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"dr. resident learn" Discussed on WJR 760

"A global pandemic has made a significant impact on International travel on education. Has this environment impacted international programs at Wayne State? Yes, it has. But we at Wayne State remain committed to preparing our students to live and work in a global society. On even through the pandemic. We're creating an expanding partnerships with international universities and providing opportunities for our students. Well, what are some of the new programs you have in place, while the United States Embassy just selected Wayne State to lead a collaboration between the US and the United Arab Emirates that includes $100,000 Grant to build our partnership with the American University of Russell Hama? The grant will help us expand the U. S you a higher education collaborations and will strengthen relations between our countries. And how do you see this new partnership impacting Wayne State students. International experiences like those that will be pursued through this grant help connect students across the world. They learn more about each other. That makes the world a little smaller. A bit more familiar and connected, even while a pandemic keeps us physically apart. Thank you, Dr. Resident Learn more about Wayne State's international programs at Wayne 0.80 you If We're hearing that Paul W. Smith Show News Talk 7 60 W. J. R. 7 37 on this Tuesday, snowy Tuesday morning about 29 degrees 30 degrees. Coming up at 7 48 the fine Oakland County Sheriff all round. Good guy Mike Bouchard will be here. You know, Maria, I saw that headline in the Detroit News. For example, this morning Ice fishing blues on the Great Lakes. Well, the blues are there is no ice fishing. No one should be out there. Ice fishing, Sadly and that's I'm sure with the sheriff is gonna be. It's gonna be telling this. Unfortunately, sadly. After the loss of Ah Oakland County Man on the snowmobile Sundays, he fell through the ice. That on Wolverine Lake, so none of these. None of these waters are safe right now. It hasn't been cold enough long enough, but will get the official word. From Sheriff Michael Bouchard. Just a less than 10 minutes from right now I see in the news may be already had this Harvey Weinstein Court case results In $17 million payout for his accusers. The money will be taken from the liquidation of Weinstein or Weinsteins production company over 50 women who accused the disgraced film producer. Of sexual misconduct will share that $17 million payout, according to a U. S. Bankruptcy Judge haven't heard much about that. But It would be wrong to think that something isn't happening. Obviously, these things continue to happen. And and will continue to and a couple of different cases. Meanwhile, on the bright side of the news as we fight the Brazilian Corona virus variant in the U. S and Sadly, talk about the damage and loss of life. Far at least one teenager because of the tornado. In Alabama. And we have talked to touchdown base with the lawsuit of Rudy Giuliani from the The makers of those voting machines. You got a lot of advertising those voting machines, bikes and now I can't even remember what they're called Demanding yet So no one ever heard of Dominion until I guess if you were in the voting machine business you heard of him, But whatever, but here's some good news. That? I think, Marie because of you being you, you will especially like the fact That it has been announced. That the first woman Will be on the Super Bowl team of referees of officials. I saw that. Yes, I saw that. Sarah Thomas. Hmm. So it's not been easy. But slowly but surely Equity is reached, and more and more women are in jobs that they never had before And let me just say on behalf of all the women out there. We've been litigating and managing families, and I mean we have eyes in the back of our heads. We know what's going on in the back of the car. We don't have to turn around. We know we are all about fairness. Trying tow, you know, help our kids make sure that they get those fights settled so I think this is a perfect job for women. I think they're gonna do a great naturally You're a natural referee. We are born with that gene that instinct to be referees. And all the mothers out there who are hearing this air going? Yes. Yes, you know, and when and when All else fails when all else fails because I said so. That's that's the answer. That works. Almost always. It has to work. I'm not sure. At what age does that stop working any idea? Oh, I don't know. I still say it because they're adults. Yeah, there's still a done. But why are you doing it that way? Because I said so, because this is the way I want to do it. I bet I bet that that does still work Well in your household, Marie E think you rule with an iron fist. Or maybe that's a fist with a knife and a white gloved iron fist. I like to say I like that even better, a white gloved iron fist. 7 42 at 7 60 wjr. The sheriff is coming up shortly here..

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