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"eaton dairy" Discussed on The How-To Heretic

"Of this because of the plane because the play and part of the intensity of the plague was we've talked about this before on the show was this bizarre. Fixation that European Christians had with cats, and that they killed cats in huge numbers cats were considered evil animals, and it would one of their only national natural defenses against the spread of pestilence was cats, and so I still think they're evil, but they are helpful in keeping the play catch Herat from time today will Mark has cats. Just I'm a cat. I'm a cat person. You're outnumbered on this show. Doug, and I are both. That's true. Crazy cat, ladies very much. Are we have the crazy cat lady? Jean? That one got through. Conclude? What's I just curious? What's one of your favorite kind of stories from the world of the world of Lucien and kind of how you work in the evolutionary anthropology? Science which is a very specific one. What's what's a story? That's really terrific. You mean like something happened like pre historically? Yeah. Whatever just something that's a great illustration of of evolution for our our fans out there. Well, there are there are many of them. So I mean, maybe one of the most famous is is lactase persistence, which the milk thing, that's a milk thing. So, you know, everyone's familiar with lactose intolerance. Right. We have this tendency to think of lactose intolerance as almost a disorder, and the really that's mostly a European bias. Lactose intolerance is the default human state, most people are lactose intolerant. Lactose tolerance shows up as a mutation. You know, ten thousand years ago as a response to daring, right? So when food resources are scarce in your living in a field with animals, and you've got nothing to eat, and you see that little baby cow eating something. Well, people at Eaton dairy before that they made something called Koumas, which is only worth mentioning because it's disgusting. Take mayors Melk, and they would like put it in a gourd spit in it and shake it up, and it would ferment the out of it booze. It was mildly alcohol. Ick Melk temperature milk. It's disgusting lack if they wanted more protein, sometimes they would add blood to it. It was a white Russian. But but rahmael has many more calories in it. So if you are facing starvation if you can drink. Fresh milk and survive and not have the debilitating gas diarrheal the kind of that wonderful stuff, it's hugely beneficial. So we see this mutation which is quite literally a break in a, gene. So most mammals drink milk when they're young and then can't drink at later that mechanism broke in some human populations and then swept to the population like wildfire. So we see most Europeans who are descended from daring populations back in the past are lactose tolerant now. And suckers. See we're better. What you do? Is you kick that little baby cow out of the way? And you get yours. I go get yours. I don't think better the right word because some people who are lactose intolerant. Don't get symptoms. So what does this mean? This means these people can eat ice cream. Get way fewer calories out of it and not have the symptoms. I mean, that's that's some bullshit fancy fairly jealous of it. That's an excellent mutation. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then I got my friend who she if she eats. A little tiny bit of of any dairy just is miserable for a day and a half. Yeah. Yeah. Well, she should have descended from the right people. It really it's a matter of of badly descending. It's not European specific we see shop in parts of west Africa and the Middle East, but you know, obviously concepts of diet, especially in this country have been dominated by studies on Europeans people of European descent. And so you'll get the food pyramid. And there's dairy Sitton is one of these big categories you fit eat. Whereas there's a lot of people who that's not not not a good thing at all not a comfortable life. Yeah. Comfortable. Yeah. Right. And then there's of course, the Jordan be Peterson, gene. Which is just eat all beef. Yeah. Yeah. And feel terrible. Yeah. That's that's also all of Argentina clearly done wonders for him. So anyway, that's the pollution of Jordan Peterson people. So. That's and that's what we were really aiming at segment to get there. Finally, we finally made it. So with that finally achieved professor professor professor Nathan. Thank you so much for coming on..

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