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"dr. richard peterson" Discussed on Ghostly

"Ted said this is dead. I can hardly believe that. I shall never see him again. I must learn to take care of myself now. Yes pas dad in only tad lincoln now little tad like other little boys. I am not a president son now. I won't have many presents anymore. Well i will try and be a good boy. And we'll hope to go someday. To pa and brother willy and heaven. Oh yeah the death of her son tad in july eighteen seventy one following the death to other sons in her husband brought on an overpowering grief and depression her surviving son robert. Rising young chicago lawyer was alarmed. At his mother's increasingly erratic behavior robert initiated proceedings to have mary institutionalized on may twentieth eighteen seventy five following a trial a jury committed her to a private asylum in batavia illinois named bellevue place after the trial. Mary tried to commit suicide. She went to several different pharmacies and ordered eighteen. Stor made up made with enough Pm to do the job and luckily a pharmacist gave her a placebo. Instead after three months she devised an escape plan. She wrote letters to her lawyer and personal friend and to the chicago sun-times to avoid a bigger scandal. She was released to her sister. Elizabeth again in springfield go. She got herself out so then made me think about some stuff One of the things that we've talked about a lot previous ghostly episodes was the spiritualist movement in the united states. I took place between the eighteen forties in the nineteen twenties and It really popularized things like seances and Other forms of give nation and speaking with the dad so this was definitely something that was becoming popular. I'm sure mary helped make it more popular But another thing that i really started thinking about. Is you know we did. Our dr white. Sanitarium sewed And during that we started talking about how sanitariums became popular in the united states. And that was around this time. It was like ten years after mary was put in a sanitarium interesting Bellevue place where mary todd. Lincoln state was open sometime around eighteen. Sixty seven by dr. richard peterson and it was considered a private rest home but also served as sanitarium for women and So yeah yeah. That's interesting though to think about that issue was again. I love all of our stuff matches up. I guess your gets connections. Yeah when you look at the time frame of these things. It seems pretty obvious that You know if this had happened prior to that it she might you know. Prior to eighteen sixty seven..

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