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"econ valley hair institute" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Econ valley hair institute, the best in the bay for robotic hair transplants. Things started well for the giants panicked singled Hanson, singled him to third and then longoria grounded into a double play. But panik did score. And that was the giants I run sponsored by organic CU America's first USDA, certified organic fast food restaurant now at two locations at AT and T part in the last of the first the Rockies promptly scored LeMay who had a trip a triple and are anonymous sacked fly to get him home. It was one to one when Trevor's stories magical night began swinging that ball is gone. Deep down the left the alive. It is way back there and is fair and declares the bleachers. It lands on the concourse beyond the bleachers. Wow. Now, the Rockies are leading Judah one. And that was just the start of the night for Trevor story. Four hundred fifty nine feet was the estimate on that one. The Iraqis had to two other jets would tie the game in the third inning. Double by longoria with two down Slater got him home. Now Slater grou- ball past the dive of Desmond into right field. Basit longoria around third cargo over the ball. Here comes his throw. It's late longoria scores. Austin Slater does make him pay one hitter later with an RBI single. Yeah. So the giants had tied the game. And then Aramis Garcia came up with one out in the fourth inning against sends a Tele and he gave the giants. The lead to pitch is hit to left center field and pretty well. Hit holiday chasing. After it in this one is gone. He's done it again. Just over the left field. Wall Garcia doesn't even know it. And now he starts to run again. He stopped around second. He's got a second major league home run. And the giants are ahead. Three two to four hundred twenty three foot or two. And that is the giants. Call of the game. Sure. And catch Murph and MAC tomorrow morning. If you know the cost of the game you could win one hundred dollars the call of the game. Sponsored by your northern California Honda dealers for giant savings at every hot D'amoto. Visit norcalhondadealers dot com. That lead was short live in the last of the fourth up for the second time tonight. Trevor's story chance have play the Rockies much better in San Francisco than.

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