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President of the Red States - 9/17/2020

Quick News Daily Podcast

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President of the Red States - 9/17/2020

"Hello and welcome to the quick. News daily podcast where I give you the facts I. No. Click bait stories just real news that matters to real people. Today's Thursday September seventeenth and thank you for trusting me with your news. Well, ladies and gents. It seems like every day brings another huge signal not to vote for trump. Sometimes, the sky turns orange because we're ignoring the climate. Sometimes. The president tells you drink bleach to beat a killer virus and other times he reenacted down ramp. Monkey. For us, he gave us a couple more of those signature moments yesterday. So I'll tell you all about those as well some vaccine news and even more. So let's get caught up. To you remember when Barack Obama was such a narcissist that when his townhall didn't get good ratings, he had a meltdown at a press conference the next day remember that no of course you don't because we've never had a spoiled toddler for president. Obviously I'm making some assumptions here, but it is one hundred percent true that trump's ABC townhall didn't even crack the top five programs of the night. The top five in terms of viewers were America's got talent with five point, nine, four million viewers know gets clippers came seven Tucker Carlson's white to power our Sean Hannity. Then at number five big brother with four point one, three, million. Trump's. townhall. Drum roll please. Drew three point nine, seven, million viewers. Ouch. If you were normal person though that wouldn't matter to you. But if you're a narcissist and you only care about yourself, don't possess the ability to care for others you might go out and say this that's despite the fact that the blue states had had tremendous death rates if you take the blue states at we're. At a level that I don't think anybody in the world would be a we're really at a very low level, but some of the states. They were blue states and blue state managing by the way would recommend they open up their states. I think it's very important that they. Open up their states. Hey, Donald. Hey Hi. Maybe, you don't want to say dead. Americans. Don't manner because they live in states that for Democrats I mean, I know you said Dead American soldiers were losers and soccer. So this isn't surprising but yeah, maybe don't say that out. Loud. Honestly, folks how do people still believe in this guy? Even if you think he's a sinner or whatever but then he does good stuff in his actions isn't there some limit? Sadly, that wasn't the end of the press conference. Naturally since his CDC director told the truth in his testimony in front of Congress yesterday, trump spent nearly the entire press conference ripping him to shreds in that testimony. Dr Redfield said he expects nations to start in November or December dangling right around the election, of course. But he also said it'll be limited supply and only those who are most in need. We'll get it. So like healthcare workers and the elderly, the entire public will take about six to nine months to get vaccinated meaning that normal life. If we remember, it will take until about the third quarter of next year. So about one year from now, best case. That didn't please the dear leader though. So Dr Trump infectious disease extraordinaire said quote I think he made a mistake when he said that it's just incorrect information and I called him and he didn't tell me that and I think he got the message may be confused maybe it was stated incorrectly. We're ready to go immediately as the vaccine is announced and it could be announced in. October. Oh well, there you have it October eleven months before the expert said interesting. Dr Redfield also let this slip didn't go so far as to say that this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against Ovid. When I take over vaccine because the image university may be e Seventy percent. And if I don't get an immune response, the vaccine advertising me this facemask will to which Donald Trump said quote the mask is not as important as the vaccine. As far as the mask is concerned I hope that the vaccine is going to be a lot more beneficial than the masks because people have used to masks. No, they haven't down because you keep making fun of people who do. It doesn't help that only forty two percent of Americans want back seen as it turns out people don't want you injecting things in them when you've lied about almost everything else. kind of hurts the credibility. And of course, the press conference wasn't over with this classic line from Keighley mcenaney. to read readout of what our healthcare plan looks like and WHO's working on it. If you want to know if you WANNA, know come work for house. Working on yes stakeholders hearing White House and as I told you domestic policy council and others in the White, house are working on a healthcare plan the president's vision for the next five years. Have you want more come join us here? The updates on Russian. Opposition leader. Alexei navalny are coming fast and furious. Now, his team is not claiming that he was poisoned with a hotel water bottle. After. They heard that he had fallen ill, really suspiciously his team went back to his hotel room and start gathering up anything they thought could be useful including those water bottles. A quote from a post made by the team says it was decided together. That could even hypothetically be useful in hand it to the doctors in Germany. The fact that the case would not be investigated in Russia was quite obvious. Two weeks later, a German laboratory found traces of Nova Chuck precisely on the bottle of water from Tom's hotel. Room. And then more laboratories that took analysis from Lexi confirmed that that was what poison volney. Now we understand it was done before he left his hotel room to go to the airport. End Quote. So another part of the mystery solved. It sounds like much of Europe is going back into their lockdowns as they've seen copay nineteen infections spike recently. According to the World Health Organization more than half of European nations have reported an increase of more than ten percent in new cases in the past two weeks. Of those seven countries have seen newly reported cases increase more than twofold in the same period. Sadly again. The biggest proportion of new cases is among twenty five to forty, nine year olds. So I guess there must still be this thought out there that it's not serious for younger people. And it's not as serious but you know you hear these heart conditions pop up and we don't even really know what happens long term. So yes, again, it looks like Europe going into more lack downs and if it's that bad over there, can you imagine what it's like over here when we don't really have that much testing and we don't even care voted anymore in her states are almost completely open. Is just men this. This new information about trump's Lafayette Square stroll in clearing peaceful protesters with tear gas should alarm everyone. There's another whistle blower out there this time from the military he's a national guard major and his name is Adam demarco. Major. DEMARCO says that the Defense Department's lead military police officer for the national. Capital Region. sent an email to the DC national guard asking if they possessed a long range acoustic device that's used to transmit loud noises to clear up crowds or in active denial system ads, which is a heat ray. I'm, not kidding you. We actually have a heat ray you know I have one simple request and that is to have sharks with fricking laser beams attached to their heads. Now, evidently, my psych club colleague informs meet that can't be done. Clue remind me what I pay you people for honestly throw me a bone here. What do we have? Now this is Dr Evil but it sounds almost as bad as you would think. The S system this heat ray emits a directed beam of energy that causes a burning sensation and was considered a nonlethal way to control crowns. Especially, I'm guessing in the Middle East when it when it was harder to tell who the bad guys who are the good guys. However, it's not clear if it's been used much or at all since after some testing, it seems like there may be some actual burns and more severe injuries other than just a just the sensation that they're talking about I would guess that's probably the case because I don't know I guess I don't know technology is but I think if you get a burning sensation, there's gotta be something causing that. In any case, the fact that they were even thinking of using this unpeaceful peaceful protesters so that trump could go hold the Bible upside down of a church is just like I said, this is the V for Vendetta World that we live in these days. In just some sort of quick news some really just short pieces of information. There was new Quinnipiac poll out yesterday released some results on some the Senate races going on and in Maine. It had Sarah Gideon up twelve points fifty four to forty, two over. Susan Collins. It was reported that Susan Collins was deeply troubled and brow was very, very furrowed. In addition, it has Jamie Harrison the Democrat in Thai forty eight to forty eight with Lindsey Graham. The South Carolina poll I'm not as. Surprised at. The race has been remarkably close especially for South Carolina. But this main one is where I'm getting a bit suspicious here that one has showed like a tie or even a Susan Collins, lead for most of the time there have been some times where Gideon shows that she's three to four points but mostly it's been pretty close. So, this twelve points especially since Gideon's all the way up to fifty, four percent I have to think this might be an outlier. Now according to fivethirtyeight Quinnipiac is a B. Plus rated pollster so not banned, but it doesn't fit the trend. Now, if get a couple more days, then it gets interesting. Interior Minister Slash Attorney General William. Bar is making a fool of himself once again, this time saying quote in this is real you know putting national lockdown stay at home owners like house arrest. Other than slavery, which is a different kind of restraint. This is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history and quote. Okay. Maybe don't want to be comparing those two things. I saw someone twitter. It was something like, yeah. These things aren't really comparable. It's either literally being forced to work for someone and kept in slavery. Or having to do applebee's curbside pickup. You know it's like literally all we had to do was like two weeks of sheltering in our homes. We could still go out just not necessarily eat out or get haircuts or whatever. But my God William. Bar. But Yeah mortar clown want a clown that William bar is what a disgrace he is. In this morning once again, Donald Trump is on twitter trying to undermine mail in ballots but thankfully, twitter seems to wasted no time in marking that as misleading or false they have this little thing on the tweet that says learn how voting by Manley's safe and secure so Already, I think that's going to do it for me here today just as a heads up I'm not quite sure yet, but I'm toying with the idea of maybe taking the day off tomorrow unless of course, there's some super big news that we just really need to discuss which is always likely with Donald Trump in charge. But. I'm sort of thinking of maybe just writing something instead or you know just taking the whole day off completely. So if there's no new episode, tomorrow, don't be too shocked. Some. Other business I do have to take care of though anti recorded every single day but it just gets lost in the editing process somehow thinking our contributors we of course, have our executive producer Gwen and producer Cathy again, thank you so much for the support other than that. There's just the usuals reviews rating the show. Merchandise Yeah. That's about it. So in that case, as always stay safe, make your plan to vote fill out your census and I'll see you right back here on Monday. Food.

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Coachcast #1429  Eu j fiz isso em casa e quase me dei mal!


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Coachcast #1429 Eu j fiz isso em casa e quase me dei mal!

"The physician gaza guazzini about impeach. Our body bali water study efforts. Let me be job. Mccoy's symptoms you see Key political feeding vilma jones stove we will coach cast to brazil dot. It motive do is whiskey. He'll put the number the dynamo mayor to limit their check with this foresee obama cuisine. Bicknell's you zamudio. Vitas officials five zero speaking to say at e not cameras nasa school. Premiers was quite suspicious. Don't you my converse. Communica sell helpless me as winters visit koreans team. We things you may download painful dalla elevation gareth. I learned do so turned who turned us on soon to incredible say stockholm multiple percents. Once we sports. I see sear. Who so fanatical about outdoor unquotable system. Atari effort was say star. Immense efi is his fell into so ridiculous onto nascimento every moment. Upc's terminologies you've got some bank. Saintly fast i-it's bill more details. Coaching new emission. Also the lack oak which Assist awkward you. Elaine we may what's shingle vigil or his phone dental my boys people say stuff example nusantara value in quanta water. Stalin was nowhere. Guitar efforts use noisy street and also cerebral suppress thing. So are only stimulus. Veers eighth simply sees a helmet. You see gore nick. Dr trump is sort. He ain't in baccio draconic sunk. Where miserable sent up his in his gaza pricing you to want to see them. Not new board. You should get oak stallone. Donald temple de la ellison momento de la yet kilo pod sitting portentous. But i'll kill moment. Bank photo goals for the swiss felix. Touched mccoy's icke inconceivable. Eight kickable settled disappears real. Snobby big data feeler numale instagram. Yugoslavia was as he was. Vc's task omega also policy cater. our whole football indicator. She spent a lot. But that's a doosy versions gas to pledge not juba dzamija alamo feel put guest here.

gaza guazzini vilma jones zamudio Communica Vitas Bicknell Mccoy brazil gareth gore nick Dr trump nasa Atari Upc obama Donald temple Elaine Stalin stallone gaza
Insecurities and Happiness with Ricky Gray

Just Think

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Insecurities and Happiness with Ricky Gray

"Thank you for listening to this episode of trust, my name's Taylor ill and I will be your host. And today, we are talking about insecurities and confidence with a special guest today. His name was Ricky gray the podcasts, which I'll let them plug in a little bit. But I, thanks I Ricky. How are you? I am doing great. How're you doing? I'm doing I'm doing. All right. Thank you for coming on. It's awesome. Thank you from me. I know we reached you reset a little while ago. And I think I may have forgotten about you or Easter. So I'm sorry about that. That's all right. It happened. We get wrapped up, sometimes it gets crazy. Yeah, I wasn't I was out on a trip with girlfriend's family and this, not an excuse but whatever. It happens. So you put on the topic, outline the insecurities are one thing that everyone at some point in their life will have to address being confident in yourself, as more important now than it has ever been. You know, you wanted to talk about the process of building confidence in, you know, how that can be achieved. So tell us briefly, what you mean about that. And then we'll go ahead and get into the deeper conversation. Yeah. So as I said, insecurities is something that everybody at some point in their life as to deal with whether you deal with it when you're young or whether you deal with it when you're in adulthood, it happens and it smacks you like a ton of bricks depending on I guess, technically what it is. So it's been more important now than ever basically because we're in a social media age in kind of outrage. Everybody's kind of taking everything you do under a microscope. So you get looked at a little bit more intensely. So having that self confidence is just something that's gonna build you up and actually just. Make you be able to handle life, a little bit better as we break into this new era of social media, and the way that people can perceive you. So I think one of the biggest things that people may be overlooked throughout their life is the process of building the self confidence, and actually going through their lives and taking a look at some of the things that they do. Right and building the confidence off of that. Yeah. All right. That was quite the introduction. There you go. And there's a lot of play there too. I know I talk a little bit about social media series. So before we get, you know, deeper into it is this something, you talk about on your podcast or if not, what is your podcasts on? What is it about my podcast is called all good points? It's inherently inherently a sports podcast where I really just talk about sports and things that are going on in that. But we do actually center on health and wellness things quite a bit more recently, I've had a bodybuilding champion on the podcast and he kind of talked about, you know, the ways to build that, competence up for him to step out on that stage for the first time and yeah, you know, I'm, I'm mainly focused on sports because I do love sports play sports, my whole entire life. But one of the main things that I wanted to integrate was a health and wellness. Gotcha. And that's all good points podcasts, I had the left size. All good point stop bus brow dot com. So go free. Check it out. And then on social media where you at on Instagram at all. Oh, good points podcast. And then every podcast platform that's out there. We're on the go. All right. So may get you through a lot in there in the introduction. So where do you want to start with your topic? And then we'll kind of bounce the conversation from there. I have matching we could really just start at the beginning. You know, when, when kids are growing up, like what, what that experience is, like, as far as the beginning of self competence. Now all right. So do you have a personal experience of your own that you'd like to point to or? Because I know like kids, it's funny. You when you go into school for the first time even as young children, you can kind of watch them form low hierarchy is right. And it seems to me that hierarchy is most obviously based with people who are most self-confident on top because they're able to kind of assert their dominance for lack of a better term. Right. And I know like I particular instances in which mild, self confidence was lacking in that led to pretty intense bullying when I was younger, which, then, of course, led to that being built up to where I don't become a mob, bully than more. You know, I'm not put down or I'm actually a very, aggressive very sharp. Strong will person because of it. So do you have anything like that in your life or? Yeah. For sure. So I mean being a middle child of eleven siblings Cal. Yeah. That that's usually the one that Chuck's, a lot of people, I have eleven brothers and sisters, and it was me and actually my older sister were born basically, smack dab in the middle. So there's a there's a thing about middle children, that a lot of people say is that the, the middle child gets a zero of the attention of the, you know, youngest, and then like a zero of the discipline of the eldest child, because the eldest child always has to deal with the discipline from the parents, the middle child kinda just gets to float right through, and nobody recognizes him. Child. I will definitely vouch for that. My brothers have gotten away with right versus what you got away with right? So, yeah. So growing up. We kinda all got into a sports really early. The one thing that I'll say as far as competence, went was my development as a child was I'd say, like relatively quickly like I wasn't a overweight or obese child at all. But I had I it's kind of hard to say but it's like I have quite a big chest like just had a bigger chest than like a seven or eight year old would have. So my sisters were like constantly like messing with me about it. You know, they said that I had boobs and things like that, and it was hilarious because like looking back on it. Now I can see that them saying those kind of things was the reason why I started doing pushups at, like ten years old. And it was it was based. Just be asking my dad one day. Hey, how can I get them to stop making fun of me and he was like, okay, what you just need to do? Push ups, and then your chest will just be more muscle than anything else. So at ten years old, I just started doing push ups, and then my older brother, I have an older brother, named Ricky as well. And he told me to start doing pull up. So I started doing pull ups at like age, twelve so by like thirteen or fourteen years old, I was kind of just built like, really, really well so going into high school. It was another kind of shock because I was short. I was I was very short in high school. I think I went into high school at about maybe five foot. Maybe five one. Giver, take, maybe at enter to, but it's funny because my girlfriend now is very, very short. And I tell her that I had to spend like the first half of high school at her height, and it sucked why that absolutely sucked. And then going through that I think one of the biggest things for me as far as building confidence was even being that short. One of the things that I could do best was talk, or I should say, speak, I like to tell people all the time that I have a very silver tongue. I can convince people to either be on my side, or, you know, agree with me or whatever, usually just in a very short conversation. And I think that's kind of one of the the bigger things one of it being. I didn't focus on. How short I was. I focused on the things that I did that were good. You know, I could play baseball really well, I could play basketball pretty well even though I was super super short. But at the same time I could make friends. Really, really easily. So I made sure that I made friends with all the biggest people so I didn't get bothered at all. And that'll do it. That's cool. Yeah. I can I can tell you, you're pretty good speaker till you definitely got the or tore part of it down. So that shorten is like where you were your peers bothering you a lot about it, or was it just something that you were kind of aware of, and you wanted to get ahead of, I think it was more along the lines of me being like self aware like walking in on the first day and looking at around at everybody else, and being like, wait a second. I'm time. Yeah. Like I'm not nearly as tall. And then I think one of the biggest shockers was when like a girl like turned me down literally because I was short. And I mean, honestly that was like the biggest stab in the heart that I had up until that point because everything's so big when you're a teenager, so's, like you know, we're having to talk, and I thought she was, you know, super into me and stuff like that. And then, you know, Astra to be my girlfriend, and she was like no. And I was like why and she was like, because you're too short I was just like whoa. So after that, I was like gotta work on this. We gotta figure something out. They didn't. They didn't have like knee implants for me to do. Otherwise, I probably would've tried to convince like my mom to make taller, something call. Yeah. That's, that's a little Brill. I know for like the thing I was most self aware of Dr Trump knows I wouldn't be surprised if one of the girls that if, like one of the girls that I had been denied by the reasonable is really the news. It's funny how that kind of stuff works. You know, when you're just so is kinda stuck in your own thing, although to sump for someone's at a I know it's a toll totally real thing I had been denied because of my height, and I'm not even short. I don't understand the whole thing. Really? It's my personality. Come on. Pick something else. You don't like about me, besides my height. At least something I can control calm, right? Dick or something. Right. Something like that. It makes more sense, then. Yeah, and then, so you said that you found kind of solace in your voice. So what about that? What kind of prompted that development? So I would say like that development kind of goes back to me being child as well. Most of my older siblings are boys, so I have a lot of older brothers. So one of the things that we did frequently was basically just sit in a room and kind of, you know, talk shit about each other, which is basically make fun of each other. And one of the things that I did very often when I was really, really young was. Immediately like after they got done making fun of me. I would like leave the room and I would leave the room super-normal, but I would like fine my mom somewhere and just start crying like just start crying right to my mom, and then, eventually, like she told me instead of being like, you know, I think it's like new age mothers are being like going in the room and telling the brothers to stop making fun of, you know, their little brother. But instead, my mom being a, you know, older woman was was telling me that I needed to figure out something to say better about them or more mean about them. So I basically one of the things that I did was basically like Sherlock it up to where I would like observe every little thing that they did like little creepy things that they did. And I would just start making fun of it like right from the beginning, like somebody could drop something on their shirt, and I'm just gonna roast them about it for like fifty minutes. But it was it was kind of like a like a coping mechanism to where I didn't have to get all of the. Attention focused on me. Another thing I did was start laughing at their jokes about me, and in the beginning, I was laughing to kind of make them stop making fun of me because they realized it, and hurt my feelings. And then, eventually, it didn't hurt my feelings, and I was actually able to laugh about certain things about myself, and then that grew into, you know, being in high school and things like that. And luckily enough for me I had a really, really good circle of friends around me. And that's one of the things I tell a lot of people about building up their own self competences by surrounding themselves with people that are constantly focusing on positive things instead of negative things. And it's easier said than done because, you know, everybody's got their own kind of different attitude. But at the same time, I had a bunch of friends that were really positive, and they kind of helped me through that first year and a half, because by the time I went in, as like a sophomore after winter break, I hit, like crazy gross Burt and then grew all the way up to about five eight and a half five nine. So it was really, really good for me to hit that grocery go. But that build a whole lot of competence to, you know, being like I guess, kind of, like taking it back and being like, okay. Well, maybe it isn't as serious as I was making it out to zoom. But it's it's a beautiful thing when you kinda see a person blossom into themselves. You know, from competent standpoint, right? Yeah. And something you had mentioned to is a technique developed of last couple of years to is being able to laugh at yourself. Like if I did something super passing public, I try. Make it a point to be the first person who points it out, right? 'cause immediately neutralize it. No one can really think bad about you. And it's really funny because people's team seem to take to it. Well, when you're sitting there going, wow. What I just did was incredibly stupid. They go. Yep. And you can just kind of move on. Yeah. You get it. Yeah. You get it. Yeah. So I, I would definitely recommend that for any of the listeners who might be looking for coping mechanisms in this episode. Yeah. Just pointed out, I, you know, no one can mess with you. If you're the first person to mess with yourself that makes sense. And I know this is kind of showing a little bit in the movie, eight mile know if you've seen it out. Yeah. What are you, perhaps the whole verse about his stuff? Yeah. Yeah. And it's kind of like that response that he got in, you know, in response to that verse, that's the responsible getting life, the those kind of speechless. And they kind of like, well, I got nothing and you can't you don't give them anything because you own it all, and whatever, and everybody does stupid things to another big thing for me. Coffins wise was realizing that everybody is human. And we all have the same emotions the same aspirations the same stupid moments. Like we all do dumb. Things are arranged just quit for a minute. And we just gotta deal with that. And just realizing that and being okay with end again, pointing it out when it happens in a fun. Just don't be a douchebag about it. But sure if you go, and if I say the word on, if I say a word like super jumbled and messed up, right? Destroyed upset at wrong word and convey, the wrong thing I just kind of go back the late. Well that was stupid and exactly you focus on it for a quick second. You make fun of it. And then, you know, usually everybody what was on. And if anyone doesn't move on. I mean. Needle look stupid in the process. It's like come on. Why are you still going on about this already made a point about it? Right. And I think you know. It's good to find your voice. I think a voice is a very easy way comparatively to other things to find confidence, because that's kind of how I got mine was finding my voice because I was a smaller child. Not quite five one or five to you know. Right. Still a little on the smaller side. And I found. Yeah, I found that I had tongue that could go with the best of them at least germ is will years. Maybe not so much now. And. It really helped me find my place as to where I was on that hierarchy for term, and it also allowed me to rise in the hierarchy, and it turns out that there are people who are going to the same stuff you're doing, but they don't have that voice. And when they see you stand up someone who's trying to give you a hard time. They just kind of your helping them out too, because they're a you're helping them find their voice, or b the person who's kind of causing trouble ends up being intimidated by you and may stop messing with other people as well. Yeah, exactly. And I it's been interesting throughout my life. How many people have walked up to me and thanked me for something I've said or something, I've done that you wouldn't think that you'd be thanked for, you know what I mean? Yeah. There's, there's an interesting thing about being like that. I voice, you know, maybe with people not really thinking that I was gonna come from you, you know, being the person in the back of the class that, you know, has questioned. And maybe somebody in that room was struggling with the same question you were, but they were so worried about asking it. You know. So they didn't do anything. But if you're that person that ask that question, like it really just opens them up to like, your, I think one of the biggest things about confidence. Is your confidence in your self confidence in yourself will bring it out of other people as well? Right. That sound that more recently. Like, I, I would say with relationships that I've been in, you know, with, you know, my significant others and things like that is my confidence brings out more. Competence in them. They're able to believe in themselves a little bit more because they see the way that I act and I tell you know, pretty much everybody that will listen that it wasn't always a hundred percent authentic. You know, my confidence level wasn't always one hundred percent authentic for a while. I was faking it. You know, I was just having like a fake false bravado. But in that false bravado. As long as you don't get to I'd say, like Dushi with it, you can actually build and foster allowed a self confidence in yourself, just by acting, right? Yeah. I agree with everything just said definitely been in that situation. I mean, no one gets anywhere overnight, and you are going to fake it for a little while. And that's okay. There's this concept. Psychology where you know, if you fake a smile, you're more likely to have a genuine smile that applies to most emotions, you know, exactly it's a sort of priming where you're able to kind of control your own emotions by faking the emotion, you want to have it's a weird concept, but it's kind of a fun one to play with his walk around the day, with, like a, you know, a less than genuine smile and see how often you end up laughing or actually truly smiling and how much easier it is to be happy about certain things. We'll whatever that means for you. Right. And that's but that's exactly what it is right? There is the finding what it means to you. You know how how you're saying walking around with a, you know, a fake or you know less than genuine smile. The funny thing is more people are apt to approach you and talk to you in interact with you. If you have that, you know, half half smile face. They're more. They're more apt to talk to you, and feel more comfortable. Engaging in a kind of relationship with you. If you put that on nobody's going to want to, you know, walk up to the guy that looks like somebody just, you know, through a serial out the window, or something, they're not gonna wanna talk to that guy. You know, so you kind of have to put on, especially like with what we do, we're constantly talking to people, and we have an audience to talk to. So if we came on and we were, you know, bland or anything like that they would notice that really quickly, it'd be like, man. They must really have something going on. So behind the microphone, you know, maybe there's some stuff going on in our personalized, but we're, we're more apt to kind of, like shroud that and kind of just put on that, that fake smile when we need to just make everybody else feel better, right. Yeah. Hundred percent hundred percent. So in high school, I mean, whether other ways in which you kind of defined your voice, or did you do any sort of itv's kind of made, you know, more wait a or more able to talk up or dying, or whatever it say that I would engage in arguments, more often than not, and I find that in myself even now is like I will find myself just trying to incite in argument, not necessarily like a like a violent argument or anything like that. But a like a verbal discussion, mainly and it was really used. So I could just learn more. I spent a lot of time, reading a lot of time reading, whether it was walking around and just reading a book in my hand or whether it was going to the library, and actually reading a book. But I think one of the things that I will highlight, really quick, is that I didn't read a whole lot of self-help books and a lot of people have kind of, like turn the tide and been like, oh, we need to be reading self help books, if we're not feeling good about ourselves and sometimes, I read, like what's in those books, and I'm just like you know what? I don't really like what this message is because there's certain things in there that are just a little bit too commercial for me the way that I see it is, if you're reading, something, read something that you actually find interest in don't read something, because it says something on the front of it, that you're going to be a much more successful person, by reading this book, because it's not necessarily true. That was the case. It'd be a lot more successful people. Right. Right. So one of the things that I did was read a lot of history books medieval history. Roman history. One of the biggest things that I got into his Greek Roman and Norse mythology. I loved reading those books, so I took, and this is kind of just like an insight to the way that my crazy brain works. I took a lot of the things that I learned in those books like the stories that are in those books, and I applied them to my own personal life. So if there was a if there say, if I was reading, you know, Hercules, and his twelve labours if I was reading something like that, I would see, like maybe an obstacle in my day or something like that, and be like, you know what? Maybe it's just like the Labor's, maybe I just have to do one of these, and then I get to move onto the next one, but I would apply those things in my day to day life to where it gave me more of a sense of inspiration than being like, oh well, if I go and read the self help book, it says that I need to do this, at this moment, like, no bring some imagination into it. You know what I mean? Hundred percent. I think there's yeah, there's more to it, and especially with things like history and mythology to the there are a lot of message that you're getting supplement that you don't understand that you're getting. Jordan Peterson goes into a lot of that. And I hate bring his name up because people get triggered at the name, but like he talks about he talks about how. You know, there are these deep wisdom filled stories or ideas within different tax rate in the bible for you or sort, Ron or Orrin Roman Greek mythology. The stories are all fundamentally the same every culture has a flood story every culture has, has a hero story, and I find that people who are more willing to actually engage with that kind of work as opposed to arms going to listen to ten ways, unscrew myself, you know what I mean it you tend they tend to have better insights into what life is about at least for them. It's not like the San because it's very easy to do a motivational stick Iraq. On my Instagram. And like I don't say this on the Instagram and my instrument Croats is full of these motivational things. They're super easy to write if they're not complex ideas, get up pull yourself up. I try to be a little bit more honest with my particular brand of it, because I know it helps people but you're not helping yourself by reading, quote now helping yourself reading a book that says, you know, just be happier. It's like yeah. It's easy to write. But actually do it. Yes. You know what I mean? Yeah. And that and that right there with the, you know, even with the motivational quotes and stuff like that. I also see people you constantly reposting stuff and reposting stuff, and it's like all these kind of, like, you know, not vague but very general quotes purpose. Right. And there is a general purpose behind it. And sure, I'm not saying that nobody is finding anything positive from these quotes because I'm sure a lot of people do. But I do think that there's a way to turn everything personal like one of the people that get. Highlighted a lot for some of the things that he says, is a Gary bainer Chuck. And it's, it's constantly people like ramming some of the stuff that he says, I like the guy don't get me wrong. I like the guy but at the same time the stuff that he's saying, doesn't necessarily apply to you because you aren't getting the opportunity to invest in Snapchat. You're not getting that so you have to take things and I like to look at it from an old world view, like if I was back in this timeframe. What would I be doing how, how could I work this into a positive thing, if there's a negative situation in my life where I'm dealing with it is there, a way for me to kind of turn the tide besides just being like oh, we'll be happier. The that's not necessarily gonna work for me. I can't be happy at this I've because I have to figure this situational. And then the other thing that I think a lot of people kind of, tend to misinterpret or maybe misunderstand is that they probably don't have it. The worst. In the world. You know, there's probably somebody that has it a whole lot worse than they do. Yeah, the, the chances are that one person and over seven billion that has the worst is pretty much zero right? Especially if you have the capability to read, a mo- motivational, quote, exactly exactly if you're able to pull up Instagram year, probably doing, okay. Now you're doing. All right. I think one of the one of the biggest things that I always say, is that the sun's always gonna rise in the east and set in the west. So whatever's happening today, isn't that big of the deal because in the grand scheme of things. It doesn't matter that much. So it's really the, the main ideas to just not get too hard and down on yourself. There's only so much you can do with a limited amount of time. You know, you're not on earth for a very long amount of time, compared to like a tortoise tortoise on earth for around three hundred years, depending on how healthy the tortoise says, but they can live for a very long time. You don't get that long. You know, I think are. Think our average is, like seventy two to seventy five or somewhere around that. So you have to make the best of it and making the best of it has to do with having the competence in yourself to make the right decisions. And also having competence to make the wrong decisions and deal with it. Right. And another wrong making their own decisions, sometimes too. Sometimes you have to make the Rhonda's onto where you make more, right? Decision was Lanner and so many times, light motivational quotes in these get, you know, self help books, they kind of demonize in some ways messing up. They are they sweep it under the rug on the yes, realize that anybody who has anything has screwed up. And that's why got to where they are very few people like luck out on the, the lottery of life and just have it perfectly from get go. It's just you have to mess up time. Sometimes what the mess ups are what make it possible for you to rise on. Maybe those mess ups are like when I was in fourth grade. And someone said that, you know, call me blues clues for having a. Blue shirt on I cried that day and it like for a year of my life, like, if it wasn't for that moment, even though I was miserable during that year, I would not be the strong individual in which I am today that so many people do look up to and it's just you have to understand that there's power in weakness and embrace it not run from it. And as long as you continue to run from it, you're not going to get anywhere. Yeah, that's the real underlying theory, right, there, is that if you embrace the things that you've messed up, then you can actually work towards figuring out, actually how you got into the mess up in the first place. And that's, that's one of the things that I focus on a lot is trying to make sure that, hey, I just made a mistake, like a couple days ago. How did I get to that point of making Matt mistake? And how do I avoid doing that again? You know, a lot of people have confidence issues when it comes to, you know, physical appearances, and I think. Think one of the things that a lot of people don't really understand. Is that like genetics plays a very big? I guess, part in the way that you look, whether it's, you know, physical or whether it's, you know, the, the appearance on your face or something like that genetics plays heavily into that. So something's you can't control. But the things that you can't control you should control. I think one of the, the biggest stories about that would be a me and me and water. So a while back, maybe about two two to three years ago when I first met my girlfriend, I had like I was I was constantly having breakouts. In my face like just constantly having acne breakouts on my face and stuff like that. And she had like sat me down one day, and she was like, you know, you've been breaking out a lot recently in those like, oh, yeah. I know. And she's like, what do you usually drink on, like a day to day basis? And I was like, oh, I mean red bull monsters and coughing a soda, you know, all of the. These things. And she goes, why don't you just try to cut those things out in drink some water? And I was like, Nah, I hate water. Yeah. I didn't like the taste of it. And she said, no. You know what just do this for me for two weeks? I just want you to drink water. So me being with her. I was like, yeah, you know, an go ahead and do this. So I drink water for two straight weeks after those two weeks, I saw a visible clear up on my face my face. Doesn't break out really at all anymore. And then I developed a taste for water and after that, you know, your digestive system, works better, your, you know, not reproductive, but like your system works better at basically flushes out your system. And one of the things that I tell a lot of people when it comes to that is that works with every positive thing that you enter deuce to your life, regardless of whether it's water or whether it's reading, or whether it's working out, if you introduce positive things into your life things that, you know, are having a positive impact. You just get to build on that. And then you get to like a ride that. Hi of the benefits that it gives you, right? Say this half tongue shave the things we do for women. Exactly. No. But it's good something good came out of it. Yeah, it does seem so intuitive when after the fact when you've gone through it. But yeah, I know there was a couple of years, where I was, like, I was the same deal monsters, all the time that was my thing monsters, and soda, and yeah, it's not it's not healthy. It's not good. In by getting rid of the, you know, the acting and making it to where you operate better. Thanks to that. You know, the intake water, you're probably much more confident as a result to exactly. It's just your it's the system that builds on it self. And I think this is something that a lot people don't understand is that there's this concept in life, where peop- good things happen to good people, and bad things happen to bad people. And that's an oversimplification. But what it really means is that people who are striving to do better will continue to find better things while people who continue to dwell in dive into misery, or suffering, or even apathy, we'll just continue to kind of circle and our drain, and it's a real phenomenon. We've seen it measured where the thing is that even down to your attitude can make a huge difference in how your life's going to play out if you're more willing to accept criticism more willing to push yourself into push your limits and to see how far you can go and see you can take that next step. You're more likely to find opportunities in the person who's constantly kind of going back into their safes zone and trying to avoid conflict and avoid tension avoid challenge. And the people who are on the top of our side is not throw people who took the easy way out. I mean when do you hear a success story of someone who just kind of glided through, and did the bare minimum doesn't exist, every single success story is based on some sort of risk, or some sort of challenge, or some sort of a versity that they had to overcome in the actually work towards, overcoming it, and that's something that people should realize they're trying to build their self confidence. And there's nothing wrong with that. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with having any kind of vulnerability, or weakness in the pursuit of building yourself up. I think one of the things that, you know, some people focus on is when they get really really down on themselves because they can't do something right? Well, here's the thing. I can't go and you could put a math. Problem in front of me and I could not do it like, unless it's unless it's like dummy down to maybe algebra, maybe I could figure it out, but anything past that there's no way, I could do it, do I hate myself for not being good at math. No, like there's no reason to be down on myself for that. There's other things that I can do things that I can do better than that. You know, but there's always that portion of improving yourself, and if you're, if you're focused on the things that you can't do then, you'll never realize the things that you can do, and you can do a lot more than you think you can, you know, there's a lot more out there that you can achieve than you think you can there's, there's one of the biggest things that I've always thought about a competence was the ability to start new projects, and endeavors. You have to have a lot of competence to be able to start a project our start something. So, you know, and I mean you have to because you're going to be subject to a lot of criticism. So if you don't have that. Confidence in place. You're going to get tore apart. Honestly, you're just gonna get tore apart. So what you kinda see is people that are too scared to, you know, go out on their own and start a project or started endeavour by themselves or even travel alone. They end up being like cogs in a machine, you know, and the machine is, is their work life really is. Because they, they just end up being part of the gears, that's just moving, you know, the world along. And although we need cogs, we also need people that are willing to break off in step out on their own and do something to change the world and enrich the world. Way to get philisophical there. But with the same thing, a like it. Yeah. Again, I agree premature thing you're saying I it's just it's so easy to not. Maybe that's not fair to say it isn't hard to kind of take a step out there once you're comfortable with yourself. And for those of you who are listening, you know, maybe, like the, the show that, you know, like, I think, or maybe you're one of Ricky's listeners and you're thinking it yourself, like, hey, I want to do what he's doing. You have to understand the me in you or not all that different, right again. We both have the same fears the same emotions the same aspirations. Whatever maybe the details differ. But the thing is still the same. It's just. Yeah. You just got up yourself out there. You know, I think a lot of people to hack it up to like, it's going to be worse than it really is. Because I put off podcast for probably a year. I wanted to do it. I had this weird backwards way of how I thought I was going to do it. You know, I started on twitch thought I'd build a twitch following and then start spot cast and that didn't work out at all. But, you know, once I finally did it, it was so much easier and the hardest part and the beginning was okay, there's no numbers, whatever. But now I don't even care so much about the numbers now the hardest part, honestly signing content every week. And that's way different than the of cars, part being putting myself out there because I was worried with, you know, with my viewpoints, and my surroundings and the people who are around me that make it hold this information. They may not like what I'm saying or they might hold it against me. That hasn't been true. There are people, I don't agree with in life, that I talked to on regular basis that have listened to my show, and differences, our differences and people are pretty good at accepting them, at least in my circle. So just get out there and just do it. And is someone's giving you a hard time good. Yep. They might have a point there. There might be something to what they're saying take listen. And if you listen to it, and you go, yeah. No. I don't see it then just move on. And there's nothing wrong with that not everybody has something logical to say, but it doesn't mean that you have to hide from it. Yeah. You don't have to, you know, sit behind a wall of criticism and not be able to, you know. Break it down into little bits and actually figure out what the source of that criticism is if somebody is criticizing me, on, maybe the audio for the episode that week, maybe somebody's like, oh, man it sounded like crap, and then I'm like, okay, well, maybe we shouldn't use words like that. But at the same time, you know, I grew up listening to stuff like that all the time. So what I do is I will break it down and try to figure out what the source of that is was there a break in audio or maybe something didn't connect. Right. Maybe I didn't mix it down properly, like you have to be able to take criticism in little bits if somebody like comments in there like, oh, I hate your face. Well, unfortunately, I can't do anything about that. That's not a valid point. I got to move on from that. So there's things like valid complaints and valid criticisms. And then there's things that are invalid that you should never listen to, because it literally doesn't matter. And there's nothing you can do to control it, but for anybody. That's listening out there, whatever project that you have. Have maybe you've been putting it off. Maybe there's been kind of like some hindrances and, and you're worried about how it's gonna look just go after it. There's, there's no reason to not go after it. Because one thing that marquees told me is, you'll never you'll never succeed without trying, and you'll also never fail are the only way that you'll fail is if you don't try, that's the way that he put it. And that's huge. Because the, the second that you fail is when you decide that you're just not gonna try at all if you try and it doesn't work out, then it just doesn't work out. There's nothing wrong with something not working out at happens. But if you try and it succeeds in it works or something like that. And you're actually offering something up to people that they really, really enjoy yet. No idea how you can change somebody's like life just by talking to them just by making a show just like you, do you make a show every? Week you put out an episode every week, and it's that, you know, getting people to think more in depth than just surface, lots and that's I think my favorite thing about what you do because I'm a big big. Yeah. I'm a big like sit down and have excess dential crisis kind of person you know what I mean. I will sit there and be like you know what why do we keep wake up every day, you know, like just having like that kind of conversation with myself, but you also find people that will literally only have surface lots they go through their life having surface. They don't think anything in depth and what you're bringing to people is, I want you to sit down and actually think about what we're talking about right now. You know what I mean? Yeah. You only have to agree with me. Just sit down and think I second. Right. And if you come out the conversation or with of the upset with different opinion, or you think that my opinions invalid, that's great as long as you believe it, and you actually believe that you're not just holding the same three talking points. Thank you. I appreciate the kind words. Now, you kind of, we're talking about, you know, if you wanna get out there, you want to build up yourself, or build your project, just try. And I think you know, this is probably a good place. Kind of wind down on is the whole idea of just try you want to be more confident, just try you want to be more likable. Just try if you want to achieve some end goal you want to, you want to educate yourself. You want to become a doctor. You want to go to the police academy, just try. And that's something that I wish more of these feel good, motivational speakers, or writers, would kind of be honest with themselves. That's not what it's about. It's not about feeling good. You're not going to feel good. If you're feeling good, you're probably doing it wrong, right? Just just try sit in that uncomfortable space in it's okay to be in that space. Seems to be the foundation of everything. We've been talking about so far. So how do you feel about that? Do you like the premise of building confidence is starting out, simply trying, and in the rest falls at self? Or do you think there's a little more to that? I think I think that pretty much sums up. What competence actually is in its base level. I think the one of the one of the quotes I'm trying to remember is being brave is actually being scared, but still having the courage to try and bravery is just confidence. That's what that's what competences competences bravery, they go hand in hand. Because if you don't have competence, then you can't have bravery. And if you have our if you can't have bravery, you don't have competence. So I think you're right. One hundred percent. The, the building block of confidence is by. Going out there, putting yourself out there and trying. And if it, you know, hurts than it hurts. But in brace that hurt the heart will make you better. And it's okay we're going to hurt from time to time my favorite, quote of all time is a quote from, we'll Durant of the lot people think it's from Aristotle. It's not, it's we are we repeatedly do excellence, then is not an act, but it had it right. Habits are formed. There's a reason why he chose the word habit and not act, there's a reason why had it was that, you know where he kind of ended because the end of the day, the people in your life who are great who are excellent who are amazing, there, people who built up habits that allowed them to do those things. So if you're feeling like you know, you need a little bit extra boost. Here's my motivational speaker out, it's going to suck. It life isn't fair. It's going, you know you're going to hurt, but I stand that part of what comes with greatness is pain, and being able to use the pain to your advantage to better yourself. That's where greatness. Coming from. It's not coming from, you know, you're going to go out there and put a smile on your face and take the day seize the day. It's like yeah you can try and it's great. But most likely you're going to fail and wrong with that. I mean you, you, you learn more through failure. So embrace it and understand that excellence is not an act. It's not putting on a smile on your face in season. The day it's a habit. It takes time. Nothing happens overnight. Rickie knows a great conversation. But my voice is killing me. Go ahead and wind down a little bit once again, who are you? Where can you be found whole spiel for my listeners who are a little bit more on the forgetful side? Yeah. No, my name's Ricky gray junior. The host of the all good points podcasts, you could find me on Instagram at Ricky gray junior. You can find me on Instagram for the podcast at all good points podcast fill free to me open up the conversations. I'm an open book. I love talking. So, yeah, it was really happy to be on the show. Thank you for coming on. And then again, check him out great guy, get compensation, and I'll get you guys on the next one.

