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"earl glaspie" Discussed on Giants Splash

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"earl glaspie" Discussed on Giants Splash

"Hi It's Bruce Jacobs Chronicle Sports Department pinchitting here giants splash today I have the pleasure doing Mike Crew Co and Dwayne Kuyper about their thirty years together broadcast giants games talking about some of their favorite moments on the air awkward moment or two and. How they're destined to have perhaps the longest lasting partnership in major league broadcasting, history hope, you enjoy it. Guys, this has been a real test for everyone in baseball players, the media everybody, and you know for you guys you're sitting there and Oracle Park. There's nobody around there's not even a game goading is even there on your rug asking came out of San Diego and. You know I think people would agree that in watching the telecast it's almost like normal and there's not even some plexiglass between you. I mean, what? What's what's it been like? Well, it's it's different and you know the biggest thing is we have a constant dialogue going on during the game that you know something will happen. We can hit the costs which you just look at each other and we can talk you know and it. Kind of. feels. Good to be able to do that with your friend will now out he's a glass between us. And, I, I can't hear that. Great. So he'll go. He'll go. No idea what we say. I missed that little pattern that we have. So yeah, adjustment. We do obviously hear what we're saying with the headphones but those little moments between. In the broadcast where we could hit our costs, which we have the conversation I missed that. So it's it's it's not as good as normally as but it's still great. Plus. Plus Jinx Week. We get the. We get the banter in between innings you know where you know maybe. Bruce Votes you did something and we need to talk about it to figure out what the heck is going on or. We can't do it. We understand that this is the way it is. And we're making the absolute best of it and we can't wait to get to the park to do it. That's the bottom line. Is Difficult as might be it's not that difficult. We still can't wait to get to the park that's point now, you always really missing. Is the. Three or two hours. Before the game where we have so much fun whether it be in the Dugout in the clubhouse at dinner in the lunchroom. Doing our scorecards all that has changed, and that's that's the two or three hours that I missed the most. Yeah. No kidding. And I'm sure there are some moments where. The Games it's a road game somebody hits the ball down the line but the the the camera doesn't follow it. You don't know if it's fair. Afoul. And there's a weird gap there well I. This is not a secret. I'll bet I'd said. On the ground. Floor as telling near Yeah. All that is is just a way of waiting to see what's going to awful. On Road Games. When the should on the ground, you don't have any idea if it's GonNa go through or not. The balls hitting the air. You don't have really idea if that somebody you're out of the park. So on the ground in the air so that the best you're gonNA. Get. With the phillies they had up. Richie Ashburn Whitey Ashburn. And they had Harry counts and they were a great team. It's an example of how a play by play guy watches. The game as opposed to a color Alice. I watched the Monitor I don't watch the field. Watches the Field Harry Kallis washes field. There was a time in. In. Philadelphia where there was a foul ball that went back behind the screen up towards the boot and Richie Ashburn is sitting there staring at the Monitor. The ball hits of rate the chest. You never see. Eric Cal. Starts laughing at him. Hell as pissed because. Very callous awarding. Your bigly. Your favorite thought you were going to catch the. He was bad because he he didn't give awards well. When we're here tonight abolishing fouled up, I'll go for the monitor not trained myself for years. Well, look up just so I don't get. Richie Ashburn right? Yeah. Because he could come back in the booth and he tiny smoke it ahead. With the giants are on the road and we're sitting up in the booth. Will be watching now here at Oracle Park it's guard. Out, there. Hitting back behind hope play in Arizona here. Sam. Cisco going. Look over the walls. So it's weird. That's when you know you're at a pandemic season right there. That's pandemic. All the way Oh, my God. Let me go back as you grew up in Wisconsin during a golden era for the Milwaukee Braves and with Earl Gillespie at the Mike and I'm just wondering. About Thirteen when you know when they're blasting and everything. But what was the influence there was? What was it like Father Earl Gillespie? Look in those days there. I can't remember race game on TV I. Mean the only time to raise run TV is when they were playing the cubs. and. In those games televised wgn. SPN Blaine. Walsh. were. They were your attachment to the game. and. They were bigger to me than any of the any other players I mean Hank Aaron Eddie Mathews here didn't get any bigger than that but real glaspie. At style of his own and I never listened anybody else. So I didn't know if Glaspie was good I just knew that he was my guy you have you tell me what was happening in turned out that he was really good. And then my. The beauty of Earl Glaspie is win. Atlanta braves, stole. Braves from Milwaukee. Earl the job in Atlanta and he said. I'm. Not. going. So stock went way up when he said that. Lesson. Yeah. That was a crusher. So for you, Mike, it's you know stricken Vince Scali for God's Sakes and you're certainly not gonNA nobody's ever going to be him but as new listen to this guy. And then get older. Once, you take from the way Van did a game that you can use. Well then then never. had. An analyst, he was his own analyst He was the color commentator he was the. Play by play guy, he was two guys in one. But any taught me baseball and I and I. Loved Him for it and I thanked for it i. got the. Thank you for that, which is free special. And? Thank him. Every year is better back for that. But what he did, which was so cool and I try to incorporate it. In.

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