.. In some capacity and movie and some capacity or music <hes> outside that you were either a politician or the pope pretty much anyway Advani Andy Kaufman pawtucket any cakes versus hot sauce Tracy Williams. This thing was a slow-burn man it was I look at never been in the secret book. I think Tracy Williams is a little <hes> and and this match started slow but when it got to where it was going everybody was into it like there were a couple of points where really looked like Oh shit. Kingston's GonNa win. Every belt is going to change hands tonight. I was thinking that I'm like Windsor last time. Oh Oh wait a minute absolution. That's what happened. They all chance you and that just just happened as absolution right. We're not that far removed from it. I don't know the way to explain this it. Just I felt felt like okay. Tracy Williams GonNa win but they gave me moments rows like who may be. This is the moment we make any CAIXA champion potato want to kick out or one cookout. It was a good match August. It had a really hard matched to follow and it had been like an upward trajectory all the way up to that match you know like Shit like you went from like all the second flippy shit and the Lucia match to Ben Gauge gains versus La- Parka which up the intensity some and then to Johnston justice where the intensity went through the fuck and roof and then bring it back down to this kind of slow feel in each other little bit of Matt Work Match Between Eddie and Tracy <hes> I bought review no her what the match was it was really talking. Good it just you know started little slow and Tracy Williams pinned Eddie Kingston to retain the head w absolute championship and then after match while both of them were on their back <hes> at least Eddie he put over Tracy Williams which which was Coursey Eddie Kingston is is a class act. I absolutely love the dude battle in New York for the ahead of you absolute championship pretty much yonkers versus Brooklyn <hes> i. I don't know they're going to have tracy eventually dropped the boats. Do you think Tracy still champion ended up mania. I don't know that's I don't. I'm trying to figure out like he's a dude that I can expect to come in his champion in. They're probably going to be so many technical wrestling fans that we're gonNA WANNA see him but then it's I don't know what would you do. You put him up against and I I don't hundred percent. No all the dates going forward. I was given all the dates from Mount Carmel but that doesn't mean that every show normally in March we have caught countless for the gold right granted. That's going to give you your match for absolution but that helps set the table when normally in February. There's at least some kind of show Yep. Far is what I understand if everything's going forward as a was before her there's not going to be January. Show don't quote me a w is known for having a show popoff like within a two week notice like the put everything together before which is eight. Maybe a week before they announce it so there could in January show but I think because electorate just because ray was <hes> going to the so I think with everything going on with wrestlemainia weakened. They are going to take January off. Make sense which I'm I'm halfway happy about only because that means I can. It's easier to plan episodes and I can get stuff ready ahead of time. That's just you know podcast yet. So in the year on I know in Tanaka and then talking let everybody chill allowed February also weather. January's just buck an awful. <hes> good in February not say February is the August of winners. Whatever your he's always fucking awful August be great if it wasn't for January February you're yeah August is just that miserable heat? February is the miserable snow. It seems like we always get like super dumped on February like even if it's up fucking winter that's lights <hes> at some point in February it just takes a giant buck and snow shit all over Northeast Ohio. Yeah we get through November December January. It's common winter. Wasn't that bad yeah. I'm not happy that we already have snow right now. Oh I would just talking to a friend of mine today like fucking hate winter. I mean we're both truck drivers and he's like may we barely even started when I'm like I know I always no hate it yeah. I couldn't imagine what you do for a living and when I get it's Saxon Anyway <hes> dead that was the show in how did you feel about the the final show at our lady of Mount Carmel Fred of you <hes>. I thought it was a fucking great standoff there. Were you're a shitload of people in there. It was hot and that Buchan Room. There were so many people <hes> i. I was led to see that many people show up there. Were people who you don't see real often who came in for that last show like people who just come in every once in a while for ad w shows <hes> I ended up making those dumb stickers that ended up being like Kinda commemorative those little Hologram Tiger stickers a ton of people I ended up to them and they did realize what it was then. I told them they were like. Oh Yeah it is that God yeah the product B._B._N.. Real high at absolute looking at that tiger. Do you know what would have been funny. We totally didn't think about it stickers or the post game aim and pregame postgame probe three temporary they would have given the option to print that shit on the back of my stickers in crate but I did when I printed those. I didn't show up Mount Carmel. I just printed them because I wanted him because I thought it was funny like to have the Hologram sticker like I I'd imagine you're old enough that they were still around the quarter machines at the grocery store yeah have you fucking sticker and it was in the little folded piece of cardboard board that it would be like shipyard. It was always just like a shitty tiger where like shitty flowers really bad cheap. Whatever art thinking like nothing then mass produce it and put it in those machines on like Hologram so you fucking l.? I can make it show me fucking rainbow colors so I don't know I that tiger just hit me as looking like that kind of art and I wanted a Hologram sticker for myself and it was like Oh why have to order at least thirty four. Oh Oh it's four dollars for to get fifty of them. Fuck it out his hand to mouth the people and so yeah I thought it was it was good sendoff for the building <hes> I think it's probably for the best <hes> I I think you know then not being able to serve beer and shit me and weird because of cop collars and whatever else happened with that place you know it. I think it was time to move. That might be a blessing in this guy. That's kind of what I was hoping because says when we left Turner's hall it turned out to be a blessing in disguise and hopefully this is also turns out to be a blessing in disguise. We look back a year so from our like wow like Mount Carmel grade but you know the growing we've done is crazy and we can never go back to our lady among Caramel or yeah I I think the thing the thing that will really be telling for me and I hope it happens is that people come out like a motherfucker for this. I show at Ohio Nets herb is at the name of the place Ohio nuts. Yes yeah come out like crazy for the show. There's a number of reasons to do that. Including the one announced person who's going to be there <hes> but yeah I mean in places fucking really big. The description sounds like it's like that place. If you ever been down to item you see in Pittsburgh in Elizabeth I've been I'd have you seen onerous Elizabeth. They're they're like regular home. Venue is like a big volleyball courts place that also has like places where people have wedding receptions and Shit. No the one that I went to was there night of superstars which is in which which is in high school gym but it's still you built fucking meet Phil Yes. That's what this means Ville. God Damn that was the fuck and least organized mass of. I'm not GonNa Shit on people well. They're normal puck in place is like a big big like kind of big volleyball place that I'm assuming this places like like a giant warehouse <hes> i. I think it can be cool. I think now I am those guys have bleachers that they set up right around the ring at they have seats on the floor. Do I don't expect a I W to have <hes> bleachers. You know what I mean the unless that place already has them there <hes> but yeah big what people really need to do is just make sure they pack the fucking house for that show like they did for this Mount Carmel show and <hes> you know just ensure that the she keeps going man support the thing that you love. I think there's a sheets next next door to buy a man that's great. I'm fine with the sheets. It'd be better if it was a Gecko but I'll take it heats on the side and does because I would've is out there because conversation had before we even started recording before we got on the call is I. I'm I want to try to get in like the last pilgrim of the year. They're currently available right now. Am I think my vocal Geico but I know once. They're out there done so it's like this last Christmas last year. No no the when I went to the one by my house and it was like the weekend after Thanksgiving is they still had like advertisements off four and then I went away later in the week. All the advertisements were gone. They weren't on the menu and I was like I just missed missed it the so I guess you're right but I just had that time period wrong because the the meatball sub on album bread they didn't have the bread that I usually get a meatball sub on and the girl came the back. This was probably like two years ago and was like <hes> you don't have the bread you ordered. We still have L. Grim bread. Would you want the meatball sub on the pilgrim Brad and I was like Yes yes I would. I didn't know that was the thing that could happen so I think they were out of like the things to make a pilgrim but they still had the bread and the meatball sub on ogm bread is something fucking special will green peppers on their fantastic alright straight final thoughts are less complex before we go r.i.p Mount Carmel but you knew preacher guy for eight and wrestling fuck gop collars bring on the new Shit Baena personal plucks. Oh Yeah I do a podcast called super fantastic and there is going to be a new episode in the next week <hes> that is going to be a special episode where we focus on one toy line <hes> and this one what is going to be masters of the universe he knew it at a weird feeling was going to be so me and Rick <hes> my friend who run time capsule toys and Toy Ohio are are going to sit down and go over the full run of masters of the universe <hes> if you've watched the the documentary series on net flicks. I'm sure you know some of it <hes> but we're going to go in tail and go over <hes> pretty much double run of the original stuff and the new like the the stuff that's out now. I don't know how much we're GONNA touch on like that Weird Spacey Man Shit. I'll say because I I've been seeing like photos photo online like almost all day or past couple of days of a newer line and I go like I'd never I'd ever got an email Hanso yeah it was super seven does a bunch of stuff now. Now I'm with masters of the universe <hes> and then there's all Oba stuff that like exists from the movie and then there was the review where they tried to Redo <hes> e- man and it was just in space and the figures were awful and they didn't sell well and then there's they did in the early to thousands there was a new cartoon that was not awful that was almost anime style and there were figures from it that kind of it was the bridge that got you to wear these. These like new takes on the original figures down that super seven does but yeah that episode is going to be <hes> probably next week available <hes> and it's going to be <hes> a thing that we do in addition to doing the long-form interviews with people collector are super fans. <hes> Rick and I are GonNa Start doing spotlight's on different toy lines so the first ones masters of the universe I know Ninja Turtles is <hes> something that's GonNa come sooner than later and probably transformers to and then your in your personal stuff like Oh yeah so it is <hes> super fantastic on twitter <hes> super-fantastic podcast on Instagram S. silvers on and <hes> instagram Stacey sobers on twitter. Yeah <hes> hit me up. Tell me how much any or like being or otherwise wasn't a buy gas. If you like dirty ship and of course you can find myself at heavy reset three three zero on facebook twitter instagram just like you can find their show on facebook twitter instagram at facebook dot com slash rush insures twitter dot com slash racing cheers and instagram dot com slash resting cheers email if you choose it as I arrest cheers at g mail dot COM <hes> we have the merge store over at what a maneuver dot net helps support the show grabbing yourself a Hoodie a t-shirt tank top whatever twenty nineteen when we all probably have a new designer to that I kind of went to work on but more than that next year please rate review and subscribe to this podcast wherever you're listening to it at on Apple podcasts Google podcasts stitcher tune in Youtube spotify iheartradio in pod bean wrestling cheers dot pod bean dot com check out Oliver Friends on the trending topics network work such as all beer inside your vision showcase old school at the movies and chill and check on our other podcasting friends such as pod Van Damme centerstage super fantastic podcast the road home from wrestling kick out at to the cast so bro Network and the big global podcast check out our other non podcasting friends such as Thurston Jabour rebel life media the savage dash set tap photo ringside side shots photography sickening pitchers with the world premiere of power bomb on December six at the Capitol Theatre also any Oh sports insiders in the official graphic designer of wrestling cheers Moi boy designs designs that will do it for us here on wrestling cheers where everybody knows your name especially if you think nick gage is unsafe wrestler well the listeners. Don't know your name but I know your name later sure the show sometimes you eh they you know an ad from dad right save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive gotta take these right. What is this wow? Where did you get this?

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Narcos: Mexico, For All Mankind, Nurse Jackie

Doin it! with Danny and Jenny

42:11 min | 6 months ago

Narcos: Mexico, For All Mankind, Nurse Jackie

"ITW and off and leaving me off every time. Every time know, it's like, it's just like a cool, a cool. All Meadow Breeze. Blowing up. My it's like flipping your pillow over in the middle of the night. Feeling that that was better than the breeze blowing up. My butthole. Yes. Was better off going for a freeze up my butthole and you went for the flipping of the pillow? Yeah. It's speaking of cool side of the pillow. We have a pretty fucking cool guests. Do you like, oh my God, that was unbelievable. You have a great segue. Yep. Practice enough credit for this. I don't think. Yeah, it's not gonna credit that's early. Oscar buzz will going up the crack of my ass and speaking of birth and my ass. Yeah we get a cool things going up, the crack of your ass, we have a super well a friend of ours too. I like to add that. This is a this is a friend for sure as well as a super talented actor. Yes, thank you. It's Linny fucking Jacobson, everyone Teddy's reply of everybody. Sticks are coming out. It's Linny you've seen him on narcos For All Mankind, For All Mankind for all God's sakes. Yes. And and we just had astronaut Garrett, recent on, who you work with? I do. I know that you're actually a hero of no home. Say that. But yeah, the the brain, the, it's it's really interesting when you do first of all, how are you guys working? Hey man. It's you know, you're one of those guys. I have to say I just because we've interacted so much online. I do feel like I know you even though this is probably one of the first time you've ever chatted, I think. Oh, I thought you all knew each other. This is, I don't know if we've well, we met. We, I did an episode of Modern Family side there. That Danny. Would you like a modern family? I don't know if I met you on Modern Family. I don't think you were my episode. So I think I missed you. What? Episode of Modern Family. Do. It was, it was they were playing scattegories and I was a UPS guy. Like I delivered some. Yes. Yeah, that was your fuck. Yeah, I remember this. Exactly. Yeah, he sold cocaine to Rico. Don't you remember? There was a narcos the crossover episode that. Y'all did from North West Palm know. It's funny though. When I thought I did, I did it with Ed O'Neill and Sophia and then what's the young actor's name, you know, Rico or Nolan? Yeah. And it was all, she was like one day and it was a pretty quick, like, I come in and they're playing and she brought whatever he's drawing. But it was at the time when Modern Family was going to start airing on TBS or TNT. Yes. Well, they shot these promos where it was assumed that if they were going to be on cable, everything would change. And like so I got to shoot a scene where Drake Sophie and I were like on the couch together, I delivered something and she's like, how about this and like you know and like I jumped on top of her and had came and he's like, what's going down? Assumed that. Yeah, I remember though, did you make them do of that? I was like, I don't know. I chew my Mark. I'm sorry. Hang on just a second, but yeah, it's this world. We live in now with like Twitter and and everything like Jenny. And I I think we've probably met in person like once or twice. Yeah. But we became friends and like I remember you came to the Laugh Factory and improv like those and stuff like that. I saw you do a comedy show and Yeah, we actually gave each other. A hug it was pretty covid-19. Yeah, we just never met him but it feels like years that I've known him in like he's nominated for an Oscar now. But like and I'll talk to people and I'm like, oh yeah, my friends. And and they're like, oh yeah, it's nearly on the internet. Like it sounds creepy know, it's so weird. It's like it's it's very you're definitely one of like you're one of those for me or one of those remaining people. Like I have interacted with enough that I should have met by now that I haven't. But like, have you ever met people where you see someone you're like, okay, a meeting this person and we follow each other, but now I have to say, you actually know me from Twitter, you know, cuz like sometimes like, oh, it's nice to meet you. I'm like, we've actually it's anytime from home and then like the person's excited to meet you. But when you actually explain that, you have a relationship already. I'm dreading the time I meet Barack Obama and I press a dog. T by the way. So we see if you guys do because it will take all of my willpower to say to not say yeah you follow me. We follow Denny's or does follow them was like oh fuck me. So how do I probably remember that tweet? I did about my balls. You liked it. Yeah. You you like to recreate your home. That's the other thing with social media, like when your profile picture becomes the way, I picture someone. So yeah, agent everything out of whack because then you're like, when you're screwed, you're like right. Know, you see them and you're like, oh, you look completely different than this? Yeah. Yeah. I don't really have antlers know. It's like I always purposely post pictures of myself where I just look like shit all the time. So if I put a little makeup on, people are like, you look. Oh, you're a great person. Like I was saying, I'm the opposite of birth. You know Instagram model I do the opposite. I look at the cities I possibly can on the more delighted when they meet you. Yeah better. They're they're overwhelmed instead of underwhelmed. This is like I'm new to I'm recently single over and and so have dipped my toe into dating and it is like a monger, some truly awful other parts of the job. That was controlled, by the way, I just said it louder. But yeah, there are some pictures that are truly aspirational. I mean, when, when I meet somebody looks like their picture, I'm always like, oh my God, you, you're actually pretty, it's not filters all over you. Well, some people are better and yeah, it's I always wonder Jeff. My wife just thought were talking. We were talking about someone. I'm like that. He's just insanely. Good look like he's just a handsome perfectly. Yeah, people just look that good. You're like that guy dead. And he and I are the same. Like, we're both humans and Men. Yeah, yeah, we're not though. I don't look anything like your different looking person, but I'm, I'm sturdy enough to be like, yeah. He's a very handsome and some people, it's, it's their personality or it's, it's strange the way the world is and how many different ways people, look, and how you react to that? Or? Oh, we were talking about. I saw something the other day about what is it? Is it hot ugly or ugly hot? Like is that a home remedies not by standards the best looking person? But yet, they're like, Adam Driver? Yeah, yeah. He doesn't have the features of say, like, so, and so, but, yeah. So it's, it's very interesting that often. Do you find that with people, like, for both of you, when you see someone at, maybe you've never got it or understood the appeal and then you see them in person and you're like, oh, holy shed. I ve I take that way. Like, I remember seeing Ben Affleck, I never thought that Ben Affleck was like this. I didn't get it, and then I see him in person one time, and I'm like, I got it. Okay. I see what I am saying. I see, he has the power quality of the thing before, he was like really famous. He's doing that show. Kitchen. Confidential with a friend and I was at like like Fox commissary with him and it was Bradley Cooper, and it was the other day. It was like, I was like, I mean, I think it's like, I think I'm gay. I think maybe I'm gay. I've never heard right, right. I was, I was funny story, like Baba, Booey Gary and I are friends from way back. We went to I worked at Stern Show and there was a time. This is back in the nineties. They were out here, and we were up at the sky bar at the Mondrian, and at home and Gary's called over to the table. Because Stamos was there, who's John Stamos? It was George Clooney, and it was, and it was Dean pain at the height of being Superman. And we were at this time, And I swear to God, like, when we were sitting there, I was, I felt like I had the power of invisibility at the table, like no one walking by the table. Could seem like I could have committed in a court all over the table. When you solve it was more like I was reacting to people walking past the table and visible. Yeah, it was, I could have committed a crime. No one would have identified me home was so invisible amongst all of that male Beauty Stamos because that was the person we just an hour listening to stern. He was on this week. And I had met him. I did a television show like a guest star on a show and he was also recurring, maybe. Yeah, and we spent like the day together and he couldn't have been nicer home, he was so interesting and then I saw him months later at like Sarah Silverman's. Christmas party thing will end up running into. Everybody was random group that's the first time Morgan Murphy and I met we were to Twitter and then we met at that party. We were like hugging her like it's feels weird but yet completely right. But yeah, stamos's one thousand people. I said to Jess and like he's just he's just a, a perfectly symmetrical e like fantastic looking man, he doesn't. I mean, I, I know some of them really lucky that way and, you know, but there's a downside to sometimes people don't hear what's in here. You know, they're just looking here or they don't take you to be serious or funny or smart or dead. Or smart. Yeah, I want to spend a little bit. You get to your career for a second. I'm fascinated by the narcos experience how cuz I'm such a fan of that show and I remember I remember incoming you and I think like the MTU was like holy fuc your under Chuck c! I was everyone's reaction. I was like excited cuz wage and what was that experience? Like I mean how was it? Cuz you're crazy season too well yeah. So like if the fun experience cuz I thought you were fantastic on it, I thought it was one of those things to where I've been lucky enough to to have a pretty good career where I've played a lot of characters in a similar universe and, you know, style or a look has been great. Weather was commercials, and then, as it moved into doing show where they were like, oh, that's the guy, he fills that role. And I've always said to actors, they're like, what Cathy You to do this and I'm like just do whatever it is that works for you. Well the point where you are big enough that you can be like I think I want to do something else. Well yeah, yeah. Stay in your lane and enjoy that because that will open up opportunities and you create like, you know, so narcos is one of the first things that I went out Edition for. It was such like a boss was like, whoa, narcos. Yeah, I'll go in for that but the character was, it was like two guys who worked in Guadalajara and they were a little fish out of water and took in the scene, they wrote for us was hilarious. We were in a, we were in a bathroom, you know, talking about Kiki which is Michael and, you know, making fun of him and then drunk, I'm staring into this mirror. And so I just got the play with this audition. I'm not going to remember the casting director's name, but they also had brought me in like three times over like a month. So I was just so comfortable. Office back when you could go to offices and I just had fun with it and then it went away and then they were like, oh come back in, we're bringing people into read together and and the parts kind of interchangeable. So I came back in again and again, it was just fun and improving and having fun and then that scene never got used in the show. Wow, I was like we did this. I was like, oh my God, doing this thing and it's the two of us were, kind of the comic relief but we're working there but we're Fish Out of Water and that scene was fucking great. Can't wait. Can't wait to shoot that? And that never like months later, I talked to one of the producers, like I've seen like, oh yeah, that was never going to be in it. We were just trying to figure out. It was more just malady. It ended up being just want to get your hopes up. And then completely, I mean, we got to kind of young lady that a little bit, but, but it was a ended up being a much different role than it was when we auditioned. I've done that as a writer, sometimes like especially in a pilot. I've written a scene for a character, like I know in the pilot, they don't log Like to do. So I'll just create a scene that's going to show. Like, well, I need to know if they can be funny. So we'll write a funny scene and and what, what they, what they seem like. So I'm sure that's what the writers of that seemed like they were looking for them. Again, I've noticed as the years have gone by, they want people that number one. You want someone talented to do the job. But you also want someone who's going to be good to work with and not an asshole. And, you know, they don't take themselves too, seriously, especially if you're going to go to another country for, I think we shot for almost 8 months, here, I'll break it down quick. So anyways, we go back, callbacks get the park or like your thoughts on our clothes. And I was like that. Just seems totally crazy. Mexico. Then the, the the details start coming in like Michael Pena is this character? Then I'm scheduling. This is a real key. Key is a real guy, is a real guy in. His story is horrific horrific and then the other lead bad guy is covid-19 like, post Panthers. Breanna can't remember another guy who when I met him in person, it's like you are no. We are not the same species, you are too good looking. He was like, he's a Mexican guy who came up from like like like the young he came. He came up from being a, a wheat farmer to basically hiring El Chapo to work with. Yeah. Yeah. Diego Luna and he can eat to Mom. I'm telling like friends and want my, my friend Cindy and like, yeah, Diego Luna. And she's like, e tu mama, you're going to be nearing. Like she kind of, he's a bad guy, man. So, anyways, we then we don't go for like a month and half. So you're preparing in your mind that we're going to move to Mexico and you don't know who you're working with. And luckily, I got to like we had our little crew which was the DEA and then where the narcos and then the drug lords, we rarely see them and we're in an office shirt and tie rod. This and they're riding motorcycles to a mansion and like volcanoes ever. So it's a very different world shooting. You didn't get stupid gaming and contain just when dead in the time of their life, really hear the stories what they're doing and we're like listening to wiretap & Exposition and pain is like any of this. That was a great dane KO Pina. First of all, is an amazing actor. Amazing. How come this guy? And it was me Michael Fletcher and Aaron Staton, who's from young man. And and so that was our Core Group. Yeah. Fly down. We meet each other. We're in the hotels. I don't speak very good Spanish but Matt did. So it became this process of where it started in like November of one year we shot part and then they took a little break and we went back in January, then February March, April. May June. Wait, what part of Mexico were you in home? Everyone actually Mexico City, but they played it as Guadalajara level of places and cities. Fantastic. So then we we go there and I have, they're like, don't cut any of your hair braiding, just come as you are. So I had a I look like this actually, it was a bit heavier and they ended up cutting all my hair off and I got to have a mustache. So it kind of created another which for me I was like this is great. I it took me a second correcting that I can. I'm going to be a chameleon type thing for my now wife who we had just started dating two weeks before I went to Mexico. So she met me as this and I visit her and we had this amazing time. We fell in love very quickly and then I went to Mexico and came back and just looked in fighting me, she's introduced to me, at Cross, like her friends and family, and they're just like, you know, like a seventies Quorum God. Yeah, it's like so he's in Mexico doing porn. Yes, yeah. But anyways real quick, the the expunging. There was incredible. Like it was post that where there are one of the location Scouts had been murdered. Not ask about that. Everybody else when it first started, you know, a few of my family members were like or friends were like is that a big deal? Like and it's so when we got there they gave us. They sat us down with like a full security briefing. They had changed all their protocols from when they shot in Columbia too. Now shooting in Mexico, like everything was going to be more low-key, they changed the name of the production company we had like under cover like former military just street clothes, guys. And I think it was Israeli Army walking around with us and they were also were like well, shoot page where it is. We're going to check where we shoot and then that'll be safe and we'll go there and the protocol. And so it never at once that I feel unsafe and were you with a when you would were authors? That were their bodyguards or anything like that or nothing kind of. Like, when we were in the hotel on our free time. We were, we were fine. I think maybe Pena from time to time cuz he was much more recognizable. Yeah. Yeah. I actually lived in that area, so he was fine. Yeah. You just kind of stood out a little bit more. The three of us Gringos, but they took really good care of us. And the thing with the, the location scout it wasn't home. So related, he actually was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like he, I think he was scouting in a, in a general area. Oh, came up on something and then it turned into like he's like them to get out of here and I don't know all the details, but he wasn't targeted because of the show. Know it wasn't like, hey, Pedro Pascal. You have his own? No no no no. Yeah, but it was an incredible like we shot because there was an earthquake. There was the Big Macs got perfect that year. We didn't have a studio. So every month Thing was on location. Each day, we would go to like an apartment building and then it was these crazy homes in the country with horses and stuff. And then they do weird fenced-in neighborhood. Like the actual, you know, you go through this gated thing and it's this giant Palace and they have like statues in the living room and pool in the back and change secret doors. Those, those houses are everywhere in Mexico next week because there's, there's no middle class in Mexico. That's every time I've been to Mexico City, when when I was married, I used to go there a lot with my ex-husband. He did this there and some of the places I go to, I'm like this, I thought I was at a hotel, like, we're checking in at the lobby. It's like, no, this is someone's house. You just when New Year's when they lift the wealthiest people in the world, there's just like, at least five Mexicans in there. I, I ran into that and I Monterey, I got to I was went out. Yeah. Yeah, Breezy Crazy crazy and it like you feel. I remember like getting picked up and like tapping on the glass and like is this an armored SUV that you know like, oh, okay, so this is necessary. Well, I guess is comforting, but not like it was an amazing experience. It was we shot forever and the people were amazing. And I was basically like this relationship was travelling along with it. Jessica, my wife, who's an, an actress and now director. She's kind of living. She's like we just met each other and and seven months off that time. I was in Mexico. Oh. And and it was just like an experience that I'll never. It's, you know, and I'm not a big Traveller so I'm not like, you know, they do math and would had his family come and they would be out cuz he could speak the language, much better than I could. And you're dealing with the elevation too. It's like 7,000. Yeah, that took me by surprise Ya Dead. We played basketball one day with pain Pena. It's like he loves to pay. Nia had just discovered binge-watching when we got here he's like I never really binge watch before. Now my family's not found, so he's watching 10 or 15 shows throughout and then we're talking about these shows and I just it was it was just an amazing experience that and it also translates to so many more people. Like, I've done shows that are pretty well-known but when you say Narcos, there's just people in different parts of the world, who take that as a different. It's just sitting as feel different. And when you shoot on location, it must be like, yes, we had no studio. So we're in a building. Yeah. And then the next day we're down by these canals and but never never. Once said that, I feel like we were in any danger or anything like that. And well, yeah, it's amazing. It's thinking about this cuz I know like right, I don't know if it's still happening, but before covid-19 Think she's going to, I think she was going to be in the, in the, in the next, like moving into into into that. But I don't know if that ever came to pass. Yeah, talking to the, The Producers came down, they took out to dinner. We spent a couple of days of them and the he told us the entire process of how this started from what was going to be a movie because these two former Dia. Yeah, a gay guys were talking to. They were military, but in while they were in the military, they weren't allowed to talk about it. Then they came out and like, it didn't really work as a movie, and then he realized for television, it's, it's just endless. Mature cereal. Yeah, Columbia. It's Mexico. Then eventually it can be Miami. Yes. And that's when they made the change to be, it's narcos to know. Narcos Mexico, and I feel like the show has gotten better every CNAs quality-wise as well. Like, they're just bringing in. Absolutely. Yeah, it was, it was really great. And I definitely want to fit in before the, the end of this, I want to know like what about so I am assuming For All Mankind. You shoot that in space. We shoot it in space covid-19. So healthy. I'd post mental health things, and I was like, going to change my diet and I went back to do the first season of from and kind of look one way. And it's supposed to its Ten Years Later. The said it was like, yeah. I when Cobb got a healthy, it's it's right. Yeah. So that will season, I was super thin I weighed about a hundred and seventy-five pounds. Maybe a hundred seven, it was like, Wow and we shoot a scene in episode 8. And then episode 9, we shot to one scene and then we shut down and came back in September. So if you watch episode 9 of the first scene, I'm in an episode 9 is is a September, post-pandemic ninety pounds. And then the literally can connect to, you see me, and I'm like thin again and I was like and took. This is the whole thing with Coleman. You can now play Spot the timeline where you're watching like shut down to Morgan on The Walking Dead and you're like, oh, yep. The zombies got thinner. You know, I showed up in in wardrobe was like, yeah, we got all your I know I'm fat call me back like a little snug on your way. Stomach know not fat. Now you couldn't, oh no, maybe maybe we strike them. It happens a little tomato pin cushion, like get over here. Let's let that out. Let's do that was a whole new process. You know, we haven't we have basically an episode and 1/2 that was done from March free shots of August September and now he's back shooting again season three. So how did you feel going back on set that like you're nervous were you? I was up here and it was so different up here over a month. Yes started directing she did like a Hallmark movie very early in the I would say end of June pandemic because the numbers weren't as bad but the protocol is different and then I did like a like a dead. Online play with a friend of mine, who's in the good doctor, and they were supposed to be coming back, but they had to really deal with testing on set and masks, and the protocol still weren't there yet. Yeah. Go by, by the time September came, I felt much more comfortable and they I knew you were going to be tested this many times and masks and stuff. So it really, it feels the same like your your page or rehearsing with a mask on, which can be very weird if you're trying to do a scene that has a specific tone to it, but it's the probably the safest place. You can be so good to be back on set, but it kind of changes. Like, I was always someone when I did Nurse Jackie. I've been lucky enough, as I've gone through my shows that I just worked with the best people who were like, yeah, come hang out. So I would sit in video Village all the time, and I just randomly unknowingly wander places that either I wasn't supposed to and by the time that got there, they were like that's fine. You're here so that it can log Has gone away now where, you know, you go to your trailer and then you put your mask on. You go to set and you're in your room, but the masks on you rehearse, then you go back to your trailer and you're just like But again it's things will learn from yes. Are you vaxxed know? They're a bit behind up here. So they're trying to catch up. I'm going to actually, I shoot on to Thursday Monday. I'm doing a show. Now it's a peacemaker show for HBO Max. Oh nice. It's James Gunn is directing and writing it, which is awesome. I mean it's just how cool it is. And like the way he sees things like, even doing his table reads, I'm such a big fan of guardians of galaxy and all those. He everything is so specifically written out that his he took his whole Vision, just pours onto it. But he also sends you a Spotify playlist so that you can listen to the music, that will coincide like this song plays here and then and it's John Cena. So, we've shot some stuff. I can't. It's most of the stuff is kind of known, but John seen as The Peacemaker. And so I got to work with him. And again, it's one of those things you're sitting with a fellow actor. And you are, there is no way you and I are the same species of person like that person on the evolutionary poster at the Natural History Museum, where you're not quite walking upright. And then like, just a paean, it looks like the scene and Captain America where he scanned the two before and Cena song, they pull the thing open. He steps out with my like yeah, in terms are fucking they're as big as my chest. Right here. Couldn't be crying funny. Like this show is he's going to if you saw God, he's incredible and Trainwreck, right? He's he's he's a great actor. He's so good. Yes. And then funnier than it has a right to be in the ideas. Like, I'm just like staring at his arm. He's like, he's just, he's huge. I'm like yeah, there's a muscle here. That's I don't know, it doesn't even exist. He's like he's actually smaller than he was when we just shot Suicide Squad like a year off. Going to click. That makes no sense. Why do you do that? I can't do that. If I wanted, we all could, we're just, we just like, I just don't sit here and eat chicken breasts and avocados, and that sort of thing, Danny, you said like, for staying most. He's like, he just looks that good. And I would consider myself in the more of the character actor. Genre your hands. Also, I don't have to do, like, when I show up for a show, like, I showed up for narcos. They're like, don't cut your hair. I'm like, do you want me to do it? They're like, no, you don't have to lose any money. Actually, you can even get fatter if you want is as is not wait for the last couple of years for a role. I still have yet to become It's like Chris Pratt, like we doing so many shows throughout the pandemic and Justice in this state. Where it's it's saying where you just keep watching things you've watched wage war because it's comfortable and you can have new stimulants and so right. Yeah, it's it's a big warm blanket watching. Yeah, the office four times are changing Grey's Anatomy. Oh my my changing that for two years that's crazy. That leads us actually into what what the the the last part of our show. Like what some of the stuff that you can watching that you are loving well in the so Ted lasso is obviously the one that left to watch it right off. You love it. I'm like the only person I know I gotta watch it. I watched it twice and I will go a third. It's just at the time for your soul and what you needed. Like, you expect it to age. This jaded like comedy and he's going to be. And then you're just like, after this last four years. Yeah, half years and pandemic is like, I just needed that. It was a nice place. It's like getting a hug from your dad that you always wanted damning right, okay. I don't really watch it that it's necessary. And then we've been doing just a lot of, like, we'll do Thursday. We did, you know, Queens Gambit back and then yeah, that was great. Any like Juan Division? I love the MC. Yeah, I've gotten Jess into, we've actually been just started Iron Man. Yeah, the whole thing. Oh, I yeah. Hundred percent, what I did during this because I hadn't seen any of the Marvel movies and I better in that Universe, because even some of the movies are, like, that's not the best one because you're kind of on that trip. Everything kind of comes together nicely. That's cool. Oh, you guys, I take the one that I speaking of that is I love Doctor Strange. Change. I, for some reason they could I I did not think I would care for it but I don't know if for whatever reason, but I'm going through the Marvel movies, I just watched it fucken loved it. That the, the young Soldier Falcon, I just serious, I'm not sold on the Falcon in the Winter Soldier. I had to muscle through a little bit chilly. Louis-Dreyfus was just last week, so that was for a hot second, but that real man, but I've been watching that song. What About You Danny? So I said she thinks this week and they're both movies, but fuck, are they good? So I finally saw a promising young woman. Oh holy fucking shit. I I want to watch it again. Like I said, I saw him in the 48-hour rental. Yeah, it's so much fun. It's like it's just great. I am. Did you see it? You guys say it? Yes, I got the screen for that carry in. Mulligan is phenomenal. He's so great and it to carry. Yeah, it's dark enough. And then it's kind of loops. And then, at some point towards the end, you're like, oh, yes, this is fucking horrible. And then it comes back around though, the I don't want to give anything away, but one of the creative job And things of all Anthony and then. So the last several days and I earlier the week I saw Bob odenkirk's, nobody. Oh I've heard it's so good. Did you see it? I don't know. Yet off all my God, it's just fun. It's like it's like it's just fun. It's just like, I don't want to ruin anything for you has like a little bit of that. It's like wage is not imagine a much more, like upbeat version of a History of Violence, member of History of Violence. Yeah, it's it's what's it on? What can where can we find that one? It's on demand. It's like, it's like it's a rentable money like two weeks ago. Yeah. And to listen to his, his process of going, like, two and half years of training and fight stuff and the way he took to combat and that action type stuff, the way he would like sketch comedy or things like that. First of all, just an incredible interview with star, and he talks about stuff with birth. Early. Like yeah, the Matt Anderson in a van down by the river and out. Yeah, he wrote that for him at Second City. And then hit, I mean, it was like, I could have listened to them talk for three or four hours. But his own point of view on this this movie, I can't wait to see it. Now, we've been kind of trying to fight it in, if it gets too late at night, Jeff is like I don't want to watch something that's going to. Yeah it will. Yeah, it took about a promising young woman, it took me a minute cuz I was like, this is going to be real heavy right now, but it wasn't actually both of those movies. I had the same exact trepidation that you guys did with, and I will say, like, both of them were like, oh, they never descended into that like, like it was always, they, they always kept it, really. They kept the Superfund. So those are the two things that like really. I can recommend them enough, guys, and I recommend this show, it's called Grey's Anatomy. I don't know. Kids are going to make it becoming actors. Now is mankind on Apple TV off. But yeah, for all, yeah, for all made by, if from any kind, like it came out a couple of years ago and I always tell people, well, did you watch Ted lasso? Same thing. And I know it's somewhat of a cold and, like, I talked to my stepfather yesterday and he's like, I don't know, I don't know how to do it. It's on my iPad, but I want to know the big TV call you get the chance. It's a really cool show. It's like off your Timeline but it looks insane. It's about what do they spend on this? Cuz when we have ever really asked her, I started watching it on the show. What do they spend on that thing? I mean I don't know what I mean, it's not like what is Juan division? What do they do? That was crazy. That was as bad but beautiful. Yeah they took real careful like they took real care with. Like the just it looks like it should look at least you know it's like any of our big space nerds too. So you're all friends with astronauts, right? I told that to a stress on the podcast now. Yeah, but we adore kout like we're dead. So like those are the biggest space nerds and he gets to act and then Jenny and I when we became friends years ago, we had like a seven-hour conversation about the Kelly Brothers. Yeah. I was just like well and then so I've relayed the information you and I have talked about your stand when they go to space. He's basically donating his body to science like a still alive like he's literally but the cool thing about For All Mankind is too because this it's basically the idea that the space reps doesn't end. Russia gets to the Moon 2 weeks before either all thirteen. And because of that like they pull out of Vietnam earlier, this happens and then Chappaquiddick is different and it off. Yeah. The throat. But also technology likes iPhones and electric cars because we push that part of it sooner in the early like Labor Day. Seventies early eighties, all that shit's now happening sooner than it would guess those are my favorite. I read all histories all the time. I was like, I was, I was like a nerve, but there was like, I read. Like I think there was there was if they're not particularly well written but they're well, I shouldn't say that they are but they're just pulp. But there was a a series by a science fiction offer author called Harry, turtledove of old. But it was, it was these bolts histories and there were like seven or eight books. I probably would four of them of it's in the middle of World War Two, and the aliens attack. And it's like in, and it's just how it fucks up history. Like so suddenly, we're still fighting the Germans, but the Germans are, and you're on the side and, and, and against these fucking, like, like insect wizard people. It's like, I just, I remember rainy like blew my mind. So, I love when you pull any one of my favorite novels was like, first-time, novelist of all was dr. Norelle Doctor Morella, Mr. Strange or off? Which was like, it's the Napoleonic Wars. But with magicians, like there's two magicians, where, you know, anything that alters, I always get a big kick out of when I changed. It's like that movie, The the Beatles movie yesterday? No, I love that. I love. But more of it is just going and they're like, well, no Coke was never rented. I'm like, oh well, the Beatles wage, then there's no ways. I always get a kick like watching For All Mankind, for the first time. They do these little news blurbs and no one. So for some reason, alternate universe stuff, just I get such an interest in like home. How do they decide what they wanted to change or like, who didn't do what? Because this Butterfly Effect? I love it. Very cool. Yeah, that will help. Well, okay so you got a lot the do doing it nation has a lot of options we can. We're going to do a nation now, the nation-building Asian man it's so good to still virtually. I feel like I feel like I'm taking the log. August introduction. I spend years just communicating with you online. Now, I do you virtually next time close. We're taking out. I'm a hug, the shit out of here. Oh my God, I am back stand wagon and ready to go. Max, both of us. We're Team Pfizer over here, advisor, kind of trying to figure out I'm like, obviously any of the three. I would be cool with and I'll see what happens when I go down. I'm going to head down to LA and the next couple of weeks I think wow, I never get tired of people saying or posting that thing I will never post it. It's now you're not supposed to post it, right? I don't know. I just like it's to go on. I never get tired of hearing. Like people are like going to be like oh I got backs. And here's it's like the I boat stickers which events were like shut the fuk up. We don't write in this day and age. You do need to see that sneaker. Like we need to keep doing that. No we do. We need all of the I want every fucking back selfie. I can see if warms my soul, you know, me too, I fuck anti-vaccination. Thank you Lenny, guys. Wait, thank you. Lenny and Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny j o my God. You get it, you know, and we'll catch you next week.

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Mark Ramsey -138

On Mic Podcast

25:32 min | 1 year ago

Mark Ramsey -138

"Welcome to conversation alive and well with creative people from all walks of life. I'm Jordan rich and today on on Michael Jordan rich. I am thrilled to welcome Mark Ramsey. He is a media. Strategist a researcher. He is indeed a trend maker. He also happens to be marvelously creative and has produced and hosted a series of movie themed. Podcasts called inside. There's inside the exorcist inside psycho inside jaws inside Star Wars and I've become an Uber Fan of Mark's work. He's also the author of several radio industry bestsellers making waves. Radio on the verge and fresh Air Marketing Gurus on radio. He serves on the board of the broadcast film. Critics Association as interviewed the biggest names in marketing and branding in the world and consults with and delivers projects for numerous media publishing and digital brands. But we're going to focus a bit on his inside. Movie podcast series found on one DRI DOT COM W. O. N. D. E. R. Y. And just give you a taste of what they sound like. Here's a selection from the inside psycho series about a certain shower scene. You'll hear mark described the action and fall into character quiet on the set a a warm relaxing soothing shower. Just surrender to it. Washes away the grime of the day. Washes away the sins of the past. At least that's how it used to work before psycho. Janet Lee Famously. Said she never took another shower in her life. After psycho shooting was scheduled for the week of December. Seventeen to the twenty third. Twas the week before Christmas the set was ready. Blinding White Tiles. Brilliant Chrome fixtures. The scene was intricately story boarded. Nothing left to chance. The scene was weeks in the making hitchcock conference with Janet. Janet like you to do the scene in the nude. No how now for the European version. No well that's not quite. How gently remembers it? And no amount of nudity would have passed the censors. So I think Janet is telling the truth when she says it was all suggestion suggestion and a whole lot of flesh tone mole. Skin fabric glued over both of Janet's breasts and as she put it the vital part. Take Ten q the shower action. The water runs and the fabric peels away cuts in Russia's costumer to put in its modesty back together again take twenty cutest shower action more water more peeling more modesty revealed normal skin more glue and so it went for seven days but hitchcock needed coverage no pun intended and for that he needed a gen at least standing someone whose job was to be naked onset all day hitch needed what. He called a nudist. That nudist was Marli Renfro twenty-three-year-old model in Vegas Dancer. Who in September of Nineteen Sixty? The month of cycles release would grace the cover of playboy. Some of the skin in the shower scene is hers to Janet Lees. Great relief a quick cut from inside psycho behind the scenes behind the shower curtain. If you will. Let's find out more with our guest. It's time to go on Mike with Mark Ramsey mark. What a pleasure. I've been a fan Recent fan of your work with one three and these wonderful movie shows but I in reading about you discovered a whole litany of things. I want to talk to you about so. Thanks for joining us. Oh good while. I'm happy to be here. Thanks so much for listening. Well let me start with the movie series because I discovered inside psycho because I'm a huge fan of that film kind of by accident. I tripped over it. And I've been tripping over everything of yours since talk a little bit about the origin of time. If you will the origin story behind these these projects and Maybe you can share a couple of tidbits you learned but just how it all came about while you certainly not a testimonial for the effectiveness of discovery in my case. Sorry I tripped over. A lot of things asked my wife well. I approached the guys at one. Three back in two thousand seventeen with this idea You know three years ago the podcasting space was a little bit different from what it is now is a little bit less dense A few more people trying to figure things out In fewer people knowing what they were going to do so I had this notion. I thought that there was kind of an under underwhelming volume of kind of Compelling storytelling that wasn't of a of a A documentary form. There's tons of documentary stuff in the space and I think even now there's tons of documentary stuff and at that point people were still Kind of grappling with serial meant and trying to mimic it and find other ways of doing it and I thought well that's all good but that's all very kind of traditional public radio journalist storytelling. What about something? That's more cinematic and what could be more cinematic than a podcast about cinema so I was interested in this among several other stories. of Kind of the people behind the making of some of the movies. We love best and I thought well. Wouldn't it be great to do a movie about the making of a movie and that's really how we interpreted anybody who comes to this Expecting you know Interviews with filmmakers stars interviews with. There's none of that in this. That's not the intention at all. Recently we did inside Star Wars. No we didn't talk to mark Hamill. No we didn't talk to George. Lucas wasn't the point. The point was to tell a to make a movie about the making of a movie and the people who made it so that was really the intention from the beginning and so we walked in with that goal. Well you achieved it and I'll tell you what I love about it. The fact that Marc Ramsay are storyteller becomes characters in each story. Must be so much fun for you to be playing George Lucas and other characters and just narrating through that yet say it's an interesting approach. It's not It's there's no phony voices There are no Imitations we don't do. I don't do Hitchcock. I don't really do Lucas. It's really an intention to kind of emulate the way we tell the story to a child When you read a story book to a Child You not imitating all the characters but you're kind of portraying those characters and that's what we tried to do and we try to add in some kind of clever audio magic to give voices distance from each other but still retain this whole notion that this is a story told by one person and representing these various characters so there were re-creations. There were some seen playing and role playing and so on but in each case it was clear that you know it was all me the help of an amazingly talented sound designer. I must compliment you and maybe you can give him credit here. Just brilliant use of sound. You guys obviously not using the original music from these various movies and so forth because a licensing but coming up with very close facsimiles and sound effects. I. It's very much a throwback to the Golden Age Radio in my estimation well yes Jeff Schmidt is the amazing sound designer that I've worked with from the very beginning on on this and he is just Beyond compare and Somehow he managed to create shows about films with a an iconic scores psycho jaws star wars and in all cases not hughes the actual source material. Reasons that you indicate and yet it still hangs together and still work. So it's a real credit to him and his ability to kind of capture the essence of these stories without infringing on anyone's Proprietary rights along the way as a producer myself a writer for for many years. I appreciate the fact that it's done. In serial format many parts and key to bringing an audience back with you is to keep them on their toes and to give them some reason. A look ahead at. It's so old school and yet it works. Did talk a little bit about the writing of these projects. And how long it takes to do a series of six episodes. Let's say on psycho well psycho as the first than we did I inside the exorcist. We did inside jaws and last year. We did inside the Star Wars. Each one takes Weeks of Research Primary research going to books going to other sources online and elsewhere in some cases original interviews. I did an interview for psycho with a guy who had been a friend of Tony Perkins and he was one of the voice. Inspirations for Norman Bates his mother and in fact his voice was used as one of the voices that was that was melted into Norman. Bates's mother for the movie so It's a combination of those things and That process take several weeks than the writing itself. Take several weeks and then the recording take several weeks by the time? It's done six months now. I'm deep dive guy in in film. I've done a lot of radio and done a lot of SP special programs all about movies but some of the stuff you dig up it. Certainly not just the typical Google stuff in fact the exorcist really was the one that got me because you start out with the story of the quote unquote real experience. That Peter Blatty wrote about this right. Yeah in most of these series but not all of them. We tried to go to the source material to say. What was the inspiration for the film? What was the true life story that you generated the interest in the to the reason to do the film in the first place in the case of psycho that was kind of the notorious story of serial murderer at gained and jaws had a couple of inspirations and in Star Wars? We took a different path. That's the first one we did really had no such kind of cultural backstory. And instead we just began with the story of you know the Creator George Lucas One. I'm listening to something like this. I'm swept up in the fact that movie makers really struggled Billy Freakin and coming back to the exorcist. The whole arc of billy free cans life sort of revolves around that film and what happened then and afterwards so we learn more about the people behind the movies as you say and they're the most interesting people as far as I'm concerned they're even more interesting to some of the characters on the film's well that's the way that's why it's a movie about. The people made the movie rather than a documentary about the movie itself. And I think we made a conscious effort to to create a compelling story about real people and it just so happens there were real people who made these legendary films along the way. They had enormous setbacks and enormous troubles. And it's a miracle really that any of these movies ultimately got made think one thing they all have in common is that it was by the skin of their teeth that they exist at all so the fact that they're so legendary is is really saying something. Now you also have a cage bonus interviews you interviewed Mr Godly for jaws. What was that like Kotla beyond the Co screenwriter of the movie? That was that was great. Carl was a friend of a friend. A poker buddy of a friend so we connected to him. We brought him into the studio. We had a great hour long conversation with him And it was You to talk to someone. Who is there at the foundation of something like that the beginning of that to get Steven Spielberg to talk about. It is next to impossible. But to have Karl got lead is is itself hard. But you know there. He was telling the stories of how he was called to. Martha's Vineyard at the last minute to this together. Spielberg is similar. Amazing kind of a back room stories about the making of this film. Must've which already knew because I read his book and I've done some other research on the making and a and a few of which I had created done a little creative Creative modification to which as far as I can tell he approved of wholeheartedly but yes it was a great honor to be able to have them in the student. As we're talking. Let me remind people wondering W O N D E R Y dot com is where he can read all about and find them and download them the inside various movie series and. I just hope you keep doing them forever. Because they're so great. Let me shift gears a little bit and talk with you about where we are. I've been doing this. Podcast a mind for the last two years. I absolutely love it. I love the freedom the creativity in the the ability to do what I've always done on radio. But where do you see the medium going in the next five years if it's possible to anticipate of which are doing on on your inside series and other things is so creative? Where do you see it? All going people talk about how it's exploding people talk about how there's revenue the revenues can be approaching a billion dollars. I guess for the Industry Worldwide WITHIN THE NEXT YEAR. I suppose all it's fantastic you know but the the great Opportunity is for anybody to do pretty much anything that they WANNA do. Now that doesn't necessarily mean it will get to all the years you wanted to get to but certainly the obstacles are pretty low. It's very analogous independent film. Quite frankly anybody can pick up An iphone today and make a movie That doesn't mean everyone will see it. It'll get to all the all the film festivals but it certainly means you can do it and those are opportunities that didn't exist in in years gone by so I think if you have a great idea and you have the ability to bring it to life now is the Golden Age. What does it mean for radio for traditional broadcast radio that is certainly morphing and changing with streaming? And all the other things that come along with it. Where do you see radio going? Well that's up to radio I think And I mean there are scenarios which say if radio were to double down in investments and talent and give people a reason to listen to something that is free and ubiquitous but no longer unique. Then Radios. Along lifeline ahead if instead radio is intent on being the place where you can hear the lowest common denominator content and One voice on every station and across the country emanating from a laptop In the bowels of a building behind a lot door in Manhattan well. That's a different scenario. And I think it remains to be seen which path the industry's going to take. But you know the industry Used to be comprised of people now it's comprised of fewer people than ever and The people the people who used to be in it now have more choices themselves You can be your own station. You can be your own talent. You can be your own distributor. You can be your own network. You get to be your own creator today. That's the beauty of it. It's not necessarily pretty. It's not necessarily profitable and it may not even be fun but it's a power that's now yours and the power rests in audio and I think what I love most about where we are right now is the fact that this concept of listening and using the imagination and being wrapped up in something. That's not right there on a screen with all the bells and whistles is the magic and I'm so excited to be in this business now because people used to just poop audio now excited about it again mark well but the reason for that is that it's always been about what's on it and We for many years. We've kind of forgotten what made radio so compelling in the first place. Once upon a time before television people used to stare at that box in the Living Room. That didn't move and why well not just because that was their only source for dynamic information. That wasn't the newspaper but because it was so compelling and I think we've lost that art but that art is gradually being rediscovered by people who generally don't come from radio but people have access to a USB. Mike people have access to you know over the counter. Free software to record their voice people have access to a an abundance of platform that can distribute it for little to nothing and put it in front of audiences and in some cases it changes people's lives the lives of the people make it in the lives of the people. Here I WANNA have you talk about media on plugged? That is an audio podcast about the business about the media. And it's so all encompassing. Tell me and the audience about your media. Unplug work. Yes you can media plugs. Podcast that I do with The Brand Guru Tomei sacher and it's tons of fun in every two to four. The schedule varies. We put together this podcast where we talk about things that are happening in media and why you should pay attention to them and Ranson Raves and other fun things about half an hour long. And that's a media. Unplug DOT net and. Tom And I have great fun doing it. One of our favorite things one of my favorite things for some reason I got onto this is what's new in In in Wax Museum News somehow the idea that there can still be wax museums in twenty twenty never ceases to amaze me and and and there's always something worth reporting about that world which is the strangest thing but you know listen to it. You may find compelling high love Wax Museums and let's get back to the The original topic which is the series on. Wonder the inside movie series. You must be a movie guy from way back. I'm guessing well movie television. They've always been kind of an area of interest for me but what really interests me. Most in you can see that in the work. Is these people who make this stuff. Because I kind of view it as as a as a makers story. It's an entrepreneur story. It's say creators story. You know whether you're making a radio show or a podcast or a television series or movie you still have the same struggles you still the same challenges and obstacles. I think it's reinforcing that even a Steven Spielberg can barely get this thing. Made can wonder that he's going to get fired because this project is just spinning utterly out of Control and it's an early phase in his career and it could very well ruin him even Steven Spielberg has that concern so he can have it. Then can't you? I'm most happy to learn about stuff. Bouncing off something that's very pop culture oriented and go back to psycho for a minute. I've known about the gain story. But there were a lot of Sort of sidebar stories that I didn't know about and you know what that podcast is done. It's got me to do more research. Do you find when you're hearing from folks that they're now getting into it and doing more their own deep dives and is that kind of fun for people to do. Yeah occasionally people reach out to me. And say hey. Can you tell me more about this particular story? No reference? Something that you know may not be quite true but was in the store because remember because these are again. These are not documentaries. These are movies about the making of movies. That means there's a true. There's a a deeper truth that we're going for here to convey were not looking to recount the facts of what happened in linear form. We're looking to tell a deeper truth. For example in the case of psycho there was a story about this director. Ed this fabulous career by any measure. Alfred Hitchcock who still never had anything happen to him as big as psycho in nineteen sixty and then spent the rest of his career which is about fifteen years now trying to duplicate that success and never ever achieving it not only that but his final film family plot in nineteen seventy five was put out in the shadow of another of another little movie by a very young inexperienced filmmaker named Steven Spielberg in the movie was called Jaws and this was kind of what was in the ether For him In the declining phase of his career at us what he had to deal with. And I think there's an interesting story there. What happens when you spend all your career and you make this incredible against all odds magnificent success and then you have to spend the rest of it trying to duplicate it. How do you deal with that? How do you cope with that? How do you find satisfaction in the midst of that and that's what the series was about compelling and that's the billy freaking story to a certain extent where he has? French connection and exorcists. He's the hottest name in Hollywood for a couple of years. And then to find his way back and He's still around but he's got those memories of the Great Times what happened afterwards. I just love the series. So are you able to Provide us a hint as to what you're looking at next for an inside project. Well that the the series is GonNa take a new farm going forward and It remains to be seen exactly what that form is. But it's something we're working on right now trying to nail it down and a land distribution clarity and as soon as we have that you'll know would still be appearing as our narrator as storyteller. I hope Oh yeah no no no I mean my involvement in it will be the same. The question is what shape is the show? GonNa take and who's going to be putting it out a show of that nature. That is so complex. You said it takes weeks to just write it. It's it's so impressive and I know it sounds like a fan boy here but I just love it and I did lie. I didn't just trip over it. I did a search for movie. Podcasts and yours game that's what I just remembered Seo is working. It's definitely working in. You've got so many other things going on. What's the best way for people to find out more about just you Mark Ramsey? Well got all the shows that Jeff and I worked on together at Mark Ramsey Dot TV You can see all the panels for all the various shows including the one. We did with Ed O'Neill last year from modern family. And we're working on one. Now that's not on the page yet that features David Harbor in Jeffrey Dean Morgan. So all kinds of crazy stuff going on now. Two guys from two Cult favorites right walking designed a stranger things by well more thing broadcast film critics association. Your Bio. You're on the board. And they produce the critics choice movie awards in TV awards. Gut Ask Somebody. Who's in this business what's wrong with the Oscars? And how can we fix them? I don't know I kind of I kind of liked the Oscars this year. The first half hour. I've thought was tremendously strong but remember the first half hour. I'd almost no awards in it. I think we need. Don't we need one person? No not a believer in that. No absolutely not people are just throwing that out there. I mean I will say the critics choice awards as a host. But I don't think the show rises or falls based on that host unless the host brings something specific to the show and remember that over the years these hosts of generally gradually disappeared as the as the show went on through. And here you have in the first half hour of the Oscars you have. Steve Martin You Have Chris Rock and you have Gino Manet doing that. Just amazing opening Song and dance number that I thought was just through the roof. That's a great show. It's too bad you have to give awards during it. Well the ratings keep going down for the last several years I dunno I maybe shorten it up a little bit And Bring Back Bob. Hope it's not going to happen. I know that anyway. I'm just dating myself or Johnny Carson or somebody of that nature dating use. I am I do a lot of that. Been a joy to connect with you sir and I really appreciate the work you have done in the work year. Your sound design people have done on inside movies fantastic. And I can't wait for whatever's coming next so thanks for joining us and God bless Jordan. Thank you so much for having me and thanks for listening to the content and I hope everybody else gives. Listen to if you're a movie nut as I am. Make the deep dive to the inside series inside psycho inside jaws inside star wars and more go to one degree. Dot Com W. O. N. D. R. Y. Dot Com check out Mark Ramsey media dot com for updates and where mark is at ease very busy guy and I really appreciate him stopping by and I appreciate you stopping by and being part of our growing podcast family around the world to reach me. Jordan CHART PRODUCTIONS DOT COM on twitter at Jordan. Wbz and we are of course on facebook at the Jordan rich show till next time. Be well so you can do. Good take care.

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The Golden Knights Annexation of Puerto Rico

Golden Edge - Vegas Golden Knights Hockey

38:24 min | 9 months ago

The Golden Knights Annexation of Puerto Rico

"In two thousand and three nike signed thirteen-year-old freddie due to a seven figure contracts. But freddie didn't live up to the height he is turned down every single documentary project looking closely at the details of his career. Until now we're going to look at everything you did because of the hype surrounding your arrival. And what they think you can be. I'm grant wall. And this american prodigy freddy adu from blue i or podcasts. What is a paki fans. This is the golden edge podcast. The podcast or the las vegas review journal talks about. Why regular season hockey because the nhl is back. Baby i am ben. Go one of your golden knights review journal beat reporters on the other. Line is my colleague. Dave shane dave. We are recording this on a wednesday afternoon before the two of us will be off to our forth hockey game already of the regular season. What is it has been. How're you doing. Awesome and where a weekend We might already have the best quote of the season. Courtesy of knox patrick already. So i'm stoked it's it's been a good start so far all right so we absolutely have to get into the quote that dave is referencing which is one in which max pacioretty made a reference to a ninety sports movie. The day was a big fan of after the gold knights. Second game of the season against the anaheim ducks on twitter and today that we are going to spend a lot of time on this podcast discussing that and of course the trends and story lines that we have noticed so far over the first three games of the golden knights season of all that. I wanna remind everyone that the golden edge podcast is presented by action network. Also please make sure to read. All are written content at review journal dot com. If you want to subscribe to the digital edition of the paper you also will get access to a special content on our papers. E edition moving forward here. So i highly encourage if you like this podcast and you're like what we do. That's a great way to obviously support the paper and support us. And of course if you could rate review subscribe whatever you podcast. Please do to this one. It helps people find us. Help grow our audience which is obviously what. We're hoping to do a heading into a year for the gold mates. Your three of this podcast are at. I have stalled long enough. Max pacioretty made a little giants reference after scoring in overtime winner against the anaheim ducks saying he didn't wanna give up quote the annexation of puerto rico when he was asked if everything had gone according to plan when it came to the play that he mark stone made that only took seven seconds to decide that game winner in overtime dave. I'm just going to turn this over to you. A where does this rank. Not only of the season so far and what potentially the season moving forward here but is all time nights press conference moments. Where is this for you. It's definitely up there. And i know k. So let's set the scene here right because we're all sitting on press row and max pacioretty makes this reference and literally only about two or three of us are laughing out and the guy come to the realization that one i am really old. You're looking at me. Like what the heck are you do. You think is so funny. I went on twitter. And i thought i saw a couple of people that were literally putting like the history of the annexation of puerto rico and like so i just like the fact that it was so subtle in slipped in their ice. Wear masks pacioretty. They must be like a locker room game that they play to like. Let's see how many movie codes we can slip through in our media or whatever today if that's the truth if that's what if it's a gate max patrie scores huge points for getting this in there because it was such an awesome reference. So okay for those. Who know in for you. Ben so i i believe nine hundred ninety four. I think i looked up. A little giants is essentially like the football version of mighty ducks. So you have kind of ed o'neill who in this is. This is another funny thing. I was thinking about so. Who is ed. O'neill if i say ed o'neill is the dad in modern family. You know who he is to me. Ed o'neill is the dad from married with children. Because i'm old. But ed o'neill is like kind of the the former heisman trophy winner. And he coaches like the you know the big bad peewee football team in his brother. Is rick moranis. Who coaches the rag. Tag team the star like player while they have the quarterback comes in. But it's is daughter. Who's like the best player so there is some kind of empowerment to the movie and of course at the end like you know like all little kids sports movies. The rag tag team comes up with some kind of plan to upset the big powerful team and play that they run which is essentially a fumble rooskiy but they call it. The annexation of puerto rico. And it's really funny even to the store even further is that ron rivera. Who is the coach of the washington. Football team has got some fascination with the annexation of puerto rico. I think they've run version of this year on like a fake punt. They ran it In carolina when he was to coach. Derek this weird just odd cultural reference. In so for max patrie the make it and i guess for all. Can you feel us to get it. I really did feel like. I was in on the joke. It was kind of a cool moment. I have to say. Even though. I'm old so i will. I will quick point out. It's not quite at least in terms of immediate reaction that didn't get it. Which by the way. I i would not have gotten it. I've not seen the movie. It is not the sports movie of my childhood Shall we say much more. If a mighty ducks franchise person but it was also just because i did not hear the reference adverse to set the scene for people we are course. Get to be at bet at the games and we're very privileged to be able to do so a part of that means conducting these postgame zoom calls in the press box and their stuff still kind of happening around us. We're kind of the. Nhl official stat keepers are kind of talking amongst themselves making sure that all their ducks in a row. The bodies are sometimes still have cleaning up the t mobile arena ice sheet while the players are doing interviews. So if you have a camera on like press row during these postgame zoom call to basically a bunch of us like pressing our ears to our computer to make sure. We're actually hearing what these guys are saying to us. So i i completely missed the boat on max pacioretty dropping this nugget in so if he had even made a reference i would missed it and not reacted so i will just point out that that was kind of coloring my reaction i also as i have said i have not seen the movie have gotten it anyway. So big question. They've as someone who has not seen this movie. Where does giants rank in your personal pantheon of childhood sports movies. Because as you know. I just said i am a mighty ducks person specifically a mighty ducks too person. That is my personal favourite keenan thompson. Coming in with the knuckle puck you get some some great. One liners including a greenland is full of ice in. Iceland is very nice which helped me through geography classes later as a high school student. So that's that's number one for me. But i'm curious where this movie specifically ranked for you. I was gonna say you seem like kind of that. Iceland guy using you're probably into that. Yeah absolutely okay. So first off before i get into my rankings of childhood things i actually want to talk about rick moranis. Because it's such an underrated. Rick moranis movie and i feel like there's this gap because for those that don't own aren't like movie buffs and whatever. So he was like a big in the eighties movies. Yes yes so all these movies and like it stirred up all these like thoughts. And whenever i'm like oh my gosh like my blue have in parenthood. He was in so many really good movies. And then if you know the story unfortunately it's a little bit tragic. So his his wife passed away. She had breast cancer. I believe in. Rick marinas left hollywood to raise his kids and he's kind of comeback. Recently i think he appeared in a commercial that yeah. Yeah so so. It's kinda cool that like all of a sudden there's this rick moranis reference and he's kind of starting to come back and maybe he'll do some movies and and all that so he's such a cool character he played all these kind of like really like straight man. Kinda dad's sort of things. He's got this dorky sort of quality to him. Every you know growing up he was always wanted like a funny guys on the in all of the The comedy movies but okay so anyway. My rankings. it's an inquest. Do you like a like a full list. It's somewhere in like around the top five. I guess i would say like off the top of my head. So i like mighty ducks better. It's just a better all around movie but there is a few other ones. So i'm gonna give you one. Have you seen little big league as a minnesotan. A blind spot. I have not seen it. I've seen most sports movies that reference minnesota in any tangential way. I the guy who. When i i watched a moneyball i was upset. Specifically because there's a climatic playoff moment where the guy batting for the oakland a.'s. Flies out to the wrong side of the diamond. He flies out to third base the movie and he flew out to first base in real life and i remembered specifically being in a basement watching that game so i take pride in paying attention to these little minnesota sports references but that is another blind spot for me. I must confess. Yeah okay so so at the end of this podcast is some point. Your project is not only. Do you have to watch little giants but you have to watch little big league. So it's it's such it's like totally cheesy. You're like the kid ends up. Owning the minnesota twins like twelve year old kid in any manages the twins. But it's great. It's so funny but anyway so me personally. My favorite like kids. Sports movie is kicking and screaming. The will ferrell movie like by far dab movies like is just tops. I might did come. And robert duvall in will farrell is like just on the edge of like eleven on his volume. But it doesn't quite go over there. Just able to pull the reins and on him but it's so funny so it yea kicking and screaming to me that that's another one that i just think is absolutely the great. That is absolutely beautiful movie mainly because as you said the cast of characters surrounding welfare is great. Because i love will ferrell. I loved him on saturday night. Live i've watched pretty much all of his movies. And the fact that they got robert duvall of you know the godfather to be in this welfare movie where he yells at mike ditka to get him. A juice. box is fantastic. Just nominal the coffee shop scene. Still kills me too. There's so much good stuff in that movie. And of course as a dave has informed with so much good stuff in little giants but because there was other stuff that happened in the golden knights regular season so far will that conversation in there and talk about what else went on in the week that was of that was one of the knights. Three wins in the past week. As i mentioned they beat the anaheim ducks in overtime to one in that one. That was our second game of the year. In the first of the year they deduct five to two. And then they beat the arizona coyotes afforded to on monday were recording on wednesday to take on the coyotes yet again tonight the second meeting of four consecutive between the two teams which will be a first in nhl regular season history which is crazy to some kind of all of these games up. I think the easiest way to describe it is. The nights are taking care of business against teams. We think that they are better than Despite not being fully up to speed or fully locked in yet actually been outscored five to three over the first two periods so far this season but they are three because they're winning the third period seven nothing and they have that overtime goal that led to the great reference as well. A peterborough on monday was basically like a. It's a condensed season. Not everyone is gonna look pretty but we'll take it. Do you think that pretty much has to be the approach right now. Dave is us bank as many wins as you can don't really Over analyze it or have there been any real warning signs through three games for the knights. I mean i think there's things you're a coach. Pete deboer you probably like because you can go back and correct and it gives you something to show on the video and all that the fact that they haven't come right out in just steamrolled everybody. You have a little bit of a slow burn. Think you know with regards so this. And there's a little more urgency like we've talked about because it's a fifty six game season. Obviously not the regular eighty two and you have to get up to speed a little a little quicker. The two points in the matter a little bit more. I guess when it's a fifty six game sample size rather than the full eighty two. So you don't wanna give away points. But i do think there's a little element of like building in peaking and you don't wanna like you know just necessarily be playing your best hockey right now. The fact that they're able to find a way the fact that they're able to flip the switch turn it on in the third period and i is is poorly or maybe as as well as arizona played in the first two periods of the game. Last are the other night sees me. You have to credit the golden knights for how they played in the third period and the way that they are able to turn the tables and get done what they needed to get done and and they've found a way kind of in all these games. Mark stone obviously provided the spark. You know in the first game william. Carlson was able to get the late goal in the second game that sent it to overtime so that is finding away and then you know the other thing too. I think that's encouraging is some of the way that they've scored you know. Close to the blue paint or in the case of chandler. Stephenson without a stickiness hand. Let me scores with his bought. Basically the fact that they're able to kind of do those things find a way to manufacture some goals when things aren't perfect and going their way because that's sort of a criticism of them. I think it's a good sign and the fact that they can correct things. Pete deboer house stuff to go over. You know it's probably not the worst thing in the world in january. Yeah you'd obviously rather be three and have things to prove on the opposite where you think you're playing great and you still don't get the results so we'll see how they adjust moving forward here some things that we can also talk about. That have stuck out early. You mentioned mark stone. Dave kind of the whole top six definitely looks to be ready to go. They of a started on time to use a hockey cliche stone. Lead the team with five points. Max pacioretty already has three goals and chandler. Stevenson has that goal that he scored without a stick. As you mentioned dave because as act whitecloud hit him in the back in the puck went stevenson also as to assist and then jonathan marchessault has a three points william carlson in reilly smith each have to so good start for those top. Two lines of the penalty kill has already kinda made its momentum that built in the bubble. It's seven for eight so far this year with a short handed empty net goal. Go along with that. They're already been at least four shorthand breakaways than i can think of off the top of my head. So that's certainly a good sign as well. Pizza bore is known for having really good penalty killing teams. It sure seems like he really is making his mark with this group and then finally the goaltending has been really good so far. The knights have alternated robin lehner. Marc andre fleury in the first three games got into starts. Flirting got one. All three of those starts have been quality. Starts the ducks. Coyotes aren't exactly known for these prolific offenses. I don't think either of us expects them to score too many goals this year compared to the rest league. But you still have to hand it. To leonard florrie they have a combined nine thirty four. Save percentage in one sixty eight against average which is pretty good. I guess the one thing to point out are ask. Davis leonard got the first and the third starts so he got the burst nod for the golden knights. This season pete deboer has said he plans on alternating these guys early and then he'll adjust from there and depending on how they look. Was there any surprise at all in your mind. That leonard was the first one in the net. Okay so i don't wanna get called out because there's probably proof in a slack message somewhere of me saying that. I thought flurry might start girl who i have to confess to that so i don't get called out but i mean in thin reality like now. I mean it's not really a surprise. I think i'll give a little bit of my. My reasoning for wide sent. That message was at the time. Leonard had had a maintenance stay. He's coming off the surge. You weren't like a hundred person was going to be healthy. And i actually felt like during training camp. Marc andre fleury was at least equal to if not the better goal tender in training camp. I i kinda felt like maybe he earned it in a way and if there was a chance to rest liner you know if there was any question of that you know then you go with flurry but clearly i think again the message is that robin lennar is the the number one guy. He's going to be the long term goalie. I think anytime. There's a game that pete deboer feels important and he wants his quote unquote best goaltender or the guy who gives them the best chance to win in between the pipes that right now he you know he's going to lean toward robin renner as this goes along in as you mentioned if we continue to rotate and then i think it becomes per for performance based and as long as both guys are playing than they're probably gonna both earn starts but i will say it's a small sample size. It's only three games. But i don't think they could have drawn up any better than how it's worked so far. I don't think they played real well. In any of those games and goings stole it for a but they held him in it. And i definitely think flurry was borderline. Great in his star in had as much to do with them stealing those two points as probably anybody didn't even get one of the three stars in that game. So i think you have to give the nod and a lot of ways to the goaltenders and what they've done and contributed to this three no starts so far. I hope you're all sitting down because we have to tell you something monumental we'd love sports betting and whether you've been betting for a while or you're thinking about getting started we want to let you know about a great resource for sports. Bettors the action where the action network is where sports fans go to bed smarter and experienced real financial gains in fact their action network app was recently named the best app in sports. Betting and with an action network p. r. o. subscription. You can unlock the very best of the app. When you sign up for an action network. Pr subscription you can access the pr report which includes expert projections for every game. You can see money and bet percentages on every game so you can see what teams the professional. Gamblers are betting on. You can take advantage of pr systems. Which match winning historical betting trends with the latest games in lines. You can track every bit you and get alerts in real time. So if you're looking to bet smarter and network. Pr subscription is the best way to get started and for a limited time. Our listeners can receive fifty percent often annual piero subscription just go to network dot com now and receive fifty percent off an annual subscription when you use the code vegas nation. This offer won't last so go to action. Network dot com to sign up for a p. r. o. subscription and use promo code vegas nation to receive fifty percent off and start betting smarter today. Yeah definitely make the argument that you know as you of continue getting at there. That flurry actually did steal one of those games. So far this season. And i think we've mentioned on the pipelines before but i think it's worth pointing out. The golden knights did not get good goaltending in the regular season last year. I believe there are twenty first in team. save percentage. Obviously the bulk of that is because of their tandem of marc. Andre fleury malcolm subban ends. Obviously i think you know swapping out a su- banned for robin lehner is a huge upgrade. I think you know it's easy to forget because we're hoping lennar came to the team over eleven months ago but that's a big upgrade for this regular season and that's certainly been the case so far and obviously we've talked for years now about how you the golden knights of typically put together really good skater groups and now they all of a sudden get you know top ten est goaltending. That's gonna make them a really really hard team to stop. And now that we've kind of hit on what i think are kind of the big broad topics of y you know. The team is performing pretty well. So far early in the year is three now. I want to get into the weeds a little bit and talk about things that are not necessarily concerns with just things. That are intriguing. So far so the first one is obviously the fact that the knights played the first two games of the year with five defensemen. They started the year with thirteen forwards. And just those five d and then because you know those guys minutes. We're getting a little high through two games. They called up nick hague for game. Three and sent cody glass to the taxi squad to go back to the traditional twelve and six and like i said we're recording this before a game on wednesday against coyotes but it certainly appeared based on how morning skate was setup that they're going to keep that and go with twelve and six with hag in the lineup again tonight. All of this has been done in. Part to keep a colas are who would have to go on waivers to be sent to the taxi squad or the ahl on the nhl roster so cute colas are is projected to be on the third line. Tonight he was at fourth line center for the third game and for the first two games he was kind of just a thirteenth forward alternating between the third and fourth lines. Getting pretty sporadic shifts throughout the game And the nights kind of have to choose one of hague or glass if they also wanna keep king colas are on the roster because they can't have all three of those guys at the same time or else they're the salary cap so is this kind of how they're going to have to set it up all season dave where they're kind of rotating glass and hague in and out depending on their needs or who's hot for lack of a better because they seem to be pretty committed to keeping keegan colas are With the big club for now. Yeah i mean. It's a little bit of salary cap gymnastics and i'm the first to admit that i'm not a best in terms of doing the numbers playing with the math. There's some obviously some really good sites that we all rely on Devia cap friendly. I'm kind of messing actually worth recap friendly right now to see what fits and what works like. I'm throwing a lineup in with. Would have cody glass in the lineup. Mccague in the lineup and at least on cap friendly showing that it's under a little bit hundred fifty nine thousand of cap space still so i wonder how much of this is math in them. Having to sort of maneuver and not being able to have cloudy glass in mccague on the roster at the same time for math reasons and salary cap reasons versus i mean. Here's the other thing too. It's very clear that they feel like they would lose. Keith colas are if they put him on waivers that they have some knowledge it somewhere along the way based on you know probably conversations off season while he was rfa the teams would pick him up if they put him on waivers and i think until he may be plays his way out of a team being interested in him or until the nights feel like strategically. There's a point here coming up where they can slip him through. And nobody will pick him up as long as they're committed to in being on the roster and his salary in salary cap hit which. Let's see here whereas can call us. I lost your keegan. Seven hundred and twenty-five thousand so that's obviously gives them a little bit of wiggle room. It gives them some some math that they can sort of play with verses cody glass. Eight sixty three make hague listed here. It's seven ninety one in a little bit of change so it doesn't sound like a whole lot of difference but you know when the cap is calculated daily and they're trained to accrue space. So that down the road they can do something in the trade deadline like they did last year. You know. it's all part of their strategy. I guess you can't criticize it until it costs them. In the standings until cody glass not being in the lineup and say keegan colas are being in there and maybe you know not producing or not playing enough in other guys wearing out or whatever until it affects them in that way you know. This is sort of the sacrifice that they've made to have alex patrol on the roster to keep marc andre fleury to do some the things that they've done to put themselves into a position that they feel gives them a chance to win the stanley cup. Yeah and it's gonna be interesting to see how colas are kind of adjust to the nhl. Moving forward. I am intrigued to see him. Potentially on the line tonight at right wing. Because certainly i think you know from both sides of it. I don't think he's necessarily stuck out as a positive contributor yet I mean first of all keep in mind. Eagles are still twenty three. He only played in one. Nhl game before the season. And as i said the knights originally put him as a kind of a thirteenth wrote meeting forward the first two games and then last game. Here's a fourth line center which he can play center. But it's just not kind of as natural position up position that he probably ultimately going to settle in at the nhl level. So i think it's easy to argue that he has not exactly been put in a position to succeed yet. So certainly not worth. Have you know pulling the plug and saying you know what. Let's just see what we have as a glass and hagan make them full-time nhl. There's you know it makes sense to keep giving calls our chances. He also has a twenty goal eight season under his belt. So there's definitely some offensive talent there to to look at But just yeah as you mentioned day of. This is kind of the sacrifice that they're willing to make and we'll see you know not only will cost them games. Just obviously you have to wonder It'll affect the development ultimately of cody glass in nick. Hey who are you know where to their higher rated prospects before they made their nhl debuts glass obviously the first draft pick in franchise history six overall in two thousand seventeen hag a second round pick. And i think ya'll obviously in an ideal world. Those guys would just be in the nhl this year. Kind of learning and growing and kind of taking their lumps a little bit so that they could really be locked in as key contributors by the end of the season. A right now. It doesn't really seem like that's possible. So i'm curious you know whether we're going to see when the age l. season starts in the silver knights start playing. They're actually conducting training camp right now. We're going to see those guys go back and forth and potentially get both ahl and show games in pretty often to kind of keep those guys as fresh in sharp as possible. Yeah and i mean obviously with that comes pain cribs and sort of where he factors in the wall. This and you know he's got a little bit of time here. And i guess to use the as you said earlier the hockey cliche. He's got a little bit of runway in terms of the whol season. And when that starts i feel like in. The nights are going to try to do everything they can to keep him around. I think he he in particular will be interesting to see if he can work his way up in the lineup. You know whether it's taking one step up to the taxi squad and then moving in you know potentially getting a game or two then seeing you know where he's at and then you know at that point evaluating maybe what can they do a coast are what is the best way i guess for him to kind of fit in. And how how can they sort of maneuver the roster and construct things going forward. I think to an earlier point and and you know i was talking about this with somebody else but you know. I think it's unrelated but the covid stuff is just going to be so important. And we've seen it around the league already in terms of the effect it's had on dallas and then the effect it's had on other teams you know carolina now and then the teams that were scheduled to play you know dallas and carolina like florida. I don't mean to belittle anything are minimize the impact of this but the teams that can manage it the teams that can avoid it. And you know. I guess knock on wood. Never have it become a an outbreak to use the word that happened in dallas. Never have to go to really the taxi squad they they. Can you know. Use these players for a little bit of load management arrests here and there. I think that's just going to be one of the biggest things that we see going. Forward this season absolutely. I'll wrap up with one more point. Because i realize based on the timing of our podcast last week we didn't discuss pretty important. News that also affected the golden knights before they took the ice for their season opener. And that is the fact that mark stone was named the first ever captain of the vegas golden knights of first captain in the fourth season of franchise history. You know dave. We've done podcast before during the pause and then kind of in the offseason talking about how we would have made Mark stone just the odds on betting favourite to be named captain. It'd seem so obvious that this was the direction they are gonna go in. It seemed very obvious that this direction specifically that Deboer wanted to go in and it even seemed at times during the postseason that the knights were already kind of pushing stone as their captain in waiting. So i don't think either of us are surprise that they made that official right before the puck drop for the regular season. What are your thoughts now that he is actually on his chest. I think even kelly macrame in used the word obvious when he was sort of describing it in terms of you know the first three years they they always talked about it and they decided to stick with the leadership group but this year when they talked about. It was an obvious guy. I think it's an interesting sort of challenge. I guess that mark stone house with this locker room and sort of the expectations that are put on the team. You know. it's not all going to fall on him. But you know being a captain in the nhl is a big responsibility. There's a lot of sort of other stuff. I guess you could say that comes with it and we saw it in the first game. You know justin third period and needing a spark and yes. It's cliche to say you know. That's why you name a captain and as i wrote but that's why mcafee and those are the things that they do the spark that they provide the inspiration that a. t. needs and i think it'll be interesting going forward just to see how the nights in the locker room and some of the organization as a whole sort of take on mark stones personality in how he fits in sort of the leadership style that he takes on. We're gonna obviously see him. You know a lot in the community. We're gonna see him a lot of you know on the zooms after losses and things like that. That's what a captain has to do is going to do so. You know everybody signing out came here and signed and if anybody had a question of is he going to be here long term. I think you know all this sort of answers it and you know. He's he's really the guy i think more than anything we've talked about. That sets the tone and whether it's just vocally behind closed doors that we don't necessarily see or you know the emotion and the expressive mark stone that we see on the ice I think that's What his team sort of needed. If it was going to name a captain. I feel like he sort of straight from central casting in that regard. Yeah and i think you make a good point is not just that he sets the tone for you. Know the golden knights. Nhl team that he really does it for of the organization. As a whole i mean you hear a guy like up peyton crabs. Who was the nights first round. Pick twenty nineteen now. He's in silver night's camp and you know previously right after. He drafted while he was rehabbing. Achilles injury and then later of kinda right before last postseason before the knights into the bubble you know. He stayed with mark stone and he talked about. You know yesterday like he didn't know me he didn't have to do that. But that's just what mark stone did peyton krebs at a quote basically like if that isn't leadership i don't know what is and so the fact that you can already see kind of mark stones. You know leadership qualities take root not just with the golden knights but throughout the organization of mark stone when he got the see about how he had a captain that really took care of him when he first got the h. l. so now he wants to pay that forward to younger guys and so i think you're going gonna continue to see mark. Stones influence and of trickle throughout not just the golden knights but the silver knights but potentially a lot of the younger prospects that the knights ultimately will bring into the organization. That's one of the reasons why you make him a captain to and obviously you know mark stone being a guy who was a sixth round pick. It was told you know he probably wasn't gonna make it in the nhl because he can skate really well and then just you know dedicated himself to fixing that and becoming a guy who has all of his other abilities in terms of hockey. I q essense sense passing all those things he kind of elevated them to a level. Where even if skating wasn't you know connor mcdavid level. It didn't matter as a pretty important example that you can set for your organization as well. You know there's a lot of guys in henderson that are fighting to make a name for themselves in bre hockey right now and they can point to mark stone as a guy who wasn't necessarily Handed that much but still ended up becoming kind of the face of his organization. So that's going to do it for this edition of the golden edge podcast. We will be giving you guys. These episodes each week as the golden knights season spins along. Obviously it's coming at us fast and furious. We are literally seven days in and we're about to watch our fourth game tonight but we are so excited. That hockey is back. We hope you guys are excited as well. Just reminder that be golden as cast is presented by action network. Also if you guys could check out all are written work at review journal dot com. That would be much appreciated. And if you could rate resubscribe whatever you podcasts. Due to this one we would really appreciate it. I'm ben goes that's shane. We are the golden had five guests. And we'll talk to you guys again. Real soon doll. France watch a little giants.