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Turnbuckle Tabloid-Episode 236

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Turnbuckle Tabloid-Episode 236

"The views expressed on this turnbuckle tabloid livestream or turnbuckle tabloid podcast episode. Do not reflect the views thoughts or opinions of the rage works brand including the rage works. Podcast network rage works content partners advertisers and affiliates viewer and listener discretion is advised was going on. Everybody should boy. Jay santee hostal turnbuckle tablet. And as you know here on our show we are big fans of using pop reggae. Rock whatever i had you love to play here the show but what we wanna play. Is your music in hockey. We do that. Taking share in peach ladies gentlemen patriot peachy on dot com forward slash term tabloid and. Give us a small donation a we would love to share your music on. Show the whether you're an artist singer rob producer. Whatever it is that you guys do in the field. We want to share your music to the masses and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of listeners and viewers following so make sure to our patriot on at patriot compost last term of the tabloid and be a part of our show as much as you want to be apart of sharing. her talents. got soon and enjoying the show. What's up everybody brad. Williams than you are. Listening to turnbuckle tabloid tabloid I'm a winona pockets looking bicker. Go figure of course site decker. Of course lee dinner and all night liquor. Don't forget the swish swish spoiled. Like this score. Like that gets rich inside. His says she on covers up to the man or some might up the gas low key and thunder right up your west low key wonder how many licks for two zero. She looked me up to larkana in is hundred bucks up this as follows the eyebrows with the shades in the watch money raise no food. No she did not gonna take you proofing. Pass a roundup. Tatum is hot. Hot pockets trying to shoot the shit bitch cop and cope way now. Part of apathy for small talks. Pardon me i love big money. Three parts of minutes any one of them starting these oakland moving toward your whole house out of order. I'm about as well rounded as the corner. Slap only snorters. Tatum famous and busy like coltrane. So altering gangs over the full paper. Don't fold you craze. Just roll over tomato and poor people. Don't fold you the greatest just like how many licks for a tutsi rope. She looked me up salah came in. We own a home for the bucks in the lobster. Has it follows. The eyebrows raised with the shades and the raising she did not gonna take bufalino botched as a ground up. Today is is hey. This is d wilson from the dean antonio paquete and you are listening to turnbuckle tabloid tabloid cutting a promo. Well ladies and gentlemen that time that time of year we've all been waiting for no no not the porn awards. It's not an avian it's not a it's not the the i wouldn't know isn't playboy dead. Like we fucked buys magazines anymore. It's not playboy. Just porn is the porno wars so Seems as though that We are approaching wrestlemainia week. In which means that. Yeah it could be a gift and a curse for everyone is. It's it's it's it's going to be insane. Let's just say like that. It's just going to be in. Oh god it's just every single year. Yeah it's it's fucking homework homework homework homework. We do more homework visit more than any so we have we have. We have wrestling pie every day of the week to watch. And we have the fucking stone cope interview at the wrestlemainia odd. Lots of do brother i it. It almost is a As much as we want to say we love wrestling at this point in time it just becomes a grind it becomes a grind but yet it just it feeds the soul as a wrestling fan. It's a it's a it's honestly it's a it's a two sided coin on one side. I gained my passion for the referee wrestling again. And it reminds me of y. Love this thing because we're so many week is the best and honestly gives me the passion to continue doing you know loving wrestling but your sides fucking tiring exhausted shimin. That did it always. It always brings me back to when wrestlemainia was in new york and what grind we were in during that whole time. My guy we were on the move that whole week we were doing. We were doing something every day. It was insane so at least this time we'll be doing it from the comfort of our own homes so it'd be a little bit different We could we could sit back and watch it on on what. What do we have fight. And i w tv shit like the. So yeah we we have the tools at home right so unfortunately. The worst one is peacock so That's gonna be That's going to be. He's talk is so bad right now. They better dig the get shit together. They got a week we should. We should really make a a. Wwe network account in germany or something like that. He's getting our counts back case the language and the settings the english and we're or late guten tag. Wwe net road. Guten talk your vpn near lit. Yeah i mean i mean. That's what people do to do it. So so people do fucking net flicks. They discuss fucking flip it over there. They have rick. And morty on netflix in germany in australia. The fucking Venom venom on netflix. in In australia oh man look this. There's got to be a we saw so we suck. You've gotta be a way to do with the wwe network people already doing it. I'm seeing on the details on youtube. So i man i. I am excited for the car. I'm excited for the week. Let me just say that makes because we also have The annexing take over as we have the wrestlemanias we have The hall of fame which is already Recorded as i heard they already started chopping them up. They get engaged. They prerecorded on purpose. Yeah exactly because while who could be more verbose rather legend than wrestlers in shit. Yeah honestly. I feel like wrestlers ios funny Basketball players hate being farner media wrestlers. Either shit up. I wanna be in front of microphones. Twenty four seven motherfucker. They wanna they would have made no one never want to stop talking and he's crazy because the majority of them really are terrible. cutting promos. yeah. Yeah had them sedan talk about themselves and all my god. These are the. What's the worst speech you've ever know you've ever listened to what you had. You had to pick one way now. What would it be man. shit A celebrity wise misty was bad that that was just. That was atrocious. That was just oh it was almost as though like we were at church but at a bad church it was really bad. Cir- bad shirt and sounds like a ban right. bad air church Very long winded. Yeah i think the other one Could have been In terms of worst. I'm going to go away. I'm trying to think jake. Jake was just mobility. Jim horrible hillbilly. Jim was terrible It was kind of funny heating. Shut the fuck up funny though. But goldberg was bad bingo. That's the one nailed it. Dr trump's was bad. None the goldberg. The go over when. I think everybody would laugh the majority of people. Yeah yeah it was like empty. Who's the one Drew carey was supposedly really bad Fucking stan hansen. I was like what fuck it. He did that mook shit i. It was just a lull. I just they just go on too long like nobody wants to talk that fucking long. I don't know i couldn't post bs. Ribbing on the shit's fucking speeches right. Just gotta be that at on their next cutting a promo. Mr t was bad but yeah hall of fame this week as well. I'm looking forward to it. These chop them down to like fifteen minutes. Each as i'm sure that's a great. You gave them fifteen minutes. Which means there's going to be hose. It's still a six hour show It's like it's like oh you're cutting fifteen minutes. Oh okay that means only got past the hello out of these. I can't. I don't know i can't i wanna none anonymous stories and we're done okay But we have that. And i guess we have a car. It's a upcoming. we also indie shows. There's going to be a of access. Is going to be out there in tampa this week as well w collective and they got the collective out. They're going down Bunt a bunch of resting shows are going to be all over the place so if you guys are going to be in tampa you will not be bored. You're going to have a lot to do out there. I still think i was. I was supposed to go by. I guess i'm staying home. So i still finding obnoxious. That he w is going to be in jacksonville and is going to be. Rows story is three hours. Away to go watch that's up noxious yet. Is you know. But you know what though read that that that that just makes w look bad because that means that like they're following suit of all the other indie shows that supposedly are higher than taking part of wrestlemainia weekend quote unquote to resume weekend and making it moist of the bed. Make makes it makes a big. W and i'm not saying he's bad but a w is on a more higher standard in terms of budget what we expect from them so it said that they're doing following that suit kind of weak and i mentioned yesterday. I mentioned in the previous episode. Kiss the ring. You've gotta kiss the ring regardless of what you gotta kiss to me and it's like i said it's obnoxious because you three hours away you're gonna have to our show to make the fans come three hours back. They're wasting fucking eight hours. In a day to do that. That's come on this noxious ridiculous but With that being said on the cards that we have you have annex t stand and deliver for the two night event. Ladies and gentlemen. Wou what bangers do we have there. We have predictions. it's it's a. I have to say that. I'm very excited for this one. I'm very excited for for nfc. And i i think this is going to be a outstanding two day event for them. And i and i'm glad that this will be their launching pad for them going and moving nights. I strongly believe like. I mentioned previous episode. That this is going to be better for them. This is gonna. This is gonna work out for the best. It's gonna be a great. A great show was tuesday and wednesday. is this guy knows. Wednesday isn't it wasn't a thursday. I think it's i. It's two days april eighth and april seventh. So when's and thursday which makes sense Can't during the weekend. Because as now saturday and sunday in fucking i think the got smackdown on friday so You gotta you gotta make it during the week So Hall of fame hall of fame on tuesday or fame's on tuesday and then annexed. He's on wednesday and thursday smackdown on friday and then yet wrestlemainia on saturday and sunday so many week is upon us. My friend off. And i will be off work. I take. I take I take around recipe weekend. Isn't that ridiculous as well as he should do so. Let's look at the rundown of what we have for the card Some make some predictions in a well. I have a cholera here. If you want to start and accommodation golan one night. One it'll be annexed t for the women's title match. It'll be yoshua reiver's is raquel gonzalez. Night where Yo gets promoted to the main roster. I think we. Ceo on a. You'll maybe with one try one pay per view annex t left and i think she's done i think we're tokens hours takes over she having triplets these dollars on her the next in gonzales. I'm not gonna lie By the way this is as of this recording. So who the fuck knows what's going to happen as prior to got people listening to this is as to recording which will be released that wednesday going with as much as i want to say. Racquel should get this title. They won't give it time. I don't think they'll give it to her this time. I think e o will get it one game attain one more time before she drops it again. He's everyone someone's gotta beat her. I think i think it'll be one time before ill Jobs it she's gonna hold it after his paper view. All right joe. Because i don't even consider it a payment For the vacant detecting championships. It'll be a triple threat match on night one it'll be msk versus grizzled young vets versus the ghetto. Del fantasma. I say that. The grizzly young veterans win. I think they take titles. That night man grizzly vets are gonna win. This is This is going to be fun because this is actually a match just thrown together last minute because do the injury So it's one's to be pretty fun. I as much as i wanna see. I wanna see Fantasma win and it will be cool to see the new guys. Come in and pull it out. Msk but grizzly young veterans got to take it the team with the worst named got win. Yeah yeah and. I think that the best unit i think i just think it works so good bets. I think they're they're. They're winning that one. We have also one night when we have the nfc uk title match. Be volt or visit to muscle. Chomp your match of the week supposedly. So you're you're like this is like your your your favorite match of the week. This is the gas mc match. This is gonna be two beefy men going at it chops per chops Is going to be just as brawling at its finest. We're not going to see anything technical. We're not gonna see anything of of the highest caliber of ricocheting all spray. We are going to see two men going at it as it should be. I got volta going over but chopper's gonna give him a fucking run of his money Yeah i got I got or winning this one Yeah volt got retain But it's very possible. Trump could win as well brown mustard. This might be matching. The knife for me I think i think this is exactly what the uk tabs about. This is this is this is this is going to put this belt on a weekly Weekly program again. So we as back to see it was gonna win. I'm to see that one Then we have the gauntlet eliminator match and the winner will challenge Gargano for the north american championship A night to is between dexter. Loomis bronson read camera. Grimes isaiah swerve. Scott leon rough and ellie night. Who i wanna win elliot knight. Who is going to win. Dexter loomis which i'm so not ready for i don't. I'm kind of over dexter. i'm done. I'm going to it was it was a lightning in a bottle looking at looking at the The participants and Seen what it's going to be for. I'm going to say i a lo i want l. a. night to win. It's not going to happen. And i'm going to say that bronson read wins this odd very nice and i think he deserves it. So that's a good pick. I say i listen. I think it's in between going to be between bronson. Read and dexter lewis. I hope bronson read wins. And i hope brought we re beats gargano. I really do because I think that might happen. Because bronson read is teasing a feud with Every night and if bronson gets the belt economic that of championship feud that's money right now so that that that could work What do you think of Cameron grunge we'd be taking him serious. Yeah i think the The gimmick is over. He's a legit and he's showed that he's legit a wrestler he put. You can put a solid match together. And he's one of those guys that takes Chicken shit in terms chicken salad. So he he's he's he's he's legit and i think that has come up will become soon enough once the Deduct get cleared. Things get moved around a little bit. You see him you see him. Open up a little bit more in contention for for different things right It's a great group of guys. The only person. I don't boy person. I think that should not be in. His group is leeann rough Author should be there and It's it's sucks. I'm sorry we on a rough refund for two weeks and Now you're you're in the mid card The main carbon xc take over wrestlemania weekend. Sorry no awesome. Theory should be in this match It said that he's not We have p done versus kushida on night one. I got a pedone winning. This one. p gotta win Can i be is going to be one of those matches that'll be is going to be under the sheets Very low key going to be a great match. It's going to be a solid match and really work. Yeah i it's going to be one of those those cases to wear that we're going to see on these guys put on one of those tag matches probably gonna remind me something more like heart versus shawn michaels. Kind of thing so The thinks he's going to be real good right. Let me go to night. Two which starts off when i of course i'm gonna take pedone pedone. That's my our guy. Come on but because she is behind my love who shida Night to we have the annex t women's tag team championships have moonshot z. Black card taking on candidate. Lorraine andy hartwell. This is an easy worst match of the can we contender. I'm gonna go ever moonshot retain this matches going to suck yet is. This is part of the worst match on the card. Yeah heads down. This is gonna be the one that they're going to try. Weights hard and suck commercial breaks last three commercials where he's gonna be going way too hard and sucks so bad. It's it's on the on peacock wednesday and thursday. I believe so. I believe it should be out on usa today no way. They can fifties amount of matches commercial briggs onto our program. Yeah i believe so. Yeah it's gonna be a picot cool cool. I just wanted to double check on that one but go yet. this is going to be the suckiest one. There's going to be the going way too hard in way too fast. There's probably be the one that starts tonight off. 'cause knowing fucking wwe's booking and exceeds booker they'll put the woman on i for this mass to get it the fuck out the way and they really going to say that is gonna be a legit kerr jirga. He's gonna suck ass. I'm telling you it's gonna be real. How do you. How do you create a new belt and in three weeks is already. You haven't at the wrong people you gave the belt who should be. The champions right. Should have been dakota time on raquel but the problem is is that they wanted to put rocco and the in the driver's seat for the women's title. So that's why it's fucking awful like why can't you do both. It's just a good question but If not he could fucking Paired up tony storm. Both nights might have both nights. He's gonna pay up fucking tony stalwart mercedes martinez and some shit like that not this team. Canada and india. What far no this is this. Is this dreadful. And and they knew already that fucked up because they made they made dakota and An racquel fucking sweethearts. Because how do you like. We spoke about before how to fuck. You made these. He'll does he'll taxing. I was actually getting heat. How are you gonna make them fucking sympathetic. Losers of the bell people were more upset about the moving about and fucking winning right. I agree whole do the division of mess right now. You've just fucking do you. Just put them together and it's like why. Why did you do that. Why did you fucking break them. Break up the fuck in the momentum. It was stupid. Why so yeah. I m removed shots. I don't think you care I don't but i'm going to say fucking champs retain Then we have the unsanctioned match between adam cole and callow rally. This match is going to be the best storytelling match of the night A lot of people hype to see what happens. People are saying that. Bobby fish comes back tenth now to help callo riley. We're actually turn on colorado's bobby fish will play a part. They're saying in this match. Strong zone. Thing and bobby's like supposedly cleared. So what if what if you were to you know. Rub your crystal ball on what you think happens in this match. What do you think we're gonna see you. Do you think we're going to see about bobby. Fish nah i think there's gonna be a A legit straight up up and down to guys doing it. If it's gonna be a turn is gonna probably happen after the match. But i think there's going to be at match that where We're gonna see what they what they used to do. Back fucking ring of honor she. They're gonna tear it up. I think colorado has to win this word. This is this'll be as big biggest win of his career singles wise and it just makes him a superstar got. I would love to say that he does win and missile be the one that puts them in that the next level situation for him to go more time it gets finn and finally gets that that title belt rubber match man but i think I think a. I think adam cole was this because he he's gonna need it more and him. Winning actually have some leaving and going to the fucking lost. I think it's time for me to get called up. I'm sorry there's there's too many guys in exte- and i had to main roster desperately needs so faces raw shakeup. Yeah we need to shake which. I am after wrestlemainia. Usually there's a shakeup in like two weeks prior by ibm my primary after so not a shakeup on draft again some shit which i do expect we see in the coming weeks do draft. I also like. I said. I don't mind having a new drafted most zam bailey bellies to go to raw now. Have been on the smackdown television in a month and wrong could use a. He'll run roker us bailey to face oscar and that would have been perfect. You know what's funny is people told about how what you had your longest reigning champ Now she's not even in the car and wrestlemainia and it's like well first of all she could be when the women's fucking about a royal that's wanted number two not for nothing but she pasta asked longtime he might be again. She has a little break and she'll come back and she'll come back here in up. I'm saying she needs to go to rago on smackdown. Yeah definitely. But i'm saying she split her and sasha operated like they did you know you could give that a break for minute but Yeah asked have been money the same but she does she does. She has yet to have a wrestlemainia singles match who barely. Yeah damned as i'm telling you. They could've done billion oscar but like once again. She's at smackdown right. Now bring it off. If i if i remember correctly she is yet because i think she mentioned it on On renee she has yet to have a wrestlemainia singles match also cornelis to raw. Sorry we need to. We need to spread these women out. Don't matak teams. we need. We need to make the single. The single woman division better Focus on that first besides going to tag team division having a fucking billy kay is is she put in her resume. Carmella fucking alarm. That's it'll be a great taxi with. That's that's possible That we have the ladder match. This is my match of the night. I think this might be my match of both nights. We sent escobar facing joined dublin. The cruiserweight championship unification match. It's on night to. I have a set of escobar. Wins this one. This might be classic. I swear to god. I we might be seeing a classic in our midst. I already show. Michaels produces match with these guys. I already know that they have having. They have a good team behind his one. Icee san hose wins with. This might be the dan week. It should be it. Should be one disobey. Imagine only has one ladder. I don't want multi just need one. You're over the year over the letter. Gimmicks is way too much like just. Do you know do the classic sean remote showroom yes one inches go at it. They might. they might they might. They might sean through latte one ladder in the ring so they might do that. We've got I'm going to say that He unifies about say. It's going to be a great match. And then finally we have fim. Bala versus carrying cross for the annex t championship Carrying crosswinds i think All the odds are all odds. Carryings favor this is what they wanted to do last time but he inter- he i heard This this this makes the annex t story that we were supposed to have a year ago now progress because they had they had to make filler. What carrying her all hurt. They were forced to make filler for the next half year. They already had a plan of what they were going to do. With carrying his champion. This is their time to show the what they had in the first place. So i think it's carrying time. I think it i think it's I think it is. And i think that It's time but not the play on words because you know he's a time guy but Tiktok But i also say that one more running him and i think that he's gonna end up retaining here. Who else does he have to face. there's still a lot that he might be able to do at least one. Forty four kylie for adam. You eighty four. Everybody is no one thing is going to happen to where he He has to put up at least one more match against carrying cross either in another singles draw kind of fatal four way and i think finally is when that's when finn could be that guy that says i have done it on a nfc. Now go back to the main. Which by the way. I want to point out that because wrestlemania's season hope you know that every single match in prediction. We do right now or are going to be telling you into points. Of course we're super bowl style in this shubra. I'm and you know what rex. You're gonna get the predictions of wrestlemainia with the guys at the party. Right and i don't know if you want to record their fucking prediction or whatever it is looking. We'll have the paper at the party. And will tally rubber. Winds will say who is next week. Okay be because. I wanna make make funding super bowl. Kinda shit okay So that was an annex. T both nights you fuck with the cards season. I think a good plays with these with with these two nights i tell you i like i said it's going to be a solid two night event and The only fucking shit match is going to be that the women's taxing massa's the only ship match on the card. Yeah and then Then we go straight to smackdown with 'cause smackdown also now wrestlemainia quote supposed to have wrestlemainia matches that were supposed to be on the pre show. But vince mcmahon had a rule that he didn't does not want either nights go going past three and a half hours read. All that makes you happy. Oh yes please tournament. Maybe vince finally realized that. These fucking nights or too fucking long so listen his not one either nights passing three and a half hours because of that these matches got cut. It's it's perfect. It's fine it's going to. It's going to be a What they did last year was was was spot on. The i fill think about wrestlemainia appreciates usually are three hours two hours originally. What the pre show be an hour this time and fuck listen at least at least after we after we watch it we could go record have everything prepared and then get it set for the next book in the next episode. We can do a quick rundown of and it'd be boom boom boom hit. Hit all the marks. You go exactly so the first match of the night on a predicted. It will be fatal four way match the smackdown tag championships. It'll be dominic mysterious versus ziglar and robert rubin versus the street profits vs Otis and chad gable alpha academy Who i wanna win. I want alpha accountable to win. i think. Otis and chad gable have proven that they could be a good hail heel tag team but who is gonna win rey and dominik mysterio will win the smackdown tag championships rate. Wants one tag title. Roman his son before he calls it quits. And this is going to be. This is going to check that box. What he wants as much as i want to say alpha academy should get it because not near probably the a the hottest becoming Tag team in the division right now. Which is you got rid of fucking heavy machinery. And who put him on a fucking other tag teams on his business. Hated hated tucker hated. Talker just fucking. He couldn't he couldn't mesh with the kids. I guess saw the ultimate dumping of tucker. That's crazy isn't he. Like in tool five live assumption on main event gain the under the job. Immoral battle royal. Exactly he's going to be confirmed all was That's hilarious Well i guess you get to see him on friday night then Who who did that. They will give it to dominic and r- mysterious will win. Yeah got to have a father son tidal range for a little bit. Gotta have that moment. Yeah exactly next. We have sasha banks in biak of belair doing a promo sorry saved not smackdown doing What else we got the andre the giant memorial battle royal. Yes speaking of Jeez who thinks in that one. I don't know but the exact list right now Shit i'm going to. I'm going to say that would be the one. That's that's Dr course in that match Why is nakimora in it. Was he in some more. I'll go nakimora. Say the nakimora was when i wanted to do. I wanted to grab the trophy than just drop it. Kick it drop. Kick it in fucking. It doesn't shit. Saw some shot fucking as by the way. I don't want to sound crazy or nothing but not motion. Better have a growth issue. Shema kinda wrestlemainia iron. I tell you gave crazy to be less. You'll be crazy. I gave muscle. Have the the the white. Tom ronin outfit. Basha will be And then i think that for the smackdown matches. Oh yeah that's it so then we wrestlemainia which God are you ready for this road. Tell me what is what is this wrestlemainia. How does this for so many a few compared to the window. Glass year We as exciting. We had lower expectations because of due to the pandemic how it shook everything up and you basically had studio matches and shit and You know we. We underestimated how exciting it was. But you know they in. They did the best what they did. Last year in the cinematic matches helped the undertaken. Aj the Brave versus sina those they worked Charlotte verses Shall versus via ripley was solid as well. Oh sorry to cut you off you. Also the predict the women's andre the giant memorial battle royal forgot about that. Are they doing it. They are they are. When is that supposed to be on. Smackdown is it also brought by the roads are taking place on smackdown. Okay so i'm bailey windsor. Yes very rarely wins. so. I think that that was the the the misconduct the misconception that we had to deal with last year that they you know actually put it together and it was it was it was solid for this year. It's a it's a little bit more high because there is going to be fans in attendance As in as for the card the card has a little bit more Of little bit more of a fan influence in you know with the the sasha and bianca. The drew bobby madge The the triple threat. I i think there's more of a fan influence. I think that's a it's it's almost as though is probably fucking. Wb kinda listened a little bit this year for this buildup. So i i. I'm kind of i. You know. i see some some matches on a car that i'm like. Why the fuck away doing here but now although desperate for stimulus to celebrities in matches they needed by that and it's like it's a little blessed for the credit cards car which by the way she's gay doesn't win ricochet wins Okay have to go back I i think this year is more of the excitement of seeing and hearing of a crowd rather than just What's on the the the car itself but We'll see we'll see how it pulls up a lot of a lot of a lot of the the belts up for grabs in I have a prediction that Some of them might not change. Hands miami at the them don't chains are well. That's going to be interesting. So let's get right into the card. Let's go tonight. One as we start off with sasha banks versus bianca bel air for the smackdown women's championship I've sasha returning out of all you know and it's funny because It's beyond time. I mean sasha's over fry wrestlemainia. I don't think i don't think you could promote Sasha banks you know. Being owen. Six i i want to win and i would not be surprised if she does. But i'm gonna throw a curveball into say. Sasha retains to give her some cred. I'm going to say that this is one or two matches whereas the belt does change hands. I'm going to say that bianca gets it. They put the rocket on her back and I could be totally willing to be honest with you. I might change my mind before this recording. But i don't know they and they gotta they gotta stop building up and putting places of people in place to go after Bianca she is She's a force to be reckoned with. And then that's that she's going to be the Yes i take my mind. I'm going to beyond won't bianca you. You sold me brush. Say i wanted water. Thorough curve ball boy. I can't do it here. One person one person who won the royal rumble should at least when the bell. I only think is going to be that one. Yeah and i think letting barely or is gonna be fucking going raw so that that helps you know. Split that up over by Let me have bad. Bunny versus the ms the celebrity match that. I don't think anybody cares about people who care about this. Measure people who pay bunny the artist and boban winds. Unfortunately he would you know. Let's thou- goes bad bunny wins. We spoke about april. Damian should have been in. His magic should have been a tag match real. Shame too but I don't know maybe it's one of those things to win. That they want him to earn his spot. And he's going to have to earn into wrestlemainia so We'll see this is. This is all this fall. The body guate- watching fucking wrestlemainia. That's what this matches for this. And so there florida you know that. Latin communities is going to be up on it poppers. Peacock peacock has like a channel designated for caserolazo islands again. That's it's basically he's basically for for them you don shit s and we The reality is over. Seth rollins my match of the week. This match is only night. i think it my own. The weekend i have says are winning. Man says this is. This is rose next step to fighting for the championship. I think i think then see something says aro i really do. I think it's time it's august. We what he has been served For years now so zara wins. And i think that this is going to be the launching pad for him and actually after winning does it becomes more of a builder for him to get the money in the bank. He wins that and then he becomes a chat finally saw the ball. How ya you kidding me. I i fucking lose. I remember a what was the last time i mean do know poplars kofi. Yeah kofi yes so Cream myself over. Drew mcintyre weena. Bell put you know that happens. Regardless of venue. Mismatch is going to be mentioned the week though this match into muscle chop volt or i think we'll own the week you'll eight. Aws gonna suck again The new dovers aged styles anonymous for the rotating titles. Of course jane and amish gonna win. Obvious is gonna take the is going to squash these guys. This news the next great khali. What are your thoughts He's the great khali where this is gonna be that match that you're going to be running. Hope he's good. You're gonna be surprised that he is actually going to be good. That people really and you'll find out that the only thing is. I hope they don't have them doing stupid. Shit meaning corey he didn't. He didn't play games and game night on raw. So we're getting serious guy. Well you know. I'm hoping that he doesn't do dumb. Shit like a swan or follow up fucking suicide a pay suic- data and shit like that openers. Do none of i mean i'll be. I'll be okay with him. Doing a kiprop. Okay but as i am doing a corkscrew fucking four sixty splashes might come on no audience. So let's go back to this recording. If he does any sort of high flying move. I'm gonna say fuck you keep him over already if he does that. I'm be over as soon as he does. Some dumb shit and he does he does a fucking A fucking arts blows. Yeah a seven a seven sixty s some shit like that like fox this guy know him out fucking winning agent No i'm actually going to say that is is much as i want to see them win. I think they should win. I think that new day retains because for some reason i just know the booking they do stupid shit pay will do stupid shit like that and knew they will. We will retain a rural versus shameless with the united states championship Matt riddle is hilarious. I love the guy. This is shameless. Shameless Getting what he deserves as well because Shame has been on an absolute tear the past couple of months. I think shane shameless wins. The united states championship. And i think it's going to be a great match. I'm gonna say that riddle retains and Via the so storeowner. I forgot the fucking on promo bullshit and Them saying he meant. We meant that to happen. Fuck you you lie. You didn't mean that should happen. You know he fucked up. He designed to cover the base of it. But vince mounted larry's though no. I think vince was like what the fuck was that. Vinson bruce hilar- joking with that shit. They said they said that they'd laugh until they kept it. I i don't believe that at all. I. there's no way that she would have been like that. Hell no. he's bruce that if either the reports say that they finally funny. I believe that. At least i believe vincent boosted lack of this but if they if they will continue to do in having keep doing stupid shit like that. They're just as fucking moron. Everybody else thinks funny stupid shift. I hate it because it's like be professional. Do your fucking job stupid show. The i'm forgetting fucking hilarious. At the moment because i said oh my god they actually kept it. Did you see shit. I got but as for it being asked not be fucking professional. Do your fucking job. We have kevin owens in san museum. Logan pope-eye par pice sleeping on ringside for being not interested in this l. generic versus kevin steen. I got a kevin owens wins. I think i think it was definitely wins for sure evans. Forget i always goes over. And he's jumping off of something. I think the pirate ship. He's afraid for the pay which the jump off the fucking pirate ship jumping off of some permanence. Promised us that. Jump off a fucking pirate ship. If we get that. I will lose my shit. I think it's going to happen. I true thing is going to happen. I think vince will give him the ok. And if you know he's gonna go onto parachute. Nah finals. I'm jim matt's he'll be and It's going to happen. It's for two years now Let me have for the icy championship. A nigerian drum match we have big versus apollo crews like. I said like you said on the previous recording. This is just a no deke drums. Exactly y- use drums. You're gonna fuck in hit each other with drums. They gonna fucking someone's going to play drums guiraud retain though big not will retain although i have to after. Look i think this might be You know what. I have to say that you know what i'm gonna i. I'm gonna say probably going to be tonight that apollo wins yet. No apollo wins by fuck. The entire thing about is on the point that out night one night. Two completely for the past couple of matches i did. We're on night to you. Wanna rerecord it. What no no. No no no i really. Don't i boiled. I'll just go for unscheduled safe. And i to from now on because all the say. I'll just go back on my word here. So okay sarah okay so big enough police cruiser. You kevin on say museums on neetu. Rural shameless is night to. That's all i fucked up on okay. So you've got that all night. One is braun strowman vs shame mcmahon in a fucking steel cage match. All you fucking serious will be no. I did not forget that i. I didn't get to that point on my list. But my god yet night where we have shit mcmahon versus braun strowman in Yeah this is going to be a shit fest This matches filler match. Doesn't matter a braun. Strowman wins and i think this match is booed out of the fucking stadium with half capacity. Oh my god. This is just another reason for shane to jump over. Shit i mean honestly chain always loves. His plays has cheap up. Oh my god. What are we doing jesus. Christ is this Bronwyn ends i it. Matter of fact braun throws him through the fucking state through the fucking steel cage and breaks open recall. Now he's gonna throw he's an fuck in javelin is asked to the fucking steals does the steel cage and he's gonna open that shit up and that's how that's how. Shane is gonna win. he's gonna do the old stone. Cold bit stone-cold wonder his arm steelcase hatch and he's got a fucking yeah he's gonna hang onto the cage in the cage is gonna open up. This is gonna win The the minivan for night one was bobby. Lashley vs drew mcintyre for the wwe championship. Drew mcintyre wins that championship back. The her business has imploded and think bobby lashley Had a funnel run. But i don't think it's over. I think i think drew mcintyre gets his belt not match on the car. That's going to be a big beefy man going at it This might be listening to be amazing. Halls fight slapping meets as to say. Oh i gotta say that For this match. We gotta gotta say bobby retains wow our that would be big. Bobby lashley retain. The bell would be a big a big moment for bobby. She'll beyond that might be the best moments career so Young at that'd be a great match. I can't made a venom night. One and then a close off night to we have The fiend vs randy orton. Which are people are not looking forward to this match whatsoever. What do you think about the fina randy orton. This time around did it. Can be by the broadway vs randy orton last time arizona. Know it's be worse is going to be about the same shit going to be on par. Same shoot i. just hope that Fiend comes out looking different yet. Because i don't like the way he looks now. I the graphic pictures thieves with a graphic card terrible. He looks awful phone by twenty bs. I should say should be thing to where he comes out. Looks like that. And all of a sudden he rips himself out of it like if it's a coup shit is underneath. oh shit that'd be cool So you got the feed winning. Of course the will have a new gimmick a new a new look to him and he will beat randy orton I'm gonna have a crooked and no one gets hurt in his magic. Because it's a fucking who gives a fuck match. But i think randy wins. He's beat the feet after the fetus. Came back eddie. Yup that's the to bail the phoenix or young. That's gonna suck Then we have oscar verses ripley for the role of miss championship. Rhea ripley will win. It's her moment. This is their up. Sorry for last time. Around fucker over ripley. Winds oscar is gonna smackdown. She's done everything she can on raw. And that's gonna be and that's exactly what's going to happen. Oscar has had. She's had that built for roof roof. yeah this is. This is reassigned. Show up and we're going to see some good matches with her bailey either gonna raw sasha gonna roll we gonna see some They need to stack up that that That woman's woman's side who were running on role so That's gonna be horrible. You know what we you know. Who rhea ripley and bianca. Bella remind meal was museum a young batista and john cena beck the royal rumble of two thousand and five. Yeah yeah the final two. They both end up champions at their respective matches at wrestlemania the future of the women's division. We have ripley bianca. Belair or the two poster women for the future of this company and i are automatically get a reflection of batista and john cena from back in the day. Now you're right. I i don't disagree. That's actually a legitimate comparison as good so And finally for night to we have the main event which is the triple threat match. It's warmer reigns vs edge versus daniel bryan for universal championship. This is the match that i am so torn on who. I want the way things are gonna win. I honestly can't predict it. But i'll try my best. What do you think this matches thinks. I had to say that There's a lot of Tugging of the heartstrings. When it comes to his match because all three have gone through some shit and For them to be at this position. is a Is a blessing in his also. A a a legit Blockbuster main event to have. I think they just dropped the ball. The way that they should have booked they should have had to wear that That roman Had a defendant in two nights. They should have did it that way while they were scared. You know the only reason why daniels in this matches because they were scared they were gonna turn the fans we're gonna turn on. Edge turned on batista that year when batista when the rumble and it was it was was actually even confirmed That that day. O'brien was inserted in this match. Because they need a clean face In the contest because they were scared because is so over right now if they were going to switch mid match wrestlemainia and they did not want that They wanted originally wanted edge as The good guy the face to win the bell then they found out that now you turn this dude. He'll because everyone loves roman for the first time ever. I'll say this crowley he will rule marines will get cheered in the main of at wrestlemainia for the first time. Ever repeat the fans love this. He'll roaming i know i do Man it's it's it's he's a great fucking run. This and his parents conor mcgregor of wr w. now is fucking god is this this fucking roman is phenomenal. And i think that This is the woman that's going to be in the hall of fame one day. This is the roman reigns as that. That's going to be on the cards and the posters and the people are actually going to accept this guy we this is the woman rains we wanted for so long. And this is this is the role of. We're all going to remember. Not not the shitty suffering succotash bullshit. The roman that we didn't have we deserve visit. Zych fought really the like what i told you guys before no. We didn't laming young now hotdogs which is giving us giving us bucket hot dogs. We want we wanted. We wanted this guy as for the match. I'm gonna say is probably going to be. If not the match of the night the match of wrestlemainia hope it is and As much as i would like to see that Either danu or edge win and just come the next friday night and come out and say How did great wrestlemainia. But yeah i. I think it's time for me to go drop the belt and just let's revamp has started up again. It's not gonna happen. I think that Roman retains and i agree what women retains i read. I cannot. I do not see edge. Daniel winning this. I think they're both going to beat the shit i've each other a woman's gonna do hewish shit and will come out of nowhere and pick the win. Roman wins as well and it's going to be an amazing closing tonight. Woman on top of the fire was paul heyman This is going to be his moments. Soon be his triple. H versus booker. T moment tripoli's shining will moraine shining. This is gonna be as night. And then we'll see on friday night smackdown where brock leszno returns to fuck in. Wwe in the world goes silent. You think that but they won't. It won't happen. People will pop for that shit. Oh yeah hell you lose any. Brock return is Gets gets a positive feedback to say and to see. What will paul do. The football know. Then daniel daniel be find. He'll lose he'll go out in the sunset. Probably have a you know a couple of more matches. You know his his dream his dream booking matches that he'll like and then after that he will ride off into the sunset and start doing his back backstage work he would take over smackdown. Paul heyman and i can't wait so yeah. That's the wrestlemainia week Predictions is going to be crazy night. Yes because he week. It's legit gonna be Hoof it's going to be a stacks that card so Geiman you guys are chiming with us on a on a facebook pages and twitter. Make sure that you guys are on those pages and please give us your thoughts your predictions which feelings go down and Also check in with us to see how your wrestlemainia week is going. What you guys are doing. What are you watching on. Tv's or your fight what are you. What are you catching up on what you need. What you're missing. what you think we should cover. There's a lot there's a lot going to be going down this wrestlemainia weekend. We're going to be your guys here to cover as much as we can. Hey listen. I said i took a week off of work for this shit's all the things. It will be some things. He's going to be going down so guys don't go stick around have a interview where the With a fellow podcast in a big wrestling fan. A d wilson. He stops by Gentleman i met through a facebook podcasting group and which basically This is a a form to wear parkas podcasts. There we looking for forgets for shows and Gentlemen has his own podcast and e lobs wrestling. We'll have a conversation about historic about the of product. Now and what's it on. Aew and much much more. So don't go anywhere guys stick around return and Enjoy your wrestlemainia weekend and two guys. In a sec. This is jordan oliver in you. Listening to turnbuckle tabloid conversation. Event made a connection on a facebook. Page that we both follow and two things that stood out that stuck out with me number. One was the fact that a fellow podcast and be es fellow wrestling fan. In right in there it was it was. It was a match bay. Didn't have and got d wilson here to discuss his love of podcasting as well as his love of wrestling in How's it going down. There in the in the southern states of the unites. Go well between the hot and cold weather. It's something for everybody it's it's kind of like mother. Nature is is giving a a sprinkle of of of her flavor to everyone across the country. These these past few weeks in especially here in new york city new york city. We have bipolar weather all the time. But it looks like you guys are getting hit with a different array of weather. You're sir it's one of those things one day. You can't leave the house without sweats near your shorts shirts. Yeah because his dad. If it wasn't for for the pandemic you would think it really is flu season It's a it's a. It's a troubling time for us here but We've w said you you've been If you've been podcasting for some time right for Just give the listeners on our resting podcasts. Here a general understanding what. What's what's your podcast. And what are you basically discuss. So i go the antonio and we We went to school together. Went to johnson and wales charlotte together for all four years and we re both enjoyed the joe rogan. Pike like Well we enjoyed everything about it. We enjoy we enjoy. Joe rogan before became known as the bike is and so we were talking wendy and Something happened where he was talking about millennials but he was actually like completely wrong. Then i mean that happens. Sometimes we were like what if we made a podcast. Formal was bomb millennials. Stuff that people our age wanna hear and insights on on from our perspective not from people in their forties thanking about what we might like or what what we might say. And that's i was born. We as we speak on most popular topics that were directly to us whether it be sports society Anything yeah i. It's funny that you mention rogin. Because rogan was he He had the finger of the pulse of podcasting for quite some time and And i i was. I was a a big stern howard stern fan for years and he he was a Advocate for non podcasting. He didn't believe that this would be a a forum that could actually grow but Rogan was a guy Him corolla marc maron. They were early guys in podcasting field. Who basically show that. The business can ramp up and the jonah and what you speak of is yeah is one that not many people Early on believed would be a conversation piece now and now it seems that it's it's a growing aspect of of podcasting You guys. I used to talk about today's topics. Sports is such that what's been now. What's been the the heavy topic of the past few weeks. We've just wrapped up our black history month Stretch for the past four weeks. We made sure the topic directly in Affecting the black community We tried to switch it up. if we get. We get a lot of hits on one. We'll try to follow one up but we had to go from enemies sports society music. We try to give a good variety. Whatever we come up with the topics unless something happens you know like like something that you can't not not speak about happens on. My co host would have been very happy to hear that you guys talk about enemy. He's basically a he's gotten into the whole love of anime. Got into Right now he's watching My hero academia says new is new thing now It's funny 'cause on our podcast. Where we we have two different. Two different generations on arresting topic basically. He's a. I'm gonna say maybe about twenty years. Melissa more younger than me so you see two different generations and their views of what's wrestling today. it's funny because when you guys when you talking and you hear like the millennials. Genetics degen's ease off. It does ring different when you hear the views in and the opinions of of that time. Do you guys get that same kind of culture glass when you hear about from your listeners. And those who chime into the podcast. Yes we It's rare that we get people who aren't eight because like everything about is tailored so my view that as as a negative but that's that's how we structured it a few people who are Let's say thirty thirty. Plus the do listen. They do like they like ours perspective because they feel like one relates to their kids will and all that sounds funny but One person listening to y'all better relate to my seventeen eighteen year old son what he says and what he does and so. I never thought that we could do that for somebody. I just thought that we were just kids. Talking to kids that bridging the gap between us and the older generation a and it should be because Not only in this in this Foray in which we we we are. We are Developing craft in but outside and my my personal life. My my real place of business. I've always sent to say that. I have to stay youthful because of that's where our our generations are coming from our our audience our attentions are coming from you. Gotta you gotta stay current you gotta be involved in what's happening and Yeah it's it's it's funny because even with my co holes and also with The individual world around me. I feel the same way. I have a thirteen year old myself and i have to be current and understanding. What what she's involved in so she's a big fan as well. So yeah it's it's funny But is is podcasting for you guys been. You're meeting of expression. Is your guys way of connecting with not only People of of your area but also across the Across the country yes to a certain extent we this was. This was not the intention We'll we'll put that out there. We were just two guys like podcasting and when we had that creative juice we like we like being creative and doing our own thing. It's felt good to to reach out to others every other respect to us even with this interview itself. We came up with a decision that man. Maybe we should branch out. Maybe we should guest on others. And i have other guest hours to cross promote instead of it being us and We'll let you know. I'm having to come in my life for right now. You know just the conversation. I i feel great that i've done. This feels good knowing that people care about my input m. my perspective no. It's it's it's funny. Because when i first started podcasting and new york city kind of personality or or against that that attitude that we have. It's it's that you know we are first mindset was killer be killed you know. We wanted to be the best wrestling. Podcasts out there We didn't want to touch base with anybody else. This is four years ago when we started this and my co hosts and i were very Driven to make sure that no one listened to anything else but us but and after a few you know after a few years in a few episodes that were we had just settled back and said you know what we need to start opening up because there's so many other Views and opinions of of the john or not only just interesting but other topics that we covered on the show. Sometimes because sometimes we will left But it is. It's the e a couple of beers. The show's get ridiculous it's We like we like we like to factor touch base and when we join. Join the saint. We went to the same facebook group when you stepped up by my My producer was the one who connected us. And i was like sure. And we've been we've been you know full of a long time Connect went outside as What's what's the what's the goal for your podcast. And what it is that you guys are looking forward to in probably in the next you could say. The knicks The next year or so who the next year ago. We hope to start selling merchandise our end goal. I guess the angle along the way is end up making money from it. And that's not our wasn't our immediate more like silly making and selling merchandise Puts in that it fixes the new creative bug that we won't than a good time creating designs for heads and t shirts and so i guess continue growing and getting that mertz. Yeah with us it's We did the whole You know the you know basically the whole accoutrements that you do. When you're in the podcast game you you do the merge your start up a patriot fan you do all everything that comes with the podcasting but at the end of the day to that to me is like the it'll come. The ads come the money. Oh com whatever kids but every week we just enjoy clicking on the mics and just going you know it's our way of of reaching out and and to be honest when we look at the analytics and we see what the numbers are week by week. of who's listening and who's downloading the souls in the numbers grow and the social media grows. It shows that For us that we've been able to you know connect with people even though the goofy shit that we say is like we we the It's it's fun to see people who actually interacting comeback especially on our lives seems in such You guys You talking about merging and designing stuff. you are you guys that connected with knowing what the what the fan base of what you guys are into. What is it that you guys are are basically targeting targeting. We're targeting specifically the the crowd. That's what we fall into resigning. Mertz based off of pan famous enemies using the characters. But using we're trying to fit of with our hardening fits into like famous title like we usually like pok mon. Can we name if match the colors and whatever put it on and even with the video games there's some video game titles they'd like we you look at you know like that's what it is and if we can tree insulate them over that's pretty much are now that's our following culture key coacher or whatever you wanna call your great in the to to In an hour because basically out network here rage works. We pretty much That's that's our forte. Video games movies tv shows. We all covered out everybody. Everybody's podcast seems to cover each of those spectrums and and Olesky and myself. We're we're big gamers. Here enjoy armenians right now. What what's What's what's your favorite video game to be touching up right now right now. I'm playing pokemon swore high obey meaning to get into. It had a little bit. Extra cash. Slept over and i was like This is. This is the longest stretch out playing pokemon on to get back into the last last pokemon. I got into was pokemon. Go and i lost. I lost a ton of weight walking around looking for pokemon I am right now. I've been playing on the nintendo switch. I've been playing wrestling empire. Have you heard of it No wrestling empires basically m dickey games. You can play on mobile as the recipe revolution games. But now it's on switch gain looks as though if it's from like that two d three d. early stages of Like maybe and sixty four kind of jonah. Maybe somewhat like started that paper. Cut out kind of looking here. But i swear to you. This game has probably the best career mode. I have ever played ever arrested gaming. It is phenomenal. unfortunately wrestlers die in his game. It's it's fantastic. It's it's a great game. I if you're going to check the now it's if you have a switch or on mobile using a mobile games of free but if you have a switch is about fifteen to twenty dollars and it's a it's a great investment i it you should check it out being arrested fan and speed speaking of because this is what it is You spoke earlier that you are Big into eighty w so a house that first year of awa wrestling for this has been a good year. This is the matches is something that i've never really seen before. I've never really watched new japan because well it's not readily available to you to the casual wrestler and it's the talented up there and i like the stories. I liked that. He's not really story based so he gives me wrestling and gives me story that respect my respect my intellect that don't make me have to Death I can't think of the words right now. It doesn't make me have to suspend disbelief too much right. I i i i. We were just speaking about that recently. On the on the on the podcast. And like i mentioned earlier. It's it's it's a generational thing with us because For me on that old school wrassling kinda guy like that mid south territory. Wnba long time when men were men as the recent stories from the undertaker. We're talking about. But i i know. I know a lot of those guys personally that an a. w. because a lot of them came came from new york city like the Like private parties such we know them personally and we felt really good. Seen them on on the show and it was great for them to get on but for us. After a year we We just started going. What's going on here. But it's a good thing that you talked about the story where it's a suspension of disbelief. So you're basically okay with not having the classic a facing he'll kind of thing. Yes i don't believe in a real world that there's really a face or heel. I'm like take your your hulk hogan's who never did anything wrong and he's golden age. That's just not realistic. You mess you mess up. And that is how this is how life is and so i enjoy the awa you do. What's in the best interest of you. Let me put it like that. You don't just do the right thing just to do the right thing at all points in your life. It's i get what you're saying because you know we we've always looked at it as I guess the the classic marvel dc kinda world with superheroes and villains and stuff and I don't know you did you guys get involved in the indy wrestling scene down. There was it a lot of indy promotions. Did you guys see no not really no. I'm not saying that there isn't. They're not huge. Yeah because That's what pretty much at the aspect of what. Aws is just like one big indie show every week What what what. What what what talent on on. Aws or are you or you're looking at every week and having a good time watching so they can be broken up in in weird ways do there are some people who are like. I like just watching. Like i liked penta and read phoenix. I love their in ring work. It's it's amazing is there. I say perfect when they're in the ring From still glommed perspective. And it's been ongoing. I enjoyed tuning in to see what hangman page doesn't ex- he's probably who i do into see just like like man isn't gonna join. The dark order is he. Is he Is he gonna be by itself. And i can already see like this is gonna thrust them into the world titles the whatever the end of the route whatever. The end of the road for this is going to be world title. I and i think that's the big payoff that everybody's been waiting for especially in In the The hangman storyline is finally for him to get that redemption Against kenny omega. That the that's the long run. I like. I said it for for us. It's been so her changing with the landscape of a w you mentioned a dark order. I liked i. I kind of was into the whole The presentation early on and unfortunately when brodie lee passed away they just took another turn Oh be being a solid fan of like you mentioned. Phoenix and pencil as well as park. Park is is is a phenomenal wrestler. As well was happy to see a One of the guys that we here as well eddie kingston get on in aws. It's a it's a great look for him. It's refreshing to this a nice A arena for him to to finally dive into naturals The national screen assange But you know. I get hung up on the other stuff. You mentioned a new japan stuff like the young bugs and kenny is of. It's just sometimes. It's little are sitting. How are you guys enjoying the the orange cassidy. A gimmick going. I what i like most about eighty w is in the beginning. They were strictly wrestling and those sports entertainment side. You know how you feel about the guy like how how character like this fit into a strictly wrestling show. I enjoyed his feudal chris. Jericho debate with eric. Yourself is probably one of my favorite segments All eighty w as my top five probably includes but i enjoyed the feud and just still like him as a character. I feel like died down. She's really middle of the road right now and and it sucks. Because i feel like it's a weird thing. I don't think you can put the world hat on The tv title is up a lot of stuff. But i just felt like he should be doing more night if i- stories and make a little bit more sense. Yeah i i've I've a i've come to the realization that orange cassidy is basically what today's generations of the youth. Basically reflects on life is is basically you know whatever kind of life It's like everything but basically the direct connection of what today's Demo is if. I'm if i'm for play video games. Whatever if i'm not hanging out whatever it's just whatever whatever happens for the next moment that's just what it is. I guess that's that's basically he's the that's why he's such an attraction to tonight that younger generation If i if i do may i if there's a wrestling if you look into open up a little bit more Nwa is coming back on youtube soon. it's basically Basically set down in the south georgia and the carolinas based promotion They have a more Locked in on on an hourly show basis mutt happens in our as well as another promotional. Msw major league wrestling you. It's another one that those fast paced in an hour. You could get it in in and out and your and your and your entertain. You should check those out okay. the power or is it going to be at separate points. I think he's gonna be nba. Nwa powerrr again. They should believe they're coming back in. I think on the twenty fourth day coming back with a a Show so it should be. It should be making a it's we. We actually thought they were closing. Its doors but not looks like they're making a comeback. It's good for them We have a friend of the show. Homicide who's Who who's on at as well so it's good for them to their You also mentioned annex t that you watch What's what's What's catching you and exceed these past few weeks right now. It's the adam cole he'll turn. That's i felt like this has been long awaited. If i'm being honest i'm glad that exceeds which days because i enjoy watching it but like awa more always watch as w live and watch the clips and highlights of nfc. Because i feel like they've been spinning. They're spinning their wheels. They don't know what they really want to be. A dispute era has cain dominated. It was just there. They don't want wanna move them out or to keep them their software. Like with adam cole hill turn. It's finally shaking it up the getting into like two thousand six. Dx dummy bob's guys together. Doing yeah i i i could see that. I think that's probably going to be the next look. You know it's it gets around wrestlemainia season. Everybody becomes a armchair quarterbacks and they start believing that this is around that time that coal comes to the main roster or the whole undisputed era comes up or Maybe cold fish in an roger goes up and they leave college in the back. I it's it's You know everybody starts their their opinions of flying. But i just i. I'm just hoping that they do them. Well because as we've been seen in the past they're transitioning from an exceed to the main roster for some of these guys has not been Snubbing a good look in the past couple years but I i also see. There's a lot of talent. That's an annex t the size them Like a carrying cross or a Or an escobar. All those guys you mentioned the The switching of the days. that's coming with Are you are you are. You are going to subscribe to peacock all you a network. Roger visit weird thing. I did have. Wb network. i enjoy watching it. I know why are these which the peacock a good money move. The depending on what the price is might get if it's higher that's not what is not what i subscribed for their subscribe for all this other stuff. I wanted to watch wrestling wrestling. Yeah they're pretty much gonna leave it at at about nine ninety nine for the whole package for everything for peacock and fro the wwe. So i think that's pretty much right in my wheelhouse paying for the network that way anyway so i might as well get the whole. You know the whole shebang. Oh yeah that'd be. The case. I am i gonna keep. I've made it my habit. Who why new stuff it's coming all. I'm i'm watching tonight down episodes in order. Oh okay the yeah. That's easy mentioned earlier. That you you also you also watch the friday night. Smackdown in I i was e you spoke earlier. That you guys were Covering black history month. While you're on your podcast. What's to look a that. You guys have seen with the way that they're using apollo crews lately. I feel like it. It is about how high i honestly began to think. Apollo crews was going to say down. Nfc it'd be mad at beka. Never people say this a lot. But i've never seen a man that's strong that built moved away he does and he. He's fantastic in between the ropes for now now that they're giving them the chance to speak and he actually has mike work so i didn't know why he he wasn't he wasn't at where years nail so i really enjoy seeing help. Get this. yeah it seems like the across the board especially guys like him. Big e Bobby lashley in the hurt business on raw It's about time to show some diversity in in in wrestling and we we've been here pioneering and and And pushing for for these guys to get the bigger looks good better looks especially for apollo crews i i i've i've i've seen them before he got into the know. W and x t and like you said a guy that size in the frame to move he do he does. It's it's phenomenal. I'm just hoping that they do right. And they finally give him the time to show whatever talent he is. This look is actually a better look for him. Anybody else that you have on your radar. Friday night that you enjoy and When you click on the smackdown. So i went into smackdown because they have pretty much all my heavy hitters wrong the great roster but i love roman reigns. I love what they're doing with. The head of the table can make. I'm glad that luso's one half of them so far elevated from from maytag team seen daniel bryan walkin legend. Kevin owens fantastic. I love would hold. On what seth rollins is doing right now. But i like it. I can't explain what is gimmicky. But it's crazy hale and i love it The mysterious like it's it's. It's nothing that i don't like bailey and sasa. Thanks or my favorite women's wrestlers if wwe right now it's so both of them are on the same brand global bianca bel. It's nothing. I don't like from eight ten. It's nothing that i don't like about it. Kind of reminds us of when Smackdown had the The the the the sensational six early on the when he had the edge batista sina in her early amid thousands when when everything just started clicking off those the heyman six it kind of is clicking. The same way just like eight. It so happened that with the draft in how things were moved around to where that you actually like. You said the lineup. That you made on that show is working. His clicking on all cylinders. It's heading and i feel i feel real good since dow. Say that. I'm proud to start watching smackdown again. It's been really really good smacked to me. And i put it out there. I've been watching wrestling. So since i was born in ninety seven. The rockets don't go to these pro wrestling but this roster currently assemble gone all shows and he w is by far the best talent any history ever so the the matches in the work rate is later smackdown just gives you a logical stories and like that's all i can say i don't allow raw still like a mess. I can't watch raw. It feels like they're insulting my intelligence watching you every week at something different. I just gotta buy in. Because i i just got to. 'cause there's no there's no choice in the matter smackdown field full weight that the he'll turns or not just because somebody woke up one day. It was like you know what you make a good deal. Yeah it seems as though that there That they're they're finding their niche. I think Heyman daniel bryan who's been Who's been said to be part of the the working process there as well has been Basically a finding people's personalities in making it work for that show. And i think that you know especially now if possibly a push happening bizarro finally again hopefully happens after mania. We get to see what exactly what the fans want. And once once the doors open up again where the fans are coming back we get to see the big pops that we we've been waiting for for the longest time while you said born in ninety seven i just i just just click the minute. Jesus i'm old. I'm my co host is around your age range and i'm like shit. I'm old but The i want to thank you for stopping him and you you you also you did a great job for for a guy who's who's starting to branch out and it's all the podcast. We're very comfortable today and Appreciate your time and your energy especially that lay back southern drawl in the center relaxing. Is that you guys have. It's it's it's a testament to where i want to be in a probably in the next fifteen years once once i'm done with my career but let everybody know where they can find you guys out in What what's the podcast where to connect what you that you can. You can controls on soundcloud modify and d be and just a letter end antonio n. t. o. n. i. o. Had are low logo dna the because the data let us come out You can get you can get to us at twitter. Dna podcast and that's thanks again for your time. Don't go anywhere yet. Because i need you to. Id for other than that. That's our D wilson checking in front of dna. Park has and hopefully you guys are check them out and most likely i'll do a follow up in review of their podcast on our upcoming show which is called. Put you oboe. Podcast based on Talking talking nicely about podcasts that we listened to anti because here tablet. We could be assholes saw. It's a it's a different look for us here. We're trying to be nicer. We're trying to be tried to do better things but once again thanks for chiming in and guys will stick around. We will return. It's turnbuckle buckled tabloid with case anti and that other guy mad buckle tabloid. Oh term buckled tabloid.

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Date Therapy  Guest: Dr. Tranquility

