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"Remains a distinct possibility Russian defense minister reported today that some military units are leaving their positions near Ukraine That would be good But we have not yet verified that In fact sources tell ABC News that some troops including some with medical supplies are being put into firing positions close to the Ukrainian border The families of some of the victims of the sandy hook elementary mass shooting reached a landmark $73 million settlement with Remington which made the bushmaster semi-automatic rifle used to kill 6 educators and 21st graders including Dylan hockley it was designed to kill quickly and efficiently His mother Nicole says the rifle was not made for hunting or self defense A Tennessee woman has been charged with 18 counts of statutory rape and other offenses accused of having sexual encounters with males at a high school Daria Albin ABC News Stay connected stay informed with the northwest's only all news station northwest news radio good evening 6 31 I'm Rick Francis with at least a jaffe Here's what's happening King County metro bus drivers are frustrated with increasing drug use and harassment on area transit and now the agency is taking steps to address their concerns Kelly blyer reports For the last year 8000 community members have discussed how to make metro safer and more equitable These partners came up with suggestions on how to improve things Sean hawkes with King County metro says their new plan include several ideas One is a need for a more visible customer support and safety presence on our transit system Another is a timely security response if a dangerous system does develop They plan to hire 50 additional transit security officers to increase visibility on troublesome roots They also plan to work with metro transit police to address drinking illegal drug use and smoking on transit Kelly blyer northwest news radio 16 people now arrested for a copycat protest at the Pacific highway border crossing between BC and Washington Like those in Ontario these protesters didn't like vaccine and mask requirements so they set up a blockade on the Canadian side of the border I hope that the leads to the border had been blocked by some protesters Four people were arrested on Sunday and now 12 more constable sergeant sanga with the Royal Canadian mounted police says authorities have now set up checkpoints throughout the area and are inspecting any vehicle that even approaches Jeff pozole and northwest news radio The latest COVID-19 numbers are looking good in how much county but as John lobert ini reports it's a new masking mandate that has them uneasy Over the past month new cases fell by 80% from a high of 16,000 a week county executive Dave summers Our hospitals did get right on the edge of becoming overwhelmed but they death rate was not as high as previous waves They're still talk about more booster shots chief health officer doctor Chris spitter There's some concern about the feasibility of continuing to chase strains as opposed to ideally we develop a vaccine that induces an immunity that's independent of mutations But there are again uneasy because governor Jay inslee could soon release a timeline for lifting indoor masking requirements I think we might not quite be there but I have reason to believe that the governor is aware of that too So how much county has maintained its own masking requirements in the past doctor spitter says he'll side with the governor if it makes sense John libertini northwest news radio Northwest news time now 6 34 And let's find out how traffic is moving from the dubin law group traffic center We have Fulton What kind of data downtown Seattle and southbound fathers looking pretty good right now still seeing a bit of slowing as you're heading through the new castle area south on four O 5 from the cold creek Parkway to just about 44 We still have the right wing blocked in Seattle northbound 5 near olive way with this oversized load and broken trailer could be actually a couple of days before that lane is clear that's causing some slowing approaching from just about I 90 in Lakewood still watching a crash investigation that has south da come away closed in both directions between 96th street southwest and still become boulevard and in Sundar watch for crash Southbound highway one 67 at highway four ten the right lane is blocked That's causing a solid backup from.

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