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"earl sir dave fukumoto" Discussed on No Agenda

"The no agenda meet UPS. They're like a potty quickey from the there was a more or less an IMPROMPTU TOKYO. Meet up which was held recently a on the twelfth in Tokyo several members of note is by the way from Sir j d Barron of Silicon Valley several members of the knowledge in the nation in peerage gathered in Tokyo on the evening of February twelfth. Twenty twenty the knights and dames in attendance include Sir Mark Dame astronaut the Duke and Duchess of Japan. Sir Three D. Night of Osaka and yours truly the baron of Silicon Valley. The assembled shared rounds of in the morning. And thank you for your courage as well as tasty cocktails and snacks at Dame Astra Answer Marks Amazing Complex Books Art and hip kids in Tokyo. Yes They built this This inc forget what it's called the T. site. I think anyway they. They showed them all. The secrets is a shoot. It's like a library as a meeting. Place A place to get food all in one very successful format. They've made our Damon a day masterton. Cermark showed the secret How you can get to the secret sake bar by pulling apart you know pulling aside. Chinese screen There will be an extensive review of no agenda meet UPS DOT COM and. I'm glad that this all worked out because it was kind of a last minute thing he said. Gm in Tokyo getting in touch with the mark. Aston worked out fantastic. So I'm very happy about that. Thank you for the report. And now we go to our earl Sir Dave Fukumoto who did his Meet up in Manama Bahrain. The Sir David Earl of America's Arlene Saudi Arabia Sherlock Holmes pub in Bahrain for the most marvelous Middle East in Mama. Unfortunately I sit here alone and didn't have any takers today. But it's been fun meantime just kind of hanging out with the heads of John and Adam. Great Conversation was always. It's almost like they're right here with me anyway. Hope both things are well and the rest of the world other meet ups and before to try and this again at some other location in the and no agenda meet ups are so cool even if no one comes there fun thank you. Thank you earl Dave for that report Of course he was probably still high from seeing the Yanni concert so he's probably just so as a buzz so was buzz. Here's an overview of some of the meet UPS. You may want to attend if there's one near you actually. There's one happening today in south. Minneapolis Dr Hammer then. Brewery tap room. Monday Fort Lauderdale. That'll be Rocco's tavern look for the guy in the Spice Force T. Shirt Thursday Kitchener Ontario. Local forty two thirty three meet up in kitchener at Moose Winooski Chris W organizing for you Thursday the twentieth MAG notice this coming. Thursday Magnolia Texas local six six seven Houston's comfort craft brews at the lone pine brewery in downtown Magnolia Texas Joe Organizing then we have the Delray Beach Florida. Meet six o'clock on Friday the twenty first I will be there. Tina the key will be there. It's at the salt water brewery There'll be many people many organizers. I think Crystalline David. Cope are the ones that ultimately are managing the no agenda meet UPS entry. Thank you for that brand new for Saturday back home here almost San Antonio at the Flyer saucer on Hubner Road Andrew White organizing that five thirty on Saturday the snow agenda band. I've skied there. Actually Banff meet on the slopes for the snow agenda details on the website. Josh Cox and also on Saturday Albuquerque. New Mexico Oh that's Jeff Tow hick who has been a supporter of the show. I believe he's a a Sir and he just recovered from a motorcycle accident and so he's back on the stick so to speak. I've known the guy for a think. Eight years since I've known him to motorcycle accidents. It's messed him up. So go check. Came out and say hi at the sidetrack brewery Saturday in Albuquerque New Mexico Springfield Missouri. Two o'clock the first Springfield Missouri. Meet up at Lindbergh's tavern Kayla brinkman organizing that for you on Saturday also on the twenty second Durham North Carolina Meet at the Brier creek beer garden in Raleigh shrinking amid global. Leave more brain room for the thinking. Stuff is their slogan. Jesus Saturday's huge LAX flight. Double O two of the no agenda that will be in. Lax area at the proud bird on aviation boulevard. This is fantastic. Missoula Montana local four zero six also on Saturday their second meet up Christopher Roemer organizing for you circus media and on Saturday as well Three Mile Island EVAC zone zone meet up. It's the South Central Pennsylvania Hillside Cafe and Goldsboro Pennsylvania near the three mile. Item Mat Weavers organizing that. And thank you very much for all the work that everyone is doing. If you want more details go to no agenda meet UPS DOT com if you don't see anything near you here's a crazy thought. Why don't you go ahead and set one up for yourself? They're great they're like.

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