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DLD 292: Wheres the stop button??

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DLD 292: Wheres the stop button??

"YOU'RE LISTENING TO DOTS. Lines and destinations travel. Podcast with host Stephen Seagraves vase moon and said Miller. Hello and welcome to episode two hundred ninety two of dots lines and destinations. I'm Steven Seagraves. Joined by Seth Miller and foss mood. Hey guys hey so. It's a lovely Tuesday afternoon. We're recording this earlier than normal. Actually know what day of the week it is. I keep track an end. You know we have to record the show earlier. Because Seth is turning into a GRANDPA and Sunday starting to starting to do woodworking and go to bed early trump would it becomes a teacher just random side story about shop teachers I actually didn't get take shop class in high school. We sort of had one. But I I did a drafting course. Instead which turned out to be very valuable and useful to me later in life and so I'm happy I did it We I was like the last year they did paper drafting with the square and know the arm moving around and doing all by answers really cool on and then learned cad later but separate from that My wife was telling a story last night as we were talking about some of these things and I bought more tools or power tools on having the crap turns out matters a lot but she's timing the story about how she did something in shop class when she was like in middle school and hers wasn't very good but her sister who's a year younger than her came back and it was really good in much straighter lines and this and that and I'm like oh she probably is that the right the right the fence and had it all working correctly. I don't think we had that was like how could you do that? You use a table. Solid data blade without a French. So now you just held it carefully. This that's Super Dangerous. Did have missing finger cystic wait. Why get another kids ever lost fingers in Class? And maybe maybe the shop teacher lost in a different way. I don't know but just from a visual perspective in the image. You're trying to project. I don't see how that's a good idea. Not One of my which teachers told us to tell us how he'd come in on weekends with dead dear to cut them up on the we're GonNa be completely topic here for the first couple of is a friend of mine who lives in the catskills apparently China some stories about their neighbor once the stupid APP Arnold next next next door next door chats or this or that in something. Apparently someone hit a deer inside. Hey you know. Put a message on the side of the road around here. Be careful driving over there and one of the responses was like you just left it there. You didn't do anything else. Which okay fine notified the authorities like you have to tell us family? Apparently like a serious response was like wait. What family someone has to go find the family of the dead deer and let it know that mom dad is dead. I thought I thought I thought you were going to say that. They had told him to go pick it up in. Us The media. It's actually. It's actually a thing you know. I was surprised that they didn't give in where they are and whatnot. But maybe it was. Hey here's where it is if anyone wants to go picking up and eat it. It's only been a couple of hours. Probably Maga's haven't gotten to it yet. I Dunno next door is an entertaining beast. I have not far in my life avoided getting into it and I'd like to keep about if you like to read just just completely nonsense cyncical stuff and crazy neighbors. It is definitely for you. I spent a decent amount of time in my life on twitter quotient. I need man all right. So let's dive into some stories here. the first one is a propublica a article about the. Tsa over a million in ninety five masks even the airports are basically emt and TSA staffing levels down And it really doesn't need one point. Three million in ninety five masks and so this was concerns were raised back in April and You know they were saying we should donate these and people said No. We're not GONNA donate them. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA keep them Very interesting are the. Tsa agents working at the customer facing roles wearing masks at all I think they are right at the PX. They are okay but like started masks. Not An five sir. I'm pretty sure they're surgical haven't seen in ninety five used as sort of a weird thing with just the whole and ninety five situation at those are the ones that are going to see. A product guarantee knows transmission By what you know when you ask the question like one is the goal of wearing the mask and how much of it are you trying to control? Obviously one hundred percent time for. Everyone doesn't work right because we don't have the supplies and so someone someone wanted. Today is gonNA open up a warehouse in fine wherever the government put like all the ones they hijacked from the states and from everybody else they're going to be stored somewhere but it is kind of weird and it's instead the says that CSS quietly stored many of them in a warehouse near DFW. We're paying for the warehouse space. Yeah so anyway. It's it's it was expected that this would this would last thirty days. That surplus would last thirty days for all of their security officers but did did not account for the decline in the number of officers needed lately so with air down like ninety five percent in the US. I would suspect it would last a lot longer. I would pose the question. They asked you change their staffing levels knowing them. Let's that's a good question I don't know here's the thing though forty days. That's only if you take. What are one point? Three million two hundred forty only thirty two thousand five hundred so that really don't have there's