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Zodiac Killer Revealed?

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Zodiac Killer Revealed?

"Took what's up what's up. Hey Everybody Hey. Welcome to the new senator silhouettes featuring types out tasha pierce and we're GonNa talk off things crime and conspiracy related. Yes I rebranded. The show changed the name of the whole thing. Just took the whole goddamn thing off to back home way because I kind of had the cuff zone under to crime by the book I was feeling like I was being deceptive because I did want to talk about books but then I realized I WanNa talk about everything else too. I also WANNA apologize for my absence. I have been absent because I was sick as a dog and can't prefer certain say that it was corona virus. Because you know here in the United States if we don't test it that means they didn't have it right well. I wasn't allowed to get the test because my symptoms were not The most severe but what I did feel like is I had one of the worst flus ever a lot of coughing. A lot of body aches a lot a lot a lot of fatigue so I slept for days. But I'm I'm back. I might not be one hundred percent because I still have like a lingering cough but I'm I'm well enough to come here and share a story in the story. This week is the most dangerous game. Yes yes yes was Karen I have finally gotten to the book slash Docu series. That you and I have been talking about for at least a month speaking of Ms Karen. I'd like to thank her and a few other people for checking in on me while I was sick. We're going to start it off with Sharon. H thank you so much for your review. Share IN H NARES. Rene g thank you. So much for your review lender who is? She's been with me so we got Linda Karen. Sarah those are my faithful fuel and you can be a part of the faithful few too because you know they make themselves very known they are supporting now sinister silhouettes and then there's one de Niro Jay. I'll see you lurking girl. Come out of the shadows so with that might think you own minute. Theme Song Manute theme song is by my Kid Queen Bee and it's a breezy. Beat so thank you so much to my son for providing me a new intro music and with that being said let's get into the most dangerous animal of all Earl van best. Junior was twenty seven years old when he met Judy Chandler. Thirteen at the time. It was October nineteen sixty one and they were in front of an ice cream shop in San Francisco. Now he became fixated on the team but Van. Bass knew he was far too old to be trying to court. Judy worse she had a less than ideal. Home Life Her father was said to be abusive which made her a prime target for a guy who knew how to say all the right things van best dead continue his pursuit and the two began sneaking the C one another for months the couple however was soon found out and the whole city was disturbed to know a pedophile operating in grooming. Young girls in their area with that revelation. Van Best In. Judy ran away together and eventually eloped in Reno Nevada now. This illicit relationship was tabloid news in the sixties in July of nineteen sixty. Two van best ended up behind bars. For statutory rate the marriage was annulled in Chandler was sent to a juvenile facility in February of nineteen sixty two true perversion prevailed in Van Best Gut Chandler to run off with him again this time to Mexico while they're chandler became pregnant in van best began to show his true colors. He was having problems holding down a job because he's a piece of shit so according to Judy. He asked her to turn tricks while she was pregnant. Before the baby was born the couple continued to elude the law. They made stops in California and finally settled in Louisiana for a while. Judy was all alone when she gave birth to. Earl van Doren best junior on February twelfth nineteen sixty three when she was just fifteen years. Old Van Best was not going to win father of the year when the baby was born in fact he would routinely lock the crying child in a footlocker. That just sounds absurd because at some point this motherfucker gotta go to sleep right. He would've wanted to sleep. He'd been wearing footlocker upside his head in me and the baby would have been gone. But that's me. Jody did everything she could to protect her son and she considered leaving van best because of his complete this interest in the baby and his constant abuse of her. She got in contact with her mother. Who allegedly told her that she could come home but the baby couldn't come with her. Their son was one month old. When van best announced that the baby had to go he grabbed the baby jumped on a train from New Orleans to Baton Rouge Jr and around eleven thirty. Am Van Best. Found himself at seven thirty six north boulevard where he entered the building with the baby in came out without him. Baby van best had been abandoned in spear will of a building by his father. He was found by a woman about five hours later. Help on finding out van best really did get rid of her baby. Judy film the strength to leave. The pedophile caught the authorities on judy and see was promptly arrested. Of course she had dirt on him as well so he ended up back in slammer also now. The whole saga was con constantly. Reported on by San Francisco Media Most giving lead by Paul Avery at the San Francisco. Chronicle poor baby was adopted into a very loving family. Lloyd in Leona Stewart remained infant Gary Stewart and treated him as their own but their son still wanted to know who he was in where he came from the ice cream. Romance as