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"dulles crossing plaza walmart" Discussed on WTVN

"Sheriff's deputy and to Wal Mart Security officers are being treated after getting shot at a store in the Washington D. C area. Second Loudon County, Virginia deputy returned fire, wounding the suspect and forcing him to flee. The suspect crashed his car in the attempt and then was taken into custody. Deputies were called to the Dulles crossing Plaza Walmart Saturday afternoon by store security because of theft. When they arrived, the suspect allegedly pulled a gun from his waistband. And began firing. All three were shot in the legs. A North Texas judges the suspect in the vandalism of a segregation era sign Lisa Bull has more Video posted to YouTube shows Ellis County Judge Todd Little telling another man to spray paint over a sign which used to hang over a water fountain reserved for black residents. Ellis County Commissioner Lane Grayson said the sign was left as a reminder of a place we should never go again. The court filing says The spray painting was an attempt to obliterate historic segregation era signage and that little had a legal duty to prevent the vandalism and investigation is now underway. Nine people are dead after a head on crash in Fresno County, California, The California Highway Patrol says seven of the nine were Children. The accident happened around 8 P.m. Friday on Highway 33, a Dodge was traveling south bound when it veered into the shoulder. The driver overcorrected and swerved into the north bound lane hitting afford, causing that vehicle to catch on fire. The Ford had eight people inside despite only five seats. The driver of the Dodge was a 28 year old man and people from several Christian communities are gathering at dawn cutter lanes and Illinois to remember those who died in a mass shooting. Last weekend. The candlelight vigil was held in Rockford after six people were shot, three of whom died,.

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