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"duran hagler hearns" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Only it's fun to talk boxing with Teddy Atlas, but I had no idea that Showtime was coming out with a documentary called The King's An In Depth Look. At boxing's golden age of Duran, Hagler Hearns. And Leonard and I am all in for that. We are all all in for that, Teddy. Thank you very much for joining us. We really appreciate it. My my clothes, you guys I just can't wait to watch it to bring back memories because I remember bits and pieces of all these fights. A lot of us. Remember the No mosque fire. Remember Hagler Hearns, one of the most vivid ones. To me, Teddy is when when Hearns had Leonard beat and I was occurrence fan out of the four always like Tommy Hearns. And he had him beat. He was boxing using the jab. It was keeping him away Fighting a distance. And then all of a sudden it got deep in the fight. I'm not sure 13 14th round and Leonard started putting him on it and put it on him and hit man couldn't keep them off. And finally he put him down to the campus. I was devastated. Yeah, you know. That was a great fight. That was a great event. Whether there was One of the many great once that they had back then individuals greatest because you had great talent had great fighters, But, yeah, I don't fighting each other and a lot little size. One network television that they came up. I mean, he got Leonard, You gotta remember letter came from maybe the greatest Olympic team of all time. 1976. Five gold medalist. They beat the Cubans. They beat the Russians. I mean it was and it was on ABC wide world of Sports, So everybody knew when it was everybody could identify with those guys. And all the other guys. He was seeing them on network TV. So you identify with them. You You grew up with them. You You share it with your father. Your grandfather, Your neighbor, Your uncle, You know you were able to do that. And again you had the best guy. This is the best part of it yet the best guys fighting plus guys which you don't get any more. That's one of the declines of boxing now, and that's why people want to see this because they want to remember when it was so good. Will quote error. Boxer was the thirties and forties because at end, twenties, thirties and forties, no TV later on, you know yet radio Then later on, you had, uh Gillette cavalcade of sports and and grow and grow and grow, But it was the biggest port in the country that that was bigger than baseball. And you You had a fight Is that like Henry Armstrong and the Sam Langfitt and just so many great fighters? Um, I mean, it's all those came along later before you had all these fighters say at 300 fighters say it again because it doesn't sound normal. Dude, they had 300 fight. Someone had 120 100 Sugar Ray Robinson. Some people think the greatest fight of all time. He had almost 200 fights he had about 110 knockouts. So that was an extraordinary time and it was extraordinary because they were great fighters, and they were fighting each other, and you didn't get that again into the eighties. And in the eighties, you got it. And it was extraordinary to your point with that great fight with with Leonard. The first one would let it in at her. Yeah. You know, you know Hearns was winning that fight, but what it goes to show you in that fight for me was here. Leonard was talented. Yeah, he was the Golden boy. He was the lipid boy. He made seven up commercials and nobody was doing commercials in those days with boxing. Except before that are you had Ali, but, uh, nobody was doing commercial then lady at Tyson before His career went the way it went with the personal problems, But nobody was doing that He was the face of boxing and you you had all of the flesh. All of the talent. We knew about that. But we didn't know about the pit bull dog. We didn't know about that. We didn't know about that. And he would growl and he go bite you, and that's what he did. He was behind in that fight, He ground and he went and he found herds. Any fiddle and and that's a good thing that made Sugar Ray Leonard special. Yeah, it was the speed. Yeah, it was the power. Here with the technique. It was the footwork was all of that. But he was a fighter. He was ferocious when he had to be. And you know what else I loved about? It was and you're right. They all fought each other. We all got to watch him fight. They're all great. And they were all different. All their styles were different and to break down the fight and kind of think who could beat Who, uh, and try to figure it out. Handicap it before the fight. You just It wasn't one way of looking at it, because they're all they're all different from one another. So when one guy fought another guy, he could beat him. But he might lose that guy. And then that guy make him and be back. I mean, I know I'm all over the board. But it was just it was each fight with its own individual entity because their styles are so different. And their stories where they came from who they were. You know what spoke to them? Um, what was you know what motivated them what grows and they all had their own place. They all had their own story. It was all strong. It was all special. Every one of them. I mean, you.

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