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A Reason to Reveal Your Failures, the Time Tulips Cost More Than Houses, and the Death of Planet WASP-12b

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A Reason to Reveal Your Failures, the Time Tulips Cost More Than Houses, and the Death of Planet WASP-12b

"Hi you're about to get smarter and just a few minutes with curiosity. Daily from curiosity DOT COM. I'm cody guy and I'm actually Hamer today. You'll learn about why successful people should reveal their failures. The extreme story the death of Planet Wasp Twelve B and White. Tulips used to cost more than houses during a period. Known as Tulip Mania. Yeah let's send US less than curiosity. Success is a double edged sword hard work. Ken Come with amazing benefits like more pay more responsibility and and more stability but it can also carry jealousy competition and the resentment right along with it. So how do you keep. The scales tipped toward the positive well. According into new research from Harvard. Business School you can do it by talking more about your failures. This tip might sound counterintuitive. Isn't it important. Talk Your achievements. Don't you want people to know you're successful. Why would you ever highlight year failures right well? The thing is when successful people only talk about their success. They come off as egotistical and that can stir up what the Harvard Business School researchers call malicious envy. That's the kind of destructive envy that makes people wants to harm the successful person according to the researchers if you're really successful then it's likely that everybody already knows about your achievements admits it's more interesting and inspiring for people to learn about your mistakes and that makes sense right. I mean when you reveal both your successes and failures. The the team says you're more likely to stir a benign kind of envy. The kind that drives people to be more like the successful person instead of tearing them down. They found that people don't have less admiration for a leader when they know about the leader's failures and they still respect his or her status. The envy just becomes less harmful and more motivational national and as a bonus revealing past failure tends to make people think you're more deserving of success because that means you had to try harder to get there now you can still talk about your successes. That's especially true for people who are just starting out if you're a paper shuffling intern for example. Your colleagues probably aren't envious of you in the first place but as you claim the letter remember that it's good to talk about your failures to you won't fall down and you might even get to climb higher having said that we're an award winning podcast but we're also an award losing podcast that's true we've gone for awards that we've definitely lost and we didn't like like make big announcements about it but maybe we should have more about like the Organization of our podcast. But like I submitted myself to get a producer. A word that I it definitely didn't win. I actually really admire you for all the stuff you go out for. I feel like I don't I don't really put myself out there for awards and stuff and like seeing the way that you put both yourself and the podcast out for awards. I really admire that Well thank you for more things. I just there's not that many prizes yeah it's true it's true and I mean if I got eliminate one of US know understandable. Hey this is my responsibility man. Always be your own biggest guest advocate easier said than done it is it is it can be. There's some extreme stuff and outer space to prove it. It look no further than the planet. Wasp Twelve B. The thing is super hot super huge super dark and soon to be super dead and here is that planet story. Duda Duda nudity so wasp. Twelve B is a gas giant SORTA like Jupiter. It's so close to its Sun. A year lasts just twenty six hours. One side of the planet is always facing it son seared by never ending daylight eight and broiling in temperatures of about forty six hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Those temps don't just keep clouds from ever forming and reflecting sunlight. They're so high that most molecules can't form at all as a result. Any light is absorbed by free hydrogen atoms which converted into wait for it more heat. This process absorbs nearly all the light that hits the surface so this blast furnace of a planet isn't white hot. It's actually pitch black. ASTRONOMERS FIRST SPOTTED WASP twelve B in two thousand eight orbiting a star in the Constellation Raga. The last twelve years of research paints a convincing picture. This is he's one weird planet and now new evidence suggests that Wasp Twelve B is swiftly approaching certain death why do astronomers think the planet is doomed. The problem is gravity both Wasp Twelve B and it star are huge and they're very close to each other. The gravity between them is so strong that the planet causes it son to bulge which creates tides the distort its shape and make it wobble. It's kind of like how the moon creates tides in Earth's oceans that tidal bulge in the star takes energy and that energy is coming from somewhere very important to wasp twelve B. It's coming from the energy uses to orbit. Here's how researchers searchers think the story will end Wasp Twelve B. We'll continue making waves on it son for about three million more years. During that time the planets orbit will slowly decay bringing it closer and closer to the sun after three million years of this wasp. Twelve B will lose its gravitational tug of war and plunge into it son. It's already begun. Its downward spiral. Observation suggests that its orbit is already shortening by about twenty nine milliseconds per year. Farewell Wasp Twelve B. We hardly knew ye if you thought there have been some extreme economic bubbles in the US in recent years. Then here's something that might make you feel a little better better or worse. Once upon a time in the Netherlands a tulip cost more than a house. Yes back in the sixteen thirty S A period called Tulip. Amenia caused tulip prices to soar twentyfold in just six months before plunging in half that time now that time tulips were novelty. They just been introduced to western Europe from their native country of Turkey and this happens during the Dutch golden age when the Netherlands was one of the wealthiest countries in Europe up collectors assigned value tulips based on their species and coloring and at the heart of the Menia were broken tulips which looked super super awesome instead of being just one color broken tulips boasted vibrant lines and flame lake streaks. Ironically they were colored that way because of a tulip specific mosaic virus. Though that reason wasn't discovered until centuries later anyway by sixteen thirty seven a single bulb of semper Augusta's Gustis cost enough to feed clothe and house a whole Dutch family for half a lifetime. Or if that's not your style. It could purchase one of the grandest tomes on the most fashionable canal in Amsterdam for a cash complete with a coach House and an eighty foot garden. This whole situation is known. As a speculative have bubble also known as a price bubble assets bubble or financial bubble. It happens when the price of something far exceeds its fundamental value now. Historically these bubbles burst followed by spectacular crash items price and. That's exactly what happened here. Luckily the economic repercussions were relatively minor. Honor as there were that many people involved and fortunately nobody was recorded is going bankrupt and yet. Tulip mania is often referred to as history's history's biggest bubble even though more recent bubbles have been way more devastating like Japan's asset price bubble collapse in the nineteen ninety s and more recently dot com and housing bubbles here in the US. So why does Tulip Mania get such an extreme reputation. Well historians believe the scale was blown out of proportion and by Dutch Kelvin assists. They actually spread propaganda pamphlets because they were worried that the tulip boom would lead to societal decay. Fortunately absolutely it didn't in fact. Tulips are now in essential economic industry in the Netherlands which exports two thirds of the world's tulips and attracts thousands of tourists too. It's beautiful tulip fields. So can't yourself lucky that you get to see these beautiful fields and buy a bunch of beautiful tulips without having to trade your house for it. So what did we learn today today. Well I learned that if you're really successful you should admit to your failures. Because you'll be seen as less egotistical and more deserving of your success. I'm just not sure what level of success you need to have to do this because I reveal my failures all the time on twitter. Um So I think it's all relative. I actually have a friend who was a performer on the second city. ATC stage if you don't know second city is like the capital of Improv proffer. The world it's amazing reputation. A lot of very well known comics of train. Their performed there. Tina fey Stephen. Colbert Steve Carell. I mean the list Bill Murray the list goes on and on and on for decades so tim was a performer on one of the casts which is a big big deal in Chicago not that many opportunities for that caliber and I remember specifically quickly he posted on facebook and his post. Read a lot of people only show the good stuff on facebook and I want to let you know I got cut from the team and I just. I just think that it's more honest and open to admit your failures and you know I'm going to move on and things that'll be going great and he's crushing now. He actually ended up being a writer. Netflix says says reboot of Mystery Science Theater three thousand so he's crushing it. He's doing awesome. But our I've I've always remember that. He made that post seven or eight years ago. Oh an still remember. It had an impact so it can really mean a lot of people around you when when you are willing to say you know what things aren't really always perfect and sometimes I struggle to. Yeah you know now that you say that. When I've seen really successful people post things like that? The thing I always think is well the fact that they are sharing this machines that they are at such a level that this isn't going to destroy them and that's how they can share it so it's like I almost see them as more successful when they do that. ugh Oh yeah. There's a couple of tips for you. Yeah and I've got another pro tip. Do Not Visit Planet Wasp Twelve B. Because it's so dark that ninety eighty four percent of light can't escape it and it's so close to home star that it flies around it in just twenty six hours and it's going to end up sinking into that star and being destroyed. Yeah not a great destination vacation. It is pretty extreme though. Like seven X.'s. Why how that is a lot of exit? And I learned that we've been experiencing speculative bubbles for hundreds of years and one of them happened in the Netherlands Orlands in the sixteen hundreds and that was when tulips were as valuable as a house and then suddenly they weren't done done today's stories were written by Kelsey. Dunk grant current and Cody Goff and edited by Ashley Hammer. WHO's the managing editor for curiosity deal? Today's episode was produced and edited by. Cody Odi Goff. Join US again tomorrow to learn something new in just a few minutes and until then stay curious.

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Barstool Rundown - February 10, 2020

Barstool Rundown

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Barstool Rundown - February 10, 2020

"The rundown it's brought to you by NASCAR NASCAR is back. It's the most iconic race and all the motorsports the great American raced Daytona. Five hundred Davey page views is back Davey Daytona is going to head down there a couple of members of Barstool. And they're going to witness the mayhem. I'm alive you can too. If you WANNA go live you can go to Daytona Dot Daytona five hundred dot com slash barstool. Get Your special ticket packages or you can watch it on. TV TV Sunday sixteen to Thirty PM eastern time it's the most Important race of the season kicks things off gets everyone back into Nascar Mode and David Tone is going to do his thing. So far continues to take over the racing world and they're doing it right away the Daytona five hundred tune in or get your tickets Daytona five hundred dot com slash Barstool Dave Dave is doing big brain things Brian Walker in and producing today's show the king himself. ELVES Zillion Beers is here. Saying it'd be number three. I feel like I'm in trouble so I shouldn't drink sit out in trouble as and he's in the workplace right now so now he has proved his proved himself in the sense. There's going to be damned dummy like talk about you. Appear pressure were cute. Duda Duda always said was. Where's your pitch? You imagine if like he wasn't trouble you would be like well well. Brandon told me to get it. That's all that's certainly one half hearted Dana running back in the building running to. He's probably he's he's a golden retriever. Right now he's fetching the mid him because he's a little exercise sweat it out. A little bit so Zillion Beers Toko off buddy. How far? He's got his arm. Sure slowly just enjoy responsibly. Here's your okay okay. So the Zillion Beers movement is on Dana be has been negotiating through all weekend. He's doing dumped. Move Right now. uh-huh so wholesome in genuine and that's why nobody else but you couldn't possibly though seriously behind the wheel never never verb unity responsibly. Just to sit like this just twitter. It really is walking funny. It's like there's just something about the way he looks at does it. That makes it is not like fringy. It's not try hard it's not do she's bucking the big dummy. Here's your your dog. I like people kept going to be a big play. Curiously rank thank Larry's I wish I could be living in some shit hole apartment. We know rent Westville is one that got me and it was probably the weirdest grossest one at all you just got out of the shower. Yeah your cigarette and you started shaving and it was just like and you actually didn't. Obviously I'm going out or doing anything but I was like this guy. He's got the world by the balls outta shower he's GonNa Rally he's going to go out and drink zillion beers and have a good time and you start shaving your neck beers and for that moment Leeann that moment I was like I wish I was. You WanNA trade lies. Dana beat North right now on Saturday now moment it was oh all listen. I think we're implying I think when it's all said and done Dana be is going to be the one handed out negotiating lessons. I remember he's got a lot of people who are eating crow. Hopefully I don't know maybe I'll awful. We fought into is Dana. We and what did I say. Today on. Radio I said Zillion Beers the fucking moon. It doesn't matter what Dame says you believe in the brand. I try not not exaggerating. I had seventy five years over the course of seventy in two hours. This is perfectly normal consumption fuel grant anybody otherwise. I don't know where we are anymore. But people are worried about drinking days. Fine okay. He's Drinking Camera Eh doping. It'd be smart irresponsible. And everyone is. There's nothing irresponsible about this. beer-drinking is actually the responsible thing. Because when you drink liquor drunk before he's fuck now. That picture did that hurt. Yeah but you're only getting come from me because I've had about a million of those works like Oh boy. I've had a lot of bad pictures of my time. I didn't even think anything of it when I saw that video. I knew the minute because like I told you when I say this it's morning it's fucked up the angle. 'cause he was just going straight on. And if you do that and you are a little Chunky it is worst angle. F knows. We'll talk there's no need to you. Got Stung by a bunch of bunk. Well here's what happened by the way I mean. Do you remember when walk a little. A little little showed him walk. The line started marsh his meteoric rise and then not too long after. We got Miami Miami Walker here and he has his rise. And now the King Zillion Beers. Here's year too. Many too many alpha. I walked the mail. I don't know who the star is anymore. You guys are going to end up having a fistfight Rising tide lifts all ships sends John C. As Dave Dave was say we like I should have promoted. Walk the line more but I had more important than he says. Marty I have more important things will who are. Do you actually think you're going to get to a million. This is the worst yourself out of so pure anybody. People people are always called. This is manufactured or writing the script. Dana thinking that Dave had any inclination was how that affected the negotiators like so. That's just a deal with your. I'm I'm telling you can't you can't look good the rest of us. Twenty seven hundred thousand dollars going through quarterlane which is incredible but to make money now on this new deal you have to sell six hundred okay and then so I think he's I think he's GonNa do four hundred on the weekend again again. Second all the Newmarch and you gotta realize he did four hundred on twitter basically. There's a lot of people who aren't and so when you get it on instagram. You get on radio rundown stool scenes all this shit. I think you're GONNA at least do what you did last weekend. So now it's a matter of doing like two hundred thousand weekdays. We're just can I throw an idea that just popped in my head. Friday is Valentine's Day. You need to have the date in your apartment drinking cleaning clean. If you have a girl and you candle handle it. Seems that thing will go. Puerto smashed me looking. But heavy's Abe's offer head you think you will have a girl in mind would fly to listen for you. Ah Hell rich now. I can do that. Date would be electric content. I mean and you know what you looked jumps into two bills Mafia. Here's trump bushes. He's awesome awesome. Got A lot of money. Exactly who view livestream date. You need to have like behind a paywall sick. My Shirt Ernie'll science shirt code and that's the only way you can log in you. Go to the they'll do a zillion it'll be zillion dollars for all your beers wine glasses lose. Imagine then you serve. It poured. That's got to happen doing that. I don't think I don't think I've ever heard more more curious. Corruption of she's awesome. She jumps off a bubble shit behind Zillion beers that will be very funny is a great movement. Thank you and your your buddy. PFP's trying to get equity right now. And I am so I'm not good. I'll say it. I'm not good financial reasoning. Oh no she things like that. I almost just gave him like ninety percent of of the whole fail. Yeah you're not very smart so I know how to drinking. I know how to tweet about drinking beer in Dave's office mortar. Yeah that that was you meet. How'd you think that was going to go over well? Monday morning for the brand like sweet of something that's like I have second hand embarrassment embarrassment thinking about doing that. I wasn't like chugging it was just it was it was ten seventy. Oh by the way. I was the first one here Monday morning. Coming off an absolute bender like you read about guess was in the office. I it doesn't matter I I could. I could drink another Brazilian beers and still be on time at seven fucking thirty sharp other than the breakfast got shot up to them. Yeah no I was smart as long as You keep doing your work I think you can. They can't stop you. Look good I mean the best part is is just. This is who I am not going. The two people are watching. And it's funny because you're not. It's not like you're like okay. I got to be like a drink today. It's like Nestle redoing anyway. I granted granted a different spot. Maybe when I was your age in your financial situation the twenty five K.. Really would have been like dawn deal. I think it was a smart move. Even if you don't end up making thing it like you took a shot for something that is possible for all life changing. But he would be a blow that like Vegas in a night. I I was saying one hundred K's enough for you to let your life will be different. I was sitting with killed in our apartment complex. And he lives here as girlfriend lives below me and so we were just that's it and unfortunately stomping around stump drunk you don't stop. Don't stop throwing light on your feet your stopper. I'm not a stomping okay. twinkle bouncing cans off the floor caled was like he's the one that kind of pushed me over the edge was like he should have been seeing investment owns more bitcoin than like coins in he was like. What son this tweet it's going to fucking kill it So to just doing an experiment. Twenty or twenty five K.. Cash is a lot lot of God. I I if you said to me like we're going to try to do like a party Movement with and you get to use the Barstool sports machine for a chance at one hundred grand. I think I'm taking a truly believe it's going to hit a million. I know nobody's don't feel drunk. You really you really never looked when he was at the bar he well. It's very trunk. No that was just bad but I I I mean the Academy Award for the that was good. The fake drunk. The joke joke was incredible. Breach the water. We gotta get king whatever. His name is who John Guy I was on the Oscars segue Zun last night at the Oscars went four four but he won four and every every single time he got up there. All he did was promised that he was going to drink more. I'm the lead it to drink tonight. So it's easy it's an easy scripted. Follow folks if you say that you drink billions of people like you can say through an interpreter. You could say on twitter you can say that the Oscars people are going to universal. You say they wouldn't know but I think I loved it. It was good. I probably I didn't see all them. So I I liked uncut gems better than all of them so I I would put that in there. Like knives out better than is out. It was more entertaining. Like it was so fun and entertaining when I think given How it was shot and everything? Nineteen seventeen felt like like that. I've never seen him. We like that before so I guess you could say the parasite but I'm cool with that. Winning I thought Ford for sorry was an awesome movie to which was like entertaining. Shut up whatever happened to that category where you're supposed to be like the most popular movie. They never even did it right. They got yelled at. I mean that was looking into Dana. Hostile take notes. Tommy Oh Sounds a little bit emerging next beer. They got yelled at come on now. They say never even get a once. Once that flicking Komo continued have been good for a couple of movies this year. I feel like we're we're Would have fit that well but I also think that once upon all the time in Hollywood is maybe the most overrated mobile. I in on it right. I mean if the hype had sold large I might have enjoyed it more but I went into a thing. He was going to be the best movie ever. It was fine so weird at moments. I thought were good to have terrible overall. I was just like okay ars. We're the same like it was a good movie. It was a little bit like nothing about it was like Oh man. I'm favorites ever. You and I talked about last night Paris. Yes I think it's hype proof. That's why I liked it because it's hard to explain Kinda watch it and they watch and they will hold off on. Hold off to a parasite to me was Like the poster child People who are like make original movies don't make Combo movies and don't make sequels like all right. Here's a totally new fucking idea. And everybody was down with it but I think nineteen seventeen is also the same way like you could hype that up and and when you see and you realize that it's all one shot and it's all like so intense. It's pretty much like well. They've been adding a lot of voters. That last night was a big hit. That the old S- don't have much say anymore. It's a big hint. That young people vong is going for. It's a big deal because you see how comfortable was Bareness pocket. Oh yeah that pocket seen a lot of what what are you. What are you on your phone for I have? I can't even look at twitter feed. That's how many people are buying shirts. Dan What's the number one guy dominating Tom and the Internet right now. There's no time to break when I'm trying to get fucking rich. Dan Rea there really is no. There's no time to take a break. You start to break down how much money you need to make for. You need to keep going. I told them at one point I was like maybe just let it breathe a little bit like thank God. He didn't just go peddle a metal rolling. Tom Brady's yeah pretty wears that Shit. Ah Boys I don't know after that speaking of Brady always the did you see what Rob Ward. Just said. No all right yes. He's been smoking. This change my whole opinion on Brady. This clip from port brought to you by man skates I feel like Dan is doing a lot of time with his shirt off these days in the videos. Maybe you need to manscaping. Maybe three Valentine's Day de la with your lady. Yeah why not show show show. I'm I'm working with. Yeah why not listen. That's a guy use average this big double double in high school right there. Okay that's that's what would you average like twenty and ten Wilmington. Yes yeah sure you really demand scape. I think you already manscaping others walks. I think you're looking sharp and everyone else. These Demands Cape Right now with the third generation. MANSCAPING gaped trimmer. It's got the cutting edge ceramic blade. So that means no no Managing accidents no nicking yourself It's got a battery that can last. That's up to ninety minutes. I don't know who the fuck demand scape for ninety goddamn minutes but if you need to your trimming the hedges for an hour and a half Man's case got you covered. They've got the the Anti Ball Chafing. They've got the deodorant. They've got it all for you to be smooth smell good and feel good right now. You can get twenty percents off the manscaping package when you you go to man's scraped dot com and use the Promo Code Rundown for twenty percent off its Manscaping Dot Com Promo Code rundown so just Mike this lesson you got a problem with that. No write a letter. Boys get a little too big for you. Know a little. Jealousy is the the EGO kicking in Just sitting there shirtless. I mean we'll see my party trick. Yes so my nipples are inverted. Oh Boy Watch watch this pop it out. Dana is flicking his this morning. The death in the bill that that was liberalism. It's GonNa make a business out. I mean okay. Okay okay. We don't need zoom in on the nipples volts. Jesus Christ look you guys WanNa see my nipples. There is a statement. I did not expect to hear. Oh man aw come on come on Valentine's Day when Your Lady Valentine's Day Kayla was talking to your nipples come on. Oh my God. I don't need distractions. That's the problem distraction if you don't talk about you gotta deal with that. You come in for Valentine's signs they drink this morning. We we need an off switch for data. I think we need to shut down for like six seven hours. And then we'll let you get back out. What are you going to talk to you? Talk Too much concern. Not Going on. There was no question about that. What was the question? It was better than you are so most like you said never happened. You know we're doing this. It's ridiculous to even do other goes on but I will say Ian Rapoport reported. Today that the Bob Kraft logic here. Is that for this. All Workout Brady has to hit free agency. So that he can like be he wound and Shit and realize New England's best spot for him and that Bella check can see all that is that it has to offer at all the different price ranges and he too will arrive at the idea that it's best for business and it sounds like craft. I could flex and say you have to keep Tom Brady. But I want everyone to see the light and the way he's going to go around that it's like when you're in high school when you're dating girls like Lorenzo see other people but I'm going to come back to you babe and then you go out there and you never end up back together. Opinion drew that to me is like well. This sounds trouble in paradise. And if you're if you're solution is yeah go see what else is out there. Well someone else is going to be new and exciting and money and a new. Locate go fell. REMERS has gone now. You go to L. A. Like there. There's too much temptation out there to think that everyone's one's GonNa agree to we're the we're hearing Bob Kraft's opinion at all you've got bell check and Brady these two Alpha's these are the two that have to make this decision. But I think Bob lovecraft still like Kevin said he could just think he's on Brady. Yup you're saying he wants to do it in a way that it's almost like inception like we have to make bill think that it's a good idea. Just kind of insulting the fans I mean like. Maybe there's this agreement that they're all coming back together and they have to make it appear as if Brady looked around and he knows new the first place the If if there yeah employees find to win. I think that it's not gonNA work if if that to me. That's like last ditch. Which Hail Mary type? Shit if Bill Gates still not on board and they're saying all right we'll let you see everything that's out hopefully like I don't think I think it's doing right and I and there's GonNa be somebody some situation. Does that will be like a thirty one. Web Super Alcove Antique. We less money play for you right right. Yeah that's I never even thought about that where you get. I don't know I mean exactly. Who would be? I'm not sure in James Scott Lisa. I mean the grew for him. That's a game. Jesus right there so I don't know not Not Incur it. There's truth to that. I would not be encouraged if I was A and as a patriots hater. I never wants. This is the first time I ever thought like maybe there is something otherwise. I'd just been waiting for him to walk back on It also in football XFL. I believe you said it. It didn't so I didn't watch it but I was surprised by like the the positive reception. It was it was the original. XFL Twenty years ago. got a positive reception so so well I think the difference here is that the XFL is at least sound financial. It's not like a pyramid scheme that they're hoping like we'll just make a bunch of money in the first couple of weeks to fund week five. It sounds like we'll get a full season of this right. I don't I personally. Don't think any alternative leaves leagues will ever really work. But then I guess if you include. UFC USC is like a different thing. Otherwise I don't see any of the major four sports ever kind of being dethroned but I guess it could happen eventually kick off real. Yeah I love the three point play. What I don't understand are playing in the meadowlands in New York that doesn't look good and putting teams and cities like like Dallas and New York had already have? Nfl t the they could have chosen a Louisville or St Louis. Or if we're GONNA do it you're right you gotta go to like the stadiums although although while the upper bowl was. The stadium was very empty. The people that were there and granted there hasn't been that great product professionally with the jets and giants. They were fucking like gas not seen jets crowd or giants probably not in a couple of years. So you've said today. He believes that we're piping annoys interesting. He says he believed that noise was fake. I mean honestly it does make sense because you can't use don't have passionate by team and create a robbery create passionate. You can't create. I don't see how you have. That unless wants is just once. They're just getting them so their whole thing is for the love of the game right. If you just truly love the actual sport you WanNa see football being thrown and anybody I aw again I keep bringing this up but like okay. This weekend was on. I watched a little bit of it like actually kind of enjoyed watching Cordell Jones on Saturday. uh-huh where the kits to March march madness when it gets through the master's playoffs back. I'm not could it be prioritizing. I mean I'm a guy who I like watching my teams. I don't even necessarily watching most other actual professional teams so for me to watch random teams. That are you know right novelist. Yeah Yeah Right. He needs to have more like the the sideline interviews mid game anymore shelia wrestling. That's what they need more sensitive or Catholic. Ah Yeah those three I do think within ten years the NFL will adopt kicking. Role is similar to that. I would love for the NFL to have a three point play. Maybe maybe seems out. It feels like you're always yes when when a what was it like I saw the tweet. Like hey a seventeen point lead as a to score game if the NFL. Well if they were smart they would they would steal a couple of those ideas and just fucking were making you. Can you make them go back again. It only lasts ten. I WanNa see the profile profile profile and and you don't want to hear the Nipples we stay there. Okay okay next top. Sure back on this birthday higher I I mean listen. She went for gold like she went for the glory she then it did not work out but like a fucking warrior. She kept on talking now now. I feel bad because I crack some jokes as did many people on the Internet and unfortunately in this day and age everyone like you're connected like uh everyone found her on twitter and she broke her jaw like fucked up ankle and was in like bad shape and needed a gofundme to try to surgery. Yeah no it's true but I was like Oh and it's not it's not as easy to joke about it when I see that you're like she was like made a video like crying like I'm a broken John Camp. I pretty much broke my jaw and I and I had to have surgery on it tomorrow. I broke some teeth and I got a sprained ankle. But I got some stitches but aside from that like I'm good I have no broken limbs. I walked away in my self. I got up right after it happened. Oh Jeez she did raise like when I saw it was fifteen. Out of twenty grand was like met her goal. Thirty thousand dollars for a target girl a couple of weeks ago. That's fucking idiot. Made you know zillion learn thousand dollars a day by selling dumb shit. So the power of the on display big toll revolutionized so project zillion of life it is shown Hannam softball. That's right around looking for they're gonna you will get a lot of people. Girl's name Zillion. Here's the girls team. No no no. It's a it's like a men's softball. He said Yeah we don't we don't talk. They were like pass. I know we don't talk about them. I know what it was so in the rear view that we don't get literally literally they're just done got snuffed out but if we were to say their name it's like a day of the week debut shut up. Nice Sunday morning ars Zillion Beers we're going to get them customized jerseys for the holy who I just said that I see a lot of people around this bitch do no one then the rule no and a beer beer out of your no no no come on. Give me permission Dave. I get in trouble for this dance fault. No I'm not giving you permission. I don't know I feel like fate zoo. Drink a beer we do it. You imagine if flake pen got mad at me for drinking beers listening be good. Listen being zillions Zillion Guy. It's about knowing when and where and how to act. It's Monday at like grow up. Dude I'll tell you what there's there's only one child on this show show today and it's not you Danton being childish. Oh now you're being a child children's if I you were a fan of another account. They probably drink beer right now. They wouldn't cowards. Who really ugly? Yeah I don't know who really soggy rundown that's who you talking about.

Dana twitter Dave Dave Tom Brady Zillion NFL Daytona Daytona Dot Daytona Duda Duda NASCAR NASCAR Davey David Tone ELVES Brandon Leeann Westville Larry Oscars
Fri. 4/24 - THE MUSICAL EPISODE!!!!!

Celeb News Ride Home

12:49 min | 9 months ago

Fri. 4/24 - THE MUSICAL EPISODE!!!!!

"Welcome sued the CELEB- news ride home for Friday April twenty. Four the TWANI TO. I'm your host. Kate grabs we're GONNA do a musical episode. Hey Hey hey why not? We're going to do a musical Lapa. Sow have a had episode of Celebrity News. Podcast now now. What the news today. Well I'm GonNa sang at Chris Cuomo's wife. She's taken bleach bath. Yeah but we're not gonNA talk about that. It's do messed up. It's too dark. Don't drink. Blades now drank. Don't drink don't bathe in it. Don't down drink. Leads Down Drake cleaves? Now drink blades. Don't drink leads. Don't pay them it. Okay it's hot now lay some. My brain is melting. And we're GONNA do musical episode. Duda Duda Hay Hay. A today's topic's Taylor Swift is mad at Scooter Braun again. Kim and Kanye quarantine away from Asia and find a Kayaker gave resolve. Its add to. We'll talk about how K. Gerber gave her cell tat. Here's what Jim is today in world of the World Laborat- emails swift is man. Loose with these at school to run school on. School Ron and the Carlisle Group. She took two currents Doug Graham and she posted scathing indictment and she said she says she said she said she said I cool. Hey Guys I wanNA thank my fans for making me wear that my former record label is putting out an album of live performances of mine tonight. This recording is from a two thousand eight radio show performance. I did when I was eighteen. Big Machine has listed the date as a two thousand seventeen release but they're actually releasing it tonight at midnight. I'm always honest with you guys about this stuff so I just wanted to tell you that. This release is not approved by me. It looks to me like scooter. Braun and his financial backers twenty-three capital Alex Soros and the Soros family and the group have seen the latest balance sheets and realized that paying three hundred and thirty million for my music wasn't exactly a wise choice when they needed money then she added. Yom in the time of Corona by Russ so tasters retransmit quote. Yeah Kim and Kanye Quartz Zing pod. I could guess that one Barron Different States Cartier's in Wyoming with the kids. He took them to give him a break their day. Gin turns watching the kids. Oh Kanye is in Wyoming. He has four thousand acres. In why homing and the kids. Yeah he's Gotten Psalm and saints and Gago and North and they had at ease for all being in Kim and Kanye they're taking breaks with the Kids Ed's candy duplicates a Wyoming. I wonder what Kim's doing ourselves Alabama's says maybe she's taken a dip in that big big pool that doubles as a hot tub. The pool doubles as a hot tub. They're hidden hills. Stayed Our. What Cam still win? A Sore spoke to people magazine about this and they said and our quo conned. Yay escapes to his office for a work break. He also led Kim ever break last week. When it took some of the kids to home they have been taken turns caring for the kids and quote. I think it's Kinda Weird. In my personal opinion that they can just take a private jet to Wyoming whenever they want all the rest of us in our little shitty apartments who a mad who Jan Kantar Dash. And but hey I'm GONNA do it. Anyway they're tag turns with the. I'm fascinated fascinated. I'm fascinated. He took the kids to his four thousand. Acre stay in Wyoming. To give is why for break. But they're in different states. Isn't that weird? Isn't it weird for me? It's kind of weird but Hey Kim took the kids then conde the kids then switch back then switch back totally nor mom do you get the PJ and take it to homing and then a source told people magazine. Yeah it's all normal GonNa talk to you. A Bad Guy Gerber Abner Tattoo Gun Talk to you about. She gave herself. It's at Yeah she gave herself it sets L. Kayaker. She gave herself a to g gave us over Good has a thing with tattoos. She has Bunch of them and their dainty and killed jd in cute but this time she was like. I can't go to the tattoo parlor. Would again at what am I gonNa Dale? Yeah I'll sell to need show a She did an interview with glass. Dot Com. She said and I quote. I did get to ambitious. I gave myself dot just so I could be like all right. I got a tattoo. This month Cool and quote. That's really what she said to Glamour Dot Com. She said I gave myself a dot. She gave herself died. Kayak game herself with Dodd. She gave herself a dot. Yeah she said. She gave herself a sick in polk dot. She gave herself so she could get attached to this month. She had to get one every month and she has to get one every month or else she dies. I mean that's just my theory. Come on guys is a pretty good theory guy Gave herself a stick and poke. She gave herself as big and bulky gave it to herself and she just did like dot. Yeah a little little yourself but guy she's got to get it to Re Mom jeans I am. He's she's got to give ourselves a tattoo she's gotta give ourselves a tattoo. You Susan Corinthian like the rest of us. But that's GonNa star grabbed the needle baby. Get that Little Inc. let's give ourselves some Little Dot O. Gun at Copy Kaya. Now I'm GonNa Copy Kaya and give myself a little And I don't need to give it any more thought I'm giving myself with like I'm giving myself like I Oh yeah it felt good now. I have a stick and poke. Hey that's it. That's the show. Thanks for tuning in to the musical episode of Celebrities Ride Home. You can follow me at tate wrapped on everything. I can't believe you made it this far into the APP out. I've lost my And I'm truly lots my mind. Thanks to at home media and my co producer and engineer Jack. Leave us a review. Tell your friends you like the song and I'm really sorry. I'm just sorry. I'm sorry but I had to had to it's Friday pick-me-up pick me up and this is that a mentally. I'm head episode of the revenues Brad. Home I'll be back on Monday so don't go away. Don't unsubscribe bye love you goodbye. I love you bye.

Kim Wyoming Kanye Scooter Braun Duda Duda Hay Hay people magazine Chris Cuomo CELEB polk dot Blades Lapa dot Kate Celebrity News Taylor Swift Carlisle Group K. Gerber Big Machine Alex Soros Doug Graham
Ants vs Bees

Smash Boom Best

37:26 min | Last month

Ants vs Bees

"Today's episode is sponsored by bamboo. Learning bamboo learning offers an innovative in fun way for kids in grades kindergarten through fifth to practice phonics spelling grammar and vocabulary using alexa. Your kids can try. Bamboo english from bamboo learning by saying alexa open. Bamboo english high friends as we're wrapping up twenty twenty. We're looking forward to bringing you more smash boone best in the new year if you want us to automatically send you the season end bonus episode donate now to smash boom best as a bonus on top of the bonus episode anyone who donates before midnight. On new year's eve will have the chance to vote on the debate topic for that episode. Donate now at smash boom dot org slash donate to make your voice heard thank you so much from the brains behind brains on it smash boom best this show for people with big opinions. Hi i'm molly bloom. And this is smashed boom best the show where we take two things. Smashed them together and ask you to decide which one is best today. Ones in the sky one's underground one makes the other not a sound. it's all out bug. Brawl between two natures most innovative insects ants versus beasts. Which little creature is the biggest deal here to decide is our judge. Astronaut hi hello austin. I hope you're not afraid of insects because we're going to be hearing a lot about them today. So i'm wondering do you find insects generally fascinating. Maybe a little freaky their little intriguing personally. There's some insects. I do not like like i don't like spiders. I don't like anything. That's slimy typically so like slugs and snails kind of seem really gross to me actually might have a phobia of them well. It's a good thing that we're not talking about the ones that you're a little afraid of today. We're talking ants and bees. So i'm curious what words come to mind when you think of ants. I've heard they're really hard workers. I heard a lot about their teamwork. They're really tiny but also really big in terms of like how they collectively become one home. I love that big picture thinking and what about bees. I think they're misunderstood to be honest. So you are a debater yourself. What do you like about debating. I liked that you get to express yourself and your ideas whether it's ideologically whether it's through presenting your persuasiveness forms of logos ethos pathos hugh tells what logos pathos our freight so there debate not debate styles but styles in which you persuade your audience. Logos is logic. Ethos is ethics and pathos is emotions. That's great we are going to be a perfect judge for our debate today. Do you have any tips for debaters. The argument you like best is the one you're gonna know the most so just stick with your gut feeling and just stick with that argument. There's always a way to debate it out. And there's always a way to win with that argument excellence. We have an honest unbiased. Judge here today for answers is bees debate. I think it is time to introduce our debaters standing up for the little guy always on the go. Careful you don't step on him. It's tim barnes. Four team aunt. Hide him as ago and happy to be here. So tim in one sentence why are ants. The ultimate insect ants are the ultimate insect. Because they're stronger than they look and unlike b.'s don't need wings in stripes to be cool very good our next debater. He's buzzing with pravada. A friend of the flowers. Watch out or he'll sting you. It's ian abramson for team. Be high in. Hello in give us your take on. Why bees are the better bug in one sentence. I'll give it to you and five words and stake but bees make concise and to the point. These are going to be some big arguments for tiny creatures today but remember it all comes down to us. Nuts opinion win her over and you in the match. Tim and ian how you're feeling going into it. Oh i'm ready for this already. Beat argument aunts make things to also have wings so you beat your own argument a few aunts do not it's not common most stance on the make things not all ants most stance. Okay here's how our debate will go down. The first round is the declaration of greatness. Ian and tim give us the best facts figures and stories about their side then their opponent gets a thirty second rebuttal to push back round to is the micro around. This is a creative challenge that both sides prepared for in advance next round three the sneak attack we give both sides a surprise format to debate in. They'll need their wits to win this one and then round for the final six. That's when our debaters make their last argument. Injustice words awesome. That will be giving out points along the way. But she'll keep her score a secret until the very end listeners. We want you to judge to like to keep score on an official scorecard. You can download one on our website at smash boom dot org or just make your own okay awesome. Are you ready for the facts to start flying. I am more than ready perfect. Let's go declaration of greatness and you have two points to award this round one for the best declaration. In one for the fiercest roberto. We've to coin and tim europe. I get us amped up about ants. Ants they're all over. You can find ant colonies on every continent except antarctica which is weird because it literally has aunt in the name can't really make an ant hill out of ice. I guess wherever you find them. They're always moving always busy and it makes you wonder what's it like in their world. Maybe it's something like this. It was a glorious busy day in the ant farm but the only thing that was wrong was that there is food the queen of all ants made an announcement and said i cannot and shall not tolerate one minute without food so the queen called up my partner and i the two scientific aunts and told us to go into the house of doom or there are giants and strange creatures. You to veg food. I come on the immediately. After mother told her speech four soldier ants pulled my partner and i to the back door and kicked us out. I've always been fascinated with ants. In fact what you just heard was an excerpt from a short story. I wrote when i was in elementary school spoiler. The ants do find food and totally save the day aunts. Have a few things in common like big heads. Powerful jaws elbowed antennae and verified instagram accounts. Okay maybe not the instagram thing. But they have something cooler an exoskeleton which is a skeleton on the outside and it's also really fun to say so skeleton while our skeletons are on the inside probably because they're shy and wanna hide away and read books or something and exo skeletons. Protect them like armored answer. Also strong some can lift up to ten fifty or by some estimates five thousand times their own body weight and they're amazing engineers. Ants built sprawling cities underground called colonies. The largest on record stretches three thousand seven hundred miles from northern italy through france to the coast of spain. There are lots of kinds of aunts to once. It's kind of innocent. Names like carpenter. Ants and weaver ants bizarro ones like door head aunts and raspberry crazy ants and once with names that keep you up at night. Like bullet ant fire ants. So there's ten thousand species of ants in the world. That's david who he's a professor of mechanical engineering and biology at georgia tech basically. He's a scientist who uses engineering to study bugs. David is an ant man. Not the ant man. I think he works with fire ants because they do something pretty fascinating they build with their bodies that means they can actually like lego blocks build physical structures that are way taller and wider than just one. It's sort of like cow. Cheerleaders can stack into a human pyramid football games but way cooler. Firi- can group together to form towers bridges even rats to protect themselves drowning when their territories flooded sort of like how the five power rangers put their robots together for a magazine accepted instead of just five robots imagine like one hundred thousand and if there are several colonies you to have you know ten or twenty colonies forming this huge bed sized raft of millions and millions ants when they built something. It's both sturdy and changeable because sometimes and make mistakes like maybe they'll build a tower and they'll build it up to tall on one side so they gotta let some ants us out and start over you know what it reminds me of a great quote from martial arts master bruce lee. About being like water i said. Mto mind be formless shapeless. You put water into a cup. It becomes the cup you put water into a bottle. It becomes the bottle. You're putting tepa comes to teapot can flow. Hoyt can crash the water. My friend and i bet. Bruce lee if he saw the firings would have changed is like oh. Don't be like water. Be like a raft of uzi. Fire ants about the bikes. You but ants to more than just built cool things. They also helped plants by digging into the ground and creating tunnels for air and water to reach the roots. They help props by protecting them. From other bugs and the goblet food that otherwise would begin to mold rotten smell and get this. They're more living ants on earth than any other things besides bacteria. so maybe it's time to stop thinking of them s invaders who eat all our cookies. Ants don't really invade our homes we invade. There's wow kind of wish. I were an aunt right now. Tim attorney all of us into ant men and women with that hardworking declaration for ants. All right not what stood out to you. About tim's argument so i use of ethos logos and pathos. I found out that they used the professors input as logic their emotions were the story that they read or that they wrote beforehand When they were younger so those are all things that release stood out to me and i loved them yes. I love the thought of little baby. Tim writing his aunt story makes me so happy. Okay and you have thirty seconds to respond to anything that you heard in that o two aunts your time starts now my biggest question that i will begin and end with is what would you rather eat honey or whatever it is the dance make. I was kind of not clear. Tim said that ants make stuff. What is it holes in the ground. Is that what you want. I don't need more goals in the ground. Listen answer great. But i wouldn't invite him to a picnic in either would you. Let's be serious. I would also say that Aunts just follow a path. They have to follow each other but bees are independent and they can train their own path to find their own food and are only fall time. Wow wow so. You're anti working together as a group. The way do. Tim aunt is in the air. All right enough with you and your logos okay. I can't think of anything that makes bees more frightening than thinking about. How independents what you're saying that you you like about answers that they're completely controlled by the people in charge. I wouldn't say that i'd say that. They have a sense of honor. They have a sense of duty. It's almost like the vulcans and star trek. You know how they say. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few that is the motto for the ant. Okay well yeah now that you're all warmed up. It's time for you to bring the love for bees. Let's hear it. Here is an office of a honeybee. Hello yes this is a honeybee. I don't have time for this. We're making honey and helping plans through all across the world. I gotta go okay. I'll be honest with you. I'm not a honeybee. Just a big fan of them are colorful magnificent creatures. That are not only fascinating. Hold our world together now. There are many types of beans. But the one you're probably most familiar with. And what is definitely the coolest be is the honey. They're called honeybees. Because of what they create babies they affectionately refer to his hunts which are named after the sweet sticky substance. We all know and love honey honey. Bees live in heights which i thought was short for hi fi but actually is the structure b.'s. Living it's also what the entire group of bees is called a hive. It'd be like if you call it your family the car you drove. Yes hello this is. My brother is part of my nissan. Sentra there can be over. Sixty thousand bees and a high and each hive has three types of beats the the drone be which helps a population grow and the worker bee that collects dust on flowers pollen for the hive. The last kind of be is the queen bee. She's named after the classic rock band because she will rock you. Queen bees are the only ones that lay eggs and they talk to other bees using chemicals. Their body produces when other bees smell the chemicals. They know what the queen wants them to do. Imagine if when you sweat it lets her mom know that. You wanna chocolate Now that's something. I haven't come in with the queen. B but maybe. It's because i always want chocolate. My mom knows it. Another thing honeybees do that. I can't is dance when i get on the dancefloor. They put out a traffic cone. So people avoid the area worker bees. Whoever can dance so well they do into to let other worker vs exactly where flowers are located. They walk in this sort of figure. Eight shape in based on how long and wide the loops are other vs can figure out where they found food. It feel like if you ask me for directions. And i back flipped to tell you after getting the pollen worker bees. Take it back to the hype and turn the pollen into honey. How well i've read in a b. to explain it Excuse me miss worker being. Can you tell me. have you fallen into hunting. Ooh picked permanent marker and is writing. Would you mind using something. We could wash off. That's permanent okay. Fine l. great. She wrote it and be. Let me get my be translation book. Okay that's it. She italics means it sarcastic wealth. What she wrote was go. Look it up. i've got work to do. You are worker bee. I guess that makes sense. Give me one second here. we're back. It's been three years since i recorded this last. I have a very long white beard. It's naturally brown. But i diet. I have now learned everything. There is to know about honeybees. So choose the pollen then passes it to the next fees and so on until a bunch of these. Shoot it the same way. I'm sure you and your family enjoy a sunday night. Dinner chewing each other's food until it becomes honey then they spit into a honeycomb and flap their wings. Dry it out and make it even stickier like cooling a bite of hot soup except the whole family is already had it in their mouth and then they just save it for later but fees are bigger than just their high. They helped spread pollen which helps more plants grow. That's a major way. Flowers managed to spread out and grow in such a great number bs so the next time you see a be album. Thank you very sweet declaration for bees awesome. What is your take on Argument they are making it so hard for me to choose which one i like more so i really late again. I split up into three categories. The logic of it of what type lake duluth brandom little facts that gave me about what type of bees and how many there are per hive and how they make money and the emotion that went into it when they told me all of those jokes and they portrayed themselves as the great points us and not. Okay tim now. It's your chance to bite back. You get thirty seconds to rebut ends arguments in your time starts now. Oh yeah that was cute in the whole beautiful thing you made. He didn't want even explain what be stands for. The it's a. It's a great that that is decent in a class but your parents is still a little disappointed at you. You definitely highlighted. How flashy ps are especially when it came to dancing example of someone answering a question by back flipping before they answer to you. If i met someone who i asked a question and they backflip to me to answer it. I would tell me walk away. Can i respond more. Okay the the genius part about bees is not that they backflip in response. It's that other. Bees know exactly what that means to him. So if you can't understand the beauty of the language of dance you looking and not blame. The most incredible play was just hard to understand what you were saying. This whole thing because you definitely highlighted the the annoying sound that bees made an aunt. Sounds like exactly all right well. Astronaut it is time to give one point for the best declaration and one for the best rebuttal. They can both go to one person or you can split them up. Think it over. Let us know when you've heard the point but don't tell us who you given them too will wait till the very end of the show to hear who one have. You awarded your points. I have a hard decision is very difficult. Excellent that means our debaters doing a good job listeners. At home mark. Down your points to and feel free to pause if you wanna talk it over with a friend tim. How're you feeling. After the first round. I know that there aunts somewhere in my apartment the rooting for me. I felt bad doing such a better job than tim. But we both had the same amount of prep time. And i think everyone it's halftime so stretch your legs. Straighten your antenna dust off your wings. If you've got him and stay tuned we'll be back in a flush with more smash boom best taylor lincoln here with seven hundred ninety five time debate champ. Todd douglas todd. Oh oh sorry. I got so caught up in this book. i'm reading. I high debate heads. We got a debate on tape. Bats literature early going to blow your minds gap grandmother and her grandson got into a bit of an argument about which is better to take on vacation in e reader or an actual book. I feel pretty passionately about this topic. My shelf get it book shelf. Yeah do all right todd. Roll tape sweetie. I think you should bring your e reader to the beach but gramma real books. The actual object is the object of my affection. I love the way book smell. I love the feel of the pages between my fingertips but all those books you've got there they'll take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Readers are pretty convenient sometimes and they actually have less of an environmental impact books. Do you think regular are bad for earth. Grandma what is up with your values. I expect so much more from you. You used to be a librarian and now here you are saying. Books are evil. Wow just so Pretty sure that's not which she said. Yeah marcel committed a logical fallacy logical fallacies. Come in all different shapes and sizes. But they all make your arguments weaker than they need to be He used when we liked to call the straw man fallacy. It's when you misrepresent or exaggerate your opponent's argument making it easier to attack. Let's see how grandma strikes back i did not say. All books are evil. I just suggested that an e reader would be easier to bring on vacation and they're not as bad as you might think if you use them for a long enough e-readers actually leave less of a mark on the environment than books. Do you don't believe me. i'll send you. The literature ala ding ding. Ding grandma for the win. All say we'll debate heads another example of what not to do when it comes to debate. Steer clear of those drama and faouzi fails and next time you partake in a debate. Aim to be a bit more. Like grandma can't hurt. Catch you next time on state. Today's episode is sponsored by literati. Kids this year. It's been hard for kids to go. Many places beyond their doorstep so for our family books have been crucial in helping us find adventure laughter and camaraderie in this strange year. And that's why literati kids has been amazing literati. Kids is a subscription book. Club sends five beautiful children's books to your door each month and literati kids. Lets you try before you buy keep only the books your child loves and you can return the rest for free. We have loved every book that literati kids has sent to our family. We got an awesome book where you use a flashlight to see hidden images a sticker book that was super fun and a book that taught us all about the bugs in our garden go to literati dot com slash boom for twenty five percent off your first two orders and pick your kids book club gift today remember. No one else has kids book clubs like these only at literati dot com slash boom. Can you get twenty five percent off your first two orders and receive five incredible kids books curated by experts delivered to your door every month. That's literati dot com slash boom. Make your little ones holiday season unforgettable this year. Today's episode is sponsored by head space. Life can be stressful. Even under normal circumstances but i think we all agree that twenty twenty has been super extra in this regard for me. This has been the perfect time to start using head. space head. Space is daily dose of mindfulness in the form of guided meditations. In an easy to use app they have meditations for all sorts of situations. If you're feeling overwhelmed had space has a three minute. Sos meditation that can help you get out of that for need help. Falling asleep head. Space has wind down sessions and an awesome thing for parents. Is that head space. Even has morning meditation that you can do with your kids before twenty twenty. My husband had been using head space and with all the stress of this year. He convinced me to start. And meditating has been so useful during this stressful time. You deserve to feel happier and head. Space is meditation made simple. Go head space dot com slash smash. That's head space dot com slash smash for free one-month trial with access to head spaces full library of meditations for every situation. This is the best deal offered right now. So head to head space dot com slash smashed. Today man you're listening to smash boom best the show about showdown. We love the debate ideas. You sent our way like this one from lev. My debate idea as microscopes verse telescopes. A scoop off. Great idea. love totally. We'll check in again with left at the end of the show to see who he thinks should win. Now it's time to get back to our bug battle in an tim. Do you have a strategy going forward. Yeah i think my my strategy is to focus on how bees are just about flash. But it's all to disguise as ian highlighted the disgusting methods create honey. I would say that answer twice is disgusting. And they don't create any all right well next up. It's the micro round. your grown challenge. is the ultimate getaway. Pretend you're a travel agent sells on the idea of vacationing. Either ants or bees will pack our bags and book. A ticket with whichever side makes the best case in europe. I this time. So tell us about the perks of a bk shen. Are you tired of feeling isolated alone and do you ever wish you had thousands of brothers and sisters. Do you often wish you could cozy up with a relaxing night of vomiting waxed. Bilger home. Well then it's time to go on vacation to the honeybee. The only one star resort. Lets you live with. And as a honeybee are one star rating out of one. So that's the top brain surgery evenings learning how to flap your wings. Dry out flower sweat and turn it into food so delicious that humans steal it away from our very hot. You wanna meet the queen. Well you can fair warning when you smell her perfume. you'll suddenly understand what it is. She wants to do and how to get that thing done. You may be tested finding fresh flowers or creating wax. Comb store honey. That's right folks. Sign up now and you could be the first to get shrunk down and turn into a be using process. Scientists are calling in basel and the government is saying. We don't condone it. Even though we don't think it can be done you'll be making history honey and making memories that will last a lifetime nine honeybees easily between seventeen and twenty two weeks. That sounds like an excellent vacation. Tim now it's your turn to. Wow us with your all inclusive resorts. Let's welcome to the ant travel agency. My name is exo. And i'll help you book a trip to any hotel in the world from the desert plains of africa to the colony and your best friends backyard wants. Your trip is booked. We'll use shrink rate technology to bring you down to ant size. Let's try it right now. Go just press that lever. There you go. Now are the same height so how that our amazon rainforest package it has nothing to do with those packages that get delivered to your door by everything to do with having a great time. The amazon rainforest is a dense area of lush cheese. Birds lizards and even ants. Oh wait that's sold out. How a luxury suite at the Hotel not all live in hills. You know living inside of trees. The occasion aunts live in symbiosis with the acacia trees and symbiosis. A fancy way of saying the ants in the tree help each other app ask protected from nasty herbivores and the trees give us a twenty four hour. Sackler thing all the south is on the half's literally and trust me. It's way more fun than vacationing with bees. I mean the wants to hear constant buffering while they're trying to relax. Okay you're booked. Did you enjoy this experience. And it can't mind. Please give me five stars and let me and shrink you. Please don't step on me. Looks like a tim. Has that shrink ray. Technology pretty cool great job on both sides but also not eve only got one week off which insects are you gonna vacation with lettuce. Know when you're done. Have you awarded your point. I have this was a lot harder than the other one. Why was that. They were both filled with a bunch of little jokes. That are really really loved the way they were comparing some things with others. That was really lovely. Well now we have to be ready for anything because here comes the sneak attack. Your sneak attack challenge. Is jingle jam. Make up a short and catchy jingle for your side. Sing a to us and win us over. We'll give you a few minutes to write while we listened to some lovely hold. Music spilled hills some shubert enriching soil. They vinnie engineers can walk on you. Build pollinating flowers day. Deaths and jive spitting yummy honey. Four precious a all right tim indian. Are you ready. Yes yes okay tim. Yup oh boy all right. Ants are stronger than you think they are. Ants are on the planet near and far aunts very very ordinary then though they're tiny packets of peanut butter and jelly remix ant. Man in in ans- eat bananas. Nats were made for me. And you love jingle with a remix so good credit in. Let's hear what you came up with great to the tune of scott joplin entertainer. Duda duda duda duda did it. Who'd which you want to be as an aunt there is not much to see. Would you want to dig a hole. Making honey would fulfill your soul. How cool would it be to fly better than being an underground guy because then all the feet you'd be destined to me when they stepped on you on the ground. Wow well. I don't see how that song doesn't give one nightmares. But i know it will haunt your dreams. Because it's what makes you lose. Him is not good luck with this one. They're not making it easy for you but award. A point to jabber team had the better. Jingle was a catchier to make you laugh the lyrics whatever criteria is up to you. Have you awarded your point. Yes i have tim ian. What went through your mind during that last challenge. It was a role wind. I'm not gonna lie. You know i. I found a musical element to seoul. And i really let that part of my psyche. Saying i think piano fall. The what were you thinking. Tim and i are old friends and he definitely has the musical gene inside of him more than than he does. So i i had Tap deep down and just go for the sincere belting of an age old tune. It was gorgeous. Alright we've arrived at the end of the line. It's time for the final six tim. You've got just six words. Left to sway are judge so make them count in. Let's hear your final six. Would you eat honey or aunt stuff. All right tim. Let's hear your final six. The ants are listening right now. Ooh awesome. You've got a big decision to make about these tiny creatures. Give your final point tally. Them all up and then let us know which industrious little insect is the smash boom best. Are you ready to call it. I am ready okay awesome. Who won this debate. These won this debate. Yes wow tim. I'm sorry if it stings. But that's the way. I went in here knowing that the answer the underdog and i'm not gonna stop rooting for them and to make better superheroes i haven't seen a single superhero that is on the cinema and that was a very good job him so awesome. What was the strongest argument that you heard that swung you over to the beside the very last one. Y'all were tied all the way through mile. Six final six hundred vinyl six was the one that caught my attention. The most who. I was nervous the whole time to miss an incredible joke writer that makes a very compelling argument and he can write. Music can sing significantly better than i can. And i respect that and he did a great job. Yeah and ian had a a wealth of jokes and and He can be funny at a speed. That i can't contend with well awesome crowned bees the smash moon best today. But who do you think one. Yeah we want to know if you agree or disagree. Our online poll is waiting for you. Head over to our website smash boom dot org and cast your vote. That's it for this debate. Smash boom best is brought to you by brains on an american public media it's produced by molly bloom rosie dupont mark sanchez. Santon totten and jennifer lie. We had engineering help from johnny vince. Evans and we had production. Help from illicit dudley christina lopez and monica will help annabel is the voice of our hold. Music and announcer is marley. Foyer worker wanna give special. Thanks to austin cross taylor kaufman and jed kim in is there anyone you want to shout out to today. I want to thank the wonderful team at smash boom best for helping me right at it and make this as strong as it can be awesome. We were fishing for compliments. How about you. Tim anyone you want to say. Thanks today. David who the wonderful Mad scientists that. I interviewed for one of those pieces. And you know what. Paul rudd for really doing a great job playing ant man. And i'm gonna give them a call. See if you can can change these results. I want to thank. Paul rudd everyday to do you want to give any special thanks. I'd like to give a special thanks to smash invests for having me here. Thank you for being here. You did an awesome job before we go. Let's check in with love remember. He suggested a microscope versus matchup. And here's who he thinks would win. I think telescopes would win because when you look at moon regularly all you can see is just a bright bought when you look in the task. Oh it zooms in and you can see a bunch of details. Awesome points love. If you've dreamed up the best idea ever we want to hear about it. Share your ideas at smash boom dot org. We love from you and we'll be back soon with another debate battle. Now you here added like the vulcan star trek. Everything you're saying is made up.

