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"drian veltri" Discussed on Izzy and Spain

"Drian veltri now sits alone atop the latin american hitless the rangers third baseman broke a tie with hall of famer rod kuru with his three thousand and fifty four th career hit the only foreign born player with more career hits than beltway and mlb history is the mariners each euro suzuki who has three thousand eighty two and finally the denver post published a rockies fan guide but the stadium pictured in the piece was not chorus field it was citizens bank park and philadelphia the post tweeted due to a production error an image of citizens bank park ran in place of course field on the cover of today's life and culture section please enjoy this beautiful image of course field but photographed yesterday the denver post sincerely regrets the air spain and jason fitz filling in for the guys on dan lebatardshow a stugatz we apologize for talking about stuff to do our best a little later in the show to talk about nothing but there's been stuff to talk about today up like what if we say nothing but it's about stuff does that count i'm still trying to figure this out yeah that that might be the ticket right there yeah it's a show about nothing espn radio is presented by progressive insurance with insurance for cars home vote motorcycles rv's and commercial vehicles at one eight hundred progressive and progressive dot com so when we did our show you can regularly here us six to nine pm eastern on espn radio weeknights spain and s fits and we were talking last night on our show as sort of a quick reaction to the story that was developing surrounding conor mcgregor and after a good night's sleep for us but presumably not for connor or dana white we're getting more information about conor mcgregor who threw a hand dolly through the window of a bus that carried a bunch of ufc fighters after you have to twentythree media vent at the barclay center yesterday attacked his detect the fight.

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