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"east woodward" Discussed on Daily Detroit

"It's thursday august fifth. Twenty twenty one sharing what to know and where to go in metro-detroit from east woodward i'm dare stays and also from east of woodward across the table from you it's devon o'reilly man how are you doing. I'm doing great share. It's so good to be in the studio right. It's kind of crazy after cheese. It's been how many months sixteen plus since we've seen each other like recording in person since we've cut a podcast together in person. Yes it's been that long which is crazy but this is quite the space for the reunion. i know people have been following on social media. Jeered done an incredible job with the studio. Space is amazing in here. What's one of your favorite spots the couches. I mean the hudson's couch right. That's i mean that's that's just such a great piece of history. I'm i'm a sucker for anything historical. And then you've got the beautiful crust of daily detroit right above it. That's why we talk about instagram spots right behind. You is instagram central right there. So i'm gonna take up when we're done here. I'm going to take a picture behind that posted on instagram. What is it called like a selfie station. What do the kids call it. I mean i just thought it looked pretty selfie station. But when i was doing my wedding we even talked about instagram -able spots or instagram -able moments and they that's what people think about when they do events. Now you know what's been doing. Really well i hear. Is the selfie museum in downtown ferndale. I have heard of that. I i have not indulged. I'm a bit old to be doing. Selfie museums I'll leave that to the to the younger kids. The jen's ears but Sounds interesting well. This first story devon you know. We don't love to talk about it but we need to. Kovic is rising locally again. Kovac now shows that wayne. Oakland and mccomb counties are seeing increasing cases metro regions positive test rate is now five percent mccombs. Nearly now six percent as far as cases per one hundred thousand people. Oakland has nine mccomb. Eight point seven and wayne eight four context. Ten cases per one hundred thousand is considered rather high in fact. The entire state of michigan has been put into kind of the advisory zone now by a couple of different places unvaccinated. People are what are starting to fill up hospitals nationally. And if these trends continue we'll see a similar problem here again especially with the low vaccination rates in some.

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