this was dubbed could be a true crime episode all by itself but today it serves as a prelude to a possible conspiracy to cover up the identity of one of the most notorious serial killers of all time in his quest to find his birth mother. Gary Stewart believes he stumbled upon the name of the Zodiac now Zodiac killer has been covered extensively in episodes of well-known podcast on documentaries and even on the big screen most recently in two thousand seven's Zodiac which starred Robert Downey junior mark. Ruffalo N Shake Jilin Hall. Now I'll eventually tell the entire story of the murders committed by Zodiac in another episode. Because today I want to give my full attention to Gary Stewart in his journey after years of both of them searching Gary and his birth mother found one a mother she was. Judy Guilford formerly Chandler. As one could imagine Gary had many questions for his birth mother but it seemed like she couldn't give him all the answers he had hoped for. He did find out this. She never meant to give him up now. That may have been somewhat of a relief or Gary. Finding out that his mother did love him in when he heard what his father had done. He initially had no desire to find out where he was in time. However curiosity and that incomplete feeling washed over him again he wanted to meet the man who abandoned him all. Those years ago he felt a need to clear the air now. Judy was a big help to gear. Because she had connections in law enforcement her second husband. Rotate Gilford was a cop in San Francisco before his death in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight through her connections with the police. Gary was provided with his father's name date of birth and social security number. Now according to Gerry after getting that information the police became hesitant. Give him any other leads. Pertaining to Earl Van Best Gary had enough info to discover that he had siblings on father's side of the family who lived in Austria when he reached out to them. They politely declined to provide any details about dear old dad except that he abandoned their family years ago. Now after that rejection Gary decided he would call off. Its search one day while watching TV Gary in his son. Zack were floored by what they saw. On cold case files a police sketch of the Zodiac killer from nineteen sixty nine with on the screen Zach remarked that this guy bore a striking resemblance to Gary Carey. Thought he looked like someone else entirely. He went with folder of research on his birth. Father then took out a photo and could not believe his is. He was looking at a face from that era. That matched the sketch. From that moment on Gerry dug up everything he could on the Zodiac. He claimed that he had proof that van. Best movements. In the late sixties early seventies lined up with the murderers perfectly. He said he could trace his father's involvement with Anton. Levay hit of the Church of Satan. Which I don't understand how that ties into this but also Charles Manson and he also had proof that Earl van best father was a code breaker who exercised his sons brain by challenging him to solve cryptograms. Now it was well known that the Zodiac like to use ciphers encrypt does to taunt the police and Public Kerry also claimed that. Earl van best name was hidden in one of those ciphers van. Best had a grudge against Paul Avery. From the San Francisco Chronicle for his embarrassing coverage of the Ice Cream Romance Avery turned out to be the only journalist receive a personal threat from the Zodiac. Gary also dug up judy in earls marriage certificate. He found a handwriting analyst who ascertained the writing on that certificate matched the handwriting of Zodiac at Gerry also submitted a DNA sample that he says indicates he shares genetic markers with DNA from a stamp that was used on a letter sent to newspapers by the Zodiac. There were more claims made by steward. This seem to point to the fact that Zodiac was indeed Kerry's biological Father Earl van best so if Gary has all this circumstantial evidence that points directly to his father. Why would the police not consider his research to close this ice cold case? Gary submits that the San Francisco police in clear including Judy Gilford's deceased husband rotator bungled the investigation. They had allegedly interviewed van. Best and Guilford noted that he was the pedophile who had kidnapped abuse and impregnated his now wife for some reason the case was botched in buried. Because of this now if this was true not only had Gary Unmasked Zodiac but he also stumbled upon one of the biggest cover ups ever. The police may have ignored gears. Findings but Susan Mustapha. A true crime. Author found them to be intriguing. She and Gary Poured over all his research and before. You know it. She was set to co author. A book with him. This story was sure to make shit load of money because everyone who was about this true crime life wants to know the identity of the Zodiac of course armchair detectives around the country. Were all pissed off because every good whip web sleuth has their own theory about the Zodiac. So the community mostly dismissed. Gary's claim because it didn't line up with their own speculations. I myself would be thrilled to know who this fucker is. Just like I was when the world found out that Joseph di Angelo is allegedly the golden state killer. And I can't wait till that bastard pleads guilty so acura moved that lately. But I digress. What happened after the book was published in Two Thousand Fourteen Duh? It became a New York Times bestseller. That's