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Tight Squeeze

Endless Thread

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Tight Squeeze

"Endless thread is brought to you by vast a global cybersecurity company trusted by over four hundred, thirty, five, million users avast delivers three d online protection for your connected life privacy security performance learn more at vast dot com. Produced by the island at WB were. Boston. Sub Reddit community sweaty palms host title. Why did I watch this post content video choppy editing an adventure cam footage of two people climbing into a tiny opening in a rock face spray painted of the opening the words Hellhole. God. Chat here. Crazy. The video is claustrophobia inducing. It is a vertical maze of tight squeezes through holes in rock that goes on forever. Ended the people in the video can barely get through this whole is literally the size of my foot. My Foot touches the talk in the bottom of it. That's Can you this video post on Reddit got a ton of comments things like thanks for tonight's nightmare and I got stressed out just watching this and you couldn't pay me any out to get me to do this. But to actual cavers as they're called Hellhole is known as Excel Cave and it's not scary if anything it's reminder of how a beautiful thing can be ruined by too much information in the hands of too many people. I xe does the cave in Santa Cruz and in some areas we have what are called sacrificial canes and their caves that the location is very well publicized and you have a lot of people going there unfortunately sometimes damaging the cave littering spray painting things like that. It's fun to curl around him some very interesting squeezes in it. So it's fun for learning technique. The said thing is that even before all of the? Formations were destroyed and the wolves were spray painted with arrows and Pinta grounds and other idiotic symbols. That It was also a beautiful game and there's no reason it couldn't have been thus there an estimated seventy thousand caves across the United States. They come in all shapes and sizes and people of all shapes and sizes explore them in all sorts of ways scuba diving base jumping into the cave mouth using rope like mountain climbers scrambling through tight passages but very few caves are known to the wider public and that's on purpose if you ever talk to cavers. In person or especially on the Internet and say Oh, can you tell me where is this cave? How can I find this cave? You'll find that they're very reluctant to give you that information. It's it's almost impossible to get people tell you the location of a cave. If a stranger there, there is very much a gatekeeper ish insular word of mouth approach to it came locations are considered secret they tend to hide the location. So it's never that easy to find them. That's kind of. A thrill and a challenge in itself we found one. We did in purgatory chasm state reservation in Massachusetts. Purgatory Chasm is maybe the perfect name for the times we're living in the hobby at hand. So we wanted to climb into the world of caving and climbing to an actual cave, but we needed to hear from true cavers and figure out where the heck the cavs were in purgatory chasm. Also, the guys who worked there seemed to know the cavers oath which is. I can't tell you where it is. Honestly. If you look. At that, you can't find sort of wear different one is the. Yeah I think we'll. Off. Your pre. We, figured it out not that we were necessarily happy about it. I cannot believe I'm doing this I said it was not going into a cave. I'm Brad Johnson and you're listening to endless threat the show featuring stories found in the vast ecosystem of online communities called. Read it. We're coming to you from WBZ Boston's NPR station today's episode tight squeeze. It didn't take long for us to find one of the small quote unquote caves in purgatory chasm and yes, I'm a little muffled here because I am wearing a mask because Hashtag wear a mask or at there's paint on the rock. He's a smiley face which means only happy times ahead except right next to the Smiley faces the number six, six, six. That is What is G G G. Oh no no no. No No. Oh, you can see down below you can see. This whole in purgatory chasm is dark enough and deep enough to give you pause before sliding in. I. Mean. There's two spiders hanging out right at the beginning of the cave. So that's Great. And that is like. You can clearly see that you could get your body through there, but you really wouldn't want to. And it looks Dank. In tight and wet and not not fun you would need what Ben brought and I forgot to bring, which is a headland. Do you think we could fit out the bottle. There's a tiny tiny late at the end of this tunnel, which is like just enough till like. Go you into climbing into the cave but not enough to give you clarity on whether or not. Your body is GonNa come out the other side. It looks like a cave it feels like a cave. Is it a cave though what is a cave? Oh Gosh. There's probably is a a strict geological definition. But I would say that at the end of the day. From my point of view if it's something that you can enter and get essentially completely away from natural light than I would consider that a cave. My Name. Is Steven Johnson on read it? I am boredom festival. I. Am a senior engineer at Google by trade. But? My Passion as a hobby is caving. Is. Such a better word than caving is belonging out of is it out of favor? Yes or no spilling is completely accurate as a synonym proclaiming it is not a wrong term. But for reasons that are hard to explain. Sometime in the past decades. In the English speaking world at least people who like to go explore caves started referring to themselves as cavers. And instead, they started to use the term spelunker to mean person who enters a cave without the proper training or equipment well, shoot. and. So if you go to a convention, you will see bumper stickers that read cavers rescue snow on. A spanker would show to cave without headlamp. No. Calling me a her. My Name's Sonia Mayer I've been keeping for about four years. When I first started keeping it was purely recreational Arri and then I learned about caving expeditions in Mexico and I kind of immediately set my eyes on that as a goal for something that wanted to do and I started training pretty hard core. So I would you know put weights in my bag and take the metro and take the stairs to work, which is eight flights of stairs. You know stuff like pat and I would climb six hundred feet of rope every other day or so to one, just be fit but to specifically strengthen the muscles that you need for climbing rope. And do you do a particular type of caving? Yeah I personally, really enjoy what we call project caving, and usually it's for mapping. So we'll have teams go in that will math the cave of there's also digging, which is where you're trying to find new caves. Well, how about this I'll go first in you after. And then that way we'll be sure. That at least one person can get into the cave. And like if I can fit, you can fit. Whether I can fit on. It's like. Like will I start to hyperventilate down there? I mean you hear those kids those kids would go in the cave. I think know they're those kids have a sensible adult with them? We do not appear to be. But. Look. If you WANNA go in. I'm certainly not gonNA stop don't WanNa go. No. But I feel like we have to go I feel like you really wanted to. Work clearly, just stalling neither one of us. I think we should go. People cave for a lot of different reasons for some people they enjoy the the peace and the beauty of being in a cave. If you're in a cave, it can be an amazing almost meditation likely experience. for some people, they enjoy glued caves that have really. A lot of natural beauty either decorations in terms of stalactites, stalagmites, and what you think of his decorations or just the natural formation of the passages sculpted marble, beautiful, pure light walls, and that sort of thing. Personally I think my main driver is the exploration of going into like a new environment and like climbing around and exploring every nook and cranny and the only exploration that you can find like that nowadays in the deep ocean or an outer space. It feels that it is connecting to. A natural process. That's that's a timescale that is very disconnected from the human timescale as sort of reminds you of this is your place in the natural scheme of things. I wasn't a cave last week in Wyoming actually where there's an area called the Cephalopod Malt shop and a bunch of sea animals were washed in there, and then you know tens of thousands of years later became fossils. So now this room like the floor is just hoggard in these giants Tusla pod fossils, and other things that I don't know the name of ood. Yeah and there's this one that was like five feet long. that was the first time. I've ever seen anything like that. That was definitely like a wow moment for me. What is it like smell like? It smells like you're underground because you are but I would say that if I had to use one term, I would say typically Mustang is the operative word yet there's a smell to dirt and mud which gets obviously on the rope and your gear and everything. And I'll be honest I don't I don't think I'll like smell all that much. But the emotional attachment to the smell is very strong and so when I smell bad I, feel extremely nostalgic. Especially now during copen since I haven't been keeping very much in the past five months. Thing is it's the space in which. Your intuition for movements and direction can be tricked. Because, most people tend to think of. When you're walking around it's a two-day service and when you get into a cave, it's a three D. environment like when you're in the normal World Putin quote you're walking on the ground sometimes they're stairs there's a hill rate, but more or less. It's you're walking on a plane it's pretty easy. One of the things that people have to learn to do when they start caving is much more aggressively look around them as they go through the cave including backwards because you know there might be complete different passages that you pass that. You return that way you might say I take this way, and now there is actually see three passages going this way as I retired I don't know which one of those I came through because I didn't notice them on the way. Now I have no idea where I am at literally new map exist because no one has been here before. You always have three points of attachment when you're in a cave so whether that's your two feet your but your arms, your hands, whatever is very much like a puzzle actually for like a tight space like how do I fit through here? What. Piece of my body do I put through here like a jigsaw puzzle? Actually. Quite spacious down here. No. Yeah. Not Opens. Up. Opens up to the. Put My. God. There's just like a bird feather down here. Probably. Eating small animals down here. Okay. What do you see? This is doable. Come on down. I'm going in. After the break. I'll let me just get situated. Ameri would've means I do it's a nautical term meaning cease stopped its pirate talk all of that is true and we are talking about surfing the Internet so nautical yes. Except we should probably think non pirates we're talking about a cybersecurity company with four hundred, thirty, five, million users that empowers you to feel safer private and more confident online, and since we're all online all the time these days avast tools for smooth sailing online are much needed. There's a vast secure line VPN to. Keep your browsing private. Even if you're connecting to unfamiliar Wifi networks like Ben's Super Not secured their fest Wifi Network, I would not join that network and a vast would warn you if it wasn't secure so you could avoid it to. You've also got a vast cleanup premium which boosts your devices speed and performance. They've got to secure browser tools to protect you from ransomware viruses, hooved websites. It's the full package learn more about a vast privacy security and performance products at avast dot. com. V. A. S. T. DOT COM. Can you just describe how you move when you go into a cave? Yes. So after walking, which is you're standing upright, you have stoop walking, which is where you're bent over at the waist but you're still walking and then you have crawling hands and knees crawling and then you have belly crawling. But doesn't get. On top of that, you have like you have some very tight squeezes or long passages even the. Extremely tight in that, I would that's even a level past belly crawling. All about Bass Meghan trainor. And I think the worst tape of Swe's is called an s Ben. So you can imagine it's shaped like it sounds so when you When you squeeze, that has a bend that's like an extra challenge. But you can imagine that like ninety degree angle is probably easier than to ninety degree angles for each other. That are upset attractions and the S. Ben's are particularly challenging for tall people and they're often limited by the length that their shins so whether they can get around those corners or not. So I'm I'm about a six foot, one, hundred, eighty pound male, which puts me a little bit on typically slightly on the large side for Cavers, I can go through about eight nine inch squeeze without too much trouble with Duda, Duda Duda Duda my ribcage and but that's that's not really considered a tight squeeze by most capers. The typical ideal caver physique really sort of to have a person, a very wiry person of moderate stature. I like to joke that one thing I like about caving is it's it's probably one of the very few physical activities on the planet that I know I will always be better at than James So. There are things that. That I have no problem with and there's but there's plenty more probably much more things that I will see my my friends and fellow Cambridge do I I looked at once and I said I should never even attempt that. Can you describe an example of something like? Oh there's a cave in northern California that has sort of a long You know it's a several body length squeeze, but it's it's sort of a shallow u shape. So you go downward abouts. And then you squeeze for maybe a couple body lengths two or three body lengths, and then come back in another room. But the thing is that it's basically at least for me it's it's it's almost body tight. So you have very little room to move. You're basically have to inchworm through it. And when you get way in, you realize I can't keep moving here the whole time. But there's that little lizard part in the back of your brain that really wants to panic and freak out. It's much worse than usual if you'd panic in that situation, because one of the typical body reactions that you have is fighter flight adrenalin pumps up and your body gets physically bigger and now you're more stock. A now you get more panicky. And now you're even more stock, and if you're if you're in a tight crawl way and you're like, it's hard for me to move having some fear about that. That's a good thing that's going to keep you safe. That's GONNA. That's GonNa make you make the right decision. When it transitions panic, that's when. Some primitive part of your brain takes over it and maybe you'll make a good decision but you probably won't. I don't think we're GONNA make it out the other end. Is it mean is that the goal go back to? Like anyone could make it out the I will. I couldn't make it maybe. But I wish I. On off that spider. You would be extremely uncomfortable. This is good because we both have our limits in this scenario and mine are. Related to space and yours are related to spiders spider were. We have something called the rapture and I don't know how to fully explain it but I think. When you feel kind of overwhelmed by how deep underground you are and how remote you are from the surface Some people do experience psychological effect where they completely shut down I'm almost afraid to ask this, but have you ever been stuck? I was in a cave in California it's called low burn in acquaint Ashmore Park. So I went there with a friend who had done a little climb and discovered a small section of new cave so is. Walking in that, you could stand up but it was getting like physically tighter and more narrow as you proceeded. And then it got to an s bend. And I stuck my head through and it was so tight that you had to cross your legs. So the crossing your legs is One of the ways that you get around these like sharp angles. In order to do this, the person behind me because it was so tight he physically had to position my feet in a cross legged position. So that I could stick my head through. So I got even I up pretty far through enough that I can see that it turns another corner, but I was afraid that if I went through without them. I wouldn't be able to get back because I wouldn't be able to cross my legs again. See The pointy rock. You WanNa. Put your belly towards. rox nonsense. You can do it will be amazing. I'm not sure I'll be able to get out. Once, I go down there. Truly. Was a very unfortunate accident irrespective cave in Utah. Called Nutty putty cave that. Someone. was in a very tight passage and crawled head I got to a situation where they couldn't go forward and they also couldn't go back under their own power because they. Didn't have adequate leverage Jones was wedged upside down after nearly twenty four hours, rescue workers, attached ropes, and pulleys, lifting him ten feet up. He was given food water and a walkie talkie to tell his family. He was okay. But a police snapped and he slipped back into the narrow grivas. There's an incredible sense of efforts to rescue them over several days, sales and I my understanding I'm not a doctor but my understanding is basically it comes down to if you were being held upside down for a few days eventually, you're Cardi access to with respond well to that the first time I felt cost her phobia was on my. keep trip ever, and what happened was we were with a group that was meeting US I think we've probably had eight people and the leaders at the beginning let us down a belly crawl that was on a slope. So actually I should say upper belly for all. And we were crawling for like five minutes and then the leaders of the front where Lake youths were lost. and was the passengers probably three feet wide. So I fault like the K. was like closing in on me especially since we're in. And, I definitely felt the beginnings of panic setting man. And I don't know fibre belies this or not or maybe just other people felt the same way. But someone in the group started singing. And we all just like broke out into song and all of the panic just totally vanished, and by the time we finish singing the leaders figured out which way to go Do you remember what you saying? Is it staying alive? Maybe. That would be appropriate. There's some series of caves in southern. Mexico. Wallace Dome in the shed, a system that. Basically there have been efforts going on for quite a while to. Connected areas known gave systems down there because. They would. Basically, it would most likely become the deepest cave in the Western Hemisphere I've spent unthank- a total of two and a half months exploring the. In ninth deepest caves in the world in Mexico. I think they're both about fifteen hundred meters deep. I mean just to get down to the base camp level is I think you're descending one thousand feet of rope. You're bringing probably about like a fifty to sixty pound pack with you and when you return up the road, you're GonNa do that as well. Expeditions at this point are deep enough that they will go down. For I believe it's about a week at a time. So think I did a series of like five week long trips underground. So I spent a lot of time underground and you know you kind of get used to the environment. You see nothing but greys and browns it's very dark, very dim light. You're constantly having to be aware of your surroundings which can get exhausting. The problem is right now. But. We'll there are many One of the problem is that. My right leg. Is. Bent. And I'm trying to figure out like. How to get it straight. But I think he winds she. But over towards the towards the FE. Towards your left hip. Cheap. That Way You got this not. Doing this To. You. Hello. We're in a cave. Yeah. No? No. No. We're not stuck we're safe. Thank you I. Appreciate that. What's your name? Hi Lucas. Oh. Now. Bill for. Bad. I remember when I was exiting McCabe I was super excited to take a shower, have some food and just walk on flat ground because I was just getting kind of tired of constantly being aware with every step that I took. But what I didn't expect was the sensory experience. So this was in Mexico so imagine like vibrant jungles and literally I emerge from the cave and like the Color Green I had not seen green in like seven days and it was so vibrant. It was. So I felt like it was literally like vibrating like pulsing at me and the sky was blue and the trees rustling like all these sensory experiences that I had been deprived from for seven days to then have it move. You was super intense I don't do drugs, but I imagine it's like on LSD or something. Don't do drugs, kids, or at least don't do drugs while caving because apparently caving itself can be a Helluva drug. As for hours spelunker expedition, we got in pretty deep, but we also got out. How deep do you think we win? Fifteen feet fifteen twenty, fifteen, twenty feet down. In kind of wormed our way down which I did not see myself doing today at all we couldn't make the final squeeze. Both tempted by it but in you went further than I. I didn't know if I would I could see late but I didn't know if I'd be able to fit through that light on the other end. I also think. Your limits. You. WanNa stop you should start I didn't want to I if we had started from this side, things would be different and I, probably would have tried to do it but also I'm not I'm not a caver. I don't like tight spaces. I tend to freak out freak out. Great. For a first caving. And last first and last game. That's. Great. I think that went. Okay. I thought it went great. Yeah. And now we get to eat lunch. So I feel like. Victory victory. Okay and places beautiful youthful. nother example of. The awesome power of nature. Starring, extremely delicate environments and there's a lot of life in there even though you might not see like including microbial life and bats and things like that. What you have is you have titanic forces applied over eons and the ability of someone just one knucklehead to go in and destroy something that took tens or hundreds of thousands of years to grow. Is is just too easy. So if you're really interested in caving you can do it I'm just saying educated about it and be good to the environment. Do it in a way that ensures that you're preserving the cave for future generations to enjoy in the same state that you're seeing now Now we can't ended episode about caving without sharing some of what we learned from Stephen and Sonya about how to do all of this safely. Number one get a helmet Willia-. You don't have to bump your head on much to be knocked. silly. Or get dizzy or get disoriented climbing helmets are cheap. You know The other thing is lights don't show up like Ameri showed up with zero sources. But also done show up like I showed up with only one light source, three sources of light actually at least one of them on your helmet, and we even tell people to put your second source of light on your neck because you're late can go out and then you would have to say to your bag with potentially no light. If. You lose your lights in a cave. It's going to ruin your day really fast. You know what else will ruin your day not having enough food or water especially, if you end up needing to get rescued, which is gonNA take a awhile. So triple the time. So if you're two hours in, okay could be six hours of rescue ten hours in. That's thirty hours to get rescued but also just be smart. So you don't have to get rescued bottom line cavers gonNA cave just try not to be such a spelunker. You can find more at caves dot org. That's the official website for the National Spiel Illogical Society Aka the national caving. Society Caves Dot Org. Also, check out your local grotto, which is an awesome name and Cavour Lingo for Caving Club, and of course, we recommend the caving separated because of course, there's a caving sub Brennan. Endless threat is a production of WBZ BOSTON'S NPR station in partnership with red. Josh Schwartz is our producer and he thinks belongers who wreck sacrificial caves are just trashy mix and sound design by Paul. vicous is contemplating venturing into the depths below. Michael, Pope is our advisor at read it and he consider going caving but only so he could mention it in casual conversation editing from Catherine. Brewer also special thanks to Adam Weaver for his help with PAT. Checking. For More Info about Sonia. Myers is epic caving expedition in Mexico go to. Our website WBZ, you are dot org slash endless threat also shout out to the site strange New England, which is where we found out about purgatory chasm unread it. We are endless underscore thread if you want to contribute art for upcoming episode or gives a juicy story tips so we can tell it like we did today is up there. You can also go to our official sub endless thread, dot ready dot com, my co host and producer is Emery Robertson, my co host and senior producer is Ben Brock. Johnson will let ourselves out.

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40. The Land Of Opportunity? - Part 2

The MFCEO Project

30:37 min | 8 months ago

40. The Land Of Opportunity? - Part 2

"Hey come on going to watch the project spoken only way. One Eighty two fifty. Why the mock why. Well no if you break it down. Why DOES HE WANT TO BE PRESIDENT? I'll tell you why because motherfuckers a lifetime politician that's all he fucking knows and he's done nothing but pander and pander and pander pander and do fucking nothing for America his whole fucking life okay and on the flip side. You have a billionaire a multi fucking billionaire okay. Who can you guys? Don't understand because you probably don't even know any billionaires. Let me tell you something. When you're a billionaire you can do whatever the fuck you want. Whenever you want anytime you could go anywhere you can buy anything. If you get bad service at a restaurant you could buy the mother fucker and not even drop a buck and drop of sweat. You can do anything so let me ask you something. Why the fuck would you give that up to be president of the United States for four hundred grand a year I would? He has Tony Chat. He didn't even get that. Why would you do that? So let's just at the core. Let's just ask ourselves why. Why would you ruin your own lifestyle to fuck it and I think the answer is because the man cares about America so you have on one hand a man the cares about his own career and legacy and you have another man over here that he brought cares about his legacy a lot to in fairness or? I'm trying to be fair. But the motherfucker doesn't have to be there and in fact his life would be great. You don't think the he'd rather hang out with his grandkids than deal with this bullshit. I mean come on dude. The guy serving this politics are okay. So can we now recognize that like nobody's even said that? Well how many people you hear say that Shit I think regardless of what anybody thinks about trump. I think that the narrative that the far left has come up with where Donald just decided one day. I think I'm going to be president because I'm egotistical. And that's what I WANNA do is so contrary to the facts like even if you hop on Youtube you can find interviews in the late eighties with Oprah thirty forty years where literally he saying the same thing and an oprah even says Timbale the sounds like Donald trump run for the presidency and his answer at the time was no. I'm I'm not ready. I don't I don't I don't know that I even want to go that direction but this is not something that he just suddenly decided. Yeah well I think there's listen there's an obligation when you when you see those things and he's you know you gotta think he's an he's a New Yorker right all these people. I mean you got thank you. Don't get to a billion dollars away. He did without being title person tied into the network. Yes and you know. He has been successful. He has made his money. He has done his time and he gets to see behind the curtain for a lot of years and you know what he saw. Bullshit it's fucked up and you know what he decided to do. Because we're really plays a role fix it he said. I'm you know what I'm GonNa go fix it because I'm and I'm learning. That life is more about fucking doing. What's right than just simply making a dollar or making more dollars and he's you know guys already done everything that our to understand. We don't have any money. Yeah so so. Put it in a different time. I mean you think about the definition of responsibility. What's responsible man? Su Parts response was your ability to actually do shit. Well I I think he had both and he just decided to do. This is weird under started off the the podcast. This way because I was sitting here thinking you know this morning. I try to reflect. I walk by myself every morning and I always think like you know how do I? How do I try to become a better man? How do I try to become a better father? What lessons treat? Teach my kids like I. I think about this stuff all time. Well that's apparent. No no well not a lot of parents do it though I know. But that's also why you guys are awesome parents a lot of parents well but I sit here and I try to give you a compliment. That that's apparent. I think that's your fucking kids are amazing. Well thank you d lessons though that you know the one thing the one thing that I you know I think what can I leave? My kids is always called Monday. Morning quarterback like don't be fucking. Don't be one of those bitches at credit is critical of everything and every move who sit in from sidelines. Doesn't fucking play. Be a mother fucking player to get in Psalm fucking do. It's way better to be in the mix than it is to be throwing stones from the fucking sidelines and most people. Don't know right and look at the fucking media. Yeah but you look at like okay if you can teach your kids one lesson. If I can teach listeners one lesson Player like get it and recognize it. Everybody you recognize the players versus the fucking the people who are throwing fucking stones from the stance in when you start doing that and you start living your life like in that mix you recognize somebody like trump and so you know what fuck buyer guys that guys in well and guy and you also recognize a guy like biden like that ain't no motherfucking player. Now he's a fucking bullshit ir piece of fucking shows right vote for him dude just because you don't like trump. Do you seriously mental problem. I'm sorry the that's it. So let's talk about the whole issue for him. I want to explain something real quick. Yeah Okay I want to explain where I'm coming from just so you know because there's a lot of people right now and they're like why is aimed so mad about this black thing. I'm GonNa tell you why because my fucking good friends. A lot of them are black guys. That's who the fuck I'm around and who I connect with and they are all terrified to speak the fuck up. They say the same shit that I'm saying when it's just me and them or we're in a group or their amongst themselves. They're all saying the same thing but they don't want to say in public because they're afraid there'd be shown to be some sort of racial traitor and dude. That shit has the stop. You guys who are out there who are afraid to speak up. Because you're afraid you're going to be shunned by your own people. This is the time to wake up and become a fucking leader oriented well and Duda Duda faces me to fuck off. How the fuck can it be like you? You know what I'm saying. We we've we've got this for fuck dudas for white people to say for everybody. It's for Americans but it just makes me mad. Yeah but I see that. Well I can't remember. I said this last episode or two. Cottam they all bleed together. Speak to speak the truth. Even if shakes scares the fuck out to you as the point of life is to live free and that's the best part about being Americans the life liberty and freedoms will. You're free to have motherfucking opinion. Black White Pink or purple. That's right it doesn't mean I have to agree with them but you're certainly free to have them near. Certainly you're obligated in some sense to speak them. You know you don't have to be an asshole about it and if you're afraid because you're going to get you're GONNA get shunned. That's probably the truth that needs to be said and you're not the only one who thinks that that's what that's what you start to realize about life and you know life is scary. But I'll tell you what it's a hell of a lot better when you're living at free you know when you. I don't give like I say I don't give a fuck with people. I give a fuck with people who care about me right people the people I care about the people I care about it. Give a great deal of Fox about outside of that man like I don't care about the people in the stands is I'm a motherfucker game. Yeah whoever's in the game with me plan I care about those people yeah fucker bells. I agree so to answer your question on. I'm not sure if it's a land of opportunity right now. That was a long winded answer. It was so I did want to just address be Biden's chest thumping when it comes to the popular vote. And now he says he's up in the polls and everything. I think Hillary will right and I think I think something that is is is really lost in the average American. Because you've had we've had a couple of couple of elections in the last ten years. Where the loser actually won the popular vote and people cried foul about that and I don't think they completely understand how the American system is set up. It's not mob rule. It's that you have to convince a plurality of the population in each state to vote for you and if you can't you're not going to be the president of the United States and the reason that they did that is that they didn't want high population places like California or New York holding the rest of the country hostage if you if you are from Illinois and you have any modicum of sense in your head you know that pretty much. Chicago holds the rest of the state hostage absolutely hostage. You're over no annoy. They're down here in southern Illinois that that don't agree with the the liberal agenda you know fucking pissed off. Oh they're incredibly pissed they those people they know they're powerless absolutely dude. It's two two years ago. There was a there is a A poll that came out that said over half of the people in the state of Illinois if given opportunity if economically feasible for them would leave the state. That's what happens when when one high populous area controls the rest of the state and what what people don't realize when they're like Oh look Biden's killing trump nationally. Okay what you don't realize is that in the battleground states at least as recently as the last couple couple weeks trump was winning and so it doesn't matter if nationally you've got enough you know mindless people to vote for you if locally not when I were right you cannot get it a plurality of people in every state in the union. You're you're not going to be and I think I gotta say I'm. I've always been registered. Republican. I'm really consider myself more of a conservative than but that being said I know that the Republican Party has issues. I know that conservativism has inconsistencies in issues. But I will tell you that. I think today's Democratic Party which is widely pulled to the left. I think their their basic strategy which we've been discussing different points over the course of this whole you know podcast show not just this episode but the whole podcast show is that their basic strategy is. Let's dumbed down the populous enough. Let's get as many people voting without any sort of Ability so that we can get all this mob behind us to get our failed agendas in play. And that's what I think. It means a better face whom for for the benefit of the people who consistently benefit from the quote. Unquote average man. That the hard working man that supposedly they care about. No they don't care about them they can they care about continually keeping him in the same state and dude. You know why. That's so frustrating for me. Because I I talked to black people all the time for real like I know do says like no. Tv TV. Like I know I know. That's the fucking traditional statement. But I gotta be you know. I talked to people all the towns of people I know fucking to the Max level. I'm sorry if you don't talk to Andy. Are you really by? That's right. That's right even blogger? If you don't listen to the show as you can do confessions. I thought I was really clever for naming a Bible study soul train show. It's probably also the porn hub generally watching my goodness and it's one of my favorites. Look here's the deal. You know I I just give frustrated because so many people to say some shit but they're afraid you know what I'm saying this fucking America Dude. That's one of the greatest things we have. Yes greatest fuck sal. It's everything and what what what people don't understand is that you might have a little bitty voice right now but your voice fucking matters in your community so they so that your entire community can't be taken advantage of their least these to be sparks questions like. Is this really the best for us? Is this really what they're GONNA do? Is this really the best thing for the country like Fuck Dude? Just ask the questions. I this discussions. I'm not telling anybody how to think my perspective is clearly going to be different than fucking anybody else's perspective sal. Your perspective is going to be different. Dj Yours is going to be different but we all have commonalities and the question should be asked in. The topic should be discussed and not just like what Biden was saying on TV. Like he's just taking it for granted like you people vote for me and that's it. That's what I heard because you have been for forty years dude. I'll post to you have to remove. I do look at it objectively right and this is how I utilize fiscal financial. Responsibility is always a good indicator of how things are going in whether it's somebody's personal life. Somebody's business somebody state. You know when you start looking at these things you can. You don't have to make lots of money to be good financially. You have to be structure. You'd have to be very structured disciplined to consistently make what you have work and I've I've followed that rule literally when I was new as a professional athlete. I made six hundred dollars a week and I had to bartend and I had to fucking pour concrete so before you fucking start saying well we know motherfucker. Yeah I was broke his a motherfucker pro. Athletes don't actually mean what you think. It means just like an entrepreneur. Don't mean while you think the Minor League Baseball Association is suing the Bigly Base Major League Baseball Association. Right now is class action suit because they figured out that the I think the average wage of minor league baseball players two dollars and sixty seven cents an hour. So I fucking did it. Yeah so Off One too when you look at somebody and how they can you. Don't get it Bro. Consistently stay disciplined to the action. The financial picture at the end of the day shows what happens. Okay and when you look at the states where we let's look at one St. No no let's look at what right over there now. Let's look at three states. Yeah Okay New York Illinois California. They're all fucking broke now. They broke or like way broke. They're not even. They're not even close to brigadier trying to file for bankruptcy. Yes and look who happens to have a lot of screaming voices. Oh and look who also is perpetuating a longer lockdown four reason federal money of federal money the taxpayer dollars that come out of the state of Missouri and the State of Arkansas intimidating their inability to manage their home their shit and spend your Fuckin- money when you have you know. Thousands of state employed individuals making fucking four or five hundred thousand three hundred thousand a year and fucking elected positions and. Shit and what the fight. It's even better than that the state of Illinois State of Illinois. Okay not now might be a little bit out of whack out. Why why do these people like? This is what this what we're talking about here is. We're talking about that. We're we're we're really peeling the onion back. Okay do you know do you know? Why do those people not vote for someone to fix the problem? Because they're part of the problem that's right because they're dating thousands of dollars from the system. They create him a fucking. Don't vote for the same system. They create a guess what they stop getting fucking paid by the next contestant on the price is right. You are so so my on so when you look at some of these teachers unions and some of these states that we just mentioned they in the last three or four years of their their employment. What happens is their friends. Because they're all in it together they promote them to assistant principal principal athletic director and they inflate their salary to two hundred three hundred thousand dollars a year because their retirement benefit is paid against an average of their last three or four. Five years of salary. I don't know the exact numbers but somewhere in that time in in that timeframe. So here's a teacher. Who was making fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety thousand dollars throughout their career? One hundred and twenty thousand dollars now. They get used to fifty while they get paid out at that rate for their entire retirement. Well they only paid in sixty seventy eighty ninety at that rate over Jordi for the majority of their timeframe and they wonder why it's fucking broke. They wonder why there's no money left. They wonder why the state can't fucking afford to do it. Oh well let's talk crooked. It's fucking it's crooked level shit. Let's throw on top of that. We don't make the biggest fucking retailer on the fucking world pay taxes for taking sales from brick and mortar state businesses. That would pay state tax. Okay so he'll collect this shit and now you've got at least fifty percent of the retail brick and mortar business. That was in the state. Fifteen years ago now gone onto the Internet with no state tax collected. Oh and they're surprised they're fucking broke by the way. I'm not a mathematician. I can't even fuck in long. Divide like if you drew a long division bracket on the motherfucking board. You know that thing. That looks like an l thing. Yeah and put the numbers in there. I couldn't do if it wasn't four and two. I would know the fucking answer. If it wasn't nine three you get it but has how can a fuck and I see this? But it's not even talked about not even fucking talked about and yet everybody continually when they go to buy they go writer. Click one ship one this at any bitch because they're states fucking broke well and take personal responsibility here. There's a personal response like do we can blame the big companies all we want but the end of the day you buy from them. So it's fucking fault. Is it and I do too. I mean you know you start peeling back that on you and goes even step by step further than that even if they collect the state tax. What about the retailer pays rent in that city? Oh and employs people and employs people in that city. You know your friends and your family and your neighborhood like it's really important to really take a step back and say okay like what's important. Well if you like your community and your like your lifestyle you better start playing for that team and plan for that team is a is a is a personal responsibility to make sure that you identify these problems and don't be part of the problem with solution again. It goes back to my. You rather be fucking player than fucking bystander. Player is out walking the walk talking to talk meeting your shopping local. You're spending your money local. You figure out even though it's inconvenient to your lifestyle you're still fucking playing a role that means that. Yeah you gotta go to your local fucking hardware store in. Yeah you might have to inconveniently go fucking instead of buying something on Amazon. Is a one click. You gotta go down the Fucking Street and buy it. I don't give a fuck if you're buying it at Walmart but at least you're buying it local and by the way this is how the economy works. And let's talk about something else. GonNa fuck everybody. How about this? How about the zero regulation on fucking technology taking jobs? How when was the last time you went to fucking the grocery store and actually saw fucking regular human. Who is the last time you saw fullback teller bank filled up? When was the last time you went into Home Depot and saw the people at all the registers? Where the fuck do you think? Those jobs are going. They're not going somewhere else. They're going away and now we're talking about automating production lines and we're talking about this and that and this and this and this with notice cussin' about where the humans fit. Why is that discussed? Oh the way it's not discussed because the mother fuckers that can afford to build these fucking robots. Don't give a fuck about you. And they're the same ones pushing his shit out for you to watch on TV Weird Ha and then people say to you. Oh you're supposed to take the technology and then take your employees inside and teach them how the skill jobs well. I don't know if you've ever ran a company motherfuckers. But if you did you realize that people have different skill sets and some people are gonNA pack boxes and some people are. GonNa Cook French fries and some people are gonNA do shit and they're not gonNA split the atom. They're not going to be on on on a terminal or having conversations with your. There's a lot of people out there if you guys don't know and I'm not saying this to be rude is just a fact that are not capable of doing those kinds of jobs. So there's a building fucking six hundred yards from my fucking facility. That employs all special. Needs people to pack their orders. You know what I love them. Because they're providing real fucking economic benefit. Now I'm not saying you're special needs if you work in a warehouse. But I'm saying that it's that for some people is a career for lot fucking people whole lot a whole lot. Okay and we're talking in such that we're talking about in every. Do think of all the places you used to go. There used to be a person. And now there's some sort of keypad or fucking terminal or this wrath. We haven't even fucking began to see the effect of technology on our economics in our our job greats and people's I mean dude this fucking shit is set up to deconstruct if we keep going the same way we're going and there's nothing that we can fuck and do about it and it needs to be brought up and talked about and I'm some dumb motherfucker from Missouri. Who happens to see all this shit right? And nobody's talking about it out there so weird. Well I I think people are talking about it. It's just I don't think being able to see past that. First layer of the onion makes sense into a lot of people. But you know that's why bringing manufacturing back the US very important huge. And that's why making sure that you know like dude if we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA brick and mortar. Guess what that means. We're going support a bricklayer. Unanimous right there is a trail that happens in keeping making sure that you shop small stay small stay local in making sure that you can turn your local economy back on off. Which is you know a restaurant of the day. It's extremely important to making sure that the economy specifically your economy which is where you live that you keep your dollars. There had interesting story. Ask You something real quick on that line. So sal you run pretty much. I forms day today. You know that you guys have to realize. This dude is a busy motherfucker. All right him and I get hit up all the time and I'm sure you hit up more than I get. Hit Up at this. Point in time about technology for fulfillment orders. Okay when I explain what I just explained to these people who come at us with these technology solutions for everything they look at me. Like I'm a fucking alien like they can't even understand what I'm saying. I have a friend. He's not disturbing. I have a friend who sells robots and he wants to. He wants to have this debate in a sense and I said it's not a debate. It's not a big not a debate to note. I form will never do that. Well it's not even I don't Care Win. We are a fucking fifty billion dollar company and we're with the Nikes of the world. I'm going to promise you there's going to be people back there packing the fucking order. Let's not even that like it one. There's two things it's one. It's our competitive advantage. Most people can't they they. This is what they can't understand. Culture is key and you know what you have to have an order have culture able people and you know what I like seeing people you know what I like being around my guys girls and I like seeing him and you know what Kobe taught me that we can run a lot less a lot less fucking people instill still fucking not kick fucking ass. Well you know why know still kick ass. We're kicking morass ever. That's what I'm saying. Yeah my being is on a real easy decision to say let's trim. Hey you know what? Hey if we're truly greedy and a grindstone. I'm greedy. That's that's not even consider greedy. That's called business. Good business practice. We would trim the bottom line. I mean it's not good business. We got we got Seventy eight geyser. Eight guys back right. They only aren't average. Are Working Twenty six hours a week right. Now we're paying forty. That means that I can operate it. Fucking almost twenty thirty percent less. Repeat that again just by heard it. We have approximately ninety people that work in our warehouse during this whole situation. Did they take a pay cut? Not One fucking dollar did did any of the motherfuckers that work in any of our other companies take a pay cut not one dollar. That's amazing. Well no Bro Reason. Amazing because people don't fuck into it all the time. It's the right thing to do well. And that's conversation we had. Yeah we literally peel the back. So hey listen what we got we. We didn't know what focus coming you know what I'm saying like fucking we said. Hey if we're GONNA fucking sink. We're GONNA sing together as one unit one year until we go dry. This is how it's going to go do but everybody's ruined the boat well and everybody is rolling and loyalty and that's robot never motherfucking half right so understanding that you know people say this all time people make party people also make the businessman. I never heard you say that party. Yeah well that's my point. Is People not things right. People Make Party people make a work. People are what make a party on demand Joe that could be in the. We'd the beer and the party. Well Bubis come on people as a good point dude so anyway and you see those fucking sex dolls the real ones Zacharias. Look Real Dude. You know what I ain't gonNA lie. But he looked at them and I'm like holy. Fuck he and look at them. I know almost guarantee you digging wanted him to find a latex. Now on WPRO I I hate. Nobody has fuck it. Looks like like five grand. It looks like a fucking real person. So that's a weird shit man. I got a great story that really. Fuck them dolls. Like it's kind of weird Kinda weird. I wonder if they them like my whole life. Actually the relationship. What do you call yours? What's her name? I got a great story on local economy. Talking about fucking stall is one is perspective. And I'll never forget this guy's fucking name okay. Dry never listened to this podcast. In fact well whatever porn concrete over an auditorium? Our new facility and You know big guy named cletus and I remember you know. He's he kind of sitting there you know and I'm the owner operator walking in you know. And what are you laughing at the beginning? Cletus telling this story certain names that like you just can't have if you're not a fucking guarantee. Listen Wolfson masterful. He's a big dude to man. He's country boy. I Yeah Yeah. There's this big country because he's he's been bigger than J. J. D. J. D. listened to the show by the way and he's like he's like I'm hooked. I thought love you like me. Jd fucking big dude. J. D. I'm just saying to US walking around like they're they're naturally just a big dude like that like if we ever had to be someone's asked call Jd. Because I wanted to come he's going GonNa do he's team player but he So this guy sitting there and he's kind of Kinda took a shot at me. Well you guys expect by that expensive protein for my son. I guess this is where it goes and I said yeah you see where it's going go right back in your pocket. You see a concrete. And WHO's a multi freeze like Giancana? Works you take your dollars. You give them to me and I'll give him right back with Back to you and if you give them back to me I'll give them back the again. I'm giving them back to you more than you see how this local economy works and I remember just the freeze like aw yeah. Did you say that quick? Fuck yeah but it was good. You know what Magnum thank like Shit. All right we're in this together. You know what I'm saying. We're on the same fucking boat if you play your mind and I'll tell you about that guy who cares me at one time. The firefighters came to me and I was sitting in my case. I do give me that. Same fucking line of talk. You know he comes out. He's like well. How many cars do you have and I I? I don't know I don't know because I'm always buying trading and trading up just like baseball cards. You know what I'm saying like here's fucking three of this for one of those and that's how the car thing works when you start collecting cars so I said that. And he's like I guess we're all my money goes I said Yeah. Did you see that fucking donation? We gave back stoppers two weeks ago and he was like no. I'm like yeah. It was one hundred sixty fucking grand. He's like Oh now my gap and then we didn't talk for like a year and like he didn't talk to me. I saw him in the gym almost every day. We didn't talk one time. I finally went up to him and I said hey bro so you look we could like you know like. I didn't mean you know if I was mean to you or you didn't take that right. We were so cool and he and we made up at school but like you know what I'm saying. It takes a minute to understand how that all fucking goes back backstabbers. Our local first responders charity. That we are huge supporters of. Yeah they take care of Our first responders fallen family. So it's an IT's a big deal to us but I think but I think the the his message behind most people don't do that. Tohmatsu come on guys. This is DJ episode to stay tuned for episode three.

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Bonus - The Perfect New Year Resolutions...

The Perfect Package Podcast

21:41 min | 1 year ago

Bonus - The Perfect New Year Resolutions...

"Welcome to p three eight three five pigs to create the perfect packet. It's time for the perfect package. PODCAST terrier hosts Chattan Dave. Happy New Year's welcome everyone into twenty twenty twenty two hundred. It sounds weird to say. I'm twenty twenty happy New Year. Everybody go I'm Chad. Add up the ball you. Are we talking too loud for you. Holy Buckets and it wasn't too bad on you all right. Yeah Anyway. Speed three three P.. Three show perfect package mini episode We're going to give you a quick three picks just to celebrate the New Year and We are going to pick. I think we've agreed on. It says the perfect perfect New Year's resolutions that you have no intention of keeping which isn't that what a resolution is come on like at this point. Resolutions is just a joke. I'm going to do it. No you're Anyway because if you were going to do it you ve already done it. Is this some shit that you can say. I'm GonNa do it in January and everybody's like Oh good for you and you do all the planning four it. You've maybe even by equipment to make it look like it's real but you know knowing your heart-to-heart you ain't doing shit. Yeah all right. We'd better get into this where we start talking picks It's too easy. It's the fruit is low on this one. So it's the simplest carrying from Monday. I'm going I okay right Duda Duda this year. I'm going to go to the gym. Of course wish you are. Yeah I'm GonNa go to the gym twice. Never looking back about what you're saying if you say I'm going to the gym for this year is I can't even say it. I'm GONNA say dollars a month and never go. I'm going to. I'm going to spend three thousand dollars for a piece of exercise equipment. That is going to turn into the most expensive coat rack. You've ever seen it will. It'll be glorious. How many times in the night? I accidentally run into it because I forget it's there because I never use it. Yeah yeah good good. Good shout to my wife who has busted her ass this past year Going to the gym and Lost Buckton wait so shadowed her. But I'm that's how you know somebody's GonNa do it because they actually do it instead of saying I'm going to go do it later. Just if you're GONNA do do it do it. Don't say you're going to do it because if you say you're going to do it you're done pick some arbitrary date. Yes January I if I start then it will per- it will be perfect. She's she's flat out told me she hates going to the gym like January February. Because it's packed marsh she's cool. It's filled with the assholes who were like. Don't do this. Don't turn my life around. You are not who yeah. It's going to be it's all right. Let me go first. One go for Related very related this year. I'm going to to eat better. No you're not gonNA cook all of my meals. They're going to land out. There's going to be a vegetable all an aside and lean meat and less bread. Because that's not so great for you. I might even go vegetarian Vegan for like a couple of weeks or a month. ooh ooh yeah definitely definitely. It's going to like really change the way that I approach my nutrition. Oh I've been reading about Mac Os and Mike Cruise and how much of a different nutrients you should be taking. What are you gonNA juice? Well so I was thinking about a juice cleanse right right and I heard about these Abel's and I really need to get on those gotTa get does does not sure what they are but I on keen Wa. That's right for you. That's great. That's Wednesday for you. You know you're going to do on. Friday four grilled cheese sandwiches cheese right on Texas toast. The thickest of Texas does I could possibly make four of them. Yeah why would I stop at one. I made like twenty if I don't eat them. Now they'll go bad uh-huh. Oh my God you're gonna eat so many carbs All of the CARBS and chocolate. Oh my God you're going to have so much candy. Yeah juice juice cleanse that the part I'm using a February. I got Kale smoothie at. Where are you putting peanut? The buttercup Senate asshole peanut. Butter is a complex. Protein is very good for you Even the fake Sp.. Two butter fogging recess. Yeah I knew somebody. That was all we Dan. I'm going vegetarian. I'm GONNA eat healthy and you know what their diet primarily consists of McDonald's French fries. One way to go about it. I guess. Cheese fucking world's fatty speaking anyway anyway maybe man. Good luck Yeah eating healthy. What do you got for number two in my number two little closer to home? I'm guilty of this one. Got Him guilty of this one. Not Really No. Oh i. I'm guilty of saying that all the time it doesn't have to be New Year's I don't I don't discriminate. I'm GONNA quit smoking. Oh yeah sure. Yeah I'm GonNa quit smoking and then you know what life happens. Yeah stress you know what happens. Chemical you know what it happens. You know what happened what happened well. It's it's New Year's Day But you know you know what happened to get me off the wagon on day. No one argued Wednesday. Yeah when Thursday happened what happened. You know what happened. I'll tell you exactly clue what happened. Seven am happened. That's what happened. That's why I gave up on quitting. Smoking boy yeah I'm GonNA choose the dreariest most sit around inside. Because I can't go outside. 'cause the weather sucks time of year to to just like really double down on this thing that calms me down And keeps me focused. Yeah yeah that's the time I'm going to quit. It's a great time to quit the Times that I've been actually successful with a quitting smoking. It's there's always some big life event that happens that just flips that shit the man who yeah quits employ Sara Murray Anyway For my I number two this year. I'm going to spend more time with my family. That was so both of those around my list by the way. Yeah I'm definitely GONNA call my family members more and hang out with them like I definitely definitely don't call my mom enough and I definitely don't call my sister enough and I definitely don't see my niece and my nephew's enough. I could be spending more time with them. Oh wait video games life and Life Hetero wait a minute your family sometimes. That's all the deterrent. You need no see because it like it like works in January and you like there ain't shit else to do. Of course I can hang out with the family all damn time because there's nothing else to but then you hit that stride of like February is like okay but then March has its Saint Patrick's Patty's Day weekend and it's starting to get warm. You could go out and do stuff and then you got April. May when it's warm enough to like actually be out you're going to be it's just you get involved in other things and you're like a weight on back in that same pattern is last year where I'm doing my own thing and I'm definitely not talking about people people as much as I should. It's just a vicious cycle. Absolutely also who am I to rob my mom of the ability to talk about not coming around enough can I Can I add to yours. Go for just expanders a little bit. Spend more time with family family and with your friends. Yeah because video games. TV movies especially Wyatt Times just alone. Time Yeah Yeah. It's like you hit that function during late December. When you're like man I want I need to start hanging out with my boys more I hang out with my friends I have so and so you know I haven't hung out with skiing awhile? I need to go hang out with skippy and actually go have lunch with my mom. And and then January the man no I get it. Oh my God I get it and you know what sometimes you make it a little while but then then you you take it too far and you like you like. Oh you know what I remembered that I I. I haven't seen Jerry and a real long time I call them ABC's series. Doing you go to lunch and you remember why the fuck you don't hanging out with Jerry or Gerry remembers. Why the fuck doesn't yeah exactly? You end that interaction and you're like Oh man we gotta do this more often. I'll definitely call you. Yeah man just give me a call him always around. I'm always up to something you've never fucked because you don't know Jerry don't WanNa hang out with you and you don't WanNa hang out jerry's dumb ass anymore you like. I got my daily or yearly dose of Jerry. And that's all I need honestly it a little too much Yeah all right how you finishing this out or you're all right so my final. We're all guilty of it. Carrie it's new year's there's just so much negativity happening in the world around us This year I'm going to be more positive. You know what though that's one you make New Year's Eve and then you wake up on New Year's Day and you like Fuck district. Nobody made coffee. US has been up for two hours. And there's no breakfast made fuck look at it now. I gotTa go find breakfast and you've got to go find a cracker barrel. That's Open I get on the I'm going to get on the Internet and make shitty comments. You know what that's all those screens you had for New Year's rocking eve and now it's filled with like Fox News and you like God Damn Emmett Shit. We didn't turn the channel before we went to bed. I don't WanNa see the shut. God damnit be more positive and happening. I would love to but now somebody always comes into ruins it And they and it happens. Quick quick out super quick I'm going to. I'm going to add onto that because I don't think different enough but it was the one that I was gonNA finish off with the other. Do like add onto that correlated. That is I'm going to be less stressed me so much less stressed the chimps GonNa let it roll off my shoulders no big. Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff then. Unexpected bill comes in you like I remember going to the hospital last year. You what happened. God yes all right all right I got two left. But I'M GONNA go with this one because I've been hearing it more and more often and maybe this I think this might be more towards like the younger generation attention or My generation which is this year? You know what I'm going to travel more new. The hell you are and you are broke. We're all broke everyone of us the time if you would you mean by. You're going to travel more as you're GONNA stop paying your student student loans. Because that's the only way you're going to be able to afford it Man if I travel more. Because they're going to get more credit cards from American Express. Oh don't even get me started. Don't even give me. I'm just trying to help you be more positive I'M GONNA go into debt this year. That's what I'm GONNA do even deeper into debt than I already was. What's the difference when you already drowning? Little a little deeper is not gonNa make it any worse right swear to God. Yeah man so bad Lordy Lordy I'm GONNA travel more. Where're you GONNA go and the other side is the people who do actually travel? It's always like all right. I'm either going to and I. It's it's Mexico go Machu Pichu. which is I did not do very well in geographies of that might be in Mexico? I don't actually know and don't ask me if it's not correct the corrections department. Election Somebody'll say something smart asses I got. I got a map off always available on my phone. I don't need to know where Shit is. All right Yeah Mexico Monte Pichu. Recently a lot of people have been going to Ireland for some reason in New Zealand. Generally the white areas of Europe Yeah yeah everybody's going to the same damn places says you WANNA travel go somewhere new go to. I don't know like actually where people go. Good northern candidate northern king. Yeah yeah go hiking out in the places where it's like. Fuck you cold Macho Pichu Peru Southern Baru. I knew that there you go yeah. I also don't get kidnapped down there. I'm I'm telling you look you think it's funny. It's not funny. You can't just go to South America everywhere and just be cool like the number of times I had people who were like and I'm going to say it I know it's two thousand nineteen but said the number of times had women. It's they work by H Well Shit. It's twenty twenty spoilers. We were swinging back around. We're swimming back around on this. The number of times of had women travelling by themselves in the countryside of some like place and you just like Yo Yep if you got snatched that's the the end for you okay. That's the end for you because so many horror stories and I listen. I'm all about embarrassment. I'm also about recognizing housing crazy stuff. Like I can go to those places because nobody wants to steal a black man. I'm not worth anything. They know nobody's paying for my ass and it's true. It's true Chad. I mean you mean you we go anywhere in the world nobody snatching you all know somebody by mistake you for like some sort of CEO. Now it depends on what you're wearing. The Bar Code Tattoo gets gives it away. Yeah that's the Barcode Tattoo. They'll be like this guy now. Yeah nobody's paying for him. They they look at me and I might live around there. Dark skinned enough. A lot of them are some of them are dark as me in them. Countries man that guy now. He's he's not worth anything. Anything either with local nobody blonde haired Blue Twenty three year old white girl. You're getting snatched. They assume your parents have money. Thank you better hope. Your parents have money. Look ahead of mail you back is always saints. Travel more definitely definitely travel. Those safe places crazy people all right recap I went. I I In this mini mini draft of resolutions. We have no intention of keeping. I did go to the gym more. quit smoking and be more positive. You Split Second. You said start eating healthy spend more time with the family and and travel more. It's like a top ten list every year for the last forty years. Yeah I left nothing board because between the two of us we wiped out my list completely if the only one the only one I had left was be more organized used. I have never even thought that thought. Yeah that one was the first like one one of my listeners like that's that's ridiculous. Nobody's even trying to do that. What a good one D clutter? That's another one that you hear a lot lately. Yeah clutter everything. That's that Marie condo stuff. Yeah Yeah Yeah which you know what. I am not going to lie the last time. I shuffled around my furniture. I definitely went on to on a lot of stuff. I didn't think it but I did throw a lot of crap away. I was just like do I need this. No gone roofless absolutely ruthless. If I was GONNA take there's a space open a guy there's a space open for saying the same things that that she does but being way more American about it just like going through your stuff and being like you man. You've been hanging out around ready for this long. You're not doing anything for me. You got to go and just evicting your stuff. Yeah take a very businesslike approach. To what have you done for me lately. You GotTa get the Hell Outta here Janet Jackson Your Life. What have you done for me lately? Yeah I'm not thanking any of you I bought you I paid for you. You should be thanking me that you came off. The rack came off the shelf. God damnit get out in my house. Yes well the nice thing about the mini episodes as we're done we can wrap it up right now. thanks everybody for listening Happy New Year again We will be back back Monday with a brand new episode in which we are going to do our Recap and do kind of the perfect year. It's going to be the best of twenty nineteen episode on Hope. You enjoy it. It's coming Monday. And and until then we'll just talk to you then for the first time in twenty twenty deuces. Thanks for tuning getting into this episode of the perfect package. PODCAST or do you have an idea for a future topic. Shoot us a message via twitter in facebook or even instagram we our p three show across all platforms are visit our website at p three show dot com. Remember to subscribe to the show in spread the love with a perfect five star review. Otherwise we may start to think. You're a hater. Thanks for listening and tune in next time for a brand new episode road of the perfect package. podcast pickle Piper pecker perfect becker package.

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SHADOW IN THE CLOUD - Double Toasted Audio Review

