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Unraveling r/VXjunkies: A satiric parody like never before

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Unraveling r/VXjunkies: A satiric parody like never before

"Hello Planet Earth and. Welcome to the red disrespected Akeso. Today we are going to talk about one of the most peculiar awesome Brennan's the peak might interest are slash. VX Junkies so the name of their a page or rather the pedal of their some Brennan when you open it. It's called science made Delta over the past day. It's honesty captivated me when it was linked in a post in believe he F- about a solid drive made of sardines. That is a whole other story on its own. So we enter into the sub reddit and bone burdened with something that seems to be techno babble but what are they even talking about. Is it a real thing and we hate to show you that. There are multiple explanations over at it so I we have tread on out of the blue asking about it. Which got an answer? That it's a big injury. Stemming from a SCI FI parody script by bud hugger called called turbo an Cabbie later which aims to parody nonsense math and physics that comes up in every sci fi film. It was applauded by Dave Rhonda on Youtube with one point. Five million views. According to the video description haggard used to be in the reiter for Pekka edible in sci fi in the late seventies and he often wouldn't understand the scripts given to him by directors. So he wrote a parody script in recorded a video seemingly talking about something conflicts except that the diagram individual is an old car transmission. Don't highly doubt this explanation. As the reference seems rather obscure like who what are the odds that someone is read it in has also watched that certain vigil from the late seventies even if it was for uploaded onto youtube onto the second explanation in a trend in E. L. I.. Five which means explain like I'm five. Were people ask for simple explanations for complex things. The banana king committed seven years ago. It's a joke. Someone posted a troll. Ultra once on ask granite announcing that they nearly broken the world record for Techno Babble with their techno the Bible in the number of other editors got the joke offering apparently fictional advice tips stories in rants about about their own experiences with techno babble a lot of people slightly slower on the uptake got massively confused in abandoned explanations which they got invest extremely technical in utterly fictional. VPO with several major arguments breaking out concerning the best way to to techno babble. It's just sort of took off from there into its own submitted it another comment by less. CRT In the same tread says looks like fictions lesch setter in similar vein to the SAP foundation people. Creating fictional works around shared seem seem leading to a print the awesome collaborative project and honestly. This is a very plausible explanation that I have not found the escort at dread because million Degussa ESTA comments. Show is like years ago probably got archive somewhere so much best buy is just these comments. Believable that's how many new Brad. Let's start on Reddit anyways because and run if anyone can create their own community and so any there'll be any up shoot communities from random reasons sins and it's always really funny to see how each subordinate gets bored. I've witnessed a few birth of red. But none of the relief flourished swell so do they even cow but anyway this is the more believable. Wants although there's even another explanation again. Expounded on by Lizzie Artie. Were in this case. It's a mechanism of intentionally vogue purpose. The people can pitch them sensible but domestically medically consistent questions in ends four. Though I actually this is an expansion of his comparison with the foundation and now that we got a serious Sirius satellite explanations. Let's go to this joke. One committed by teaming twenty tree in the vehicle junkies so Brennan he says the SEWRI. There have been a lot of trolls recently. Ed recommend you check out the sticky posts to get some basic information about the X.. To answer your question. Yes the axis of real traveling industry in both commercial. Industrial sectors ended his Old damaged credit in her mind acknowledgee. Unfortunately a lot of people have been making birds. Don't make sense in an effort to show off new a user's hope you stick around awhile and learn more about our happy slash career slash bashing smelly fees. He also says that he that the presidential feel free to ask questions. Let the happy to help other users are as well known as the snake. A look at some of the weird posts. It's on the sub certain it was reversed. Okay now let s take a look at some of the weird posts on the sub a notable one when you saw my heart is Gordon. Freeman's teases the observation of instant petoskey Rosen entitlement on super quantum winsome structures but election troop non-linear turns uranium nick crystal AF- extremely long wavelengths e. l. w. pulse else for mold locks source airy guys. Tell me if you understood any of that I know added. Here's some more intense insulin. Nothing's ruins a good Thursday night of working on the rig like hyper zero dicing. Some platonic nanotubes. IZAAC was one point. Five Live race attempting to power seven and the sub translucent x y graph it spits out and some looking like this. There was like a picture. Picture of ADS would look like Lawrence Collider. It's like a chaos theory thing in mathematics. It does not make sense for your guards in this context. Nothing Sucks Martin Manually. Liberating the flu. Blahnik nanotubes up to try Yoni Carmody am I right. Are you know one if any donate the ninety. Okay so okay what is our main takeaway from all of these investigation that they've been doing for like holy for me. My takeaway was that this is a Weird Station of satire culture plus Parodying of the mainstream thing which is Techno babble in Saifi and in even in other genres I see Tekla bobble Even a different one called Magic Bible though that's different kind kind of thing where they make rules of magic and all that and so. This is a message station of Parody Saffir in a way that in a wait up you've never seen before it's like a skeleton sub read it. It's like these people just go into some Knowing immediately would joke s this and then they expound on it even arguing about it like. I've seen posing that suburb. Where people are arguing about supersonic waves or whatever and and it can get intense even if the joke? It's easily the most intense joke I've ever seen. It's it's beyond beyond a simple joke and it's more into satire that is stemming from certain cultural things that we see like techno babble in TV shows and movies and honestly this is a public thing. I kinda feel anyway. 'cause I studied mathematics and so if so techno babble for me something it makes makes no sense like At a hope I hope everyone watching this has seen endgame. Because I'm about to say spoiler if not you can skip right ahead head to the end but if you did not skip. The one I'm talking about is the Tony Stark talking about agin. Victors and August Strips with respect to time travel as weird as a shade will strip is. It's a simple shave can get by twisting twisting a strip of vapor one hundred eighty degrees in Egan Victor simply away to multiply a matrix vector without stretch without up repatriation. Like the victories stretches. So the the angle between the vector in the X axis stasis ain't a whole by those Junkies right now. But you know what I mean. This is undergraduates. This but you can google for yourself that egging vectors are the team were. The vector is like the same direction but a different magnitude. That's literally all it is. It has nothing to do with time travel so do anyone with remote look knowledge of that which is a bunch of people from Earth Physics Engineering. I can think of others as maybe some doctors and the thing is it's it sells Swedish. Who Excellent simply parodying? This sort of thing that just allowed to fair honestly. It's much better to make words or other Use concepts of connections to it like general relativity that has more to do with time travel than Atkins vectors. So let's that's pretty much it for a mini movie critics. Well I mean so. That's been shared for this day and the I hope I see you tomorrow again. Does we have some more fun to talk about every day in the schedule of daily upholding the only really change. If if there's something in my lifetime busy and I'll always be dating on twitter. It's their editor underscored. TWIT HE W T you can go check it out in a way for updates there. If I haven't posted in more than two days that just means I might be busy with school school or when certain personal life things so I hope you I hope you let me take my time in that because inevitable it will happen though. I hope it won't immediately happen like help. It's just GONNA happen like months down the line so I hope you continue listening and cadenas supporting Five stars Pod chaser everyone we pudge aether and and also shared the spotify linked to people and and my anchor enough of of of the same name so please support me. Thank you everyone goodbye.

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