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"dylan michael mcdowell joey llegado" Discussed on The Final Lap

"Some guy named Ryan priests there at number eight what a race by the way to see him split that other crash that happen later in the race, man. I will I will give him that. It looked impressive. Yes. I mean just didn't live right through it. And I'm sure if you check his fires afterwards there had to be something in that thing. Kyle Larson in pretty much every wreck spun by himself and otherwise just a steaming pile of rubbish at the end of the race at forty two machine. He somehow finishes better than Jimmy. This seems to be his calling card, by the way. If you remember the wroval that car was destroyed in somehow he was able to barely end up ahead of Jimmy and the championship the hunt that year. So a lot of weird things. We does a lot of really magical things destroyed racecars kids. Listen up here. This these guys Jimmy Johnson. Kyle Larson are prime examples of why you never give up. No, definitely not you know, to that fact will also go further in the field. How about Korla joy he ended up eighteenth in this race Kerry? But he had trouble very early on cargo shared apart has a little fake face on the front of the car just got mangled and that team stuck with. They kept working on all day. Long seven laps down pretty much all day long. And they ended up with eighteenth place finish through attrition. So I mean, you don't give up. That's that's why you keep battling all the way through these things. All right. You got tied. Dylan Michael McDowell Joey llegado at number four who was kind of angry at his fellow Ford people for not helping him. Yeah. He's pulling the champion card real quick. I think really early. Yeah. He for them. The McDowell should be indebted doom forever. Michael McDowell said, no, I don't get paid to push you. Yeah. Paid to do whatever I can to win the race. And he saw that Joey had a destroyed race car himself and didn't think that was his best shot at twin? So I mean, you can't really blame down on that. Don't you know, who I am? The champion, man. It's right. You respect me. Eric Jones at number three. Let's hear from him. The car is still pretty good after the damage is really it looks really tore up. But it it went down the straightaway. Really good. So sport clips Camry was pretty quick all day. I think had we not had our issue and had a pit we we could have been right up there with Colin Denny for the remainder of the race hopefully without damage, but. Just got some big Ron's holes opened up and goes guys up there trying to fight for position. And as they were doing that. I was just kind of able to go where they weren't. And and had a big run each way and and get a few spots. So I probably wasn't gonna win. But just trying to maximize points at that point. How did air Jones ended up third carry don't know it just goes in line with his whole top ten. They just weird this. I mean he had fuel pressure issues early in the race illegally. He was going to go behind the wall. It was going to be over. I'm how they got that fixed. And he ends up third. Wow. Wow. Is a good word for this entire top ten except for Kyle Busch. He pretty much had a pristine race car up to. Yeah. And he went to the media center and actually talk for quite a while. I thought the racing day was pretty good. You know, like Joey said, I think having a fulfilled cars, obviously, just allowed the bottom to materialize and have enough strength down there to be able to keep some role in not everybody just being able to be so strong around the top. So. So you know, there was some good racing today. I thought the the two wide sometimes three wide actions. Sometimes the mixing it up guys get loose. And gets shuffled out was was pretty intense there and a few times, and I wouldn't say that much needs to be done. Maybe we just don't need to have racist with twenty cars on the track when he forty. All right. Kyle Busch there. Didn't stomp off though, he didn't. And he had every right to this point. He had this..

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