Double Toasted

38:21 min | Last week

SHADOW IN THE CLOUD - Double Toasted Audio Review

"Progressive presents the sound of the old world. the year is twenty nineteen and someone is waiting for the previous to start in a movie theatre. Hey you want anything popcorn soda now. Nothing has been the owner of the old world brought to you by progressive. We're drivers can still switch and save is twenty nine thousand nine today. Progressive dot com progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates views. That we have here people you know. We have a lot of love feminist movies at a lot of people talking about girl power and they say do you was passed because a women. They've they've had to deal with a lot of shit from men and he just not getting voices her. We've got one talking about like you know. No disrespect anybody out. There had to deal with all these crazy as men and everything. But none of them had dylan. Oh god damn gremlins in the most sexist of all the most sexist of all people and that is what we have here we got ''chloe grace moretz he's teaming up with a group of a platoon. Whatever you wanna call them air man flagler but of course it's being world war two very progressive at all in the mold days then fashioned racism out there. Yeah those the the fact that they don't rape her them feminists no. I mean honestly it was going talk to this broad secondarily and all of a sudden. She was on my nickname for house going on. Yes she says you know she takes has done. Hold tight i breathe easier. Once she went down she said you know maybe breaking ground much yesterday. Gravity maybe grabbed. It won't rape me access guys grab it ain't call me a bitch. It turns out. That's not the worst she's got deal with. She's got to deal with the supposed to be a supply drop. She's gotta deal with the japanese coming in. you know. They got technology that they didn't think they hannes sneaking up on his crew right here and she could help but they could call whatever you don bitches sit down and shut up like a good bra should wash. You'd see. I can do that. Y'all want help the japanese vote. What about this fucking gremlin hysterical. He thought and that's the thing you can talk. They won't believe her when she says that she saw the japanese flying underneath are they believe she saw criminal folks a lot of stuff going on here. Girl power world two drama adventure in a creature feature would gremlin all up in the sky. Let's go ahead and see but all blends together. Well are if it's just slop and we'll be back with i review right after this trailer for shadow in the cloud. Hi there but you didn't hear commission to this fight. We haven't got time for this right now. Put her in until we get up in the air supposed to this or garden forty content to confidential. What's your name ain't no women in the air corps flight mechanic pine that. You're not the pilot your delivery so requesting fire enemy attacker. You wouldn't even know how to fire a gun. I was being polite. Who the hell are you miss. Garrett here that the hell is iraq the plane something other god even a gremlin got rape yele rimless. Who's gonna try to fuck you in a scott me hanging from a plane yet even though the gremlin but they've been keeping images secret wild but there you go. The regularity started with that package. You had no idea. I'll go up here can we. They showed that strap in yes yesterday. So look the movie says. This shit is crazy all right. We know what we're getting into with this. It's like we're ask you to like like. I'm not asking lagged. You know but one thing for certain is don't don't say we didn't tell you that there wasn't a gremlin in here telling your friends man. This shit was crazy. No the fucking gremlins showed up because they have been very forthcoming. That there is a gremlin in here. It's been in the it's in the trailers been in. All the marketing has been at write ups. They start the movie with a cartoon about a gremlin. It's supposed to be sort of a take on A war films animated war films. Where the whole thing is supposed teach teach responsibility. What soldiers careless man not gremlins cause accidents are. Is it in on the cartoon at the beginning to me. It shows the pros at the movies. Having in those there's there's a they have a spirit of fun over logic and i have. I have a feeling that. I'm gonna be the one not rolling my eyes about rung. Everybody because i feel like this movie knows exactly what is doing if anybody goes to watch a fast and furious movie and comes out and can handle dash it. This should has a gremlin and for me. If this is something makes you say what the fuck. Wow i didn't. I don't think i'd always be muslim. People you have to go in with the right attitude with this. You know one of the things. I understand that some things that are going to be out there for people to really set up being criticized. Because you know this. The movie also heavy on girl power movies having on feminist issues. And it's one of those films where in these a lotta shitty creepy guys for the lead heroine to prove herself against you know so we can give a reason a chiro. Take that shitty men in. I thought that the guys are you guys are better than one to one. Now if you thought wonder woman was bad at least you know. I think the betrayal is is better than they are but the thing is that they could they could appear worse because that's the focus. That's the focus point this film. You know. these guys really are horrible. I'll give you then now that mode the of them except for maybe one or two. Our complete dirtbags man. That's one thing i can say about one to at least wonder woman like the guys would say. Hello i before trying to write front or even the rapist would say good evening tie. Maybe want to walk you home front. About what the at least the rapist. They say hi before. They tried to grab his. You know walking by at least everything starts that what i hey at least hey baby. Needs dudes was broad coming on a plane. They didn't even see a woman when she came on these. So how come these guys here curves. Yeah these guys. When she came on the immediate will they then mealy saw lips titties in s and they described it right down in order to the boy look at their lives. Yeah that was crazy. You know it's it's probably the worst. It is the most hostile work environment that you could have been you. Thank you gotta bad with. Joe brian by saying that you don't shit like a good old boys club. Yeah the degree you know dues. These dudes are man. They they are. They're they're the top dues a way to horny. You know the moment she gets on a plane. The first thing. That happens. Like i said do. Don't say hello and day. first thing. he does points at his dick operate. The powder room is damn out. That would still a gentleman sir. By the way all these the world war two movies man they all go ahead that do that. Ignite as redmi always that's required. Yeah that's you ask them he's from texas or you be somewhere else in the deep south. I just figure like well. They must have been a lot of recruiting in the south. 'cause joe sergeants southern accent it feels like all these world war. Two movies is like okay. Yeah what can we have the southern guy but we also need the guy from new york thick accent. We need a brit on a scotsman and irishman one of those guys very you know angry all the time and we need someone who is definitely a minority little darker. Shade the sensitive. It was almost like they couldn't get the these guys were so sexist that they had couldn't get a black dude because the in where it would have been said every. Oh absolutely no question here. They they ain't gonna kid with a chick onboard. They cigarette with a black dude up there. And and yeah you know they got. They got they got the bridge. They got the series captain they got they got the young joker and of course they got the handsome guy. Handsome flyable blonde airing. Yeah yeah so. They got everything. Got everything covered in that area. And if they're not horny the just pissed off might they might be mad because they are horny. I don't know other guys like after she meets a dick do with his his name. This next piece right after there is a doodle. Just anger is food handling yet. Gal you locked signs. This flights vicious an adjoining michigan people are going to stay here. Lookie there crouching. Augie bars groundskeeper. Willie angry scotsman. Red-haired and everything. I mean mostly just got to talking to dig. Duda duda one extreme. The you have to pick. Which one do you want. It's an air already canceled. Kid dudes dudes the other bags. Man i will say unlike the reason why that works for me because it looks like it's over. The top one is the military in the military still sexist. Today's thing. I thought the whole time i was like i won't compare this to wonder woman or captain marvel because this is these guys are a product of their time and they're in the military which is very much the boys club and this is the definition of locker room talk. They're all trying to outdo each other but how crude they can be territorial about it and and everything society has taught them like yes. This is how you should be. Yes listen let me tell you. I told you about me being in basic training when he's brought it a stripper and they pretty much almost this woman down to where she was going to be a skeleton before they took out. Yes this is not like wonder woman where she just passing random dues on a street. Take these are a group of guys like you say. They're locked together in a room and they're trying to do each other and crew. That's that's a lot of it is bravado and exact just one up each other it just becomes more disgusting goes on and even ratio wise and wonder woman you had all the men who horrible exempt for two guys. This is just like what six guys to three over are. Okay yeah pretty much. Yeah you got you got three pretty much. Three guys maybe four. Who are doing all the shit talk. Yeah exactly exactly man. And it doesn't help when the older dues acting like. That's what are the younger. Yeah i'm going to do is do you know i've seen it first hand. The army's sex today they drive in chicks insane cycle. Yeah so more than that sure. of course you know. Also the conditions of how this care to got on the plane which i won't say also clashes mistrust. Yeah yeah you know. She got up there and you know they. They weren't even expect the miss and you know i'll leave it at that. Some of his day. They just caught off guard twists year. Because kinda funny like how you brought up in the marketing. Say officers gremlin. You sent me this time. I did not know what it was. I can completely cold. I had no idea. And so i saw the opening of saw. The gremlins like okay. I guess there might be a gremlin here. I don't know angelina until like the half hour. I mean you're laughing. But i just i didn't know great now literally gremlin. I not expect that this is going to be like more this year. Or what's in the package is. What's actually causing all this stuff. So i was like i was kind invested. And especially where i'd say the first third of the movies just spent a little cockpit. I'm like that is really cool. It's a battlefield really. Yeah i'll say this You you could tell that. She sunk teeth in this role that she was so happy to get something like this. She really commits a lot of fun. And a lot of fun watching same here okay. I'll tell it's going to be on in the minority on that. Because i was laughing i just kind of like manny. Mugla lamarcus author. I'm about to put a knife points. You don't put the knife away. Don't critiques no. Honestly it feels. Hey this reminds me something like Movie overlord years ago. Even captain america. First evanger yeah. It's super exaggerate if you don't wanna if you don't like that then you probably you're not going to like this movie because the stuff that happens in the sense that happened what she ends up doing. It's thoroughly nicholas. Because i like you. I was really digging this the whole mystery. I see the gremlin. I'm like oh shit okay. It's kind of horror movie but such a dramatic element and such a air mystery about it and we got the mysterious package. What's going on there and man digging the hell out of this open to the revelation of what the package was. That's the and that's when i went. Say yes that's that's the soap opera drama stuff coming in there where i'm just like okay. You know even when they reveal all that i was like yeah. Okay but what is it really. Though the oh series didn't bother me too much man. Look there are characters who that thin in here. Oh you're talking about those guarantees this the format. This film has been described as as pulpy and in the movie does feel like a pope comic because even used colors it reminded me of creepshow and some parts where things turn us a lot of red and green to give it like a the highlight like a like a like a comic book comic colors. It even uses like this eighty cents music covers. I'm doing this during the pandemic on. It also made me think that you can catch the fill. Fill those eighties. Movies that also. What kind of camping booming. That used the because we'd say carpet. But a lot of anal shirt the like this soundtrack you know those things made me accept the true. What the fuck moments believe me. There are some major. What the fuck is she doing moments in here. Yeah and if you don't look if you don't if you if you can't accept that i'm not gonna sit here and tell you to like it because this is a movie that's really not for everybody and if you don't if you don't walk in with the right ideas and know the source of what they're doing this from what inspired this make sit up here and be like what am i watching man. I even caught myself if you can't do that. It's all kinds You can't do that. Okay clearly nobody knows how physics works. Look if you're going to do something like this you gotta make your checks better. This is such a this is such a fuck you to physics even and fears like damn. You can't do to believe to you but the reason why again that work for me is because i don't think that this move is Is unaware doing that. I think that this movie is it. Relishes in the way that it's embracing the craziness because the thing is even say is comic book in pulpy is not an overindulging in gore sex and violence is always focused on the story but it just tells his own story in his own way because what this remind me of and we say this a lot and i don't mean to always say this when when when we had to make this comparison but it's it's appropriate right now. This reminded me of what of what this movie wanted to do. Robert rodriguez planet terror opening baby. Plus they know that the that was grind house. And i think this movie knows like okay. These things can happen this physics. Don't apply here but it's more greenhouse movies whereas like yeah. We are making a comic book. Film. that is supposed to be this exaggerated. We know to what extent we exaggerating this and at that point but the thing is it's not it's not patent us up on the back it's not gimmicky. What is doing almost as like. Hey i'm just we're telling this story and we're going to go crazy ways in. It's very earnest. Yeah yeah it is and if people don't people don't get it then that's that's fine and there's nothing wrong with that but and you know i'm maybe i'm looking too much into it but i know that i was reading a little bit about this and this is kind of a you know a a. Is this kind of an image away if you want to to You know those kind of films are comics. That are out there and you know. That's that's cool with me. I liked it. And you're right man. One being they were able to tell focus on a story instead of saying like. Oh we just go have fits in here. we're gonna have people be killed really gory ways and beheadings and body parts and whatnot. His grandma's gonna eat it really focus on story. It really loud up to do. I thought some good things like ''chloe grace moretz as you say she was really goodness. I can see why this this project attracted or so much because she fully commits to the role and she. She sells most of what's happening. Yeah i i think and i thought they did some interesting things that are you know. Some things are kind of soapy. But again i think the host over exaggerate but i think it's in the movie. Yeah exactly. I'm really not trying to people. I'm not one of these movie geeks. That really loves when things feel like. Oh this isn't a marsh this are. This is a reference to that. I don't like that you know but as you said great word you use when it feels earnest and it feels like. They're just making a movie and having fun with it and they know exactly what they're doing and we're in how ridiculous they're being. Okay i can get with an eye on in clog. Grace moretz carries a large chunk of this movie. Man yourself was this made during the pandemic. When i was watching us separated from everyone over like forty five minutes. 'cause now's the movie so much of what's going on. It's almost like we're not even seeing it. We're seeing it from how she's imagining things. Yeah Which i thought was cool. I liked it. I i love bottle films and yes the cockpit area. She spends about thirty minutes in in the balls of that. Your loan ball one that plane right there. I thought there was some twisted and again. I could see how those things could be corny. But i again. I thought that was part for the corsair. Also thought that sa- big mixture things. And i thought it was able to really grow go between genres pretty. Well you know. In addition to being like a world war two movie at world war two adventure film. you know. it's also a creature feature sort of a horror film in the whole time. This felt like a new way to take itself seriously but not too seriously and there were times when he said. I know how to go this far with it. I see a lot of movies. I don't know how to do that. You know and This is one on good. Got some say Yeah just Yeah it didn't the transition didn't work well for me As a matter of fact wild why a par why ended up not liking. This movie was because i liked it so much in the beginning. But i think it makes hard rights where beginning suddenly like. What kind of movie my watching now. Because i like this so much that i even when things were happening. I didn't like i was like. Yeah but you built up a lot of good cachet with me. So i'm gonna go with it until just points where it was like all right now. We're in a completely different genre. And this is not what i signed up for and the second half this movie i think would work fine if it was a different first half and i feel i feel like that first half deserved to have the half that went with it and including the gremlin i doug all that and and the stuff with the package. The reveal. The package was was a huge letdown. But i wanna go with it but just later when he gets into the more re- ridiculous action breaking physics and even where it ends. I was like I thought there was so many great meaty things that were brought up that. Just kinda got curtailed so we can have that what you're talking about that they go to the grind house and i was like that's too bad. I wish it had started as a grand house movie and then i wouldn't have had expectations but where it goes i was like. Yeah just. I just didn't dig this. I mean if you did that's fine but for me. I was like the parts are parts. They are not one whole complete opposite here. I thought he worked together. Well apprised of how well it did especially when it comes in. That's when i was kind of like all right. I'm checked out now. I realize i see what you're doing. And i'm not with this even that even the beginning did that. Oh you mean so later on later on we fully embrace. Yes i agree with you to pretty close degree where i like you i. I enjoyed the first forty minutes. More definitely and really. It's the big reveal that happens in the film and it's like oh that's really what it is it's turning to that and then it gets really soap opera and then there's other twists am dislike. This is happening. This is like that that that that that was more ridiculous and the other thing too there was the action that happens later on. Didn't feel like the same action. I saw earlier in that first. Forty minutes where it's like. Yes it's it's. It's a little over exaggerated because there's a god game gremlin crawling around. There's japanese zeros fire and it's you and everything but like i would take the one. I'm not going to say what happens. The one little thing of body horror with her. Oh my god situation of being deal with and it's like oh you feel that then the literal looney tunes shit and you see in the jailer. Being blasted outside the plane then being blast right out no cinching. No nothing. I can see would fast and furious as well. I don't want to no. is it out at. The thing is fast and furious. They never start out like just started. It's consistent and that's why. I think the inconsistency here was on purpose is it was supposed to be one of those dust till dawn situations. Where like all right. You know which is why wonder wish they hadn't shown grim and in the trailer too much because i think they want to be like there's this thing happening and then a gremlin in is a picture Again that's not everybody i. I liked that that was on was cool with it. I just want to say. I did not like i didn't like anything else that came after i still have fun with it. I still like the everything that came after a lot when when the actress more growling on the plane self and not her being blasted or doing some other things you did on the outside. I was like okay. This is this is more in line. With what i would have preferred but it was still fun. Yeah i i. I think this is a great deal has got some problems but i did learn what the what what was happening with it. I mean a another reason why we had shown the gremlins. Because i thought the design was cool. It was scary. Big is going expecting gizmo and stripe stripers playing. Yeah fucking around. This thing would kill stripe playing when you when you were when you look at it again. I mean this is a fucking jokes. shit'll yes a cross between man bat and a monkey. Yeah it's it's a. That's what i was thinking. It's a cross between a big a big bet. It's part back part baboon all asshole. You know this guy gremlin here man. I was like you need to stop. Uh-huh the third by love. That seems the finger z. When she was like no don't do. Yeah yeah she had that to me. That's my favorite action. I wish it's kind of more adhere to that. Were went later. Yeah man yeah this. I found myself like so many times looking at that. Gremlin said be cold toward tortoise. Playing up you some damn this girl. You proved your point. Just be cool but that grandma got everything that he deserved. Man do as a fight but keeps talking. You had to come in man. The big thing with this is that max land is wrote the script and people like you know how. How's mag house mac. Landis max land is gonna right a pro feminist film when he's been assaulted and harassed abusing women basketball this time well one. This is directed by female director. Roseanne liang in she came out and said ''chloe grace moretz came out and said you know this is. That script has been rewritten. So many different times like this manning even close to it anymore. Yeah he said look. We legally have to put his name funny. How hollywood is still so much shit and change. Everything changes everything around and go to corn. Bela prove it. But they can't change it randomly. take his name off of. It's a percentage if they still use a certain percentage of wrote they have to put his name. Yeah so a lot of people don't be like well. That's kinda file that they put this men in there but it's completely different film. They say there's been that that's how much has been rewritten. But they just legally have to do that But yeah you know. I don't know if i enjoyed this more than anybody else in the room. But i did. I had fun with this. I was watching. Evelyn cut off last night. And i kept watching it. But i'm let you goes have some closing words on this well. I don't know how much more i have to say about it. It did strike me in the beginning. Like hey i'm really digging this in the second half made me think. Oh yeah. This is something. I'd watch at fantastic fest and have everybody cheering. Because they love when shit goes crazy like this. And i just kinda don't aren't would you rate My my rating would be just a very unenthusiastic matinee. I'm sorry rental. I like you martin. I really enjoyed the first half more than in the second half. ''chloe grace moretz. I wanna see her a pulpy things where she gets really sinker teeth in the stuff i know she did kick ass back in the day but cheap gene press with kick ass he was i think one of the best aspects of that film and kind of see her doing that but even more mature and i think even like handling material better than she even did it at that point. That was kinda cool to see your do something like this again. She had a really good job in the twitter of character. Initially before the big reveal. I thought were fun but yeah sally the second half. It doesn't doesn't really spoil it for me but that's where it gets a little too ridiculous that's when it literally becomes a bugs bunny and he dealt with the wants to way back in the day it becomes cartoon straight up jets. It'll even think maybe even more ridiculous than that and so if you're ever that then you really liked this movie. Bought kind of want more grounded. Film than maybe. You'll prefer the first half of the movie like like i did but still it's overall very very fun. Experience it's all of the films that we've had for the star twenty one going. It's going to have. Yeah and so. I get this a solid matinee. Yes i thought you were going to be on this but it's the same for me man Look like i said. I think it's the right balance of silliness while take himself seriously at the right moments. Nilima comics tone is comic tone the process and i. I can't excuse it for how flat these characters get some time this generic it really is. You can only say it's popey you got excuse. All the non non look known gets the planet. Like all right. y'all gonna come on. Let's all the bullshit. But i had a lot of fun with this. You're right you're right because you got two different views ray. Martin is like. I don't like when it gets that silly and that is started out that way. I'd be fine with it and that's the thing you know if you don't like tonal shifts like that or anything. Then i told him that's what you should be told because that's i get it man. That's not really enough everybody But also to your credit you know. I think it is a lot of fun and i love that. It was all over the place. I think more movies should do that. Where we don't see was coming in not to expect and we always something different and this did it. But like i said we've had this before and they didn't do it because they were too busy patting themselves on the back saying. Hey look at this thing that we're mimicking over here. This doesn't there's a difference between mimicking. And there's a difference between being influenced by and this is more influenced by and trying to own thing but having the spirit of what has taken a source from. Yeah this is like you is this. A solid mandate For me. I had fun with this thought. I would in especially get debt. Look it's going to get to a point here. Where i i'm it and i'm going to say it's going. It's going to get to a point where you just going to be like all right. And when you see what. Clause magritte's does with his goddamn gremlin sit turned to iraqi film. All right you know ninety nine seriously at all so all right. So let's see see here sco here and move on to his down. Get into your favorite movies of twenty twenty. Oh that's another thing. I was going to say before we move on other gonna say you know what if you watch this movie. You really will get a feeling of what this movies like. I meant to say this early but you really will fill what this movie movies like. If you watch a double feature with the movie you mentioned if you watch it with overlord what is this. Just another world war movie where they were doing one thing and then all of a sudden it shifted. It became sort of horror movie if you watch this in also shadow in the cloud together. It'll be almost reading. Those e c comics in world war two comics from back in the back in the forties and fifties. You'll be like watching those things. Come to life man i. I personally think it'd be a fun experience. Especially they haven't seen these movies. I highly recommend. I highly recommend that you go m bowling like denzel for a little while. Screaming gremlins really. You think you'd be having you would do yourself a favor and it'd be a treat if you watch these things together. Men really will be like a comic book war to har- festival that you got there the highlight. You didn't hear on commission to this fight. We haven't got time for this right now. Put her in the sperry until we get up in the air. I'm supposed to gone this guarded. Forty content confidential progressive presents. An interview with your upstairs neighbor. A it's rick from upstairs. Yeah taken seriously. When i play. R&b at one in the morning. That's me saying. Hey i'm here for you and i enjoy repetitive baselines. 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Episode 4: Oduduwa , Character, and Beauty

The Orisha : Right Character, Real Power, and True Tradition

34:04 min | 2 years ago

Episode 4: Oduduwa , Character, and Beauty

"The chief speaking of course and <hes> you know a lot of times when we think about Iwo over we think about the idea of a character and of course the idea of life and beauty and being sometimes <hes> were unaware that these are three triple concepts that are actually one concept they had directly related to one another beauty. Being character are tri tri factor try publicity Blissett of the same exact concepts three parts of the same hole and we're going to get into that you know in this session we're going to deal with <hes> the idea of existence the idea of coming into being an idea of life and more importantly <hes> what brings brings life would brings things into existence you know <hes> so often when we start getting into these these different spiritual methods and you know they become nothing more than spiritual methods force you know getting into a reshoot getting to e five. We're constantly looking for methods to to do methods to do methods to do I want to do this. I WANNA get this. I want to do this. I'm GONNA get this. I want that. I gotTa have that desire this that that that that and we're constantly trying to pull things. It's almost like a mistake that you get from watching our movies like the secret when when you total just manifest is manifest that manifest that and you're not giving any type of internal moral compass to determine what it is you should be manifesting what it is that you don't necessarily need and we're dealing with the Risha mindset which is character dealing with. We're dealing with not wanting but being methods for being not so much methods for doing because of you can be a certain thing than certain other things come as a default so you don't actually have to be reaching in swerving you you don't have to be mister and Mrs. Swerve will constantly swerving in and out of your lane and trying to jump into other lanes and grab some of the blessings and some of the Iranian some of the fortune from other lanes because you've widened your lane because you've become the fullness of what it is supposed is to be you know it's like a rainbow that chooses to only be one color and the orange is always looking at the yellow same. Why can't I have some of that yellow stuff? Everybody seems like the yellow or everyone seems to like the end to go. Everyone seems like the Green but I'm stuck over here being orange and only get stuff that orange get and a lot of people don't like to wear orange and they wear orange an in correctional institutions and you know why they wear green and correctional institution so you know we're not really getting it to where we want to get it but they don't wear yellow and corrections through so I cannot be yellow hello so constantly swerving without without the orange realizing that ultimately you're a greater part of a whole you know and the same thing with us would not supposed to just lay into one <hes> particular color one particular way of of doing you know because we're we're doing or I should say when we're when we're seeking to get constantly we locked ourselves into one color paradigm as opposed to saying. Let me be the fullness of every color that I've came to that. I've come to be let me be the fullness very dimension that I've come to see. That's a Risha mindset. You know it's not about finding WANNA reach is not about finding Sean goal of finding Shuna finding or ya or finding around fail or finding <hes> Obala foon insane okay. This is where I stayed. This is where I stick of course. You're always going to have those pillar holders who are going to say you know I'm going to you know from a sense of honor. I'm going to uphold this particular teaching of this particular energy and that's that's fine you know that's that's even admirable to a degree but ultimately and our life journey and the journey of all our lives in an inner journey of all our incarnations we are designed and purpose to be everything we're designing purpose to be every color and go through every house and and go through every dimension so that within itself is a process of building in cultivating character. You know that's why when we talk about the four hundred one Risha you know once we get to a better understanding we realize is is more than four hundred to one ratio because as we're expanding as we call waiting and as we're becoming bigger and larger and wish speaking greater in more vast things into existence than times changing history is changing Beijing because it's a cyclical thing so now when we look back for some reason it's a race now doesn't say four hundred one and says four hundred and two is four hundred and to come from. I could've sworn all his time and said four hundred one see. This is how we changed the pass us you see by changing our president. We change the past by changing our president. We changed the future because it's all based on perception so we can choose to perceive our pass in a different way and by choosing the perceive our past and the different way we change our I thought once we change our thoughts we change our words are words change our character our words change our destiny. Our words change our life our words change what makes us beautiful you see because it's what's coming from the inner inner to the outer and I'm going to you know explain this in very simple form- because I think it's not really it's not it's not really rocket science. You know it's actually very simple thing to kind of encapsulate absolutely but <hes> for many people when they start talking about life in existence it gets boring. I can't tell you the amount of people who reach out to me constantly for spells and bats potions and I say things like well. You know you really need to take on the character of. What it is trying to work with but they feel so pressed by time they feel so pressed by what I need this right now and I need this to happen right now and it's not not now and they don't realize the treadmill as long as you're you're letting your circumstances become <hes> your clock then you're constantly going to become a slave to that and your circumstances treat their own spirit body and they say wow as long as we create an emergency around this individual? They're going to feed us. They're going to serve us. They're going to give us attention so let's continue to create emergencies you see so the idea of spirit izing for the purposes of just getting often locks you into a sick cycle of time for instance when we look at the Uraba <hes> tone of the Uraba Word Wa believe you have heard the word before such as E. Y.. Such as in <hes> doodle right you've heard that term why and sometimes Wa just said by itself or a Wa you may have heard that or or seen that in writing before but why actually means time it means several several different things but we're GONNA get into some of the other meanings but one of the meetings of Wa is time you see now why also connects us to the idea of character you see why also connects us to the time to the aspects of existence you see so when we're looking at the at the idea of time we're looking at the idea of existence of course we're going along time line lunch. Once we choose to be once we go from non being to being once we go for from <hes> and we can look at it as as almost <hes> once we go from life to death to to a degree you know some sometimes have a misconception of what death is and we look at <hes> death being the end of something without realizing that death is also the beginning of something because life exists within itself life is is always is always floating around. It's always here. It's it's it's a it's a continual you know and it's an indifferent continuum and then once we choose to say okay well. I want life inside of me. You know I want to be a part of this life. Continuum from the moment we choose to experience life to the form of being or do the form of existing especially in human form. The death clock starts right from that moment in the moment <hes> we fertilize that egg as men. I am now that sell body begins to grow now. Death has started the clock for death. Assuredly of debt has begun because before that it was four all out creative potential anything could have been anything we had any direction that that we could have possibly gone but once we decided I wanna be a part of existence in this storm. Now we close things down doesn't mean that life ends. No it means that the expression of life now becomes finite within that forum so what does that mean so if you look at it like this and we say okay well you know I have all this air here. You know whether it's ear that's coming in and out of my lungs right aw I'm breathing right and I'm just breathing breathing is cool. I like to breathe breathing. Keeps US alive right so we say okay. I have this aspect of breathing but I WANNA take this beautiful breath is idea breath and I want to see how it hit hard. It could expand Ohio how can grow it how can manifest itself inside of a different environment so what I do is I take a balloon and I take my breath and I blow it into the into the balloon and as I'm blowing it into the balloon. I'm seeing the balloon. LOON is getting bigger and bigger but essentially what I WANNA do is. I want to see how big he can get how much it can expand you know what's the limits that it's it's form can take now. One thing I learned about the balloon is that if I blow it up and then let the air come mount blow it up. Let the air blow up. Let the air come out each time it increases in lasting so each time it increases in capacity every time I I take life and I put it in it and I take it out of it. I put it in and taken out so it's almost like I'm taking it through its own valleys and peaks. I'm taking it through its own trials and tribulations you one day it's just full of life and in the next day it's it's it feels depleted in it and it doesn't have any energy doesn't have any say so I keep putting it inputting then. I said you know what let's see how much you can take and our blow. I keep pudding breath in I keep putting life into it and we're making life and Brotherston synonymous with one another and then what happens eventually is the balloon POPs right so once the balloon pops what happens is to life does life n no life goes back to where it was before it goes back into the atmosphere where it was existing before so this is the same thing that we have in our region standings. We understand that once we take on the responsibility of life that eventually we're GONNA pop okay. It's just it's just a sentence going down to the moment that you pop but the greater part of who you are what what you are the most important part of which you are doesn't it. We don't create it. We don't end it but we can try it out in different ways which try it in this form. Let's try it in that form and knows forms recall existence all things that come into existence existence or all things that come into being you so we look at different words or or all things that come alive right so as they come alive the now that we can see it and we can see it in different forms. Armed we have to know that it has a temporal nature so all things that exist in that sense are eventually going to burst events eventually. They're gonNa pop you know eventually they're going to push themselves to their total limits and they're going to say okay now. I Z.. With this kind of contained take. It's like pouring water into a glass. Well how much water can can it whole. We'll just imagine if you were without you know physical eyesight. You would have to put your finger in the glass to see you know how much you it it water could take. Let's just say you didn't do that. Let's say if you were newly person who had lost is I in you know the little trick to put your finger at the glasses he wants to glasses full right so you poured a wallet water into the water could also represent life right the waters of life what happens to water eventually overflows and then you find out oh that's how much life that particular kind of vessel can hold and he's kind of vessel is different so the glass vessel is not going to expand and contract like like the elastic vessels each vessel is different. Some are more static in some more dynamic you see now when we come to an aretha in a standing though this is what makes it different than just thinking about water order just thinking about balloons just thinking about glasses you know when we did with the idea of life we deal with the idea of being a we deal with the idea of existence you know and we say okay okay like in in Europe but that would be a why right so you have the idea of a Wa and don't don't don't don't just to give you the determine accent on that. It's up down up down I Alwa- and so when you're looking at the idea of awhile awhile means it exists you know and sometimes you may see that in different <hes> Adora or even maybe some of the the Orion which is song some of the win that you may sing or the adores that you may say or do you Reiki. You'll see that <hes> that idea of existing you know because what you're doing existed it. Basically you're affirming that that's something does exist in order for it to bring it into being you can't say I hope you bring me this or will you bring me this. It doesn't work that way because you using your your your your value of speech. Catch your value of verbiage to bring things into existence because you remember his thoughts that begin to create different words very similar to what I wrote in the book <hes> Meinhard and words which you can get right now on kindle. If you wanna read it and it's a it's a great book a lot other people have gotten a lot of especially those who have a little bit of trouble controlling their thoughts and a little bit of trouble <hes> controlling their emotions. That's really what the book is about about learning the pathway of feelings come from as opposed to your emotions come from and and especially those who have trouble controlling their mouths because if you can't control your thoughts you can't control your mouth okay when you got a personal flies off the handle all the time and just says stupid thing and ruin situations for themselves is because they have have no control of thought I see so many people who talk who can attract themselves into relationships and within less than twenty four hours can talk themselves right back into loneliness because they you have no control over what comes out of their mouth and the reason they have no control of a weapon trump can comes out of their mouth because they have no control over what's in their head. They have no mental ordering so there's no mental ordering. There's no irregular ordering or no verbal ordering if there's no mental ordering and has no verbal ordering there's no reality ordering. There's no life ordering so everything around you reflects the disorder of your thoughts everything around you reflects the the frantic -ness of your words you see because it's it's a remember one continuing one continue so that bull Meinhard linhart words deals with breaking that cycle and learning how to regulate your external by regulating during terminal and the idea of a why is no different the idea of time in how we we we drive time and in fact <hes> while also means to come or to bring something to you so sometimes like when we're doing a ricky for some of you make work with me. You may have heard me say like why why they why why today why y y you you know bringing certain things to or making things available while so means to be present but not just present like <hes> to have something at the radio to have something available so you see when you manifesting Uraba. You're not begging you not pleading insane. Will this be here. Can this be here. You're saying that this is available and it is here no different than if you're drawing a pitcher you don't look at your your hand in your finger and say <hes>. Can I draw a circle you draw a circle now the circle on the paper you know if you thinking your mind I wanna see square on that paper. Do you start begging and praying the pencil or the paper to manifest the squid. You draw the square right well. That idea of drawing is no different than the idea of speaking you know if I if I desire something I can draw things through my words now <hes> or make take things make things come to my word again. That's the idea of why so let's look at one of the words that I that I said are one of the names that I spoke about before. Which was Oh dude awas right and some of you may be committee will do? I've done a session before or no dude. Why do I representing the character of the blackness of the wound that is oh dude awhile but you know we look at Oh dude awhile in long-form because sometimes you give guys that the long form of words and also give you the short and you know we could save so do ooh Dot wa? We'll do dow okay so that would be the the longer form of do Wah right and the idea of Oh dude why if you just look at it Oh do right now. You know what I'll do is when we look okay the the Corpus of e far we have two hundred and fifty six. Oh do Georgian fifty six. Oh do in those do are different than what we would hall way all right and I spoke about that recently <hes> <hes> we were talking about a story and I said that sometimes people have a tendency to confuse the away with the old do any aware like the the parables in the little short stories that you hear from elders a lot of times when you ask them the question <hes> in our system or an either you ask the question and they and they say you know <hes> well it is said or they say right and that's the way often explaining something to you you know and there's something very important about that relationship. When you get that information from an elder you don't challenge your elder period? Do Not Challenge elder you come to your elder and if you add a line in your elder all the checks you you policies politely and you put your head down and you back out. That's something that's lost on many diaspora people and this is a great example of how you can attract yourself into great situations where you can have help and assistance and you can talk your way right out of it some of you now listening from a distance have been on receiving in of that even dealing with me will you you've felt because now you have proximity to power the word that you are that power. You have proximity to achieve so you must be the chief. No you being shown grace but now you WanNa challenge and just like when a child is John is challenging and elder. It's not really a challenge to the to the elder. It's it's an annoyance you just pastoring that elder because you don't WanNa listen and learn that you're in an environment now where you can grow and you could be in you can be better so the elder will say you know you may say something out of line elder say okay well. They usually will not address you directly unless you have gone way too far but they'll say something a parable roundabout to let you know you've overstepped okay and usually back home. People will get it and no backup sit down the apologized because they realize what sand here in the diaspora people would just keep going there. Just keep disrespecting. Just keep going keep going keep going until you have to block them on social media block them on your phone or curse amount or whatever and then it turns into something else so the moral of that story. Stay away from disrespectful stupid people all right so anyway like I was saying <hes> so you had that idea of <hes> oh Duda Duda while or do we know is different from away which is like you know again getting stories and stuff like that and then <hes> you have the idea of a Wa and why of course not only means character but what else do we know because we know from Iwo it's character. But what else do we no about Wa. Wa It also means existence. Da Means Create like Dafa. You know when you get to Dadfar reading newt when when you you know you give readings for me the Oh by the way lasko Cyrus dot com for readings guys better. Stop hitting my inbox on instagram. Some of you noticed. I've been just ignoring you lately all right. It's just too many his great example. You have an elder like me who says okay. I'm going to share some information with the almost every segment segment I do all ones new ones. I say four readings go to and that's not because I'm advertising readings but it's such it's to try to clear up the inbox in the questions. I'm trying to get a reading from chief you yard. No one's getting back to me but you say you listen to the segments. How could you listen to the segments and miss what said almost in every segment? I still have people saying asking me if I teach classes. I still have people asking me if I have any books. You say that means you just not listening you just not listening. You're not going to the sites. You're not signing up for newsletters. You're not following the social media profiles all that information is right there right so that's a great example of something so like when you get the Dafa you know dot or dot e faulk. You know you're you're being given. You're being given your F._I._U.. Being given your information in that sense so already we have the Oh do which is the Oracle Corpus you know Khalifa and we have dr which is to give and we have wa or wa which means to come into existence or to be you see so what do we have there or do in the name of Duda. Why and why does Oh do represent Omni potency? Because of Doodoo are represents Omni potency or is let me not even say represents sustains the concept of Omni potency because Oh do represents the concept of speaking e far in order to bring things into existence or to give existence or to give life and that is where the power is you see so in order to speak do or in order to speak e far what must you of course you're initiated into. Of course you're trained to e five but also it's a way of living in way of being he see that's what that's what brings things external to you into being is when when you start bringing your internal environment into being you see now again I get so many people they want spells and potions spells coach. It and I say wait a minute. Wait a minute well <hes>. Do you have a mate. Do you have a family no. I don't get along with people okay when you like an animal. You're not even like <hes>. The people that this stuff is intended for you. Want the information of Lia Neva or you went to information of a Bob allow but you not even living like an adult Bob allow right what what is the Baba Baba allow all Baba Neo okay so it's a shortened form of either one either one could it could be Bob Adnia Wolf bubble and Baba knee. I will for instance you know knee means chance to to have which hold I will need secret so the Baba knee I wo- Father Baba father need to have a wall secret. What does it bother me? I war Bob Lout one who has a father who has the secrets. It was the ANTIFA Yani Yani foul mother has IKA mother father. You see what I'm saying because if you're not a mother father we don't even know if you're actually male female your organs especially nowadays especially nowadays you see what I'm saying so essentially the information a lot of times people trying to trying to dig from they don't realize that that information is made for adults. It's not made for children for children. They get the old way though you get the little parables in the stories which basically start to raise them up and give them a more higher form of thinking so that he can figure things out so things told and powerful things told them rhymes things told in a way to let the child know whatever it is trying to do in life we've already done it. Does nothing new under the Sun So don't come over gunk coming kicking any doors in China act like GRANDPA. You don't know what I'm talking about. So that's why when you're trying to do something you say something that the the only way always starts in Europe culture with it is said or they say because what is being said when you say it said or they say what is being said there is that there's a group of people already who have covered what it is it just speaking about who have covered what it is that you're talking about so it is said it saying like wait a minute. Well GRANDPA want to buy a car and I WANNA take my savings and owned by the car. You don't understand how important it is to have a car and then you know your grandmother. Your grandfather may say first of all you know in a nice way. Watch your mouth you know but they'll say it just do parable so they may say something like you know <hes> they say that when we come into the earth you know we have all that we need and when we leave the earth we have all that we need now. I just made that up. You know but may say something like that and that's your answer as to why I'm not opening up the savings account to give you all this money you know and then it may be something like let's say the child was disrespectful. You know when we come into the hurt into the earth we have all we need but it is by the grace of Old Amari that we have parents who give us you know everything that I don't know sustains us you know or or it is our parents who who show us the way to every to everything thing that we need. You know something like that right so that says like watch him mouth because if it wasn't for me you wouldn't even have a shirt on your back and on top of that. You don't need anything material you see so the child not to say but okay wait up. Maybe you don't understand what I just said. Let me reword it GRANDPA. You know it's for the child who say oh. I'm sorry I'm sorry you know <hes> you know. I I was out of line. You know I'm sorry sorry GRANDPA or or sorry grandma. I shouldn't have have said that the way I did or I shouldn't have said it at all right so that level of humility where is that where is that so you have to understand when you're dealing with fathers for instance like myself or you're dealing with mothers like other people <hes> especially those of us who have our culture that is a certain way of being is a certain way of speaking that <hes> we're not gonNA tolerate. You know we're not going to accept because it it takes us. It takes US beyond our character and of course once we go beyond our character than we threaten. In our very existence because IWO is directly related to character in existence or e wires character Iran is existence. Iwo is also beauty you see because we have this idea not only do we have iwo which is which is or Alwa- which is character iwo ray or or wiry good character. We also have Aiwa Erla in are your book means beauty you see so the idea of Air Wa at Iwo are directly connected in fact. There's a there's a term that we use which is iwo and that basically means you you know at the end of the day. <hes> beauty is what we see in good character so we're basically saying you're good character. Is your actual beauty. It is what makes you beautiful you see. So is the direct relationship so now if I if I allow you to deal with me or or you allow me to deal with you in a way that is above beyond beneath or distorts your actual character. I'm actually distorting your your beauty. You see and in doing so I'm distorting your very existence because you're very existence in your very manifestation is a manifestation in an unfurling of the beauty that lies within. I did a whole segment on that. The beauty beauty lies within I think that was the name of the title of it too right so in this we see and I and II Uraba in a standing the direct connection between our character and bringing things into beauty into excuse me into being in and of course like I said why is also time you know very similar to <hes> if you've ever heard the term who right in our cois healy who freedom and then sometimes we'll say who SASSA SASA means now right so it's it's a connection with that idea of time but in our Uraba you have the idea of CECE CECE and Sasa are very connected NC means guess what now uh-huh right so if you would have mix you say who maybe two different languages but is a really two different languages really two different people. I won't get into that one 'cause. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa be. I don't want to offend people yet not yet. I'll I'll offend them yet later but not not on this on the segment where we dealing with something different but <hes> again like I said bringing things into to being or or like our our Hebrew how're how means to be so again you know that you have that Wa wa right how what do so you see so that the Y. brings things into existence and most importantly when we're when we're tapping into the power of Oh dude arrive who is not in Arusha Doodoo is an emanation of old. Amari Doodoo is different than I do I as the aspect of doodle of old Amari that we consider the be the Omni potent aspect in this through that army potency or that Omni potent aspect that <hes> things as a roth or thing or or life Crete's different forms you see so we will call it all powerful because we see things come into existence so when we see things come into existence we consider that just like a person who has the ability to buy whatever we want we see all that's a powerful person because yesterday didn't have a yacht and today eight. They said I wanNA yacht and they went and got allegations so we'll say well. How did they get the money so money is power and I'm not I'm not saying that these statements are true? I'm saying in terms of the secular view hobby look at things in a spiritual more divine in route view. We understand that your ability to speak e fire. Your ability to speak Overdo Overdo is what mystery your ability to speak. The signs of the mystery theory is what brings things into existence is what brings things alive is which is what brings things forth so that's another reason why an elder speaking you should listen or as the incomparable pretty Tony Said and the movie the Mac when bone folks to speak in boy shut your mouth you see so that's why that is so important to learn to listen and to learn to take in what is given to you with with graciousness and to most importantly learn to take on the character of Ika because that's what brings your greatest life and your greatest beauty end to be all right. This is chief yards been another <hes> Risha podcast and I will entrusted you enjoying them. Make sure that you lied those <hes> reviews everywhere. You're picking yet whether it's Google podcasts or it's <hes> I tunes or what on Youtube videos you know. Let the world know that we dropping that good stuff all right until such time I see you for our next broadcast for all of the part the previous podcast whatever go to the Arusha Dot Com the Arusha Russia dot com you can also sign up for readings and spiritual work. <hes> I travel a lot so you know once spiritual work you can get <hes> inquire about that there but it all starts with a consultation because a lot of times.

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38: "El aprendizaje de un segundo idioma como herramienta inclusiva"

Charlas sobre TDAH

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38: "El aprendizaje de un segundo idioma como herramienta inclusiva"

"We win those. So. We'll now media, Jose. Maria, who say they man those? Agatha. Maria. Jose I. I. Today. Yeah. Yeah, you know. Pro Angle if another. Incident know swallow would it sound like I mean They Eagles but Only. Way Will. Burden. Border, that is a beaver dam DSP. CK. Our Team Oh. Why Jose say. In the NBA leniency on. the. Day the. Atlanta decided because I do say, Bingo. With a man vogue on. Okay. Celebrity Sakhalin list see. They are is dossier link why he but again is blase don't say win namath locate nine hundred ceiling if you will. Get the better but they were not Damaged shows Shammas. Calendar Gooky. Yes in the winter realm anthem. You get paid nasty. Personality because identity a feel they on. ATLANTA'S BECKY NOT GONNA say McCain, or savvy almost. A Lucas's a secret when we LEVIAN Benita. A ACA WHENEVER MASS A. S. When When NACHOS be dipping in the Indian the return. A ineffable to need albums Thatta mightier Jose Woody from Ishak professor linguist people I got fever, Little Luke ascione rather a lingua eat golden mighty house as soon. As, they were not willing. If. remain though it eleven fit. They the. Main thing Steve many that my Jose Leona. Book. Yes souls your says a mass and they. Don't get out of the city fussy but assists almost tons data come meal seaport gay everybody Sickness Society aboard his genetic deployed Dot implement a media combated dead but so Donna go says a Goebel the he sent me Detroit this. May Photo Mile being. Christina in NSEE is sometime in new. Media. Avenue Vocal, a lobby Gunman Gum on other crm. CNBC. Any. We're GONNA sit on for Seon little help a net locates at. Ling wacky A, it'd be more in seamy crime, not C mo up all the humanity seals Mas Attic, a immutable near police yesterday committed for. The the menial fussy now they're willing week more e e e in in a few. Weeks ago won't, give book more. Yet still be advocated meet us in thought. Allegations. Glad. Polio Vaccine Yatra spillway nothing this year on. A minute in your. Bills when it opened. WHO KNEELS? I. One, low lesser now own said is they on? La. In UNKNOWABLE. Latina seeing those are. The. The. Young See. In those days. I will donate reading week more what it does. They, the meat docket dialogue at the Sierra defendants. The him look. does everything for media delegates. Venus with APP Or. Illegal. list. Lendl. Hit. A A when the he I know. Lingua hit a senior us. We down. We've moved. Hundred. Joma some. Slow. Fatal don't meet the Komo breaking blower guessing Gula communicated yet cited. Linguis-. Hand side ending. Him Now. If not. Revive C., e.. while a a at. tickling the gopher sound rarely style new. machen perennial behold see a guessing deal nothing gumby. Then see if he's getting what you're learning. New. Swelling. Combat even in restaurants, city will take on Jose is a easy and the. NATO but League God see in. Newsmen Southgate read gold me depot where you're gonNA need adding Syria Great Russell. being A. Is being played the diamond, the remote or the. Second but on the men in buster. Joy seven evidence yet. A. Difficult money weekly mile of. diva. Only had. Thick, on the Neil Ego our AMANITA Sadia see. I'm not. The seal on he had. Dial. But they seem. Three. UCLA dry. It said but see the individual Such important issues evoke gasset time? On the show today Kit. Showy offense. By a couple me dizzy. Thirty chat they should look at A. which our that Is Mounted. On best. Moines. We use about I thought Mel sold at us, I think it would. Controversial practical diva mocking. This Yada woody again, she anita Komo. So company X. Yoga's ACL. Up on of As you like the video morning Sarah Lassie see. A not. Shown for him blow. SEEING NOT GETTING A. Letter saying mid November Lawsuit L. Gate Breath. RASTA see leading Iowa they say they. That when people Ya'll they said no. But him blow as soon as. They is they don't go by. A lingering only West East say a wind up on consume I. From what the Drake Weather Guignols in? Throw. That K. Allah. Is. Still CPI Agnostic on data on. No he but not any. Napoli upset arrive for more than said ever on the Ambien. Adulthood thoughts esteem. Munoz Komo. Langbo. Dining halls B and c e your me. As. A new. NEW IN MY Flake but a lot of. A doc- with the government that might ask we'll see thing. Now, I'm Nina near a condescending in groups Ebay, they diva Siemian delicacy ceilings the. Majority them. minute. ME. cheesy theme. Is Deceased No but it's a funny both of them they. Denied, up in any socket Eat in the I see but literally. In the allows see his. Wooden. Has. Seven install. What am at the seaport in Indonesia our Busy I. Would have been via. Hogan is see the Donald C. E and I but I, give we're not yeah than the waiters. Yelm. Macapa data. Imagine gone see their kinetic data. I similar, senior Tambien A Zilin City only go more. uneven de will. Gomo Siebel. La Bajada is audible role visitors meet the US easy. They. They are. Easy if under the DC Bellina in the mood to Haram needs to deal. Necessarily technical done. No matter. Talking Deputy. Abby. MEANS THAT I may. Delay there. Just. A. Billboard. BE, able to. Be Equivocal Gold Eddie death on. Eighty. In with any of these chemical initial. which I am. Medical Say A. Again. Or the. Practical Media and meaningful. When he puts on but him blow a stick on the the. The US a last. GASP umbrella in. See. In opens John Lukic one. Now, the name of long consume seed that threes in. See the. Lattanzio could've I see they might them. Looking better meet the Monday Nancy. Berlanga Latin. video will at the embassy if they. Let consume. Media. Via see body. So it's a so he added gate but. Dead, NS. All. Good as fast. He'll be The. CBA teeny weeny stimulus. Say The censorial in those Mississippi that are glad but I do any. Think Medeeva. Gold. Great that see Nasional did not I lean your the Alabama. Nothing plaid one literally, Apple. Have invaded. C E. Eddie must have been a gig sat a fossilized when he was young. The. Flag but. A. At the vehicle Donald Chica for a the effect he's known secret against Those soak into of parliament than it is Latin. Data A. though see in does this is important. Up Timothy dominator see. Activity. Create the vast see yemen-hunt owner luckily, I not. I will. Come Up. With black. Activity Etiquette thing done. John. Pasha Paso. Glad. The me this when it's Macedo say assisted lower than if you're A. India's not on the. List northern for Yoenis in Basle a Quoted in. Nina's delivers them must jihad edema. Fussy mass? Mambo Gun. A apprehended A. Gate is got the channel. But the. The new. Videos yeah bomber. Liquor for carrier city. They don't WanNa. Lose your. A. So the. Heat. Goes lorries in Welcome County is let lament the principal. She told me he. A. The order. Domain the end up move. They sees a boy that'll data. implement that. Giving up Alison's see he attended Amoeba votes long gone to A. On goes, be salon. See. It's Is I'm Ed map settle. In. Jail. The If, he'll on Yamauchi more Zach Don't get the. Gate it. But if you didn't actually logically really be on my see but get goods, you need him. tape whether they gotta unsettling. In, does it neo-classical Gate bustles IMF I. Mean hopefully, they can walk that Alani. Sanyo Satra in on the Dorian with Tom we meddlesome you get up almost a hidden data. See they don't Clara? A in the Nicholas took nominal but I got us he at the little last that by the Obama. Legacy within the basic, at number, Martha. Up on ABC, it already got. A little earlier noisily got the preliminary. Check you don't. Not, look anybody's left with. Only you know near the extent not while see but a blatant A. Neo. Opened up late up netted. Why again Umbria. Rocket Kid Rena with. Epilepsy Leanna. happening they don't need. You must have done their wound colosseum into wound up. Or? Not. Just not. Being. ling was diva Vivas in Moon. See me. Pies's e liquid is percents of de la Hola soon, anyway see. Exist. But it still seems but it don't matter local Now, we'll do not gonNA Even? In Competitive Posture, the needs e Erica inside concert or liquid lactate Belveze. Fica alone materia. Mita as the did Yvette Fortuna this show every. Little Caesar Nevada Guna linguist. Fast. Together, eleven you pretty major reading list you with and besides give you gotTa Channel. Does this. Seem only of linguistic and look at the. MEDICINE IF I eat a meal months. Or reform policies or Thera Leszek. By byerly, simply Lebanese than. The. By blood. CEO Bitter Media true thing I'm. Not Giving. Up. Semicircle. Croissant, neither is. Get something. Correctly that New Zealand C is still At Abdullah on those giving. That may more. Than All. The demand what is day money monia? Inborn dented but Finishes. Out Our Money in. I put assist that but a him look one. Memorial Day lateral bledsoe seeing the Democrat. Naked normal heightened sack fumble blooding photomask theon may economic when he says He. Gave Look. Given a given element. Okay. When is the? Gay Game. Not. Edison's at the Pleso Atlanta Pleso. He denigrated mutual not Laima Lemus. See if Movie. Will do one who's only hit enter the look what it would also I. Hope. Let let let me wouldn't allow see when. All happening they move in. The Plaza, he needed seed lemony Boola soon, the theme photomask about how many things autumn ascione gets deputy send but even go to boot on those Dando a in some blunt. Eke. Those of where it asked me yet see me not seed but still. Had A. In. I'm being not the name was. Deeply day Miami Mole. Yes see. I. Go. Important GEICO. Show wound when bill native locate la La sequence. Media Yelich wheel and myself I am joy to. Get adequate. MAHYCO exists who tell I landed. Explicit. See it. They see it. They must omen of those keep bleak i. Illegal will donate. GIG In laminate plastic on move founder D like money. But Understand Photo Mazzi on C. theraflu gone in Nassau Harry. What what about the mass of those? If I'm to have done no they, they seem all e-. Eliminate those skin with but hopeless. But. Into Hunan them. Our Day is a vertical least. In LAHYA IS IS A. gussie. Annoy Fanatic de will that most boy move money new middle given me to get any new fooling my daughter Assyria. Another comedian. Mansi at at all of the. Elaine. Isn't new Middle. They they Informacion in east Moldovan. Kamado defective in passerby will bless Alamo Happy Kwabena. The the. Inclusion into. Celebrate. But. Probably Not Susan See. But I eason with unique. In. The. C. A. initiating in erected Siemian donate money. For Saturday Komo or landed on your do Amina but. He's into the League only that I go to. Book. Innocent A. Deputy never need. A? You. EAT UPWARD. Comfort and there make. Much of. This. The Loud Okinawan texters see. A. Hundred Years Donna. Database. The core. Actually, severely Nar Meka go free. You might see on will be useful book on which amazing Chico. Communes. At another savvy Duda. Manila Ham Hammer. In the them another fix levels. Is is is. It to see how many senior when. That I took. Me a little bit senator may may may have. Together A That's elect. Do that see the states Menelik Duda Duda. At for no, he got Laurie any will tell Ya. Wave BUT NASSIR THROUGH MIGHTY HOUSE I Think. have. Stolen. In. on your gift A SELENA didn't go shopping with see in does it's This assume Ponciano he got Throws a our employment Donaldson La The insane Yada laid out of Chico's. Nominate Amass. nonunion working oem independent Alenia again, gestating many addio Sailing but owing enroll. In passing below CONTOSS on they look. As you would what Alexia do that G C mo, but that. Knows located remove the. COLLATERAL ON A. Say Select do not. Higa I'm the day Galina. Whether they. Got Whatever they last year now said. By now. more famer see E for name. In those at. Blenheim? Sony. even that anything about CNN the. Either the Knicks. gave up game but I sent that out by loud but it's assumed that. It will throw lake siegelman data. See You. Win. acceded. Has I've seen go e Lebron. Getting, the Lucy theme Com beadman vitamin day seeing Ramon. Experimental a clean amax Northrop model with those lame of macro level that exceed. Nano what gate. January Mattie sow in doses She'll see. dudas. TUTA infancy mock amid a competency only Dada see in does. That all. Lakes not get me some of the lowest in those hit spare those nine PGA Aka Bono said by that. He. Won The lesson was legend. namely. Neighborhood I'm Sony Sonya. GotTa know when I say LOGICA yesterday The. Mold anytime, they they to better meet they but I do not go from the legs. win. Seventy eight. At the data but can play Tico Burdon Duda the I Own on adequately Garcia alive, and I see a complete. Bonilla who? Only Soda. Duda but Turkana dissociating but. In Japan by gate a syndicate low Buddha. To See I do not I do not throw the on any going she kinda No, he got both. By the in some blacks O.`neil passer. In beside adequately she got a text from Plato seek. Pogo say our democracy Selah imprints. The See A. Dump donor window throw Gaza Connecticut. Birmingham who. See A boy mobile does I'm baffled by the we'll have. See. that. Another heavens he loved. He pathetic summit gain new Data on Co.. Eunuch? Ed Seek in. No, no added data No see into says. It's all Dominica Look the him blow a one little SICA the cornell off he got the Iguana one the compliment. Wasthe. Lead Dixie gotTa Bananas In. Of definitely. As he theme William had replaced Sunday they need mood Yang, gladio Duda in weather new juicy Miami the that. Allowed me when idea if? Marisha. Might, mighty hosted other of Systema. A. To be sealed deputy, then the WRESTLEMANIA's. People. I mean I do not really ECHINACEA throws nobody Theon they always those no. is in Yondo our no. Means getting. None of he asked. Music. So mass. Being knows ninety dial. Robinson gazillion in those who send deleon blast with immensely on his e in look at me feeding Allah Gopala elaborated. By be done in? Up in the dealer said see sort of Kahlo data Gallini up in. A Little Sandoval County stance procure process. So ICKY will see the Meka Gate your mind as a Yoga but casino make you. Wanted for. Planning seek that whereabouts Healy Sadam Hussein Hugo. Diaz see erectile why? So A to a mile but about whatever formula in this? Is what I'm being that got a case. Road that. Rory's dominating the by the board that I had. A ready yet. They in Southfield pavilion. Nina. Joe Nokia people have. Thousand Caesar. In music, it only found with them out on the gunman do. Contain. Hidden. Dan Elliott But up. INNOC- tackle who send Dita's Mississippi explode. In those Ceelo midday Maha I started tindal thrown all down beside on either feces can add see it. In duns F the Sierra Financier Bego dull. Juicy monitorable add a candidate pasture study but I got the your system movie that our. See. The Thabit exact Satan Emily Amanda Louis Moina Study of. Mindy. Did They Don Lucy Seco. It's only daily that eat. UNISYS lethem immune doubled. Up and. They. Seek to what has he won. The will go learn English you went on. Have this after him on that is. Is GonNa Hidalgo letter lenient. In the Commend. but you see on the on can Nov A gang led a lot at the municipal Context US IN A. Monitor. ATER. See. Bent feet with thirteen and. Walkie talkie to lean those. Of. Yet. Listen Gunther, which has been Laima and. Look at these. Yet, but the Ambien. Upset. I think. Own See. The mind all the glass of food important slowing me. Being that. Will. Get okay. via a Huda or we fought. So. When the of the on Wednesday nights in. North Bhatia Communicates York what he does is. Looking. They thought it bothered me deed. MOSS air, gauge of Indian. Nancy the district is your plan represent that effect with the bullets we surely the Solo. percent the music wavre Donald. Realize. See yet. Ailing. A Gambian the. Level deny like lassie see thought. Better we'RE GONNA million. Did deal. I knew his. Whether they they demand demand, Louis E, Theo, e. n. incarcerated they. Beaten head mean that signal gun. Deal A sick daughters, Geeky says. On CBS Amoco amid none but Gay DNA Lomilia. eliminate has. A Was You. But. In. SEATTLE THE A. It'll Italy Sunday C. E. Kit that through Sunday some limited he done under St? It yet. Assistant. Winnable, I, mean, what are we? Going to go completely except for him blow. Had laughing. Tablets Abacus your news I moved to Instead of still day a country we'd gone if they if they the hia fed-up lead DUDA CDC the. Basic Ever I what that meant the in. Class debut to hear me. The soom. Oriented. repented. Beside her on in eleven. Not. Those. Will Be Thrown in be secretary arriving at the jetting. UNFUSSY medals. Me Who thought the Brindley though. Russia's. The expected to be in the Mississippi state run. If I showed no away for my own video for. Letting, no hitter in Sundell Montalcini there is a rapper their for. Their. Lavar. three was a mass effect you. Or K.. A.. B. Nowhere. To memory settled on the Media. ORLANDO. Has On. The. said. Still have seen seem to. Say gave we know what he in democracy thing they high those e gateway. mookie stands. In Ohio and. I will. Be Billions they'll see but not of millions. But I miss you they. Since not sort of an using. Who has done was Don't. Say. I. Know, but they might be. The wrestling see known. Yelling. Look Yep Gate allowing come Anita Anymore Luna report. Never. INNIS even when she? Did all it shouldn't affect typical compactor by the show. So Competitive Marley show also if. A movie about. Associated is. Is. Seen as someone said, it's Sarah. I'm going to go back on Saddam the central heavily Cialis e order your diggle but I. Think they see a doping. Simply New Ghassem someone and does this gate book or the Lewinsky before they got also Damyean. Radio Professor Nahayan Alain Delon is you. Have said that he will unionist seat, the see if famously and. Doug. mcgann Don van him boy in. August youngest the aluminium. Louisville. Nothing. Than in the local data center? This. Ned Seaport triple lessons assume they in the end they not the. We never names see in does it stunning Primoz not solo the WALEA Aleppo familiar simply a highly loss of. The mass media method him chemo me could mean mass novels recall advocacy. See it. Assume. Memento some momentum pour this on women. we'd a momentum. Receding if he got see, bled it not sad leaving the don't send deals a Don CE. Gain with a for that load you ended up listen data seed. On Day Book Katie. That was. Absolute mental toll within the ECHINACEA Mantha Buddha Nullah pilots on Lobi Venlo Lesean thin and Is going to meet. Ill will alleviate. Comparison he visited on. Gusty. Men. Tho Iraq it. was. A companion? Some fundamental values? Seem Bliss. It's we don't see him. They didn't. Say Komo. Assured Assay wound. Lynnwood review. At around for Marcy in I mean bedding Russsian. Almost. This scene. That been there. Sent, then knock it though didn't get. It implemented Llama the. See it deal. Black on the news I that cynically both. Sequel Bell. He model Formaldehyde Cuevas said mood Remain the infinity see. I, given in. No see I the ice. It does as a I in C plus Sunday Lacombe Bunyamin. Nonni he says the. Need only. Did it. Midday of Hickel Noailles A. Okay of movie Cleto inclusion at Goal Motala. About. Union by mass does this. May for, Saddam. By Mohammedan Locate That may not see. What the? Knicks. Ee some located. Sas Global. Seem play Komo A. Did Not I a Iki says not. But. brand new. Boy A. Sitting through the C- thema. AC S A. Thin listen deal. Let. I mean, he's done circle I. See. What is I keep eight as you? As you. Go Voice would with the has. Familiar gaining goal. Who Will Deidra Lasso combine. To get. macron's the day they apply to them in different direct. Data look on my. Alley. System and Nila. Mathematica Lingua now, phones here. In Lacklustre Moose Seco Bliss or the big here Illinois of our. If you didn't admit, it must've Chevik it at least a link. Terrific mask. Events Go. Down of severe apprentice. Amid amid. Tack Than Tracy Imitating. KOMO's Sugar Cassini new thing we did this. To is so. They keep me is alive through. The. You might have to. Book got a single say Dan Ema, you get sick in this league. Okay for Salonika, studio Seton Hall Stan Christie Fetal. Guessing. Camino sees though Gamal death but blade as. Banana Judah scenic studio, Siemian. But nobody know that means unique. Innocent Deal Illinois who hit the The thin donor seek intimacy data theme. music. Unical instead of year to hockey, I get the need. But I can running in the See donegal. Gate. As a the laboratory Matica can Luthan Dramatic Asiatic my look at their Matico or Would it have the money to seize located Data An. Hour ship, the heavy lead is the. Lena Yenisei throws. Unknown will have a big seeking sunhat lows in the second muscle him project US does this. Clad a team. Like less in a mighty shows. Though it met a book with locals A. Is Donald Money for local get dig it out the be nice. See in this they sat lambing unfocused Galileo Dilemma With Day they settled on the lobby. Sees a link. WOULDA in. Sika they cheaply nine Arafat in but will A. Isn't gonNA. In Bethesda on that what I read. In Satellite John this is. Located in Digital Salami Cordis. take your gun no goal sitting one of us. He commanded Beatles a Gumbo gun C-. Zoom in. Gate, of synthetic nothing. But definitely thing on merely. Gave Siemian Jokic well, no no they say on the so he'll. See inoke enough say Nokia A. Given up on the GonNa say when the? Kids go bromate. Nazi. E users. It'd be done. It'd be done. He'd put a soul that I had emboldened hit though infant. In A. mandate. As an important day basic interest. In the ow complicit. See. Didn't mean Monica a own tickles. But then mindy if Amelia Symphony. CNN said Poonam in Danny, thick on active plus I mean. Either in mandating than simply nine he. Is a mood. One of the men say good. I'm the wouldn't allow. Cooking lock being destroyed. A. Follow the niche among. The. Even in. The. CCC I am like a real. Feel through. Developing I'm not. British wfan Blake young seek Nonsense Dumping. The Donald C. In looking also video jolly phonics get more way naked acronym on. Ascione support Adulation, Makoni in got Donald. J Abby other bookie Donna of sequence. I see a the exact on adulated royal. CMO In throws a on a Iranian deputy him blow. Seeing spread. looking THAT THE MIDDLE CHECKUP A every Monday night at that the. Secret is. The. One combined theoretical Would seem juicy more. At, Dos who tuna Hickey diva he this other also. Assistant. Least I, they, CCC. No not going to say much written on a whole mood just focus. It will with US badminton Russia, which is. NOT ISSUED A in one zero competence your me Moriah Economic. Lorikeet the simple Keith Location. The. Park. Didn't. Want. One. Book not. Throughout My career Alabama. Separately. If you WANNA. US through that area. Talking thin thin nothing meal in. You'll massie said in your market. Thank you any this young El Nino they see that I thought when he seemed. Okay this one is. A couple of Hail Gig but what s your? Money GonNa take. Does look signal settle a listen does seacombe. Okay. Look at dinner myself. Am I know you're looking? On One. Face masks immediately being in. But game in this aside, you know soda Attic, it's going to be nominated. The. hadn't. Seen them being board Dole had hit us it nicotinic. Only case locate in CPO easing though. His. Day Still. Looking to see 'em. Or they hit a revival Nossa via the. Assume Balmy beaver got a handle any more. Confident. Soon. None none of Soviet government they were not. The three year or the Data A. Bit Okay when I left my mouth is session psychosis Buddha The bernardine within like laughingly oaken participate in all of. US, who matter mass military Book is Lettuce D.. A.. Gary and locate happening. They need. You'll massey no nothing neither on the thing is. A little. The ferry back on the. See Badger. That In the hinder. FM. Channel. Playing miss this AMMO. Baba. Would've would've suitcase. I can I can imagine I can imagine say. Sees integrated. Doesn't get bonuses. A medieval. Hukou. To this facebook instagram twitter Komo familiar.

US Media Menelik Duda Duda Donna Mississippi Siemian Jose anita Komo Atlanta KOMO Jose Woody Nina CNN Maria Mindy Miami Donald NBA John Lukic
Modo Traveller 406  Norte de Italia Roadtrip  Da 6  Passo Giau y Cinque Torri

Podcast RadioViajera

19:22 min | 1 year ago

Modo Traveller 406 Norte de Italia Roadtrip Da 6 Passo Giau y Cinque Torri

"These sort of this is good handle. A Mother Travel Air Condado Day. Mother travel air in Yoga tecom quarter in December promotes. Shall I let sewerage Jean. The window the meters the mass. Are you handle in by the owner. That Mr sexto Lia the Ruta. That's yes demos they got me. I'm not a bus it. Yeah how is FEMA windows in the Sunday similar throws the antidote in like this reasonable. Pinhas what I let her. E dollars Thomas cheesy Montana's yeah the peninsula's and knock theon was Diaz that anglers I see gay but when Jameson moved it's does just almost simply axion IMOs in Bethlehem Ruta. What was the Ezekiel? But if he something fee from coming on cargo leaders theory 'CAUSE WE'RE NOT AMMONIA TANYA COLLATERAL CASA a little bit because that important or a milky instead of complicating for Kito and I told the guys and we we are musically. When you go into this is he gets the underground POLKA DOT COM fall show tomorrow Garcia Mata E? The doors Kim Jira. I'll begin FEMA. I see gaffey element of the season with a Jerusalem. Saluda Ruta after Huber Caregiver for Hugh Gustafson Devean on the Polish Coradin cafe. Yes you see someone. Replicate and Kilo E. Kentucky I Rueda. He goes through his stash. Low cost physical mental. And I believe tomorrow's Star said my Cynthia don't want another cut out. My son disappeared as he so nothing. Less Katina's came. Add the skeleton. poquito in don't say McLarty's kilometer didn't portend anaemia. Komo news today are breaking. He won the stomach on Estonian. As you I thought I was unlucky. Enough Comey knows history is his Rueda with a few so sick aceticket lassen mathematical noise is London. Tunis bicyclers Murakoshi imposing guy in music at the land. The air in La La. Ah By when ice get escalated. Its Nuclear you know. Didn't become his. Is this team. I'm GonNa Start Huda last monarch leaders casinos on a C.. Gay in Brittany Eh. We'll see we're going down the the talk of Lee we'll keep though for unconcern equate quotable was he hears more. Your style in Uganda Africa. What was your skin associate Gideon in court case sanity remain stable? Gillette Associate on the Roy. Does it though they do a he coughed on this to see continue their Michelle host put working with the US he said home in discipline. You've cornutus cameras plan taking. No matter what it took a the vote coming on today Vija come in Syracuse from his does. I'm GonNa Start Rookie. To- see a pair of the NBA van take time on friendly. Yes historian or throw Pico. Much Room for details log in Nice I can eat sort of the little but by nasty achieve I the look breath who studied who the because he Korogocho Center for. Here's I think we re focused on the on coming on as I understand have been down there which of course in of course of western to Brunel theather via a hole in more than I do though Congress pass does thinking is less than nothingness. Whichever's by own? I highly doubt last movie that going breath poolside none of standing onto nearly caused. Yes would the key fatalist okay. Oh Lord this day the DNC the Moya water finale enormous police our media. Yeah start in June but CEO a fee now trust Cuesta Shibo Complete Kara the real lakeside Park Avia buffalo mom and day by the orders. He he went Okamoto's is in Tunnel host mock McKenna's I think dory get COMPLA- Hormone Daniel Schorr Guy said kit up sporadically and I- I see gain Yucky she goes in focus. Bitter under impasse is startled male although Mutuel to mutual ladder community the documentation. But it'll work. But he's not gonNA a North Dunwoody Komo Kim which Fadel Biblical low-noise low-noise A passer with me not a Diaz Mutual Master Anti Lord down the input anti-hiv bookie with Kilo will be in. I see game shows. We'll start there with more. Rigging indicating indicate him. Kill opposites Peralto so adorable game but I don't know nearly as Komo's thea by our dignity. E brothers what is your Komo. Keita's e Saugus they abundant in be sold seem to blow it. Geico it pull aside standard and the next week what it calls. Simple removed from Wasi though we are the only one domain rincon radical cheek cautionary full emotional dope our own Colegio Eddie Mutual Biddle who SOM in undisclosed party but up us of all Kenosha Sir Soda Hundred Employees Straight from myself. I go no more stall out that you're not use tax donald W. H. I.. What the whatever the day of anger would now be annoyed? Thought can you WANNA weigh up Gua- through our foot on the sheet meal for no one though allied About allowing for a style are you. Are you abide Yeah you get this done by August Latifi guy the underdog cost yes. Hamas don't do now they got hammered. ATHOL GAYNOR dog. Almost he's got on but also she'd auto don't love I yet to do Nilo in but if you're not but if you're not gonNa take your will be done Ebay Alba's Halliburton Fema gets done. Seem potential Theodosius Talk Radio Gambia. Thin black or St. Yes how will you get off of this as you may. It does not know. Donna Shalala. Denial she she. Bobby Duda Duda and not Auburndale. Oh you must have a lot about the foot of for more. It's Nice Qarafa will do said not it Moscow heater good inertia Seattle Lazy I'd up Gerard. Who All star parking fed gun while focusing totally product Who put a Komo triple pneumonia? No Nationalist Politics Little Elephant Shoe moment. GAP also Avi Yonne have you still have a high la Cubana. Solomon days out by Daddy you don't get a get almost July IMOs rain to us. I seek it most but Bradfo astronautics savage Alec enough media coming on the show. They choke bullish we'd under Nana stunned low Nico Gay. Got Me almost McConnell That allowed a Oslo commendable as a look east familiar. The sweet undone united. One hundred who Athens Lauro doppler Montagna or we ain't going to Sweden He'll alot becoming Nosotros financial got fatal Seattle gig Endo in coming known owners by the theology of his intimate attractive but poem is Margaret Data. See gets faster than through. MONTAGNA voice kit. They they are will as we won't eat. Though BAGEL is asphalt data in Dante's this winter we stop emotional Serbian in IMOS Ashforth thighs are set up for lemon. Tanya in ghetto read e e- yours is looking for Joie boys forgave almost GONNA beg it a secret by ammos Yoga full. He'll going to go. Ten United G grabbed the lateral. They are located in complete Nicole. MONTAGNA show the I think it already get the push come over on this issue number some think authorities the number now get Allah Bush law quarter Torey at a domino. It will notify just who dodd the other stories Lia will nothing meteoric To get access. You live on Lindsey. It is immoral Stress does there's almost that allows on naughty dog. Similar Beta poor came. Was the real book Donato that Area Tora View. E mostly you own your machine gun through our NAS three in Ted us they last Ramon the Al Sharpton which A case will stop by a game us. He's not not Unity not easy. Studier Georgi data show bison it allows Montana's Alameda is in Canadian. I see game phenomenon issues on the lateral going to moot relates time coming mutual GONNA lead to finance inquiry. He in animals applegate found on senior Colombian vocal though Loretta Eve Dante It'll die Stein. Think Dottie EH. Up wound does stash rudas but I wish through multiple Lucas Borges Nothing on the east over the total. Oh no says he ate. Football showed ask if we move Was More Ron Kilo. I Ordinance I see gay one or the Hamasaki Simos. Hello I believe the in a similar transport that Alitalia or should I go to bed. Most Komo Slick Gordian knot the ESPN lost Kundu Throughout your Spanish Little Moot Journal trump reminding them familiar shows the low way. But you're on Thomas Canosa would I be The add diesel Rudolph's Gone Got Amply Concord. Today are Super ex-con Golkara Printout Guts GonNa Malate that the monarchy celebrate apple donorstrust those Olympic on gobble economic. Carry the super play. hedda com boom pre that connect The info away. Happy Happy buppies buddies activity that is but as level I elliott whom Dolla platformer Musa man get Istana present in Dolan. Mundo Ndo Muccio Lebanon's cocoon infrastructure That equal mourner said with us that moved to symmetrically RBM hot. He must allow Cuando new office committee. It's been almost soluble. STUTTLE EC Not It is Kinda got PODCASTS EVOKES I don't Travis wounded on ABC's to Newark Nelson Kentucky compare TVs excluding And for this societas. She stays the accord moustache. Communist or no Album Poon potently kissing Ask Apollo Carlo Mutuel just look at ice record. That Guinness Police said he has not at the facebook and to our left instead on buffalo number. They not yet about here. I'm via notion contrary industrial with wound model traveller who took local DCFS from Moscow. Tom Vienna stomach despoilers putting main in all of our mother Traveler Punta Com. He supposed normally these this address kit apple dot com slash for this. Is that them up just contact much. AC interesting this the Arena regifter not Mosconi candle Ramos Brooks motormouth Ashley Yeah.

