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"dr. road island" Discussed on Wash FM 97.1

"She'll be in chilly in the morning on 97.11 ship them now chili. What did you get yourself involved in? And now when it comes to Donato in his schooling, you realize this is probably gonna take up a lot of time. Well, it's called readers Theater, Toby. Not sure if you've heard of this, but it's got no Scenery or props, the actors or the kids, and they're doing the dramatic interpretation of characters in a book, so basically it's like a table read. Exactly. That's a great way to put it, and how this all came about is I was talking to deny those teacher on the phone, and she was saying how one of the things she misses doing because of virtual schooling is being able to have someone help her out with the readers Theater and she knows that I had done theater in in high school. As she listened to the show. So she said, Hey, would you like to help out? Of course I would. I thought it was a one and done thing. Oh, no, It's a weekly thing. So here I am in charge of the readers Theater for these first graders. Well, now that you've signed yourself up for something that's gonna be a weekend week out sort of a thing. How do you intend to make the time And of course we've got to know how you're going to keep this lively. Okay, so I'm already in the classroom with him. Remember, so it's not like anything additional. I'm already sitting there with him. What's happening, though, is I want to make it fun for them. So I'm trying to think of ways where they could do sound effects. And you know, a casting Who's going to get what role and you know. Should they volunteer? Or should I just go ahead and assign it? Because, well, I'm extra and everything that I do. And so now you're bringing all of this extra to bear for the class. When does the first Dramatic reading start. It's already been two weeks. We've already done two different books. I'm thinking maybe I'll tell them that if they have a really great performance, maybe some of it will go on the radio. Lord, I'd like to apologize to our listeners in advance. If that actually happens, producer Kayla and I will do our part to make sure that it doesn't work Toby and chilly in the morning. It's 97.1 wash of him. While good luck with that project should be interesting. Now stay right there because coming up in a few minutes, there's a lake in Switzerland that sings or Does it will let you here so you could decide coming up is still be a chilly in the morning continues. You're on 97.1 Wash up them. It's Tuesday of the nation's capital traffic. Lisa Beeton, You've got it right now. They closed the Georgetown Pike to clear an accident once and for all. Between Colston Road, an old Dominion. Dr. Road Island Avenue that's now closed. They're putting up a new power pole that was taken down from a crash between 34th and 37 streets that is Rhode Island Avenue. But only the outbound side is blocked, and.

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