only thirty thousand thirty thousand. Tsa agents working working per day on for some number's higher. I don't know it seems low for sure and also only one master person per day. The lunch break. You gotta put it back on. The in theory is a really bad idea. Of course I've been wearing the same one for three months now so nothing. Maybe maybe some people out there who were flown have seen what the what the. Tsa agents are wearing. Just let us know. Because I mean I've only been once during all this and other than that have been getting updates on their twitter so next up so Cessna has a new plane. The Cessna Sky Career completed. Its first flight this week. New Clean Design Clean Sheet designed aircraft. Pretty Amazing thought it would never happening again. I will say it. Looks like a minivan of the sky. But it's supposed to be more many. It's supposed to be more like the Ford Transit to fifty or three fifty. Oh Yeah Yeah. That's exactly what it is East Sprinter van. Yeah somethings bolted onto top. We said after readers on the cabin. So it's the existing order is actually for Fedex. Who's got fifty of them and it's also known as the Cessna four zero eight So when he started the scale of what the company delivered its big for a prop It's can handle three l three cargo containers so like allies cargo in a prop this pretty cool concept to me Especially with all the airlines doing crazy things to convert passenger planes to cargo these days anyways. temporarily this affirmative version of it but also It can operate as a nineteen seat passenger jet a one to seating configuration It's interesting I don't ask you. Shut your mouth sir. So we should expect a Alaska around a Kombi conflict unfortunate. Well Yeah I think. Unfortunately the way the cargo load in that wouldn't work so well Because it loads from the back the re the secure walls at the front But yeah I it's an interesting idea. It's also to me as just you know we lost one thousand nine seat passenger planes for the most part the loss really. I mean they disappeared depending on what you believe about where demand is going to be for the foreseeable future and what you know. The right types of size planes are also have the pilots. And you've got the Tottenham Twenty twelve so there are some props the those are a little smaller when you don't when you no longer have the Embraer one twenty or the traffic nineteen hundred. What do you do for that segment of the market and go find us? Jetstream thirty one. I mean this right and Denmark mushroom anymore that there's going to be flying for long as interest- interesting to me. There's another option in that space in a market that had appeared to be completely banished and it doesn't look like it can be ever configured as a dual purpose. Because it's I mean it's basically I don't know even know how you'd finish. Fifth a cargo pallet on there so clear sits on the wings could yeah. I think they're not going to be long flights right. You can make it like the swing ride at great adventure hanging down from under the way we it is. It is interesting. I mean this could be. I totally see Alaska doing this as a cue four hundred replacements. At some point man for that it's nine. Hundred nautical miles is the range on it and shirt so that was the back lab that was for ferry distances. Okay have open could find that. Replace the Allentown boss method. I saw it said No maximum Was Nine hundred nautical miles but the Wikki pedia page suggested that was ferrying And that in operations it was more like four hundred nautical miles per cargo. Yeah I could I could. I mean it makes sense. Fedex is taken Pd So is like a big Cargo Airport people didn't know and they have a bunch of two eight that come in and basically feed from all the destinations in lower Washington Oregon. the big. Fedex jets all day long. So I'll be seeing these here pretty shortly. Newark runs a ton of them in and out of Newark. Oh really yeah. Because that's one of their newer a huge hub for them. I didn't know that I imagine like upstate. New York Even Rural Connecticut or Western Massachusetts. Where I guess a little you Buffalo Albany but the run like three hundred to Manchester. What did they sue? How do they fit those props in than with with the rest of the traffic? It's in the middle of the night. Okay okay the props. Most of the Fed explains like Bay stays are coming in after midnight. Because the the props here like all day like it's like they have a schedule. They have to be at the airport by six. Pm So they'll be flying over the house to land at five five forty five one after another after members were three hours ahead so we have more time. True very true man next up. We've got Boeing giving us a confident travel initiative. What is this? It sounds like bs. Sounds like marketing? We'll tell me about it. Mike Delaney who has thirty one years of billing experience including Airplane Development and education engineering and vice president of digital transformation for Boeing Commercial Airlines Burglar. Pines will lead the Boeing Confident Travel Initiative team. That will work with airlines. Global regulators industry stakeholders flying passengers infectious disease. Experts and behavioral specialists to establish industry recognized safety recommendations. The team is also advising operators on existing approved disinfectants are compatible with airplane flight decks and cabins and testing other sanitizers interesting. My first question will include Taiwan. Ooh keep the gloves comes out of. The ballot uses the same reference. I said keep the gloves off. And you said he's hit below love it. It's a fair question. It is especially considering that both China Airlines bought many buying plans or the soon to be renamed China Airlines airline formerly known as China. It's