Komo FEMA Mr sexto Lia Thomas Canosa Diaz Montana Moscow Seattle Ruta Komo Kilo E. Kentucky I Rueda sewerage Jean Kito Bethlehem Ruta Garcia Mata E Gillette Gideon Bobby Duda Duda Kim Jira
Pisa, puerto Etrusco  Crealitravels 8

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Pisa, puerto Etrusco Crealitravels 8

"You think nine or they don't Miss Museum. You're. Hair lagasse come out. Doesn't can get early travels. Island, There's expedient. In hand. Senior. Look better meters. Looking Bermudez in premiere. School, reading in when. OKAY NOBODY COMES As weekend, Michael, malware. Out. and. Thong in pick it over. We will ask. I will ask her dome relaxes upon beyond me. is now his now. that. We've almost media. At least IFP. When. I? Look. National. Income! This document. Seed Killing Gay. He didn't say. Miss. Two minutes. that. Take our now fares. Are there's. Leaves. It Oil Memory S. Gopal evening. Goodness Memento. By that. Is that look Maine them would ask. The more as Their own. You get. To the airport. Number. Thirty him. They said the that we've been in those. Tags fitting. There's this. The dancing is lax golden. Upheaval. Fees. ACTALLY THAT Instance the as in the. Guy Come. In crusoes as the citizens would ask Como La Vida. Intend that into. Where they can pick up. That big. Data. This data. East them! In with this. Just West. In his. Flirting. With us. Studio! As described. The. scripting. Along. Council. Table, Armenio. Good. I Love. On! This. and. Boy. Yards so. Yourself. EMBIID's. was. I do that most of his career. You, that is must. visit that APPs in Monja the low money that. Common went. On the Benin. ETC But the stadium. Should that demos the beast. Novado Nicole. Is the Seattle. Owners invading go kilometers. View committed to it through school. The others siegler says. Is GonNa. Bring Madison Visit Lucky Lass. So one thing I've seen learn way. In which he bought this this study. Of Kanu women agreeable. Authors the forget about Veda. Fill out the THURSTON. Through Qasim? I don't know if you have to be this is. GonNa meal by his address the latter day. Liberal feel not dishonor. NEPHEW LAUGH Stanford Donna enough was finished that there. He Neon Ria. Is upset about this splendid this. mandanas theories. In. This Scott US Open Committee yes. Be Sent. Celio Gone Brahma. As bad, yes, when the Lord is. About about less. And that got a dying. And Mending Colonia Roman. Iran they're looking. For somebody that Butler's Lombardo's. The! LISTEN MOMENTUM! Said Darnall port amassing down the Mediterranean number those. May. Go theatened Gunston Lainya. SPINY FRANTIC! Feeling. Latin. Commands banded. They left Benin soula. That is it may. Tillerson or something? He'd be. Society he'll go multiple nick. Marie. fled the pizza. You spent in Islamic Yoga. As vastly civilian. Northeast Sylvania. Remittance by the visa they had double. The mother business runs. The library miracle father. Committee in the Dan Kim Selling. Level before they're gonNA see well as he left already down. and. News little pieces suspend feeling the scanner. He must have investment. Whether they're gonNA make a fool. Loved underneath over other revile. Is McCain UVA, nathe. Jahmai fee. Less than. Three this. Is. Up. And Find Loma. Yes. He. Or suspend. Them? That are me lab Atlanta but the money. So that they gonNA three them marijuana. They'd see long. The revealed. It's the letter money Gopi Sanel. Conscious spectacular that don't don't be Samuel. Suborbital? The. Be Simul. This is Bonilla, them Vienna. Milan John. That the real sea level thing. Comes set gusty thing they. Through them. And they re the lehner steady level pet Renault. been lost when they say. No one God. There's this rule memento gone through film Alex Holiday, gleaners. Saturday, guy in the. Some the most go that other female your Sandina. theon Is. DNA The I will wear. Already handled the deal. Say. The NFL the Newest is new DOT COM. Allow Mika. Thoroughly, combined audio The ENGA-, Milo existing address at La Lucius timely calling. Level heralds I'm Michelle Lewis Tulsi. Let me double. Reality. They look at. This is Men invalidated the skinny. PATINA. Sanguine, Franklin Then this. If. You've got the. Same, one, another has. To release the Renault spent. which is castles. Tim Thank Business themes. mcelroy's does. CUPS INTERROGATORS! Unauthorized, can they be so? That he can reveal. The WHO has the. Audi yes. Fail. And they'd been up on. When. Below Canal. Humanity Dalia. Owners Spurs the elaborate. Metal a lumber. Leading beside. Really Guard, Andrea the. Real Academia Solo Real. Enroll via those courses our. Allow. Allows! Thelma's. That I. Understand million. In. The. By that what it through. A Love. To. Say. In business. The audience can look at like pizza. Become Community of. Indian those. Are they act. To make weather. Betty is. Declared around the. Labor standards than we'd play. Saves. Lebanon? There is written dino. In. What? Is that we knew that. Calling Muslim flooding Dina. So we that's. Nothing in the. Nothing into the peace akamine clinics really say. Gossiping, Remember, they made it. Let us videos. Levers And do pay. A motorcycle not has equal authority that is going on me. Cutler allers. ASP arable land. I almost got real aspect of the. country. The graphic. and. LEGLESS! Family Guy. Leary. Cavalieri Gus Ingrid Sanders. We see that. Peace on. Different copy many fetterman the remainder. Canal fairly. Little. The Gum under similarly if he saves. In. Philadelphia. RASCALS APPS. doodle and you can look at this gunman. They lose three. Rainy Felony Lucie that. They'd beat Sam. Ingredient original. In. Even need us. As. A secular, secondly remedial. LARREA YOUNG Mothers for an ourselves. But in the owners they added they emit Abbas. If, you had maybe of the. Uh. The. The. Only Thing that is maybe some. News As fast the last thirty years laterano no. Rain. Is might almost you that? Real soap grace. US! As I look. Back. Many Kylian Puebla Healer Sky Gators on the ballot so the. Obama. So five your study. and. They will say some better in being police so great. Has Been, and I begged nameless. Hold the. Key constitutional nervously features must. You must take hours conveyed value. Would I let. Then brew. and was so scenario detail. Comiskey. Duda Duda as though hell came. then. They aren't the ballot so new. Pilots rarely. Masella Had To. Be, more damning. Yourself. You're going to see those areas. Komo. Let's stay indoors. Oregon percent. is to me. exploded. exploded. In petaluma. Scots Plethora Milagro. Listen the names then. There's swallow. Centers regional this. Percent Dominant. The stadium. Do Cry Besam. Bond Mets Let's! Some bow or read by the No. In. The. Works Sam. There might. Be. Those. That, he lives. They landed. In that he had this. Aw. US These data the. Bad. Beside that is avid? Bellwether scam. Fee Find Finely Duomo. Rianne going neighboring duomo tumbling. Shows the sodas goes. So Scott Foolish. Bilad sows. Soga Marie, yes. Now religious standup bass hero at the modern liquor, said the gold bitter new sale in they lab. See The L. Company Eli, door Racing Clean Ascione, this failure is sort of data. They said on money could be San I. think that if it didn't fit. Northbound. Floating. Must firstly adult but fails. Does personally Karolyi get-go. Hilo sprint. The policy feature steelers Peace Now. REPRESENTS YOUNG LAP? Me labradors. Stalactites. Fearsome. Memos, Let. Lee. Come gators on this here. And remained. In futterman. Newsletter. That I said the Guy Yes. Fluey and hit the be as Muslim down. Numerous umbrella ballot Vanna. Going to buy hitters come hitters. Go by the lower endless. Stephen Sigler these essays. Via! Me Muslims. Dan Madonna Diana Pilots De Order Law he'll. Deal. Concentrated Ammonium Maria in our military. So you could say fico. and the moon analysts put the onus has been committee than. In Conde over Lynn Look. For the most wearing b-be seles-type while a cost remainder me a severe high. Than does with his up. To than there is the honest. Look the. My we use them. As being. Number thirty another league getting. Alabama vagueries. In those the. Spectacular? On. Got Deka combined. Is Do. Chosen were seen leaves. You Study So you studying? Remembers others. Through scores. On three am one the. Delay in it, does this? Long by those Romans. Confused fast-spreading. Be The yes. The what the thing that say's when the Fungus Thatta! You better obey. Congress? And there's that will do this unless there's nothing. Dot. Com Vanilla Lake on behalf. They might that goes physical systems Muslim but I. Last minute as Others. Llamas! This has been debated windows. You're. Young. ooh! Only worsens gift. Cut in Nevada the leather out of the speed. I, don't money now there's. You. Plan pigs. You don't the possibility that. The May. Be Yours. Laymen's that who were. Leschi there's nobody else on. Them swaying. Predominantly Spaniel. Rather talented New Zealand. Company, leave your tone. Doesn't have three. Yes. Manners could. Come there's. Photography San Clemente cume. There's no point. that. Cremate them. Leo. Would Q.. Yes had beside. They'd be full of numbers, Lantos. Said about is e. Confided Dog McDougal. Lobby the land. They like them yeah. That They are this guy. That toll-free Goldman not nine three S. Fast Woke Alarcon delessio. Let them. Visit Pilots Keel. Loretta Mary. teeters went. Over fail. Put another political around the latter scholar. Not the, leave in Lesean, Yada. Commodity Unduly Fan binchy. But enough nothing mentor. The winners detainee analogy. In? World doesn't so I let the stadium. Condemn bladders interested melodious than role model at the Stadio. Santa Maria my your. Left few that May. Have Been. In Gondar Dinosaur Dallas like they've had listen to field. Competitor anonymous seemingly written like a realtor memories they react. Homeboy also is redundant. Florida's Phlegm Dino's. This is nearly as the American lives. By, say add butlers. This thing does cowardliness Venus come on. The multiple cafe. In sales. New. Been Doris. So we got Mercado Bake your. Medical this time was the data. Certainly diarrhea. Over theon that means my Lord Zapper. You said that low sigler assisted Lord is. This set them. Nominee that sweat the the theater La Sikelel cortel eleven. Van. Received that level. Silicon Maleski in Carrara Guzman made et. Personally! Dame film. If. You cut the Fatarudin's incentives the. Land. While K. as through the frontier, maxine. Episode enough viral deal Graham. Commie that pithiest in the resent this use it. They will then let one as. Simone fairness syllabus silica in some MINNEAP among. PODLASKA is committed as. Suspend ask. Mr That percents various backroom same. LA- lingual translator San Franciscan Muslim. In Writing Santamaria no way. That lengthy welfare material like beyond there's mini. Myth Garland's Maytham Alisson the sealer tracing. This would that the bed formats cough medic. Also I want to celebrate in your home during Dino. Peta. Lara's. Super Cup Honors. Class Geoghegan though. Is made either. Gross Dreamy. Don't mess. Bethany Bam Bam, three toge-, their body, the got. Then test begana's avoid Kapanen. In this country is then passed. Get the NFL. Provide Bunder scannel and. The mark on Komo news feed their, but. At Allen Spectacular, mercy. Point they wake you either. He declared. Not Amusement. Condemn glad. THIS RUTA Say. They are Malak. I ask, pass. Is that the flood anthea? In blocks we saw clearly travels from. The last. Florenz Florenz. Ladder scanner. Danil SPANNIS. Yards loans. Sad and in the evening. Time delays. Look at the Burmese. Can I make more Miss Masih? DEAL CANNOT BEL by look. I'm going to meet at. One dollars a theater with Red Anthony. Allowed? ME These muscle evidence. During the last thirty. Anderson mentally that. Stem Melodic. And we saw it must be used as a serious in speed either s COONASS becomes. Must be still looking for this. As the. Gory! They went the Stereo. Correct. Person Talking Of? The! But I. Should, disintermediated. Company. There's the Diet. But from these damn worsening. Kelly Travis. Today he this has to be? He. Have made out the skyline but his. The Lion King. Send them last week. Stash this this as Within the Anselmo Maceo Barra Sodas Amy Gallon, they look. Through. That ass. They'll not by not MEKA throughout the. Lobby them. Thomas I yeah. They not sodas. The AD spending is than doing brisson seem pretty. The Canal. into. Thought. Lobby. Reloaded call. sampler. Key John Les Schwab Ranch. To. Yana. Checked Child. A. ECON-. Do Shaw. blunts. Levels. Through. Those. Let. Cool made Vera and.

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FTP Ep. # 128: Premier League Recap and NFL Week 4 ATS Picks

Fantasy Throwdown Podcast

1:53:51 hr | 2 years ago

FTP Ep. # 128: Premier League Recap and NFL Week 4 ATS Picks

"Welcome to the fantasy Throwdown podcast. Bringing you the latest sports news, fantasy analysis and opinions. Don't forget. The hot takes can have Hort show without heartaches days. What about hotcakes though? I want some odd case. Now here's your host, ready to jump into the thick of things. Dwayne calendar. Good afternoon, Throwdown nation, netter action, packed show on tap gonna, go through what happened with the Premier League also talk some college football because we just had Clemson survive a scare after losing their new starting qb e the freshman after Kelly, Bryant was demoted and decided to announce his transfer. So Clemson survives against the Syracuse despite having to go through it third string backup, but we'll we'll talk about that bit and bringing my dad online as well. Yeah, galley. So you know, we were just talking about this offline, but like my issue with Kelly brides and his handling of his demotion from Clemson was from this fact, was he, he kept saying that he had done nothing wrong to lose his job. But like what we're talking about is, you know, this is between losing your job and doing everything. You can to keep your job. And you know, from Brian perspective, he's thinking he's doing such a great job. But if you look at it, the reason why they lost in the playoff this past year was because of him because they stack the box and they basically said, beat us with your throwing our and he couldn't do it is like they were pitiful on offense and the college football playoff. Guys going to realize it's like. Okay. Let the guy who who was in position him. It. Is a very good quarterback, but she doesn't have a good arm your harbor defense against him. Because if you stack the boxing now you can't make those long schools and he's going to have to run. Now he moves the ball, but but but that game against Georgia because Georgia figure it out and it had the boost defense against him and the jets couldn't move the ball. Yes, yes. This bad that you'd this padding quarterback and have been there two years or whatever. Yeah, but you basically get into jail by sports. Big, let somebody who can do that didn't take a chance. Yeah, and that was the whole issue is that you know, if you, if you're killing Bryant, you know that they Trevor Lawrence was brought into take your job either this year or is certainly a next year to be the heir apparent. But he was gonna take your job this year if you didn't up your game. And it's the same scenario that we talked about previously in the NFL like Joe flacco was so comfortable in his role as the starting QB just cashing checks for the ravens, not working on his game, not being in a proper shape and they can. They can cite the back injury and all that hoopla. But the fact that a matter was Joe flacco was complacent in his job at so that by drafting Lamar Jackson, Ozzie Newsome got the best out of Joe flacco and secure the ravens future going forward by drafty. QB who's not ready to play right now. You'll be ready to play a eventually. Once he got some seasoning in the NFL and learn the ropes, but at least he got the ravens to a better spot by motivating flacco to get off his ass and get ready to work. And that's what Kelly Bryant it should have triggered in his head that his job wasn't safe. Once Lawrence came on the campus as a recruit because clumps at had three other highly touted recruits transfer from the program as a QB when they saw Lawrence that you know what I can't beat out that guy. I'm in trouble and they transferred like Kelly Bryant and his head. It should've clicked at a ways. I get all these other guys are transferred. You know, it should have done on him. Maybe it's not me being so good. Maybe it's this other guy being that good enough that he could actually take my job too. So I should get myself ready. The might have have some of these guys is in not being honest with themselves. It the only thing that you know against me, they're not you're not being honest. Because if you looking at game says. You must see that you're not, you know, I mean, we have spectators this, the we see that you know you saw that that that would would would watch that emit a step this year the next year. I mean the to give him a couple of edible this. He read it says Sean and he did thing. But the next year when he came into that second time when he shouted at pushing the fourth quarter, you can see learning. So. I was able to make afar do what not to do. You see the progress here? No channel had improved his actual defensive coverage recognition, leaps and bounds. So he could read defensive coverages figure out who is a rates were. So he wasn't having the think as he's got to retreat. He knows we're guys supposed to be and where to execute it. So if if he has to get off the hot, the, the number one read, he knows where it's hot Rize going to be Accu just execute that throat immediately. It's like that is. So the red were before? Yeah. Yeah, that's that's. I have with a lot of guys, they they, they come when they get Ben. And I did not honest like a lot of for them says, you know, like as I did when I need, you know, I'm a CEO of my junior year. I think you, you didn't do anything to lose your job. W didn't do them to keep it, but then it's up. And now. The Dow, those that was the comet that that sl- slightly knowing that I didn't do anything to lose my job. That happens to a lot of Abbas to a lot of folks like you. A lot of folks say, oh, I didn't do anything that you cost me my job. It didn't cost you your job because you were kicked off the team. They just replace you by someone thought was better that you didn't lose your job. It's like if us kicked off the team that's losing your job outright. You just got replaced by someone to coach was a better fit for the team. That's it. It's like you could've still been there on the backup like he could eventually take into the motion in stride. Once that it's I, we got her Lawrence got hurt. He stepped into this year, accused executed the place and got right back into coaches, greatest ever will be singing the praises about how he took the demotion in stride. Get this composure as a leader and ex. And Rosie, Cajun when adversity hit the team and actually Levin victory. Now you gotta hold murky situation. And Clinton where you got a freshman who, sir. You got Brian, who's who's, who's on the outs with the school complain about how you mistreated any walked any basically was walking away from his teammates. It's not a good look. And so now when you're trying to salvage that relationship because I actually think that if because the hit that Lawrence took, that looked to be like a neck issue, like if you didn't get a concussion, he definitely strains ills. Definitely. Next hit again. In because basically Lawrence was trying to scramble out of bounds. Try to pick up a few extra yards. Some of the Jimmy g. play duck this head down and the defender walked in with his shoulder so that his bent in a weird way that he just crumpled to the ground all. But I say these guys sometimes not. But if he been hapless. When you get these guys who keep believing they were bullshit that we lead in the press clippings because. Yeah, not. You're not as good as you think you because I am not seeing real progress in. You know, we, your should be where it was last year this year you, you have been even your own, what should I'm falling down, but it it it, it's not happening, you know, so so that I'd say, why do you think that you ain't do? Ain't do not believe, but why they didn't in doing the keep it. It's put it on the market. No. I, I, I don't know when when you complain, but sometimes you've got to look in the mall. You know he's looking like naked. Somebody's doing something about doing it. You know. That's that's. That's a big problem with a lot of these guys. Yeah. Little. Yeah. So I mean, in terms of the other games in college football today, no, real surprises to speak of. I mean, surprised would have been if just because of the, the injury of Clinton went down to Syracuse, and but you know, the clubs who was at home, even with a third shrink QB, they should still be able to execute execute and be able to get that win. So again, they got these. Well, well, last again, that was one where Kelly Bryant was the one who got hurt in series. Got series game and they they can figure out a way so that that was one of the reasons why Daboh had to go out and start recruiting harder for bees, because motel Bryant went down and they didn't have an answer that doing it. That's that's not getting called into the institution the next year. That's that's what I was seen with with with with with some of these guys did not being honest with themselves because you, you're the thing mistakes that you will make in last season. I'm not seeing that you are progressing. This is new. But I gotta worry about green down. I know you know. Doing this Tennessee team shooting them doesn't have put the. I if formula shortcuts down, listen, is Dominican attached about I am. I am confident. Yard line. I, this is one of those games I, I will. I felt incredibly confident about taking Georgia here because in order for Georgia to get trouble by Tennessee today, Tennessee would have had to play mistake, free football. I mean, Georgia was ready favored by over thirty points like Tennessee had to play mistake, free football, which haven't done this year and they need Georgia to play poorly, which Georgia kinda did last week. So like Alexander expecting a focus because Kirby smart was already pissed off with how Georgia handle last week with with dropping the ball before getting into the Endo, like Georgia din a ton of dump things last week. So I was expecting a big response from Georgia today and cleaning up some of the nonsense going on. That that that coaches gotta stop, you know. And I, I think there's a lot of things they don't make enough Ivanic's about if he'd be fundamentally things. I drop involved deported the dengue you know a and on them on that with San Diego is watching Sunday with that. You're, you're the guy. He ended up all the that runs out here and then getting the one. Yeah, I. Seven points because they had them on the one night couldn't move it and they had the point on the end dump them. Yeah, it's it's, it's dumping. The dirt dirt dirt. My thing was. Yeah, Derwin James made a great play with that interception and then compounded it with an even dollar mistake by trying to run it out of the end zone. But. Running out. He won an asshole out in the end zone. Unlike doesn't even take somebody's guys clearly like they don't know the rules like Kim on your life for some never bothered to read. If you run out of the end zone wherever you step. That's where the movie, it's got a touch that came out, want to come. Basically what what your gun put the entity is like a good point. To what. Key kid be doing that. Yeah, Duda Duda thing you'll you indefectible at the end to me, I never. I've seen. I did run by underscore that. I never look great when it happened, but to me. I'm need anaemia electa will be put it any. Let's stop under twenty beds. Let's let's let's let let let let's hold on unless get good. They don't get the other team on edge. You know. Sean actually, number that year. Yeah. Well, this John Jackson play, you know, I you, we, we all thought like when that one happened going back, if you years, we all thought that was going to actually teach kids not to do that dump stuff like it didn't count on. He didn't do it. I'm going to do. I drove his life on the line either didn't do you know. I mean you you, you thought you would have learned? No, no. They continue to find new and more idiotic ways of committing the same infraction. Look at me and I know him even. The metoo movement. Well, this is look at me. Movement is a me, you know? I, yeah. It's, it's, it's, it's, it's it's reality. TV Bush. Should that schooling, everything up everybody every you know. And I have been my p last night. He voted said that activists is not that hard reality TV is anybody could do, you know, but I got used. There's active on. Then there's act too, you know. Because everybody was doing it doing it. Good. Yeah. I thought Goria today. That's good that that equaliser. Oh, you well, you the storage play. You know, the one thing I always say about Sturge just when you think his career is over Sturridge. He's not one of these plays where he just like, man, how has gotten up play more. Did you know that that is? I think the I five on the, you kept up with it just enough. So you don't. They all it is opposed to the office, but you always catch up with it. Yep. Enough that I did only. Yeah. Because I always look at storage and I always say, Sturridge could either be the worst MLS player signing of all time or the best Emily players signing of all time because he's that talented that I can easily see him becoming an transcended starring in MLS or just being a guy who's constantly injured and never does anything in MLS. Either scenario is highly possible. Yeah. But you did that that that that I feel from that is. One of them I just have in stock is good guys. Don't like fish, shoot, everybody that you wanna walk right into the the, the thing with the ball, and that's what you get from. You know, those kind of shot. He hit it, hit it high. And he get. Got follow. I got into this. I mean. Oh, yeah, no commit a really good to be me get because the the the the problem was is Courtois is trying to read that the, but it was so high and had pace on it that it's like even Courtois would have had run a dead sprint and then try to jump for it, but he couldn't go on he curve and -ticipant at no, no, Nikki wind up, you know, because the guy the guy wanted all look like he wanted to take the shot and I don't check and. But some really is that the whom I've not. I can't wait. Yeah. What you say. He's been hesitate. My gets collected set. Hit as a wound that it is. I and I know we're gonna get sidetracked there, but you you, you know, of course we have that nonsensical magnum PI remake, but I know for fact, at this point, the eighteen is coming back. I know they did the movie, but the ATM is definitely coming back as as a as a new TV show. You know how the that indeed much everybody died. Everything is coming back, big. Well, you know, I forget the come. They can come to zip because they're just bringing hit back. This is a chip that don't don't be deployed voted here, and he's happy. All I did navy to the debt down knows good mental being black doing. Doing. Well, the the, the dig of. Well, the. The thing about that Gobert like the comedy show that ABC has Goldberg's. The whole thing about that show is the fact that it's technically like in eighties version of what a happy days was making fun of the eighty. So it's like it's it is the same concept. It's like nothing really changed, and it's just like you just update the time period to make people know Stahl Jake. They it, it's, you know, I, I, I don't know if the if the if they had still read and fans of thin, bring this back and bring that back in one deal. That is contended that we do something women Vaughn. I mean, if you think about it anymore. Did you see a good day was. You know, I mean, I went to see cycle when I was a kid. Okay. And was duck it on, you know, on in the in the cinema. But I think that he's that good to, you know, get get ahead the sequel now Kelly every movie has to have a sequel already. Mine. I'm a wedding in telling Kelly, I'm willing to. The original cycle, what impact white. Okay. It was a black and white movie. Yeah. Did he waited at the big cycle. Got it to it's I did movies. I don't want to be, you know, no, no, no path to all of that. Not that you know. But anyway, let let let's get back to the Premier League. So you know, I talked about this like as I was watching the the US thorough up all over himself for the Ryder Cup, but I was watching Man United, and we talked about this earlier, but the the issue that I have a Man United about that squad is the system just Marino's trying to have them play. He doesn't have the players for any keeps complaining that he doesn't have the players. But in the meantime, you have to actually use what you've got in terms of players and play system that can be successful. He just wants to play one way and he can't execute because he complain about pug. But until he. Blue in the face pump buzz, not changing his playing style, we know punt bus, not that good, but guess what? Man United and your part of it. You paid for pug book. So it's your own fault. Here's the problem I have with the Jews Marino. Okay. He the Donald Trump a football where don't kill to happen. He's never wrong. It's not independent. Somebody has, but he took all the credit for anything that goes like biggest thing is that the only reason why why was beat him is because I don't have that kind of money who said they don't. I don't have the money to spend. So that's interesting. So he he's already, what is it himself? But his day that treats says, if you always come into the amount of money that that my news on on on on these other teams have to spend. I mean, I'm in Monte. Number Dennis, something. Yes. I know that somebody says is not as good as some of the that the addicts, but. Tally. Really that good? Because even you said you're taking he left because he's so that this is coming down. That's good. You have to mid one thing. Alex in them have that. They make use of want to have you pant you panel. Have a me if you don't have speedy gun. The run and gun football city. Why was all by going? We'll because Maria wants to play this though, where he parks the bus, but he doesn't have the defensive players to park the bus. I, he doesn't have a backline that's capable of plane. That sound like he gets bailed out because Devon the, hey, you know, even though he had his struggles in the World Cup is still the best goalkeeper in the world that is his colon car. But to that end he doesn't have a good defensive midfield. He doesn't have a strong backline. He doesn't have a centreback. So again, when you have all these things working against you, you can't just perk the bus with eleven behind the ball and say, we're going to win twenty games this year. It's not happening because the the problem is that with this one he basically needs well, actually, I say. Twenty games. I'm thinking like twenty games before you hit, you hit February. But like the the the thing of it is is that you're not winning that like you're not winning all those games so, and we haven't even gotten into the tough part of schedule yet where you're playing multiple games back to back. He doesn't have. He doesn't have a starting eleven eight dress. He doesn't have a an actual strike partnership that works because a bro vich a lot, Tom, a cover him the first year year one last year as lots and got her. But then you had a, you had a Marcial, do some damage for eminent Lukaku was able to play well, but this year you got Lukaku who hasn't really recovered from the World Cup. I think he's a little bit disengage because I think he was, I think his efforts were kind of focused on that last year. There was in preparation for the World Cup. So I think Lukaku like his mindset was I'm getting myself ready for the World Cup and now that the World Cup's coming gone Lukashenko's just gotta look at it. And I was like, yeah, I got this money from Man United, but you know, it is what it is. So I think it's partly that will that he doesn't actually have a team that's fully motivated to play under someone who's as miserable as he is and grunted out for an entire year. You know this, this is doing him. I'm on book. You don't number look if I do. I wish Brooklyn Lukaku could play like that. I'm not mad you could get within in in the. No. Because. They were. They were. They themselves. One of the world that was, I felt that in my bulbs from the outset that they had geeked themselves up for the World Cup and this left that was inevitable. Good. Good. Good. Good. In the world of is like the senior guy on your debit everybody, and he was making all the right decisions and stuff. And you know that the really dotted and he doesn't. Okay. Let's get back to work. The old guy stood up again, you know. What. To me. I believe that kind of blame. My thing is this. If you gonna take the credit, you gotta have to take the blame and he likes to take the credit whenever the look good, and if want to sixty ministry, he is done is talking about this looking smart. But as soon as they get the ask, like what's happening to them now he he's always this did is always this one, you know guys doing this and he's got to into under the bus, and that's why I never liked him. Cool. You know. And like I say, he's, he's not. He doesn't want to be petted. He won the bid dependence done, where we, we don't give up a goal at religion nobody's caused. And then if we didn't because I was win, you know, one thing to the one, but he doesn't have the defense to do that anymore. Those guys are not then you know, and and and he doesn't either then and then he one that you didn't wanna realize it. You know. So this is basically what happened in the rest of the Premier League, though you had a you had city take care of his get Brighton. This was kind of home for city. I, I mean, I thought they kind of roll up on Brighton and just dropped four or five goals on them. They only daily beat them to nothing, but to me, like city was just in cruise control. So I'm to. Yeah, I I want to that Jim d. They did like we've got it covered under just did just. That's who's out the the game. Yeah, yeah, Spurs wanting to nil over Huddersfield. Harry Kane had two goals, you know, hey, k. those like the first game, Cain actually started looking a little bit like the form he actually had a coming into not the World Cup like will I say, even the beginning of last year where he was like in streaking to the point where people thought that England was gonna do have a monster World Cup before he went on that cold spell heading into the World Cup, and you know that the only thing that a is I can look forward to. Because right now they got, they got a bunch of injuries to deal with because they didn't have Ericsson didn't have alley. They were trying to work them guys into basically Spurs needs everything they can get out of Kane at this point. But yeah, they're like, is it like somebody had her match ups today? I you had a evident, take care of business against Fulham, which is met. I'll be honest, everyone had me has had me worried for a while now. I actually thought this might have been a trap gave for no Matt home against Fulham, trying to take foam too lightly and end up dropping points at home because evident needed that way. Team that that I didn't see the into these, but I would to coupla games that you know, that guy that would steam the well. Yeah, it was a bad. Yeah. So, yeah, I was gonna get the wolves. Next. I looked at that wolves team and the new Nuno the coach that the I mean, he brought over a number of Portuguese players, and some people were a little skeptical of it. I wasn't like one of the things I liked about wolves was they brought in guys that played well internationally and played in other different playing styles. So I thought the Premier League was due for a team that can tactically be a little bit more flexible than somebody's under squad because wolves likes playing off its but they can track back in play. Well, in transition they have, I mean between Nevis enjoy. Oughta they have midfielder, who can they can. They can just boss teams in the midfield. So to me, like wolves is of is a very thick what. And I thought that the they were going to have a good matchup. But today gets off Hampton just because of the fact that they, they can do a couple of different things that you don't see from a lot of Premier League teams at it. It showed up again today. I really felt as though they were in in good shape today because that's off half the team. You know, if you can get a goal on them early, they shrivel up and you know it took a while for wolves to break them down. But once they got that goal, that second one came within ten minutes later. So it was a good game for wolves where they, they play compose and they, they got that win. But yeah, I really like I really like wolves just from the standpoint. Like as long as guys like not no and Nevis jolted. If that midfield could stay healthy throughout the season, wolves is going to be in contention to be in the top seven. I, I really feel that way about that squad. I, I really like what they have it terms of a nucleus and they can. Team. Is starting to get this right is because he brought over a lot of, is that not with him yet? Well, the thing the thing about Pellegrino is Pellegrino trying to change the mindset of a negative football club because West Ham had so many things working against him this year from the stadium issues like the fit like they could say whatever they want, like I don't know who proved West Ham, like West Ham, just outright moving to the London stadium was a good idea. But you know, we talked about this before West Ham is a London club, but they're one of the smallest London clubs, so they're always going to get out channel by every other London-based club. So you know, it doesn't matter who they're playing. That's London base. They're going on. The home fans are going to get out channel by the away fans that should never happen at a stadium. And then London stadium is so big that guess what you're you're gonna have your home fans overshadow because you're a smaller London club than the other teams. And because it's such a large stadium, the fans aren't on top of you. So even if your fans are cheering as loud as they can day kit impact the other team on the field, I can't make them. They can't make him feel nervous at all. It's just a loud stadium. I mean, it's not allowed to say it's just a big stadium. So the sound doesn't really go anywhere. It doesn't travel down onto the pitch. So you have rattled. You know what they do because get into here. Because he he lives in that up your block in the gym because me they give away the picket. He doesn't even have to buy it. Yes, I just didn't do it. But the, you know, give as bad as last year. They kind of give away tickets to the fans that they know aren't going to cause any trouble because guess what they like so many fans are disgruntled with the pro with that team and how the Alice being managed? Yeah, they're yelling at the border during the stadium gives, but that's the problem. It's like when you are a smaller club, you need to have a smaller stadium. They left the bowling grounds to because they said they wanted to be a big time club, but you have to put in the money to be a big time club. He can't just move it say your big time club. I got one good for you. Let go. John Kelly, Kelly Rutgers get blown out today. Okay. They only lost by like ten. So that's that's like a win and Rutgers book. News. You getting blown up by buffalo. I wanna talk about, but every different doing me, I, I can do. Keep forgetting to ask. Can tell me goodbye. Season-ticket because the guy said it was sending this season ticket school. It was a good deal. He said is that is less, I'm fine. What happens is if you get this season tickets, then when mine you went off, none of them playing you can. You can go with a free ticket, but that's the thing. But that's the thing. It's like what kind of games they don't give it away themselves because the I'll smoke finds coming here. But that's the Pearl. You can't be selling tickets to the posing fans your whole day. But that's what happened. I, it's back. The London teams the they get the home game for them. Yeah, no, but that's. But that's what I'm talking about when you can't say it's like West Ham, west him decided to move to a bigger stadium without actually upgrading their facilities and infrastructure to be a big time club. If you're if you're gonna make that investment, you have to be willing to spend upwards of three to four hundred million dollars on player personnel. And guess what? West Ham's budget is still in the once is still in the low two hundred range. I, you know, I it west him, West Ham, still does even have Newcastle's budget yet. To be perfectly on. It's like a pretty amount of talk about new castle being cheap, West Ham. She'd be he's lumped in that same grouping with Newcastle is just that Newcastle fans are even more boisterous about what what they want their football club to be than West Ham. Fans are. The worst thing to happen to, you know, with him was with a fifth time, the always was they've never won anything. You know they, they had a couple good played for them because you know, at the time being just got him, but just w off, he was a wet calm guy in the sixties. He was with the leading with. I'm defense. They never really want anything. You know, if you wanna do something, then if you're gonna do if you've been a stadium, then you're gonna have do what city did because he was the same way the kind of stepped. I've never. I've never known anything. You know, sit what what, what CFD did was basically used that oil money and buy up an entire infrastructure. So if they built up the scouting department, they built up the training grabs. They made imagine the city of place people wanted to come to. That's the thing with these clubs. They have all this Premier League TV money, and they pocket the cash. It just it's infuriating. Somebody's clubs, ideal cubs cubs in Kansas City. And then then you know, before the dotted shining a light on them, they would do pocket all the money. And the team at the is, you know, and an unknown the TV has got to big. They have to spend money on the team because. See what they did. 'cause even though they're making, you know. It it, it it, but they tried to do them if he's been affixed tedium, but I don't understand all you're gonna be a big stadium. The team is no good. It's the funds as logo to come. There. I was looking at. Yeah. Did you you? You can't. From was working with danger. There. But yeah, no, I it. I, like I said, one of them. Yeah. Fever never made that he didn't make that he they make break on that one from from from from getting into that break when he never never been. Yeah, they, they did try. I I ever see her game up on that ball. I think. I thought he he could have easily dies. It catches that one. I can keep you out. He catches that. Yeah, but it's right there. He's the word. You didn't locate the. Anyway. Okay. Didn't divorce properties. 'cause to me, that's a good ball by from. That's a good Deepal that he should be able to get that one. I, I don't think he would have gone gone gone with the other than he's not like that. That's easily a fifty our best play. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but yeah, but anyway, like West Ham, like Pellegrino has so many things working against him that if he can just get that team to a spot where okay, they can. They can beam like a close to the top ten by January and convinced the board to open up the wallet and start bringing in some guys. Maybe West Ham starts turning that thing around to getting back to where supposed to be because West Ham, I think he want what he wants to do. Get couldn't point. I'm no. You know what I'm talking about. If we do it the way I wanna do it here, this is looking out for because look, what happened? Many give me this extra thing. Yeah, look what I did with it, you know? And maybe you know what. I hope that's what he does because you know, it's a Honey. Do like the longest is happy because you know. They, they've been making money, you know, been swin, Dave at increase in spending Cincinnati, never spend. About ninety million spend. They haven't come close to that yet. Know the brand. You know, the brand, the Browns have been just pocketing the yellow. The new one I'm building Anthony. Yeah, no, they they, they, they the, they've been drafting better, but then they just let guys walk. That's what I'm talking about. They. Every time they had their loan substraction though. It's like. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's just one of those things where duck on about like he, he might be. Yeah, no, that's what I'm saying. If that Kelly Bryant like Devo has like if Kelly Bryant isn't even like trying to come back, dabble has to talk to and get his head straight because to me, it was dumb for Kelly Bryant to say, because we talk about this Kelly. Bryant is not getting into the NFL unless he has a good showing with Clemson. He can go somewhere else and maybe he gets in there, but it's like. See like people talk about. So I'll give me an example. People talk about the the, the graduate transfer rule and how it can benefit some guys, Russell Wilson played baseball and came back to play football. That's why he benefited from it. Normally, like if it's a case where a guy gets over placed, you don't get chance. So people like to bring up the fact that Baker Mayfield replaced by Patrick Mahomes and then was able to walk onto Oklahoma and have that breakout. That is the one in one thousand case scenario. Like if you're begging on that, I got news for you. I got a bridge to sell you because it's not. It does not happen for most folks. It doesn't work out that way. It actually works in reverse. Where in you fall off the map and you're, you're the bombing, begging orcas. Everyone knows you only got one year, so you have to do exactly what they say and how. Wanna done and if you don't like it to back because you don't have any other options, that's usually what happens. I, I just when when people those instances always to you that that one guy who did it and and then never tell you about the fifteen. You know. But. I always go people with him is never an answer. If you get, even if even if you will legitimate teeth being that you have a case where you know, I, I should've been replaced. I didn't do anything to lose my job even if you can. You have a case. I never quicken as the answer. Never see it. You know. Dipping part is. Okay. NSA news there. Watches resume that some team is going to pick him. What? What? What are you showing me that? I'm glad that windy velvet condemn. You don't have that kind of resume. Yeah. No, it's not. It's Susan. Cam newton. Kinda. That in you? Well, that's the thing. It's like, but like Campbell again, completely different scenario where Cam wasn't in his last year. Cam was literally about like getting thrown out of the Florida campus, even though he was the wonder kid was supposed to succeed Tibo again, a completely different scenario. Kelly. Bryant has had a resume of work, showing that he wasn't good enough to unseat the Shawn Watson, wait it out. Cab newton. Okay. Do you think anybody gonna pick him up. Guys, they did look good that the you get a break reduced because you'll get do stupid things. You know, not not not being honest with them, says. Don't mean what this e and Wendy look at the didn't you. Not that good. You have a good team. Good depend on you. Yeah, pretty good offense. Okay. But you not that good. You know. Yeah. As you people. Had another guy, you insisted that that he is going to be a quarterback and he never was good in the NFL. When when Kellie Kellie Kellie you're just you're just getting brainwashed. By the media Kelly, you're getting brainwashed by the media t t Tiba Tiba was good enough to play. The media was just holding them back because of his religion. From this. I always remember that mill game that he wanted against the fluke. KOMO dumbest cornerback I've ever seen the Steelers, but again. Place. But again, the reason why steals were so in this array with that play was because they're starting, there's starting safety couldn't play because he had had a single cell so he couldn't play. Reading? Yeah, he couldn't play Mohi. So, yeah, the secondary was always going to be screwed up for that game. You know. I mean. All right. Ryan Clark was like unable. I mean, now he's on ESPN, but he talks about it. It's like he couldn't play in Denver. So like again, when he when you are missing, you're starting strong safety and he is the linchpin of calling out the coverages and you have a bunch of blown coverages. Guess what? It's a case of, hey, we did have our signal caller and we blew a bunch of coverages. I always tell people, you know, I was never scared if my team is people because he's not that good quarterback wasn't good. You know, it's caught a but not for the pros. Yeah, it could be different. Forget my God. I forget it is God for the Knicks dry word. Charlie ward. Highs one winner. Yeah. It is. He, he never taught. He was going to the NFL that is things because he wasn't good enough to pick on his depend if book, you know. Anyway, Kelly, what will I got you on the line here? Wanna go through the NFL slate tomorrow for the pick selection. So obviously we had the shootout out in LA once again, the Rams fans were drowned out by the Vikings fans. You know, I can't wait for the stadium to get built and for all the teams to have fewer fans than the opposing squad because time, and again, history has proven that LA is not the market for most of these teams, but. It's not. It's not a football. It's a please, you know. And it's up all year long. Good weather in New York into summer is a lot of different things to do, especially with the internet and all of that. So it it's, they never, they never, you don't go football. I'm waiting to feed his biggest thing. I. This thing is go going to going to take it now. You know. I know breezes that Miami at a lotta transplanted New Yorkers and thing, and people go up like in football and stuff to things with would always loved on there because you had fans the move from. They said that the Miami, but there's always been like that it's the beach. Is this people not good, then they'll never been that way. Don't get tired of the forum, but with my this show nothing to noon. Yeah, no. L. LA for Lakers is different. It's a different atmosphere because again, it's, you know, basketball's people forget about this bashful shorter game. You don't have tailgating. You don't have the the whole day experience that you have to commit to for football. It's a completely different base and also the other thing for MBA games weeknights. So you're just coming off working. You just going Sundays people in LA want to go outside because they have to go to work. It's like in the northeast. We don't care about that because half the time the wintering. Great. So you go to the bar, you go to the game, you find in LA they wouldn't go out and surf and do all these other things. It doesn't work. Would be kidding. But you really think young is gonna line the football stadium. When you can go to the beach and. A win in LA. Internet that all wrong. That's the problem. We look. In the summer when is hyper this summer. All the sports stuff. Is it. For the basketball cover them in bit, you know is always go because people doing other things. Some people are going to Tom Glynn eleven clip in memorial weekend. What to do that we can't be doing this. You know. So, yeah, you get a drop in the ratings. But that's when I three months. Then are the other nine months. It's cool and. They, they don't go out. That's that's what it is on the time. You know they that all the time. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, just getting into somebody's other games. Well, while we so we gonna wrap up soon. But in the early games, we, we got Cincinnati going to at Lanta. You know, Atlanta just coming back from that over like they, they lost in overtime game at New Orleans. I actually liked the Bengals here mainly because Lantis defense can't cover anyone. And last time I checked the Bengals as much of a screw up as they are. The Bengals still have a Putin enough offense that at five and a half as an underdog. I would still say that the Bengals are in a good position to do some damage because you know, overall the Bengals again, good offense. Defense is better than Atlanta's. I actually like the Bengals to not only cover by the Bengals can win on the road. Not that I can't any faith. In the Bengals. But you know, LMS has shown that it can't cover anyone even if they wanted to cover someone. They can't do it. That is one thing. The me landed still having that offensive. Opens the problem. They have date, they. You know that potent offense that they had with. I'm calling the me. Oh yes. Well, Sark. We, we talked about this last weekend and I and I continue to say this about Cirque Cirque from twenty to twenty is great. It's actually has to get from the twenty to the end zone. That's the issue. And you know, they can use the last week. They were able to get Calvin really involved in the red zone because all the attention was being paid to Julio Jones. But again, the saints are terrible in the slot. It's one of the reasons why we'll get to the giants later, but it's one of the reasons why. I think the giants have a chance of still keeping this one pretty close against the saints is because thrilling shepherd should have a very good game to tomorrow afternoon. I think it's a, it's a very, very deep weakness for the saints. Atlanta was able to exploit last week, Cincinnati lot better defending the slot than Atlanta than than the saints were. So I don't think really is going to go off. Tomorrow. So I actually like I like Cincinnati stances, you know, even though it's on the road, you know, Atlanta has really shown that it's another of a of a place where and this one, the other things I say about Atlanta, because I heard this. I heard I heard this and I like Chris Carter and like most things he he's pretty on point about, but he was talking about at Lanta in we're seeing bent stadium that it's not hostile enough for opposing teams, and I've heard fans in that stadium for soccer matches Mercedes Benz stadium that same stadium break noise records and attendance records to me, it's not about the stadium. This is all about the Atlanta Falcons fan base. It's a very fair weather fan based. That doesn't get loud. And when things go south for the team, they get quite real quick. So because. Expecting the worst? Yes. So it's like it's one of those match where it's like, if Cincinnati can get on the board early and have good success, they gotta show winning that one outright. So I actually like the Bengals here. So yeah, because I have land was hard on the Mike Smith with with. You know. Get moving beings, not being able to school, and then they had that Goodyear when banks back on the renter, the SuperBowl Sunday deployed and the media haven't recovered from the hair. No, i'll. All very true. All right. Moving on. We got the jets playing Jacksonville in Jacksonville. The line, seven and a half in favor of Jacksonville. This is one of those match ups where I don't know what to expect that Blake Bortles. And because of that, the jets have a chance to cover this as an underdog, just from the standpoint of the defense can keep the jets in it as long as Sam darnold doesn't do anything reckless. And the jets play calling has been so conservative. You know, I, I love jets fans, and they're just overwhelming enthusiasm for Sam darnold found actually recognizing the fact that darnold hasn't actually had to do anything yet. That in NFL quarterback should be able to do because Donald doesn't throw down the field. He doesn't throw out routes. He doesn't really throw any passes that would typically be in danger of getting picked off by defenders because Germany Bates is so conservative with the play calling that they're, they literally have him it styrofoam rap and they just rely on the run game to salt away games and people blame Todd Bowles. Now it could be tied both telling Germany Bates not to be aggressive with the play, but we. We talked about this before the jets. The jets were serious about being a playoff team. This year, they should've kept teddy Bridgewater and actually opened up the playbook so that you can run the offense way. It's mostly run because right now Roddy Roddy innocent has no role on that team and Quincy noon, what is basically become the king of catching four yard passes. I don't know. I the did very confusing to me because I, you know, I was never enfeeble of. That that that, that the rookie quarterback condemn because. Be buffalo if I would. I would always look because it it's either start the rookie or play Nathan Peterman again, no one wants them Peterman ever again. Not a quarterback, you know. He's an ad quarterback. You're basically as young as you kept him to. You've got rid of bringing anybody as you kept Peterman, which means you wanna look because you're not. That's, that's. That's people. If it's like that and that will be going to do. Look, we might get beat up. But we have been. And whatever. Okay. I, I'm also for that. But you can avoid that. If you kind of void. I would do it at any. 'cause it's only because guys did and Troy. One of them was really, really good guys into had really. Kinda that they didn't win like like. Because. I mean, what go almost got killed in everybody always a sedan Marino and really knew that. Family knew that that is, but it's like you said, they always talk about that one. Never look at all the. It's like so many more quarterbacks have failed starting out his rookies when they were rushed into it, then have actually succeeded. And everyone always seems to like, have an easy about. I never. I never could understand how folks. If I know hundred dollars for every happen. Yeah. I mean, it's. Grazie, but you know, part of it, part of it is that the NFL season tends to be so short that people just forget how bad some guys ended up becoming because they got rushed to early. It's like it's it's not a secret. Like, you know, rushing a QB too early is the worst thing you can do for your franchise because it's can set you back five years now, basically what they what teams tell themselves is because of these new rookie contracts. Oh, don't worry. It's only gonna set us back three years. What gets realistically if you did your job, you should never get set back in the first place because if you did your job, right, you would have established veteran place and you would set up your team to get, but like these teams are so cost focused on the contract about what they're gonna have to pay these guys. They don't actually look at the long to refects of, oh, wait a second. What if we completely what if we did get the guy right? But we screwed him up developmentally and that we gave him the money anyway. But now he's not where he should have been because we screwed him up, but it's starting out. That's the problem. Guess what? That's what's happening to Derek Carr right now, Derek Carr, got like Derek Carr, got thrown out there by the raiders multiple times when he was injured and now you're starting to see the effects of he started to compromise. Some of the fundamental study should have had him place and started becoming more of a gunslinger. And now all he does is do gunslinger stuff, and it doesn't work in the NFL. As you know, they, I. The jet had tool veteran quarterbacks could eat at kids at mum, all. Lee teddy Bridgewater because he was playing good. You're traded him. But won't thick. Yes. So that you could start you looking, why? Why you wanna do that? He looked good. You always only onto your kid. You put him in a minute. He was good enough to run the most basic offense that we had from the preseason. But again, I that that's why I laugh at so many states, but well, let's keep it moving because I, the less said about Jacksonville's offense, the better we know their defense is gonna do well. It's just a matter of how the jets can manage it. I think if the jets can like boy, turnovers, Jacksonville. Have a few more games. The one last week you might start here in noise over there because that team second to the. Hey, listen, I would that defend. This should listen that. Then defense already backed, Blake Bortles so they can't walk it back now and say, oh, well, we need the offense to step up. They were any back, Blake Bortles because they got asset question repeatedly by folks saying, why don't you guys get a quarterback and they kept backing up like Bortles. So to me, the Jacksonville doesn't really have much of a leg to stand on like Coughlin ready made his bed. The Jacksonville players ready made their beds like they're going to ride with Blake, Bortles right into right into the problem. I'm seeing with them giant mid a couple. Please here or there the giants beat them in week one? Yeah, they were very. Yeah, they were. You've got to be kidding. You gotta be kidding me with him out to him. So you telling me that you all that team Deng that much. He's he. He comes. The Kelley. I've talked about this before with teams and New England. I don't know why got away from the game plan, but the game plan for Blake Bortles is you keep a linebacker to spy on him and you force in the quarterback, you don't let him be athlete defense to this year. Yeah, but that's the thing. It's like even average. NFL defense should be able to have one q one quarterback. I mean, one linebacker spy on the quarterback and just let him actually force him to be a quarterback in not an athlete. And if you force Blake Bortles to be a quarterback in in not of that you're, you're gonna win that match up seven out of ten times that that's just way this is because. He was completed and all those was that four yard here three. In the flap and couldn't get to do those big scrambles couldn't get to do that all into that as lose Dame's. That Tennessee defense is it's pretty, it's pretty good, pretty good. You know. You know the offense and wasn't doing much, but. You know, that's been good doing anything either. So to Dennis, he made a couple of plays and that was it. So let's get to Dallas hosting Detroit. Dow's is three and a half point favorites over Detroit. Detroit coming off the big Sunday night win against the patriots. I, I look at this game and I say, this is the week that Zeki Lalli gets twenty five thirty carries this game and just runs, runs the tar out of the ball because you know Detroit Detroit show that they have some semblance of defense. They, I mean, you know what you have with Stafford. If you put pressure on Stafford, you're gonna win more often than not New England just couldn't do do any of that, which is what you talked about. Like they don't have defense to put pressure on a quarterback, but to me, if Dallas just runs the offense through Ezekiel Elliott, which any normal thinking person would do. I mean. Elliott is only averaging fifteen carries a game so far this year. It doesn't even make any sense why he's. Wasn't built the entire run, your offensive line. Data with. With the giants never got to do because they're they're the guys into them with too bad. Dallas defense, basically one again for them. The problem with the Dallas this year. If you start that book and stop any. That's the thing though. I feel buddy. But see, here's the thing though. Technically, normally that would work stack the box. But if you but I went through the numbers of Dallas running the football, he's been even with the buck stacked. He still averaging over four yards a carry. So to me, it's like this is almost nonsensical even with box stacked. They can't stop. They can't stop Ezekiel from running the the ball. So to me, the answer is you keep pounding the rock. The defense is not gonna. Wanna tackle come the fourth quarter. If you run him twenty five times coming into the fourth quarter net fourth-quarter he is going to go ballistic. The problem I have with Duggan is that have no idea. What did you go to show. Oh, well, there there, there are no guarantees in the NFL and Detroit is one of the biggest hallmarks of that one Detroit in Detroit plays the drip plays with seventy five percent. The effort they showed on Sunday, the, they go into Dallas and win that game. The the thing is I'm pretty confident that that Detroit team that showed up against jets week one. It's a lot closer to what the lines actually are as an overall team because. Against the against Cisco do because you know the, you know, the void I was able to move up and down. They wanted. Well, yeah, that's the thing. I think there's been there have been two. There have been basically one and a half full games of the short lines being abjectly awful, and and only one game of them being very good team. I think that there, somewhere in the middle where they're going to be hit, missing tire season. I, I look, I look at this and I say, Dallas gets their act together and gives eat the ball. So that's why I gotta take downs to win. And I also think that they're going to cover the three and a half. It's the, it's the one thing I'll say about Dow's is that there's been so much talk about Zeke getting the football that I even even tone deaf coach. Jason Garrett has to realize z. cast touch the ball, no less than thirty times tomorrow. I be shocked if he doesn't. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean in terms of some of the, you got Philly playing Tennessee, honestly, no idea what is going to go because no one has actually been able to see Marcus mariota actually throw football for more than twenty yards. So I have to take Philly there because even though Carson Wentz looked pretty rusty last week, I mean the titans don't have a quarterback right now. They they ready had Reshad Matthews quit on the team get cut. Tennessee's got a lot of issues on that offense. If if again mariota doesn't show any improvement and the fact that guess what Matt Cassel got, I mean, blink Gabar got knocked out of the game, Tennessee doesn't have anyone. So there. Yeah, yeah. The same way. That's not a guy that none of that. Yeah. So you get that match up. You get Green Bay hosting buffalo, I, I'm putting it out there right now. I say the fact that Minnesota got caught looking ahead. Buffalo is not really NFL team that's capable of winning four games this year because I saw Josh Allen play. And from what I saw that look like a guy who needs another year on the bench, he should not be playing NFL game right now. It's only because Peterman is that bad and the bills? Are that lackadaisical an organization that they can't call a guy like capper Nick to quarterback their team as bad as they are. It's ridiculous. There's no way this buffalo team. It's even as ten and a half point underdogs I can take them seriously because of the fact that day other guys out there, there are plenty of called Cathy. Guys out there. I. I guess because the New York, the bit of the jet, they, they're gonna go to deal with that. Then that he put down this Sunday. But I mean you used still Minnesota team. If he as the Minnesota teeth that place there, then they get blown out your. Your. That the the game, the game Thursday night, validated my response to that game on Sunday that Minnesota just was completely unprepared to play football game on Sunday. Yeah, they, they were beer. We gonna run into given then they're not granted to them. Yeah. So I gotta take Green Bay. I think they went by three touchdowns not just to. They went by three. Good. Yeah, I Di game. They need to be they need to get going. Yeah. No, I think Roger says a big day tomorrow. I, I look at look at Green Bay. I think they win big. So you get the colts hosting the Texans sooner or later the show watches. Gotta get going, but the the, the bigger issue I see here what this game is you got to injured quarter two quarterbacks comeback from injury, which which coach is going to let their quarterback play because the colts seem afraid of Lenin. Andrew luck throw the ball deep and the Texan seemed to be afraid of letting the show Watson scramble out of the pocket. So you know, sooner or later something's gotta give with these teams. The colts got to get a little less conservative and the Texas have got to open things up for the show and watch it. Part of his ability to play is the fact that he has to be able to create plays and create plays down the field. And yeah, you're always going. Take a risk with Shawn Watson detectives or serious about making the playoffs this year. They got to win this game. There's no question about your own three. You gotta win this game. There's there is no tomorrow, basically for the Texans. They got to win this game. Should win. Yeah. If your team you should be able to be Indianapolis, India's a team that's trying to figure out what they are. They're trying to get back to respectability. The Texans are proclaiming themselves to be a potential playoff team and the team that's gonna win the AFC south Frater. They got to win this game. If you wanna challenge Jacksonville, you got to win this game. Yeah. In fact, they get. The extension. Fifty one on at the end of the day tomorrow. All right. Yeah, so we got Tampa going to Chicago. So do we get a little more it's magic or has the has the well run dry because I think that would that bears defense. The wells, the well is a is about to go belly up. I. I, you know, me dispensing. I. He's another guy, you know, because even one of the questions that the other day he could choose picks on and then he could come back into the BIC. That's how he is. He's at one reason. He's been mid every team. He never stays low. The reason for these things. You know, I have no idea. You know, I. Diplo them. I have, we dug as his dance. The Visconti is not really. You know. Like I was listening to. Game going to commingle. You know the the, the, the minded Medici tangles. They got worse because the management should be the match rates. Condo should be on the hockey. The digs this key for wizard homes and Watson. Not not just the homes Mahomes and Watson. Yeah, you know, you can't give out to. You did have to give those guys. You get this guy. He seems to be improving from. Here's my thing when Mitchell Trubisky at and we, I talked about this on Sunday. Making. Who you know who your Bisky reminds me up, and this is not a flattering patter comparison, but this was that. Who'd you say there. No, no, no, no, not not even Dalton. 'cause I think that'd be an insult adulting. He, here's a guy that Trubisky reminds me of Trubisky because he didn't. He only played a handful of games at quarterback in college. He was a converted player and converted late in his college career in a senior year to be a quarterback, the only other guy, the guy who reminds me most of that who did that is Ryan tannehill because Fanta hills at AM Trubisky was at North Carolina. They converted from being from being tight, ends receivers into being quarterbacks and the, you know, through, you know, NFL geniuses decided that these converted guys who became QB's for only one year, decide to give them a first round, pick money to these guys thinking that they're, they're talent is going to develop and other going to be these great QB's sometime. Times in the QB position. The reason why guy wasn't a QB is because he didn't learn the fundamentals to be a QB, and that's why he wasn't playing QB all the time. To be ten held Trubisky are two sides of same coin. I think in two years to Bisky is going to be exactly we're Tanna hill is a guy that no one knows who's gonna show up week to week and and because of that Kogyo being king themselves all the time, the bears fans have a right to be pissed off at the management because the management screwed up the if you watch, if you watch the actual throwing mechanics of Trubisky Mahomes and Watson, you would swear that you're Bisky was the guy who's picked last of those three players because Bisky throwing motion is like adult care what they say, his throwing motion. When you see the ball come out of his hand, they look like wobbling ducks more often than not. He does not have a spiral or tight fastball. It's like it's one of those things where it's like, you'd swear. He was like the mobile quarterback. They kind of figured out, okay. Well, we'll, we'll use a late round first round, pick on them. If you told me he was a number two pick of the draft. I'd say you got a GM, you probably should be fired. He misses Sean. He's making that that that up. You know, I'm not seeing it. I'm not. It's it's, it's not. It's not. It's not a good look for Bisky because this was a big year for him. And right now he has the same throwing issues that we attribute with guys like tannahill and guys like Bortles. It's the reason why their teams, you never know what to expect out of them week to week because you got a quarterback who has difficulty executing technical throws. It's like the throw throw Pat, the route patterns that some receivers run in the NFL. These quarterbacks cannot throw them consistently. That's the reason why the play calling has to be modified to accommodate for them. You know it. It's just a fact. I mean it and to be honest at their more quarterbacks that were more technically proficient, guess what like we've had for over well over a decade. The reason why he like can still say in the league even though yes, no mobility whatsoever. He like you make every single thrown a football field. A lot of these quarterbacks are playing a game tomorrow. They can't say the same thing because I got a number of quarterbacks that we're spotlighting tomorrow that can't make some of those throws. Oh, god. That's the problem. They're not. They're not. Let me tell something. When you watch that game tonight. And and you want him to choose cousins made on some of the tools that Gough me. You know, those tug schools dropping it right over the likes. Oh, something's quarterbacks gun, it'd be flooded, so horribly. Forget it. No, somebody's quarterbacks would flood those throw. So horribly. Forget it. Yeah, they can't make those shoes. That's the bottom. You know. It's it's, it's one of the one of the things I think you know, like night. Nice next like thing within. Legal as saying, you know, day gave up these big to move up to pick him. And then that goes other quarterbacks on the table. You gonna go to justify that because. I got news. That train has already left station. We've been calling that that that draft decision, one of the dumbest moves in the last ten years, the train has really left the station and it ain't coming back. There's like Trubisky would have to win a Super Bowl convincingly to ever justify his pick. That's just the way it is. And like I said, I think in two years he's going to be an exact same position to STAN hill a guy. We have no idea why he still started keeping the NFL other than other than the fact that the team doesn't want to spend money on actually finding quality QB. That's it. Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah. So let's move on to the final marquee match up of the early afternoon games for one pm. You got the dolphins, the three, no dolphins quarterback by riots. Anna hill, go into New England. I be perfectly blunt New England's seven and a half point favorite. You know what you could make this line, ten New England's going to win this game because Bill Belichick as best defense looks, they know exactly what they have to do against tannahill they know exactly what they have to do against Hannele because he can't. He can't throw deep routes efficiently. If you get him off his spot, he will make mistakes. He can't throw short. He can't throw intermediate routes. So the only thing you can do our throat short routes to short routes to the wide receiver screens or dropping off to the running backs. And then throwing deep ops and floating up in the Air New windows gonna play their match up zone. They're, they're gonna tighten up in the middle of the field. So he won't have those easy throwing as the go-to because that's the reason why they get back in the game against the raiders is the fact that the raiders just like had multiple brain lapses on defenses in second half, I just like doing, I just, I don't trust a single thing. I've seen that a Miami this year. I get very fortunate to be three. No. And I know they're limited at quarterback. That's. Victory and I didn't read as a trio. You don't upset Gino team and you had a game that move meeting do should be, but. You know. This yoda. Kelli Kelli when you play the titans the jets and the raiders that's how you get three. No. So I'm taking New England. I have no reservations about this pick, you know. Even with the issues New England has right now, they will get it sorted out and they know Miami very well. If this was at this game was in Miami, I would have a more trepidation about taking the patriots because the patriots do not respond well to those hot weather games with very humid. This being up in Foxborough plays right in the hands of the patriots. I, I'm taking the patriots confidence. So moving onto the afternoon games, we got the Browns with Baker Mayfield going to the raiders the winless raiders the raiders that juggled and keeps talking about he wishes. They had a pass rush despite the fact that he's the one who traded Khalil Mack, you know, there's so many negative stories coming out of Oakland. I actually like the Browns here, not because of anything bigger mayfield's going to do just because I think that this reader seem is about one or two games away from a full on players only meeting mutiny against Gruden. Because like because a Mark Cooper's not getting targeted, the defense is giving up leads. The offense hasn't really looked all that sharp. You know. You know, this is just one of those games where I don't like anything coming out raiders camp right now. Well, the problem I would read his, they gotta show me holding lost that game last week. Because they had dug in new one. And for some reason. The end up leaving again, I. I don't understand. You know. Because. You know that dad defend disgust. Anybody. You know. I mean, you you, you're allowed to look like Joe Montana. I. I think that leaves one team. They haven't paid about. Lost two games because the kicker. Them to give. Does that team plan to because they have a pretty sorted defense on the offense is not bad. Actually. Scoring points did just lost the din because. You know, if you like three, six. In the fourth game. I miss them to make at the end of last defeated going extra point. You know. Ause got cut, but yeah, I can see your point there. I just I, I like overall Cleveland's overall team makeup. I like I like give far more than what I've seen the raiders so far this year because the raiders have shown that they can get out to good good start in the first quarter. And then from the first quarter on they start losing games. So it's like the first quarter best quarter. And then as the game ratchets up and you see defensive just being made and offense of just being made the raiders can't keep up with their team. So to me, it's like see how Cleveland starts out this game unless again, a huge hole. I actually like Cleveland here. We is to me the raiders show that they don't hold up throughout the course of a game. All right. So the other after matchup you got Seattle in Arizona. This one's gli as I'll spend as little time on it as possible. Arizona playing with just Rosen because Sam Bradford is scared of that offensive line giving up a blown assignment and getting him killed. So airs Ona's just gonna throw out just rose into the wolves, Seattle's offensive line hasn't been, you know, even close to adequate. But you know, it's better than Arizona offense of line. I gotta take the Seahawks here, even even eras at home just from the standpoint of Arizona thrown out a rookie because they're already kind of throwing their hands up in the air because they don't know what's wrong with the team other than the fact that you know, they didn't put in any money to the offense of line other than Pugh and the defensive line is be okay or best. So it's like I got it through my hands up in the air at this game because there's not a whole lot to talk about here. Moving on, you got San Francisco going to LA the season is over. I mean garoppolos blown out his knee. You know, CJ thirds in the is going to start tomorrow bet. Third is the enemy of check down quarterback. He actually set the record for most pass completions to running back tight end less than ten yards for QB in a season. He and he didn't even start the full season last year. Remember like Rupp lows started like the last five games of the year. Better better? Did that broke that record and in less than twelve games, which is Saint something. I mean, you know, he just doesn't throw the ball. I mean, I don't know what else you do. Can't sort of. If the. There with some of those guys that I see. I'm not really a vote bought about this guy get into, and they. And they can't stop these gotten enough starting quotable. Yeah. So I just find it, you know, even with charges being ten and a half point favorites. I can't take. I can't take San Francisco seriously here. It's it's just one where even though the chargers will have no fans in the stands, the forty Niners will have some fans of the stance. It's going to be one of the lowest attended games of the year. But you know, again, I just don't see where the forty Niners go from here because the whole plan was the gay Jimmy g. the money because they built the franchise around him and now he ain't there. So it's kind of back to square one because they don't have a plan b. Beck Bennett Blondie. Yeah, I'm not even sure he will qualify as a plan g. level low level implant beat. Goodness. I mean, I, it's, it's really, it's really saints when I was thinking to myself, you know, out of all the places we know we know cabinet can't go back to San Francisco because you know the ownership now we're gonna want them back, but. Hold on one second, Kelly. Yes. So I mean, basically, if if I'm being perfectly honest with like my segment here, you know a team like San Francisco as ridiculous. It's outs that would be the kind of spot where I could see Johnny Mandel ending up at because they don't have any other options and they just need someone that can create something. And I know they are going to go to cap, but it's like there are so many QB's they should be trying out the fact that they're retread like thrown out, tried out retread like Kellen Clemens, TJ gates guys who cannot play football and just sit in the pocket and check it down. You know, the game has evolved to the point where they actually have to start thinking about this. So I'm I'm disappointed because like I thought, Shanahan and and God, why am I blanking on his name? The GM. He was. The he was the Bronco safety for all those years. John. Oh God. Yeah, John Lynch, I thought they would have been a lot more forward thinking when the Garoppolo injury happened that they would have actually tried to be a little bit more Greve with some of the replaces replacements other trying to bring into quarterback team because bettered again, like I said, is checked out Charlie. So to me, San Francisco's gonna pack in this season and trying to get a top draft pick in my opinion because all all that showed me was, you know, they don't believe that without Garoppolo they have any chance of competing. So they're just gonna pack it in and go for high draft pick and Benford will certainly give them that because he when too many games. I think. Shuman is out for, why do? Yeah. Sherman's gonna miss a couple of weeks to. So again, nothing really good coming out of San Francisco. Yeah, so and the main the America's game of the week on FOX, it's going to be our giants hosting the saints. Giants are home underdogs at three and a half points. I look at this game and I say, and I say to myself, the saints should win this game just because they have so many offense of weapons, and the giants still have a bunch of injuries on the route that defense because they're still no looks like Vernon is still going to miss yet. Another game for the giants. All it's like, I don't know where the giants are gonna be able to find a pass, rush to really give the saints whole lot of trouble. Yeah, they. The does. Gloveman on on. Yeah. So I mean, again, it's just a bunch of injuries. Eliah ple is still going to be out. I mean, the giants should be able to score points, but you know, the amount of, I mean, again, the amount of injuries on defense New Orleans is going to. I think that this game has a very good chance of going over fifty six points in terms of the over under I, I just think it has a very good chance of that. Wanted about with this the last time when the giants beat this same in law. One, you know he likes. Down these two. It was on the John did put it out because the game was going for ten when. When when we we, we truly were only beginning to understand how much of an idiot McAfee was. But yes. Yeah. I mean the the over under fifty one and a half. I think this one easily blows through that one. I be surprised because like I said, the giants have a ton of injuries. The saints are still struggling mightily covering the slot. I think sterling shepherd has like a huge day. Catching the football. I'd be surprised at the giants. Don't put up a lot of points against the saints, but I look at this one and you know, I think the saints still end up winning this one, but I think the giants comfort at three and a half. I think this is a close game that's decided by field goal or less. But I, I look at it as a case where whoever has a ball, west wins this one, but I do feel as though the giants are gonna come up a little bit short against the saints, though. Might be a game where Lord sake when balcony on on Buddha, Beckham. Have a big. Yeah, I would expect both of them the factor in heavily into the offense game plans this week because both teams struggled covering guys out of the backfield. They both find a lot of success that way. Two. You know, I'm thinking that the only the only problem I the only means I have a good feeling about the giants is the same from the from the Superdome is not the same safe. It always look, you know, that's the team that when they go on the road, you sometimes wonder. Sometimes they have those slip ups. But if the giants actually had some of the personnel in place, I could buy internet one, but like the match the match ups are going to be too inviting for the saints IB's veer president. The one thing that may play into the same time is that the weather tomorrow is going to be really nice. Yeah, it's not cold outside and stuff. You know if it was like late December, I picked the giants in in our pick the in this game or or live nasty rainy stormy date. But it's gonna be really nice. Going to mall is supposed to be in the seventies. Yeah, I might be a little windy in the Meadowlands, but not the not that the the the, the December wins. Two. It's the, it's the it should be easy for the same. Yeah. So I I look at and I think the giants do actually end up covering this one. Even though they lose the game, which takes us into our Sunday night game with the ravens traveling to Pittsburgh Pittsburgh got the win over Tampa Bay Monday night. I don't like this dealers team how they're looking to be honest though that that's that Tampa game was really close. And realistically Fitzpatrick gave them the game with some really poor decision making, which we talked about it's it's Patrick, but there were still a lot of signs of concern for the Steelers that defense still doesn't look good, and that offense is still very sporadic at times because I haven't really. I haven't really seen them put together the long play dries that I know Pittsburgh's capable of. And you know these games against the ravens usually are the rock fights that they need. Need those lady on bell, like runs where he can get the hard three or four yards just to get a first down. We haven't seen that yet from Connor yet where he's actually had to go up against. Excellent defense. This is first test as a running back, and I have no idea how it's going to work out for him. But if you telling me to steal, they're going to be three and a half point favorites. Knowing the history of this revelry, I'm taking the ravens every time. Well, one of the one of the things that either night it's some reason why. Fulltime reason. V. You're, you're breaking up slightly there. What was that. But some reasons. Blonde. And then came to be on the the get on the same thing. He Bennett during the ball one where he's going another way. On the sideline. For some reason, they can't get it together and I don't know why. You know. Yeah, I, I've noticed that a couple of times in the sideline interactions. Yeah, it's not a good look for Pittsburgh. I mean, they got the win Monday night, but again, a lot of that was Fitspatrick just making boneheaded decisions. I have my, I have my dad's about this Steelers defense still, and even though flat goes, never going to sit the world on fire. The ravens can be competent enough to move the ball up and down the field and limit the mistake. So as long as Baltimore doesn't turn the ball over, I like it. The ravens have an excellent chance of winning this game. And even if they lose, I still think three and a half points too much to me. This should have been like two and a half line or anything, but three and a half points. I mean, you're telling me I need to take the ravens because I don't see Steelers blown them out of blow them out. I really don't see that happening. I think there's a close game. I, I have no idea with this was going to walk because. Yawkey is pan. God defenses. I can't cover people guys running three. The not really stopping then have talking entity. You know, I it it. It looks that men got over four hundred. The is every week. And again, I, it's just not sustainable way the seals are winning somebody's. If I'm Kevin you if I'm telling you. Big, Ben's people did to two feet and. They did any windows games you. You're gonna be laughing at me, but that's my thing. It's like they, they needed a big forms out of Ben and also it's a short week for Pittsburgh. None of these are good. Science Steelers, I'll be honest, they needed. They needed a comfortable win against Tampa on the road. Now, traveling back, traveling back home on a short week to play the reinvents when they just had a physical game against against Tampa Bay is that went to the wire, they they had a gut that one out hold onto the win. I don't like the Steelers chances. I really don't like to me. I gotta take the ravens three and a half, and I think the of its win that game. So now it comes down to the Monday night game where you got kids city traveling to Denver. Now, Mojo's has been all the rage in NFL kids. Cities is four and a half point favorites. I kind of look at this one as a trap game because usually go to mile high. It's going to be Monday night. The place is going to be loud. You know, it's a very hostile environment. I'm I'm very curious to see how how Mojo's performance because I think he struggles a little bit, and I look at this game where case keenum has been so bad that if case keenum does not put on a good performance in the first half of this game, I easily see narrow Trevor simian gets the ball in the second half and keenum gets pulled because Keough cannot stink up the joint like he has the first couple of games this year and put the Denver defense in a whole. The fan base is already killing Elway for bringing Keno when I mean they're multiple quarterbacks available and at the time and Elway choose keenum. So it's not looking good so far. And I think if he has another clunker of a first half. I think he can easily get pulled. I, I, you know me on these court about these ended have a good season and everybody can do it. Does you know you have great yin in Minnesota, and I, you know, I don't be joining journeyman for reasons. And you know, Denver than giving this this, this. This contract on. I don't know what people have said. I really don't know what to expect. I mean, you've seen these newses wal mart. You know, Mark known. I mean, all of these guys. I mean, he lit it up in Chicago, and I said it Leonard as he's going to be another, my cousin, somebody's gonna, give him money. What happened. And they give him money. What happens? Yeah, can't mcdown went back, clean, Kate. Kate. Campbell eleven. What. These things. It is one it is, although in k. McMahon's defense, it was Tampa. So you know, no one's going to win there, but yet came down was the league in two years. Yeah, but he's put on it but that guided cinci cog. Oh, that one year. Senate green thing you wanted to. Yeah, I want you. It's gonna. We keep giant Getty after these guy have this great season. I always. Give me consistency, and I would take it every time. Anything I won't consistency. You know. Go, go, hit home, runs in one year. You know. Give me twenty black. It would five every year. But it it it, it's it's, it's a good guide. Great, Caesar's. On the night of during the Pantaloon in one season. You on what you up for either. You know. Yeah. So like I said, I, I look at this game. I see this as a very real trap game for the chiefs. What are not Denver could take advantage of it completely up to keenum and you know, I have no idea what guys gonna show up, and that's that's the worst thing you can have. Because I've seen I'm soon those games that that the Broncos of lease. You know exactly what about, you know, I don't. No, that is not really that good. That. I I came down, I better done. You know. Is bad. You know. Yeah, I got. I run outta here. I got to carry my airport. Yes. So I'll get you a galley, but we'll talk with her. Okay. All right. Okay. All right. All right. So I mean, again, those were the thoughts concerning heading it's a week for you know, I again, I see a lot of this with these teams where we've got a lot of question marks at quarterback yet still will number of these teams and you know, we haven't seen some of the cream rice at the top yet, but it's going to happen sooner than later. So I look at somebody's quads and you know, somebody's guys have got to step up tomorrow, their team's going to win. I look it. So I'm looking at the ten hills of the world and Trubisky is like these teams at wanna be taken seriously. The quarterback play has got to get better. There's no, there's no doubt my mind about that. So that's going to do it all for the show today. We'll get you back tomorrow will where I will be going through the fast picks for both fan duel and draftkings and we'll we'll get up tomorrow. They get easy folks.

