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Is Zion Living Up to the Hype for the Pelicans?

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Is Zion Living Up to the Hype for the Pelicans?

"This is like nothing we've ever seen the size the strip the athletic ability the shooting the the soft touch around the rim. He's a combination of powerfulness. Think about it. We know he's GonNa add that. Three pointer is gonNA guess get better. We saw a glimpse in that in his first game. This a skit. That was future hall of Famer Paul Pierce. Talking about a promising MBA rookie. You May Have Heard Hope Zion Williams while the hype surrounding Zion's entrance into the League has been largely unprecedented. The nineteen year old has somehow managed to live up to as ions. Pelicans take on the heat tonight. We explore what gives eye on his superpowers? What is thus far as Kryptonite? And whether he will be a hero or villain in the eyes of NBA Fan. I'm Jason Fitz filling in for me and it's Friday March. Sixth this is. Espn daily presented by ADT Whatever YOU WANT TO PROTECT. Nobody has more ways to help. Keep YOU SAFE THAN ADT. The most trusted name. In security you can customize an ADT security package to help protect your home in a way that works for you and your budget. Adt HAS HD video doorbells indoor and outdoor cameras smart lights smart locks smart thermostats flood sensors fire and carbon monoxide detectors all connected to twenty four seven monitoring and controlled by the sound of your voice or they. Adt APP so help? Protect your home today with Adt learn more at Adt dot com slash podcast and you. What's going on Andrew? Lopez covers to New Orleans. Pelicans FOR ESPN. You were in Dallas for the pelicans overtime loss to the Mavericks. Second night of a back to back for New Orleans obviously but we didn't see the Zion. We've sort of been spoiled by over the last month. So what did you get from Zion? On Wednesday night. I saw someone who had to go through a little bit of adversity. There's two different things working against him in that Dallas Game One. It was the first time he played on a back to back. You didn't see his legs under him. Early actually play but gets the block on Williamson Williamson. Took his time getting up court. You may be subbing out of the ball game here. He is drew and Lonzo Ball. We're GONNA come on up to him. Hey man you you're right you you tired. Are you going to play? You GotTa pick one. The other thing. Going against him was Dallas they started Maxi Kluber alongside of kristaps porzingis specifically for Zion Williamson two. That might have been forcing a psychotic burst that is just perfectly played deep that still by Dallas Cleveland's doing A. They went to the formula. That's been working. Which is the. We're GONNA get the tallest guy we have can defend him to do it. And then have another seven footer. Awesome plus footer at the Rim Ryan got blocked inside again. It's not possible in less. Cleber is being this physical and allowing time for kristaps ticket over there. Lieber six ten obviously porzingas seven three. Those have been the only really match ups that have given him problems when they played the box. Janas guarded him and then you have the Lopez twins behind him. Protecting the RIM defers Lakers game. Anthony Davis guarded him. And you had jovial and Dwight rim so that combination kind of went against his favor so walk me through a little bit of the process on the back to back portion of it because this is obviously part of the Adjustment For Zion. So where do you find the line? If you're the PELICANS in trying to get him experienced doing things like back to backs that he'll be asked to throughout his career and then also sort of adjusting him since he is still getting fresh on the court after an injury yeah so initially David Griffin the PELICANS executive vice president of basketball operations who should have a shorter title. It's a mouthful say every time I don't know I mean if you're going to have a title let's go big with it like if I'm going to have a business card the whole front of it's going to be my title and the backs. Just going to say fits. There's not not my first name. Just I'm pretty sure that's what his business card says. I haven't seen one but I'm pretty sure that's it has to read like that initially As I was coming back from the injury. Grif said he wasn't there. Were probably going to take it easy on back to backs. Now the good thing that kind of worked into their favor there was January. Twenty second was when he made his debut since then the Tuesday Wednesday back to back that they just had was the first time they had a back to back so they got to let him get games under his belt. He mentioned to his own Tuesday. You know I have to do the recovery if I want to perform the way that I'm capable of performing as you try to push for or is this your mutual agreement Little bit of both but I need a push for myself because I gotTa do the recovery of I want to be able to perform. We do every night with that. Being said coming off the knee injury there were reports that he was learning how to walk differently. How to run differently? I mean when they're watching him and they're monitoring and what are they looking for his indicators of his health very funny to me because I think George Sodano said that I think on ESPN broadcast and it just kind of blew up. He's learning how to walk and anybody who's been through physical therapy at any point that I for any sort of knee. Injuries foot injury. Whatever it is can tell you. They will relearn how to walk in physical therapy. The learning how to walk and run differently was more about little things in his gate that they wanted to fix. The biggest thing that they really wanted to correct at that time was how he landed when you go back and watch how he landed at. Duke with these huge one handed slam traffic. He's landing on one foot one of the big things you see. Now when he goes up for a dunk whether it's an alley whether he's just throwing it down to hands. He tries to land on two feet as much as possible. Zeile yeah that the to