so they're basically saying they'RE GONNA. They're putting together a group of people to tell airlines in Cargo Airlines. How to socially distanced in make this travel? It's really a a marketing position of trying to explain. You know a there is some science behind making sure that what I'm just infected. You're using don't erode the interior of the aircraft or the seats or whatever so there are some thing there but a lot of I think is all Israeli Convincing Passengers Ziff to be on an airplane and S. And it's not like they're they're selling also so they can do fairly really building. Yeah exactly I was reading. I saw that the thing in Hong Kong testing out where they spray you. Disinfect you for the employees to walk through at the airport. Yeah and so apparently in Abu Dhabi. They're doing the same thing like that. They've been a video that put out or the the airport Abu Dhabi. Put out that shows you going through this disinfectant. And they're doing temperature checks all these things. My question is how how effective is disinfected if this is a airborne illness. Like what's the point of the disinfectant reason you're carrying it on your clothing or skin or on your bag or whatever else is in there with you so like the off chance. I mean it's like the that's like the very yeah a very low transmission gutter. Yeah yeah and it's like I guess that's just to make people feel better. Maybe you know yes and no. I think unfortunately right now. They're so little still hard data about a lot of things that related to this that the default is not do nothing but do everything. Yeah and so and you know it's interesting. There's a call. I add as there is every week this morning. And it was Nick Corinne who's their VP of passengers and cargo and something else and something else Relatively senior guy there was basically saying you know the goal is to come up with a multilayered approach on a lot like Tsa Kinda Mumbo jumbo really damning and with the exception of they don't want to be involved at all are not the government the US say to do it on the airlines do But there's a lot of the multilayer but one of the things they said repeatedly during the call is we have to make sure that whatever actions were putting into place can be updated over time so as the technology improves as the science advances. As we can get rid of whatever actually we don't really need and he cited Post Nine Eleven. The shoe bomber and the liquid ban as two things that we clearly have better technology now for scanning against without requiring the Clinton's room investitures bite. Were not doing it. And those rules really were never supposed to be permanent and yet somehow they have been because no one is willing to look soft on security even if it's all for show and raises the very real risk of whatever. We implement next related to Kobe. Nineteen is going to become very permanent. Not Temporary yeah well in going into Hong Kong even right before all this there they did. Temperature checks right even. If even if you're healthy that you still do the checkers leaving immigration and other airports. I saw it as well before. You got a decoration. Because it's always when you walk down that long I'll Yup Yup so I mean it's one of those things it's not that invasive but potentially we face something that could be invasive if if these stick around later on I mean temperature. You know the question. I asked him about the temperature. Check is like you have a fever for any number of reasons other and covid. Nineteen right is really effective. Is that really the right thing rates an act so the the question is does. That mean an immediate no-fly not list but no fly ruling require follow up would they? They make tests. How quickly can they have that happen? There's they're still way too. Many of these unanswered questions by there is also a clause in the contract of carriage from a lot of airlines. Says if you both a health risk of staff or other passengers we declined. You're right to fly and while it's rarely executed on. Could they say that yes. They couldn't they got a fever of one hundred or whatever the threshold number. They want to use his even. If it's not covid nineteen you're still sick and she could Becoming letting you on board so that raises an interesting question right because prior to this if you were ill and you call the airlines. I'm not feeling good night. A little bit of fear. Shit Yeah Right. Are we going to world of the double standards so their airlines? We've been there for a long time and you said that. Want to easy. Sorry maybe that was intentional. Maybe we need to do is temperature checks in sulphur. Cloud if you don't pass out from this offer cloud then you're suspect so I mean it's a good question for us but like this comes back to what seth was just saying about like. I add right. They want the airlines to do it. Correct they want the airlines to manage this because it's it's on the airlines to decline a passenger on. Yes or no. I would much prefer that all the health stuff handled by governments all the data collection. All this don't want to have responsibility for any of that from a liability perspective. I know you didn't pass the government. Sexy can't come up and the cost perspective and and it would be probably better for the airlines. That was the case as well because then the airlines one going. You can't travel right and pissing people off the then you have to get the government the airline to talk to. Actually you know not cancel your return to career so people are telling me that we can spin up these APPs on you know whatever in five minutes in I have a new Uber. Can't get the government in the airlines to communicate. Oh man we're doomed. Well that's because you want something that's practical not something. That's just you