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Deep Dish Pizza, and Kitty Kelley Dishing on Celebs

This is Today

10:00 min | 7 months ago

Deep Dish Pizza, and Kitty Kelley Dishing on Celebs

"All right well. I had a bunch of ham yesterday for easter. So i'm kind of full. Yeah but you know what we're gonna do it. We're going to get through the show today and we'll have some fun. This is today. Welcome to this is today's podcast that features the stories that make this unique. It's monday april. Fifth twenty twenty one. I'm russ and here's what you need to know about today. Okay so it's national deep dish pizza day and you know i'm not a fan of deep dish. So what made me what i do. Is i got these tiles. That i put on my barbecue and i put the dough on there and so it's kind of thin crust thing and i'm making the pizzas i go and comes out great but it's not deep dish and i don't know much about deep dish to be honest so i decided. Let's bring in bobby and sarah there wolf from chicago and their from their podcast bs with bobby and sarah and i'm sure the in from chicago. You guys know your deep dish. Oh yeah definitely absolutely nice. Okay so tell us then crushers what we need to look for in a deep dish. Well it's all about the bread. I know everyone in california is too so health conscious with their green juices and their chicopee. That and everything and nanda in here. And they're exactly in the mid west. We need to be able to survive very harsh winters. So you gotta carbo load and you need a thick doughy pizza. Yes but it has to take dish has to be crunchy on the outside but then also a good good bounce to it in the middle. Not you okay. So you're saying that. I shouldn't try to make this out of cauliflower like i do my other dough. I'm just kidding. I don't do that well. I do there's a pizza place here. I can't think of the name of it. It's not too far from my house. And they do a deep dish hauled the mob boss and it's awesome. But i can only literally have one slice of that thing. It's just so th inch thick of pizza. It shouldn't really be completely all bread. You know you've got to have your cheese and your sauces and sausages on it and pepperoni. It's got everything. The mob boss is very italian. So it's got like cheney and it's around land it's got four different types of italian sausages. It does actually up to its name. I don't know how you figure that one out the whole place. They're playing like sinatra stuff too as you as you go in. So they're they're all in on this. Yeah they want to sell that pizza so okay. We had john the other day. You guys did this. Show open for me on april fools day. We kinda full everyone saying. Hey sarah show. But it's not actually but i do want people to go checkout bs with bobby and sarah. Where do we go. how do we find it. What do you guys talk about bs with bobby and is found on every single podcasting app available. Basically it's just us talking about the world around us. Sometimes we could be talking about things we just learned about like a bond ci which is a banzai. Chili pepper hybrid. They're on their christmas lights. Like big ones. It's pretty beautiful. And then other times we might talk about ridiculous ways on how to reduce littering in the world by having like a rewards program to get free merchandise like an umbrella with a pringles logo on it. I like that idea. I m correla and then in the second half of the show we always play trivia. That will involve something. You didn't even know you'd be interested to learn about dense awesome. So i'm going to put a link to the bobby and sarah bs with bobby and sarah in the description of this podcast so be sure to go check that out. Thank you both for joining me today. And thank you for joining me on april fools and helping to mess around with everyone here. That was listening to that. Show if you didn't listen to it you gotta go check that one out as well all right when we come back. We'll talk about our events for today as a kid. I remember like wanting all of these different games and you know what. I couldn't get them because we didn't have cool things like game fly game. Fly has the largest selection of video games anywhere with more than nine thousand titles including all the new releases and classics game. Fly delivers games right to your door. Shipping is free both ways and there's no late fees to get signed up with game fly. Just click on the link in the description of the podcast right. Let's take a look at some of our events for today. Yeah so back in nineteen zero six. Mount vesuvius erupted and this caused major damage to the city of naples. Yet there were one hundred deaths now. They were supposed to actually host the nineteen o eight olympics but they couldn't because of this eruption that happened on this day. Yeah well they had to move everything to london and turns out roman host again until nineteen sixty. now i will say that mount- saulius actually erupted over several days. This was the day that it has some real problems for naples. I nineteen eighty seven. Oh man this. I remember the debut. I remember this night. Yes the debut of some primetime programming on fox. They started out with married with children. Followed by the tracey ullman. Show i. I couldn't figure out which one i liked best. I liked them both right right away and the interesting thing about it was. They premiered him. At seven o'clock ran the Married with children show. They followed it with tracey ullman and then they follow that with the same episode of married with children. I guess they really were a little desperate for programming back. Then you know. It was a new network and people didn't really know what to expect from fox. Well you know they definitely figured out what to expect from married with children. That kinda changed a lot about television and the thing was you know when you think about it you think about roseanne barr and what she did with her show will. Actually she was originally going to be cast as peggy. Yeah that's who the creators wanted. So peggy was going to be plagued by. Roseanne barr and get this. Al was going to be played by. Sam kennison yes. Just imagine him at the shoes store just screaming on occasion for no apparent reason. But at of course didn't work out. Ed o'neill got the part as al and you know. He went onto the modern family as well but yes everybody knows him from married with children and in fact his hollywood walk of fame star is in front of his shoe store. They put it in front of a a dsw. But i'm talking about only married with children. We should probably talk about tracey ullman. Because something came out of that. Has you know as you probably know. You may not know okay. Well now you'll know the simpsons. I it started as a short on the tracey ullman. Show and so several of the actors from the tracey ullman. Show are still able to work together. Because they're still on the simpsons tracey ullman show only ran for four seasons but some awesome stuff on that show. I nineteen ninety-one on this day. Kitty kelley published a book about nancy. Reagan yeah ok well nancy. Reagan basically was the president. According to this book. She said that everything had to be run by her. And in fact One day reagan was handed some papers to choco about something with gorbachev and he's like you know wail. Did it nancy these yet. He probably said mummy i think he called her mummy but You know so. They reported that in this book reported that she had of slept her way through hollywood including with the mgm president and she even had an affair with sinatra. Yeah can you believe that so. There were a lot of things in this. She said that You know the the apple. Kelly said that she did over a thousand interviews to gain the information for this book and people There was mixed reviews and actually she had to cancel her book to her because of death. Threats believe it or not yet. She's done plenty of books like this. She's done a book on onto recently about ten years ago. Actually i can't say recently. She did a book on and she couldn't get any interviews on that. Because everybody's friends with oprah are right on this day in nineteen ninety three the mlb expanded adding two new teams the and the marlins they played their first game on this day. The rockies lost to the new york mets the florida marlins beat the dodgers. I'm always happy when somebody beats the dodgers. I'm sorry i am a giants fan. What are you gonna do. I better Change the subject here before. I upset people in southern california. Let's talk about birthdays for today. Get me out of this Booker t. washington was born on this day in eighteen at fifty-six was betty davis born in nineteen lily. James is thirty two for l. Is forty eight and colin. Powell is eighty four. That's your look at april fifth. Thanks for listening to this is today. We do our best to pull together all the correct information if we made a mistake and you're super smart and we're super sorry. Be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcast and give us a five star if you think we deserve it. If you'd like to make sure that we cover something on a future episode. Let us know to this is today. Podcast dot com to make suggestions. Give us feedback and see our other podcasts. I hope you enjoy learning about today. I'm russ and i'll talk to you tomorrow.

bobby sarah tracey ullman chicago nanda roseanne barr sinatra russ wolf Sam kennison cheney Ed o peggy fox california Kitty kelley naples Reagan olympics john

Stories Philippines Podcast

28:58 min | 1 year ago


"This episode is sponsored by anchor. podcasting is so much fun, and now it's easier than ever to start your own podcast with anger. Everyone is passionate about something for example I. Love Talking About Spooky stuff now. Thanks to anchor, you can spread the word about the things you love, and maybe even make some money doing it. Start Your podcast for free with anchor, using the anchor APP, or by going to anchor on FM. They'll even distributer show for you. You'll be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more of your favorite podcast and platforms. Anger also provides tools to allow you to record and edit your show from your computer and even from your phone. And no matter how big or small your audience is, you can make money from your podcast. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. I use anger and it's been the best podcasting platform I've been part off. So join me. Start Your podcast today by downloading the anger APP or go to anchor DOT FM. We all have something to say. Thanks anchor. Policing, no story Mulligan. This story spirit beings desk already owning the Mile Osama no host necessarily up. For this episode days Mugare Adamantine Amazon make delinquent one, but on closer. And a month is on the serial killer. suborn window Sonke long serial killer, no matter. Villa boot, Tabun Hong Union story and you'RE A. Boss Auburn alarm on him up in the Gut, the wind hunky. So you see y'all keillor Nepal goose up a not in on. I! Go familiar is on your dial Tanganyika. Serial Killer Natto Ancona Pinocchio. that chainsaw massacre. New Movie Now Cycle, and then you'll. The silence of the lamb movie, so not not my mom moving in. ICY, water MOHEGAN FAMILIAR DITA down super goes up or not Dan along the man who nagging inspiration in the Malala director and producer. Gavino moving in social. You Inspire Sanita. Show you on the topic, Bussey say. Norma moving. So. Nothing, but the gallon. Got Now on our land I see and Geene. Muna or or An agenda is documentary. Don't want data Saddam. Jean Aka the butcher of the plainfield. Then so senior Bussey at gain. I only did decide Britannica now. See No. Let Me John Billy Jenkins March twenty seven twenty twenty. Six Jintao. Kannung on pile and Edward. Doro gain. He was more on August twenty. Seven, ninety, six at Plainfield wince coin who say. He died on July twenty sixth nineteen eighty-four on disown Wisconsin. Gained is an American serial killer whose gruesome crimes gained worldwide. NATORI and inspired numerous books and horror films. Gain endured a difficult childhood. His father was an alcoholic. Anti smarter must verbally abusive to him. Gate nevertheless idolized her. Fact that the partly when signed his older brother Henry occasionally confronted her in gains dry. So a Schwab. Among story on some Syrian killer. Young family background in demand Dylan's Linda. Napoleon ending based in previous episode then, but don't go inside serial killer up or not then erqual. Getting support just not all. Young. dinar become, not, Burma, LA, serial killers, so mobile bonds in. The Salang Be Sung By. Goldman had they have one thing in common which is. A bad family background. It is either minimize practice known they need. I've been on Bloomberg or go. May Mistreatments Family Neela so elemental Ghana? Then it is story evident. Bonnet on family background more dramatic at the BUNKA. LAGAAN! Hindi Maganga punk pop in and is on Mogollon, Song and Then a gallon. He. Sabido. You thought they don't Jane. Alcoholic. DAPO smells number boom. and boom nine eight Dona but you. No more up in exhaust, the Mama a semi. It'll even though going to get. Don't know nine Sonya. Bottom the throughout. From the United States by unanimous. In Up Nepali attitude, no nine. Chassis Bunko? Deduct dog verbally abusive shopping now they give up chassis bunk dial. Better young donor can deep aboard dunes again go up. Or partaking boone on nine hundred. Ed! So endearing eastern on ESPN nine delays me, ed O'Neill. The no nine nine. Eddo Ninety La Salle Academy small. By Dido. Nine forty four Henry died in mysterious circumstances. Jody a fire near the farm and farm in Plainfield. report the his brother missing to the police, he was able to then directly to the burn body window arrive. Despite Bruce's discovered on the victim's head. The debt was through an accident. The debt of gained smarter in Nineteen. forty-five near him. World Hermit. Women number by. DON'T UP A. Me and necessary. Say some mysterious Nah. Mysterious government. So. Though or bottom? The Dalmatia I've been known Safai many Formula Manila. It'll. Dot. C. Dame unit record noah. So network. Ninety in mind up. Pero no Demonte Neymar police show me swain at Borough Lassen and don't up. Ethan and a monopoly school nothing nobody. Lilum Neil by. The. Aside by you know bottom cleanable. So we can see here, so they're not indeed possibility. Egg Admits Morgan Palmer Tyson. Buy Your. Nagging. Victim! The divine on. Loan Brown were. Digs to John, Murray. In idolised nine Nila. USTA knee. Billingham. Nine thousand, nine, hundred and endearing. Henry. Guy Manning a young one. Keno born the uniting. Miss Money in? Rural. And the Mamas a segment power on been exists. So, Song Factor. Epilepsy mugged, Shannon We. Won't. Some mining little screwed on dame nation and gone on and. Of signing a motive. But the Internet. Is. Bobby Morgan arguing in dynamical. The in either washy store shaped by Bob has gone Mike Michaud Don Mango and so she Gordon Galaxy and known. Kadota Anthony GonNA. Gray box mine. which gave him a more kill his older brother in the? In Building Number, they didn't at. Nine nine. And You know nine. Elegant look along with Delana with Sonya in deep. Depression in deep inside. and Ding the show your. Dotting by similar known. Bayonne nine. GonNa, go to. Be To behavior. and. Onto the. looker on now evident behavioral change Doc- The ED. Society thought we not the. Story. Of Gains Mother in one, thousand, nine, four, five left team. Avert one her meet. In subsequent years, et gain core, don't also areas of the House that is modern had most used frequently. Per, serving them as A. Of A shrine. So number nine ninety. You'll by Nila. On booming. By Medalla tomorrow, Baio nine. Now Ercole San Medalla London nine. Borrowing Kindy Algorithm Iba. Lamar doing that. Don and Indiana He. May Ya. Mogul dunes among. Samoa. Limbaugh William proceeded up. Book is among are displayed. Bid. Book is the more dominant Don deny young. We're GONNA. Do so serve now. You're my area home and. Logging than the no nine nine. And you know on your your bottom shrine. Gain attracted the attention of the police in nineteen, fifty seven, when a hardware store owner named Bernice word then went missing. Gain had been seen with her shortly before her disappearance, and when law enforcement officials visited this form. They found her body. So pardon. Looking. Released by egging Barron. Nobody nine miles. We said don't say Dean. No nineteen fifty seven. Thou-, known mcglone, Noah, Big long-neglected who your own store owner. Some hardware owner number by mobile Asia does seem business. Hardware so big lashawn Nola. So. Dog? Luke search you'll British. So. Allow Manila investigates allow. Manila unwilling. Netball hardware store owner nine one will up. which is Bernie's word than? Osama his Ed Geene. So Ed Din Ding primary knee, suspect support Gorilla Donkey Bernie, then and then dialing up. Show you willing out non ceremony. Don't see Bernie's triple one police. Bayoumi Ed Geene didn't Safai Miller to be exact. And then known search celadon. Not. One number in the world up. She had been fatally shot in decapitated. Subsequent examinations of peaceful showed he had systematically rub grades and collected body parts, which he used to meet household, items, clothing and masks. Also. On gainst property was the head of Murray Hogan a tavern operator who had disappeared in one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty four. So. At at the one. Word and are. Far, mid. So talk one Leila autopsy now he she was fatally shot, so been real. Don't see Bernie swerved in little, shiny eighteen, and then been a bit up. One. She knocked up in Catania. And then investigate by Miss Moore, looking of young must Malam. Don't bullish it among. The ONE NILA! Ed Gaining Dealing Police Union creaming, ginuwine? Topless End Indianness Ed. Geene don't. Among our. Seeming -tario Somali being. In a novel. One Huma bunker in among a by and then been a bit of bureau sooner. Gina chopped up in Dinar. Go on on on, Bar, Guy in are going down household I dams and Guarino Morrison. Jara teeny door. Ballade now go on young the made. GOING MOSCA MUSCLE PA. So upper one. Particularly the. By not be not, but they not or your bunk ninety nine holding now Gina Top trump now in. He is making something out of it? So in being along stepping up a big. Long the. Holy? But can on. The one style similar a guy. And then the funding Nila Young. Law Nimeiri whole gun. D to Miss Mozambican. Summarily whole gun a month ago, Sean Noah, no nineteen, fifty four belong is Sean. Tavern operator in Daniel. One to. By the. At gain admitted. To the killing of the two woman, both of whom allegedly reassembled he's smarter, but pled not guilty by reason of insanity. In late, nineteen, fifty seven. She was deemed unfit for a child and was subsequently confined in your psychiatric institutions. So no that the into the don'ts again. So in A. Marriage Benetton Gumbo by. Won't decide though Don. His resembled assists MoD. So the show shadow Promo Tyson Ninety now. Benign, indeed though he pled not guilty. Of Insanity. So Pledge Not. Guilty Guinean Shadow. Young former tied down tomorrow by. To say. DNA Alarm Garcia Dow is on mental illness. So going trials. So my initials try and. Milan human remain. In Milan young people part of unknown per. Barrel. He found to be unfit INDICIA feed. Demands at royal dressing are under Shah. dito mentally ill, though Shah Merrin chunks of it's the easy. They are now is just try and do mind Mona's. Arming psychiatric institutions. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty eight, however, after it was determined, he could participate in his own defense. Gain was put on trial. He was found guilty of killing word then. Reportedly due to financial reasons. Prosecutors only tried one murder, but then was deemed insane at the time of the crowd. During door mental hospital where he remained until his net in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty four. So for the top young Duma ramming psychiatric institutions. So. So I'd be though an shot, nagging fitness, Shah, but the mind Lisa. So dementia. LEASHES TRY So, she was found guilty of Dettori. They were. Hardware store owner. Now I know. One one so far! So one Gilles Denisha, initial allegory doing. Battle in business equaling shah. Being, along Shasta Mental Hospital. Now delegates. Mentally ill, Masha. Llah go may side named Google Doc. And then. Show. mcstay, cement and spit don't shocking. Some Anti Hospital Lianyungang Cinema Day Longchamps. Nine hundred, eighty four. So you own. By you're. GonNa be known boy Dane are indeed to saw. Band. Website. So, I saw another story. And it was posted by spoke the site on chase move. So much I don't know strong spoke if I know disabled dimple. And gone. GRANDPA A dink. Must Smile Onto Bara. Muss monitoring of. Mosquito boot and by. the, Dow gained bottom smile of an denture. SRB DITO. Gene the butcher of the plainfield. and. When they see a briefing her walking down the street. I think two things. One. Wants to be real, nice and sweet. and. The other part wonders what her head looks like on a stick. and Go. So sad dido. Ion Similar, end up on a documentary. Song my in Batas the. Hindi Chabala begun atop. They be getting a peanut butter sandwich China Monica. Della smoother about Affirmative Lounge Inaugu. On Buffalo's. Dow By neela in Malaysia should. School at by lung logging. Go on the end. Goolagong Implemention Chinamasa Martin. lugging senior ceremony on at minimal, nine, hundred, sixty eight. Muslim. Women and look at the Dimona Kgalema by. Sonya. Downing Maman along on getting. MODELL COMBO BY PART OF A. Beacon woman in Metairie Bob Nila dials alcoholism. E One shot is young, but the. Subbing Nila. In better or No He'd be among them dummy. Somalia. Someone daily. Lane luxurious among. Given the faulk NATO. Long I'm GonNa Giessen were buying Nike than a duck assassin. Ding Dong copied NECE- Henry. Bottom or will undergo stony does on the long Mama See me Sierra on the Henry uncle, my head. USTA, among economic to one competition. The being nineteen forty four. No. Nina. Though allowed in India. Woman, eight, hundred three. MONTHS AGO ONE WON'T Eat the uncontrolled young. Well on. In Yari died, it'll abuna new nagging heart failure failure lung. Will Animation Godless suge. Subbing Ila Arina it also sooner warning holy the a Don Dean three-night, the autopsy uncovered. The, lamb, only busek unborn. I'd seen as being perceived links the end on. The. Air The manifesto. Moment Dana. Show Long Island Garrido. Paris only innovating. It'll Sino Barlow on stoke. The IZZA. Sabi Nine Milla. Mama. Geese and maybe at McGee's on June of. Them Dana Mama I did win next similar. LUGGING SUITS DON'T GO A. System in Barrio. Owner I don't on Canyon Geena Gumede. Experimental. Had some bunk as a marble by. Dial Hanger Eastern Bob Iowa Wrestlemania here don't curious EDSA Mama by. Ongoing Dina Go Latin America by the end how Nina. Plea is hardware store owner Massey Bernie's. Sobbing I'm thinking about. Ongoing with a high grade, Neela on nominee democracies. Daniel on by the. Golan some up. Let's. Say Bob. who'll human bones and fragments? Waste basket made of human skin. Human skin covering several cheer seats. Skulls on his bed boasts female scarfs some with the top zone of. Both made from human skulls or say made for a female torso skin from shoulder to waist. leggings made from human next skin. Musk's. From this key from female heads. Mary Hogan's face mask in a paper bag. Murray Holden Scott in a box. Were dense, dire head in the burn up sock. Bernie swear heart in a plastic bag in front of Jane's spokesman bellied stove. Nine Volvo in shoebox. A younger dress and the voice of two females judge to have been about fifteen years old. A bail made from female human nipples. Four female NOCES. Bear of bleeps on the window shade drawstring. A lampshade made from the skin of human face. Finger niece from female fingers. At Merimee Bungey. Maimuna a bill been go up some. OF BEING NIPPLES! By Malek Nobu, undergo, Rosser Bulletin Dot Org. Mark and Bassam. Go US of warn of Dow at my decorations negawatts. But Not de la Abbott, but but up bunk by. Dining three. Songs he could now mission inspiring them on a Hollywood movie. Hung you're? By inelegant Manila Sound Museums America. Saddam MC to? Must Knock. On, DOT, Org! So you know story. gained. So long show buster. Moustache serial killer is shown. By Luna Towel. One Gina go up some of the one. Of Big. Naga. Will Make Thunder Bay. School is searched. But they met them. By the end. Of macaca swop McCarthy now. We keep them you a black Mamata allowed. More but Dan throwing a bow one on a go idea. So thanking, be normally on east. Submit on down. So You'll study knee at gain. So, joining your ad on episode NATO. I live like an almond and don't forget to follow unsubscribe US dust, only spin podcast. Index going to. At. Don't just this story. Speedy beans I recommend Brinson is a banana podcast. Who's he's not your ordinary guest? So we'll see what I home Louis Lending Al bought just Niane and. Name often. So Miranda's Day. CEO Breaking episode. Throw this. Is your host wrap-up gun beaten land and see you our next episode. KGO. Eight historian Nice Mahagi. Monari Lamba more lab salmon facebook page stoli's. philly been spy gasp or Deka. I E mean. Stories be age by guest. Jean Meal Dot Com. An Marleen, adding description. Cinema Manner Story.

Henry Massey Bernie plainfield Mike Michaud Don Mango Manila Gina Top Ed Din Ding Geene Saddam MC John Billy Jenkins United States Ed Osama Bob Nila Jean Dot Dan Shah Merrin Sean Noah
Episode 27-2 Speed Limit 2: Cruise Control

Rhythm and Pixels Video Game Music Podcast

1:22:07 hr | 7 months ago

Episode 27-2 Speed Limit 2: Cruise Control

"Hello and welcome to rhythm and pixels a video. Game music podcast. This episode twenty-seven dash two and we are your hosts my name is rob nichols and i'm cornell it. Every week we listen to great video game music from all consoles and all generations. we pick a topic. We discuss it talk about it. We talked about what it means. Maybe apparently eight eight thirty. Which means i rambled so was long probably about the end. Look try. I'm not trying to push patriotic. But we record a prequel episode if you are a member of our patriot on every week and you can listen to it and i. We didn't have one last week because we ended up recording late with the guest and guest isn't a completely different times on different side of the world and honestly it just a map and there's a lot of stuff going on if you want to hear about all that life stuff you can join her patriotic and and get all that there's also cool things you get a bonus role discord and he also get a monthly livestream recorded episode. Save it for the end of the show just letting people trying to push it all the time but you know. I got a new t shirt ideas. I'm putting out. There and i did make some facebook ads and put a lot of money into it. But i'm just saying. Hey got some t shirts to kinda cool making some sound team t shirts. You'll have a foul calm down. Team t shirt. You're gonna have kanani sound team. T shirt you're gonna have essen case at t shirt if they'll let him sell them. Yeah i don't care. What team are you only now. John pound the garbage kit artists is listening. And you like. Hey man i wanna make art piece of no rob. I would pay you for that. But this that's pipedream because i always wanted to garbage kit made it myself. It's never going to happen but if it did it would be on a shirt. You keep drawing on post it notes and you're throwing on the fridge but it's just not the same if it's not official art do we. Do we give this a. I mean. I'm sure if you're listening to the episode now you realize we'd give us episode of title but we didn't really gives us a title so we end last week's episode having more music than we played because we are interview ran long. That was really really fun. And so we had some extra music so this could be either like partout or arpaio speed speed to the bus. That wouldn't slow down. Which is simpson's referees. I wrote down speeding again. Speeding again was what was the title of speed to counter reeves. Canneries was in it. Was you know it was sandra bullock. I know that crews awfully sandra now must be to cruise control that was a title cruise. Control speed two cruise control right because at the very beginning of the movie. I can't believe i remember this. Because the end of speed the speed universe s s. Because there wasn't there was no time honestly for like a relationship that developed but she makes out with canada reeves and said you know we can have a relationship built on adrenaline. that's based relationship on sex and at the end of the movie. And then the next movie she's on a cruise without kiana reeves because that relationship didn't work out and actually referenced the first light but again it's a boat is a boat giant cruise boat. They couldn't stop. Oh that's why we called cruise control. Yeah it's horrible so bad. I just laugh at the idea that someone thought people love the first movie which i i can knowledge that at least two like people love the first movie. How do we make this happen again. How do we make this absurd. Priddis happen twice to the same person. willem dafoe is in this movie. I forgot and he makes them crazy. Faces seth you want some nightmare fuel. Look in the discord chat. Jesus that guy crazy. Yeah he that was in cruise control. Apparently jake athletes. I've seen that face nightmare always like. I genuinely tend to laugh when films do that when they repeat premises because they were popular with the same cares taken films. The fact that same guy is in three films. Terrible fox terribly bad. Dan like crushing rephrasing. He's a good dad for all the stuff. He goes through to save the caterer satires up. There's a crack in the works if he loses kim three times and has to retrieve from various psychopaths like they should have been one taken movie and beyond that. You should have put a big sign in front. I'd kill people who kidnapped my kid. Don't test me or something. Deters them hammering. I'd might house has a ring now. I could see you enter my door. People tony to put her One of those camera ring things outside to see us taking their signs. And i'm not gonna do that. I'm not gonna put cameras around. I was thinking of putting Warning signs lately we have cameras with is. Now you're just testing people at that point. I mean admittedly cameras at one cameras fairly cheaply. Yeah not all my side. Great what am i gonna do about it. Bam next door. I'm gonna take my shame walks. Dog poop all signed a peace. Now now the sign is covered. And now. you just shouldn't have been thinking about this today. Getting a blueprint map set up like okay. A flow chart thai's to see the be clearly means that w is donkey like no. Don't do that. We like an extra sign up there. That says if you take a sign then we're going to put another one up donate fifty dollars to do but to so. That's the that's the way. I was see you doing at least like that. At least makes sense. I a double down on the signs and just have like like having like extra flags and things and like. Because i don't know man people people need to wake up around here. This neighborhood is not. We're not in the sticks. You got a bunch of little suzy's and they need to wake up like personnel man. I don't know where these lyrics floating around in your head somehow. Just pluck them. I mean if. I'm if i'm able to understand guards bill kid name references. I should be able to pick up some song lyrics here and there to is part of the tree so this i love how listeners like they haven't even gotten to the topic. This is normal for speed two cruise control last week. We had mataya melodist. The nick and got nailed it. His name isn't that hard. I mean it really. Is it granted type. Two billion times on the website. Everything else but Melodist mataya composer of the of the indie game speed limit was on our show last week. Really cool game. Fast paced action packed. His soundtrack is a lot crazy super fast. I'm really into it. And i chose music from games that were kind of that. This game took inspiration from. And i'm going to do more of that. I think my keys speedy stuff is works for me. Yeah speed stuff. Speedy speed speed. Stop as they would say in working speed speed lover. Game's not over throwback. A barrel of i won't be buried children. Bundy will baby whoo mercy. Mercy office as awful as it was it was it was actually gene. I never watched it i. I never watched that show before like when it was on. I was like young enough or my family was like no. That's not for us and we never watched it when you really laid out on. The table is an amazing show. Not everybody likes it because it was very low brow but for the time it did what no other show on. Tv it was like it was like the anti family show kind of like how the symptoms like that to bear with children's live action and it was like the anti family show where it was just like the this is a family and yeah they do have each other's backs sometimes but they're actually a very low brow family. The al and his wife are not particularly in love with each other. The kids are bad is not good kids. They're not teaching any moral lessons on the show and yet somehow it works. It works very well because not every family is perfect and not every family is like trying to teach other families on the block. A lesson everywhere. It's just this guy likes beer. All right. I want to watch the show them. We're we're we're all bad. We're all that just degrees of bad and also tv show come on and also michael jackson was a good thing. He was on He's in a new show. The guy out bundy what's his name. He was on modern family. I don't know if that shows on. I think it went off the air for a long time. He was funny on. I much as i watched that show l. Nielsen good act ed. O'neill thank you ed. Ed o'neill all right. Tell me this comes up all the time. I don't know why. But kirsty always thinks of this name when we're trying to think of somebody else you know who it is. Craig t nelson from coach coach. Yeah all right. Cool all right. I'm glad we got that figured out. Glad you're on the level. Yeah i know about them. All eight hundred and ninety so look when i worked at fun scape which was at the big arcade Entertainment center we have this this movie theater. They kinda movie theater. You would sit in. The chairs would move and we call. It was called. I forget the name. The cyclotron thing them was like it was like. You're watching top gun in the chairs would move and but one of them was racecar driving and there was a little. Tv time this whole story. I'm gonna leave it all. There's a little. Tv that sat outside the movie theater. And it was non-stop which is loop playing previews of the movies. And one of them was hi. I'm craig t nelson actor and race car driver on louie over. I was interested in this ride before but now oh baby raised with craig t nelson has even back. He wasn't special. I remember because when you exit. The theater exited into the the the lower level of the which is all redemption games. Dr crazy trip just picture a person who's like his name has to include his middle initial for starting high. Rob mickelson your scifi writer. And you have to have to middle initials are george are martin revolving reverse remark all right. So i'm gonna play some music from some really cool games. That speed limit clearly adopted the game styles rump. So this is a song from the game super. Hang on this is this is from genesis. Because there's an excellent part of speed limit in which you just jump on a motorcycle and you're just running people off the road trying to get away This is called outright a crisis composed by koichi namiki katsuhiro ashley. Chiro ogawa back. You're listening to the song outside of a crisis from the game. Super hang on. This is from the sega genesis by coaching. Miki katsuhiro hayashi such ogawa. Yeah what's let's we hit that keyboard solo and His cords man the the chords and the court changes in the science. It's emotional. this is an emotional bike ride. You better hang on cry. You hear up it's good. It's really good agree. I was joking with also kind of serious in the break. Where i was like. I think this may already be the pick of the episode. Yeah it's music like this makes me think like if this were composed on the super nintendo would wouldn't have that same feel to it. Just wouldn't be the same clarity of these of these sounds of these keyboards bass sound is a little party. I gotta say it's a little squelch like kind of sound too many beans. Yeah it's it's just too much distortion or something to it could be legumes. I me this is the genesis they could've done a deeper base. You know they they they have. We have the technology on low gobert job during that back that solo when it moves into a key change during the selo. It's just it's just it's awesome. it's just it just. yeah. I don't know mean. I've been thinking about this online lately for good reasons. I was never good at these motorcycle games talking about that. See where you're saying like how do you. How are you ever supposed to get a time extension. Sometimes like what like. What am i doing wrong. But it's not just like let's say for example somebody playing super hang on and it can be crashed into cars and stuff like okay. Maybe next time play. I won't crash in the so many thing. That's one thing but and these guys engaged theoretically you could also have run where you crashed into nothing and you feel as though you're driving supposed to and you still don't get enough time because apparently maybe just weren't driving fast enough or something but the problem is of becoming. It becomes hard to even get what you're supposed to do because you're like i'm doing all right. Things not crashing anything. I'm hitting overturned. But i don't make it in time. What am i supposed to do. It's such a weird thing. And i've never been the guy to finish any of these games over the course of a racing games in three dimensions. I can understand hitting the apex of curves of turns that i have like maximum speed going into corners and or like in daytona usa. To which. I played the tunnel being able to drift and drift from corner to corner but in games like hang on and out run where it's it's not really three. It's hard to know what they expect. And i never cracked coke number got super into it but the last mag vest that we were at. I guess it was twenty. Twenty really played I think it was outrun. I played out run there. They had outrun and it felt really really good to play. That at four car didn't even know what was coming flips over all the time. Yeah lucky i was thinking like you know what i'm probably going to get every disease known to man. I'm gonna sit in this car. And i'm going to play this kid. You convention you just gotta accept that you're gonna get sick. No no one. No one knew the extent of which that would turn that is true. It makes me wonder how much if it was going around much at all that weekend. Even i was listening. I downloaded an old episode of the podcast retro dots. Because they were talking about parasite eve old enough where the hosts of the show talking about going to pax and how half of them caught the swine flu and they're like yeah and they're all laughing. How sick they got palo. You need to wash your hands. I'm like ooh this is different. This is very different now. This is a different feeling. Well i always stand behind the belief for better or for worse usually for better thankfully in this case where as long as you come out esta important book. You've got to come out on the other side right no matter how bad you have the situation. Well i mean i am. I going to say that because sometimes it can be that bad but there are a lot of bastions. You could find yourself where you you fight through it you suffer through it and all this stuff occurs but they want us done and like a month's gone by it becomes stores you tell people and now it's not oh no one's gonna do to pay this bill like man. We couldn't even figure out what to do the pay bills. You know what i did. Do you know what i did. I built a lemonade. Stand and i sold it for pennies on a dollar. We made the money you know. Like i had a buddy who was caught up in those snowstorms down on the texas snowstorm and also like it was like alabama actually snow neighborhood locked out. They had no power for sixteen days in alabama and they powered. Everything had with three car batteries and a converter box. They were struggling. And now we're talking about like you know it was rough. It was really rough. I'm even a little traumatized by but she still tells the stories with like a passion like you won't believe this crazy thing happened. There was like boom due to and i was like. And that's just how it goes. It becomes stories of your life but the important and challenging part is persevering through the experience to get to the cy reconsider. Say i beat that. Yeah now it's a story and we're gonna we're gonna be be. We can beat any anything we are going to get. Beaten is going to happen. I like we got positive cornell. Today it's pretty nice. He's always in there somewhere. Just failed dating outings. What's on standby that's all. I don't blame you. I don't blame you but we got. We got get out here every once in a while. What's here first. Track all right. I'm gonna pick this track because this is the replacement for the one that i was cracked already picked one for the show but thankfully this bad boy was waiting and raring to go. So this comes from the game retro city rampage and it is called blooming super or becoming super liberal. I love the name because it reminds me of that simpsons episode super liberal. Heavy home is composed by jordan. Ray oh all right. We got some good music coming up You sure the navy matt creamer right. yep took welcome back. You're listening to becoming super lemon. Joined the navy by nord. Brad for the game retro city rampage. That's good. This is good that that kick drum is doing some work in this track. Let me tell you. I think it really is man. This is going to have people breaking the steel. I like retro z. Rampage was always was a great gave hisself to really the only faulted even added that had all kinds of cool and lockable but you see most of them because the sprites were so tiny but the play was solid as a rock in the music to match my god. I was so glad. I you know i was like like when i'm really stumped work track track you think of a game that would have the beats. I want for this episode. I just go to room how ow spin around. Look at the shelf. God that attracts for this episode. And it was retro city rampage. Let me go dig. Don't dig into cracks. See what i can find and who boy. This track is a boomer like that way we have a we have a topic. You're like digging in the crates. You're going in looking through all the games in the crate. Digging through cds and the carts. Yeah it's fantastic and that way because like this. The downside to that of course is like if i get to that situation that means that might be like any extract for me. He goes for me to do. Any digging would require me to dig out a deeper box or even hit my emulation station but like as far as like anything from the super nintendo up. Oh anything i owned ever still have it sitting on the shelf in here somewhere. There's gotta look at this soccer really easily be way too repetitive. But throws in that really cool sola with all this pitch bans kind of a bit of the way through. And then he does a separate solo in the bridge back into the loop at that second. Solo is crazy. Cool like it's really clever. Track man he's really mastered this Composition composing solve the software are. This can't go. I love it. Yeah whatever he's using but it's it's really need 'em really really into that it's it's not relying on. You know. sounds that are common or tropes of like you know they are area affected this and that but like it's just really fun really cool music using the sow also for those who listeners. Like oh yes no interest rampage. Don't forget there's also shakedown hawaii out there to forty to dabble into which is like a pseudo sequel s it is a sequel to this game. I forgot it's the same guy but he is old in his. His son is like degenerate in all kinds of stuff. But so i don't know these these. These are kind of like it. Looks like great. That's exactly what they're meant to be there like the old the top damn grand theft auto games. Okay reagan great. I like this. I i play this a lot. I remember being like wow. It's fun in violent without you know but it's so pixellated in small. That goofy fun have matches. Multi-player max word like we're trying to hunt each other in the city but he's helping to these crazy multi car pile ups to block the streets of the guys chasing me. Come around you cut the corner and they slam into the quality cars. You left waiting for like what the heck of carson gotcha sucker is over. It was. It was an innocent time type of funded frolicking with violent but not visualize just have revived just for fun just having fun in our friends with two d cars. A good lord. Things have certainly changed seven Let's go back to To another time. Back when you know america was at war but we were still having fun with it. This is a jungle strike for the second genesis. This is a helicopter action game and brought to you by tops gulf war trading. Yeah right. I think this is a a desert strike. But there's a whole strike series mrs jungle strike and this is from electronic arts. The song we listen to this call tonight. Strike it's composed by. Brian schmidt surprisingly no picket lines. Yes surprisingly we're back. You're listening to night strike from the game. Jungle stretch for the second genesis strike composed by brian schmidt. Strike drake actually in speed limit. Your writing on your motorcycle and you fly off or motorcycle. Land into a helicopter. It becomes like a helicopter action game and a very much uncle strike. So i wanted to pick music from this game now levels rough. Hope shooting from water rights in bridges yet. It's all over the place. There was a team for the atari called river raid. They kind of reminds me. That trivia statement river rate is the only game. My father would ever play to really. Yeah he would she was. She would always try to track down like an. Es version of river that didn't exist. That was a fun. Gun is essentially as essentially a vertical shooter but like it was an and river off the side of of the banks riverbanks forever. And you're going up and just see how far you can get all atari games. Were score attack. But it was really good. It was really well ruled. Well done at the end of those games. He had to be have to lie closest window because to fellows staring. Why are you do that. Just just pose another picture. He'll just bumped up hill. Bumped up under the dome the discussion window so we use on microsoft teams at work. And if you put your chat with somebody and you put like a funny jif in the chat and then like in the conversation ends. The doesn't go away so you'll see a stop talking suddenly like you'll go back to the chat like what was what was such and such saying. Oh my god is huge picture of kermit. The frog like oh now. That's my kind of choosy moms. Choose good gifts. Microsoft's a safe search for gypped so that you could anything right. You wouldn't want looping over and over again at work I never played The strike series. I want to say that. Maybe tried. But at the time when i was younger all i wanted was i kind of instant action acquittal. Remember two games like thunder forest but not jungle strike. I was a little less cobra. Command asi media. Go back and play that somebody. That was my jane cobra. Command was a game that my dad tried to buy because he hopes it can be like a river read. It wasn't for him. I love is the story of your father like chasing the high of river. He never found it which blows my mind. Because i'm positive. There have been plenty of gaze of improved upon river. Read a yet. it just didn't happen for but thankfully his search did lead me to cobra command which was go our covert commander to look it up at some point. Because i'm like he's national name any s it was. You were a helicopter pilot. Amy were flying from left to right sometimes. Right to let anger. The whole purpose of level was to save all the hostages. Sometimes you blow like stations at least underground like secret. Depots the heli tanks and stuff more hidden hostages. But you're that overall goal on every level you could sometimes get missiles and firearms. It was cool. That sounds familiar. It was it was a lot like a like an updated shoplifter like a really like chocolate or extra up which was really lot just defender left right. Rescuing people down. I do because. I feel like i'm confused me. Nope it actually was called cobra command as the ray game and just threw me off. Because i'm mike. And mike infusing cobra commander from gi. Joe with the name of a gang. Call cobra commander game at similar title. I like i'm just picking music from these games. And you're like going crazy on crazies interludes between crazy music kind of chilling up got more of a show by this first time mission undercover net. Stop you grab a net zero okay. Sometimes she'll yeah trust me you we i feel you buddy we we need. We need some. We need some relief. I asked really. I did i went. I went running the other day. And i was like five miles and then i went running yesterday but only two. I was doing sprints. When i got there the park. So like a mile out and was just sprints back-and-forth on the clockworks Because you know no one's playing ask simple silent. It's so different doing that. Level of running compared to distance running is. It just wears me out. I can really feel it on my wife's run like ten miles and not feel it the next day but like just doing sprint for twenty minutes. Meanwhile my full self is fighting to do like one or two miles now because that previous outing has hit me to the like. Maybe that's why it didn't work. I need to be able to run me so now mike trying to make myself run out of. It's it's like. I i really enjoy it. I think i think people figured out. Everyone's got different opinions on how to make running comfortable or how to get into it. You know people who are happy to have a lot of pain. I think because everyone is built differently. Everyone's going to move differently and it's important to understand how your body feels what's good pain and what's bad pain measure in remember folks so i mean i. I'm also talking to you. You know he 'cause at this point you've been you've been exercising pushing yourself long enough. You know what's good painting with that paint true but being able to adjust how you do something to not have pain. Think super important. And i was able to figure that out. Now i just kind of figured out you can kind of walk into these are and remember. Just go go for a run. It's nice outside spayed and new your pet. There are worse things to do that. Run trust me okay cornell. What's your next traffic are. Se this is the on that loud. i think about it This comes from a game. That i also surprised. They didn't pick for the show yet. This is called velocity to ex in the track. Titles yeah i did velocity ultra which is the first game and there was a remix of that of egging not originally this track titled boost and is composed by joris demand boom back. Welcome back boost from the game velocity two x released another. Ps two in vr. Ps four and the bidet. At least maybe. Other systems to composed by george domain i have always been a major proponent or major on fan of the blossomed games i feel like they belong in an episode devoted to speed because the entire premise of the game involves you blitzing through levels to beat the good times but using warp speed white in the ability to teleport through like physical spaces but then velocity to x. added an added dimension. Where sometimes the ship would have to duck in space stations. And the you had to get off the ship and then run through the space station like shooting stuff and sliding dashing across the environment exit. It's got such a cool style. Plus game is really neat. It's very frenetic and it's addictive in the way we're like one more go. I can get a better time on this level. Do better than this. And it's just it's so good track. Oh gosh probably to me is probably the best one on the us. Music is energy has got a ton of energy from the i do not. I recommend this game wholeheartedly. Purchased a physical copy on. ps four. And i was playing at originally on because ps in pla. Ps plus or whatever. But it's worth it worth every penny by play. I'm not paid by celery to say this. It's good though. Oh yeah just go get this one. Just do it. Trust pernell trust personnel. Now he wouldn't he wants to you. You were running for mayor. I'd vote for he. Vote for you. I mean your best friend. Right now. I just i love that base that kind of that that really like it's full like it takes up a whole sound when you're listening to the music like the base is all around. Yeah i love that feeling. It's great. I love this peeling. You've lost that love and p tell us all about frigging All about gum guitar freaks references. The guitar I was watching footage from dance. Maniacs yeah no no. I'm sorry it was It was it was the wrong be monte game on the wrong system unian set was like someone was playing. Dr on guitar freaks machine like it was like this weird stuff. People got hooked up bronx up to the television screen. And i was. I was looking at old guitar. Freaks machine owner back still surprisingly still okay. But it's not as fun as i remember. But it's still okay. I feel like they had to adopt what they did and guitar. Hero rock band in order to sort of like right. That's how you do to make it fun. Yeah well that's the thing. Though like the whole framework the framework was there. They never aptitude like guitar. Freaks was coming out and red. Octane was releasing knockoff. Controller that you could buy in america the import game which is what we then argue. Trollers had five guitar. Free us three. And you're like well. I mean that's just going to add more but in virtually rock guitar hero. Came out with five buttons like it's not just the buttons. It was like in guitar hero. It was like there's only five notes but we emulate what it's like to play all of these notes and and in some of the some of the didn't have strong you can hammer on. it was just. It was much more technical but original guitar freaks was like you know what let's make beat menia on guitar controller just like hitting that the the strum bar over like as fast as he can just keep any of that. He had the hardest songs. Were just a nightmare alley. It was it was almost like proper. The rap like where the hard ones were like kind of out of saint and you had it smack the x x putting as fast as he could but but then later you just learned with. Perhaps the rapper. That you didn't take the expert in twelve thousand okay. I just need to hit it five times within the rhythm and more points than if i hit it every twelve times. Yeah exactly such a regain. Holly scored i know. I just wanted to sound good. I didn't i didn't care how it scored but you've got it to sound good x. To crack in the boat right my last track is gonna come from grappling. Rapper scored on after burner after burner to for the arcade. Harder guy keep up with the sega keeping up with the sega. This is the final takeoff. Composed by hiroshi kawaguchi Matthew eappen nothing. Nothing happened report. A you're listening to finally off by kawaguchi. Burn and he got real synthesizer south saturday's her mother again offers iceland. Count so ohno that. I played on the this could be the i heard. Firm firm firm firm bird for and it sounded great to do like that. Beat the obviously afterburners a franchise that needs to come back but i think they actually did have. It was like after burner. Six constant was one of the leader consul. After burn three was on the megacities cd and on the f. m. towns ellen. I thought there was like a more recent one than like in like really later later. I don't i don't think so. I mean i was surprised to see there was three honestly but now that was not an north american game. Oh you're probably thinking about. I'm thinking about a different. Yeah yeah i think so maybe maybe something else but Definitely combat combat with a new with an i remember playing after burner not one not two but the fresh no one thousand nine hundred dollars. Right what i hear you max. Two thousand six not number six auburn reuss after brenner. A black falcon and then after burner getting some coffee after burner a job interview after it catch a break. Man cannot is just trying to get an another job. Yeah you know like just because the company folded and he lost his last job. The he's he's he's in the office right and you look man. I'm really a great typist. I i'm really good with excel spreadsheets and the boss is looking at a managers looking at him and he's saying but you are an airplane. Hey did i mince words. I said i'm good with spreadsheets. Take my word for it or not. I think you're going to be distracting to the other helicopters in the office. Socially so helicopter spray. She's been playing. But i fighter. Jet can the fighter jet goes you know what are away now. Need any of this better than this jet. Jet fuel is very expensive. Isn't just like a bird can pick up and go bathroom. Sad sad burner dares your dead job for the day. I might do that. Might that might be a t shirt after burner job interview. Sabir said all right. What is your your third track now. Sure and gooden because this might be my third and final use of attract from this game but who knows. The sky is the limit love. This might be the end of the game. This might be the end of of of the cornell. Help me played tracks from this game. We'll see But this is the game hyper voight. Which i was getting reminded of because somebody referenced. The game from the sds call hyper zone recently. That reminds me of hyper void. Anyway hyper zone was a game. I played a lot back to or a little bit my head. i'm digressing aggressive tangent per. Now that's what i do anyway. Track title is called. Discard is from the game. Hyper void is composed by camel bush Whoa third welcome back. You're listening to discard from the game. Hyper void a fantastic fantastic could pose by camel bushwack. It even was an inspiration from you trying to make dialogue of conversation on like a web solid rhythm and paypal chat recently. So i was like. I wonder because people seem to associate like difficult games like in the sense of like i picked hard move. That guy's nightmare mode for ease or and this is i was trying to get people to say. Hey you're just playing a game willy. Nilly no difficulty settings nothing of the sort. You're just playing a game that you like and then you hit a part of the holy crap is tough and you persevered through it and you knock it out. And it doesn't have to be difficult on like the internet's definition of difficult. Just it was challenging for you. And you surmounted the challenge. You know like i had one person come back and tell me a couple of my other game to get both response in the guy. Go i meet this boston. Dark souls without a weapon. Mike barehanded might not what i'm asking you show. You made that challenge up by boston. They're dark souls. You chose to do that. This wasn't a hard game. You've made it hard right. You've made it harder. Like that doesn't count like i get it but it's like i wonder how many people even even when you pick a game up at. You're like i just wanna have woman because you are your every because that's s one half this game you know even when you do that you still have difficulty spikes and games unexpected times really. Whoa i only modified. This probably tested this practical difficulty spike at unnatural. But i like the game so much. I'm gonna surmounted. I'm a bigger. You know stuff like that. I think about I lost my train of thought. You know because. I i immediately started thinking about it right. I remember playing street fighter. Two when i was a kid and being like bam after the fourth fourth or fifth character the game gets really difficult. Siro ramp it. No i'm a very I got an xbox three sixty. And i understood what achievements were And then playstation three acres had trophies and. I'm being really interested in that because it felt like there was a meta game like i was playing a game but then there was also something else behind the scenes where it's like. Oh i can finish the stage. Or i can try to do something extra a little extra trophy to get through it and it seemed like a really good idea to do with like retro games or with classics. That came up not realizing that in the end it was. I don't think being used that way. Now it's like you've finished level three. Here's an achievement. Oh chievements at their core at their base concept. They word ingenious idea. But it's like you were saying they go to different extremes. You'll get things like like you said that the simple ones like you played the game. Here's a trophy but then there's also worse ones. I think where it's like. Here's is absurd. Time sink of challenge. That is less about fun. In more about completions star ocean force like you completed the entire item. Compendium something you never ever reason to do like there's none. You won't even use half the crap in the compendium. it's just a say. Did it like so like on the playstation two. I one hundred percent both kingdom hearts games but there was no achievement for that it was just a little a little Progress bar in the start menu. I'm like now it's there. I take a picture of it with my phone. That game was so fun. Those worth completing. I've loved parts to time. It still doesn't make any sense but man that was a fun game All right so we are going to turn this track down and we're going to get into the bonus round only stream sore. Do this locked boat israel. I don't like really. I think about kingdom hearts i think about breath. I don't why. I honestly what rather keep the bars now. I just think about final form in having to key floating in the air for some reason to telepathically. Why got it in. That's what the best board was. Never talked it. I didn't know what to watch on netflix. The other day and there's they've been replaying wheel of fortune like new wheel of fortune on net flicks. I love. I would watch jeopardy's like let's let's let's check out wheel of fortune. I'm watching fortunes. Thousand younger surprised salon on. It's still pat zajac vanna white which is crazy and and at the end of every episode. There's like a a they call it. The bonus round say i e rate the play the bonus round and i'm like all re-lane for some remixes we took this old puzzle and remixed that was backwards one final spin of the wheel. And there's like one last puzzle in the game but ours but ours. I find it funny that that wheel of fortune probably for me not just for me by bet tons of other people. We were fortunate to find how you play word games. Yes forever because you always focus. Rs does time to buy a were a by a letter or a letter or knock. Its michelob. people can't use letters in the bonus round you you get like four or five letters to choose. Yeah they give you ours changed it. Yeah they know they give you those now. Getting always gave you or they. They didn't always back circus like in the eighties and nineties did back in the eighties and nineties. They started that but before that they didn't. Wow so i guess that's probably what people were like. They probably took the most commonly chosen letters. Just take the dr letters. Anyway are bonus round where we play covers and remixes and arrangements on our theme. And i'm going to go back to the episode of wheel of fortune now. I'm going to go back to spy hunter. Because i think though the race the car chase scene and speed limit isn't exactly like spy. Hunter is kind of close up. It's a mix between spy hunter and an original grand theft auto. Which i think is really cool. So this is really helps. Identify multiple towns right crashed into the back of a truck. Yeah there's a lot is a lot of crashing into trucks as what but this is again An arrangement of the original Theme from spy hunter. And i can't remember the title of the music off the top my head but it's not from the games by hundred bits from television series But this is a track called second chance from spy hunter from two thousand twelve. Which i believe is based on the movie that dwayne the rock johnson was in. I'm not sure on that one. But this is from the two thousand and twelve spy hunter. This one's arranged composed by ryan status into this whole song. I can't help it. Has one of those beats where you just kind of water. Doot doot through a perfect. Yeah i completely forgot that this was. This is more less bus by more jet set. Radio do do yeah. This was a second chance from the game spy. Hunter from two thousand twelve that almost composed by ryan hunter and some samples from the original theme. Which was the theme to. Peter gunn composed by henry mancini but less of an arrangement and more of a more like a sample new dot dot dot dot dot dah. Data gathered advocate. Definitely a chasing going on with this track. I have a weakness to this sort of thing. When was dot dot dot and i'm gonna do is just how it goes up now. Madoukh it up. Hey dude crepe. I heard i i was. I was on youtube. And one shared the pete and pete Theme song again. And i have one of the best of all time. I haven't heard that. In so long. And i i listened to it. I was like wow. This is still a great song. Polaris i still know off the top of my head and to they they be considered shoe gaze. I don't think so. I don't think that's shoe gaze. But maybe maybe the ban has some tracks like. But i don't think the pcp theme song would be okay. It's mighty strange. Do you live in happe- lead do got a bunch of were tier is really good. It's a great somma. let's do it again. All right What is your bonus round track. I really wish it was the pt theme song. But since this is a video game music podcasts. it can't be so may maybe the ending agee be close out track who the heck knows mental of the pete and pete theme saw appleaday wrenched on the previous speed episode. Originally was shopping around for a overdrive. Ostry makes said screw that. We'll gators better in this instance but tis we decide to fold a complete the actual topic as a whole. I figured i had a second shot at this. So i'm going with this overdrive ashes arrangement done by the artist res or view reserve. I think it's burris varez. There you go. okay. I'm sticking with it. I ve arrays Room right i love that though. As dow's great yes did overdrive ostrich all kinds of justice so that was the overdrive ostrich arrangement from the game. Mega man x two remixed arranged by ras raise view. I was saying ribs. I had to be. I had to say yes. This blew my mind when i heard it for the first house again. Go with this. This is really good. He like you mentioned earlier. I guess he plays at the time in the way that some really high would not have seen come and you can Find more about him at a view res- if the u. r. e. z. Dot com and they have a lot of arrangements from games. I wouldn't expect abba. Docs tnc surf designs. Thrilla gorilla baby. Yeah that's amazing out. Of course that is really So go to that and and the website is very simple. It's like here's my music. Download it it's i love that you also of course. He has class of debate because went off. Yeah team has awesome right. You know but like thinking about. Tnc surf designs. But of course of course of course glass teammate. Everyone knows it. But for more information on the bonus round and for more information about these artists rhythm and pixels dot com. We'll have links to all of the artists bank camps and some clouds in their websites everywhere we can go and get the music by the music and support all of these artists. Talk me into. It's so good. Thanks for joining us on episode. Twenty seven dash two of rhythm and pixels. This is our speed limit to cruise control on the topic twice in a row with the same cast. Same same cast but like some of the main actors. Look a little different. Maybe they were this stunt doubles from the first movie. The stunt double from the first podcast. I think the glasses. But we're not We're not ending on video game music. We are ending on on. Hey sandy by polaris. So i'm sure some of you will enjoy this music but to have this kind of role in the back wonder if anybody how many of our international listeners know this song how pete air out of the country or not i was. This was this show. Big was a big. It was big issue in the states. Like i didn't get into it so much. Because i just hate it. Live action shows back then was the guy was like if it's not a cartoon i don't care but it was a me later. It was so strange it was so like it. Just as who were living happily the rains and everything was craziness short. It was very very short and then This theme song was really catchy. I remember there was like a cheerios box or something that i was able to send away for a cassette tape of the song and i think keith from the bgn jukebox from back in the day. She she back in the day throwing the old podcast which go. Definitely if you like video game music and podcasts. Check them out. She did the same thing where we talked about this. And she was like oh. I haven't seen cassette tape. I'm sorry i wish i knew where that was. Never find it again. It was so awesome though. So i got back in the day. 'cause you'd think about now. Most shows even have theme songs anymore. Now's scottish was the most memorable part. That's the exact same. That was exactly no no. I was saying that not this morning when i was listening to the song. Bow saying that Two nights ago when we started watching the nanny on on this plex. Ever which i haven't watched i watched it when i was on hair but the nanny drescher that even something that needs long theme song like three minutes and it tells you the entire story of their lives. No wonder she's become a navy. You'll find out every week they do not. It's not a bridge. It's just goes and they don't do that anymore. Young to get that. We don't get mr belvedere dropped kicking jackets like we used to now. Just erie go next episode. Start this thing. New more invigorates even root for advertisement. 'cause half these shows just go right like netflix. That there's no there's no commercials they're still commercial breaks for some of these shows us because it's nice to have like set pieces in television shows i. Here's a senior team. Probably commercial in between but commercial. I catch like athletes messages. Those be right back just wiped off the screen back to bone. I'm here guys couldn't outta. Why are we watched a lot of that show and it is a lot of. It is not good for me but that one guy from actor i never remember his name from freaks and geeks the kid he played a he was on the show for a long time and now played the love interest now. He plays a psychologist criminal psychologist. And he's really really good and he's really good in the show he carries show from for me anyway. Anyway that's bones talk and that's every tuesday but this is wednesday were versus this video game music. I'll mainly thanks. Thanks for joining us on the show. The speed limit. We have a special guest next week. And we're going to be getting into deep cuts. I don't think this has gotta do some on a on a console or on generation. But it's gonna be the deep cuts episode with a very special guest. Hope hope you enjoy that. One week them with a patriotic topic for this we did. We absolutely did the. I could tell you in a minute if you sort of like. Just just talk for a minute. Right donau patient mercy rambling words. I'm trying to play some video. Being decided again the playthrough for march which is driving me crazy. I redid four in february and knocked it out. It was fantastic. The first four were ever completed successfully. Now i'm not beating four games in march but i want to finish at least one and for the life of me. We're here. We are at to lead with got march eleven and i figured out what that game will be. It's three top three eleven music at the liquor store today. The jig soames zone. The patriotic music is tavern music. Oh i remember not drinking song but necessarily but like music that you would hear no tavern tavern in a video game or like or that kind of style in a bar stuff which means you could technically play some jiggle outta jigs zone zone. Know that we've always been down to esa don't pick that's totally not ever music world but the tavern music. That's going to be in a couple of weeks but next week is this is a special guest. I'm really happy about that. But if you'd like to learn more about our show like a full track listing from all these episodes and access to everything and if you'd like to see the wonderment that is our our website like tangents go to the website. www dot rhythm and pixels dot com. And if you would like to say hi to us you know say hello or if you have a track suggestion or topic suggestion. Who were at you know a cover band or if you're in a cover band or if you do remix is we want to hear about all that stuff to us. Email rhythm and pixels at hotmail dot com crashing crashing. We're almost through via the fish. Line to hang in there knowing salts. Check out the rhythm and pixels radio. It's on youtube dot com slash rhythm pixels it's on twitch dot tv slash rhythm pixels place but eight bit and sixteen bit classics. Anti-pc cuts twenty four seven. It's got a very very large playlist. Hours and hours long is curated by panella myself and some other folks within the community. And if you'd like to get some cool t shirts that are video game music related you can go to rhythm and pixels dot com slash merchants and we have a run. Vga m we have the rhythm and pixels classic shirt he also have lobster. Racing people were involved in game. Music love seafood racist. Check that out. That's got some rhythm and pixels. Videogame style t shirts there and if you to support this show good a patriot dot com slash rhythm and pixels. You get access to weekly prequel episode of cornell chattan about everything we wouldn't talk about during show so things were things things are more personal but it's if you're into that life is life and and Every month you have a on my pro drug. We right have crushing out. Every month. we do a live. Patriot recorded episode. So it's a livestream recording of a regular episode and we also like to thank all the top tier patron members at the end of every episode. So we start with frankly zappa. Thank you so much for the kind words. Mike myers fashion. Eighty sixty that nick. Walker ed wilson. Vga embassy. matt's home. Fist michael jennings david cakes. Justin schneider from x. pg sonic medley taco herald. Howard dave taylor reinhardt so cova andreas meal breakdown. Latin sleepy's more. Steve miller the autistic game or india. Nine cameron wermuth. Christopher centrum bobby. Arson from one funk. Wicked suffer off carlos from the here. Three podcast michael bridgewater from the forever sound version. Podcast and brian pit. You were really pushing. And if you get the kungfu carlita us like carlos and remember if a consult your doctor before you take pixels experience. These symptoms frankly zappa. Mike myers bashing fred cases. Thank you very much all the and many others for supporting our little show every week. It means a lot to us. It means that we can kind of keep things keep hosting our show on the internet and we can keep improving art but the show and eventually going to perform the pop perform the pike as the present. The podcast live like we used to do in yesterday doing that again. Yeah it's always fun to many games or retro world up in connecticut. Neoprene pronounced jet-setting around the globe. This tiny chunk of glue. It was fun it genuinely was a good time to interact with people directly onstage anxiety being able to manifest as enjoyable fun like yeah i have a feeling next year will be like a big time for these events and so we whatever mag fest is called or if it's still called that next year we will probably be there Doing something really stupid. That's the best way to do things as stupidly. Yeah anyway thanks. Everyone for enjoying the show. I hope you enjoyed it and listening. And we'll see you next week with a special guest. Twenty seven dash three. But until then my name is rob nichols cornell. Good night good. Abed rohan rob's like i'm going to pay and remember. A perseverance is key to any pursuit worth pursuing frustration failure. Oh yeah they're on the cards baby if you're looking to do something that is worth doing. Chances are unless you're some sort of savant or just gifted in that regard. You're gonna fail three times in failure. Frigging sucks it burns. It hurts it makes you want to eat. You know doreen fruit as retribution for the frustration. That comes with it but no day is worth hanging in there for something you genuinely want because it just makes the eventual success that much more. Gratifying i guess is a good word for. He'll great to succeed. After much trump much after many trials and tribulations they'll obviously succeeding immediately also really awesome. But it's something to be said about. Just like i said earlier in the episode about you know starts out being a pain in the butt and then we you succeed. It becomes a story lake man. I had this really bad attempted. This thing was sucked but then success baby. So star south frustrating starts out of paying the but it becomes a story and hopefully with a happy. And they'll keep going keep trying reach for that star or that jar of skippy male of peanut butter peanut butter and jelly sandwich. All time actually or peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich. Don i always today stir sodium fluffer. Nutter if you've never had a flutter sandwich there's a second bonus in remember eat a fluffer good really good oh man. That's the episode.

