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"Including pollutants and cigarette smoke and carbon monoxide, etcetera. You know, there's there's like hundreds of millions of tons of toxins. They're spewed out in Sierra on Planet Earth every year. Absolutely. It's unbelievable. George. It's the toxicity and by the way, viral infections tend to occur in areas where you have environmental toxicity. That's interesting. So with the skin. How do you supplement Do you make it up? More some subtle. Well, First of all the digest samples always key, because if you're not absorbing, it doesn't matter what you're taking. So using things like the ultimate microbiome from young jeffy exam. A, by the way is almost always a condition that involves were called the good bacteria probiotics in the gut. That's just one condition. So getting on making sure you're correcting any digestive health issues using the ultimate microbiome of the night? Yes, since good probiotics using digestive enzymes, like the ultimate ends on Is very important on then using the key element taking care of the skin from the keyword that you want to remember Fat F 80 s fat. And by that, I mean, you're ultimately a face from the in jeopardy. Vitamin A fighting an E The Omegas the Make a three and I'll make a six. Absolutely, and you can not just do them from supplements. You know the ultimate The FAA is a great source of these things, and by the way, central fatty acids are also an tomorrow and support the immune system. But also fatty foods. You know, we're we've been conditioned not so much your listeners probably because your listeners are smart, but the average person is still under the Kenard or under the MIT under the illusion. That fats are bad for them, and it turns out right that's taken correctly or extremely important, and at the same time process that's transparent. What they call margarine type of fat. That's veteran chips and processed foods are probably if I had to say the single most important cause from a nutritional standpoint. Of art, horrific, chronic disease, chronic degenerative disease situation this country, it would be because of the ingestion of these facts, and it's no accident that assumes we figured out how to process these facts. At the turn of the 20th century. That's when our health from a cardiovascular perspective from a chronic degenerative disease perspective from an auto immunity perspective from a cancer perspective, started to decline and declined precipitously. It's no accident. You won't do one thing. Your skin or for your overall health, Get on the good facts and eliminate the bad ones. I take a lot of supplements, and I've noticed over the last six months or so my fingernails seem to be growing faster. Why? Because your fingernails is exactly the thing earlier. Your fingernails are the most extreme part of the body. Think about what is more. Outside on the edges of the body on the frontiers of your fingernails that correct So when your decision the first thing that's gonna happen is the extremities are going to manifest that deficiency. This is where peripheral Robert these come from, too. By the way, that's another year. But But why did they grow faster now? Because now your body is so much new Nutritional resource is it can saturate him. Every last little square into your body to the tips of your toenails and fingernails can now get nutrients. Did you know Tommy's toenails or an inch and a half long thank you for sharing that just wanted you to know that visual? Well, is there a special supplement? That either makes them the girl your fingernails girl or slows it down. Well, this up their supplements that you could take minerals. Well, a few minerals B vitamins, and then I mean, I'm obviously loaded up on something a lot, and that's it. You know, I hate isolating nutrients for specific things because it's so they're also interconnected. Systematically like a system like a team. You know, I talked to you before. If you 1927 Yankees dressed best team ever, but if they have a second basement, they wouldn't want any games. Right. So you can have you can just if you just listen one component out of the system. It's no longer a system. You could have everything. But if you want some of the more important ones for the fingernails are the minerals. And be right. Interesting. I knew something was happening. Because they were just growing way too fast way too you can do to help build colleges and connected to show also will help the fingernails and the hair for that matter. And that's ah things like the college and peptides from young Javadi Bone broth, which I've been talking about for many years and then your favorite. Hyaluronic acid. Have you been hearing a lot of stuff about hyaluronic? And every time I hear it, I think about you. I'm sure Yes, but now it's in the news. Now. Everybody's starting to know about. You know the things I probably heard you on the show. Well, the things I talk about it Dr Wallace has been talking about for so many years are now starting to become recognized, and that's one of the good things by the way. Is any good, You know, silver linings to what's happening today. It's that we're now becoming more aware of certain fundamental things that the body needs. When we know we know about the immune system. Now, now, you know about vitamin D in the average person knows that there's certain nutrients that you could take to build the immune system. Even the average person now knows about the immune system. But theirs were becoming more awake toe what we can do and the power that nutritional supplementation and taking care of ourselves has and this is something that Dr Walkin I've been talking about for decades. Dr Wallace for much longer than I have, and now we're starting to see it in the mainstream. Let's begin the phone calls, and we'll take calls all of next hour with you, Ben. First time caller, Jackie and Arkansas's with us. Hi, Jackie. Thanks for calling Jackie. Good to have you with us. I'm just well since last land when I lost my job last year, But I would last. Yeah, this last year. Um, I have started listening to them because I just didn't have. Well, I didn't know you were there anyway. The reason I'm calling is Oh, and I heard you talking about fingernails. I've got strong fingernails. I pulled staples out of my paper. Great song I used to be Oh, great sign. You're doing something right there, Jackie. Yes, and I'm very healthy. Um, I just got some medicine that they're recommend recommending that I take and Was supposed to take it until this I was gonna say I don't take any medicines. Well, I still don't. But I got a bottle of medicine that I got that my dermatologist. Recommended that I take because I have Have a lot of skin cancers. I had Two years ago, I had eight skin that cancer's one of them had gone and so that when they took it off, it was Between my lip and the long side of my nose, and it was actually the size of a half a dollar. Wow and course. Then afterwards, I had to do pat plastic surgery, but I wanted up with eight skin cancers. That's a lot three of them. Four of them. I had to have, um Um Plastic surgery done on Are you all? Are you okay now? Yeah, well, OK, That was two years ago. Well, I went back this year. And guess how many I've got this year. Oh, my God. How many 88 more now, then of these melanomas? Is that with the current? No, No, I don't think so. Melanoma. You wouldn't have a melanoma. Melanoma is probably the most aggressive of all cancers. And it is no this is the kind that that's not that aggressive. I'm terrible at remembering the names of the called Basil Cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma. Is it the cancers are they They're not benign. Assume they're malignant, right? Her cancer's Yeah. So well. Is that right there that they're actually in cancer's Okay, Now I've got Who are three on my chin. Well left unchecked. What would happen, Jackie You do? Don't leave much act, But here's the thing..

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