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"dr. konishi" Discussed on KHVH 830AM

"That's still a good number 7374412. That's still a good number. Thank you so much azalea. On the website. Is there some some of those ethic use that are available that way. Have videos, too, though, haven't you? You get to see my happy face as I talked about humongous tax. Yeah, you can you but I have a section. I actually put up a video there a couple weeks ago in specifically for military service members who are thinking about selling it So if they want them, you know information that might help them in, you know, deciding. You know what they want to do? That might be a good place to look. Mm hmm. And I'll tell you right now, but this is the part that really bites us Realtors in the but we forget to talk about this with clients and then we're in escrow, and it's a mad scramble. But that doesn't happen with any realtors you work with, like freaking out. It's making me hard to all heart done anyway. Um, I'm glad that there's a resource and you decided Tonto necessarily make it your one thing but become an expert on it, because I'm sure that you could help people not only with this, but oh, probably a lot of their taps challenges, right? Actually, actually, no, I tell you, it's actually probably clarified that you know what? I've actually started shrinking my income tax practice. I have only a few clients that I'm not very nice. I'm just focusing on hot and first, because that is something that is an area that really really does need a lot of focus. You know? So yeah, that's what we do now. So it's obviously read the book called The One Thing. I've Got 11 more question on this heart. Delic. What happens if they don't have enough money in equity to pay? It's hard to task. But if they have, just like a little bit, how does that happen? How does that work? Quite good question. You know. Earlier, I had mentioned hop, the waivers, reductions or early refunds. Right reductions is, where is what we're talking about. And here's Here's something that people should be aware of it if they don't have enough equity and their property and they're trying to sell it, and escrow is telling them you need to bring you know 15 40,000 in cash to closing. Here's what's available for you as a Azzam heart. The option is you can always file for a reduction. You know the state lawmakers were wise enough. T o. They didn't want the state tax office to be in the position to stop the sale. They didn't want. You know the heart that to be I think that completely stopped the sale. What they did was they put in there a rule that if somebody needs to bring cash to closing, they can get hot to reduce such that and hopefully the person wouldn't have to bring any cash to closing. So s so That's something we do regularly as well for people who don't have enough equity. We get hard to reductions as well. That's a great service and much needed so things look kind of like you're like a plastic research plastic surgeon, and they're going in for a reduction on the withholding face Smooth. After that, That's right. That's that. That's absolutely right. I do You know, I'm going to start calling myself. Dr. Konishi. From now on, there you go. Yeah, Doctor of heart stuff. Give you a Children's doctor on the way we go. Okay. Sounds good. I'm good. But thank you so much for being on the show. Yes, I appreciate it. Great information, Take care. So again, Adrian, How can they get ahold of them? What's the website? It's harp to dot com, and that's each a r p t a dot com You can give him a call it 73744127374412. If your realtor you need to be At least getting this guy consultation and figuring out something before you're in the middle of it on, uh and all that good stuff, So all right, what else? Hatred, So we have a live up four minutes left before our show wraps up. I don't know. Did you want to give them the last The last tip to your feedback before we end the show. Yeah, So in the beginning of the show, we talked about that feedback is a gift. And if you truly want to make it a gift, wrap it up. Put a bow on it and make it more palatable. And you start with the micro. Yes. Hey, I got some things I want to share with you. You would you be open to that The next one is discovered Data points, get rid of the emotions and the triggering this causing the argument of resistance to the feedback. The third one is how is what they're doing, or not doing impacting how you need to do your part in the company. And here is the final one. And with the question and with the question, um we talk about the three ways to give feedback. Like, remember the three ways which is go to the source. You remember the other two things come from curiosity and assume positivity intent. Yes. Oh, come from curiosity is the same thing. It's better to ask people questions, then to point a finger at them and tell them your role. Mm hmm. Or you could say and said, you know, could you be wrong so and with the question, this is how I see it. And then cover what it is that you just covered and then at the attack on down to that, what your thoughts, So let's see it. What you You know, when you always show up late to work, You causes this kind of delays in a ripple effect through the whole company. What your thoughts and it creates a dialogue. It creates a dialogue as opposed to a monologue. And when you have a dialogue you have what's called a joint Problem. Sorry, joint problem solving and what it does, is it instead of them being compliant? You get cooperation or commitment with the feedback as opposed to them. All right. I'll do the second buying getting into buy into It's the joint over right? And the last thing and the last thing the last piece of advice is that Um Push instead of always pushing feedback on people. Mm, pulled for feedback. If you're in a leadership position, always giving feedback asked them. What can I do to be a better leader? What would be a better way for me to approach you on this? So pull for feedback? And always invited because nobody really likes unsolicited feedback, but they but if they're if they invite you to give it, it's going to be much more receptive. Well, let me and I know that dude. We had talked to him earlier in the show that there always seeking that kind of feedback from Attendants and the owners. Yeah. Being proactive with that being back? Yes, I know. You wanted to talk about our career night coming up January 4th. What do you want to tell him about this career night? So it's going to be on zoom so you can come zoom with us and learn. You know, what does it take to become licensed? The kind of resource is that are available to Help you get started in your career and then just answer any kind of questions that you have about a career in real estate. So that is Hawaii career night dot com again. Hawaii career night dot com. January 4th from five.

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