know encourages Leonice man. Speaking of which we had a friend of the show Sina Cintas a link to article on retool DOT COM In about it's about the technology that changed your travel and it's fascinating It talks about. Gds's what they are why they exist. And he has a question seth in. I'll let you talk about it. Yeah so I mean it's The story he linked his a history of basically all the travel computer systems the back insistence that they are lines. Running starts with they show of arson as flight reservation. Bookings Don Index Cards. I've seen pictures of it. Done on giant chalkboards. There's the history is insanely inefficient. And even when I was in me and not long ago five years back now they were running on etc For the airline I booked. I went into pay and saw their my reservation in the spreadsheet. There's also highly available highly performance super database systems now from Madison Saver. And all those things sort of all and there are some cross compatibility but also some challenges and all these things and the the question is what is the next generation of that. Look like in its. Nbc New Distribution Capability is the ATTA backed and airline back. Sort of concept where you still have a PR or Locator you still have booking details by. It really becomes a single true repository of way more information and way more flexibility and way more data about any particular trip. So combining flights and hotel bookings Rental cars and any other service uses the platform gets easier on. You can do some of those Lincoln's even today in the legacy platforms but it's also much easier The other thing that's supposed to change the way. The airlines do their sales and how are not sales in terms of discounting just selling tickets? And Right. Now you have booking are working classes right. All the different letters number of seats per letter in fare classes are fares in you know are defined by which bucket cells into and availability. And all that stuff. The idea is to get rid of a lot of that and truly get too much more of a sort of black box idea of what the numbers look like. And how it You Know Oh Stephen needs to fly today while he's going here today are We think for Stephen. The prices based on we know he's o one K or not and we know that he's probably traveling for Work Not for leisure and all these things so It's really interesting. How some of that comes together We have to. I'm trying to get remember how long ago it was. It was a last September. I was in London and met with a Mark. Lenihan right hand And spoke with him about a lot of this stuff In an episode. I'll try to remember to link to that in the notes here about how some of this things are. Changing by seeing the SORTA wanted to know is any of that really happening And the answer is sort of. It was progressing. Obviously right now with the COVID. Nineteen situation in every buddies hoping all spending on any progress that had any you know capital expense. It's hard to know where the airlines are going to be moving forward If all the suppliers that we're sort of building the middleware to sit there. That sat between the back. Yes ass and all the sales channels Is Moving forward by? That's the real risk is that it still is another layer on top of everything. It's not a new platform. It's going to replace the BS. Julius back ends so at least not right now and you know I. I shudder to think this but twenty thirty years dramatically. Very good chance. We're still running these nineteen sixties now era database in platforms. Because that's where some airlines will still be running because that's works in. Italian airline systems have always worked. Fix something if it ain't broke. Eventually they get expensive. Keep running but I mean I would rather have the old system than a black box. That's just me customer. So this is the risk is do you trust the airline to give you the right price for you versus being right where we are advanced users. There's no doubt but when we you know sometimes I just looking by the ticket and find and every other times. I'm confused as to why something looks. Mis-priced are at different number than identity will go and look one of the published fares. What buckets are open? Does it look like this airlines over to that day or for the week. You know things like that when you get rid of all those booking classes details a lot of that information goes away. So it's I guess you know. The underlying fares can always change. So you can't say there is always four hundred dollars on the city hair right. Sometimes it's three fifty four fifty You just on. That can always change but there's also a at this moment right now. I see their affairs published at these twelve price points if I made out number twelve maybe I buy if I meant number six. Maybe I don't because I see that there's a game theory but I think there's potential that that price is going to go down Based on who the hell knows what but Trying to figure that out. I can understand why they don't the airlines. Want us to not necessarily have that information. There's also the argument make of like well. We know you're one bag is bags are free so we don't even have to sell you that and when you buy from united in a look cheaper because you don't have to pay for priority boarding or or seat assignment where if you're shopping on American you would pay for all of those things snow the you know. That's part of that's part of the. We know who you are so we know how to sell to you counterpoint. To that is the stuff I mentioned earlier is like we know Stephen is going to Montreal. Again is a certain workshop again. What IF WE BUMP THE PRICE UP. A Hundred Bucks. Just pay it and I'm sure would push you know there's one part one variable tall. This is historical pricing rates. So you buy a ticket