James Miller | Lifeology

26:28 min | 2 years ago

Date Therapy Guest: Dr. Tranquility

"Ooh. Hi book James Miller life algae relearn to simplify and transform your spirit mind and body. My name is James Miller. I'm a licensed therapist composer, thank you so much for tuning in today. Let's get started. I wonder to take just a quick moment to thank you, all who continually support and listen to James Miller folly I have been so blessed and honored by your continuous support. I wanted to make sure that you don't miss out on anything citing happy over here. So make sure that for my free newsletter. James Miller, life, Olivetti dot com. I have a great show today. I'm going to help you separate between your needs and your wants, also be interviewing Dr tranquility, Lydia who has a mental health expert specializing in date therapy. Her research, based mind body, protocol helps connect you with your true, and honest, criteria for your partner or deal mate. For more information about Dr tranquility and her date therapy, please visit date therapy dot com. I've some exciting news. Did you know that I'm on the radio three times a week you may hear me on the same station on Tuesdays at one thirty pm? Friday's nine thirty AM and Saturdays at twelve thirty pm you may also hear me anytime on iheartradio as well as all the other major podcasting platforms, including itunes, Google play Stitcher, and many others. Simply search for the show name James Miller. Life algae. Are you struggling state to find your purpose has mediocrity set in and you can't imagine the same thing for the rest of your life are your relationships struggling, or you aren't sure how to make long lasting changes in your life? Then today, contact me James Miller, I will help you recognize the areas in your life that are going really well. And then we'll look at the areas in which you were struggling. We will create actionable solutions to help you create long lasting changes in your life. You don't have to do this alone. Go to website James Miller, I follow dot com and click on the page work with James fill out the form, and it will be sent directly to me, don't let another day go by without finding your way your change. Because start today, once again, goodbye website, James Miller, follow dot com and click on the page work with James filled up for him to get started today. Needs versus wants often. We don't realize that we use. Those words interchangeably, if you're to sit back in record your conversations throughout the day, you'd probably use those words incorrectly. What I mean by that. Is this those words really define the core value that you have versus something that is not as important when you think about it with other words, we say the same thing, I hate that I can't live without that, I die if that happened to me, those are what's called hyperbole a fancy way to basically say it's a big change ration-, but when it comes back to quantifying or measuring your need versus want. It's really important to be aware of that when you're trying to be clear about something a really trying to get direction. It's important that you separate between your needs versus wants another way to look at the need is essentially say, what is it dealbreaker for me? What is it that I can live with? And what are some things that at the end of the day, don't really matter to me, as much when you can start to separate between you need versus one? It's actually writing down, you'll find that what you really thought was indeed, actually probably want naked mean anything from your job to relationships to friendships to finances to health and wellness. Those are just a few examples of how the need versus wants really manifest itself. The more clear, you are on what your true need is versus your want the more successful, you're going to be because if you lump those two things together, you're going to be disappointed. You're going to be living in an ideal world. That's full of all these wants. But that's not really practical. Nor is that the realistic world you can get closer to an ideal world when you are really clear on what your needs are think of a funnel at the very top of the funnel are going to be your needs and wants together. And then as that liquid pours through that funnel. It cifs out all those once until the very bottom is what your core need is another way to look at that. Is this the eighty twenty principle Israel? We used for business and a business, basically Sates at twenty percents of your population are going to be the one to make the decisions to influence, the eighty percent of people many of the lay people look at the eighty twenty principle and this different way they often say that a partner job, a church a friendship of those categories will only be able to give you eighty percent of what you need. And the twenty percent is what usually people chase after unfortunately many times, we haven't really parched out or separate between her need our want. So then we linked at one hundred percent together eighty percent is your need and twenty percent is your want and because somebody or something doesn't give one hundred percent. All the sudden say it's not for us. And we move on. When you think of it in that respect, eighty percent is really, what your need is that twenty percent is simply a want when you can be really clear on separating between needs and wants. It's going to change your life, significantly things to really important to a one time, rather, thought there. Really big at one time really aren't going to matter as much because that's probably in a want category. And not in a need category. Think about this all areas of your life, your, spirituality, your health and wellness your finances, your friendships, your relationships, your family your downtime. Your hobbies your vacations. All of those things are so important, because when you could really ask yourself is this a need or want you're going to realize that would truly matters to you at the core of we are is that need and everything else. We'll just follow. So today really be mindful that listen the word you use to determine if you fall into the trap of confusing your want with your need. Did you know I have a YouTube channel? That's actually how started I have. Well, over one hundred fifty five episodes, and I've created specifically for you. I do know that many people struggle with listening to a full thirty minute show. So these episodes are bound three minutes long each episode. We'll give you a practical tool or technique that you can practice daily to help you simplify, and transform your spirit mind and body, simply go to my website, James Miller, life dot com, or go to YouTube, and search for my name, James Miller life algae. My guest is Dr turn quilty. She has a mental health expert with a background in mind body medicine from Harvard University's mind body institute club, universities Rosenthal center and botanical medicine as well as British school of complementary medicine, she's gracious enough to talk with us today, about date therapy, which is a mind body, protocol, connecting you with your true ideal criteria for your partner or ideal mate. Welcome to my show. Dr trump. Goldie. Well, james. I'm so excited to be on life allergy. It's gonna be a thank you. Was talking to some of my friends before the show and like, oh my gosh, everyone's text me saying, I can't wait to hear the show. So I can't wait to hear what this mind body protocol, is because I need to learn this honesty. We all do. Before we get started. How did you become known as Dr Cody? Wow. Had. Oh, I know. I was going on the view. Or it was just preview. I think York news programs and I needed to domain name and back then because we're going back a minute, not everyone had websites. It wasn't as it is today, where it's more important than your business tranquil and I needed a domain, and I thought, well, Dr relaxed, I was doing strictly Zayed's relief and. Which depression, but teeny bit, mainly acute, onset s-, anxiety, and little tweaks in there, and I thought about it, and I thought, well, turn quality. That's what we'll hope we wanna find some peace in some tranquility, then I thought Dr cruelty and at the time, everyone was like other to ridiculousness and now I have to, like run behind people like I'm sorry. It's taken. Great. That's. Yeah. How does your from exactly two dating or to relationships? Well, it was really interesting. I had dating Zayed's down. But it is we all have a little bit true. Now, I do tend to be a little bit of a social because, as a practitioner, we control our space environment. So people come in. They leave on cue for us. And you have to go out into big, big world, and I started doing some more media the view and some bigger shows. And you know, you're walking out, you know how this is James, and there's a massive set there. There's hundreds of human as running around, you know, I had had a big argument just before I launch date, their p originally the boyfriend at the time who's no longer in my life. And he was spicing. It turned out. He had some other issues. He was threatened by the fact that I though in out in front of millions of people. And was trying to sabotage my mindset for the interview, and I just realized this whole thing is crazy. And I thought there has to be a better way to find more supportive people by and then also my girlfriends had been bothering neither, like, okay we don't need. Psych. Mind body expert hypnotic anesthesiologist on top of this Email. So can't you come up with a way that we can find and given my situation? So I thought there's something exactly it's their neat how that happens when when this happens it literally drops into your lap. And look at today, Dr tranquility all over the world speaking about there. So cool foreign and timely and, and it's interesting because what started to begin when I did my clinical trials because I did send this whole little protocol through trials. I have the better seventy five percent success rate in marriage of people that have been married now for more than a decade, all my gosh, that's amazing. I'm above the national average. And we're a little bit higher than that. But I find when you start throwing things out there too much. If it can be a problem, you know, so we'll just all it that, that it's a little bit better on extorted to help people get in touch with who they are what they're looking for in a partner back in the day. This was prior to gay marriage. And so a lot of people were trying to form fit into types of relationship pros would say the Senator, but there was, I had a dear friend, and she had a colleague in one of her best friends, and he was involved with his partner, and they couldn't marry as me was actually acquiring his paperwork. You know, who's orgy had a green card or whatever. And so we all had to go to Vegas so that they were. And then when that part of the situation, ended it was, how does he shift is mindset back? So although date there, be can be very tongue in cheek. It's also a really interesting way as a practitioner to slide your patient, population, people who may not want to come in and see, therapists. Exactly man predate therapy, and then people who just want a one off date, and they want to be okay with the fact that they don't want to settle down. I don't wanna partner, I would agree relationship. And so they didn't perhaps they had a very religious upbringing. So, you know, they didn't feel the comfort level with that type of relationship. Don't it helps them to go out and how the great date, and then it helps the couples that are mates, and who want to meet. And then we're coming out on killing out. We listened to me. With there is a team. But on coming out with a DT squared JT to, and what that out couples who kinda wanna kick start again, you're gonna ask you that because one of our thinking about because usually, we think date therapy, we think of it, I would think my understanding would be single people dating wanting to get to know, each other more. But I was gonna ask you about that is it also really establishing the intimacy with couples ready partner, couples I should say, does it really talk about that intimacy factors while dating continuing dating beyond perhaps, the paperwork, or the marriage or the ceremony. Yes, it does. And when you're in alignment, and you know that you're partners in alignment, and there's been honesty and communication, you know, this then that will continue. But sometimes we develop little bristles as it becomes comfortable, and it's just a sort of mental reset button. A little I like to call it the. Oxytocin IB. So it's only made I know Dr doses oxytocin, is that, that trust hormone that hug someone longer than twenty seconds of us develop that sense of trust. And that connection that connectivity, and that's something that Dr tranquil these talking about. That's something we all give each other. But that you're right. That is that actually tocine IV that some people really need to really connect on a really intimate level. Well as life goes on, you know, things occur children are born children are adopted, priority shift, you know, and, and or not, but work career takes off, and you know meeting star to occurs you. Get more involved in your work, and it can be harder and harder than if date night becomes to ritual, Listrik. It turns into a process rather than a practice. And so that's where therapy kicks in also that's beautiful. So give us some examples of, let's say, I walked came into office says, Dr tranquilly I need some help here. What would be some what would be the experience for one of the people that would come to? Okay. Well, first of all, in this is funny because this is one of the things that I had to work on getting passed in. It was very personalized specialized protocol in for years. And although there are date their pissed running around, I have trained professionals of therapists who utilize this protocol now and have over the last decade. Thank you. I was like, how did we get take this on a grand scale, and it just it took a bit. But one of the things that happens, whether you're zooming with me, and I like zoom because it's compliant but gyms back my GM and, or you're in my office, we sit down in its we just chat, because I need to an want to have an understanding of who you are. And this way, we can just communicate one on one. It's about ten minutes. I ask you to fill out some paperwork. It is not the date therapy in and of itself, unless it slides. Is not a structured therapeutic model in the sense that it is not traditional. And you are not in a psychotherapy session, you, if anything are more akin to a hip, no therapeutics. It's deeper than that it has splashes of NLP psych in it, but it is not structured in a traditional fashion. So we talk about some things, and things you like some things that you don't like, and then we go through the session, and at the end of the session, we had the same conversation, and it's so interesting to see pre and post paperwork. You know. And we were you that together? And so a lot of that is done just prior I in a phone call, or in an initial Skype session, very short, quick one or not Skype excuse me. And then we go from that base into the actual. So when you're coming in. You're working with me in the second technically second session. It's were all in. We've done a little bit of induction. We've gotten to know each other taking the moment to write some things down. And then we're going from the Email Jimmy, and then we're going there, we go all in, and then there's a slight tweak, which can be phone call or zoom. Usually, if someone really wants to see me, we'll see each other again, but usually were like, really one full session done. So it's like two hours total with pre and post and the session, and you're out the door. So we'll get to civic changes in the paperwork. Rush. She let me let me backup second. What would be the difference, people who don't know maybe really understand the concept of date there, even say this, what would be the difference between a matchmaker? What you do. Answer. Date. For people who don't know, the dating the behind the scenes industry, Google bang and major, major sites. And we talked about PR date therapy of and I it here to help you find your mate. I'm here to help you find yourself in the mating process. So we may not conclude that work. You may choose to continue with me and turn it into a longer protocol. You may just want to get an understanding because then you would take the information weakling and take it to the matchmaker or take it online and swipe or not. Whatever you wanna do there. But, you know to match combs to even to eat harmony because how can you feel fine? What you're looking for you? Don't know what your core criteria. What would you say some of those things are back of? Why do you think most people don't understand the corporate area? I think we have a concept of ourselves that we like to live with, and the concept may have been molded. We know this on other worlds, but generally speaking, that concept gets molded as you walk through life, so mummy, and daddy, friends fraternity, Sephora brothers and sisters, religions colleagues, whatever, whomever. And they start sitting in that for you starts to mold and change. I'd and it's okay if all those things happen, but the beauty of date there is that it brings you back. So. You'll figure out this is where I am now, this is me, how do I fit into this world around in a way that I'm comfortable with that makes me think of the law of the group for somebody? Listen, that is collagen of the group is essentially, you become the what the, the majority of the group. So if you and our gossipers and we're going to talk gossipers, and we'll be we're gonna be gossip even more. So whatever the similarities somewhat similar traits are becomes greater and greater into pretty soon. That is now the new identify descript or that is you. But it really was initially it just became part of you. That is very true. And eat them. Most people don't know what that is. And so bringing us back. That's how I explain it to the words at large, when I first started in during the clinical trial process, one of the things that I realized is it was shifting behavior to adequately, and I hadn't developed a component to help people to estimate. And co create that new place. Going to do back then now you're a whole nother space weight of after another planet. And so with date therapy, once I did that we found that it was a new components in a way of tweaking. And you know as you go through processes in models and protocols, you, evolve dislike I have become older. I relation ships. And so what I'm looking for is a little bit different. And so d t squared they therapy to has been developed now and so people can work with that. And really find new way of relating with the long term in term partner, and an even today, like in there, so many amazing ways to, to connect with people among them are like I'm sitting at the v club in New York City in v club is an amazing place that educates people on relief. Ships and you can find them at v club dot com. And Jamie also at Jamie at the v club dot com, and she's always there to help, but there were all these amazing ways to utilize the date, their people. And whether it's in a classroom, it's one on one meeting new people once you've gone through the process, it's fantastic, and it could be very, very quick. And I've worked with people in London. I've worked with people in New York, I've worked with people by coastal. You know, so it's it doesn't need you don't need to be in the room to make it all come together would be one of the biggest that most people would have and want to see someone like you to go through this stadium protocal anxiety jar. John, I would think so inciting about about what, you know, about the protocol initially, and then they meet me, and that's usually over of, but they generally will call and that's tends to be laid in that pre call. That's why we have a pre call which I also encourage all people who date to do as well. Because all relationships are dating in the very beginning. And so it's important to have that moment where you connect before you go all, in, you know, it doesn't help woman to be wearing stilettos and she's going hiking on our first date. Or man sure there was some variation there. So I talk about that a lot of Mike articles in keep its post, but that tends to be the biggest, I would say barriers or I'm very comfortable with who I am or so. I think I am. I know I want something different. But in my ready to create a different and once they realized that you're not going from aid Z, that there were whole out of letters in between you figure out where you fit any Volve. It's just that you now have new tools and new information or success just into I like to work smarter, not harder aspects of the more, you know, yourself to really void a lot of this pitfalls or things that you've done in the past one of the things I really, I tell people just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do something. Sometimes we like. Oh, I can do this. I can eat this date that person. Sure you can. But without some of this insights, you are going to repeat this. Patterns over and over again. So sometimes it's good. Just a slow down and continually done those same things in the past maybe upon reflection. That's probably not getting what you want. Absolutely. That is very true. And it's a it's a good idea to relax into it and to enjoy yourself. And, and I think that's the biggest piece with date therapy. It helps you relax into who you are what you want. And then you'll figure out again how to apply at how do we ball from there? And it's quick, just that's a lot of people can really enjoy. That, that is one of the things that I think many people kind of struggle with. It's just the whole aspect of take forever. I'm always going to be single and I was going to be this, or that, but the point is, if something is truly vested invested in something you're going to get a quicker return on it. So it's going to someone like you with your therapy dating protocols. Well, that's really going to help people break through whatever they don't know because you don't know what you don't know. But you. You are going to be able to help them realize what is going on to be able to help them be successful, which is really, really exciting. It is exciting. And one of the big trends in dating for a while there. I don't know. It's still going on, was that people were actually hiring people to go online and answer, their dating profiles, a really wait. So you'd outsource your dating profile, I learned this eater apart by Dayton's or these bigger conferences on the industry, and they, you know, people say, on Wall Street were hiring people to go online, and to not so much tweak, a protocol that they didn't approve, of course but to answer instead up their date. And so, yes, you can fly through things with these, but successful mating n even successful fund dating if you're really busy, this helps you to give to give you the tools to kind of cut through the stocks, and you're like, okay, I get this person. I really like you, but you're not someone. I want to connect with. Weekly, and you're not someone. I want to connect with long-term Scher Joe Joe Leonard. And I love it. You know. It's been such a fantastic time. Have you my show? Today. My listeners like defendant, more information about you work with you. Learn all date therapy, and really change your life. Where would they find this information online? Gold therapy dot com base book date there. Be or Lydia. With a Y L Y at DR, tranquility dot com. Excellent, thank you so much inoffensive. I guess I really appreciate it. Thank you. It's been amazing. Thank you, Jane. I also want to thank you, the listener for tuning in today. Please subscribe at this radio show ever joined with us today, or please, go to my website, we may sign up for my free newsletter. Watch my YouTube episodes, read the articles, I've written specifically for you or man role in a life algae academy, where you can take self directed courses which will help you simplify transform your spirit mind, and body, if you'd like to personally work with me, be a guest on or advertising, the show, simply visit James Miller, follow dot com. Be sure to follow me and also media platforms under the name James Miller folly, except for Twitter, which is James m folly once again. Thank you so much for your support. And I'll talk to you soon.

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1161: "Replacists"

No Agenda

2:51:49 hr | 2 years ago

1161: "Replacists"

