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"dylan demento" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Long as we rejoin the play John Hayden in the right wing corner. Senators zone hit by maxim LaJoie, but rolls off the check last scored his first NHL points against the hawks in the season opener in Ottawa. Now. Gus takes a pass right point carries down to the right wing corner. Sets up Hayden right point fires a shot. And where is it? It's in the equipment of Craig Anderson with the Ottawa fooled by Marcus Krueger on the back door there. I was gonna say his body language. Hit the glass or something. But Marcus does that kind of taps his dick. It looks like he's fishing for a puck in behind there. You try and get the goaltender to think that the puck is not as a quick look around for. Maybe it's springs loose. It's a smart play by Marcus Krueger. He actually does that quite often when he's around the area. He's played in the NHL long enough to call that a veteran move. I would think at center ice in front of the venture Murphy, whacking at the puck hit the stick of Bobby Ryan banks up into the hawks bench and back into play. Craig a veteran goaltender. But he so he wasn't falling for it. Anderson thirty seven years of age. An injury. Which is the reason why he hasn't here in the last little while. It was a close to being the starter in this game tonight. Got to play. I'm sure the plan wasn't for him to get the start. She mentioned but good to see Craig Anderson back in Chicago area native. Here's Bobby Ryan rolling into the hawk zone to the top of the right circle. Fires array, Sean and Cam ward is down with a butterfly save. He'll hold the faceoff circle is left now eleven forty nine o'clock. No change in scores. Fancier, the United Center a little bored. What's going on here? The last little while going on your only one goal ROY look at it seven or how many goals in the first period. What was it nine goals? Nine goals at three in the second. Think the high for goals in a period between two teams. Pack inside the senators zone Christian. Gerald Scott's in the puck pushed it out the center ice Duchenne. He lost it from the penalty boxes doing Strom over the Senator line. Here's home from the right circle launches a shot over the net. Strom got it back along the left boards. Put it to the left point for Slater. Kuku practically it down the boards. Debrincat had to pick it up and carry to the corner the GOP now by Ryan Ryan Zingel over the hawk line. He lost the handle on the puck other way. Come the hawks Strom with the bad hand off at center ice pick off by single to Shane over the hawk line, right wing side. Tried to move into the high slot. Play was bad off his stick penalty coming up here to the hawks Shibat racing into the hawk zone down the left wing. He shoots and scores. From very tough angle Thomas. He was below the bottom of the left wing circle and snap that one into the top shelf pass Cam ward on a delayed penalty. It's now eight six in favor of the hawks with ten fifty nine. Nine left in the third or it goes down a little bit earlier, and he gets mad at themselves here. Swats at the puck. Shibata real good young defense from that's his twelfth of the season for the Ottawa Senators. Twenty two years of age, but he's got all kinds of offensive abilities. Thought that the power play the production from the back end after losing air Carlson would fall off dramatically will the guy who was kicked up a lot of the slack. Thomas. Twelfth of the season. Eight six cops. Now back at the Senator blue line saucers knocks the puck free front of the benches Dylan's occur there for the hawks working at free from Chris Tierney, Tierney got the puck and chips it back down into the senators zone to the far corner. Sick. And thereby Shibata carried behind his net. Put it around at the right side to see he shot the puck to the hawk blue line vetted awake by Gustav forsling. Dr many saw Brandon Saad over the Senator line near the left point pins. The puck down the shelf, and it will ride in behind the Senator neck and pulls it off the shelf and mill drop the puck in behind the Senator neck give it a CC in the circle to the right of Anderson C C passing a place ticket in over the hawk blue line. Long wrist shot from the right circle turned wide by war. Niece out way to the Senator blue line on the right wing will spin it down in behind the net. Berlinying there do battle with one of the Ottawa players. That's still in the mellow an mom had the puck in the right corner. Gave it up to Mark stone. He'll carry it ahead. Moving ahead for truck into the hawk zone. Rolls off his stick. And then the lays in the right circle shot came in from white from the right circle turned wide by Cam war. Masterson pokes? The puck up the right side. Hayden at center ice lost it back to the hawk blue line to swipe away to Markus. Kerber? Senator line left wing. The spin the puck down the boards in behind the net. Last walk gave it away in the near corner off of privilege. Stick on Colin. White will gathered in drop the puck to Dylan demento near corner zone, bats the puck behind his net. And then got the puck back up the right lane to the hawk blue line to stone and Kuku checks that away Slater Kuku will fire the puck off the boards and out the center ice, Ken Harper. Got it there shot at the head off at affliction into the hawk zone to pass you along the right boards. Senate down behind the net around at the far side taste tried to angle it out of his own kept alive with the line spun it down to the right corner. Smith flips the puck behind the hawk net picked off by Connor Murphy. The hawks put a pass Ed to Hayden at center ice. That's bad. It away puck pinballs away. Now, flip it back into the senators owned a Harper back. Magnus crossing the hawk line down the right wing. Here's pie RB carrying behind the net sets up the right circle. The Smith got in for that shot walks into the near boards went over and got it. And clears the puck out over the center, ice circle. Harper will flip it ahead off sack Smith stick into the hawk zone. Patrick Kane picks it up came back through center ice, bats the puck down the left wing boards in behind the net. Anderson plays it around out to the right point Justice in there for the hawks details along the right wing half boards took Agila back of the Ottawa net. Hit by Cody CC and could not get to the puck. The senators do pass by Duchenne Zingo hawk line right wing side at the point put an elbow into the face of Dunkin teeth and then set the puck down in behind the hawk net on the delayed offsides. Blackhawks have to be careful at the other end of the ice be very careful not to draw penalty or take penalty. I should say printed destroyed over the Senator line left wing side to the left point Keith posing in down beside the net. Franken to behind the net to break it all hit from behind their by CDC. Nearly went head first into the glass but bounced away got it out to the line deep slot to Gusta sooner fires blocked Cahoon along the left boards. Spins it down behind the Senator net, the strong that go to Keith point pounds it in on goal Anderson down with a butterfly save. We'll hold it. And it was so we'll stop. Plus we have seven twenty four left in the third hawks leading Ottawa eight to six this is Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty WGN Chicago's.

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