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"du mont idaho springs" Discussed on TalkRadio 630 KHOW

"Most people know that Mr Clean Magic Eraser removes crayon scuff marks from walls, But did you know it even cleans tough kitchen and bathroom messes that air sometimes tough to tackle? Just wet squeeze any race? Great soap scum on your bathtub. He raised cloudy hard water spots in your shower race burnt on stovetop messes. So for all your tough kitchen and bathroom messes, try Mr Clean Magic Eraser. Hey, What do you want to go out at all that are Well, What have we done yesterday? Yesterday, all the way like the same bodies on like I said, Amanda, who saw dies. Stop got to call my mom. The's days. Nothing is normal and everything is weird, but you could still save big when you switch to progressive. That won't change. Not today or any day progressive com Casualty terms Company Kor FX ht to Denver. Okay. How news time 10 03 to avoid the spread of covert 19. Starting tonight, All Denver City Council meetings are going virtual until further notice the decision to go to virtual meetings recommended by Denver Public Health Administrator Bob McDonald. Dember has the most recorded covert 19 cases and deaths in Colorado. Public hearings will continue via published links, but the City Council is going one step further. The here for the public Special Virtual Listening sessions have been set for July 30th August 10th in August 22nd. That's Terry Bell reporting big crowds in recent days, resulting in the shutdown of Big Soda Lake and Bear Creek Reservoir and Beer. Create Lake Park. The city of Lakewood made that announcement late on Friday. Officials say water activities air closed until they can find a solution that complies with public health mandates. Governor Poles will be signing off on a bill today that bans panic is a defense for any assault on the gear. Transgender person. State lawmakers passed that measure during this year's session, the signing set for this afternoon. That's the latest I'm Chad Hoffman. No impact Traffic Thiss report is sponsored by revive water saving fertilizer and soil treatment. You're looking at a good looking drive across the Metro area Freeway system for the most part of this time, with the exception of West bound by 76 approaching 96th cruise, they're doing some emergency roadwork there left in center lanes are blocked. Seems some solid delays. Pack your patience on that stretch the rest of the freeway system looking good in town in the foothills. Roadwork Delays continue on eastbound I 70 from du Mont Idaho Springs left lane blocked on.

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