"Edited a adam curry john's devora twenty nine th this is your award-winning nation media assassination episode eleven sixty one auden. This is no agenda tally up all the thirty three and broadcasting live from the frontier of austin texas coward the drilling star state in the morning everybody. I'm out of silicon valley but we're beating this set for one more time. I'm just eat kale the monitor along when we're dead and gone people will know when it came to us versus zephyr. We ultimately were the winners you got. It got it every single time yes right. We want some time back all right here. We dr trump's fault. You said it yourself before we started. Well let me i have a quiz for you then okay. I want to ask me. I'll tell you what question to ask me then. I'll answer answer it okay. I'll play along all right asked me if it was clinton's fault. That columbine happened you know i was wondering john back in the day. It wasn't clinton's fault. That columbine happened. No i look man as far as i'm concerned. Wait two or three more questions. Oh god okay asked me if it was obama's fault that aurora happened. You know this another instance. I was thinking of the movie shooter. The batman shooter in aurora aurora colorado was that <hes> obama's fault no. I have another question now the not one not two but three shootings at walmart and in addition to that last night there was another shooting god. I know where this was now. This more xu's this morning morning from <hes> dayton ohio. Yes these that president trump's fault yeah okay just chicken not only that qassam watching this news this morning and beta aurora comes on <hes> c._b._s. and directly blamed trump or tell me you have a clip of that. I've just couldn't i probably gonna be renewable. Hold on let's step back and wait wait. Then bait aurora goes right over to a._b._c. and blames trump nine that but he also mentions all of trump's flaws including the fact that without mentioning anything other than this without even mentioning <unk> anything this stuff happened. He says trump said that nazis white supremacists are fine people scott adams did uh <hes> did he at any point say trump is literally hitler because that would have been the best now unfortunately no it. They went to a panel with four people that all thought trump trump was response. Holy shit well. Here's what i saw. It was within minutes. It was <hes> trump's fault everything and of course this <hes> this shoot. We're just talking about the third walmart shooter as if you're some some kind of prophecy future sier wait we are. We had a newsletter wearing you specifically before. This attack even even happened mentioned that the two other walmarts shootings had not been covered that did go out didn't it. That's what i i saw in. The newsletter. Yeah newsletter you read went out that was before the third shooting was it was before it or not. Oh <hes> it was before dayton well for sure. I you know i was looking at these. There were two walmart shootings before this one two of them. One in in <hes> didn't get reported because i don't take it was a big deal to i don't know all i know there's a lot of shootings all of a sudden e e yeah and and and so this came on the heels of a report about the from the f._b._i. A so called memo that was uncovered which kind of spells out or hear that people who believe in crazy conspiracy theories are should really be labeled as terrorists yeah yeah that was that was kind of kind of coincidental and i was thinking the reason why we didn't hear anything about about walmart shootings before the before this one in the no paso. Is you know you gotta be quiet about walmart. They spent and three billion dollars a year in advertising. We don't want people to be afraid. We certainly wouldn't want the news to mention that wal. Marts are gun free zones. I i saw a lot of people saying oh texas. Everybody's got a gun. How come no one took him out. Well before you go on. Did you see that new unpublicized the shooter in walmart in el paso. Did you see the picture of the black the black woman who pulled out a gun and start firing at you no. I didn't fantastic good definitely kind of the way her oh shoot all right now. The thing i wanna do first off is just whether this is his is or not i you know it's it's claim to be his manifesto. I'm a i'm a a student of manifestos. A feel of someone's going to write something and than go kill other people. It's least shooter. Yes the shooter it's at least worth discussing or at least exposing what he wrote an and within minutes contrary to what he actually writes he was being called white supremacists white nationalist. You know it's the trump fan everything everything and i just i marked up his manifesto and i just want to read a couple of passages from it because the mainstream won't do it have you seen anyone and read anything anything from his manifesto nothing right not of course not contradicts knicks their idea of what should be reported how it should be reported what their objectives are which is to get trump on office. It won't be reported yeah so i'm reading this with the same name <hes> interest i had when i first read at ted kaczynski's manifesto as the uni bomber thinking well geez read. I also read that character up in norway or whatever his name would ominous breivik well. That was a compendium more than a a manifesto which is really <hes>. I would say a lot of it is used as the ultimate background the base the base information pool which this and the christ church shooting quite frankly these manifestos from the christ church shooter which his manifesto is illegal by law to possess. You cannot have that in new zealand. You're not allowed to have a copy the video you're not allowed to have a copy of his manifesto. That is illegal now. What was it illegal pretty much immediately. I think one kid got in trouble may go to jail for having a copy of the video. So the same interest i have is why the unabomber killed these people with bombs blowing up now. Maybe he had something to say so. Let's start with the oddness of mainstream media calling this guy a trump supporter and white supremacist us with the last paragraph of his manifesto <hes> my ideology has not changed for several reasons my opinions on automation nation immigration and the rest predate trump and his campaign for president. I putting this here because some people will blame the president or certain presidential candidates for the attack. This is not the case. I know the media will probably call me a white supremacist anyway and blame trump's rhetoric. The media is infamous for fake news their reaction into this attack would likely just confirm that that seems like even if you wanna call him and white supremacist and a trump supporter you might want to mention and that he said he wasn't that's. The main thing that bothers me. Now is trying to get inside this guy's head if he actually wrote this now. He called his title of john. Stop stop stop. Why wouldn't he have written it. Who else would have written it or what would be the point of it if he didn't write it and insofar as who does is a benefit i think we have to read through it to find out if he didn't write it if it means filled with political positions and information about his so-called thinking so whether it's him or someone wrote it for him or someone wrote a completely unrelated to him we we can't just ignore it. That's the thing that bothers me. Why we have we have nothing but panels and panels of people on new shows so called new shows uh-huh. You actually watch real news so-called real news like on p._b._s. M five m and network news it. They could at least say hey. Let's talk about this. This is interesting. What is this guy thinking about and he starts. What am i thinking yes. I'm in a happened. It just encourages others to write manifestos bad idea. Okay well obviously on the no agenda show. We think a little differently about that. It's probably worth finding out what the guy was thinking and if action needs to be taken that can be taken and he starts right off the title of his manifesto who is the inconvenient truth. Now this hearkens back to the christ church shooter indeed back to anders bridles compendium and he starts off by saying in general. I support the christ church shooter and his manifesto. This attack is in response to the hispanic invasion of texas. I didn't even say anyone mentioned mentioned that in their reporting is the top it says it right there. This attack is a response to the hispanic invasion of texas. That seems pretty clear there. No i listened to the to the president and went and go kill brown people. That's pretty much the same five message now. I'm going to read a few paragraphs apps here. Some people will think this statement is hypocritical because of the nearly complete ethnic and cultural destruction brought to the native americans by our european ancestors. The natives didn't take the invasion of european seriously and now what's left is just a shadow of what it was so he's now saying that people often don't recognize that that you're being invaded and before you know it's too late. Actually the hispanic community was not my target before i read the great replacement now. The great replacement is what the christ church shooter referred to and that is we disgusted on the show. Previously that is the theory that europe white europeans are being replaced by brown people from poor countries systematically and on purpose and the great replacement if anything's probe and that's that's not a benefit that i think that's an actual book. Isn't it the great replacement. We've talked about this nine. Look it up okay then. He has a heading political local reasons in short america's rotting from the inside out and peaceful means to stop. This seemed to be nearly impossible. The inconvenient truth title manifesto is that our leaders both democrat and republican have been failing us for decades so by his own words. He's against both parties. Takeover of the united states is governed by unchecked corporations. He's really he's against corporatism. Due to the death of the baby boomers increasingly anti immigration ration- rhetoric of the right and ever increasing hispanic population. He's slamming the right here. America will soon become a one party state the democrat party party will own america and they know it they've already begun the transition by pandering heavily to the spanish voting block in the first democratic debate now he actually put some blame on on the democratic candidates for pandering to hispanics they intend to use open borders free healthcare for illegals citizenship and more or to enact a political coup by importing and then legalizing millions of new voters. How can you not read that as i hate what the democratic candidates <music> are doing in this primary. He saying that maybe that's why they don't want to discuss it. Elo the heavy hispanic population in texas will make us a democratic stronghold stronghold losing texas and a few other states with heavy hispanic population to the democrats is all it would take for them to win nearly every presidential election although the republican republican party is also terrible. Many factions within the republican party are pro corporation pro corporation equals. Pro immigration continued eighteen. You'd immigration will make one of the biggest issues of our time automation so much worse. This is literally talking points of the candidates that we saw on stage including andrew yang continues america will have to initiate a basic universal income to prevent widespread poverty and civil unrest as people lose their jobs. Who's gonna stop happy. I second everything that he says in the opening of this manifesto is against what we've seen in the past few weeks in democratic debates. He seems to be influenced by what he saw a couple of things i stopped guy. Take the please do please of course okay. The great replacement was also the garonne reponsible las. Mall plasmon was a book down in two thousand eleven. You're right if french book and it's and but if you read the wiki page of course they're gonna take it a little differently. They say the great replacement is known as a replacement theories of white nationalist right wing conspiracy theory of course roy complicity replaces replaces. We don't use that whatever good one replace them. Write it down. Replaces replaces elites <hes> right that to <hes> the white french population as well as the white european population europe. A large is being progressively replaced with non european peoples specifically arab berber and sub saharan african muslim populations from africa in in the middle east through mass migration and demographic growth. The theory was based on renault <unk> came as two thousand eleven book the great replacement <hes> specifically associated presence of muslims in france with potential danger and destruction of french culture and civilization so that's that and i would not when you mentioned andrew yang. There is a huge thing going on right now to find <hes> that yang's thanks campaign is bitching about because yang is the one who promotes this idea of the robots and the and universal basic income the two things he mentioned yes as-as main thing i his being <hes> horn swaddled through a i guess a details little gotcha. 's in the qualifications nations the list of how to get on the debate stage. They're trying to get him off the stage. Who is the democrat party. That's of of course well then. They should just say that. The shooter referenced him in the manifesto. He'd be gone in a heartbeat. Will then people would look at the manager at all. I'm uh-huh yes. This would be wrong. You get to work even me. Yes may continue even though new migrants do the dirty work their kids typically. Don't they want to live the american dream. Which is why they get college. Degrees fill higher paying skilled positions. This is why corporations lobby for even more legal immigration after even after decades of it happening. They need to keep replenishing the low skilled labor pool. I never actually thought about it like that a <hes> but i buy it recently. The senate under a all caps republican administration has greatly increased the number of foreign workers workers that will take american jobs that to compete. I'm skipping parts. Obviously to compete people have to get better credentials by spending more time in college. It used to be that at a high school. Degree was worth something now. A bachelor's degree is what's recommended to be competitive in the job market. The cost of college degrees has exploded as their values plummeted by the way reading this and this is why. I said we really don't know if he wrote it. It doesn't sound like a twenty one year olds writing. It just doesn't feel well. I haven't read it okay but what i'm reading to you. When you just the structure he might have copy pasted parts of it. That's possible. I don't know i just felt the grammar. Stay one way or the other because there are plenty of writers. I mean gore vidal wrote his first novel at nineteen so i mean anything's possible the american lifestyle of ford's our citizens an incredible quality of life however our lifestyle is destroying the environment of our country now. This is very similar to the christ church shooter his manifesto <hes> where the the <hes> these green. He's an ecological terrorist did he fights ecological destruction. The decimation of the environment is creating a massive burden for future generations. Corporations are heading the destruction destruction of our environment by shamelessly overharvesting resources. This has been a problem for decades for example. This phenomenon is brilliantly portrayed in the decades old classic the lyrics you want to explain the law rex. I don't know the laura oh jeez. We've discussed the laura. I thought i i don't recall that. I wasn't prepared to look it up. I swear i was like why don't you look it. I'm like a junkin explain that one all right because they don't know it then he goes into the gear portion of his manifest now now this is also relatively new when it comes to shooters very clear about what weaponry they're going to use. He had two main guns. The ak forty seven also knows the w a._s._r. Ten which is the civilian version so it's not full automatic. He actually complained that it overheats massively ably after about one hundred shots fired in quick succession and then he discusses <hes> the rounds he will be using or used <hes> the eight m three bullet which he says actually fragments like a pistol hollow point when shot an ak forty seven at the cost of penetration penetration is still reasonable but not nearly as a normal ak forty seven bullet. It's definitely a bad choice without bullet design then he says my other gun they are fifteen. I mean the round on this gun isn't designed to fragment but instead humbles inside a target causing lethal wounding this will be a test of which is more lethal either its fragmentation or tumbling which is kind of sick very sick reaction. This gazer was this guy's last name manggala. No then we're almost the end here. Adding <hes> heading reaction statistically millions of migrants have return to their home countries to reunite with the family they lost contact with when they moved to america they come here as economic migrants not for asylum reasons. This is an encouraging urging sign that the spanish population is willing to return to their home countries if given the right incentive and then he goes on to say incentive that myself and many any other patriotic americans will provide personal thoughts reasons in thoughts as it were at the end here my whole life. I've been preparing for a future. That currently doesn't exist. The job of my dreams will likely be automated. Thank you andrew young hispanics will take control of the local and state governments of my beloved texas changing policy to better suit their needs they will turn texas into an instrument of a political coup which will hasten hasten the destruction of our country. The environment is getting worse by the year. If you take nothing else from this document remember. This in action is a choice. I can no longer bear air. The shame of inaction knowing that are founding fathers have endowed me were the rights needed to save our country from the brink of destruction. Our european comrades don't have have the gun rights needed to repel the millions of invaders that plague there. He says plaque but plague their country they have no choice but to sit by and watch their countries burn earn people who are hypocrites because they support imperialistic wars that have caused the loss of tens of thousands of american lives untold numbers of civilian lives the argument that mass mass murderer is okay when it's state-sanctioned is absurd. Our government has killed a whole lot more people for a whole lot less then. He has a <hes> <hes> portion here which is <hes>. I'm not sure what the what reading this comes from but i this is the this is the very kooky part i'm against race mixing because it destroys genetic diversity and creates identity problems also because it's completely the unnecessary and selfish cultural diversity diminishes as stronger and or more appealing cultures overtake weaker and or undesirable ones the best solution to this for now will be to divide america into a confederacy of territories with at least one territory for each race this physical separation would nearly eliminate race mixing and improve social unity by granting each race self-determination within their respective territories this this is isn't this something i've read something about this before about the splitting it up and giving each race its own its own state or territory malcolm the next probably that's interesting. You say he said is there. That's interesting that just already told you about the ideology balaji part. Here's something that doesn't compute with because he got captured. My death is inevitable. If i'm not killed by the police probably begun down by one of the invaders capture sure in this case is far worse than dying during the shooting because i'll get the death penalty anyway were still is that i would live knowing that my family despises me. This is why i'm not not going to surrender even if i run out of ammo if i'm captured he will be because i'm subdued somehow yet. He got captured seem you can look subdued and then at the end about <unk> trank then at the end again he says is that <hes> this has nothing to do with trump. He hates both parties. He hates the corporatism and yes so there was a just as an aside. There's a there was something i didn't record. This and it's not one of my my clip list but somebody was talking about how cool ooh there's one and one of these talk shows how cool and weird is going to be when the democrats takeover texas and <hes> in aurora was who do <music> guess would be the king of texas roar was kaiser beto kaiser kaiser though and it was it had something to do with it and it was at nine. I'm going to start looking into this thing you bud because they're trying to flip texas democrat which will be quite quite amusing amusing as far as i'm concerned. I think it's actually quite possible to do that. I really do. I think we're not far off from <hes> just look. Look it. <hes> who's in dallas texas dallas and houston and austin <hes> look at what al paso is the castro brothers yeah ed. That's a san antonio. These are all sanctuary cities. I might add so this this this. I think this <hes> correct we had the the democratic governor famous one and richardson people. Actually i think everyone liked her or heat or hated her. Equally when young is it was a love hate relationship but she was very respected. I guess i could say yeah. That's that's possible but i'm just i mean this. I never see this kind of talk. On twitter from people who are twenty one running around pissed off well people on twitter who are twenty one and running around pissed off our urge just a bunch of weenies on twitter now twitter from the conspiracy side head of the house which i i i feel also need to cover this would be categorized under gladio operation gladio b which means there and and maybe there's something well. There's definitely correlation to what the gladio strategy would be which is a strategy of tension and unrest and you do that by these types of shootings. We've had quite a few in a row. Everything was dead. Nothing was to coin a phrase. Nothing was was happening. News news wise everyone's getting ready to go on vacation <hes> governments <hes> on his on leave for six weeks. We're all down. We don't have another debate until september and then we get a whole bunch of shootings in a row i think by now my count is six with at least several people killed at each one and what is the guy doing with ear. Get protection for the other walmart. Also had shooter also had ear protection. What why why is this psychological question which i have no expertise and if you're gonna go and shoot and you say i'm gonna i. I need to die in this but i need to protect my ears. What the hell heard. What are you kidding me. It's very painful. I was less shooting. I forgot to put my protection or put things back on. I took a shot at forty five. You indoors by ears. Were ringing for a half an our. I'm not gonna go shooting without protection even if they to be shot or not shied doesn't mean you have to put yourself into miserable pain. Just seemed if you all right. I know it's not typical of mass shooters. Can i say that certainly certainly not to in a row hood. There's two things aren't discuss one whether any of them are wearing ear protection seems to me. I don't see that discussed a and b whether they're on in some sort of drug. This is real this angsty thank you well and nobody is disgusted on any of these cases recently. They don't say it was the ambien dan or is he on ritalin or was he a kid. That was unwritten land. He's alpha ridler now. He's on adderall. I mean no. Nobody brings any of this. Because of course the big networks are supported by the drug companies which brings me to my first clip for the day we can move away from the from the. I don't think we have anything else. Doing i mean we had this is what we have. I don't have shooting i have i finally dug up some other stuff. Well let me let me go into what we were just talking about about big pharma and how it's not discussed east and all the all these children if you're twenty one i think is still a before we do go too far away. I do have to clips that are connected acted in an off handed way connected to the shooting. Yeah okay well. It connected to that what you read that manifesto some other okay it okay. This is from designated survivor episodes season three which was moved off. He was kicked off the air and moved over to netflix floyd. This is <hes> the what's his face. Sutherland kid sutherland plays a president who was killed. Everybody in he became the survivors survivor because they always take wendy. He was kind of the loser guy in congress and because everyone was killed he becomes the president yeah now. He's a democrat is running in their after season three. It's the end of it. They've killed the show so we got one episode left after she after episode nine to episode nine he's running up against a trump would not at trump to you too much of a trump like character but every republican bunch of creepy republicans and these creepy republicans are up to no good and of course he's like the good guy but he's behind in the polls because he doesn't wanna do anything too spectacular so he was so we have an a premise so this is the the designated survivor ever episode nine season three. This is the first clip and listen carefully to what's going on l. by the wait wait. The guy running for president has has this aid is top guy who has used who's would gather talking about and what nasty things done my advice on target the f._b._i. Has fell brunton under twenty four hour surveillance. How the hell was marsha chief. Strategist connected to the bioterr- threat feds found someone who'd been solicited by brandon tend to research and develop bio ethnically targeted infections and we've confirmed the n._s._a. Was brought in and they've now tied brunton to the dead tears mumber through phone records to what if the tiptoe around around the g._o._p. Elephant in the room is maas involved f._b._i. Doesn't could be well if he is his loyal attack weasel never tell moss's ahead ahead in the polls brunton will stay quiet hoping for a pardon if he wins where we at with that. Mr president is the question causing run a modem at the the d._o._j. The grand jury handed down a sealed indictment. Director varga's prides himself on keeping the f._b._i. A political which is why they back through the white house counsel's office. I just wanna make a comment for you. Deconstruct this <hes> immediately some trolls who like who cares about a tv show eh well. You'd be amazed at how program how 'bout program <unk> these things are and how people believe they've heard or seen. It's an historical fact based upon something they saw in a television show how about chernobyl which people actually have said it was a great documentary. That's why anyone who set who brings that up in the chat room. Obviously doesn't listen to the show much a or b should be just kicked. Dan banned from chatroom as my opinion anyway so so okay so this brunson character has developed or worked with summit to develop some sort of biological eloge warfare thing that kills brown people tend to get back yeah great and the idea is to change the balance of of the <hes> the tipping bows deserves a bunch of lectures in within the within the show there's lectures and how the white man <hes> who's really around seventy percent pretty pretty much been self identified whites of the population <unk>. It's gonna be less than fifty percent probably a year so they you have to so they gotta do something about this and that's the evil republicans of course are behind it but it turns out the second clip here and then wrap it up but the second clip here which is a shorter clip kind of takes it to the next next level. This biological weapon isn't what we think is worse. Sterilization appears here's to have been the intended outcome. The by a weaponized flu was going to be introduced into populations with high minority growth rates large swath of the population would become infected but they get better what would be undetectable was that it had been genetically sequenced to sterilize its minority host row okay for let's stop right dare and let me just do this. I did this a couple of times on this show. This is an old science fiction story desmond readapted and in fact the last time i saw this exact story being run down as the drama was on stargate as g one escot <hes> what's his name whatever it is one of these guys back but anyway so that s you wanted to go to this planet and there's two or three white folk that they distort stories switched to a three these white folk and they've they're working on the planet and his giant giant farms and there's nobody else around on this day wandering around fallen a whole and inside the whole there's they find all these documents that show that this trick has been played on the white people and they were all been sterlite through some disease which was <unk> biologically engineered to do attend spreads like dogs. Ha ha sorry. It's a new twist on an old classic. I'm working next round. This bullshit story can come up and so they end they these guys reges dumb and so this is like you know. These guys are bad. It was so the way this story goes on as it gets out in the public finds out just before the one week before the election even though the f._b._i. Didn't want to do anything because they don't want to interfere with the election they go on bought that quite a bit and then as historic concludes <hes> and is being brought aww that they're trying to kill everybody with his biological weapon to republicans are <hes> somebody finds out that the democrat main operative has been using c._i._a. <hes> exclusive c._i._a. Spying stuff to get these get to steal information from from the other side because there is a mole in the republican party and the republican party is leaking allot hello but then they find wine clip where it turns out that the guy running for president knew nothing of it and there's proof that he knew nothing of it but meanwhile the elections now going toward the swing toward the democrat. It's a it's a convoluted looted at hollywood's six-storey trying again using everything they can in every direction to to demeaned the republican party is just what it is well <hes> in this case the it appears more that the democrat party specifically in the shooting in case made walmart specifically the candidates and their discussions in the past <hes> debates certainly was some reason for the forming this guy's mind opinion and actions. Let's go back to what we're always looking at is was was. Do we know anything about about any of these shooters ever if they were on psychotropic drugs at all the no the reason why is we know just turn on the news channels for sure sure but turn on p._b._s. You can see it's sponsored by proudly brought to you by all kinds of big pharma big pharma research big pharma manufacturers etc not just the only one that got the war machine in there to boeing and mcdonnell douglas a._d._m. All these fantastic corporations <hes> so it cannot not be discussed and the empire is going after two of the uppity candidates in in the most recent debate tulsi gabbard which will get to the moment the going after her and quite a classic way. Marianne williamson is <hes>. They're really doing doing a number on her. Actually this two parter we'll start with and it's and it's big pharma who was after her specifically and n. She's made her positions quite clear documentation on her website and she will never become president in the united states and the current status quo for for a number of reasons but one of them is the anti pharmaceutical stance so ari melber on m._s._n._b._c. gets her on the show and listen to him really trying to describe her without saying it as an anti vaccine her to keep pushing it. I think she does us okay <hes> explaining her position but you can already see that this is just. She's not going to go very far out. One of the questions is one. That's often imposed sometimes about republicans who are knocking for example climate science which is these are news. Where do you come down on. Who you get your cues from on medicine or science because as as you know in a related issue there was this question vaccinations you just mentioned the wellbeing of children and pesticides. You had cast skepticism on vaccinations. I wonder if you could get better. Explain to us where you come down on that given the science and the concern that back even the science and the concern scientists nations do word job people need them to keep these communities safe well once again. I think it's an overstatement to say that i cast skepticism on back summations on the issue of vaccinations. I'm pro oh vaccination. I'm pro medicine. I'm pro science on all of these issues. What i'm bringing up that i think is very legitimate and should not be derided and should not be marginalized. Particularly a free society tidy is questions about the role of predatory big pharma. I want to jump in and let you respond obviously so my viewers remind you she saying predatory story big pharma on a channel which is mainly run by money from predatory big pharma keeping up with us. I'll read a little bit of what you said as you're talking about the picture and then i'll hand it back to you. The quote here was it's different. It's no different than the abortion debate the u._s. Government doesn't tell us citizen in my book what they have to do with their body or or their child vaccine mandates were in your view at the time quote draconian. An orwellian headed back to well now. She realized that draconian ah she said a lot of stuff and she rarely glosses over things she said in the past because i think she's kind of an anti vacher quite honestly in today's by today's as description so when she hears that she's going to try and dismiss that a bit and move into her per per position the issue of jakonen oh well ian this is the issue when i i was a child we took far fewer vaccine and there was much less bungling and there was much less chronic illness. I don't know why you know. This is not a topic that i have consciously chosen to. This is not some big topic for me. Don't you realize you're trying to get rid of you and they'll take this topic to do it but i have to tell you. What so you think tributing things being worse now. He's trying to get her to say. Is that what you're suggesting. No no no what i'm saying is that in one thousand nine hundred eighty six there was this vaccine protection law there was and there have been four billion dollars in vaccine compensation payments that had been made and there was much less chronic <hes> there was something like twelve percent chronic illness among our children previous to that law and there's fifty four percent now i don't see why in a free society what it is going on here when you look at the fact that pharmaceutical companies lobby congress to the tune of two hundred and eighty four million dollars last year alone as opposed to oil and gas which has is lobby congress to the tune of one hundred twenty five million last year when you look at all the money that is spent by pharmaceutical companies even on our news on our news channels when you look the fact that there are two pharmaceutical lobbyists for every member of congress and even when you look at the tanzanian hundreds of thousands of dollars that had been paid into the coffers of even presidential candidates why why are we why are we so okay with the complete shutdown of any conversation about this topic and ends ends there of course so. That's just a primer for what the empires doing now. We're gonna try and go is right on everyone. That's totally of course she is. It's i think it gets a lot of our position to the main one being. You can't have an honest discussion if you're being paid by the guy who is being discussed it. Just it's quite difficult to they do that. Why would it anderson cooper takes it five steps further when he gets her on the air and oh yeah this was good now. This comes on the heels of a kennedy kid hid committees committing suicide with <hes> with diagnosed with clinical depression again. We can have a talk about that. You know we we won't really no did she overdose on something and was it was it her regular man she commits suicide what we don't know we'll never know because it's listened to the numbers a quarter of a billion dollars and that's just to the politicians. It's it's in the what twenty billion dollar eighteen billion dollar range for marketing being in the u._s. On pharmaceuticals a lot of that going to television news networks so here is a great <hes> slapdown. I'd say although although it will get her get her elected between marianne williamson and anderson cooper respect the when kate spade died you tweet it out how many public personalities have to hang themselves before the f._d._a. Does excuse me how many public personalities on antidepressants have sales before the fda does something big former cops to what it knows and the average person stops falling for this the tragedies keep compounding. The awakening should begin. You do seem to be implying aid. That kate spade was on on anti depressants which i we. I don't have any knowledge of northern anybody's business but you know we don't want to know. We don't want to know what's going on on because the truth mike him out famous people with antidepressants and suicide and many people who are on antidepressants had suicidal. I gatien long before they were taking antidepressants lewd anderson's doctor now. This is great and the f._d._a. There is a black box warning sure on on antidepressants that for for people twenty five years old and younger the risk of suicidal ideas is increased rather than decreased. Do you know how many teenagers and young for not not for over twenty four but not for people over twenty four and again just meet putting out a blanket tweet when in the wake on the day somebody has died implying that they were on antidepressants and that's what caused their suicide thatcher seems they're responsible and descend to listen into her answer. It's worth it then. We can discuss listen to her answer. When the wake on the day somebody has died implying that they were on antidepressants title presence and that's what caused their suicide that just seems are responsible. Well anderson could say the same thing to you. Given how many pharmaceutical companies to advertise on your show i. I don't know i remember seeing the ads on my show so i don't know what to look at it but i never seen the ads. I don't know what you're talking about a yeah. Wow what a liar. That's that's not true. Oh yeah he'll he'll doubled away that he doesn't know about the ads adds fuel double d. I was going to make was that when he asked his that you're responsible. How's it responsible way irresponsible what way that. She said she's made some <unk> off handed comment snide remark in fact dad. When when did they do something about all these antidepressants <hes> how's awesome. What's irresponsible about that. I'm not understanding well. He's a scientist you see that he's he's defending his advertiser saying that's irresponsible no because if you say that then people will really go crazy if they don't take our meds which you're paying for my salary oh. I didn't know that i never see the ads on my show. I don't know what i'm talking about. Texas teams are responsible to send. I could say the same thing to you. Given how many pharmaceutical companies to advertise on your show my show oh so i don't know what form but i gotta be telling you look at it not say donnie oughta impacted by who advertises on my show. I don't know who advertise on my show. It's not any interest to me. I'm sure that people in this company but i don't care where i care about is people who are dying and there's a stigma for people actually seeking seeking medical help for something that could save their life and wine and i think it's important so here's anderson being dr anderson listen and explaining why he is important and he's agnostic and nothing influences. His journalistic credibility has ally of course. It's a lie ah you can't turn on c._n._n. Without seeing who's sponsoring that was and i don't quite frankly. I'm shocked that he thinks he can get away with a lie like that. Ah that's fine just say. I don't know and i don't care. It's no no interest to me. That's that's the definition of here in the world. That honestly kasit did they would say that is not is not possible. I've i've gotten into discussions with people about this. If someone's advertising all the time <hes> <hes> and they're carrying the load in this case pharmaceutical companies are carrying the load of the advertisement is not as though aside some schmuck who while k where my pillow tele- guys like an advertisement more where we're going to do about it <hes> all of that he may be propping up fox fox the but because that's just disingenuous and that's why they always taken also you don't want to get fired for saying something thing bad about an advertising. Let's wait for anderson cooper to do a special on on drug related deaths from pharmaceuticals. Let's see way. I'm waiting in for that special that that would indicate to me okay what he'd be. Maybe he's being sincere but he's not nobody's sincere about. This is just blatant for eight years. I worked in a a high output production environment with a lot of sponsors on cable and you knew exactly who the sponsors were. You know how you know that we know that by never making a joke about skills you never make a fucking joke about skittles because they were carrying the network in the beginning and you know these things things you don't make jokes we could even make jokes about madonna because she was carrying the network to agree to a degree at one point but now the definition of irresponsibility responsibility is not knowing who is paying your bills anderson cooper what if it was some right wing nazi propagandist indices outfit. You wouldn't know please that when i read people saying well all these drugs caused suicide. I mean that's just i yeah. I don't say that anderson had not on this program. I'm sorry you said to me a few minutes ago. With all due respect. I felt very little respect here. I thought very little opportunities say what i believe and i feel the person who's had some blink. Statement said about them on this program is me i have simply never had the blanket kit conversation that you announce suggesting that i've had and when it comes to people who are suicidal. I have a thirty five year career working with people in despair. I have had a thirty thirty five year career working with people in crisis. I've had a thirty five year career working with people in pain. I have people who psychiatrists sin to me to have worked worked with them. I have been up close and personal with people in their pain and in their despair for decades i i am glib about. I'd never say your lips is a complete mischaracterization and misrepresentation of my career versions on your career or saying you're glib in any way your deadly serious about this and you have very strong beliefs and i just don't understand some of your public statements and you've addressed russell and he can't let it go because he has to defend the advertiser at this point. He's defending. Wouldn't you say this makes no sense. If you don't know your ads and a wide you just want you to let her speak or get into it but he's defending now first of all a couple of things when you're interviewing and somebody's got something to say he tried to let them talk themselves out yeah unless unless you're going to be like baidoa rourke did on a._b._c. this morning where they let him talk too much yeah and he went on and on and on about how trump is fan nazi why that's the right message they. I never cut him off but for the most part in this situation with cooper trying to get this stuff out of her. I don't know why he just he's. He's being very defensive. If he's defending something we're saying you're glib in any way your deadly serious about this and and you have very strong beliefs and i just i just don't understand some of your public statements and addressing speak and let me speak. This is not a conversation that we're having well. I think it is i just i need to try to say you didn't say stuff and then i read you quotes and about me explain when people are taking antidepressant who has serious serious pain in serious pay the person in their lives and they are helped by them. I'm happy in happy for them when i'm by the way i'm pretty sure anderson. Maybe on antidepressants. That's that's that may also be what he's defending. 