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REShow: Isaac Bruce & Michael Holley - Hour 3 (06-10-21)

The Rich Eisen Show

54:26 min | 4 months ago

REShow: Isaac Bruce & Michael Holley - Hour 3 (06-10-21)

"In a different future starts with you. That's go daddy does more than help you find a name. You can create cell and found online so any small business could be a driving force to create change or building empire. We know old ideas are cutting anymore. So we're calling for a new generation thinking your way of thinking so whatever you have in mind that will help make different future. Find everything you need to start at. Go daddy dot com because the future is decided. Get this up to us to make it happen star different at go. Daddy dot com. This is the rich eisen show jordan. Love is really sitting there thinking. Did you think. I wanted to be in this position. Rich eisen show in memphis a penny hardaway. He has a gown team that wears the really small short and one time he had a breakaway layup. And he missed it. And i promise you was because of the ellen rose. Everybody wanted carlier on this show. Packers reporter rob demovsky saint safety malcolm jenkins coming through football hall of fame. In duffy isaac bruce plus from peacock's brother from another michael holly and now you're rich is number three of the rich eisen show on the air this hour. We'll talk about what What pete lonzo. The new york mets had to say You see the reigning home run champion. The national league basically talent pitchers tack up go for and That one kind of left me with my mouth. Open a bit And that's the subject matter and major league. Baseball pitchers are doing and putting on baseball's putting their gloves and putting on their fingers and baseball's getting set to crack down on all of that. We'll talk about that Malcolm jenkins was already on this program. He was terrific and rob demovsky of espn diana receive espn covering the packers and titans respectively Talking about what they're seeing in those minicamps both mandatory and voluntary respectively. Julio jones at voluntary minicamp for the tennessee titans words ever thought i would say into a microphone inhabit being accurate michael holly of brother from another right here on nbc sports on peacock. If you watch us every day we appreciate that you can get peacock for free at peacock. Tv dot com. After the dan. Patrick show we take you to michael. Holly and michael smith michael. Holly will help us take us to his show Bill check on the subject matter of cam newton's health somebody actually asked bella check a health question in june. That happened not smart. That's great we'll play that Given take but this man is going into the pro football hall of fame. This last time i saw him was At nfl honors walking down a hallway after he just gotten the knock on the door by david baker at us and Who knew that we would. All be quarantined About two months later his inductions pro football hall of fame delayed a summer. But it is still happening. Thank goodness he is The great isaac. Bruce here on the rich eisen show. How are you doing isaac ritz. Doing good man. Thanks for having me on the show today. Of course absolutely Give me your favourite. Kurt warner story. He doesn't want you to tell me. What do you got to those stores. Those exist know that he doesn't want you to tell me. Do any of those exist. Isaac bruce ma. I think he's pretty transparent. I mean you guys do know that he. He worked in a grocery store right. Yeah we do know that we do know that we do know that we do know. I think his nickname was flash in high school because he was a lot was a lot faster. Apparently the yeah. I think that's what i think that's true. It might not be. But i can have happy to turn further him with that regardless but he did have a pretty decent jump shot You know anytime we gotta wait to Go into the cafeteria where there was the basketball. Go good form for quarterback shooting basketball. What was that You know they're making a movie out of his that his story And so what was that. Like having a front row seat for all of that isaac bruce back in your day you just looking at it. It was pretty strange to the same of the worst. Everyone else You know kinda kinda story. American-made story and You know i can see Disney taken the whole story and making a movie out of And you know kinda just being there to live it. And it was so real that time and Fortunately we had a happy very happy ending. Come out no doubt about that and You know party or career to people. Who've you're gonna you're bust is going to be sitting in the same room as kurtz and then one of my favorite people on planet. Earth marshall faulk When you guys got connected What was your first impression of of twenty eight when you first met him is oh man. I had already had my impression of marshall way back in his San diego charging. Excuse me san diego aztecs. Dave yes diego state. I mean every thursday night you know that over a conference was always on you know On television and he'd be running all over the field and After that when he landed in indy. I mean it just turned into superman and you know i always say that. Legitimate legitimately played with three superheroes. Marcia other team in toronto so those guys were awesome and marshall. Delete way in. Hey you know. I mean i just saw Tory just a few weeks ago because he was kind enough to run in my charity. Run for saint jude this year. And i love that guy. I think he should be next. What do you think isaac. Oh absolutely absolutely it would have been much fun for him to be In its twenty one class You know so we you know. Be twenty twenty one but longtime deserving Had a great career. Statistically a great person great guy father He just does everything right. Isaac bruce here on the rich eisen show what do you think the lasting legacy of the The greatest show on turf is what we're seeing. Honestly there's no there's no There's no ending punctuation Behind it right now because when you look through the lead you still see a lot of teams a lot of audiences attempting to duplicate what we have Either from a philosophy standpoint or you know if they can manufacture the personnel that we have on that level so they like run around. And i think You know what. Mike martz brought to the team and Expertise and competence just resonated through the league and people are still trying to duplicate it. Who's trying to duplicate it. What are you see when you turn on television on a sunday or a thursday or monday. What what are you saying personnel personnel groupings from Three wives four wide empty backfield The combinations I can i can sit back and just Really just name. The route combinations from from the scarves snap and The names maybe changed but most definitely. They're they're pretty much a lot of stuff that we ran you know. I like to say that we perfect it. When we played isaac bruce class of twenty twenty finally going into the hall of fame. Here in twenty twenty one knocking on wood Pro football hall of famer from the saint. Louis rams and yes even the los angeles rams because that's how you were drafted into the league correct by the chuck knox anaheim based los angeles about to move rams correct nuts nineteen ninety four First round draft pick of that year wayne gandy out of auburn tackle and i was the second round. Pick nineteen ninety four right anaheim so after spending two years in junior college and so the california came right back to the rams but had agreed time i hear meant so reorient send what was that. Like for you though South florida kid. Who did play a couple years to get to the university of memphis and then get drafted a play couple of years in southern california. What was that like for you to be thrown into that. And then suddenly were saint louis ram and all of that was going on for you in your career is what i definitely unconventional route for getting getting a college but once i came here in In southern california. I'm currently here in southern california. Right now It was it. Was it at the same type melting pot that i grew up in south florida The they had a son that was shining all the time but the humidity minus the humidity that i grew up in south florida but Just the people that felt men to culture here. I was different and i enjoyed every minute of it and was difficult for you to just actually focus on your craft and get get get Get get what you need to get done when all this other stuff was going on with the franchise the team the move the locations and stuff like that for you i was. I was in a good place to have Really good coaches coach mart. So he was on the staff at that time and Right acted a movie at the and become my position coats. He's the wide receiver coach and had green veterans. That were in the room with me. Flipper anderson Jessie hester Guys who could really helped me develop. So i think i benefited from those those people being around constantly and really just focusing in on Becoming a better football player You know having moved around from south. Florida to los angeles so i was kinda used to moving but at the same time i just had that stability of those guys who were willing to help me and helped me develop isaac bruce here on the rich eisen show Julio jones's now tennessee titans how do you think that's gonna work is with him and aj brown a second year third year player. Now they're all they're all derrick henry as well. How do you see that offense plan out. Now that julio is joined the mix there is well. Julio it's awesome he's always been awesome days at alabama and everything he's done to leave us for just partnering up with aj ground. Which i who i feel is another legit receiver in this league I think the pressure is definitely on tannehill now because You know with the weapons that he had outside And and the big derrick henry that's behind it You know. I guess team are going to come out and try to stop tanning you and make him have to completely beat them as opposed to you. Know the which has been which. You hit the turnaround just heading derrick henry ball you know. Twenty plus nine twenty five plus times. Ah game so maybe that defense starts to really focus on and try to force cana hill to beat them instead of what you what you had previously so who best receiver in the game. The one that you'd put your isaac bruce harder new american dollars down to see. Would that person be currently in the. Nfl isaac bruce. I still like hopkins Over in arizona. I think he's a special talent Julio win healthy he definitely special Maybe maybe probably two or three guys. That i need to watch Play football player position. But you know. I think the league is full of a lotta break. Talented guy got up and coming every year. It seems like we have a guy as seemingly comes out of nowhere it really just hops right into the upper echelon of Top five wide receivers in the league so unexcited about fan. Who got will be this year. I mean d- home He he's just it. Always seems to me. Isaac that has catch radius is almost a superhuman. And i i. i've never seen him come when he's got a. You know tiptoe the sideline. He's got to do the toe drags swagger anything. I've never seen his foot out of bounds. Ever it's alway e he's got an uncanny sense of where he is on the field. I and how do you. How does one do something like that. You know repetition. Yeah through repetition. Uh you know being able to control your body movements He's the biggest guy But at the same time you know it takes it. Takes hours of repetition these oh. Ta that we that we see these guys going through right now. The mini caps and Spending time alone just practicing it. So when the opportunity presents itself in a game you know it seems second nature but He's truly a great great talent. And i i love watching him play and i love You know when he asked them hook up with the jalen ramsey of the world and those guys battle each other men of those are awesome to. You're rooting for their. How do you how do you see how do you see stafford plain out in this offense for the rams in los angeles almost like a breakfast pressure. I think not only for stafford but you know for the rams offense a unit as a whole I think You know with with is addition. I think that offense is ready to you. Know kinda see what we saw and two thousand eighteen In the early part of two thousand. Nineteen and i mean you know throwing the ball down the field taking the top off the defense and You know a lot less you know. Passes behind the line of scrimmage and and You know drinking and dunkin. So i think with his addition man he. You'll have that mentality along with sean. Mcvay just throw the ball down the field. How much contact you have with the current. La rams mcveigh and everybody isaac You know i'm actually going to practice today so contact. Maybe maybe i get a chance to meet coach mcvay for the first time. You've never had. I mean just you know. Things just happened just hasn't happened but You know maybe it happened today. But i'll i'll be around the guys today and it's always. It's always a great feeling when you can go to practice and really. Don't have to participate. So i enjoy that. Okay well Mcveigh's the guy talks fast He's he looks young here and he He's got great hair at just look for look for that guy. That's the guy nice air. Please i'm jealous. I'm i'm looking There there were shown a picture right there. Yeah so Before let you go. The isaac bruce foundation sweepstakes pro football hall of fame and shrimp giveaway. What's that about is a man. It's a cool deal man. We partnered with Let's engage dot com slash isaac and It's an opportunity for fans to win a grand prize of two round trip. Airfare air flight air airfare tickets to canton's its induction at three nights. Stay hotel Tickets for sold out pre enshrinement tailgate. And all of it. You know it's for ten dollars to enter into the sweepstakes week they've been it goes towards is the foundation my flaker under program and we provide transportation to college bound students in me and We haven't turned any way Anyone away since two thousand six so It's a great deal. Great calls and it'd be a lot of fun again. How can people get involved in. Ah they can find all information on less engage dot com slash is it. Okay just entered the sweepstakes but ten dollars and they get an opportunity to win the grand prize a grand prize just to hang out. And and be a personal guest. Of isaac bruce at the enshrinement ceremony. That's coming up Let's plan for this summer So isaac how does your bus look. I imagine you've have you still not seen it. Because i mean it's been a year. Plus he still. It's still going to be reveal when you see it going. To be revealed. it looks. It looks really good We did The sizing and everything down in miami a couple of years ago but the actual Makeup of it and we did the zoom which you know which is kinda hard So i really haven't seen the finished product but You know from everything i saw. It kind of looks like mccown looked like my older brother. A little bit but I'm sure it'd be a nicer crowd. Smiling is it. Smiling isaac bruce. All business isaac bruce. Is it young isaac. Bruce is at super bowl. Grizzled isaac bruce. What do we have what do you think what do we have to think. It's the it's the young isaac blues none smiling pre-game let's go play either Okay you're focused. I guy. I like it Also who is presenting him at the hong. I have tony riley east presenting me along with my brother. Samuel bruce one who i Fell in love with football Watching him every day go out and play and Little league journey minute high school johnny hill. Those would be. The two guys don't have Participating with me okay and you know you've been waiting a long time not just This last year but your entire career. So i say that Leading up to this. And i fully understand. This is about me. Okay isaac. I'm so sorry but there is an iron rich eisen So i understand. This is about me. There's a lot of people talking. A lot of people i mean. You got the centennial class. You got the your class. I know that there's there. I think the centennial class might have been handled before. I don't know what they're the protocol. But then there's twenty twenty one. Also so i know you're you've been a man of few words your entire life. I mean that's part of your mo. You're you're quiet your reserved you let your play. Do the talking Can you can you. Can you be that guy when it's time to talk In honest isaac how how long your speech what he got for me absolutely You know. I feel like my words. More impactful So therefore when it's time to speak. I'll definitely have something to say but i think they're giving us about eight minutes. Tease at for the speeches are concerned. Eight eight minutes. Eight minutes is probably between ten and fifteen minutes so it may stretch us a little bit long. I'll try to honor. You know what's been asked of. No look ten fifteen minutes. I would literally signed for that right now. They were getting poor. Kurt kurt the year. That he went in he got up there. It was like a quarter after eleven at night because people going like thirty eight forty minutes and You know like we. Can't isaac signed for that. I put y'all fame a long time ago. If i'd known. I should've i should've had you be my my presented. The i could pound the table right. I will always pound the table for you. know this. I've been around. Marshall incurred a longtime. They love you man and they were always pounding the table on your behalf or speak glowingly of you every single time that your name. But i'm sure you already knew that. But you deserve to hear it so Congratulations on everything. Thank you mandeville filling the definitely mutual. Thank you. I appreciate it. Let's do this As the day approaches that isaac. Bruce let's do it thanks. Let's do it. You got it super bowl. Thirty four champ. Class of twenty twenty inductee finally getting his day in the sun figuratively. And literally isaac bruce here on the rich eisen show ten fifteen minutes dude their talent dude. I'm to referring to you. I'm looking at you dude. They're telling the guy at eight minutes rela- good one minutes sharks over. Let me tell you this will tell you this story really quick. I'm gonna tell you yeah. Take the over the story real quick the one year i hosted i emceed the whole enchilada. Okay it's great. It's because berman was chosen as the presenter Ralph wilson owner of the buffalo bills. He's going in and He chose burma to introduce him. This was back in the day when the people who presented were allowed to speak to give a speech on behalf of the induct. Okay now. it's just a beautifully produced. Nfl network nfl films video where the presenter is the person who is introduction. Introducing the presenting the person for all of fame. Enshrinement there while it's a beautiful beautiful three four minute long. Okay back in this day. not on. You were win. Was on the lookout. When ralph wilson was going and i remember the night before. Berman said to me night before i saw at that party. Thousand nine two thousand nine. Gosh darn it. Wow twelve years ago. Now he says to me i said to him Hey i'm really excited to do this tomorrow. You have any words of advice for me. And he looks at me he goes. Don't be too good. Love christmas but he gave a terrific speech and already circus lagging and all that stare. There were two posthumously inducted members of that class one of them bullet bob hayes of the dallas cowboys and the other was derrick. Thomas of the kansas city chiefs their presenters were respectively. Roger staubach and the longtime general manager of the chiefs. Carl peterson roger. Staubach goes and he was told he was told by the pro football hall of fame. Because it's such a long day please. When you are presenting an accepting for your deceased enshrining for the poshness enshrinee and traumat- five minutes. That's roger staubach navy. Man went five minutes to the dot literally on the button. Five minutes a call. Peterson gets up later on because it was the second to last enshrinee. Carl peterson gets up. Speaks on behalf of derrick thomas for twenty four minutes and it was so long. God bless you carl. It was so long. I got up from my seat and sought out joe horrigan the longtime vp of exhibits and communication. Who ran the weekend for all those years and is one of the sweetest greatest human beings on the planet backed confirm and i've found him and he basically gave me him. I turn around to go back out on the stage. Okay and standing in between me and the podium was roger staubach so this is twelve years ago. I'm thirty nine. I could have been forty years of age at this point time k. As you would have been you would've been forty forty four year old man confidence in my abilities thrilled to be there all that but inside of me was the seven eight year old version of me who watched dallas cowboys games in the basement of my staten island house. Watching roger staw back behind that offensive line that would stand up and getting position and all of that with the head. Tom landry and i'm thinking to myself. Oh my god yeah. And he doesn't look happy and he says to me. Hey we were told only go five minutes. I went five minutes. I think carl's going on like four or five times as long. And i said to roger shrug emoji a forty year old virgin me talking to the seven year old version of me saying the same thing as a seven year old version of me but in a much different tone of all my god. This is roger staubach and he's pissed at me like you had anything to get my head. I wanted to say like you want me to take a big cane and gang off like raj do you. What do you want me to do. Like salmon solid. Honestly like what do you want me to do. Sure enough carl's and then the next final inductee was bruce. Smith was introduced by his longtime defensive. Coordinator ted cottrell. Who did the whole thing that burma did which was talked to every single bills fan. They'll at circle the wagons buffalo bills. This that he went on. Longer than bruce smith did bruce's a much. You know the as kind of like isaac bruce. He's a big talker. Ted cottrell went longer than him. Look it up. Last year. They allowed presenters to give a speech. I was the host that day. i was the. Mc so if you're saying to these people you can only go fa fo eight minutes. Oh my gosh please. Is this the best defensive class of all time. Not only derrick thomas and bruce smith but rod woodson that year. Oh yeah mike on-road two thousand dollars one of the first times. We actually like mike yuccas. Rod was working for nfl. With i mean you county. Can you argue with that. And smith pull them all going in with With bruce and steve atwater. Who by the way. Stuart scott loved my cell phone number at the time had the numbers two and seven in next to each other and you always referred to as steve atwater part of my phone. Nice to have a phone numbers. Oh yeah oh. Yeah stu loved steve atwater. Let's take a break when we come back. Somebody asked bill. Belichick a health question in june about a quarterback. What are you thinking. Lewke bets is balling out for the dodgers. 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Okay you know that was all the all the guys that made it a super bowl teams. Are you seeing you. The debt waiters. I think i might have been on. Yeah how chuck no cut you. What did he say he called me in. you know. i went to the office and brought my playbook. I knew i was going. And he couldn't have been nicer by the way and and you know he was complementary you know he said you know look. You're tough kid but you know you're trying to learn the position. I had never played. We didn't have outside linebacker in the college. I played for so it was the only position i read. You know reasonably played and i just didn't have enough time. He said look. It's my first year too. So he said i can get you down with the eagles eagles desperate and that would have got rental car straight down. Eighty to die and he said about. It's gotta be you gotta tell me right now and i said i'm done you didn't want to go play the eagles. No i don't know it was. It was a spur of the moment. This i had knee problems. I was and i was to be honest. I was sick of football. Who was the best football player that you ever lined up. We have war against roger. Stop when you play against him. I played against roger staubach when i was at youngstown state university and he was at pensacola naval station doing his six-year bit. Wait a minute. This great story right. You know they do that and he graduated from. Annapolis won the heisman. Went down there and play football for six years. You're playing against the pensacola naval station. Naval and out. Trotz roger staubach. That's not fair. He was a quarterback. That's now these were high-scoring close game. Did you rush. did you get them. I take them down. And tell you the truth. I i rushed him. I got a hold of them. I spun around one time on his leg and he just kept wiggle his leg three. And then he threw a touchdown pass. I hit him illegally out of bounds once and they had a guy there. Middle linebacker was a guy named lynch was was a naval boxing. Champion who i think. His brothers played by this play for kansas city. Okay the lynch brother short and he wanted to kill me. You know because they loved roger courses so you almost started a brawl by hitting roger. Staubach got out. I was just so tired of chasing him and he just stepped out of bounds. And i thought no. I'm i've been running twenty five yards now. I just got fifteen yards on ed. O'neill yeah one of the most interesting gasping ever had. I mean great ed. O'neill right there on our youtube stream. Eight four four zero. Four rich is the number to dial so we had a A moment to a couple of weeks ago where. I think this was the first biggest live. Tweet me of the minicamp. Season chris when we saw coming out of new england that That cam banged his hand on a helmet. Right bank his hand was looking at knuckle. The sideline show and team. We haven't seen him since right. He has not been out there. No so question is is like is this something. That's going to require something. Or all jared. How long could he be out there. I mean cinemas. We're seeing a lot of those tweets them lot of them a lot of stuff but it looks pretty good there. I'm seeing a lot of eleven fourteen. Twelve fifty thousand thirteen for sixteen and stuff like that. I'm seeing that but it's like what about cam. Well what about cam. Ask bill belichick about the health. His players you don't do that. I mean you don't go. I feel it's like you don't go to a town like las vegas and talk to a man like green like that right. You don't do that. Nope at the top of the list. Right this is like you don't go to new england. Ask bill belichick. The health of his players like directly and expect an answer and certainly not in the middle of june right. I have not seen this. Just said cut it. I've read it. I imagine it just. It sounds as it reads on the page out. Earth question about cam on. I know he left last week. Given injury up the ekiti out there and housi- progressing from that end injury that he suffered right. yeah he he's doing all right He won't participate today. But you know he's he's getting better get nothing serious. No he's not out there so he'll he'll i think it'd be alright. Yeah actually kind of more and more jolly than i expected teased. I was waiting for like a serious. I think the questions that serious you could see. He did see sort of move as is around like like. Let's compute like what does that mean what i mean like you know. What should i say how. I guess from the bill that bob is expecting him to explode in never gonna explode explores a silence. I think is when i was kind of expecting but because i hadn't seen any of the quotes on paper but so is it serves. What did you get out of that. It doesn't get something on no. I think it just kind of banged. Maybe it's bruised and you're just kind of waiting for the swelling to go down but rich. Did him was eleven fourteen today. ha Not as crisp as last week according to jeff l. meanwhile in the world of major league baseball Your loss angeles dodgers here in this town. I don't know of many fan bases In america where you know. They're they're everywhere in his town. Dodger fans are everywhere in this town in los angeles. I'll your people all hear from people. What's wrong with the dodgers right quite a bit and then i'm like what's wrong. The dodgers wait a minute. Let me just look at the standings less than while they're eleven games over nothing with them. The giants are playing very well. They're trailing the giants so got it got it. I think we expected san diego good. And i feel like saying As a yankee fan can can can can we. Can we run. Somebody like trevor. Bauer up out third. Can we do that can you. Have you know bueller kershaw bauer. Can we do get the who can match that and major league baseball right right now. Nobody the white sox have a pretty good staff. No i know that product come on now. I mean like did they even have it. When is hurt which is right. And who's the third man any in in in dc after sherzer. You know what. I mean like that and are eleven games over with bellinger being hurt for all for for pretty much all of them and mookie betts has not even started essentially like literally. The first two months have been just for him pedestrian numbers. Well to as we speak. I believe he is. He is showing up right already. Homered correct he's having today. He led off the game with a home game straight. He did right off the game. And and here's what he does may better than anybody else. The the hose and right field. Who would run on him at all. Now you have. You can't blame The the kid on the pirates. I think it's eric gonzalez. I think it was the on third base. He tripled to lead off the inning on aureus and next batter loops one in the right field. And that's going to the right field. Line has to reach out and extend his glove hand to just kind of bend over awkwardly to just grab it bring it and his momentum is taking him as he's bent over shoestring and towards the right field line he pero es and fires a perfect one hop dart to home plate to get the guy who's trying to tag on a third all in one motion nine to double play not even gather step. He catches the ball and immediately spins and throws a missile home. This reminder everybody that he honestly it's it kind of feels like he's just showing up now. Doing mookie betts things. Yeah off to a slow start. He's only hitting two fifty and you know we should. We should also say here because we always liked talking about the positive before we kind of go all in on baseball about other stuff and bats. That guy is you'll never that but statute of limitations of you being so disappointed in the red sox letting him walk We'll never go back. Never get to my of course you will damn straight you will you absolutely so On the other hand. Let's revisit because we went in on garrett cole for having the worst non answer to a flat out question do you pitch. Have you ever pitched with attack which is essentially like if you've ever talked anything in your bathroom s. It's like really like it. You could see it if you've ever seen a video of it it it it just like it just nia extent just doesn't a break like you had to literally rip it. All its purpose. On this earth is in construction to glues cinderblocks together. Okay so pitchers apparently putting this on their glove and putting it on their fingers. And that's other getting the spin right through the roof. And josh donaldson of the twins essentially mentioned how many pitchers are gonna maybe have esi put it there. Spin rates magically drop and mentioned garrett cole by name and who was standing in the batter's box in the first inning last night with kohl's first start since all of that after getting touched up his previous one josh donaldson and guess what cole uncorked fastest pitch record a major league baseball last night. One hundred point five miles an hour at one to pitch that donaldson did fell off before striking out and getting cold staring down a little bit. Yeah he came in coal coal. Give up a couple of runs last night but he looked like the garrett cole that earned three hundred million dollar contract you consider while he's probably still using it they haven't checked for it yet and all that business i mean. I would assume he's reading. They have to check through this stuff on offense sitting at home and i totally understand pita lonzo. Maybe having a different approaching. I'm not the one standing in the batter's box. And i'm also not a teammate. As much as i love you guys neither none. Nobody here on the rich eisen show Either in front of the camera behind the camera has had their face broken by baseball recently. Right that was thrown now Errantly okay so kevlar teammate. Of the mets as you know brad his face broken by baseball so inform yourself with that a little bit before. We listen to. Pete alonso saint. Hey he has no. Problem pitchers put crap on a baseball if it gives them a better grip i don't care what they use. I mean for me. I use pine tar hit the lizard. Skin have batting gloves. Like i have the most advantage when it comes to holding on my bat. So i wouldn't care 'cause on our on deck bag we have pine tar rag pine tar Like a like a special sticky spray. Rosin i mean you name it. We have it. I mean. i wouldn't care if they had that on hind amount to help put onto the ball. 'cause when we start getting into these hotter months guys start to sweat and let's say they lose a fastball arm side. I mean we saw what happened to kevin pull are in that. That's scary and we're lucky that he only got humi had broken does and i mean it could be a lot worse depending on Depending on where it's a guy so is he saying basically guys are throwing faster now on we need the the that sort of stuff to have them have better control of it. Because that's kinda how. I play the other sound bite if you don't mind Mike hoskins. there's a second sound by. Where we're we're alonzo goes deeper. Let him use it because for me. It's i'd i go in the box every single day and i see guys throwing harder and harder every day and want to. I don't want ninety nine slip out of someone's hand because they didn't have enough feel for it. I think that the the biggest concern. Is that a major league baseball manipulates the baseball's year in and year out depending on free agency class or guys being in an advanced a part of their arbitration. So i do think that's a big issue The ball being different every single year with other sports to balls the same like basketball football tennis golf like balls the same. I think that that's the that's the real issue with the changing of the baseball's in maybe if they didn't delete it and change the baseball pitchers to use as much sticky stuff. you know. Want alonzo makes sense there man because i remember seeing the article yesterday. I'm like he's really want pitchers to cheat. 'cause as a fan i don't know but he's got a point there he does where it just like. Could you imagine if the nfl change. Football's that makeup of it. The the feel of it maybe delay i. I would find that hard to believe basketball's did they change the basketball. Sometimes i think i do. I read that they they every one year where they went to a different ball and the players did it last year and they immediately back to the puck was livelier and hockey. 'cause the baseball's are made me certain way that there's no way to be uniform that year to year i am. You're just basically say that baseball. There's somebody in a room who probably looks and sounds like the guy who told roy hobbs to take the money and the natural right mr comiskey back in the day whoever right and and that they say okay we look at the ledger and law pitchers or coming up for arbitration more than hitters. So let's use. The baseball saw the numbers of pitching. We don't have to pay him a la a hitters are coming up this year more than pitchers in arbitration so. Let's dead in the baseball. That is some tinfoil happy boy. They're never going to get a collective bargaining agreement. Don if this is the way that some people coming to the table she also think pete alonso was saying spider attack spider man spider web. It don't matter he. The polar bears gonna hit it out the park regardless of what you can. And that's the problem because not everyone is a polar bear. And i'm sitting at home and i want more polar bears and instead of getting on stout with one nothing games and innings. Nobody puts the ball in play. And it stinks is. I'm applying for the spider tax administration. Very good might add. Is that what you do when you're not here because we don't know what i'm gonna i'm gonna work the screening room. You know what i'm saying. I just i don't know there's gotta be happy medium. Here spider man. Maybe you don't just change the baseball's be uniform. We'll take a break here. We come back michael. Holly will help us take us to his show right here on. Nbc sports on peacock wanna to hear something. Amazing discover matches all the cash. Back you earn on your credit card at the end of your first year automatically with no limit on how much you can earn. Amazing is that in fact. It's even more amazing. Because of all the places were discovered is accepted ninety nine percent of places in the us that take credit cards so when it comes to discover get used to hearing yes more often learn more at discover dot com slash. Yes twenty twenty. One elson report limitations. Apply do you own a wrench home. Sure you do. And i bet it can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with geico gyco makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com. Today that's geico dot com. I'll never forget my first big slick when i came here and it was royals versus tigers. Gene lamont stole third base coaching box. I'm standing in the dugout with rest. You guys and then you start getting on this gentleman for. You didn't do a thing. He just sold out to his position. And then you guys start screaming sweet sweet sweet gene. Lamont pay the sorry mistake of standing in front of us. We were doing an interview with the local news station down in the dugout. Sweep will ferrell myself. Paul jason and gene lamont comes out to coach third base. Just doing his job but the name lamont is so fun to screen. And i didn't realize it until will ferrell started screaming. Hey la motte see it. Just rolls. He'd go this and he just got on and so when he started we all started and then it just became a never ending ev for the entire inning. We've just screamed nothing terrible because we're not rude taghi but it was just this bush league la. What are you doing. Lamont take that stuff back to detroit. Doesn't play here. Lamont simple stuff. But lamont was on the end of everything so we lay into him for about seven innings on. I'm not sure. But i think johnny damon might have been playing for the tigers that point and he would run by the dugout swayed. And it'd be like you lamont like yes because the only reason he's on third he was right in front of us. He was like twenty feet away from us. We just wrote them hard then on follow on slicks same thing. It was g lamont on third coaching third. And we'd just ride him. Relentlessly finally think year two of writing. Somebody whispered in his ear. By the way there's will farrell and these guys are in there. They're giving you a hard time and finally because we all we wanted was to acknowledge us at seventh inning of the he turned around and just looked at us and gave him like a head nod and it was as if we won the world series. We started screaming and jumping up down. We're waving our had the air and then we were so enamored with gene. We go out and seeing the seventh inning stretch. Take me out to the ball game yet. Right yeah and we ended now. You know we end. The song with gene. Lamont is not going to happen to them. That's going to happen it happens. Every dish is tradition but now he's part of the royals front office. This is the beautiful thing about coming full circle now. Now gene lamont. He's a royal he's on our side so we love him even more but when he used to come out we used to seeing like the death star march like darth vader. We'd do gene lamont. Gene la bonne gene lamont gene lamont gene. Lamont anything we could nothing. He gave us nothing but now he's royal so. We have racing with open arms. Now talk about love before. It was harassed. Yeah it was derision and no longer that just love gene lamont. Everybody virtual event is this saturday. Check it all out back on Richeisenshow if just got a few minutes to take you to brother from another and helping do that as always is either michael smith or michael holly and It was your turn this week. Michael holly thank you for joining. Hey man that is a really funny gene of this great new gene lamont would be tormented by will ferrell. But that's what happens in kansas city. what i tell you i i gotta gene lamont stories. It's not nearly as good as that one but it was quicker it's quicker you're not as good as upfront He used to be the manager of the chicago. White sox of course A rookie reporter with the akron beacon journal covering an indians white sox series They were both in nineteen ninety. Four right before the strike. They're both like neck and neck and then strike happened. So it's probably. It was july and White sox indians big rivalry. Albert bell hit a home run crushed it gene was like i'm calling bs on that no way. Nobody can hit a home run like opposite field. His bat is bad as court. So he's calling for the bat He's he's complaining about our belda indian. Figured i remember the story. Sure figure out that they want it the best they hit it. The bet that's what the umpires came in and took it back. Put down pires room and the indians were terrified because they knew it was a corked bat so they crawled into the ceiling. Crawls things found the umpire's room. They broke into the empire's room from the roof from the ceiling and they stole the bat and they eventually figured it out and suspended albert bell but that was He was he was so matter of fact he was like. Oh no there's no question. I don't care i don't care if they say it's not court. I know it's or watch baseball on time This is dirty die hard. you know. It's it's it's it's and that's why this whole concept of what pitchers are doing. Everybody knows everybody knows everybody in the league. I'm sure new it just that gene lamont had had enough and it cost his team that day and he's like screw it. I'm taking i'm doing this. Everybody knows everybody knows. Kelly which pitchers doing it. Everybody knows mike. you're right. here's the problem rich. The problem is this might be reckless to say. But okay i'll see you know it's it's my show. It's not yours. You can be less reckless on brother from a few minutes. I if there's any trouble often rich said that never said anything exactly about At least the steroid era was entertaining. Entertaining scandal louis got home runs. We got offense with this scandal. All we get is in a increase spin rate. I mean okay. So you you made it. Tell me you're gonna cheat so the league batting average could be to thirty. You know we got a bunch of strikeouts. Nobody pitches to contact. I mean that really fun. Why don't we get out of it as fans you know. What michael you're right. If you're gonna cheat entertain me in the process just like are you not entertained. The answer's no. We're not entertained. As a matter of fact we're pissed. You know i like it. You gotta be a cheater entertaining cheater. That's take away. michael has off. All the kids are in school. Still so Before i let you go. Because i know We were a bit late in getting to you because we were talking about Pita lonzo and all that stuff what is on brother for and other today who is on brother from another today. Who's on brought it from another today. We have our Our other brother from another Chris simms stop spy on thursday. I think i want to talk about. It's quarterback rankings. Okay he's got. He's he's great at this stuff. You know draft. He was awesome. No going over the positional groups quarterback rankings. I'm not so sure. I'm not so sure. what he's looking at but he's a good sport so we can kind of give him a hard time about that and we talk about the nba playoffs. Because i think tonight. I may have to concede rich I have been a grade. A brooklyn nets hater. And i'm not some surprising myself with this. I don't even know why. Have this st patriot for the brooklyn nets. But i'm gonna have to give it up If they they went tonight. I'm just going to have to concede. And say i find something else to be angry about. I know i know. I know That's a a big time. figurative If not almost literal do or die game for For the milwaukee bucks tonight. Thank you for the call. Send my best to Michael smith let's do this again next week sir. Yeah it's a big step for me personally tonight to you know i i have to make some admissions. I have to confess. I have to confess my sin. A good show have a good one. Thanks for the call. That's michael holly brother from another joining the nbc sports on peacock audience and vice versa. In about five minutes time we take it to his show along with michael smith everyday taking from dan. Patrick if you want to see the rich eisen show every day. And all the other shows that are The florio flout as we call it 'cause floreal begins and ends are day on nbc sports on peacock peacock tv dot com to get the rich eisen show and more rob demovsky. Malcolm jenkins appreciate a diner ruthenian. She just texted me. Photograph sent him to you. Teaches just tweeted them. Julio jones who said by the way just wait and see if anybody thinks that he spoke to the meter. anybody thinks he's said just Just you wait. Essentially kind of like the hamilton song. Speaking of which jimmy smits of in the heights is on tomorrow's show. We'll see you friday.

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Knockouts and 3 Counts  Episode 122 BJJ Black Belt Angelo Popofski


50:31 min | 1 year ago

Knockouts and 3 Counts Episode 122 BJJ Black Belt Angelo Popofski

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. Www dot I'd pass Detroit Dot Com before information. Everybody's steady beyond the man and get your money's worth day right here to do knockout. The three counts of remember. Everybody do this? Is John West here? And I'm telling you knock out to three couches. The podcast bathing through this winter. Check out because buddy like me. They're the real day jake the snake Roberts that we know Andy to listen to the Jenner's shoot at dance. This is the World Television Champion Aka. Saying t the baddest champion. You've ever seen boy and you listen to knockouts and three counts. Kyle and you are listening to knock outs and free counts. And as you can tell if you saw teaser video on youtube or anywhere else which before. I get anywhere stopped and hit. That subscribe button. Hit that like button and make sure you don't miss any of our great content. We're GONNA have a great show tonight. Not Quite the show that we had planned. But we're still going to get into a lot of that stuff so without further ado. We've got a Brazilian Jiu. Jitsu Black Belt Angela. Capacity how you doing man great attempting anything having a not much man just You know living this quarantine life so you being a teacher for those of those of our listeners. Who Don't know who you are in. You know you're a teacher as well. So what have been like for you during your quarantine and well. I'm sure you guys in heard you know we pretty much a completely switched up what we're doing and the gone to like completely online teaching pretty much overnight with the kind of change gear so it's been a learning process and it's. Kinda just is what it is. We gotta we gotta do it and finish up the year. Here do everything I'm lights. It's been pretty crazy so obviously high school teaching isn't the only teaching you do. And that leads to how you and I know each other. You know first of all before we get to your teaching you know. Tell us a little bit about your lineage. You know in Brazilian Jujitsu cause for those that. You don't know spoiler that's how we know each other so tell everybody a little bit about that and tell them a little bit about how long you've been doing to do so. I started training resorting to Gypsy on nine hundred ninety seven it was about this time actually like the spring of ninety seven. I started training Brazilian. Jiu Jitsu on at that time You know the US's were were popular and everything. And I kind of watched the first couple year. Abc's and that's one hoist Gracie and the Gracie Family Kinda blew up on the scene with Brazilian Jujitsu and Just graduated college and was looking for something competitive to do and my brother had always been in martial arts and he was you know fan of you have season and he kinda got me into it and There is a a gym that was Teaching Brazilian Jiu to Gracie. Jiu jitsu narrow us. He told me to go. Check it out and I did and sure enough. You know the big thing was I wanna go see a bigger legit and sure enough. They were and that was kind of pretty much. It and it was like the staggering career At that time that really wasn't a lot of places to train presented you too. And there wasn't really a lot of other teams around the the Gracie's pretty much it on. So that's kind of where my journey started was under the Gracie's the Gracie family primarily hoisted a C at that time Enduring my time training with the GRACIE's go out to California and at the Gracie Academy periodically on. He was one of the main instructors their mastercard. You're under now and I got to know him and train. Close to ten and A few years later I decided to split off and do his own thing and start his own team. So a bunch of the affiliates. That under the Gracie's kind of make a decision that they stay with the gray season they go with Katie and myself and Harvey who owns owns warrior with a We kind of sat down and had a discussion. We thought it was in their best interest to to pay So we made that change a few years after that. I can't remember the exact year happened now but ever since then we've been with HP so mad lineages lineage presents Still unwind pig races. You know shaky still says you know and teachers Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So let's still who are lineages is under. So that's what takes takes me today. I'm glad to hear that you answered that question because in all the years I've known you I never knew why achey split off to do his own thing right and that considering I've known you I want two thousand eight China think how long it's been wended. Matt when did Mash Open? Two thousand eight right some light. It's gotta be like that. Yeah I know they just versity by. Yeah I that's where when I first met you because when I first came in you had you had Justin James was still there. Miles was during their don was still fighting. Damon Dyer Brandon hunt a speaking a wedge. Justin Jane's I'll give another ass whooping warzone anytime you want. I just played in a tournament against him and all his buddies from extreme tour we wait. I two teams and then we lost in the finals. For four games to two it was it was a good time. But yeah man. That's when I first met you guys in that kind of leads me into A little bit of the topic I wanted to get into with Jujitsu In that when I met you I was probably about fifteen years old. Some fifteen hundred around there. It must have been fifteen because it was before I was driving. Okay yeah so When I met you guys you know like I had. I had a little bit issues for those of our listeners. Who Don't know you know I. I have cerebral palsy. Along with Crohn's disease so I'm not always the most flexible person. So for my Jitsu Game I had to learn how to make. Jitsu applicable for me So for me that my upper body was really strong so I like arm triangles. I like guillotines. I like Rene Jokes. I like cameras. I like anything that I can use my arms to do and For you you know you. You know you're a high school teacher along with being a Jitsu teacher What for you may. Jitsu that choice for you. In as far as martial arts goes because I feel like for me personally with my own health issues. Jitsu to me is the most applicable Self Defense Strategy Right You know it's Kinda crazy like for me. It started off with just being something competitive to do You know I take football literally all the way through college and when I graduated college like I instantly had nothing to do like competitive wise. You know and I remember I. I graduated college. I had this idea that I was gonna find in arena football team to try out for like I was just trying to find something to do to be competitive and I was working out and I was trying to get bigger. You know I wasn't. I was bigger than I am now but I still wasn't. You know like football big enough thoughts extra get bigger and it was about the time that I I took my first presented. Its class and I just with it and never looked back and like at that time. You know nowhere near that. Wait now that like I instantly. Just drop light sixty pounds in the first like some. Are you know couple months of doing to Jitsu like I was just training all the time and do Jitsu became my thing? I just kind of fell in love with it You know like I said for me it was just the the competition of it and you know realizing that it was pretty much like the ultimate self defense. So can you speak a little bit because so here's the thing with UFC getting as big as it has at this point I should say UFC MMA has gotten as big as it has I feel like a lot of people in twenty twenty. Think it's just as simple as you go into a gym you train for three years and you get a black belt Can you tell us a little bit about you? Know your journey to black belt and some of the The trials and tribulations that somebody may not know along the way because I feel like people just think it's like karate in that you can you know you can get a black belt. I don't WANNA say easy. Because they put in work but it's not in my personal opinion. It's not the same it's not I don't know it's just not the same. I don't know how to word it in the proper way but it's not the same. I mean here's the thing if you've had any exposure to martial arts you know you know that it's not uncommon to see A twelve year old black belt you know or like you said somebody trains and two years three years down the road. They're black belt. And you know if if you know anything about martial arts there's usually like I dunno at least twelve belts along the way to black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. What is their five White Ball? Bluebell Purple Brandon Black Right. So it's you know we tell people if you're coming into digits for the belts to get quick promotion. It's not the the style for you. It's definitely not the style for you not about necessarily the bolts and you know. I started at a time when the promotions Jujitsu weren't as I don't WanNa say structured but there wasn't really like a system for promotions. You kinda just trained and you know you never knew when you're going to get a promotion We didn't really do a lot stripes especially like with white belts. You know you just retraining. And then one day you would get your next belt so you know trials and tribulations. One of the things was just the frustration of never knowing when you're going to get promoted and he's just kind of it seemed random you know nowadays. We have a little bit more expectations for students. We keep track of classics class. Camp gets involved with it not that. It's like the definitive thing in promoting someone but you know students kind of know a little bit more now what to expect and what they need to do for for their next out you know. Compare IT TO BEING TEACHER. The old days it would be like may giving a test to my students but not telling them when the test would be or what was what material was on the tests you know and now at least you can't do that right so you know. You have to tell the students what they need to know what the expectation is and then they do their part of their job of showing up and putting the time and then that's kind of how the system should go. So here's the other funny thing with Ju Jitsu so for me Jiu Jitsu led me to what you guys are watching right now. I was a lifelong pro wrestling fan. Which we've already talked about in great detail on this show but you know for me. I started boxing at fourteen years old and had fought a couple of times before I came to mash where you guys were. I met you guys at and so for me you know. Once I came in there like I said at the time I came in there. You know pass guests at a show. Myles jury was in there. You gotta just in jeans whose extreme Petur who was in there you had there. In Kirk Sankara Nair. Angelo was still doing his thing and King of the cage. John was fighting everywhere. I mean we literally had guys everywhere and so I was trained in with a lot of the best guys around here I remember. Ken shamrock coming through there when I was there and Good Lord All kinds of guys. You know James that everybody in Michigan knows you know was that when I was there and so for me you know it was a Lotta guys out there but you know through. Jitsu you know when I would go and travel you know. I went and travelled out at American top team. You know Lord. I went train there and got to train a little bit You know I've gotten to do different seminars and things. With don you have gotten a train with Quite the different array of people so originally if any you guys were wondering why there may have been some teasers to five finger death punch stuff in that. Promo video you saw. That's because we were GONNA have zoltan bathroom five finger death punch with us but scheduling stuff. Got Away with that. So no big deal there but you've gotten to train with them and First of all since we're in quarantine. Yeah what kind of music have you been listening to lately? My Gosh Dude. I really honestly. It's you know talking about going crazy during quarantine you know. I've agree year old son so spending a lot of time with him and it's like I don't really get a lot of time to just kinda chilling thing so I'm watching a Lotta kids shows and you know those kids songs are getting stuck in my head the honest with you but when I do get a chance that I listened. Pretty much everything but You know anywhere from rap to pretty much just countries the only thing. I don't don't listen to so I have gotten on more. I've always been in a little bit everything I've been to everything Kenny. Chesney two FRIGGIN. I been hyping your death punch and everything else so speaking of five finger death punch you know like I said we were going to have Zoltan on. Tell us a little bit about that where Hell is some of the people. You've gotten a train with along the way and some of the any funny stories you got with that whether it's Zoltan fight fight game related so one of the first. Let's say like celebrities I don't know if you know the familiar with the old show. Married with children The Dad married with children. Ed O'Neill who's now on modern family. he trains jiting still does. And when I was training Going OUT TO THE GRACIE ACADEMY. He was a purple belt and he used to mostly do private lessons with higher belts and voice in. Horry in Greasy. He would do private lessons and here. I am one day. I'm doing a class out in California and here's at O.`Neil from married with children at the time this other show was started yet and he's in the locker room and voice comes in and he's like Ok guys he's like Ed is obviously a movie star in. He can't afford to get hurt. So voice trusting me enough to be partners in Ed O'Neill and I was going to partner up with them in the class because he needed to have somebody he can trust. Did Not GonNA spend as out in hurt him and I think I was Purple Ball Myself. We might have been the same rank and Before we started class he pulls me aside. He's like look he's like. I make money with my face. Don't hurt me. It was just got a funny random thing so I got the training last year's been kinda crazy as far as having a experiences which some musical people that this was a couple years ago now on I got to train with Maynard from tool that show. It wasn't the he was. He has a couple of smaller bands that he goes with. This was a perfect circle. They read the facts downtown. And we get a phone call brandon Mcdaniel the other instructor or your way He gets a phone call. And you know through Jujitsu you said you know you just need tons of people right and you just you had this crazy network of all kinds of people and we had met this guy who did security and it turns out. He did security for like traveling. Rock and roll bands and musical bands. So we get this phone. Call saying that Maynard's in town and made her likes to train. Ju Jitsu a bunch of other people do let train and perform you know. He likes to train before his His concerts are interested in going into private lessening Athem. Hell Yeah right so. It was pretty crazy to go downtown. They give us backstage passes pretty much. All access passes We go downstairs. They show US where to change the private room with Matt's laid out and share enough Guam's maynard with his purple belt in his head of Security. And we'd have to train for you know a couple hours and just gonNA shoot the shit and gave tickets to the show like second row. Third row seats and Yeah it was phenomenal. It was an awesome experience And then that was kind of like disconnection for this podcast. We were trying to make may happen. Zoltan from five finger. Death Punch is huge in a digital and judo I think he just has Purple Baltin Jujitsu. And I think he's a Browner blackballing. Judo he's really good in judo and yet when like instagram started years ago he was actually one of my first followers and I didn't really know who he was and I kinda clicked on his profile. I see guys got hundreds of thousands of followers. Who is this guy? And I'm looking through his pictures like some kind of rockstars thin so I kind of started doing my research and I realized with this guy is you know and it was just through that that we kind of connected and you know There was one time. There was a ballot or fight that she was at Gracie's and I sent him a message that said. Hey you know sounds like a fun night. I'm going to bed. I'm GONNA miss the fights wake up the next morning and there's like you texted me like pages of fight results letting me know what happens so. He's a huge fan of Brazilian Jujitsu. In May and kind of long story short. They came to the concert last A couple of months ago and they were in Toledo actually not Michigan and He's a big supporter of the law enforcement and military. So I have some friends who are cops like Edwards Who's kind of a you know? Guide the COP if you guys have stand and Dave in their police officers so event and through him. We invited us to their selling Toledo and yeah got to train them again While Zoltan actually had a foot injury so he couldn't train with us but he was backstage with us talking and his head of security is presented to blackball great guy so yeah we're just backstage training. They have met set up in. You know these these. These other bands are walking back and forth. And you know they're just about to go on stage but here we are for like two or three hours and you know Zoltan watching a train and you know we're kinda taken rounds with the head of security guy and it's just super cool. You know just a a fine chill by training session. And between rounds. I wasn't rolling. Go and shoot. The Shit was Multan. We get tons the best part. Was We get done rolling and is literally like they gotta get ready to go live. But he's out on the match showing us these like judo grips and you know some really good stuff like actually talk me alive you know. He's got this plastic. Do Down for his injury and yeah so then that happened and we went to you know same thing. They gave us awesome like all stage. Ally like we're right on the stage while they're performing that night there was this it was super cool and it's all because of residual to amen. Jujitsu has gotten to do some pretty cool things for me as well that you actually were part of so Another little peek behind the curtain for all guys who listen to every week you know I mean. I've been working with kids with disabilities now for a long long time. Now I haven't got to do as much lately 'cause adult problems but I You know I've gotten to take some of the kids that I've gotten to work with and have him come. Train WITH US AT MASH. Ange helped me out You know with a few kids in particular and You know it's just crazy man because it's like you know when I got into it. I got into a purely just so that I could learn how to defend myself You know at that point. I already had been fighting but when I originally got into you know any type of you know self defense type thing you know it was just so that I can learn how to defend myself. You know being a kid had You know health issues and things like that You also are a high school teacher. So what do you think what do you think? The benefits of Jujitsu are for kids today. In twenty twenty. Because my personal opinion I feel like if more kids new self-defense. Not In meant meaning of okay. I know how to fight so I'M GONNA kick your ass button. If more kids knew how to defend ourselves. I swear I feel like a lot of the bullying. You see allowed. That happens in schools. I swear it wouldn't happen because they know that you might catch an ass whipping if you don't if you don't chill out so for you. As a teacher I mean how do you think Jitsu applicable and can be effective? Not only for kids but adults as well as far as like for kids concerned. You know before I was a fulltime teacher. I get a lot of sobbing so I solved in the district that was close to where your way at the gym that I mostly trainer and it's amazing how because I go around and I would sub in different buildings and every once in a while I would happen to have a Kid. Who was maybe trained? At where your way for a little bit or recurrently training at where your way and you can just see. These kids were different than the rest of the kids they were. They were leaders. They were polite. They were respectful. They didn't get in trouble. They didn't pick on people they were good kids. You know and you know. We talked about how presented to may not be linked traditional martial arts and a lot of sense but in that regard. I think it's very effective for teaching discipline teaching respect. And you know like that something that you know like to hear you. You hear people complain about like this generation. A lot right at the end of the day like presided. It's especially. It's very humbling. It's very empowering at the same time right so as much as it gives you great confidence like you said you know. At any time on any given day you can catch an ass whooping in the gym right. And there's nothing more humbling than that so I think in that regard for adults and kids in general I mean it's it's the ultimate stress relief. It's the you know like I said when I first started training. I just immediately dropped like a ton of weight and I wasn't working out at the gym and you know you think. Now think about how much you missed. Ju Jitsu training now because you can't right and it just gives you all this like the stress relief and all the benefits that come with that. So I've been I've had to be away from Jitsu for quite a little while now because of work and all that kind of stuff man. So it's been killing me because I liked GIS for the fact that first of all it's a full body workout. Br anybody that's never tried it and they're like oh well. How's that going to help me with my fitness? Let me tell you you will learn quick in a hurry that if your soul plan is you're going to just go in there and muscle somebody around. It ain't gonNA work. I majored number. You're doing if you remember like your first classes but I do and I remember having muscles hurt that. I didn't even know were muscles shirted. I mean there is like the insides of your legs from trying to keep somebody in the guard. Like what the hell was that like. I just remember having these injuries and injuries but having sore muscles that I didn't even know to be sewer so for me. Man. I'll never forget so. I was really sore because at the time I was doing Jujitsu boxing and then I do Moi tie right after now like I said. I have cerebral palsy. Here when I first came in my legs were not exactly very flexible. Okay so I mean dude let me tell you to throw a high kick was a son of a bitch now. I knew that but still do. Throwing high kick was a son of a bitch and then after doing already having a triangle and all that so I'll never forget the first tournament time. I will never forget todd. I know you're watching. So you'll know this story Tables yeah I was a white belt. At the time he goes. Yeah you should tournament Shera whatever. Yeah I'm thinking I mean I'd already fought before I figured it can't be no worse than a box and fight so I go and do it. The kid that I fought had the NASTIEST g ever. I caught a staph infection from the kid. It was so bad that I could smell it like they got on the Mat. I could smell them and I'm like well I'm not gonNA forfeit and We get to a point in the match. And he had caught me in a triangle. Now for those who don't know. Jitsu classes are a little different than anime weight class. Like you have the way it right at one eighty five. You know if you're middleweight. Fight but when it comes to Jitsu for me mine was one forty one to one fifty five so the kid that I went with. I still don't think he was one fifty five but he had. He had me in a triangle and I could not get out and I just like. I don't know what happened but I stood up and I stood up completely from flat on my stomach with them into our bombed. Nude in his head bounced off the. Mat and the REF like like stopping. Oh Shit he's like do that again. You're just like hey dude Joe Away with it. The first time. That was the first time I did it like I was about to go out and I'm like well. I'm not going out like that I do. I've never do that. Poor kids had bounced off the map. But that brings me to my next point so we talked about how you got into Jitsu and all that kind of stuff but you also had a long career fighting for King of the EXC- see and a lot of the other promotions around here in a lot of a lot of the old days back when it was frigging the wild wild west never made man How so tell me that had to cause some interesting situations for you being a teacher? Don't tell me about that. Were there any stories that stick out or did any of your students ever show up denny your fights all kind of yeah I mean originally? When I started fighting it was never really an issue because you talk about like wild west days I had. There was no fights Michigan. I of a fight. I ended drive all the way down to Indiana. Like when I say Indiana I mean the southern most point of Indiana. If you look at a man we were at the very southern point literally if you crossed a bridge. You're in Kentucky. That's how fire south in joking. That's how far south in Indiana we were. That's where I had to go to find the nearest enemy fights and back then like nobody knew what it was and you explain it to people. And they're like I like professional wrestling and I do. I would just say yeah. It's just too difficult to explain it so nobody really everybody kind of knew what was going on but When I started fighting hurting in the cage I was. I wasn't fulltime teaching yet. I was subbing all. I'm sorry. I was student teaching which is kind of a lasting right before you start teaching like officially right so I fight for the king of the cage on. I can't remember where it was now on Ohio. Maybe and the show was going to be on pay per view and my fight was supposed to be on the undercard. So wasn't it wasn't GonNa be on the paper card right right so they didn't advertise. Yeah I wasn't on the poster. I knew I wasn't going to be on pay per view an nobile. Well TURNS OUT AT THE SHOW. They had one of the main card. Fights have been scratched. Something happened the fight got cancelled so everybody kind of moved up one place in the card right so I was the last fight before the main card which is going to be pay per view all of a sudden. My fight gets bumped up. I'm on the paper view. Show no big deal still. I don't think anything of it. It's still very small back. Then and King of the cage was Kinda just a different setup for King of the cage back then and it just wasn't very big. It was the first time it was on paper. View Blah Blah Blah. So a fight happens you know. I think I lost that plight but whatever so I come back to school and the pay per view was going to be like a couple of weeks later. It wasn't live so I'm walking down the hall. A couple of weeks later in this kid comes up to me. I don't know the kid. He's not one of my students. And he taps him shoulder. Anne Worcester so I kind of lean in just a little kid. It was a middle school at the time. I wasn't at the high school. And he's like an at this time. Kyle I didn't tell anybody about MMA. I didn't want it to affect my chances of getting teaching job. Like I didn't know where people would think of it so I kept it to myself. So he taps me on the shoulder. Lean and he's like he's like I saw you on TV. And I'm like and I know instantly what he's talking about. I'm like no you didn't yeah. He's like you fight under. May and I just like instantly kind of panic because like I said for whatever reason I just didn't want anybody to get the wrong idea about me you know and I'm like no I don't he's like yeah yeah you do. He's like my brother is an Ma fan and he had friends over there watching the show. He's like I saw you in that moment it it was gone. Everybody knew about me fighting. Everybody like started. Google searching and stocks are became like the school Whatever you know school lead gender whatever so so does it will ever be any grief with it. No absolutely not. It was just you know at that time. I said I was trying to get a job permanent job and I was. I was still student teacher so I just didn't want anybody to get the wrong idea. You know I tried to I. Obviously I treat myself or resentment very professionally at school. You know as a Jitney instructor and I just didn't want anybody get the wrong idea because back then like I saw. It wasn't mainstream right so I just didn't WanNa have any conversations explain it and how do I justify being a teacher when I beat people up or get beat up myself so I just didn't want any like weird style but I mean it was. It ended up just being more funny than anything else the teachers would give me. You know you bust my balls about it and the prince like it was fine and it actually became kind of all cool thing to kind of connect with the students and Allama a lot of parents as well. I can't tell you how many times I'd sit down at Parent Teacher Conferences and the dad just wants to talk about animated the whole time and not about their kidding class so it just kinda ended up being a a funny thing to be a part of my life as a teacher see. I can only imagine because it's funny For me like I said I went from being the kid who was always getting picked on to being a kid who I didn't go picking like to get back at first. At first I went and started picking fights just because I wanted it known. Leave me the fuck alone right after that. I didn't want no problems because like you said Jitsu teaches you really quick and in a hurry that look nude you can go in there and get your ass. Look like for me. I had a guy come in the gym. And Ethan Jordan. If you check this out you'll know because I'll never forget this. So we had a guy come into mash one day. It was one of the noon. Classes and dude comes in. He goes He said that he was ex-navy. Or some branch of the military entity new all this other shit and the guy outweighed me by a bunch but he had got on top. He was inside control. And he's like you can tell he's trying to like big body and at this point. I had three stripes on my blue belt maybe four stripes on my blue belt dude is just like really trying to be a dick and I'm like dude like and I'm not going full bore here right now. It's like all right fine. That's how we're GONNA play so he leaned forward wants lean forward twice on the third one. I rolled them and as I rolled them. I went right into an arm trying when he tapped before I ever squeezed and politics and Ethan. Ethan comes in you'll see what I'm talking about. He does he watch the whole thing and like the guy was clearly trying to be like right. And it's like that's the funny thing 'cause like once I once I kind of knew and then people knew like after I'd gotten a few fights more so once people knew then team at least when I was in high school. I don't know how much they do it now but I mean hell you still see it all over youtube where people meet up and just box and like like they still local you train. Why why don't you fight like dude like no no longer you train? The less you WANNA do that. I'll I'll admit when I first started training or you know as a blue ball like you kinda wonder like I wanted to see if this stuff works right and you just get to a point. Were you know you know what you can do at? I remember God I was a purple belt. I don't even remember but I was when I lived in Rollo. And you're out of the bars walking on the street and somebody bumped into me and you know told me to get out of his way and just kind of leaned to add look back and he started mouth and often that would have been my chance right there. Like test it out right but it's like you realize that it's it's a joke and I kinda just laughed it off and I'm a about a year tough guy and he just turned around and walked way on my friends. Were like dude. Why didn't you get only saying we can't even explain. Yeah digits and I'm just like if I even worth owns. Yeah a more. You know the more you realize you don't need to prove it. Show it or or doing. It's amazing hatchets. Changes your attitude towards that stuff so my question to you is. Obviously you know you've been around the game for quite a long time. I mean hell of this. I've been around the game for a very long. Yeah I mean when you started you know like I said it was the wild west of May and even to you didn't. Have you know a lot of people talking about? Jiu Jitsu back that right where now? I feel especially here in Michigan I feel like missing was kind of like kind of overlooked. People knew that they came from You know People knew that you know we had cronk and things like that for boxing but other than that. Detroit wasn't exactly looked at like a hot spot and now I mean as far as you Jitsu. I mean you've had guys that we've trained with either when they started or in the past whether it be guys like Dharma who's went and trained everywhere competed in all tournaments. You Got Miles. Who's went out. Ufc Bell Tower. And all that stuff you know who is trained. All over the place all over the place. I mean granted. A lot of these guys aren't with US anymore. But I mean just the growth of Michigan Jitsu is huge. Yeah Yeah I mean you know you gotta realize this is even before your time but even before my time there were. There were anime shows in Michigan back in the day like before I started the place I started at. They fought battle creek. I think all there is an animation back then in the early days of the UFC. One of the biggest. Ufc's for attendance was in Detroit. And you know Michigan has kind of been there and like you said for Jujitsu. We're for this region. I think Michigan is pretty light packed with Jujitsu town. Competitor is and you know black waltz and yeah it's kind of a you know a a hidden spot. I think in the community so I mean and that's the thing like now I feel like there's more awareness to things but like that brings me to. I got a story that will go with. But I'll ask you since we're whining about fifteen minutes left. Or so endeavoured since I know you couldn't be with US tonight I'll give you a free shot. I'll let I'll let Angelo Outlet Angelo. Decide this one since I know you know where you were going to go with it so before I get to that you know since you've been in the game so long what's what is the most shifty story you've got as far as like a like a fight situation because I've got a pretty funny one and last boxing fight my God. I mean 'cause I always look man I mean if you've been how many I mean you've been you've hung around you'd hung around US anime shows in you've been backstage and you've guys prepare and train and you've gone into way ends and seeing the shitty things that happened just way into loan. Forget anything else that goes on but just on the way ends like Mike. God come on dude but I remember when drama. Yeah Oh my God I mean. There's always something but like I remember one fight. This is a that older promotion on spiting on for the fight was for one eighty. Four right I show up. I went one eighty four. My opponent weighs two hundred. Some pounds didn't even didn't even try to wait. So what am I supposed to do at that point right like you know? We're talking at this time. Kyle and fighting for like two hundred dollars like that's what. The prize purse was. Is losing money to go and fight in the shovel taking off of work renting a car like I was losing money even if I won right so I'm trying to get like fifty bucks extra hunt like I'm like I'm not gonNA fight the guy who is a monster as it was right the promoters. Well if you WANNA know be a pussy and ruin the show. That's how they they would make it feel like you're I know this guy you know and I fought ended up beating the guy but the guy it was ridiculous you know and it's like just shit like bad and you know promoters in general you can never trust them you know. I mean my loud. Never go ahead. I was GONNA say I'll never forget the fight that we were both at Pontiac at the crow football room when Karma who talked about it damn near had a riot because that do wanted to try to fight Darren Kirk shanks and then there's something I had a guy so this was just a smoker fight that we ran. We did at the gym and Corey and Jessie. I know you're in here. Watching Corey was at this fight so feel free the comment any of your thoughts on said fight. Obviously yes just aged Korean. I we've known each other for quite a little bit So we went and I fought at the time I was fighting at one. Twenty in one. Twenty five I couldn't make that weight at this point if I tried your great So I made wait. Whatever in you know. You're just sitting around sitting around sitting around whatever and then they come up to me and they go. Well the guy that you were supposed to fight. Show up what we're going to. Have you fight this guy because you hit hard so you'll you'll be if you hit them you'll be alright? Yup I at the end. I had friends there right so me being a young dumb kid about this was literally after this fight was when I came to come train with you guys so I I was sixteen at the time and I was like. Well fuck it. I'll fight him. Whatever I get in there and at first because he was so much bigger than me he wasn't using his range at all mind you. This kid ended up that I thought was six foot any way. One hundred forty five pounds. She's outweighed me by twenty pounds and was a foot taller because I was a lot shorter. Time 'cause like I said I'm only fifteen sixteen at the time so we go in and we start fighting in the kid figures. I don't gotTA use my reach while he was dumb enough to get close and I grabbed him hard in the first round after that he never let me get close. He was just using using his jab. And anytime I get close hit him a couple times yup so I finally got pissed off man. I picked him up and I slammed him and he goes losing UFC. Well maybe you should have brought. The Guy was supposed to fight and we wouldn't have had to have that like people see people see all the stuff they see on TV and they don't know what long gone into before you get that point. Because I remember Tony Herbie. It was the first person I sparred with at Mash the night I got here and this is back when Tony still had the big fro and ask right around the time he thought. Go me so I you know. It's just funny because of Shit that like nobody knows then like you know now now like you said. I'm at a point where like if it's not a Jitsu tournament or like something to that ilk. I really care less. Define anybody at this point. You know you know I had a fight couple years ago. I tried to do one last flight. I'm I'm I'm forty six now dude right so I'm like I just wanted to give him one last shot. Just you know you always WanNa fight and yeah you know. They're trying to find somebody for make us look. Obviously I'm not trying to fights twenty three year old. You know monster so try to find somebody my age. You know Blah Blah Blah. They tried find the head. One Guy and funny thing is I was actually. Oh I should've told this story. But what am I supposed to fight this guy years ago and he ended up no showing like pretty much today in the fight and so they find him years later. Were supposed to fight again. And I told the promoter I said you better make sure because this guy is known for not showing up and Innes all kinds of shady shit. You know they're supposed to find somebody. My Age ended up finding this younger guy and whatever it is what it is but you know they they had they had promised me to a bunch of people across the state. I saw one guy at a tournament starts talking to me saying I'm ducking him and I don't even know who you are like. Yeah you're too scared to fight me at King of the Cage Dude. What are you talking about like? Yeah they they told me I was gonNA fight you and you never took the flight. I'm like I don't even know who the hell you are. So I knew the promoter for this particular kinkaid show and I'm like what are you doing you know? And that's what they do. They just lay play in its place against the other man in the worst of it is. It's like like I can never be grateful enough more grateful that I did find boxing and things like that but I'll never forget dude I when people don't know how big of a letdown it is. I remember I travelled out fifty nine West one time to fight not all the way. There won't go into the story. What happened because it was bullshit but went and did that did all. Your medicals did all that. Yeah you're not fighting and it's like all like same fuck man like I didn't even care enough about it to do it back then let you know let alone now. It's like you said I'll do Jujitsu tournament any week but MMA like. I don't know that's a short short lived career as it should be. I think we're getting down to the end of our time here. Let everybody know where they can find you on social media and all that good stuff and hey if you're looking to do some Jujitsu checkout warrior way martial-arts Checkout Mass Jim. I've been trained in there for years. They probably got some dumb ass stories. They can tell you that and here you go. Here's your shot. Are there any stories? You've got of all the years of training with me that you can remember because Devon was raring trying to get you to embarrass the shit out of me on here. But Dan Needs Hassle. No you always. You're always respectful kid just eager to learn. I mean I remember this and this is this is what I take it as you should take it as a compliment but you used to get so frustrated when you couldn't do something you know and I remember just having to tell you this is the thing about digits. You can always make work for you and you just get so frustrated. When you couldn't do something by you would always like you catch your breath and come back and do it and you you stuck with it. Obviously you never quit so I don't really have anything embarrassing to say about you man. Yes just haven't Yup now that was I just. I always respected the way you would always come in and you busted through people with twice the ability that you have quit a lot sooner and it just it says a lot about you how much you've done with Jujitsu and how you give back to people. I just think that's awesome. You know that's what you do is all about. It's guys like us. We went to the gym every day of the week. Hey I appreciate that man because I mean like I said it definitely presented It definitely presented a hard time with some things but you know it's funny though because I feel like later on you know. I feel like that opened up more doors where I know there were multiple times where you were teaching where. I'd catch somebody when we were rolling and I don't know if maybe like maybe I got tired and they thought okay. We're going to run right through but it's like all right. That's that's that's how we're going to run this. That's how things vans those all. You can do a man. It's been a good time and like I said Let them know where they can find you on social media all that good stuff and like I said man if you guys are looking to train all mass gym warrior way. That's the way to go and if you haven't done so already it. That link right corner hit the subscribe button. We've got plenty of good stuff coming to you. There's interviews with DP excalibur all that stuff and make sure you check out Angelo on his grandma's well they were way martial arts on facebook an An instagram and that's where at a man and with that being said make sure you're following the show at three pod Takeo Three C. pod dot com. You can find all of our past episodes. We got booker. T. Bruce Prichard Eric. Bischoff Sam Albie myles jury. We've got I mean. Look you already know the deal? If you're watching you already know what's up in those of you who don't get with the program Till next week as.

