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"dr capping allen" Discussed on James Miller | Lifeology

"Learn today, for example, if you're struggling with depression, if you see the joy that apparent has for their baby. They look into their eyes. It brings you a sense of joy or if you have a pet and you come home, and that is so ecstatic to see you get it brings a smile to your face. Or if you're looking for spiritual awakening, you have to quiet, down your mind to be able to see what's around you. I remember one time I was blessed to be in Ireland and I was just outside of the cliffs of Moher, which on the far side of Ireland and for some. I was struggling with something even though I was in a beautiful kitchen. And I was staying at a hostel, which is a form of a hotel and I happen to see that there was this old Hauer off in the distance. So I walked over there, and I had a jump over a couple of fences and I stood next to this amazing tower that how thousands of years old. But as I sat next to it, I happened to look up and didn't realize that I was sitting next to a cliff and in that cliff I looked over into this bay and I saw the sunset in horizon. The windows blown in my face to Siegel's were diving all around me, and it was one of the most spiritual times of ever had in my life. I often reflected that memory because I felt so connected to something greater than myself. My point sharing that is this when we get so inundated with our thoughts and our emotions and all the things that we feel are important to us, and they are important to us. We lose sight of the lessons that are all around us, if we literally slow down and once again, live in the moment, and I don't mean to use that as cliche. But if we do live in the moment to be a part of every single thing we do when we walked down the streets feel the concrete. Eat as shoes strike the surface look at the people in the situations around you. And when you're aware of that, you'll find that you learn so many amazing things about your life, or anecdotes, that you can apply to your life. Those are the most important lessons you will learn unfortunately, if we're not aware of our surroundings or aware, what's happening around us. We will not have those opportunities to grow and develop. Yes, it's wonderful to listen to a show like this to read a book and to speak with our friends, but the greatest lessons, we will learn are all around us. But we're doing our self disservice if we're not paying attention to offend tastic yesterday. Dr capping Allen, who's gonna talk about that. She has a phenomenal way, which she likens businesses and organizations with nature, you can use this same analogy or example, in your own life to remember today, their lessons all around us. But unfortunately, if you're not paying attention, you won't learn them. Did you know I have a YouTube channel that's actually followed? You started. I have well over one hundred fifty five episodes, and I've created specifically for you. I do know that many people struggle with listening to a full thirty minute show. So these episodes are.

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