today you fly the upper and then you. WanNa change back the one of the Nice things. Is You get historical pricing if you choose to change it? How do you do that? If you've got fully dynamic pricing maybe We'll give their article credit. They had day pictures of these systems so they know exactly what was sold today. Right I was referring. I was making a joke about the pictures in the article. I thought you were saying they have days pictures of like when you have a reservation. They have an idea. So you're talking to the lady standing in front of the Sir the idea with the Big Pasig Tigon top. Oh man good stuff so in other news rudas former. Ceo has been put in jail for his bribery in that that term will be eight years. A kind of amazing. We talked on the show a long time ago. This is tied to the Airbus. Bribery scandal where the British I forgot the officially offices but the British one of the British officers basically came out and did a full investigation was like yeah definitely bribes from people and I think Airbus paid a four billion euro. Fine just a lot of money and then on top of that. It triggered investigations in a number of countries. Where many. Airbus aircraft were purchased Airasia did one right around New Year's where Tony Fernandez and his second commands. Command stepped aside for to let a investigation happen without them involved They were cleared of any wrongdoing and they were actually. That was one where it was he. Had you know? Airbus it sponsored his auto racing team. Also there's a lot of weird cross Cross pollination let's say and he got he got off without Any not even a slap on the wrist. The Guy Not so much. He's definitely got found guilty. The his motorcycle thing didn't help either his guy he was. Also part of the whole thing was he was Wasn't he the guy that brought the motorcycle as parts in a delivery flight? He like in box parts. He also tried to import a Harley. Yes super expensive bike and through customs. Yeah you're right. It was brought through the grew Amsterdam agent ticket office Managers Bank Account of the definitely shady. Stand up citizen. Oh man so. Brian Summers posted on twitter. That effective on July first The united is adjusting some of their staffing levels in this looks like it's an internal memo and they will United is currently staff or will staff their flights to one less flight attendant right or is it the to me. I can't I'm trying to understand it 'cause so FAA rules say fifty one FA prayer every fifty seats rice of three hundred hundred plan. You need six to nine hundred five. That's why I'd like Jet Blue One hundred fifty seats on its a three twenty s for so long and they only needed three when they were more than they cut down like. We're giving every extra legroom an cutting flight attendant So that was part of the situation Bright for premium heavy routes particularly long-haul. They over to support the higher touch levels of service. Right you got you may have a triple seven with whatever two hundred and eighty seats on laying from New York to Newark to Frankfurt. Let's only six F as needed to full dinner service in business in Polaris plus in economy and everything else. Maybe you need eight or nine and now what united is saying is well. There's no passengers and we've basically all the service down anyways so We're going to be cutting the flight attendants on board to FAM minimums plus one while minimums on all single-aisle and plus one for the player stuff. Wow and I'm reading this. I mean they're talking about on longer. Flights they've suspended pre departure beverages in. Polaris no hot towels linens and they've combined the appetizer salad main on train. Prepackaged desert onto one trace basically the the quick meal and then in the economy. They're serving a snack dessert on one. Step that unreasonable. Do you think Pricing should reflect these changes permanent changes to the US of its temporary that I wouldn't worry too much about it. Yeah I mean it goes back to the topic we talked about will it? Will these things be temporary? Or how long will they be in place? I mean this is this. She listened to You know the trump's us all be over after the election what conveniently effective July first though united already playing for the summer season with this stuff I mean should united also has finally sort of ramping capacity back up a little bit. They're going to be at twenty percent capacity going into going into junior going into July going into June. I think but they also still don't know what July hunt they're ramping up slowly but it's not a lot so they do have to plan that far out you have to make decisions published. Yeah it's going to be seventy five percent cancel so twenty five percent of historic. Esi for the month of July coming off. You know ten to fifteen percent may June. Yeah I just think the whole Everybody's like Oh my God. We're back to twenty percent of our previous capacity celebrate. Yup Yup I just. I just wonder like now. It's just like you're paying for the bigger seat at the point. That's it you're always just paying for the bed the true true but now you're not even getting you know a a blanket. It sounds like so. I hope you stole. Polaris on when you could. No I didn't play. My friends commented the other days. Like yeah. Passenger came on and asked me for an extra blanket and pointed is Clinton responded. We haven't catered those in some months so you must brought in from today that's funny And also on twitter. We have a lot of stories on twitter today. Spent much time there. Yeah it's probably the truth There's some history happening Happened today. Eddie Hod is flying from the UAE to Israel. And it's GONNA BE THE. I guess a direct commercial flights between the two on its for a corona virus aid to the Palestinians Spending a