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"duck baldwin" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

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"duck baldwin" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Weekdays ten to one on Xtra sports thirteen hundred. Sure, did may just be as opinion when it comes to football, usually right back to pro football. Here's Mike Florio. Another season of change for the Seattle Seahawks. Even though the arrow is pointing up in a very significant way for the franchise that not long ago gave huge money to their franchise quarterback. The the reality is that. Duck Baldwin's departure from the Seahawks. And there was talk that he was going to retire due to a variety of injuries. But then if you retire you have to pay back bonus money if they cut you you don't have to pay anything back so instead of engaging in a protracted staredown Seahawks. Did the right thing they released Doug Baldwin yesterday? They also released Kam chancellor, a guy who has been unavailable to them for a while had some guaranteed money that worked its way out of the system. But now both guys are gone terminated the contracts due to a failed physical of both Doug, Baldwin and Kam chancellor, said GM, John Schneider. These are two of the most iconic players in franchise history, both were instrumental in establishing our championship culture, great examples of competitiveness and leadership on the field and in the community. These legendary players will always be part of our Seahawks family Doug Baldwin was undrafted. Kam chancellor was the sixth round pick just a testament to Schneider's ability to find players and they've had to get back to that. When you get these players in the. Amid rounds. Richard Sherman was a fifth round of for example, or undrafted you develop them into great players. And then they get to a point where it's time for them to cycle off the roster. You gotta have faith in the fact that you can find more guys like them. Guys who on draft weekend. We've glazed over before we hear the names who would have thought anything about Kam chancellor back in two thousand ten when he was made a first round pick first round pick sixth round pick we pay attention to the big names the first round picks. So the Seahawks now have to hope that some of these guys that we just don't know about that. We haven't paid much attention to that aren't generating a whole lot of notice can step in and become the future. In the secondary. At the linebacking position in the pass rush. Michael Robinson who played for the Seahawks and the forty Niners recently pointed out that in his view, Bobby Wagner has got way more leverage than the guy. Like Earl Thomas because he doesn't think the Seahawks have the guys in the pipeline who could replace Bobby Wagner. Now, look until Bobby Wagner is gone. You don't have to worry about it. And maybe they would use a high draft pick on an inside linebacker next year. But that that's part of the analysis before you cut the cord on that guy who's making a bunch of money, you need to be confident that you have somebody who can step in and get it done and the Seahawks have been very very good at finding guys later rounds and undrafted who can be contributors to that team. And not having Doug ball when it is going to hurt the Seahawks. He was reliable. He was relentless. He had that attitude. Remember angry Doug Baldwin, and he was angry. He would get as nose out of joint over the dumbest thing, and he'd never forget about it. But that's how you have to be. I think to go out there and throw your body around and engage in those those hits across the middle. Take those those big blows that you're going to get when you catch a pass on a crossing pattern and get up and keep going. It's a lot of the Steve Smith mentality. You know, guys who aren't real big. But. Who are tough, and they want you to know they're tough because the best way to ensure that the they're not gonna get messed with everybody thinks they're tough. So I think Baldwin is one of those guys that's gonna find a way to be highly successful in whatever he does very intense, very focused very determined. And ultimately very successful in the National Football League. So Baldwin and cancer and Chan Kam chancellor move on and Seahawks move forward with a team that will have much higher expectations this year than last year because of that unexpected playoff berth that we saw in twenty eighteen dolphins are a long way from the playoffs. But the dolphins have locked up one of their best players. Maybe they're only quality player at this point based upon what we've seen in recent years avian Howard, one of the best defensive players in the NFL that you may not know about he signs a contract. Now, this is when we get into the creative accounting for contract interpretation purposes. And obviously those who are given the privilege of breaking the story. We'll gloss over some of the things that make the contract. Look, maybe not. As good as it could be five years seventy six point five million dollar extension..

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