hand flush and a great entry fee for Lonzo Ball over Kunst buck to finish that would KUPA gotta be thinking. What in the world so. It's little things that maybe you don't know at nineteen years old that the Pelicans are trying to instill in him so they can take a little bit of stress off of his knees. The biggest thing you just said is nineteen if you listen to Zion. He'll make sure he tells you. He's nineteen in just about every other interview. I feel like I mean but doesn't right like we are so busy trying to make him either the savior of a lead. That doesn't need to be saved or the reason that we're over. Hyping somebody to the point that people ridicule how much we talk about it but you look at it at some point. Say this is a nineteen year old kid. We're talking about that is absolutely crushing in a limited sample size. So let's turn the tone positive here for a second you're looking at a nineteen year old kid. What he's doing is unprecedented right. It's absolutely unprecedented. Feel like every other night we were finding ways to start a sentence with Zion Williamson. Doing something and we ended it with Michael Jordan or Shaquille O'Neill or Tim Duncan or wilt. Chamberlain the goes on and on and on. And you're like that doesn't make sense. What is it about Zion on the floor? That makes him. So unstoppable east two hundred and eighty five ounce heads a big part of it so strong favors the explosion office speed is something to be a whole at. Mcafee did the pelicans entrances the other night the way he introduce. I on was he's been dug in on little white dudes on the Internet for the last ten years when you go back to his high school days his high school film it was. Oh wait till he plays into real competition and it was at Duke and it was always at least doing that knee. Acc and then he gets the conference plans gets the NBA and then he got to the NBA. And he's doing it in. Preseason all wait till he gets to to real. Nba talent in any went through Rudy. Gobert chest and then he pushed even Adams Backfire feet and then he backed Kasan whiteside up thought that glass but his party door by to you. It's it's over when he puts shoulder into your chest eaten a case that sounds whiteside ability to block sat. He's doing things that nineteen year olds. Just don't do and he's so smart to and you see that part of his game still starting to come to him. He even talked about this. He's like you know. I had a forty five inch vertical. Maybe jumping thirty five right now. What good Lord. He's a damn near of foot off of his actual potential. It doesn't make sense that's alarming and just makes me WANNA get dunked on one spies ions is to know what that that power feels like. He might cleared you though you might not be. You might not actually get dunked on you. Don't over that's even better now on the Bible sensation at that point coming up would Zion learned from his matchup against Lebron. And why it's okay that the two aren't friends The bronze started all of this out. Go to like a wrestling analogy right. Like he was faced in the beginning it was a good guy and then he goes to Miami and he becomes a he'll Zion comes into the league and he's been so covered by so many people that there seems to be this level of animosity towards the coverage that makes it feel like he's starting out as a bad guy in some ways to the general public so when the General Public View Zion. Eventually does he being one of the beloved good guys in the NBA or the easy to root against villains of the NBA? He's definitely going to be a good guy he's a face he's built as a face he's pushed as a face but there's a certain section of Fan we're not gonNA take what's been you know being shoved down our throat and they they wanna hate him because of how popular he is when we go to road arenas when Zion comes out the tunnel. There's a hundred fans around there ninety minutes before the game when he comes out cheering for. There's a Duke Jerseys in every arena. We go to now. There's Pelicans gear in every arena. We go to now. I think he's got this kind of childlike lovable personality. That he's always got a smile on his face. I see him being the well like guy throughout his career. So what part of that love for Zion and coverage of Zion? Our obsession with his eye on plays into what is at least being perceived now as a budding rivalry of some sort between Lebron and Zion. I think we're always looking for like who to put. Lebron against but Lebron has been so dominant for so long that his contemporaries kind of they they fall off. So we're looking for are now. Who's the next Lebron? Now and I think Lebron real losses that because everytime he plays against some of these young dudes everything plays against Luca or trey or Zion or jaw. He just wants to remind everybody. Hey guys I'm still the Bron. I think he likes that challenge in the game. They played on Sunday in New Orleans. There's a moment where the end of the First Half Zion gets. It goes to the middle. Boom huge slammed down the middle of the Lane. Williamson facing off the Lakers are coming back on the two for one and the Bron- pulls up from legitimately thirty forty feet. He's quite legitimately two steps inside the half court line. And he just launches one is for about twenty eight feet. This ion donc maybe triggered that and it was like. Oh you'RE LEBRON JAMES MY BAD. I forgot my bad guy. It was one of those great sequences that you have in the NBA. You know think there's Times where he likes to remind everybody you know. I'm still Lebron James. Well we over obsessive everything. Lebron says also right so then you gotta look at the fact that Lebron's out here praising John Moran but didn't praise Diane so at some point is Lebron sort of fueling this and the way he's handling it he said a lot of Great Things About Zion. They were she's enough. They were putting off a clearly because he had like two quotes at shoot around that morning. Four quotes in the game that we're going back to the LAKER game in La. The video of him kind of thing. I don't know him never met him. Never met him before. Never had a conversation never