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"dylan perry" Discussed on Bob and Sheri

"The judge and the jury exactly who he is in the movies with any kind of trial scene. There is always that dramatic moment. Like i just discussed where one of the attorneys presents a witness or a piece of evidence. It completely changes the course of the trial. Knee the judge or the opposing turn attorney knew anything about it. That does not happen in real life. You have to have a deadline for discovery. You have to tell the opposing attorney what you're bringing up so they're never surprised. Completely after every lovemaking scene in the movie. There's no need to get up and go anywhere. it's just you. Just get on with your life without getting specific. That's not real life. A girl waking up with perfect hair and a faithful to perfectly done make. I'll care how pretty you are. That's probably not the situation at seven. Am do you remember at lot of famous women including tammy faye bakker did this but do you remember. We talked to someone. And i can't remember who it was. Who would get up in the morning. At like four o'clock put all of her makeup on and then slide quietly back into bed so that her husband just thought she woke up looking like that it was. It was somebody that i remember the story. It was somebody that works within the building and and and then she was one of the first people i knew to get tattooed. Permanent like eyeliner and lip liner yourself. A few minutes for exactly in the movies whenever anybody plays something back you know might be a tape recorder of video recording or whatever. They can always fast forward or rewind to exactly the point. They want with perfect. Accuracy it's just they hit it zooms for one second and then they find the pickup point. Just like that can i wears. I'm sorry going another thing that they do. Is they go. Can you separate that sound out. Oh yeah yeah right. Oh my i like to when they say when they say can you can use zoom in to that grainy photo and then those zoom in and you can see the perpetrators face and also like his phone number on his phone. Meanwhile you you could have a picture of your dog on your phone. Right now zoom. You can't see what's in the background of exactly right in the movies. There's always a bunch of high school students. But somehow they look like they were approaching thirty and yet you're asked to buy that one after another obviously greece's the perfect example of this. They remember them. There was a movie called porkies and they did like three of them but at the time they got to the third would some of the guys that had receding hairlines they look likely retirement age even beverly hills nine o. Two one which. I dearly dearly loved in the day and dylan perry luke luke perry's dylan mckay character. It's the rare high school junior. That has laugh lines. It just is. It's true that's very true. And finally in the movies there are guns with no recoil and the guy who shooting it one shot after another is not wearing hearing protection and yet he doesn't go death if you fire certain guns. They are very very loud. Well how about the the scene where the guy gets shot in the leg but he just he just keeps going keeps going in the leg with a with like a rubber band. It would stop me much less with a bullet. More news is next. And it's a special edition of morons in the news as we say goodbye to summer. Twenty twenty one we round up the top morons so far. Who's going to be the winners next. It's five in cherry. We've got him morons with bob and sheri. He's a moron. It's morons in the news at the so hard to pick a favorite moron of than in the news for summer. Two thousand twenty one. There's so many but we wanted to bring in fall with bag by saying goodbye to some of our favorite's like for example the woman who didn't have any training or dentistry license pulled a person. Poke someone's teeth thirteen of them. I remember that yes arrested. Or how about the guy in louisiana who stole a ring from his girlfriend pond it and use that money to buy her and engagement ring. Remember that guy more more. How about the woman who got her excess car. She was so mad that he dumped her that she sneaked in god. His keys took his car and ran. Forty nine red lights so that he would get all the tickets. That was fun right. That was my toy you know. I don't remember that when she ran. How many free forty nine. Or or. What about the florida man. Who came home from a doctor's appointment. I'm found a woman skinny dipping his pool in the backyard. He called the sheriff's office and she just wouldn't leave. It was hot and she was swimming. And you can just mind your own business and stop staring. That was a good one right. How about you before you go on before you go on the woman who did it with the forty nine traffic lights. That's probably a city that has cameras with the traffic lights. So she she was probably not pulled over even one time. She just timed it. So that the photograph would be taken her exes license plate. That's kind of evil genius. Actually and he just was bombarded with one after another from the or or is our favorite this elderly gentleman who had in his basement in his house a nazi era german tank in any aircraft gun and torpedo machine guns and multiple assault rifles. Plus boxes and boxes of ammo. Sure he's a good one. he's a good one. Or is that the lady that was using the gun. Laser targeting thing to play with her cat and accidentally shot her friend or is it anyway. What what was she doing. What was she was using the laser target site on a handgun as a cat toy and accidentally shot her friend. Oh that was a good one or or or is it the pilot in saskatchewan who landed his plane illegally so he could go get himself a dairy queen. That's a good one. Remember that. I had that one. Yeah but our favorite. Our favorite has to be this gentleman in south carolina and the reason that we picked. This is our favorite. Is the renault weapons involved. There were no drugs involved. There was no violence. Nobody got hurt. Deputies went into a house in a coney south carolina after they got a call from a woman who said i just saw my nephew go by on a horse and he definitely does not own a horse. You might want to look in on that. So the deputies. The deputies went to gary chase colpon junior's house and they tried to talk to him but he wouldn't open the door and they couldn't make out what he was saying. Then they call gary chase coble juniors daddy who owns the house and the dad said all gary cope with juniors not allowed in that house. He's not supposed to be there so the cops went in and they couldn't help but notice piles of four species all over the living room and it was that time at that time one deputy wrote in the report quote. I observed a full-sized quarterhorse standing in the middle of badger but worse was commonly hanging out in the bedroom. And just kind of looking around deputies took.

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