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"earl thority" Discussed on Shutdown Fullcast

"Anyway, we each of us is is the boss of one other and the reports to one other an no one can ever know in a managerial aura Boris. It's I think it's important that we start the off season by recognize greatness as it passed. And that would be a in a tweet from at E Wilkin twenty-five, Ethan nickname, Ethan unquote, Wilkinson, it's catchy nickname. Ethan. You sound handsome, Ethan. He is he is he comes from good stock outta we know. Well. The tweet says so just found out. My wife's best friends Granddad. A lifelong diehard LSU fan watched Alabama lose Monday closed his eyes and passed away at the age ninety eight. Wow. What a hate NASA legend. We stay a king. I like to I like to think that it is final moments. He was like, oh, man. Heavens gonna wanna hear about this or L either one. It would no matter. No matter which way, I'm going. I got news. Berlin was credit LSU grandpa. On the way out hit him with the at channel foot. Bama maginness. Maginness somebody did that. That's it like on the way out on the way out the door. Just looking at everybody. Go and bliss miles. You're cool and over on your cool. Hey, Mike Shula. You're cool. Nick sabin. Fuck. You. Yeah. What what a God. What a titan of man that. He even even when they were up nearly thirty seven sixteen said, no, no, no. This is like the end of the crucible. But with Dan Moore. He did it and he lived in ninety eight man that was the last thing he saw was forty four sixteen. Go Tigers in either case. He knew that dab owes closest friends would all wanna hear about. I mean the disciples herbs. Also, also, Billy blanks. Yeah. Got to talk to my friend Bill downing Thomas was like, okay. I know I have a rent, but did you say forty four. Yeah. I'm sorry. Billy mays. I'm pretty sure Billy blanks. If not RIP Billy blanks who is the John base down the other one who is rumored to be dead when the internet was capable of spreading malicious rumors, but not giving you a clean way to debunk them. If you wanted to. Yeah. Fortunately times. Fortunately, we've solved now we just have total information and in misinformation at the same time. It's great. And that means it's good because balance. That's I mean, really like if that's the last thing you see on the way out, you know, like if the cheese at bowl had been the last football game I'd ever watched. Okay. Like Ryan, remember when your daughter was born. And there was that period of time when we would just amuse ourselves by counting all the things that hadn't happened yet. In her world football is like how her parents haven't been alive for George national title. Yeah. That was that was mostly the one that I was thinking about only I thought we promised not to talk about Georgia anymore. I sure didn't sign anything. I really wanted to pay proper specs to this man by doing what I want my family. Earl you know, I can go like an Earl. Yeah. You know as a ranking Earl thority, we will happily claim I'll fair. Yes. Yeah. I mean, I'm thinking policies. Don't know. I'm merely co-signing. I had forgotten. Yeah. So, you know, I'll just say Earl Valentine showed row, whatever your name actually was. That's a good one. Yeah. It seems likely that this is the name that has all LSU fans. And I think a number of college football fans, including myself want next should be played at your funeral. Like like, I was born like full version of neck. You could do you know, you could if you're from Louisiana. I think you go full black the right FOX injury version of neck..

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