'young people and i meet them all the time once again. I'm the one here who's had a lot of experience with people in paints when i made i just don't think l._a. People people that it's going to numb them is a good idea. Oh well that's your belief. I believe that to tell the person under the age. May i speak when i believe the person under twenty five and i make this in your comments. You're saying one ten or on antidepressants not a good sign not a time in american history history for us to be numbing our pain telling person who's depressed and is forty years old and thinking about suicide that if they <hes> what i said most people excuse me i'm not ask please speak. I'm not talking about people who are suicidal. I'm talking about people who are depressed about the world today. Given the fact that the world is depressing. Sonically depress people are not just because the world is depressing. They go now. He's threat uh-huh again. It's dr anderson cooper who now knows all about clinical depression me wearing but but you are the one making some blankets lincoln statements here that there is no particular scientific evidence to prove you are talking about clinical depressant as though there is a blood test you talk about you can talk about this is okay. This is why i had this long clip. This is important because this is the truth about clinical depression and i think certainly today's under twenty five's as per the blackbox labeling. Ours told that this is just an imbalance in your brain. It's a chemical imbalance. It's a by the way you cannot refute this. If a doctor says this to a young person and you say i'm skeptical. You need to shut up. The doctor doctor said there's something wrong with my chemistry in my head and that is that is the selling point that is the unique selling point of anti-depressants in particular. S._r._i.'s s._r._i.'s <hes> which we really don't have full research on by admission of the of everybody's we don't exactly know all the long term effects of them in most of these ads they will actually state that they'll say we don't know why or how this works and then they just keep going yes and the and the under twenty four mentioned is also in the disclaimer the world is depressing oppressing me where but but do you want the one making some blanket statements here that there is no particular scientific evidence to prove you are talking about clinical depressant as though there is a blood test you can talk about you can talk about chemical imbalance but you can also talk about chemical changes. Come come about through yoga can come about through prayer agree through sugar about nutrition given that what what my conversation has been particularly that i am very concerned about is teenagers and people in their early twenties that underage who are told and i meet them all the time and they go and they go and some young woman you. The twenties are hard. They're not a mental illness. Divorce is hard. It's not a mental illness. Losing someone that you love is hard. It's hard we're on the same page about over prescription of drugs and you know aggressive marketing campaigns by big pharmaceutical companies and people 'specially young people should know dangerous side effects of some of these very powerful drugs. I i think we're on the same page about that and i think you have expressed your opinions and i you know some of the language of used it has raised concerns. I think it's fair that i ask those questions and i think you've addressed. I am very well so i think would also be fair for me to have a little more opportunity to answer them. Perhaps at some point you'll i would. I would like to continue so i i don't mean to make you feel good because that's really honestly not mind tension marianne williamson. I appreciate it all right. We'll be right back for the race. Good job anderson anderson. You made a looking they hung in. There could've been better <hes> if you wanted to really make your the farmers guys look good. He could have done better i i. I was in the meeting afterwards. I would shoot him out anyway. Nice knowing when you marry him. It's too bad. She's no. It's it's the thing status. I hope she gets into next well then they i. I can guarantee you show. She will be the next debate because from a television show perspective you need her. You need the crystal eighty. It's very important. She's there in other words. It will not be entertaining enough so i'm definitely wanna get ready yang i have. I have a funny yang clip doc from here in texas. Our local broadcaster association known as the info wars have a new character character out on the streets called millennial milli or merely the millennial chris. It's kind of like a stuttering john type thing from the howard stern stern show they throw they throw out on the street with a microphone and go go ask these questions she's list and she's reading and she goes up to the andrew yang who apparently has decided that we will have a news ombudsmen in the yang administration and what does it. What does it when you say. Omnibus bunt ombudsmen is that even pronounce the damn word on on nam's uh-huh buds moms butman. If why does it just use czar. That's so much easier to remember there. No bud smith very specific person they used to. They have one of the new york times but they finally got rid of the public editor. Is that what that is. It's a public area who is also a free form of it but the odds buzzmachine a neutral character. The company company hires because a company a self-aware corporation says to itself <unk> sell corporation itself. I am going to weed aid. Don't we know we're not really connected with the you know we could be making mistakes and there's no way we're gonna find it because we're actually a bunch of yes men and esso corporations operate so we're going to hire somebody called an arms buds men and that person is going to be a neutral person. We're going to pay him no matter what they do. We're gonna pay him and they are going going to take questions from the audience and they're going to resolve situations that we're totally unaware of or we don't think is important. Do we and that's what the album's butman it does. Do we have any examples incurring. Go get fired well. Here's millie the millennial. A lot of people said you did good during the debates right off of that. I'm good a lotta. People say you did good yeah. A lot of people said you did good during the debates eisai to feel glad okay. I just have to stop here. There's a couple of things bother me one. Here's at this comes close to my one of my pet peeves that don't bring up with people because it's petty but it does bother me when someone says the did you. What did you wear is this. Is this a jab at me for zoologists. No no no not at all no. He asked me now this. This is very petty. It's this petty are probably when when you know hey did you try. Did you take a test drive in that car and i say yes. Here's the question. At how did you like it. Well that implies that i liked it on several levels. I mean why don't you can someone just say. Did you enjoy it. What was your thought or how. How did you like. It doesn't look like this if you don't like to quit the generalized question. How did you like it. Yeah yeah which people ask all the time. It says it's almost like a filler well. It almost means you so you liked it right. How did you like it but you can always say. I didn't like it a why don't you. Why don't you do it you should do. I think i know what it is. You're eating at you that you don't that you don't do this. I would do this. Somebody's asked me how i liked it. I'm gonna tell you so the car right you now. You're going to be the guy going to be you so that <hes> that bolt said to both how how did you like. What makes you think i liked it. You dick. Let me write down so i know how how to do that. <hes> yes okay now. We don't do that in austin. People are actually carrying weapons. No this is not speak to. That's what i would do all right so if i were you give it gave a crap about. The question is something i know all right backslash on the pettiness lina somebody part here. We go continue with millie. The millennial andrea bill really glad especially after the last debate. I feel like i didn't get a chance to lay out my vision for the the economy of the country and i feel like i did this time so great but what do you think about think much okay. Why do you think that we need to have a news on buds men in america. We're just about to enter the era of deep fakes but we're not going to be able to make tales of the stuff we're seeing online and we know the russians have already been hacking us <hes>. It's going yeah worse but literally you could have a picture of me saying words video i._d. It could be something that's done guest dr so we need to start having countermeasures in place. Do you think it's really good to be policing though and speech. I'm sorry go. Do you think it's good to be policing free speech. Is it really a good idea. That'd be policing the practice. You're not gonna thank you. The goal is to protect the american people are it isn't it you know you guys are supposed to protect our rights okay so couple things one. She pronounced arms. Burden buds men correctly which was impressive. I will say this. I can see where you're didn't understand the definition because the way he answered that question was wrong. Yes in fact the arms buds. Men seems to to be only there to protect president yang yes. That's what he said arms buds. That's what he said yes what he said. I thought maybe yang doesn't understand what an arms bugs. Man's role is of the opinion that that's correct. He doesn't understand what an ombudsman judgements boots. He's thinking of some sort of a you know a fact checker slopes back jagger fact checker to protect my presidency and you know and the way he just cavalierly said we know the russians are hacking everywhere. Fuck you yang get outta here here at guys at that guy a silicon valley douchebag with his you. I get out of here. This is nuts. I'm looking at that you be. I it's gonna be it's gonna be thousand times. One hundred fifty billion a month sky the go away go away. I can do math all right. The roads depends on how much money the robots make while he well. He's right about the automaker said this on this show performance say it again when i was a kid and i remember this when i was a kid and i i'm talking fourth fifth great. We were told that someday in the future. The robots would be doing all the work and we the people would benefit from all their hard work with would never you be. I was never brought up. Universal basic income was not what the term was but we were somehow going going to reap the benefits of not having to work in laying the robots. Do all of our work us yes. I remembered that forever and you know what the people would believe it if you gave them. One thing issue gave the one thing that would believe this story and that's the flying car because that was the dream. The jetsons was the dream. We've got our elroy. We've got the mom and dad. We got a flying car. We got the dog we got the the robot may robot maid and everyone looked really happy. We're flying around to go to some green bubbles and over there there and we never came through with flying car and that's part of the problem. That's why people are starting to not believe it anymore. Now let me just a play this clip from tulsi gabbard. This has been fantastic the way they're trying to get rid of her. She of course attacked attacked before you go on on that one. I want to mention that because i never thought of doing this segment but michael savage not known sunnat michael savage mark levin the great one mark levin has been going after her as sort of more on that tulsa a moron yeah so he's part of the empire then i think so in fact he was on i was driving around and so i was listening to these guys and he was on some some one of his show and he was going on and on about how he was really sounded like a neo con even though he was defending himself as not a neo con but he really had nothing good to say about her and he was slamming her slam inter about what specifically oh heard you're thinking that we should get out of these wars and usually demeaning being nickname for her to go see or something stupid. Remember what gabby gabbert or something like that interesting. It's not a very good one but now none none of them good well. I've been a fan of tulsi gabbard for five six years so this is nothing new for me and i and i i like just like her whole appearance. There's a lot of things that i don't agree with but you know it doesn't mean i wouldn't wanna see your as president. She'd be interesting. The soldier card gives her some credibility and in some commandeering <hes> issues breath but she attacked hillary harassed which by the way is exactly what cameras harris camera harris is hillary. She is black hilary hilary harris. I get it. She is hillary the way she walks the way she talks the way she reflects the way she laughs the way she demeans means is she's hillary. She is a hillary clinton. She's done it herself. She's done a very good job thing no doubt but he's she did. I find your highly unlikable and she didn't get to do her storytelling in this past debate because of time restraints which is your strongpoint long point and she didn't do that at all or very well and she wasn't expecting the attack from the white hat literally standing next to her she was blindsided nine cited and she's pissed about it and she immediately went on the attack. What happened right after the debate is i. I saw botts on twitter. It's not hard to see what about is posting like a real person that <hes> that tulsi gabbard is supported by russian bots. I mean actually seeing botts. Posting about candidates. Being supported by bots is how stupid it's become tom and that the the search everyone searching for her is not true was russian bonds that were released to to to to gain the numbers offers so she'll get more airtime. I mean i'm a conspiracy theorist but even this is just too dumb for me but okay <hes> the real way we attacked. We attacked tulsi. Gabbard is of course through one of two avenues that one is she hates gays because her dad was very religious legis and protested against a quote unquote gay rights when she was a child and i guess she held up a sign and participated which he's apologized for way you too many times and the other one is her visit to assad and this of course equals you to a russian agent and <hes> ah go visit the dictator who killed his own people who just ripped him to shreds who had no. He's an orthopedic dick. Surgeon isn't u._c._s. like some really mundane occupation. This guy has his dad yeah. There's a lot to be said about him. Seems like son got got a lot of bum rap and false flags and we have some proof of some of these so-called biological attacks which turned out to be bullshit including admitted <hes> <hes> instead setting stage setting the stage by the white helmets. There's a lot of crap but she went there so forever. She will be really really an a russian agent because putin supports assad and assad therefore carrying water. It's all the way down the line so that's the attack and of course. I want you to kumo clip now while i have the clip that i have here is this is the post we hadn't played played. This is the post debate. Chat with again are our man anderson cooper with tulsi gabbard and this is right after kamala harris. It's had pooh-poohed her. She's got zero point zero one percent whatever so here we are the only thing really she said about you said that you were essentially an apologist for bashar al-assad <hes> that you would never criticize besides him as a dictator murder. I think it's unfortunate and a disservice to voters in this country that she resorts. It's two sheep smears rather than actually addressing her record the issues that i raised and the fact that she said she is proud of this record. If that's the case than voters deserve to hear about why she so proud of the lives that she has negatively impacted the families that she's in california i if <hes> if voters are wondering what what is your take on what he said might take is one of a soldier bribes seen the cost of boom there it is that's that's where the she plays the soldier older card really well. That's a smart move. Is your take on this side. What are you saying might take is one of a soldier bribes seen the the cost of war firsthand any rock serving in a medical unit every single day confronted with that high human cost of war so i will never apologize for for doing all that i can to prevent more of my brothers and sisters from being sent into harm's way to fight counterproductive regime change wars that make our country less safe. Take more lives in the cost taxpayers trillions more dollars so that means meeting with a dictator or meeting with an adversary absolutely i would do it. Do your through the security of our country understand that position. Do you consider him a torture murder. That's not what this is about. I don't defend or apologize or have anything to do with what he has done to your prison united states. It's fine if you want to meet with somebody but <hes> there's traditionally role of the president united states calling out human rights abuses overseas mushroom assad is head of a regime has disappeared. Many people okay just that last phrase shows how slanted pooper for is there's no reports of bashar al up alyssa outside disappearing people. That's what the russians are always accused of. Did you catch that isn't disappeared. People who he's he's jay. Has you must have no. He also bombed him. You know he bombs his own. People pulled that is the narrative but never disappeared. He's tying her to russia. It's what he's doing. Well the death squads and south america <hes> yeah. There's that i mean he's c._n._n. Hates her. I don't know why in the fact that mike an answer the question questions right as i can answer the question easily. All you have to do is look at how much money everyone's race. That's all they care about. How much in your f._c._c. filing how much money they raise you raise that you're going to give to them and add. That's all they care about. That's how the polls are done. That's how the rankings are done. That's how the lineup on stages done yeah but why do they have to why even bring her on. I don't get it because she hurt the queen. The queen makes brings a lot of cash. Yes she hurt the queen. You can't be hurting the queen and she potentially ruined ruined their show. The show supposed to be between biden and camera that was the show and she didn't know her place team get to do her website at the end. They cut her off off shit noar place coach. Did i mean that's what it appears to be. When cuomo went after her. It was really nasty to get any of that. Now i got other stuff to do. I didn't think this was going to be a topic and cuomo goes after her and he's claims that why do you have this. You know the she has on her website. He goes after a website she has on our website all the dubious aspects of the phony oni <hes> gassing the two of them right including the one where trump's a bunch of missiles over there right which was now it turns out that the two gas guys in in and geneva wherever they are that group that takes does all the chemical weapons <hes> <hes> the dallas. Yes yes yes. Yes those guys day said there's no chance they didn't probably wasn't even anything that he took the whole thing was acted yeah and she has all these. These data points on our website and cuomo is going after her. We've we've seen evidence. We've seen the suffering of the children he's going on and on and he did a thing in fact he did a thing on listen to this. This is the example that that just hard to watch but this this is a short clip of cuomo just doing a little aside at the end of his show on trump's racism men listen to this. We're missing the point of what the problem is with the president's pattern of pounding people of color and places they live here is his best i defense and the lease racist person. There is in the world as far as i'm concerned. I and this really matters. Least racist doesn't mean not racist. That's correct hounding people of color in the places. They live people. Is he pounding. You should've said slander eh. He's pounding okay well with that. I'd like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you. The man who put the sea in crazy cuomo john on c. d. voracek in the morning to you. Mr anker also in the more and all ships is he boots on the ground feet in the air and water and all the dame's tonight's out in the morning to our troll room not having an easy time this morning with me they can find the trolls and join in at no agenda stream dot. It's fun to say whatever you feel like is just like twitter. Only no one else sees it. That's what's great about it. It's just a very small group of people <hes> but it is where you can listen to a a great amount of shows including ours live. We've got reruns. <hes> music shows talk shows all over over the world in the netherlands from australia from canada navia. It's twenty four hours a day seven days a week and the bonus of going in there and trolling the hosts and everyone else no agenda stream dot com wait also of course we're very happy to are very pleased with our back office. This guys you know the engineering stream management and wizardry of mark van dyke void zero ryan bam rose. It's a cast of thousands in today's rose rose and today we want to <hes> thank darren o'neill for the artwork for episode eleven sixty one thousand one hundred sixty the episode's title that was that camel v._a._t. The vat camel and this was a piece of art that we discussed quite a bit before choosing it. This was i didn't like it. We'd had a discussion before we ultimately chose it and this was by darren o'neill who was done many successful successful pieces of art through the generator and it was a <hes> i guess it was bernie with the the old muppet old muppet guide the back eh staedtler and whatever their names are one of those guys and had learned that learned yes yeah and and with you know clearly on on stage at the c._n._n. Debate yeah. I yes go ahead. You're going to tell you what i would do. Deal was an bution take note. I like to peace overall all because your complaint was well. That's not the background they use under debate. Oh could wait. I'll tell you what i said looks like he could be just one of the panelists of that works for c._n._n. And there's no real connection to bernie now. I said the way the way you see this. It looks like it could have been just talking head on c._n._n. Did not really show me. This was the debate stage. Yeah that's what i said yeah and i agreed and then i said my counter was. I don't care if they even if it was something something else. I just think it's a funny image and once once john says i don't care i want it. You just gotta give that's it otherwise. He starts pouting brumby in the same way. Both at the end you could have vetoed it when you wouldn't but good because we did was save my zito's for important things. The rest of the art work was <hes>. Did none of it was killer. Yeah i had no alternative that's for sure and we couldn't find anything quickly and evergreens and so we <hes> do we really didn't have a lot of choices. Let me just see we high anyway. Listen we had fried eggs in the shape of subpoenas we had we had come on got pickle heads. We had the outlet so that's what i wanted to talk about. The pickle heads with this guy. Mr pickles bennett to reason i call mr pickles because it looks like he was eating pickles because his mouth drill rounders do that a little butthole mouth and i thought that if you're going to you not because he's shape blake giggle but if somebody shoved a pickle in his mouth and made that the the art works so he had a pickle choking on a pickle. I thought that would have been a good piece so now the the one that i liked was by mike riley was the pumped biden whereas head is is hinged open and there's a million colorful pills popping out of his head and he's got this really goofy look on his face. That's the one i liked. I didn't like it because i thought it was gruesome and i'll tell you what i why. I think it was christopher. He reminded me of one of the silence of the lambs movies was a chop the head off of ray liotta oughta thomas head missing in his brain there and he's sitting there at the dinner table and i thought it was so sickening and gruesome that this hearkens can back on that too much for my taste and it gave me the creeps okay well. I don't remember that argument and i. I don't remember that scene or if i've even seen the movie go. I didn't didn't go into the details. I just said that piece was was to me. It was <hes> it was. I didn't like writing for bright so the way it worked like this. John had a personal issue with that. I will not pull a veto card on a personal issue while you can't put a veto car 'cause already vetoed it. You used the veto you use the veto you. You didn't say vida on. I didn't use the v. I didn't have to 'cause you knuckled and that's how we choose art. You're available ebola's judging for the contest we can danny's we are just for sure now of course we we really do appreciate the work from <hes> darren o'neill and all of the artists who sometimes have trouble creating new accounts. It's been fixed. I i keep getting people saying they have a problem creating a new account. Is there something wrong. I don't know i could you reach out to paul and sir paul tournament. Note wisdom wanna do this anymore by the way in no no. It's no one steps up. No one steps up. No one upset because we actually tell you something with over. Let's see what is there now how many pieces of art worker in this thing or being thousand or something <hes> you can tell you exactly what we have drubel website so anyone knows how to droop will well yeah go drop. Go shoot yourself. I thirty remember when obama implemented some slick shit and it was all droop and we all route rupaul. We'll wait wasn't wasn't a healthcare dot gov drubel and maybe the two billion dollar website two billion dollars with over here. I wanted to remind remind everybody fifty four million dollar website and they used to brag about how much they spent. Do you remember that <hes> it was so bad and they couldn't get it up and running and this is important horton for <hes> for hillary harris they could not get this thing up and running wound up calling costing at least two billion what i recall kathleen sibelius had to resign zayn over that botched. She resigned in disgrace and yet she's writing. The healthcare bill the healthcare positioning for <hes> kamala harris. That's something that should be brought up and what is she doing it medicare advantage. She's going to build another great website over there. Please elise so yeah you know and if this is lost if this breaks and goes away or paul really gives up its possibly can just be sick and tired of it. I get it. We don't pay anything we can't this is this is the beauty of the value for value network is people pitching where they can somebody please. It's on the homepage. He would like to have someone transition to maintain this. You know it's possible that there's not one guy out there. Amongst are pretty a big audience. That can do anything about drubel. That's yeah that's possible. Who the hell would use. That might be the response. It is a good database backups drubel as considered although i guess it'd be even better if it was headless drubel headless drubel. It doesn't the drubel come from the head anyway no agenda our generators dot com. I looked at drubel once and i 'cause i'm like do i do. Wordpress press and other does that lesser style of <hes> of page management content management and i looked at drew i it should be you know and i know it's just not worth the time's pretty rough okay banney way. No origin are generated dot com. Thank you dr neal once again coming through and we do appreciate it. Although there's no evidence i i believe that that it does help with people clicking on shows that are new because they're triggered by some beautiful imagery or something at least interesting and different and it's a it's a little reminder and not a lot of shows does do it and we seem to be here after eleven years which is also in thanks to the producers who have no drew experience still want to contribute so they send us take a cold hard earned cash and we'd like to thank all of them openly transparently and with jubilee for supporting the program we do the early on with our executive producers and associate executive producers who come in with amount of two hundred or over three hundred dollars. That's just like hollywood except except we deliver the product that you want. You are paying for it. It's your production and we'd like to thank those people right now. Okay okay. You're done. Yes sir louis paps. <hes> carried the show along with sherry s- turco but he carried the show in a big where with twenty three hundred dollars in twenty three twenty two twenty three twenty two what he says he hit the jackpot the lotto what happened well he did send in a p._d._f. File which i will now look at okay essentially a p._d._f. For that music must be some something interesting there. I'm guessing aw that's funny. <hes> whereas i opened it i opened its scabby. Here's something happened here. I have ankle adam and brother buzzkill skill. Look look worse the deal this actually came from joe biden. I'm sorry you feel that a year and a half a freeloading putting makes me a douchebag but we all have to learn how it just in other words he's been this is a build up to be more awareness day and age at well. You weren't aware that i existed existed so perhaps all three of us deserve deducing right. I'm not sure exactly but yeah of course you deserve a d do in the requisite first time donor exposition. I was reared in a catholic school. In ritual of confusing the experience most of my preview best in a high school holidays in a southern baptist chapel good old kentucky cognitive dissonance in other words raises a catholic in catholic school but but a baptist i carry the mantel of plottings of applauding stone or through my twenties before transmitting into an overly engage small business owner in the first half of my thirties lots in the muck and mire of the m._v._p. Them bullshit after the two thousand sixteen election. I toggle between the apathy and over-stimulation of my daily entrepreneur lifestyle via real politics. Oh hold on. That's the sub read it po politics. That's the politics read it. S not read read it. This this adderall affected which <unk> does adderall affect his side scrolling had my amid della the size of a goddamn grapefruit man the way. They don't shrink so i know what you're going to do. I was hitting the mouth by a flash flood of interest in magic. Almo often indulged through podcasts ope. You know one one of the friends of magic with a k. or the a._g._i. Seek it's a card game. One of the friends of my son buzzkill junior his buddies brother is one of the magic champions of the country and makes over a million dollars a year playing magic and has he donated to the show since he knows that your family is playing magical time anyway openness introductory conspiracy theory research in the miracle of my twentysomething girlfriend breaking up with me out of nowhere. The apple l. goes did the rest talk about a super super super flexible super perfecta. Honestly i take i hated no agenda in the first handful of listens more than twenty five episodes while i hate listener i was more than twenty five episodes deep before stops skipping donation segments. I was prone to only listen to the first hour and then i would insanely cue to the next oldest episode episode. This behavior is certainly disconcerting. Then he says disconcerting in quotes disconcerting then again i'd find myself cringing at alleged latent misogyny in the early days blame it on the bernese edwards donate <unk>. He's he's got a lot lot of puns in here. Increase lewis sides and saying disconcerting takes to the psychological shiatsu of the best podcast in the universe by the way you know we don't read letters this long but if you want to send us twenty two thousand dollars plus it's getting red emphasize is that it's somewhat entertaining very she adds to the best podcast in universite middle finger on social media. I now have an nokia e seventy one on the deck to celebrate my imminence exit strategy and often find myself playing how to propagate the formula without pearl. Harboring disapora sleighs his brain in my downtime. I've learned that a hearty trump to human is filthy shit. He'll cut preface before discussing get mo nation policy with my i left friends is a decent i down game plan. That said i've had my fair share fourth and eighth pacek hail marys which historically have a piss poor conversion rate regardless. I'm grateful he'd yet but jenex lasting was he's abs cbs. Camera harris is going to be the nominee regardless. I'm grateful that they are part of my playbook and it's all due to your tutelage on thursday and thursday okay. I can hear them playing paying me off the diaz. Please night macer mittens of falls city baronet of the bluegrass long since melody melody's in johnston land lamb for me at the roundtable he says analogs since melodies analogs sent did what i say not since melodies melodies and john land lambayeque. I guess some burr beer jeremy at the round table. If it's amenable amenable to adams ad lib yum add live. It's a it's a request and i'm putting it in right away. Also cheap plug for the mason dixon in meet up in october thirteenth assuming it has gone live on no agenda amita dot com finally jingles and i think he's already triggered those on the subbed note reverend els mint tulips into that's true before culminating into brain surgery recovery goat goat karma for fellow louisi- louisi- louis villain and associate executive producer ashley eisner buyer see episode eleven fell. Yes this is <hes> she had donated in <hes> her partner husband had sent in another note that she was having brain brain surgery yeah yeah so he's he's giving this karma to her. Which is super super cool. Yes thank you for your courage i._t. 'em and and such louis peps all right louie peps plan sized signature signed very very nice thank you i'm gonna go dig around for some analogues synth melodies and pajan land lamb bic for you at the descent. I'm look for the land. We'll have that at the table. Thank you for your courage. This is very kind of you and very supportive of the work out on the sidewalk just simply to choose. You've got karma did he. Did he want a goat karma. No duty say probably recovery goat carmine. Yes okay here. You've got don <music> okay now. We have sherry ryan ryan s- turco who gave two separate checks which indicated to several donations and i gave this one to share it because she's gonna be an instant dame two thousand ten thousand dollars a check for a thousand dollars from bend oregon and i have a note which covers both of the donations you're right. They did come in and just save everything. This is so cool yeah the time yet at thirty three thing didn't work did not mention the math problem diamonds come from my smokin husband and i to claim our titles. I a big apology for me. This is my first time donating please d- douche panty -duced husband and i love the show having missed an episode since introduction to it in november of twenty fifteen. Thank you uncle l. Dentists deny the two of you have brought a sanity in what is beyond crazy times. Thank you for making carr's laugh and saving our migdal us at the roundtable. We asked for chairs next to one another because couples that no agenda together stay together. Mrs true tamou ample evidence of that to share with other gen connoisseurs. We are bringing barrel finished. Gump irs jin from from redmond oregon is made with hand picked oregon g juniper berries golden pair and lavender finished an oregon pinot noir lar- barrels a real gem of jin. Your bottle should arrive to you shortly adam's address because yeah my bottle my bottles tend to leak break. They never quite make to austin somehow they just it's. It's the post office there in northern silicone replacement for your we'd kept tiles lead by the way that we'd cup is of of all the mugs wait a minute. I don't even know about it. We'd cup. This is a wheat do we mug is the one that got broken. Oh stop i for titles my it says i'd rather it's rather be. I don't know what it says but it's dynamite for titles. My husband liked me notice or ryan the central oregon sir night ryan to be sir night ryan of central oregon and i would like to be known as dame bear of bend rue oregon good major in any l. sharpton diddy. You can't go wrong. Keep pumping out rock solid shows and we'll keep punching people in the mouth cheers cheers sherry and ryan okay <hes> we got so i'm sorry it was any sharpton and what was the other thing. She wanted karma. You've got karma. They can't go wrong with john. Byrne and <hes> oklahoma city california. I said california oklahoma city city oklahoma three hundred thirty three dollars thirty three cents before colin kaepernick kapernick employee disappears from the news i which is interesting because he has been disappearing from the news. I wanted to pass on his excuse me i'm still waiting for those shoes that you claim was a promotional stunt to come on the market remember. I don't forget these bets. Give it time in january twenty sixteen. My wife and i went on a cruise out of san francisco during the n._f._l. Playoffs cruise ships full of people wearing their teams clothes clothing. Now this was before kapernick ever took a knee within hours of boarding. I met a san francisco forty niners fan and ask what happened to your quarterback this year two thousand fifteen twenty sixteen season to try and make a long story short. He told me capra next teammates hate him. If you replayed the games from that season asian you could see where the offensive line up often purposefully purposely left kaepernick let capper nick get hit as a tongue twister a hard end sacked. He went on to say that he had a real yet. A relative that worked for the forty niners relatives in the equipment guy or was the equipment guy and was told kapernick had slept with the wife and girlfriend of two teammates. Oh that's no no one of the teammates being offensive linemen. Would that would explain a few things that your story. I met this man everyday everyday smoking area and we spoke a football ten days of the crews. He was a knowledgeable football. Fan gave me no reason to doubt him or story that he told me that first day kapernick broke a golden broke golden room of the golden rule of the locker room and word of such such actions gets around the n._f._l. That is why not well this is. I don't know if that's the reason that maya now one but okay does why no team wanted him in their locker room the n._f._l. Owner or coach would want such a person in a leadership position on their team af john okay c._p._s. If you feel might be appropriate play. I've got information before something good like we told you so on no agenda which has now been banned and that's banned but i <hes> do have the other one. Does he done here when you say yes. He lives on easy street well. Thank you very very much. <hes> john we appreciate the note and and the support of course i've got information man has come to light getting a little karma karma and at at at a good now we have ryan store. Marco already read the ryan and sherry ladder up there at the top and he's two hundred seventy seven dollars in bend oregon and we'll be knighted today. <hes> sherry signed both checks <hes> oh you know if he listens to this honey. Don't worry about it. You're night now. Get a dish order out. Sir sir james carl's son in denver two hundred seventy five dollars and he did ride that he he also wrote a note in this game and as a check <hes> scott. Are you typed it out. A short letter. Donation have not had any extra money to donate to the best podcast in the universe for several months but it can manage it now. Living in the sanctuary city of denver has become extremely expensive and i was is not able to make a donation in january as in the past but i still rely largely on the real and truthful news from your interpretations other sources not very much aside from the weather and that is only only fifty fifty for meteorologist. Today i am sorry but i could not attend. The colorado springs gathering on the nineteenth as i had a previous engagement. I understand why you would not want to meet in denver with all the crazy people here. I do want to attend a gathering in the future. Keep up the great work. Thank you again and hopefully i can return and to donations when i wished to. I listened several times to each episode is the number of people that do that to each episode. Derive the many things that might be missed. Maybe that's related to age. I'm in my seventies. Now jim carson army night title something similar to catman. My cats would not be pleasing do not mention that so not sure what his title is absurd. Jim let me say. Did you not send anything along. I think i have a list here. I see is <hes>. He's already been knighted. Yes he has okay what is happening here. Maybe the the indicates that he might wanna be knighted mo- he has to let us know what he wants him cursing or my title something similar day catman. My cats would not be pleased and not to mention that okay well. You're gonna have to clarify and then we will continue from there. Yes please do and we'll be happy to bring it to the to the table. Just wanna make sure karma. I of course you've got karma. Syrups are up in seattle battle two thirty three thirty seven syrup here you to our great got a humble request john. I don't drink so i'm out of of my element here. I want to buy a nice up to two hundred dollars bottle of wine for a friend. Who's getting married got any recommendations. White is his thing and that's not some neo nazi white supremacist crap. He just likes white wine over read. Well <hes> major want to spend two hundred bucks i would i'd say <hes> there's a number of white. You can get that extremely expensive but if he likes white that means he probably like champagne and for two hundred bucks and getting a bottle of dom perignon. That's what i would do because that's a that's a great. Ah champagne is considered just a white wine with bubbles. That's what that's what. Is it other than that. No i mean when someone says i really am into white wine who is not a wine white wine drinker who doesn't like champagne if he's into white wine it just was a white still wine line. You know it's like well yeah what i would recommend go for the crystal because the has more impact than perry on of make you look that much cooler as a gift giver i i don't i i would disagree because well a couple of things one. I think crystal is a better product. I agree with you on that but dom perignon is more of the <hes> gift wine. I think domino's everyone recognizes the labels identifiable from a distance which is not the case with with crystal and it is a good product and it's not two hundred boxes you can get them. I think costco has for 166 something along those lines. If you want a white white i've got a couple of ideas. That would be in the panini. Mantra or one of these mantras are going to say that or a court don jr. the court dan charlemagne which is high quality okay. Here's your backup is not that much not that expensive is probably about one hundred bucks or twenty bucks as a louis latour korten charlemagne. Yes charlemagne. Yes get them to bottles. Well no big and do that biwott for yourself by a magnum allow. It'd be nice. That's that's enough wine to think magnums. There's never enough wind wind talk as a gift just a lay person if he's not who really is like technically into wine the way you are like knows all the names. The big deal actually knows the name knows the name the brand it just looks cool like a crystal. Magnum just looks dynamite as i'm just looking at it from a gift professional magnums at least two fifty. Maybe three hundred bucks may be fake closer to four hundred he said two hundred his bed budget okay and and finding those is not easy also finding a magnum of cortana charlemagne is probably impossible. You know a lot about wine for poor podcast or my friend. I started started early before it was over before the gravy train anti actually can buy wine. I was telling you the wine and sell it for money to buy more wind and don't correct yeah. That's the trick. That's how you got to do it. That's not easy telling me keep telling it just doesn't know a lot about your history to john and he was the shit back in the comdex days. Didn't you organize the chili. Cook off once you the king of all chili cook offs. No i was that was organized by by one of the software companies and i won the first two of them. That's where i fit into that well. I oversold organiz chili. Cook off people use to buy p. p._c. Magazines just to read the back. That's true they would be. I was in the middle. I thought what were you on you on the back of something mac user uh without mac user really as also on the back deck professional yeah yeah. I have a whole collection of those right next to my q._r.'s. Ed magazine is that we have anymore. Thanks i know that would be our last syrup. Syrup syrup is our last <hes> associate executive producer. Wanna thank these folks. Thanks for supporting show eleven sixty one and producing it yes that level the high level the highest levels that these are indeed the highest levels will see a couple of you back at the roundtable and <hes> just <hes> after our second donation segment and i'm. I'm really blown away. This has been beautiful. Thank you very much for a great sunday. That's the second thursday of the week. These credits of course that you get executive producer or associate executive producer are real so you can put them anywhere you want and display them proudly. If anyone anyone ever brings that in any question we'll be happy about for you and for those of you who would like one of your own titles <hes> go to our website which explains exactly how you can support the show it of borax dot org slash and now they know exactly which line to buy your friend of our formula is this we we hit people in the mouth. Thank you spoke to. Do you know ken ken who used to work at. I the first company and i don't think you can do can clark. I never heard of again well. He worked. He was the v._j. Coordinator m._t._v. when i got there in the eighties and he and he worked for me <hes> for a while actually at home for a couple years <hes> when i was was <hes> very busy with syndicated radio shows and running around so we're also good friends been friends for about thirty years and we haven't spoken in well. He missed my second second wife. Entirely so <hes> that's we haven't spoken and he called me and she got married so let's talk to he lives. He's living. Ah been living in portland oregon for the last seventeen years. I just wanted to give a little <hes> a little bit of feedback on what he told me and because we don't we talk about wines. We talk about what we know about portland that it seems like things are kind of weird up there. They've always been weird in fact this austin sister city so they so people claim we had a number of things that just wanted to run down because i thought well very interesting and the first one is that you know obviously the housing which he got out of the housing market win so insane which is exactly what's going to happen. It's happening now. In austin as portland oregon was the number one country to move to. He says that half of a silicon looking valley's employees all moved to portland and they're telecommuting with the exact same jobs. They're jobs are in silicon valley. The jobs are in california yeah now. They telecommute yeah i mean and of course they're living. Expenses are half. They literally could not afford to live in the community where their company is located because of the gentrification and the the wealth and the the prices going up mainly the high end houses. Go up the all the house i mean the problem is that they didn't get in early when they had a shot at it some years ago and then they <hes> because it wouldn't sacrifice at which you have to do and now they're priced out and they even though they can make one hundred twenty a hundred and fifty thousand a year they can't afford it and the people who were there who are holding out and we're just living and they see their homes. Go up all of a sudden. They're worth a lot of money. They look around like we'll be great to sell my home but they can't buy anything nearly early comparable for the same money so they're not moving out. They're not selling so the took the radio yeah so the rental market exploding to the rental units is too to big employers. That nike of course is the huge employer in portland. I think that that's a well run company. It's very respectful of its employees. The other other one is intel and he says a hillsborough yeah. All the intel employs all indian pakistani other all developers it. It's it's complete. It's it's the home of the h. One b. disaster oregon and here's what we're both <hes> we both enjoy away the flower very much and he says that what happened in the weed industry with the legal marijuana has said this has ruined wind portland whereas they had a very vibrant. They're still i guess to a degree have a vibrant microbrewery culture. Although imbed is come man and bought a lot of them up there still little breweries and you can still have a good time and somehow the portlanders thought this'll be great and you will have been kind of like one big giant <hes> grateful dead <hes> city. We'll have nice cool little coffee shops and places to go. You know talk about weed smoke weed sweet culture. He says it's the worst you can imagine they have over like some crazy amount of ten million tons of we'd have overproduced adduced which they can't ship out of state so they can't get rid of it. People can't smoke it. There's so much of it in everyone's going out of business except for these big chains big boxes box. <hes> you know like the walmart of weed he says it's horrible and everyone's going out of business the walmart of weed i forget the name. Give me the name yeah this a lot of these public companies now and so they just named justice. They just screwed everybody over. It's really easy to it's you you can go to the big box dispensary and get some cheap we'd but is it all the mom and pops. Who had you know we're trying to build on their own farm. All have been either bought out or or pushed out to these is very very great example of american corporatism ruining everything against the corporations but this is what you get this morning. Did you see the the they finally released the plans of google building for austin. Did you see this article i did not i did not see this. Holy the crap. It's going to have five thousand google. Employees is austin yeah. It's right next to our old our old building in downtown austin austin tests. It's like this big. Keep saying like like a damn legno. It's <hes> it looks like a large sale. It's right on the water. We're so that's the whole idea that that that building. The hotel in dubai does a little bit garage. Whatever up