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"dulles mountains" Discussed on The Amateur Traveler Podcast

"And no, I did not speed up that audio and no the African wild dogs had not been breathing helium. They just have this high pitched squeaky sound that they make. But we had this experience where we went out on the hunt with them, and I reference this earlier we are bouncing along. Johnny is a fan of Formula one. And he was using his racing skills on these bumpy tracks. I to call them roads is really too much and trying to keep up these well dogs and trying to anticipate where they're going, and I mentioned we helped somebody out who got stuck in the middle of when we were trying to do this. We came back in time to see them. Try and attack a group of wildebeest, and I have some video of this again in that article that referencing where the wildebeest have formed a ring around the young I think they had three young about twelve will be in this pack is circling them, and they will be having none of it. They're driving them off and staying in the circle to protect the young. And so they while dogs decided basically some dog is gonna get hurt if they stay here. So they chase after some Impala that they see Impala the fast food of this particular area, and they are looted by the first one, but they chase down and Apolo. And while we watch they basically ripped to shreds because this is what safari life is like with carnivores that is really what they're trying to do. And Johnny mentioned that some people some guests really uncomfortable right around this point because they're saying, hey, the wild dogs murdered that Impala while the while does are eating that Impala. This is the food chain. This is the way things were. Here in Africa. And it's something you need to be aware of if you're going to go on safari as you might run into one of these amazing experiences. But it also might make you just a little queasy at times. They look a lot less like your domestic dog win. This feeding rampage is going on for instance. When we got back to the camp there is a little commotion going on. Because I there was something that pass through the camp that I saw I think we decided probably was Honey badger. But there was a question whether it was a civic, a small cat or not. And then we talk about the wild dog experience. Delivered Schick was talking about. Lipid coding before we go to. Just outside Kemp. And I believe that it must have been still remember as we came in we swim palace cross is valley here that bet I believe that that leopard was talking to sounds to me like is either tried to get one or his just quote one in impulse despondent. Dulles mountains on here, close the plane hit is in polish and is definitely applied to like even line could be line..

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