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"dr. marian mcnab" Discussed on The Young Jurks

"Speed. Okay. Sorry. Thank you very much Nicole. Take. We have a big show. We're talking about what happened yesterday they were regulations proposed. Things that are going on are we start off with click clip from Nicole snow the mass patients advocacy alliance. She. was talking a bunch of the ASA my opinion about taskforce talking about how we don't need caregivers anymore she has a caregiver. But she is want anyone else ever caregiver. That's weird. We have some great guests here. We're here right now on Zun we have number one dance Scotland hosted. The Im Cannabis Sativa podcasts what's Up Man Let me on. Okay. All right can you hear me? Yes, very well. Yeah. Glad to be on. Thanks for having me. I went right to you because you do a podcast like you have a taped, you don't have to deal with a the broadcasting bullshit issues. That must be so much easier. Right? I mean. It definitely is I mean at first like I wanNA see the first few months of doing the PODCAST I. I, sort of scripted everything but I sort of go off the cuff I in at most have bullet points but then as you do it more and more you get a workflow. So it's pretty simple. today's actually the second year. So yeah, two years. Very cool. We also have Dr. Marian McNab, she's with the candidates center excellence. Everybody Hey Mike. Thanks for having me on today. Thank you see a meltdown a little bit with the villagers. Join Great. You can always expect some technical issues always anything's virtual. I thought this was easy now like this isn't hard I can do this. Then it always throws like that. That is just ridiculous I wanNA smash the system we use. Why did you change on me? In. we have Janelle. Man I wanNA. Make sure I get your last Saturday. Say Your last. Day, Journal. going. Going yet. going. What's up? What's hotel me about yourself because I know that you're you've been on the show with grant recently interviewed you and your husband and you have a business tell tell us about yourself. my background is in accounting finance than doing it for over twenty years now. Always we both always been entrepreneurial and we wear specifically leading honestly to do delivery in..

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