it does a little is not quite as high why it will have how many store i thought it was. Maybe thirty five stories. I think they said which is comparable in height but the thing is monstrous five thousand thousand employees where they going to live jack up prices. How are they going to commute to downtown. We don't have a real <hes> ah transportation infrastructure that can handle this and apparently they ended city council zoning people do something stop stop. It and that's the next thing that we talked about portland. Our sister city has the camp anywhere rule. Which this is the city ordinance that was just lifted in in austin where you can camp anywhere kansas adam there are in public parks on jogging jogging paths bike paths the sidewalks everywhere you go. There's tents and people camping. You cannot walk anywhere in a public space without the just us. Being tons of tents everywhere people used to like to go to downtown portland. It was cool can hang up. People aren't going anymore it this this this tents on the sidewalks. This is where we're headed in austin. Although it just has a side note the community the community mute. I was very happy to see scott. Adams <hes> tweeted this people magazine did a feature on a great nonprofit here in austin called mobile loaves and fishes where they <music> a have affordable housing which is micro homes three hundred dollars a month and you have to pay for your own <hes> electricity but they help people go through drug addiction other addiction programs then they bring them in and they can actually work onsite doing certain jobs jobs to make money for their rent and it's run profitably this nonprofit as in a plus balance and looked at the nine ninety yesterday the c._e._o. Only takes the one hundred ten thousand dollars a year and that's him and the c._f._o. Everyone else is pretty much volunteer fantastic program which should be a model for or anyone mobile os and fishes the community i village. I'll be reporting more on that. As as i'm going to go visit them 'cause forgotten about him. In this whole conversation so the lale all right have a clip of mobilizations fishes now i gotta covad homeless encampments and all all the rest of it. Oh you guys are all you know the gap in portland your buddy at there's moaning and groaning and year moaning and groaning and we got into a beef if about this some time back when i was in austin i said yeah you homeless thing kind of kind of lame. It's kinda like low end. I mean we're we're not living up. Two people shitting on the sidewalk like your hometown in that. If you wanna play this clip it turns out that as usual despite despite the size of texas california is number one and this is the clip trump on the homeless local report california eta campaign rally last night saying half of all homeless people are in california k._p._i. Extreme political reporter melissa and kane in san francisco with a little fractured melissa allen president trump drop the dropping that jarring statistic during his campaign last night saying that a half of all unsheltered americans live in the state of california so we checked and he's right. We wanted to know why why are people living on the streets in california at a campaign rally in ohio. President trump said democrats can't be trusted to run the government he he cited san francisco as an example. We conditions in nancy. Pelosi's once great city of san francisco are deplorable career deplorable. He also said california is not housing. It's homeless nearly half of all the homeless people living in the streets in america happen to live in the state of california what they are doing to our beautiful. California is a disgrace to our country. It's a shame the world is looking at it. According to the twenty eighth homeless assessment report by the department of housing and urban development forty forty seven percent of all unsheltered people live in california. The unsheltered are homeless people who are not in shelters or temporary housing now. That's an honest report fort finally using a term that makes sense. Thank you so when the president says nearly half of all homeless people living on the streets live in california he's right according to the total number of people is about ninety thousand governor newsome says he welcomes the federal government's ideas and resources. If you've got a critique offer some advice and counsel on solutions and few have advice the customer solutions find resources governor newsom also oh said hud is slashing funding for housing and that's an issue also brought up by jeff kozinski. He's the director of san francisco's department of homelessness and supportive housing since nineteen in seventy eight. The federal government has cut hud's budget authority for low income housing by well over fifty percent in current dollars and i think that has is really tracks the rise of modern day homelessness. He says the funding cuts hit california especially hard because it is also very difficult to build here. I think we need to figure out ways to streamline housing construction. We need to look at our zoning. Laws in affordable housing holds more so as we said california's forty seven percent of the nation's on shelter homeless and to put that in perspective this state with the next highest amount is florida with seven percent of the nation's unsheltered homeless so california is not just at the the top of the list it is far and away the state with the most people living on the streets live in san francisco melissa cain k._p._i. Spot you keep bringing you when she says unsheltered so. I'm sure you have a point to make. No the point is is that you guys moaning and groaning portland austin. I said this it is nothing you have. No clue we're seven percent is the next state on the list. This situation here is unbelievable is beyond believable compared to this whining about a couple of tents on the streets and portland. We have nothing to complain about. I apologize. What are we thinking here. This is so stupid of us. We don't want to prevent anything. That is my. I point points made you live in a shithole apparently well. This is another example of trump pointing out persons persons of color and cities. They live in and attacking them. A philosophy is not a person of color and it's going to do with anything but that's beside the point is trump attack dog they wanted to do this report at one of our producers sent me. This clip which is embarrassing says a local station and they wanted to do this report as bullcrap all crap. Here's trump again. Let's fact check milas. Get him you know nail for this because this is new does not come up in conversation and so they started fact checking to turn out to be true these social justice warriors at the k._p._i. Exer- all my god he's right well. What's interesting is the term unsheltered so the two things that were interesting the consent consistent use of the term unsheltered which is much more accurate than saying homeless and again and this this is what our mayor adler and austin is doing right. We have nothing to complain about your completely right. It is very innocuous and minor compared to what's going on on the entire. The west coast but california in particular is his plan is the same here the same man. We need a florida housing. No you need to immobilism fishes. They have a truck food truck program. You can get free food and that's where they they onboard. People say hey man now. You could get yourself off the street. You can make some money. You can pay your rent. Be independent member of society go through this behalf to have at least mental health issue orne addiction problem and they'll send the help you go through the program you come out of the program and you can go right in into their program. It and it's successful this fall. They have two hundred people there now. They're building face to which i have another five hundred people. I'm gonna go visit. I'm gonna come back with the report says an awesome. This is very right very encouraging but i know our city council are mayor are now we need affordable housing england idiots and speaking of which being a former real estate agent for remax he told me what is going on in this industry and that will be my final report from portland amazon zahn in particular but also the typical real estate sites like <hes> what's your favorite ceelo et cetera they plan dan to remove the real estate agent entirely from the process and he says this is what the amazon home delivery door or lock was all about is. They want everyone to have a door lock. Today can opener close for people who want to come into your home to look or if if you want to have your home looked in by perspective buyers and they want to do everything online the whole process from finding a home to purchasing it to having in your mortgage all through amazon all seamless no real estate brokers. No humans involved at all. That's their endgame. I didn't know this was happening happening now. Whether the state people would know make sense though doesn't it we think about it. Yeah galled music especially with the the creeping price is going up up up up so every so the house is now that used to be selling for. I'd say fifty thousand dollars lurs are million dollar houses now and so the real estate brokerage fees that you pay for signing the paperwork has gone up from being oh it's yeah. The fees are tens of thousands of dollars in papers. Yes markets got an issue. I always thought that the you know you have to get a license to to be a real estate agent. I thought this was this isn't there is a liability for agents if they mess something up or they don't explain something is there some idle insurance covers that <hes> gets messed up. You get your title insurances forest really but when you think about it when you think about the <hes> the data data and the surveillance and all the information that most people willingly give to silicon valley which eventually winds up data brokers data warehouses such as axiom mm owned by big advertising giant w._p._p. Worn any of oracle's data broker databases is very easy to know how much you can afford god help you to fix your credit through our other app credit karma or what's the new one now credit cedars. There's a million of them or your bank your bank because doing this to help you get on a better path. Pay your bills on time. Who your magic number one up. Oh now we can give you some more credit. You can go by this house and we'll take care of cradle cradle to grave. You're just a piece of meat human resource of brain in some in some body with a wallet attached to it which you don't meet beat. What did you say in here no piece of meat to make sure i got it without me talking over all right. Let's talk about my teased in the news. Learn i gotta talk about because this is unbelievable to me a._b._c. N._b._c. c._b._s. Maybe there's some articles in some of the newspapers maybe but nobody nobody and i struggled and struggled to find out what the hell's going on in hong kong yeah only on record. Yes it is were. They don't have been general general strike scheduled for tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow. Yeah now and i have finally found a report i went to i said well canadian broadcasting. They've got something nothing so well the b._b._c.'s got something nothing so so let's see where did i finally get the final report al jazeera the only people that had that's where i got my the report from to get a report where wait i found something in the process of doing the research have reports of that but there is a really good little a summary. It's about a two minute summary. I had to chop out all the chinese because they a lot of chinese people talking with subtitles which does not do our clips any good but this is of backgrounder on that vox put together then is pretty decent and this is the name of this clip is hong kong. Oh concord backgrounder got want an independent investigation into alleged police brutality charges against demonstrates to be thrown escalating protests triggered by a controversial extradition bill. Andrew thomas lives in hong kong andrew. How many people are on the streets probably about one hundred thousand eight. It says hong kong background and that's when it's coming up as hong kong backgrounder vox yeah. That's what the clipped plays a habitual dig. I know it happened. I overrode it all right. Never a gal dig up that clip again for the next show we can play the the hong kong one and two if we want to just ruin everything no no that was just a background that people need to know which discussed just how this whole thing began and because i think has been dropped from our news media to such an extent. Nobody knows what the hell is going on. It doesn't really affect active major report of what's going on today. Which is all hell's breaking loose all right so we'll go back and we now we do a hong kong news. One the actual hong kong yet got probably about one hundred thousand pesos. This is a particularly significant tax because those protesting a civil servants they work for the government a government that they have come out and defined by protesting against an open letter was sent out on thursday by the head of the civil service here in hong kong telling civil servants teachers doctors other professionals who work for the government not to come out to protest because to do so would be to put the idea of impartiality reality of the civil service at risk but they've been defied. We're expecting tens of thousands. We think there was well over a hundred thousand people here right in the heart of hong kong hawk talk right beneath one of the main bank buildings here in the center of the city and people just spilled right out of that pop into the streets all around they were hundred good steve. Now these protests of course in june we had further protests throughout this july and here we are now on the second of august and the process show no sign of dying down until we've got you on saturday to on sunday and then cools for general strike on monday. Now this protest was completely tasteful festive atmosphere in fact people had cars driving past blaring out of the music of les miserables the <hes> the musical the revolution song from that. It's become something of an anthem. This movement people seem to be doing now. There's gonna fit of rain in the last half hour or so we just perhaps down things a little but certainly no sign of bodies in the last week that the more days with protests protests and the bean days without and it looks as though that will continue as a go ahead down the thing that happened was beijing beijing sent out a bunch of they've got their own propaganda arm which is with the hong congress. They watched and they said well the one thing is this is just a bunch of radicals rioting and there's day yet ed like our civil servants. The people working for the dare not gonna do anything because they know better and so they went immediately went on strike they those people and so the the government is completely beside itself and because every time they try to do anything he just gets worse they will refuse to get rid of this woman who's running things <hes> and they end these rights are not stopping until they pull this this <hes> this bill and now they're they get into a head of steam to as he explains in the second part of the clip to maybe let's. We don't like the direction they're the chinese are dealing here are doing because in fact when it which is the first described as loss clip would discussed is that when england turned over hong kong in ninety seven there was an agreement and that they were that beijing was supposed to be hands off until twenty forty seven specifically fifty years what does hands off mean that means. They can't be running hong kong okay so it's got to be. That's where the two two systems one blah blah blah bullcrap comes from. Can i add some context from boots on the ground producer. No name hong kong will get worse each week worse than before it will get worse until annihilation the china reading verbatim. The china government wants to escalate young men without property ownership have no hope at current income levels. It is impossible to buy a house young women with no money. Johnny won't date men with no property in the women can easily get a middle aged sugar daddy in fact multiple sugar daddies most government workers come from law abiding hardworking families but now are priced out of buying a home and even renting rents go up a good twenty percent per year violences coming ming late september into october massacres and civil war have a nice day no named john. I i'm not gonna disagree that that is obviously also fueled by the gossip scene there <hes> be that as it may. This isn't getting better and chinese. Highness aren't doing a very good job of dealing with but the problem they still have is this night twenty forty seven issue right and so if they violate the terms of the agreement that britain inset down to turn over hong kong by suspected. There's a possibility that hong kong can either turn into a singapore city state or the british. Ishmael have to come in there and do something about the deal that they got screwed on. Look like that's that's van. The british navy go save <music> hong kong fear lump of coal to get the navy going so let's play part two. Is this a problem them for carrie lam and the problem for beijing as much as i guess to ask you the question a different way. Andrew does this chime with the atmosphere. The feeling that that makes exp people do on the streets in protest even though those earlier demonstrations kicked off the hook for those was a different issue completely. That's right well. This'll began with these controversial official proposals to introduce extradition laws here allowing able to extradite to the mainland china and the government is essentially put those hasn't completely scrapped them as a protest as one but it's affects nearly done the same thing but these protests are no longer about that. This is now. It's the general movement calling for more democracy in hong kong according to the less oversight from beijing but of course that's the last thing that beijing wants to give people here. They do not want to be saint-pierre backing down than anything and when it comes to one of the big issues which the resignation of the chief executive carrie lam bullet they were too. I am talking about beijing here. They were allowed her to step down. It would look like a big victory here for the protesters in hong kong and the concern in beijing is that that potentially could spread it'd be owned hong kong to other parts of china and that is the big big elephants in the room here rabbit to be pulled out of the anything here in hong kong to happen that could spread elsewhere now. They've tried to dissuade people from protesting there was that video that was released on thursday by the garrison of the people's liberation army of china <hes> and that was showing the army dealing with hypothetical riots the essential message dad's protesters who is if you come out and protest the big numbers we could if we wanted to send in the military what would happen if we did. That was a warning. It certainly hasn't worked tonight. They're expecting us to say tens of thousands. We think there was well over one hundred thousand people who took paul in this one of these protests dying down anytime soon andrew thank you very much. Here's a question is this a result <music> of our current economic policy. I e tariffs and trade wars or is it. A is part of it. What is not discussed. Here is are there. Provocateurs are there people on the ground helping these protesters to stand up against the evil chinese government. We'll noodle ms not. They're not that we know of <hes>. There's no evidence of this and it hasn't been brought up in the conversation by any any of the outlets that you'd think would bring it up. It's mostly being suppressed. I personally think that there's gotta be some. I would think because because wherever says you have to remember that the c._i._a. Network in china was wiped out killed killed killed a couple years ago during the obama administration the station of by bennie some some bad actor in the c._i._a. Is a chinese everybody filled so they killed. All these guys in this could be some sort of payback for that <hes>. I don't know i mean there's a problem that we have is that nobody is covering this. Why do i have after go to aljazeera well. I can answer that story. That's this huge who owns everything. You're not getting out of hollywood good to chinese own hollywood. They own the theatre mock rec- now doesn't have the story at you. Don't know how deep this chinese stuff goes man. There is chinese money all over the place <hes> joe biden the likely nominee for democratic candidate is entrenched wrenched in chinese finances with his son hunter and the billion dollar hedge fund shameful. This is an example of failure of the mainstream media. We're going to have a a general strike in hong kong tomorrow. This is not a minor couple of dip shits. I mean they'll cover like forty. People protesting a trump visit a hold is this forty people are here and they're all so what else why do you hate trump and uncover all that crap and we got close to a million people day after day. This is the same thing with the yellow vest. Protests dave stopped covering it yes and now and what good are they if they can't cover this stuff and now in france you have the black kelman's. Have you heard of this movement. Oh yeah of course not why would how could i possibly have heard of the black helmets are immigrants who are pissed off that they have no opportunity unity and they're dying now. They're rioting and there rioting properly. You didn't see any of that. You barely get it on your own news. The serious this very now we have mainly african emigrants flipping out about not getting enough money any not being taken care of no jobs no opportunity of course they were promised all this and now they're rioting these are major worldwide events that need to be covered by somebody and it and if i have to dig these stories from aljazeera. You know oh something's wrong. That's our promise to you. We dig to get it. Yes we call it. The podcast promised by donating no no agenda imagine all the people who do that'd be aw and we start with an international donation from our whole couple in melrose <hes> deutschland hundred four dollars <hes> cabrera's k. these are a few people who thank for show eleven sixty one cabrera's k. warsaw poland another internet dis nation nice <hes> he's one hundred one dollars and he says is not my first donations but i've never requested to be deduced. Please do it in deed douched trying to get a warsaw poland meet up. I don't think i just by five people in all of poland that maybe could be possible. Maybe i'm wrong. Barron ladder kin in one hundred dollars in parts unknown john robaina one hundred dollars ars matthew anderson west wa- roxbury massachusetts nuts one hundred bucks he did send a note. He's in check in a note very but i liked about i'm going to mention in this says hey john and adam show has been great. Keep up the good work. Get yourself a nice steak. The reason i meant reading this notre even meshing it. He has donald donald trump's handwriting really yeah. I'm thinking with very little effort. He could do a donald trump trump's signature matthew. You can do it donald trump's senior. We wouldn't be you know we would be. It would be considered a a <hes> a copy copy stuff as long as you tell people but i'm thinkin we had some trump had some things you know. Maybe we could get signed. Uh-huh hillary bumper sticker a good one sir late ninety nine ninety nine <hes> sir daddy cast of the love house ninety nine thirty three forgot native baseball california six nine six nine barron mark tanner in whittier california sent some photos from the meet up going to mention this which which which meet up was this is the meet up in orange county yeah a few people and here's the here's the problem people should take note. The time did not let me explain this because i had a i. I'm deep in this so i can do it really quick. I was gonna in fact. Can we do that at the end. We do the meet ups because it does a couple of things going on okay so don't big note because i'm gonna forget what my plan now. I have it all lined up to talk about it. Ryan smith in raleigh north carolina sixty extent painter <unk> sip sip caps is houses number thirty three the netherlands. I could not resist though i chip in. Thanks for their weekly middle. Stimuli said non stimuli. You don't wanna stimuli <hes> <hes> alexander mercouri of in nashua new hampshire in new hampshire fifty eight fifty eight. He is is going to be denied it. He's gonna actually is going to send it towards his spouses damehood okay. He's on the birthday list. 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We definitely would not be able to do it so thank you very much and <hes> for those of you would like to support the program you can do that. <hes> on the next thursday show go to daveramsey dot org slash has requested <music> one mother. I'd like to okay jobs jobs and jobs. That's vote for john. You've got karma. They today is the fourth of august two thousand in nineteen. We do have a list for your birthdays alexander moore korea who will be speaking to in a moment <hes> he celebrates his birthday tomorrow on august fifth of the mid valley says happy birthday to his douchebag. Dad can't turning seventy years tomorrow. Jill john treat to her husband. Kevin nelson twin knutson there. You go also on august fifth. Zac brown's happy birthday to his wife. Anna lisa that is today and he'll be celebrating on august eighth zac brown himself happy birthday from everybody. Here's the best podcast kathy universe down all right well the media yes. We always do that and you asked me this. The last show okay so so here is what's going on to. I got to night notes of despair. One from the professor over on no agenda social dot com who went to the seattle meet up walked around for an hour could not find anybody had no idea if it was even happening was very excited to go to us. I meet up and did not find anyone there and that sucks. It's sad when that happens and i thought that was bad until i got the note from sir hash tag no i._t. Adam unfortunately my son sir dragonheart and i just returned from the orange county meet up very disappointed in in that we could not find other n._a. People we drove an hour an hour and a half from west l. a. to get to golden road brewing and got there on one fifteen pm the need up hours two pm the eight pm and we're very lucky since parking was completely full but found a spot as someone was leaving location is very big with large inside space mainly for people eating and the maine bar and a large spread outside space anyway. My son and i spent the next hour and a half walking around trying to find where the meet up was going to be based or at least to find other n._a. Attendees and these with no luck we ask the staff. No no one knew anything. <hes> anyway says this is not a reflection of you or john or the mutiple organizers but if people are going to set mitt ups they should be some way of connecting with everyone finding everyone. This is especially true for people. We've never met or location never been to <hes>. He was was very sad with lose. Are you back in here. Okay so he and sir dragonheart <hes> we're very sad had of course got in touch with the back office and low and behold. Do you know what happened was a glitch. This is my favorite answer and the glitch. There's a couple of things going on here but the big problem is for some reason on the no agenda meet ups dot com site if you don't specifically set the time zone of and this is what the glitches this is why we like explaining winning it the time zone will default to africa if you don't set it explicitly so that's why they probably showed up six hours hours before the meet up didn't know it and had a bad experience and i think the professor may have had the same at the seattle meet up so that that defaults to some g._m._t. Time well mimi bill. Yeah which is africa africa be great and now there's also things i i believe we can do to make it easier for people to identify and there should be a contact that you can reach out to so we are definitely having that worked on daniels. No agenda meet ups. Dot com is fixing the glitch so i'm really sorry that happened but in general i think we need to be careful that <hes> that these meet ups. You know if you're gonna go. You have to have had some contact somehow. What else did you have on this. That was it and i think people who put together the meet up because he's not are made up. Caesar meet ups at the two communities using should check time on the site to make sure that it's not in africa and that apparently was not done but most people found the media which makes me wonder how what what's the difference did they it because there is not special mailings or anything. I'm not sure what why some people didn't have this issue but i i thought people just scheduling meet ups and then bailing and not going that does not seem to be the case because i i saw patriots happened. I saw pictures of the orange county meet up but i guess we have to have some kind. Maybe we should introduce the lapel l. pins here because that's a lot easier to recognize people. G. man john disconnecting all over me here today canal twice in a row anyway so yeah. It was very yeah annoying yeah but once you get there once you go to one. Apparently you can have a darn good time and i would recommend end <hes>. If you're in california you can get to one today. Today's the fourth so solving california simultaneously. There's a hamm net meet up. I have this is new to me. I haven't looked at the details so i'm not sure what frequency this is taking place on <hes> but the go-to no agenda meet ups dot com to find out about that and i'll give you the rest of the list. We have another new. I'm just gonna do here. We have berkeley california on the eighth. This is the one you'll be at. I presume yes. This berkeley. California gilman brewing is go on the website. No agenda dot com to be at five o'clock to about five six seven eight. Maybe on thursday the eighth and it will be and that's the west coast time african what what does that an africa africa hours. What is an african hours but i guarantee you those hours. It and i'll be there and i think think buskila junior will be there and meal there. It'd be a big more as everyone will. Be there update eric who's going to be up. Obviously who went to the portland made a couple of other ones there yeah. We're getting lots of good reports except for the two i mentioned so this is something that works in it is incredibly important for mental health to go speak to people in the person who are if not like minded at least wonka triggered about anything you're thinking or saying and another new one is august fourteenth eighteenth in warsaw poland so they are international. You can find one almost anywhere where you live kgo to know agenda dot com and if there's not one near you start start one yourself. There are a lot of fun and you can see john and i are starting to attend <hes> those where applicable and where we can again no agenda meet ups dot com tom and now it's time to bring out four people. We've got a couple of nights in a day me so you need the big blade for today's procedure. I got it okay it up on stage. I'd like to invite louis paps alexander mercouri sherry stark o. rien s- turco the the four of you are now eligible for your seat at the roundtable of the no one the nights and dame's thanks to your contribution the amount of one thousand dollars or more to the best podcast in universe and i hereby pronounce to casey we sort of fall city bear of the bluegrass sir alex the night of the white mountains dame bear of bend and night ryan <music> of central oregon for you. We've got hookers and blow rent poison chardonnay analog since melodies and something else i forgot warm beer and cold women kebab and persian wine guy says in sock a bong. It's bourbon sparkling cider escorts and mutton mead. What was that thing. I suppose to have at the table. Tarn got cut off and that one extra one extra thing was in your note <hes> darn. I didn't get it beer in something else analog since melody's in chopard oh pajan land there we go put johnson land lambaste wrote it down yeah well. It got messed up sorry but john land lamb mbeki there we go. It's in there. Thank you for <hes> becoming nights and dame of the no agenda roundtable. This is a this is something that is cool when you go to meet up and you see a lot of your other peers and you get on the peerage map to i._t. Him that i am slash peerage. It's <hes> it's an honor to have you here at the roundtable and thank you again for all of your support and all of your courage go to no agenda nation dot com slash rings erica. She'll get your information and send them out to you soon as possible. Remember devore act dot org slash n._a. Gay i have a job joe joe joe digenova update your beat yeah well you you. You jumped in to tell me he was fully the crap. Well you can shake hands with lou dobbs shum in you did you you came in with bullcrap clip to show that this guy is full of crap and is not not coming up with anything as he promises which is true it's very true and he has fallen disguise long as you have and he's got good if it's funny to listen to him but i'd never seen anything you call it okay well. He now he's now. He's doubling down as he and his wife <hes> victoria tunes into music. They don't have the same last name and their law firm firm <hes> frequently appear on fox business news. That's the bastion of conspiracy theories on the lou dobbs program and they keep promising lou dobbs. It's happening any day now. That's where the initial. It's coming wednesday. Which you know of course was last week. Nothing happened so now. They're back a two parter. <hes> <hes> we start with well. This something new has happened. We have john. We have inspector general horowitz who is <hes> investigating the investigators. We're going to drain the swamp and now we add to that connecticut's john durham gonna drain the swamp. Take it from joe but by any traditional standard this thing is moving with lightening speed speed in a very short period of time time john durham has interviewed. I understand dozens of potential witnesses and has moved into setting up a grand jury so it's going to happen. I will say this. I think people need to be to be reasonable. In the expectation of potential criminal charges of this is a very difficult area of the law to bring criminal charges where government officials are claiming that they acted in good faith. We may see some initial cases which are not brought but eventually early durham is focusing on a very large criminal conspiracy invi <hes> involving defrauding the united states government of the faithful service of these agencies agencies. I think ultimately he will get to the point of bringing charges. It isn't going to happen quickly and there are going to be some instances where he isn't going. I mean to have enough evidence to charge even some pretty big people initially but some of these players will be involved in more than one series of criminal criminal investigation so if they get a pass in one instance. They may not get it in another. It's gonna be rough. It's going to be difficult but believe me bill bar. Dr is not going to pass up the opportunity to do the right thing all right so more promises from <hes> from joe that it's going to happen. You gotta be realistic. You see komi. We get off on the on his leaking charts. That's because we're gonna catch him on something bigger now. I really want to believe this is just we've been burns so many times by believing that it's going to be you know tens of thousands of indictments grand jury leaning sealed and oh it's going to happen but what he does have an additional data point as a result of the appointment of durham people are flocking back to horowitz to quote correct their testimony testimony to let him know that they've remembered new things that they found out stuff that they didn't know about people are worried and they should be because it's now beginning to become very clear that durum is moving forward with speed and people are going to horowitz and asking to be reinterviewed this includes f._b._i. The i. officials and others and as a result of that i'm delighted he's delaying and it's gonna make muller look even worse when dr miffed sued gets to have his say and he's being he's already been interviewed by both horowitz ten durham. Oh i trust you implicitly uh-huh and explicitly all right there you go right after that they did was did they leave the building to fox building there in a guy i know white jacket and a butterfly net and chase down the street. I don't know john i don't i don't make up the news. I just reported sir. Di report with the news is reporting so i don't know i don't know it fall on bad times that they're about to be on on fox business. I mean you really going down downhill. Businesses your outlet but we're still very hopeful <hes> couple of things. I think we just just mention that <hes> a._o. See alexandra oh cossio cortez is the she is the cheese. The storm of the new justice democrats democratic socialists of america. She is the one that is driving a lot of the narrative of the new democratic party. <hes> her chief of staff has been this not just i mean he was chief of staff but this is the guy who found her who trained her who set her up who funded her her has left the building and that was the news yesterday the meeting with pelosi yes so he was probably pushed out i think but did you read this morning. Apparently the feds are investigating him for a election finance fraud god yes they were using a middleman. They were doing some kinky stuff with the money yes so. Do you know exactly what they were doing. He he had corporation that they ran all the money through him and his wife. I guess ran or something along. Those lines at this was brought up during the campaign. I remember yeah. I remember yeah and pelosi seems to have been fed is fed up with this guy. After this all this was all stemming from a tweet that came out of either her office or one of the offices or from from the guy or or the or the assistant who also got fired that that made an illusion that the <hes> democrats moderate democrats are a bunch of were kind of inheritors of the old southern dixie crat a bunch of racists that was what he had said yes and so pelosi. That was the end of the line for pelosi. I guess read the riot act and told her what she can do. That's really horrible. It sounds to me like it went in like this okay. Here's how it works in the big girl world. We're going to pursue your guy going to hang them up for a finance <music> shenanigans. You should probably get rid of them now. Either why otherwise you're going down with him. I think that's the kind of game pelosi place that would work and work in the timeline works and now but where will that leave her. Can she actually tweet without an engaged from now as she tweeted anything since we're we're waiting for the writing that she can even make a cognitive a coherent sentence for that this guy. I don't think she's done but she certainly doesn't have the the writing would sure that he is pretty much everything that she says he he has has gone to all the questions in the committee's yes and he is now gone to the democrats socialists of america and they're going to continue with their group green new deal which by by the way is feeding in very nicely with all this fake meat that is that even horowitz eating fake meat impossible burgers and other chemically produced soy crowding that 'cause 'cause he wanted. He said he his recommendation as recommendation before the game we plan the show. He shorted worded it. He had to eat it to see what it was like. He's shorter and can't good well part part of the new i._p._c. Report which according according to the guardian was leaked so this would be the inter- intergovernmental panel on climate change a leaked draft of a report on climate change and land use which is now being debated in geneva by the i._p._c. states. It will be impossible to keep global temperatures at safe levels unless there's also also transformation in the way the world produces food and manages land and they go straight to farting cows all part of the renewed. Do we laughed about it all part of the green new deal the methane so we will need to eat different meat and i i guess because america just rejects the idea of eating bugs. It's really not caught on they. Keep trying. They even released grasshoppers in vegas. Yes to try and you know now. Vegas is making grasshopper pies and in different grasshopper dishes as a as a promotional goof but what americans won't really eat bugs. I mean we just evolved a little further than that. Try that in europe may be so we do what americans love give me. Something fake looks just like it spam because we're we're the country you can hand it long as it looks the right way. We'll put it in our mouth. I hate to see if that's that's what america is into now. It makes sense to me. Now i understand it was always thought it was odd that these impossible burger and fake meat limited whatever they're called. They go a public that worth billions of dollars for fake food. Now i get it. It's all part of green new deal well. Everything's part is something <hes> it is a scam while i don't know if it's a sign of net stuff the tried it once and she didn't care much for it but all burger king's in on the big guys in for a rude or waking when people are going to try it once. I mean yeah if you're a vegan. Would you vegan. You're eating at burger king anyway. There's no way well if you're just some experimental y'all will let me try it because it's tran date. You have one ago. I tried it. That would be the end of it. This is going to be going anywhere. I hear people who say they like. It was very interesting to you. Americans yeah well. They're lying to themselves. Americans will eat anything as long as it looks the right way. We're really stupid. I mean that chad told disagreement with that. Phil eat anything anything because it looks too right wait until they tasted is made from ps so anyway i'm not buying it is not going to go anywhere anywhere. <hes> gonna be dead dead on arrival. Well not dead on iraq because everyone has a try it once because they're promoting and waiting to issue the t._v. Shows where they're promoting it. I will be getting clips. I'm sure it's on its way yummy yummy yummy yummy all right the time. Where did the time go win write-ups. I i have to funny clips. Dan all right to finish if we're finishing yeah and but i do have okay we'll have you got some. No no no no no. We're gonna no it can easily wait until says it'll be funny i got o._t. Stuff which is fun not funny but funds. We move that to thursday what you got for funny well. I got a couple retro clips right but diesel. There was a time there was a time. I was noticing these. I'm back in two thousand nine looking at old clips and there was a time that we tried to do stuff that was that was dead it more. We do more things to make things funny and more ludicrous than we do today. I've noticed strenuous for example. Here's one this is coming to an end clip. This is where remember in two thousand nine when ling ling and ding-dong those two they were walking walking the walk in china and wandered into north korea for some unknown non c._i._a. Reason we were just hiking hiking in this area. Yes i remember and they were caught and they were they were and then clinton went back flew him back. You know oh came in a boy and they were all there crying in their press conference and so this is the kind of joking way i produced this particular clip okay which which one is coming to an end ling ling but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. We're more more more. It was more a comedy comedy. Show back then i guess as we always called it yes so then there's the other one and the other one. I've got is aw another example of this sort of i would call a juvenile humor that we've kind of grown out of yes is is the way you would edit a clip so it would sound like this. This is the hundai ad okay so really what you're saying. This is what you used to do because i had these cliffs <music>. This is your this is your doing all the things that are changing lately. Hyundai assurance has remained rock solid and gotten even better because now it gives you something thing else gas. I don't even remember at okay. I'm gonna give someone everyone something something really aktuell on the way out. This is on the street in l._a. It'll be our last clip. John legend the famous composer singer songwriter brightest. John legend's the guy who said that if you're a creative a creative person and andy circumstances. There's you have to be a democrat because there's no away at creative person can be a republicans. Just not possible holy crap. Do we still have that one. I wonder if i you'll i'll never find it. What does this pitch is. John legend here mostly a virtual phone bank for swing left this weekend to help get out the vote ahead of the special election action in my home state of too boring anyway. Here's a couple of thoughts. He has on the president s he's leaving a restaurant to <hes> to get got into his <hes> blacked-out vehicle to drive home president as a flaming racist. He's a piece of shit. He says piece of shit shit all the time. That's what he does. We need to get him out of office. What do you think there's a lot that can be done. It's got over a century of history that created the problems that they have and when you don't focus on making all of our community better instead of talking shit about communities just because because you're racist brick donald trump is an evil bucking canker sore on america's ho- landscape so we need to get him out of office. It really makes you wonder if he writes those songs himself. Easy really doesn't have a good command of the vocabulary very poetic didn't even rhyme so disappointing disappointing. Everybody <hes> wow jam packed show today. Thank you to all the producers who participate in with stories artwork jingles clips and financial support. It's highly appreciated and we'll be back here on thursday to do it again. Join us will you and i would like to personally thank our indiv- if show mixers once again chris wilson and felix wilson the dual the duo of the day able kirby is long along with the mike tyler the we'll bring in our end of show mixes and i'm coming to you from the frontier of austin texas to capitol the drone star state female region number six and other governmental maps in the morning joining everybody. I'm adam curry silicon valley. I'm john seed voracek. We return on thursday right here on no agenda stream and no agenda show dot com remember russet divorce dot org slash until thursday audio and such <music> in a what are you doing recording jingles agenda you kind of have to listen to the show to understand not gonna play this polices data again nicholas dad wrecking turbine special hang the short bus special. My name is failed. I pleased are no agenda today. Sir my daddy has somewhere to play as jean. Nobody else around here onto stance. Frankly it's embarrassed when he tries to explain to people but you the producers of the best point custody universe do understand them and that makes him happy. Please go through divorce or slash and night and donate now. You don't have to embarrass your children followed different ding ding ding ding glad coffee shop boarding a mean banning but he the job will be dead. Ah eighty god god donald scalped on her instagram inspiration sir to change the world waving knowledge obviously or talk in a i don't maybe maybe we're just wrong. It is amazing what they feel acting almost most everything but he they grew up when undeserving comfy participate <music> but the city people the the dow up already zion who ooh ooh ooh a please malini amy lopo lopo borek dot org slash and head whereas worth it the.