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Wednesday with Walton  February 5, 2020

Scoops with Danny Mac

21:16 min | 1 year ago

Wednesday with Walton February 5, 2020

"Hit a home run and get pre-approved for your next refinance or home purchase at the home loan expert Dot Com. Enjoy the PODCAST. It is a Wednesday in. It's the final Wednesday day that I will visit with Brian Walden and we will not have baseball ever well. Just just for a while Bryan just for a while. We're coming to you from the Lou fuse automotive studios lose a proud sponsor of scoops with Danny Mac dot com. They are proud to support the community. They call home. Fourteen eighteen brands at ten locations fused DOT COM head diffused DOT COM and. Find out more about Lou fuse and what they're doing for our community Brian Brian. Good morning to you. It's always good to visit and I'll tell you what baseball I'd never say it's not here because it's three hundred sixty five days your website. The CARDINAL NATION DOT COM is three hundred sixty five days talking cardinals baseball and in particular the minor leagues and touch upon. What's happening with the major leagues? But this time next week guys on the field they're playing catch there's no bullpens or taking. BP A baseball is here. My friend isn't it it's ramping up. There's no doubt about it and hey hey we're just like what two and a half weeks away from your first telecast which is really exciting. It was great to see that the Fox Midwest is GonNa Cover fifteen games again including the opener so You know folks won't have to wait at all long to To get their taste of cardinals baseball. And that's when I need two hundred thirty two pages of the book that you have put together the spring training guide if you well if you're a cardinal fan whether you're down in Florida or watching on television Trying to find out who these guys are by about the fourth or fifth inning. I need your book. So let's start with that. How much time and dedication have you made to putting out your spring training guide if you will for Saint Louis Cardinals in their fans? Well the Cardinal Nation Prospect Guide. We begin the work on the next year. Literally on Labor Day when the minor league season ends We start a process where we begin our voting for the top fifty prospects in the system. Then we roll them out through the fall and then you know it's a matter of putting together when we put together twenty twenty prospect guide. We do a section where we look back on the previous leaders across the system in in pitching stats hitting stats. We looked at awards that kind of thing then. Of course we roll out the top fifty prospects and then we look at the players who just missed the top fifty and and our sleeper picks for the year and then The prostate guide also has a detailed history section. Where we go into you pass drafts? And the past international classes. What's going on in rule five and all that so very comprehensive guide but of course the guy is those sixty two prospects that we write up in detail? A number of whom have been invited to Major League campus. Bring the number one prospect. I'm assuming and I know the answer is dealing Carlson but were there any other prospects six on that list. That surprised you with the votes in the feedback that you got in the top fifty. I wouldn't say so I I think Yvonne Harare certainly the the young catcher is. Ah a player who's really emerged and as a is probably GONNA play. It's pretty field this next year. You know all the all the focus on Noma Gorman as it should be as he's likely to make his you know leapt Aa if not the beginning of the season certainly after but I think Yvonne Herrera you could be right up there and a number of prognosticators have said that Harare might have the best batting average future of any prospect in the system because we know for example you know knowing Gorman's really a power guy and and his game is obviously not average and on base percentage urge. Herrera's definitely a guy to watch. Yeah I I'm interested in him. I'm interested in watching clearly. What happens with the outfield and in my mind As a pertains to minor leaguers and what's happening with the Major League club if you feel this way Bryan but to me left field in center field. It's wide open it. It's a no-brainer came out and said look. That's my job and I get it. You know you WANNA confident young man out there But he's got a hit and left field ozone now he's in Atlanta so to me when you're looking at all these different guys that have a shot. That is the really unique competition that we have going into this year's edition of the cardinals and spring training. That's right and so you couple that with the fact that they have twelve or thirteen starting pitchers competing and one of the things that I asked Mike Syllabi directly. How are you going to get all these guys enough innings and enough at bats and he said? Hey we're going to have a lot of big games a lot of SIM Games. which typically for fans her on field one usually about ten am and so not only will all those twelve or thirteen? Starting pitchers need to pitch. But guess what the guys who will be taking those at bats probably are going to be those young feelers competing for the jobs and we're specifically talking about title Neal Lane Thomas. Let's not forget Austin deem the player that's brought over from Miami and then of course Justin Williams a left-hander who was heard all last this year. We didn't see much else but when he came back in in August he played really well. And then the number one proximate prospect system Dylan Carlson. But you know the warning on Carlson. Carlson is with all those other guys that they got to try to sort it out. You know 'cause we're going to see him in the spring but I don't think necessarily he's going to get the same opportunity. Say as d'alene Thomas or a title Neil to get it that I just don't see how they can do it if he busts out and it's you know we we don't know we'll know in six weeks what's it's going to happen but if Dylan Carlson has a great camp you know I've had fans tweet at me or asked me. Will they hold him back because service time we've just seen that Kris Bryant did not get what he he wanted. Service time with the Chicago cubs in my response has been. I don't believe that is going to play in as a factor for the cardinals. They haven't done that in recent history history with Michael Walker or an Alex race or others I think if he has a great thanks. Jordan Hicks is another one. I think he has a great camp. He he breaks North With the club the Cincinnati I. That's my belief we'll see if it plays out. Hey I feel jobs wide open. There's no doubt about it and let's take the worst case scenario for the other guys tyler. O.`Neil gets hurt hurt again posing as another pull and Thomas gets hurt again. Thomas hasn't had a clean injury history either or maybe baiter stumbles as well on Thomas Amish turns out to be your Centerfield or not. Your leftfielder certainly. Doing Carlson shouldn't become a doubt. I'm just saying that. They got a lot of guys to look at and they know you know it's Kinda Nice you know sometimes when you're playing in a card game and you know you got an ace in the hole but you can play If you need it and you know doing cross and could also be that guy. If the cardinal no struggle early and they need a little shot offense in the May June time frame before the trade deadline comes you know you Kinda like Tommy Edmund. Last year you send him down the Memphis you let them get some more at bats plays every day because that's the one thing with Carlson it. He's not going to be a bench player if he's in Saint. Louis He is in that lineup every day. So so you know there's another scenario that says you know having Carlson kind of be your guy to give your offense. A joke into the schedule. Wouldn't be terrible scenario. I've had so many bands and I. I know you probably have gotten the same response. But so many fans Just in general conversation walking the streets at my kid's game saying you know where's the offense is going to come from and are you surprised that they didn't make a move. And you know my general response has been you know a lot of times you do catch lightning in a bottle with these young players. They give you a jolt of Energy And They WanNa see what they have and they are. You know. Mo- always talks about their spring training. There's opening day There's the midway point any of the season that you're evaluate where you're always evaluating but then your club is not your club until the trade deadline comes and goes but to that point. Are you surprised that the cardinals did not make a move to sign some veteran going into spring training. It's not to say it won't happen. But are you surprised at this point that they haven't I am GonNa be. Yeah Yeah and by the way when I talk about the outfielder I didn't even mention Tom Edmund or run Hell Rebelo. So there's a lot of guys already on the roster competing for best even after they unloaded you know Jose Martinez and in Randy Rhoads arena and adults Garcia. So on one hand I say yeah you know it certainly be a lot more comfortable to have more assured hitters in the lineup But on the other hand there's just so many bodies as it is and they gotta figure out among these young guys who they're gonNA use. I think that some fans have gotten the disappointment over for the cardinals. Not going out and really you know taking control the division by going out and getting that top hitter cloud their view of the fact that the team is pretty darn and good even as it is now granted. Would it be better if they were ninety. Two win team rather than an eighty eight win team on paper. Sure sure but and you know. We're not done yet. Yeah I mean the cardinals haven't made any midseason acquisitions in a long time. But you know if they need that guy to get over the Hump and the right players available you know. We couldn't count that out either. I wouldn't think Lane Thomas. Let's talk about him. I am so intrigued with what I saw albeit briefly last year before he got hurt Your expectations for lane. If he is healthy and that really is the big question if he can stay healthy you know it and and that's one of the probably one of the reasons. The cardinals God Lane Tom. It's so cheaply just for International Shaukat money from the Jays back for years ago. But if you look at the year that Lane Thomas had at Springfield in two thousand eighteen. It was even better than Dylan. Carlson's year at Springfield in twenty twenty. Nineteen that's how good of a yearling. Thomas had two years ago now moved up to Memphis last year. He had some injuries and players. Well but what the guy we saw in that whatever. It was fourteen twenty two games. Whatever it was with Saint Louis Lane comets played? He hit the ball with authority. He played solid defense. And he's got good speed. So you know I think lane. Thomas isn't Harrison Baiter Centerfield. Okay there's nobody in the cardinals organization That's as good of a defender eater but rain. Thomas is the next best guy and there's no doubt that his office is much more balanced player and probably better offensive performer. So like you said before I think definitely Harrison bid the pressures here's on Harrison Baiter for all that off season work you put in and it sounds like he put in extensive work. If that doesn't work out then I think Yeah Lane thomases a guy that could take that job. Wow Wow Tyler. O.`Neil can play center while doing Carlson can't play center. Calls the play a lot of center in Smithfield last year. His long-term Answer Carlson. Ed O'Neill commander is GonNa be in one of the corners. I'M GONNA throw four pitchers at you. That intrigued me going into spring. Training one is not made to the major leagues yet but he has been added to the forty man roster the other three have had time with the big league club. So I'M GONNA throw Alex raise. Jake Woodford Daniel Pon Staley on and Austin Gombar at you out of that group who excite you going into Spring Training Twenty twenty so Gombar Pasta Leone Woodford and who's afford Alex Radius How well that's that's the man I mean? Let's face it. In terms of pure talent. Alex rance was the top prospect in baseball and the only question of course is is health. And what we heard. Winter warmup. Everything's going well. He's supposed to work out an instagram. You'd everything looks good. Of course the question is going to be when he gets them at Mount. Kenny throw strikes. Can we get better dot consistently but if all those guys are healthy and pitching to the top of their ability. There's no doubt that Alex is a guy that could help. The cardinals bullpen. Now I don't think even though he's totally prepared come in as a starter given the amount of innings that he has been able to throw the last three years you know he's not going to be able to step in and throw one hundred in eighty innings as a starting pitcher. That's not gonNA happen. So if rant's is pitching well you know he could be an x factor in Saint Louis Bullpen. That's a little short handed. Tell Jordan Jordan gets back in the second half I if he needs to start he could still go back to Memphis compete arrogant. Like he did last year. Yeah I find his role really intriguing because I think the cardinals are at a point and and I don't know if you agree with me on this but they're at a point like hey we've exhausted all options with Alex. We've tried 'em in the pen. We've tried them as the starter he. He's done this. He's done that he's done everything we've asked. I wonder if they just take the reins off and say look whatever happens happens but go get him and and if that means you're a starter and you get you're going to get to one hundred eighty two hundred innings so be it. That's the way we're going to approach it. I wonder if they're at that point with Alex rates. You know if if it is to get to those one hundred and fifty innings. It's going to have to be at Memphis because I don't. I Mean Alex. Rae has comes out firing bullets from day. One he's not going to unseat both Kim and Carlos Martinez and unless there's injury now of course injuries can always change the picture but if everybody stays healthy I mean at best case eighth. All those guys you mentioned are the number seven starters because whoever Kim Martinez would be your other now granted Kim makes rotations number five and Martinez. Yes you know. Goes to the PENN and steps back in the closer then now these guys number six starters. But they're still number six fights. It's well put I agree. I agree but I'm so intrigued with his talent that if he comes out as to use your words firing bullets watch out Alex Race. Maybe he's in your rotation you just don't know and then you can load up your bullpen in a different way if you wanted to. I think any option with him is on the table if he's got big stuff because he's that good we've seen it to me in the last twenty twenty five years outside of Ricky and kill. He's the most exciting pitching prospect cardinals have had. Would you agree with that. I I agree and you know. It's just unfortunate that those injuries have caused all of us. We most of us to be a little cynical about whether you know you. And you can't count on it but he's you know he's such a an x factor such a a potential positive impact and whatever role. They put him in. You know it's pretty exciting but on the other hand you know the good news is. The cardinals aren't counting on him to step into the rotation. They're not counting on him to be the closer. They've got other options so if he has to step in and he becomes Setup man in front of guy goes in front again or however they decide to to mix the ninth inning. I think we'll see pretty quickly. If he's healthy. Alex Rae as can be a force. No doubt about it. No doubt about it. I agree hair saloon for men. You'll receive the perfect haircut complimentary beverage relaxing shampoo hot towel lament complimentary shoeshine all for just twenty two dollars hair saloon for men s Mclaughlin here to tell you about the hometown automotive family. I trust the most the loopholes automotive network and you know they are saying Louis loop us has been a part of Saint Louis for over seven decades. They're proud to support Saint Louis in the surrounding areas with cars youth. Sports and charitable efforts. Fourteen brands ten locations just visit views dot com to start shopping today. The Blues Fan joined the Party all season long at hotshot sports bar and Grill and one of their eleven area locations great food and drink specials available during during every blues game. It is your home for Blues Hockey. Remember of the blue scored five game this season. You get hotshots legendary tacos for one dollar each the next day find a hotshots near you at hotshots net dot com proud partner of the Saint Louis Blues. I think one of the intriguing things going into spring to Brian. And I'm curious when you know your conversations with those at the winter warm up those people you talk to and interviewed and just the feeling that you're getting around baseball is how the twenty six men will be used on on these rosters. I I find it incredibly interesting. Which Direction team will go and for people that don't know? Correct me if I'm wrong. You gotta carry your thirteen pitchers so it's not like you're carrying carrying a an extra pitcher but D- carrying extra catcher or is it somebody else. I think that's very intriguing as it pertains to the cardinals in particular with Andrew. Kisner and Mike. She'll did not rule out the fact that the cardinals Qatari three catchers and the positive side of the argument says with Andrew Kisner as your third third catcher then met leaders guy who can hit left hand. They need left-handed guys off the bench. Man Leaders could be that Guy Pinch hit him and still have Kisner in reserve. Served if you needed a catcher late in the game The other question is you know in Iran Hill. Rebelo is he a guy could play that role you know he kinda steps into the Jose Z.. Martinez a guy can play You know first base. You can play a little outfield. You can put together an Ice Vinci to that so the car does have a number of options. They could play. Chances are the Middle Infield. You know Munos is the incumbent SOSA IS GONNA come to camp and try to unseat him. I doubt they would keep both Muneo Sosa. And Tommy Armie Edmund as reserve infielder so really that twenty. Six Man is going to be interesting because this is chart water right. The first year that the major league baseball it's had that additional spot and the other anything we need to remember and I it's every spring and I'll see it multiple times again just because they set the roster a certain way on opening day doesn't mean a day or or two or a week later they're not going to switch things around anyway so you know I get the excitement of being the guys you know for the home opener to get to ride in the motorcade around busch escaping and all that but as we saw you know last year especially You guys are on the team to start. The season may not stay there very long if they don't produce that's exactly right There has been talk so much so this off season. It's really consumed a Lotta Minor League baseball about the potential contraction of multiple teams nearly one hundred teams. What's the latest on that? What are you hearing? The number lasted. Forty two teams out of the hundred and whatever it is that are in Minor League Baseball and the rhetoric has calmed down quite a bit. It's quiet down. There were a lot of missiles fired back and forth as recently as last week when Minor League Baseball wrote a detailed response back to MLB You know basically stating hey we definitely do want to negotiate in you. You know in good terms but you have to be willing to discuss the forty two and whether that is really going to be hard and fast or not and So so you know. We don't know who's WHO's right. WHO's wrong? Whatever but they've only got a year to get this resolved and you know no matter? What some number of these local cities and you know some members the Congress You know are getting fired up to to fight this potentially even in the court so you know it's a it's a situation that I hope both parties keep working on in earnest. Best and he'll try to get away to get it resolved successfully. And you know. There's a lot of fans in these cities who are concerned. They'RE GONNA lose their lifeline because this idea. Da At baseball heads of this Dream League of good affiliated League basically an independent League That's not going to be feasible for a lot of these. These smaller are minor league teams because the cost of paying the players and the coaches that today are paid but by the major league organizations would move to local ownership. shipowner this dream league scenario. And that's GonNa make it not profitable for for a lot of not able to do it so there has to be some other way. I think maybe spreading it out over time getting these These local teams more time to upgrade their facilities. That kind of thing Where he made you don't have to cut all those teams right away aboard the newest restaurant I brought in Saint Louis? The train shed at Union station perfect place. Before and after blue's in Card Games Historic Saint Louis Union station downtown's newest dining destination with train. Train sheds create a pub and their Soda Fountains Modern Diner. The train shed at Union station. We'll wrap it up with this. You are busy for people that don't know. The Cardinal Nation DOT COM has content bent interviews Every single day three hundred sixty five days a year. That includes Christmas and Thanksgiving and New Year's Brian is on it. So what are you working on as we are headed towards the first week is spring training. Well we've got the details up on a both major league schedule all the TV Games. Both the ones that you'll be calling on Fox Fox Midwest and there's other Games on some of the other teams networks and ESPN. We've also got the cardinals minor league schedule for those games for subscribers to read about. We've got all the number All the uniform number assignments and changes and assists. Cabrera moved from sixty one to ninety two. I'll be interested to hear why. So you know all Ah Who's wearing which numbers in camp and then we've got a series of baseball. Hd is an organization that used to consult with for the cardinals back some years ago. They have a AH document called the Minor League Baseball analyst in which they do in depth scouting reports on players across the game so we have reviews of all the cardinals top prospects down into each chip the hitters Different different skills and different pitchers assessments of the quality of the pitcher pitches in their velocity. So you know a lot of good scouting information On on the cardinals some of which comes from us. It's come from other places around the Games. Well great stuff Brian Next time we talk Jupiter you'll be there in probably mid eight to late March with the minor leagues reporting. Yep So it's GonNa be fun. We'll be talking baseball again next Next Wednesday thanks so much mm-hmm.

cardinals Dylan Carlson baseball Neal Lane Thomas Memphis Saint Louis Cardinals Alex Brian Brian Louis He CARDINAL NATION Dot Com Bryan Kim Martinez Alex Rae Florida Brian Walden Tommy Armie Edmund Andrew Kisner Lou fuse automotive studios
30 Trivia Questions on Family Guy with the Cast of Family Guy!

Trivia With Budds

32:44 min | 2 months ago

30 Trivia Questions on Family Guy with the Cast of Family Guy!

"It's thirty trivia questions on family guy with the cast of family. Guy including seth mcfarland mila kunis seth green and a ton more from comecon at home. Twenty twenty one. This is trivia with buds leaning. What it be. And welcome to another episode of the trivia with buds podcast. I'm your host ryan buds very special episode today with some celebrity guests. That's right we have the cast of family guy on today's show got to host this panel for comic home twenty twenty one san diego comic con which was all virtual again this year and last year they did like a table read and this year they reached out and said hey we want to do some trivia. We came across your website and it looks like you're the guy that could facilitate this forest so it was a ton of fun recorded this probably about a month and a half ago as of august thirteenth twenty twenty one and it kinda aired a youtube through the comic home channel. And i think it's on the fox channel so you could watch it and number of places but this is the audio from that trivia showdown with a special guests ethnic foreign and alex burstein seth green mila kunis and some producers and other cast members and things so check it out. Give it a listen. it's a long one. It's like thirty six minutes and this one is not safe for work. So if you have kids that listen to the show. I believe that the cast swears quite a bit at times. So just be aware of that. And i put this episode as an explicit episode to hopefully mark that for you as well but if you like family guy. It's nothing insanely more brash. Than watching an episode of family guy to be honest. I it's a ton of fun. I'm very honored that i got to do this. And hopefully i get to do a lot more things like this for panels and things in the near future. all right. that's it for this intro. Enjoy the episode. And if you wanna watch the video it is linked in the show notes you can watch the whole cast compete on the zoom. Call on youtube anytime you want about thirty six minutes long. All right buckle up here we go with family guy trivia. My name is richard appel and along with my fellow. Co showrunner alex salkin. We are thrilled to welcome you. To family. guys second pandemic mandated virtual comic con panel. Just saying those words builds the excitement and we are thrilled to have our cast with us. Arief reefs here. Seth green meal kunas alexkor steam. And of course death mcfarland and we are also joined and happy to have ryan bud susic median and producer and trivia master who has hosted five hundred and fifty virtual trivia shows since march twenty twenty. We can only imagine that hosting your life. Hundred and fifty. I must be a special grille design for family guy trivia night. What an amazing thrill it is rich. Thank you so much for having me tonight. Great to see all of you tonight. This is going to be a ton of fun. And i been watching the show for twenty years so this is a dream. Come true for me. We're gonna have a blast playing trivia with our smartphones and You know we'll we'll jump in between the functions with some some different things and it'll be great to see what you guys about the show Before we start. Do we have anybody that has dibs on winning this thing. Who thinks they're gonna have ultimate bragging rights on the history of family guy. Let me recruit us about knowing. The most meal is always saying i know the most. So maybe maybe it's a reef coming in for the kill or so. That would be amazing reef newest. The cavs be stone-age rich. Retrial is going to win. So alex o. Seth i will take care of you sexually later for counting on it. Antastic is we're going to jump into our first round trivia which is general knowledge trivia shan. Kind kinda random questions from the history of the show over the last twenty years and my buzzer. Writing is in and all the questions will appear on your device as well as the screen sharing hit. Abc or d. Is quick as you can to buzz in. And it is based on speed and accuracy. So you don't want to just get a correct you want to get it. Correct the quickest to get the most powerful her mama down today. Individual point and the millisecond is one hundred points available on every question and there's twenty seconds to answer every question. What's the anybody's swearing will slow word. L. up just send us alcohol. No no all right guys. In twenty seconds the first round or will begin. It is general knowledge trivia. We've got seven people playing here for those ultimate bragging rights with the cast of family guy. And you're gonna hit abc or as quick as you can get the most points out of one hundred or wish everybody. The best along brag that you know the most about family it is quite over in what country was peter griffin born in ireland mexico or the united states number one. Abcd hit the right answer is quick as you can on your device to get the most points my finger. The wrong one uses begin. I don't i didn't know the answer. But i just. I did what i would like the answer to be. Okay yeah let's see if you got it alex. The answer is mexico did you pick mexico darn griffin board and build a wall. Three people guide like four people missed it. The answer was mexico. Forty-three percent of the group. Well done that's your general knowledge question. We're moving on to question number two on round one heaters all time. Favorite song is called surfin bird by what group the trash man. The tornadoes the holidays or the orleans number two dogs. My phone didn't refresh all buddhas viruses made it to new. I'll try just refreshing your browser. It should catch you up to where we're at. If that happens news paintings going to catch up to where this answer where you mean the the family guy. Writers didn't write this order. The trash man trash man. Four out of seven got sixty seven percent. Here's question number three. We got number three coming at you. In the season. Eighteen episode disney's the reboot which character is killed leaving supernatural teens to solve the case. Stuey chris neil or meg number three. I don't know i'm just on. Tv last year. Alex picked read. You kill neal. kill chris wrong. I think it's usually. Meg isn't it. Yes correct sir. Little was the start watching this show. The answer was mag thirty four fifty seven percent question number four on your quiz. What is the basis of peter and the giant chickens. I fight in the episode dabuma expired coupon parking space. A love interest were space in line number four. I don't like this game. I got a for this game for. I'm not doing well at this gainer and we'll see you guys said first. Let's look at the votes beforehand on this one. Three people said an expired coupon reset a parking space. Nobody said a love interest unfortunately with a giant chicken and one person said space in line. The answer was an expired kupa. There it is well done. And i actually have a question about this specific character. Was this always a giant chicken or was it ever. Another animal in question will always a space filler. I remember because that episode was was short and they had to fill it. They not even getting. That's what it was. Vampires that good lasting your number five. How does mayor west kill the domino's noy dh snap snack explodes poisons or stabs number five hundred mayor west. Kill the domino's renault aid. I just picked based on how you said. The words is that right. What what do you think the answer was. Based how i said it snaps neck made you usually flows. That's a good intuition. I wonder if i do that. Every time i read it wrong. I have to listen to my own voice. didn't he. Seven percent knew that that no aid got a snap neck from mayor west. We're halfway you save murder. We're halfway through this first round. We've got five more questions to go. On general knowledge family guy trivia. Here's number six which is not a family guy. Road to episode title is road to north pole road to germany road amsterdam or road to the multi verse number six which one is not a road to episode title russians. Who doesn't want to write it answered number six is road to amsterdam one person mystic. I mean i missed it. Okay it. I got one six out of seven got it. Here's number seven. What is quagmire is deceased. Wife's name joan. Sandy judith or emily. Quagmire is deceased wife's name and i will say when we're we're on this question by Somebody that was on the preliminary they said. I didn't even know. Quagmire headed deceased wife. So i feel like this might be a tough question. Forgotten that one too. I'm guessing i sandy. I got it right. I put joan was joan. Yes alec celebrating and her amazing chair. Alex you win a share. That looks just like that tonight as you come in i so i hope you could use to a three percent. Three people it now. I really want to win this. So we care. Twins twin eight nine and ten to close out on first round number eight who ended a bearing the trophy on the season. Two episode love they trophy. Joe brian peter or cleveland. I mean who cares. I mean really doing well. But but i'm very scared of arief. I'm thinking i'm doing well. That's the answer. Here is bryan bryan ends up. Very trophy vowed four people fifty seven percent. We've got to questions left to see waiting on again. He actually is a son of a show. Thank my mind just like the trash. Talking is strong amongst this group number nine. Finished the lowest quote peter. We have a hamper. Stop throwing your dirty clothes in the what sink toilet garbage or oven. Mary skater mccain's close through there. Would peter say do. I went with toilet. Well it seems like the highest word the votes to said saying to said toilet garbage one said oven. The answer was toilet growing close in the toilet peter. Tv one question left to go one question left on our first general knowledge round. Here's number ten. What is chris griffin middle. Name the wrong. You know. I got what i know i got. What is it already press it. Not an embarrassed analysis. You're not an embarrassment. Christopher and how we feel about this this one locked. I said i touched the wrong ross. Christina cross was him new story us for one. let's see who knew the most about general knowledge. It was seth mcfarland was seven hundred forty point ten alec eight re radical gone you. I you know something. I don't like to lose guys followed in first elegant second rich and third followed by alex other set a wreath and on the leader board scores are gonna over into our next round. Everybody at our next round is all about guest stars on the show. Guest stars around ten questions are on guest stars. We're gonna jump into this one right now now. This is a great time to refresh your browser like alex. I'm a twenty percent our maybe plug my phone in. You should be able to last because we'll be done pretty shortly but if you want you can put it on a low low battery mode Yeah but if everybody refreshes their browser they'll kind of get a fresh connection to the game. And i'll remind you to do that in between two and three as well but when you account down and here we go guys. You got all seven players ready for round two. This is our guest star around and so amazing guest stars in history of family guy. Oh i hope that one of the questions is how long did barry. Manilow have to wait to record club. Our round number two in the two questions one susie swanson joe and bonnie's infant daughter was that voice by bette midler. Jennifer aniston patrick stewart or angelina jolie. Who did the voice of susie swanson joe and bonnie infant divine miss. 'em thank you for helping us i i. That's what i just hung. Misleading people who had a son of a mettler nutrients there was not bette. Midler generous jolie. It was patrick stewart. Stewart taught the works on the other show yes pre people forty-three percent question to thelma. Griffin peter's mothers that betty. White joan rivers stiller stiller or judi dench number two thelma griffin number. Two time gone Anyway joan rivers. Phyllis diller or judi. Dench i don't. I'm just putting who i want it to be. I don't i hate this game. we all do. I'm phyllis diller. Never had that one wrong. What got it to fifty seven all bettys and bets and number three bud swanson eh. joe's father was that eto. Neil neil patrick harris simon towel or jonah reeves. O.'neil don't say it allows long matter alec again game for me the meal. You're makes a little hot. And the answer was the legendary eto neil percent question. Nobody knew thanks. I would've never open women's shoe salesmen to bud swanson. There's ed o'neill hundred percent. Seven people got at number four the black knight a ren faire joust here. Was that jack black. Adam corolla will ferrell or ed asner black knight a ren faire joust south is nailing these. I can see it. He's nodding solemnly lay. We'll he's in the best mood. He's been thirteen months. Because i'm going to have to do a lot better than that. Trivia with butts on an ear is will ferrell will farell the gesture. Forty-three percent three people got it number five bertram. His brother was that ashton. Kutcher alec baldwin wallace shawn phone. Baz want trivia with buds answer. No no oh. Don't help her her. Was it her. Husband wallet sean. Or have you ever been the answer sean. There inconceivable if you got it wrong seventy one percent five people. We're halfway through. We got five more guest stars. And here's number six penelope's dewey's love interest is that elizabeth banks elisha cuthbert kate blanchett or susan serandon number six now now. It's least did i say. Cut their couth. But it's alicia. It's actually rare elisha couth bear. The answer was not her cate blanchett's and let's celebrating arms up in the air. Well done alex. Seven zero -puter schmidt lowest. His sister is that. Arthur julie hagerty elizabeth taylor or reapproach that one faster. I got a pretty fast. I mean and guest. i don't remember. i only get up a stash. Oh when i get one right. Julie hagerty seventy one five awful. Got that one right. Three questions left on guest stars to close out. Round to number eight billy fan talking dolphin ricky job as jason stadium. Elisha water benedict cumberbatch buddy. That was winning answer punctuated with a sip of his drink. I got this one right. I'm ready will guy in the world. We couldn't make it work. Ricky jer vase seventy one percent want people out of the two questions left number nine we have. Stella peter's brewery co workers at jenna fischer tracy ullman julie bowen or marlee matlin. I know want to say someone should be shamed if they don't get this year i know but you can shame me right. Let's check out the votes. I nobody picked a or b people said julie bowen five people early matlin were correct harley la last question number ten for guest stars round to angela peter's brewery supervisors that kristen bell carrie fisher. Sofia vergara or amanda. Say free. jobs are on the line here. And we're past dane. We're past one hundred got this. Yeah this one alleged fans here now. Supported is the late great. Carrie fisher six percent. Six people got it wrong to say. Let's see who won around her. To set mcfarland. Ten out of ten car stopped close alec but you are not eleven points for set alec alec. Richardson is our reach fired. Talking about good news alex. The paperwork actually hasn't gone through. No there's gonna be some internet conspiracy. Paris say his score was nine. Eleven guys guys guys. Having sat through sat there all these table rates. I can just tell you is character workers flawless. So i think is external. Knowledge of the show is inconsequential. Right body let's see. Who's winning overall. A seth macfarlane with one thousand nine hundred twenty questions correct. He's only missed one. Sixteen alec s has fourteen sixty three and eighteen. Out of twenty enriched fifteen hundred twentieth twelve sixty one show creator appears to have advantage blind. Boys you guys are focused on nick during this. I'm just looking at my screen. I'm focused on winning. Then it's over. Nothing's cracking my character. Instead they misquotes. I'm wsb unconcerned with the outcome and set mcfarland off on the next round first question around through social security number. We'll if you guys can do it what we're going into famous quotes guys this round number three. I believe we have some amazing guests stars coming up on the twentieth. No way he knew. When you're that's my cue ryan to tell you that. In addition sam elliott. Everyone loves sam as our mayor. Adam west cousin wild wild west. We have jay pharaoh coming onto the show as a recurring character. Justin hartley from this as well. If zachary levi in a little with some opposite meal and a great episode between the two of them chris cornell returns. Doug pat oslo. Peter macon is gonna join our cast as recurring characters. Peter ribbons boss leases coming on to sing with brian and to be funny with everyone. Mike judge will be there leslie adams as herself and kenny loggins as himself a very good sport kenny. While all these stars on one show it's hard to believe and not one show in two thousand and three on show in two thousand twenty one heights. Close that out with a gums to log ins. We're honored your course leslie for us could not have been sweeter career or voice was awesome. Yep got shut up and deal all right. We're going into round number three. Our final round of game play here. Who's gonna take down seth macfarlane with the highest score. We've got famous quotes and you are filling in the missing words from the quote against all multiple choice. Twenty seconds. get ready to go. Make sure your you're refresh your browser. Make sure your browsers refreshed on your phone and took my browser to palm springs here. We go three two one famous boats question. Peter saying come on. Let's go drink till we can't feel blank anymore because every time he's already looking up like We can only person is literally those exact words in that order before the answer there is feelings must feel feelings anymore. Seventy one percent five people got it. Here's question number. Two stuart brian. I think we can get blank blank to stop tweeting again. But we all gotta work together. Katy perry john mayer justin bieber or donald trump number two. I just got it wrong. Son of a goose. There's a chance suck mcfarland. Might not remember this. I don't remember this and so does his first wrong answer. The answer was john mayer Dumb luck he got it right to people. Talk about better rights. Yeah yup i remember. That was a wild guess. That's easy she number three. Brian saying hey barkeep. Do you have to get a blank blank around here. Cold beer white russian root beer or dry martini. I definitely know that because it was all what if you look up and i was shaving. It's basically gotten to that point going to be quick change martini. Of course the answer. Their letter d six out of seven. Got at number four meg. Did i frigging stutter. I said more blank is it cocaine. Red vines cosmo's or skills. I don't know that one. Nobody alec just other doing. I know but i got it wrong. I'm just i'm on my own. Had nobody knows may here is skittles. Skittles meal are you a fan of skittles. What's your favorite skittle flavor. That's flavors you know skittles to all the colors away during pride month and just put out packages of grace skittles. Which i thought was really beautiful. Unswayed semis Like the gray skittles. Why would it take away. Their rainbow be shared around the world. They wanna they wanna give their rainbow to the people that needed it onboard alec. Okay i just think you had such a perfect answer. It almost feels like that was a pre interview with the producer before this talk. Now right and the ryan center up with. I think just her and her taking the baton. I thought it was a very nice moment. Here's number five. chris saying oh no. Someone peed in my blank hat. Chair bed or pants doing that. New that one. I got a good prop. If i get another one. Someone peed in my pants. Seven graph way through just five questions left in this battle number six cleveland. Oh that's blank. nasty scary. Dirty or despicable unreal. Guys this is your goddamn feet right wrong. Three two and one. Oh that's nasty. One hundred percent seven people got it everybody. That was the second hundred percent question. Great jobs seven eight nine and ten number seven quagmire. Hello nine one one. it's quagmire. Yeah yeah it's a blank this time dryer window oven or no. I got that one wrong. Think i got it wrong to Can't be oven because that would be an. That's deduction skills. Alex is window. nobody got it. I wonder i'm all an eight nine and ten to close it out number eight lowest saying who wants something chowder gravy mayonnaise or clams. That's one i say. I don't know i i saw as alex was one. Say it. alex. Wait till the time. Ticks may know. The answer was chowder. Oh my god. Oh i've got at seven percent. We've got nine intend to close it out on route. Three famous quotes number nine mag. No thanks blank gives me the scoots that kylie flower salsa broccoli or applesauce over the nose. Meg quotes like painting on meg. Stella miles she's she's she's getting there. I've seen one she. You don't remember this. It was all over the t shirts they made. Thank you and now. He flower gives me the skids for people. Got to our final question question number ten for this round number thirty overall to see who knows the most about family guy number ten studio mother. I come bearing a gift. I'll give you a hint. It's my diaper and it's not a blank. Is that toaster pager. Refrigerator or iron. I'm just going with what. I think i got this. One placement of these answers seeming. This feels like a season two. I got this one and the answer there is. Toaster is not a toaster. Our at forty three percent. The winner of round three was seth macfarlane with seven forty seven nine correct fillings. Ninety one chop three there. It's now time to reveal who had the highest score overall after all thirty questions. All three rounds and it was none other than mcfarland with twenty eight out of thirty questions. Correct two thousand three hundred ninety eight points alec. S with thousand nine seventy five twenty four out of thirty enrich had twenty one out of thirty seven i. I thought i was going to fail miserably. This i i'm just i am just delighted. Can't we let you win the boss god. I'm about fifty percent. That's all right. I'm not last. That's all i have to say. Oh little explaining to do. Welcome to the party powell. Fan arief regular his homework. Such commitment ha. It's the wine. Is that our panel. Ryan has been guys. Thank you so much trivia with meet tonight. I hope you had a blast. And i wish you guys nothing but luck and find in two thousand one savings. Say the last thing to let everyone know. Usually it's only the four thousand people in all twenty but everyone can go to family guy social pages and see almost six minutes of alec and i will vouch for it berry funny highlights of our new season. That's premiering in the fall on fox so alright. Is this thing done now. This thing is done say like we liked it alec by thanks everyone so much night. There was some family guy trivia for your ears today with the cast of family guy. I hope he had a ton of fun. And like i said in the intro. Hope this leads to more shows just like this one seemed like everybody had a good time and the people that booked me for it With disney who now owns fox and family guy said that they were very happy with how everything turned out and they hope i was too so very very cool stuff and there you have it. We have fact of the day for you which is family. I based it says family guy was originally supposed to be a series of shorts for mad tv way back in the day. Family guy is supposed to be shorts for mad. Tv not unlike Tracey ullman show showing the simpsons shorts before that became a fox series. And there. you have it. Thank you guys for listening. Thanks for all the support over the years. If you've been listening for a long time it all leads up to fund moments like this and hopefully a ton more. We'll see next. Time for more trivia with buds cheers.

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Movie and TV Talk: Mare of Easttown, Jupiters Legacy, Pink Skies Ahead, The Water Man, and Stowaway

Why Watch That Radio

39:31 min | 6 months ago

Movie and TV Talk: Mare of Easttown, Jupiters Legacy, Pink Skies Ahead, The Water Man, and Stowaway

"On this episode of why watch that the missing for year. An mayor hasn't found her. No one has. She doesn't think that they've done enough. And this woman has her own health problems as well. So what's that like and the kind of personality that mayor has. She is disagreeable. She will argue with this woman. Why are you going no tv about the. I'm doing everything. I can swing and around. You know what we're not gonna digress. She is the queen of the slink. I tell you she invented the answer. The helm is what starts getting serious. Why not tells her friends that she's experiencing pain and one of them says. Hey go see a doctor. But the first doctor. She sees as her former pediatrician played by in winkler's work. As of the last five years schussed. You can't get any better but said when it's not the best but you can't get any better than his win. Why watch that as a podcast. Between the critic and referee who go head-to-head on a quest to discover the best movie and tv shows. Hollywood has to offer expect the unexpected from critic clone. Nothing gets past the rat. We all worse so you don't have to welcome to. Why watch that this episode of. Why watch that is supported by manure meal plan. It helps leaders and professionals feed their bodies and businesses. Well you know critic. I got a chance to attend a wonderful. Em p. los angeles and it was so amazing because brandy cochran was able to gather people all sorts walks of life. We're able to gather together. Have real talk and some real good food. It was a hit. Its food for the soul and the body which is so hard to find so if you wanna learn more about entrepreneur meal plan whether you're entrepreneur or not go to entrepreneur meal plan dot com the y. Watch that talk. Which while listeners. Oh my goodness we have something to talk about tyson openings. I know i've got this voice going on 'cause usually yelich. Fb listeners but we have a movie all tv top. Oh yes we do. And i like it when we double-dip yes we have a movie. A tv talk Four you we've got definitely a new series coming at us. Were sneaking around. The sneak peek of a new tv series. We have a first look and we've got it. We got a couple of weeks. We've got f- free pig boy. That's why i'm whispered to draw you in. We've got this handled now versus talk about this new tv series on hbo and this is a limited tv series. It is called me of east town. Mayor mayor mayor mayor mayor and This is interesting. Because i could start it and i did not finish It rather quickly and the critic will let us know if i bowed out too soon because we're talking about i mean up. Pretty big star here starring in this. And of course we're talking about mob. I feel like she'll be dame. Don't you feel like kate. Winslet will eventually become dame dame pre dame kate winslet's along with Julianne nicholson. We'd love her and jean smart is really you know. We'll i've always loved. Jean smart not just designing women. Jean smart street smart in the her other. Hbo Gosh just forgot. regina king. And of your watchmen watchmen. Yes she was you know even into fargo gene. You keep doing this to me. I will watch the freaking second season of fargo. I know 'cause you keep talking about guy. Pearce is in this as well. I mean you can scroll in your find somebody that had a lot of tv people. Actually i'm looking through europe. No this is Coming to us. It's created by brad. ingles fee. And you know. I'm assuming he's doing the show since he did all. He is the show runner so he did all the writing and again misses a limited series all directed by craig zobel This is not what you know. What let me stop because hbo hbo. I can't trust you can't trust you. Bigelow live supposed to be a limited series and it's not so we don't know Unless something tragic happens at the end where it's not but then they can always all always resurrect in put in somebody else's voice to do it. Now kate winslet doing the english accent again. I can only take so much of it but you took it all took me out of it. You know she's just trying a pennsylvania boy stielike but before we get into that. She plays detective sergeant mayor she had and mayor her mother's back home with her living with her helping with the kids. Mothers play by jean smart. She has a teenage daughter and she has a grandson that is not the teenage daughter. Son her ex husband lives spitting distance from her and he has some information that he doesn't wanna share with her. Everybody else finds out except for her. How does she receive that. Now we see in the beginning that you know. This is a small town you know. They know mayor they will call her up and say hey come on over set a call nine one one or the precinct. she's like. excuse me security camera. Look here's the you need to call. Don't call out of my bed police okay. Because somebody sees some strange person. Outside of their house was set about. Is this even real. There's also a guy this this Someone she played basketball winston in high school. There's this whole thing. We don't know what's really going on with that yet but there's a storied Teen she was on that she led a. She doesn't like to talk about their honored. All this so all of the members of this team they still interact. One of whom has a brother who's a drug addict. She is done like that. I mean that will was done. Okay john and mayor had to come in and help out of course with that Julianne nicholson plays one of her friends. Who was on the team. Is she more than just going to be mayors friend. Is there something else going on with one. I'm about to get to route to find out and there's also another member of that team who is very upset because her daughter has been missing for years and mayor has found her. No one has. She doesn't think they've done enough. And this woman has her own health problems as well. So what's that like and the kind of personality that mayor has. She is disagreeable will argue with this woman. Why are you going on tv about the. I'm doing everything. I can't okay and the woman is like it's not about you. Mayor this is. This is by the way before. They're about to go out be honored. They're having this conversation a juliette nicholson's character's going up this time to talk about this mayor like okay. So that's the situation there so we know there's this case in the background for mayor and mayor isn't in pain. I will tell you exactly why you'll see when you watch it so there's a reason behind all of this not just her personality now. She also encounters guy pearce character. Who is visiting professor at one of the local colleges and you know he wrote this major book. That's you know how he makes his money still off of that now he downplays it but this mary even know when she sees what's on the cover of the book with an actually she does not. I was like oh you know he's like you know that matters to some people it it matters to the whole literary world anyway. So here's anytime. He shows up while you know they meet at a bar actor. You know this whole This ceremony they have to honor them. He picks her up. You know you wanna be picked up and you know what's that all about and then there is a young a young woman i mean. She's she's a late teenager And she's a mother. She has a baby and she lives with her father. Who is not happy about anything and the father of the baby wants nothing to do with her. He's moved on. He has a new girlfriend the girlfriend he has violent. Okay why and what happens is at the end of episode one. Somebody from who had just mentioned ends up dead so mayor has got to get to it now. The problem is his previous case. Hasn't solved it so they need to call in someone else to help me out. How does she see that now. Her daughter is involved in this. All these people are involved in this in some way. I won't tell you how now the person who comes in as evan peters detective collins able and you columnists like hey mayor you know. Let's have a cordial relationship. Is that well. She even shake his hand and as as they interview all the parties involved. Anybody who witnessed anything that happened. What's going to be on. Earth is the question and will people take the law into their own. Haguenau the first episode really until the end. They're building the characters in the town. That's what you get. I have to say. Surprisingly i was interested in all of these characters. I couldn't believe it. I was building through going. Oh okay this. I understand your perspective. San the urgency here because everybody had something going after so that when you get to the second episode after this crime you go okay. Let's see how the chess pieces are going to start to move. The question is will they be able to keep the twists grounded. That's my question. After the first two episodes. I don't know i don't know but i do appreciate it for not wallowing too much and it could even some of the music there by chewing you to not go to beat. Even though they do if they're trying to balance all of that. I saw these people as people. I appreciate it the acting so we'll see how this goes now for kate winslet's dialect. Sometimes the oh was not right. But the acting minus stat. Everybody's urgent everybody has a clear perspective. And i appreciate it for that. So if you are interested in what i said everybody. It is a crime drama. That's what it is on. Hbo on hbo. Then i would say definitely start watching mayor of these towns there you have it. It's only seven episodes so really. There's not a lot of commitment there. Jupiter let's do a sneak peek a. Y. watch that sneak. Peek on netflix releasing on mace may seven. Which is the end of this week to lake assi. Now this is only eight episodes which is a little bit unlike net flicks. I mean usually. They'll go the full erc teen moore though they'll dwindled down. Maybe a little more eight is kind of interesting. So we'll see What's going on there. You got a chance to see some of this. I don't know finished at all but Netflix's a man get it and sometimes we don't and i think they're okay with that. They're okay with that they are. I mean they have so many subscribers. Somebody's gonna like Now this show plays out into different timelines. One time line is the present in this universe and the other time line is The late nineteen twenty's going into the thirties. What happened the great depression. So we have josh. Joe mills character and ben daniels character their brothers. They're in business with their father in the late nineteen twenties. How does that house that business affected by the great depression. Not as as a result of this dusty mouse character who his name is sheldon starts having visions nightmares really it. Nyc mayors and literally seeing things as he's awake. It's not pleasant. I'm not giving away with. That is then. He saying he's been called a particular place on planet being cold bear with other people who's calling him isn't a figment of his imagination. Get all of these people to follow him now in the present time all these people are superheroes in in in our present time berths. That's where is the time of the show. Yes which is presumably now. Okay so jon. Stewart mel he his superhero name is the utopia and he has this code that you have to follow the code is you are not rule anybody. You're not to govern and you are not to kill so they are super villains along with superheroes. So what happens if you have a a very powerful supervillain where you might need to kill him. There's the code and if someone breaks the code was going to happen why do they have a coat. And we know as you shuttle back and forth. Not everybody from. The thirties is present in the present time. Someone has gone missing. Y okay. that's the question now. The thing is so we have joshua bell. We have his brother again. Play by daniels walter. We have his wife played by leslie bibb. We have other people coming in there all the old guard the original superheroes and now they have kids and the question is can they pass the torch to their children and is the code still relevant for their children so the question is are their children ready and is the code. Something those kids want to be involved in. Do they want to join. What's called the union best questions. So the union is the group of superheroes that fouled go now utopian. He has a son and daughter both have powers. The daughter has gone away. What's nothing to do with. The sun is trying to live up to dan. House going to work and then again the rest of them have kids that you'll find out all about with their powers are how that works and there is one particular child who is going rogue. So you have these the rogue faction. They're doing all kinds of stuff. And there's also super tech. I would say so. You'll see that. There are certain gadgets that people have that lead to super abilities. Even if you are a superhero yourself okay. So in the end. Here's the question because when you get to episode eight the final one is a big over. The own twists who really is the villain. What does that mean. And where's that taking us in the next season because we know people are out for the union to get rid of the code to separate the children and their parents and all of that who was really behind it. Now okay this when you when you look at it. Reflect the pictures in the poster. You go this kind of cheesy. Like the wig. Yeah looks 'cause they answer to the boys at that's right or like like dc's doom patrol that kind of thing but it's not a comedy that's the thing it is not a comedy and when you're watching it i took it more serious seriously. Thought i would do no. It's not a comedy oreo saying. Okay yeah it is not presented as a common So it's closer to not do patrol. Dc but more dc like and tongue. If you take away that comedy more closer to zack. Snyder's idea but not as dark days. Not start so i mean but they have these like great whitson and they still have the regular like superman kind of suits. And 'cause utopians like superman. I mean a lot of them and they all have towns like yeah like mine reading in you know Fire throwing you know other super strength and things like that. But absolutely i was watching. I was like okay. This isn't as cheesy as it looked. Talk now it doesn't always work for josh duhamel. I didn't always buy it. Didn't always lend it but he's okay The kids can be annoying. Okay you know the news to be those little i'm grow. I grow up. Get over it. Get away for the pop psychology. And then what happened breath in the second half. It started to lose it a bit for me now. They did switch. Show runners midway. Oh have it. Oh that's the ad it's never good so it you know the original showrunner steven s denied. He was replaced at that time. I was like okay now. We're kind of dragging on it and this not shove drag. I was get on with it. But it's not bad. I will say that. And they have a whole deal with because this is based on a comic book series From a mark miller so the netflix's has a deal with a miller. This is the first of the deal. I think that this is a decent beginning that deal. Actually we'll see what happens. So this is your kind of thing you like. The boys. You like doom patrol. All of that kind of stuff. I would say. Check it out. Why not have a netflix account. In so it's it's not not as dark as the boys. I'm assuming more no. It is not as nasty things happen. I love that way but no it doesn't go as as dark as that. Definitely not an they. They don't have that kind of sophomoric humor either. It really is think utopian. This guy is trying to hold onto this code but canny. so that's really the core gotcha. Well let's stick with the sneak peaks and let's stick with you. Know net netflix. If you will sorry this is a first look. It's already out. It's actually out now But we are going to stick with netflix. A why watch. That i look. Yes it's called. Stow away and this is coming to us from joe penna and aid. He directed it up but he wrote it with ryan horse. This cast is a super interesting gas. Because you like all these people. But i would never put them together. It's just weird very strange. Very strange. mesh of cast. Anna kendrick is in this now. You think anna kendrick you think you know she gonna saying what what is happening here. She george clooney yup. Just you know what. Day date gam who. We all know and love from lost but was in hawaii five. O the tv series Shamir anderson okay. And then you rounded out with toni collette so now you can understand okay is just i feel like my question is did we did. We intend to put these actors together you know. And what is this stowaway business. I do see that there. Some space work some some sort of our space work so that leads me to believe that somebody may not be on the original manifesto. Yeah and yeah and this is all in space. It starts with them launching into space They're going to mars. And you know they have important things to do now on this space craft. It really was built for two but they stretched it for three so the entire cast you read. That's it it's just people so you know the commanders toni collette. That's why she was hired. Daniel kim you know. He's kind of like the botanist that we've seen this kind of stuff if you watch this kind of stuff for you know he has the algae we've abs- we've seen it before i mean netflix's done it before before they was a good now and anna. Kendrick is the doctor. So yes and her whole story. Is you know 'cause this is a it's not. Nasa is like a private company. We don't know when we are watching this or anything like that. So the private company she just applied on a whim. This wasn't her dream was accepted. Got on the mission so they have a two year mission to mars. But there's stowaway. Layby shamir i was gonna say did not name shamir. Why is he a stowaway. What does it mean to be a stolen. How did he get on the ship. How are they gonna react to him on. What about the company. That owns the ship now. It's not like they can go back to earth reich. Maybe they can. I don't know now remember. This was originally built coup. They stretched to three can may have four. Imagine you're in a spacecraft a two year journey. What would you need on the ship to survive and water. What else you miss aired. Well remember their oxygen in space. They did not along with food. Gross and trees daniel so now of course they have reserved. Hello just simple. But they didn't plan for four. They barely had enough for three. So what's going to happen now. They you know they have the whole ship. And you'll see how you get a tour of the ship. There is a place you go to their solar flares. And you know. They're they're places where they sleep in where they were and so on and so forth and when this happening tony coletta's talking to the company back on earth and we don't hear them. We hear them through her phone. That's how you hear them so somebody talking to her but it's not clear yet and so. A lot of the acting is them reacting without us eggs here leading hearing executive like charlie brown walkman so in the end the question is can they make tomorrow's intact. Will there have to be sacrifices. Is this possible that stowaway. If you like these kinds of in-space i would say definitely watch it. It's on netflix. Why not i liked. It isn't the best. Yes is the best thing i've ever seen in the genre but it certainly wasn't bad. It kept my attention. I like the casting of it. It was strange. I don't know that they click but who cares and a really this is about an ultimate sacrifice and they got the right people just having tony. Toni collette she is like her own planet. Okay so something's about to go down. You just heard otis serious okay. That's what i would say out stowaway. If you like space stuff well let with you. There's some other spaces lost in space. That's a tv series on. It has been away and it has be right. You're showed a swing. And around upward digress. She is the queen of the slink. I'd tell you she invented the esa the hell the sleek and then we have the the other one the other tv series with The respraying hilary swank. Matt is it land. No certainly no no no. It's called something else but those are other offerings. I feel like And then we talked about for all mankind like we really should say in all of this. If you're into those you know this seems like from your desk you know talk about it should fit right in your own like sunshine Which was out years ago that movie if you liked it because a lot of it is them talking in the psychological part. But you do get a certain kind of spacewalk. I will tell you that. So they give you that. I won't tell you how it plays moonwalk. No it's not on the move. There's no moonwalk okay. Sorry about maybe. Perhaps somebody busted a move now okay. Moving on to a movie sneak peek. Another why blotches. That sneak peek. But you snuck miss you you watch this at urban world which was last year and it's called the waterman and it's coming to you know theater video on demand on this friday and a very familiar actor turned director. And we're talking about david yellow. We love him here at. Why watch that. The urban road bumps him. I mean david. A yellow and urban world. He really does stay true to presenting that material there in fact selma selma and in the other movie with with the angelina jolie in the somebody has cancer. Oh your pan thing and it consistently we see david yellow. Whoa you know i'm away. Come away giving it up for urban world. Well this one is his directorial footing that he has. It is not britain by him. It's written by and emma needle and the cast though is quite lovely alfred mullet melina. Melina is back with david yellow from that other movie that he did with Where he was in time stuck or his is niece was a stuck to. I can't think of any titles today. Like the mind is just not there but anyway so they're back together. It was called. Don't let go because i was. It was another title when we saw at sundance may change title but like oh yes Like remorse remember or something. I can't remember what it was matter. Rosario dawson is in this and maria bello. Golly we just love her as well. Great casts Lonnie chavis You know this is old because lami chavez is on. This is us as the as the younger Randall randall who they are. Now doing his preteens so he's grown. He's currently up but in this picture he's younger so it's been a while now. I said initially that this was going to be in theaters. But i also go video on demand. So the question really becomes. Is this something that we are out to go see. What is this about isn't fantastical. I mean The poster kind of looks. You know we've got a kid with sword. What and rosario dawson the little. Little little head. Wrap on her head. Which i've never seen her head ramp. What is actually happening. Yeah and there's a reason why she has that. And also in the cast ismia miller who arounds everything out. That ref said so. The waterman is Like this mythical figure who has healing properties supposedly. Now why does that matter. Well david plays Amos and rosario plays his wife mary. Ann lonnie plays their son. Donor and mary has cancer. So that's what's happening here. And of course governor is very upset of course amos's as well and guttering amos. They're kind of butting heads now. Garner is an artist he really lives through that world that helps him as an outlet and he believes that there is this waterman who can save. His mother can find. The water may now encounters a mia's character. Joe who says i have met the water and i can take you to him for feet and of course has she met waterman if she has that she really know how to get to him is there. Wasserman does water man. Do what you know governor thinks the one man can do and can he get there before you know it's too late. That's really the question. And will his father allow him to do that if he catches wind of it now he has to go through a series of people along with joe to get to this waterman including alfred and maria character. So in the end i mean. That's the question really. The question is can gunnar famous american. They all come to terms. What's what's happening to their family. That's what this is about water or not and what i would say is when they they had sections where they were showing Gutters artistic life. There was imagine nation. Their was spirit. There that's what i wanted from. The whole movie wanted. That outside of that didn't quite click to me. Didn't quite click. So what. I would say though. Is this if you have a family where you want to go through this kind of a situation where you want to bring it up. Have a conversation about it. I think the water man would be a good way to do it. As long as the kids are too young to start a conversation but i go to a theater. I wouldn't Or you wouldn't go here anyway Also this is. This is some tough stuff that you have to deal with now. It isn't a tough presentation. Old on time But it is tough stuff so you have to think about what's the best place for that Since it's coming into your home that just makes more sense to me to do it that way. So that's what i would say. I just wish that had more of the wonder of the artistic scenes. Yep well there. That reminds me of the boy who harnessed the wind like the same kind of like. That's better to it'll okay. That was to. It'll g afford directing and starring it. It's really interesting. David yellow picked this story. And i'm sure for specific reasons And it's important again. It will help those kind of families if you wanna have that conversation. Well there you have that. Now listen you also snuck around again and saw peak skies ahead. There's another movie that is going to air on. May eighth on mtv and pop tv watch and it's interesting because you said that it's a part of mtv's mental health Initiative so this is going to be an interesting review. You got a chance to see this last year at afi So this was not something that you know. If it's airing find you and it's Directed and written by kellyanne though cast another another one of those really nice cla- casts up marcia gay harden i mean come. Can you get any better than that. Michael mckeon hello. Mr green in clue spinal tap. I mean every christopher guest. I mean really you know. Wonderful man Winkler yes in the show Rosa of salazar is in it. I'm scrolling through here. And i'm seeing all lewis pullman. That's so funny. All kinds of people popping in popping through i- marriage a flash. Yes obviously got my attention evan. Ross us diner son So from her games. Mind you own on moving on what is this about. Why is it. A part of the men tells the initiative. Why would mtv do that. And is this something that because it's not available in the theaters necessarily is a something that we you know. Run to our mtv pop tv subscriptions or or whatever you have to see maybe depending on who you are. That's that's what i would say about it. So the interesting thing is mtv fired this at the festival So they waited for the right time to release it how to release. Of course what's going on in the world So it makes sense. And i'll tell you why so. This is what's happening. This is set in one thousand. Nine hundred eighty. It was a very important year for me and The focus year you were born in is i wish you youngins out. There found so that's where it set and it focuses on. Why no no who's played by jessica. Barden she's twenty years old and she's left college as she was studying to be a writer but she didn't like what one of her teachers said. So bye bye okay. That's what's happening there now. She's back with her parents. Living with them parents. Play by marsha and michael o. Foul right but they're ready to downsize. I mean you supposed to be out. Wistful to be going to a smaller hopes. Enjoy a retired. They want to go to an apartment or condo so they could travel chorus but how does not fit into that picture. Does she fit now. She also works for that okay but of course he's interested in other opportunities. Now here's what starts getting serious. My not tells a friends that she's experiencing pain and one of says. Hey go see a doctor. But the first doctor. She sees as her former pediatrician played by henry. Winkler's work as of the last five years. Shos you can't get any better Said when it's not the best but you can't get any better than it is when people who have talent and skill at a certain moment in their careers they realize. I don't have to work. Just go up and do do the work. I do not have to show you my work. It is what it is. Yeah tells love him especially his work at berry just submerged and keep in mind you know. When he was the phones he was a serious actor. S yes yeah. Yes just like What's his face who played In in married with children Oh really a in modern family as well Yes same thing. He was a series. Act like a stage dramatic shakespearean actor. That is crazy town. Yes but you know. Comedic acting requires. That's right you've got to have your time anyway with that taint ed. O'neill his name at o.'neil. Yes the neal theater. I don't know the okay wh- okay. 'cause i believe when he was cast in america's children he was doing a stage production. They flew in from new york anyway. It's just brilliant. So henry winkler. She goes to him. And you know the pediatrician's like okay you're twenty. You need to find a new doctor. Okay and really. Your real problem is anxiety so you should see. A therapist was played by mary. J i knew it. But that's the right kind of their fists. I tell you that you got a little bit behind the signs. Yeah you need you need to have. So what is why going to do because she cope with being expected to be an adult before. She's ready or even knows what she really wants to. Can't pass driver's test and she supposed to be our fathers driver. By the way you'll see how that plays out campus test okay. Plus all she eats drinks or candy and slushies and her romantic life is just the scattered that she so she needs to figure out whether her problems are superficial or much deeper than that. And now this is kelly oxford's first time directing like you said she wrote it and focuses on a young woman who still coming of age which she's no longer seen as a child that is smart putting the focus there. This period of life typically isn't depicted unless it's within the context of college bright bright day plus the mental health angle makes sense especially said this is based on oxford's essay which was based on her own experiences with panic attacks and anxiety interest. Hey so what it's like. It's like an indie teen movie with a hidden edge. That's what i would say. However why known does a lot and in combination with the whole valley soaked dialect. She has for me. It was exhausting and it felt repetitive. In a lot of cases i just wanted more dynamics. You have great. Cast like really show what they can do a now in the very end things do bubble up from below the surface but for me it wasn't fully earned because the prior comedy and quirkiness never really landed however it looks lady bird because that may be coming to mind is no lady bird. I was going to ask where we are with that. Yeah but i think this rafeh think it will probably work best for people in my known as age range. We're going through similar challenges so it makes sense that mtv has it. It makes sense how they're airing for everyone else. I think you'll go okay. That's fine for there. You have that This has been quite the episode. We have had a bit of every thing all over the place. Mtv i mean when was the last time we talked. Mtv on the show along yes so. It's definitely a lot happening here but that's good right. You have tons to choose from you can go to the theater. Stay at home. You can binge. You can watch week by week. There's always something available and we're here to cover it for you guys. Thanks for listening for additional resources visit. Why watch that dot com good idea. And we'd love to hear from you so go ahead and leave comments feedback and you can read us i to see next week see him.

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121: Is Mikey dead or alive?

Planet Mikey

39:27 min | 6 months ago

121: Is Mikey dead or alive?

