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"dun stanton" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

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"dun stanton" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

"It's Mark Reynolds, it's Adam Dunn. It's Davis, it's yuan Mankato. It's Joey Gallo, Chris Carter, Stanton, judge, et cetera. It's all players from this era. But Reggie Jackson still standing alone there and no one really challenging him, which you would think is odd because he would think, well, maybe players are having better conditioning, maybe they're having more longevity, and then there's just so many more strikeouts in the game now that you would think someone would be making run at this thing, if not having already shouldered Reggie aside. Yeah, it is kind of remarkable. I mean, the guys who have been around long enough to sort of be within range from a longevity perspective, right? The pool holes is you're right that there is for him specifically he was not much of a strikeout guy and then you can imagine a shift in the profile that would be tolerated over time, right? So like the guys who are posting big strikeout rates, but are still productive and whose production we are perhaps able to better appreciate because of advanced stats, like maybe those guys are just far enough away, that's a weird way of describing that. They're sort of early enough in their careers that they aren't threatening yet. Right? Does that make sense? But it is surprising that it would be so secure that it would feel so doubled relative to when Reggie was playing. So it's odd. I mean, it's not easy to be an extreme strikeout machine and still play for a really long time. So he was an outlier in that respect, but even so you would think that it would have overcome it with pitchers, for instance, you might be surprised that say no one has struck out 21 in a game yet, but of course you have pictures not going as deep into games. So there's a change in picture usage there that counterbalances the increase in strikeout rate, whereas with hitters, you don't get that as much. I mean, maybe there are a few more rest days here and there in teams being more conscious of that. But there's also, I guess, not more games relative to when Reggie was playing necessarily, but to earlier eras, so that's something too. So it's odd. I mean, I guess maybe trout could potentially get there. If he stays good for a really long time, he's like in a 150th place and he just is like a hair more than halfway to Reggie at this point. So it's possible if he were to play for ten more years and maybe strike out more as time went on, but you wouldn't say that any individual player like I think the odds are pretty decent that someone who's active right now would take over that top spot. But it's hard to point to a presumptive person who will definitely do that. Yeah, it's a strange, it's a strange thing. I just like how I know we've talked a lot about the sort of era of baseball that we're in where it's like this sort of tasteless stretch that we seem to be in. Did you know how long Robbie Grossman's streak was working? No. Yeah, it was like he had an error. And that's the only reason I knew about it. It was like a lot of games played without an error. And anyway, I was just thinking about how audit is that we don't have more of those. We've talked a lot about it. So I remain on the hunt. I remain on the hunt for a chase, right? You want to sweat your judge needs to keep on keeping. Because you want to have the fever. You know, we need something to talk about in September. Tomi was close, tomi got within 50 ks of Reggie, and Adam Dunn would have blown him away if he had had the same length career. He retired too soon, but he was just a little more than 200 behind Reggie and he didn't play after his age 34 season. So he was the one you might have banked down, but I guess he had old player skills as a young player and not enough skills as an old player. So it's tough. I think it will be broken at some point, unlike a lot of baseball records that it's hard to imagine how they could be broken without some radical change in the game, but I think this one will get broken. It's surprising that it hasn't happened already. Yeah, it's just surprising. Maybe Gallo, I don't know if gala will have. This is the thing. Like, you know, some of those guys seemed like they had, they had either curtailed the strikeout tendency enough to prolong their careers or like the other stuff they were doing was so superlative and had sort of stabilized such that we were going to see them play for a really long time, but like Callum hasn't been good for like a year now. Right, I know. Yeah, he actually has fewer than a thousand career strikeouts. I know. How is that true? It seems like he's had a thousand this season, but 977 straight cuts with gala you're always surprised that he has so few of things unless they're home runs. It's like wet, he only has that many sac flies or he has that many singles. He's just so extreme. But you think that he would have even more, but I guess he hasn't played that much. He's had fewer than 3000 career plate appearances. So yeah, trout's a better bet to do it than he is by far I think. Right. And so it's just, I get why it is, it is a trickier needle to thread than you might expect it to be, right? But it is surprising that it is. It's still a surprisingly tricky needle to thread. You know, who are you? Let's see. So like since 2012, yeah, it's like Christy's doesn't play baseball anymore. Called Goldschmidt. 1428 Upton crews had a bunch right, but Upton's pretty close to done. Cruz is probably pretty close to dun Stanton. Like, okay, Harper, trout, Martinez, I didn't do those quite an order, but you know, like, man, Christie has had a lot of strikeouts. Yes, you did. Chris he was triggered, Ben, did you know how much Chris it was struck up? I knew it in an intellectual way, but not in a specific way, you know? If that makes sense. Struck out a tad too much. Yeah, it might be, it might have been too much, you know? It might have just been too much. And like, of course, you know, that's just looking at the raw strikeout.

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