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Episode 479: FuseBox Radio #631: DJ Fusion's The Futon Dun Livestream DJ Mix Fall Session #20 (A MFin' Dope Dollop of MF DOOM Mix #2 - #RIP)

FuseBox Radio Broadcast

1:00:38 hr | 10 months ago

Episode 479: FuseBox Radio #631: DJ Fusion's The Futon Dun Livestream DJ Mix Fall Session #20 (A MFin' Dope Dollop of MF DOOM Mix #2 - #RIP)

"Three par who are now are tuned in to the fuse. Box radio broadcasts with dj fusion. And john judah you're as good as they say you are syndicated worldwide to bring real black radio back to the masses. Long took radio presents. john john Bye mike green all around professing vince. Game senator of looking folks wait for late. Let their degree to the shop for the wednesday night because clerk at work in the prettiest. Yellow during allentown precocious willing up to everyone's after principal. Here's to work stuff. Nasa got to the bronx promptly from the. You know what i mean. Ignorant boy would have been the only paid employee. The manager caper take account and a girl put up. One dollar. Classroom is a critical mass. Snickered traffic just agitprop to piss off a traffic cop shaft killing. She is noble harm. The global grandma's gov dog had a report. Which mr for four four tipper gore this store with the new credit card machines that put beans in their places in august in but mitchell show he said someone psychotics to too much semiotics furthermore he thought might sonic but bt was the opposite of tv. He'd never accused of being pc. Because it's so frigging diary when the republic. The conquest party they had previously promised. Vocabulary person is considerate. Not someone has a heavy-handed agenda that narrow minded not unless you mean providence college. Pcs as meaningless as the president's apology for slavery may be on the radio not to send the african american amazon com barnes and noble alabama for you for you. The dj fusion of fusebox radio is now in the mix midst materialistic misfit of the view and chris slow on his fitness. Witnesses should be considered a sickness. And you remember meghan engraved and even game the same way that he came in say became this phone caveman winning. Jump stick in a fav. Benjamin kick a garden for recreation cry west no question if they raised a on yet to tell me piece by that from pledged mommy would eat junk in the trunk pro troublesome fights and they government named guy not the end the liver the menace women just every system and i'm gonna keep running winning. Yeah so i was brought up by some of whom is out in brooklyn. I remember how was on the outside. Look in my pockets was fast and let me skill you. Can't they comprehend. God came in and tell me jokes that was raised out in brooklyn. I remember how outside looking in people said even when my pocketbook and let me get it do you comprehend. Game you got down the game in the yukon. Tell me for hand for the dummy the yukon. Huskies be right well ever since. Affinity is in appreciated and song and not just be business. Smart beats from the heart and of course is why every time i d be in defiance on john. Ray lights Votes like lightning. Then in the i in a sense this gone through. My mind is every other. He'd been sanity check. Think about to is in between the last two were raised out in brooklyn. I remember i was on the outside looking in my pocket. Things passed by. let me skip. You can't think they comprehend. Guy came in his sounds out the queen's that was raised in brooklyn. I remember i was on the outside looking in. Keep a stash. Even when you do you do you comprehend. Comprehend this icago game in multiple win. Tell me with had gone ahead. Big cowper ahead. Chicago came and tell me ahead you comprehend comprehend. Comprehend to tell me the you comprehend comprehend. Comprehend chicago's the game in the yukon. The told out right dow jones now once go out to like alcohol was the back of this county about the committee. The round with coach stink defoe back part time job carbon. This allows us show. We consider causing must came back. As to which i'm bob smacked lov biggest got edgy like gig nickel for life but only one we can count she get one. Contact the contact. You are now listening to fuse. Box radio down here areas you understand that refunded by go back to the head and move on to swiping steve on his way. He strains on the solis float disembodied the blame it on tv. Swearing me in the remote console in this over cold the float on the day bay rays on a page middle. Take the new willow team. The worst built sponsor one sock one kill spotted on top on dill plus. The city said the dedicate threaten john at work in the most not on the pa that the worst spot a kid stuff on their votes. Don't get their posts at most. You may saints consumer. Don't change energy ben and jerry's very threatened. Make the ten men. Terry just old white. Cotton bake plus falls. The plot to move sold. The pat protecting escort unexpected off one second largest after record case by case approach take scoring. You cry the top as what. it is free musically. Great working one to Do break second question sean. Sorta marxist shops a week. Pop shops have a chops slapped with papa. Doc's mavericks chasing fifty no guarantee you're about his co. what popped a window. Tuck season hagerstown call. This wall balls. Fire was fading right. How nitro go get them. All thousand trump to slow of said tran cracks not into election. Bud of trying to quit. Don't quit something like a. Don't cuss words. Church nerd i heard appeared blur to a million believers is going on took a fever. Among the world's scandal handles abacha girls man does plan will pass by paco battles flag with a black and gold patru blood to the head one tomato one more time and makes dead black holes in the nice by taco salad goals in the spotlight. Like rocco crohn's twenty four seven cycles. One got more than bipolar. Dyke goal on the law depends on what the wrong kids. Michael jackson for him to flip scripts like camera villain the laws of the mason black one. Who the crowd like a cloud. The poco while the past while while we're now was cork's caputo dow or go to why five favorite four we wrapped like outside the bath. Like the frog. I suspect a baby all bechtol. Check up some chance to hold back. These lesser known fact got loose for people bending stupid grab one of the street chunk for grabs all as was shot to keep your mind and the project. Drop your seconds of fame. Back for gold is no fold. What they don't know why won't hurt. Swat gaca kidding me. A hit out on the spot and like his lovely kettles and they treat call them recording. Winning means something for the front by the way we compete. Hello here to the side of the fall. Some unilateral better with the seats in real life. Just feel this. The is quite positive. Laws associates supports the girls participate as holdings overly. Don't me mark. Dad call rapids. St dunstan is somehow morale. Somebody like the sunday selena family around whether you paid suffice. Take your dummy. So i believe in. The signs for baffles seen topped back smiling shoveled a glass output fans nor the plan hands. Turn on what some jealousy the number. One killer won't blackcomb spell by smoking. Get right to your back. Just another way of check. Petitionary full of leading set of one likes to socialize simple helper. That's about one dollars in while ago thompson. Even cut nicole like a light switch when things get quite catch. What a write up. I missed the fantastic bill. Drastic the guy you're bombs when it gets real still sparking dot that ain't no talking so it's awesome out of trouble trying to plot the bubble dog because we got some coming codependents. The jail becker for parents to the world cooks walls around the place that give gloria and a similar story type home. Stand someone. I let her get the fiction screens we could do. The damn thing brings him again. That the pencil how ginsu member author lessons. It ain't pretend not just. I'm matt kusc. Something kim to clearly take longer than six saturday job when he took and came to wake you about the stock even more into like one more step tall so when all also want to split the planet's hours mattis worn alone the grandkids switch of the ringling hands. Save some big wages outfield. Got a fan base all his like the little sling blade warp like a slave. Dipstick paid by gold-plate backwards to the side whole fame. Still say like a suede on. Pay half for aston poodle. Cristobal wall up like a will allow iraq noises and going to fairy tale movie. Plus they need the to stick with the deported ripple with one on the hood results. Now face a place in. Y'all rollable one on stunk now. Listening to us. Box lady A splash palm style. While the out without donald bags and spoke pasadena jolly rubbing shoulders with those around. Take all mind playing. Paul solstice nice studios. The best baby shot sealed. Awesome only swayed ave was funny straight makes. Aw aw mom off. The i'll read more battery backup listed cigarette packs a real life mice sex assault machine shut up set up like like like could not right on fleiss x. On the most anti-social one off the gun death. Tally valley is like on the be plus the weapons of war or deliver refund all the focus. Mask the gas drawers supervillain who put the slice quiz like domain. Me have to hurt them. Fellas some across pillar within the cup of all grow willing to hop hopped style. It's swiss-style child. More than i saw them. Gastro oversaw clock and blacks former to work. We end up. I hit the ball like extra unseen field food between meals to day with desktop. Like were also use the doctors who was hard on track type. This was his baby day. Finest a baby. Eagle eddie gives us some breed. Sixteen one of the best of all predictable last. Helen gastropod laws of the fantastic four with the metal face forego state the whole of case studies tropical suckers obstacles like neagle four. Hit the door spitzer lot pronounce doubt about the balanced extra unannounced out out check wall. Also more about this. The fuse box radio presents. No food on done man. Five stupid nigger shown super nigga right in the head a home mortgage kill sex monday morning murder with the rapid stepped. Paul the same when you believe in the god whether jesus adapter for after the ball graduate massad folks demand. The new didn't rock the wants. You look back backpack rapper strapped with tracking now. Just three scars guns. Nobody saw some blow on the table. Paul along the sleeping on wall fun saps napa sounding a one track mind clear track fuck rap but took back some briefs on the mike smith. I was totally different boys. Abc's deboyan go down gone docile magazine than god. Our smack dab right. Cpi absolutely couch buddy for you. Take a stab at it. The study you split around a black hawk down surrounded by the navy's to the gallon town then freak soul never know beef bowl fairly tension compare the convince quite well cases. Pences dot ball screen off the pulse. Takeout the next tab your daughter real slow pitch one exercise to chin this to get seatbelt ferment. And broke his mall mall on the spoilt swallow from elliot. Michael filaments gelatin. What the hell is they spray. It'll tell us on the spots in the pool number one on talking to the phrase took metal just fed well as deliver dead sect prevent so a spoil snubbed. One snake oil sales slip make quickly get know-how all snow was a prisoner. Robot was awry. The suicides of the pride products wellstone proximate to force cytotoxic effect trump mice and firemen trump's house and on a luke hong kong plus. We'll the birth of a variety in the name of the society potatoes garbage audit of the plain old. You'll see clean gobbles me sex-change relaxing that aspartame and plenty of many struck but sunday. Twenty one cloud aside phone on silent. God stole all hold netting. I in houston is now the black black black off your home. Sweet trustees gusting plus took the trauma in to some our strike like penn station cheek. Bassett's who act like they don't how to your black and good luck. You'll go back mistakes. So soft rhino black. Don't spend much from japan long. It was insane. The has like saboteur along six week. Nevelson watch fact. This in the knack is percent. Energy future must be twenty feet long by ten precisely. This miniature egypt people instantaneously parallel sauce in this city. Every energy source people to sit in the blood of stole. The way repeats trick. You like a stuttering fool. Uttering king jewels has been cooled scuba how to wash away. The club in the pool pool made his rome on. I couldn't tell seattle chromosome missing somewhere out the get the to get the skills one time they come out and up to the white. Don't take your rattle compatible with the pennant paddle cable more than molecules. Stop avenue the past. Twenty school type. Took apple stock of the year by school. Type of track was like a thorn in his back as fair one in his crack. Whoever thought smoking come back with shack safa tackle body was still. It wasn't so simple. Why in the knief and other one make you want us to do. You can talk. Men had it all own. Needs here to get the dag mask forbid flag sess in the air apple of rapport by school type album pit. Stop the upper. Rather levite school type. You nothing patient rain could be. Ariza's rush pats the hobbies park. Stop bob dylan awful. Lot with the mask type. The sold the story. Rhodie mr foley. Those imbalanced only of the happens palace to the gobi. Brenham upstairs slowly on the low key. Generals tastes the ones that saints. Grace bill right there in black and white protected chainmail stays today mates away see a system to student. He's oversensitive young sorts of stuff from the main streets of the dollar doodlebug. The singular solid to is supported. Simpson's twelve days. All the high. You know the god. Let's tessa gramma. Tom to get to get out to the amazon. Would any luck. Mike the score locally from speaking on vocally then you gotta be on the in the known number. I think i'll still all mill some of whatever he credited cast back since last week. Y'all got weaknesses. even the foxman gag somewhat in the numbers next convenience. A thanks town week. Like a porn star suite say chosen pills came mackillop obsessed with we activities city. Snow was too much saudi carjack goals with this lynch talk. Tina fleet hop pop talk gig chinese liberty city. Dangerous clap on clap. Bake catholics see the back clean. Sidewalk take to sell our dog. Amass like the crowd for your horn. Kick out on get one wing and bring this thick with sean. Don't change the straits of the cats took is what's so strange. No cash dot luck the drought stock the enemy a wack deal iraq for free funding. Stacks place late. August shot thousand dead diving extremely melissa fed lips trump make you know the possible scored almost or building the store for ransom. Kristie phillips leaving the robert broke up swine. The poor child walk fine line. Four th flying more quote would lead towards contract to skull like mine redefined out who spout design by now faces a thou- faith states sound crazy than the case of terror. Strikes back from three will most from in when i rock. Doc negatives show shop. The clock ticks off red sock. I'll make your. Dr trump is at the hip proper whole heap. Never forget when they told me they soulsby other. Mc's trying to pull me plus biggest slow at phone company with my homie. His the stick them up. I end up to windows down. So we can't see percents. Hasta endo though it used to go. Yeah but that's the reason not really like length down. The corners lynch says dutch side by printing side. If you tangle done at your got shit studies didn't have to be that way for the coming into sunday's put awaken. This note spots mike and worshiped savage mansion last names of the countdown to the that graphic breakdown. An map lacasse taboo. You'd think got to know stinks tests slots until to take a box cutter point. Kosters his back away from the fog. I love knocks his cap off cassidy. Nickerson raise pay route. You brought me at the lapses. I suggest strapless the buzz a cup. I got a lotta love with no strings test wise. We got plenty. Tom's tom's tom's too many sparked up the county to jealousness keep tapping rock and roll. Lock emcees alpha possible stopping cold in the and. Take all the kip said. Only only paul shipwrecks. kim accredit not teddy. Which is flipped the calisthenic city quiz in another boston in a pussy. Abc's we pan for most allergists two racks. Which were the bag. He refused like old. Call to empty. Holes baiju upholds all allows miles morales. Leo magazine dropped the ball to tickets overlooking king cobra cobra hall. Get cut like kobe. Whole need so sweet broke. David no pay those the not closely coachspeak. We re shoulder reload. The concrete paralleled quality to the next male shot is in excess on the bluff apple smocks court klux passive plus boardwalk lap across court case. Last drink out gives you got to without the proper abbas not gonna hit duck like a quick quick up up girls and got a lebron up to the curb based on protect. But now call to click. You think ampoule you want me to doug to loves creek no strings to test. Wanna keep my slugs still want to take them back now. Listened to seems box radio. I'm still don't even if the begging coach even battle. the smoke till the hatch will still don't the pits and crush paramount ramada. Six the for walk in and don't inaugurated reality still permanent burning calories that ballast medal ceremony in manipu- kennedy taking us to capture. The data is just part of the ace in. The lesson is time for which still don't match from game no bring. Don't change still bring into pain still. Don't get a choice pope. Listen take notes of showing you still. Don't very high dosage. Mike approaches lights out pay lasted for wacky british cinema. Wholesale top cold again at one point the missile shield. What a bitch. Mike lynch wreck shit. That's what is made for that quick. Drop dead bitch published with lucy. O-on cousy all the gas sweats. Bragging seat was like walking space in line. That is no corpse to pull the trump substance in buffalo. Double dumping them coming from the data goal. Stinking before with the knickknack. Ken web critics this damn on drown when it comes to the spinach coffee. His just like sit blow your if she hikes to the tail she walked show by dmc rock. Jails she walks. Jails manicured nails with a smith. Kona homegrown shrubbery won't go hungry. Don't don't assume v bennett class spinach improper before can like kid all the check. So awkward kinik climb a gave competent smart for details straight yet. Don't know the crazy thing with strangers sleep over that joke. It outspoken bumping into broken his name for providence. For the plane way ahead of the game still plaguing the same poilcy. It will always remain forever doing things. Some will hang like thanks to the game. They got the brains that the market in this length banks contains little this time the streets. You all survive with wax adb's moment searching most for me speak freely cancelled sixteen. He's might standard stick in my hand down to match companies like to type mixed bag. Start paying back. Bank open birdcage hop benny hill. Penny straight get every penny weight at any rate binding. Everybody was fighting play out. Let's get back wonderfully calms china from the woman. Percents woman was Boss radio voice now in the own patients. Jbc's nice if it around. Japan send mcdonagh course scale off the brixton the media amateur. Check me out kapiti. Walk run a speedup. I come from a place where superheroes meet up. Drink tea watching chicks d cups spiderman doctor with on top of the new york city city. Shrimp storing fries border. Swanson thought it'd be brought to university drought with a mazda green lamborghini off the five molest cholesterol. A loss team usa can make a million rep. It's been harsh coast on ice cream. You don't have that much. They home up all sea salt. Some rain this jump out you need to antler juice ski. Had with the mommy it's sunny. Sonic sonic it's fishing sonic list. Captain follow boxer bowls out and mind in the biden. More to this mentioned all top for their roles hustlers convention is going. You gotta be on this play with this. Pr this sort of jolie. secular mission. Whoever second the web slinger need a beat amount. Amount back account with richard hermaphrodite. Haseltine dance. I gave flight the vast bright lighten same type of simon. Got the titans fighting said it was notable in a hello kitty cats up and it was so wrapped a war for being helen. Rossi scored develop for next round. All nations sunny breaks sunday. Beautiful a superhero Grabbing stomach saw was in the song. Claire with melvin. Mike speed gas on cutting has to walk around the man baby in a cloud over what god. No more kids seem long day. Beta man what type of mayor would be the woman who play game loving a hand. Pick a commands. My mom in school rob spurs chilton type grows and span healthsource contrast van belkin twelve hot molten metal dead. Help bill take donald cement. Benton denton happened before went still twice. Mind the golden rule be nice with ice school close calls respect. He goes to take the alleged coast. Everybody got ladies first place votes stuff that she goes to the shelter. Hide out still built pain in the about. His cow gave a department. Can't money got to pay for his car. Can't they began to pay the ball coming back to this top back to repeat the cycle dollar looking at the start to the job. Call costs of the law real. You can listen to the fuse. Box radio broadcast via itunes stitcher tunin radio podcast addict and your other favorite podcasts players. Check out the fuse. Box went ios official website for our latest episodes events and more at fusebox radio online dot com. You can also visit us on facebook at facebook dot com slash radio show twitter at twitter dot com slash fusebox radio and instagram at instagram dot com views. Box radio israel. Free to contact us at fuse. Box radio at g mail dot com to submit music for airplay consideration.