"Okay, here we go. About to get crazy. Wow, stay for awhile. Don't touch of Radio America backs in the bank statements Jiggles and last four years. They've been taught by stuff that use energy. Hello or electrical stuff off lately closest electrical was like we stole like Mysterio likely TV like the grace like a hair blow electric knives and I think every damn thing not to mention a cause and now at the wrong a big corporations didn't make the business of billions of dollars worth of profits and telling us for years that we can't live without this junk now, they tell us that we gotta live without it. The country is going straight into the dumper off, you know, I saw that show not that particular episode. I watched all in family being taped lie when I was in Los Angeles and it's in seven years. Just great experience while I was out there. I was also on a game show on ABC and I watched the premiere editions of Three's Company. It hadn't been on T yet. They were taping you out who the hell those people were, you know, but I watched it cuz I had tickets and you were there. Yeah, I had tickets or do we start? Yes. Yeah, like the podcast is wrong. What episode is this? Been 121 off when I divide 121 by 11. What are you I see brought to you by mypillow.com where you can use the promo code planet and save big money off. Yeah, they have deep discounts when you use the the planet Mikey promo code, which is planet. I'm wearing the slippers right now. I can see that. Yeah, you should have put on something else though. This is a little weird. Oh, you know how long it's a podcast. Where's your my underwear? I have a Topper pillows. Yep. Jesus sheets doggie beds and I have everything I have. Yes, I have my slippers. And yes, we are sponsored by wage. Pill it's good stuff will tell you about it. Then meanwhile, it's due to give us a report on his first-ever acquisition of a my pillow last week been. How'd you sleep fan? Buckin? Tastic Jesus right out of the box. He's got to use the f bomb just like that. Sorry. I should have said fantastic Jesus and you know, he he slept well, but did he bother to trim the nose here? I noticed that I'm going on with that. I thought you were growing a Hitler Moustache. I'm a former major league pitcher Ed head and along with Bill quote magic fingers Smith name is Bill Smith and he puts his fingers to good use on the podcast every single week. Our weekly podcast is why we have it every week. He has drop-ins like wage example. This is one here. There's one he drops them in and he uses his fingers to push. The button is beautiful and been kitchen AKA talk off. He also uses his magic fingers to as he has since childhood to extract giant boogers from his nostril like membranes while the show is in progress. Oh man, that's bad. I am always grateful that when he's doing that over there with his finger in the nose and the big long that we're not eating like coleslaw or something, you know, Bill Mike. He still doesn't know God. I didn't touch that coleslaw and the pillow report from Ben is a good one. He says, he likes his my pillow and I've never met anybody. That doesn't all right. It's unbelievable. It's cushy life really really good fifteen minutes in the in the episode the oven in the dryer. Boom throws pillar sheet over that. It's it's in the oven. It's so good list goes. How did you like wage? I'm seriously. How did you like and I was like, it's awesome. It's the best pillow for she's like should we get the dog beds? He should but he's upstairs sleeping on guard dog busy. Yeah. I want to tell you that. We have a fabulous fabulous job. And we get by the way when you when you go on I think it's what Apple iTunes we need you to rate and comment on the podcast. There's been six really I think we got like a month for positives and six negatives and they're all from month. Every single. One of them is from the ones that hated the podcast if you don't if you were lukewarm about we want an honest rating right pages and download it and subscribe and do stuff. It's all free. Isn't it free been it's all free. It's all free right. I'm going to take a sip of this ice cold Snapple. Do you know what do you want? Some recent reviews some Reese's what recent reviews? Yeah. They good. I'll tell you only the five star ones. Yeah got guys. Don't do any bad reviews. All right, I had enough of that on Broadway. Only podcast I look forward to every week. Keep up the great work my Cuban and Smitty. All right now skipped up. Thanks. This Mikey makes me laugh constantly. It is Thursday putik. I won't be there for another hour my key is the greatest on the air and podcast. Oh, I love how he destroys Mutt & W E I G that you guys say I'm harsh on mud, but I think people don't like them. Sorry, but I know I don't you know, it's funny that you read these reviews, you know, because in this world of broadcasting radio media and all that stuff, you can be successful or at least by what you consider be normal standards. Like let's say you get It worked for a radio station. You get really good ratings. You like number one. Oh, yeah, like your perform you can still get screwed because they might say, well, you know, what even though this guy's number one. We want to hire this girl. Well person but man, yeah dude guy thing, you know, then they're keeping anybody people in the business will say well that's radio and you know, even in radio forever and ever sucked in radio or TV business is to not give a shit what people think yeah, you got otherwise, you know, you can't win not be yourself. You can't win. Yeah be yourself at all costs. That's my mom always play the role of disc jockey no matter what and God knows that I've had, you know, a lot of radio experiences in my life. Some of them good some of them bad. It's what happens. What's the best thing that ever happened to you and radio working with mud? Well, the best thing should yes in radio and radio you all radio career. What's the one thing that just wage? Because the early jobs I hadn't read it in the last that long, you know radio when you're not paid a lot then you move on really quickly. Let me think best thing that ever happened to be Radio Shack. Yeah. It was probably you know, when Jason wolf said, okay, you're going to do the night show planted my key because it lasted eleven years. Yeah. So is that your longest single show? Yeah eleven years. I had six years for the channel 3 6 years at necon, you know, I had a lot of two three year jobs, but they were good jobs. Some of them were and some of them I went back to twice like wcc3. I did mornings when like we placed Stern and then I went away and I programmed Rock 102 and then it went back and did mornings again at CCC afterwards. So I did twice so they love you down there and state and no home owner of the radio station band me for life from the building after the second time because what happened was when they wouldn't give me any kind of financial consideration at all, and I was getting off Had money, it was unbelievable money. I said, okay. Well, you know, I'm going to quit so they don't okay, you know, they they didn't care cuz they were all about the exact they had a number penciled in for that slot. And that's what they you know more Jennifer's Howard met anybody. They just weren't going to pay any more. So I went in there and I I bulk erased the number one spot that runs every day during drive time off. I took a book or you just erased it. And then when I went on the air I said I went on the air and I said recorded over that cart the one that was going to play in the morning driver that number one spot. So people were expecting to hear a commercial right the morning guy was on he puts it in. It says David's of Manchester, which is the club and I recorded over it cuz I knew I was out. Hey, this is the Beast wage breakfast. If you need me, I'll be at my house listening to WPLR which was there competition. And he ran in morning drive 7:20 a.m. With and I heard yes. That was great. And then they put up a sign. No, Mike Adams is no longer allowed to be in this building if if you took him call the police now, that's a great story true story. Yeah, that's a good one. They're all true. Every story retail is true here. Yep. Remember the time I told you how I swallowed those six gallons of rhino vomit. I was true that happened if it's got a really good look at his face room as he pulls out his base. Yeah. Did you get that food you get that from sting? Mhm. First that we got so much to talk about here. Do you want to what do you want to talk about you please? No, no, no. No. No, it's a it's a sad bad story breaking point now where I don't scare Ash it anymore and it's going to get better and better for me as far as you know, this podcast is going to be cutting edge. I'll probably get cut somebody who can log I might fire you myself. When did you give a shit? Well, I've had times where I gave a shit, you know when I had kids involved might I got kids I got to take care of I got it's important. You know, I thought I got to have a side job now a side hustle. Like what would you want to do? You could do anything no going back to porn know probably theft. Oh like a cat burglar if you do anything and you knew you wouldn't fail. What would it be? I would be the captain of the cheerleaders. I always wanted that cause I got all the pants at home. I know I just want to quickly before we get into some serious topics here. I want to mention that we are brought to you by my pillow and there's a deal that we're offering they're off to I'm sure you've heard about the the my slippers from from Bill Smith. I'm wearing them right now and they're comfortable. Well, that's one of their big promotions right now is that they've come up with Mike Lindell has designed the new month. Slippers and they are truly unbelievable. Yep, and they're nice and they're swayed. They can be swayed. Yeah and like put slides right in and then it's comforted with them little memory foam but it's nice firm memory foam. Right right when he took two years to develop these are aware that's designed to wear indoors and Outdoors. Yep, and you can wear them all day cuz they're so come back. It doesn't matter where you go. You have to change just keep them on their made with my pillow phone and the impact gel so that your legs and feet don't get fatigued true quality leather suede faux fur Linings, but it feels like for sure looks like for it's fine. You'll feel like you're walking on a cloud. So go to its its mypillow.com is the website and there's a little box says radio tv specials and you click that and then you put in planet planet and you'll get 40% discount by the way deep discounts on everything the table. The Giza sheets everything they make on a great product from my pillow go to mypillow.com and use the code word planet or call 800-865-0738. That's 800-865-0738. Use the same promo code Planet. When you get on there then kitchen. Do you know who dr. Veronica Ivey is dead. No, I do not. Well, he he I say I say she she used to be she used to be a he okay. It's a transgender woman who is now the world champion practical racer for I think two hundred meters or whatever like that. She's he see here's what I'm torn. I don't know there's a picture and she's she's standing with the other two winners. Yeah home and she's like six $4 the other two winners the guy he his name was Reese and he decided to become a woman change his name to Rachel McKinnon a real dog. MacKinnon okay, then he decided okay. I'm going to be Rachel McKinnon had a transgender situation at the age of twenty-nine changed his name then to Veronica i v y to avoid the public ridicule. He was receiving after off his athletic success. Yeah, so I saw this person on T and she was saying oh, you know, this is fair that we could should be able to get swim. Okay, and I'm thinking well, no, it's not it's not really fair. That's my opinion. And I want everybody to be happy, you know and do whatever you want to do, but when you make other people unhappy because you're doing your happiness thing them it's wrong and the whole concept is should transgender former men with the same physical stature and hormonal makeup be able to race against women who we know from a special offer hormonal point of view and and a physical presence point of view. They can't really generally compete with men on a one-on-one basis depending on the sport the uptake Billiards, they could probably and bowling but dead. You know not when it comes to something like this, right, you know, you see a football player mention of a football player, but I don't know. So the question is is it fair? And then this guy's Tommy O'Brien about down in Connecticut. Can I get they have an issue with this because they've had their Champions have all been transgender guys winning in the track of those women that have trained and now just out of the picture, but tell me about this little college but you know, I was recalling my day off with hockey. There were two times my team played against the girls hockey team both times our coach gave us the same prep. Speech. Do I sound like him? That's pretty good. Okay boys were playing against girls today be nice don't score more than 10 months. That's what he told the team ouch, both games and intend to nothing cuz they he told him not to score more than 10. They play both games. They were both tone. Nothing now. He's thinking as a player he goes my skills. We're not miraculous. However, if I had been allowed to play on a female team I could have led my team to a championship in a girls youth hockey league wage. How is that considered to be fair your thoughts it's not fair. What are they going to do about this transgender transgender men who transferred to transform into women and vice versa unless the word they should form their own teams. Right just have all transgene where you know, either way I went from this side to this side of it doesn't so it'd be like a there's a the the boys track team. There's the girls track team. There's the trance track team. Sure. Yeah. That's yeah. I mean, that's only fair, right? Yeah. I don't know what I just don't think part of the problem is you know, that Community isn't in full line with what exactly they want where someone like if someone transitions from a boy to a girl they want to be thought of as a girl and then some of them are like no I want to be thought of as Tran, you know so long it makes it even more difficult to try and figure out how to kind of answer that question. But I mean, that's at least a solution I think is somewhat palatable. Yeah. It's the best solution that's been on the Tater here, but when you talk about biology If you don't put this guy if you don't believe in God then you say well, this is what this is It's a science. That's what that is. If you believe in God you say this is what God made. It doesn't matter. You're still getting to the same point where they need to change that is a whole new world of science and it's not should I just not I'm all about fairness. You know, that's all I care. Yeah. Hey, we have a a commercial. I had a nightmare about I watch this commercial with Rachael Ray on it. Now, you know that Rachel's Gotten bigger and I'm not sure lovely woman more Fame I'm talking about she's just gotten bigger. Someone should take away her own her own cookbooks from her but God bless her. You know, she she's enjoying life and she's very very rich. I heard stories about her though from the North of Boston and we've all heard stories. Anyway, I watch this commercial that I had nightmares about it. The commercial is Rachel Ray. I'll just we can play it for you and then I'll tell you what my nightmare was. This is the commercial with the commercial for her dog or pet food brand new Trish and a bunch of co-stars that are all right. Let's play this. 2 and creamy seafood bisque. So who's hungry? I said who's hungry pets Lubbock? Yeah, and they do and it's good food and all that stuff and she's a wonderful person but my nightmare was this she's standing there in front of thirty dogs in a couple of cats and she's saying who's hungry who's hungry come on down and my nightmare was that all of a sudden she said that in all the dogs jumped down and just started biting an eating Rachael Ray. They they were ravenous, you know, they starve these dogs for these commercials anyway, so they look more hungry when they eat the food. What's up? I thought what the hell is going on. So your plumbing. Are we recording saying what's going on over this lady? I think it's Rachel Ray being equal. Yeah, I thought she just moan. All right, that's terrible. All right. So way to go magic fingers, but here's the thing. I thought about it if there's 30 hungry dogs and Rachael Ray says who's hungry what better possibility could it be than a fully plump Rachael Ray out there for all of them to share right as you walk the only ago the only weapon your game Bell. The only way they could do better is to have Sally Struthers out there. I actually have a Sally Struthers story. Would you like to hear you? I don't know. If I do go ahead salaries for years Sally Struthers commercials for save the children with their heartbreak ages of children were all over the television Struthers revealed Monday on a podcast that she stopped working as an ambassador for the organization and another similar one after thirty-five years of a choice of buying experience. It happened when she had flown to Uganda on a small plane to meet one of the kids. She was sponsoring. They brought the child from his village which was quite a few hours away. He had travelled to come me to sponsor to meet me and I made some commercials with him. And then I pray for them and I brought him toys and balloons and off suddenly a roving band of guerrillas came out of the bushes and asked where he was from. These were guerrilla warfare guys with guns not actual. And they decided that we had kidnapped him and they were going to shoot all of us. Anyway, the priest who happen to speak the same language as the men instructed Struthers to back away without turning back to them and they all survived. But it was a turning point for the All in the Family actress. She thought I've been on so many little airplanes that could have crashed and so many situations. I've come back with hepatitis from triple. I thought one of my doing I've got a child a real life child of my own and I'm going to make her an orphan. I can't do this anymore. Plus we ran out of cheeseburgers home. So she stopped doing it and then but she one thing she did not stop doing is eating the food Choice. She all the food for save the children. That's what happened. She ate it all. Oh man, sad, isn't it sad for the kids? That's over here going what's wrong with what is wrong with you? So I thought we could do a couple of new podcasts and I got a I got here's a couple ideas. You guys wanted to ask you guys and with the people out there listening to this podcast. Listen to those podcasts if they were good. They're actually good. Oh, yeah. I'm like one of them is to be a media critic, then we could do all three fifty acrylics together. We have a panel of media critic critics. Can I start by taking a hot dump on Aaron Rodgers as Jeopardy host? Oh, well sure but the show it hasn't actually officially started yet. So save that money. I thought we started the first one we do is we would pratik aggression mut. No, I'm just kidding. But how about a media critic sure where you do the TV stations local network local radio TV people we could critique other podcasts Good the Bad and the Ugly just go out there and rip the shit out of people just for fun. We guys think it's not a bad idea. How about Crime Time a show a podcast a half hour in length every single week that's devoted to the most heinous local and National crimes and their details. What's the name of the show Primetime show. There's like 30 of those already now, but not done locally where we can say. Okay in Seekonk A guy stole a you know, a rabbit and got shot in the back foot by his cousin Ned we can have every crime. That's low. You see local crime isn't covered, you know, unless you're in Minneapolis, and then it's covered but nationally off a lot of I don't talk about that stuff going on is that that's on my list of cities. I never ever want to go to again, Portland, Oregon. The Minneapolis had you guys have any to add to that Washington D. I want to go to any of these cities. Right. I don't want to go. We have to see you making us field trip, you know mandatory field trip and planted my key field trip. I don't know if I can get it from my permission slip signed. I think you can manage that you got here, you know, I heard I heard a song today and I I heard the guitar solo and I thought you know, that's a really good guitar solo site isolated it. Yeah, and I was wondering if you know what song is I'm sure I do I say that been with full Cockiness over here and I don't know I'm coming up the shaking my head now. I don't think I'm hearing the other Studio. What who did this he changed Studios did hold on. We got two studios here like seven A and B. That's a it's 10,000 faces right know you meet Maggie May Rod. She already tried some basic rights. Okay them a long time ago. Ronnie Wood played that guitar solo from Ronnie Wood from the wage. Face, that's it, but he wasn't the small faces though because he Rochester was so low when he did Maggie May. That's correct credit. What a pain in the ass pretty good. Okay, here's another guitar. So that's what kids are so low is by the way one of the most overplayed songs. Yeah. Oh, that's easy. That's Journey. Who's sorry Now Who's Crying Now That's What I meant. Okay, but the person who is sorry was crying. Is that okay, Who's this is off. I don't know. You've heard it a million times. I know I haven't played today on the radio Blues image Ride Captain Ride Captain Ride on the mystery ship. How about this one should do that's Jean Jean Dela Blue by Paul mauriat and is a Google home pretty good. But no, I hope who is it Emerson Lake and Palmer from the beginning. That's too old. It's not too old. It's too old They're All Dead. How about this one off? Oh, that's Steely Dan. Yeah, what's the song? It's Deacon Blues. And I don't think it's wrong. I know Rikki Don't Lose That Number if you don't lose that one more. This might does my stump you then again, it might not you'll say dumped tricky when he lost his number stool. Go ahead home can do this Santana Natalia wrong? Okay, David Gates and bread. That's close. But no way. It's Leon Russell. No. No, I don't know who is Doobie Brothers? Yeah. Jesus is just all right with me. Yeah. Jesus is just all right with me to write so that's our musical quiz and you failed. Well, you know, those aren't those aren't easy to do under the circumstances search circumstances, you know, I'm a little bit off. Preferred you know what I'm saying? It's been online. To place to go to bed by the way, and he knows the Red Sox have been actually winning games. Yes, what's going on with that? Maybe that's a good bet to go to bed online. AG the fastest and easiest way to bet on all your Sports Action football's over yet. But NBA is cranking college basketball college basketball hoop. Don't I just I was sucking There's a game left. The the NHL games are in full swing parachute Ur scores. I love hockey cuz they have to give 110% every time out there on the on the icing. It's a rule wage plus you get in the corners. If you don't muck and dig dig in my kick you right off the tank. Plus they say winning and hockey is you can't you know, you can't get put the puck in the net all the coaches say that we we got home internet because no hockey game has ever been won by any hockey team ever in the history of hockey without putting at least one puck in one net amazing doesn't happen. Anyway betonline.ag wage. You can you can even been on like award shows TV shows reality can be on a reality T happen stances. They have real updated odds on real-time rather on anything. You can imagine you can you could have been last week that Ben was going to love his my pillow and you could have won money on the head to the website betonline.ag use your mobile device to sign up today. Get your 50% Welcome bonus on your first deposit. For example, you put in a hundred bucks. They give you 150 now you can bet all you want up to the tune of $150 and it's beautiful. Don't sit on the sidelines anymore. Don't sit on your thumbs get in on the action. Don't forget to use the promo code clns 50. Is that what it is been clns? 50-gallon S550 get your 50% Welcome bonus with your first deposit bet online is your online Sportsbook expert betonline.ag Steve's back. Steve sat pasta konus. Hello everybody. I'm Steve Patrick phone. It's boost announcer for the the podcast. I thought he died doesn't matter doesn't know, you know careers in this business. They they die every day by the way upcoming we have big announcement about that. You know Sunrise the world, you know, yeah, that's what it is. I have I have a couple more things. I want to mention if you don't mind. If you please get them and we don't mind see the good thing about Smitty and Ben is they don't give a shitt either know they really don't know and you can't have a podcast where the host doesn't give a shit if the other guys in the room certainly don't get it either know. What if one of us did give a shit it would be over. Yeah. I have a little game called Dead or Alive. We've done this before Dead or Alive wage strength. And now it's time to play or here's your host nachman Frozen necklace. Okay time for a little dead or alive activity. I'm going to name a name by the way. I'm on my old TV show. We all have been called always go with it always go with it whenever we had a pop quiz or anything and if there's an ed was one of the answers. Yeah, when you pick that it was always the correct answer off and people knew it and so they'd always and they'd say it I'd say, okay, is it a b or c always go with it and they'd say the name, you know, Eddie pursuit or whatever. So in fact when we had our phone number or phone number on the neck and show was to call in live with 617-244-3344, which we trying to figure out what letters can we put in there to make a word that we could call 1-800 this you know, whatever and all we could come up with was Big Ed. Hi. So I would say I'd say call 617 Big Ed. Hi Jake and people would call this show and they think my name was Ed they'd say hey, hi Ed, you know tell you an answer these calls on the air. Yes live, you know, so no delay. They say hello in a low and I've just pretend I was at I don't know it was a stupid but so always go with Ed now. I'm in the name. Some guys named ed and you're going to tell me an alternative alternative basis alternating basis dead dead or alive. Okay and bonus point for if you know that if you think he's alive, how old is he? So these dead ends. These are deadheads some of them not all dead dead. Asking you Smitty first. Yes, sir. Your first Ed Dead or Alive Ed Asner? alive, correct Now for a bonus-point, how old is he? 89 years old. I'm sorry. That's incorrect. He's 92. Wow. Been Kitchen. Yes. Live players were please refrain from answering questions prior to the actual asking of the questions by the host Ed Kookie Byrnes dead. Is correct he died last year? Wow, Ed Kookie Byrnes Kookie Kookie lend me your comb dead damn long Smitty. He was the ginchiest he was cool though. He was 77 Sunset Strip Ed Ames. Oh Ed Ames the guy off who had that famous incident on The Tonight Show at the tomahawk, cuz he played Mingo on Daniel Boone show. That is correct. And Ed Ed Ames. Dead or alive he's dead. He's alive. He's he's ninety-three years old and you know what? He's not even an Indian. Hey, you know at Ames who took over him great voice. Yeah, the guy in The Tonight Show. Yep, Ed Ames is a Jewish guy from Malden Massachusetts, really and he's ninety-three and he's still alive. Wow good for Ed a.m. Or p.m. Did you ever seen one episode when he took that Tomahawk and threw it in Johnny Carson? Yeah. They had a painted figure of a n d a cowboy or something. Yep. He threw the tomahawk and it right in the office right across the no no special spot and it was pointing upward. It was a pointing upward handle on it was like Johnny Carson lost his head the audience were one of the great movies of all time. That's good. Who's Jersey wage? It's mine. Former Pirates catcher Ed. Dead or Alive Dead He's Alive and he's sixty nine Wow. And his is the shortest song graph along with Ty Law and history of baseball Ott. Five letters total for his name 1217 to write his Chariot Saltalamacchia Seventeen letters. All right we go now to Smitty. Yeah after Ed Harris Ed Harris is a line. Yes. He is alive. Yep bonus how much how old is he Ed? Harris? I would say is 81-72 is only seventy seventy. Wow plain old man in the movie. He looks so good playing old men since Nineteen Eighty-Four assure, you know, he's like will Geer great actor. It's like Sparky Anderson looks a lot older than he really is. He's dead to Andy Sparky Sparky Anderson. Yeah. Okay. Now we go to do this. I think this is a duck a duck and this has been stuck. He's going to get a point here park like Eddie Van Halen. Well, he's alive know he's dead people's got that wrong. Wow, which is it been he just. Just had the the problem was I thought you said Eddie Vedder first. That's why I initially said alive but Daniel instead wage bony bony bonus points Valerie Bertinelli. She live or she's alive career is dead, man. Let's go to Smitty. You ready? Sweaty? Yes, sir. I am Jose. He just said it. Eddie Vedder son-of-a-bitch, I just gave you the answer. I believe it's the Eddie Vedder. He's alive course he is. All right, Eddie Money, but then Eddie Money. He died like girls pretty sure yeah. He did suckered yet. You keep reading 3323. Let's go Eddie Fisher Eddie Fisher's long gone. Going hard to find Carrie Fisher's long going to hurt his daughter to oh my pirate and those are you here. He's probably gone to we're all evened up now. It's 4 to 3 a.m. Eddie Albert. You know him from Green Acres. He had one of the best lines I've ever heard in my life was in a movie. She's alive or dead. First of all been he's alive. He's dead dead was the beginning of head office movie head office. I think Judge Reinhold was in a bunch of a bunch of people. He's flying in a helicopter. He's this really rich guy and he's talking to the pilot and he's flying and he looks out over the horizon of the city. He goes, you know, when I came to this town I had less than 40 years. I've been million dollars in my pocket and now I own all this Verizon and he did it. So deadpan. Love him. He's dead. Is there another round here to try and catch up one more wage is just register. Yes, Ed O'Neill it on the plate and I know the answer he is alive son-of-a-bitch. How old is he for the point he is 71-75. Did you ever take a guess on Eddie vedder's 4.0 wage? She's Thirty-One know fifty-seven Eddie vedder's 57. It's 4564. See you should lose a point for that. I have another one. Here's here's I gotta catch up here two points and we talk. Okay. Is he alive or dead Ed Too Tall Jones dead. what he died of Too Tall, he first of all he's alive is he trying to get you to say would be tied up he died of being too tall. He's Seventeen months and he's alive and guess what? He's still pretty fucking tall. I'll tell you what he has shrunk much. All right, so that's it Ben Ben. Did you win Nobel with Bill one by what two points? Don't get any better that was embarrassing for for you Phil Smith. You win the grand prize. What is the prize? It's the The Phrase That Pays off this week we're going to do right now. Oh the Phrase That Pays if you the Phrase That Pays this week is you can win a coffee cake for my grandma's if you if you tweet me at Planet my key with the Phrase That Pays off is okay Ed. Too Tall Jones is too fucking Tom and the praise that you treat me that you want a coffee cake for my grandma's greatest coffee cake and a face of the Earth Thursday next week. I'll tell you where it's really going on inside my head and I'll tell you I don't give a shit anymore. I'm a little pissed off you wait till next week. It'll be the end of the world as we know it's off. That's great starts with an earthquake. Birds snakes and Aeroplane Lenny Bruce is not afraid. I have a hurricane listen to yourself. Churn World serves its own needs don't disturb. Your own needs speed it up a notch. No strength ladder starts better after I highly doubt height and fire representative government for hire to combat site left of West coming in a hurry with the furies breathing down your neck off trained by James reporters baffled Trump the other truck look at that financed most overflow population, Druid. It'll do save yourself. Serve Yourself World serves its own needs. Listen to your heart. Tell me when the Rapture all the Reverend is the right right? This is telling me truth get it together drove yours the end of the world as we know it. It's the end of the world as we know it. It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. 6:00 TVR don't get caught in foreign Tower slash burning and returned listen to yourself church, but come into your default but Bernie left lady have remote Alaska thought I had a candlelight amount of time to wash your hair crush crush means no fear. This is so hard true show. Just get your shit together offer me Solutions offer and I described the end of the world as we know it at Sean's it's on the world as we know it may end of the world as we know it. Can you believe it? I feel fine, you know look that good. stricter yourself told faced This is the hardest song we've ever done true. Here you go. Huh hired you it's the end of the world as we know it. It's the end of the world as we know it off the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine except for this lower GI problem giving me cramps.

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Full Games - Charlando sobre videojuegos - Ep #01 - Primera Temporada

Full Games - Charlando sobre videojuegos

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Full Games - Charlando sobre videojuegos - Ep #01 - Primera Temporada

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They can contribute to the wall street. Which the. I don't see an esto. Fianna starring cube or include star. We y- lateral stunt defrauded in you. You're gonna get people yacky yopougon ski area. We'll see maybe they won't doesn't mean we're giving boredom see whether or not that's better better. It's gonna get a. I'll ideal but i'll nipper lineal poverty. Hey you've been so busy because the arado your midwestern a little bit like though your spouse mrs thirty s there's a with but they do now the dealer contribution about an unusual wall see lameta sloth. Some blended super nintendo low lubyanka beans as far as exercise. It's only business. That's bill goes up there. But i'll say look at all of the that we gotta classical the whole i would look at ethan horton boy. I eat the canossa in case Old goes into delegates. Naria mileage style. Study just at to better. Not stunning melodic porculus. Standard undo amazon. But i go. Oh come facility comfort equity get. I mean i mean we not live this think about it has been bit juanita wishing this up beta. No but it's from from spineless copy flowers interest what one of which eighty geico's the voter prepared but it's getting by anastos. Dan don't need quarter also needles. But it's still important skinny spinal. Typically i was when he does not want to get magana yes. I cannot get him on. Numerous primes rattle giving ocean. You're going to go jimmy marino get. I'm your sparks tanto. Tanto eight hundred. Jackie hispania the in born in montana. Cinta brian see about to each other year. That i'm and you're wrapping up wrapping up. But you know louis yes stumbled in the or does the commission on the all our company no matter what we're gonna to blow out two dollars a knows the tailgate. They're all wooden mugabe suare. That's the baby took over. And i'm not going to be on. The walls on baynton divorcee has get up when bush what doesn't get over manager was they doesn't yeah they might have given this though pope in gobert ending with bottles. You have normally guess. My local lisa owned today partial. Vegas i get out and blunder. Be w we guess he'll optionality pando yet book is out what the competent makarov a fee. Who don't maybe maybe not the bruna napoli those put one of our podcast. I'm champion boys. Hosea they tell. En en la luna mccomb channel polygon. Eric last langage ago. Think of overdose to one dollar on whole These are generally. I'll go up is you. what see you out you. i couldn't live the name. Oh wanna look out in mississippi and i did you might have been mechanics. Not lewiston should naturally. I mean the fact zip. Sarah net one of those in golic leonardo's miracle may we'll second he's been there are nc absentee momentum. Dolls storm at aspen. Someone for a eric on the movie. At the yoga. In san antonio i media about caproni yesterday's tweets on l. Chimboa what does your day callow migos. Joe is number. Walter still took it did it not at. I wanted to see. But of course international combined your gallon. you'll get. He is that you have to give me your story game even started as messed up to lamentable big because when the neither iraqi nando me to book it up you see this did i guess not participating coulter. We're going to go and this just thankful. Rocky bistecca monopoly. Another we got arrested. Videos in this super mario. These taper monday. Yeah show me another moon. He got us giving precise not. Nobody has with us when when other noteworthy moscow neutral. But how did that. Step wound up. The micro is a little little mickey remake mickey and they'll solution to get a mass. Pf do telling you. Let's see what else do you that. Kucha no oviedo a. A each this something. I eat another so. We look real predicament. Arabic intolerable vermont giving you anthea no l. tondo beach one or someone's name okay. The given enough marseille automatic. It built this. I started the meal besitas for the parliament. The you know political minimum our is corral dynasty outta is get the minsk equador meal contract for through bedouin. Visit the no. That means. We'll skip this tip a reduc data forum you scores has it all. Spo the linnea auras. Demisch another amyloid winton molly. The for me didn't get the milk stories. must be shallow. Do understand your bachelor. But i can only tonight one for gula dale bundle. You do it. The point of view others much stuck. You're going to be is booed wral. Who will the interest. I'll on not yet. Even up quota. Fussing lied to them. I snow up at look. pretty medicine. St telemedia los alamos defeat. There's one of the envious status be breath and melinda to the store or yes as defendant going to a sloboda in a no matter canal buttermilk nearest again canal ago. I was running madman. Your sitting out la la la la they were use malachy yup talk resettlement producing nobody busy. It's seattle ballot illumination algorithm shape. Lezo you are a male who didn't are made within that what another money. Wnyc's mrs bush bill gates and luna ought game anomalies. You've got to you're too young and blend get the von lamble wanna on your do. It's important leah. Last cepeda really by doing the study sports time out ended up in business model canal. Forgets the deal. Partido personas dollars dealers the distribution nabet not medium de of top. That'll be in chat by must that is still. I'm mucci nutrition. Shown in the bill de la la bassee but again. Pms comedian because that's coming up bugging a million local the las vegas number-one on one with the little caesars. But if you want. I'd be stopping shortage that when you do finish up. One interests leaders thirty s people. Yes bogo bogo. Soobee unloaded bible but But i kinda let's pick your scum combatant but one dollars zero on a the water mill or the media the media. We see that. We got an threat when uncle jesse get joe minimal even when a whole bit of advocacy nordisk about the third of the dom borsalino canada's independent quality and then he anna that yesterday and then he you know i get. The get enough additives will be no Is immediately then that other moscato salam mosquito either bestow had dopey. I must say. I do think that mitchell. That's a meal with mira indicate then through the mississippi million threes whole established with your local. See your but it wasn't a push of which has made of parolee muscle. Now you look at the the hemi. Let's import attributed to either. You have do it on my the formats route rescue. It's just nobody navy diamanopoulou obama's hebrew because it is okay gallery miles smile dot which guess a scan minute mr persona me and there's one host alex a couple who the hundred fatal out ascot galleria and or was to me drink daughter them the yes style way. It opens kudos mobile but only within the which is on the computer our yes i asked him is comfy text because forget rubbish twitchell throw alamos windows which is has been. There's gonna be a who said e mail mail nosy knows opportunities three and i see some aquinas tabernacle bows getting on board electrical deformity. No whatever but actually for me see cheviot again. I get i venture. This'll miss again bill. You need to do with one. Became real tournament partake for mita. Lucienne looked up another tournament people. But i know one dollars saga i indo. Abraham aura that to stanton is scattered impotent. Agree about pakistan. Does in an for media mogul is known are still go with you. Those you just get to minimalist lilia. Getting be at the end of the reporters and cover scale is than lassie mambazo. We've been gas a. Own and we wanted to know about you blah blah bake rose noisy gross deliberately data will let nothing. I'm just usually through three. I'm thinking we decided. Get these people in new york in alex. You're not gonna show at the louis. The okay didn't go by the issue. A unique okinawa installment and believe mundane as who that have been. There's been a We are interfacing after the our either get on with federal style you know they put us on hours beep and Trump player notes. But no says he has veto podcast. Cathay address no not book which but the minority among us. Podcast katharine cornell L. senior player. Nogues de la. Scorsone gonna therapist dealer for is is not as because the unknown nurse case. Yeah we'll ask. Gaydosh amid directly. Todo la failed in okay. Synchronicity window said lack that up at all notre had come in different will stay on if people for animals around a whole bunch that have a hundred percent are not allowed to get in your sorority and our northern combat los photographing then stanton is the victorian studies of bhutto's books edelman nasty under enough beyond bego c. a. and balancing the mullet spot. Memento jacqueline on see you. don't either. i've been the mob boss. Is that a bad day. That i don't know yet. About how much in shelters kill on the other side does take ambien system will meet mathurin believing that route or do we. Don't get a lot of internati meal that can be elegantly companies. Aren't they and of say if that is still elorza to get him. 'cause you're going to yesterday outta federal komo komo publicity. So columbia. sorority has asked us the whole mass. Well this team nobody. It's donald this month on there. They gotta go that. If hemos a imbera theme emergency mosaic is the nato and mcclure holy most ably it will come from they can s celebrity david out gomez vast majority debate. Buster mala. mala. Martha hubbard is not moment. The ghetto mark fields at sheerness. God yes but i don willett think. He's milkshakes when i'm here that the thunder data i'm not sure mucci shimomura hero nasty though milagrosa off this shlomo aspirin. Nobody is up and said he goes but he wanted to see. I don't know starting bushido the ending san york on those different because they thank you go. You'll get comfortable discussion wetter. The guy about who about money that damien hasn't been devotion. You may have a second melissa given him. I know that those but owen colombian kalinka stan. Let me get your omega mykonos. Everybody said the. Us from super. Linda not necessarily over. I know alex. I mean honestly will give us ended up not multi maturity donald j. One horsing edmund. Mandalay yemeni dick in twitter fingers. Pseudo stop lowered. I wanted to show what. Do go say huda in australia in and twitter davis and does he goes no no she. But a gig be the and said you with back then wounded and which is to then though if identically yoga goodness but if i talked about in the dow level thorough. There isn't as much as it'll get me for oregon. Cc that made. I mean that's what i mean. I mean i mean auto plutarco receivable if that's what it allows the wallo. No no no. No no bill. Tony tony taboos stay. She see that guy into your piano. Lettering dubose guesses noble followed. Peter is still going salvia you when you're not going to have scott who got don't get cartoon said dude. I about milo follower took them and a lotta this title but have you still. There will be located idea based on. I'll give it can say the. But i am a big tone but at the end to you pull you got your copay. Have you still poboy. Discovery implanted implantable back moment. Talk radio hit erode kit. Eric did you wanna go lebanon. Pay tara happy tara. She still evacuee. No miyoko la one hundred eighty buddha mea the intendo siestas where siestas better that Lapeyton bitten show don king talkradio corner suites in togo. And you're gonna come your locker. Don't you know. I think it's this year two zero momentum and international in cousteau chassis cautious. They would put him in the. I'll give you gotta thought you're gonna theus maggie matthew and then you're going to be able to help i will show you don't come all those commodity undesirable denote again. See sue bogus it. I awoke on media roach loves. Don't bucket them on desperate gusto meal nappy. That gets abattoir by body must have industrial but stopped mario and scowl paxon plan. Alessio seeing yoda and you look at the mir this local aspirated salvador mind. No no no. They will be done bogart. Loretta on this are they ask about our nobody. About another donald. Theoretical study a eskimos. She's still in the game on november. Emperor morgan we're getting booker. New way mechanical. Wear a bit okay with us together. You think memorial in crucial masculine guy. He was apathetic being allowed to nato shapur boo boo boo boo difficult emas. The are allowed. Leo combat combat pay now korean noble internet. Typical can only talk to both back up. Make you never know lean see what's up email but hope. Oh come on yet. Because i'm not talking about getting iago manoa communist study at mass general manager. Mando he'd have the younger. I or your magic magic at the but but let me ram vilas. Lana on but is it didn't gentile gentiles. Skinner happy tara cannot escape system us him at i. Follow the market advocate. Here akitas fast equals. Your status is difficult. Allegra siennas north indian silo was td leader saudi. We didn't intend in the valley in ultima. Ps costea standoff necessarily stay there as the holiday buddha where the nougat baretti city holly dm gabrielle. Kneecap potato now switch. National final is eighth. They got done mishmash gaining dental eacho. K- holiday boutonniere voiced in global. Capitalists are interested in me. Marlena joe benigno rico but was mcdougal. May i have with all over europe. Gay actually do our w you may give me make another pescara are done. Their best to new the gift does doubling no say what you say. The field study. I get richer specimen doug. Okay now now. I've ever video hombre. So now i'm in deductible under to. Ibm conquer turn that point. The porcelain out this year bush title is must be doing a them patras term yoga. Moondog got to fill. Mundi kitale loop with joey yakuza. Put food fix god. Yes then you're gonna okay. Let's go gi others. I am tech engine. You go someone. We bought a chat with my sister nido per game. I a. I'm not gonna do know either. Norway's liberals delegate ghetto let bill de actually liquid. John w how stem we've locker he malibu. We'll step would look at me. God marino do is study we flights and actually they don't the story is i. I started a that has made us. That'd be stillborn eastern with the remarking all piloted from senior. Come out if any i of this would've mcgowan old michi- around bogle it's good in the middle of. Does this weeds locally lost our that making us the hawalas indiana gets on certain legal. Macedo dame is how to go to the komo news madame. What are those also big old. Our stepped onto listable legal. Or the little brother less tweets pork novak percent me. No big in your. Cms went out. no it's gonna skip. Okay is michigan meal. that's interest rates. Came up from our about. Is you got to ski ski. Ski live election. Show last golden mitch. Mcconnell deal bit. Oakland followed with donald sparks. The garden the swedes e- economic. It from fiona eat. I'm sorry on law x exodus. War gay is not not only talking within l. Costa this land but ascione either does the in session betsy. That so i'm autograph. Takes tasteful use read in nevada site as well but any orlando super with the holiday nintendo donahue data disallowance. Nhra you may not even gone. It has taught people's shadow mental nfl bama padlock intelligent another minniap- within the who still clicking on boue look among each other guinness know before the shit though dole these for middle nobody wanted to give them on top of cordell palo the fundamental memorial kim on delta. These people not okuda gupta. And then they'll be in second sean local solo just simply not in the fourth amendment. Either area. the edo she might need. No bonus on about the conflict listed royal. Let's say paddock. but nothing. You never turn on. Cannabis is is a up. She latinas before most of easter and many other then intended l. Heal the remastered by streets to but if you're you about That won't be ready to wobble. Not especially when they're still available so this is the your window co-pilot you out chas. It's only make play five five different lost. Everything gave me a winner. Which in fishing rod one cows one motorbike and piano roy torture. Well listen to stop. On a stopover. Going to somebody to keep saying you know they call organization for it percents wondering is that we're gonna chat. Do y'all know much either robot. Bss sheets when they got done. They'll has no mascot. Talk cuts took my skeleton traveller in russia almost a low fees. Well then debate you forget this. Then you quadruple the emotional relief. Get eight gumbo relative when he will meet tonight because polio homeowners cheating thunderstorm mira so good two seconds they gave it on this nobel now and say is different of welcome brennan minute. Komo mirror knows as gang. Sexiest make play discovered. Thousands of in a few monarchies the other tony ceo in deblaze on anti ejei khan llamas authority that they gotta hold on by judicial edinburgh el nino robot kit that the escola reach or no no. No no you lose taylor who under and and the one jacomb regional allows this sorta bidart pantoja gave them nordia but not one cartoon solo. Let me start booster. not really you know. No no like a surplus dollars buccaneers so bucket sort of sequel more. Nobody that i she says does earlier within. I won't be here by valley. He kills man does to be done regime guns but notice it. you mean. They won't say they will taking chart didn't see look at not level system and beyond their domino. You gotta but. That's how what jacqueline casco guests cook. Leather stimulus either ended number. They're not gonna status. And let's by la la balance is you get a bogus said. I'll get the interest in shortall. Follow a lot of both honestly w geraldo collaborate. Fabio can you won't in kalomo not make him talk weather quattro in just about there was no labradors being sow gweat about that. Somebody legit already. I'm we bogo in in america needed journalists that age so bay. He'd been bill russell era north in most bittel ties. This sort of hottest countries is my escorted of the doc. Sold mustard gas. Okay because nobody wants to move on to the national set saudi-owned. Did i definitely yeah gormley. They're recyclable nicholas. perceived lewis. Afc bits on thin rubber. You're still note. Nicolas duck sadness aspect. Okay with athena. Says the fidel urea. But our s w madonna and pasta. Elaine wicked aicha. Their de la. I will defend the one thing. You almost multiple. They central moment don gamecube. He soon mississippi commercial colgate solo homer who are fiscus stupidity and their food. The ember is kidnapped. Me south yell. I know about the good africa note. They paid back at the medicine. Medical woke just complete like yours. Miller one soldier. What does an amusement notion. Focus of air doumbia for about they remake the buses the willfully bundled night. Wbz either besoin meant no bitterness. Ultra publicity gignoux. The rock with yasser following invitaion Trade dull got up with. Who are are you getting on the left shoulder blues. forget mentality like is books but Blake remastered fatal entry. Levinas switch more laboratory leader. They gonna try that either we win. We went donald day. But if you go on you decorative remember seeing these kids. You know the kid. They're going to get while this time. Sendo geico new about medicine just last. But until monday i believe by the embry mighty alaska secret gordon. Show by market through tacoma muckleshoot. Now but i mean these about these. These were going to story because they must own doom him. We would have been a muslim doom and emerson this guide him then was the la hormuz da. Vinci's let me no canaries. Missile on someone lemme maria. I'm not la. La la been all yellow and islah but Bit oh cleto letaba stop. Ammiano mcgowan does wiggle sport. Who had of this weeds lost way of money. Denunciation glaspie less doesn't about by unita by that you we have hamburgers that data suitable competitors. Local forecast poll dark souls. I mean it's gonna pinata recycle heidel warriors dolla mir. This of senior who lesson. That has a hawaiian. Will you might as well throw. The employer will look got regional. Who else will you wind up all this yoga minimum and about but which was not counted up again on. Don't ask don't get even even into the partic- british poisoning or whatever you just out of the end of this scare regional consolidate. Let's just celebrate than any other. There's nothing coach. Step in setup. But i will which just tina we're gonna get. Dna bitter north estimate imports etc In bars nicobar doom deal. But it's got a lot of shows will not annemasse cake up on you especially. It's just not thea but not at the airport a little little. The augustine episode and an. What daniels gave us shepherdess. Bush didn't your muscle mass horn when muscles on totals says there. Will you eat up to this. Equal ed o'neill the rmc is with my shit. Chelsea's sacra on eddie omega is ammo either. Mutual control any another good. That'd be host michigan. This that i maria captain not april bogere waldberg who is wondering braille. Sonic turning money. I'm expert voice. No yes you're going to be raymond they might get at. Mario tell you the whole contract your you know. They cut this wound seeing who but education on that they apathy that still go no in san andreas obeying what okay stop in the end win bagel. no i teach show golden international leverage. You know she wants to send him to your child yours. People see stay as daniel. Nestor lincoln dome we. We went to santa salah mondello at on doce than in denver. Got into on either the acetone before that normal gotta almost balloon allah almost seabiscuit. Even learn that even though there's not rostock shows people they got a style. Then he say i gotta manual and your beagle. Parliamentary and go rhino. And you'll and party formula. We use a diploma escott. Look the am solution company. Even you what they do not put a combined you have been either dot com. I don't but in the end there the day we either where you can watch just combine. Yes on career theater Say battle not economic to see boy demos in episode they will look at the most homeowners. Luther does nausea. Nosy nosy looked up traveling a laptop or not in any poodle veto laws. Still final fantasy. Those data as mutual as easy analysis is not in and nahla josiah will get a weaker seek get being beyond better algan jovial shoudn't retail. Did they live in You're gonna goes to the little fill up do okay. Yeah let's is no skimming lebron sola majority arena shala. Just not augustan gets under one hundred which she won. The data sounded about. Those finale does does this. We turn on me out of the better indian indian local this to the hotel at the end anything out of the world peace even the finnish aspect get mortgage. You can look got nobody through my yours. Correct dental mechanic. Hasn't amy maria. She cambian within the state capital bill. More than they're gonna well and at the same you must put his stick amino give me mahaelagamuwe. Sister desi tabora story. I implement on a who are completely bit. Financial medical wing way capuchin bookie took a look at smoking. but it's just own gum. You radical wounded corral get. Love does on confidence in process. So must the who are said. I and his has picked up to the went. Out on oprah all shooting whether the caribbean belittle newsroom morose. You say this quite get some kind of gallow said the this senior to actually get on us as all very casino golf. Mario menopausal beethoven vilna. She say years apart the same thus far more With this intimacy sees scheduled premiere also on the day you see in front of your book. I wanna see you with your ankles created much. Well let's get started. So of course stephen engle diaz and you'll be the mass casualty and not give look logo is relevant or through manning's with a lot of short. We may start cases. Yes boss. I you remember how villa vetoed. It was going to say another this. Look and see. This is muslim. Gotta love you guessed it did i on my lords knowing they're not gonna moist and neither less at all to see a style. Duda all elda and tweets generally until know really i what was in neto. We took into interest in it. But i guess what i used to. Yeah i see the folks folks and until to fox seems on these see but they're not even ian own volume. Yeah they must especially the beta beta the winter way. But it either. I don't studios yenisei opinion. They'll mattress winter of he does. Convenient is gassed. I think in the al cafe. Show everybody horrible mundi will or you already. But now the whole radio guest folks can go. Sk nola because just. It's just coming madame. La folks that are get going to demo. The definite atlanta courses ameinias dosage of second degree. If you look what has folks canal massively planning pat your year. Get billed is new budget. I mitchell again shot at by the as they keep on. Hold on hold on could see media. But i think it'll be alexa studio. Says the maybe tacky and uh the no selena was always folks. Knicks games has acquired the collider studios and the studios during for the magic. When i made a hoagie within the camino but that's what misanthropic ordinariness the yes he can must either tomato now since he yet insulation when liberty memos. Yes it's a horrible idea. Jamie b b b Have you released a record in the navy lincoln. Donate a nuclear wobble. Without neuronal is pretty meadow. Says dinosaurs shake what authorities worst cut. The lebda gays will all-seeing thistle thyroid and devos's kinda like let me think gomo thallium yoga camera. I see stars tube. Yes we call this. Though monday we get more know. What's in them Myth glutton the on the lost pretty meadows. whoever's competitiveness copa yarmuth railroad Ep stola es by muscle chest. Yes neil with intimate dip attendees called nielsen be suntan dudas. Mondo siedman than other nikki. Liberty or wavy benzon and is innocent. Woah you sympathy at viscous. A womb sunken mementos masami. That wendell awards. Isam kimmelman does not hasn't gone directly rio de janeiro. Your room which. I look at grill by me up email. The democrat yet. Gunnison a hunter no but even with the candidate which lent rather smoothly fifty barranquilla. I'm willing to give us the data. Guinean get whatever they want to be. The la order out i've about it gets it interest. We'll put up into. Lana zak getting horrible woman. Better leader i e. I just equal. Think that at the elvis article mental that dot net muster handle unemployed. Was i going. Ebony it it. They're they're sweet skin. The geraldo lil mama's style warriors update political. Komo secret. the innocent has been what has meant that out that the gotta holy they. Donald trump the reality dollars from mir thought. You won the bus and is has been debbie gross and segesta secrecy little than hunters and openings lentil. Nobody had no. Nobody gets ten. Amazon.com mir aspen yunus on interfered. See i got this in in the those gambled genus leto. Some some which went die. Which already are the most salad i can. The rear seat up. Don't condone beach. Auto show said he'll knock wood Extols there in this house is got who i in nausea. This a steep was donahue other guests the book especially la guardia. Thought lasko million dollar. It says the thought has tinted anita. Show lamar underneath. I said well. This whole bonuses or normality afforded gays vascular. You'll get your by. Sharon mariano tangled the remote lottery. I don't do about remove progressive about a classic look at two millimeters issue showed us. You get bet. El nino in doubles as madame wants to say monster hunter. It'll betas pretty made us go say misiones so. Don't die while gossip. Always i los angeles busy Duress he goes. When i did of us betsy montesano. Beaches qassam komo. I see it was the medium. Carita matters you've always got one thus calendar multiple. The yet that was this was just get komo mini wash. You wanted it. Up with his justice as in manitoba leto log at the most noble. This has pretty missio unless you will know working not allowing while your dividend but it won't known guy de niro escudier. We're gonna get the new interest. Get into this context almost run into gamma well. It better nicholas c. Fatal email but no no no need to give except not even. Is this the rattle in delay payload to to tula leader about who your back through the not fade. Don't give me the with you. I see even without already in my damer. Portia i mean. Didn't interest too narrowly casino. Osceola does nothing battle always here. Studying leonardo central moments style interest any showed putting dealer misses it the hula. You just don't talk under the excess. You said the ankle all young they got perez santiago's intersperse it the mass best erect the modern latter canadia. He's gonna make memento was legal. You one hundred or cfo. Continue that also talk exclusively for me where she combined. You have to start got. It must be detained. If i don't know nobody lamelo. I log it for the but i don't want to give us something going but i don't get is what am i proud. He's gotta last guest. They'll think i'm gonna might. They might not sexy on the ncaa. I can be able to sa if you had a longer-distance has been salary. Donald trump with this company on halloween. That nobody will another one another better. Skip it if you're competent. Recommended me opinion to mel skewed. View of commentary the right but the koran ninety shifting yummy getting okay fee national not suspended. Stabat we're not. We understand the netscape visible whatever when tabernacle malo photo chew. But i shall vigorously make Do think mambo jambo. Don't get hip. I i you to maintained for the cia. So sweet saturday sunday filtering them. We'll talk dottie. Yeah the cutoff. Who factory this lincolnshire. Let me check this year. You know you're on the million me. Limited steve nuttiness gustav saturday tangle hammered. Pms indo federal law motherfucker into put them on the photo. Second betty the important and kimmel minto lobotomy. I'm not that chara almanac checking during a wonderful toya stay. The indianapolis is that guilty. Mass been arrested arabian though but officials don't stick with more photo model of with us political restaurant. Mosquitoes jobim me and mother photo. Get your support though on about it though they say you get the way that will you stop. Fees he bought and morita is illegal. I think oh no. And then what does the buddhist dot org and you just pay me. I would say more okay. Your taliban photography alga okay never not gone remarkable the power casino know in in louisiana. Chula get a does mapa. Working photos photos polaroid's schedule as look at you. Get your you just more or less photos the photos. We're not asking for those e apple dollars get out. Does this and kimmelman to israel committee in be jewish on acid in the in the into the rottweilers gift granted. Today's of why through. What would remain nothing on something. What did w we're going to talk a little bit. But if they wait w toffee. That's the vice. Cheaper says you. You wonder stephen doyle reality when the burkett esto. That's what it'll give me into this. Not interesting thing. Many wonderful generally but does need of if you want willow. When the which less than i did ask you does your desk. You know cato for sodomy laws. Latvian than it does not cater. No you does again but by phone which host but if he also cases eligible. Needless better than me. Mommy memo indo gay bus. Bilateral phobia the gonzalez. This is just give me the name of which will when she's one clueless do molyneaux. What is it on your embiid yet. They're not bad for trump. Who i'm gonna be out rodham. She's then damages. Anti mutant that does the mirrors rentable rentable logical dallas in chandler. Get going to for to the student working on this brigade. You drop as many as there's no place you guys get extended coffeenated into jackie matt. Your about based to kiss is gonna so this. You'll know comment video miserable boys. They're laughing silky. The dust religious panel. Larry facia little combat. Contra controversial has hit. Nobody's gonna end no nobody nobody talking last night. Somebody else deal like fiesta show. It's up get i see. I think what this may not eat. What starts getting somebody say some of you. They put up a esteban. In your opinion fisher. I must tell you what i got. No map was sonny bono. Excuse me i go. And that that then i don't cds little bumper fiesta. Be not million but still gonna make a number to go nicole out to the hallway nudging making that when they gotta mailo. Bala gave them the boreal colorado. Is this bigger that way. But not is talking about memphis megaton there. I've noticed that. Sorta mario run the okay. Djabel dawson chico jeopardy out one but the water trace komo codename discovered this you get it done doors to join and you realize how. Dr doper for kabul. Got in there. But i've been that'd be be a says second doubt i got custody world be gobbledygook on rise in steady got there and must women tornado explode. No no-no hula. Say the top. Talk host on your duty. Has you say we won't be novelty. That has modibo is level. Agenda said silly silly tosari cable they look look at the game it out because i was on. Hold their mario. You come on this side of my yard guy interested in boone happier plan. Make our mother get out of your stupid star. You gotta solos greasy we roscoe. Have you ever stay. Denies beach an enormous. Last some out there buddha we'd be mightier therein. Moscow is going to be mighty mighty this study at the speed of the mario capanna they. He says he's super super her. Almost get out of it. And what's but. I still think amir a i. We get him out of the other said. Oh yeah stuck. Mantis didn't them to focus tomorrow. We're not at the medicine does because you're looking say no no no no syntax that of course at the at list sequence there but that it gave we'll go to that yet the minimum wage. No i think they got some of you yet. The us he with the load but if either hangs up on the window say happen with which you can get a spanish no allah buddha. The hundred at the deal fema to a cliff you little literally. We don't run into monroe because i can finish orlando. They did so we when we did. Did i doubt about him. We in journals willis. There's more so than than the horse mario kathy in. We're gonna. I think now at the dental terrorist attack lab hose. Either the world cup was not. I said i know there's been that iliescu that we should have a phenomenal. She's saying okay. So precise that important valley over my your new and this week. let's When we the art of gave me in the in the royal oldman delta clouds new guinean does paolo dallas so into published athlete. No beta been eight years. There was blue. Look into the hanina reading it then to nato yet you're going to be published monday. The be talked about that. Nobody which they predict the we'll get the in the interest address meter baidoa vassos losing the impo it nonsense. And that's not walk at the medicine and the athena's no get knows histories that'd be going on in data economic. I mean become. She's that gays pathos this one of the race to go to liberal. Didn't me we my almost chat with a much misgivings tim. Wwl damon wonders. Almost all of this guy. Y'all your canetti. Gilo are little dollar leading. Jeremy's me we do see miracles. They get us. Hey there completer vision of bush they say for mallusk planets as you get ya short show because it's going to go shopping you'll get extra five immunity but it doesn't on the anti you mentioned that you've been hearing me. No no no no. No no hope one radio this image. You're going to see. How much does he looks like. He must one. Let me get on yet. Accepted funding national teachers gopinath as ultra to push numbers eight hundred wii an yoka poodle internet. Those different boss. Who i mean eddie murphy. Evident him yesterday. That newly bora. I don't allow. I don't know a by the number of master stomach community day but we are looking at you. Don't want him to go. Sascha machinist come on mission. But we've got the little known him after about. I most wanted booklet.

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The South Florida Morning Show  HR 3  6-17-21

The South Florida Morning Show

34:51 min | 4 months ago

The South Florida Morning Show HR 3 6-17-21

"The south florida morning show with jennifer. Ross in bill adams on newstalk eight fifty. Mtl s a quarter of a billion dollars and is more than enough to hire the project manager and the contractors in to begin building the wall and we are committed to adding more resources as needed going forward. That's that texas money. You're talking about finally found the cut of texas governor. Greg abbott talking about it. That's a quarter million dollars. He may be asking well. Why talking about texas. Because we're involved now. Yeah well we're involved will. That was yesterday. He mentioned that that would be the start of the crowd funding campaign that he started for the wall. The two hundred and fifty million came from his own justice department fund was like. Yeah okay. we're taking it from. The state will put it in as the down payment but it gets things rolling in it also puts a bunch of money up front so it proves that texas is behind its own efforts to not banking on the rest of the country to bail them out. Here's the thing too. I was glad to see. Say this. Because i think we both asked this question yesterday. Okay i think we're gonna see some awesome small dollar donations twenty thirty bucks wherever it is. That's got to be protected though so he's trying to assure the small money donators. No there's going to be overseen by two agencies one is the texas division of emergency management. The other is the office of governor and we expect full transparency and accountability so the public will know all the money coming in and how that money is being used. yeah because it's a little unprecedented. You're a state governor. Border state governor taking private money from a crowd funding source right. You gotta have. This has to be the most transparent secure fundraising effort in history. Because you know. The democrats are watching especially greg abbott. They're not big fans of him to begin with so they're watching every step of the way to make sure he's not like you know paying for a kid's college education with it. All it takes is one screw up and the anti border security administration. That's in there now would shut this thing down so fast. You're right you're right. This has to be secure but this is interesting because when Former president trump going the border two weeks from yesterday so to. So in two weeks. It's going to be there. Isn't it interesting that they've already hired the project manager. He's got the money to start. It is e there. You said earlier for the groundbreaking. No he's there to announce am the project manager and he's he's gonna put on his golden trump construction helmets. They start digging. He's got a pair in their work in a way that kids doing. I guess. I don't know it might be a groundbreaking. Because they're they're ready to go right away. I get on it a crisis. This is on the fast track. It's it's if you just listen to just some of the stories. They're talking about in these border patrol agents. In the last report i saw border patrol agents have stopped a million and a half illegal immigrants running across the border. These are people trying to come in legally these. Are those jump in the fences or getting dumped off by coyotes in the middle of nowhere. I mean it's it's treacherous for them but a million and a half people since the beginning of the year. That's pretty incredible. It gets more more by can count. It's an estimate so it's it should be interesting to see what happens. What's coming across. Not as human but drugs the drugs that had been smuggled across and that was a big point. That governor onto sans made yesterday be this criticism right out of the water when he said the reason why florida is involved in sending troops to these border state to texas and arizona is because of the drugs that are coming in through that southern border affecting our state so we so there is a reason for us to get involved. They were there specifically talked about one of the counties along the panhandle and he said like the drug Trafficking and the human trafficking in that area had gone up like five hundred percent ridiculous and he said you know and then you look at polk county and was really surprised grady. Judd wasn't there yesterday but He's there already is on horseback. And he's got. He's got the rough riders ready to go. He's like the new Teddy roosevelt might be like roosevelt new. Does he have a saber. Please don't tell me they gave him a sabre. That would be scary but anyway awesome. Here comes grady. But grady judd all the problems. They've had in polk county recently. He attributed all to the meth and he said the meth coming into his county is like ridiculous. It's terrible absolutely terrible. All the da. G agents are saying that the field agents. So that's a big reason. Why and yeah puts them on the national stage again of course Governor ron descendants. Made this announcement just yesterday today. We're here to announce that the state of florida is answering the call. Florida's going to support texas and arizona where the federal government has failed. The states are stepping up in doing our best to fill the void. I was surprised that you the the different types of you know. Workers were sent over there though. A first responders. Yeah just like sending the national guard. Yeah but it's a lot of state law enforcement is that started it off. And then he asked. I guess you'd ask counties before he even had the press conference which ones would be involved a palm beach and martin county jumped right on board and martin. Ronnie i mean he even set an example even talked of an example of an illegal who should have been apprehended who was apprehended and then released and carrying a florida did horrific things and martin county and he said that wouldn't have happened. Had we had know the proper is immigration laws back in place in the enforcement. Now they just say okay come on in and they wave. They don't even stop them to amazing. So it's kind of scary but it's nice to see it. It'd be interesting to see. What other states comply enjoying texas and arizona in us now. I've never seen it. I didn't think i'd ever see it. It's i dunno. It's kind of a relief to see states bonding together. But they're only doing it because they have no faith in the federal government to take care of these massive problems. Now ron to send us made a very good point about that. He said this is a created crisis at the border and we have to fix it because the biden administration isn't going to do a darn thing about it. It's it's a wild time though. Never see it show you how genius the founding fathers were though governments have a ton of power it just never har hardly ever use them this. We had this conversation earlier. What was the last time you heard. A states banning against the federal government to protect their own. Never i not in my life civil war. Not even joking at me. Was that the last time. And maybe you may be right. It's hasn't been in recent years. I can tell you that. And that's crazy and we're also learning a lot about the pandemic we know we love our social surveys. Yes we can say that were pretty much. We beat govan we did. We're we're winning. We won all right okay. You know who didn't win. Who body odor. Sixty eight percent of us decided deodorant was pointless during the pandemic. that's disgusting. That is disgusting. Okay but as shock you now well. They live in by themselves like they were locked in there like. Oh god yup. That's my brand now. Okay let me ask who. Oh who admits this not me. I would present of people. What is wrong with these people. Was this done like you know by odor eaters or like a new one secret or somebody. Who's a concert. this thing Said they were less. Active in general worked out less so another reason why we use less of it these northern lock in cities not us down here or california. Yeah no god no well this hope. Though there is over half of them think the will probably use mortaring this year though. Oh great thank you. It's about the rest of them. Well i'm sure this up people going. You know what. I like now using right. You don't smell good go k. Now you've destroyed my breakfast right my little protein bar over here. More dad's stuff. What did he most. Dad like states and all of the nation. This kind of surprised me. I was really shocked actually. I don't think the input florida on the list. Says i don't count down here. It's amazing that's coming up next as well as some more headlines. More reaction to from all different sources of biden's performance overseas. It's coming up next morning. Show this gentleman bill here more news coming up. That's at eight thirty karen. What you've got. Good news for bob baffert so apparently he's trying to prove that they didn't inject medina spirit. That run the kentucky derby with this banned substance that it was a topical thing her. I don't know her hawks or something. I forget what it was. So there's going to be further testing done on the urine. The judge ruled yesterday to members of the kentucky horse racing commission. Travel to a lab. Chosen by bob baffert and the horse's owners to witness the the division of the colts post race urine sample interest wanes. More and more and more in this please people like they hear a cheating scandal. Then the here the something and then there's a rule change and this is something in they're going. Why am i watching this. Yeah well i think they want to strip the title the kentucky derby title away from the source and hasn't happened yet but bob baffert banned for two years from the kentucky derby this after the debacle last year and then they had the the the trading paint the bump in that stupid thing that took like four hours television where they went to their the preview. Room member that it's your Yeah and they disqualified. Yeah that was a crazy. It's just it's like the oscars when they read the wrong envelope but come on get it together all right but you wonder how they had these races for the previous hundred years. You're right. I don't know a lot of people are against it to begin with reaction coming in. Thanks by the way. We'll see for eight thirty lisa florida morning. Show this gen. Diener bill reaction coming in from biden's performance from overseas summit but also putin's performance trump thinks putin one. You've course is going to say that he chimed any talk to hannity. I think it was on fox last night. Well i guess the overall is. We didn't get anything. We gave a very big stage to russia and we got nothing. Ooh he's right. He's an you knew he was going to say one. Because he's not. A big biden proponent to begin with but i did anybody win i i think he may be right by. I think putin got the upper hand. Nothing was accomplished The that family that american family had asked The biden administration and the president. Please get our son. Released twos being held in a russian prison. That didn't happen There was nothing done about the cyber attackers. As a matter of fact putin said you know what you're blaming me for the attack on the colonial pipeline and on that meat processing plants those plants around the world because these hackers were from russia. What about the american hackers that you guys have in your country that you quote unquote that attack everything. We have exactly. He said no one talks about that. I think that was my big takeaway. Some of the points across the world that putin was able to make a and it was against us took all kinds of shots against us and they said they're just as bad. Look you look at it yourself in the mirror. And he brought up the capital. That was not insurrection again on january six week if somebody said what did they say. Why don't you let your political opponent. What did he say about political opponents. And it had something to do with that because we don't want what happened to you on january six american reporter says you know you. You outlaw a political distance and you put him in jail. What do you have your question was. What are you afraid of. Didn't miss a beat and he says because we don't want what happened january six to you to happen to moscow. Wow that's a. that's a strong shape. That's a big statement to make. Yeah so i mean you know you may not believe in his his methods but after you make a comment like that. He makes a very valid point and biden makes it worse his press conference kits mistakes. The facts again. It starts talking about capitol. Police officers were killed by insurrection. Weren't see that's just not true. This is why somebody like biden can take that and run with it because we got our on president misstating facts right for anybody who doesn't know the real story they're going to say. Oh that's right that poor police officer that they hit with two by four or whatever it was with the story was that they knocked them out or they hit him with something. They said it was a fire extinguisher. And it's not it's not only died. Now he died from a brain aneurysm. Yeah so it had nothing to do with the fire extinguisher. But that's how that happens in it. And where did that story come from. The democrat controlled media. It's exactly where that came from and people still. But i bet you it's over half the country still believe that story. Oh i think it'd be more actually because when they finally came out and said that wasn't the cause of death it was like buried eight story on national news you know oh by the way that capitol police officer which was a horrible situation. Doubt you don't wanna see. Nba died but it wasn't a direct result of what happened at the capital. So unfortunately for all of us he lied. And that's what happened then. He goes he taxes on press and it it looks bad because now in front of the world he humiliated he snapped at his own press. That doesn't look good. It looks weak is what it does yelling at. What are yelling reports for. They're asking questions as get negative questions. Question you gotta be negative negative. You'll life for cat stevens to the way you all. You'd never asked question talking about the barely ask you any questions. He's totally protected. God remember all the nice little when his dog bit the secret service agent and they had to get rid of the dog how everybody was so nice. Oh poor major. He's going to be fine right. Mr president i swear to you. I thought it was going to bring that up. I swear by. I was like he can't even control his own. Dog oh god no. Don't say to ask surprised. He did it to be honest with you. That's why we don't have insurrection in your dog biting your own. H rough not been good. No it wouldn't have been good at all but he's he's got to get back to work today. Though nowadays home he's gonna sign juneteenth into federal lights now. Our our newest federal holiday haven't had once it's martin luther king day and eighty three while our twelfth and little take place on june nineteenth which was the end of slavery in the united states. So that's all right You know get down with that. We can all celebrate the end of that the end of that era for sure. But it's not going to be on a monday is really going to be on the nineteenth every year into. It'll be saturday. Make it the third monday. Well every year. I it they should. I don't know it might interfere with father's day or might interfere with mother's day. You never know the mazda make. It might interfere with father's day. How great would that. I'll gag that would be a big interference father's day weekend. We get monday off. That would suck. Wouldn't that be great. Boy we all hate that. maybe eventually. that's what they'll end up doing. I don't know or maybe they'll treat it like the fourth of july since it's it's your commemorating specific day. And they you know they don't move christmas. They don't move the thanksgiving. It's a specific day. So they're not gonna move it to a monday if he signs. This moves into a monday. How many if you move into a friday. Let's get a friday national holiday. That would be great. That would be awesome. Did mondays though. And i don't know why. I think they should have done fridays. I agree with you so as popular as a political move. Everybody hates mondays. So yeah get rid of monday and so you have it three day weekend then. It turns it into a mattress and linens sale. I know that's what we do. Which is not a good thing and we forget about why we're celebrating. Its truck days on the juneteenth dealer. Incentives can only hope not can only hope not speaking of father's day you guys Happy fathers day to both of you. Diener is with us by the way. If you're just joining us he just doesn't have a voice. He lost it somewhere along the line. Yesterday it's this that's going around. You're the only one that hasn't gotten built by the way. And i'm not trying to jinx or anything sure are just say the only healthy one in the room so what. Because it's father's day they did a survey of the most data state in the nation and it was done okay new balance had something to do with it. Okay it had to do with. How many dads grill. How many bad jokes given out. How many dads wear new balance shoes. Man boys new balance owning this. They are owning this because that is like the international dad shoe. Now yeah just own it. Yeah they do so anyway something. In the mid west missouri missouri came in third. Iowa was the data state in the nation. Right florida. the least data state. Why is that gets. You guys. don't wear new balance. I don't know what you wear nikes. I i have no idea but you don't fit the great so it's not i o and nebraska missouri kansas in vermont. Those are your top five. If you're looking for the data states and california is trying to kill off dad's so they didn't even rank that's true to california new york in the air and we're not. we're yeah we're the lowest on the list The league maybe. We're the biggest mom's mom this state. I don't know that could be all right to follow that up. We're the worst tv dads of all time movies too. Yeah i don't agree with this list. They get it backwards the other. They should switch it around their number. One shouldn't be number one. All right we get that and How is how is florida helping up southern border states man. We're sending the troops coming up next florida. Morning show is a bill. Keep it here so much. Karen see a top of the hour for more news. Fifty w. f. tlc south florida morning. Chill jen steiner bill. Voiceless diener. today's get them. That's going around careful with that whole voice thing that's happening these days. Lose a healthy people take zinc comes back. Take everything and i still got it. It comes back eventually. Give it another twelve hours. you'll be fine all right. More reaction coming in from biden's trip overseas a lot lot more criticism from the left wing news agencies that i thought saw an an analyst on cnn right after his press conference say we've never quite seen a president who is so protected by his staff and we'll take questions. He's started yelling at people. Yeah well you know when you start yelling at your own you get a problem. It's like come on and he yelled at a cnn reporter. That's good shocking i was. I was kinda shocking. And then somebody got to because he apologized to the cnn reporter when he got to the airport. So i kind of lost my temper. Snippy and i apologize. Karen had that that shouldn't have been such a wise guy. Which was the smart thing to do. Come back and apologize. But yeah. I don't know he shouldn't yelled editor. Begin with because i mean question wasn't insulting at all it was. It was a logical question. How can you say it was successful. When you just said that putin decided he wasn't going to do any of this stuff i was that a success so he went after. President trump Reacted to last night. Pretty much as you can expect. He probably called hannity on his cell phone. He's like just put me on. He probably did. I wanna talk about this whole thing and he said i think he's right about this though. He said there was a chance to develop a real relationship with with russia. But that turned into your a russian agent member there. I think we had a great shot at having an unbelievable relationship with russia Could have been fantastic and could have been really beneficial to both countries you know. They need economics and we need things that they have. Yeah and then. C said Well then you get alston. He went on about all kinds of stuff yesterday when he called in hannity boy. Isn't that nice. The president just picks up his phone calls your show. He could call us anytime. Mr president shun. The president is online to all right. Put them on our just say. Mr president houria bloomed shot up. And then he just on it by the way i just found out we we. We talked earlier that he's going back on the road. The president the former president. I rally that we know of is going to be in ohio In lorraine county in a little town called wellington. Outside of cleveland in june twenty-sixth is that what it is. They just announced july s in tampa. You're getting closer to us right. If he's in tampa and then dizzy go back for the fourth of july. Where does he go. He probably goes back to bet and her spot. I bet she comes down here. So yes you're right. I missed that on hannity last night. He did he talk about the ohio trip or or is it just about the the biden reaction. I'm not sure he talked about. They talked about windmills. Because he was talking about it's right biden shutting down the keystone pipeline and how it will never be energy independent because of it. We were on the way we were there. He screwed that up by that is and that windmills. Kill the land and they kill birds. That's all i get out of it so we've got the ohio rally coming up on the twenty sixth. You're right since he announced that. And now you just said tampa. You're getting closer to us. The save america announcement on the save america letterhead that he sent home yesterday. It was three total paragraphs. The only mentioned max miller the candidate the reason why he's going to be there at the very end as the president is first of many appearances. Supportive candidate oh and by the way we're going to Support max miller vote for you. Vote for him so he'll be there who's running in tampa should be intra while you know the governor's going to be there right. They cover there's gotta be at this rally in tampa now is going to be some of the day rallies. Wow now that. He's got this effort to help out the southern border states. Maybe desanta shows up. And okay if this happens if you see the santa's in texas or arizona. He's running for president. Yeah i i agree. Yeah because everything he has done in boy you. You pinpointed this. Probably like two three months ago. Everything he started to do was very presidential. It was more on a national scale than it was in a state scale and now he's we're the first state to respond to texas and arizona. Who ask for help with the border because it's as they said a manmade crisis in somebody's got to fix it in florida came up and said cable send the troops in and. That's what the governor's doing so you may be right so he'll shut. What if you don show up in ohio. Here's here's the governor of florida ron. Come on up here the man that that would be a tilted. I don't think it's going to happen. Not quite yet but you could see it. Let's see what happens. Put himself on the national stage with all these different moves. All this stuff we see now with doubt and then well we know. We'll be in tampa. Let's see how much publicity how much airtime he gets right or stage time. We say with the president. So that'll be a telltale sign. There's no doubt about it. Wow it's it's interesting though. I'm like but you call that a long time. I don't want him to run for the presidency. Stay here because he's got to win here. I right yeah and then somebody else will take his place. Lieutenant governor reportedly step in and eat handed off. Everything would be set up so it work out. Well we can only hope just seems to be laying out that way. Yeah well we talked about it being Father's day on on sunday. Happy father's day to both of you. He's just doing sign language day. He lost his voice somewhere along the line yesterday so he just writing us notes over there but they came out with a always do the worst i. I guess tomorrow will get like well. Who's the best tv dad or who what is the best state for dads to barbecue in. They do all that kind of stuff so they came out with a list of the worst tv and movie dads and it's let me. I'm just looking through the top. Oh the top. Four al-tv i'm like. Wow well maybe it's just because they're more top of mind more more often around for years right so who would be your worst. Tv or your worst movie debt. It's not even close. And i found this show late in. It's over now. The wrapped it. Up on showtime but frank gallagher from shameless. Oh well some believable is. He's the worst human being in civilisation. Actually you're right. What an acting job he did with that he was really really good. I it was. I forget who is living in the front yard. Somebody was under the bill by. He'd say you still out here. Why don't you move somewhere else. Go find another garbage candle live in. I'd be. I'd be like oh my god. He's so mean frank gallagher. From shameless comes in third. Who what. Dad is worse than frank. Gallagher at bundy came in second. Yeah see i never watched. That show was he was a great show. And i'm ed o'neill i missed that number one the simpsons homer which homer simpson and even as a cartoon. You can't shut out your son every single episode. I would see. I got a problem with this. They put okay. Like mr wormwood from matilda. He was horrible. Danny de vito. He came in eighth. Darth vader is number ten. Come on you blow up. Your daughter's home planet. Got a rank was horrible. He jack torrance from the shining. Oh yeah come on. He was number sex. I don't we forget that. I i've never seen it's always sunny in philadelphia. Isn't even seeing that show. Danny devito came in seven. Th yeah yeah danny. Devito is on the list twice a bad dad. He was seventh and eighth is mr warmer. And then frank reynolds and then game of thrones charles. Dance i tie win. say it. Lancaster was nine. I never watched that show. I watched one episode and there was so much violence in was like beheadings. Don't what's it's like no can't watch star. Start off that show. God a more headlines. Talk about coming up next in this though From the sports world you wanna talk about why these soccer stars are so influential here. What cristiano rinaldo did to the coca cola stock. Wow it off table until people that drink water really that influential. I bet yes amazing. Gotta coming up next these self-loading morning show is jenna. Bill cubit hear more news is on the way top of the hour in fat. Karen's get that for you. What's going on so putin definitely put his spin on yesterday's meeting with joe biden through an interpreter. She george attacks the us which president putin well. He says that they come from by themselves. He did a good job of pointing out our wrongdoing. He really did. It seems like he went into the whole week with his whole goal. Boy he really He ripped the covers off a lot of our bad deeds and equating stuff to black lives matter. And which ticked off biden. Oh my goodness and then biden started going down a rabbit hole about the june january. Sixth thing saying that a police officer was killed. And i know he misstated facts again. This see this is what why it was like a layup for putin because biden. Just throw stuff out there and it's not true and but how many people still think that. That capitol police officer died because of what those guys did to them or allegedly did to a price sixty seventy percent of the congress. He wasn't hitting the head with a fire extinguisher. Set nike was but it was on the news every single day for over a month. That that's what happened. And that's all people belief that's how it works. So of course president trump had to he had to weigh in on everything which was interesting yesterday. He called it to fox's a you know the it was a good day for russia. Put it that way. So more coming up next karen overall. I think he's right near news. Ten minutes away nine o'clock these talk eight fifty w. f. d. l. florida morning. Show this janice diener a bill and side. you think. It's a shorter flight for him. But how do we think putin's talking about how is he describing his his day with joe biden. Oh i'm sure. He went back to the russian people. Instead we dominated yeah crushed him for. He's going to say that. Anyway but i think he really did. I think he can't believe that. Nothing the only thing that came out of it that was concrete that you know we will see actual beings do something is our ambassadors are going back to each other's capitals good. That's good so that was earned. Because they they're all pulled out because You know things were getting a little tense. They got rid of our ambassadors so the ambassadors. Go back so that that's the first step. Because that's like putting the troops on the ground you know they know what's going on. In russia. the russian guy knows what's going on in america so they can communicate so at least it opens up a chain of communication somewhere along the line As far as everything else goes. I think what it did in in in this is purely my perspective. It opened up the eyes of the american people to the fact that we're not as nice as everyone thinks we are. That's right we have hackers here that have hacked into the russian military force. Whatever whatever it is but you never think about it you know you always think well. All the bad people are coming from russia. Because that's all we've been told her they come from china or they come from somewhere else. We don't have bad people here. Well yeah people are doing the same thing that the russians are doing us. It's like if you don't think we interfere in other countries elections. Yeah you're of course we do. And and so. But he brought that to the forefront now he did in l. and then he brought up the capital insurrection. It's it was everything that was bad. That's happened to this nation in the past five years. He mentioned yeah he did. It was laid up. It was right there on a platform. So you notice though. He didn't bring this up a couple of years ago. It was much more Respected trump a lot more. I think he was afraid to trump's got just enough crazy and he's also twice a size. Well that's true to what that was our takeaway. What did we learn poses. Five six five six. I did not know that. That's probably why he so mean kid he was picked on because he was like probably a little kidney and that was it that gave him the fight that he needed to survive. I would think. I mean every every guy. No that's little pound for pound meanest man. i've ever met. Yeah probably be honest with you. I mean an opponent syndrome. Yeah i mean you know. They're they're either navy seals or their army rangers. Or they're they're like they go to extremes. It's like okay. So maybe that's why. But we were because we were looking at him when he get out of jumps out of his limousine and the guy who greeted emit at that condo in geneva towered over him like. How big is this guy. We find out that putin's little and he was a little kid. He said you make fun of me now. But i will have all money in russia's still true. Wow credible sports news going on. I guess this is still happening. Dinners is the european football championships. still underway. It's a long tournament. And actually you know what. It's the twenty twenty championship. Who was delayed from last year. Big deal across the world the whole year. They waited and the funny part about it is when he comes out. He looks really ticked off. But then diener told me it was. He broke like all the records. it was his best. He got more goals in that game. Then he's had ever right during a championship game like so. I was like okay. They were talking about cristiano renaldo. Who every year comes up on this list. We have most influential athletes most money. Endorsements all this stuff so when he says something negative about a product and he did say it. It has a huge effect on that product. By his time it was coca cola apparently had cost them four billion dollars billion with a b. in twenty seconds because he had his arrest conference walks up to the table and he sees it was like three or four bottles of coke. He throws them off the table. Kind of any any holds up a bottle of water instead and he says this coach could don't drink coca cola. Drink agua and that was it. It's coca cola. Stock plummeted market values. Weren't wow i'm thinking. holy cow. Well i guess he doesn't. He doesn't have an doors. Move with them. Just the tournament does yeah. It was four billion dollar loss instantly but they said as of yesterday morning kept on fallen so he still had the impact twenty four hours later. And maybe it was just coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences. In twenty seconds the value of company drops. that much. The only thing you can attribute to is what rinaldo did that true could have that much influence or is that just all speculation. No it you know what i would say without a doubt and the only reason i know that was when we were in italy and this was a while ago. The italian soccer team won the national. The international title the world title. They when i tell you they were everywhere they were everywhere people at the end and if one of them was going to show up at a stadium the whole stadium like fifty thousand people would be full because they were there just to wave to people sign autographs so rinaldo obviously has that much influence. If he says coke is crap it'll stop people from drinking it then. Yeah yeah so. Cast to come up with some kind of statement right the international brand. They'd have to say something at this point here. It is Everyone's entitled to their drink preference. Well strong but then again with something. What are they going to say. What did you say. I probably wouldn't have said anything. This is where they should have. Launched coke water would support agua changed the name of coq. Its new co caguan. it's coke new wave. Oh it's amazing though well if it gets a little kids to drink water instead of coke. Good for him. Oh i think overall. I think he's a hero for doing that. Garbage away from your kids away from your family. Don't drink it. It's not even the diet stuff. Not rich gut. Wrought does taste good though all right Get some olympic news. We do is I think is more hope for the. Us tennis team because somebody just dropped out really good probably would beat the pants off of them. Oh i thought you're gonna tell me the pork Burrito girl got her job back. no she's she was everywhere yesterday by. Yeah i was like oh god. She got railroaded by breath bad burrito. She was on the today. Show talking about it. I was like oh my god that more coming up next. The self-loading morning shows jenna bill. Keep it here. Some cars are comfy on the inside. But don't have power on the outside and some cars have the horsepower but none of the comfort. I used to think there weren't any cars that were the total package. But that all changed when i got my honda. Suv it's rugged and sophisticated and right now. Honda has deals on the entire honda. Suv lineup crv hr v. pilot passport. You name it so if you're looking for a car that's the total package the only place you'll find it. Is that your local honda dealer. Hurry before they're all gone. This father's day let dad loose at lowe's and help get his hands on the perfect tools for dad worthy projects. Like the matombo. Hp it eighteen. Volt line he'll love brushless. Cordless drill or impact driver for seventy nine dollars or a four piece combo kid to forty nine with a lightweight. Compact design these tools. Go where others can't fit. Dad can shop at lowe's in store online or through our app lows the perfect gift for that bow through six twenty four us only.

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Season 4, Episode 24; RamGang!!!

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Season 4, Episode 24; RamGang!!!

