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Neil Youngs Lost Classics

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Neil Youngs Lost Classics

"It's neil young's archives volume two thousand nine hundred seventy two two nine hundred seventy six. We have with us ed martos. Andy greene rob sheffield and david brown to talk about this box. Set andy maybe set us up with both the significance of neil young's archives as a thing. Judging by this rate. I guess he is about ten more archives at least to go and then also just this incredible period. I think this is one of my personal one of my favorite periods by any artist. Ever so they have a box focusing on. It is pretty dreamlike. But andy go. It's a really amazing thing. 'cause back in the eighties. He started talking about archives of box sets and it was every interview he gave for years. But he didn't put it out intil. Two thousand seven endows the start of his career through harvest which is great stuff but my favorite period is the mid seventies and this is the period when he wrote songs at a psychotic rate. He wrote songs so fast that there are many albums that he shelved completely and he finally did the seventy two to seventy six. It's ten cds. There sixty three songs had never been heard before which is astounding because skied an album. Or two for your back than antes released the time since then. So this is the mother load of sort of the four best years maybe of his career at a songwriter. And when you think of it being the best four years of one of the best players of all time you start to grasp the significance of this project rob. Maybe you can explain. I presume you agree that this was certainly a peak period enough to agree that peak period for neil. What's great about this period for you of new young. Well this is a period. Where he what is most oft quoted lines ever where he got tired of the middle of the road and he headed for the ditch

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