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KULIAH ISLAM - Makna Keimanan (Ustadz Hawari, Lc., M.E.I.)

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KULIAH ISLAM - Makna Keimanan (Ustadz Hawari, Lc., M.E.I.)

"Sabet bake orion young project to them. I did a by could have bunk. Denver tho- becca potter a. loss panama. A lock on manila around young. But in past the allow or shop outside your daily humble. Yoga sharia charlie rose who behind donna. Hanover happen. Conman the again. Under mark julia islam but osama was homebody elsie salama mundane again so on volume or too long he will go to in hamdan who on who stuck funeral one hour. We'll be learning. Schori unforeseen a- at the marina mayor de la who follow within lalla warmer. You heard ula. I showed the hula sherry gonna. Why should mohammedan do learn. Ibo salah brother docking law. Our saudi usually armor. Lacombe your welcome. Why am i you at the isla for qualifiers foser now by step. How do you think it law. Had you mohammaden salang lana. He was salaam from almost thirty million allows behind. Donna morella market national among yet can buddha. Who were tyler parenting on one or more than he does. It doesn't end the on. The rush is the comma. Magellan in the low should behan wattana. Joey don on low to hunt down some consumer data simone buki allow us would Huntington on the us tour abroad. Also song la who them about a deal sabat sabat below done about us. Galleon almost siemian young lows behind on bass guitar. But after some martin gallini the montana eamon immortal back on the south to sign up thing than piling but to go then. I'm duties or muslim in manila gun. Hand delivered you when you're dealing. What on eamonn. Indiana begun theater and hidden but m- allowance. You must keep one who must give dong malas eamon. It'll be saudi league bus manja retard along beside you heard there are many too so does allow your luggage. Had they gone to get up a fantasy young become throw copy. Conrad keita john. Hannah cholestorol young tech. Baby tech bruce over email them don hang out guys flowing loose throws tech full out of the human get up but as how are the allow who town the on whom jim ryan the hulu the regatta. Not this not musa margarita. Doodoo menam in monitored get look to saddam in almost the lows behan horta allah. But now golly don't get developed. Wtop yuda lean muscle human lugano on our tubby barra. Monica some aspirin year. Monica the would come with your horrid mortaza romania about the donald loosener iman and ella why malone were decode. But i've got the dan keenan iman de la hoya one who for taco food lucan lower on the top of the under financial begun in colorado million god development adams idea yet in kosovo cotton on hammurabi how long barossa but in monitored reader on sort of qahtan alone any debugging follow. Call me. walk only son gordon. Color be joa. I'm glad you got to the baggage that it will be the than jewelry yes. I'm alan hoti then. Muggy maxwell max odor gold apollo be. Yeah y- the luckily keene. And then thank. You might untouchable yup ninety guitar young. Who go for is a gallon. I'm young the lot on our lows. Behind you got guy in manipuri inbound sorta for the bundle got the again lowering your gun kufuor. We saw jodi diarrhea keenan beside your family. John dearie abedin. Yeah under the is so on. That did the whole pay acting on young chop duda duda or listening in orion did narcan auto body slam mugabe who fertile. But also behind. What donna this quality data on low. Donna in england is what about ordained eamonn comedian. Young goodwa goalie son baraka unle- son indigo again. The eamon john danica but got the unshod assured ila law or unknown mohammed abu zeki but in the generally inman but i never been talk of wuhan. Young gun yeah so the mental allowed and also in your mental mental habit and the onion. Eamon well look at the so behind. I'm sort of over in our layup in a wooden hulu the about america by saudi. Do not leeann out sulu. La than barossa got hooked up on me the money or young filing coty gaba the lumberton gum modiin. We'll get back to ali but us about noorani younger. The broke up. Do the rabbi. Comey on ya in now. Hold on just without royal psalm. Get down here. But i need to topic are loss of one hundred attala but but the guardian still but even at us about mugabe. Yeah gaffar stabber. So that is a bloomberg even come with kellyanne but those behind our donna any deal about money to suburbia i'm alison doi- my tom. Yeah young jock about a foreign arm. Alison mentally montoneros solo. Nominating alex and i put an answer. Bombo johanna doohan malang up. I the young baltimore milonga. I at our civilians. Young money and bulaq crew hon. John and monica got the amyloid. Paul will be do not do double amel gone. Rat the banana to roger you macaws. And whatever you macabre about this messiah in nutty colossal it glosses on november board undercut souza's in imola alot sahana wattana comedian abolish ganja before a one we sound. I'm not sold on man outta oh often but see by young dong so ordering luke kuhn attleboro normal for a doctor who a cool but i saw who monogam- haatinen because condon paranormal but we're not gondola martina unhappy for but so good in yukon peculiar. Go for better. We are almost unanimous. How much honeywell salam that. I had up at by young the toronto but how much low anywhere salam the antara. All sort of eamon and ella allen hattie but did you talk about that. The gunman apple amazon. Hurting young latin young latin lows huatala assume somebody that he was someone. You buck once he to eamonn. Yes ideally by asadollah. Besides the around for our separate body only in punahou one doug widow danielle dot com luciano. Don young america comedian. Joe ari inman alan burden cotton angled abadan in at the gotti local gun be salmon number. Could monitor auto some marketing. Some meinen some number amazon young. Not who can he can do. All at tampa down you know who the menachem alone so behan tanna the on eamon gallon in need alums. What albacore that iman. Indiana and i saw kanabu holidays. Eamonn got on move on but even then puzzle at now looking to in italy back at our young at the gunman was money to china had yet money to an abbey for modify and yet you money to andy saigal mugabe the data angle burden. I'm john young things. Salama had the least sonya we child at the at the moment will open about what in italy on button to non zero umbrella tania saleh donna. My solid human iblis spoon bless. You're getting the implicit mohawk young loss. Yeah getting scott hall up. Danny alah go young tangle. Yuck in any of this going on la napoli's and duty call up danny nari the about that. The guy bliss weibo young when a loss of allah suda the anger min dida by then however the caffeine Ding to bring on menara doan yoga and then had did that. You artist adam on showed had a call be happy. Young monon tupperware comedian amazon. Hattie mahabir seed. Modiin much gordian ama- it orders and this volume loss. What the hannah see for in money. Who's but if i'm rural the wrong in my top dome to check love. Among the tech con la dara or less got moody on guitar. maximizing the alabama's among marceca amount under the tech issues. Don't bet your album. Senior fool when inca ny but obama in thought kobe. Kobe taken problem only senior. Then vinyl scalia. When you're done in manga garnsey settled young at that w. area tila alma liuhua milky tub. You assume now. But at that. W menongue i got alot sugano adana but did alan alcohol animal sooner but i got a young adults who ran at at at the alum. Some assigning buggy on those you talk anonymous dean unsung the pony hollered bertha brecca lapasset. Linda's aid arena suda hubby seattle. Anima semester done so you get one but he's have done gun gandhi and now had gone to baraga water northern rasa. She had gone down. You squad in detroit on candidate air. Who sam was on my that. Tom boo boo young on. Your monies are some latin rising up. But that's long me. My areas are to do while. I nap wealthy all kooning. Second book on on low super hanover. Almost all wheel young. Nobody can prove catas- either. Got the under gator south america around. Why makita. But i don't know pool now know why but as this acid getting osama dined almost. So we're all i american roba. You weirdo feel hamic. I if i share. But it can't rule on him so sweating aren't going to follow mr malagasy louis bullock game. Doodo tangun come on up. Sunday budel pans. Kim gabby be donna. Lombardi dan million. A million booboo ramona's year saimaa. You doing vanguardia osama that up in human too much. Hasina al awadhi tab was sooner maleta. Muhammed nama number allows behind on. What did i get up. In in this alon mendonca doug it muhammad buhari lowest behind khatana that the moussavi american consequential now beginning they got that more a low so behind arrow hemed young russell in i don. Snl molly hutton. Either so wrong. Chari by the anti wanna. And that's all. I saw one hundred sedan about mentality. Biennium nonleague kasana kamari. Larry light of commodity comedian. By you yeah. I think i've got the more it do. Do baloch got more on the cup. Ding ding look. As is i am the you got an obvious own lawn though congo. But yeah alpaca. So why don't you do it thoroughly. Martin and i'm happy got malkin. Wait also lots of money. Or i'll on guitar with i'll las vegas. Without that had a kubota hunky guitar solution. Bacon swing alligator returned yukon. Her enough so that we income nine all all along you did it get done. Come assia don. Anyone took it in that gotten among the eib. Dan sack new laughter amazon. I'll kim yeah. Well they got they got. We'll see buddy hackett the empty the but john. We'll see bye only be besides your besides india and when you ask them on the young bigger taboo alcohol what he'll for in what up lawyers earliest stuff on normal koran were maariv young but a toddler borough have yet. Yeah you're gonna manabu conquer immanent guitar about were guitar sato iot ideology that budi in in charlotte joko. What but a. Tom became and get them. All those wattana zuko my share when we got lucky by the subject yeah dow alone for who has. We'll get that at a better. But our what donna. I'll be one of the data also can modify the income but maritha to a hardiest so la llahu anew asylum more howdy saudis job. Mendonca man and scalia. Tom is horrid and muslim get ban biologist but shara happened last. Time but obama in scotty bihari mousseline guitar by the idea by bihari muslim to abandon baraga about downtown banker in from someone got attack takuan. Keita gordon yes. Alanya modified will not be slow samya combat. Well marty fatima hualailai omnia on our solve alabamian. Mo- none of them molyneaux believed and sea blue are laura. Young gun kabaga. Owned by w pamuk john guitar by law and to get down and on to some muslim believe oregon brown macaulay but a wide yesteryear cut the but saw on listening to me sollozzo on our number in guitar but see lateral him then or young yamussukro so on who asylum gordian youngster london. You know you're gonna fuck garfield owen modern gun than-thank alum semester in now gone immonen keita. Alexandria nam minna. Victory worked in. Do our l'idee who are michael. Burda mumber zeqiri about develops bugging. You go to the who. What the hell vicar. But the loss of them do a deary barring lawsuit officially far. I've got. I've got about secretary the ambling i've got to get that line charter settled in a lab in a lab. Lie you home. Women is the haram. Prosekey be them been. Uc boohoo is about bumgarner cooker. Sarah the daughter right over one is the but other minimal to rob scully practically. But they must the bill federally in our boudreau him. So they are very dubious. Thomas reuters and amac. I'm only had dash move the handle melissa. Sixty komo one hundred bludger komo two hundred komo armed olympic legit thanking stub body while the other. I'm gonna general by pharaoh stuff would allow tabuchi permanent deep scarlet supernova. Now i around. My number could comedian young image koran back on behalf his guitar durga have this managua unhappy. About how how in your web gun among ido but hell sizwe gundy's in local film is muraro and earlier. But i don looser mannerist but was so calm hanging montgomery. Dwi to the to handle bullying wanting thing with buena. Who boom young de laurent's along the harlem can about or online at taco bell to one gordian mamba brainiac mental. Our yeah mongolia. Bike donna per capita and mobile data. Come odeon manhattan the volume but good yuga mental ama- my tongue but monogamous bake did the bundling the intranet digestion any number in montana goodwa. Who are not happy. The debt that john ron back on apple lamelo bird burson. Galo de la but he bird anytime alamo. Heyman it doesn't want the mice out begin by baton. anybody on malice guys with malice and got some sato. Kacha our data so we did a look at boone. Allah who journey mahlangu jan rutta doodoo pursue in my thallium mosconi the halima in sangatte mendonca inland. And it done better. Yeah but office. You're on the it alarm. But he better but a loss of hundred wattana. Yeah the league era here and as coma. She brooklyn unhappy. The appending do not stand up missing it. Did it come together. Sonya it on any about human gitta mom here up in but mahlon number of energy in and get them mcgeown a lawsuit alaskan either mu in arizona. The siler your own ness that the camera. What it by december nabi shuttle them. Equal tabby minus author. Ron scans than than anybody and monica harrison. Monica lassiter. sola. Roy thomas to boot until we'll get the minus gallimard again. You're gonna get. That must be must yet here. At the abbey montana so my book by st mice book. Ghalia gerry scotti dhabi. Must book young rasa audience in mind. You had the healthy comedian. Yeah kalima one will help us dunia geeky where he'll done some dunia malim. That'd be cut one got goddamn. Oh yeah got said the young tumble tanya somebody behind on what i'll come with. Ghaliun tubing monoment number habitat more macabre samba. Kellyanne massacred alumnia. Leon google buddha. Our tacoma salim in somebody in younger year do artem the among because loyal muslimeen done. Yeah the partner but do leading sangomas any mean and then you go on guitar molem. Yeah lab earlier renault. Almost illusory the band aid era. Yeah the band orissa while they are juanita but diane winning besides john manda immoral ta you know purdue all of central muslimeen but a congresswoman under assaulted the to support the bonin turning. What can i be thrown away. Burqa beginning shop book. I saw the selling among to explain. What duly nakajima toby hervey city. What bukhari muslim out of order was zena. The ambling morning gotta grab dea at the wind up at the house come run debris can either sound wakeham odeon. He did not get a lot. I'm carlo member. Had they can always been outside. Yeah muscle get demand. Alamo water see islam wisely behind joan of you beside that. We hear my yucca. The young and the old semion in young when this john mind misbehavior by the armagh. And get it. Do you wanna go home. City mean your denia monitors around the suburbs then to mardi get idea theme went under the joey. How many but bundy. But cora aeronautica do but then golden dome again. What i did. Guardian city minimum. D'amato's and i get down mclaughlin an salman down human domino hannah. What alison and the to get that human on would only joke undertake On foreign what. I'm going to be on the hanukkah llama ella water will allow monica. What mccain raheel. But who said yeah under the mini. Mark leah islam but osama how. Elsie the mukasey outta schizophrenia and under.

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David Fizdale

Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

1:18:54 hr | 5 months ago

David Fizdale

"When you play, who's the first person of Bushel s? Back. Right out the gate. I was said I. Felt like I got like somebody really you know gave me the business I think it was It was probably job on jugs. Fine. Alike, Damn I just got. He got me. You know what I'm saying. The three guys I was said I gave me gave me the hardest time. But I I definitely gave them. Their own fits was jock Steve. Nash and J Kid Jock and highest. J. Kid in high school we lost them in the state. State VINYLS, Steve Nash was in my conference all four years you're song. About with Steve All three of those guys and. You Know Damn. The basketball players big time point guards smart has failed. Yo. Yo Yo come until you live on location Maoz Stan. I S at home in quarantine here Orlando and this especially all you know what I'm saying this is our first head coach NBA head coach. We got a real friend of mine my main man come into lab on location Calabasas it's just one exit away from wave and Gabby A. Mess pleasure to have my boy dave is fears Dale in the build Showing up was fear. You call me at three in the morning be their brother. You know that this is awesome. I appreciate your happened. Neighborhood is like legendary. You Got Hall of Famer you got coaches you got all the. Tina. Thompson told me. She grew up with you. Yeah. I used to play back in the day like how is that? When you came up the neighborhood at all the people you see this? Successful right now we didn't. You know we didn't know it. Then we didn't realize was happening around us you know and it was funny I was just talking to one our best friends that are grow with other day. This other guys that people don't talk about us from the same neighborhood like Harold Minor. Ahead. The Soup Bowl career but Carolina was legendary coming through that. Tina. was a little girl who follow her older brother was like my bodyguard he was. Like to he was like. He Ain't GonNa, talk a lot but but go ahead, do some not ally and you don't wake up tomorrow trying to figure out who knocks you out. Yeah. He was that you know can who he was like he was a heck of a point guard. He was a couple years older than me but I stayed right underneath him all the time and antenna was younger than me and Tina used to follow was stood apart and we used to try to get her to go home all the stopped following the stop as just say Nope nope upcoming to the park which. Eventually, it was like we started watching her and you know how it is like she call I got next I got next and all the Fellas at the park will be Nah. No you get on the court and then one day we finally let on the court as she started. People's. Cystic who you know there was. But. We had you know at that time. It was Sedgwick's abolish. It was Chris Meals was Kevin Eilly obviously job Ma. Barron Day was a young buck like little yet. Paul Pierce was a little kid running around. So we had such a DISA- Plethora of different players and Ucla back at that time was you know one of the top programs in country solve my boys, the Obama and brothers and Toby Bailey and and and all day are. We just have so many good players I was in this area and everybody knew each other. So nobody La you was from, you knew the other guy. Was Are you at the top slam John was busy. Washington was the big Aau and we all the net highest edney amine can just keep going with ninety Derek Martin Tracy. Murray. Cameron Murray. As man and there was a and I'm not even naming the hood dues that did. Not Guarantee You. You could ask any of those people are just named and we can go through a list of hood cats that was better than all of us. Every every city. Pity right you go through a list of those from the side I was just that could have been pros you know. About the two guys on my high school team that was all city that was player two years they ended up not plant they end up not finishing college basketball and finishing stuff, and you know ultimately kind of fell off but they was better than all up in you know. I'm so grateful that I got to experience that, and I really believe that it had a lot a lot to do with me. But coming a coach. And aspiring champion. And a winner you know the Lakers will hot. When I was a kid showtime was every day and so you know we would go to the parades and when you saw magic and Bob mcadoo on Kareem and pat, Riley only floats it was lying I'm doing that I WANNA do that. You know and so you know it ended up Surreal Emmy winning a title Whip Pat. And riding the floor had you know and so it was like I actually we'll that dream as a that I had as young kid that all started in the. Hood. Nah Guys from California they never WanNa leave California go anywhere else to school. You. went to San Diego like. It could have been anybody else. Would you thinking about leaving the state or you like now I gotta be live close to home. I really didn't have good options out of state. The Best Olives recruited me was Montana mine. FREEZE IT I, go freeze my ass off in. Montana but you know. This is crazy. The sounded wasn't even about Standing Kelly. As much as it was I just had a really good connection with the coaches by came to visit me I was really close to my grandfather before he passed he was like my my anchor, he bonded with these coaches and I bonded with them and The coach has happened to be on. You guys know Randy Bennett is the head coach at Saint Mary's in California who always has a good year they always pushing Gonzaga and the W. C.. A Hank Egan was is a guy coach, Gregg Popovich and college at Air Force and ended up working for Greg Orca pop at San Antonio. Those was the coaches that recruited me and I just immediately clicked widow and then I went on my visit. And it was Li- I walked into heaven. The school was beautiful. Was San Diego to weather was part of every day and do on the team were just they're just good guys and I say, you know this this fits me you know I I was always a guy that was looking for the right fit. Even when I pick my high school, you know a lot of people were going to crenshaw Kevin Ollie was on my junior high team once other guys they were all going to crenshaw crenshaw dislike. You, know that's not I'm GonNA end up never playing that's not a good fit for me and so my second cousin was the head coach of Fremont. He was like look I'm not GonNa, promise you nothing. But if you come here, there's no Ahmadou everything to make you better player almost down your butt, and hopefully it turns out well for you so I went all the way. To the east side and went to school over there and it ended up being the best decision I ever made because it fit me and and so I was never that God I was chasing the name. I was just more about can I go somewhere where I can fit in and that I could actually have an impact tell me about how you made the decision when you? Finish college and you decide to not go overseas. You couldn't one overseas to France but you decided that you wanted to you wanted to dive into coaching. How did you come to the decision? It was it was easy decision because my two boys. Who Played Division One. Had just came home I was I was scheduled to go play in France in two of them had just got sent home from France. Both of these guys, 'cause score and they sleep. In all I had her overseas was if you don't score, you get sent home I was a score I was set up guy i. was appointed Dr Guarded. People. I was headed Iran the team and you know so I was like man Ahmad Really Greg Fly over the phrase. Just, to go over there for a couple of weeks and then get sent right back home because I'm not. I'm not the kind of player that they want when I have this. Even though it didn't seem like a big deal at the time but I had this deal over in Miami where Mike Brown who's now top assistant with Golden State said Man I noticed. Erik Spoelstra. Guy Exposed who's the video coordinator in? MIAMI? He needs a major. So that was my decision and my whole goal was afternoon internship back and play again. And try to get right back to it. I'm just GONNA take this year to do this and get experience my belt. And you know. Twenty something years later here I am I went back to plan. I just ended up diving in the it's a coach and then it's worked out pretty well, you being a point go like I feel like point guards all point goes can be here coach's eye pseudo say because I feel like with a point guard, they know where everybody is on the floor they know what the coaches thinking like. You know some guys get to the point where they don't even need to look at the Cote they know who need to get the ball at this moment at this time they kinda began manages to transition into coaching from being a point. Gore was that an easy transition because Over the years you put. So you knew so much about everything every player, they Tennessee's and all that stuff. Now you in coaching it's like you just gotTa put it on the floor. It was it was natural for me. Because I just remember in I don't know if kids are getting the same treatment but I, if you guys think about how point guards was treated with you as a kid, they help agile coaches to be on them. That into them, that is their job to know everybody else. Not, Florida game in Washington the mall. And Win the push it winner, bring it out to run and and and you have to guard and you had you know what I mean like you had the quarterback defense and that's why I say like. That transition was was I felt like it was the the natural moved me but it goes to show you the names mentioned like Jason Kidd. Grew up in sap. Era California coach job by head coach Super Brooklyn Nets right now. Is. Now look natural because they had been beaten into them that you are a coach you just happen to have the ball in your hands. And you know I don't know of kids are still get the point guard position as changes so much now is going to be interesting to see if this next generation if the point guards that become the coaches because you're starting to see Jerry Stackhouse Juwan Howard Johnson's guys like that. That don't necessarily play that position but at ahead, ultimate, really understood how to play had wits about him are now starting to become great coaches in their own right and so I think is starting to evolve a little bit from that standpoint and moving into a different direction where you're gonNA start seeing all positions based on basketball IQ Otis Bro. Your influence like I know of course you love Magic Johnson. From La Magic was there guy but I know you watch this game from so many different angles like who is the ones that you grew up and use like man I wanna be like them I loved them and today was the Paul right away soon as you think about because I, I was slow. A long arms I was scared and I, play point. Mark Jackson was like. By cousins. So so when I was growing up. The Games on Monday big Monday on ESPN came out and it was the Oh. My cousin used to this is when VCR's had a court easterner who? Make Me Watch Mark Jackson at nausea him, Chris Courts, Yanni, and all of those bars Chris, Smith and all those guys in the big east he used to beat them into. Me was like you gotTa be if you slow you slow, you gotta be more. To know how a roll off of people you gotTa Dude Is. So. Mark over and over and over again that he ended up probably been from from pattering, pattering my game type thing he was probably the biggest influence but ultimately, my number one guy was magic. It was light magic was you know he was a big slow point guard in a Lotta ways compared to the little quick guys he was always planning against but it just Know to I was lucky because my cousin such a big influence on me he would grab me and he we take and we sneak into the form. Duda Duda where the where the concession people work. He asked them boys sneak in and we'd go up to the top of the form and I would get to watch laker games from up there and it just has such A. Profound influence on me because magic play the game with an incredible passion. And it was. So winning was so important to him and just. Remember that game when it was one as far as games and Kareem hit a Skyhook to win in a he was going crazy. Hugged of society. Like? It was like but it just to show you how much it meant to him. You know. Stuck with me man this I would say magic and Mark Jackson. For sure were. Guys Watch the most and you all to wells I will say even though he was on the enemy team and my. Coaches to kill me what this he nicknamed me little Dennis Johnson. Uh. Coast when we first got the. Guy. Dennis Johnson I got a He was just the way he played the game the way he competed on every possession he understood how to how to win games with his. You know he was a guy that I was my junior high coaches to beat him into me as well. You got play like bats. Guys. Yeah. He'll being in Q. Like when we first got the clippers We related to him so much. He was a breath of fresh air. He meant a lot to them years getting La and just just how he was and we respect them and we used to always tell about the. The the highlight they're still by DJ has it off he lays it in like we to always best with. A. Man. In that corner and no. Guy's going to beat. New Man he had he had an incredible feel for the game and you just know when you play against him. That was in for it at night grownup I'm telling you DJ like demand said, Dj especially you know me I wouldn't plan my first year as much as d-mass he used to be the one that used to pull me to. Talk to me John You know what I'm saying. Keep me keep me in and make sure 'cause you know meet visit especially a nineteen our way whereas. Some. The bow was crazy and he's come here. Let me talk to you League Tim. You can't handle stuff like know what I'm saying but he used to be be my voice those real used to be keeping me right what I used to be out there. Nineteen I know what's going on when you're not really being told a lot it will you need somebody? To Talk to you again because it says a lot too because I do know how you are and. You got to be able to coach you. You have to have a Lotta respect for that guy. So it goes it says a lot about Bj and the fact that you had a ton of respect for him to allow him to bring a Yo game bring balanced in your mind when was going through your first real basketball adversity you was a are you was a star from the minute outs all you as a young kid you was a star you know and so I think when you finally got to the League, it was like that moment of life I'm not playing like their. Turn. Williams. As. It took somebody like that a champion, a guy who had been through all of it. You know somebody that was going to tell you the truth probably get you to come back on that one and see things from a bigger picture. Though. He's the tell us all the time he was like, why carrying about store and they just call your name out played a whole second quarter and the whole fourth. Concur that they call you dave also does the we we stop tripping about star and comedic like we got started league A. Man You play the whole second at whole foot or at least four corridor you that's them. The key minutes you need to be playing rather events norm. I used to tell my young guys at new. York, would you rather finish the start if I had to give you a choice and to they would all say, Spanish, a, no I, no surprise a star in the and and eventually you guys they're become a starter and stars but there is something to be said about when you could bring your mind down to the right place say whether I get to finish these guys who gives a Dale I'm putting on the game. So you know it just goes to show how he saw things. Individually Lino. Face, you know what I'm saying you sacrifice for your team. You might not destroy like how they did. was Andrea dollar. You know was the curb, put him on the bench and look how that just worked out and like putting all star somebody who's been starting. His Lee and it was the best thing to happen to Andre. I feel like it is tended his career even longer and he did even more by doing it. You know and they did Moore's group as the grew. Up Helping them win title. Taken sacrifice and this is and I thought that was very very. You coast a lot of players so for you're gonNA coach anymore but right now from the players that you didn't coats would use. Cisco's with your head coach if you could put five. Players together to be your store and Fi to coach at all teams all all players that all players who will be. Fire for you. My Point Guard would be Mike Conley. Cutty as point guard that coached little Collie. Yeah could the only reason us tools because I got nick the quick late Like we just go. I would probably take nick because nick was just an assassin. By the time I got to him and state on one leg and it was. It was the Kleiner but I ended up hiring 'cause Q. wouldn't COME TO MEMPHIS TO COACH But I would say Mike Conley I was Say D. Way. Security you might be an mix. Branford Sore Chris boss for sure. and Margot saw Oh Cali D. Way Lebron Boston more Gusau. That's a nice though. I never got the coast kristaps either kristaps was already by the time or traded while while he was hurt for us so. Made that list to you know if he would actually you know stay with us and autographed to coach. But I would say you know that that five right there with with Q. Knocking on the door because that would need some ballots. To smack somebody up they got. ESI Mason you know. You GotTa have that dog you got to. Just leave you gotTa have a higher there. That's willing. Tell you know the guy is getting all the shots that he? Wrong? You know 'cause somebody on has to be able to tell him that now is the thing with cue which was awesome was. You know although he indeed had a previous relationship I don't think it would a matter. He was willing to tell the way he was wrong and. Important thing to have on the team because if you'll start is not gonNA listen to anybody. You'll coach was probably GonNa go out the window you know. Teams as crazy as it sounds a lot of people don't notice a bottle Chris boss was that Guy Championship teams Chris boss would go hand on Brown he will go in. Bosses averaging twenty five and Thirteen Toronto. So he Gabe lot he was killing Toronto. Without played against him I was like. I'm looking at right now here's a saw when I play on are. Good. He can play man he a lot to come be a part of that and so news I. was if I'm giving up all these shots and I gotta start spotting up from three and I got a switch on a roll into a yawning, be able to make excuses about when you screwing up either. So see be used to be on them. Does everybody thinks he beat to solve guy as quiet live shit? Be used to be on a head man and then made an always say that he was the guy who made it work. She was Lou that really brought that whole thing together and made that whole thing work for us to win titles. So. Tell me is how was it when you when you touchdown as assistant in? ATLANTA? This is Joe, you know your first taste of you started out us. We spoke in a in a in a video room I heard many stories about that. But now you know you went to college and got on the floor and got really coach a little bit. Then you get your chance with. ATLANTA. How was that fully I die? So how accuse I want to go stay for one year? And before I got to Atlanta and we got fired at the end of that year Arab Muslim was the head coach and so that year actually really helped me get ready for Atlanta and After we got fired I didn't know. Mike Woodson at all. I didn't know woody at all but my buddy that I played college ball wit was working in their front all Finney say, Hey, I want to introduce you to would be a you'd be a good fit but he's young kids that we were coming in. So I was this average can have opportunity to try to get a job. I went to me woody in the Salt Lake City. Summer League, and after five minutes we hit off in he hired me on the spot though I mean how much is making how many years I was getting I was like damn this is all right. I'm back to work you know. It was challenged and it was really challenging because we weren't good. You know we won thirteen games and we were losing obviously on purpose for the most part. And probably my most challenging coaching moment was coaching Josh Smith and and coach Jasmine as a seventeen year old in his hometown. was tough. You know and we were together we had to go. We went through some battles man and you know I'm glad it happened because he made me a better coach like he may me and he I was like you queue in a lot of ways when you talk about damper and just you know how ice tea and. So it may me settled into being more of a coach and I had to kind of get away from that. If you'd say some crazy to me, I'm ready. You know what I may like lose data at. So Josh Josh Smith Josh childress a kitten and Dante Smith at that came out junior college. Ivy. They were. Rookies and bores the hours in a second year and they all responsibility over. Young. Young core as so for me it ended up being like the perfect introduction that's how to develop players, how to connect with guys. You know how to keep guys minds in it when they not playing well or they not plan at all, you know like Dj did for you you know so that that that that time for me was was awesome time and we got to see that team grow the first championship season that you'll have to actually see a season from stolen from training. To. Unfold and get the. Goal. At the end like how was the as coast because? I don't know how many championships you one but I, had won many of my time especially on a level of that just to see what it takes from start of training camp all the way to that last shot that buzzard when that time go? How was it to see a whole season? And be a part of that and go to a championship. It was amazing D- But I tell you it started in the year that we lost. You know we. Got All eat we went to the end and played against doubtless loss and I had a lot to do with us winning the next to. A COQ one. The pain is just misery I. Mean you know when I can't even explain the pain of all the way to end. And Fall. Short is slight Israeli. A one of the most miserable films I've ever felt my life next losing a loved one. and. So the next year coming in, it was a lockout. and which made it even more paying 'cause we were all light. We gotta get back this. Coming back and to see how bad team hit the ground, run it, and just to see their level of commitment and they're willing to sacrifice. I've told the story a lot, but I just really believe it was the key to us taking the next step you know D-, way Your came to me. Before practice one day was like listen I'm going to tell us do. That is his team because he obviously doesn't see that it is. So I think he needs to hear it from me 'cause he's he's giving me too much respect like the. World he's got. This is is now. And so I said Hey. On on on the elbow and sure enough bronco comes into were shooting free thousands just us three in the gym. And and way kind of looks at me and he brought shoes and hose the ball and he goes man this is yours. And kind looked at him like you didn't know what he was talking about at first. He was Li- Bra. This is your team he was like I'm here to help you now here he. Was Clown. He was like, yes. This is always going to be way county don't forget. This is way county. He said that day. But the rest of the time we hear together, this is your team and I'm going follow you and support you. And it was like, do cadel see like a weight was taken off a Bra and that year if you go back and watch some of the Games, he had he exploded it was like he finally saw him playing with a free mind 'cause. y'All have seen him play with a heavy mind with a outed brain and always want like if I don't win and what's going to happen if unknowns he'd and he miley let all go and I really believe that conversation that day was the key to everything when he did that and I think that year to Chris Bosh got hurt and we had to start playing shame body at the four on it because it was his best position but we kept force-feeding them at three and at that point change. That three was gone like it was time the become that space for and so by doing that, we got our smartest players on court with move beats at the five and we just our whole tame exploded year so to see to. Start, a business of how things took place for us to get to that point It was something I'll never forget an and like I always tell we would've like. Yeah we give you coach you guys and we try to teach you everything you know and all of that. But I'm telling you guys teach us more than we teach you. Because most of the decisions we make, and most of the things we come up with as coaches are things that we're getting because we're watching how you play. You respond and how you react and how you execute. And what's your strengths and weaknesses and so we ended up, we end up learning a lot more. So you know that team ended up teaching us so much and we just ended up figuring out the biggest thing I think you know ultimately to our success was was spoken. Oh you know from a technical standpoint from tactician standpoint you know, let go of the old heat ways and saying, Hey, this is how we're GonNa do it and this it 'cause the heat we never switched. We wouldn't swelling that was the easy way out back in the day right offensively we always ran are available to the strong side post in the offense will those things spoil got away from? SPO- said, no, we gotta keep that block open and we gotta give be. On the space in the world. And in defensively, we got all of these guys that's between six five and feet. That's athletic. Let's. Switch was every. End. Yeah he ended up suffocating people and that's why I said Chris Bosh was important in Shane at four was so important because they will smart and they do job switching and containing guards, and so that ended up springboard stood a finals and then I just I just knew I didn't matter who he was gonNA. Play that year like we was we was win that year and it just Hooking up. and. Young Russell. Arden. I'll talk about that all the time affect how huge there was somebody like the way because you know I was dead obviously the year before they joined up in f you coaching them you saw how you know they were they were highly competitive against each other and you know the same draft class and all this and every time they played they going to war trying to beat each other. So for D. way to say, okay sit back and say I'm going to bring this guy who I know. Once you get here is going to basically be his thing and for him to be that selfless unselfish to make that and then go further after like with the story you just told us it and lay down when he is not going the way, it should be to have the. Awareness to say look man this is this is what it is had the like I say again, unselfishness to say I'm handing you the keys to my Bentley and Yours, you know what I'm saying I've given the keys of my whip and my car saying here that's the that was huge for you. You know say that story like that that definitely highlights it wouldn't work without him. And when you was there. Arguably was MVP. He led the League. That that's that's what I'm saying like. outplay Brom most times that they went head up with. S. Smart. And so you're exactly right. Liked him to check his ego and be able to say 'cause. You know and what told me was D-, was much more about winning than personal stuff. That's when it really hit me that. Winning was the most important thing to him and his legacy has a winner was more important to him than having Stat Serbian demand are all of this other stuff you know just by him making doing those little acts that no one really got to see but we got to witnesses on a daily basis It would have never worked if he didn't take that step back. And at least just just verbalize it. Lebron. Playing wise. D was still sign dude he was a killer trust me people he was he was he was putting on shows a lot of nights, but he just understood that Brian needed to hear that from him to really understand that he don't have to look over his shoulder. No more at wonder if he's used this pull up three on the break. You and linear that. And the other thing I laughed at a light because you know I had just been there so i. Things about you know at least the guys that were there when I was there in the in the organised from an organizational standpoint. So I would be laughing when they would be. You know like you said the first year so struggle would be rooms like they're going is they're gonNA fire spotting spotlight. Tripping I'm like y'all trip like they don't even know it. They don't even know what it is right now like now obviously years later in hindsight they see how great of a Co but I knew 'cause like you saw how that was what I always respected about spoke he didn't he didn't. He wasn't a coaching shied away from anything. He doesn't care about conflict. He cares about dialogue he had a open door. You got an opinion I'm gonNA listen and then I'm not going to disrespect you. But if I don't agree with it, I'm GonNa go back and I don't care about getting file you know spheres we used To get into it was always it was always respectful. He knew that I was all about winning. So he respected me and he he allow me to do what I did and that's where. He, he had a special temperamental I really learned from him. That was one of the few things I learned from a buddy was the kind of guy who was was just about. Can we get to the right answer? He didn't care whose answer it was. Wasn't about Mimi me and he didn't even if he could never did an interview on camera, he would have been happy with that. That's that's how it was. But he was about, you know, let's get to the right answer. What's best for group and so he knew it was going to be days where a player had an opinion about how we should do something. A player was going to have a certain energy or passion towards him that they were going to have to go at it a little bit. He would be able to deal with that but then you know once it was all done he biz go talk to. When They survey and good and they got a point where he didn't even have to do that what you guys anymore because you guys have built such a a trust that he knew it was over in that moment he knew like of an inch you disagree we may be yell at each other a little bit that's done. Now we'RE GONNA win the game you know and it was thing like and I think that was you know from the Bronx it was good for Bron- 'cause you know the Bri had to hear the truth. He had to he had to conform to the heat way and we couldn't bend to his way and that was really that he had that spot was there for him. Even though we lost that first year, it was little stuff that would take place. That was really cool like I remember Lebron was hot about something you know that was kind of calendar to our culture something I duNNo. Some guys he wanted to come into lock roller I. Forgot what it was we don't let nobody in the building Oh so it was something like that and I just remember walking through the locker room. And the bomb was saying something he was talking to a couple of guys in lockdown was empty. It was just you D and D. Way. And both of them as I was passing do go Nah bre now we don't do it like that here. This is our space you won't hang out with them, you do it over them but this is how we do it here. When we come here, this is just for us you know you d layer is, is all who dare so it was. YVONNA speak up. That's like you know. You'd be bleeds the culture like. Is. The black and red is if you want to a picture of a guy on the definition of of Heaton. Donald has older you know one bronze started to see. Wait a minute. So pat telling me this spos- telling me this now Mama? Is telling me this ain't got nowhere to go. I've got to buy into this and so I really think that that's why Miami was the absolute best place for him to go get his college education because he needed people that were GonNa see, that was going to say no to him to really get him to understand what winning was in. Those four years of college and with us he took it back to Cleveland and you saw winning it there but at but had the ending now of what we're non-negotiable. Dr, senior ACA visibly see that does different points of the season and then still knowing different guys talking to different guys. I could tell. But I it was like you said it was like I knew that the culture wasn't going been. Gone already knew what it was and I was like this is going to be interesting to see. Like you like you say, different little points of the year. But I said that was one of the things that I did they why respect disposal might it's like saying I I saw from day one like we had J. O. who's dominant personality Yup Going Back Down J. O. J. O. D. Way everybody the same and it was like when you when you know as players when we see that we can meet as a player I always. Respected and I was attracted and drawn up. So when I saw that that was like, okay I, can't I can rock with his. Day like I I had a I had a great relationship with, SPO-. We built the grass deal talk to them. Talk to my father's Day in different days like one of my favorite coaches that I ever play for not only play one year one year he feels the same same way about you I swear to guy I can't tell you how many times he'll bring them up in just random conversations where because one are you know for us the we respect that most of you was how you came in in the summer and gave yourself over to the program. Was I look I am going great where I was at. You know I, need to kind of reboot myself. You know a Lotta dues won't again check your ego. You had already had a great career, but you said you. GotTa. Get back into a place that's going to get me right Nah. You committed yourself to to Miami and the summer. And they were pot as hell and I remember days running wall to wall, and when he was a run over to the trash can put. You. Can Watch it. Back Up, he get back on the line. Again, how many? How much weight did you lose that summer? I mean you were allows forty seven pounds five weeks since about it and like and like eleven percent body fat as it was crazy it was awesome to watch the commitment on his in to come in every single day and put himself through that and we was there everyday widow. It was like I said, well, I'll tell you together every single day. We was together every single day whether it was going to eat whether it was in the gym. It didn't matter. We was together I was watching who we was doing something together during that day. Awesome and and you ended up getting a three year deal at that whenever he was supposedly saying, you weren't there were done all it is ended up getting a three year contract with Orlando Right. I think. So you know it just goes to show you one ozone. Reflects on your character but I really think you spoke connected through that work and through through commitment and preparation and you know exposing DNA, you know. Maybe. I. The XS and Os Guy, this guy or this guy he was like, but I'm prepare a mile war you like I remember help talent the team in the finals. This is the coolest thing he's at a we were playing the Spurs. And we were down one game to on the year we beat them. And we do our film and San Antonio and He goes you know a fellas he goes. We've been trying to trying to beat Bobby Fisher at chests. GonNa beat Bobby Fisher. Test. He was slapped a F- and says board off able won't make this a UFC fight. And that's what it's earned their to with us. We came Spurs at chess that's not they. Are. In the we said we gotta make this a brawl as. We make age fight we're going to stop trying to play chess. We're GONNA make this case by any chance the most serious that's. Impo you know for me I'm biased obviously, but you know I I I was lucky enough when I was twenty three when i Mess Spo Spo was twenty five and we was working in video room as the bottom of the barrel guys and so what is for me to be brought back to their twelve years later by this guy where he gets his head coaching GIG and for us to be able to go on and do everything that we did together, you know I I just got so much respect for him and our friendship and just what he's done for me as a person and coach, he is added probably more to me than any one person. In my basketball life brother for life of brother for love I I said it just like Jews Fares went when you call like went went when I went to work for stand it was only It's only a handful of people that I would have went in like even I. Would Be being away from coaching and stuff like that. I'll never say never but like spoke with somebody who when he called in, he was calling you remember not when you when you got the Memphis and I was like the is you know you might dog I was like. I just can't do it. I was like I'm not I can. GotTa. Be wasn't so and it was the same thing with sports like when you told me because I was laughing you call me I got the job with with standing and he was like, do you like Spo- losing his mind, right? Look like he didn't. He spoke he's like dude I know like I didn't have an idea that I was about the coaching like this. He was hot. He was like staying stole my guy. Funny 'cause like and I don't know whether it is but. You know he and I both wheat we we is this weird then which is Chicago cats we just refined withdrawal for some reason to. You Tony. I like I. I got such close relationships with all you do Zodda. Chicago is very few ties that do comes out of there where I'm like, I, don't like him. You know. John Howard is a do that If he called me porn ammonium. Mayor I am news. Here's a funny diet is this was funny now is moved to La and we were living in Sherman oaks for a little bit be way Leah's five minutes up the road him gabby listen to this just. Day move out here to where we are now. My wife goes you're ready to buy a place. I'm like, yeah let's do it and just trigger by plus we live a exit away from him now. We can't get away from each other get. But because it's like it's like what is like is very few people could actually sit around with and just be with them and you know they don't want none for me. I don't want nothing. Of. Stuff we lab at the science stuff and and that's the way for me like. He he's just that's my do you know what I mean? It's going to be this close to me. You know an and media so closed as kids and like Gab. GAB WE SPLIT US her high school new Gab when she was seventeen years. OFF New Way before I knew. Day came up to me a hug me and he likes I you know. I this is my brother like. Together. Since we was kids, you know as us now to be neighbors basically you know his house is obviously a lot bigger than mine but. Most aren't but as. Advocates is always like I always I. Love Y'All. I want to speak up on like how proud this is one of my favorite players of I'm so proud of this do like how proud are you of you don has to see his whole career how he's like Mr Miami he's still way county but. Like the mayor, the mayor. I'm so I'm so proud of you hasn't demand he become. His body, he little Chubby kid with the brace like just who he is. Now like Speaker Boehner Don because you know we got a big respect full Yannis. would. He brings to the table. He you know a certain do that you can put in the room together and it's GonNa be okay. He's one of them does you know if you were tough do you about the real stuff? You can be in a room with him you know I I think about his comment when they got Jimmy Butler whereas said, he was he what you what you want him to do when you put a dog in a room full of cats. Eat. The cats. is now in a room full of dogs, they all go run as a pack and. A going to test you. He GonNa make sure that you adult so that you can be in that room with him and you know to watch him as a man. Evolve into this incredible businessman and community leader. And this guy who now is really he's leading the front you know from the front on a lot of social issues in Miami right now in a way you can't. You can't help expected off you see his body of work. You know the type of guy he is he isn't a guy that was blessed with the super hops or pure jump shot all of the stuff he wasn't drafted. You know he he basically was a walk on in the League. took his spot in the League, and now here is still in the NBA. I've let I think he's Won't be like sixty he's going to be like the. Old. Put Him in a guy right now it's just that they got a young team and a lot of you know they're talented and all of that stuff but if somebody went down and they needed to play minutes will. Be and he was a huge part of us. Win It. As where he's against Indiana different people where he saved us. Dan this this is on the brink like we might get knocked off right now dinosaurs the dude that was coming through savings. Or he was the guy sending that message like he's he's a he's a last of a dying breed. He's the doom. When when tyler hence, Bro Delays head two plays later Hasbro Uganda's busted his head. Right, and and and then I many of those news laugh that's going to go out. And Keep it real as so you know I just think that you know personally me who is you know it's a lot like relationship with to like. You know you can be anywhere in this world. And if he? Is a needs news eater and there's been here's the crazy part of had moments in run in Miami where I thought you know what? It's about to go now like I I'm really glad to be in something right a Word Call You D. It was over. It was over that's how tidy respect he is. A Miami is a somebody messing with you. That's going to be a that's going to be over quick and he will be there for you whenever you call him. Like it was like automatic like you didn't have to ask twice for him you know what? I'm old guy. You know what? You D like. You always get the troops I just like US I. Love Guys that respect guys at that. You may not like what I'm going to say to you, but it's going to be the truth because I love. Facing suit. And it was just like he was wrong and we have raw conversations I remember one night. You know he was happy about his role on the team and me him patents sat up in office until like three in the morning after a game. Going back and forth back and forth, and we all said the real stuff to each other face to face and by the end of it, we was all teary eyed like but it was real and we just hugged each other and he looked at us and he's saying that y'all know if y'all was caught up in alley somewhere thrown and I be there and and none of us had a doubt of what he was saying. It you know it's a reason. You guys like you respect got a guy like you Donald 'cause you guys cut from that same call you come from this element. was tested as a kid where you grew up in the most harshest conditions and you made it out of that to thrive. You Know Don came from Liberty City like. If he wants his ego hate that. Some all. But. But he comes from Liberty City Man Y'all know that that's one of the toughest areas. In the country as. them to become the man he is the leader that he's becoming. The thrive and businessman he just. I can't say I, 'cause I it was it implicated I had something to do with it but I, just it makes me happy on the inside to do like that win are so so you spoke about you know finally leaving the nest and leaving Miami was dead for you leaving and engage in. You know achieving the dream obviously being you got to be the head coach in the NBA and how was that your first experience as head coach in Memphis? It was it was a scary be honest. Iraqi, cause I had a black or more. Make these decisions. and. You know I knew I was coming to a super veteran tame that had already had success. You know Mike Conley, Marva Saul Zibo. A bit. It's at claw. Now, we talk about. Tony. Allen another to. You. And so I knew that I. You know everybody was worried about is if could I code Zibo Tony And I knew that that was already done. You Know Zibo hang out with my boys the neighborhood in La so I knew that that was. A deal you know. Great relationship and then going back to Chicago thing I knew Tony Allen and I was don't click on all cylinders. It got appointed. I was playing Tony Too many minutes he came in he was like coach, my knee man I, you plan me more medicine I played at three years. He's. You Got I. told You I have. To tell me I'll play too much. Like us I save anybody coats. So I knew that that was that was that part was going to be taken care of it. So I was just a matter of how do I get You know the toughest decision for me was how do I give my colleague to become what he could really be? Without, Losing Arkansas special towel and even all the him, it's being more narrow. And at the same time I have to bring, I gotTa bring this culture that I know. You know genuine bring it can't be meet repeating just praises in words from the. Something that's genuine to me but at the same time respecting the Grit and grind culture that they had already built. So it was a real delicate walk on how to make it all work together and You know it wasn't always smooth but those does they played hard. It's hard for me. You know I think the toughest thing that year for us was. You know we ended up signing Chandler Parsons to a bit contract and I couldn't get him on the court. With the missing piece boss if we would have had that big winglike you d miles like bid swing three man I could do play basically point three. That would open our team. We would have been dead leading and but we still ended up being a really good team. You know mark evolved until this big time three point shooter Mike. Conley averaged twenty two and night on me after averaging fifteen sixteen and night you know his career and obviously, and here's the biggest kings who talk about sacrifices. I went to Zibo and he's at a hard conversations. You gotTa have guys. You know you can't be afraid to have these talks with them but eyebrows Zebulon said office after the after preseason and I said you know I says, Ibo I think the best thing for you and for us is we come off the bitch. And I know you've never done that I said, when listen to me listen to my reasoning before you give me your ass. That you go get the same amount of touches. I'm to move you to five. So you're gonNA be playing against. Slower Guy us. And I'm bringing you the bed. So you're not even playing against starting passed on first. Let's make it a goal that you are six man of the year this year Looked at me coach explain all that man. He said I'm witcher. Mosey. Office one game we lost Portland and it was late and I didn't have them in the game because I wanted to be able to switch more Zebo came in he said coach I know I'm not great with switching and all of that he said, but I'll make sure we went gains at the end. He was like I. WanNa, Finish Games I said deal. With hands on it. From, that point on the only conversations laughed Zibo he would come in. You'd be shoes Ontai walking around like you have bad beat the yellow. Cross Jim Yo ass still practice it. I know and he lays them up, and then you know we got into the play offs and. We played this year and we lost first two guys bringing them off the bench and he came to the back of the plane. Sat with me. We started watching film and I just looked at him and I said, you know you start in the next guy, right? He was like whatever you won't coach I ended up bargain. We want tied the series to to to Obviously, we ended up losing the series, but he was just talking about a joy to coach. He made my life. So eat what it was. It was scary going to that. You know environment you know knowing that they had already had something there. You know that was established. You know even though it was on the tail end, it was still riding in the city was behind that in the citizens. Not couldn't come in there. Just be missed a heat and. Do this and there's not. So I still had to embrace what they had already a stab listen. So it was good for me to have to go through that and learn from that and it made me a better coach doesn't tell me about how was that for you your experience being a head coach of the New York Knicks in Mecca how was that for a Man I remember I, remember. Just, being like. You know like grass was a famille. Like I Again when you a basketball historian and enthusiasts like. To get that job was dislike adrain from me you know what? I mean. Follow in the footsteps of my mentor, Pat Riley and and you know the client Fraser's and all it was just like it was it was mind blowing and you know what that meant to my mom who was a basketball junkie and are all right. You know and be able to bring her to that press conference and Madison Square Garden and You know that it was it was something I'll never forget and although it didn't go to way I would have wanted to go. I wouldn't have done it any different like I wouldn't try to that experience to say that I did that was part of that for nothing you know like it was. You. Know you in there and it's just like you both got when you went in there as an opposing player. It was like I. got a ball. Rolling you like go spike and they'll go Adam Sandler and they're going you know Tracy Morgan. I. Hope I got I got along on. You know. But me it was Kinda like if I couldn't be the head coach of the Lakers or the Celtics, it had to be the knicks. So we're not opportunity came you know. Is Crazy as it was I was lucky enough to have like five teams that was really serious about me. You know during that time and It was just like man. I'm. I'm. A. Fan You. This On the. Job Like it was a there was a difficult job, a lot of people. Burn and you know I knew I was taking on a monster and so you know I have I mentally prepare myself for it. It just said you know what? Whatever comes my way whether it's the media killing me aw. Ex players of a or whatever fans like deal with it like you you've been through art stuff this you know the bottom line is you stand in in the garden getting the cones every single night and you know most part is even we stunk. Incredible support from the fans like unbelievable support. You know you got a couple of news here there that my schedule wife a tweet or something something crazy like that. But at the end of the day man, every time I walked in that arena man fans was like one hundred 'cause I always was honest with the fan base like I didn't try to sugarcoat stuff I never bland players or what was going on around us like. Ours is told how it was and I think new. York fans appreciate it that I that I wasn't there abortion was they're just trying to give them the you know the deal you know ultimately, we just didn't win enough games and you know as a coach I take ownership of that. You don't. Put out on my players. I'll take ownership of that and so if the decision that to change me out. But I was putting it on the front office and I wouldn't put it on the players owner and all of that other stuff that other people, WanNa. Do and make it about and I appreciate people have my back. At the end of the day, I'm the colts and I take on the ship for what how that team performs and Montana wasn't performing at high enough level at the right that team wanted it to play at. So you know I'm grateful that they gave me the opportunity I'm just hoping that I didn't lose so many guys that I don't get to sit in that seat again because I really felt I can do it. You know I I not. Approved that I can do it. And I just want that opportunity to get. After that situation I learned so much more that I. Think. I. Got a lot to give to the next job that I get. I get the just the right pieces in place boy. I'm will let me some. Let me get a bunch of y'all running around out there. And see what happened with. Junk Yard dogs it a whole team for love them and see what happened. I have puppies in New York. They were they went yard dogs yet but I have some good younger I'm telling you the cabinets Robinson. Kevin Knox RJ Barrick. Those kids are GonNA end up being players in this league. They just babies don't like you notice A. Take time probably don't discount fall in the doges killing sometimes look the look guys like towns he took. Special though. He was special. Yeah so so you can't lay down ause they don't. They got I think they're in a good position to to do something. Well, you know hopefully, they hired a guy that can get them over the Hump and It's come back to that culture can everybody stay tight? And hold strong wind when media stars poking at it or or agents are O. Kanada. Fan Base Star somebody it's like that's when you gotta hold tight and really stick together and so you know I know Leon rose well, he's. He's a good dooney smart hey. Oh, you know you know he's got his hands full but that's the challenge you want. You don't WanNa you don't WanNa just handed to you right you WANNA listen work. And have to earn, and so I think they got a good thing going over there and I'm rooting for. With everything that's going on in the world you know now so many athletes want to do so much more. What's the ideas some that that you didn't have come across your head of what athletes can do. They tell putting certain things names on the back of their jerseys but people don't really know what to do like even with us we don't. You can talk about it but now is at a point where you WanNa just talk you WanNa actually. Just be doing some stars were educating yourself I think we're. All of us our raise, right. And let's be real. All three of us have watched this shit go our whole lives and have been victims of this shit. Our whole lives they didn't matter if you play the or if you've got money or use so-called mated it if the police over you was nervous and they was gonNA treat 'em Skar. Bro So you know it's outrageous to see this still going on what happened to George Floyd and all of these other guys along the way a- and women, and so I think he is it really wanted impact change is you have to take the time to educate yourself on what changes things was going China stop is when players actively involved. We're getting people out to vote. Active Duties and educate people how to register to vote how to how to do not voting how where where they can go early voting With being being educated on who you voting four. Days what are they trying to do in your community I just go on and Click on the name like that's athlete. And you gotTa know and so that's why I think athletes can combat could really use their platform in in a real substantial way is through I them educating themselves on this stuff but then taking that education back to their communities and epic and taking that time to educate their communities don't listen don know that every time you went back on and a van or anything like that. The whole hood showed up. So you say this is what we. Do it. We have. To Acknowledge. Our history. What has happened before it is the only way you heal is if you acknowledge right and I, I've learned that in marriage like I do something to hurt my wife villains. If I keep moving on through my day, like nothing's happened and keep going out that pain is still going to be there moving forward as. Somehow someway bounce right? You have. The pain as a community I e and that's why we talk about the heat. Do. You see some spouse quotes in some of UD's quotes. A lot of it is about reflection on what happened in Miami in the past. Don't if you don't acknowledge that, how can you fix what's moving forward? GotTa educate yourself on your history on what's happened where you from. You gotta get yourself own law. You got to educate yourself on boating, and then once you have that that knowledge take that big platform all these guys have now as read that knowledge is rent education inspire people to get active inspire people to get involved and the cool part about this generation right now is they don't need a lot of motivation. Direction. We don't. We don't necessarily have Dr King Right. Now of this generation has just on the Movement Malcolm X. That says funneling the move member. We got a lot of leaders here and there and people doing stuff and is not to knock the leadership. But because the world is is is so big. Now because of social media athletes now are starting to take those kind of seats and they have to understand the power of that platform and I really believe through education changes could really really start to ship was going on why is this going to stay the same? Like you see even right now the Senate as bsn on passing any kind of police forum now Or now they're trying to just sugarcoat around the edges and come up with something that's GonNa pacify us. But at the end of the day, that's not get nothing done these cops won't feel like they empower to treat us anyway treat us like adults. They're saying that do Nila no his neck. If anybody knows it if you grew up being a hunter or you wear hunting which grandpap. So Yo Dad or whoever? S to hunting picture. That's what they do. Deer Man Neil, his neck like he was dead deer like she was just picture while people was for people he knew he was being are video recorded. Arrogant, look on his face sums it up by. Doing this and then I don't care and you can't do nothing about it and I'm not scared that you doing I'm not going to stop. I'm not changing it up and making it look like not doing this I'm doing exactly what I'm doing I don't care that you gotta Cam. The last time must've looked Q.. Safari in Africa with my wife and I saw I N Killa. Hyena? And Lion don't kill Hyenas for food, they kill Hyenas. Leno. You I welcome around here and I watched lion just stare at everybody taking pictures all these jeeps was around and his Lionel, his mouth, but he just stood look. And this could be you. Like it was that kind of look and this could be you if you ain't care. So, you know I I like it everybody starting to speak out, and all of these people are trying to figure out a way to get involved on the number. One thing we gotta do educate ourselves, educate our communities and actively get people moving into voting at got to become participants in voting process or we don't keep getting the same leaves right. Let me let me ask you this right. So you. Know with the with the with the NBA star and all of that, and you hear in all of the talk in the back and forth about you know whether they should play and whether this is an opportunity to use the platform was this is dislike something a distraction my what's your take on it? I feel like they can really make a difference. What's your opinion? Is An opportunity or distraction now? Total Opportunity I. Thank you got so many players at this. This has happened to them throughout their lives. League is seventy, seven percent African American. Right. So most of these players have either experienced this know somebody that has experienced this type of stuff, and so on I think that the the commissioners the best in the business, he's GonNa make sure that he's on creative the safest possible environment but he's like that's just That he's creat that bubble. Not to say to somebody won't get Colbert or whatever at science I'm think he's GonNa, create the Absolute Zyppah, possible environment but the to do this. But to I think that this is an incredible opportunity or for players to truly get the message out on the things that need to be changed and how they should be changed. You know the same thing we were just talking about I think the messaging is great within I. Think it's going. To be the dialogue that we take place the interview processes you know some of the team means we may be involved in and allowed to see because I really think the League is on be a little more dynamic in access. Now, because you're not GONNA get to go to games, they're going to be real gonNA do some cool stuff to where you get to see different things taking place that the normal fan probably don't normally get to see. Worry about the crowd. I'm just concentrate on and I just think that the whole league is behind this movement. Like you know how to nfl was you know when cap I neil and I don't even know if they've really evolved past that sense even though he you know Roger Goodell came out and did his hostage statement you he Saying. Look here. But we know for a fact that from the top of our league. All the way through the everybody is behind this and you know so I think that this is going to be a great opportunity to get the message y'all and really just took to kind of on display. The action steps that everybody's GonNa take to impact change part maybe now with the coaches association with with Pop and Doc rivers and Steve Kerr and Lloyd by debut bickerstaff and it's a few of us and and you know we we get together and talk condone Kinda. Give the information to the other thirty coaches. I can tell you from coach standpoint. We are lit like we are we are ready to go and work where we're doing it. I see how coach we're taking time. We're we're having the best last civil rights leaders and educators speak to our group and talk to us about the history of things. What can be done to help how can we collaborate and come together to make lasting change like you know because that's our nature and our whole our whole agenda is, let's stay in our lane. What our coaches, coaches are educators, coaches, leaders, coaches of team builders. So everything we do is going to be around that with our community, and so we're going to do accent steps. You can see appears now they got a you're GONNA use Atlanta's arena now for early voted. Should step. So now people got safe efficient way trustworthy way to go vote without all the bs that we saw in. Georgia. You weeks go where they votes right and so that's an action step and so how many of us can put together action steps? That that creates something real you know and not. A tweet or not just some words A. S Great and everybody says say that. What are doing? What? and. That's what it is. Right now is so much going on like. Them kids got no eighty. Don't care is his thirties from ninety. Born in ninety thirty years old you ain't seen what happened in the sixty seventies. But right now, we at a point where about just talking everybody. and. If. I said anything like people shouldn't feel like they have to hit the home run. Yeah. Why everybody ain't home run hitter everybody. You Know Joe Rowe. Name. But do it starring your role figure out a way You know whether a small or big when you well and do it in a way. It can last because we're fighting against something that was put in place to keep us where we are. So people don't realize in a lot of ways this this whole system of government and how blind people have been treated. It was actually put in place so that we don't Thri. It was built. Thrive. It wasn't built. Success, it was actually built to keep us in our place, and so we're we have to really really work hard to break this thing down. You know this is just one big outrage and all of a sudden is going to happen that's. Get it done like a some stuff change which she could. This is the greatest leader of our time. Right. This is did we talked about a man who was on the front lines with John Lewis and Jesse Jackson and they was out there for real March and doing what our? No nonsense. And take a hit some side, the head and. Showing Up The nose day showing up the Nasdaq is all the fact that they couldn't get that full global shift. It goes to show you how how deep rooted the system is how deep rooted systematic racism and white supremacy is and so the fact that now we have the numbers and we have people in place in power positions that can actually make change. Now, it's just a matter of getting out there and doing it. Getting a little four points this game we kind of play on a show each other throughout their star bench cut. first person is Magic Johnson. The second person is way at third person is Lebron. Stored minutes I gotTA pick one for. Each. That is wall. Love. Like come on. I don't even know how to pick for that. Obsessed with. A lot of people. Oh. My God. I now this is a win for me. This is all bad. Going to see this to. You know you might be getting phone calls after the. Thank. All right whatever you WANNA. Do Have you WanNa do you wait is one of my best friends starting anyway way? Okay. Lubis. Magical. Bra. And I'm GonNa cut magic so he can run the team. Good. Greater listen. Couple head coaching. Geeze. Main big big big. Little Nice little pocket money for you man what what, what did you do? Did you buy? We'll see you are in. A new house now getting everything together. But like like, what did you do? You got the money said I gotta go ahead. You know whether you went to wipe you on a trip somewhere what you did. I tell you why feel a trip and we will. It was cool because actually i. Part of the trip was paid for by by our good friend de way. But we went to greet way at Gabby and you got us and our faith and a couple of other friends. Right right. Right. Yeah. He meal was over there and You know we got to celebrate it in and the funniest thing happened. So funny. IS A. You know I had that whole funny press conference went went off about the rest and take that for that. All of that. So we're we're we're at what a Greek ruins and you know people know who weight is obviously it stuff like that with this is dad and the sun comes up to me from like Saudi Arabia. And they're like Oh my God. NATTA. Is like filming it he's going on Bush. Houses no you now. Because you people started no you about the places in the world but that was the first thing, Dan. Yorke playbook. When we do is play playing for us I always love you always had white cars. So now I'm telling Ya I'm following Radio Footsteps I. Got I got two white cars sitting in the driveway nice rides but may what are they? What are they does? That's the part I. Want to hear what are they had nice ride. I would like to hear the particular date miles. Like that. We've got a range a new Ryan's. Hey Big Tesla. That's an. Thing about this, the ranch was a Christmas gift to my wife a few years ago. So the Tesla was a gift to myself until my wife drove it. And I gotta drive to raise so. Minivan. These kids get a mini. Wife laughs at me but I told her I wanNA trick out a minivan. Bells and whistles in it and so when our kid comes, that's GonNa be what I'm driving my kid or. No. Minivans. Dover both of Y'all are crazy y'all are not gonNA lie I. I've seen some very elite, very nice minivans, but I would never be that washed did on why? There's all. Fatboy. Sprinter on inside I want to. The eighteen, the eighteen. Up. To. Make me feel spoiled. Their. Own. I A rat man has been a man. We appreciate it couldn't be no other way man I. Threw through my main man I brother David. Appreciate your. Fam- Much Lo. Thanks man you guys got a good thing going and a keep it real. Took The. Players. Dot Com.