"If. You haven't heard by anchors easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain first and foremost is free. There's creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast. Right from your phone or your computer. Anchor will distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more, you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one convenient place, download the free anchor. APP OR GO TO ANCHOR DOT FM to get started. We did drunk owns podcast. We love anchor spent everything to us, and we encourage you guys get on board with it. and. We can't wait to hear your podcast, but more importantly. Make sure you go listen to ours. I'm tyrone. And Fuck all these other podcast, mother fuckers okay. Shout out to uncle, Rico uncle facts oncle night night from the fucking drunks podcasts. That's the best podcast if you didn't fuck. No, okay. If you ain't listening fucking rocking to the drunk folks, I'm a fuck, your wife Log, Dick Style, and that's on the Gospel. Night. Quite. So as the focus. Now with the. PHILLIES upset. The. Other night over week Owen nope affect. Kick kick it puts a long game. In the robot can't. Pale, which is like that I see moving? Moving. Get into. One thing gotta say y'All. Shower. All Grey. Goose although. This Year because. You'RE GONNA holiday. Roll up Lettuce Hey. Church! You. Know. We. All shares off April cast. Your Phil Foods Being Joe. Through. Fill. US. I. I heard up good all. That's where you're. Only. Seeing Their little of over testing Ranson. You're talking about that or Really Lost Song. She almost. She's. used. Shared. She will be. Back with. You so. Much. The only color. Boura. Chains on. All out, so it's. Uncle they just couldn't come up with this. right Bro. The. Reason why? Grow. Old visitors. Overseeing I loved. was already. Listeners. Nice loop, Crumlin. Racing. Bedlam. Holland Israel. Hole there. A. Not Cool right and you're doing. It? S. I'm looking at. You know I keep my. Regularly go. snugly. Girl, life. Estate. As as Rose. Probably. Don't. Rent So. Jeff. To laugh. Back to offer special Friday edition. On nine May to my right. Bill So. Yes! Took Off. Record warriors it. Around you? Know! Slightly do. Every show we are. Also joined by. As football coach. Like a pillar do. This little girl. We. Grow. Be so they could never never to Asians. As never. got. Coast Monterey Right Sir. A. Not Road. I. I you know. Just saved? Off. Your Flower Soda. Is. For. Say now because one. Golden Program? No disrespect to the previous regime. But You know. When! He joined staff then. You know you see no culture. Assailed football of change. Which? Ranks. or so. This Zach on. Did you know when he when he was on to not move over angels yeah? Of. Absolutely. Dentist! Pursued the. Whole Process. I don't. Really know like. Like, Really. Like you, said No. So. You've got a job at. I know, have they had? You know Allie. You because he caused me long time. All. Those crazy here on wall. Street you. Did Ed. O'Neill moving. Mistreats. Always roof. That We. He'd be. Late. You. Might say. This way! Is like figuring. Allowed people. Are Much more or get lazy. He had the hunger, and he had a desire to Beagrie. Will at work I definitely as coast you just got. Running but serve you not realignment. To Bring Back Street you'll. Coups on writes. This who stay finds? With No. Those. Funding. I'm. Kidding where you? Just talk that recent news. quarterback when she they're. Not, trust you know what I'm saying. You know we had driving. Termination long against so. Cute, quarterback out of money goes there. It. Is Jones. Heated. Assaults yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Explicit we will. or by like three or four yards, no news coming. So that determination. You work. To work then he hung up, so they had A. Job Nestle seem. Old. Parades Right. became a powerhouse of you. Passing Ovitz. silly. Should. Actually, Salvatore. You know in. Backlash. Night. As what we do. Routine. Tax. Run Into Office. The everybody! Link. Civil Athens are so. This. This most wanted. You know she does. Not Do. Will. This situation August muscle will read. Echoes, Thomas. He wasn't of the team. That you know. Last time. I was coaching. Steve quarterback of. Coach several Sheffield. Did. It was me or I'LL! Sassen night. Talk. Owns nobody. He doesn't that ever. Since. You know so when he seems to know. Her. Radio. The Selma championship racing. Is Brennan unflavored through office to. You know let's say office. Is Wall. Retired. Last moon s bed. You also a game. See things like. Easy was. No so many! Bankers I think the biggest thing is like and is low sometimes. You learn offense all so you, so he learning aspect of bingles right? This is what I. Would you analogy giving them giving them room? Grow and field game. Out So you can feeling once you start feeling the game. either. -TICIPANT IN BASE UP. And everything these. Things will use may up. A lot of either. As. A lot of. Look for. Finch. was running back. He. was. Did he catch back home? PC's. You're. Eagle Casino so part of. Your. Next level disorder film the kissed. Yes. Nancy. One Day And is successful such least you know. One time ranged all night. Have No. Problem Getting Akilah. Frazier gets least studios? You'd be said. Twenty Six I was in school. You Win. Deficit. Forty. Video Devi like. YOU'RE NOT A. Go Line always. Golan. Thirty Sounds like albertine gazing with. A Denver somewhere meeting. WHO DIFFERENT NIGHTSIDE! Author. They. They lost publishing expert. Systems. But that same season. What? They want seventy. I remember that right. Nature. All these graduates! De? Guys they'll. Might just let. So learn. Right So. Turn around. He's combatants help. These lead H. hops the only. Answers the real. Truth. rupp day you. It was it was thirty eight. Miles that. It was crazy. At well office. And fresh off his. Office. So So I knew office I hate. The funny part was that when you see it. Museum. Words known that great. Turn this and that. And you know suspending Bob Leaves and. Then, it moves coming in the. Alligator. Adverse! Karen! Off Fresh. You. Around the. What he's supposed to be all a practice, right, there's a big on. He was hit. Shit. Those out and We had. You know a friendless. He like that? Tastes like. Press Oh. That's the that's another. Being you just on I was part of the program is very easy, see! Is Never. Is that for because you? Must you grow up? Like example I watch, the bunnies is Washington played catch. What he's. Leaving that was. So funny. Sprays Zinke Pencil about who she's boys. Better better selves. Better. Those go away. I mean. You. Big. Rig Generous. Kiss. You know that probably would have had this opportunity to. US was. Given so so you bring a generational curses his college. Get a degree. You understand yourself off just over. The next four years. Guys runway would've sent to some degree to the right things. And doing. Nothing better not personally. Ninety mostly. That'd be said. Let's little. Senior players signed it. Colleges There are. Created a nice little. Feel you get the. Coach. Wrestling. No selling. A different film. City staged. Tight Roth. seemed. To work. To that level so is. Walk. I were. On You to. have. You on the the south of the Malta just like. Love Corey fast. Yeah. Little. Loss or at rocky. They smooth. Live. On TV! Regionally Right So it'd be nice major. Speeding things that major? Take me back to. Present. Chelsea. Who? Matt. Nice. A. Nice. Little. Lagoon. Back nobody. Lesson. Thirteen. Missing pieces and crazy, said not A. Hearse over. Reindeer everything in. The city. City need! Hurry. Yes! I'll. College Fees. Meanwhile nickname. Nickname. Writing his. Best. going. Well. I look at this. Shit I. AM I. Doing Friday nights. Under the lights. Already. Team though they're going to do my. Own Game instead. They came out here. I took. Practice by. I think it was like a couple of weeks. John. ELWAY! Then I let. S. Maggie. Great Dave Running back. and. Your. Own. On Madison. Fright night right. He walked around sale. Plush Alaska Merle. Bill. Up More. was running was. Cloud. Since three to four. Was? Trust me even. As the. because. So he's. Math I. Brindisi girl. Lew Right. Be Freshman Sophomore year. We t awful. Day I teaming that big I mean. They had to get a bowl practice all of the. Crash! I'd tell you. It off on any. Harder. Way. Off. Bastard. Time you know. It was a different era bigger and. Paid. I was. Like when senior year right? At number eleven, I wanted to number eleven so bad. Want, the. Life of our aired. So you. More room by the. Route. Cal. Played normally episode. Out. Compressor! Back now. Games. Boys. Got Five dollars? Even New Jersey's. Back, with Shit. You put that on. Like. I should be putting on your arm as I never I never laid out offers as school outfit. But. You know. Best? And we had to wait. Until you! Love. Watson. Pilgrims. Out The band. Is. This is the. Last practice. Right and in a game. They had. Lawson, so they'll Shiloh better somebody. Raised the roommate. Rose! Lost lost. Listing Luke Bryan Whitfield's. Entering. Rated with a going. Tracks for twenty. Four. NEXT UTAH Loss Got My life. Now. The plane was called five as smash right so. Trump polls. while reflect in Zero Hook. Now Coach L.. Limit Wisdom Receivers. Issued xbox tiny. We did that thousand time practice? Ian Burbot rope then they could never been beautiful. So I run around boom. I hate that. Shit by the minute. You ship with a little bit behind. I reach back. Like that while reach bad. Guy Her shocker. Is My cousin. Light. I got up. Bet. How was at? First of all. The bluest versus. These bar wiretap. All. Along. With them. Long. Gone. Is a millionaire. I wanted to say. Height. The ball. So I'm like this reaching back when the ball. US. Is Legal. What else was that? That? Good. Sects ordinary. I. Middle! Sized! Play. For. It last night. They had a girl live acne. Listen I swear to God. We we. We met. Today. Out. Job. Laura. Jean Erbakan. English. L.! BECA- girl and. HOW LITTLE! Not Will. Your Own, spoiling. One best season my four years lack. We went three about. James always give. Time they was in. Louisville? But we, we ended up was Rossi but what it was, it was the of season. where. You have a bunch of cats this first year varsity. So other. Teams made a Sophomore Junior. So now, and I showed the junior year and Jesus seniors south. WHO sowed. War and callaway kidding, BUSH PJ's gave. More so salad salad, and in Craig's Party, so the next season, the same as aimed never team smack this. Thirty nine. We played. I, Senior Year Sale Is, adult But we can't own. Nine four or Not Blow. To please. Five minutes left. Old Time Right Grace. Steve. Had Birds He. Enjoy with more bucket seventy nine. We got life now. It was like to the. Hotel. As. A BOOM Again. Fourteen those are. Leaving the game the gain. Goes Lose, those. and. The next day. All of Those are refill speeding films. So as a high school coach. Coach up. Areas NAGIN call for the NFL draft. What was? I mean. For me out of relief. Saying our work. Not Work like. This. It's not knowing days where. On the job working know I got changed where it was. So. Dry Else. Arlington isolated. Case Dr Sacrificing. Time. Family want. Shockwave. Inquest. Of sacrifice mandate. And he was at one of the guys I. I'm worried. About. Being seeing you know when you have five kids. This. That I was his folks. I'll focus is trying to set myself up, you know. Something In your traffic and as they. Leave them because our the best outcome for. You know seen housing. Go He. Owns all these. Delis. Drinking Easier priors. Freshman year. You know, attract new primarily. Freeze that numb you see that. In every year. So, and that's late. Them every year he so resulted in. College football. In restaurants down again. My here. My Nice little. You know so vote off. Reserve Officer. Progress. Fish in detail what he would wear someone's game. He thought he comes be the. Worst. That's not. Racially. A COUPLE OF GAMES Right, no Siebel. In the end zone that everybody else. On the site. Was You. Know. Conversation. Bill. I some places. You know I I. Look at you to get you know. Because Auburn so whereas. Get. Like that? You should have thousands. Four? Twenty. Four hundred. He'll! Look East. In the last hurdle. For this. Parts. The game. You know measles you. Baby. I didn't nothing that aim for jeans. But Ban. Are I just couldn't sleep. Because I was just so excited. And don't lose. The. Pants on. So who? Do Shoot. Doorway. Night Bang. For a game. US. something. Much. AM. Watch to. I'LL TAKE A. Kid. Use. It kinda changed a bit flair. Learned. Let's. Go coach I've got to make sure. anyways. That's different films a lobby. I remember really game. I. Think. No. Was! A Long. Talk. This game more real life. Black. Like I! Also his. Knees. Hustles. Ie! Book. Row. And that game plan. I. was. I was upset. See I'm on the way. Don't. On on. Jason. Only. Around the right. He did. This Little boy that day. We boosted. game-time that go the ball. Bud Chances the ball. Down with all. His aides. comes. Cable. Raised Golf. Course. came. As Dr. Back? He? had. Medical. Let's. Do. Name is. Talk. ROWBOAT! I still. Have you. All Done You WanNa. I. Wasn't wasn't quite. Court. Run. Out of. Your brother's. News morning. Reading Them. Not Some States. Another new. One thing I wanted to. Say. Right So. What I love is like the. Unity. warmers L. Alumni Gorges coaches at other schools. I gotTA keep dot. His whole. After Franco's. Moselle Washington should. I. was. Does the. Best. You got. That's my. That's my toppers ninety. These. Great parties. Even you guys all had individual program. Still. Things whether it was about creating opportunities. You might get credits worth. saw. You know what I'm saying relegated. megs at Saint Thomas. He, he said our force that. Goes made what he did with the Federal Kids Allier. You know. We had I'm you know? Minority cultures. Soldiers you like that right? that. Has Been. You. Know Very few, but you know he. He brought that e contrary his own whistle. Jersey stated room. Please almost you know what I'm saying and it gives. Me So. Mad and You know what seeing that house be like. You know so. I mean it was a dope. Thing I'll. Hey Often out. Of Check. You know it'll be in the free coach. ooh! Championship up. You know saying. He. Owes. Robot. No. Talking would. I. J Your. Kids. I played with side-by-side by. Sale! Same. Night, I. Vote. More. Friendly. So I see assured. Me! down. I! M They saw to the CAR RIGHT AWESOME! Do come on. He's hey, we're learning. Awesome another people I. You. I love your. Not. Gore on the US? Is like when it comes to embrace our. Sauce! Because you know somebody plays underneath view. Looking for ways you'd better mold always wanted time guys correct. John. You know through our poor. His mother and gory at one bagels adoration for me well. Now twenty years later. You know it's still not. Always bomb. was. Very, day. I tell you. How The things that football can't the thing that's. Right, so you might have individual who have no common interests with with. Football and it allows you the opportunity to start learning some different bangs through. You know who hit or miss. Sometimes you know could grow, but she's learning like you know living sale crying. We didn't know what it was like living. About that you know like my man. I was like this is the moves country bill. Graham. Game where teams Zeus threes sue hundred. Drag. Your side. Fresh. Sea. Ray, watts, side us. What now on route to? Goals like is like. Says Not? Busy into. Look. Offers. Off. quarterback okay. But was also located. So. If e nobody open seen foot I was like Oh is back. You've written. That, right, I'm running to drag. Can Run into post? Street right when we see him. so He's around. So. He would bootleg right. And he will. He was nobody when I was an athlete. Coach L. L. fell. You just see become into crash through new. Who came. Back say. or The ALBENA. Those. Does. It was. An art to grow. Jackie's. Josh cheese crazy. Like, he was like Josh. Thank you product twenty six. Already. Of. It like his college career and the crazy part was. Josh was so strong. It brought. Figuring. Not? Only? Over. I do. It. The second about. Louis. No. I'm out. Your. He was strong. But a lot of them, cats just coming in there was a honey. As her. Other. Offers Insurance. GEICO cohesion. At t e Lang. Is Some. Of Our allies. Nice Little Gobi. was. Overall you know say. At late. Talk. Noting I can't see see that. Boy. Has the. Player now coach right? Here's something always. Great. Calls three dollars into the game I said. Jay. Will always remind years was. People, behind sets. The Dog. Dog Bad. Zoo everybody. Co Scenes. That's the first of all your. House Only Be Bad. So. There because you know. Gain outright years. I can. Do. But you know he's the. Gears out of me, want us. Yeah, that's that's the poor. Will. Because you can't. Come in release. Support I mean. To me it all kind of Ryan can because you know you never know it's not the night when you're on the field, right? And you can look at stand. And you see your your fans. Your town in Booze and engaged, and sometimes it gives you more only. A lot less, and you start here, so my call it out. Or calling number and you like me. Right. Back East. Village Savannah's. Own Smoke man. I. Love I. Love. You know. I want to get into turn up. Oversaw. Turn outstanding kids. We bring finished he wants to. Come in. Later Games. Things Change and I'm seventy got there earlier. That you came from people. Who is more? Night? James we need to see A. Got A playoff game. In. Get it a game. I'm see his face. You know on playoff. BRIGHTER GIRL! I was there I was out there. So I'll so mad at. First of all these kids workings law right, and it's the right right right right. Don't require much right just to. Be. There not no. I'm like a home playoff me to sell. The over day. WAS Disobeys? Out. Right a minute was out. Is. Probably here to that's that's my. Environment a chance. We'll legacy to. US. Does does you can't tell me we can have those experience, although walnuts, the Wall Street field, and you know March down to feel that thing. Look. Like with? These kids because is attracting. Right. Home track. Track. Okay Brennan's recognized. So! Sorry! Yet It is. That's the. Thing is like I feel like. Just as much. We appreciate love the Walnut Street Phil. We still we owe it to our them. Had that series right there at the school? Not. Because in the lobbies with people don't understand in that school saving. This. Is sometimes a offers. You time away from whatever you got going on. and. You can just lock him for hours. I was like. Any more on Bundy's to laze in some ways. You know whatever they are in the week. You're. Okay. Dishing or conditions bom be doing. Skills skill drills are on there for gain it was. It was great because he kept the out. Loud places that I probably shouldn't have been. Are So again. Just even you out there. Like, literally bringing these kids off the street and putting them on the field. Second did not. You know. says. I, you say kid. I was. Young. I love. Mesa. My. Time says Oh. I do suffer as the way out I was in this. Race right right right right and. You got. To chased off. He's not just buckle. Lawyer. In Lowery's will happen idol for me. Personally. My Dad was I firmly father figure, but but. You know when you're a teenager and you're at that offer twenty life you clash with your parents about things. Move US convicting dares, but land in. Your coach. In intern is. Conversation. Is Much more. A much more real. Mike, but more importantly, what it is is right. Is The first part of your coaching. The first problem at first people who will open links how you? A seat something in you. Know, you can be special bench. Are Willing to work with. Your family is predisposed safe. We love you. Even if you. Feel. Coaching is one of those people. Like me. You don't really know me only anything. Fact! Kidney something or help me me that much. Your way now you turn around you take that you applied to. A kid doesn't have a fingerprint. And you, you turn become like a surrogate father to them right? Definitely we we actually talked about. Could. Also Array off as raising ended that announces. My. Ricky's. House. So, no let's see now. Ours? Just like you know I art. This movie frazier. I'm. So offer experienced. Also. Experience I had season who? He was. Is. This about that way. I love. You know. Stooping done well by. Coach Elvin. Design you got your? Mom. Work, you know what I'm saying, but. But. That was. Capable come. Coastal. Java more is also. stage. Revived? Often seats on its own. Out. Good, but then. I didn't really realize cozy a seat. More was saying to me, you know. Because you know he, he's attention. Now who? Radio. Almost you come back in. Woburn your job. So I was like. You trust them to do that and you see something. Not says. Shit Where you get. Past. That one. Lois her. Earn An. Awesome privately. Run so. Moore's that Reggie White Bull. Reggie White. Agree. To, but I would invest. But I mean. Philbin and you one more free accused, but we focus on. Right up. There's more of us you. Know you nothing more? I right because money. Who will hear? Ball? was He came back to. Forty miles. Per Hour, Alzheimer's. Has. Only? Say. person. They Camberley because if your coach and you've been coaching. But and big. But when you are GONNA, Is I never pressuring. Minniti any still very active in. Like. I. Like. From there but it. Always. To. You. Know! Talk said. GonNa see. You've got a visiting team for kids. I was. You know also Aetna College. Only do. We. To do. Things. Around because As laws. Most. Right it is. In turn into something kids though I had a scary. Movie. You're. All. I was able to make sure. Is properly knowledge just a feet all. Right. Like. I got WHO's early schober. Senior Beth young. Young. A. Adolescent! When you talk about you know. Got tricked into. Remember that. I remember you. Try and find you a path. As an adult. It's. Really Real. Off. Some close call. Like you know what the? Focus. On the Divas here, where you're at now, I can allow ways right, and we'll always have that Bob from back then not forget though. Moore's woven. Robert. Process, always had no. Money you. Always. Always! Giants. Talk. Like. Oh. You guys. Times like. because. It's all about. Relations. and. My. Other. WORDS WITH! The you last above. Right. The. Problem With a big right I never forget we go to grow passion. I don't forget we are. We driving, we all break right. So! We turn around right. Driving. From driving, break right going a little bat room. You know look. We did. Not a whip straight. Back of sitting. IOS lives. On. Events. Overload. So. Long. I. Love. Played Som-. I Will. Write you laze. Just call. It was not worth. Me You. Own I am. Excited! Every. Is it. The most! Warehouse. Like! This. person. Is Up. Bro. Like. I don't. Think so. Top. Of the up five. Boys Law Mission Matt. Won't. Get plugged in. Lot of Moving. Bring with me, but. You GotTa do. Mentioned mentioned. corrine. CORRINE! Like Listening ear behind me. Yeah. So their oldest brother. Iran. And I, remember him saying. Brother by come out. Little. Walk, acid. See above. You. Hear what you're saying it. Coach. Andy. Shit she. Your! Freshman, A. Green new book seventy years. Frame lowly four LOBES era. So. Right. That was this. was just. Out of the game. Is Essential. Right? When you turn around I'd never forget right. Off oaken bug comes up to me. Eight. Last who gained from the heart? Me aimable out there. Are like me. So means her. Out. Traditional I short thing and I. WAS GETTING A. So we go out at the first day of practicing. Come up on the deal right now, mind you. I'm a freshman sophomore junior senior. Doing because he was like the last. Out there was like a superstar. Blue. We had this chill. It all of said. DOMINICUS! Grab Fresher. Oh, shit is. I'm looking. Looking at Taiwan fair chase leapt. Of. Ram like a like A. Whole New. Shows. Athletic for. His. Words. So? Sleeves offering I wouldn't catch up. Real I'm looking at you. Gene riches. House he? Says the. Gene was like. He was a monster. I was there. Out there insurance my way to hold. Undetected! Tackles right behind me. Is Give you can't shot. Joe. I! was. Working. Gene Gene Gene. I G I. I was. Yes Gene stay. Right there. With. Red Blue you were. Absolutely. I leave the funniest thing I've ever seen him. Run Sweet. SWEET SNEAK s edge ain't nobody around. Me Go. URGE WE'LL BE NEW YORK. Diet is. He. GonNa grow. Close to you own. Law. Is You know the. Other revolving. Absolutely so! I'm so glad of ideation. WanNa. For. Reaching get my. MIAMI. I love it. I mean. You got to keeping rolling man. In respect. Of was going on all right. How's that impacting? Removed now. As you're paying for COVID. Lucite. Dog. How are. Right now. Take. Moving up. You've got three groups. In know, take his. So the. Kiss was. His again, check. Off, Yeah! I'll never. Another. we asked. On knows you gotTA. They should back. Doors. There, so we just? saw. So he's. Putting stuff I mean this isn't some time, but. You know what I mean. He's better suited. As body believe. Now. Take that away so. Long as you guys. So that that's like. I get worse. Kiss. Don't. Think anything. and. Own Fight as In advance. Go on trips man like. Gregor. Pay More on a Sunday. Some I pay for. Data. Base that what five as man? Best Food there. You know so his. The bills I mean this is. Released it up, so. I think with the new the new allies. It will have a little bit, so you like Bil-. Easily do keep an awful. So, we still keep sometime. To. Kiss no way. The stockman stuff like I mean even though. They. They have. Anybody while the rooster Monday. This. Is Tough man. You want to make sure you with waivers. Absolutely In. Thirty six. I. Believe. John. Rouse Like his. Means sometime we, get. To to get. This. Age. Efforts going. To College! Allow ways you won't even. You won't even get the appreciation you get an. Appreciation. From the ones out hundred now but SAG come in, and they move on and lives reflecting their look back in the your relationship with them. is going to be is. GonNa be a defining. Time. Especially when you invest. In the neigh- subsequently become. Rate, further, and even day herding absolutely crazy for. Kid On. The best way. Up through the first. Couple! Gets. Hurt. So. I showed. Latter pressure will. Be Shorts Right. Results broke. Out. Numbers Along? The city right now you know. Not Anybody a racist. That championship! You know so this. was. was doing for championships or better. That's all. I. Mean like you'll have a championship with I. Mean is more important on. Our, way. To look at ring, and then I'm driving the city. It's important enough. This you this? He on, US. Raise. Want. Wanted. Rate, But out. I think it's just I. Think he's going forward matches you all. Right SLA. The lock me five days like you remember. School worst behaves to Brexit. As. In the morning! A little rain. But but what? was happening like. Everybody, let's break though I left together. We might have. To agree. Boys. So I. Think I think it's dope. And you encourage building the. Most, Brotherhood because. People don't understand. That you played for. So many. YEARS RIGHT WE'RE STILL would. Happen! Imagine this you. Every hole team. Inside God's word. Wars. They didn't tell me his. Casey. Pitched! Jesus nobody. You know what I'm saying. So you think about other members of knowing? Everybody, you know what I'm saying because figuring intensity. Also the. BITs. Like he's not. Dead regret it gives you know knowledge of. Ways! What! Explains. Support Strong you know like orgy, Let. S? That's not just a hash. I'll absolutely. I love that shit about. Running. From the trick shot I'll do just hanging out to pitchers. He's pitchers and evolution of men in pictures years. Young while. Today embodies Hussein. Everybody's more vested our bodies everybody's. Levels I think that's all these always. Drink dotted will comment on here. Way Manage will. Be! Managed. House Exclusive. Bercy. Grover! Initially, right. Pain. Issues here. He was able to grow. The Grove which no S. L. Game We. Hear? Optimism right there. I'm trying to. We, we see each other beyond public, trying to fledge with a lot of stuff New York. Late right, but like. Things like this in. Turn. We can just rap for the second. I just want to understand like. I know which. Allowed you. Keep. Definitely. Right, not enough you're is rallying impacting us. But at the same vote, which is proud you who's making especially considering? Not. Around the same results. I. You, know he don't and. Not! Scrape rate you would. Have noticed that he was more Jalen. On. More success. Saying. You're not thinking about the work we're just on. You know what I'm saying. August. See. Amount words. Words. So, I guess, the people understand. Your. Heart Leasing. Success. A, loveless won all. That's okay like practically. W LARK lot here. Your name. Did. So. Excessive. Really. How much do? Right. Away. Fight! Wrap, this thing. But I just want to make sure. got. Him. Speaking. I! I bought. This event. And the new. Song! Brother named. Man you in you, we salute you, we appreciate. Brandon the Cirque Adam is. We love. Love. Loved ME A string of. Had Enough I. Liked! Some of these house. With. Absolute. I don't like. My kids because that he mundane. Together so, that's slow. Yes, I saw my kids. Were Bobby did? Pay Child support. Two houses linke key. Data. Is being. Tossed White, you thousands. If. I would like our boomed up here. Me and that? Is Happening. Gone. Girl. Nixon talk about. Through because it. Is So billion this pants house for. Opinions for. House loops. Individual. Right. I was I. Much. Judge. But. Only, I learned a lot. Learn. You. Know. We got an. Outlook. Other thing! Is finally out. Let me know that. Was! How could he do that? I'm talking about. Mike was. Somebody else. Who signed it? Every time. We saw does. Not Just Take. Puff. Only about. Upping. I. Never heard about. Is With. Better heard about that. PHILEAS OF! These problems got a groupie talk about. I mean that's I. Baba. Talking about. This. Little Nuggets Resorts. We'll, document I. Listen. And appreciate. Know. Same! As little. Part is no, so I think. Over a year now. I'll say I'll. Say we need to connect. You know at a time leg. Vein you know? Kind. Of a crazy. Cats we know some younger. Some school with it. Here, no more. In the world living in right now he's. Hundred percent raising time nine. Very in order to acknowledge good brother Zack yourself why here? So you know me, I, want you to hear from you roses. Can you all up. oftentimes. You! But I understand that you know. More work. But, you also com absolutely. US here behind. Never. Reach real hard. We all will be day A. Grace. Of this. Way. This respect was. So. Anyway. I noticed. Crazy. Oh Shit. Ever. Your. As. Back home is not. Active. I'm. Do. Level! This man we appreciate you. Know. facebook those packets is talk. Radio! Oh. Let's. Film and No Way. Back as big I will be.

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#33:  The Shining (Stanley Kubrick)

Adult Beverage Podcast

1:44:19 hr | 9 months ago

#33: The Shining (Stanley Kubrick)

"On this episode. We'll be looking at one of the greatest horror films ever made the shiny. We will follow jack. Wendy and danny torrance as they navigate the overlook hotel. The story is based on. Stephen king's novel from nineteen seventy seven. It starts jack. nicholson shelley. Divall scatman cruthers and danny lloyd. This is another masterpiece from stanley kubrick. Join us burt. Snowbound supernatural adventure in this nineteen eighty psychological horror film. Welcome to this week's episode of dope average film. Podcast listen to our hosts talk about your favorite movies. Never know what you're gonna get discuss new films with our mystery guests from all over the world. Our guest speak freely about their experiences as directors at wrap everybody writers producers actors or contribution. They have in. The film industry is beverage film. Janet's welcome back to adult beverage film. Cast as we all laugh at the intro. So hey we've got a special guest with us today. And i mean honor to have tony stash. He's just coming off set right there. So welcome thanks for coming and staying up late with us to record this thank you. Thank you for allowing the stash to tag along suppressive. An honor to be here. Well we're glad to have you and and we know you'll have a quite a bit of extra insight into some th this film and all the good stuff that goes with it and i even heard a little rumor that you might have stayed at the hotel in the past. But did you buy the sweatshirt. That's right sweatshirt. yes carpet going. She has the carpet row house. A car that anybody. That's not watching. Doesn't look like the maze. Well we also have got patrick here Trich and squeakers here enlarge squeaker squeezer a man bun and of course. Yes he does. A man on on china hand. He's had some different looks during the whole corentin. That's been like watching the beatles. Progress throughout so right now. Is yoko phase. That's right well. Let's just up right in on this film. Let's talk about it so tell them what it is. It is the At this point we've already introduced it so we don't we did. We can just skip right on past that part of it and it never say the name again and we don't have to say the name that way no one calls it the sheeting so my first question is is this your favorite stanley kubrick film. And we'll start with our guest hosting stash. I have a pretty terrible confession here. I have seen the shining met. We will not name again. We'll dame at twenty five times. I've seen it and i've seen two thousand one space odyssey rear four times but just off hand right now two beers in. I can't really think of anything else. That i've seen that he's drink and i'm sorry to say that i'm sure you're all just in awe an angry with me a little bit that you haven't seen dr strangelove one. Yeah yeah but he didn't that one films didn't know he didn't that. I'm sorry totally. Totally confused with your coaching with active doctor. Strange one the marvel cinematic universe. Yes which he didn't direct his unfortunately here dropped out and i thought you said dr sleep and that's not anyway. What are you drinking tonight. He's there's a lot of abc's. I think those are two to the better one. So this move on and we'll kind of go through because everybody's got a different film that they like or whatever so laura your thoughts shining i think the best out of all the ones i've seen and i have seen very few i slept through. Dr strangelove. never finished a pack and try again. Max line clockwork orange really really good kind of fife from the top spot there yet and he seemed that too i see now. He's legally yes he did and he liked it but i'm gonna say the shinhan is favorite. Yeah like patrick. How about you. it's funny. I was gonna say i haven't seen that many Kubrick films either. But i've seen most of the ones that we mentioned I don't know. I'm always fond of two thousand one space odyssey. Because every time i see it i think i like i go. I don't remember that forty five minutes of the movie because it is eighteen hours long so it used to be the monkey movie to me. And then i found out there was more after the monkeys and then i went into the hal movie that i found out. There's more after how far as kubrick's still making more to that movie and will be released soon and just show up on my tv screen but the shining his movies have long long. Dr strangelove actually. Isn't that long. But it feels that way sometimes feels a little bit long until you get to slim pickings right god. He was awesome. So i don't know i don't have a good answer for that the shining the more i see it the more i go. Okay all right but it's not it doesn't stand out as my favorite coober. What is your favorite. I'm saying i don't know to be honest with our orange again. When i was a child so i know lot of fucked up shit. A lot of fucked up shit with as a kid explains everything. How about you. I'm on probably his nineteen hundred. Short flying padre now getting not seem hike know. I probably clockwork first movie of his assault. That's probably my favorite. I do like dr strangelove. I like like the others have not seen all the pretty different movies every. It's not like he has this one Niche that he does. It's funny. I still blame him for a even though he was dead and spielberg directed it. But i think kubrick kubrick had a strong influence on that movie Was long well. But i think it was his project before he died and then that could be making this all up for it ends like four different times. And you're like wait. Does it's like return of the king and you go it. That's not the ending. Okay and then you get to the actual ending a nearly. She's christ wrap it up. He well he He originally just didn't think it was right for him and he thought spielberg was the better fit and that was the reason for that so i thought he had died. Think he i'm not sure. He was dead at that time so happy. When he saw it he died on your so. But what's your favorite. Can't you know i i go. Between the shining i think is an excellent film Two thousand one space odyssey is just. I mean it's amazing to me. Just got this really interesting. But then i like clockwork orange and i like a movie. That i didn't like the first time i watched. It was eyes wide. Shut and that sex movie. I forgot about that and i did not like it and then i've watched it since and the more i watch it the more i really appreciate that film and like the development and how it works in just that kind of uncomfortableness all the way through. I'm not a barry lyndon fan. You know there's a lot about that once everyone. Yes yes that was not a box office hit and it actually it. It was the film that came right before this and this is kind of what pushed him that he needed to have a hit and so he kind of jumped in with kubrick said. Oh i've got after that bomb. I've got to come up with something on top of it. you know. It was a very slow boring film pretty right linda. That's a period piece right right. And then he ever seen that. You've actually planned to jump into. Napoleon was going to jump into napoleon and then someone else came out with the film at the same time. And then that just got shot down and then the shining became a full full fledged running at that point so but i think the thing about his films. Each one of them is so different. You know even if you go back in the earlier films. They're just each one's got a simple very complicated in a lot of ways but simple and other ways like part of that makes you think they're slow and berry but there's so much in there and each one of them. I think that you know he. He puts in a lot of different pieces. I stanley kubrick was a huge chess player. And i think the shining is kind of like playing chess. You're pouring and slow playing chess. Yes corn and slow. If somebody wins it feels like no one's one all the chess fans are gonna hate both of them. But that's what. I think the shining is kind of feels like to me is a chess game. And you're playing this piece of know. He's constantly moving peace forward and moving it back and night one of the things that really jumped out me about the shining and hmi watch that kinda of get always pick up little details a little more pieces. That was the way that he would introduce something. Pull it back and then introduce it and then bring it back with more impact in the next next shot so Examples would be like he would introduce you know he brings in little i don't know how to really say this without too much but he brings in parts of a script and in any edits like back. If you'll notice it and then you'll come back to it later. So it's one of those things that he does in this one that i don't see any of his other films really we're jumping back and forth into into the process so i say that i mean like he'll jump from jack to her and maybe it was because there wasn't that many characters in this that he did that to try to keep and it was also like you said slow to keep your attention so he would jump out from the edits but but i thought that work because each time would come back with more sort of And aspects or also like also like trying to get you like a book where like okay right to the point of something interesting happening in happening and then next chapter starts in. It's really different character that you're in. You're like well shit. Now keep reading to get back to where it was a teasing you and teasing you. You know until the books and then there's one in the next one in the series of the book that you're reading like shit that's a cliffhanger to didn't if you guys are ladies read the steven king book trend i should. I haven't either. And it's one of those things taylor watched the other one i even weber is actually really liked that. It's topiary at the end. It's not a maze of icy mist. But there are these topiary. He's animal topiary is that it's fucking coolish shit and apparently closer to the book. I had heard it's true. That's i heard. Stephen king wasn't happy with the The coupe version because it strayed from his stuff so much and i heard kubrick thin. Really give a shit. Why would they make her a very lyndon care about anything. Right guy only had an i q over two hundred so you know he according to him. Now that's according to so. I mean he was a compulsive. Compulsive reader compulsive knowledged person. And he's just constantly. There's a lot of. I think miscommunication about who kubrick really was. And you know you hear from one side that he was like this jerk and all this and then you hear from people that worked with him. There's no he was and that he was like his way or the highway. There was only his way but that wasn't the case. Everybody that worked really close with him actually said no he collaborated was very collaborative. Wanted to know from every single person working on set what their thoughts were on things and he used that to build his. You know build to get the best so he was always looking to try to improve and he was super super smart and very comprehensive just like he thought about everything every little tiny detail I listened to a Hard cast recently. I can't remember which podcasts it is. Unfortunately but it was. it was a interviewing a dp. Who is a dp now but he was an electric on the shining and he was saying that stanley was like the kind of guy that would he wanted like. You're saying he wanted to know how everything worked where he would. Once he got to like trusting this guy. Like or i think maybe a gaffer you might have been the gaffer but stanley call this guy up and be like hey i heard about this new light like what do you think about this late. I'm going to get like six of these lights and having my house by tomorrow at noon. Come over and we'll play with them and figuring out like that kind of thing where he wasn't just like i'm going to like write and direct. He's like i'm going to figure out the lighting. We're gonna you know. He was just hands on with everything right and he built. He like custom built like lenses So you know. Just for barry lyndon he wanted he got certain lenses to be able to shoot certain things but he would do it constantly You know when he couldn't find something he wanted he would have it. Designed you know not that he was the actual builder on it a lot of times. But he was the one that was setting it all in place. Yeah the nasa lenses. They used for landon point seven five or something so he could shoot like Candlelight to light sees something right right and he was able to That's right lyndon vary in land there and then that was really done on a wide scale until digital right. Were they got into that kind of craziness where you know a light or match yeah. Until recently right filmed and recorded that level but digital sensors are getting so much better and and so you're subtracting light more than you're adding like you would've alkaloid and believe you. Do you think kubrick would have liked digital sure that he might have been one of the ones that sort of faulted. I don't think that he would have been a jump into it. I don't know it looks good now. He might be one to go. I want to play with this and see this. I think yeah but even the looks still. You know five x directors who were like for being like. It's not good enough. You know like christopher nolan ryan anderson who else there's a lot of guys that are still quinton still. Yeah right chrome. There's people that are like no matter. How good did you look digital. Does look good looks great. They're like it's not. It's a so so this film you know basically took a year to make. What do you think the budget was on this film. What was it originally. Just blew me a note. The budget was to to the full budget to make the film. All it actually got a low ball and say fifteen million ocean one hundred dollars not one dollars through. It was three fifty. Everybody's gotta guess in there. Well it's a small cast primarily one location right from For a year. So i guess that probably really check. Saddam doesn't match nine thousand nine hundred ninety. I wasn't that far off. Did you say nineteen nineteen million dollars. That's only four million off on here. I know that's pretty good. I mean when. I watch his films for a whole year of film. I don't think you guys were. You're figuring a film that maybe works for thirty days. This was an entire year So i think the two fifty would have been the thoughts. I would have been and especially at that time with you. Know kubrick and attached and all that. But that's the thing about him. He loved working with small crews and small Teams to make things strove crew to get. You know it had to be almost impossible because you're working in the small cruise but they're small crews can accomplish the lot you know how much how much of that time was spent actually shooting you know. I don't know how much of that i know. It took a year of editing after. Because that's a real hotel right. That's a real. This is the best part about that is a real hotel but most of it was filmed in a studio built the rooms and all that pretty much most of it was built in a studio so that that's the part. That's kinda surprising to. Because when i watch it i feel. It's the you know. it is the hotel. i think. Feel that we're the movie fails at absolutely. And i think you know tiny actually stayed there so did it look a little bit like the hotel or did it. The whole story about the hotel is it's actually in reality. it's called the stanley hotel. It's an estes park colorado and it looks very similar but it's inspiration or the hotel. They created moving so the whole story behind is when stephen king was he was staying there with his wife and like a newborn baby or something and he sleeping in room at. This is another thing two years now though. I don't remember the real room. I think it's one seventeen. Is the real room to seventy two seventy three to seventeen to seventeen to seventeen this real room number. He was sleeping in that room when he had a horrific nightmare about basically the plot of shine and then he immediately woke up and started writing it and then so he was inspire Rubial hotel to write oriented shiny. And i went there my girlfriend and i laura shot laura. If he doesn't we went to took a we took a took a weekend basically so in october every year minus cova year. The stanley hotel has a shining ball party around halloween. So we went for a weekend and pay basically people just dress up its giant halloween costume party and you get drunk in this haunted one of the most haunted hotels in united states and it was amazing. Absolutely amazing the guy in the ferry pig suit is he there. I'm sure that there was a guy dressed up like that but I was giving out free free to give free blowjobs nicely. I wonder how much that pays a tough man. This pandemics harsh man. I i mean. I have to wear a furry outfit and blow hotel guests in colorado. I guess you know well as more if you have. The back end of your pants are ripped trap door open. God is what was the case was was yeah. I don't know if i'm reading. I've ever been on and i suggest that anyone who wants the whole cova thing is over with if you are a fan of shining or just the fan of traveling in general and you like halloween absolutely go to the stanley hotel and stay night there. It's creepy it's weird. It's old as l. It's on and i would go back anytime. Is there a amaze. There's a tiny tiny little maze there on the building and made out of plastic metal. Another movie. sure. I'm sure we're i. I didn't know if that was really like. I always wanted to go. I don't know if you guys ever. So rose read that stephen king miniseries about the haunted house. I wanted to go there like a fun. play. I mean you get killed. Apparently but i'd like to be every price check our friends. The coffee klatch crew. Okay there the digital watercolor podcast for your favorite movies and tv shows. This is hosted by our friends. Jason and christina. The podcasts breaks down series. Such as game of thrones westworld. Mister robot. Magicians currently there on the stand on the cbs. All access that will give you mixture of character analysis easter eggs and behind the scenes secrets and fund theories. The listeners are huge. Part of the conversation with clashes comments voicemails and mvp polls is a key of every episode. They also have interviews with your favourite actors from the cast and authors and more. Come meet at the willard colour and joining the coffee. Klatch crew check them out. Download their latest episodes on any podcast. Apper head over to the coffee klatch. Crewe dot com. That's klatch with a k. Learn more about these great friends and enjoy their podcast. So what are you guys all drink drinking. What's the drink of choice tonight with a shining should be bourbon. It should be should be. But what does he call it. What does he call it in that. What was the term. Well he called it. That's it thank you but nobody striking that. So what are you guys drinking. I'm drinking shiny water shining. Water shining stash. There is shiny water to when a different kind striking a natural line white claw shiny water. And it's delicious shannon water here with a look at pa from highland gaelic l. So um hala gala kale but highly highland blute rights ruling. Were they out of bottles. James my work. Oh shit we should have been drinking that. That's like from that time period isn't it. Yes what did you say. You're tricking lor laur. But i'm drinking the khattab brewery. Lemon ginger zombie sounds good. It is really good. Really good squeaker squeaker. Drinking your own urine. aren't you well. I strangely. I've been drinking bourbon every podcast lately except tonight so off book good job. Maybe drinking tito's lemonade thanks. I didn't have any soda. Tonics would've been a good once upon a time in mexico. Translate in patrick. What are you drinking. Never there shining water signing mortar again. Training know philo constipated today. I've got one question. That's edgy could do five months in isolation in that hotel could you do it any hotel or that one that when you're the only one could you do what the family does in that for five months after this quarantine yes easily. 'cause it pay pay's who cares. Act now very stash. is the hotel. have the shine. is it haunted it it. We everything that happens in the movie. Would you be able to do it now. Wait am i required. Kill my family. Not necessarily is that naked lady. Naked city lady gonna hug me. That's a dealbreaker. She was so happy though like she was so jolly she's an ugly old naked titi lady. Who's dead of course she's happy. She got a little jack. She got a little bit. An you love going to be there so so was the first time he got saw this film like your very first time probably for me in high school and member. It's funny. I've seen this movie. Probably got ten or twelve times my entire life and they're still watch this movie and they're still things that i'll go. I don't remember that this must be the director's cut i don. I do that with kubrick movies period. I don't remember that it is slow and you kinda were forced to watch it this time so you can watch his mother fuckers. I saw this. When i was a kid it was on so i saw a lot of it when i was a kid and then i went through the period of time where i keep telling you guys all the time that every time scap man crowder shows up which is what like ten or fifteen minutes into the movie. I would pass out and fall asleep and wake up during the maze at the end and have no idea what happened for the two hours and ten minutes between those two things and it wasn't until maybe three or four years ago that i saw it beginning to end at the cinema for their halloween halloween thing it was. It was nice to see it all at sitting and on the big screen. Don't do that. i'll get a fall asleep and at times get talks. Recall time i well my my i. The shining was okay. What about your other. First time that you're giggling about house about that. I'm drinking vodka lemonade. I was right. Mr women you know. The first time. I really really saw. I think was that airs. Lead during the retro horror series jess. I saw it on the big screen. And i hadn't really watched it and seeing a hadn't really watched it in the square format or was it in the wide screen format. Well usually screen totally. But i had seen it before in the square tv. 'cause that's what i saw everything wide-screen when we saw it at actually surely if it was then it's not it's not the original cut that's thinking thinking where it was it was done. Shot it in water version. But they make they had a mad at it out because he wanted to make sure you know that was what he wanted to have it in. Yeah i feel we saw. Yeah because i probably went. What's his cheap ass print they got. Yeah that's right. What's the that creepy. What was that creepy. Boost the lighthouse from this last year. was not in a square format that was in a square format. And once you get used to it at does it just takes a minute or two to get used to it. I've been watching a stephen king's the damned the original one from one thousand nine now of the run from nineteen ninety-four rob lowe and stuff and the dvd. I have tried to make it into wide screen at. They weren't doing that on tv at the time. So everybody looks weird. Little bit widen. Why thicker list. And i can't find a way to yeah. I can't find a way to get it ralph so that it looks well. No rob lowe takes his shirt off. And i want. Wow he put on weight for this role and wait a minute. And he didn't just booster huge but sideways. It's weird so yeah. I think we saw the square. When did you. i can't when i was. I was about eight years old and stayed up and got onto channels. That i wasn't supposed to be watching to watch it and i realized that that was not the smartest thing then because i didn't want to tell my parents that i was like scared but then the next day it was playing during the day and and i called it and it during the day so it was about eight years old when i did but when we yeah when i was a way back way back so you're not as old as i am. I am pretty close pretty. You weren't eight years old. Came out in nineteen thousand nine hundred eighty right where it was later on so you know exactly so so it would have been later than that so i must have been later than that. I guess but seem that you'd probably still where peeing your bed. I was still sleeping. Well that's the case. I'm still eight years old. i would. I would definitely in the pre early days now. I think you know. I really don't know the age. That i was the first time i did watch it. Did those kind of principles. I went started watching it. And i was like. I don't want to be watching this by myself. And then i watched it during the day. And then i was like. Wow this is really really good and and then you know watch it. I got something more out of it. And then you know after you watch it. And then you start to hear all the everybody's interpretations of it you get a completely different feel for this film like it's there's so many different ways of this has been going on and and room two thirty seven. You know shows you completely different versions of what this is all about to tell everyone what that is candidate laura laura what you described the movie. We're talking about Room chair thirty. Seven is a documentary about people's interpretations of shining. i think from twenty fifteen and it's really fascinating They brought up that. I didn't ever think about something. Give it give some examples. Because i don't like about the lady now represent something now. okay. I figured they would talk about the lady they did not. I figured they would talk about the blowjob scene with the guy. They did a lot of native. American imagery references symbol zone. And absolutely i watched it again. That all came through much more than ever did and that one. I think stuck with me. The the interpretation about it being lake though the white people came in and just committed genocide and now this is the the literally the blood on the land coming back and you know they built. They built the hotel on was supposedly as an indian burial ground. They killed more indians building it supposedly so the land is already full blood. And then they decorate the hotel. The hotel is full of artifacts that have obviously been or appropriated and it's like embedded in the walls. It's literally carved into the walls. And i didn't catch that on the first few times. I mean i've probably seen it four or five times. And i never thought that at all that stayed with me i think more than anything else. There was also one where they play the film backwards and forwards so stanley stanley kubrick had made a statement that the film was designed to be played forward and backwards and so they actually play them at the same time. And it's really strange how it comes up and there's some really interesting overlays that come into it that you see when they do that and you know whether that was the case that he designed it that way that was one of the options and then the other option was that they designed you know he. He put a lot of references into the moon landing aspect of it that you know he was the guy that directed any sort of hints towards. You know we're things were done in the rooms and there's the polo a sweater and things like that and then there was one of the ones in that also. The had a talk of the how the rooms were different. And so there was real six different. I think it was six different of views of of how to see the film and different people's interpretations so it definitely opened your eyes to some different things or one of them was the nazis about the nazis like typewriter that german and so and then the typewriter changes colors. And what does that mean. Things appear and disappear throughout the film is that continuity errors. Or why were they designed for on purpose it you know like why would he that so thorough about everything and so detailed. Why would he make a mistake like that. And there's lots of those in there there's like the situation I don't think they actually talked about it on that. But the ages of the kids of the twins. You know you know. They're eight or ten eight air says eight and ten. Yeah which is. They're not twins if that's the case so there's a lot of little things like that that were throughout the film. The drinking his drinking actually was another one that kind of stuck out with me where he was on three months or he much dry right but they talked about like three years earlier in parts so there was like all these little things like that. That didn't match up but know i. I wonder if he did those on purpose. Or if it was in the fact that they'd film from a year and the you know they just slip through their continuity errors i. I'm not sure which way. I doubt i doubt that too. And and the thing about the the one lady in the documentary that makes a map of the layout of the hotel and she tells you about the impossible window and omens office the guy who's like the the manager of the hotel like you watch after you see that and you think oh you know that's just outside. There's just a window there now. There's literally no way that there could be a window right there in that spot and so he's like literally redirecting you throughout the whole thing. One of the things. I think stanley kubrick said to jack. Nicholson what they set was you. Don't try and photographed the reality. You try and photograph the photograph of the reality which always stuck with me so that he's trying to give you this interpretation of his thoughts on why that is not taking it. So truly like by the book i guess. Technically he's giving you his thoughts on what he's feeling of it and his you know his Aspect of the screenplay and i and i think that's an interesting way especially when you're taking a book and he was really good at taking a book and changing it to make the story kind of flow better because i think a lotta times. His his books were better than the actual books or his his Filming better than than the books. So do you agree with that or do you not agree with them with that. He that is that you should be able to do that. Should you be able to take that. And say i'm gonna go off of the book and change it to your thoughts or you have to be able to do that because you can't just be a prisoner to the book because there are some things you can't do from book to a movie and they just don't make sense so you have to be able to have some artistic license and the ad that i agree I read the us zimin. Recollect mccarthy's the road read that. I haven't read that. But i've heard great. It's fantastic. It was so good that i literally in college sat down opened the book up one morning and read the entire book that day. I just read the whole now. It's fantastic and made a movie. And i was extremely excited. I like this is amazing. I just read this book. I'm can't watch a movie. And i watched the movie in. The movie was literally like age for page. The book and i was disappointed. Yeah really you weren't satisfied. Not at all i was like i agnes in my head. It's exactly what i imagined. It wasn't fun to watch. So that was when i changed. My is everyone because everyone always says the book's better. The book is better. you change you. Change the story in the movie. It's like but if it's exactly what the book is you honor. It's just it's a little bit more fun when you can see like an artist's interpretation of something you love in my opinion that would be perfect but yeah most of the time to get people to the buck with better. I don't you wanna talk about it. As opposed to as supposed to. Tony tony tony. Little boy Pale things it's like a sleep and he shows me sakes that when i wake up every remember ask you. They know he tells you things. Only tell me never to come as tony of until june thing about this place about the overlook hotel real hard. So what did you like about them. They may jump in not all at once. Now yes okay. i'll go. i mean the cinematography was good. Sure and the acting was pretty good. Shelly devolves creepy. She looks like a human ferret. She looked rat boy as a a wife. If you've ever seen rat boy anyway sorry as you so shelly but the biggest thing in this movie for me that i liked was the sound design. I thought it was fucking amazing. When danny is got that not bake wheel because that would be a copyright infringement but the thing that's basically a big wheel that he's riding around on the floor and when it's on the carpet it's soft and then when it hits the floor and it's quiet coup. I thought that was amazing. The home bom the The music and i don't want to call it a score but the music was phenomenal. They were the. I don't know if it was a sample of screaming at one part. But there's this high pitched sound. That was used a number of times. That was just very very effective. Like when you see scott. Man's face that image. I sent you guys. Were just like freaking out. Yeah he's freaking out and you just hear that sound. I thought that was scary. Stuff stuff in the movie was the sound and the nicotine and the guy giving blow jobs. He was a little scary. That's what i like. Well you know. I like all those things. Those were those. Were all good things. I don't think i can single out any one thing. I liked it as as a whole you know it really just works. And i'm just drawn to and i don't really understand why didn't really understand why until earlier today when i watched the documentary but now i you know i understand a little bit more. But that's the great thing about is that you can always go back and understand a little bit more or be confused a little bit more. It offers so much. There's so many layers in this like and like you said you can watch in different ways Each time you come back to. You can pick up something new and unique. I think overall i think this is one of the top horror films of all time and you know. I think it's. It's kind of hard film that people make horror films now off of this. You know so it influenced so many people because it. It's not that it's the scariest movie because it. I don't think that film. But i think it just it has a slow burn all the way through so That's shows you that the worst monsters are humans man that you two are susceptible to becoming this thing. It's it's thin ice. We're all treading on right. That's one of the issues. I had with the movie. I don't like jack is a character straight from the get go when they're in the car ride up which i love. The bird's eye of the car ride pity but in the car where it doesn't danny asks him what is Can't remember what the question was he goes. What's blah blah. Well he says. I'm hungry yes. You should've should've eaten breakfast. He's just said from from. He is totally. he's totally at dick. But he danny also else. What's something and he gives them this answer. Each got this really glib look on his face like he's a deck. Jonathan cannibalism right. Yes yes party right. What's the donner party. And jack explains it to them like he's just a deck And he's addict throughout the movie. He's a misogynist. He's you know. The the whole movie felt very misogynist. Felt like What's her name olive oil. There was just like shelley duvall. Sally was shelley. Divall was just there to serve him food and to take care of all of his wants and needs until he completely completely completely fucking loses inches. We might be in trouble and then you know strong like she is so weak up until that moment but it annoys me and it's probably more if it's a sign of the time it's a sign of the relationship. Maybe it's in the book. I don't know but it's hard for me to watch a woman that week And him such a deck. I is actually in the book. She's very beautiful and much more strong willed. So it's a completely and also wasn't that what that was the issue that stephen king of the movie is well sure Was he's like. There's no character like arc or jack becoming this murderous jackass. He's exactly exactly y- apparently in the book he's a loving father and a good husband. And then slowly. He descends into madness. And that's the movie he's just goes from being a to being more of a dick to being a psycho right like the fact that he's not the book to get like. He warned them in the book to get up to get away. I don't have no one's read at the check checkoint. At the last moment of redemption he warns the son to go away well. There's a lot of warnings throughout the movie to just people warning them about this and kind of giving you that that. This is why he has. Even jack has the dream while he's asleep that he's gonna to kill. Cut them up and kill both of them. So you know there's all those all those little warnings that are set in place and that just starts to think that okay. This is going to happen but wins is going to happen. you know. And that's that that makes makes the story. I think just keep creeping all the time it just keeps building and building so Tony stash. i was just gonna say yeah. Would you like something. That i Movie is a we discussed earlier. Like obviously you know like one of the very first movie steady cam air brown and then beyond that the way that they move the camera like when he's chopping into the bathroom door and instead of just being on a wider medium shower. You see him chopping. The camera follows with the the The axe and its a perfectly. It's perfect like it. Follows the acts and it makes it way scarier. And that's just super cool and not to talk about the sequel which we don't discuss but do it in that and it's awesome that they just do a lotta cool camera things that i love you. I i think there's there's so many and that's the thing that really kinda captivated. My attention to this film early was that it's there's a lot of cinematography moves But they're all made in the right way. They're not you know the situation. When jackson the cooler and the cameras up underneath and know jackson over and it just gives him this presence of like this scary. Like beast of a man. You know things like that along with the shots in the hallway following the the kid going through the hallway on his little. You know like we said his. I dunno tricycle type. Scooter type things wheel. Big will yeah so but those things the effect of the carpet that carpet was made just for this too so it was designed an all that uncomfortableness and the thing that really jumps out to me in this film is the colors. I its use of the colors at the right times. You know the cars. Even the color of the car read in the car that gets crushed on the side of the road that we see that you know up underneath the tanker you know is yellow and so there's all these warning signals are coming up. Hey this is coming up. This is what's happening and then you throughout the film the orange even in the carpet sort of sets you off of caution. You know what's happening and the colors are just. They're vibrant when they need to be and they're toned down when they're not there was even little things i noticed was When jack goes into destroy the two way radio all the books on the counter that were in the cabinet were all laid down sideways. You know little things like that the show you that things are off balance that you don't even think about until you watch it again but you go. Do i feel this way. Well that's why because it was all stacked up perfectly straight. Now they're all laid down. Things are not right you know. And and kubrick is a master at doing z. Might not notice your your subconscious knows right the subliminal asthma and he and he i exact exactly yeah he had actually Had studied with ad agencies and got to them and and talking to them how they were using it because during that time there was a lot of that that was going on. It still goes on. It's put into things where you look at something. It's got a phallic symbol in it or whatever it might be to make you feel certain ways but he really in this film. There's lots of that in this film like all throughout it. You watch things and you're just like okay but you don't. They're small things and there's a soft things. Atta did notice something that i'd never noticed before. And it's in the scene where jag goes into the gold room and there's a the the party is going on and he gets the drink spilled on him so like right before that happens. A woman crosses in front of him and bumps into grady with all the drinks and on the back of her dress on her ass. There's a bloody handprint. And i'd never noticed that before. An backed up and all is that back up again. I should really like that. Might be the dress. It might be a shadow. It might not be anything at all. But i saw plenty handprint on her ass. That's interesting. I've never seen that. But i wouldn't doubt that things like that or not in this. Maybe it was. He might have had it on her underwear so it kind of showed through the dress to or things like that so it might have been a decoration on the dress you know but it just was hanging at the right angle and it was just like like they go. He had a super high iq to to have this ability to do certain things like this and he was a complete brilliant mind. So there's no telling what was going on. I thought by myself. I'm so proud of myself. Okay so there really is a bloody handprint says okay. Great so now. We know that we can go back home. Watch it again. Explain something to you. Commend here and interrupt me. You're breaking my concentration and will then take their understand. And we're gonna make a new rule around in here here me typing. Hear me typing with. Hear me doing an ear when i'm in the ear. That means that i am working. That means don't you think you can handle and anyone else loved the last twenty minutes of just every few seconds fashion to shelley duvall reaction shots where she was just like there was some pretty terrible reaction shots but they were fudd right. She was scared when she route. Goes into the room with all the skeletons and all the cobwebs and she's losing lips are just a trend blend. And you know she was probably like. How many different ways could i bake a scared face while do this one. He likes this one out of scared faces. This is all i had. I had like five in my toolbox. And i used them all. Stanley still wants me to be scared. So fully paid forty two hanging onto the knife to loosen her hand waving around like she. She was She was not my favorite character in this film like at all To see her get strong at points. Yes at points i was like. Oh my gosh. She's so bad as an actress but she's also a good at that part of it too. She's not my favorite actress period. I mean i just don't go back and say oh she did this and that was so been a ton of things but she just jumps right in the snow while thing just knows how to drive. It drives bet stephen. Well actually they made mention earlier had made mention of it earlier. And i think barry nelson and whoever does do you do you guys drive. They both went. Yeah and he goes. It's just like driving a car. Get men cruthers driving the snow cat up to get them. It is not an all like driving combats to sh- shift these and that's not driving car just man snow cat so drives like that. I was a little offended by the ghost. I was offended by the goes to who call scatman the n. Word oh yeah. I was like oh seriously seriously dead man. You got some nerve agent question you gotta realize that that was from the twenty s. So that's the thing. Is you know when jack walks. And he gets the bump he goes from basically the seventies to the twins so i that was a situation of throwing it back to the twenties also to add a little like. You don't like this guy you know in there to guide the beginning. All that says that happened in one thousand nine hundred seventy. He says that grady killed his family in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy. That didn't happen in the twentieth. It's really confusing. What decade this might surprise you. Laura but old white men even in the seventies racist obviously to this area day to this very day now. Here's a question. I have if if jet keeps drinking but it's ghost drinks so he's not really drinking. what drink what's he doing. What is this guy doing. He's really walking around an empty hotel. Experience all these things. So is he getting fake ghost drunk i there. There's lots of questions like that throughout this film. I mean you know you have to sort of say we're taking this as it is and that there's drinks in there somehow they've shown back up I don't know either. Who led him out of the freezer is. There's a little things like that. You know that were like well. Well once again ghost. Yeah who really choked danny right. If it wasn't either one of them was the woman he says it's the woman. So who really did you know. That's the whole thing. Is you know. I think it touches on. You know the supernatural aspect of it as well as the psychological aspect of it you know. I think what kubrick does really. Well that i don't any of us have talked about is sleep deprivation you know. Jack is going through this whole thing. We can't sleep. Remember there was sitting on the bed. I can't he's not sleeping you know. And and of course his son sitting there and they're having a conversation but he's not there he's somewhere else and you know sleep deprivation doesn't take seventy two hours of no sleek you become you start hallucinating. It's i mean it's part of it so those are things that happen. You know once you're starting to not have those sleep patterns that you need you start going into this whole nother world of like. I'm not really sure what's going on. You know is this. Real is not real you know. Obviously something was going wrong because he kept writing the same words on the typing. The same words on the page right. But but here's here's thoughts those are just dos in that and i don't know how you get past that other than you have to take it for what it is and then say these are things that are happening that that's questions. I mean what what y'all sounds to me. Well it's funny. Because in hereditary. I believed everything. And it's much more silly like these people floating in flying their next open and bizarre shit and i'm like oh it's all because of the this payment call. That's fine okay. But god forbid jack. Nicholson drinks ghost alcohol. Than i am all fucked up and i'm like i have so many questions What do you think they're tony. I was just going to say. It's just one of those movies which is just like a lot. It's like any david lynch movie. There's really not going to be any concrete like answer to any anything you it's it's open to interpretation and you just have to draw your own conclusions and that's just the way it's going to be like and that frustrates certain people that will frustrate certain people like i need to be like spoon-fed exactly what's happening and then there's other people that are like i would like to be able to just kind of think about it. And you know a drama collusion. I feel like the shining is just. That's the kind of movie that it is like. You're not there's no real answer your participant away you want to interpret it and exactly but i think it'd be fun to you you'll be kubrick had done an interview and completely told somebody. This is what i was thinking. But why should he. Why should he. That's the whole thing is the i. I don't think as a filmmaker that you should have to explain what you're hearing if you don't understand you can't you can't. You're not understand the the spoon feeding giving you gonna give give you to understand going to give you an example. I was a big fan of the prisoner tv series. Patrick mcgowan They have recently put out a documentary. Where a british reporter british documentary-maker sat down with patrick mcgowan but it was back from the eighty s. He sat down with. Patrick mcgowan and his family just released it now or the rights just became available so that he could use the footage and they discussed the prisoner which has a huge cult following people going like. What does this mean. What does this mean. What does this mean. And it was really fun to hear patrick. When go and address those things sometimes something that we all made a big deal out of. He's just like bicycles. Thought it represented you know life in that the eighteen hundreds be. It's interesting and it'd be fun if somebody goes. I have this interview with kubrick where he's like. No we fucked up. That's why things changed in the shining. That's why does that. Why were they. Well i heard there's talk about sleep deprivation. I didn't sleep for fucking year while making this fucking now what's going on. I thought i was making a faithful adaptation of the buck. This film rates are eight point. Four on b. day so that's impressive for a horror film like it'd be very impressive but i think it's because of you know it it touches on a lot of different things and it's it's you know it wasn't a huge success and i mean i think in in the theaters it made like about forty four million so it did make money but it wasn't a huge success like that but you look at what it's become now and it's become this colt following from it slow tonight isn't it yes. It is be awfully glad you asked me that. Lloyd his i just happened to have to twenty to ten right here in. My wallet is afraid. They were going to be there next april. So here's what you slip me a bottle of bourbon in glass and some ice off. That can't you. Lloyd too busy busy. It'll good man. You set him up and knock them back. Lloyd one the one white man's burden lloyd. My man late man's burden what do you not like about. I know we kind of touched on some. But what do you not like about this film racist ghosts. Yeah all us. Not from shelley duvall man when she thinks she's a girl from blair witch. The hell is that. That's where blair which took it from. I bet it's probably before we count before we go into what we don't like which apparently most people liked it overall. I thought that danny kit was good and kubrick got a really amazing performance out of him. Fucking nightmare what he did. Is he fed him. He fed him sugar. One of the things. I watched it was like on how he got the performance. He did out of him and that was basically you know sitting there going show look left look back over here because here you know and those were the performance you know that he really pulled off. I mean besides red rhyme red raw. She told me it's all superficial. What great director out for him to get that out of him. you know. that's something great and even if you notice the same it's in there with a big party. Scene is going on how everybody was acting in the background. Those were great. You know just watching. They were very realistic and looks like a real party. It looks like a real party and that was impressive to pull that off of that. Many people but w- kubrick. I mean kubrick however people want to say i mean i know a lot of people downplay what he was but he was a genius and honestly could be maybe the best director of all time considering the fact that he did films at all different levels science fiction all the way to horror to historical dramas to you know he's done at all i. I mean and pushed the level for decades and decades. He was so prolific right and not only was he. He was also financially successful. with exception. I think barry lyndon but all of his other films pretty much. I think we're financially successful. And that's that's a feat to do because you know a clockwork orange was one. They didn't even want to put out so sure they didn't wanna put that film out and he had to. He's back. there's a whole story on that and we'll talk about that if we ever do that. And i want to get into it but you should look up the story on clockwork orange. And what happened because that film would probably never have made it. Had kubrick not really went out on the on the limb and said you've got to do this guide apply this and and he basically got people there to the theater and made a sell out and then that created this controversy in the controversy end just spread with that film but he. He was smart on so many levels. And you know. There's just i i can't say enough good things about him because i think he's influence a lot of different people across the board but getting back to the bad of this film. You know the only things that i can think is. I thought there would have been there some continuity issues but may they were done on purpose. You know and that's hard to say whether that was the case but you know from a visual standpoint of watching this film from a visual standpoint of just understanding and the score of the music that just pulls you and your own poll and now you hear those that you know exactly what it is. You know there's no question so you gotta give them credit for being able to do that. And he's one of the few guys that took a lot of sort of orchestra. I guess that's how you said that word music or orchestral. Thank goodness there. It is and that's where we're trying to get for coming from the guy's not drinking from on average is an adult message. Yes yes that's right and shiny water so but that's what he puts all those pieces together and make up so you know any other thoughts that you can say that are bad about this them. It's just that. I wished that jack had a place to to start from a better place as a father. So we're not like do. Yeah i wish more so that. I was more upset when he turned into a monster. Because i really wasn't surprised he's a dick like he's an alcoholic. Oh now he's a grumpy. nana very child-abuser. Yeah and even gets worried. What he's what he's talking to the ghost about the incident he had with danny and psyche even kind of lies a little bit and yet he's making and it was just like oh you alcohol. There's another incident that is only mentioned once and it's like implied that that's when he starts talking to tony. Is this this mysterious incident that they never speak about. It's not where he yanks him up and breaks collarbone because they talk about that but there. There's this other mysterious thing. That's like sometimes implied as child molestation or incest or something and it's not stated is just sort of a feeling that you get that it's like dirty and you don't know why no one said that but maybe it's more subliminal. I didn't get that part of it that that was the case with jack. Now with the you know the the guy in the room with the the dog guy. That was hanging out different. Yeah the job situation. That was josh story but Yeah door guy. Blowjob truck going out. Maybe i wonder if that's what is i m. Mvp credit says trapdoor guy yeah bj. But i didn't get that feeling. But i could see where you're coming from on that side of it. There is some sort of like deeper things that went on and like the looks are two lingering. He the the sitting on his lap like that scene where they're talking about. How ride hired and did you like it here. And why are you asking me these things are you grooming me for something. What is going on here. What is this ooh. That's very creepy. Sounding yeah sorry. What's the deal with tony. More as like tony. Regret more of trying to him crying. Trying to seemed normal like try to be the good dads even though it's impossible for him to seem normal at this point right like i don't think he really gives a shit if at that point if if if he's happy there i think he's just like trying to be a normal bad or appear that way now he's actually return to normal or dry. Yeah yeah let's talk about sammy because you know tiny was shocking to you. Know he had you know two personalities there. I don't remember if in doctor sleep. They addressed who. Tony was either and i just missed. It has another long movie. wasn't it is good especially dry. It was. I did think dr sleep was a good movie. And it was a fucking. Oh maggio's to the original shining. Fucking brilliant henry thomas. Jack nicholson holy shit outta scheckter. Listen but as jack torrance but is very get. But yeah i wanna i want to know more about tony and scattered from you. Know one thing about scab. i guess There was a lot of issues with him. Not knowing not knowing what from what i understand when i was reading a little bit about that he there was a lot of changes in the in the script. So even jack got to a point where and and if you watch some of the behind the scenes kind footage of of the shooting the you're seeing stanley kubrick constantly on the typewriter type you know. He's typing stuff up so he was constantly making changes to the script. You know as they were going along so the script was always changes so it got to a point where jack nicholson would just learn at once. They gave it to him and it was like. We're going to be shooting the next little bit but that really through some of the other actors that are like more know deeper. I guess and scott man had a terrible time with and matter of fact. There's there's even a. I've heard that that was the guinness book of world records for most takes on the scene around the table with With with the boy was one of the longest take or not take but multiple tanks of a shot of anything ever so And there was just all these kinds of thoughts about it as well as kubrick was known for taking a lot of takes so he would take. That was not something unusual. He you know we'd take a hundred takes on something To get the that he was looking for because he was a perfection. And so can you imagine that the business. Yeah god do not do that. Unless unless you're working with david fincher to. He was that way i'll give takes. That's it. wrap it up into the best of me already and if you got you got the us. The first take was a but i'll give you a safety. I mean i. I will say coming from director side of it. I will say most cases. You're going to get it in early. Takes but if you don't then a lotta times it's the last week you know because you're going on just what you've gotta you've gotta stop really the mode. The true motion comes out because the exhausted they're acting and now they're just pissed off the rangers. Get it over with right. And then i've had some directors had some directors. Make me do so many. Takes that the last take. I am fucking know what i'm saying anymore. I didn't know where i was or what i was doing at. It did not serve the character. This key does it. Serve the character and that did not many of those cases but i thought scatman was amazing. I loved him in this movie. And i really wanted to see more. I felt like his character. And i don't know the book but it's like felt bad because it would be like let's go to his little shockers apartment and show. He's concerned and calling the deputy or whatever and stuff. This is like yes marie. It's an inside joke with my friends from college. That tony the scary thing is that your picture froze before you said that. And i just heard that voice i. I'm not gonna lie. I tickled a little bit. There might be so there could be. There might be turtle tracks in my underwear. But here's a mature. Grady albert grady. That's scrapie seen you somewhere before. What is that. i didn't believe off. Now scrapie why. Don't you once the caretaker here. I do believe you are married. Men are st- grady as a wife and two daughters and they now some around. I'm not quite sure mr. You were the caretaker here i recognize. I saw your picture in the newspapers. You chop to ivan daughter up in little bits and you blew your brains. Were that's strange recollection of that too. Grady you were the caretaker here. I'm so to differ with you but you. You always been the cadillac. I should have a. I've always been here. So what do you guys want to talk about about this family. And we've covered a lot. Is there anything that we've left off that you really think we should talk about here. Is good luck was good. I have not seen that really tony. There's haters there's haters of dr sleep. Oh absolutely there go fun because it was a good movie. It was a great all modules to the shining and it made it a bigger a bigger thing as fantastic. Was it also book by stephen king or was this movie yes. It was a book by king. Yeah okay so i. I'm surprised that this didn't come up. And maybe it was my Deficiency as a kind of a host over here but we didn't even talk about the red rum that's kind of the the people quote and talk about one other. what what other one the. here's johnny. Yeah yeah so. Let's dig into that whole sequence of the final of this part of it. What was your thoughts on a you know. We talked about kind of the camera angles and movements. That were going on. Because i think that definitely enhanced it. Where did you believe that was actually happening. Were you sucked in at that point tony. I think it's absolutely terrifying jack. Jack nicholson is terrifying that same. But this is the moment where we've talked about like continuity errors and stuff and whether they are intentional or not. This is the one moment in the movie were out. It was absolutely unintentional. A the amount of like holes in the door changes from charter shot and that is because they only had several they only had so many doors and that was something they couldn't help but being you know someone who works in the business. That's the kind of stuff that i noticed. And then that annoys me like there was two holes last shot and now there's three or this whole bigger than it was then all the other stuff that may be a continuity. Error is probably anticipate as stanley. Kubrick is like an autour but and this scene they should. They should have done better than there's a reason it the reason they heads only so many doors and then jack nicholson which they didn't know had trained as a firefighter and he said his he literally was cutting through that door like it was like paper. He actually knew what was happening. He could hit it and just knew how to cut. You know which is why it looks so real. But i agree. There was like a two shots. And i remember cutting back and i feel like i'm kinda like watching the psycho scene of the shower scene. You know because you're seeing things that just don't quite one hundred percent and i agree with you on that side of it because but that was the reason and they just didn't and they actually had to go to a thicker door because he was going through him so fast like in. That was one of the problems. So well notoriously bathroom doors are pretty shitty in pretty fast and you can even notice them one of the shot. Shelley duvall closes the bathroom door. And it just looks like it's a like like door you know when she's shutting the door and you're like he would just go right through that one take would be the hammer would be on the other side so And then you see the door seems to be a little bit thicker as it goes through so But that was kind of the reason behind that. So fucking kubrick man i swear slot nicholson make skills and did you notice when when they when they put they they drop Danny out the door or out the window the window and slides down. That was actually a set. That whole scene were coming out with a set and that was salt that he slid on so they had all that salt. There was put up with building a ton of it that he slid off of. So that snell is all so yes i had iced sought kosher. Probably you can cook it. Burns does followed by getting stuck in the window. The thing that bothered me. Like i thought shelley duvall is so tiny. She's absolutely as tiny as danny. If not tinier head through that if you get your head through it you can get your body through enormous homered. She's really not olive oil in real life. You don't part judo. That i don't actually really. I don't know that she kind of have any proof that didn't bother me that she couldn't get out the window so with was it. You know. I want some really bothered by anything. I was amazed that danny did the backwards footsteps thing was like where he was backtracking to make it look like he had just stopped when i was like. Yeah when i was a kid his age i was like playing with my own poop. I mean stuff like that wait. He's eight he's playing with the same age saw the shining for the first time back can't saw and patrick still blame poops not chango playing with well. I need something to be the shark. When i'm planning with my gi joe's in the bathtub. Sorry i still. Eddie murphy eddie burger. But now i would not have thought about that as a kid. I would have been standing out there. Go scary guy from easy. Riders tried to kill me but he had he also had people helping in ed. Tony was helping them turning. But we don't know who tony was. We still don't know how we know. Tiny could have been. Pa right which maybe he was the best tops tops. Doctor sleep was. Was there a tony or is that Need to watch that. It's really good. Yeah and i've seen doctor sleep. And i don't remember tony in doctor sleep. I think i slow. You don't actually see him and is the is the black is the black man in dr sleep is supposed to be scotland cruthers same character. Well well obviously. I mean scott other people i will nowadays george. Lucas would have made a digital will. Get me i will say. When he got killed. I was the that was the part. I was just like you didn't have to do that. You could just add. Liked his karaoke so much. Like i didn't have any but we went all that way and he didn't even have a chance to fight. You didn't even get a final battle and it was very graphic that close up of the tax code into scatman. It is very upsetting. Because he's the one person who knows what's going on with With danny and danny the shining. That was something that that was a question. I had was like it when he got in there. Why didn't he immediately use his power to call to danny and i don't know if it works like a telephone walking. Danny what's going on. Asked him how scream like that was right either. Yeah that was a clever. I wish i could just step out of that. Yeah i wish i could just explain things. I didn't want to deal with that way mustard. Heard you urge his scene totally. You totally read my emails. No no was just your tires. At two true-to-life and continuity issue with jack to in the snow was a little bit off too so that was the only thing i didn't like that part i but again the what with jack in the snow that continuity. We're so he basically he's kind of facing. He's leaning up against the the edging of the of the maze and then we see him in the middle of it kind of like away from it. You know and that. That was the only thing. Because i was at that point. I don't want to be taken out of the story. I wanna stay. That's the only thing that bothered me was like. I mean like that. You know what was messed up. The net may seen is the first time i've watched it with subtitles. And when jack nicholson's making all no those words He saying wendy. He starts saying San francisco here. I come at one point. And i went. What the fuck right back. Where i started because all sounds like you and it was fucking me up watching these subtitles. And i'm like he did not just think but i guess he did right back where we started from. He's lost in the maze. But i'd never ever ever would have gotten that out of what came out of his mouth in young frankenstein another film cover and our future episodes somewhere down the right. Johnny frankenstein is actually half that one. I would have to rent it. Be nice cool anything else. You guys want to close up with on this and geezer. See dr sleep. That's the next thing we recommend checking it. S highly recommend it. I think it's still directors the directors version. I think it's better director's cut has really. I think that's also on. Hbo max sponsor by the is not hbo match except that if the offer we would accept that were so. Let's talk about our next film that we're doing. I think If i'm not mistaken is laura's pick my turn turn actual. We don't have to vote on this. She gets to choose anything so. Hold your seats everyone to accomplish house to the second story now putting out. I won't do that to you go. I am tempted to do that. Final girls that is a twenty seventeen movie. I think and it's fun. It is an omar jr to the slasher. Nice are right. Well that'll be fun. So final girls next on the plate and do a lot of hard. Nobody likes drama anymore. We gotta mix it up a little. Which is could so. It's good to add history month. We could've done like. I don't know malcolm x. or something. Yeah you could have picked that one patrick on your list one. My life pick was a month ago. Saber is history month. I took the shining. Yeah so All right so what else. What other films have you guys been watching. Anything else. malcolm x. mccormack Just watch the. I get really got. I watched called. Let him go. Did i talk about that already. Know you're just starting to talk about it right now. So kevin kevin costner and Mrs kent dan flat lane handling this. Can't i didn't know diane ladd. Well no the funny thing is. They played montag. Can't in the zack. Snyder superman. This and i didn't realize they played husband and wife again and let it go until our podcast frame chris. Baker pointed down. Shut the fuck up. Chris and No but i didn't realize until he said it as i. Oh yeah but it's got booboo stewart. My favorite indigenous actor in it also. It's really it's kinda fucked up. It's a fucked up movie. it's at. I don't know how to describe it. It's a drama vengeance film type of on. Check it out when it becomes widely available awesome whereas it now is it rental. You could rent it. Yeah i bought it for a gift card. Because i do. I went in. And i want to support these spoiler movies like Like wonder woman nineteen eighty-four. I did not want to give any money. And i didn't watch on. Hbo max i still. I still feel ripped off. And oh no but microphone. Fell off the pad but I want. I've tried to support the indie films and the smaller movies dunkin a lot of play. At least give them something financial. Do you mean like psycho gorman exactly watched and it was fun. It's cute it's. I hated the little girl it is designed to be hated the will mission accomplished psycho gorman to gore her up he had great lines seco- gorman himself wonderful his wonderful end monari For those people who follow the charlotte film society minorities available in their screening room. This starting friday. Tell us about that. What does that win. Thomas was on and he was talking about minorities the best film he seen in ages the glenn from dissolving show. The walking dead is in it. It looks like it's basically a true story at american story of immigrant family. Making it in america. Were i want to tell you. I want you to look at your watch it. Yeah she's not moving. I watched probably the most recent movie i've seen was A little things on. Hbo on hbo max. His yeah alec in washington did you've seen it have given so i i liked it. I enjoyed it. Gave me through off. Like the i like re quarters of gave me like zodiac vibe and zodiacs really and then it doesn't dentures finest spoiler. I'm going to actually give a spoiler. But i'm gonna say spoiler alert just in case anyone hasn't watched it. The last quarter of the movie wasn't very good for me. I didn't finish didn't finish well. I agree i thought it was heading for like real built big build up and and sort of just sort of we squeaked out. Yeah i think it was good movie. But i thought it was good performances performance. Right in something. Different from romney that he was At the show. Did i thought he was actually really good. I mean i love bohemian. Rhapsody to and i finally saw the museum site to see some of his works so fun. Kid get freaked. I watched what you've been watching. I haven't watched any movies in while these tv. Or but nah. I mean i've just been kind of like doing other things. We went through and we watched the wire recently. I hear that's a really good show so good. Good like Some seasons higher on than others. And but i think the acting is great in that as well a good performance all around got my guy from From jason and right from out with lash this it at those two shows and one's a little bit more than the other. Yeah it's oz right be. I've never seen either of them. So i haven't seen prison. He really i watched one. That i think is gonna like and it's on netflix. Right now is called the babysitter. And it's kind of comedy are. Yeah it's it's it's it's fun at liked it. I thought it was really well done. And and you know just go in for a fun evening to watch. It's very entertaining and as a couple of twist to it. That's kind of nice and simple. And then i it's called the babysitter and it's kind of like a ritual satanic kind of a theme to okay. Thank you because i was like that. Sounds like it should be a horror movie. It is it is and it's it's got a nice little twist in there that you just don't say an i don't wanna give away too much because it just came out on netflix. And but is there a sequel to it. This is gonna sound weird but it's just came out. It's been the watched the baby several years or such another babysitter. That's like there's a babysitter from the nineties. Yeah yeah no. I saw one from the baby killer queen. That's the one i saw. I saw this awesome to it. It appears so fi on. You can't sit at the same people in. It does really cool. Because i haven't seen that. Tell us the name again. The babysitter killer queen. So the funny thing is. I watched that not knowing it was a sequel then during the movie that kept referring to movie before that referring to what happened before and i went now or are they just doing that. Or is this really a sequel. And now i know it's really a sequel. Cute stupid fun silly stuff. I want to see freaky free. I wanna see that too. Yeah i watch on my list. I watched another one. I watched youth. Which is a polyester anti movie Which highly recommend it's fun it's different it's too old guys Michael cain in it. And just the there. Yeah and it's just it's probably familiar sorrento. He did the pope and American what's the name of the movie it's called youth you and it's too. It's too guys basically ended up at this kind of like I won't say it's a home. It's like a vacation retreat area. And it just paul sorrento. Has this real italian style cinematography and and flare to his things that just kind of her different and very he has his bare unique style. And if you like his work you'll thoroughly thoroughly enjoy it. And it's one of those that i've gone back to in a and watch the second time i've watched it and i've just been like house. Just he definitely very unique storytelling techniques to anything else you've got lately that jumps to. I've been stephen king kicking it. So i just watched the stanford nine hundred ninety four. The tv movie with rob lowe I really enjoyed that. One of the first thing to gary sinise in a movie miniseries. It's a mini series. It was maybe four nights hour and a half episodes without the commercials. And it's fine. And i haven't seen the new one mic. I hear very mixed things on the halfway through it. And then i i stopped and i don't know that i'm gonna go back now. I must see this especially if it's horrible. I also watching these super religious overtones that came through the middle of it. And i was like this is not right i well i mean that's the that's the ninety four movie with mother. Mother abigail looking. She thinks the god talks to her and is pretty much. The civically like catholic. He stuff. I don't know i just just bogged me down and i didn't like whenever i want to check it out for the guys playing nick andros in it i can't remember the actor's name kazeem the guy that is okay. He's great he's really really good. Yeah okay that's rob lowe played. I watch needful things other stephen king movie. Lots of fun. Times metro out at neil ed. O'neill ed o'neill really good harris. Thank you album. D did not i get people confused all the time. I can't tell. I wanna say that I watched inbetween episodes of letterkenny and the new detectives. Which is kind of like the each spectrum I watched the strange case of dr. Jekyll and mr hyde with talents will ever rate highly. Recommend it's free onto be if anyone has two hours that they wanna just fill with some magic. Jack pal is great. Nice nice right well. this has been a fun. Podcast and we wanna thank Stash for being here helping us out like that man. That's sweet stashes got over there. I know it and we want to thank our the listeners. To so Oh yeah it's our pleasure to have any time and thank all the listeners for listening and for going out and keeping download knows That each one of our new podcast that come out and go check out some of our older ones too. Because we've got quite a few films that we can't even remember the names half them obviously. Sorry and of course since jerry gilliam. If you're listening i'm sorry. Yeah hopefully is somewhere. Yeah so anyway. Well thank you everybody for being here and once again we'll We'll be back with the next one. Of course that is going to be lovely. Laura's pick final girl girls here the final ones. Yeah so that we all get something new to watch. Because i haven't seen that one syrup kind of interested actually watch and don't remember it. Great all right excellent. All right well enjoy your lovely weekend and days and coming up and Thanks again and make sure you tell all your friends about us. And what else. Review subscribe download ninety each wash. Your hands asked us right retu- masks. I wear away from people. Stay away from patrick unless you want to hang out with grumpy old man and the other now. It's been a fun time thanks again. We love you back. 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Top 3 80's Sitcoms

