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"drew bouli" Discussed on GSMC Baseball Podcast

"You're looking at this as mississippi state. Hey we gotta go through jack lighter junior and it's going to be tough sledding here down six already after the first inning. They were able to squeak by another run. In the top of the fourth inning ultimately lighter gave up a double and then a single down the line to give this second run but that was the most mississippi state would get out a lighter later. Finished off the day with the box. Score of six innings. Three hits two runs. He had three walks in eight strikeouts so he ends his year with a two point. One three era and then vanderbilt's bullpen. Continued to come in and close the door with nick. Maldonado going three scoreless innings only allowing two hits in his. Era went down to two point. Three one so offensively. The big blow once again was the three run home run in the bottom of the first inning by third baseman jason gonzalez but overall vanderbilt only had five hits in the game so the offense for the commodores. Although they were able to score it runs really wasn't that outstanding and this was kind of a precursor of things to come because mississippi state on their own right had five hits so there wasn't a ton of action going on in this game offensively mississippi state was led by logan. Tanner behind the dish. He went two for three with an rbi. And then you had cameron james. Of course taken lighter dp ended up one for four with an rbi in the matchup so game one goes to vanderbilt's and this obviously when it's a best of three is a huge victory since two thousand three in the seventeen years that they've gone to the best of three final format. Of course you you're thinking eighteen right. Oh three to twenty one well. Twenty twenty did not crown champion. So yeah there were seventeen years well teams that one game. One have won. Eleven of the seventeen college world series. So the odds are in your favor. If you're winning game one ultimately to pull out the series it stuff for that other team to come back and win back to back games still to lee crown national champion so game to the following night mississippi state bounce back with a vengeance. They won game two by a score of thirteen to two. And this one. They put up a lot of crooked numbers. The offense for mississippi state really showed out in the bottom of the first ending. Mississippi state got on the board led by a score of one to nothing. James reached on a throwing air by vanderbilt's and there's more to come talking around the air's for vanderbilt here as we go through game three but handcock single through the right side and ultimately james scored which was an unearned run from vanderbilt side of things. But that made it one to nothing. Mississippi state through the first inning but vanderbilt was able to bounce back in the top of the second inning. They tied the game up at one. As let's see here. Gonzales walked and then young reached on a fielder's choice ultimately to to score the run there so one to one after two innings and this is where in the bottom of the third inning mississippi state ultimately broke out and separated themselves. The inning started with a single by allen. He then advanced to second on a wild pitch. James walk to make it first and second nobody out. Handcocks walked behind him so bases loaded. Nobody out and then. Tanner walked to score a run. So three straight walks in the bottom half of the inning still bases-loaded loaded nobody out vanderbilt. Then made a pitching change. but ultimately i really didn't improve for them as drew bouli singled through the middle a couple of guys scored there to make it four to one comers reached on a fielder's choice a run scored clark walked advanced the second on a wild pitch fourth then struck out in jordan grounded out so it could have been even worse for vanderbilt but they were able to escape only allowing four runs and the bottom of the third inning. Now right back in the bottom of the fourth mississippi state scored once again to make it five to one. This are six to one at this point Drew bouli doubled to score alan. Who had singled earlier in the in the inning soap. It was now six to one at this point. Bottom of the fifth they tacked on two more runs to make it eight to one. And then in the bottom of the seventh-inning put it out of reach making it thirteen to one before vanderbilt. Got themselves a run in the top. Half of the ninth inning. So vanderbilt's pitching staff really struggled here in game two especially star christian little who only went two innings allowing three hits five runs four of them earned but a lot of this was due to the four walks. He faced fourteen batters over the course of those two innings walking four so his era of five four eight on the year but the bullpen struggled as well patrick riley one inning one run nelson burke which three innings to runs hunter owen went one in allowing five runs. Before don yeah evans came in for a scoreless bottom. Half of the ninth vanderbilt was only able to muster us four hits against the mississippi state pitching staff the entire night houston harding. When four innings allowing two hits one run and then he was followed up by preston johnston or johnson who went five innings allowing two hits and one run so a huge combine out in from mississippi state's pitching staff houston harding and preston. Johnston where fantastic coming out of the bullpen and mississippi. State's offense like i mentioned. Fourteen total hits for the thirteen runs. They had four guys with multiple. Hits tanner allen in luke. Hancock scott drool and lane foresight all had at least two hits on the day to ultimately force a game three and it could have been a lot worse than those thirteen rents. I mean vanities pitching staff as a whole ten walks. Four wild pitches to hit. Batters giving up fourteen hits. It took a hundred and thirty nine pitches for them to just get through five innings. And like i mentioned the bulldogs had left. Fourteen runners on base so the eleven run loss for vanderbilt was the most lopsided college world series loss in program history for them and it could have been even worse. But that's why baseball is a great game. I mean you can get your tail kicked bounce right back and win that next game. I remember back in college one of my days. We were playing. Miami of ohio and a double header. We lost game one by a score of twenty two to bounced right back a half hour later and beat that squad by a score of six to five. Now one of my football roommates. At the time. I remember talking to him and he goes ken. How is it possible to lose to a team. Twenty two two and then beat them a half hour later right because football. If you're better than a team you're typically better than a team and it doesn't matter. How many times do you play. You're gonna lose that game. And i basically just said hey man starting pitching. That's really what it comes down to. If you get a nice outing or a bad outing games can go a lot of different ways so game. Three the final winner take all..

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