couple hours ago kind of amazing. I mean it's it's historic is historic. I never thought we'd see they. It did go around. Saudi Arabia belong. Lay Saturday but it does. The flight half is sort of definitely the long way around. not overflying Around Saudi Arabia crossed up through Iraq Based on the position started. There's a gap in the picture but made up almost into Turkey and then down through northern Cyprus before living down in coming in from the coast into Tel Aviv. So they can't. They can't go through salary that makes sense There's you can't accept air. India got special permission to to transit Saudi Arabia for its flights from early. Last it launched flights it was able to transit Saudi Arabia while Al was not and even then that was a big deal at the time also So you know slowly but surely every couple hundred goethe progress very true. I don't know if you guys know this but I I play a flight. Simulators quite a bit And especially right now I do so I play on my ipad mostly just because I need something that I want I can carry with me and I play infinite Fli which it's available in influence in devices And today they announced that they're actually implementing citizen stars so basically Procedures into the into the APP. So it used to be head all the fixes in and way points and stuff in the database and you just pick which where it how you WanNa fly route if you happen to know A standard arrival a star. You could pick the points on that star and he would get it now. It'll be an actual published route. That you can do on a rival into an airport which is Kinda cool And you can have the altitude restrictions. So if you have to cross away point at a certain altitude you can. The airplane will do that. So that's coming into the version. They just keep making it better and better. Great what you say you have to cross it like a certain altitude. This isn't like a video game type. Where if you don't do it the should downing after start over right. No it eating. Get ghosted where you don't show up because they have like real world real world real time traffic so other people flying on your servers show up and they have air eighty controllers so they have approach everything And so the controller can actually ghost. You make you invisible to the rest of the server casualty for all of the aviation geeks out there. That want something to do Checkout infinite flight. You're trying to get off to a Dario. When I was a kid I had a simulator once and on a probably a gateway two thousand twenty six. This way was I never got into it. I really. I'm really happy to let someone else. Fly The planes really you in real life or virtually so you can't. You can't have run within eight hours. Getting into the my joke was always. You know they won't let me take my drink up there. It's not the drinking. I like to daydream and stare at the window and Gawk not be also paying attention to all the nuances of details. And making sure that we don't you know their plans states in the air and I love wants to detail on. Have you seen any other trailer? Slashed stuff around Microsoft flight simulator. I'm pretty stoked about it. It's actually tempting me to get a PC to to play it so it looks. It looks amazing. They've just done a amazing job. I'm interested to see how well it runs for people on the machine on current day machines Because they're touting you know it's GonNa be you know it's not gonna be a resource hog. It's going to be efficient. It's GONNA look good for everybody. I really want to see how that turns out. Yeah SO THAI. Airways was saved by the government shocking. Talk say they were about to go bankrupt. I guess to declare May. Yeah it was. I thought they went into administration. Did they can't remember. I can't keep track of the airlines of debt doing that. Don't the the government had told them to come up with a restructuring plan like the government was planning for them to To go under and then they stepped in. Yeah it was sort of A. You're going to get bang. You're going to be bankrupt. We have to. There was definitely a whole lot of my God. They're going to go out of business in the government and the airline issued statements saying. We're not going out of business. A question of wealth location. What will it be? And obviously it's a debt restructuring. The government will handle some of the Some of that Debt BUYOUT MIGHT NOT. What really is interesting to me is a why and I don't understand is how and why they maintain such a mishmash fleet like there are ways and like what. What is there really a situation that I just don't understand because there's absolutely ways to be a harley? Efficient government run organs airline organization and also not do things that aren't like completely stupid can only be slightly stupid and still be a vanity for the rest of the free market so I I am surprised. They keep the eighties around It seems like an overkill for them especially now In they were they were running. The we're destinations all the time And then and then they have like run down. Eight hundred thirties don't they? That are just beat the hell and then they still some forty seven it is. It is very weird. Yeah and then. They're taking new deliveries of Eight. Three FIFTIES. Right and seventy cents. Pretty sure. They're almost if you might be worse than Qatar Airways and the we one of those may not. How long ago was the me and more mistake fares to your now. Twenty two thousand fifteen. Yeah right around than you yeah. I was flying three hundreds on any three hundred to Myanmar one of those positioning flight. doesn't award one way inbound It was going through like wait if I spend an extra hour in Bangkok airport. Find any three hundred yes please was but it was like shocking to me. It was surprising that they even still those