Covert Nerd Podcast

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Top 3 80's Sitcoms

"Hello and welcome to the covert nerd. Podcast thank you for listening. It means a lot to me that you take time out of your day to listen to what I have to say first off. I just want to thank again some where people that have interacted with me online. Eddie from the make attorney. Great again podcast. Paranormal DADS and the daydream instruction manual. Podcasts also Brian Jackson from the showtime and the chef. Podcast in Paul from the Mussa's Monster Mash podcast. Thanks for interacting. Go TO COVERT NERD. Dot Net for all the details from this episode and previous episodes. And again you can also find different ways to contact me on social media like twitter facebook instagram. You can send me an email whatever works I was sure like to hear from you and hear what you have to say about the shows or suggestions for topics for upcoming shows without further ado. Let's right in and NERD IT UP WITH JEFF. They we have another guest. But you've heard him before if you've listened to some other episodes and I'll be sure to put a link in the show notes for the other episodes. Jeff has been on but once you introduce yourself well. It's good to be back Lee. Thank you for having me but Yep Jeff Keegan. I'm the CO host of make Terni gradient podcast about as you probably guessed it he man yes Going I think it's been going about three years strong now. So yeah a lot episodes. But he's still got yeah so much vehicles and just it's fun. Podcast with Carl Carl. I've been on there too and some other guys have been there too. So He's a great podcast definitely. Check it out but today's a little different. We're going to be talking about eighty s sitcoms. There's so many of them and like we talked about it. It's tough to narrow down like we've done in some other episodes where retry to pick our top three top five favorites but there's a slew of them. There is a slew of them. It's really hard to pick your favorite because like there's so many good ones back. Then yeah I I kind of liked how and what we'll get to about. I kind of liked. How we you? Kinda went to deep dive ears which is really really good. I mean because I think everybody be like Oh you know full house or you know it's like you know some of them were only one hit wonder really good. They were so soon. You'll need to grab your risk Uber. And your boombox and sit in front of the TV Reebok's on exact Rubik's cube. Do you have one of those I did. I used to. I think actually no. I don't think we have any more episode. Idea of eight hour could be a lot of fun. Yeah we we had one and my kids recently got one and they still like. How do you figure this out right? Yeah they're like Oh go to youtube and you can figure it out. You figured it out of Youtube guys. Yeah we didn't have that. It was line. That's right that's right that's right all right. Well first though. Let's dive into some Trivia questions. We've done this are just to kind of get the brain going about eighty. Sitcom so all the trivia questions are from the eighty s and about sit coms all. Start the question. It's your turn to answer. I'm an okay well like I said grabby Rubik's cube. Let's go all right. Here we go. Who Was Mallory? Keaton's fiance from family ties? Okay like what was his name in. The showroom was real named the show character name. Oh my Gosh Oh man you can probably see him. You're I totally. Can I draw talk like Yup? Yeah because he was kind of a doofus but he's like just like a biker or something like that is supposed to be kind of dog tough guy but the hair and the like What's his name he's like Jers? Donald IS JERSEY accent. He's a young cool. Yeah Yeah What was his name? I don't know starts with an in nick. Nick Nick More. Nick ever go. Yeah Okay Yeah. I'm trying to remember his real name to because he was using a bunch of stuff like what was that. Remember that movie with Roseanne things. The only movie she was every and She-devil I think is what it was pretty sure he was in that movie to okay. He was in a bunch of stuff like relegate and then like he's fall off the face of got some popularity from the GM show. Yeah he's great though much fun character. What was Alves Girlfriend's name from Mel? Gosh it's a popular song. Her name is in a in a popular song by the beach. Boys Brian I have no idea I have no idea Rhonda. Rhonda helped me run out. That's right it's been so since I was a kid. I recently found on Browsing Youtube and I sat and watched it but no it was on On our Roku they had a bunch of old eighty stuff and I just wanted to came up on Amazon too. Because I remember I was like kids gathered around. We're GONNA WATCH ALF and watch the first episode and the pilot is garbage. It was so bad. I'm like never mind but everybody else is. Like you gotTa keep watching like watch it up through like season two. And then it gets really gallons. They okay we'll have to give it another try again because I I saw it. Everybody's like looking at me like I thought you said this is good data. I'm like I'm sorry it's lost a little bit of its luster. Good show those are okay. Here's why night because I know you like this show night court. Who was Harry's idol that what is Harry Houdini isn't it? Are you talking about Harry? Harry the the court who was is away. Oh it was Singer Mel Torme. There you got it was a singer at it. Yes that's why jazzing another fun again. Other Eighty Sitcom Good. Good good show. Here's another one. Who or what was the name of the Detective Agency in Moonlighting boy? I have no idea I was real young. That was that I didn't watch it. I don't Know Blue Moon Detective Agency interesting remember girl. It always answer the phone. Blue Moon Detective Agency and she had this long beal. Yeah I don't remember on. Yeah I was real young. What was that because that was like that was like early. Eight were eighty three. I think it was pretty early. Yeah yeah on night court so back night court ahead on night court. Harry had a statue of what animal in his office? In the background. No it was on his desk. I think goodness starts with an A. I was GonNa say I thought was like an ant eater aardvark. No I duNno Armadillo Armadillo. Yes right there's always on the front I think is what was that a friend of the desk or something. Yeah piece so cool. I'm just GonNa say animals and Lord and so let's get into our pick so we got three picks so if you're a new to the show the way we have it set up as we pick three shows each alternate and then we just talk about memories about them and hopefully after talking about maybe. It's something you can relate with or like you said you go fire up Amazon Echo. Fire Up Youtube broke and go watch some of these old sitcoms because there's so many and they're all good absolutely yep let's Let's see where you're going? I yeah okay me okay. So my first pick was. Who's the boss? I think that was like such a great show. Back then had Tony Danza. Starring in IT Judith. Light was Angela Listen Milano obviously. Teen Heartthrob was on every teen magazine in the late. Eighty S. Yes I had. I had a whole bunch of her pictures from like. Cut Out magazines and stuff in my dorm room and stuff like can I? I don't know if that's creepy or not but She she was of age. You know she grown up but anyways but yeah then obviously you know so. Tony Micheli was was the dad in the show and I recall. The the premise was like his wife had passed away and so he had like moved looking for a job or something like that and then like. I think he was just going to like clean houses temporarily until he could find something better and so he brought his daughter with them. Was you know Samantha Samantha? Sam and that was a list of Milano and stuff and so he ends up like applying for a job as a maid. Or whatever you know for Judith light and it was cool because it was like a different reversal of roles and stuff where you have a you know the typical man of the household. And then you have a woman being made or whatever and so this is like now you have this business woman who doesn't have time for a husband and stuff and whatnot so she added divorced. She's got this little boy and then she brings in a male made you know to come in and stuff so she was from Brooklyn. I think he's from Jersey. I think Connecticut. So she's on the uptight exactly the subway and he's like you know rough around the edges used to be a boxer. I think or something like that. Yeah and then you know at the same thing. She was real rough like one of the fight all the time and actually more of the boy and then Jonathan. The boy is more of the girl instead. He's like out my hair and stuff like that exactly. So premise of the show is really really cool. that was kind of pushing boundaries. Back then I mean even today if you think about it you know it's still be kind of pushing boundaries you know a little bit but the but that was a big thing back in the eighties especially it was a really trying to push that that that woman power kind of thing and stuff and women were just kind of starting to get into the workforce shifting and then you had. I think her mom lived with them. Too Right Yeah. Simona she was partier socially the opposite of Judas character up tight. Yeah exactly yes. She's come on. Take the stick out of your but kind of all the time to Angela and stuff and so but then it was like it was kind of cool because like you know it starts off like that and then it slowly blends into this. I think the big stretch of the show was was that they were all misunderstood and stuff and then it was like they started kind of having this like love interest between each other and stuff. And there's like this this weird vibe of you know. She's digging Tony. Tony's kind of digging her. But there's no way like. I would never be with some dirty guy like that. And WHO's not worth a penny and stuff and he'd be like. I've never used some uptick uptight check like you and stuff and and so it was always just that weird will exactly seven sub built on that for a long time and then and then Eventually they're going to get from what I recall. They are supposed to get married then Then they're going to branch off from there with the rest of the rest of the arrest of the show and and With a Sitcom and stuff but I guess like there is enough feedback or like. They're talking about seven. They decided not to do that at the very end. Because they're afraid that it was going to like Shift the show too much and they probably should have done that. They had built up that premise. For so long that people are like finally. Let's get married. Let's see them now. We want to see what they do as a couple and and they didn't and in fact they end up getting in a fight and stuff and they broke up and then they ma separate ways and stuff and it totally tanked the show. You know so everybody's like well we don't want to see this again and so like the the you know the I don't know ABC. Or whatever I forget who it was. Nbc At so they wanted to save this show and in fact they ended up putting the dagger in the heart of you know so so did end on a cliffhanger then because they never really could probably got canceled before they. I think it did. I don't know if it was necessary clipping. I think it is just kind of like I. Don't I don't remember the last the last few episodes a long time since I washed it. Or whatever but it went for a good long stretch. Seventy seven ninety one a long time a long time. You were talking about the poll people so along with that constant tension between the two couples. Exactly for you like you know. You need to a long time long time if I was. There's no way I could wait. I don't six seven years or whatever if I'm around this woman that really interesting without trying to make a move you know like she's single. I'm single we know it's it's not real at some point. You're you have to. Yeah Eventually Okay Rolling. GonNa keep buying this. You're living together for six seven years and using happy because you're kind of living like a family you would think that something would have happened earlier eventually so I thought it was a fun show and it was. I thought it was kind of cool that it was like. Yeah you know you have a live in. You know made. And then he brings his daughter and all sorts of stuff and they're kind of raising her as part of the family and stuff. It was really neat as sweet little show and you know my favorite episode. I don't remember what it was called. Obviously like I said it's been a long temps as I've seen it but my favorite episode. What I remember of it was was when Samantha Turns Sixteen and Honor Sixteenth Birthday. She got a car so tony was like hey budget car. And she's like you did. Oh my gosh. She freaked out because like all of her friends like had like mustangs all these convertibles and seven so she was hoping she's going to get this cute little convertible or something like that and and So she goes out and there's like I forget exactly what the car was built. Like a yellow Crown Victoria or something like this big yellow boat over packed like over a taxi and he had glued all these reflectors on it and like put these stripes on it and stuff so it was like this big cautioned lookout kind of thing and she was like so embarrassed. You know like Oh my Gosh Daddy doing. Well one woman baby to be safe. And she's like okay. Thanks so she didn't want to hurt his feelings but she was like mortified and then so like when they went to school. I think he was like in the area or something like that. He wanted to check up on her. I think to make sure she made it a school case. He's snuck over to the school the to see if she made it okay but she ended up parking it down the street. Because she was embarrassed she walks a school and he sees it and confronts her his heart broken. She's bad dodge and her heartbroken because he's upset that I was cool about is like I'm running into that right now. Like I have a sixteen year old right now and it's like okay so I know this I'm trying to try not to be overprotective and everything you know like it was so true even in like nineteen that probably was like nineteen eighty six or something and and Being able to see the same application of it in my life right now so I think it all the time you know. Because he doesn't he doesn't have his car yet. You're still trying to figure that out. You know if he's going to get one Seattle or whatever and so. I'm just like it's going to give them some big yellow boat and reflect yellow round vic with reflector lights. All over it. That's right like flashing lights. That's right but he with Tony's character he he was like you talked about the the boxer the tough guy but you know he is this little girl and so he's trying to protect her and do the right thing for her constantly and he hasn't fun show. Yes definitely my first pick is called. It's your move and like you were talking alluding to it's a little bit of an obscure show because it only lasted from September twenty sixth nineteen eighty four to February twenty third nineteen eighty five eighteen episodes. The Fun premise on. This is three people. So you've got the Matthew Burton. Is the boys a fourteen year old boy who living with his mom who single attractive and then his older sister? Julie so matthews the main character in the I lean his mom and then Julie is. His sister came in the whole premise. Is this kid. Is this witty guy. That's always pulling pranks and he's always a step ahead and Konin people in his mom has no clue that he's doing these little schemes all the time in the background. He's got his friend. Eli Who's in love with his sister Julie. Can he drags along on all of his little pranks schemes. That he does. They live in an apartment building and one day across the hall. Norman moves in who likes his mom and they start dating. Oh Norman was the same kid at fourteen that Matthew is now he knows so going onto it and so he matthews trying to thwart norman and islands relationship. Because he doesn't like this guy date and his mom in Norman's always one step ahead of him and knows exactly what's going on that's very cool and so there's this constant dynamic and struggle between the two of his mom. His mom doesn't know his sister. Pretty much knows what's going on. Not all all the things but she knows. He's not as naive as his mom thinks he right. There's this one scene where the handyman is cleaning the wall and he won't fix their drain and their shower. Because it's you know it's it's an apartment and things say they never get done sure. Yeah he walks up to him and and They're talking and he says. Hey I've got this picture and I've got the envelope with your wife's address on it is picture shows you at the local bar mud wrestling man puts it in the envelope and says it'd be a shame if your wife ever saw and he all of a sudden he goes. I'll get right on the drain. Okay so again. That just shows the whole thing. He's doing so the the cliffhanger was. They hired this ban. He made up this band called the dregs of humanity. It's a totally fake band. But he did it so he get the money that they were doing okay. They're Li skeletons from his school laboratory dressed in the dark black robes playing the drums and guitar. And they're pulled by ally okay is running them. Like puppets they play at the school in goes off so well that this local theater calls them and says hey we want to pay you twenty thousand dollars to do a real show. He's like sure why not and I never got to see part two because it was preempted by the President Reagan during a speech. Oh so the whole country except for California. Didn't see the part two of it and then it got cancelled. Wow so we don't know nobody really knows all over the Internet and try to find it. He can't find it. Crazy is not on. Dvd It's not on BLU rays. Yes Yeah Yeah Okay Yeah. I'm glad you mentioned that. So Matthews played by Jason Bateman. Eileen his mom is played by Karen Kay Tricia cast. Did Julie Burton Ernie Sabella Sabella? Who's the the maintenance man I thought he did? Team Os voice on linking Bouma Yup. He did his voice. David Garrison who is in married with children was played by. He played Norman Lamb. Okay Karen Kay. I kinda recognize her. I forgot to law. She's been in a ton of stuff on K. Yeah Well Karen Kay Interest. Casper both ends and things like I remember. Both I should have looked at my but then of course Jason Bateman you. You'd star Child Star. Yeah he so he's so good yes this day. Because he was in Oh my gosh. What was the movie with Will Smith and he was like a superhero kind of Hancock. Handcock okay okay. Yep Yep Great Movie. He was awesome that but then like. I have to say like we're going on here. But my my favorite movie has was identity theft or identity thief with Jason Bateman. Right Yeah Jason Bateman and it was With Melissa McCarthy. Okay if you haven't seen that Oh my gosh. When did they get? That was twenty thirteen. Okay so it's Kinda knew. The whole premise of that movie is is that he's just like a normal dude trying to make it through life kind of thing and then This this lady whose Morrison McCarthy. She's kind of you know rough around the edges kind of Gal and stuff she ends up like stealing is information and stop identity as identity because they both have the same name and so she ends up like cleaning out his bank account. Going to a bar buys around everybody gets real trash by a whole bunch of things and just cleans is due out and stuff sour another. Forget because it's been a few years since the Senate anyway so he ends up. Finding her does like a citizens arrest and stuff because she's in a different state. He wants to bring her back because the cops. There's nothing we can do about. This happens all the time. And so he's like walking to do something about it you know. And so he goes and finds her and like handcuffs. Ernie brings all across the United States and stuff back to the police and stuff to come in and everything and so is a Larry. Don't get a little little blue slow Slow yeah but that's been worn. It is funny. Jamie sorry sorry That was identity theft identity up the other one that loves sorry going on this Jason Bateman Tangent here but I would a little little picture of Jason Bateman in your room with a high. Do sorry no but he was in. Dodgeball oddball yes. Replays commentator and ate the Joe. That's right yes wasn't he like cotton was his name or something like that. Yeah I don't know man it's like Oh gosh yes. He play any role of course arrested development. Y'All and then he was in another movie with well. He was in that way movie. Wasn't he like yes. Mr McGraw Rams Yup Yup those in one with Christina applegate and yeah that one was funny to guys someone also teen wolf to Teen Wolf. Two right. I'm just joking. That hurt his career. That was bad at the beginning of the end for him for a little while committee. Come back though. He he got his star on the Hollywood. Hollywood walk of fame in two thousand seventeen. Wow took him away. Though we only eighteen episodes. It's just a fun show. It kind of took a dive in the story because okay two reasons why it died. The night that they had it on was against dynasty. Oh we know in the eighty. I was giant norm. So you're up against dynasty then. Halfway through the season his mom finds out that he's a schemer. Okay kind of ruined the whole pre. Oh yeah now that's out there. It's really a no fun anymore. And so the show. The whole premise is the or the whole attraction. Is If you're a kid watching that you wanted to be that kid. Because you want the prankster the right con- you're always one step ahead of all the adults and if you're the adult you knew you know a kid that's like that. If you're you're the Norman of the guy yelling yeah. I hate it when shows do that though when they ruined it too. Quick you know like today. There's there's if you've never seen it. There's a show on Amazon called man in the high castle fantastic show. The first season was incredible. Second season was pretty good as well but then when the third season it was like so basically what? The premise is that it is incredible. It's as if World War Two are. Yeah so as if Hitler Hitler one okay okay and so basically what happens then? Is that Japan and Germany take over the world and so they now owned the United States and they have divided in half in so I forget how divided like the Missouri River. Some are for whatever it is. Is I kinda split down the middle and there's like this. There's this little neutral zone that's kind of like well. It's not really. Germany is not really Japan. And so it's like the safe zone and then on the west coast believe as Japan on the East Coast Germany and And it's crazy because it's like you're in New York City is stop. And they're walking around with you. Know their full Regalia of the you know the German Rigali and stuff and then over on the west coast. It's same thing now. It's everybody's dresses Japanese and everything and but it's weird because there's Americans that have joined these armies and stuff so they're not like in prisons and stuff like that it's like they've just been overtaken so now. We have to acclimate the premise of that is. It's it's beautiful You know what would have happened. So you're seeing things like the White House and stuff with Nazi flags on it and all this other stuff and it's like wow that could have happened you know. And and so the writer of this did did a fantastic job of and so for two seasons. You're kind of like drug through this like you know there's all this other drama going on and all the things and stuff but you know obviously goes way deeper and all that but thing that attracted people to it was like what if you know that big. What if but then? The reasons called the man in the high castle isn't a spoiler. If you've never seen it shut off your stereo right but ultimately the reasons called man and high castles because this all say they ended up like sane at the end of season two. Here's the man in the High Castle and it turns out it's like almost like a a magical thing and that it's actually like a multi verse kind of a thing. There's a reality of what we're in right now running parallel to this other other reality. And that's all I'm going to say do it? So like their Because I don't want to ruin it because you need to watch. It has really okay but starting to the third season than we know now and so you start trying to get in it. We got like my wife and I. We are addicted that show and we third season here. But what does the Thursdays? And there's even stuff and it comes out and it was like Burl in like you watch like the you look at the stars and everything on in it's like five stars five stars in and it's like two and a half stars. Let's have dichotomies here. Then you're pick growing pains rate or not growing pains Who's the boss went on for seven years? It'd be a little too long. Yeah little kids your move eighteen episodes. That's true yeah. But that's the thing is like I think that if they they wouldn't have killed off that premise. So quick it probably would be. Yeah I mean this is why now I have no interest in it. It's just the whole I watched a couple of episodes after the reveal and he just kind of this whipping boy now his sisters manipulating him. The boyfriends manipulating him. And he's just kind of inept right. Well now that's the title of the show. It's your moods it's like it's not your move you're you're you're done right exact game over us the thing with. Who's the boss? It was like well. That was the question how has been back and forth. Like you're the man so you should be the boss but you're not you're the made you're the boss know who's you know. So obviously they kept going on and on but yeah either way. Sounds like a great show on? Show me those actors and actresses were excellent all those guys or gals went on to do big things later on the only one I think he just kind of dropped out of acting and when into real estate or something like that the end of the show. They tried to focus more on. Eli because he's kind of the the Chubby Kid. That's Kinda goofy in love with his sister but again it just didn't have the draw so you can find clips on on Youtube about it so check it out all right. What's your next one Next up or episodes com is the one and only family ties. I think is very iconic show. I think if anybody says name. Five sitcoms from the eighties family ties is always gonNA be in there partly because of who the was was in the cast and I think that you know the the main character was Michael J. Fox. You know so. This was a sitcom that was act of the future. Fame back to the future right anyway. Sorry so it was Obviously American Sitcom that aired on NBC for seven seasons from eighty two to eighty nine and starred. Michael J. Fox is Alex P Keaton. And then then he had his two parents. Michael Gross and Meredith. Baxter they were Stephen analyst Keaton and so then they had two daughters and I think eventually they ended up having a a boy boy to try to revamp the series and stuff because the cuteness of the kids was dying because all the kids were grown up but speaking of Bait Men's so justine. Bateman was Alex P Keaton Michael. J. Fox's you know older sister in it they they did that role very well in that show how they like had this visceral hatred you know like brother and sister towards each other and stuff and I never had sisters only had brothers and stuff so I always watched outgoing like I wonder if that's what is like if it is. I'm glad I don't have a sister. Not Dynamic and your family now so hold up totally. Yeah so we have We have enough boys and And now we have two two girls now so yeah we we see it quite a bit but my my boys treated pretty well for the most part. They just get kind of annoyed with each other. It'll time you'll you'll probably see more and more Alex Keaton and Mallory. Yes budding as I get older definitely now. I know what I'm saying the right well. It's kind of funny. When they were younger they used to really like like my third oldest boy and then my daughter. They're they're only like a year and a half apart and so it was funny. They they used to fight now like physically fight but they used to argue and stuff and they're toddlers all the time and what funny little story. Here's our sorry go off on another tangent but my my My wife all the time when they would start getting hyped up and everything and shoot guys. That's enough knock it off you guys. Stop it guys. I said quiet. You know my daughter who was like two at the time. She thought my son Davin. She thought that his name was guy so she thought that my wife was constantly yelling. Davin him him and so then it turned into well. His name's guy so she started calling him guy so she call the guy for like two years and we didn't understand like why she was calling them guy she was like guys. Stop it like what you know. Guy. I want to play. You know like like why does she keep calling them guy you know and and then like Donna's like oh it's because you're always like guys I said knock it off asshole is he's like like my daughter thought that she was like made out of teflon or something like that and like my son was a one always one hundred percent in trouble and she was never a part of it. So but oh man he's never gonNa live that down no guy but exactly but back to the show though so fantastic show what I loved about. It was the parents. Were like these GROWNUP HIPPIES. And they're very liberal very much about peace and love and giving everybody you know feminist movement giving everybody a chance and this that and the other thing and for whatever reason. Alex Keaton was a straight up strict conservative. Who was like big into Richard Nixon? Ronald Reagan the whole nine and like. He wore a suit everywhere. He had a brief case. You know he was just like it was their like our houses our son yet. It made so many comments about that other show like do we. Do we pick up the wrong kid from the hot. Yes they did. I remember that it was so funny. You know as he was such an oddball out and everything and he took his life so serious. You know and And they were just like completely befuddled and on how he was a part of their clans but for whatever whatever reason it worked out and what I love about it was is that he was like kind of embarrassed of his family. I remember like there's an episode where he was. I think even in the first season where he wanted to date lets like super popular girl and she would give him the time of day and stuff but he was really smart. You know the typical thing of. Hey Al Tutor you Blah Blah Blah Way. So they start to kind of hit it off and everything well. He wants her to come over to his house and stuff. You know the tutor and whatnot. But he's embarrassed of their house even though as a really nice house these embarrassed because she lives in a mansion she's got a Butler and a driver and all sorts of stuff he likes starts making up all this stuff and he's running around the House telling his mom and dad like okay. You do this for a living you do that for living the Butler six A. He's not here authors. Duffy's like this right. And so then the girl comes over and like they're just going along with this whole weird set up where where he's like. Oh Yeah you know our tennis court is a you know it's it's being built right now or whatever you get. Everything is saying and stuff but he was just like really playing off. That's interesting very good for you. You know and and just like blue you know like no big deal but it was funny as they end up going like this is like a club golf club or whatever you know like a you know Falem House club or whatever to have dinner with her family. And he doesn't want his parents to be invited to it because he's afraid they're going to bear some stuff and so they're not invited and everything. It's really like aggravating. The Dad because the club is like been kinda known for being racist and stuff as well. Okay and so So he's like that's GonNa go get him and so he goes to the to the club and everything and he ends up like making a big big seen. Big Scene and everything and Alex's mad and stuff and then he's like I don't know who that man is. It was really funny but the whole deal with that show is there was always a big moral of the story or you know they took that that episode there for example they just took how sometimes we as teenagers felt better parents but multiple at times Tan. Yeah totally yeah allergies. Let's say something stupid again. You help but this. Obviously that took till yeah yeah and. I think what it was like. They could've just went like all. My parents are so annoying into Hey this is actually a pretty big deal. You know like this is like serious that you might be getting involved with that. You don't quite know you know as earthling exactly and did it end up. Being the club was kind of racist or discount. I don't think so I don't. I don't think it was misunder I. It was all misunderstanding by everybody. So the club wasn't that bad. Okay you know. And her parents were actually not that bad and stuff like that. And so the data making a fool out of self. He ended up apologizing to to Alex. And stuff like that and then. Alexandra apologizes data. Like Bobo so but no I mean it was There's so many like like cool messages that they had throughout that show like one of the most iconic episodes was when Alex was studying for this test. Yeah to get into college is real important yeah. Sat's or something like that. Forget what it was but anyways He was trying to cram all this this study and he was falling asleep and stuff and so somehow or another Guinness Goff my my old teenage brain from back in the day but so another. He got his hands up some speed. Yes for weight. Control Medicine of MALARY's friend friend. That's what it was. That's right so yeah. So he kept popping up and stuff like. I'll just help me get awake and stuff and and Next thing you know. He's like a overtaken and he's like he's like going around the room one thousand miles an hour. He's got cleaned gay. Got Addicted hit mallory. Or he did she was like trying to get it from him and stuff and he ended up like slapped her and stuff because he was a dictator. I gotTA HAVE IT. GotTa have I got to have it. Yeah exactly so. It was a man that was a deep episode at a few of them. Yeah Yeah and I think he ends up falling asleep and missing the test and did all. This work can hurt his family for for nothing they. Oh Yeah I remember that episode. It's pretty at psychotic. He's running down the stairs and jumps off the banister playing monopoly and his parents. Like what's going on and stuff I remember I think. Initially the focus was going to be more on the parents but as the ads went on the kids became more of the focus instead of parents because yeah they were the hippies we went to You know the nine hundred sixty nine Oh Gosh what is it called was? What's he went to woodstock and our children like you said. And then he has a picture Richard Nixon and his room. Good like falsely accused. No He's not a bad. I I've ever episode where it looked like. He was looking at a magazine like it was like a dirty magazine had pulled apart. He's like looking at like ooh or something like that and they show. It is a picture of Ronald Reagan. Exactly totally opposite of is is parents. What was cool though? Like this little side information but like obviously that's at the same time when back to the future and so I'm GonNa Forget his name but I think it was like almost three quarters of the movie back to the future was filled with another Michael. Michael I keep thinking Michael J. Fox couldn't commit to it but they really wanted him to do it but he's doing family ties that's why it was so so so they wanted to get Michael J. Fox but he was committed of family ties. And so they brought on Eric Stoltz Okay. And so he was a red headed guy and stuff that you remember. Remind me he played I've seen him. Yeah he was in. What was that movie that had like a lion face? Whatever it was share. Oh mask mask yes. So so that guy great actor he's been in a bunch of movies and stuff they use the first original Marnie MC fly and the thing was it was Stephen Spielberg right just to be able to get and so he loved Eric Stoltz and he was like he's going to be great well then they started getting three cores with the movie. Will the thing was that? His interpretation of MARDI MC fly was a lot more serious so he didn't like the way that the movie was feeling and so they're like we gotTA stop production. We gotta stop and we gotTA get Michael J. Fox. And so they went back after him and he was like they think they offered him more money. Negotiate colleges do both and so he was filming family ties and then he had like a driver like a limo driver taking over to do back to the future and he's doing both at the same time it literally almost. Kill Them. I mean they said like the limousine driver saying like we gotTa Stop. This for this kid. He's like he's fall asleep in the limousine and I have to carry him out to the set and it was. It was just dragging him to to the dirt. You know but but yeah I remember seeing this interview from the guy who played biff and stuff he was talking about. How like this is his first big movie so excited Steven Spielberg like. Oh my gosh. Is Things yeah huge data and then there are three quarters away from the movie an alternate or like cut our right. We WanNa meet reset. We will well worth. Says THEY WANNA talk to him in the trailer his fired or pulling the funding something like that and so they pulled off to the side and stuff and they're like we just WanNa let you know that we're going to stop production. He's like Dang I knew it. You know he's like we're going to go with somebody else is Mardi nick fly. We're interested if you wanted to start all over again and keep going as biff verve. If you wanted to quit and have somebody else do it. He's like of course. I WANNA stay. Yeah you know so. But then he was like I've been here on set for two and a half months and now I have to go. And other you know Heller. Four months or whatever to you know the finish this out and so he's like he's like the Cap Pay. Amy's is like I made a lot more money. But he goes by the time that we started shooting again with the next character with Michael. J. Fox is like we were already exhausted. And so he's like if you look at because there's some scenes on the Internet that show Eric Stoltz and stuff. You know I shouldn't even say on the interest in the movie itself. There's a couple scenes in the diner scene where Beth is like in his face in Marnie. Macphiles DAD's face you know they're about the fight and stuff and and martyring fly like you know. Does this thing. There's a scene in there. That was actually shot. And it's actually Eric. Stoltz is still in that scene in in so Spielberg like that shop. Better like biff role. His his seen better with Eric Stoltz. But you you could see the back of them. And so it's just kinda like the side wherever? And so you can Kinda SORTA seve. You're looking out for like Windsor. That's not Michael J. Fox Eric Stoltz. But the thing is what you see though. Is you see that? Sorry forget name. But the guy played biff. You see like goes from seeing the scene to scene the scene in that diner scene of one second. He's got bags under his eyes and the next second he doesn't he's perfectly fine so he looks like he's aged. You know like in the same scenes. Like what the heck's going on it was because that was he was already like. I was like he had already shot this months before and now he's shooting these other scenes with with Michael J. Fox and he's tired. You know so. I just thought that was really interesting. There's probably a lot of scenes in there that didn't have Michael J. Fox in Iraq were filmed. Yeah Yeah there still are curious to find out especially nowadays with Blue Rain streaming services if they would just release the the Eric Stoltz. Yeah I think you can see. I think they have a bit online. I think they have some youtube curious. What that looks like Michael. J. Fox killed it. He did well. That's that's what it was as in Steven Spielberg said like you know. He's he's still day loves Eric Stoltz. He's one of the best actors ever worked with and everything he was like an Eric to this day says the same thing like it. It was better with Michael J. Fox. You know it. It still would have been a blockbuster movie but it would've never gone onto two and three Allen is what they're saying would have been a great movie and boom you know the story you know now that you mention it. The story of him being exhausted doing back. The future imitated the episode Maria Cramming. For the he didn't get far as I know I guess he didn't get on drugs but yeah who knows his growth as a little but anyways sorry tangent there no no excellent show. I don't know if it's on that's something we should have done is found out which one of these streaming services it's on Amazon Amazon. It's not prime. You have to you have to buy it. I think we might be on prime because I watched I watched a few episodes. I can't remember I. I know what's on Amazon? I took the normal. Wrap it up from kind of took the normal toll of eighty sitcoms. Just Yep as the kids grew up the audience kind of grew up and I was just dying. They just got done anymore. Tried to put a kid in there like you said but it just because I remember like the last. I think it was the last episode like Alex Keaton because he was in college and then he graduated from college and getting a job and stuff. I remember specifically that he I forget what kind of firm or whatever you got a job in. But he got this job and he was like Daddy's like they're gonNA pay me thirty five thousand dollars a year and they're like what and they're like all my. Gosh like you're twenty two years old and you're going to be making thirty five grand out of the gate. That's that's amazing. You know. I remember back thirty five thousand dollars. A year holy smokes. Maybe someday I can make that. You know like wow inflation right. Yeah stieg's that'd be like today. I know there's a website you can be like seventy grand at least seventy two. So Yeah you know twenty two years old out of college making seventy grand. Do W alright. It's not too shabby good. Show CHECK IT OUT. So my next pick is different strokes. Different strokes came out in seventy eight and went to eighty six so not quite the eighties but the bulk of the Bulga eighties. Yeah so we'll We'll allow that. I Guess Yeah Anyway. So the premise is Phillip Drummond. The main character is this rich guy. He owns a company Trans Allied Inc can get more eighties Nelson. So He's this rich guy that lives in New York City in a penthouse top floor. He has a cleaning lady. Who's African American? And she passes away. She made a deal with him with her before she died. That said look. If something happens to you I'll take your two boys. Which are Arnold and Willis Willis honorable and Willis and makes a deal? That if you pass away then I'll take the boys. All of them will be my kids and so that ends up happening. I don't remember what happened to the Dad. I don't know if he passed away too but I don't recall but anyway so that happens and they move in and he adopts them and they're from the Harlem rags to riches story where literally they're living in poverty and they move into this big penthouse in its interracial family. He has a daughter as well. Mr Drummond does but mr drama is very kind hearted very Nice Guy. You see him in the show interacting with the kids. He's just a an a regular dad even though he's got a lot of money but he's just a really nice guy and I guess a lot of the people when I was doing some research that work with him offscreen said no his character. Onscreen is a lot like he is in real life all tool a fun loving guy. He takes up serious. You know he when he's needs to be always one of the things I always said. He's always on time he's never late right. It's just very prompt and easy to work with and just a really easy guy so the whole story. Is that interaction between moving from the from Harlem to the Penthouse in New York dealing with interracial dynamics that they had to deal with Gary Coleman Plays Arnold. Who was the star of the show? He's the one the comic relief because he's always saying doing silly things. He's Chubby little boy. Who has his catchphrase? Which talking about which actually didn't happen. I guess let's see. I think they talked about that early on when the writers did it. They didn't WanNA overuse it so they tried not to put it in every single episode. But Gary Coleman was so sick lines yes. He in fact when he did interviews by the late nineties and they're in the nineties he wouldn't even talk show host would ask him to do it. Oh man sorry you see that. In even today for example the Black Panther arm thing with that they do. Oh yeah the guy that plays his character. I forgot his name but you see he got so sick. I bet you that and then Andy Circus who did call him and Lord Brings. Yeah even today people you talk to them. Yeah he's like I don't want to do that in fact he went on to. I think it was Jimmy. Fallon and Jimmy Fallon. Ask Him to do it and he told him he's like no. We agreed before the show star that we wouldn't do it. Why you making me do this but he did it in the Goldenvoice told us you wouldn't ask any. That's pretty funny. That catchphrase. What you talking about was pretty pretty common. And Kimberly was the daughter. Willis is the older brother tons of guest stars like Jackson Mohammed Ali cream -dult Kareem abdul-jabbar. Reggie DAX MR T. Mrs On their man he was on every he was him and Kareem abdul-jabbar everything too. It's funny and then Nancy. Reagan of course was the just say no campaign but Again kind of like family. Ties tackled pretty serious. Issues wasn't all fun and Games all the time they attack like I said a tackle the interracial family dynamic tackle drugs the they tackled even pedophiliac. Had this bike shop owner guy that tried to lure him and his friend in and it was kind of creepy. Yeah smoking his best friend Dudley. His Dad smoked and he had to take out a long. Wow dealt with that Religion trying to pick a religion and all sorts of different things. So what's what's interesting about. It is like this is so weird but like you look at the way that different is spelled. Yeah different different different strokes so I wonder if that was a play on the fact that that they were African American and white people together to get because like otherwise. Why didn't you spelled different? It's just one e I assume you're right putting a possibly where the pasta every So I don't I wonder if that's what they're thinking of that ran. Let's see what did I say? It was seventy eight seventy to eighty six six. They did kind of like the other shows to where as the kids got older. They had him get Mr Drummond getting married and she had a kid that they brought in. But Oh yeah kind of the kid. They always had one thing about the show. That was always fun is they? Had the the bully from school was called the Gooch. Yes they never shown huge but they have a a scene where he's like. Yeah look at my lunch ball. And he'd crumpled up his metal lunch pail into a ball. Man All the things that the did yeah. Gotten Gucci. Gotten held back. Five Years Willis was talking to him on the phone. He's like calm down Gooch. Have your mom. Three another piece of meat analogues delay and Mohammed. Ali's there and he's talking to the on the phone and the passes out supposedly but they never he's never they never show great rage deal also to Conrad Bain. Who Played Mr Drummond? He was on a TV series. I found this out thought it was interesting. Tv series every year from nineteen seventy two until nineteen eighty-eight so sixteen years in a row. He was on some sort of TV. Show who'll I think that attest to what other people were saying about? How easy to work out. The is getting what he was told and do what. He's told that rare rare breed. Yeah cool man. Yeah he was. He was pretty old when he passed away. Yeah Yeah Twenty. Nine years old she. I know you're GonNa make it to ninety nine hundred thirteen. I don't know Harvey Hope so armee hopes not talking about that with the kids. I was telling him like you. Guys are GonNa Probably Live to see twenty one hundred and they're like what was that. Mean is like okay. So we're in to explain like we're in two thousand is right now you're GonNa probably hit twenty one hundred and like what I do with their mind futures alone. Yeah it is. We have injure. Yeah can we have a delorean? That'd be nice because we check out different strokes again. I think it comes out on on DVD. I don't know if it's on streaming. Yeah it's too sorry to like go back a little bit to it too. But it's like too bad about the almost like a curse for those poor kids show. They did a behind the scenes I think on them. And Yeah all the kids. Just Nosedive Guy. Plays Willis ended up on drugs and Imprison Dana. Who Played Kimberly? Mr Trump's daughter early drugs and Gary Coleman he passed away before I don't know if he had problems but like his parents took all the child star. Thing is just it is it is yeah. I I was listening into Not Too long ago. I was listening to Joe Rogan's podcast throughout Canada was going back to some of the old ones. He had MacAulay Culkin on there. Oh Yeah surprisingly the guy. He's pretty normal. You know a little bit. But he's actually pretty well put together you know. And he's pretty normal and stuff so he just had to get completely out of it it was like I. He blew up so quick and got so much money and stuff and just human fortunate everything he saw it and I recall. I haven't gotten to the point here in the in the episode. Where they're talking about you know why he got out or whatever but it sounds like it was his parents. Were like okay. We got to get them out of it because they brought his little brother in as well and stuff. I think they're just starting to see kind of ruined the kid's hall so it's like you know you make that kind of money you know at some point. Okay we're yeah we can't even step out of your door and people are there. Gary Coleman was the same way he was the star of the show and it it ruined him he sorry just imagine like because he ended up. I forget what he had or whatever but like he's Orf ism yeah and so he never grew past like the the height of four foot something or other so he and he always had that same look and so he was always looked like a cute kid. Era As an adult you know and so like to always carry that on with you on that pressure the pressure. His parents were always. They were his managers and so they're always pushing to get him more money episode right so the his salary eventually got to seventy thousand dollars per episode good early. I think he's eighty three or eighty four. That's yeah it's a lot like even today off do seventy grand per episode. Yeah Yeah they did. He did reprise his him in an Conrad. Reprised their characters in the nineteen ninety-six episode the series finale of the fresh prince of Bel Air. Oh they were touring the house to think about buying it so you should here. You can go onto to youtube in here. The crowd pop. Everybody knew who they were and they were Mr Drummond and Arnold is. That's pretty cool. That's okay but I don't know I don't know about the neighborhood. They walked from upstairs and just across the front. They talk a little bit and then they move off screen but it was just kind of a good reminder of that. He doesn't say what you're talking about but that would have been funny though but as almost like such a low hanging fruit you know That's true even reprising. Both their roles especially Mr Drummond looks exactly the same. Arnold looks just a little little bit Taller Chubbier but anyway you can go find it. Last sees series finale of fresh prince of bel-air. You can go see it as often as cool. Cool all right. What's your next one. All right so my last pick was married with children so that was kind of in the same realm. Where you started in the seventies went into the as started in the eighties and went into the nineties. Ten years from eighty seven to ninety seven. That's crazy spent the majority of its time in the ninety s but it started in eighties anyways but it was originally aired on Fox and so that was a big deal because Fox really didn't have a lot going for back then and so I just remember doing like back history on this stuff and they had pitched this to so many different channels and everybody turned it down like. There's no way this would fly this the DADS to dirty the MOM's Blah Blah. They're playing on stereotypes too hard. And this no way this would be a hit. We're not GONNA do this. It's GonNa take people off and Fox's like I kinda like it. Let's try you know. And they're like what are we really region and stuff so say brought them on. I remember. I don't remember the actual prizes and stuff. But they barely paid that cast you know because they just couldn't afford it and stuff but but then obviously at blue and stuff and then they're you know they're paid very well after. That Fox was always considered a little edgy. At Oh totally yeah. It had to be but yeah so it says like they did two hundred and fifty nine episodes in eleven seasons. I think that once you hit one hundred episodes yo syndicated yup syndication. You're set for life. You know which is awesome. So they're probably still playing this. Yeah they all guaranteed guaranteed. So they're they're still making money off of it. Obviously the the characters in it was the dad was Al Bundy. Mama's Peggy Bundy and then the son was the daughter was Kelly and then the son was bud bud Bundy and then they just had a dog I think and then they always have the neighbors coming over. Which was Marcy and Steve Rhodes? He was the first her first. Marci'S FIRST HUSBAND. They split up and then she ended up remarrying. A guy named Jefferson was funny about the show. Was that it was. I don't want to say a lot like the typical America at a time but played a lot on this like I said earlier. The stereotypes of certain people of America You know so like the dad was like the failed jock from high school. Who just can't you know? Kinda like Uncle Rico from Napoleon dynamite. Just can't get over the fact that he you know he didn't make it in life and so he ends up. You know being a shoe salesman and stuff making like basically like minimum wage like that and and he was like. Oh Man the glory days where I was like Joe Popular and I was the football star and all this stuff and they're like yeah whatever happened to you. And he's like that points at Peggy Bundy and stuff you know and But it was so funny. 'cause like it was just like one of those things where they're like high school sweethearts and stuff and they ended up. Both Kinda ruin each other's lives you know. And and she just didn't want to want to get married and stay at home and he was like Oh and he didn't have an education or anything like that and you know just went from there and stuff but then they got to really rough you know bratty kids and stuff you know. They got the promiscuous older daughter. And the boy who wishes he was promiscuous. You know kind of nerdy and stuff and Well I loved about it though is because like You know we. We grew up in a simpler hassle to an extent where we didn't have a lot of money and stuff and so while I loved about like so you watch shows like different strokes where it's all about these rich people and stuff. Oh Man that'd be nice you and and then you see something like this and they're just like what are we got to eat like nothing? We've got some dog food. Maybe or something I can Ravioli. Yeah exactly what they're always like. There's nothing to this house to eat you know. And they're always doing a different Shenanigan by by stuff and you know so. There's a lot of real talk with some stuff you know where a lot of Americans. At that time you know weren't used to have in a different strokes kind of a live. There used to this sort of thing you know but no I love the show. It was again very risque blue. You know there's always like you know like Howard. Just talk about how the eighties were always pushing the feminist kind of a thing like oh this is cool woman can have power and can do these things and like chill like the exact opposite where it was like he had. He wore these shirts. That had this group called. No Ma'am and it was like these like male anti-feminist group and stuff and they would like go meet on the roof. Because they're like scared their wives here or something like that and and they would just talk about. They just talk crap about their wives and everything you know and they're just fed up with it and stuff and and I thought that was funny because like I remember like watching my dad and stuff at that same period of time. I can see my dad doing a group like this. My mom ruled the roost in our house. You know it was Kinda funny but They really lean hard and the stereotypes big time. Yeah and they also. I don't know if they started it for viewers for ratings or whatever but the what I like about it is like most of these episodes or sick. You've seen episodes both of these sitcoms that we we watched and we're talking about today. You know we can sit down with all of our kids and watch them. You know I'm not GonNa put this in front of Mary which I can't believe I watched it. I know holy smokes. You know like the you know they have girls in bikinis and stuff all the time and just scantily clad women is always trying to look. Women's dresses look good. Like a ones. And then he turns around. And then there's like a four hundred pound lady sitting there and he's all acting repulsed by it and stuff and you says all these like shrewd remarks to him and everything like calls them all. These bad is not pc pc all the furthest one furthest Sitcom ever away from being PC. But I have to say like my. My favorite favorite episode was An episode were again being poor. You don't have a lot of options to do family vacations and stuff like that. So they're like hey we're going to this family event. Like what are we going to do? We're going to go down together and take the car through the car wash. And they're like and so they're like this was. Our family event was going through the car. Wash so they go down to like the the really nice you know Carwash redraw off in the front and he'd get out and go inside and then you wait for it to go through the Washington and he'd pick it up at the end. What was great about it was that he's driving his old. Just beat up like a Tan yellow dodge duster and Just Gross Car. But he loves it. He's at it since he was in high school. It was like as hot rod back in high school kind of a thing or whatever anyways has been locked outside watched it. Will you know we're GonNa take your through and stuff so they drop it off? They're like yeah. He's like Do you want to upgrade to this level and stuff and he's like you know she deserves it. You know like my car deserve it. Sounds like an extra dollar and stuff and like Peggy. I think got all mad because he spent an extra dollar on it but she would never spend money on her and you like me more than the right so then they go into the show or into the store. They're like walking around looking at all the weird things like Airfresheners and stuff like that. They're waiting for the car and some shenanigans are often there and all of a sudden the guy comes in. He's like Mr Bundy's guy and he's like Oh we ran into a problem is like what you scratch my baby. You know he's like Oh no no no no we lost your car and he's like what how you lose my car. It goes on one and it comes out the other. He goes well. That's the thing we saw go in but it never came out. He's like well so go back through and find it and they're like well we did. We had a couple of guys walk through and we can't find it anywhere. Like how do you lose a car in a car wash? And so so. They ended up showing how like going through. And you can see like the glass and you can like so. They're in the store and you can see like walking through the car wash looking for his car and they're showing all the lights. Here's a sudden they show him and he gets all says like here's the rinse. And then what was the bass as it goes through and it just shows like flashing hot wax CDs hear him scream bloody murder and then they show the window and it looks like he's got like candle wax all him. Yes that's all stumbling like. Oh so anyway. So he comes in. He's like he's like. What the heck did you guys do to my car? You can't find it anywhere. And so then they're like a horror so sir sorry Sir and again I forget the whole thing but there's some shenanigans going on within the store and stuff for the remaining episodes are trying to find the car and then finally they come back at the very end of the show. And they're like Mr Bunny. We found your car. And he's like Oh thank goodness where was and he goes. Well it's funny thing is like it came out and it was out out here the entire time sick. Well how did you not know that it was my car? And he's like well it turns out. Sir that your car went in yellow and it came out red. He's like what he's like. Yeah he goes. Oh you know what? As a matter of fact I remember buying a red car could never remember. It'd been that long since he washed it. That it just like purview turned ugly Yellow Tan. Color that'd be a Red Carson. They show him. I'll get in this Nice Shiny Red Dodge duster and they drive off into the sunset. Oh Gosh it was so good but the same. The creators for married with children are the same ones that did it's your move. Oh the same guys as a pretty same. Why would make sense? Because the guy that Norman. Yes David Garrison. Yep So he played played the neighbor. Steve Rose Roads. Yeah exactly so. It's the same guys that did it's your move. Did married with children after it's your move got canceled. That's funny well. Everything makes sense. They really they were able to push the envelope on that show up more than eighteen episodes. Yeah they got way more. I think they like broke so many records with that. They had with that ten years. Yeah I mean that's eleven. See I forget what it was. There's a bunch of records that they broke the longest running sitcom and you know like most money made and also there is that there's a bunch of Records Christina applegate's all the famous from that. Yeah she did. I mean everybody kind of does I think Ed O'Neill still on a show right now. Katie Seagal she went on to do a bunch of stuff you she was like in. Futurama you know. And then she's was many years on that and then she was in Oh Man what does that? Show the biker show I never watched it okay. It's a gosh darn it. Sons of anarchy. Oh Yes oh Katie. Seagal was sons of anarchy. You okay so but yeah. So she was lost and a bunch of other things so she's had a pretty good career. Brooklyn nine nine but yeah the poor poor David Faustino. He played bugs. Bunny is like whatever reason just going to get any attraction after that show. Everybody else did really well. It's it's weird that that whole thing is just so hit and miss it it is. He tried he tried so hard to like. Try to resurrect himself he. This was probably like early. Two thousands and stuff. He like started his own Internet. Show yes I remember. Yeah and it was hilarious. David Fasino or something. Yeah it was. Yeah exactly so it was like his real life but it was kind of fiction though too and so it was basically. The premise of it was that his his wife left. Him For coolio is so she. She ran away with him and so his life's just a wreck and stuff and so he's constantly like trying to hunt down Katie and Ed O'Neill and trying to get obligate. You gotta you know and stuff and they're like no no no David. Sorry you know and and So he's always like money from home and all this stuff because they're all like successful and he's not so I love how they how he had. A humor took took humor within depressing and doing something especially doing an Internet show and early two thousand. Those innovated very innovative. Don't you I loved it? I wonder if those are out there. I bet they are. They have to be but yeah poor guy. Yeah no kidding. Cool well next one. I'VE GOT IS SILVER SPOONS. And let's see that ran from eighty two to eighty seven premise of silver. Spoons is the Boy Ricky. Stratton and his father. Edward Stratton got separated because I think his wife left him shortly after they got married. And he didn't know about ricky for a long time all of a sudden he shows up and they want to rekindle the Father Son Relationship. So Ricky is kind of the more down to Earth boy. He's he's acting like a child. Sorry it's the opposite. He's acts more like an adult because he's had to kind of grow up. Quick and Edward Stratton. His Dad is the owner of a toy factory or manufacturer creator and so he acts like it all the time. Yeah and so. That's the dynamic of reuniting them. He the father needs to learn how to grow up a little bit and the son needs to learn how to maybe great. Go down and try to be a kid. Edward has this giant mansion. Because he is a multimillionaire you know to my picks and I decided that they wanted their kind of millionaire shows anyway. So he's he's walking in 'cause ricky kind of being a mom being a single mom didn't have a lot so he didn't really have a lot so for him. Opulence of this mansion is just a little overwhelming right and so you're dealing with that dynamic as well to come in a kind of a rags to riches show and of course see. Aaron Gray is on the show. The lovely Erin. Gray is his assistant so again. They got that romance. They are going on between Edward and Aaron errands character. Kathleen Every kid summers. Who was actually. It was Kinda interesting. She was the one of the first fashion models to actually have a TV career. She oughta start with and she was in a Battle Star. Galactica battery I Aaron Gray Man. Yeah Oh goodness. It's funny. The it's your move Jason Bateman right. His character on there is in love eight. He's always hitting on all that. Yeah I remember being a kid is like I feel you. Yeah Man. She's Gorgeous. She is she is and so they end up getting married later on. Edward Stratton and and Kate. Yup The lots of you just mentioned Jason Bateman. He's got started on that show They didn't WanNa take so much away from Rick. He was becoming so popular taking the limelight. Away from Ricky Schroder. Yeah so Ricky. Shorter played ricky stratton by the way right and so they had to spin off and had to write him off the show in that crazy to he's had so much magnetism that he was taking this the limelight. That's exactly well good for them to not do that to Ricky Schroder though because most other people like run with it right off Ricky's character. Yeah exactly hit by a train. Let's have instead of one popular show. Let's have to ask idea. I mean. Obviously we found out. It's moved into didn't yeah. Well Jason went onto the Hogan family and some other stuff too but very anyway the fun of the show was just seeing all the shiny toys because they always had toys. He had the best stuff. Yes and then. If you watch the intro you see the arcade machines so yes. He had a pinball machine and Asteroids Arcade Machine Gore F- Dragon's Lair tempests foosball table. And then he had the train he. His mansion was so big. You had to have this little rain right around his mandate conductor hat on and everything. Yep So when you're eight nine years old you're like this is where I wanna be a dream world. I remember that like he had the race car bed. Big Tall crayons in the corner and stuff you know and I was like. Oh my gosh and then you had a computer again in the early eighties and might as well have a Butler too. Yeah Yeah and then I forgot to mention the remote control door. Oh year remember to let people in a survey of walking over and turning the handle. Grab the remote and it would open the door. That's right so again. Just these little things in the eighties. You're like what that is awesome now. The Co Creator. I found out Martin. Cohen he also Co created and CO executive produced. Who's the boss okay? And then Howard leads who was a co-creator he also did small wonder again. Look at all these connections. Yeah it's your move guys character One of the actors from here moved over there. Yeah but I guess NBC. Who had again a lot of the shows we talked about so the NBC studios also. Did Jimmy break different? Strokes facts alive Hogan family family ties. Silver Spoons Hello Larry and punky brewster while and a lot of these overlapped each other And a lot of the the kid actor said that they would just hang out and play together between scenes and they would do school there as well. So it's kind of this extended family. And of course they did kid pranks one of the pranks that Ricky Schroder said that. Todd bridges you plays Willis on different strokes would run around spraying kids with a squirt gun. Oh sure but it wasn't filled with water filter the urine. Oh my God in his own urine. That's that anyway. I'm sure there was a lot worse stuff going on but anyway it's Kinda funny that all those kids you name all those shows right. There's a lot of kids and a lot of kids as well. So just think we're talking about the star. GimMe a break. Who had Joey Lawrence? You know. I mean yeah. There's a lot of kids stars in there. Yeah punky brewster all on. Nbc All going on simultaneously. Yeah I mean obviously. Some of them started ended at different times but You think about a time. I know goodness think about that like that. That doesn't happen today. You're just hanging around with Heo. Yeah had lunch with Gary Coleman. The and I mean there's just no sitcoms and stuff today yeah now. It's not all on one lot that right. He's going on at the same that's shows you. How big of a industry that was you know sitcoms and stuff you know? Kinda Kinda King. Yeah sitcoms for the eighty s but hey we. We didn't talk about a femmes. Oh Oh yes. Yeah Alfonzo from fresh. Prince of bel-air was on silver. Spoons Schroeder as member. He dressed up as Michael Jackson all the time. The glove in his name is kind of funny. His name was off on. I'll show and Ricky Schroder was rigging so use the same name so there was a good show. They had And his grandfather was there. So Edward Stratton. The second was uptight as well. So you had the dynamic of his dad the old grandfather uptight but then the sun was as goofy right guy. That just wouldn't grow up exactly. That was the whole dynamic there anyway. Fun Show I again. I wish I knew it was on a streaming service. I'm sure it is but you watch Ricky Schroder. Go up again. Ricky Schroder huge star in the eighty S and. He is his acting career. I think to kind of after silver spoons. Kinda Tae. He's been in some stuff I think he was on them like a CSI or something like that. Yeah that's right. Yeah you're right you're right and then our free L. Some cop show pretty sure I saw him in a movie to where he played like a vet or something like that so I mean he's had a he's had a a you know a career sense then you know but and I think he was trying to go by Rick Schroder Rick and but I think now to today he's back to being called Regi Schroeder and stuff you know just go for like. That's not me anymore. You know and then at some point it is me you know like you're trying to still hang onto it. China you know. Get some money off of your heart. 'cause I suppose they have to decide to I say as it only on the typecast or whatever as you know something that blows up so big like that you know. That's what was good about. Michael J. Fox is like again. You know he just he could totally. I think I think by going back to the future was the best movie they could have done. You know because if he would have just kept riding out family ties as good as it was. I probably would have been there for them. You're I know but since he branched into a blockbuster movie and then it started like a whole bunch of other movies for the did transition from TV to move movies. Yeah you rarely see actors actresses that can do right. Usually I start in TV and go to movies go from movies to TV. It's never usually both at the same time. You one thing I wanted to mention too was that they tape the pilot. They didn't start the actual series until about a year later. So watch the pilot and you watch the first episode of the first season. You can tell Ricky's on younger and the pilot is in the first one so they also did a crossover with different strokes and several others. That Mr T. ONTO AGAIN MR T. Again everywhere was a guest appearance though. He joins Lawrence was on their Sharon. Stone was on there awhile. Whitney Houston was on their member. The BANDMANN NUDO MINU. Only last big silver spoons. Three or six amazing set gums. Yes like you mentioned some honorable. Mentions though when you're weapon out of those 'cause I thought about this this three. It was hard to pick three. It would have been a lot easier. Pick five because I almost picked a Guinea break. I almost wonder amazing shows. I really really loved a lot. Yeah I never did watch small wonder but I DID WATCH. GimMe a break Gabrielle. Carter Nell Carter down. She was real great man. She's timing Yes so people just have it. They didn't they do. And then there's some people just have like that lovable personality too and that's the thing is like again. I remember seeing a lot of stuff about her back in the day. It was the same thing she was who she was on. Tv as who? She wasn't reliable. You know and so I think that's why it did so well because she's just being yourself you know it's not hard not acting when you're killing yourself exactly. Yeah so there's a Lotta givens man. So put the complete notes in the show notes right hand. We've got pictures in there and just tons of details if you want a deep dive but I recommend find your best streaming service look for some of these see if you can find him like you said watch off together with kids will be befuddled. That's right gets cereal. Yes Mr T. Cereal and we could probably just have an episode on Mr T. Merchandise Gig. He was again. He was in silver spoons and he had had a cartoon. Show man isn't rocky. I pity the fool all that goal there. Oh yes that's right. A last side note but in different strokes they were trying to get a hold of Mr T. contact him because he was in the show he was on there. Several Times. Says you're Arnold was friends with them and they were trying to call and try to find Mr T. And they finally got a hold of figured out where he was at and they said well who who do you call to find out what he was at his age. It's like no his jewelry that's hilarious. That's pretty funny anyway. All right well thanks Jeff. It was fun. We'll have to again left. Tackle some more eighties ninety stuff do next but thanks for having me on if you WANNA mind can I? Can I plug something definitely so? I just recently had a book finish that I didn't write you know but I was the narrator on and so it's it's now available on audible and itunes and any other place that you find your your e books and stuff people would like to check it out. It's a fantasy novel. It's called Mo- lab the giant so M. O. L. E. B. Molex the giant A tale of the cardinal fates was called has ripped my good friend. Carl D Smith We both know Karl Go. Kicker podcast kicker broadcasting which is fantastic. If you want another another podcast listen to an also co host of make Terni gradient but Carl's a established author. He's got a number of books out there fantastic writer. This isn't just a guy who sits in is bedroom in kick something out and you're like Oh good book but he you know like Oh neat now I mean. He's got good stuff out there. He's got a whole different line of different books Children's books he's gotten teenage novels fantasy. Now you know you name it. He's a really really really good established artist author. I highly suggest going out there. Getting the book. If you're into listening to books again I was Blessed to be the voice over narrator for the book fantastic story as a fantasy fiction About a giant and king and they hate each other and I. It's it's a great lore that goes into that's never really been explored before that yet. Carl did a great job on and then got a twist at the end that I don't think anybody would have seen coming kind of thing in so it's got a little bit of heart to it and stuff and I believe Carl's looking to do. It's GonNa be a one of three series books and stuff and hopefully i. I'm blessed enough to be able to be the narrator those books as well so but yeah if you're into something fiction is something funny like to hear about fantasy and kings and giants and fighting and wars and all and stuff like that definitely great book. Moa The giant either. Go pick up hard copy or if you like to listen to book I do go on to audible or I tunes and stuff and download it and hopefully enjoy. It's fantastic but a link in the show notes to both so you can check it out. Yeah it's a good time. Only Carl's next book will be coming out soon. Yup Yep recording that one as forward to it for sure so cool well thanks. Thanks for having me again. Li Do it again absolutely. Give me a call all right. Thanks bye bye. Thank you for listening so much. A had a great time with Jeff as always talking about nerdy things. Tv shows from the eighties and nineties. And so go to covert ner dot net for all the details and until next time nerd it up.

