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"earl bennett" Discussed on Comeback Szn

"You know who's going to be a great match and quarterback this year dustin chrome and say he's very good he. He had remember that game. That i think can stay for who they played. There was only six. Mack games a share. Only four tuesdays. I think dustin crumbs team put up like seventy six on some random night and the last guy underrated which i just. I almost put this guy on air. Because he got injured last year he only played four even played me snaps at all but i can't believe he's still there. You realize max. Borghese still at washington state. Have i brought him up to episodes ago. Max bogey rushed for fourteen yards. Two years ago. Didn't play last year and he's still washington state's running back max. Bourgie i feel like as exists has existed in three different types of mine. Max is somebody that like had ten carries for ninety five yards last year. But max board is somebody that would have been on these last years. Like all american all and he didn't play and people have forgotten about him. You know he's there. Who do you think's gonna start at quarterback for lsu. I think it'll be the mississippi miles brennan. Do you think it'll be brad johnson skit. No i think it's i think miles brandon. We got on him a little bit too much at the beginning season then. He got injured but he was kind of. Turn it around a little bit. I mean he put up forty five against missouri. Lsu fans will not admit it but they wanted to blame the quarterback a they. They lost a mistake. Forty four thirty four. They scored forty five against missouri. Like they were scoring points. Lsu's defense was historically garbage last year. Remember when derek stanley was like the second coming of jesus. I don't know maybe it was just a weird season for him but he he missed a couple of games again and then he just was kind of average. But i'm sure he's still going to be high staffer. You guys rogers. He'll start at first okay. I think you'll probably get beat eventually. But but yeah so god. I'm just these magazines man. I love them so much underrated over the last twenty years. I'm gonna throw some names at you. And i want you to tell me if you think they were underrated. Now just you tower you all jordan mathews vanderbilt jordan. Happy is one of the all-time receivers in the i think. All time receptions leader in the the top to vanderbilt is earl bennett and jordan mathews. That's just crazy. He was incredible vanderbilt. Nobody ever talked about it. Because i think mike evans unrated am because it was johnny johnny johnny but mike evans best player on the team. Johnny was throwing up some balls during his time. That only would have been caught by mike evans. And maybe who. Jones or calvin johnson to two players at the same time in texas colleges that that almost won national titles. We don't talk about anymore but looking back it is crazy. How underrated bryce petty at baylor and trevan boykin at or they were legitimate. Were five six in the playoff. Tcu has arrived to this day. I know ohio state won national title. Tcu as gripe to this day it should have been in the almost forty two three in the ballgame driven boykin and bryce petty just in the middle of that decade dominant quarterbacks. And we don't talk about an all anymore. bryce yeah. Bryce petty ended up going to the jets and was not very good. So i kinda messes with my memory a little bit but those baylor. Tcu probably what was that year two thousand fourteen when they didn't get in. Yeah it was a shame. Neither of them got in. And then how about andre williams for underrated name boston college. This guy ran for twenty two hundred yards one year. He and then right after him came austin dillon's which kind like made us forget about hundred but he was someone that whenever he got the ball just looked like he was going to get not touchdown but fifteen yards kevin cobb university of houston case. Keenum come along and set a whole bunch of records. Houston after but kevin cop up ungodly numbers at houston. He did two thousand one hundred two thousand three. He was incredible and then he came in great rolls back up for the eagles. Here and there taj boyd. Clemson another jets quarterback. Because does shawn watson happened because trevor lawrence happened. We forget that the guy that started this whole quarterback ronan clemson and got him close to the national title. Level was ties boyd close. And he had the andrea hopkins sammy watkins head and martinez so he had he had all those players and but they had a great offense. I mean put numbers ties. Boy was fantastic. But we don't we talk about and quarterbacks you mentioned him ever and the last guy i think. This is the most underrated player of the last twenty years. And you as a non power. Five guys are just going to. Are you going to like this rookie team. Kato had marshall. You realize one hundred thirty one touchdowns which would when he left was four. All time he was there he realized he had the tenth most yards all time when he left college routine. Kato put up monster numbers. And nobody i. If i say we're keen kato to two standard non like super passionate football fans nominee people are gonna say. Oh yeah the guy from marshall. Another guy underrated toby gerhart very underrated stanford stanford has the most ever most ever second place finishes in heisman and five of them have happened the last fifteen years andrew twice twice dare heart-to-heart did price love. Yeah christian mccaffrey. Yeah have been second in the heisman so so so much and you think white stand for running backs you think christian mccaffrey. You don't think toby gerhart I'm just looking at some ties. Boyd's up there is dexter emma cluster. Doesn't get brought up. I know that's fine. We're not gonna bring up. Oh who was the backup running back on usc behind lingala lyndale white. Yeah i was running back. Reggie bush or better high highlight machine. But then they'll have more rushing yards their their sophomore seasons than reggie bush. Anyway the five best. Then we'll get to the tweet. The five best college football days of the summer. Are you ready. Yes number five. This might just be a day. I've always said this. But i don't think anybody else does it. It's called youtube day the day. I don't really have anything to do. i'm not busy. I'll just sit on the couch. Or i'll sit in my office at work and i will just fire up youtube videos off. Fire up dak prescott fire. Vince young highlights youtube day. Where i get myself ready for the season just watching every single college. Football highlight tape on youtube. Am i the only one that does that. Yeah no no those. It's not you can't be because those high videos millions and the moment where they're initially posted. No no the greatest things. You'll you'll sometimes look up a game from two thousand eleven. We'll have three hundred fifty nine three hundred.

trevor lawrence earl bennett calvin johnson Bryce petty shawn watson bryce petty ronan clemson toby gerhart jordan mathews last year Jones fourteen yards andrew twenty two hundred yards forty five derek stanley fifteen yards trevan boykin youtube two thousand