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American Whiner  Episode 95


1:46:30 hr | 1 year ago

American Whiner Episode 95

"You're listening to the podcast detroit visit w._w._w. Dot com tested dot com before information. Everybody it is wednesday evening name time for american wine or on podcast trait dot com. How's everybody doing joining me in studio today for the first time since winter of two thousand eighteen a year and a half ago oh we talked about our shitty hospice job that we had for a couple years mr ellicott johnson and nate hopkins. Hey guys doing awesome. I'm good <hes> and joining us for the very first time as a as a fellow who's part of this <hes> friend group and who <hes> who wanted to get in here <hes> we've talked about this. I mean probably since the podcast was started in here. You finally are mr bronner. Hey hey good to see man. <hes> so we're talk about a whole bunch of shit we already had very lively conversation before the podcast even started <hes> nate and i were talking. Politics was making a comment about about <hes> what the podcast room would be good for <hes> in terms of sexual interest in terms of in terms of its soundproofing roofing but i figured rangel's listening tonight. Rachel is touches wife to just clear on that <hes> yeah. We've been talk that <hes> we you know we're we're gonna. We're gonna try and keep it relatively civil here <hes> but i also told him this is the internet so nate shaking his head so that says it all right right there but yeah i figured the topic and we don't we can talk about whatever the hell they want but i figured that the topic that i started off with is up north capital u. u. Capital in which is something. You guys talk about a lot. I've done it a few times with not disguise it with the u._n. Yeah i did not make that. I've always thought of it in my head up north act opposite <hes> what sounds really bad but we can <hes> how do we well. Let's think about that because it's the exact opposite of the u._n. So what is the u._n. And then what is up north compared to the u._n. That makes it. The exact adopt visit for fun would be the first thing that i would. I would think start you end. Bradley's not the fun trip. I'd wanna make so anyway but yeah so you guys you guys go to a cabin <hes> outside of claire. I'm going to be doing this the whole hour man it's going to be there's going to be a comment and i'm just going to be like okay back on topic <hes> but <hes> you guys go up north to this place <hes> <hes> i mean i it's it's in the middle of the midden sorta right. It's it's also it's middle of the state. It's like <hes> two and a half three hour drive from metro detroit and it's like paradise for whatever the heck you want whether it's hunting or just getting getting away or fishing getting stopping the approach by the road to getting stuck at the approach bar the road. There's like a you get snowed out or or something. Is that what that is. I got to track going. Is it yeah it's a two track plow. What does the sixty one there and they just plow that shit right up to the side and you try to try to drive in in there with anything but a pickup truck. Stop immediately. What what did we have have to pull out of the ditch. There was like a dodge caliber some shit yeah that's right. Somebody tried to get on there if you have. I have four wheel drive. Just don't even fuck it. Try to get there. What the hell is the dodge caliber. I've never even it doesn't matter. I think that's why you alex had a smart idea. Yeah 'cause i remember one time. You went up there and parked at the sheriff's station yeah for your car. I don't even remember what i was driving. Was that when i had the civic must've been made amen or even before that you've always drove to wheel cars. I have i have i've had i've had every kind of sedan. There is about a four and a honda chevy audible can make you know pick. You have to get a cheap alex. Elliott has to have a jeep wrangler yeah <hes> yeah my youngest brother as a jeep grand cherokee and he loves added a whole bunch of shit to it. He's learning about how to at shit onto a car. He's already mod modified it with a bunch of different stuff. That'd be a conversation for you to to have i. I didn't make that connection. I forgot that you guys like gps but i don't but they're good. If you like ross to continue with our last conversation is is that redneck timeshare right the hunt club. He's got. It's like what two hundred acres four hundred four hundred a._m. And what's it's the story with that. How did you guys come by. Oh it was a family friend of ours that <hes> they actually had eight hundred acres before that they had at square mile while the whole way right up to the side of a two lane fifty five mile an hour freeway that you know got passed along from. I'm like the forties or fifties on down and guys got together to conserve it and make sure it stayed for hunting purposes and <hes> <hes> getting away from whoever or whatever and just have no retreat and so that's what it was. There's a cabin that's what's the square footage of it starts as probably about a thousand twelve hundred square foot. There's there's an outhouse there no running water. There's a well there cook fire and it's gone through about three different renovations between forest fires and the original place burnout didn't yeah what year was that <hes> the original built like the early sixties and there was a shack like a ten in by ten shack that got burnt down in the early seventies. I may be wrong on the timelines the land that you you your family has owned owned that that long it's not my family i'm part of the hunt club <hes> but we're close with the family that does own it a chance just to hack up along there <hes> and so those the sorry so there's like a guy that owns the property and in everyone pays dues so it's not owned by the hunt club studio kind of its oh you've come in one one couple of guys on it and then everybody else pays their share and they get to use it. Absolutely there's one guy that you know that's where it was their families property they branched out to be able to cover some the taxes and everything else and be able to enjoy nature and we've been lucky enough to enjoy added. So when did your family get into it though because you were the first one out of three you to do it right yeah well so my dad my dad graduated in <hes> i think seventy six and so that's about how long that he's been a part of it and then got in pretty early though it started in the early sixties then you you know the harmful your day was friends with the son of correct the original owner of the correct yep yep which that's where it would be nice if that kind of stuff continued on and you know in the future with all property through michigan that's my p._s._a. Yeah well if you're anything like you. It's probably hard to keep friends. Don't want that nate when did you. When did you get involved in it then <hes> well. I'm not actually part of the club oh but but you you still go up there though like you hang out with with with alec in on the last podcast we actually talked about about the first time i went up was with brett and it was when his he has put his dog. Oh yeah yeah it was a fun experience around yeah and i remember the first time i was there. I probably said this back on the first time you guys around the podcast to <hes> but that was we went over to where sable right buried uh-huh poured went out for so yeah and so the whole tradition kind of started with that and the dog up in the future. They're like well. This dog died from alcohol bottle caps but let's <hes> we we went up that time in december like a week enter to before christmas and that kind of started a tradition you know for five six seven years. I don't remember how long we went but that's what we did. We went up in december and that's kind of what we you. You know we're planning on talking about but <hes> that's how that whole tradition starters alex like hey come up to the cabin and i don't think brett over me had been up before that. I didn't even know nate. Hardly he's an asshole on right now and i am it works but well so i was lucky enough to bridges together. We wouldn't ever been president. I br breads kind of the glue that holds the whole group together. Really i got to say and i i. I know i've told you guys this before. I may have mentioned it to you. Maybe it was the first time i went up with alex is the first time i went was in two thousand eleven. That was the very first time you guys know. Actually i went up when i was younger too but it was in march it was. I don't even remember when that was that was yeah but brett. There's a character if i'm going to stay with me here. There's everybody remember. The old nick tuned doug yet. Duda duda did it dude got so there is a character on on doug named skunk beaumont. Everybody knew everybody knew this kid. They'd say ski beaumont. Did this outrageous thing. Did you hear so whatever the plot plot of the episode was said they find this monster swamped. I heard skunk beaumont. You know caught. This giant frog wants you know but you never see skunk beaumont the entire fucking in series i think he got introduced once it moved over to disney but but on nickelodeon you did not see skin was ski beaumont for me throughout high school because i always here this brett brown or kit from all sorts of different friend groups and i was like this guy exist and i didn't meet you until that twenty eleven which was what was was it six years seven years after i graduated high school and what was hilarious. Is you live next door to the guy that i hung out with in high school too and i still never new who who you are yeah the clark's so so that was very interesting too because you look nothing like when i was picturing but it was it was like oh yeah ed bronner this threat bronner that and and was it wasn't even like only one particular group of friends. It was like you know i'd hear this popular kids say something something here another kid who's into hunting say something here this was about the pants is yeah when i when i hang out with brad i knew him through a mutual friend ban. All of us remain yeah except alex yeah well. I was two years older than you guys right and still ham butt and he just kept coming around you know and users like running from the get. I don't know friends friends friends. Friends friends are just free entry but man like tell tell us about like 'cause you sorry sorry i did not go ahead. Tell us about that so tell us about that. I ended up to you guys you. That was the one where you <hes> buried. Save sorry to keep bringing it up while so go go yeah. How did you know we were bearing the dog. Show i put it in the bed of the truck and it was full rigor mortis but it was a sweet dog doug was dead after the dog was buried with the dog. Let all her insci- out on the inside all of us very the dog and then shot two shots leslie dug through the ground in the middle of winter. Did you guys hunt that weekend. Started gotten into hunting elegant introduced us to i think the only thing we saw was porcupines finds. All we can porcupines mayor woodpecker yeah <hes> there was go up there. We were small all game haunt me and bradford just kind of getting into it and you know attempt he he like like he was a seasoned vet. I just knew the rule book and how to break it yeah but you guys had no experience you britain nate had no experience variance hunting before that than not really you guys up in that. I yeah a little bit from you. Know like middle school age <hes> my mom's ex was big hunter so he kinda got me into it and we did some pheasant haunts the deer houghton <hes> <hes> nothing too successful on my part but <hes> i kind of fell out of it throughout high school and everything in basically in i think for for me and brett meet kind of got us back into the whole the whole swing of it because i believe brett you know was was familiar hunting and all that stuff from his father because your dad hunt a lot i just never we had a lot of stuff going on with band all through high school so we didn't right ah yes so it was up to route ice cool yeah but i really kicked off. We started hunting back home now. Then yeah yeah yeah like tied up with his <hes> glorious theater degree out at i completely i forget that you you either did that. I went out and saw you in a play with your vietnam. It took place in vietnam. It was very intense while there are some good squirrel hunting along like the <hes> out there too in the cornfield in nor- northern illinois good squirrel hunting outside the theater degree swirl hunting was a passion. I will say i remember. I think it might have been the first time i was up there. I i went to get some cooler. I opened up a core and at the bottom of the core or is this big ziplock bag. It took them like it was skim. Squirrels well sometimes yeah our flaws speaking of north. I think maybe it was the last time we went up there. Maybe it's time ella made some <hes>. Squirrel shepherd's pie wish i headed squirrel me and him went a couple years ago. It was delicious yet a couple couple of hair couple years in the mashed potatoes but we smoked a couple of them up there. I remember that that was really fantastic and taste. He's like pork. Really matters. Get rouse especially when schumann the ground when schumann the ground than it takes all the tastes as that comes right down to the feet of the grouse. I'm in the air. Oh well so that's why you're stay said worse. Whoa how many of you how many animals have you guys gotten. I'll say i three total and you guys go on there and i just i just i just follow you around with a gun i would never actually i don't think same way. You're lucky we haven't shot you well. I i have a picture actually of you being shot now you remember. Didn't you carry a gun movie. Where did yeah i had had a twenty gauge that would carry. You had no intention to shoot in that no no. I don't even think it was loaded. No were you guys all in decked out in gear here and i had one orange cap. I know the picture talking about were like. I don't know what we're looking at but i have a beer in my hand. I totally understand we're good honor. I drink more beer than anything else but that it was funny because that was the two thousand eleven would've been then. You had this theme. That hovered over to you where you're like. This is the weekend we're i'm gonna learn how to be a real man. I said i probably did i do yeah and and and you know what right now before this goes further the weekend he became a real man. Yes let's what's that i don't know anymore. No i thought i didn't catch the let's clarify. Make sure that this this this was is the weekend that i became a real man. We're onto this now man. This is the topic. I'm i'm out of it. I'm <music>. I'm declaring it. It was it was my it was my theme right so i did feel because and i don't remember saying that but there's a lot remember about that weekend so so <hes> so yeah but i do know i would have said that because it was hanging out with a couple of friends of mine <hes> no no electricity no water middle the fucking woods and you're talking about splitting wood to split some would i was and i was i. I mean it's legal now so i can say i was high the whole time it was it was amazing. Yeah well just has carried a gun. I'll make you feel pretty good about yourself. I don't think i loaded that thing once carrying but <hes> yeah no that was i remember being so that was twenty eleven for some reason now to get here for me and that was like a really good way to just put it behind me that weekend. I went up north and actually touch just realized that weakened that first week and then i went up with you guys. I came back and my cat had died for real so i if it'd it could've brought it up and we could have gotten it drunk to back up but you guys haven't been up there in awhile then as a group. It was the last time to do years ago years ago threes group. It's been five. Oh the problem is then you start having kids and that's the problem but then it recycles though too because because it's you know all that then starts over again in five years from that process which i think we're going again though yes yes people got having kids kids yeah life decisions tend to put a damper on things but especially your hunting courier eh or at least talk to you by using that as an excuse ensure not i love my kids. Alex kids are actually named after the towns where we go. They are yeah harrison. Claire spell there like it like the town <hes>. That's the only way i couldn't. I couldn't get away with that so far. We had to throw in i in it. <hes> my cousin's name is claire has absolutely nothing to do with anything that we're talking about but just name it is yeah claire lisbeth right yeah yeah nice so one thing that you guys and you mentioned the squirrels shepherd's breads pie which i wish despite the hairs and the mashed potato. I wish i would've tried because you guys are out of all my friend groups. You guys eat the best every time i hang out with you. Bret like your fucking amazing chef the that first weekend again becoming a real man there was the i remember getting that there's a huge furnace furnace are like stove in the middle of the cabinet heats both levels and <hes> getting that fire gone and <hes> you guys left me in charge of a pot oughta chilly because i wanted to just stay in chill and <hes> i remember you guys came back and i had left down the stuff because it's gonna get how bad can again that shit was done but the rest of it the rest of it and so my apologize i don't know if i ever said that off something for our ancestors breath and nate to you guys made this breakfast concoction eggs and sausage sausage and all this different stuff mixed together fucking delicious bread. You made some venison sausage hadn't seen you guys in a couple of years and then the first time i'd seen you is new year's twenty seventeen <music> seventeen. I went over to his house in redfern your their needs some venison sausage. That's when i met your wife to be the time rachel she had these pickles that were sliced up and when soaking some stuff and i was like every fucking time i hang out with you. There's some sort of delicious new concoction that that happens so what do you guys like. What's the thing that sticks out. Besides the the squirrel shepherd's pie well for the record. I didn't enjoy the squirrel shepherds and just because you have a good taste tastes him out and there's a lot of trial and error in that like a lot. I don't think you were there. We we went up in and brett decided he was gonna make some venison ribs. Ribs are tough literally. It was like if i took my leather bell talk radio trying to eat it. I sit around the table that i was supposed to boil i i was you know then then i pulled out the fillets herself that made up but yeah he had some lamb some dear dear chops that we grew up and they were fantastic aso's definitely some trial and error but bread's probably on the forefront well. I don't know i look make some good recipes to. I'm not as much either of these guys but <hes> <hes> actually that's meant to bring some free ad yeah next time. You made some hot sauce from the garden guard. He likes what what's in. Tell us about the hot sauce. It's called brad's backyard banger uh-huh yeah cayenne peppers jalapeno and then <hes> a mild pepper uh-huh finish the scripture that there's this little quick smile like rats. You tried it yet. Oh it's ins bomb for matt for two weeks. Not how does it taste on bloody mary yesterday so only taste test well. What else do you make man because you're like fucking wizard. Even even you know the ribs. Don't go well. You still spicy. I love and stuff. We made some like like really good spicy out. Pick have from me. L. live together for a while and had awesome garden. Pickle green beans tomatoes all sorts of stuff. How'd you get into that kind of stuff was good though let's parents always and my mom can had all the stuff so and alex parents did as well the same way. You got a huge fricking garden now well. I know this is now now time yeah it might have been so wet. It's been terrible. It's finally starting to take off now but i'll have tomatoes next year yeah the property for it yep hundred extra some corn asparagus apple trees complaining about like four or five apple trees already and but those will take like four or five years ears and the good thing about our properties that my neighbor thinks that there's tons of deer on there but for my country population there's nothing on there so i'm good with is planning an orchard for at least the next three or four years and hopefully continues being terrible shot well. That's a cool thing at the hunt club to a a plan on trees and do the keep up property really good north man. I mean you go from so i have six acres out in howell and i mean i've a little spot that i five at dinky apple trees nothing right but you know what they've done over time in this hunt property operti as the owner of it essentially or the c._e._o. Whatever you wanna call him his plan over probably a hundred fruit trees whether whether it's fruit nuts <hes> different hybrids heirloom saw that i mean it's a good thing for the environment an and i wished that more people would do it yeah. My parents have to apple trees in their backyard. They're they're taking their time man. They've been in there for several years now and they're still pretty time yeah but they've gotten the apples they get out of them. They used for baking in there. I mean it's pretty cool. You know you the stuff that you grow. They got a nice garden going. They gave me a bunch of lettuce. <hes> there is something gratifying about shopping it right off the job the the dutch table right off of the gardner polling like a conservative democrat at the same time yeah goodbye speaking of like our parents being gardeners. I got a funny story that i just found out last weekend was was <hes> i remember being young and me and my brother and my mom went outta town for. I don't know maybe a week we we came home and in the flower bed in the front. Everything was just kind of small and dead and there's this giant we'd that's grown up and it's like almost as tall as the house and i remember being young like oh my god this one week and but i i remember my mom didn't cut it down. You know she'd go out and pull weeds and stuff in the garden never pulled it down well. I found out this past weekend. That was a marijuana police. No shit really my mom was growing marijuana in the flower bed in front of the just right out front. Oh no that's we'd we'd oh my address the house and she told the story about when we're a younger she woke up one night and there is some headlights in the driveway and some people came up in chapter one of her week. Oh my god that's crazy there. It wasn't like she hit put their right out front and there's tall as the house yeah so how did she. How did nobody notice that for. All i mean we lived saved probably a mile back off of a dirt road. Oh so it was okay. I was picturing like like the sub that britain touchy still read for the we were. I mean we were hillbilly is can be back then. I mean way back. It was to trag loro. Yeah yeah pretty much pretty much. You got a nice place now because all you guys have places now like houses like you actually have houses. I'm the only one who's still an apartment and no wife no kids so you just if you could just by the apartment and and keep it forever yeah yeah if i i do like that apartment. That's good apartment. I like the view. I have you know but yeah. It is just a one bedroom so if i'm gonna if i'm ever going to i think take the next step is coming on. I'll marry you in harrison michigan. There's a one apartment. The rent rent is only like twenty five hundred a month but it covers us coming up to do it. I'll tell you what that's beer including and you know what else i think by that point. If you get a year out there might even be running water. Maybe not only just for us. I was actually just up north in and i'll think about it. I'll tell you what i was just northeast this weekend this past weekend unlimited suntan lotion sir birthday shout out on my legs. Just today was the first time i was able to walk without without pain like where i was. It was bad <hes> but i was thinking to myself and this would go for that too. If i could figure out a way to make a living up there i would fucking do it. That would be that would be great to have some some place up there if i if if when when i sell a novel whenever that is <hes> if it takes twenty years i'm gonna do it. <hes> then. I'm gonna 'cause there's actually it was funny. The book i was reading a young adult book called criss cross and found out <hes> the author lived in suttons ban ki literally right across the <hes> the grand traverse bay from suttons bay so that was kind of funny but so yeah there's a lot you know that's what you need to do. If if you move up or you need like there's another person a realtor theirselves property up there were gonna wind up are there. It doesn't make you don't make a lot of money but the cost of living up north as compared to joan yeah well look into locks like the soo locks has been there on through a big upgrade now to you where sault sainte marie supposed to get a big influx of money from the feds huh well. You know we'll see what happens. That's all i'll start another topic here long doing good wait a minute so you were talking about and are you telling hard now. Shut the fuck up. So you went was a mission point this an old man yeah <hes>. What were you doing up there and why you look like a ripe tomato. I i was hanging out awesome. <hes> another friend group of mine. Don't even remember jim kurl. He was on the podcasts. Who's on last night. Jim crow brother. He was the random a couple times too in my jeep gooding. Who's his cousin right right right. We're both in that wedding. That's how i know. That's right and i always fucking forget them. I remember i met robert. You're at hutches wedding. I remember him and god bless you but yeah so i was up there with him and his wife and a couple of other people. Do you remember miss berry. I don't know if you guys is ever had she's married. She's got a kid now. The kid wasn't there but it was her and her husband and then this other woman <hes> abby stevenson. Her mom of aww is up there. She was in your grey n._b._c. evenson too yeah yeah and yeah and i was. I was a good time but i was only supposed to be up there for two days and i was but burn for five yeah i got burned. I've been out of work for all week because i couldn't put i can't walk into my job flipflops on and i couldn't even get out like i mean the first night we went to this. Is that what happened was. I went out to the beach on the first day. Put on sunscreen everywhere except for my lower legs because i'm like i'm gonna be swimming. It'd be fine but then i ended up just floating for not that long maybe about half an hour and and then that night and then that night i'm like i'm looking at my legs and i'm like i got pretty sunburn but it wasn't really hurting. We went to the shrimp boil throughout the dinner. I'm just getting more and more uncomfortable and by the time we were home like i was like i have after fuck input. Something like this fucking hurts like. I couldn't even sleep that night. I didn't sleep the first two nights it was dad and they gave me his essential oils. Abby stevenson's. Mom gave this essential oils concoction <hes> which was nice at first. I did read that you're not supposed to put oil based stuff on talk. The next morning you need aloe plant yeah say what else you need on it. What it has nothing to do with navies since his mom anyway we went and got some alabama and and uh some other style flint may have it <hes> so yeah so that was the beginning of the recovery but i just finally after two days off work all right. I don't even know what you're saying anyway. I said no more beers rally so i went to urgent care today and they fucking gaming the motrin and the elevator wasn't doing it so they gave me better ibuprofen and this burn lotion and that's actually i can walk around without grimacing because i was like i forget like you take you take for granted the ability to walk properly and <hes> like i've three flights of stairs to climate my apartment so like going down the stairs like i would get out of bed in my my let my ankles were frigging swollen. They're still kind of swollen now but they're already looked better and yeah. I'll never do that again. I'll never forget that sunscreen again ever sold we get this straight. This all spurred from a half hour. Yes who wouldn't jim crawl tells you you're pasty and those were his exact words towards your fucking pacing jimmy croll yeah how you're in writing that guy look like powder in a tux and he told you you're based yeah yeah and he was right because i and he even said like after that night when it was it was clear that i had injured myself pretty bad. He's like you know what this means. What in means you need to spend more time in the sun and then and then i posted a picture on facebook facebook today and he commented sorry. You still have this sued but anyway. I'm going to have his wife all right the topic. His wife is a dentist. She didn't go to south lyon but she's <hes> thirty two younger than me. She's thirty two and she's a dentist and she's going to be on the podcasts in two weeks. I'm off next week. I'll be a hobie camping. It'll be up north. Which is why. I have to fix this but when i'm back she'll be the first guest <hes> twenty-first and we'll talk about dentistry should be an interesting thing going next week a <hes> northern wisconsin. That's that's my other wisconsin where north wisconsin <hes> it's called. My grandfather will would not be happy if i gave you the exact exact location but it's it's outside of goodman wisconsin which is a very u._p. Yes it is a couple like i mean not very far from the u._p. I don't know the exact well well. That's as close as you can get to perfect yeah. It's that's where my goodman is. Where both my dad's parents are from <hes> they grow up. They're all my dad's. Ancestors sisters were lumberjacks. That's what they did. They worked at the lumber yard up there. You were born in columbus ohio and i was born in columbus ohio. Yeah you're the you're the outlier for sure and then god. We're all friends with you. My god we really gonna talk about columbus ohio right. Fuck no no i spent. I don't even remember intelligent. My asshole was just burning thinking about it but anyway this update. Oh oh go on go on with columbus ohio. Please go on. I should have my time spent in columbus ohio with hospice truck for about five. Oh yeah fuck. That's that's why i felt like months ohio and you hate it ohio. Just those it's for morphine hemorrhoids cow stale. You think you've got problems and wisconsin or indiana. Go see ohio. Oh definitely turns it up and it turns it down about five my fucking <hes> so yeah northern wisconsin. I'll be up there camping <hes>. It's we have a spot. I agree <hes> no. It's it's <hes> god. They're not no high. Oh so then got to expose their private my <hes> i oh it's all just out out. See what is going to take it in your lucky so then you may need some for jesus truth. I'm speaking feel like jesse s._c. Jackson have fucking n._c._a._a. Brings coming in on. I don't even know where to go from here. Now i've completely. We'll get off of ohio. I've been trying and now we're not even not just fucking cows and goats and jesse jackson wraps up pretty much regular conversation at the cabin that we typically go to. I wish we could have brought in the story. That'd be alright. Tell you one of the greatest <hes> traditions we started other than the actual tradition of going up. There was was <hes> keep an ohio fox out. Thank you for that. <hes> basically you take a pick up truck. Ah which at least one of us drives and you throw a lovesey in the bed per remember that about as many beers as you can carry in the other you know four foot of the bed and you decide to head out late at night and hit the two tracks and that has been a staple of our time up with the cabinet. That's like one of the things you must do and so we broke in my new truck there. Yes exactly which bread drove complete asshole. It's it's fun to drive. You know forty mile an hour down to track when you're the one in the driver's see and you got two people in the in the love seat in the back yeah. I got lots to say about that one lots and the first year we there's there's from the pickup truck relation to my right. The a actual owner of that pickup was still lx father server <hes> we broke me off. Oh jesus not long alex seven meters you broke literally are more gas conscious texas after that one time he came home more no mir's when i lived with them in redford ears he broke both mir's off so that's a traditional one of them but uh happen that way got bigger mayors in the end but so how did the no who was the first person to like say hey. Let's put this. This love seat looks like it would fit in the first year with you. There wasn't i actually did. I yeah yeah. I remember i remember doing that. I remember it being really dark and so i have con- like little flashes of meaning grab abbas someone was that it could be because i remember maybe you two were in the cab and menelik. We're on the opposite hit me me and alex were that was i was never in the cab. I remember that driving all matters how it yeah. Maybe we're getting all picks up. I remember one time we went out for some whatever fucking reason look brought a bottle of mustard. I don't know why all right back to the cabin and muster over the front of my jacket and you know how like you're just just driving along day and you just kinda speculating about your past and still to this day. I'll be like stuck in traffic like why the fuck did you have that bottle like we weren't even trying to make sandwiches sandwiches. Uh you might not remember but i didn't. I saw muster stains on my car. Maybe some stern. I'll tell you what mustard mayo eggs on toast sandwich brent makes the hell of so. Maybe you don't like mustard on your breakfast sandwich. I love mustard. I'm oh my work sandwich. First of all does the fucking breakfast going to coney island in the morning. He'll fucking euro sandwich and chocolate malt french fries man at nine in the morning that it does sound pretty good though i mean shut the fuck up. Where are we here. Ah intermission yeah. We're approaching. Well actually 'cause. We started at seven tenths so we got. We got about fifteen more minutes for we're bernard through it nate. You mentioned the story that we wrote up there. Was that a tradition the writing of the stories yes. It was basically the way it works. I don't know if this was a thing before. Did we come up with it did yeah we invented it out and pretty much you write a basically were drunk and stoned about his any person could be and you write a sentence down you pass it on to your left probably with a joint and the next person who's listening here who uh-huh anybody and do after awhile basically when everyone's tired of right and stuff you figure you read read out the story like all right down there man yes. We're good yeah. I've i've. I've heard of that before but but you you said we did that at the time that i was up there and somebody still has it. Yes there's a while. I was going through. Some old capers old backpack couple of weeks ago and i ended up finding a story that we he wrote. There's been some debate is whether we should read that on the air. What just so we don't have a with us. We can't at the moment but should not be right on there. The man we've already gone. We've already gone is does it go read it. Does it go farther than cal fucking in ohio and yeah well it goes much deeper into this was crazy about that kind of thing is is basically a recorded <hes> segment of what a typical conversation is around the card table the cabin and it makes no sense. It's completely illiterate mostly. You can't read and <hes> <hes> so. Here's your teaser for the excitement. It's terrible and i'm not even sure if you were a part of the one that we have to think because i don't i don't you said that i initially that i was <hes> part of it but i don't remember reading it but then you brought up a couple of other things from that weekend that you said i i. It was part of your part of it because we can't read your the part that you were old. No my handwriting is terrible. I apologize for it when i when i write a card like a thank you card or something i was put p._s. Sorry for my handwriting in capital so it's like more likely though which cause then that begs the question. Why don't you just write the rest of it and capital well because it was it would take too long. It's like chicken scratch but if the chicken was drunk yeah well it was ah i think one of the cool sense of them went down towards the river and all of us walk walk that whole crest back that was week over we don't drinking drinking and hunting is that when that picture sure was taken on someone else's property well. There's no signs posted. It all kind of melts siga ziegler four hundred acres. We figured there's no boundaries. I walk in that far four hundred acres to that's a that's a good chunk of chunk the land there. I got a couple of favorite questions. <hes> in all this all this rifle through them are on the table so you guys can can answer them one by one <hes>. What's your favorite gun. You like to hunt with and we'll go with nate. I what kind of hunting we talking about. The small game kinda do up at the hunt club small game. It used to be a <hes>. I have a twelve gauge <music>. All loader holds five rounds semi automatic but that's more for i found that's more for water followed. It gets heavier shit when you're climbing through cedar swamp and all that bullshit cranberry bogs so now i have a twenty gauge single shot which is much lighter and i definitely prefer that for carrying around taking the <hes> one off chance shot at a grouse or squirrel or whatever you might come across us that would be mine or for the typical hunting up there that we do much. I love my. It's my grandpa's sixteen sixteen gauge pump action that half the time doesn't so at least i can use as an excuse when i can only hit grouse on the ground around but they taste better that way at least but honestly my favorite gun is a single action twenty gauge short barrel they can hit more than a lot of people can tie into my next question eight seventy borrowed gun. They will love to want some money off of br probably my over under twenty two twenty gauge. Actually i haven't taken that took my dear with it. Though the cool all gone i got from my uncle where what i love most about brett's over under twenty. Two twenty gauge is a sometimes he forgets what setting it's on a special handling shoot a deer with it. I didn't mean to bring that god actually uh-huh when you shoot in the dick it works with the twenty two but when he's aiming at something small and he thinks it's on the twenty two setting and you can tell when he's not expecting 'cause i twenty gauge ago off lynn bash shoulder it sure is soft but on it doesn't it's nice gun though it's got a little drawing of a fox on one side and a grouse it's pretty thoughts on my own some real soft subtle. What's yeah. They're real handy when you're shooting a lot off once some nuts that almost ryan <music> you're about the brings up yes so <hes> last time we win. Alec look brought a forty five revolver handgun that would shoot <hes> forty five long colt and <hes> we decided to get tannery right yep and you set this thing out and you shoot it and it explodes votes so that was the whole plan. That's the purpose of this tanner is dead so before that we take it out on the gun range we set it on a log and you mean we're actually taking videos. He was dark too. It wasn't it was well it was dr but you can't really use no headlights on and everything else and and all these is just it looks like a goddamn <hes> normandy beach invasion looking brett shooting at this tanner right right on this law just blasts in the hell out of it never went off. We find out later you need high-powered rifles to set off the tannery yeah forty five handguns but you know it was fun action tank with two seventy. That was borderline pretty dangerous. Alec didn't tell us when he was going to shoot well. No it's better office surprise for everybody tank in half and threw it about a half mile couldn't find it that was probably we came. We we went up there with six people and came back with five. We can't remember the well speaking of the last time you came up with. Wes class. I remember when when you came up we had those two other guys that were part of the hunt club temporarily league. They didn't last much longer yeah and because they were we were like avoiding the whole time like both groups groups like trying to well. I think they were trying to include us because the story i have <hes> there was that <hes> gem sauce and some guy us with they shot to show or whatever and <hes> they were sitting over at the table. It was nighttime and we were playing cards at the kitchen table at the other one and they were playing like i dunno clues the priesthood addition i don't know like <unk> father johnson and the confession booth with the you know and they were like hey alex. You're just sitting there. We need other play. You wanna join and you. You look at them familiar like i think i'm just that i don't <hes>. I don't remember that. I don't know <hes> i can't remember those guys but <hes> but i mean that was nice of them to do that and if they're listening now i didn't mean anything by i just wanted to sit. Walk up there listening yeah. That's hilarious. Did i say something effective like like <hes> sorry i gotta. I gotta sit on the couch right now or something like that. No you were literally just sitting at the table. Watch the display doing nothing alex. You want to join and you're like no ah. I probably just didn't feel like learning the game because it was like there's always that awkward type only guy who doesn't know how to play you know and it's funny because you guys have taught me how to play euchre like twelve times and <hes> but there's always that that first couple of rounds where you're the baby you gotta keep getting to know you. Gotta play the card this way. You can't do and i was just like. I don't feel like fucking going through that right now guys. That probably wasn't worth learning the person my my next question. What's your favorite kill that you've had. What's the favorite animal that you've gotten up there. Specifically would stir our. It's probably harder to kill a deer that usually by the time you hear it. It's gone we. Do you ever have one flush by you know. They're they scare the hell out of you. Make a loud annoys and they fly away. You gotta shoot it while it's flying a lot of people hunt with dogs for to flushing yeah well what happens i mean tells the the account think alec was on the shooter and i think it was the last day aw yeah we were walking down. I was walking down to track and i shot it like i do a lot. Normally i mess but <hes> so you just saw was no at that point shot at about a hundred the first time is the charm now. I've only gotten two grouse that are tough but did you eat it. Do you eat the gro yeah author. It's like chicken more lean and their diets nuts acorns so pretty tasty actually in that next year elliott got his first one at the club. I think on the ground it wasn't flying or anything yeah yeah. What's your what's your favorite on. My was my idea which <hes> which was a total joke on my end yeah i was. I was no joke. I was sitting in this guy's blind who had passed away about the year before and got out there late in the morning sat out for probably about forty forty minutes. Let's say you're at smoke. My cigarette could hear dear coming up on me so then i was still lit cigarette older coverage right down into like my boot then i saw big eight point point raised my rifle want to shoot it and went click because i saw the safety on. Actually it wasn't even that. I didn't even know load in the chamber so then i re racked. I'm pissing my pants during this whole thing where he racked shoot my dear so i guess that about twelve years of waiting for a deer out okay. Why did you go out so late that morning. <hes> i can't remember actually it wasn't because they anything crazy. It wasn't like that we'd went out to the great italian restaurant that was down the road from us about thirty miles or that <hes> so is fine meatballs. They do have great spaghetti caddie meatballs but he had a couple of years. There's a layer of conversation going on there that i'm walking around during that whole period there was <hes> it was weird because i've hunted up there for a lot of years and never saw any deer or if i did it was only dose or like maybe a buck way off in the distance but that that one hung around long enough for me fix my faulk up and and that's the one that <hes> isn't your basement now right. Is that the head your basement. When was is that how long ago twenty fifteen two thousand fourteen five years ago okay nate. What's your favorite. Fourteen doesn't kill me yeah. I'm not sure ever shot in there to be honest with. You shot other stuff yeah yeah. I mean my probably be up there. It was my first year. Show probably the year before. Alex is a- splitting that out there but yeah that was probably my favorite other than that. I don't go pheasant hunting which was fun when i was younger but <hes> on that maybe maybe a squirrel who would probably that'd be my first dear. I don't think i ever actually shot anything other than like a porcupine. Basically a couple of things not audible. You might hear about porcupine story. Robert lie went out hunting with me when with me and my dad when we were like thirteen years old albanian guy and we're walking along i'm on the laughed robson the you know middle my dad's on his right and and we hear activity up in a tree and like it's it's right in front of us like thirty foot away way and all of a sudden. I see robert. Take his gun up. You know it was a semiautomatic because bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang. He'd like without like nine shots. We're squirrel. Hunting on this thing comes down. It's like you know a foot and a half long nine inches twelve inches wide break and branches the whole way down when he shot a raccoon chimakel. What what the fuck are you doing. All those really big squirrel cook that thing no it was not a raccoon because the it 'cause that's. Why don't you cook this up. Why didn't you keep it. Can you not porcupines that edible no skin yeah. You don't wanna you know imagine picking those things up. Is you gotta be careful with that after shoot it. I didn't pick it up. I didn't shoot it so the final question that i have here is what's what's your favorite memory of up there and maybe told the story all right if you have then just just let us know and we can pick another topic but <hes> we'll skip you but <hes> it. Just you know you guys have been going up there you. It sounds like you went up there for a good solid. You know half decade there for five years before you you know life started to creep back back in so to speak <hes> but it could be from when you were a kid hotch. Whenever just what is your favorite. What's the first thing that comes to mind in terms of that place when you when you <hes> when you think of it so we'll go with nate again man. I have a couple people that are close tie. I think <hes> brentwood tell a better story one of them about <hes> when alex stayed up way later but <hes> the one i'm thinking particularly is one night. We're out there and we decided. We want to have a bonfire right. There's no you have the woodstove inside but <hes> there's a bonfire pit outside. If you wanna cook you got to start a fire in the barrel and get that going one but it was like eighteen inches of snow. All we had was big logs. Everything was wet and mean brighter out there trying. They get this far gone and i got the great idea. I'm gonna use my chainsaw gas. I'm going to get this thing on and i got a little little bit careless. Some porn gas in the fire and then. I decided to do this real fine trickle around it. Get these logs. Go on we'll that fire traveled right up that stream gas caught the gas can on fire oh shit and so when he did that i like jerked it back so guests splashes all up my arm that lights on fire in so i dropped the gasket. This is everything you do wrong in this scenario and my arms on fire the gas can sit in there on the ground splashes gas all over so it's on my foot now and i'm like well. This gas is is gonna explode. Soy kick that thing into the fire and when i kick the gas can more gas splashes also goes up my way some i arm and leg my foot saw on fire. Luckily there's eighteen inches of snow on the ground so that puts it out real quick but i'll tell you did i guess can burned red hot for about forty five minutes at least and we got that fire going. It was an excellent fire for that being so cold out you know i got all those layers on it. It was fine yeah. You know people always talk about. It's like when you hear about <hes> horrific accidents with gas and fire. It's like well. Why would you do that. It's like man. I tell you everything happened so fast in your live and thinking just react just makes it so much worse. I was gonna say. I think i've seen that video on youtube a couple times like there's that's you see that exact same thing where it's like the person's dumping the gas and then it trails up the gas and what are they do. They do exactly what you just described. They try to throw it and then there are catches so they're the rolling around yeah but it's i mean all's well that ends well. You know you look fine now. So long the tag on the end of that story we were sitting around the fire and allocated ahead the shithole jeans shit. He's got long johns underneath. It's fucking cold december north point point. He's had a couple barley pops and he trips over one of the log bench. Isn't it rips this jeans right. He's like a picture and he's like fucked as these genes in your whole fucking leg so we're just standing out there. I'd been just caught on fire. We've finally got a bomb going. We're hammered is shit out there with jeans with basically a win. The waistband and i'm chris said site drove up there. Well thought we were from ohio but his tragic sounds as i don't. I don't know why but that's a memory that sticks out that sticks out for me. What about you man. Mine's as good as that one is minds with my dad. Just he's my dad's god knows. How old is he sixty some years old and he never got a deer. He hung up there. Since the mid seventies never got a deer and i was really lucky enough to be up there when he got his deer and and that was super cool even though it was only a button bach what's the button book one horn but that was on those like the coolest thing i've ever seen was we'll be there with him when he got that that would awesome pretty sweet never seen pos- so quickly and a picture in my life a button bug button book. That was the year after you got your giant chinese boy. You gotta before mine because cuss me out afterwards yeah. I bet he wouldn't oppose so quick. Quick with that button balk at have been after all he was. He loved it. It was how do you get it man. He was sitting in his blind like that. Same spies head for ten years even more probably like fifteen and he's had other like big deer come and a and this one wasn't as big as probably other ones they had come in but <hes> you know took a shot at got it and it was a time period where i mean man like i grew up going up there where i sit out for three four or five days and not see one deer. I mean it's not it's not one of these places where you go and think that you're going to see you know population seventy year not not like what it was you know forty years ago but it's gone up over time now because they've stopped bathing now and you've had more people put in fruit trees and food piles and so it's it's it's as somebody who's not really. I've i've quote unquote hunted before i've described what hunting was for me earlier on the podcast and it's it's not real hunting but because like it sounds like most also i keep expecting like these epochs stories which basically like while he waited and then he saw one shot it i mean this guy went out there and he haunted for forty fucking years forgot gotta deer and i'm not saying that i didn't have one or two shots but it's not like he had a shot every every year or like ida chance at a huge big observers say my life. They're gonna there that i got this past year. I missed it. I mean i flat out just missed it. Whether it was me scope whatever i missed it. I mean this guy man and for forty years forty and that's insane. There's a lot of fame never got a deer and then you get one chance at spectacular attack it is. I don't care what it could be. It could be an eighty pound raccoon on records for your damn big raccoon but there's a lot of things you can do. You know to <hes> enhance your chances at a deer but <hes> especially when you're when you're you're limited. There's there's an element of just being out there in sitting out there suffering through the call or the elements or whatever it is and time and time again. It's like you just come up short. There's nothing you know or maybe the first day you pass something that <hes> by the last day you're like man. I wish i would have taken it so you go through that every year for as long as you know somebody like his dad did and when finally you you pull the trigger on something and it's not it's not just the kill. You know that's not. That's not while why hunters are out there doing it. You know it's just you you put in that time you put in the effort and you get to bring home the meat and for weeks or months after you get to just kinda reap the benefits of something like that and that's what really what really brings it home for bright. What's your favorite memory. I don't think i've had a bad memory up there. <hes> one of the most unique ones that was up with alec and they all stayed in coke cooking is gonna haunt a little more. It was getting dark and it started raining and i totally lost on the four hundred acres. I walked in circles. Yeah it was about an hour. I was lost. I finally found the to track and made it back but it humbled me a lot but getting lost was that's the it'll freak out before we're dark. It was raining house. Alone didn't have a compass so yeah a couple years. You want to really you find out about yourself. Go out somewhere where you're unfamiliar with the territory and don't take a compass and up or take a compass right away well either either way unfamiliar territory and it starts getting dark. You're by yourself. Nobody else around and it's pretty much on you at that point to figure out how you gonna get back and i'll tell you it sounds simple but when you're out there in that happens to you like you really you call it the lizard brain if you want but it's like you find out about yourself you know when you're just just kinda like it becomes more of a life death situation than than most singer ever encountered with in a day to day life because you start thinking like how long okay if i don't make it back say it starts getting dark then. What do i stay here and try again in the morning. He likes them now. Gonna make it through the night. It's pretty fucking cold out. You know yeah so is that that four hundred acres is surrounded by hundreds of acres also and i've heard stories of guys getting lost wandering on other people's property and freaked our calmed down and kind of retrace your steps that that's that would be the i was going to say that is probably the thing that would creep into my mind whenever i think about that because it's it's sorta like i will not. I will take steps to not do that again. Because at humble do well and it's simple right once once you gain control of your mind you're like okay. Here's what i need to do and and you get to high ground gives you the best vantage point <hes> i know this and this but all that comes after the initial <hes> just panic they're wrong. See your head like the adrenaline going back on the same tracks again. Yeah oh yeah you're good afternoon back to the cabin and tell anyone and there was a cabin full all the vets there by the best steak ahead the good food and brechin even antonio this. I mean even just camping by yourself. You know where you're at but you're maybe in a rust spot. There's only two round and you just camping by yourself. Nobody around you don't hear anything. It definitely puts a different element on it. <hes> then with your <music> even one other person it doesn't matter i think a lot of people don't ever experience that am i wrong. I mean some people yeah i mean and like i mean i've never done it alone. I've never been up. I always with my dad's side of the family. When i go up to northern wisconsin i've never <hes>. I'm trying to think of like even like a similar like they need like. I've never really experienced that. I know <hes> elliott has my youngest brother <hes> <hes> but i there you go. There's somebody somebody in this room who hasn't had that so. It's it is definitely <hes>. I spent time in nature and all that so. There's people that don't even do that. I remember when i was working in kensington. They talk about people coming in from the city and some people people don't even get you know the the nature. <hes> you know the experience of nature anything close to nature on a regular basis because it's just all cement you know <hes> <hes> <hes> so so yeah <hes> so brett now hutches hutch took a bathroom break but <hes> nate mentioned etched into story where he stayed up late too long or too and he said you know a lot of stories there. So why don't you tell us that story. One night. We went to bed me and nate. We're tired by about two delegates going pretty hard. That's a starts leaking out its second win. Uh-huh into bed we heard the well going pretty hard. Alec decided to stick his head under the well about twenty degrees out to wake himself up. Luckily made it inside and before he passed out well about it needs better at towns so is one of those things where we're laying in bed. You hear the ground pump cohen. It's totally there yeah so you. You know we're living in a box. We we know alex and he's we hear them on and around downstairs. The door opens you hear the ground pump going. We're like god knows what he's doing out there next to you know he's like towards the back of the shooting range and he's fired his twenty gauge. I forgot about that yeah yeah and he's like howling at i dunno coyotes or something so the best part of it. Is you know we wake up in the morning. He's faced down on the couch with his twenty gauge on the floor. This isn't a good <hes> podcast lists to forgotten the best part. Is you go out the next morning and you just kind of follow his tracks. They went all over all over the place and they they went out like by the pond and apparently just sit there and smoked a couple cigarettes and you can kind of retrace what el- elected last night to kinda anna putting focus all the sounds you heard the night before here's where he was doing this but that was that was the title of let's start can be alex second win any much and the guy he he went to sleep later and he's like the kind of guy that'll wake up. He'll be the the first person to wake up and he'll just be heading outside with chainsaw and a porno mag uh-huh. Oh you gotta tell them about the <hes> porno mag collection there. Oh yeah yeah back to the don't sure no. You don't remember the boxer i i. I'm i think i'm getting mixed up with because there was a basement but that is practiced in with a band that had porno mag stashed up in the ceiling. It wasn't in the ceiling. Was it no it was close to sealing. It was up on a shelf. There's a couple of boxes with some where in the cabin was was over by where the table was yeah yeah by the steps there yeah yeah and they go all all the way they go from early. Two thousands late nineties all the way back to what late sixties the cool to look through the internet took over and nobody needed them anymore right a lot of bush mainly bush yeah. There's the favorite article that like we read articles a about the girl that was like death. She was like deaf and dumb or you're talking about. Oh yeah they wrote some doc edgy articles back back in the late sixties early seventies yeah that was that was the playboy interview was just as prestigious. I mean that might be the wrong word but sees that's a good word because people there. They did some interviews with people back then it was it was i'm trying think of a specific client. I am but i feel even politicians. We get interviewed for playboy back. Then it was like girls lived in playboy mansion and took the goals for it. It was like some girl that just lived a shady lie in lake dance on staging foot jobs and share. No i remember it was right now. What does the same kind of perked up. <hes> anyone go down honor for a dollar that was that was that was <hes> that wasn't playboy though i think that was. I don't think there's a playboy uh out there. They're all hustler now. There's there's a lot of lay boys. I think that we kind of found a good heart and disseminating the hustlers and penthouse house and foot job incorporating. You know it's crazy. Stories like you read that in a magazine back then when that came out and it would be like what that's like the magazine noun well. It's the craziest thing you've ever read right now. You read like something like that and the internet and you're like you. Just click right through. It's like oh. That's that's what i read the job yeah. It's probably the craziest thing you've read that day. People later over a dollar charge more foulland in the sixties find foot job in the woods speaking of the was yeah. I'll tell you there's an element of you every time there from the stories. We hear you never know when good fine local girls and knock on the cabin door. That's true is that happened. Oh yeah hundred percent so there was <hes> so there's this fine italian elian restaurant that we've been talking about with great meatballs and noodles and red wine fish plenty of real stinky fish. Go only strip club there with a couple. Hundred miles probably <hes> maybe about one hundred fifty. It's just the one that's known about. It's called the salaries just actually went there and my twenty first birthday about every fucking knows about the place okay do they. They actually sell talion food or is it. You want to say real good. Push say in the trawlers all back so if you like some good day then it's all for your takes a wine sauce us plenty of red wine probably locked in there was okay so these skies were out there like the you know if you can't tell when we're up there. It's a completely different environment as far as politically correct or not not so. There's a little group out of the cottage. That's or the cabin that is a very christian and they may joke a little bit gem gem sauce not even them. Oh no. It's even more so these are old timers. Ooh can't even relate joke way but these guys he was up up there. <hes> this gentleman with his like like grandson or something these two strippers end up knocking on the cabin door or at like midnight one o'clock in the morning saying hey is so and so here all they were but i think he said no. He told us they said no but who knows maybe they're maybe. His grandson had a really good thirteenth birthday. How the hell did the strippers get there though they drive there. I mean they pick. Someone must have taken them back. It must have been dying in and the italian restaurant carry out a stripper comes and finds. You tried plenty of meat. Balls are red sauce. Flipper different turns down that to track and it's just another half mile talion sausage at the end of a baby uh-huh store you always told about the guy saw the it was like vertebral no that's that's okay so there's another one where this guy exploit the same guy same dude. He had to ask the clerk dining. He's running out on the far west end near where the river's at right near where the rivers that and so he's like walking back from his hunting by. It's like opening day like thirty years ago. When you had tons of people going up there for opening day and then come he's walking back out and he's isn't convertible with two women in it. I mean there are two hooker's that were looking for deer hunters so when guys talk about how good the sixties and seventies were and try to compare it to our generation in rations say that's even close. I like to tell him to fuck off because i've never seen a hooker come asking if i wanna blow job or not okay would she answer would be probably so. I think that the bad guys blind that i got my or my dad guys you're out of that. We were owed that double a. couple okay when you're staring at a cedar swamp for hours on end for the brutal tits rolling by fuck off. You'll do just about anything and it's winter looking like i mean and the top down top down aren't convertible which means were just rock-hard rally just jam and bruce u._s._a. I was born in the u._s._a. Nineteen seventy or whatever was eh running and i'm a convertible walking by walking by walking bike. I'm really about but bog monster yeah. Actually that was something. I did want to ask before we wrap up is. Are there any legends like a wind ago or anything crazy. You know so you go in the fall. You gotta go hunting in the fall. Despite of what anybody's birthday is or not saying that for rob <hes> if his daughter is born at the end of december so that way we got another chance to go up there but <hes> the the bog monster story was something that happened up there where there were timber loggers. If there weren't other type loggers they logged timber and then oral draggers and there is a big monster that fuck them all up and it called the bog monster didn't wanna the oil people went missing and then one of the loggers went missing so so it was like this whole period where for whatever a couple of years they were dredging and logging the property and there was one night i'll logger would go missing and the next night <hes> minor would go missing and go back and forth where there were big footprints in between both camps yes that would then end up leading to the bog and so then there was one night where there was like five of them each that went missing and and they all went back to the bog and no one could find bodies and that's the legend bog monster. What year was that when all that happened on nineteen seventy sixty the eighty five seattle for the cabin was established right in the sixties. He's okay who is probably like the forties fifties thirties and twenties. I'm glad i didn't know that that was up. There hundreds nineties yeah well. That's not even the scariest story because the bog monster you know that's a story alec <unk> tolimir all on our bonk's jerky into the playboys always reading thinking about the convertible vertebral but then there's the story of was big age who who was that went out in the pickup and all this so there is actually like some real shit that goes on out there so <hes> bill barlow's name and the guy that his dad owned all the property and they his dad pass at a young age aged so they subdivided it and they gave it to a gentleman who ran the same machine shop that bills dad worked at and they branched into a hunt club which is how it came to be what it is now okay so this was back in the fifties forties ladies or fifty s or late forties early fifties honestly so big age l. Oh hoffman was named the guy that that followed all this through for fifty years sixty years and he was known as like a practical jokester where i mean he would like run through the fields with with like something on his head to look like a deer to like scare. Some of the younger kids like he was that big of a trip okay so after he passed away this was is like i don't know five eight years ago. Bill which is the son of really the true through owner not big age but the true owner went out to his wind and when out saint place blind was for years when out and hunted close up his car came back the seats. Were all the way laid back. The windows were down. Nobody was fucking out there because it's the middle was there. No one else was there was like aw like a weekday in october was like a wednesday night in october melba ctober. There'd be no one else out there and that's the big h would have done because in a good way like because he was he was a practical jokester so this happened again like another week after where he went out you know seats were down in the car like complete laid back jack resigned. Why would you do that. No one would do that and this is like brand new stuff. I mean bill works for g._m. He's high up in g._m. Where he gets a car and who the fuck even if somebody who how did they get into the car right it was locked. Yeah it was locked on scott like because the next time went out there. He locked it. Yeah excuse the first time as one thing it's like okay. Maybe something might have happened but the second time is. There's a big gap a time. There's a week in between between them. That's fucking soraya's wacky what can happen out there in the woods and you're up there. I got lost their well. That's the thing you when you hear stories like that and then there's like there's like a walkway right the separates two big sections of the property and that walkway goes right through a dark dark eerie cedar swamp and you can't long-announced thing into the end. It's dead quiet. Nothing stirring nelson moving and all these are thinking about stories like like that all fucking seats are going to get recline fine but i remember the first time the very first time i went out there. I remember now is march two thousand six. That was the year <hes> i went out there and the very first thing we did when we got there because your dad was with us your uncle was with us at that time but me and you even and <hes> this other kid michael that you guys graduated with remember his last name and i'll chapman yeah went with us that one time yeah him and then there might have been somebody else but we just took a walk doc. I think we walk through that swamp. That was where we went because i remember we were all sharing a smoke and it wasn't weeded that died and went uh-huh at that point. It was our yeah. It was a cigar yeah cigar and but i remember it was so fucking dark. I'm like you guys do this all all the time. She didn't bring a lighter nothing. It was just you just walked by the moon yeah so that's what's cool. Though man is like going out there i mean even though it's i mean i get up there for two times a year. I mean he's still kinda know what the paths are and everything else. It's cool. It's like home yeah abd allah and on that note. <hes> brett was told me something the other day. I think we should bring it up talk about the <hes> federal land. I think we're sitting here. Maybe we should bring it up. It's the new aw bureau of land management guy pointed what's his name. <hes> william penn louis okay and he's all about selling off all the federal federal land. I don't know exactly how he got appointed. If someone stepped down also say good or bad they saw not he wants to sit in the forefathers others to sell all of the federal land so those goals yeah i mean for mining and so that doesn't include dude what you guys are on right. We're we're on private is the the hunt properties on private but you know what we're on the edge of osceola and clare county. We're we're on one county and the others on the other side of the road is the other that's all state land on the other side so in effect the state land but they're we're selling state land right now. They sold land right next to the club recently so what happens if if all that land gets sold off like what's the what are the developers i live on uh develop develop it or it's just private land. They put a fence up. They put no trespassing. I've seen it up <hes> aw my wife's family's property. We're cruising down old snowmobile trail on an r._t._d. And it was like right in the middle of the trails like boom fence put put up five private property. You're charles that so then not interrupt but i am anyways so then when they sell that pro whether it's state or fads whereas i might go to just goes to bullshit your taxes well. That's an excellent question well an and not buying more federal and state land one of the issues i had with <hes> when trump was trying to get elected in twenty sixteen eighteen. He said what he wanted to do. Was he wanted to basically take the federal land and delegate it to the states waits to manage the problem is federal land is a it's very expensive to upkeep all that now you have hunters and anglers that pay basically lee the majority of the cost to keep that stuff up in the conservation plus you have private organizations which in in all honesty all that extra stuff is bullshit anyway i mean they they do but now there's a there's a tax on any ammo fishing stuff. There's a tax funds all of your tag your licenses. They all go towards conservation. The problem is is the federal government. Uh has a obviously substantially larger budget than states do and so my worry was you delegate that out to the states and even the state of michigan. Let me look at our roads for money and they are not hesitant to start. Look at any state land parcel that should off like it's nothing you know hand federal into them for the same purpose purpose. They're not going to want to empty that money and who's going to pay pay to keep it up the way it is now. We've seen how our roads have really improved sense. Our new governor came in try and take this all political blam a little bit like gimme a break. If if you're gonna preach off a platform focus off of it and do something. I mean if you're you're gonna fix the roads. Get rid of emigrant's fiancee that you're gonna get build the wall. I whatever i don't give a shit what you're if you're a conservative democrat. Okay i don't care you've done yeah well. This has been happening. I mean if that's the thing that's why everybody our age. Generation is the way they are well. It's like i said it's not even just us like you go back. I remember reading something like a speech that benjamin harrison was giving he was president for me. Eighteen eighty eight two thousand nine hundred and it's all the same shit though it's more people we know you're getting screwed. You know we're gonna give this. We're gonna return this government back through the u._s. Bad but still be your leader. Blau me my my whole home batch. My my whole point is whether you're pro hunting or not most of what's going into conservation right now is <hes> hunters and anglers buying the licenses and their tags and everything like that and you know you have shit hole organizations like peterson and stuff that that that just lobby against hunting well you know what when you try to ban that stuff and take it away. You lose the funding and guess what happens. They don't have the funding conservative anymore. Guess what they started doing. They start selling it off so if you appreciate that the the forests in the lands lands that are sperone by us yeah public citizen's public lands. You really have to start getting involved because it's is kind of going behind the scenes and people don't realize it you know we've been talking a lot about his property. Which is which is private but but it's is beyond that you know we we do a lot of spent a lot of time on on public lands and everything like that and it's it's important that that you don't have to appreciate hunting hunting and fishing and stuff like that but really look in those organizations because they're really on the forefront of trying to keep those public lands well. It's it's it's <hes> you know. That's the thing that was why they were. They were designated that way anyway like in the happened in the industrial revolution when <hes> i i know teddy roosevelt had a lot to do with it. I don't know if he was the only one i assume he wasn't. I think he was the first one either but he a major major chunk chunk of credit goes to him because he was the one that looked around said if we let private industry tear the shit out of this country. We're gonna lose some. This stuff is valuable the way it is. That's how we got yellowstone. That's how we got a lot of this stuff out west those because he loved it out there when he was a he spent his time as a cowboy out there and he was like i know this there has to be some hm land that corporations can get their hands on that can be enjoyed by by citizens for what it is and it has to be preserved and and you know what they're stupid to not because teddy roosevelt knew him back then that there were going to be chunks of land that they were gonna be benef- be be able to benefit off as a government whether it be oil or other minerals or whatever that too yeah which why would you not look at like that a- as leader you should be <hes> and the citizens should be at the same time and did not protect that as public hold. That's the thing that's the whole again not to get too political but like for me. That's the whole problem with no matter where you're at right now on the political spectrum our society there is something things hunting or non-hunting. No not even that like it's just it's a there are some things that you you can't buy the public square that there has to be neutral ground for both sides were both sides because if all of a sudden one side owns everything then there's no there's no neutral ground anymore and how the hell there's always is gonna be a bias and nothing's going to be considered honest and there's always gonna be somebody going well. You fucking owned this bar vote and the same time. It's but how it's there's there's no way we're going to be able to solve that problem in in the next five minutes but <hes> but it is. It's interesting that you bring get up nate because like you said you guys in. This is privately owned land but it's owned so you guys can go up there and enjoy it. It's not you're not tearing in the setup but you're not mining entered logging it or anything which admittedly we do need those industries. I said you know both of my grandparents and there are regulations as to how you can do that initiative. We're used to but at the same time it's like there needs to be certain things designated. You know you need to and like you said nate. If you want got it to stay the way it is. If you wanna have the forest there and be able to drive through you know the drive that i had up to northern michigan on friday when up there. It's absolutely gorgeous. You don't even if you took pictures of that. A lot of people who've never been up there would be like that's not michi and they can't write as she can. It's too early. It's too pristine. You know it's absolutely gorgeous up there and it's worth keeping around the way it is. It always has been so michigan has some of the most national forest land. I think most states because of their u._p. Right like the u._p. Nearly a hundred thousand acres in the lower peninsula too fast asked the u._p. Is mainly national forest. It's federal yeah which is what they're talking about. Which is what's so scary well. You can't sell there have to be something's our society. There have to be some things that are not for sale. That's the thing i don't again. I don't care nate and i were talking. You know about politics before we went on the air. I mentioned and <hes> i. I'm pretty i have some pretty extreme liberal views but then i also have some some conservative stuff when i talked to my liberal friends they're like they're like they just don't want to hear it. You know <hes> that's why i love you so i can see both sides but the one thing that i say for both sides is that <hes> there have to be some things that are not for sale. The public square is is one of them <hes> and then you can the debate other things <hes> but <hes> but so and that's what i like about you guys because a lot of republicans are just like well business. If the market dictates it then it's fair. It's like no that doesn't work that way. The market is definitely useful and should be allowed to work the way it needs to but there are certain things that you have to to to put it to put a limit on otherwise you're not going to the nobody gets anything. It's not gonna work so that's that's the end of my thank you for coming my tedtalk <hes> and guys. We're actually at the top of the second hour now. We did two hours just about so so <hes> congratulations. This is the longest the longest american wine or ever <hes> <hes> and this actually works perfectly because i wasn't going to be here next week so i got my full four shows this month so congratulations are compensation open safe drinking. It works yeah so <hes> but thanks for coming. The guy has been a great chatting and you guys. Are you guys. Were a blast the first time you came on and we'll we'll do it again. It'd be it'd be good to have you guys on again. Maybe we should die morning morning. The politics stopped planning yeah. Yeah sure why not i wou. I love one of the reasons again like i have like reasonable. I was saying this last time hot hudson and you and i were hanging out when i came up with hutches new house for the first time i said i would love nothing more than into vote for sane republican who does all they have to believe is. I think that the the capitalism is a good tool when it's used properly and here's where the limits need to be eh and then that's it really is a pretty fucking simple thing but because they're all out because they all get bribed by their donors who wanted just do whatever the fuck it is that keeps them in their position but here's an extra subject. Let's just burn i'll. I'm komo good with that on that note. That's a good place to end <hes> we're gonna <hes>. I'm going to wrap it up. <hes> like i already kinda said i'm going to be gone next week week. After that. I got a dentist my dentist. She's the wife of a person who's already been on the podcast so we're gonna talk about dentistry <hes> on the twenty-first get back so everybody check that out guys thanks again for coming on talk to you talk to you again and this has been american winer podcast detroit dot com thank you thanks.

