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"dr. benny snell" Discussed on WHAS 840 AM

"Ball sits squarely on the twenty eight yard line on the left hash. Mark on the Missouri. Side of the fifty and Kentucky needs about a yard and a half or slightly more for the first down to keep this Dr going that started after a blocked field goal at the Kentucky. Forty one yard line. Kentucky leads a three nothing with three. Oh, seven left to play in the first quarter. And they, you know, they'll go with the beat the put pow three twenty Beck nerve to ninety five Elliott's three fifteenth, the gut that's some size. They'll put right over the center to try to keep Kentucky for going over that guard center gap. I'd almost rather them. Have Terry back there at quarterback and try to get the edge. Like, he's been pretty sharp on its first two drives city grand telling me today that they're Tuesday practice was quoted as good as we've ever been all season in seven on seven drills. Let urgency from all three quarterbacks we've seen Danny Clark for one play and a third and short on this. Dr. Benny Snell lined up in the cat. Got tied in rig on the left side Conrad lined up behind the left guard. Other tight end. And it looks like on the right side. Snell takes the snap hesitate. That's up ended guy. I don't think he made it nine in the box. Tocci could not move them out of there. And I think Missouri has got the stop bring the chain out at thing. Shod brandon? Elliot leading the charge for Missouri. Die guys up there. Close by then he's going to be about a football. Sure. Yeah. I think you're right. Benny snell. It is career has attempted six fourth-down runs and made the first down five times. So if he misses. Be only the second time in seven attempts strips inches short very takes over. Big play four Mizzou. Green is only so much. You can do when there's dying up in the box like that. And there's no threat of a pass out of the wild, Kathy. Just sell out for the run. Nothing. He could do try to bounce to the outside. But it's too many guys you when you only have six to block nine. So now, Missouri takes over a little momentum for the Tigers. They had a nice I drive ended with a blocked field goal Kentucky. Couldn't take advantage of that momentum. Swing now Missouri takes over from its own twenty seven. Sixty five points last week. Route of Memphis. Drew lock out of the shotgun to what outs left tight end and a white out to his right as he drops to throw steps up at the pocket. Fires depot Johnson crossing the fifty breaks. The tackle heads down the far sideline to the Kentucky..

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