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"dundalk theater" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"Are you visually they were outed but they were we have these women who say these things Kevin thanks for the call enjoy the warmth and the the sunshine state there's another guy from Florida manager six forty three the manager well there is one of the generating mostly stories down there why that is best case we will need to go on that any further we may have to have a committee to look into it what's so let's import the members right now sure myself also very unfulfilled will not too many no yeah that's impartial well remembers it was gonna be impartial replacing and I I've girlfriend virgin chair yeah by the way on this date of it before you get to know the traffic which is why I guess you're here for a man dressed as Fred Flintstone pull over for driving as a for Fred Flintstone driving a foot mobile on this day for football bill so there might be one of those this morning yes if you're on the asphalt or not any good hi Chuck what's happening here either the right lane still close our look at the key bridge I was a vehicle fire earlier the left hand lane is open somewhere moving traffic from and around the county towards Dundalk theater lupus still looking at it even though both lanes are open from Dundalk toward general of county and that's the reason for the slowdown but a single lane on the outer loop eighty three south is still slow the accident near Mount Carmel road in Middletown Rhode still a big factor there were delays coming south from York road typical ride on the beltway we already see delays self going into both Arbor tunnels with the construction area slowing of course some of that traffic was staying away from the back up at the key bridge so a little bit longer than usual delay on eight ninety five south my check would occur with traffic and weather on the trees all talk radio six eighty WCBS thanks are mostly sunny cold today a higher on thirty nine degrees or not Pikesville has.

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