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"duda jaeger venezuela" Discussed on The Daily

"From the New York Times. I'm Michael Barbaro. This is the daily. Today. For weeks after mass protests and international pressure failed to unseat Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, it became clear that it would take defections from within his own regime to remove him from power. Now secret documents leaked to my colleague, Nick ace suggest that people around Madero are starting to turn on. It's Friday may third. Nick, what happened at the beginning of this week in Venezuela. It's around sunrise, Tuesday morning and Venezuelans wake up to this video which is suddenly appeared. We went and it's one way though. Lucho at siempre in gynecology to why those the leader of the national simply they're very used to seeing him. He's been saying that he is the legitimate president of Venezuela for months and that he's going to topple nNcholas Maduro. In medical the gym. But he hasn't been able to do that. So far. Except in this video suddenly things look different. He's standing on a military base. Melia mealy Dada. He's got national guardsmen standing behind him. And he's saying the moment has come and women. Our this is it everybody is going to start to rebel right now. These men behind me or on my side. And it's only a matter of time till the rest of the country is going to be as well come out to the streets come out and join us the moment is at hand. Duda Jaeger Venezuela. And then when you look behind him in the video there's another man everybody in Venezuela recognizes the hasn't seen in a while. It's they uphold a Lopez who is a political prisoner the most famous political prisoner in the country who's been sentenced to almost fourteen year jail sentence, but he's not in his house arrest. He's behind one way, though, he's with these military men and all of them are saying the time has come. This is the juncture get ready. This'll ended by leeann own behaving too young. I'm with Abraham he's been asking for the military to get on his side to push Madurai out for months at this point. But there now military that are behind him. And it looks like they're on his side has message now is we've got these guys here. There's a few of you left. Get on our side. We're going to do all this today. Say if you do young impasse. Oh. Domino's. Whether in his Wailer and potentially it sounds like by the end of the day Medeiros, not going to be in power. Alive. Nick, what does the scene signal to you? It seems there's just suddenly a big blast of hope for the opposition has been looking for some moment. Like this to say that they're going to get the upper hand in this months long battle against Madero. And this is also ricocheting out to Washington, we see this now is essentially desposited moment in the efforts at the Venezuelan April to regain their freedom, which we fully support. I got a call really early in the morning from someone over there saying that they had heard the supreme court Justice was going to sign a memo saying that quite oh was the president. And the defense minister was going to suddenly defect from Madero. And then also there's this rumors starting to circulate around DC that Madero is Jennings. A jet to get out of the country while luring Calvin we're just now learning secretary of state. Mike palm peyot says he believed early this morning that nickel. Madora was actually ready to flee Venezuela. He had a plane ready on the tarmac. Apparently, he was headed to Vanik Cuba. But Mike Pompeo is telling us that he believes the Russians talked him out of it also. So I'm looking at this still in my bed at this point. And it all looks a little too good to be true for the opposition, the people they're talking about defecting have been loyalists for longtime, and if you look closely at this video, you can't even see how many soldiers are actually standing behind him. There's no one from the top ranks of the military. That's there. So it's clears it's going to be a long day. But it's not clear who's going to be the Victor. So what actually happens?

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