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"dr. timothy cannon" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"As we will, through tonight on Fox from the state is really encouraging. It's great to get out in front of many people began response. Prostate is trumped by Kennedy likens the decision facing voters to a choice between the present and the future. I think ultimately this comes down to again choice for the people of Massachusetts. Choice to say whether the status quo is good enough or whether we believe we could be better on we believe that we can do something stronger and bolder and getting in with you and Mike Macklin, W B Z Boston's NewsRadio and We also connected with Senator at Marquis will hear from the senator coming up in the next half hour. Stay tuned. By the way, the winner of Tuesday's Marquis Kennedy Democratic Senate primary will face the winner of the Republican race that's between Shiva hired Durai and Kevin O'Connor on November 3rd. Tributes continuing to pour in for actor Chadwick Boseman, who died last week from colon cancer. His death has sparked a conversation about a deadly disease that disproportionately affects black men. ABC is Alex Per. Shay has more details on the signs and symptoms that everyone should be on the lookout for maybe some bio biological factors. Dr. Timothy Cannon is an oncologist that knows these statistics. Well, I think there's just so much information that we need to get out there to really Help help avoid the situation we saw with channel Bozeman. Doctor Cannon says that starts with paying attention to symptoms, including changing bowel habits, bleeding, abdominal pain and unintended weight loss. These signs are important because younger patients with colorectal cancer tend to be diagnosed at a more advanced stage. Chadwick Boseman was just 43 years old. It's 12 0. Wait. Let's check in now with Bloomberg Cruise industry in this country has been grounded during the pandemic, and one industry giant thinks it's too early to say whether ships will be sailing from U. S ports. This year. We won't sail on the situation where we could be stuck at the Carnival CEO Arnold Donald learned a hard lesson after one of their ships had an early outbreak of Corona virus and was quarantined off Japan in February. Right now, he notes. Coded 19 is still spreading shoreside in the US and as long as we're not, you know, just comfortably socially gathering. Then we shouldn't be talking about cruise. Once it is safe to set sail from U. S ports. He believes business will be booming. There's a lot of pent up demand for travel in general and especially for Cruz. As for changes on board that depends on the destination depends on the love of community spread in.

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