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"dustin perea" Discussed on WHAS 840 AM

"Burden. Indeed, it looks like they took out that bear that killed the woman in Montana. A couple of nights ago, She was camping with other people. She was on a bicycle trek. And was camping. A bear showed up three o'clock in the morning. They all rattled hands and the bear ran away and bear came back about 4 15 in the morning grabbed a woman out of her tents. And, well, uh, It was an ugly picture. So sorry for her. Leah Logan 65, a nurse from Chico, California. This happened in Montana. She was on a long distance bicycling trip and stopped to camp near Ovando small town of western Montana, with a population of less than 70 residents. And it's known for its famous wilderness and scenic views and They think there's 1000 Grizzly bears live around there. It's like So it's really a combination of a whole lot of bad elements. They baited the bear with a chicken coop. Apparently, before the this Bayer attacked, these campers wound up killing one of the women, obviously, but attacked an encampment. It had raided a chicken coop and killed a bunch of chickens. And so then found its way to where these people weren't continued on. And the other day I was saying, Well, you know, you're kind of in the beers backyard, but there's one problem with once a bear goes after a person. Yeah, I mean, once it has a taste for human they kind of want to put the animal down Just in case it decides. Hey, you know, I kind of like that. Going to keep doing this. You know, we don't, uh, don't want that to happen after the killing of the woman, apparently the same grisly, they think ripped off a door on an Ovando Montana area woman's home left large claw marks on her house. Late Thursday night. So last night So the bear is like more. I smell human again, like, okay, We got a problem here. That would be the scariest night ever. And then they said they baited it with a chicken coop with chickens in it. Well, what about those poor chickens? They're just thinking way. What's happening then? Then they take out the bear and the the chickens are like, Oh, we're cool. Then it's all good. And they took the chickens back wherever they Thanks, everybody. Thanks for being the bait. Oh, yeah. You couldn't let us know what this is about. We thought we were just taking a ride to Walmart. Will you let them know And you know who's going to be flying the coop? Yeah, that's right. They said they use night vision goggles. I mean, that's some serious hunting practices, right their night vision goggles to take out this bear. He just thought he was moving along. Well, chickens, It looks like somebody's going to have a fried chicken gone. It was his last thought was, he's getting ready to have a chicken dinner. That's uh, that's pretty speedy reaction from all you know, to go through all those processes and get him that quickly as well. Three days and all that wilderness area, too, And like I said, there's 1000 grizzly bears, So they're saying they think They got the right pair. Hopefully they did. Well, yeah, I mean, ultimately, um there's more people that will be camping and hopefully nothing else will happen. Always the danger of all that stuff. Anyway. Bear gone. Bear down. Bear down. Oh, that's your friend. Hey, hey! Hey, I'm sorry about that Bear down. Least we're not the ones trying to get a hunting uniform. All right. That's why we didn't mention that this week that someone ask request the Packers management to go with a cam. Oh, well. Just to fill everybody in this year in the NFL there. There are a lot of rules and regulations as to how your team can dress on the field. What their uniforms can look like how many they can have different variations. All of these things The No fun league controls that pretty tightly this year they're going to allow each team an extra uniform and an extra helmet. So if, say, the Buccaneers wanna wear the old eighties Creamsicle orange jerseys cool. They can actually wear the helmet with the old Tampa Bay logo on the side of it. I guess someone suggested to the Green Bay Packers. That they have a camouflage jersey with a hunter orange helmet. You know, because so many ports in Wisconsin go hunting to go hunting and then camo on the jersey Yeah, camo jersey. It didn't say anything about the pants. But I guess either camo after me, Hunter green, something like that. It makes sense. Well, that's for later In the year when Aaron Rodgers comes back to work and beats up Chicago two more times this year. We'll worry about that Bear down. That would be a funny jersey to wear against the Bears. It really would. I mean, you're Would be the hunter. Your bear hunting and yeah, right. Speaking of grown men kicking each other in the face. There is a UFC battle tomorrow night. Dustin Perea. It takes on counter. McGregor. Dustin. What about these kicks to the face? Is that what we're up to? You just kick him in the face, and he goes down that what happens? No. The calf kicks led two shots at.

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