around. And there there's a couple of still flying I think maybe. But wow not even if there weren't a lot of them so while. I mean I definitely seems like maybe the government and they probably won't do this but the government could step in and say. Hey do you need to sell these planes or in the leases or whatever it is they're doing because it seems like it's just poorly run like whoever's in charge doesn't know what they're doing. Alan. There's all tell you like to battle for who should be out of business. Most I guess Airways desperately trying to hang out in that man so united on back and forth here but United There's rumor that change changes coming to a airplane configuration. This has to do with the regional jets. You posted single player by spoke laws. So seventy and seventy jets. What's the story? The regional jets are operated by under. What's called the scope clause which basically the line pilots in their contract have rules about how many of these smaller airlines aircraft allowed to operate and based in United's case on relative percentage of mainline aircraft with a cap or some? Something of that nature. And it's two hundred some odd. I WANNA say two hundred and fifty two hundred sixty of the seventy six seaters trying to link now I got it. So it's it's a ratio right of. It's a lot of ratios and that one may be a hard cap also and I think actually united as a hard cap. And if they add a new small single-aisle mainline aircraft type also known as the age of twenty or that you to They can add another seventy smaller planes. So A it's basically there's but there's caps on them and I can't find the number right now close earlier sorry Bite the the gist of it. Is that apparently when they signed a pilot contract in two thousand sixteen that established the most recent version of those caps? If United? I tried to furlough any mainline pilots that was on the payroll at that time of the contract. Signing in two thousand sixteen all of the seventy sixers will become seventy seaters what to try to force the situation in mainland pilots in granting united was allowed to add some more of those planes wanted to protect their main jobs. The idea if you have to start furloughing nine pilots. We don't want you to do it at the expense of having larger regional jets. Wow so we got the five fifty C. J. Fifty because united quote unquote accidentally bought too. Many seventy six hundred and then was like oops we gotta come up with something to do with these old CR Jason. They came up with a different way to fly them. But now on top of that. They're faced with This potential of needing to furlough a bunch of pilots and all of the seventy six theaters. Basically lose Around half receipts and today Wolf investments and hunter key. Who's one of the big airline investor guys here on the earnings calls all the time and whatnot? They held their Transportation whatever seminar briefing day and four different airlines spoke including United's and someone asked about that and the united person on the call said that they were. They had begun to engineering work to plan for that. So if you look at the numbers all of the airlines expect significant layoffs and united has a hard number hard. Stop Line in the sand kind of situation of. They've got to do it if they go past that and they are now planning for that eventuality does. Does that mean though they can keep up the same amount of regional jet flying is that that they can keep the same number of those frames in the fleet but they have to damage them ending. Because there's a lot of flying across the country happening on seventy five right now for the United. I mean that's I mean that's kind of her. They're going to and three nineteen seven three. Gs they're using their smaller jets. So that's what that's why I was asking about that. Yeah the expectation. Is that the smaller jet thing. If they're forced or choose to him enforced is a relative term if they are either of socially guilted into or governmentally forced into doing block. Middle Seats. Which no-one from the airline perspective really wants but also understand that they have to get people to buy this each one way or another and so blocking the if for a couple of months to make that happen than they are going to do it? there are flying bigger planes to enough. We got him a hundred people who put seven three j but if now we gotta do a hundred people in the middle Blocked we have seven. Three ninety are kind of So also by the way I don't recommend trying to No block middle seat. Shame American Airlines on twitter because a journalist did that the other day and one of the twitter's one of Twenty Americanize spokespeople the guy. Our guys came back very quickly with these. Are The number of people that were on your flight. This is the number of seats. There were these are the number families that were together with four three and two people on. Espn are are. You sure it wasn't one of those in the middle seat back and there was great rejoicing in the from the don't try to twitter people nudity. Which I'm often want except for you know people I I mean. I saw that one guy that posted who's reporter talking about Middle Sheet. I mean we talked about a little bit. Put like United's Pablo Policy. The public policy was never that will guarantee the middle seat. And this guy's like oh. United said they were going to block mental. The United was purposefully very vague. About how they phrased it in an effort to make people think that's what was going to happen. So they had plausible deniability Pen legitimate deniability but plausibly. It didn't look right. That's a legal weight in PR loss. Yeah exactly exactly The two stories left Twenty a final assembly line has opened today the newest one in Alabama. Yeah it's open for business. It's opening