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Twilight Zone 2019: Point of Origin

The Twilight Zone Podcast

52:18 min | 2 years ago

Twilight Zone 2019: Point of Origin

"You're traveling to another dimension. Mentioned not only have cited sound but of might. Journey, wondrous land boundaries of nation. That's the signpost up ahead. You're next stop. The twilight, so. Tonight. I welcome guest not from another dimension, but from a galaxy far far away on, I'll ask him to explain more about that in a moment, but we are. Of course he had to talk about episode eight of twilight zone, twenty nineteen point of origin and it gives me great personal pleasure to welcome tonight. Guest Mark Ramsey. Welcome to the twilight zone podcast. Tom, I am so honored to be here as I told you before we started. I'm so nervous about this. So let's have some fun. I couldn't be more excited, you know, the thing is Mark. I think that is probably going to be quite a lot of people out there who recognize your voice already and recognize your name as I've said to you before, and I don't mind saying publicly when it comes to podcast, and you, you really are top tier for me. You one of those people who I think, really raises what you can do with. A podcast creatively to that next level. And I'm really so glad to have one of my podcast and heroes on this show. So tell us about you, and what you do. Sure. Well, I really appreciate that, and I'll try and be quick, but I'm the creator of a series of podcast with wondering called the inside series. So we did inside psycho. We didn't inside jaws inside the exorcist. We've got inside Star Wars coming in about about two weeks less than two weeks actually, and they're all kind of inside or looks about the makings of these movies and the people behind them in what they went through in the forces and all that kind of stuff. And it's, it's really am Bisciste. It's really immersive, and they're like, little audio bio-pics, and I'm thrilled to kind of come here and share that with your listeners, and also pipe in on something that, you know, a lot more about than I do. Well, you have this wonderfully unique fall mats, which is pot commentary, pot recreation. I'm you know, tell us about the full Matt how you came up with it. Well, I like to call it audio graphic novel. Right. Short scenes, heavy narrating, but also kind of vocal re-creations of dialogue that happened at the time. It's all my voice, so it's kind of done in the form of a storyteller around campfire. I'm not imitating any. I'm not doing Hitchcock. I'm not doing George Lucas, but I'm trying to kind of convey what happened at the time and do the different voices without doing imitations and create a store. Really, what I'm trying to do is get to the nub of the story behind the story and talk about why it matters. You know, I mean and this is something we can talk about with regard to twilight zone, but it's fair to ask questions. Like why do you do that? Why do you make this episode? Why do I do an audio series on star? Wh. It's because there's a story underneath that. And I want that story to emerge. And that's what the series is really about. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I am I came on board with as psycho on a Veneta since, you know, I love the horror stove but I I'm really looking forward to stall was can you give few details about that yet? No, it's coming up. So you don't want to say too much. Well, we've got all six of the seven episodes are, are approved and ready to go will in the seventh done within the next week. It's going to be just vast. We're going to start in the sands of the Tunisian desert on day, one of shooting. Then we're going to go back to the origin of George Lucas in what he went through the terrible accident that almost killed him that changes life. Immeasurably the travails. He had to go through in order to get the movie made and some really cool side stories like the story of Carrie Fisher, which is really at the heart of the Star Wars story now. And we go all the way from the beginning of Kerry to carries untimely. Death, and her legacy which is episode seven the last up sewed. And I think it's, it's really timely that the story told now because one of the things in my in my. Podcast conversation with Lucas one of the things that he says, as I wrote it is that she's he still sees her. He still sees Princess Leia everywhere because she's in the eyes of young women, and all women everywhere. And I think based on what's going on politically in the US right now. That's a relevant message. Great grace. Okay. Now, the intro episode is out there, the kind of tease, which is on, because people can now subscribe and kinda be ready for when it starts Kante. Have you got an online base that people can go to get all those subscription links? Yes. Super easy. If you just go to inside Star Wars dot com. It'll take you to whatever the right places for your device, and you can subscribe from there, but it is obviously free. It's, it's a huge lamb vicious were so excited about this. I'm really proud of it, and I think I think you're gonna like it. I think it really everybody's going to like it. And again. In line with what the purpose of the twilight zone is there's a theme underneath that's bigger than the story itself. And that theme has to do with, you know, when you when you chief everything you want to achieve, and then you go and sell it to Disney, what's lamb. And maybe that's the thing you wanted all along. And I think that kind of a message is really hit people pretty pretty strongly. So I'm excited about it fun toss. Thick I caught way I call wait. I am. So I've always been immensely, proud. The so one of your statue in podcast and listens to my Lil show. Have you been watching along with the new twilight zone and give some general thoughts on that? I have an end I I'll speak, generally before we get into the episode, but first of all, it looks great Jordan peels, credentials are impeccable obviously, and, and the show is just tremendously ambitious. It's, it's a level of ambition. That would be impossible, where it not on a. Anonima and paid service. So we have to thank CBS for that. I have no doubt that if this were so-called over the air it'd be gone by now. So I think we should be grateful for that. So my feelings about the series itself are more complicated. And we can get into that when we talk about the individual episode but. Just to tease it for you. I feel like people have read the the pros of twilight zone. The makers have read the pros of twilight zone in miss some of the poetry, and I think that's kind of an ongoing theme as I watch these episodes before we started you said to me, you know, you were you were hoping for kind of a different tone in the episode after not all men, and as I said, we kinda didn't get it. And I this is just one thought that I had, and it's a part from this episode really has to do with whole series. But in one of the great things about the twilight zone, is that it, it taught us how to be human by showing us worlds that were not, and I feel like some of those stories of humanity? Not just stories of, you know, Justice and struggle and fairness and equity and all the other things that were concerns of rod Serling. But, you know stories of how to live a better life as a human. I'm not seeing those, you know, I I heard recently your treatment of the Jack Klugman episode of the original series a passage for, trumpet, I haven't seen that, and that in the current formula, and I wonder if they don't wanna make it, they haven't gotten to it, yet, or if they have kind of drunk, their own Kool aid, so to speak, and are committed to making a show that is so quote unquote, important that it sometimes fails to be human interest. And that's a, that's a fascinating point of view on, on really like to come back to that, after this one, because the kind of threads of assay Italy will Stanley more to say, not after the end of this one. So if we can come back to knock, that would be great, okay? So you ready to go? She got into this one. Let's do it. Okay. Let's do fish broadcast on the sixteenth of may. Twenty nineteen written by Joan Griffin and directed by matatus handle eve Martin is a well to do housewife who lives with her husband and two children in an affluent American neighborhood. She has a maid called Anna who she considers to be a part of a family. Well, so she says, but eve often has the nagging sensation that something about a wonderful life, isn't quite right. Both Anna Neva taken into custody, and we discover that they are both refugees from another dimension. But their presence has been discovered a now that in danger of being sent back. Okay. Mark. So clearly this, this is an episode dot is about something and our initial scenes, where eve is going around the house with a kind of party planners, and then we have a conversation between hair and housekeeper Anna I feel. That quite early on. I kinda know where this episode is go. And how did you feel about it? I think one of the problems with this episode and it has, I think many is that. You can't help but know where this episode is going. And I think that's I it's like this is one of those episodes where I found myself frequently saying I get it. I get it. I get it. I get it. I get it because so much of it was kind of a project predictable trajectory. I think at the beginning, they're clearly trying to set up this idea that this woman, this Whitey toity uppity, a fluent woman in this AFL and household in this fluent neighborhood with this fluent family. Is oblivious, to what's going on in her own household with her own nanny housekeeper? And I use what I thought as I as I kind of process that a little bit. I thought you know, that's, that's an experience, which most of us can't relate to I unless you living in the Hollywood hills which, of course, is probably where John Griffin and the rest of the folks making this episode live, and I thought, you know, let's compare it to an original twilight zone episode where someone switches places, right, which is what happens here, an thinking of a quality of mercy. The one with dean Stockwell where he's he's, he's in the military. It's in the Pacific theater. They're about to kill these, you know, these rag tag Japanese soldiers, and then he transfers and becomes a. Ragtag. Japa-. Any soldier has to experience it on the other side, and I thought, well, okay if you know, any back in nineteen sixty when twilight zone came out if you know anyone. You know, someone who either was one of those soldiers or you knew one of those soldiers you could relate to that person. I don't know how many people can relate to the character of eve in, in this series because she so remote. You know, how many people have a Guatemalan housekeeper? How many people have Mexican landscapers, how many people have landscaping? So I thought that that construction automatically puts us in a world that makes it difficult to relate to what's being happens. And if the whole premise of the episode is based on the idea that you become exactly what you were ignorant of while now it's not me becoming that. It's someone I don't know, becoming that and that pulls me out of the story, it kinda ties in with something that I actually did find to be quite voluble in a way, though. Because, you know, one of the conversations over here, obviously England is in Tamil at the moment, politically in so many ways, you know, it's all over the place. But one of the conversations that we have going on is the, the perceived disconnect between the people who run our country who make the rules and your average working pass. And. Right. I just found it really interesting to see eve go through a life without on a jumping ahead slightly because Ana gets taken away. But to kind of see what she sees head. Day-to-day consents liaising with their party planners doing this too, in that. She doesn't think anything of pocketed car into spaces. She doesn't even know how to use it credit card. You know, some people might call on realistic. I was okay with it because it, it did kind of speak to that level of. Okay. I'm aware guy, go out to work every day. How does a pass and living, you know, in London who goes to the house of Commons every day, who's a millionaire got a millionaire business on the side? How does he know anything about me, a my life, so I found those aspects to quite interesting? But I do see your point of it. It's not really an episode where we can we can walk in eve shoes. Shoes. I don't think his. No. And I think that, that. The people who in this country in America, who are most fervent about keeping the immigrants away are not people like Anna. I'm sorry, not people like eve rice. They are not people like eve, they are people who are fearful they are people who are struggling, they are. People who look at someone who is other and say that person is going to keep me from getting what I deserve or what I want or what I need. And that is a that is a person, not reflected in this episode at all. And that is the engine for this whole phenomenon in the US that in the forces, which are stoking, those attitudes which are, in fact, powerful forces, but they're not eve in her coffee. Klatch friends. So that's not to say that even coffee pledge friends don't exist in some severe and even coffee club. Friends do talk that way. I mean, I've got in my own neighborhood. I've got some people like that. And one woman was pulling out of her driveway and I guess, her landscapers had blocked part of her driveway. And she just went nuts on them. These are her land her own landscapers, you know, people who are one hundred percent immigrants who are not making most of the money, she pays for her service. But again, you know this does happen, but this is not at the core of why people are anti immigrant in America, and I think a stronger case could have been made for a story like this, if the protagonist had reflected, the people who share that concern. So, you know, you mentioned the coffee friends now will say the Anna gets taken away these. Agents, we don't really know who they are. I guess we can sort of imagine who they real-life counterparts are. He's taken away by these agents and eve is sitting toll with their friends now. I mean, I'll I'll get this out of the way early, I suppose because it is it is part of this logic conversation. I think whereby a lot of people have said, they feel this vision of the twilight zone is a bit on too much on the nose. You know it's spoon. Feeding a bit too much when the show be a bit more nuance to it of not necessarily shared that view. I kinda did with the one to kin. You know, I feel that even when the episode only really been on for like what ten minutes or something, and the sittin having coffee and having this conversation. I just felt like okay now I'm starting to feel that bit. They don't really need to have this conversation. You've got this story laid out in front, where we're going to. See eve through this sort of ordeal, and we'll have you I don't think you need to kinda have not imperil L with people talking about immigration, and so on have the story about it. But just, you know, it's it seems a bit too much too early. To me. You know, one of the thing I wanna talk about that because that's an I wanna spend some time on that. If I may one of the things that, you know, I Rana the folks behind the X files were so concerned about was that they never wanted to fall in the trap of being monster of the week episode. And I feel like now we're in issue of the week with twilight zone and I think that's not only trap, but a rut. And this is where I come back to where the stories of how to be human, where those stories I let's go back to this on the nose thing has been bothering me a lot. First of all, that expression I had to kind of get comfortable with because I had heard before. But I know what you mean. You mean you mean heavy handed blunt overly direct? Rod sterling was famous for saying that he wished. He could have written more on the nose stuff, but networks and advertisers wouldn't stand for it as result. He had to not whitewash it so much as well, in some cases, whitewash it, but put it in outer space, where suddenly it was foreign in thus acceptable. And that allowed him to create twilight zone as, as we know it. And I, I but here's the question I have for you. Do you think that if he had written the twilight zone the way he wanted to instead of the way he did? Do you think we'd still be watching it today? That's a very interesting question. I'll give you my answer. My answer is absolutely not. I think that the subtlety the way he had to weave these themes, under the surface instead of on the surface and in your face his. His lack of being so diuretic his lack of being so overpowering in most cases, made the stories work on a more subtle level. And, you know, the famous terminology in, in screenwriting is show, don't tell there's an awful lot of telling in this episode. I mean right at the end we haven't gotten this yet, but when Jordan Peele sums things up by saying, we are all immigrants. I submit to you rod, sterling, never would have written that sentence because it is so if you don't know that by now. In the context of this story, then why am I seeing fit to tell you that, so I think that if he had been able to write the I mean the stuff Serlin wrote for playhouse ninety? I mean you may have seen all that. But who else has who else has seen patterns? I haven't seen patterns patterns is arguably more famous in it's time than the twilight zone was that was more on the nose. There's another thing too, that I wanna bring up relative to this Andrew Stanton from Pixar, the guy who did Wally, a bunch of other things has this thing he calls the unifying theory of two, plus two and the unifying theory of two, plus two says you give the audience the equation. But you never give them the answer. They work out the answer for themselves. Do you feel then that if he had been able to be as explicit as maybe he wanted to be that would just dated the show? Yes. Absolutely. Because it would have been very much of its time, rather than being time less. Absolutely. I mean, the timeless nature the show has to do. I mean, we are talking about a show that looks dated. I mean it's black and white people dressed the way they were dressed in nineteen sixty they're almost all dead. I mean, there's nothing that his dated about that the themes of the show, and you're Billy, you appreciate, I mean, let me let me put this question to you. Have you ever watched an episode of the original twilight zone and felt uneasy or uncomfortable after seeing it only the fugitive put us for a completely different reason? Okay. But you get my point you've seduced hundreds of, however many hundred of episodes of the twilight zone and you don't leave it feeling like you're actually on the outside of the experience. You feel welcomed in you feel like you can you can empathize with it. You feel like the story can be your story. You don't feel like it's you. Against the story or you against the screenwriter of the TV writer. And I think that's I think that's true in both of the past two episodes, both not all men in this one, they kind of provoked that they're there. It's almost like they're intentionally trying to be provocative. And when they should intentionally be trying to be engaging. I think that, that is a case assay in though, that's we are sixty years removed from the. Watts might have been quite provoking then is necessarily provoking now on where quite comfortable with it. I mean a rod sailing quotes that I've seen recently is that the writers role is to manage the public's consciousness. He must have a position, appointive view Huma. See the arts as a vehicle of social criticism any most focus on the issues of his time. But I would add this, I would add this to that quotation, but the writers job is also to provide a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Well possibly. But, you know, he has used the way to menace, the public's conscience. So that is quite a confrontational thing to say that he is trying to get his jobs in there. You know, it just may be the after sixty years, those jobs, don't quite feel as hard as they used to. Why don't we come back to this Cho's by the end of the episode, we will really probably have something to say about this, so, you know, okay, so honest taken away and eve speaks with their friends, and like I said, I just felt like this was just laying it all out for do soon. But then we get to the point where eve is taken into custody as well. Now, let's go to something that I really do like in the episode when she's taken into custody, she's taken to this facility, and the kind of style of it again. This is beautiful show. Yes. And the location, they have this the clothes that they wear, and it's almost like it is set in the forties. Maybe they were papacy trying to do that to vote, you know, memories of Nazis, and so on possibly. I don't know. Can I talk about that for sect? Absolutely. To me, it looked more like fifties. And, and in fact, are you familiar with the movies of guy named Douglas Sirk note? No, please. Douglas, Sirk did a lot of movies back in the fifties. Kind of suburban melodramas the most famous witches movie from nineteen Fifty-nine called imitation of life. And he was famous for that kind of technicolor suburban finely tailored. You know, a coffee. Klatch melodrama. And that kind of fifties look is imbued throughout this thing. And I also think that it suggests. On a subtle level that I appreciate that. You know, the world that these people are obsessed with is a world. That is, in fact, long gone that, you know, the, the, the, the vision that they have is a vision that no longer exists. And I also kind of felt like it, it reminded me of the movie Gatica, which you may have seen with Houma, Thurman. Ethan Hawke from the late ninety which is also kind of in that kind of retro but modern era and that movie, by the way is about a guy who has genetic inferiority and has to masquerade as one who doesn't so that he can go into space. So there's some the Matic similarity there, but fundamentally it just I read it as saying, you know, if this is where your if this is what you're thinking is your home is in a place in no longer exists. I really liked that mock. That's a great hopes of. Asian up -solutely now when she says she she meets on it, and I think does a kind of through line with these two characters Eliane. She is on his talking about can my can we put down that my grandson lives at your address? So we can get him to a particular school and so on, then they both meet at this facility, so they're really on a kind of equal footing. Now the status is gone. They just at the same level in this facility. Anna Anna guess this, this is where the, the kind of scifi element begins to come into it now eve is taken to meet these other women slightly hokey the opening of the wall. I thought you know, but they have this sort of thing in visibility boat. We'll, we'll go with the so she, she then finds out that actually or she starting to find out that she is from another dimension. So what do you think of this, this part of the story? Well, first of all the meeting with Anna in this facility. It's interesting. Hannah goes full-frontal lecture on her. You know how you don't know what my kids don't in my grandkids. I've lived in your house for eleven years. You don't know anything about me. You don't know from Guatemala, even though earlier in the show, it was mentioned I was from Guatemala. And. Again, in terms of on the nose conversation. These two have been in the same household for eleven years. They've never had an honest conversation, then but I will call that artistic license. The point where eve it dawns on or it's suggested to eve that there's more to her back story than she is consciously aware of I actually like that. And also, there was a line in there that said you have to remember, so that they don't get it from you. You know. So they don't extract from you under the I guess the premise, is that if you know, your back story, you can obscure, it, otherwise they're going to trick you into telling them what it is. Which is exactly what happens. I actually think that if this was the fast we'd seen of any suggestion that there was something amiss with eve or that this episode was about immigration and so on if this was the face we'd seen of it would have been much better. Because like we said before we, we knew from the beginning where this one was go. And so if they have, you know, live in life at the beginning, and so on, but not been. So. Remote. Yeah. Than to just have this happen. He is a bit more of, you know, pull the Roka for Monday, actually, she's not even human. No. She's a cartoon. That's the problem. She's the beginning. She's clearly cartoon not to say there aren't people like that. But again, the Hollywood hills are full of them. But that's, that's not the experience, most people have. And again, it just makes it harder for us to relate to her that being said, the actress who plays a Jennifer Goodwin. I really enjoyed watching, I thought, she, she put in a really good performance. He what, what you think of she's terrific. I remember her from Tren remember, the HBO show. She was in that she was terrific in that as well. She is just terrific. I can't see enough of her. In fact, you know, as typical of the of this modern twilight zone, the performances are almost always outstanding the actors almost always great the production and direction and cinematography is almost always extraordinary. None of that stuff is ever lacking. It's funny, then what often charges people upper challenges in the story. Yeah, yeah. Another actor in who I really enjoy. An I think is always really. Dependable is James Frayne the Allendale now. We'll jump forward a little bit because we have these scenes where eve is on some sort of machine. She has a device on face on. Did you spoke the little the little throwback? No. What was? Well, you know, the mask that they put on their face. Yeah. It's the shape of if you look carefully is the pig faced people from the behold. I also thought when they first put it on this thing and James Frayne starts talking about dimensions and different realities, and so on, it was almost like he was an evil. Rod sailing. Did you get five from? I didn't get. He was could have been. You're right. He could have been. He would be an interesting guide play a rod Serlin character in something, definitely able rod sterling. I guess we don't really need to go through the story beat by beat, but it is very much. We have this scene, where eve goes home, but it's actually all parts of the simulation and she's at the facility who can she chose to continue not choice done. And I do like this kind of story, a very much reminds me of. Did you have say an old British show called the prisoner? Yes. I remember. I was I watched it as a kid and was utterly confused by it. I didn't understand why these giant balls were bouncing around and around, like tricycles, or whatever the heck it was. I you know, but yes, I, I do remember Patrick McGovern, right. Yeah. Classic classic books. So I do like these stories where it's like, okay can you trust this case, and they seem like the help and you then not? And, you know all this kind of switch and route. So I am I am enjoying it at this point. Kafka esque thing is what it is definitely definitely now eve is then offered this chance of escape. So kind of talk our way through to, to the end of the episode. If you like I am just just give me your thoughts on it 'em. What, what do you think of this, this final sequence in the show? You mean the final sequence where she escaped where auto tells her how to get out and shows the way and often unscreened truck? She goes. Yeah. I mean, that's I really I think, at this point, most of the heavy handedness is over. Right. Because I think this is the point where you actually don't know quite what's going to happen. At least that's how I felt I didn't know what is she going to get away? I actually thought she was going to get away right up until she Anna separates from her because Anna won't climb aboard the ice cream truck that's supposed to savor the one that's been playing Woody Guthrie's this land is your land. From the beginning of the episode, and I, I don't know if you caught it on there, but as a as eve climbs on board the ice cream truck, which Anna doesn't trust eve, says that she has to do this. She has quote, I have. No, I don't have a choice. She says, Anna replies. We always have a choice, and it seems to me that that's kind of the bottom line to this episode. And interestingly the bottom line to last week's episode. So here we have kind of the not the same theme necessarily, but the same one of the same elements of the theme is that we always have a choice. In fact, it might be possible to say in the entire news new twilight zone that the theme of the entire season is we always have choice, and I think that's actually a useful message. Definitely that's it. I'm kind of I'm really on board at this point like you said. I don't really know how this is going to end. You know, is she going to be redeemed in some way, because I'm not really sure we can apply the kind of Kuzmic Justice aspect to this episode just doesn't seem to be wack in that way. I think my take away hit is at the end when they oughta scape an honest says, you know, I've done this before now is she referring to the original exodus from there or the dimension or is she referring to the fact that eve got lucky? She came to America. And she's had this great life on a went to quantum Malla and the differences between these two women is purely, where they landed when they came from this other dimension. Right. So when sure when she when she saying, you know, I've done this before she's possibly talking about when she came to America to work there. I'm not too sure about that. But, you know, for me that, that's the theme of this episode really that we are kind of all one step away from being in that position. If we are in a place like America org England's you could say we've been quite Lookie to, to land, where we are because we have Satan, we enjoy Sandton things day to day lives, and so on, or the people through no fault that owns through Beth don't have those opportunities if you like so likewise, you know, a meteor could hit England tomorrow, and I would be, you know, swim into Belgian and. You know and my whole world it could be on the other photos. Well, so I'm happy with that message. You know, it's a good one fine with new twilight, zone Kover and not as a as a kind of what, what are you getting from this episode? Mark, I think I get that. I think I do get that. I think that you're right. And I also think that the idea that like I said, I mean, the existence of choice is, is something you do always have. So, you know, you can look the other way if you choose, but that too, is choice you can yell at your landscapers, because they're blocking driveway. That's a choice. You can choose to wave at them as you pass or you can yell at them, when they're blocking your way. And I think this is useful reminder again, it's I just wish it came in the context of characters that we could relate to. Better. I think that would have made a vast difference. Obviously we can relate to Anna, some of his can. But we can't relate to eve. And I, I just I find that to be a real obstacle to this. And then the on the nose nece doesn't help matters when references are made to things like pilgrim's and neighboring dimensions. I mean, neighboring dimensions, it doesn't get more specific than that, when you talking about immigrants from across the border, there were gray skies and we were looking for blue skies. I mean, that's, that's almost cliche, if not cliche, so I don't know why they had to take it to eleven here in order to get their point made. It's still it's a good point. It's an important points when we should recognize. Yes, we always have a choice. We can also all make a difference. I mean, remember at the end of the episode all our neighbors are out there standing across the street watching her being taken away. They're all just like her and by association, just like us, and they do and say, nothing. They do and say nothing and that is why I object to the fact that the first words of Jordan peels, ending summation are we are all immigrants? I mean, they're all right across the street from her. You know, we know they're all immigrants. We don't need to be told that. And I think that, that kind of just just waving it in our face like that detracts from the power of, of the episode could've had specially because it's so well made just out of interest. You know, I see American on the news on, you know, how much I love America that many, many times spent many years this, sorry you say that eve is. The kind of vessel you would have chosen if you like that the pass them to take us through this story, what, what would have been a more fitting main character for you. And I don't mean to have you rewrite the whole thing, just to give me that idea of where the American kinda head spaces up. Well, I think someone you know, if you if you if you were to pick a can of our architecture for lack of a better term. Opponent of immigration, you would find someone like I said before, who's economically challenged who's fearful who's a traditionalist who's a gun owner who is struggling who has family members who were struggling who doesn't have it? All doesn't have the fancy house on the hill. And the and the, the in-home nanny, that would be the person that you would wanna see make that transformation. And that would be the person. I think that more people who felt that way could relate to as opposed to, you know, the person who talks under breath in the Hollywood hills again, not no less real, but far less numerous and not nearly so relatable interest in interest, and I am now is fought as the ending goes. It is quite straightforward. One isn't it? I wouldn't so much say those twist he at a so it really is just quite a straight ahead. Conclus-. To the story. Do you feel it? It's is negatively impacted because does not a twist. It's I heard somebody say something recently interesting about twists and the comment was about the last the last scene of planet of the apes, which very well acquainted with, and what he said was he said, you know, that ending with the statue wasn't a twist that was exactly the ending that needed to happen based on the entire theme of the story, which was really about the inhumanity of humans of people, and that is exactly how such a story should end. And I thought you know what that's true. That is exactly how that story should end. It's the twist on, it's really a surprise, maybe. But if you think if you reflect on it, it's exactly the right ending to the story. So I don't go in looking for twists here. I go and looking for. Does this story is there a bowl on this story, which makes me appreciate the journey all the more? And in this case, I think the, the, the Bo actually came before the actual end of the story. When Anna said you we always have a choice that to me is where the story really ends because what happens the end, notably when egos home, what is her husband and her kids, do well, they shy away from her. They, they to have a choice. She wants them to go with her to run with her to hide with her to flee with her, and they say, no, their choices. No. And again, I think anybody looking at that would would would say, well, that's not the choice. I hope I would make and there's learning involved in that. And that's why I think that's, that's in many ways, the better ending. I've always been one to say that not every twilight zone how to twist either on, like, what you said, the so just ended the story, the way the story should've ended on some quite happy with this one. So it's quite strange. Experience for me this episode. It's one that I didn't dislike I would still put a kind of mid mid Tia, you know, I still a lot to get from it. But again, I'm not going to be one of those funds who wants to remake something just because, you know, like these game of thrones people with the position, the state, I'm like I said, upping more or less happy with the season so far. I've not always agreed with the fact that it, it spoonfeed those. But this is one where even I was like, come on, guys. Let's just let's just pull this back of it. You know, I would have got rid of the coffee scene. You know, maybe had some of that early stuff with Ana just to just to establish. The weld boats, again, that the needs to be that room for self reflection sometimes, and we see glimpses of this other dimension. You could've even expanded into some pretty hot Sifi see that this is just a really horrible place for them to live so the audience in this. And of course, these people would wanna leave the of, you know, why would they not want to, and who are we to say they shouldn't want a better life, you know, just to have that bit of room for self reflection? But I do feel that this one was heavy Honda, Dan, you know, it's a shame. It's a shame but I guess it's a balancing act in and this time they fell off. Well, again I go back to again. And I don't take it from me. Take it from Andrew Stanton thing, the. Is at Pixar but given the equation, two plus two and let the audience figure out that it adds up to four young that in I, I will say in most cases, whether it was because that's what he wanted to do or because with the network and advertise forced on him. That is what rod sterling did more often than not. And I think even when it comes to something like you know, the, the statue of liberty at the end of, of, of plan of the apes. That, that isn't a twist ending. That's the perfect ending. And there's a difference. It sounds to me like your maybe probably not quite as much of a fun as the new series as I am. But you've still you're still enjoyed it may be. You've few more reservations than me. Well, look, I appreciate that. The fact that they're doing this. I really, really do. Jordan Peele is incomparable. Yeah, but, you know, you've got to get not everything is get out in us. And you know, you can't take that model and apply to all of, of twilight zone simply because the legacy of rod, sterling loom, so large. I mean, let's you know, they're they're still story a story and stories even bigger than rod. And I think that, that's what should be worshipped here. And if you wanna have a point, that's perfectly legitimate and not only legitimate, but it's quite frankly, it's not a very good story without one. So I, I am brace that and I love the MVP of the season. I really, really do. I watch every single episode, you know, I'm subscribing, CBS on-demand just for this, and, and I couldn't be happier with it. I just wish they would take themselves a tiny bit less seriously. And I also wish they would remember that rod Serling. Had a strong intellect but he also had a very large heart, and I'd like to see more of that reflected in this generation twilight zone, so which episode. Do you feel they've got at most? Right. I will honestly say, I haven't yet seen a passage for trumpet with that Klugman in this series. I'm waiting for that. And that will be the episode, maybe it's nine or ten. That will be the episode that says to me, this is this is bigger than everything else. It's like you know, I, I can't stress that enough. I'm waiting for the series to move beyond social conscience, to kind of moral conscience, and spiritual conscience, and human conscience. And I'm, I'm waiting for the episode that says, you know, I think the comedian actually did this to some degree where it said, you know, years how to be a better person. And that's kind of what I'm waiting for is the here's how to be a better person episode. Pullback the mopeds, no kind of experience, that we can all relate to the more universal kind of experience and appreciate the fact that, yes, you can make the points of look, someone's gotta make these points about toxic masculinity, and immigration. And so on in politics. These are really valid points. I'm glad they're being made but I would like them not to be the only things that are make mock it's it's been a it's been really great to talk to you about this man. The, you know you brought some really insightful and challenging things, so this show and unavo- said this doing this, it's not all about just sitting in and saying, how great it is to have new twilight zone. Yeah. Because, you know we all of the show, we all want it to succeed. Sure. But, you know, sometimes that means taking those, those Tofa stances and saying, okay well. We wanted to succeed boats, maybe that just needs to look at this aspect of INA. And so it's been really good to get your thoughts on this month. Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you so much. And keep let's keep in mind, you can if you really love your children, your not afraid to discipline them if it's going to help them grow up better. That's how I see this. That's. We spoke about at the beginning puts where can where can people see your still not just inside? Stall was put the previous things you've done to. Well, you can start with inside Star Wars, since that's current that's inside Star Wars dot com. We also if you wherever you get your podcast you can go looking for inside jaws and inside psycho inside the exorcist, and we even did a thing for the movie Philadelphia for cope that was only episodes. That was about it was to help raise awareness and money to fight aids in Africa. And that was called people like us inside Philadelphia. So we've, we've done a lot of things there's a lot of stuff out there. We've got a thing right now. That's on. That's actually interesting. That's on Louis Armstrong. That's voiced by an actor named Reno Wilson who people know shows like Mike and Molly a good girls as Louis Armstrong and that I wrote and that's called pops. And that's out available right now. And we've got other things that we're working on with, you know, David harbour from stranger things, and Sarah, Wayne, Kelly's from the Walking Dead and all kinds of and Ed O'Neill from mutter family. So we've got all kinds of things coming up, that'll be fun. But the, the big thing on my radar right now, besides listening to your show in amac kidding is good is inside Star Wars excellence. I caught waste. I caught ways cool. I think we all know the routine by now this show will go out on the eighteenth, if you can get your soul tin by the nineteenth to being -cluded in the listener feedback show than pleased to by emailing me TV twenty nineteen at the twilight to put cosstalk com now the next episode. Which I believe is called blue scorpion. Maybe drops on says the twenty third kinda drops at a really busy time for me. So unfortunately, the twilight zone podcast won't be out until Monday. The twenty seventh boat, same as always. If you can get your thoughts in on that on that road by Sunday, the twenty sixth to that Email address now. Unfortunately, because that is such a busy time for me. I am going to have to insist that I can only really use the audio submissions on that one because I'm just not gonna have the time to put that together. I'm afraid. So if you could just do that, by the twenty six I would really appreciate it. Mark. I said that at the beginning, an say it again, I can't wait foot inside star woes boot's. It's been a real pleasure to sit and talk to one of my podcast and heroes mind. So thank you so much for doing right, back at you, Tom. I couldn't be more happy with the stuff that you're doing more grateful that you doing it. So thank you in by the. Way, anybody was listening to this and does not support. Tom on patriots. Get the patriarch dot com now and support Thanh because it's, it's, it's the best money you'll spend to support a worthy cause thank you. Thank you. Okay. So that is the twilight zone podcast for this week, and we will speak to you next time. Bye fano.

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Doin it! with Danny and Jenny

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Your favorite cartoon voices! It's Family Guy's Mike Henry!

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Yeah, yeah, it's like I always catch something to yeah, no, it's it's, it's a, you like Brayden is you just he's very dead. Very deep is I'm a little sad. He didn't mention Robins titties somewhere in the. I wonder if we could do, he might have an extended version of the song that we can release. It's just some lucky listener. We can do the remix. Yeah, people do that in success. So first we should get success and then we should do the remix. What's up when you're all out before a horse? Well, boy, if you like comedy, are you in for a treat today? I'm, I'm thrilled, Jenny, I'm going to introduce because he's my friend, not yours. I'm I'm literally just meeting him right now. Although obviously huge fan of this work Sandy. I feel like I know you a lot better than I know Jenny already dead. Yeah, I was about to get ugly. He was on the Gilmore Girls. Oh yeah. No, I'm from yeah, no doubt. X. My neighbor, my, my wife talked to my neighbor today, who was bingeing the Gilmore Girls and was surprised to find me on there, which, you know, I can't help it. I'm just trying to live my life. Now, I'm just trying to Thursday, we're definitely driving into that. But one of, okay, this is truly one of my favorite shows, like hands down. You know, this family guy. You literally are the voice of All My Life characters. It's Mike Henry, nice! Thank you guys, everything. Thank you. No, no, no, he does Bruce Herbert the Pervert. I'm trying to give you some Harvard. Hold on, let's run them down, man. I mean, you to, basically, every voice that Seth doesn't do with the female regular cast, it's amazing. Oh, thank you. Thank you, thank you. I used to do Cleveland. Yeah, I'm not sad a lot, but you literally one month Say, I remember when Mike, when you and I first met. Yep, I couldn't wait to talk to you cuz you do one of my favorite accents, which is a, a southern gay gentleman. Mhm, goes off Bruce and they're here. Mike even mailed me a broom God, a Bruce action figure with the CPR doll. Yeah. And Oreos and Oreos but that is amazing life. Nobody drank any of the coffee? Only a kind of. Yeah. Yeah, that was back in the day. We'd sit in this random building on Laurel Canyon across from gelsons next to the month and 20 pie shop, and it's jokes and make characters back before we were even on T. I actually as I was under shoot me at the time and I was doing the rounds as I was leaving. Jason, you know, we call Chase em, you know, the shoot and I was leaving that show. And I was like, my and I was like shopping around with my next thing would be and I actually met at that wage Building. Then yeah. I met with sedan, you know, know, I met with Seth and and David dockterman Sacrament. Yeah. Yeah. I know and it was there and I just seen that little the little short films he made, where he's like, walking out of laughing at Philadelphia. Yeah. Like I feel like I should be a fun fun shut off. I didn't didn't ultimately get it. But, you know, and I'm not bitter. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, show will never make it better. I went up to great success. That's all going to say. You may have done very well but no, but I, it's like, I remember that little building and I was very young. I was, you know, I, I agree with you this. That, that show is just, it was so dense with jokes and you guys. Absolutely went for it, you know, and what was amazing. Also, cuz we actually had I did a show shortly after your cat's birth. Which people may or may not forget that should just chill out and and with a couple of the writers there was might Barker. How whites might Weitzman. And oh God, what's his name? Sentiment? Mark Adelman. Yeah and and, and they were on a show. I was doing for the WB and your contacts talking about like, it just seems so crazy. That, that show out of the area was like, there was, it was so quotable. And then, of course, it came back, bigger than never happens. It started before the internet, you know, for such an internet friendly Story series. Like I remember sending the writer's assistant or the PAs to the library to get referenced stuff like the first season. Wow. Yeah. Literature and everything LexisNexis yeah. Yeah. I actually remember, like, when it was canceling. I was in college when it started. And I remember, It Family Guy was up against friends. Yeah, and I'm like, how I would and Survivor. Oh, my God. Yeah, yeah. So I would record, you know, like record from I usually would record Family, Guy, and watch friends cuz I would want to re-watch family. There you go. You know, funny. And I'm like how so it was canceled. I was like, well, how the fuck did you even give him a chance to survive off when you put it against? Yeah, I know it. Yeah, we started after the Superbowl and then we were on Sunday nights and then some politics came in and we got bounced around and not really promoted and ended up Thursday nights at 8 a.m. and then you know, the ratings were crap. And you know I think it was the kind of thing where the Champions who brought it you know, the people Champion it at the network left. And so I was everyone had their, you know, has their own agendas and wants their shows to do well that they've developed and it was something like that. I don't really know the details but we were down for a couple of years and then late night, brought it back. Was it Adult Swim or was it the wage? I think it was both. I remember Adult Swim, you know, and I you know, demographics, ratings, blah blah blah. I really don't know, but the story was that we would beat Letterman and Leno home. Late night shows at that time at 11:30. We beat them in the key demos. Yeah, and so and the DVDs, I heard some story like they expected to sell a hundred thousand units of the first couple of seasons and they sold three million or something it was you know clearly they had their finger on the pulse when they canceled us. Yeah that was a story. I'd heard it was the DVDs so long so I can't think of another time. What happened with family guys ever happened where it shows canceled and then brought back to the very same network. Yeah, never got back with with, with, with a 35 episode order, you know, less it was, you know, all in so that was exciting. Was it like being married and then somebody cheated and then they came and then they dead. Yeah. And then they got a, they got another woman pregnant with American Dad and then came back. That was Danny Smith's joke, back in the day, really funny actually Barker and whites men, are you just mentioned? I know, an American Dad was Seth when Family Guy had been canceled or remember. So, here we go. Blended family. You must have been. So, I mean, you couldn't we when you first heard Rumblings about it that this could happen you like bullshit, just not going to go or set then I were very tight and so he sort of kept me in the loop and there was a while, he was kind of like, you know, week-to-week, we would talk about it and it off at one point, it seemed dead. And I had the foresight to not go, get another paying job. I just started shooting kicked in the nuts cuz my brother and I thought it was funny. And so we did this song not funny. But we did a web series that, you know, it wasn't real. We didn't really kick people in the nuts, but it was this hidden camera show parody thing that we made $0 on. So that was a good business decision. Wage We just went in a shout, the ship with our friends and put it up. That was it. It was hilarious and your brother, by the way, you know, love. He was a fantastic. He was a fantastic. Yeah, my brother Patrick passed away, six years ago, almost from diabetes. And yeah, but he was funny as she said, and he actually was Seth's room mate or one of his best friends in college, and that's how I met Seth and got involved with family wage. But how did you get involved like, like, with voice acting? Was that something that you wanted to be? Like, how did you get into doing that? But I just always imitated people my whole life. And before I even pursued, comedy, I was always the guy in the smoke-filled college room, imitating everyone and so I had it in me and then I I just took a shot. I was doing improv, I was auditioning for commercials, I was studying, Groundlings, I was studying UCB. I was doing voice stuff that I made myself a demo and got a couple of little local page. Things here and there, and then, I did a bunch of character work in one of my brothers student films. And, you know, Seth and I cracked each other up. And there you go. That was my break eight years into the pursuit off. Wow. And where, where did you, where did you grow up? And when did you come out here? Yeah, I grew up in Richmond. Virginia, and my parents were artists and divorced and all I wanted in a normal family. So I went to conservative Washington and Lee University where I thrive. Frankly had a great time, I was big frat guy in class president and all this kind of stuff and well, that's awesome than a year out. I I was working in advertising and realized pretty quickly that I would much rather prank call. My boss has than deal with marketing numbers and so I just said fuck it and I moved to LA when I was twenty-four and started doing Groundlings and stand up and waited tables and waited tables at the Brentwood Daily Grill, waited on OJ and Nicole Simpson. Wow. But yep. Yeah. Well, he was a slippery guy, man. When he came in honestly it was you had some bad mojo on him. Even back then I was like this guy's is full of shit but it wouldn't want to try to tackle him. Let's just put it that way. Yeah. Bad of a bad dude. Vibe for sure. Devilish Drive. I don't know. Yeah, yeah. For sure I was actually living. I had a apartment at home back then like right at the time of his of the murders like about it. The alligator hitting it right allegedly but are very near the Daily Grill. We're all it's worth street. You live I live behind the you know where it was. Okay. You know the Saint Vincent De there I think but the deli Grill is on. Yeah if you went up bearing in. Yeah. Word sunset. The First Street you make a left a camera wasn't on Titan Supermarket. Yeah, it was behind the supermarket and there was just a condo there that my I was my fiance at the time was renting and wage. We further all the time. I, yeah, I've bounced around. I lived on Goshen Kiowa Berrington. Wow, those were the ones. I I loved that time. I had no freaking money but I was, I was free as a bird. Then I was pursuing what I wanted to pursue and, you know, it was it was the best best time. Oh, absolutely. It was super fun and I I do have fond memories of it as well. So, but I find it interesting. Danny don't know this, but Mike doesn't live in L. Yeah, I'm in Virginia, he lives in Pennsylvania. Yeah, even a rich. I don't even know. Virginia existed. It's here. It's wonderful because it is your voice work and you from your home. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Raise your child. And now I got two kids. I got a boy who's about to be a senior in high school and my daughter is a rising seventh-grader and it's a girl. Spot to be for now, you know, we're still looking West one day, but it was a good time to come back. I'm thankfully, was here during the Cove it's tough. I mean it was you can you can go outside and walk around or you could at any point you just throw your mask up when you walk near anybody. But when I visited L A in March this year, my God you guys have been through it out there. I mean, rough boss. Not right. Like, I still feel like I saw Danny for the first time last week. Wow, in person. Yeah. And, and I did not know how to run like a year and like, it had been. And we were awkward. I mean, we and this we talk every week, but I was like, I was awkward with it was just, it's been very strange. Yeah, I think this whole city has a little, I'm sure people in New York, probably do too, but have a little PTSD. I'm only thing. Um, I I yeah, I wish in hindsight. I wish I was stranded somewhere else. Yeah, yeah. I know I would talk to live rep. Family back in Texas and they're like, what's wrong? We're yeah. Like what do you mean here? We went down to Florida in March and it was, I'm like, look at these assholes. Oh yeah, we're in Florida. You know, and we chose to come and that's fine on you. That's your fault. Yeah, but it's great now and I went, I went to this high school championship baseball game. Last week about six hundred people, not a mask in sight and it was out in the country which probably would've been the same six months ago and we hit that you might not have been depending on where you were. That was right. No. I was not really the case. Yeah, I mean, yeah, it's been. It's just been, it's been brutal. But and I see people kind of coming out, not knowing like, we hugged, like somebody like the first party third-party ish party. I went to was a couple of weeks ago and somebody had seen a while like, when does party is mean, it was just a little bit of cocaine or what does that mean? It was it was Holly. Yep. Okay, but but someone to shake my hand and it was like, what it was like, what like who's I started I guess we can shake hands now again. Yeah. Like a very strange, you're vaccinated and you tell yourself, like that's okay because I got but when you, I mean, I can't compare it to like being in prison or something like that, but it's like a house arrest in a way, like we didn't golf course things and everything. Was shut down. I walk around and there's board, you know, all my favorite bars and restaurants or boarded-up. Yeah. Like this is Kat speaking of birth, last last summer, during the height of the, the the protests and stuff here in Virginia. My friend who went down near where he has this art gallery and he had it all boarded up and has was everything. And I called him, I said, is it okay if I wrote white-owned on the boards, okay, so he was that was that is a really funny dog. Oh, that is a okay. So I have to get back to Family Guy because like usually just set my camera for a second. I can still hear you. I'm going to grab something to keep going. I know what you're going to grab off this. Okay, he's got a day. You'll you'll hear it. Is it going to ban is a verb now, right? Like everything and we're about fifteen minutes into the podcast right. Excuse him. How? Okay. It's happening on you. I need it's going to be a tasty as when it comes back. I need to defend myself here in a second because last podcast you weren't even on the camera and I was on the camera the whole time while she was taking a dump. Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say that Jenny that's a long way of saying are you thinking the dump right now? Making the face Family. Guy, question. I want to help. Yes. Okay. So off all the characters of you that I love. I mean, did you you created all these? Like when did you like, was it something you created other people like her thought? Well, I'll just go sequentially. We were flushing out Peters group of friends and I had literally just played basketball this dude in Virginia from Maryland. And so, I just started talking, like Cleveland and the writers room and off, you know, Peter and Quagmire, we're in the scene. And there's a lot of kind of rat-tat-tat very quick. Paced stuff in Cleveland. Just took a deep breath and, like, Peter, Peter and Quagmire both South. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. Both Seth, talking real fast. And then I just slowed it down with a Cleveland line. Like something like fast. Sometimes that's nice to enjoy laughter, you know? Just random and off. So then that stuck and and then Herbert was just a folksy old guy that I worked with, at a grocery store in high school and I would imitate him back then with this old voice, you know, as if he's squeezing women's boobs, as he's, you know, putting the groceries in the car. Yeah, whistles that. Yeah. Well, now automation sucks. I know, I love the whistle, like the whistle part of that is just like, it's so precise that I was a question. I was going to ask like, was that based on some what you do and of course imagine Florida. I mean it was an exaggeration but you know, then of course, choosing folks easier than an old whistle, you know. And yeah. And old say pedophile, it was. When you say that I'm going to sales person's name. I don't want me to connect the two. Okay, the whistle but Dan router has. Oh yeah, he has a he does this whistle and the yeah we've done some bits on that Alex Logan pretty much nails nails off. A Family Guy better to. Yeah. By the way love Alec Sulkin the first I think it was the first episode that Herbert was on and I vividly remember, losing it laughing. It was all the at the end of the episode when he left all the voice voice mails. Yeah, answering machine and I'm sure it also in my head. I was like what it would cost cutting way to tujhe character Frozen and you just hear where are you? Yeah he kills fat ass back. Yeah. Yeah. That and then British like you said that guy's all over the South. Any weird little kind of antique Boutique, you know. Oh hey, you know, you look over there at them trinkets that one's from the Civil War era so oh, that's cool. So have you have you ever been out cuz I mean these characters are so like tonic and they're so part of it. Have you ever been in a situation where you've heard just somebody doing a job? Voice or a catch phrase or like you know kids or I cuz I heard people doing these voices or attempting them, right? That's probably better. I'm not. I mean yeah I mean from time to time you hear me and one one person I think Peg me as Cleveland who had no idea who I was. He just are you Cleveland wage really? Yeah that was years ago somebody with a very good ear I guess. But do you get recognized a lot because you're you were also like on your dad actor. Your you've been, I don't get recognized for shit and that's great. You know, like it's, you know, just hanging out with something like that. But like like going out with Seth Green or something at a Comic-Con, it's like you can't walk ten feet and nobody knows who I am. Keep rolling. At first, I was kind of like, hey, you know, whatever, but you know, I really try being the writer. Yeah, I know there's, there's nothing wrong. There is nothing more uh, a humbling than walking a red carpet for for any kind of a ceremony and watching every reporter crane their necks and then like I've gotten that, I don't know. You got a lot same thing. Yeah, that's fine. Really fun. I don't care character that you love the most money. Well, you know, it was Cleveland and now I'd have to say Bruce, you know, I don't know. Kind of like, I like Consuela was always funny took me to it was just like this kind of, oh yeah. Well consuella. I actually had a cleaning lady who would not do anything that you really at like, can you start the room and it was like, no, no I start here. Okay, I'll go in the other room, you know, like and you just have to accommodate how she wanted to do it, and that's where it came from birth. Beauty of Consuela is even though she's looks to be the low, the low person on the totem pole, she's always in charge, right? And, you know, so that's cuz always something about a character that has to have a little, you know, low contrast to make them interesting or funny. And I think that maybe is it with our like, when she kick Brian out of the house. Oh, yeah. Doggy afuera month. Yeah, he's still running it. And yeah, you took Stewie like, she just oh, yeah, yeah, kidnaps. Mm, always in charge, it was very, very funny. But I had like my, my stepson, I'm divorced, but like, we watched episode. I'm just going to wait now. We watch that episode. The Bolter geist's. Yep. Episode Peter, guys, your guys Tamp and that whole, we could quote it with Bruce doing the. This is my baby brother going to be okay, and it's the whole that whole thing about Seeing walking past a restaurant and a guy with my hair eating soup. Yeah, of course, it wasn't a restaurants fall, but yeah, I can't remember the whole thing, but like I never went back a new friend in the restaurants called I just did want to get right with somebody dying to get some information about their deceased relative, right? Yeah, I have not I not what I haven't seen a neat to see that one. I have to say, I got to watch it. I I really like the one. We we watched in the module family room, it was like a bunch of cuz we had actually, we may Alain co-wrote for a season on that show for one season and came over to ours and so, but we were watching it, but it was, I think it was the focus group one, which was like, that one is just like insane. Cuz you actually like, if you took a shot at us and it was like, yeah, we I think people must, I mean, unless it's really brutal. People must genuinely like what you guys pull take care of your shots and God if they're dead. Was a show that it's just freaking jokes, you know, a joke. It is just jokes and God, believe me over the last year, I have been kind of really trying to figure out what the hell is going on and it's jokes, you know. I mean, it, it's just has so many friends of so many colors and orientations, and we always complain of each other up. And course, can't do that in public. Because in everyone's, you're going to be blackballed and it's like, you gotta be freaking kidding me. But I think there's one of my things that I was doing during the whole pandemic that brought me joy was looking at reaction videos on YouTube, like, people watching something. And how funny it was, that a compilation of bath. Every dark, horrible joke, on Family Guy, and then his reaction to it. Oh, great. Oh, you have to look it up. It's one of the funniest things. Yeah, I will people off Will I just want to get two people will survive being offended like you were silent. Okay, going well, I know there's a reminds me, I just saw something that Seth Rogen had said he was like, Comics need to get over like the cancel culture and just realize some jokes. Don't last like, yeah, like they don't withstand the test of time. Like, some, it works wage then and then you cringe, when you think about the harsh joke, ten years ago? Well, why do you cringe? I don't but you cringe based on what people will think now. I mean if if you have to stop and think about whether it's okay to laugh at something that's funny. That's fucked out. Yeah, you know, like it's I I agree with you completely. I think what it is is get if I'm interpreting Seth on this reset Rogan thing is, of course, we did jokes twenty years ago that would make me cringe right now just because they don't there's things in the times the change and it's fine. I'm not apologizing for the job. Made in that context right, d as an expiration date involves and stuff like that. But the idea what you're saying and this is what gets me. Mike is like, it's like when people are afraid to walk out that something, if it's funny to you fucking laugh, and by the way, you should also not be afraid to bomb. Sometimes you're going to take a swing and it's going to be not funny and it's going to be offensive and it's going nice. And, you know what you do? You move on to the next thing, because we're not like, I'm sorry. You're like, it's fucking comedy. And, and I do think the funniest people survive this, I do, I think I like the people who complain about political correctness all the time, in terms of Comedy, I think a lot of them are not. It's like Bill Maher. I mean it's like telling actual joke. Then like be fun. I think. I'm sorry. I don't like them but but but he's like, you know, his whole Act is get off my lawn. Now, that's right. It is with kids like, well, I don't know if it's political correctness wage. I heard your monologue. Those are easy jokes. You know? Right right right. Well he's he's commentary. He's got a he's got a point of view. And yeah you know I find his point of view about freshing Leon predictable. Yeah. I mean I yeah, I know and I don't get too worked up about anything political, so I'm sort of probably an anomaly in Hollywood. But I don't really either know it boils down to just individual relationships and conversations and being cool to people that you come across. And you know, it's the old Carl and stuff about groups of people suck and, you know. Yeah, those are great. I agree with you on this. Absolutely. With other people have to ask the light bulb, how many, you know, guest voices, like people like, come on Family Guy, and they play themselves or whatever. We actually had someone dating that we were dating are both like, wage. In ourselves, cuz I'm like, a ridiculous fan. I can't believe she did it but we had Anne Murray on the podcast. Oh, nice, and I love, like, that's great. And she was first off one of them coolest, like most down-to-earth, I could have crazy and three hours, she was amazing, but she did that episode. Oh yeah, she was like so sweet because I just felt good because, you know, she came across like a hero in the episode like germ. No one took a, you know, a shot at her. But yeah, if she hadn't done the voice, that would have been a different thing. But, you know, it's always hard to be to be terribly means of a person when they're in the room, of course. That's it. That's the whole thing about individuals. No one would yell at anyone that way people do online like, it's just absolutely. Yeah. You don't, you know, it's, it's all about Humanity. Yeah. Who has been a person that's been on though, for you. That was like your favorite, like, did you ever? Oh God, when we did The Cleveland Show, I got to meet all of my heroes. I got Johnny Bench off and he was my he was my childhood hero and baseball about yeah, yeah, David Lynch is my favorite filmmaker was the record of The Cleveland Show and I got to sing a song with Earth, Wind and Fire. So so those were the top three. It's going to get your hump on this Christmas and it's it's available. It's out there. I don't know why no one's, I didn't realize that life. You were you in the room and sang with? Oh yeah. No. I mean absolutely. Yeah. The first concert I ever lie to ya Earth. Wind and Fire Madison Square Garden. Oh that's right. It was I'm a huge fan of that. And by the way, a huge fan of David Lynch, I mean I would put Mulholland Drive at the top of my, you know, like top to move. Favorite movies of all time, really dead. And who knows the other one? Well, of the David Lynch stuff or what you say at the top two movies of an All-State top three movies? Well, the other one is luckily and the space camp so there's a there's loads and then that's good, right? Yeah, that's good. Well Place, yeah, we seeing space camp was just a rag-tag group of kids. They they're not, they didn't agree on anything. The space shuttle accidentally takes off, and they go into space know what. Now, these kids actually have to work together as a team to get this thing down, Ryan wage, and all those little things, the wisecracking, like all their skills come together. You know what? When they land on Earth, they're richer for the journey and I think the audiences too, right, that's good. And then do they go back to their tribes and all other? Yeah, probably yeah, yeah, yeah. That's a good good description of the movie. I like it. It's like you think that was a movie that was one of my favorites as a kid and I re-watched it recently. Oh, and wage. Did that not? Hold of, it's like, Pringles. It's like, God Pringles were so good. They need to bring home and you're like, oh, I have to go diarrhea. It's like, I wanted to say, I've never really seen space camp. I saw Clips when it was there and I could tell you. I feel like I told you the movie that pretty much you did you actually don't that is not the one page script for The Who was the pilot that landed the thing in the Hudson O'Sullivan? Yeah, there was like a one-page script for that online. A couple of years ago. Did you guys see that? Know what was it? Okay. I couldn't, you know, I should look here. We'll find it funny as shit. It is hilarious. Put it on that page. Oh, yeah. But we'll put in the links in the links. Also, you were horrible. That was a, is that, that was what I did, a bunch of orbital's. I, you know, the I played tenant Dan who's got, like a big old kind of mushroom head, and it just sort of an oddball engineer on the Orville and which also helped you from being recognized. That's right. Yep. I did send that had a lot but honestly the Prosthetics I just couldn't do it anymore. It just it was brutal. Just getting made up and then, you know, a couple of hours on Thursday, our our off and a lot of waiting around for coverage during the day and it was in a black Studio, you know everything. There was no nothing natural about the environment and I just I couldn't breathe anymore. So, yeah, I got your head was like the poop emoji almost. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Yeahs a link to a picture of Michael net wage that set was insane. We tried too soon as we need a swing set and we used one corner of the stage. For some reason, we had to put up for something at the Orville set off. Fox lot has amazing holyshit that set. I could not, I never walked through anything like, you know, we it was there were the two sets that really impressed me on my time at home. Excellent. Well that one and the short-lived 1600 Penn where they had created the White House and it was office. It was insane. Wow. Realistic at all was so yeah, but yeah, just take you to another world, you know, it's all pretend, it's all pretend I'll pretend it is. But that said, is something else I took my kids on it, when they were younger and they were, it was really cool to be able to walk them. And one day when we were shooting uh Neil deGrasse Tyson showed up and so really, I got to talk to him as an alien. You know? Like it was it was a very random day but like, and he was like, he was like this, this this this thing before I get this. Yeah, yeah exactly. Yeah. Like physics are all fucked up. Yeah I'm cussing on your podcast. Got custody of Michael, let's watch your language. Please. Okay I'm cheesing I'm one of the hosts. So I think we all know you can't, it's it's pretty much fly with the birth. Keys. Okay. All right. We like it. We want F. Just all right. How about quiz? Oh my God. You might be the first person to say oh we've on this podcast, Ann-Marie, Ann-Marie, right? So this is number two. That's good. Did you do stand-up Danny? My Dave one callback? Yeah, I'm starting it again, but it's like really, but yeah, it was like, right before, it's right before the pandemic actually the year before the pandemic I was like flirting with doing a little sad up and I put together like maybe seven minutes and I was just doing it not telling anybody. And then Jenny calls me up because she's headlining the Improv in Washington. And she says, I need like an opener and wage. I was like and I was like, I have like, seven minutes. How much would you need is like you know about 20 and so that we can I just like going nice jokes writing and doing but I I want to doing four shows with with off Her and it was going to go like first letter a little rocky after that they got better and you know I you know jet you when you're seeing Jenny and even the woman who is hosting, it was like a skilled comedian as well and you are you in a long way to go. But it was but cuz you know, they're so good but but yeah I got the bug again. Private writing. That's great. You know I didn't, I did. I'm sorry, go ahead. No, I just said that was the weekend like we did a weekend of shows flew back. And then everything locked down and then everything shot last flight I was I would go and were you saying? Yeah I did the Judge Judy. Carter stand-up comedy Workshop. In nineteen ninety, she wrote a book called stand-up comedy and she taught a workshop. I actually remember, I did look. Yeah, I'm still friends with Chris franjola. Who was in my class, then who did stuff with Chelsea, Chelsea Lately back in the day and he's doing some other stuff. He's touring. Adam Ray is actually going to be in Richmond, I think next weekend off. Hang out. Wow. Former Soviet Nation favorite. Yeah, yeah, great guy. Hilarious gun. And yeah I always kind of want to do stand-up but I don't ever do it. Maybe one day. I will say I did stand-up when I was I started doing Santa when I was seventeen and did it like through college? No material was just kind of doing an impersonation and like got out of college and couldn't Coast on just my charm and I gave it up, but coming back to it with all the scars is I have if I many decades on this plan and all the fuk up, so, I mean, it's like it's so much also, not having to rely on it as a sort like already. Have a having accomplished something. Somewhere else it takes pressure off. Yeah, yeah. I died inside anyway. So I'm really enjoying it. I mean, like writing I just did. I did a, A friend of mine has like a did a private open mic and I did with birth. At their house and throw gloryhole. It was True Glory Hall and yeah, I get mean I got it. I got it. I think it was an h j. It might have a name that, I don't know. It's more a whole, who knows? Yeah, God, all the glory. I remember, I did when I was trying to develop an act. After the 6 weeks of Judy, Carter, I did something at the Improv with Mark law now, and I remember he was Bud Friedman's partner. I remember I would be up on stage telling jokes and he kept, it was all about forming your persona and and he kept, he just cut me off at when he goes, who are you? Yeah, I know, I know. I'm twenty-six. You know, I'm just twenty-six smoke my RAV4 and get laid man. Leave me alone. IR, come on man. Yeah, who are you folks? Who are you? What do you, what have you got happening for you right now? What's your? I'm just I'm writing all kinds of stuff and it's been quite an interesting year for Thursday. And I've just got a lot of different perspectives on the business and life and society. And I basically just stopped being on Instagram or any of that stuff a few months ago. Cuz I just got to a point where I'm like, I don't care and I'm thinking about Alan Watts, you know, Alan Watts talking back in the sixties about how if, if you were needing a validates your life by, you know, like basically back, then he's like you you don't feel, they didn't feel validated until you saw yourself in the newspaper. And and the easiest way to get in the newspapers, mm, a crime. And then at least you see that your existence is documented and blah, blah, blah. And just kind of hit me with social media for a minute. I'm like, you know what? When I get something to promote, I'm going to jump back on there but I thought, you know, I just, I don't know. I just, I'm not, I'm not interested right now. I know. I, I definitely cut back myself. I I knew, like, frankly, once, you know, Trump was out of office and stuff like Thursday. I just could not. And even leading up to that it was just, it was affecting my mental health involved in that much and and so like, I, you know, I absolutely I feel you on this, I think, but I don't think I don't think anybody's, you know, opinions are changed online. I mean, it's, it's really. I'm going to do. I'm doing it. I'm changing. Oh, you are okay, nevermind. All right. Yeah, you should follow me more because I really suck. My clever turn of phrase and my my, you know, my my observations of our fire Emoji. I think okay. Yeah. So that's good. Yeah. I think it's good. And also do you know, and when someone famous dies, it's always nice to put myself into the story about their picture with them. Yeah, I could have a picture with them or just post a picture and or just talk about how they, you know, what they were there for me in a specific time. Just write as much as I can. Right? Show that picture, right? I'm sorry, they died. And what it did for me was dead. Yeah. Yeah, I can't do it anymore. I tried on somebody dies and there's like a person you know they people like to post a picture they'll dig up. Oh yeah. But I like sometimes when I see the picture of a group of people and one person's on one side of the room, right? That's funny. You know, for that party at 93 that was writing shook his hand on the way out. By the way, that's like you gave a great. You got to be a great. I actually was at a Simon Garfunkel concert in Central Park and so if one of those guys dies, I'll show that picture and I'm going to circle, right? So great about being part of that like stress, right. On the line, usually write the night we shared, you know, like well, okay, we've reached that part of the show off of all its Fucking great to have you on man. It's like you know you're you're so it's fascinating to hear the story and and I hope I get to hang with you in. Yeah, man. For sure at some point I really love that I enjoy getting to. Yeah. Well yeah I think it's our and the guitar and backup Genny. I now have a my big I should show you cuz I moved but I should put that behind. There's my base your basic. Oh wow. Okay so your class C yeah I'm classy like that car is missing a string. It just it has my name on it was like nice. Oh it wasn't like, we talked about stuff. We've been watching her like orange recommend or things like that. What you're what something you're you're into right now or anything? I've just been watching Cleveland Show reruns. Oh. That's all. I watch. Dad and Family Guy. An old Gilmore Girls, now replace some of those with Modern Family on Hulu, and I am with you, I love Modern Family, I suck. I hung out with with mister O'Neill out on a vacation once where he goes all the time and and we hung out and we we had actually Ed O'Neill, talk to me about a great prosthetic story. He was in some miniseries or something in England. Do you know this by chance and sounds like we're talking about how shity it is to wear that stuff all day and and down production schedule, doesn't accommodate that. It just, you know, if you're waiting for other seeing, it just sucks. And so he basically told a story where he was in the thing and they kept growing him and he had all these long days and then finally, during the last day, he's like, take this off, I'm done, you know, and he made them make up guide, take it off. And, of course, as soon as they took it off, they were ready for him and it was like a whole group finale thing off, he went in there for the main producer and just said you guys have been apologizing to me for a month and half today. I'm apologizing to you, Ma'am. Yeah, really enjoyed hanging with him but what do I watch good? Honestly, we just watch documentaries all the time I watch Netflix video stuff home. Just watch, we watch something on a Mayan Temple last night on the Disney app, you know, in, you know, in Mexico and it's just all stuff like that. I'm just kind of my wife is really into the handmaid's tale. And so, I'll be in the other room writing while she watches that. And then, what else do we dive into? You know, with the kids daughter, loved the Mandalorian. So we watch the crap out of that telling my agent. Hey, I want to be on the Mandalorian and like, yeah, okay, good luck. And what I mean, it's all documentary stuff, we watch the one about the triplets who are separated at Birth. Oh Rangers strangers, fucking fantastic wage. Yeah, I mean you can't be heartbreak real stuff. I mean, like that's, I don't know. I'll, I'll get back into some serious stuff at some point, but right now we're just watching docs and hanging out, ripping bong hits. You know? Oh man, you're still hanging out with kids doing the reefer, that's it. It's going to be legal here in one month in July. It's going to be recreationally in Virginia. Yeah. Wow, you know, any is a wonderful blend of right, as spectrum of politics, it really is there are really all kinds of people here. And I, I actually really like having a wide variety of people all around. You can plugged into a reality more that way. I'm sure you do you do. Yeah. So yeah, any what are you watching? Yeah, I cannot say enough good things about. Okay, I've talked about, let me check it up. Like it's a way. Fucking mayor of East. Towne the finale. Okay. Yep. Actually got. Oh my God. You're lucky. Cuz you can just bend their seven episodes. You don't have to wait. Every Sunday is great and pays off holyshit and it's just one of those who did this. And you think every person you're going to know what to do. Grant was it Hugh Grant. He was Hugh Grant. Okay, cool. Oh wait a minute. That those murder mystery thing that was what was the one I'm doing. Whatever they're doing was Hugh Grant and then but this one is what's your Winslet? Yep. Yeah. And in Kate Winslet with a Pennsylvania accent but I wouldn't even like on the radar of what a Pennsylvania accent is until I watch. But she's like, somebody get my phone you know and then it's know almost like a person away. But the the a Nae is this with this British, girl. It murder murder mystery. You have to watch it, don't happen. Get let it snow Thursday. Molly was on Sunday night and I was it was so good. And then I also watched that movie on Hulu, Plan, B. That was cute. It was like a like a month. I had that book smart. Super bad Vibe. Cool. I've heard of it. Yeah, Natalie Morales directed that. It was like her. Oh yeah. So that's those are my things. What about you off? Natalie Morales leave today show Person. Yeah, yeah I know the actress people confuse them constantly. No well I I watch this thing. That Al Roker directed some getting. I have the perfect storm. Obviously I love obviously, I'm very very continue to be impressed with tax. Oh and I just watch. I think it's just like ingenious. I guess he's Thirty now but I just watched the Bo Burnham alone. And do you go Bo Burnham or watch it last night? I can't believe that it slipped our mind. It's dead. I mean, I don't know about you but it affected me. Yeah, I thought it was like, it was like, he has, so it's like, it's just, it's just great. It's, it's, I mean, it's like not purely comedy, but it's distracting shot in his house alone, but he'll it it, he did the, it's very with songs and it's very like, he captures, the, the absolute angst and anxiety to hopelessness of each other over a year, I guess, in his in there. And, and I thought, I mean, I don't know where he gets his death, he was making comedy when he was twenty that light and he and he does. He like he plays piano and sings, it's like, he, he's a musical, you know, fact, I've done like, I've got a few shows with him and he's also, I am not say he's one of the nicest people, oh really? Yeah, he's one of the nicest people I've ever met and his he but his company like I started watching it. I had to stop a little bit because I was like, mentally dead Getting bummed out place because it would you and like in waves but I finished it was really great. Yeah, so that's that's the one I would, the new beaubourg early shedding. I'm going to check it out. Yeah, yeah. It's like not nuts. You're not going to laugh. Riot at it. I will tell you that but but it's like he's doing something special. I think go on, I was impressed. Okay. Michael fucking great. Yeah, you you know, him just yet in disappoint, I gotta say, I fought on the show. I was like, I thought this is going to. I think I maybe use the words, huge mistake and this will be a disaster, Okay? And like, is this a podcast or an abortion, right? I was so wrong. Wow. Thank you. I mean, unless you really wanted an abortion then it was that kind of Miami, kicking screaming, breathing human being dead. Right, like you. But in Virginia, you could be that and then get aborted, right? And that the you probably much do anything. No one gives a shit. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Lay Lo hath ears pierced of thought if we can find the Cleveland singing with the. Yeah with Earth Wind and Fire. That would be a great way to play us out with a guy and if we can't get your husband's Christmas, I'm going to look account going to look like a shithead. Yeah, by the way guy, do you have anything you want to add? How long do you think now? It was. Yeah. No. It's a very, very good job. Let him talk every so often and this is the, this is what he does, right? He's living up to that guy. Are you in a drive-through right now? I am not right now. I mean, possibly, we love guy Pac-Man. Well, that's it. I mean, look at some people would have like, a really solid ending a real Bing Bang. Boom. We we don't, we just, we just sort of dribble out. Yeah, right. Just let it. Yeah, we Peter out. But anything you want to promote or anything before we go. I want to promote human kindness and decency and everybody calm the fuck down and go out and take a breath. Put your feet on the ground. Say hi to someone who doesn't look like you strike up a conversation about what you have in common and joke about your differences and Just be a California fucking happy. That's actually the greatest ending that actually great luck. You guys you know what you're right. Ma'am off when Kerry wasn't Kerry, strug vaulted into our heart. That's what you just did for me. That's yes, Kerry strug. He's fucking minute you fucking did it by. Go ahead and be stuck with it on one foot. We're okay, we're not going to talk. So goodnight. All right, you guys are awesome song.

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