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Patrick's Hot Take on Clubhouse

FOMO Sapiens with Patrick J. McGinnis

04:05 min | 2 years ago

Patrick's Hot Take on Clubhouse

"Everybody it's another episode of after hours and today. Oh boy we're going to talk about the most fomo inducing social media app out there drum. Roll me second drummer. Drummoyne desk here. It's called clubhouse okay so you might remember a couple of weeks ago. We had A listener mail. Message from brent mcginnis and i was talking to brat around that time and we stayed in touch. He wrote me a note and he said hey. Do you have any advice for clubhouse. You know i'm going to start getting involved clubhouse and my my answer was i don't know because clubhouses causing me a bunch of foam stress i don't think about clubhouse and so i decided to talk about club does this week because it. I just said it like a canadian. Their club hosts. I meant clubhouse. Because everybody's talking about clubhouse. I feel like every conversation i have has a clubhouse element and everybody kind of criticize out clubhouses the worst but yet they're all on it and so i just think it's interesting to unpack that. What the heck is going on with clubhouse and so i have five conham went through for five hot takes on clubhouse that i wanna share with you today okay. Hot take number one this. I don't think it's that hard to take. But tell you think i think clubhouse is interesting and i'm gonna tell you why i have spent a little time on there and people have cool conversations. That are outside of the norm. So i think the very obvious use case clubhouse it's a place to congregate a following so for example we can have a really cool foam sapiens event. Where a bunch of us get together and we start talking about the show and the things that we like from the show. It'd be great chance for me to meet some you listeners. And maybe we'll even do that in fact if you're interested doing that and you're a member of clubhouse I would love to hear more about that. You can actually follow me on clubhouse at petro mcguinness so check me out patrick mcguinness and i just like like the fact that you get groups of people together and there are some really interesting people. Obviously the musk's of the world now those types come on. That's great too. But i i was on a A bunch of conversations about dating or about social life for about politics and people. I never heard of were getting up and talking pretty honestly and sometimes saying some crazy things. I was like ward. You said that. While but i just think it's a great way to learn about topics that you may not have exposure to and frankly i was looking to a conversation about race and that's a conversation that i really wanted to hear and i don't have all the time with with certain people in so hearing about Concepts of racial equity and and in from people who are living Living lives are affected by racism for me was super education. I valued being able to hear that. So i think there's a lot of value for people when they listen on clubhouse but let's move onto number two hot tag number two. It is super super time. Consuming i mean you get on clubhouse and then you like fourteen hours later when you get off because your phone is dying. You're like oh my god like what time go i. I wonder if people maybe just put it on in the background while they're doing other things but who is just. It just sucks up a lot of time. And i have a good friend who's been doing a benz on there and she was telling me her experiences like yeah. I love doing it. But frankly i you know i i. It's like start things. Go for three hours. So you start at nine o'clock and suddenly midnight and you're sorta like gosh. What are the time go and so it does require a ton of time and that's an interesting thing because obviously during a pandemic people have time to spare and so it's just a great way to kill time but what's going to happen when people are busy again. Are they gonna wanna be clubhouse. That is a mystery. We don't know what's going to happen. But i do think that the time sort of element. It's going to have to change because people cannot devote three hours for conversation Every week or every night or however frequently you're on it. And i think maybe after the pandemic will see that those conversations will get a little shorter. That's what i would predict but we will see when that happens.

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