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"dunkin donuts advertising agency" Discussed on Business Wars

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"dunkin donuts advertising agency" Discussed on Business Wars

"Springtime Nineteen eighty-three Milan. Italy Howard Schultz. Feels like he's on top of the world here on behalf of starbucks to check out new coffee makers at an international houseware show as he walks jauntily down narrow street he passes the smallest Bresso Bar and decides to duck inside behind the counter. Talkative man is pressing down on a metal bar that releases a thick cloud of steam. The man hands a Deputy Toss Cup of Espresso one of the customers lined up at the counter next. He makes a Cappuccino topping off with thick white foam. The BARISTA keeps making various types of coffee. All the while chatting with his customers to Schultz. It's great theater and all the while. He's breathing in a blend of enticing aromas. Some are fruity others are spicy. Still others woody or sweet. There are not like sets and deep sense that him of fine wine. It's a delight for the senses. Schultz goes to the counter. I haven't Espresso please. Are you an American? Can you tell your accent? I'm used to it. We had a lot of Americans in here and do they love the coffee. They crazy for. They say they can't get anything like at home. The counter man hands Schultz's espresso as he drinks it. He feels like he's sipping a cup of them. Brosio seductively thick and rich. The caffeine jolts him leaving the store he notices one espresso bar. After another all packed with customers inside the shops customers. Sit At small round tables summer talking away gesturing dramatically with their hands others seated alone are engrossed in a book or the newspaper still others stand at the counter chatting do other customers as they wait for their orders that night. He calls his wife. The Italians are so passionate about coffee. They've elevated it to a whole new level there's a romance and a ritual to it on the way he formulates. What he's sure is a brilliant idea to open espresso bars in the United States while Howard Schultz flies home members of Dunkin donuts Advertising Agency. Gather around a conference table. Their leader rubs his hands together in anticipation he's about to present the company's CEO. Bob Rosenberg with their idea for the company's first major television ad. Here's a concept Abakar. Wakes up at three in the morning. He drags himself out of bed saying time to make the doughnuts. What are you trying to say within line? Dunkin donuts is an everyman company right absolutely delicious products. Everyone can afford exactly so the ad dramatizes a routine all working people go through getting up in the and going to work like our Baker. I I like that. You give the bigger name and every man named Fred Fred the baker. That's good the auditions for the role of Fred. The Baker start a week later but the casting call quickly runs into trouble. The admen quietly worry to each other. We've seen more than two hundred guys. None of them are right there too perky way someone with the way the on his shoulders he's exhausted because workers rely on him for their fresh doughnut and coffee every morning that afternoon. The audition and unknown actor named Michael Vale. He's Paci with hangdog expression in a bumbling walk and he shows up at the audition in the right costume pajamas. I'm Joan this is the guy. The one workers can relate to the first fred. The Baker ad airs in Nineteen Eighty. Two it's a sensation. Dunkin donuts are always fresh. I made the donuts. Make them at least twice every day to make up. You guys like supermarket. Time to make the donor make the dough made AMC. Donuts up to fifty two varieties day and night fred. The baker instantly becomes Dunkin donuts mascot and beloved figure wherever he goes people clamor for his autograph when he shows up at Dunkin donuts stores for promotions customers and his name with the company's newly raised profile demand increases for Dunkin donuts classic pairing doughnuts and coffee by the next year nineteen eighty-three. They've got more than twelve hundred stores. In malls and shopping centers in rest stops throughout the northeast when new stores open founder? Bill Rosenberg is there beaming as he cuts the ribbon and offers free coffee to customers? He feels like that King of coffee. He has no way of knowing that a rivalry is brewing on the other side of the country but first Howard Schultz has to convince the owners of starbucks that espresso bars or a great idea. It'll be the biggest battle he's ever had in our next episode. A tiny coffee shop morphs into a multi-million dollar money maker and an ugly battle between father and son becomes costly from wondering this business wars. We hope you enjoyed this episode. We invite you to subscribe on Apple. Podcasts spotify Google podcast stitcher iheartradio. Wherever you listen to podcasts. You'll find a link on the episodes just tap or swipe over the cover art and you'll see some offers more sponsors there. We hope you'll support our show by supporting them. If you like what you've heard we would love it if you give five star rating until your friends how to subscribe. There's another way you can support us. Just answer a short survey at wondering dot com slash survey and tell us what business war stories. You'd like to hear a quick note about the conversations in this episode. We can't know exactly what was said at the time but this dialogue is based on our best research. If you'd like to learn more about starbucks we recommend pour your heart into it by Howard Schultz. I'm your host David Brown. Elizabeth K wrote this story. Karen low is our senior producer and editor edited and produced by. Emily Frost. Sound design by. Kyle Randall are executive producers. Jenny Lower Beckmann and marshal. Louis created by non Lopez for wondering shopping on Rodeo drive and flying on private planes that glamorous life of the rich and famous or at least. That's what they want you to think. Even the rich is a new podcast from wondering it gives you the real inside scoop on the drama that keeps famous families like the royals and the Kardashians in the spotlight. I'm Brooke and Marisha and we're the house of even the rich. Our show is a world where the stakes are high. And the rules don't apply. Even the rich is out on March tenth on Apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever? You're listening right now..

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