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Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 3)

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

39:18 min | 1 year ago

Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 3)

"Ooh that's right e._s._p._n. O._c. We did one. We aren't looks they got beach balls furs and everything off and i wanna hit you in the head. A lot of roads have equipment around. You're still good with those walls. You are good with those balls all right. We'll be here all day long mason. I went to noon sodano show. I just said we're the hotel and spa and to beach p._c._h. And huntington street how is the rooms were a beautiful game tastic. They hooked up with a model line and everyone was very very love. Ocean ocean view view guys enjoy raja out though you go through you know what i like. I like the iron. He's a light on it and everything so nice on those does this morning i always iron you never see do i stay sharp always interesting. That's what you decide to care about. Oh you know what else at sixty five degrees partly cloudy in huntington beach keys doppler is up in the air. The headline is presented by sprint cockatiel dookie cocco. Duda duda clouds will more at some point in time this afternoon so we'll get some clear sun beaming beaming down on us. I've got some storm johnson there. Yeah i mean you know it's a little overcast near the beach but it'll clear up real soon here. Cockatiel do do so yeah. I was a little vacation for several days and i went down to your next week woods. You were gone for weeks felt that way few weeks yeah well mm you had e._s._p._n. Ryan you had multiple vacation run. It's impressive. You know i mean at least you see me on television. I won't work take vacation. It'd be taking a vacation. That's for sure <hes> <hes> went down to the florida keys as part of my vacation trip and i wanted to jet ski so i went and jetski down to florida keys after a few cocktails got on jumped on jet skis on jet ski tour of thirty miles around the florida keys up against into the gulf of mexico pretty calm waters. It was cool man a jet skis. You're going out to the calm waters. Get into certain parts of the the keys it was kind of shopping so as you're pushing that throttle and you're moving at a fast pace because they wanted us to stay within sixty yards or so behind wind each person 'cause they don't want you up on each other. 'cause some you know. Some people don't wanna dry but <hes> with them. Choppy waves hitting you one of them. I went up on because a a man. I thought it was over. Damn i went down came back up. Hoke okay everything. Saw it all in is no all they want. It gives them knows but it was a lot of fun in terms of just being able to be out on the water in in check. Check it out now. Obviously making sure that i'm not in deep part of it. I wanted to waste down not above wakes just in case anything had walk on the accurate. I feel like i guess any any weird creatures in the water. I could tussle tussle with him. 'cause i'm standing on your porch wrestling with the creatures. If there's any sharks anything like it is you're not going to win and everything else. He's not wrestling with. Even if the water is only your to your waist key sharks gonna win that fight in its invite lease okkas focus stand up and use them because it was my window. If my feet is not touching the bottom of the ocean then i won't be able oughta say spring up and be able to move around bounce on so that was that was talk mohammed ali shadowboxing around so we went to we went to spot we rested up and he kinda went out and and you know he was telling us about the area and all the different stuff and so we got ready to get back on he says okay. It's time to get on and now. I'm a press star button. Give it's trying to give it some gas but i was i had turned the wheel all the way to to the left but i gave it the gas as i turn to the left in messed around in tipped over and fell off to the ocean. How could i didn't see my eyes but everybody else saw like big old giant because do the reason is is. I didn't want just fall on top of me right on top of making sure that i could get back on the ski so as i'm swimming to get back on the ski ski ski. Even though i pull the string off in elsewhere kill switch it cut it off. I'm trying to swim to get back onto the back of it to climb on the ways is taking the damn jet. Let's get in the current so if you've ever tried to swim in the ocean current so damn hard getting ready to checkout. You can't just you know in the testes moving away from oh damn so g._e. Gotta come over here and grab bill de asiatic. She didn't know what was she didn't know. If i got hit by jetski what because she fell off to in all this was happening so fast but it was so funny so at the end of the day on a jet ski i'm like because i'm trying to bounce off the bottom to jump on the ski but there was no bottle into the ocean because we went into a little bit deeper spot where i couldn't. I saw the pilot panic set august on right yeah but daca swim. Just go boom but it wasn't going. I felt like i wasn't going anywhere. Jetski was next to me by the time i got to it. It was several feet away. I'm like damn puffing where you're getting it was off. The bottom of the hornet was with the vesa averse and trying to push off the bottom of the ocean. When there was no bottom right yourself up i a- charge man i can only imagine because if we were laughing i can only imagine what i look like. Oh imagine it was funny. He was fun and you know. I survived and i'm back here for another week here at the o c the morning show that was keys headline morning. You're listening to k s._p._f. Well i'm glad you didn't buy it. It's nice that you're back. Goddamn here to save you. Oh precious gems real right there on her. Instagram was popping while he goes. I did just re up my my insurance so it's more valuable dead than alive. You gotta be careful. Make sure that number. You've got to be a little bit more valuable alive than dead floating devices. Does she have key tonight. We're going to get together as a group and talk about stuff for the fall and plan out some a new show them. You know how to go now. You'll be there. You're coasting and i just want. I think a new feature of what's on jen's instagram was gonna come this fall. You should have her block them. I just i don't we'll even though with social media looks like to be honest. That's the way that that should go. I'm quick very technical football question. What the hell's up with antonio brown's feet <hes> because i've never seen anything like that. If you see the picture on social media that's out there. It looks like somebody took a blow. Torch to the bottom of his feet is the skin has fallen off off. The color is a weird it. There is nothing about that. That looks like a healthy human being he hasn't played he hasn't practice. John gruden's not saying what it is. He's not saying what it is. The raiders raiders aren't saying what it is. What the hell is. I feel like it's a burn of some sort but i'm not a doctor and i really don't own the only reason why i would even think that is go back to go back to when i play with the jets and i played on astroturf which was a carpet burn. <hes> mhm my inside of my hand look like that pitcher because i slid down on the turf in burn in my entire life insurance put a nice big lister lister on the answer to my hand and when it started to heal you started to see whereas layer skiing was pulling away and underneath with pink and red so it looks like that to me but i could be completely wrong and i can only imagine that that is the case he's not. We're going to be playing for a minute. I mean it just is impossible as a receiver to not be able to move around on your feet. That's one of the two most important things on your whole body you become a receiver that does not look like something that's going to heal and the next day or knuckles though at the top though no my feet don't look like that old time. No my feet never looked like that's what i'm saying that so you can see is like underneath the second so right there. You look if i went over there on the side. It got stuff growing. The left side of evans like just dead skin. I'm talking about the a._c._p. Paralyzes me as he put it on instagram big toe. Look at the big tone silo big toe sums growing never mind that that those little bumps there those are things you shave shave down with this is this is. This is the arch of his foot in the heels. They're burned. What was the question is if it was if it was something that just happened happened. Why not say hey look. He had an injury. He burned his foot on blank. He this is what happened. This is nobody's saying anything is what makes this so bizarre because i think he did something. I always know for sure but it's looked like he did something stupid stupid something. Somebody told him to go duties that becky decided like during his training. I'm gonna run sprints on the sand which i do but you don't do that at noon when the same as as absolute hottest 'cause you can you read a sprint on the scene and that's what i luke two weeks ago and i was actually going to do tonight because i was like oh. I won't be running sprints in the sand. Maybe even if you even in ran sprints in the sand noisy it takes more than ninety five degree heat in the sand the burner feet. If that's that is yes. Are you going to be running. Top wasn't wasn't the same that is that is burned from something beyond just because look. We've all stepped onto sidewalk street sand. That's really hot. You jump off right right away. You put your shoes back on. This is something that was an extended period of time and know what it is that you somebody told him to get some sort of foot sump upton pedicure and rub some on it. I bet you that's what it is. I mean i'm just glad affection from like a pedicure. No just one of those deals where existed take a look like. I'm not putting my foot and i wa cubby. I it could be from the little fish eaten you know how to get the little fish could could be at zinc's hammerhead sharks in the tank. That's not from any. He doesn't strike me as someone they never seen to do a deep dive but you can't have now your feet look like that and then you tell me your someone who cares about pedicures mike. There's you look at his feet. Clearly doesn't care about pedicures on the front. Oh come on the bottom. They would've say what say you see. Lumpy dan skin right there. That's the one they would have been gone chainsaw. They get the shaver ever out for me. I know you said at the beginning of the conversation -squitoes the two most important things for you as a wide receiver your hands and your feet. This was not just something that happened. This looks like an injury that happened and that no one is saying anything about it is significant if john gruener antonio brown said look. He stepped out of his car. You're put his feet on the street. He didn't have as he burned himself. He's going to miss a couple of days. He's good to go okay fine. You move on and and if you did that you'd have a little burn here a little these. These are the entirety of the bottoms of both of his feet. This is something that he did and combine that with the secrecy lead you saying hot coz because i want to be like david blaine walked on hot coals. What i'm saying is that looks like an injury is somebody who walked on hot coals. That didn't know what they were doing. That did something wrong and had an accident happened and and now nobody wants to say oh. Our biggest acquisition in the off season burned his feet at some retreat walking on hot coals. That's what it looks like to making. A keyshawn just took off. Would you stop autozone in the region. He's scratching himself mosquitoes. You need cortisone cream cream well. You didn't use it. We'll get that big foot's out the reason for that. We only use the the big foot inch on bigfoot. Though all this foot talk made your feet it is so disgusting. Put your feet away but but yeah it needs to do whatever he needs to do to get back on the field to help the raiders. They paid him a lot of money and i'm sure that they're in a panic situation right now because they depended on him coming into this year as being one of the big guns for him and right now. He's missing a lot of training camp. He'll you know which really doesn't mean anything in today's n._f._l. But it's certainly only a situation that is concerning because i wanted to be healthy. I don't want whatever that is to affect his play for the rest of the season. You wonder how much it matters in this particular situation because if he were still in pittsburgh and had this injury go he knows ben. He knows the offense. He knows mike talion those he knows what they're trying to do. If he misses a week who really cares he's going to be as long as he's ready to go that first weekend. In september he's going to be fine. That's not what's going on. This is a new team new coach. New quarterback knew everything and i would imagine the time he misses key is important. No it is it's very important unless you tell the sense of urgency in jon gruden voice when he's talking about a. b. not being near that he certainly certainly in a panic mode and a panic situation because he knows more than we do all right. We are here day one of week. We are underway from the passaic hotel in huntington tim beach and even though raj you know what it is. It's still the summer of o._j. Travis you look so excited. What did he do now well. We got a new update. Even when we're on the road we bring the o._j. Updates with us you mr simpson say a hotel here. Isn't that mister simpson. S moore's her name marcia clark. Yes mr simpson or hey back the we got the latest. Oh jay update roll it so the o. J. d. took awhile. Turn rush turn well. You never know with them anyway that job guys a good job from saturday was a little different but that's okay took turns griffin lebron's well-done raj david griffin griffin attempted at least to try and walked back his comments to clarify his comments remember that he said that it was miserable in cleveland with lebron trying to build that championship shipped trying to being around that he says that he has a positive relationship that he did a poor job of framing his comments that he made the sports illustrated. He said all this on the jumper increasingly. It's like recently that the comments were sensationalized that they were taken out of context. I get that here's here's the problem that i have with this whole thing well first of all i could understand stan. Lee said he did a poor job frame. I agree. I either friend different way. The problem is though key is that david griffin has been around for too long and been somebody in charge charge of n._b._a. Basketball team for too long to understand or to not understand more importantly how his comments are going to be construed especially when those comments are about lebron james he if he says he didn't know that's how that was going to go. I have a really hard time believing that a he didn't know and that's why i said it or he said it meant meant it. He meant it but he didn't know that he would get the backlash from all everybody in the n._b._a. World people was like like what the hell is wrong with you. He thought that it would go different for him. He thought it would be more of lebron hate type situation that it was when he went to miami on the decision. That's what he was more or less looking for didn't realize that lebron is loved. Lebron has this just because he had a bad season last last year and lebron standards that it was going to basically come back to bite him. He didn't realize that once he realized he wanted to walk it back. It was too late then because it's already out there. You could say you have a great relationship and yeah you know probably isn't going to say anything. Most athletes at a superstar type guys is when you say something about me. Take the high road and just let everybody else fight the battles for their in astle lebron's do it now. He has it fire back. He did it in a way lebron lebron orsay by david david griffin if it wasn't for me david griffin wouldn't even be here. That's more or less somebody that likes to take it on their way and that had lebron death and he just kind of lays back it. Let people like myself. Certain germs spread sales camp fight the battle for well. He undermined his own statements simply by suggesting it was difficult to have sustained success because of the plan now i will think basically every team owner every league would love to go to a championship round three consecutive. If years a one i could see him saying is hard to have sustained success but three consecutive seasons of n._b._a. Finals appearances translate into success. I i get what he's saying. In the larger picture it is difficult to sit back and keep andrew wiggins and andrew wiggins develop lebron james and then maybe after four seasons. He's ready to help me. A championship. Lebron comes as going on for years like that moving out from our that puts pressure on you. I'm sure you were miserable. Because there was is constant pressure on you to take off when he's short runway. He did not have a lot of time to let it build now. He's in new orleans. He's still got media scrutiny because of the fact that zion williamson is such a such a make star already but he's allowed now to let brandon ingram and josh heart and zion williamson develop and if they don't want a championship in the next five seasons he's fine. He didn't get that luxury when he has lebron james. You don't get four to five seasons to figure it. Lebron james miserable part is miserable part isn't that the miserable part for him is that he couldn't control the brown. The brown was control an organization that he didn't like the fact that the the top executive in the team he was not the one that was actually the guy calling the shots. We wouldn't top executive well. He on a flow chart. He was but in practice he wasn't and i think there's another element to this. The element of david griffin has been getting nothing but positive press. They won a championship in cleveland. That was a big win for him. He was a very highly sought after executive in the time that he was away from cleveland before he went to new orleans not to cut you up again was about to get paul george to cleveland right. Where did you ever tricked it off so he leaves and now all of a sudden not that he had anything to do with this new orleans new orleans gets the number one pick so now zion williamson's come. There's a little more positive buzz. Execute a trade and by all accounts. They got a king's ransom for anthony davis. They've got a bunch of picks. They got a lot of prospects. That was a win so you're talking about win win win win for david griffin. He's probably sitting there feeling himself a little bit like there's nothing you know. Cleveland was just a miserable experience and then i'll just boom. He had no idea what he was saying but he meant every every word of it yeah and everyone's not built for that life well one of the things that he has to do is he has to realize going forward as a general manager of a team and running an organization at certain things. You can't say whether it's about former players current players because if he continues down this way guess what he won't be long to be general imagine this lead because other owners other presidents a team will look to him as a problem rather than somebody that can resolve the problem key you mentioned it that lebron didn't come on on say look david griffin out of his mind but he did what he does that people close to lebron said that they were quote shocked at the comments and then lebron goes on twitter and says alright alright alright enough is enough. The throne has been played with too much and i and for horse play ether coming soon now your point maybe that was more directed at his criticism of his parenting right. There's there's two stories when it concurrently and i started with the conversations that were hoping over at fox news that jason for whatever reason maybe it's a slow news day thought he would drive home in his guests kind of pipe in right with this notion of because of the way that he was celebrating with his son at the a._a._u. Tournaments the way that he got into the layup line and put on a show for the people at that was overshadowing his son does made him a bad parent that storyline that they created started happening and then david started happening because i was the one to pop like when he says enough was thrown. It wasn't just one story. He was a week of bad stories questioning his parenti and then david griffin ticking shot the we're talking about david griffin but the parents always it gets to me when people start questioning your parenting skills with your kids because ah how can you question a man's parenting skills with his kids. When you don't even know the midway that man parents i mean come on his parenting skills. Obviously his kids kids are at phenomenal schools. They great athletes. They seem to be a happy family. Why are you even put that out. In the universe negative under there are people in this business get paid to make ron jay life miserable. No don't don't do that though don't bring his family and his kids a to a situation because he's in a layup line so then what okay yeah he's a helicopter old mu to yes. I'm gonna look at my son's backpack. I'm gonna look at my daughter's phone. I'm going to do all of those things yeah. I'm a helicopter dads so damn what maybe if it was more helicopter dads out here then maybe some of the kids running around in this world wouldn't be here doing the things they do. You're always gonna lose. You're always gonna lose when you start criticizing. Somebody else's parenting your kid if he wants to be in the layup line if he wants to get excited decided because somebody throws down a dunk it's his it's his team and to your point key and this is. I sat right behind them. When i was lakers pre-game show they put me in a seat right behind where they would reserve of seats for v._i._p.'s and when you're v._i._p. No i was behind the v._i._p.'s and so when lebron family came in when he was still in clean. They sat right in front of me. This was a real family that was enjoying each other's company that was thrilled to be with their dad. That was thrilled to be with everything. There was nothing about any of it spoke to. They felt overshadowed by dad ad that you could tell there was an incredible. They don't need to tell you this or this memo to whoever wrote the story whatever they were talking about whatever you do understand understand he will never be his dad. His dad is going to always overshadow him. No matter what the situation is he could be sitting right here with us right now it. His father can walk across in everybody would get up and go over. There was dead. That's just what it is. His father's a superstar who came before him so he's going to overshadow him. He's never going to live up to his dad's expectations. His father could not come to jim. Stay out of the gym now celebrate with her. Uh not be a part of the linke the flip side with the answer do and i don't buy it but the flip side would be sit there and watch the game. Don't get in the layup line. Don't make it about about you about a little bit of this is my son right these kids that like me right my son's on the team gene with him. He's probably sponsor a._a._u. Team he's having fun. I don't think it wasn't having fun but he didn't make it about him. I i would say say say this that there are certainly opportunities in which there's a crossroad for every superstar regardless of field whether you're a superstar singer whether the active wherever there's always a crossroad and no one knows the perfect formula in large part because no one else knows what to walk in matt person's shoes. No one knows what they're doing privately with their kids and to your point key. We don't know how grandparents we don't know he's me. We don't know if he's checking his homework now. We don't know if he's making sure even when he's in a row that he's doing what he's supposed to be doing. That's parenti you can't you can't surmise what someone does as a parent strictly based upon on a brief clip of the tournament well. I know what you're not doing it as a parent and i'm looking at that dogs sleep because he's bored or you. Talking shit is o._t._c. week day they one of o._c. Week we're here in huntington beach. The passaic hotel e._s._p._n. O._c. We are underway us beautiful key right there. There's huntington beach. There's is the ocean and the heat heat. Alert seems premature if it's okay lifeguards arts on the saying getting debriefed l._a. We are here all day. Long at the hotel and spa huntington beach mason ireland will be here at noon this auto show at three thirty but after the show roger l. l z are gonna meet trudell up the street at dukes huntington beach right there on the ocean. They're doing a lunch some cocktails. You'll be beautiful while travis and i go to roger done in santa handed test out some new sticks travis weight and if you wanna play golf with travis on thursday a black who's gonna be. There's gonna be multiple multiple. Wow boy flagpole kabila decks on thursday and your belinda with travis. You've got to come out to see us today at the table made fifty center at roger done in santa anna from eleven a._m. To one p._m. We'll be testing out six putting contest test and you could figure out enter to win to play golf with travis and myself. I'm zee on the swing simulator chris. I can't wait you think my swing speeds going to be better than in person the course last week i was in a pretty good with tommy interesting. I hear about all these times. You've played well. I've yet to see it myself. No now your guy you're thrown jose. The last time we played you said improved it. So why do you have to say oh. It's calling me if it's the starting point. We're 'cause as you fat all right so it's we knew that this was going to happen but now it's official. We're talking about the n._b._a. Schedule and the highlights the highlights the n._b._a. Schedule or obviously christmas day. Those are the two that you look forward to an both of those nights. You're gonna get the lakers and the clippers playing each other and not that we didn't know that they were going to be doing it but it's real that the rivalry between the two teams in los angeles is real for the first time ever. Take the history we out of it. Take the the clipper history all the negativity take the laker history all the tradition and championships and get rid of it coming into the season. These are arguably. The two best teams teams not just in the n._b._a. In the western conference in the entire n._b._a. And we're gonna get it right off the bat. Is it already a rivalry. Though yes. I mean the given the fact that they haven't played each other with this group of guys on either floor on aging dr battaglia is if something happens and one of the main characters is anthony davis lebron james paul george leonard gets hurt. That's the only way it's no use opening night and christmas. Soda games obviously big in terms of just this. This is the biggest i would probably say elliot's basketball has ever been better. I mean ever- that's kind of aggressive when when inundated with him. We're actually winning stuff ever been at the same time. They have never been this good. Neither has been considered a top tape ever. I think this whole conversation regards to rivalry and it's a media hot spot right now. This is the media generated right now. Nothing has actually occurred. Nothing has actually happened for me. If i'm gonna see a rivalry. I'm gonna need you to win some stuff. I'm need you to take the stuff. I'm winning it in and i'm gonna need some history. You can't have a rivalry just because some free agents get signed. It also manufactured other india's southern california people though oh it's a rivalry maybe not from a national perspective but here in southern california laker fans and whatever little clipper fans running around it is a rivalry for that purpose. It is a rivalry. I i agree with you. It's manufactured. I agree that it's a media creation to a real part but before when it was lob city where there's chris paul and blake griffin and you still had kobe in a laker uniform. That was a manufactured thing. Hey who's going to win. There was real actual conversation asian about who was better about who had more this or that this coming into the season. I have no idea which of these two teams is going to be a better team. I have no idea which pair of megastars is gonna click better than the other guys. It's it's all a real conversation. It's not just hype it is legitimate these are four of the ten best players in the league league and they're here and they're. They're sharing a damn building now. I- precedent it i get that part of it but in the traditional sense of what we have come to no way way sports wherever where he is it takes way more than precedes. Are you know look at so. This is a regional rivalry. This is a local khanna deal. This isn't a national deal. This is clip it only fanatic the national. What's a bigger game in the n._b._a. Than the lakers or clippers nothing that's why that's why not no headline that's true. You're absolutely right as far as the national headlines go but no no one cares outside of l._a. N._b._a. cares because people are going to watch but from a fan base standpoint cares outside of l._a. About what the clogged i agree with you on their packaging yet. If you said it's not arrive radiant because it's difference between being a rivalry and people carrying about the match up a ary to me brings his rematch rivalry. I let there was not a national rival. Not this is not a dodger red sox dollars. There's no you're right no one of those situations but the but the matchup is intriguing the adventure games when they play will be intriguing they will dominate the sports media but in terms the national rivalry you're right. It's not of course i'm right wrong and in terms of being a regional rivalry i mean i'm still waiting to see you need thirty seven kevin patrick beverley to get lebron james's face and you need some pushing shoving and you need to see some emotion as of right now. We have some intriguing stuff on paper but we don't. I'll have a rivalry. I'm not gonna lie. I did miss the thirty-seven calls. I did like those. I missed that we are here at the hotel to beach it's o._t._c. Weekday were on e._s._p._n. O._c. weekday while we are underway travis yes thank you so much to coal company creators single batch world-class hawaiian rum's taste the aloha enjoy enjoy responsibly and five star audiovisual helping make day one <hes> e._s._p._n. O._c. week fossil over excited because he shaking his green juice juice juice key so you cucumber collars lemon killed short parsley kale kale chart short. I do know <hes> <hes> outside of lettuce. I didn't spinach compass. Okay what big. There's no apple in their keno apple. I didn't want joining the apple. No but apple gets bob this wednesday. He remembers even decides. What does that say calories forty. This is what you should be doing tommy. Can we get a big thing so we can bob for apples. I like i'll read apples granny smith green. Let's do green and yeah. Maybe some daisy duke apples. What's the other one's called. All easy. Duke ping got your mouth. There's honey crisp. There's fuji fuji apples speaking of apples. I l z where yeah i don't know l z and casper on a walk. Guess stephen jones key says that the cowboys are not going to set the market for any of their big three guys. Of course you got zeke. You got back back in. You've got a more cooper that are all looking for more money and steven jones says hey you know obviously they're gonna come to some sort of agreement but they do not expect to set the market on any of those deals deals well set in the market. They're going to set the market for the those players but they're not. They're not getting ready to break the bank. They're not gonna roll up the brinks ring truck to the point where all of a sudden you're gonna look. Zekiye elliot will be the highest paid running back by far need deserve it. The marcus says he deserves but economically economically. The cowboys aren't willing to put that cowboys are willing travis. Travis is such a poser. He went and grabbed a. I'm not a poser. I wanted to try did with key. I really don't wanna go to go there. That's my john. This is terrible by the way it's not terrible. It's legitimately the name. I'm not going to say the name but this tastes awful. It does what you what you need to do. If you to cowboys you need to figure out which one of the three guys you wanna pay i. They're all gonna be. It's gotta be it's gotta be seek right. No i would. I would probably pay more quarterback. I then i would white white dak i well because i think his deals a lot easier to get done because you want. He's in a different situation at the position. He's a quarterback but he is not not if you put him on the open market this not twenty five teams lining up to sign him right so you're in a different position in with him then you ought to if you put the other two on the open market twenty five teams will line up to sign them right. You can pay him really good quarterback money. You don't have to pay him the highest paid. You don't have to make him the lowest pay you can pay him. I don't know twenty seven million dollars a year and more towards the top though key topics in the thirties now right. Tom brady just came in. He's at twenty six sex and drew brees at twenty six and they're tied. Yeah yeah is he aware key because he cognitive where he really is. Where he plays out or is he. The so focused in other guys are landing in terms of the salaries all about it's all about his representation in in the people over a c._i._a. Who's eboni if they're giving him the real or they shoving a bunch of you know what up he and he's believing. It just depends if they're giving can you to really really telling you. This is where it's at. This is what's going to happen. 'cause i can almost certainly guarantee you without being in the room if he was on open market mark. This is not a lot of teams no matter how great he's played for the cowboys. There's not a lot of teams that look at him and go. We'd rather have him than the guy we have. Why what is it that he's because his style his style doesn't v everybody his style does and it goes the same for russell wilson what does this he does the same thing for russell so wilson if everybody if russell on the open market everybody would not lineup distressing so believe knows because one thing one thing oh ooh russell wilson has a championship but people don't put ashes by the championship and say it was really because repeat in the defense and he fell into it. Tom brady grew into that road road. He's in today because if you go back. Tom brady's first couple of championships. What was people saying about him. Defense the individually switch because the office which in the times change bill chicks here. We're gonna win like this when you look at the prescott what makes him different is. He's not as accurate as passive. They're gonna to try to break that all the way down. He's not a he runs too much. He depends on zeke. They're going to try to break that down to the point where they can use that against him. That's what general managers in presidents at teams do when they don't wanna pay players. Let me change the take this off the cowboys for just a second. If you're selling me the dak would not have a line of teams that want to sign him if he hit free agency. What if jared goff went to free agency what's the line of teams for jared goff because jerry gobble played in assume more because he's a more traditional type yeah absolutely yeah traditional more traditional a lot of ways right. Is that what it is. A lot of it is but a lot of worries jared goff. Take a sixty some-odd percent completion. Jared goff has looked really good the last two years at what they would say is. We like him more than we like because we're used to at that we're used to. We used to toss standing in the pocket. We're used to a climbing the pocket we're used to him. Spitting out the plays running the teen. I mean that's the way they think you gotta realize go to the draft and go to free agency hulu. They draft when you go to these type of quarterbacks like very when when we go to these type of quarterbacks like that prescott is so much negative conversation around draft time there swirls around the teddy bridgewater swirls around now the running style quarterback when a guy like mitch trubisky gets pushed all the way up to the top because he's traditional. He has big schoders. He has a strong arm and he worked now in anaheim with the quarterback coach and everybody they know it's c._e._o. Is no no travis. I'm speaking true. I mean you greg maclean bortles. He's worked with jordan palmer. He reminds me of carson. Training to say guys took like media. I get the media characterization of these players what they fall into you telling me then that the executive falling accused the media because the media so around around around the executive given accused to the media media's running with y'all not smart enough to figure it out yo. I mean the first of all some of y'all actually y'all retired and taking my place so y'all sexy facilitate report when you look at the n._f._l. Laws and stuff like that it is a moderator and a whole bunch expo ball players selling and then you that does not so it's it's not the reporters as a source not so not the reporters that are selling this ex players who are on t._v. Selling this or have radio shows got it. I got real because you're trying to tell me that the media son you stop when it's actually it's a bunch of exit. Lane is what happens like like travis saying it's the the front office giving it to the media to media creating a story and running with it. That's all cut cut to to the chase. Who's better quarterback jared goff dak prescott golf for money that preska why because i liked that style. I like a guy that it create with his feet. Get out of trouble extending the play i really do. There's nothing against jared goff but i like him like i love antonio tonio brown but i like micheal thomas. There's more on this well. We'll get more to this day one. Oh see week. We're here at the hotel.

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Summer League Prospect Review Part 1; CJ and Draymond Extensions; News

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Summer League Prospect Review Part 1; CJ and Draymond Extensions; News