all and it has a rating of four point. One out of five on Amazon's reviews and just like the true crime community in general. The reviews were pretty divide. A user named Toubro to shop. Wrote five out of five stars will done. I could not put this book down the whole story so well written in put together. I am completely convinced that Earl van Best Junior Zodiac killer. I did not think that I would be so thoroughly convinced. I am really surprised that so many people are being critical are being critical about the lack of evidence back in the day and even now without DNA. Many cases are one. If you have enough convincing circumstantial evidence nowadays most of us prefer DNA or both but honestly just comparing his picture to the sketch and taking into account the unique scar on his finger which matched a fingerprint left behind from one of the Zodiac crime scenes was huge. Now the very very next review was from Chardonnay mcdaniels and it read one out of five stars. Where the facts? Highly questionable claims. It lacks significant evidence. All the victims look like mom. I don't see it fan. Best Junior photo in the sodium sketch. Many people could have been seen as being reported bearing a resemblance to sketch. Perhaps there is something to handwriting but too small of a sample of Earl van best juniors writings in my opinion to give so much potential of a match even from a professional lastly no DNA test. That's like in caps known. Dna tests and the ciphers seems that many people have found various names with no definitive answers with confidence so despite varying opinions the book was a huge success and earlier this year fx in. Hulu teamed up to give us a four part Docu series that takes a deep dive into the life of Gary Stewart. Who is an adoptee who needed to find himself? And the research he'd be it that apparently uncovered Zodiac it was directed by Academy Award nominee Keith. Davidson and Ross. Diner Stein. And of course they were very committed to shutting positive light on Gary but also to explaining the truth so we met law enforcement. Officers are the handwriting analyst. Susan Moustapha Judy Gilford who is now estranged from her biological son after. He wrote that book without giving her a heads up and so many more people who Gary says substantiate his story the series was well done and I found myself wondering if this was it had the Soda Yak Finally Been Name Sadly it appears he has not the documentary fairly laid out Gary's evidence and told his story of searching for his identity and it shed light on the struggles of many adoptees who have little to no knowledge of who they are made me. Scratch my head and ponder whether there was a conspiracy to keep Zodiacs identity a secret. It made me look forward to the final episode. Aptly titled The truth. We learned Gary Stewart was an unreliable narrator and it finally revealed enough truth to make me doubt not only Gary Story but his motivation. It seems that Gary saw that sketch on cold case files and immediately became married to the idea that his dad was a serial killer. Now all the evidence he found was carefully manipulated to his narrative. Yes Earl van. Best resembled the sketch but real talk half of the white guys. In his documentary resembled the sketch certificate was filled out by the judge presiding over his parents marriage not by van best. The handwriting analyst who definitively said certificate was filled out by the Zodiac was debunked by his own peers the DNA Gerry submitted was never matched against the known sample of the Zodiac. All of the evidence that placed van best in areas that Zodiac was known to be in was stretched by geary to fit times and Dates Susan Moustapha and Gary turned on one another each blaming the other for failing to check and double check the facts surrounding the case. Gary accused his biological mom of selectively forgetting details of her life van best. And if she did. Could you blame her? I mean she was a real victim of Van. Best also final episode was Real Shit. Show thus I spent four hours watching this show and the only thing I'm sure of is that Gary Stewart was obsessed with the thought that Earl van best less Zodiac killer. An obsession is one of those things that lets you. See what you want to see. Gerry needed his biological father to be a monster. It would explain why he took him to seven thirty six North Boulevard in left him in a stairwell. It would explain why he never looked for him. It would validate his worth if the person who threw him away was a fucking murderer but even if van best is not the Zodiac. He was a terrible person. If this only crimes were against Judy and Gary that qualifies him as a Shitty individual and city individuals deserve shitty endings. Earl van best got his. He died in Nineteen ninety-four choking on his own vomit in a bar in Mexico City. And that's according to Stewart. Of course he was buried in an unmarked grave where Gary and his sons were. The first visitors shit happens to Shitty people. That's it that's all the most dangerous animal is finally in the books. So what do you think of Gary Story also who is your favorite Zodiac suspect. Let me know I'm still at? Tc BY TB on all the things including my blog at TC by TB dot com where you'll find sources and shit. There's also a little donate button in case you were so inclined and my email is still. Tc BY TB Edgy. Mail DOT COM. If you like to catch up with me that way. I can't wait to Holler at you know next week until then stay out of the shadows piece.

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