today right. I mean it's like they're working now they are started. They've started assembly of new. I eight to twenty four jet blue expected to be delivered at the end of this year. Very cool very clean. It'll be a hundred They're only going to get the three hundred Obama's at least for now I'm with jetblue and Delta taking them I feel like I feel like the twenty now something that the United American seriously. Looking at gas no need for discussion that's me brain farting and a little story hear to tickle phases fancy Qatar Airways and American Airlines. Their coaching agreement is restarting. Fos just to get you a little happy little excited. Maybe Cute Qatar Nice Service. But I don't fly them that often. I'm not like the Producer only putting placing cutter Cutter Airways codes on American Airlines domestic rate. That's the base. Got To go the other direction. Eventually eventually The the interesting thing sort of amusing thing. I think Jason Rabinowitz pointed out when he was talking about this this morning. eventually is going to be on over a thousand daily domestic flights at all at ten of Qatar Airways US gateways but the first tranche of them That went on sale couple days ago over the weekend. is through Chicago into Alice covering two hundred destinations across the US including Miami and Houston and Atlanta all of which are Qatar Airways destinations. It's so it's a little weird the way the phrasing that I don't know why they picked those cities to highlight in the release And if that's supposed to make us wonder if those are coming back on guitar what was Qatar. Airways metal in your future would imagine Atlanta was had been a pretty weak market But they were doing just keep Delta pissed off so I don't know if it will come back or not a Houston. I can see coming back. I thought they had said something about Houston but I have to find it I mean they they do pretty good business in Houston so I can. Totally see are find something. Larger than the three fifty just say they. The largest aircraft going into Atlanta showed up at the three eighty like for the first flight and Delta. I don't remember how what the exact details wherever they quote unquote accidentally. Didn't release the gate that tires into when there's not many iterative allegation these hard stan per month but you know now that the deltas. Getting rid of the triple seven. So it's not that hard to send a bigger player. They only two hundred. The three five nine was always bigger. Wasn't it three five hundred minutes or less Capanna triple seven two hundred? It depends configuration. So do you think. Do you see see some interest. See some interesting stuff in. The cities announced Minneapolis. Saint Paul Seattle San Francisco so doesn't have a flight to San Francisco. Door is that only Emirates and I don't think cutter did could this be pointing for competitor. Hobbs I was I was wondering if maybe this like future service like Seattle. Now I think it really was just ended up okay. It's probably more focused on where the Indian Traffic is that you makes makes sense. I used to allow his numbers is three hundred sixty two three fifty compared to date on the two hundred. Er or to ninety one on the. Yeah the seven seven. Wt three hundred gets more seating on it but the two hundred mass much. Oh isn't to be talked about Delta. Getting rid of this triple seven last week. I think we did. Do you guys think that anyone else will by the Lars. That's the ones I was thinking about. What market do you really need for the alarm? Now that you have the seven eight nine and the instrum bringing epic or or any which way or airline tends to lean but I think it was always a relatively niche product and there's other options other young planes only ten years old. Might my thought was cardioversion. Okay yeah mix. I think it's a showcase it depends. I mean I'm sure someone will take them up with cheap but I will say I was amused. Just thinking about you guys remember when we were talking about seven million dollar sevens that Delta was going to buy cheap because they wanted to go there fleet yes cheap and easy. Just throw comfortable downs in. It's no big deal. And they bought one is a shell for spare parts but Yeah without engines on it. I think Anyway I just that they did that made such a big deal at Adenauer. Retiring the types interesting to me. Maybe the by them from themselves the best I heard was trying to arrange a swap. Where united would take the triple. Seven's spry ers because match the existing fleet crystals Are The g the only come with G. One fish tanks dense somehow do a swap. Where united would take those and Delta would get the seven six fours 'cause Delta's definitely keeping stems explores around for a little longer but Because those are also relatively on seven seven's but I don't see that making much sense one way or another I could see Delta wanting those seven six four though so united might make a little money at all this. I think most of those released. Oh darn try but it gets united out of its lease obligation. Yeah Yeah I think that's a show. What do you guys think solid our solid our of rambling okay? to our listeners. You can find us on twitter at dots lines like all today. We we reference twitter quite a bit so we was out there. You can send us an e mail you can leave us Patriot on and will probably included in the show until Eckstein happy travels ticker plane-spotters says the sentence exposure. Not Least Bananas had the tropics. Everybody I thought they were but I could be wrong. Because I remember ton those were wells Fargo find the stop raided only seven seven six threes. In right now more. You're just there's only seven active hold. They brought it to back. Fifty seven dollars total.

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