"Good day from beautiful southampton ontario on the east shore of lake huron about a three hour drive from toronto four hours from detroit which which i made yesterday actually hung out with feldman and his wife ruth in detroit which was pretty fun except for the heroine discovery that dan and doesn't like melted cheese and therefore doesn't eat normal pizza. I thought that was you really learned way too much about people sometimes when when you stay with with them i don't know how to respond to that. It's my brain is still processing like the ramifications of not liking melted cheese because of how many things i like that involve that yeah i i certainly feel similarly about a number of things like cucumbers. I really just absolutely cannot stand <hes> but i think i've a better defense for that. I mean if you ask like every kid in the world pizzas their favorite food right at. I don't think that may kids really like cucumbers but yes so we went to this awesome place buddy's pizza which which is been ranked by number publications as like one of the top twenty or so pizza places in the country the inventor of the detroit style pizza which if you haven't even had that it is probably going to be coming to an area near you soon. It's a square pizza and they have cheese. Go all the way to the edge of the pan so you don't really have that crust like you do on a normal pizza that doesn't have any cheese on it and really why shouldn't you <hes> but because of the shape of the pan the square where pan enables you to do that and then the cheese gets this incredible crisp to it along the side the corner pieces are like the absolute best pieces so posted posted a photo on instagram nate duncan if you want to follow along with the trip over five thousand miles now and probably not even halfway through it in terms of mileage yet so we're staying staying with <hes> my wife's family in southampton ontario her dad's canadian and having an awesome time so far <hes> but also having an awesome time probably the summer is c._j. Mccollum who agreed to a three year one hundred million dollar extension with portland that doesn't even kick in for two more susan's correct and that also means that c._j.'s big payday kicks in the same off season as daimyo lords because both of those guys had two years left now his c._j. Is not getting the full designated veteran extension. He's he's not eligible for. It and he's c._j.'s not even getting the <hes> the max he could have gotten over over three years per dan feldman that would have been about one hundred fourteen million dollars so he's getting a little bit less than that but this is still a lot of money not only for c._j. But a lot of money for portland's backward when they have they have merkich under contract for the very for the very beginning of that term assuming the did did they pick up the kind of the fourth year of the contract that he has because as partial guarantee but from eighteen building perspective when you think about this moon forward assuming both those guys are still on the team for at least the start those contracts but probably the whole thing. They're gonna be daymond c._j. Rooted based for about at least another three years but probably longer yeah and you noted this on twitter era that neil o'shea as comments afterwards in conjunction with the signing now of course any g._m. Is going to be extremely positive about his own players especially when signing them to an extension and ole shea is perhaps the biggest media manager among gm's that we have in the game today but you'd a good point about how does all this happened if they don't make it to the west finals due to that bracket well especially considering sadly. This is no longer paul allen's team. If if if palm we're still we're still alive. We're stolen. I would have been more on kind of in the line that hey he's willing to spend these guys are exceedingly popular within the organization and the fan base but we've wondered about what the direction of this franchise was going to be and whether it was going to change with alan passing and this is a big financial committed a huge huge one for for c._j. Who is a player that i've i alike. There was an interesting conversation that dan feldman got into he about whether c._j. Counts as a star because because it's also partially just opportunity based he you know he's never been the best player in his own team because damian lillard is a better player and has always been his teammate but mccollum for me is is kind donovan that next level down or maybe even a level below that because a his defense is is not that remarkable but for me it's always the is his presence alone enough to you create or sustain a reliably positive offense and he could be there. There's definitely an argument to be made but there's also an argument to be made that we haven't really seen seen that yet because we haven't had the opportunity and he's paid like that now yeah now. They did a little bit less staggering to those two guys last year but he's certainly had plenty of opportunities to run the show himself. Am scoring is the most visible part of the game. That is what he is the best at but he's not an amazing creator for others because he doesn't put what a lot of pressure on the room when he's creating his own shot. It's pretty deadly. It's in the mid range but he's not forcing a double team. Very often doesn't have incredible vision as a passer either and he's really took a little bit of a step back these last couple of years after having a great sixteen seventeen season and you know this is gonna take him through at age thirty the two that is a quite a long ways out he's in his prime right now but they did have him under contract for two more years and you'd wonder would it have made more sense to wait a year or even wait until he's a free agency where the direction of the franchises going. I'm sure that everyone in portland right now thinks of this team as being on the rise over the next couple of years a a they're winning more games every year. They're made it to the west finals this last year. They made more additions over the summer also had some subtractions. Maybe ah they might try to make a trade to bolster the team again but two years from now. I frankly expect them to be worse damon c._j. To both be a little bit worse players and they'll be starting these massive extensions which are going to be paying them seventy million a year combined it up to eighty million probably by the end of it. We don't know the exact distribution of the numbers on that c._j. Extension so yeah we'll see i mean you know if they just end up playing another team in losing in the first round which they very easily could have does all of this happening. They still would have been the same team and c._j. Obviously had an awesome playoffs too. I mean that's going to be part of this. As well that legendary game seven they had against denver and you can make the argument that that he's a more valuable player in the playoffs when you have to be able to create shots one on one it the kyrie irving argument yeah so. I don't know i mean this is it also in theory remakes him and day more tradable if it does come to that i mean maybe that's what your ultimate argument is is like yeah. You know what like we're keeping the team together. It's all feel good moment right now but if we take a step back the next couple of years these guys are still gonna have trade value and we could pivot in two years before it gets to the point. Where are you know these contracts become your chris. Paul russell westbrook sil- albatross is <hes>. Is that actually happen. We'll see but the catholics yeah grown cronos data point i want to mention and as we've talked about numerous times on on the show mostly during the season starts is run different philosophies with with david c._j. Played them together salary agreeing not staggering but general and they've been healthy enough that the c._j. Without lillard numbers are relatively small sample sizes which is great for portland because you you want you. You know you want your guys on the floor all the time but in those minutes generally speaking the blazers have not been particularly good offensively last year they had. They had the outscored opponents during those minutes but they had a one. Oh one nine offense rating. That's a lot better than the one or two. They had the year before and granted. That's not c._j.'s entire value but part of the the reason that portland has been so successful over these last few years is that they've stayed really healthy and presumably part of c._j.'s value here is that ah radically if if lillard has to miss time he can shoulder the burden and i'm interested to see if given a larger opportunity whether that would actually be the case cases remember c._j. Was he was the lead offensive guy in those but he was generally playing with another capable bonder where that was shabazz napier in two years ago or seth curry last year so again. Small sample sizes not putting a lot into it but that is a part of value is how well can you be the guy and i i'm still of the mind that we don't know but i think that's another piece of data in favor of. We don't know another interesting component to this here. Is this decision for mccall as you mentioned he did not get the absolute absolute biggest extension that he could have but at his size smaller guard you think his value is probably never going to be higher than it is right now to lock in basically basically five more years when you consider his current contract at at over thirty million a year. That's pretty darn good. I think am now as mentioned. This does make him more tradable all right. This is the opposite of some of these player. Empowerment moves that we've seen but c._j. Also is not quite on that level and i think this is a good job by him and his zajac at excel sports of being realistic about where he is noticing that his value is pretty high right now that maybe he's not going to age incredibly out in the jumpers will probably age but obviously any reduction athleticism could be a problem for him and you never know what's going to happen in two years and just say hey man. This is <unk> over one hundred million dollars over three years that i can lock in right now basically doubling the amount of money that he'll have made in his career up to this point over three three years and to get it where you're now putting the risk of injury over the next five years and the risk performance decline over the next five years onto the portland trailblazers or whoever he might get traded ready to rather than himself given where he is someone who's never been in all star before and he's one of the best players in the league to never have been an ulcer. I'd say but that's pretty darn good if you can get it so i i. I love this decision. I think that more agents should go in these directions of getting extensions. Even if you end up only getting me e percent of what you might have gotten as a free agent if everything goes perfectly two years from now getting that certainty to me and you know this is just my own personal bias at this decision the decision that i would personally make other people are are less risk averse in these matters than i would be. I think that's a good decision for him. <hes> also with the boys thank you and i first of all i agree with you and this is an amazing piece of risk mitigation from c._j. Perspective in his agents perspective but also i think this is one of the ramifications like we've seen with some some of the players leaving money on the table of it being so much because when you can leave fourteen million dollars on the table over the life of contract but you still get one hundred million dollars. That's a very different decision than leaving fourteen million on the table and getting fourteen million and so. I think that it's easier for players now to make these sorts of decisions because they're because they just say hey one hundred billion dollars is a lot of money and it's not a surprise. Some people have been consistently shocked by that squeezing every every dime out of it when you're getting life changing money like serious like bona fide life changing money either way. I think that's opening the door for some of these decisions and i think that's a good thing for the leak. What did you think of pau gasol signing a one year deal to the blazers lasers these coming off that navicular fractures had foot fractures before that torpedoed his chances of contributing with the box with nurkic looks like blair's. We're going to need some help. There serves as another data point in a couple of different. Go ahead of i like the use of nurkic situation is where the sorry i just couldn't resist. Apparently this is what it felt. It's funnier aggregations on pau gasol concert conference call with the media like someone was just breathing extremely heavily really. That's pretty funny so i i was. I was worried that it was another another one of those you weren't you weren't muting property owners. Are we going to have to have a conversation right now so they like they had to say like the p._r. Person was like say multiple times like please like mute your line when you're not talking and we'll never know who it was some reporter it was just like breathing extremely heavily <hes> who does what it was but <hes> it completely ruined. This covers called up the pows on all right. I'm sorry you actually but yeah so this like the whiteside trade is a reminder that they i think they expect to be out for a while and also that collins is dealing dealing with an ankle ligament thing expected to be ready for the regular season but that could be another factor in this dove. I missed that. What is that he so he had an ankle ligament. I i don't i don't know these surgery. No it does not require surgery. It is a great to sprain of his right ankle. She suffered the sprain torn ligament during a workout and he's in crutches and walking boop. They expect him to be ready for training camp. They're talking about him being the starting power forward which we they have no forwards left actually had a pretty interesting article for five thirty eight last week about how teams might actually be going a lot bigger this this year than they had that maybe the small ball revolution is is over and without the wers and that amazing draymond green at center unit to contend with. I think that makes those <unk> big lineups a lot more valuable yeah so gusau i mean i guess he's gonna play if he's healthy and he's another guy is just gonna fit perfectly into terry sought still lack lack of mobility but you know he still has some five wingspan. They also need more passing on this team. I think he can help with that and we don't that. Should we continue yeah. Let's go to oklahoma houma city while at least temporarily for patrick patterson so patterson had one year remaining was actually a player option that he picked up on his contract and he has agreed three to a buyout with the thunder will sign with the l._a. Clippers for the minimum and this is important for oklahoma city because it is it doesn't get them all the way they're put it it. It can get them a lot closer to avoiding the luxury tax entirely this year basically what it sounds like it's going to happen is that patterson is going to reduce the amount that oklahoma the city has to pay him through the buyout and then oklahoma city will stretch that remaining amount that they have on the books over three years so per bobby marks. This isn't going to get them all the way under and remember that you have to have their they'll be short of their rostrum minimum so they're going to have to add somebody else's well but it gets them within shouting distance at the level where you almost never see teams like a million eleonor to over the tax line because they could just get under and so we can expect oklahoma city to do that at some point further reducing. I'm gonna write on this whenever i remember it at the right time about reducing the payout for the rest of the league because the luxury tax bill collectively this year is just gonna be a lot lower than people thought and that actually might be an impetus for some teams to go lightly into the tax as well when you're not forgoing a significant payment now. I know that patterson is going to have the biggest role in l._a. Frankly frankly okay see desperately needed his contributions the last two years and he was unable to provide them and they've got michael green. Who's just a much superior version. <unk> over patterson was bringing. They've got mo- heartless as well. This may be an acknowledgement that kawhi leonard paul george just aren't going to play as much as we might have thought and he gives them a little bit more depth than we'll see whether in fact the the clippers can get more out of him but he just hasn't been the same since he had that off season surgery in the summer of two thousand seventeen shortly we after joining the thunder in washington ted leonsis noting on the conference call when he was introducing tommy sheppard that john wall is unlikely to play next year it coming off i that ankle surgery or maybe more accurately he'll surgery and then tearing his achilles last february or so again was january february as has it that ankles already vulnerable having had the surgery so yeah i mean it does seem like bring him. Back wouldn't really make a lot of sense especially because <hes> yeah they're not gonna me too good to <hes> maybe play but <hes> and maybe there would be some thought that having a comeback play a few games at the end of next year you know that he'd be over over a year removed from tearing it towards the end just be good to kind of try to get them back up to game speed interestingly. I think it'd probably more likely to play him if they're totally we out of it than if they're actually like in the heat of a playoff race and they can eat him back in and then dean oliver is going to be hired as a coach for the wizards. We've talked to on last week's program that scott brooks kinda doesn't quite seem to be in the mold of this new more forward thinking front office and some of the reforms that they've made as re really the remaining artifact of the old regime <hes> but brooks saying all the right things in article article by fred katz and said no who contributed and oliver is going to be a liaison between the front office and brooks. Maybe somewhat similar similar to a role that role in beach had a semi gail fan was something like this to other. He was guil- fan was a little bit more at least an in golden knights familiar with his role in detroit of you're just doing more analysis for the coaching staff rather than being a bridge between the front office and the coaching staff so we'll see what oliver ends up doing a scott scott brooks saying that oliver will have equity in how the team plays well. It's worth noting as cats. The cat's part now piece points out that olver over has had assistant coaching experience for way back when he after playing at caltech he was an assistant coach for caltech then and has had a variety of different roles with n._b._a. Teams basketball paper wasn't immensely important book for me to understand the sport as many no. I got into it a little bit later. So i was fortunate enough to get into basketball after basketball paper already existed did and it really helped me understand it get into the four factors and everything else and so i recommend reading that piece and also i'm guessing this may be part of it talking about how this connects with the the overall focus on edward exit connects that there was a converse like tommy sheppard dean over the years and years ago at sloan and how the disconnects connects with the other moves that washington's management has made that will affect the team on the court. It's it's interesting to see all this happen. When the titular head of the ship meeting the head coach is not i changing and their attitude towards this different but it might just be them building out a framework and if things don't work out westbrook's then you get a coach who blinds better with us last thing in here david griffin in a piece by jake fischer for sports illustrated both was supposed to be about him joined the pelicans but group and did say that it's his belief now now that lebron after winning the two thousand sixteen championship he's now more prioritizing playing with his son and owning a team and generally making more money over winning. I think to me. I don't know about the plane with his son part but to me. It seemed very clear that the move to l._a. Was not about winning their other places that he could have have gone where it would have been billed out that doesn't mean that he doesn't care about winning at all but it may perhaps it's not his first priority. I mean clearly. He tried to get a d. There i'm sure he still works harder than ninety percent of the league if not ninety nine percent of the league and he's despite the setback last year at the groin i mean he's probably the most cost-effective thirty four thirty five year old that we've seen maybe there's kareem and jordan or the only other two that you could point to her on his level still so not to say that he's he's like de prioritize winning. I it's more interesting. Just that griffin said this <hes> and you know certainly he can be very candid. I don't really understand what the point of of saying that was. If only perhaps to just i mean he had a lot of words about how to just like you know his time in cleveland. Once lebron came back. It wasn't about building a culture. They're kind of doing stuff that wasn't sustainable including some of the contracts that they signed m <hes> that the culture was kind of a very high pressure and then there are some you could tell that griffin wasn't too happy because whoa jim mmediately had some. I mean not that. He has reason to not be happy but because he said those things but that would basically after that came out had some hey can you do me a favor and put this out there to spin control this type of tweets. Oh it wasn't about the broad. He wasn't the one who's causing the bad culture there. You know it's just it just happens when he's there and you're going for wins us on the one year deals and blah blah so i mean i don't really care about this because i think what what he said was pretty obvious to me already but it's more just about the fact that it's creating a firestorm and he can't feel good about that in retrospect it at this point but also food doesn't matter what and making those comments whether they're honest and accurate which i believe they are or not doing so in early august is going to create that tinderbox box because that's all there is is basically just this pent-up energy to talk about anything and so having something that involves lebron james and his critical lebron james was was was going to do that so <hes> again not a big deal for me but that's just the way this was going to turn out so of news that came down after we recorded initially that we wanted to throw in here draymond green green agreeing to the maximum possible accession with the golden state warriors four years just under one hundred million and you wrote a piece about this later wrote a piece about it. Kawkaba kawkaba wrote a piece about if you want to read all those the athletic dot com slash cap space is the way to get started with them but <hes> what was your takeaway here on the fact that this was agreed two. I think the story here is risk. Mitigation from both sides and yet green is only one year out of unrestricted free agency eleven months if we want to get technical which is closer than c._j. A couple of the other extensions that would that we've seen damian lillard as well but not only was there not a guarantee that the market was going to be out there there for draymond at you know his full match or something close to it but there's also the combination of the money and the team quality so yeah maybe a team like the knicks would have been interested trysted and maybe the most interesting to me probably would have been the hawks because depending on how this year goes. Maybe they'll look closer but the warriors. The looks like they're going to be a very. Maybe maybe not title contender. We'll have to see on that and then from the warriors perspective. This avoids a really complicated scenario where green is a free agent. They're trying to figure they want to do if they won't do anything with that. Trade exception in something we saw with the de ngelo russell kevin durant is the warriors it doesn't appear that they like to have key players leave for nothing and that sorta signed and trade thing would become even more complicated next year because they probably can't get hard capped again like you. I think it's a good deal for both sides sides. It's one that i would have advocated for green to take a given that he's going to be getting into his thirty. S a as undersize power ford his jump shot waxes says and wayne's to be sure and that's going to be important component of his offensive game going forward. He hasn't shown the ability to be the same guy. In the regular season the last couple of years in part due to injury he lost all this weight he still was the same guy in the playoffs with the hiring of rich paul. It did not augur that they're going to take this rich. Which paul is pretty. Well known for wanting to let things play out accepting more risk for good or for ill but it seems like this is what draymond green wanted and this. This is really the best way to ensure that he is going to stay in golden state does potentially make him a trade asset. If things really aren't working out but as you mentioned i think they're just were not the exciting destinations. We talked about that on the mail bag for him. Outside of atlanta and here know who else might be out there or what kind of a season we'd have ed or you know what i mean you just saw to his teammates suffer massive injuries. He saw another of his teammates. Demarcus cousins have his entire career change where he's he's getting one year deals for five million bucks a year now as opposed to fade accompli max contracts so what we've seen some players like kawhi leonard on the free rigid market this year take a tuplice one for dr on especially at his size his type of game the fact that because maybe he can't bring it at that level defensively as he gets older in the regular season his value for a lot of teams may not be as high as it is for the warriors who still have aspirations of being a deep playoff team so i think it did make a lot a lot of sense for both sides and who rich paul and dream on for taking the burden the head instead of two in the bush when there were a lot of obstacles between doing there and this is also somewhere where he wanted to be now. You know you could say hey next year. He could have gotten five years and over. Two hundred million from the warriors probably don't think he would have made non m._b._a. Team or defensive player of the year this year given the way the warriors team is gonna look and but you compare the four years that he's getting four years hundred million to the four years they could have gotten from another team because you don't know that golden state would have been willing to give him the five years and the two hundred million. I mean i think perhaps they. They made that clear to him. <hes> and that's not something that i would want to give either but what he could have made for another team next year would have been four years and hundred and fifty million so yeah. He's still leaving fifty million on the table theoretically what he could have got with another team but that's again if he plays in curly what was a week free gym class but there's a lot of teams with space next year that are desirable destinations and other thing. I'll they choose. I think this is really good for golden state overall because he's probably the one guy where with about to be a free agent and in a contract year he might not have been on board with all right. Let's kinda yeah. We're going to try and play this year but we're going to preserve guys and klay thompson coming back from the injury and we don't know what the ngelo russell is. Were hard capsule so we can't add anybody. We might wanna trade russell to get pieces that fit better in the future now. The really can treat this year much more as a kind of gap. You're essentially and everything's clicking at playing playoff time and they're in the playoffs <unk> fine gopher but during the regular season they don't have to stress out and they don't have to it really push harder and maybe that can help to extend the careers of curry and draymond and perhaps thompson as well because he doesn't have to rush rush back now so this is this now gets every component on board with the potential plan that hey this year doesn't matter as much. We're still trying to be good for two three more years. After this one along along those lines now every single player on the golden state warriors making more than five million dollars for this year is under contract for at least three seasons because curry has three more years stansel russell has four and then now curry and under sorry now thompson and green have five and that's not just a long-term planning and we'll see how they handle things like the repeater tax moving forward but having that stability and also i don't want her to well too long on this but it's another ramification of green not not getting a player option back when he negotiated last contract twenty get one in this one apparently either at least from what we've heard so we haven't we haven't heard that yet because we talked we talked talked a lot about how the market could change a lot if he had been an unrestricted free agent this year with the flash market and a lot of competitive teams he could have gotten something like the issue you that might have led him to re signing with not not writings having kept face that could open up. You could have gone to the lakers. Let's say or numerous other options that had cap space to burn and he did take unless that has maximum like that's sometimes choice that you're made is like more money or a player option and it's possible that maybe he just didn't have the leverage even the workers had just won their first championship but for guys like karl anthony towns and some of these other younger players that might just be like hey. Let's get the five years now that that player option can be incredibly valuable and shifting your free agency by one year that you get the choice of which year it is can be a huge absolute imagine that if driven were free and this off season the the story have been quite different different indeed so as you'll know i'm on this long trip. We are about three weeks in and quite frankly. I can tell the difference without my helixsleep mattress just even when we stay in sor- nice hotels. 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We talk all the time here you can take their two minute sleep quiz and at that helixsleep dot com slash cap space you can get up to one hundred twenty five dollars off of all mattress orders once again up to one hundred and twenty five dollars off all mattress orders helixsleep dot com slash cafes time to continue a dunk don john tradition where we go through every single team and every single player of note in summer league and talk about how they looked so we're going to start off with the east here. You just go in alphabetical order and that brings us to the atlanta hawks. I think that the hawks are a good representative team to start with of what happened in the summer league because some of the most interesting players just were not a part of it so cam reddish the tenth pick in the draft didn't play at all due to injury and de'andre hunter. The fourth pick overall only played in one game so for me hunter. I didn't want it to be this way but it was more about the eye test and i i oh i did like the the frame he has legit forward height and it looked like he was sturdy so and i think he'll add some weight so eventually you know what what position he can guard. I think he got some of the bigger our forwards in the league the strength part of it the lateral mobility going to have to see a little bit more in games and all that kind of stuff but my biggest takeaway other than the frame stuff was that i got really frustrated. During the one game he played fourteen minutes or something like that that the ball wasn't finding him with enough time to shoot because i wanted to see the mechanics on his jump shot and he just wasn't shooting. He wasn't shooting if they wasn't like bad decisions or reluctance or anything like that so i still wanna get more of a read on how his jump shots because if you remember when we did the breakdown on one of my concerns was that his release release was really slow and i wanna get more of a feel for that before i make a pronouncement did have a pretty nice quick. Release jump shot. I thought high release a <hes> thought in semitransition each showed the ability to drive. He had to take more jumpers off the dribble than you would expect an n._b._a. Action and then he later after that first game developed felt toward knee and and they held him out because he hadn't played in a while and i'm sure felt like a little bit rusty. One thing that did show out on his filming college was his ability to post up when they played at the four. They're able to run one four pick and roll get him into the post a couple of times. He's able to get to a jump there. Another time he went for a fadeaway when the help up came in and he was dissuaded from driving that didn't look as good. I did like at least that is. Mrs weren't like way off the jump shot from n._b._a. Three looked okay. Eta minimum did not show great explosion when he got to the rim a couple of times. That's something that you know unless he can really load up off a two feet in space. It's not gonna be a fantastic finish for him so i didn't see any huge red flags in the short amount of time that he did play amari spelman. We'll talk about him in the golden in state section. He got traded there but that means we can talk about damian jones here in the hawk section since he got traded other. We did play with the golden state warriors summer. Emily got but yeah he did and i mean one of the more memorable parts of jones's similarly happened in sacramento where in the first game he committed. I think it was six fouls and like the i i end minutes. He was on the floor and so he barely played in the rest of that game. Oh you're having trouble remembering the game in which he picked up a lot of fouls early on it happens once or twice so jones distorted is largely the same as it has been previously for for him where i just don't i think he brings enough to the table to justify it. Now that does not mean i'm critical of the trade from the hawks perspective because he's dot omar spelman so that that's benefit for them but you know it's it's kind of you to challenge trade in that sense you get a guy who has. I guess you'd call one. You're left depending on how they felt about specimens fourth year option that at least he's tall and and maybe maybe there are elements that that the hawks can benefit from there but he still doesn't do anything really for me every once in a while he can have some impressive moments running the floor hitting the offense of glass getting up for some big time elliott's his hands though remained pretty subpar and then. It's really defensively where i feel. He has the bigger problems that and you mention the foul rate but it's also really he just doesn't have any kind of a timing on blocking shots versus the recognition getting into position and then a lot of times just he can't really affect the shot he'd been when he's there he just he can't get his hand on the ball. He's just kinda there but he just doesn't jump at the right time and he get scored on a lot or or he ends up. Falling less guy we could talk about for atlanta is bruno fernando number thirty four overall pick out of maryland came out after his sophomore season season has what you could probably characterize as center size seven three wingspan six ten in choose to thirty seven very muscular frame. I was singing him. As a senator. I thought he showed pretty good. Mobility there <hes> he played more for than might have been expected. He was playing a fairmont next to spelman spelman and i can't remember who the other big was that they had out there but he's spending some time spotting up and putting the ball in the decky at one play where he pump faked a jumper at the foul line posting up didn't look as good a i want him to be a little bit more physical and back down especially because he had some sizes advantages as a on a couple of these <hes> didn't look really fantastic finishing around the rimi head someplace where you went baseline had a chance for the lefty reverse i lay up and then just air balled the layup like over the rim to the other side again somehow ahead a few misses and then statistically you know it didn't look good for him offensive offensive either danny. No i mean he again. We're and all use things like true shooting but remember these are exceedingly small sample sizes so that's an important part here but he had a thirty seven seven percent true shooting and i've not fernando you talked about that. You think you might have centers size but also for be what i remember watching him at maryland like i just don't think he necessarily has those tools and toolbox at least right now like as a help defender as you know he wasn't great as a rebounder at least in summer league after go back and dig into his maryland stats which i'm not going to right now and i. I just think he's kind of a man without a country and first of all were bigs are fading out unless you have really special skills anyway and drafting him at thirty four were even over. Somebody like daniel gaffer who i think showed more than just showed more when he was in college as well. I i think that's a mistake just wings or so valuable and everything else the hawks value data and other places in the drafting hunter and reddish in the lottery but yeah. I'm a huge fan and they could change. I'd love to be wrong. I was similarly nonplus by guys like mantras herald and he's found a place in the league so it's not a death sentence but it i don't know i think my general proposition on those guys is is usually right. I mean i wasn't blown away by like oh my god god. This guy is just playing so hard the way you are <hes> with harrell couple of notes for from his college stats since you mentioned it th- rebounding there was totally good eleven percent. It's an offensive rebound twenty six percent defense rebounds so that's a totally adequate for a center prospect but only four of thirteen in his two years at maryland from downtown and the idea that he's going to be a four. Maybe those just due to their summer league roster and that's who he had to play with but i i really see him. As more of kind of a speed i five type of player back up and we didn't get to see as much of him trying to protect his plot. Great wasn't bad at maryland averaged about two game aim but nothing <hes> seven percent two-point block rate. Which is you know. That's okay for a college center prospect. It's not unbelievable <hes> boston romeo lankford number fourteen overall overall pick did not play due to that thumb issue that really caused him. A bunch of problems at indiana robert williams whose number twenty seven overall pick last year. Would you think think of his summer. League william still intrigues me. I i've been you know his physical. Talent was something that was that was when he was drafted a year ago good frame and i thought thought he he he moves better than you expect for somebody who his size and i liked that he had a little bit more with the balkans not you don't want them running your offense or anything really like that but he can handle it a little bit better. He had some nice passes and it's it's. He's not al horford so it's not like you can use that as a fundamental piece he despite <hes> you know not having a ton of versatility to his scoring game still had below average shooting is just under fifty five percent on below twenty percent usage usage which is a little bit concerning but great rebound rate one point eight blocks in twenty minutes per game is is a is a lot so i think there's something like it's interesting to think about what what his role is going to be on this celtics team because i mean we could have expected if they had brought horford back or anything else that it's just you just give robert williams all the time he needs but now when he's competing for minutes with n._s. Kanner daniel thais. They could really use williams if he can play even. Let's say ten to fifteen minutes again. He's going to have especially should because <hes> they're really don't have a ton of athleticism at that position now. We didn't get to see a ton of him. Switching your those something that was supposed to be a skill all of his coming out of texas am i thought that he looked pretty good in transition e- eh couple phase where he's able to get out take a few dribbles and get to the rim for donkey missed a couple of dunks <hes> as well did have some big time while place that there's one play where he was basically just waiting for this guy in cleveland is it calcium is kind of a big burly white. Dude can't jump who who tried to attack them off the dribble from outside and that guy got to the free throw line and shot a floater from the free throw line and williams just waited needed and when you're a quick enough jumper that you don't even have to jump until the other guy is committed to a shot you can get shots in the air and that's what he just sent back. This guy's free throw line. Floater order is really impressive so he definitely pop still you know he he makes while plays you wish that he could have been a little bit more efficient. I don't know that my opinion of him changed changed a ton either way which isn't great because you know you can do anything last year so you still kind of just chuck him up in the you know there's some potential there but you wouldn't want to count on him for any production this season and given that he's a young big man who islamic contrary to popular opinion especially when you know it's not a guy who's like doing a lot of posting up or anything you know. He's not as skill based those guys you know. They always say big ben. Take longer to come along like that kind of player actually me you can contribute right away in the fact that we haven't seen that yet. Am of this wasn't a bad summer league but it wasn't a great summer league to me either <hes> anything else on him or you move on to the other williams on their summer league rosser no it's let's move on to grant williams so graham williams was somebody who was an analytic starling at tennessee but somebody who i had not seen play a single minute before somberly kimberly and it is very unusual for players with his physical profile so he's listed six seven to thirty six that type of edo so he's a big of four five who doesn't have that sort of that sort of frame and he doesn't have the from what from what i could tell he doesn't have like the gigantic span like someday draymond green. Who's when you say that that sort of frame. What do you mean just like a heavier heavier guy. Who isn't a you know. There's there's six seven players who play larger larger than their their height. Duda duda wingspan vert vertical ability all that kind of okay but like in terms of like his strength. He's pretty strong but yeah yeah okay okay but so player players like that often. Don't stick ethan should withdraw and i had a conversation about like trying to find the next draymond green know that kind of stuff unreal jim radio last week. If you want to listen to that but so i was skeptical but then when i saw him play there was a lot that really liked and what's struck me originally and this does not happen several which is why it struck me is he looked very active active and effective as a communicator on the floor and you don't see that very often in summer league period but you don't see it with rookies and it seemed like he knew what was what's going on defensively was trying to get his teammates on the same page and i did really like that and beyond that or the other pieces you know his his shot look solid i wanna see more of of it and he makes good decisions with the bombs hand so i'm always skeptical of players who kind of come into the league and you have to kind of think about okay. They're gonna have to do a lot of things right but he did enough to make me feel more positive than i expect. Jared dudley is kind of the analog for him but he's got a little bit more of a cut body a little more athleticism than dudley dudley projected as a better shooter coming out of school but i thought the jump shot looked pretty good egos questions about williams well. What do you do on offense and that's going to have to start with a a viable jump shot. I thought he didn't have a huge dip to his jumper. He got the shot off. Quickly ended up shooting seventy one thousand nine hundred thirty seven percent from downtown in town in the five games that he played showed the ability to put the ball in the fourth thought its first step was actually a little bit quicker than anticipated but doesn't really have the explosion to finish well at the rim. I thought on the perimeter his deepens again. The feet. Were a little bit quicker than might have been expected. You know the difference between him and p._j. Tucker type hype is as you said the wingspan is not there as much to make plays <hes> but one of the things that everyone really liked about him is his ability to anticipate plays. Get into help position. I thought that that's something that we really saw and then you have you tried to post them up or something like the guys just a brick he you're not gonna move him and <hes> and i imagine he would only get struggle you know he doesn't cover dick as short area. Quickness is a little bit better than you know. He's got to get all the way from the lane to the three point line for a close was out that didn't look quite as good any- also through a couple of nice passing a nice backdoor pass it at one point in time and ultimately he was headed the dumper games with like really good plus by even though his box score sets didn't look that good so he at least lived up to that aspect hubbub carson edwards so edwards words picked thirty third n._c._a._a. Tournament standout for purdue this past year and i mean what are the first thing she does is just how small he is like. He's listed at six one and he's he's not a really a primary hammer the so basically he could score score shoot the hell out of the ball but he's not going to be running your offense and so guys that are six two six three and below who don't do that. You just have to pair them with various specific players but he scored diabetes corey was ridiculous. He was twenty one forty five. That's forty seven percent on threes. Eddie had a sixty four percent shooting on twenty seven usage while and that's nine threes a game like that number is a massive number it it is and so he i mean. He looked confident with the shot remember. This is the first time he's played with an m._b._a. Three i think he's done some team u._s._a. Stuff off dumbhead so he's played with the feeble line before before by his his shot is legit and i am excited to see whether he can get regular minutes. Boston's guard rotation is going to be different this year with kyri. Terry rozier is your out and then but wanamaker stated kemba walker coming in so maybe if he does well maybe there could be some minutes and they gave him. We talked about this. A couple of weeks ago age was able to you keep enough cap space to give him a longer term contract than like two year minimum exception which i think was both the side of confidence. You got thirty third but yeah i i've been i've intrigued by edwards words another another player kinda like ribs. A lot of players like him. Don't succeed but i like the tools more for him. Than the average draft prospect that comes in like six one who's not a blinker yeah a lot of interesting things by an obvious analogue for him is eddie house who also played for the celtics the difference to me between the him in house number one. I think he plays a lot harder defensively. I i was impressed by that aspect certainly very small the question of who is going to guard but you could see him and fitting in because they've got gordon hayward on this team tatum braun those guys <hes> are going to be gone at the ball in their hands so they can edwards can work off of them a little bit more than guard the other teams point guard so he might be a pretty good fit but he can definitely pull three pointers off the dribble now. He can't really we get to the basket. All he struggled to finish their when he got switched onto big ben and this is you know some really big ben. This is an n._b._a. Big man he struggled to create separation in those circumstances says i was very impressed by his off ball movement the ability to come off screens and take an n._b._a. Three men that is a rare skill even in the n._b._a. And he showed the ability to do that to never stop moving read screens flair to the corner when necessary curl when he needed to saw i thought that was pretty good and then in transition when he was an outstanding as well with twenty eight points on eighteen possessions in transition and so- running the floor being able to pull up with that quick release. These looks pretty good and again. I think the biggest thing to me if he shoots it like does he could be a quality offensive player. I mean anyone who can shoot like that is going to help you. Offensively the question is just defense and yet he looks really small but the effort was there and that to me is the most important thing for a player like this where you're at least gonna try try now. You might get taken advantage of for sure but that's like part one and you know his feet didn't look particularly slow defensively either if he can hold his own defensively and the ball goes goes in for on the way it did in summer league he could be a player <hes> could talk quickly about some of the other guys here troubled waters who i think is going to be on a two way with another undersized undersized guy even smaller than edwards. I think who was really active. Defensively plays extremely hard really impressed with his passing had a lot of really nice alley oops bullet passes asses outta pick and roll and i thought that the passing on the defensive intensity were things that he can bring you know the the size is going to be a major problem into making it then the taco fall the darling of zora league. One side williamson went down. What were your thoughts on him. Definitely a crowd favourite in me. He's just a gigantic human. Being saying i was happy. The first time i saw him i was actually on the floor and so i just just looking at the just giant like seventy something in that range and like his wings bands like eight four. It's up to like five inches bore the rudy gobert it's justin thing and i've so he looked better in summer league than i had expected. You know <unk> having having heard more about him than seen him. I actually talked about him on real jim radio during the year because he's just such fascination and limited mobility centers look a lot better later in summer league than they do in the n._b._a. Just because the shift and talent is is almost designed to like hurt those limited mobility guys and so i think he's is worth you giving a training camp shot to and seeing if maybe it can translate to that kind of the next step up and <hes> and they've got him on an exhibit test exit ten. That's exactly what i think he it kind of quote unquote deserves and then offensively when he got the ball around the basket there wasn't much many of the other guys could do to stop him just because he's so much bigger that everybody else but i don't think he has a bo bond. Level of touch were skill beaumont an incredibly talented offensive player in that sometimes we on on strength and conditioning is outstanding as well. I mean so i think taco to me could be a lot better than bob auntie anti pensively but nowhere near good offensively right so i i'm excited to see where it goes from here just because you seem to really relish the the attention that he was getting but i'm not i'm not confident. I'm not confident at just because he's running against the general gravity of the league. He causes big time problems for for people defensively like i mean you could just see the thought bubbles above guys heads when they went into the lane that i'm like. I'm not even gonna try. This am yeah. An offense wentz is basically you know he can do. These dunks barely jumps and his hands were okay. Maybe bigger n._b._a. Players are going to be able to kind of shopping up in moran a little bit and the touch around the basket won't look as good of but yeah i think he could be potentially defensive difference maker in the right circumstances as you know if he's got a guard of pick and pop big or he's got to guard zone shoot three coming off a pick and roll and they don't have a great guard getting over screens at the point of attack. You're certainly at dickey's could probably be exposed but i i mean he. He played very well in a he helped his team win games in summer league and that that of positive first step for him at the next level of competition up and you know he's such a unique physical specimen. I wouldn't want to foreclose on what he might might be able to do at the n._b._a. Level because we've seen few if any players like him <hes> especially in recent times we just get him a lifetime contract for whatever seemed terry stotts is coaching just have dropped back to just put those giant up in the air and say deal with it yeah yeah <hes> gershon jaba se les again again. We still have concerns about him just what he is. I was at least impressed that he looked like he was playing hard didn't really did. He looked like he lost any way to do you. I didn't really see much frankly. No i did see much weight loss. I saw much yabu sale but t i so i was harping on this last year that i thought the celtics celtics shouldn't pick up his option and dany aged in. I was critical that and then now they've already cut in waived him but it didn't really are. I must have missed that they they cut in wait. We're talking because i think it's a useful exercise but it didn't end up costing as much because this because of what happened with the celtics off season they you know having a little bit extra cap chase would help but it's not like they're gonna pay luxury tax on his salary for this year while they did last year so yeah. It's all right. Maybe i would love to see him succeed enough in europe or or somewhere else to eventually make his way back to the n._b._a. And he's young enough to make that case but he just he just doesn't have a role. He's gonna get a lot better so much better and even i mean the problem almost like even if he were he was one of those that quite as much like a calebs want again type of pick but it's just like okay. Maybe shoot a little three you and slim down. He could move his feet a little bit better than expected but it was just like even if he can do the things that he supposedly able to do. Where the hell were. You gonna play liam at the four five never protected the rim even at the at the time it didn't project that way so a cautionary tale perhaps and i think part of why they drafted him was because they could preserve some of their cap space by not having to bring them over for a year but <hes> but yeah i mean that's always tough of just like because you just have to points. Pay one is just that the guy isn't good at the stuff. He was supposed to be good at to begin with and the number two. 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I think we had time for a couple more teams here. It's so funny when i'm like oh yeah. We'll just like blow through this. We do like the whole conference this time like no. Actually i mean not there's gonna be some teams. That aren't gonna take as long but <hes> brooklyn is not one of them. Let's start with zanan mussa number twenty nine pick in the twenty eighteen draft spent much of the season in long island with the nets league affiliate. We had watched a little a bit of mussa as a mini scout back in two thousand eighteen before he was drafted and you know i was kind of intrigued. Who's supposed to go higher. It was supposed to go a little higher fell to twenty nine and and what concerns me most about his summer league performance was that when i was watching him he didn't beat the guy who was covering often enough and even though moose's rookie a year was not like a lot of first round picks dealth injury and a bunch of other stuff e e need those players to stand out against summer league level talent and he just didn't really do that enough and wasn't wasn't getting the shot also wasn't falling. That's kind of you know. We want to call it. Mario has only apparel. He's not doing the part that you really wanted to do but it's also not doing what you you thought was more of a fallback and he ended up playing twenty minutes a game eleven and a half points five rebounds three assists which is which is great was is actually something i liked but not not effective enough for me as a score to really feel comfortable about him having a role in the next couple of years though obviously be great for him to change that expert yeah mussa so i thought he looked best in pick and roll where he was able to set up pretty well. He's got pretty decent ball handling ability and he was able to get downhill against the big indraught coverage. The problem was that he really struggled to make something happen. Once he got into that situation and again again these are not n._b._a. N._b._a. length a lot of the time you know he tried a lot of eurosteps getting to his left hand really just was able to finish it. Overall a his finishing really needed needed some work that in the half court was only four out of seventeen around the rim and out of the pick and roll he shot over thirteen and scored only five points on sixteen possessions. You'll note that generally pick and roll efficiency is even lower in summer league where you're not running a lot of offense. The defense is going to be prepared for you. The three did take six game which is a pretty good number in the g. League shot thirty six percent. I liked him much better as a spot up guy then an off the dribble. It seems like he doesn't get great rise on his jump shot off the dribble and you know those are tough shots to be taking out a pick and roll i if you you can make a three pointer out of pick and roll that you you can almost be a valuable player with that on its own. I thought when he was able to step in like he had one that was a quick pull. In transition that looked a lot better when he just has to rise up from a spot he wasn't able to get the explosion off a two feet and overawed as an athlete you no i'd say he's a little bit below average especially when you're talking about someone who really profiles as a creative <hes> that to me is kind of the biggest problem is is what is he going to do if he's not gonna have the ball as i mentioned you can operate okay and pick and roll and and says man up i am you know he's not turning the ball over reluctancy looks comfortable handling in pick and roll but does he have the skill level whether it's a pull up jump shot or getting all the way to the basket that putting pressure on the rim to create an advantage situation set up others thought there are times where his passing with decent finding the roll man. I also really liked him. As a transition player that's by far where he was is the most effective pushing the ball in transition getting out any they're pulling up or attacking the basket but the question becomes you don't see him as a quality role player player. I think he tries hard defensive like he had a play where he blocked a game-tying three against watches. I think is fuel is decent like he had in that same game a really nice cuddle on the baseline uh for a layup in the last two minutes where his guy turned his head so i think he's a pretty smart player. He's got a good feel but the question becomes as the number twenty nine overall pick acknowledge the greatest athleticism. Where does he go in terms of playing a role with the big club you i think he he could look better as creator at the lower levels but you know especially if you look at who's going to be on this team going forward here with dinwiddie and la word anti-iran and kyrie irving. I don't see him getting a lot of on ball rupp's. Maybe he could be a tree trait candidate but again. I is this guy really going to create offense especially. It's very young still so i. I'm not gonna foreclose that and i think he is skill. Level is continuing to improve but the fit is difficult with this newly upgraded nets roster. I don't usually spend a lot of time on i. I have a classification of too good for some early and really for those types of players. Maybe injured allen's case. Maybe they're there because he was going to do the team u._s._a. Select team stuff and so just wanted some extra. I was shocked. He played in five games and he looked good. Would you know if you looked like i've jared allen should play against guys who are way worse than he is. I mean i think john is the best center on the brooklyn nets eighteen so it's not surprising that he's taken some severally gasp asp and i thought kirks was there too. He looked really good but again like he should. He was a rotation player at times a starter on a playoff team last year and he you know he looked looked capable and impressive during some of his summer league moments kirk played about twenty five minutes a game and yeah not surprising that he looked at the thing that most impressed me about quirks was the passing and his ability to attack the basket off of closeouts and that's in fact how he set up a lot of those passes another guy who i thought looked pretty good in transition he was able to push the ball and transition off his own dribble did a little bit of pick and roll operation but with corks you like him more as rocca if he can continue to make enough jumpers me you might say didn't necessarily do that his rookie year at about thirty two percent but if that part of his game continues to evolve you're not necessarily going to evaluate that in summer league and he shot six hundred eighteen this six or twelve from the free throw line is not automating <hes> maybe a little bit more on the offensive glass only at three offensive rebounds but ten steals five blocks just a very heady smart player to to be sure and fourteen assists in six games just a really nice you know again. He's not going to be the number one option with the ball but if you throw it to him he gets run off the line fine. I trust him to be able to make play and he's also a solid enough finisher to me. <hes> around the rim was thirteen out of twenty one sixty two who percents <hes> which is fine. I think he's you know he's not the greatest athlete but he he's got good feel for protecting the ball getting some extension using his body so i think he did what we needed to do here. As far as looking like a robot did turn it over a little bit more than you might have liked. The pick and roll wasn't amazing only three eleven out of that but it's not what israel is going to be. I don't think so <hes> still feeling just fine a about him. I think he did what he needed to do. It wasn't a groundbreaking performance but certainly was at a level where you'd expect a new bill to continue to contribute the nets had the first pick of the second round this year and drafted nicholas claxton out of georgia a big and had his energy level seemed solid. I kinda like bruno fernando. I wonder exactly what his kind of positional defensive role is going to be in the n._b._a. It was kind kind of busy that he always. Why do you say that. I don't know that when i've seen him that he looks like a kind of like a protector and he also. I'll need to see more of his jump shot like like free. If you can't if you can't protect the rim i've had the same issue with giancarlo if you can't protect them and you don't have a jump shot that teams after respect you have to do a lot of other things really really well and and maybe he can and and you know his energy level. I believe he was a good that he is the the people who watch him. Georgia liked a lot of the fundamentals that he had but generally speaking for maybe those type of players if they don't check either those boxes they have to again. It's a lot to ask is block numbers. Were pretty good. He also steal a game like that last year any n._a._s._a. Eighty-one blocks in thirty two games last year for georgia. I mean to me you know. I thought he played pretty hard. I think he's solid enough but my concern is his frame. I think he's way too skinny at this point in time and skinny enough that i worry whether he can. It's not going to always be a weakness for him. <hes> yeah i think that i think that i would and his wingspan is around seventy three so that but it's not like say bo bomba ombu esque or something like that where you could get away with being really skinny because you're just longer than everybody else but yeah it is. It is a little bit concerning and again like the thirty one pick. It's not a lottery pick but it is a valuable one in the draft so we'll have to see there are things that i like about blacks in especially with his energy level but i wanna see more before i before i really have oh. He's definitely definitely gonna make it or not. Yeah a couple of thoughts. He's a lefty tried some three pointers and was spotting up around there a lot of us playing some with jared allen. He didn't start jared and actually played. He's playing. He's playing with <hes> brima as well so might have even played more four than five overall. I thought he had some plays where he showed nice. It's pretty county at the rim. Defensively didn't have much in the way of steals and blocks <hes>. I thought he showed pretty good hands on offense. I liked his touch has decent right hand. Which a lot of left he's done. I thought he showed the ability to put the ball on the floor and you know he wasn't necessarily making great passes able to stay under control. You had a couple of plays where he's able to make short hooks and floaters from the five foot range. I also liked the way he sprinted britain into screens. I mean that's something that with ball screens where you can actually just help your eye out by getting there really quickly and having the guy guarding you be a little out of position just by running absolutely as fast as possible into a screen like that he did that <hes> was able to handle the ball out of the perimeter in the d. h. O. game he had a nice fake d. h. O. slip to the basket where he was able to score the three pointer. Shuttling twenty percents on sixty four attempts last year with georgia. I don't expect that to be a weapon. I i expect him to be a senator for this team and as mentioned a little thin as one play where he just got duct right in by rehashing mora who's smaller than him but stronger <hes> so i think claxton has some potential if he can get stronger that to me is the biggest thing we didn't really see him especially in that net system doing a lot of switching and moving his feet so i think this is an example of where you can get some potential options at the center position and yeah you know. He's got some flaws profiles. How's moore's of backup in particular due to how thin he is and his narrow frame but you get a decent backup center at that point in the draft really anyone who can play a looking like a decent enough pick to me. There could talk briefly about jared allen. I mean we know what he is that the n._b._a. Level for guy like him. The reason you're in summer league is to try to expand your game. He pretty much failed to do that. <hes> you know we've seen him dabble with corner threes but he was over seven on catch and shoot situations and also as a roll man you it didn't look amazing us eight out of thirteen and had six turnovers in that situation only scored fifty percent of the time on his rules the basket. That's not a great number so again. I'm not gonna be doubt on on jared allen. I think it's quite possible. There'd be a lot situations where he is a better option than deandra jordan this year but i don't know that he really was was able to expand his game much. I do appreciate both the nets philosophy and his eventually having him play and and try to get better which you know a lot of teams wouldn't necessarily do that did did you get a chance to look at theo pinson at all a little bit and pinson he has kind of like the the basic tests pretty well handled i mean he has senses since he was in north carolina but what peskine reposited sense north carolina is that players who can't reliably shoot three and or not just dominant and other phases of the game just. I don't really have that much replace so you don't want to write to too much about pinson shooting five hundred thousand three that's twenty percent but he shot twenty six percent on threes last year and shot twenty six percent at north carolina so it's pretty fair to guess that at least in the immediate now worth noting he was thirty eight percent one eight six hundred seventy six in the g. league. Yes so so it is it is a possibility i my instinct is that that's more the outliers and everything else but it is it is possible. I don't know i remember even going back to to what he was the limited minutes he got when he was in brooklyn last year that he played hard and that he'd get into it. I just thought you know they're the three guys if we want to be cost. Is that right now that the three part of that is just such a such a swing skill and it's such a challenging thing to predict that you know. I think that it is at a certain point you want to just try other people there but it's a minimum contracts. It's not that big a deal either way for the nets and i think he does have a skill level will pick and roll actually <hes> he was pretty good sixteen out of twenty eight out of the pick and roll and was able to get the basket originally want they did have the floor spread so a wing like him with decent athleticism. You know he's a better athlete then moussa for example <hes> but any kind of wing with decent athleticism. I'm in ball handling skills like him. You know i think it's good to keep around and see whether he can develop a little bit again brooklyn with all the ballots that they have to feed now offense. We i know katie. Eighty is not going to be playing this year or at least not until the very end if he does definitely a guy. I think is worth having on roster. Yeah we carp all the time that there aren't enough wings and the guys don't give the the team. Don't give these guys chances and i think in the case of pinson a as with tree graham last year. I think the the nets are doing a good job. I've been you know and they've made players out of some of these guys that they brought in. They have one of the best development systems in the n._b._a. Based on some of the results that they have had <hes> are going to talk about before we go here yeah. I'll bet that i did a fun podcast for real shame radio with the early very aforementioned set part now on kind of like the research search projects he wants to do with how the conversation hasn't has not changed in his three years with the box and i thought it was it was an illuminated thing and the kind of the benefit of not doing it. During the season is it wasn't really tethered to what was going on. We just talked about things that we thought were interesting and you know like the differences between the play offs and the regular season and we'll we'll see where it comes. I just love so you listen to that real jacob radio podcast choosing and then i will have more stuff out in the near term now that i'm back i'm writing again all right and we will be back here for our second episode of the week so we gotta do plenty more from summer. League hopefully will manage to do more than like three teams in an hour next next time but there are actually were those are probably some of the densest teams we had to deal with especially boston there in brooklyn so looking forward to talking about the bulls next time i'm a kobe white got got a lot of opinions on him in particular so looking forward to getting back to that next week taught you all them.

portland hawks damian lillard robert williams maryland detroit lebron james twitter patrick patterson warriors l._a david griffin Paul russell westbrook leonard paul george dan feldman Boston seth curry cleveland scott brooks blazers
Caf con letras - No me importa que me destripen los libros

Café con letras

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Caf con letras - No me importa que me destripen los libros

"Organized Boards anything PROSCIUTTO. They conversations over they would all like Duda. DUDA Guilloux lettuce over they'll leave it. Okay. Annoy our layer depicting moody. An halcion the three band this okay. Oh, he's going to Komo spoiler. Burkett Mahone Jeremy Nine panel these emergency more the. My. Perfect. I'm in the mood. Africa he support Gay Paralytic Griffey. He's not nano. Got It onto these. MINNESOTA. Mommy's Yo. Allowed Them, your tennis. Facility that going nomad boiler they WANNA be legal area the delegate them in the. E. Into the thirty over the lead leader. Behind which Goto an equivalent Cappella PROTAGONISTA GEICO became solid. Seem Priscila Yellow Demata. Custovic me formative and Tina Salvia Komo. Relegate. Who Now And get us. Bitter Meka so instrument the. Coming. Glenham coming portal came. On the. Air. Law. Baseline, Ebola, amyloid. Beta. Malcolm. In process almost year up a high safe. Diary qualley. So Miramax CNN and the Geyo on. A you. Know Give You. A. Bit Okay, we're going Lorella Dow. Whatever? Will Save. formerly. E, Ami and this indeed mean Boorda. Came in three being over say persona luckily MOLITOR MUCCI more. Gay Iran quelque many moments. Perron the they need to be their. Own Air or on embezzle our. Focus Yon in which are Hocus Unit Gwendal until. Your Mail or in the three PALAPA legal advocates. Yoga. CASSIE. So your or your. Indoor. And DC Mohali when or leader poorer layer it and my boner. Boy Cacique. But if he all known they on the Algorithm Hoda Alfie? No no mean. Or. No no water nomi. Egos came in. The local my Alito. hocus Cassini later senior. Beta simply be hey. Boy Frison. Gossip. Billable. Boiling until homemade or this he formerly. In, the allowed. Been Era A. C. Connects Yongkang. Camille. Our Lucy Gamero. Able its on when in this year but but it won't. Be In a game allure comedian Al Guna Amigo. Army. Oh. No medical. Does. Seem Lebanon. Anymore go to similarity. COMBATTI more. Mom. In the reporter and PROSCIUTTO. Competitive. So I wanna, go talk more. Temperature and allow the lead over problem yet. But who you are. Portable Lonzo Dada man who you are taught, Rahul Datta Hey Gondolo granted Rita or Leo. Grant. Riveta. Doing to I'm being policy is a former sale. NAUSEA IN A. Preliminary. You were A. Bit or in. August young Leila here but eighty. Kicked Jackie deliver. Mangan Cello or buddy and. E important at Matica, the ERLA concrete them in. A not messaging favorite radio in many we talking canal France being what throw a UNITA. Gomez. Worn. In the broadcast A. Funding. magnifico combat Asada a limited. Entry our. Leans. A. Facility say. Colombian jacket or what they do they overdose. On. The at you get your Subaru dishonor. Don't they, Allah the. This old moorhead here is how Mantha But it's a gale video missile is. Amanda do but as I young, but it's a holder. In. Particularly the. Eilly he didn't know Salida sal economic also a Weirdo. Palo Alto and. Me and this will be a your the first. Return in. A Regular Unido Habashi Louisville our but mostly an endo. Same. On swing your number two. So now Marley Nice upper. Galloway Gaber, New Zealand for us in the yet lila for a mob boss. And US. And a better Soho is. Good. Talk dego Lingua in compass gonNA. Gordian. Cassini UNI frequent. Allegations totally Serbia la La Vida and other is who? Commits US young woman by lower. ECONOM- for us because he he boy DIGA. In Anaheim outdoor they. May. Seem maybe signaling Boto. Cosovic our maybe thinking noy who now within again. four salvos. Before managerial. Allegedly Colombian. INELEGANT, WE'RE GONNA. Move Gamal Komo's. E three thousand, our family we don't. In. Israel Alpha water. Ballet I Gomez for many cool in Columbia. Columbia. No gave. The A in the. UPPER MOORE WHO Episode I mean say. More in Politica in me and saying comedy. Hormonal. E in elementary more A. GRANOLA. Medical kitten control infamy that. I'm victim Ariza infamy. Control. Gluten. Impediments. beat him up on my medical John. If nominee is on. The dilemma Larry Eight by India Maria but anything is. GonNa help. They. In. Combat. Urania. On a that a hang. Millennium Yellowish indulgent at the. Medicine. Will Be. On you blow but she also but August. In Ghana seem. A circus. Look. Into power format. Boy Extra. Facility. In Dhaka mean. So I'll leave it on. To go new employment. E Il Albedo more es. Door not. Go. That underwent. All be here. In Italy with. The. Win Own did. On by the movie getting your Song By. get immune free ORLA. In this game when you're they can knock in Sanyo. melter seem foggier SABLAN IN COMOLLI IGNORED A. Boy. Nara, or, document. The. Solid Liberal. Telecom Ayala in. Delaware Cello two. Hundred. Hundred deliveries turn the radio. Kailahun really will game. Beena Very. Little enjoy when you're. Who compensation. Maceo. Yellow. Yellow Messy. Pedal. Talking to. Maryam Mucci more leaden soon. Don't Miss. It a minute window villa game and. When you retire? Columbia early in the name. Abraham blow the hitter Gimme mutual layer link will nonetheless columnists Mako. Po, they'll not a similar. Look what in the And through. Email Milton Shimon. Motomachi more. You'll be able. Classy goal more there glassy got. Me Mayweather. On, like thirty narcotraffic going Columbia. Another lead up or hang on throwing crusoe guests in reference I. In Goma here put it on talk. About in Gomez? The. By the festival in say a center finishing league LAS. Within Proventil, a casino heads. Libra era but. A Alito Toledo Komo Brooks Malek Tutor, and Aurea. Looking. For. that. E career in Austria. BLERTA Lomu. Look a paramedic. Orchestra all the at the three paying leave it own up. Really. Competitive poet hoping. Reportedly with your Mayo Clinic. Sor Era, pain twitter or Go. To. Little. Mingled in Puerto. Ponta Com which aggressee poetic which added. All in. The letters record valuable the headquarter. Platform Ascom was put defied Google podcast radio public address. Retaining. The Norway there. So can you the in Apple? PODCAST Tom Be imported they had to look assumed elements Anita. Mass hang on twitter in a row at any sort. Than the bother him be into hoping he commented you. Put a Kuchar Cafe Literacy at. When I would also.

I Gomez US Columbia Columbia Tina Salvia Komo twitter Komo Priscila Yellow Demata Africa Mahone Jeremy Gamal Komo tennis MOLITOR MUCCI Paralytic Griffey MINNESOTA CNN And Mayo Clinic Mangan Cello Lorella Dow
The Autobiography Of A Flea (To A Point)

The Frame

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The Autobiography Of A Flea (To A Point)

"KPCC PODCASTS are supported by twentieth century. Fox presenting forward versus Ferrari directed by James Mangold and starring Christian. Bale and Matt Damon now nominated mandated for a Golden Globe for best actor Christian Bale and five critic's choice nominations including best picture of the year. KPCC supporters include Fox searchlight presenting. Joe Rabbit nominated for the Sag Award for Best Ensemble. Seven critics choice awards including best picture. The Golden Globe for Best Picture and one of AF is ten best pictures of of the year for consideration in all categories from the broadcast center at KPCC. This is the frame. I'm John Horn and thanks for joining us during our winter. Membership drive today. My guest for the entire show is musician and bassist. Michael Peter Ball Zari you. You probably know him as flee as a teenager. Flea met Anthony. Keita's Hello Slovak. And Jack Irons at Fairfax High Together. They formed the Red Hot Chili peppers in the nineteen eighties and the rest is history breath in addition to his work as the basis for the Chili peppers. Flea is also an actor you might remember his role as needles in back to the future her chicken or as one of the nihilists. In the Big Lebowski Nas he has a small part in a new movie written by Lena Waif and directed by Melina soukous Queen and slim credible spent flea wasn't really here to talk about acting. He was here to talk about his new memoir. It's called acid for the children and it's about his wild days before for main. We're rolling take one. We've had this ritual that okay so I call me tissues bad dude everytime that's good okay. Yes the ritual usual but we took a brief pause and then we launched in and fully started with the event that would change the course of his life. When I was a kid? My father father was a very strict man. He ran the house in a very kind of militant shipshape way everything was wholesome we at dinner every night at seven he wore a suit at a case went to work every day. Hey very you know very normal and we came from Australia to America because we were in Australian family. We were in New York for only for four years while he completed his assignment. Edmund destroy and constant and to return to Australia where we were going to live Australian lives and my mom my wild ass heart following irresponsible. Mom took off with a junkie jazz musician. Who lives in his parent's basement? We left my dad. He went back to Australia without us. And we moved into this life and everything flipped upside down. I mean everything. So what is it like to go back there because what you're doing in a book is your excavating the memories about the physical things that happened but attached to those physical things are emotional feelings about what is happening in and around your life absolutely and I think some stories. I think about Halloween story involving your stepfather. So when you're recalling these events how much do you think about your state of mind. He at that time. Do you have new perspective on how you become the person you are as you're starting to revisit and write down all of these memories all of that in spades. You know it's when I was actually doing the writing. Firstly I would read it to my editor often. I'd write all myself and I would read it to him and while I was reading invariably I would I would start sobbing and when I did audio book it was just like a sob fest man. It was really the emotional. For some reason I can write it and it's cool like I just wanNA write it well and really describe what I'm feeling and try to do a good job but when I read it out loud it's it's very very emotional but anyways yeah that particular event it was Halloween and I was out trick or treating with some friends and we ran and all these other kids these trick or treaters when you're from school in. They're all running home and like this crazy guy in the street. He's shooting a gun. He's if scared everyone's going home has to get home. Tom And I'm running home and I get home and see like all debris in my front yard the windows busted out like the TV at flown through the windows in the yard. And I I didn't register shirt and it's grand inside the house and she my Stepdad. There and I realized as soon as I walk at. Oh He's The gun shooting madman. He's that lunatic. That everyone is terrified of and certa this combination of absolute terror. What was he going to do? Next Kiwi Cedeno slumped on the couch in his underwear. Blood and guns and also embarrassed. Because it's my house. People always concentrate. You know a big part of my child is when I meet Anthony Keita's grand up citing Chili peppers and it's a it's a very important relationship chip in my life but for me kind of the emotional center and the thing that I talked about in the book. Most is my relationship with Walter my Stepdad because he was terrifying man but he was also I mean he was a brilliant musician he was jazz bass player. He was an absolutely ferocious musician. And he played this upright bass in when he played it. He tacked his instrument with like violent frenzy. You you know these fast bebop walking bass lines but he was taking all his torment and turning it into something beautiful beautiful through his base and and even like when I got older and I thought I was rebelling against him by playing rock music. I was doing exactly what he showed me to do. We're talking talking with flea. His new book is called acid for the children. I WanNa play another jazz musician. This song is called a night in Tunisia. I think you you recognize the player. I'm crystal clear. Sound cutting a hole in the sky. Man That's dizzy. Gillespie so tell us about your encounter with dizzy. Had started playing the trumpet in Seventh Grade. And I fell in love with it and my hero was dizzy. Gillespie he had this magical trumpet is cheeks puffed up played he was funny dressed. Wild eld was smart. He was everything that I saw. A great person could be. He was my hero. My mother took me to see him play at Royce Hall at UCLA. I I believe it was nineteen seventy three. I was twelve years old. We're sitting an audience at Royce Hall Getting Ready Waiting Dizzy to come on. I think what does he got him on Wednesday coming coming when she was just you know he's coming into one and I entered the bathroom. I Jump Up to go pee I ran out. I run down. I'll and instead of going back to lobby where you're supposed to go. Go to the bathroom. I was just excited and ran toward the stage. Assad door and ran in it looking for the bathroom I run into people walking around. And there's I'm by myself. I'm looking dizzy. Gillespie standing there holding holding his horn horn. But the Bella pokes up to the heavens. I run up to him and total. Mr Gillespie I I mean Steve Does He. And I'm just I can't speak to so an odd that it's him and he pulls me in and hugs me with his arms from a heads up in his armpit and I'm cuddled huddled up next to him and he just kind of holds me there. And he's holding his haunting one hand he's holding me and the other hand embracing me and it's like loving embrace speaking to somebody and it's just in heaven you know I'm sitting and I to this day. I remember the feeling of him by the smell of his Cologne. His suit his everything about it and he was so kind so sweet man and anyway keeps talking this guy after a few minutes and then he stops talking guy kind of looks down to smiles at me. PATS man head walks. onstage starts playing night in Tunisia and I'm just forget all about appeaing you know so it was just so happy and it was such a beautiful thing and that is up next on the frame more my conversation with flea who talks about growing up in a very different. LA KPCC. PODCASTS are supported by twentieth century Fox presenting forward versus Ferrari directed by James Mangold old and starring Christian. Bale and Matt Damon now nominated for a Golden Globe for best actor Christian Bale and five critic's choice nominations including best picture of the year here. Katie supporters include Fox searchlight presenting Joe Joe Rabbit from writer director. TYCO not included on both AF is as a national board of Review's ten best pictures of the year and now nominated for the Sag Award for Best Ensemble and best supporting actress. Scarlett Johansson seven critics choice awards awards including best picture and best adapted screenplay and the Golden Globe Award for best actor and Best Picture of the year awards eligible in all categories. KPCC PODCASTS are supported. By Warner Brothers. Michael B Jordan Jamie Fox and Brie Larson's star in just mercy based on the true story of Attorney Attorney Brian. Stevenson's heroic fight to save an innocent man's life. Every generation has its hero made ours variety raved. Just mercy will shake you to to your soul nominated by the screen actors guild for outstanding performance by a male actor in a supporting role for Jamie Foxx for consideration in all categories including including best picture and best supporting actor. Welcome back to this pledge drive edition addition of the frame. I'm John Horn before. He wore pants made of stuffed animals before he wore socks in the wrong places even before he played the Bass Flea was into jazz and books in his new memoir. Acid for the children flee writes about his childhood years before there were such a thing as the red hot chili early peppers. I'm GonNa play another piece of music. This is probably my favorite song by a band that I think you and I both love Phone Duda Duda Duda deemed Carl. So we've got jazz. We got dizzy and then we got. Let's plan at what point to those different and forms of music. Start to coalesce in your mind as a way to bridge. What you've heard your Stepdad playing the bass what led Zeppelin's doing and how you can move into the rock and roll what happens is I meet a boy named Hal Slovak and you know at this point I had grown up in such a jazz household? I adopted the JASAR's attitude of a disdain for rock music. I thought it was music for people who just wanted haircut silly magazines and clothes. They didn't really care about music. I saw like de-evolution of of what music is capable of which is an arrogant stand for thirteen year. Old Fourteen year. Old boy whatever hold old I was to take but that was where I was at and meet Hulo. And he's just as beautiful artistic poet of a kid you know he writes he makes these beautiful paintings. Things Plays Guitar and he's in Love with rock music and he's in love with the Holy Romancing rock stardom the whole thing and we become already become friends with Anthony. We are very close. Camila we become a threesome and I start falling in love with rock music. I see them play. There's no teachers. There's no one around girls come and watch and they want to see because it's cool in the room and they're playing. I watch plan. I start softening towards it. Music becomes less like notes and learning complex harmonic ideas than just like this. This fun wild awesome thing you know and I started playing and shortly after that Alaska to start playing a basin Jason happens. We're talking with flea. His new book is called acid for the children. I WanNa ask you to read something from the book in front of you. It's page one. Forty three He. Can I use your reading glasses. They're not reading any reading glasses around. I don't know because I always say such a rush to come here. That didn't let's see. It's Oh my God look what Jesus put in your pocket. The gods want me to read this so it starts on page one forty three then. There was Freddie gold. Then there was Freddie gold. His two older sisters were both friends with my sister. At Hollywood high. Freddie was my first rich friend when it went over to his house I discovered an opulent previously known to me a big spread up in the in the West Hollywood hills in the bird streets up above the sunset strip including the famous blue Jay way. There's a fog upon. La and my friends have lost their way. That's a Beatles song a big swimming pool to well-stocked refrigerators. Refrigerators a Salvadorian housekeeper. Named bessie in a white suit and hat. Everything clean immaculate White Shag rugs a massive aquarium that bubbled doubled. Its modern CONVEX. Way Out of the black tiled wall Freddie always had weed weed smoke it going pool than Asana listening to loud music the popular stuff which being jazz nerd I knew very little about Peter Frampton P funk led Zeppelin living it up. What's interesting about the Freddie gold? That story is this idea. About class and privilege you are essentially a latchkey kid. You're on your own left your own devices and you have this friend or these friends who have a different life that you have a glimpse of how do you think that starts to affect the way you see the world and the way you navigate your way around the things that you don't have. Yeah well one interesting. Quick aside to that question is that the world was so different than here in the early seventies because now if a parent aren't any money you're going to a private school but back when I went to La Public schools. We had every class of kid that doesn't exist in public school. Now I had kids who were poor. Mother's streetwalkers. I had kids. Who Freddie Gold? We're wealthy and crazily enough like I liked. You know the Yummy food the swimming pool you jump in the pool going Asana do all this fun stuff. You always had weed. But I didn't cover that I treasured Mike Connection with with my other friends who I had profound relationships with who had nothing so it wasn't really about that for me but it wasn't enough that nothing we had was nothing because we had no peace show harmony in the home. That was how our home was scary home to be in. You know the things that I wanted to do. Well at didn't revolve around making money. It was never like I'm GonNa make money. I'm going to get this. I'm going to do that. It was more like I'm going to be a bad ass ass on this trumpet. I'm GONNA wear a suit like dizzy. Gillespie and Blow my horn. We listen to some music dizzy. Gillespie we listened to led Zeppelin play one more shortcut. This is a storyteller that I think is important to you. This is a tale of a meeting of two lonesome skinny fairly old white men on a planet which was dying fast. Just one of them was a science fiction writer named Kilgore Trout. He was a nobody at the time and they supposed his life was over. He was mistaken. As as a consequence of the meeting he became one of the most beloved and respected human beings in history. That's Kurt vonnegut rating breakfast of Champions. I've never heard that before before we can find everything. Yeah wow he did a lot of my book me looking for our moral compass and and me not having anyone as apparent to guide me as a kid to like help me transition from a boy to a man to be there for me to be present to be looking at the things I was going through and pay attention engine and I found that in my solitude with the books that I loved I always read every day. I read all my life. I've read every day except my drug doc days when I was just too damn wasted word to not be a blurred message of ants. Walking around on a page you know and I loved Kurt Vonnegut. When that was a kid when I got I guess it was like I was sixth grade seventh grade? When I I I read Becker champions and you know one after other than you know Science Titan you know slaughterhouse five all of them and he meant so much to me? I just think because he put the most profound and beautiful statements in the simplest terms terms. And I really got it when I was a kid is way of being funny the way he drew in told asterisk which ends up being the Chili peppers. You know sign. I just loved them and and he gave me hope that people could be really good. People could do great things not because they needed to get into heaven because they wanted something but because it was the best way to be fleas new book is called acid for the children. Flee thanks so much okay just say no I'm not recommending ending children take LSD. This is a cautionary tale thin. Thanks so much for having and that is it for the frame today. Thanks for listening both on the radio and on demand I'm John Horn and thanks for supporting. KPCC the to the KABC. PODCASTS are supported by Warner brothers. Presenting Joker Todd Odd Phillips Cinematic Vision See Joaquin Phoenix's Golden Globe and screen actors guild nominated performance winner of the Venice Film. Festival's top prize and one of the AF AF is top films of two thousand Nineteen Varieties Owen. Gleiberman name Joker the best film of the year describing it as a movie that can and will stand the test of time for consideration in all categories including best picture director and actor.

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