met him before and it was the last question of like a six minute interview where he said he's going to be a great player is number special. We've all known that Super Explosive Super Intelligence on floor everyone kind of like recognizes his his Lebron abode as far as his dunst books all the compliments of Zion. You would expect somebody to do but because he said he never met him everybody was what does he have? Zayante fans and for everyone. That's the non look forward to seeing You know him at this level tree support in exile. I don't know man we just haven't crossed pass yet. It's okay it's okay that a nineteen year old a thirty five year old. Don't hang out together. Once the energy like in New Orleans right now resigned. Been as big as he isn't as great as he is and having this sort of success so early. It's unlike anything I saw when Anthony Davis was here full disclosure. I'm I was born in New Orleans. Got My start writing at times. Picayune in New Orleans covered. Lsu'S I've been down there pretty much my whole life and I remember when Anthony Davis when the PELICANS well. The Hornets won that lottery to get Davis. The excitement level for Zaylon was way beyond anything that ad brought and that's not a knock on a d. That's how fans have responded to John during the summer. When it's full New Orleans Saints Training Camp Time. You know. You're going to the store and you're seeing people in Pelicans gear in Pelican Tent in Zion shirts. And you'll go. Oh that's new. We didn't see that before so. There is a very high level of excitement around on this team right now in the city. He seemed to Duke to be sort of oblivious to whatever that extra pressure was or whatever that extra attention was how is he handling it New Orleans. It's kind of funny because I think he realizes where he is who he is at the same time when he doesn't remember him telling the story about how he met. President Obama at the All Star game in Chicago and he was floored that Obama knew his college stats and knew all these things about him. And he's like man he's like I. I expect this from like you know for like him. The notice about like superstars but like not like being trae. And it's like you and trey or superstars dude like you're you're getting there. You are a big thing so some of that you know. Being being nineteen year old kid has kind of playing into it. A little bit but He's figuring out what he means that the city I think at the same time you've given us the blueprint on how to Defense Ions specifically. That's work so far this This year yes I will take full credit for the blueprint. I will not say it was. Nba Coaches all me. You've all lanes of the blueprints for everybody and insignificant because tonight the Pelicans host the heat. They're trying to snap a three game losing streak but the heat have some of those things that you've mentioned so as you look forward to that matchup tonight. What do you expect? It's going to be fun because I mean you. You look at what he did to Jaanus the other night when they held him to thirteen point there the right type of team to be physical with him. They're the right type of team that's going to kind of knock him down. Push him around a little bit and try to get him off his game. One of two things are going to happen either. Any kind of depends on the refs and a game. You can be physical with him. And sometimes he won't get the call you can be physical with him and sometimes he will get it. There's been games where he shot. Nineteen free throws thirteen free throws fourteen free throws and then there's the game against Dallas on Wednesday where he shot five even though he was on the floor six times. So we'll see if it if it continues to work when they take on the heat tonight. I'M GONNA ask you to change my mind on something here because I have been everywhere that I've been at. Espn for the last. Several weeks. Championing John Moran is rookie of the year because the expectations were so low for the grizzlies. Coming in. And you're talking about ready. I I'll hit you with. This is my fun fact. I always go to according to Caesar sportsbook coming into the season. The over under win total from Memphis was twenty seven and a half so we'll call it twenty eight. They hit that number by the All star break because John Mirant so he has this huge body of work. Can't change my mind. Convince ME THE ZION. Williamson is actually going to be the rookie of the year. Because of the Games missed the only way I think you can give a design on is if he gets the Pelicans into the playoffs and they were you know what five games back or so which when he games to play. So THAT'S A. That's a tall task if he can get by that. Which would include two games against John Mirant left? If they can get by that then I would I lean towards I am but the only way I think he can get. It is of the Pelican. Make the Playoffs Zion. Doing what he's doing is is is insane and I think because of the the level that he is playing at when he's putting his name next to first rookie to do this since shack first rookie to do this. Tim Duncan I think it just carries a little bit more weight. He's going to continue to add south the his game. This is phase one. I'LL GO TO MARVEL TERMS SINCE ZION loves Thanos. He thinks then as did no wrong. He thinks Santos was the good guy in the in the avengers. So this is phase one of Zion. And he's just beginning and he's doing what he's doing right now he's GonNa learn other things to get him going his basketball. Iq Is so high a work on his handles his work on his shot once he starts to put everything together. He's GonNa be a a real force not that he isn't right now but he's just so strong let's quote Thanos Zion Inevitable yes. Zion is inevitable. And it's just if it's GonNa Happen Guys Andrew. We appreciate your time. Enjoy the process but most importantly we appreciate you giving us the online. No problem I'm going to enjoy this Great southern whether we have we are so not. I'm Jason Fitz filling in for many times. This has been ESPN daily. We'll talk to you on Monday.

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