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"dwight town" Discussed on WBBM Newsradio

"The Commerce Department revisits its estimate of fourth-quarter economic growth before the markets opened this morning. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg expected downward revision to show that the gross domestic product expanded at a two point three percent annual rate from Tober through December Art Hogan of national holdings. Talked to Bloomberg about his outlook for twenty nineteen step down in Grosso. We averaged about two point nine percent GDP growth last year this year, we're gonna be somewhere between two and two and a half stocks were lower at the end of the Wednesday session, but shares of Lanar rose four percent. The homebuilder reported a pickup in sales in the latest quarter. Southwest airlines. Shares closed two percent higher despite the carrier lowering its earnings guidance saying the grounding of its Boeing seven thirty-seven max jets was a factor. Boeing made an agonizing disclosure, the company says a software fix for the 737 max that started working on right after an October crash in Indonesia was almost ready when an Ethiopian jet crashed this month with business at twenty five and fifty five. Past each hour. From the Bloomberg newsroom. Jeff Bellinger, NewsRadio seven eighty and one zero five point nine FM, CEO radio. I'm Ray Hoffman. There's some serious SAS and the Nathan latte of story in terms of both is spirited ways. The SAS s SAS and the S A S SAS software as a service is authorized a service if you're gonna pick any business to go into you want to assume every business is an ATM. You wanna pick an ATM that spits out five bucks for every dollar you put in versus only a dollar, and if he becomes the billionaire he intends to be it'll be from selling the data that he's able to gather or pry on his podcast from the heads of growing privately held SAS companies nine years ago. Your twenty year old self wanted to be a billionaire by what age thirty five you're twenty nine year old self which is you today, knowing what you know. Now would feel that you missed your Mark. If you failed to become a billionaire by what age thirty five compound interest is a powerful thing. Yes. It is the way I'll do it will be. Through my database. I did like dot com where I buy and sell software companies at scale more about the SAS of Nathan Laco on CEO radio at radio dot com. I'm Ray Hoffman twenty-seven several Chicago's chefs could be wearing their shifts hats with a special tilt Chicago chefs have been chosen as finalists for the prestigious James beard awards. Again, this year they include Diana davita, Jason Hammel, Beverly Kim, and Johnny Clarke from the restaurant parachute. David and Danny Posey from L ska and Noah Sandoval, Oriole and Lee, woolen, Boca and M F. K restaurant is a finalist for rising star chef of the year. This year winners will be announced may six Chris cry del NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM group of activists planned to walk eighty miles from Chicago did Dwight Illinois to protest a proposed immigration detention center that might be built there. The group plans to leave April. Six from the little village neighborhood heading Dwight town of about five thousand people in Livingston county. Earlier this month at white board of trustees voted to knacks and rezone eighty eight acres of land to house a detention center to be built by immigration centers of America. The company has yet to secure a contract with the government. Organizers say after completing the law they plan to stage a hunger strike. Three twenty eight and the latest in traffic.

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