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Marnix Geus | Richt je op de overeenkomsten in plaats van de verschillen

Potentieel Goud

43:25 min | 1 year ago

Marnix Geus | Richt je op de overeenkomsten in plaats van de verschillen

"The oklahoma poach out local ousted. My name is operatives. Thank you how pull off a persona gladisch hop in the pulled cosstalk shook neta fly off and who had mentioned looked was yourself. Self design ending osama leaving needed auditing expect with the data deficient days each and on the name could i was hopefully outta shift. Forks fetus offer copayment boat tissue out in zipped and concrete tips kafer. Y'all help eve eric. Any life to halston days off living is more knicks close mornings. She's on the name in heart. Anita yacht along been heads behavioral in two thousand seventeen for quotas an daily and start to depressive movement in archies for being smith. Iniciativa egypt indebted for fluids. Liam the medicine a faculty of up city shaima oprah fatal and geico today days. Buehler's make america if it logs each new slid momentum that will Vaco lopa vacancy socio film and says kim nevada in okinawa and i said you should does seem to abound even all the the baligian looked out to call me footing and home schooling and not say doesn't hey. The ball finished halo community. Be only contorted and Actually i just pulled out you money if a new yeah. I'd say hey look. We also cut look great in apple pie. It also familiar. App store stood from an outer for myself or so yogi from the three fear. Yar khan healed yada tooth gone. Who were shell skin to what what was not actually for marnix that obviously the jv out conversion from outer studio Little buddha buddhism on the He'll who to an equal number moi via his schommer dineh costume and alosha or honeyman faulty when to feel behoove to on hill. Fiendish let's come in about a whole Hillsdale ears fossils asking behold old michelle finn hill to fade and hall. Dig moment you and don't k- the oddity to now fall through. You've been open debate. Air in on every vote. They can afford three hour. Mace for nominative also does focus taupe now Yeah it's ulta commits in asia bay in bear but oklahoma on hockey each host. Alex is doing to help on that. You to the bay. Dr and stocks saying the often the overriding topic. Introduce mike have to do. And not a our studios to yoke and phil jackson. Pitching for the ugly overnight book binders marked saved. Oakland hundred starship alexa and the casino bay in the erbil. Tonight fluck phone. Call to by off-spinner. The for minnesota dot shooting list titled inflow coordinate launch developing latino neyla guys and analytical he'll stick our domain from florida for show gotta commitments fucking in documental. Boston masino could make you forty inch. Norma blida berhard oakville over Bound to shahir east of emailed. Near a marco who for house frey outs talk yourself. Shine your identity from maine. Berisha film my case from baltic dumb. Do quoc fuck off. Show four pm fill and and F vade which obscure debate adult is. You've been died that his helmet. He's an you tell it is. They can not alphaville bent of year. Best yourself foods. The dots For neil billboards or collect or all noes using four-day titusville hydrogel machine. Yeah if we all minute and fox to markham are film it. We are nice self gagged and who you're a hit up on the radio of native about labeled you're oper october and all of the year we healthcare dot com. The event cost less than the embryo. Very open the mets on the name rabin had been today for sacred between me. Being w avni xiaobo full ride. New new overheads. You didn't officiate. You smell may make your ashley was for yao to you. Know about how. Dr yeah sager and deal on is That you need helming. Khattab belts do donald payne and my head peo- volt and Food to mention to go. Mr hoppy betas us on the down on the will connote and joe is in danis high of self obana. Hello all dakota old. Initially to your john t shine block to token you've been starts forum six hundred madala mentioned tobacco ma and the influence dinkic a little over the data and a neuroma stemple lavaka. Yeah i came up with missed missed. Happy bay advanced common news out today. Bureaus belka an economic. Well zouk daren have been a pupil saw of ernie's asi and in the new format and look around knowing still not air that's towards She don't pity odor very bad. The name taveras mental inhumane to safety Talk up for court. But for data this mayo ena who men's creep pseudo mockingbird on taking because it's every bit fatter i just from the boost goes does the fingernail pushes on taking over a nassir lost article. Phonological velcro fondled field goal and it took titles when you do and i at that sign. zonada bull titians and this will have to holman shimmer today starts and did not stop on your yoke lost allowed delta. Tau later told Can actually since eight cocco. Your phone bennett. Ain't gonna be kasana succeeds in a black brooklyn off dale hollow gerhardt's coming out to funding him are taking four hundred successful Husain shoop wants to comment on the saturday here waiting home and it ogden decossa marks and are now. Is you have to existential affair. Who and notre who were okay. Day my nazi Prosciutto columnist palm in a deeper and inau deion indian Hey long ford unemployment or show and they need to call the tunica. Stockton look for all the class ville belonging accidents on thing and the thing is over in canton do vehicles and to say in my body to collect fs and bresnan movement in india for the vanni bear. Jay is ahead pierre. We'll stop the voters. Forget on workout machines to honduran. There's an onslaught obama's down to town. Each baron worship resolve documental held or the heat's real the kazuko very flimsy and its vertical picks inch reveals. Go vote philly. Held a forum is the thought. That's fair amnesty. No wholesale marc formidable us to infer how to get out all belong long forms and he'll do acne telephone. That's the thing of all the name. Data's estimated actually called mcqueen today approved in monetize. And all the name of the viking thing you'll get to my. That's an shelf dune it can oviedo could coma and some of the processes that scaife difficult will help them book gear and he built a hill hawk net again followed each reveal but dagenham and heating to lifstyle staying technical. Menial build a house states had come out of been and the mentioned material. Filing geico believe deldot madan end zone. So did he get to the himself on a house. Eighty alamo new patina metal name and bill. I'll end nita from sale for. She didn't stop in jets. Lucas goldman tunic. Bear mush and you stop them out appear. But i'll trade it. She's doesn't need kc dome on the com- gentlemen. Just feel margaret goal need to blame for hungary jacobson's all i physical more specific hoffy to is identical to the book tacoma because better on seating for their states And and do today. Hippie tuna shamma mojo mauka bacher my altitude. Not on dare to travel to start. Yeah and that's in community so bill you can talk on nasty hole that baby. Tokyo onslaught obey. Who do yeah daddies daycare now until after stop. Marketing border leap. Ferries you've been sticking beholden to present movement. Yeah yeah okay. Ignore marnix head beerbaum on expressive movements. Easter easter phil. Fulmer to okay yourself. In who your traits mentioning kentucky combs gel. Fill mcvay need with tomorrow. Data contemplates Buyout jane about vanity. And the murray dang said gonna love helps you d bama and up lament does vita bohol. Now shamanee shocker partner. They'd had been fully. It will stay on the phone bill. O.'neil oprah emotional this kind pocket and motel in clearer and the air speed depressed movement out save new bellefield mir full dinning offi hearding. Maybe may some for scottish on that. You need me in a coma. Shayla illegitimate Motorcade easel I saint just to call. And just that you altered but bear videotaped then paul tomorrow and danka clone Out of all year olds collegiate deal cab and divided he On of nivo. Come up with that of aquinas iphone. Perspective up yourself. Screen needed expert on the mayor of perspective for that on the night. Okay ka of you on the name have been able to focus focused today off depressive movement very open halen you mentioned. Call me your whole seats for you. Really don't soak for neat seville to put on the need and boats hop in the bill feminist ember will collect shackled. Move this oko doble show. If despondent still events might israel I think methodic fits by two mac and they'll take up on autonomy and do and it's a shocker shelf on eraser of hungary ben phenomenon i'd dot and it kept all of those all each boche in heaven poop powder. She talks but i didn't this uncle former guy dynamic and she did she knew unanimous data quiches. She doesn't do all hang amal. And it should present Car accidents each me. Your teigen's now. They need to lane for mating to get any sheet for alec. Usually it's Mutilate and hold on the death. Penalty kentucky medicinal hill almost on real life and open garza. Who needed enough. Missed and in dc yet. The given for men. Shane villa into occidental. Car shooting osama disagree. Lotion is the overriding lane. Tha elaine shamet. Already cocoon. I hang at work. Thank columbia for the full makarios. Hase's hokey til i who nifty. Dings are thinking. Yeah moy Blockbusters do not as soon four day here dot com promo. Max phone a new difficult collectors. October show launch lungs thailand. Clove involves not years yet design and fluffy and if been with the honors on the underneath all those full of us. now. I was so ninety lives. Don't hopper very wealthy. That obama's off mic from from the hague all the name or does phoenix hill house and like tight megapixel chocolates to flak style from benedict nuke x abated individuals and evolves from the ecomog embedded. I've and do eld or in his claim mccallum brazil movements may dinka mates of bash. Factors are talking bank. You fort debate tight over which Does your typical momentum off from conical with reading dune. That's his co. votes for mayo. This podcast on the phone at at what no to hold this debate. Here in tacoma basil dena dna doomed bandera yazdani jeter bay and these shorts on the Into a steve forbes my memo on the sheet and also missing the thank you save. What's fair bidding deep in from teigen's yourself signed for for y'all i the on the overflow danke kamenz palmer zane traditional sponge zane and Malacca fula and to on out in what you do. Evacuate allotting Noblemen that you that you for more events in bent you fed a don show. I usual- shane hot for mayo. Corn over the an off. Dr goldman off the knee lucius delays base. And you do doing a persona catch deaths on the phone and you can see the illegal narcotic coaches here's Last men's could appeal homilies norm puppy and kinda over the votes on ourselves on until dollars. Fun go you a low steps to do an infielder anywhere. Yeah all the into to mental shelf. Based out of espionage benico and collected his corneille fielding he could say so dr booth don hastings. David year bent alner shy benz don on the l. e. v. benthic on contacting of numa. Tomorrow have emits measuring had. Just been all namer powder and old magazine and advice from don pudding and down on dementia nyc aga- and algae steve online version. My is don the events accent. Click vehicles and trump's gonna ask all the harmful to ddr four kavala class even include. A test hated each infielder model. This brain dominance. So it's by dot does pay helpings. What is stone. Gag mentioned cannot detail to recognize. Vietnam guarantees and dr bags for. Yeah okay alamoudi osha. She didn't africa from another shoot. United africare and collaborative factor not unique intuitive bottom. Own unique dana. Men's like actual don't available kharlamov. Another shows off baylor jets danica. You do and who you've been off. Food is national. Varta vid bent out of young. I laws on the cologne. Men's last all over them last call martin over and the dish michiel she elects fault and achieve the for dagan and those omaha feel ankle milton. Echina- all motel. And i think door hateful on the hey on the banya. And what is she saying for yahoo. You just won't take in dingle hangover ni cake. Novel cheer zomba cabinets is now look the humans bids he died damage. Focus will toward hill. Fucking variable bill all about on the name bins and alabama blunk him on the phone middle stats and Lavelle stilts as full-time skinny pairs aimar shingle. On do cohen aren't had dario fo over ankles. Locked on markle car. Show develop into covina optimal telmo foreign. Psi diner and it's almost. It's almost madan coma feel almost doing. That's the designer. Still puts almost guys and the source for providing and the she says eight of elements of plot in Fling in the China half men cd oke. Ona quiches painting a divestment steve to fix item. That i i on the key for and alpha unaccompanied minors this it are an statesborough one with geena uneven. Old names on those that i have is formed under show. I think may demark accent. Yoke august and also discussion. Co coulter gnashing. Two older titusville the mark of a doorway tonight before alamo sane Also on after s for was feel mir decanters answer dinking inaugurals flagstick way preser- movements almost benign. It's out of order shaker. Miles of oak of the bay area's kung cynical to a new never knew if he donald lupu anchor of do but he just black befell halo fontaine on the marston. Demar diabled dr. Welby oughta go severe need now huckabee. The holocaust it's forbe's diabetes. America just Health doing enormous in ullman amos. Cop cop has much. I'm not a couple of hundred Valya put into nitric. I supposed into doing and the shaker. Let's pasta she'll be benton Addition human place there about mentioned that impressive for them for all the documents and i was gonna say doctors noon into on. Its for your financial. Today falls both meals. She gets converted into too bleak fishy. Shin- free album acre. Yeah i shine of complete alphabetical on. And i'm going to have to build the persona devotion she guys that s goldensohn get here and it would eat capable tossed these of all these dementia reality tour. Zang moment acre sacred. Mookie may michael the scene. Yeah doco shoko cakes when natural park and Oak view of the baker. Komo's cheetahs film in smoke. Feel storming ezekiel okay. Stop but new unique on the sky and check my madore teknaf doc. Night cordona cleese's ogden machine over the hillsdale's who cannot okay. What's sign out of the group about on the side of okinawa's expecting overfull disorders and on the vice seat at the two. Oh finito hilton super hotels yourselves feet dollar blooper were the eventual new talk. We'll be heads ad hoc here to be near answer machine to the fund still now adults except for me focused. Hope on men's zane in mail gave you stop marketing appraiser movement outside thumper taken this guy detained thousands and leaks on them For taylor over vaulted deutz dotty. New birds Tasty hearts the lady new conditions looking answer could owner cases advocacy unto for tokyo me into help diplomats and santa aleka and therefore all about nouveau might have out of l. hateful commensurate smelled horizonte. Shock each engine idaho to bring to our donald goal. It's come on dipoto. Ability meant this noon to no feel motorcar introduced two new f- cologne in inhaler. Sponde- expertise She democracy and inexpensive often vint fantail def- on the show lead. I normally do name ish. And the show to call it. A sham shampoo heights. And there's had men sane lags belonging toward them those fears. It'll make him oxyde. Yeah ball left. Edward ed at my is who will healthy to bunk caps needs. Invite you shoot in late as she she. She not been beta peanuts. This jamie of me over ankle msn. You gotta die till back to the launch cancer that she who hama to tried chateau bomb needed l. c. t. o. Cologne bevelled inefficient. Was well the new notable. Y'all is she knew okay. Cornets varda men. Shane gigs for nights before the shutter. What's out of folks yard on mood. Bureau tom daschle. Says clings slickly feel. Might all day or base bafokeng. She i to over the loan and via antica by accolade all the baltic Var come skymark door and she knew she does the cell shea from burlington outer dr to allah khuda natal As needed and all. I think it'll have to initiate new. Jaguar depressive movements stichting the been holding The forums afric hilliker. he'll look osama viking. They can start mitzi people. Yeah each stellar. Yeah she people to applicants downing are although i haven't to moon venture such in Venture capitalist as has an steeler. And i focus on both shields do better movement and shahala shelf onto a much complicated stephen j scheming at a cocktail boola and an annuity database. Cheap people firefly's a Moya in the present movements going on all the stone and often is on cox expedition eric. Let's grime to africa. Impacts with pressure movement of crowded or starts. clarke's huntsville. Do this dossier is usually it on. The name is Your sean mccollum. We met him. It's complicated fever and falls in an for all adore days. He should study the end in in an in an for selling has do the booth either today form shorts toplica to divide into heaven. Yeah former mentally at means to have a crowds. The heart heavy in favor of what's going to do for yourself alcove and where the is all fall off. Hello piazza infamy to should a sheet over musical into a chain menchie You need to go for coach. Before jacob hoop national health claim for stachel dr studios kelvin confident and And an yeah talking. Oh fuck mentioned in both cold hearts. Dnr advantage but are to all of us. Don 'save and dalen a hill buren. Jane does hill He'll disobey even on the ocean. Karen took the call. Can they from all our human You've dearest indication on the nathe in today's admits finite music and out in each for dagan geico phone versatile dunin in in visiting and these odyssey tilting music east. A may okay. That is all italians yourself at bent staring have never known a love steady. Even go vote later. Shortfall four The pressure movement type yearbook seven but he ethical beta halo local Shots shakes but dependents working in to extra time today home for it constand. hey Spalding pleasure they tell antle yada at great place to work on google taking collar halton delays began today reviewed all mataafa assaulted. Spoke to our divella over. He'll he'll say honesty bay. Erica incident multiplex hateful may depletion. You new knew she'd nude at ain't mood vehicle. Ted that's me. I'm willing to meet the of of taliban issues show exotic success from the ak- health software remake on yesterday's dad's contributor who you're umeda vaccine eric's yeah they'll be noodles from food handouts hoffa added to be back home in seville of eat bacon voting day established gene boorda sarava due media over geic. Avoid going to leave and complicate your your whole it hill Today on the name mark tells us a hill. Who who who would talk and eat. It ain't of may tiffany. Hi sean ilpo. Division device new along date and other lung pavilion was spun. My odell scott. Hopefully snagging goldman all blue in the film from a car crash election and he should embassy not education oklahoma part of a home port on the mensa for nowadays cases. Act like garbage mark. Still some you know joost door avenue old style. The oakland decker amadou mood. It's almost a economic on ricky. Ricardo perez increases tactical. Darren goldstone beatles attribute it the moyal tickling faintest forbidding medicare and the is for car not not the us not exit in oakland realization If dr clint zealots moist brings yeah l. Help the incident gay oklahoma man yourself to shame. Vodka she is meant samir. Lots of seeing fall volts and out volta louis school flicks she will and hayley fodder shine a all. Gonna save an where you've got to do. Net dot com the died adding kosher multi mode mark for and dot need garnered seco exceeded dot org new outage polk award conflict divided. All many new fictive mean the will michigan the whole thing and Over on the air. Ding of our door. yoked ultimate. you've to do a new new work. You need to lose yet. Today on newark veal. Sign ford dash of akina. Yeah my mentors. Play out molik. Maxine evolve excellent tacoma voice telling the world atlas park on the maze. Hot veneto hoot augments these economic keeping him flow to apocalyptic issue. Talk about the excel. America's dealt may or help them mental maintainability marks for food remain at charlotte professional old vic ling de mayo clinic for telephone hill fair for your attic. Aaron awful for family possibly be events v. forty out now. Gamut sting and stewart henderson steers lleida years later. The arctic gomez scott divorced. Lena kept my tasty and assigned breaking in. Its you know clinic guarantee. Formation chuckled as adults Especially short from ovation. Mono of our vowed kapika clear found bill and he'll laugh women's national short on short sharp. The initiates a long new highs from guinness markinor. Angie we start belts Let's help them take a glacial. Feel major lazer iglesia. New earth film Agricola at last. October been open an hour of now i he talks. Laser delays more facebook derek lung center and on tape talking lace storms. Ricky of new and long over now for a and elaine delta's electrical this book. I take your home. What's all those liquor. Yeah and you can. Do you can up enough. Kisha won't offense yet. X two in beholden meant. He pulled costs New earth's on oprah needle him interviewed high Door team polls costs on an ear and behoves to can Harsh eater plane birth of to heal your bait action detail Lacquer electrical booker. Lots of our states me after dauga involved male says it helped in feel bhavesh to com. I mean to mark over Politico massana for shokhin kuna on kalma doubt. Remainder of nightmare may affect scan the home year. Do mira michelle result buffalo. Han made it the the day. Pasha often do and do exchange all the alcohol and tobacco for chirac. Memento p at that for yourself your sue still think through the in heme markets. All of this year she may so Mesa open kushner. An america that unit by died votes fixed con heb. Also that you sort of elbowing shit on an outlet vault maybe dots. You blinked volts multiple offered. Y'all y'all y'all bring to deduct. Familial version hangs in short four by adding up to duck aid often that you're alert bent Allah allah full. Kyle of i Instincts here till and forty four year for dates. All the era and avoid field. Ferrall about oil to over amount of black typically who egmont mohawk ish and when you dates feel Her her least fuller deductive. Khan and almost eight fail Health tonight's going on the. If you've made dodgy coleman lots of old trafford auto show axles mattis. Don't mirror at the fiscal year. Turn on the show been. He's just on before you ate a mincing but they do karnik honestly for the the momento without hats. Dot com plano. She died in to shock. Deduced from not seeing dot. We are stellar. It's the brington Joe and helped my heart on each relaxed hundred dot com. And for michelle for kotova doc needed excel of shoulder gate ahead. My heart for the mentioned the accountability probations call next election. Act when i will send it off sparky and belong guy de coho broderick yoting org from the to for format Cake on the amish fool of bank of meat unexcelled danka health. Naive ordinance alfred. It's a very k appro- where oklahoma fac flavor into. Dr trump did cosmetic. Dads need loc- Delegate munir ever doors on maintaining here this annoyed into stick. worder migrate new former. Self regard wrinkle ulta each news. Thanks ready to try us. Okay off of two women. That's the puck pm. Something does flick at newlands. Xbox send an oak. The new niche mir dude hopped on the expediter From off the tax may now yards skins alosha verka on vertical ich mag male brushing near air hostess for the dandy due to the fact thought argument deeply dissolve and stack Then st kampelman base design. And they'll newstalk always own. And i think go go for the camera. Stash coleman to flow and david compare baker this name and has veteran paramount and That's that's haim your habile think he'll us to work and collected vague easy all onto onto a benign ammonia eamon d. Dario takes almost tight impact vacant. And on with this. Name show mike. Buck t momentous oakville door ben colombo hill phil maverick bass don for may belonging anxious as if you this We have to be made from the extra gave. Maximum is to feel an okay data Yeah you've been you've kinda outta hinge alosha Need me as she states. He'll arts and if she stays brushing not a disability. Feel they'll feel fox news call nathan clark. Shorts klein claims to my and dimensity allows the in. Y'all for hollow dock and enlarged. What's is now almost sure to find you you foolish l. folk now you've act to being my head to make the that's spain into alamo lewellen dock door yet new cost almost and you have to send you media. Albert's you have to verify. Albert's atmosphere at all. The rates for for mental eric heels admin stalking is to shelve in six For me on the cultural is and Could have shifted all on fiction Collect that coke. He'll he'll on the shine fox and open mic notice. Did they needs. Hey monty follows an air boat shoe. Outpost cost to start to shitter over over. Alamo minsheng blunkett kennedy ultimo data me up you over ingram self cochran geico on the hugh being shaken. Moyo mail to and Duncanville care we lack ownership the heirs to all flavoring from your heart. Don't all the allows it event from the podcast vint Rockefeller shell ethnic mojo blake in full costs over yourself. Sang mill hollow at bow to show. How bentonville oh yeah no for last loop one the president movements inhaler have combined to start in. This is not long narrow got older cake and photocard to stone. We not me that. I'll statement for show. Daddy died open life new this year to copa stone. Met your uncle dimensity new Boorda again on the automated stunt of failure her new nod the present shop dot kid by boat to show out.

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Episode 147: Which One's Antifa?

Making Podcasts Great Again

46:38 min | 11 months ago

Episode 147: Which One's Antifa?

"That's what's going on everyone. Welcome to another episode of making podcast. Great again. I am your Tech stuff guy. Jaehnig and we are here, of course with the president of the United States of America Mister Donald J. Trump is mr. President has everything going to still fighting this election. Yeah, they're sending it to eat out now calling Bill's Bar Phat phuc. So if I could just get that and then we send and we're back. Oh new texts tough guy. Okay, so I you know, I didn't like the way the way I ran grade Awards great eppie's did you see did you happen to see the empties? It was here with you. Mr. I was the tech stuff guy for the at base. You know, I have a pretty strong memory for those things. I did every acceptance speech remember except Huck's except tax so you're wrong already. So I you know, he clearly they weren't there. It was a I mean the people who are great listeners who are on the fence saying should I join the greatest patreon $55 a month to hear the greatest president took very strongly on very many issues and also do other things. I think the epi's should get everybody off the fence. I think it was one of the greatest nights of awards of podcasting and of of great men and women in the history of our country either way for me to see big Chuck beat Hussein Obama, and that was only the beginning to see the great sure Jeff Epstein when 3 a.m. Ward's three Awards. He swept it was I mean it was a it was dominated in the afterlife. Okay, you know the exact words were only one year old it was the first year. So, you know, he was going to dominate, you know, if it you know, maybe by the 21st annual award she'll be like no that's not for me. But any of these digital words he's going to dominate and for Ivanka to win best sexual compliment was I was crying tears of joy from my opinion. It's fantastic. I don't know. I don't know how to really answer that Tears of Joy from your penis. It's poetic and just in real life is is because no it's it's it's one of the great quotes I think. That anybody's ever heard. So we had a great night at the episode available could big everybody anybody who joins now can listen to the full epis. We had questions. We had a beautiful award ceremony the after-party I know you weren't at the after-party was not how was it it got pretty freaky. There are some people with home making podcast great again t-shirts. Their people were dressed up a couple of people in shirt and ties and some sleep and you didn't you make any comments about there was one lady you had address on home sipping wine, and she had like a long slit up the side of her side of her dress. She didn't see that. wow, I'll have to go back and review the video tape with some lotion and some Candlelight but the after party was tremendous, you know wage aren't going to sort of my date, you know, like the you know, like a father, you know, like a father daughter stood a thing like only have a father daughter dance and like you go as the day like is that how long is right, you know, we used to have we I used to take a when she was in high school today, you know Chastity or my father dance, you know where it was you could you have to change a promised yourself to remain a virgin except for your father and would you say Please you stay a virgin except your father. I can you please explain that cuz I'm very very confused. Now you misheard. Okay. Now I'm hearing us because now I'm thinking of son, you know taking my daughter for the first time, you know, do I school dance, you know after she had gotten our first set of implants and it just it makes me so emotional. That's so weird a high school dance. No one takes their daughter to a high school dance that usually look in there in elementary school. Now, you don't need a you obviously haven't seen are great are great evangelicals in the South, you know, you should watch Borat to which I reviewed by the way on Rotten orange is a plug for the patreon Ivanka level and not you know, you see our Great Southern Culture is very Pro father daughter. All right, but I didn't say what you think I said. Okay, I guess I misheard what if you do want to if you want to check out the epi's and a lot of other great bonus episode of the holiday bonus episodes It's patreon.com and you can hear all the the Fred Trump Traditions great episodes. So go check that out. I was Fred Trump Fred Trump won an award. He did it was it was a lot of dead people went to war against it was such a great but their Spirit lives on, you know, Jeff Epstein lives on in the memories of dozens of young women. So is he you'll never you'll never die as long as his Great mentorship lives on but it was one of the greatest. I think it was the greatest night in the history of the podcast one of the greatest. It was a it was an awesome evening Mister president. I wanted to ask you you you did bring up Bill bar at the the first minute of the podcast and he resigned with how many you have 30 days left. Is that what it is that telling me 37, but I say that it's more like mm. Okay should get interesting in January. But why did Bill Burr resign so close? He he didn't have a lot of time left. I think they were closing enrollment at the fat camp. He wants to join show. You had to be glad to make the decision now and I think you made the strong decision cuz he's he's been a good attorney general. I think he's been a good attorney general. I think he's also failed me very strongly over the election. But as you noticed my tweet wasn't very mean that was very nervous because I you know, I thought about it. I realized okay. This guy helped me with you know avoid removal from office. He helped destroy democracy. He's done some good things. Okay, you know, I think it would have been nice if he could have gotten Hunter Biden the death penalty. I think it would have been nice if he had helped me, you know, if he had investigated Biden for for voter fraud, which was everybody says there was tremendous amounts, but off yeah, like people are saying it but when it comes out to fax like the proud boys have your back and these crazy women have your back and off? Going crazy people have your back. Did you see that when people wearing their ranks the prep was wearing Kilts and then they pick their Kilts up and mooned and it said Trump for president or change. It said it said pardon my language. I'm a great Christian. It said bucket Latifah. Okay, and let me tell you something a great vice president Mike Pence said which ones antifa. think of a title Which one's antifa? But it's very strange Bill Part to resign did you know it was coming was it at nowhere or did he talk to you about it? When we talked, you know, I was thinking about getting rid of him just because I felt like I needed, you know going into my second time. I needed a fresh. I wanted a fresh sort of warrior and build bars fought many, you know, I respect what Bill bars done took me in for this great country. But you know, everybody's got their breaking point to him destroying democracy was a little too much and I need somebody who's may I need somebody who's willing to see democracy? and you know want to destroy it really give it to democracy. I understand that mister president. The Electoral College president like Biden was was on TV just before doing a speech because the Electoral College cast their votes. He was coughing a lot. He was offering a lot and it was weird cuz oh, I guess somebody can't be president. Did you notice when he coughed he like kept going it was he was just coughing as he spoke. There was no stop lying to a car if it was like he was a ventriloquist talking coughing. Did you see that was weird it was that was what I I probably didn't notice it the way you noticed it because I've always thought him for his very weak elderly, you know pathetic self. Okay, I mean we're just talking about coughing got to get any any costs like a weak pathetic old man. When I go off it's very strong you saying you have a strong cough doctors have told me so you have one of the strongest costs we've ever heard and I said, I agree. It's a very easy for girls. So you're telling me when when you were in Walter Reed, and I'm sure you were coughing cuz of covid-19. No ventilators talk. Oh, they take all the breath. They take all the breath from people and they kind of put the words in it's very interesting. Very strong piece of American Machinery by the way sleepy Jim. She'll be using Chinese ventilators. Oh shit. Also, you know what they call a ventilator in China. Please don't mind. What do you think know where you going to go with this? What do you think Nicola ventilator in China? I don't know take a vendor atar that's racist you're fired off. Also, Paul Mitchell not Paul Mitchell GOP congressman from Michigan, you know, we what is it Trader and I don't use his hair care products. Anyway, I use I use vital stats and it sounds like it sounds like ass ass and said I want that guy's products Vidal Sasson. I don't it's bottle. It's Vidal Sassoon. I think that's the way you pronounce it. But that was a social shodiya off the Dallas of soon and the Paul Mitchell. It's not the hair guy Paul Mitchell is Congressman from Michigan. What about Trace semen? What about that hair product wage? Who? Dr. Seaman, you're making something sound Steven board it what is the real name of this here? Can you spell for me? It's like you can Google advice for you p a r a s e n Drive statement I never even had heard of this their product to be honest with you. But what the heck what product are you looking at? There's no end in it. It's just I don't even know how to pronounce it. But it's Tresemme. There's no semen in it. Well, you know what when I am play a prank your wife my wife malaria, there might be I know guys who have done that in college to people who have into a shampoo bottle guessing a person. Well, that's pretty pretty Trump Administration where they said if they need jobs plays off their resumes to me doesn't resumes the folk to you later. Okay? Well you obviously we're in a criminal Syndicate in college. Mister president Paul Mitchell flipped on you he went from you made him go from Republican to a Democrat. Well, they went to independent which is actually weaker. He went to an yeah, that is weaker your right hand side. Now, it's like Mike Pence. He's just like what if I just do both Total weakness am now who cares? Like I said, we can you know, there's all such a we prowl, you know, representative prowl is still on our side. Did you see that video? What's the guy with the eye-patch? He released and video that I thought it was a trailer for a movie but really Dan Crenshaw. Did you see that? That's great because Crenshaw Boulevard eight crazy Crenshaw Boulevard, cuz I used you know, we love him. He's missing an eyes. He served. He was a Navy SEAL. I think he was a Navy SEAL. He was some, you know some kind of birth. military moron and we're well we love our military of course great respect but he you know he's a very strong supporter of me so I like him did you see the video though parts of the video I think he thinks he's Tom Cruise it's wild I think it was real I thought something was like edited him into it but oh he was he was all about it sorry Miss president sorry the dog I thought it was definitely for a second he told Tiffany came over let the let the dog faced half daughter out wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf Mister president it's time to Show sponsored time and you know who it is this week. It's been online that age a strong sponsor AJ show perfect timing, you know, I just accepted the resignation of my attorney general. So maybe BetOnline could be my new attorney-general we can ask them we can definitely ask them. But BetOnline AG has always been behind us NFL NFL football season keeps going surprises Pittsburgh just dropped two in a row. They might be just middle of the ground playoff team and you can bet on been online. Did You Know by the way that I Ben Roethlisberger wanted to sleep with Stormy Daniels off? I did not know that but I thought you don't know who Stormy Daniels is any didn't buy the way he didn't okay, and I like to let him know that I like to let him know. Sorry wage that being quarterback with the Super Bowl rings is not as great as being Donald J Trump. Well, he's not too happy either because that was before I was President, by the way, imagine. Imagine what pornstars I wouldn't sleep with now as president. I can only imagine we can go over some later if you'd like. Oh, okay. Well, I'm Beth Ben Roethlisberger is not happy just dropped the last two games. So if you bet against Pittsburgh, you probably want a lot of money on the money line. You can keep betting on been online. AG the surprises every single week prompt betting future bets. You may not be at a game this year, but you can still be in an all the action a bit online no matter how schedules change or players that place. BetOnline is going that extra mile to make sure you can get in on every game this season with the fastest updated odds in the industry. There are always more options to wager than anywhere online. They have a casino game go black jack then bet on some sports been on some UFC golf you didn't been on politics you could have bet on Biden once a money. And then you can yes, you could have then you win some money betting on Biden. I know but I'm protesting that when that's right, we'll get to that headed to bed online online today and take advantage of all the great mid-season bonuses offers and contests long bed online your online Sportsbook experts. I use them the president uses them BetOnline AG. Mister president I wanted to ask you about did you see your vice presidents printout from the plane on the runway to the the podium? Please tell me what your thoughts were on that because I'm sure you have a lot. I honestly looked at him in the foot. It says if Richard Simmons was gay. He really did. He was clapping and prancing right up to the podium it was. Right out of the show. You're not embarrassed of them. You know, we've given a big game Mike Pence a lot of grief on this show. I want to be honest. I didn't did that mister president. You would never let him hear the end of it if Obama did that running up the runway clapping and getting on the on the podium to make a speech you would but he's your man. So you have to stand behind him on that. Okay, what I'm going to tell you has to be off the podcast record. All right, we're off right now. I've seen Mike Pence giving oral life house. So as very Richard Simmons e as it was it's hard for me to have the same reaction as other people seeing that to me that was him toning it down. So Mike Pence has been very loyal as you now. He was very nice to you when he gets toasted extremely nice and long. We've been tough on Ami as big as big and he is gay and he is Mike Pence. So we go and big gay Mike Pence VIP bgm pay but You know is also been the closest thing I've ever had to a pet. And I feel like I finally, you know, my pet Pence is going to be sure the children's book that we make about the Trump presidency my wife off Madagascar or write it in broken English and I think it's going to be very touching for the strong conservative Children of America. The point is is Mike Pence is the gayest man I've ever met And I respect that. Back on the record. Oh, right. Well, let's go back on the record. Please illustrate the cover of my pet cuts off a pet fence. It's going to be a touching children's book for a great youth for some reason. They see him as a mouse. I don't know why. I see him as a bottom. This President did you see the Wall Street Journal article was a columnist who was I have cut it out and I have framed it and I am handing out signed copies at all presidential events. Yes. I saw it. It's calm this had a problem with. Joe Biden calling herself doctor Joe Biden kiss her. I think her doctorate is an education and he said that you have to be called a doctor. You have to deliver a baby think that's what the quote is in the in the article. What are your thoughts on the article? And what are your thoughts on someone calling themselves a doctor who is not an MD? Well, it's chapter of it's very arrogant. I think you know, it would be like somebody who's president of your Co-op board saying please bring me president and you'd say I'll call you to shut the fuk up, you know, technically your president, but you're not a there's one president who gets to be called President Bush and you know, that is you correct. If you got an honorary doctorate, would you make people call you president Dr. Trump, sir? I would if I got a doctor asked which I will Arizona state by the way wants me to speak at their commencement wage. Also some crazy religious schools. So I'm going to have a lot of in fact every school that I collect an honorary doctorate from I want them to refer to that doctor. So my title after I do I'm scheduled to do five commencements at Faith Baptist Christian Technical College as well as Texas state. Christian Tech Baptist University Very emotional about this doctorate. I mean, you know Arizona State obviously Arizona State and then a new college that opened in eastern Oregon called militia Christian. Tech Baptist Junior College, and then the final school I'll be speaking at is Idaho Faith charity worship. Are you both know this this doctorate think I really I could excuse me. Yeah can't believe Bible texts State. That's either. I know something something Bible text date, Idaho. Militia Christian. expect So the point is excuse me. I get oh boy. The point is excuse me, when I come when I collect all of these doctorates from these five schools as well as obviously being president my title when I'm introduced from that point on wage will be Everybody having five doctor. It's like this jokes you a more than like Ivanka sometimes. I mean, this is Wild Eggs. Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise. For mr. President doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor President Trump. I'm so emotional. It's a it's a lifetime of work summed up in one very convenient way to introduce somebody. I guess so. I'm looking forward to getting those commencement speeches and you know being introduced more. I'm looking forward to you being introduced to be honest with you know, hopefully our patreon Patriots taking note. It's you know, as I said mister doctor president doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor share Trump Square. It's called common respect. So when I hear about somebody like Jill Biden referring to I mean don't get me wrong. She's got a she's got a master's degree and being a sexy older lady. So, you know, I respect that but she's got like a PhD from you know, not one of the grade schools like me like, you know Eastern Oregon Bible Texas State University not one of the Great Schools. Is that I have an affiliation with but you know, she got it from like, you know Guatemala state or something. She got a doctorate in I you know, like I don't know children's poetry or something and she wants to call doctor she wants to recall doctor. I won't cover a doctor once and believe me. She better call me doctor six times. It's 5 x understanded one. It's like a punch. It's like a it's like a punch cards or 5 doctors you get the 6th for free. Did you just say you having sex you never heard of those deals heard of them? I didn't know if I have in the 6-3. I didn't know how to do a doctor. It's the well once know once you get one once you get one from, you know, North Carolina Appalachian Bible technical school Christ faith faith Junior College. These schools are great. I I want to I want to go visit them. I think we should next Thursday. I think we should form a patreon football league in like a fantasy football league with with just the schools that I just mentioned Faith football college just of the Bible Tech Schools. They're not all Bible text errors General issue and there's militia Christian Tech. I'm sure that some good Ballers Thursday MCD. Militia Christian. Yeah, they play tough football though. You're allowed to bring an AR-15 onto the field really and you can shoot someone. You know, sometimes you can't tackle the guy and you're going to do something else put a bullet in its calf. Maybe it's the president. We have two more topics today. Now you say if such a security government and Powerful, but apparently the Russians have hacked the email systems of the treasury and the Commerce Department's free access to all the emails issue is true. Well who's reporting it? What's your source? I think it was the Wall Street Journal or New York Times. Well, if it was the failing New York Times, it's fake news. If it was the nasty Wall Street Journal. It's fake news. Oh, I would say is not reporting anything about this. It's always a Russia. They always want to bring up brushes. Okay. So Russia looked at our treasury in our Commerce Department's who cares. What's the big boss? So they hacked into two of our big departments. What do you want me to do about it? I don't know this price some information that you don't want them seeing. Well, that's ugly. Steve mnuchin's responsibility treasury be the president Mister president and commerce is Wilbur Ross. You know, he's a very very spring I hundred nine year old but it really all falls on you like your kind of the bunch of a sports team because when the players do well you would do well but when they took the store, that's yeah. I know you're the one to blame the owner. I'm the owner. You don't side of the owner you don't you don't say we need a new owner when you're sleepy Joe owner. They told us we need to sleep. We need to sleep. Bee Joan know but Jackie Joyner-Kersee African-American not racist. Any what I would say is I own the team and mnuchin is in charge of Treasury, and they said the buck stops where it stops at the money and he's in charge of the money. So it stops with ugly Steve why can't log Responsibility you have to oversee everything. These are your people. Well, I just said over I'm taking responsibility. I'm blaming Steve. Taking responsibility is not blaming someone else now it is it's about noticing who's supposed to blame. That's not what it is. You know short of it is I Blame It On The Rain this is going to Blame It On The Rain. Yeah. Yeah. No, there's no okay. Mister president you're not worried that the Russians might have some Vital Information that you don't want them to have by the way. Excuse me. I just got an email my honorary doctorates certificate off. Once you arrived, I just arrived from you know from one of my schools, Montana Plains Christian Tech. A lot of text for some reason Christians like the name IT Tech at the end well, and now it's just it's you know, it's you know, you're doing combining many things. You know, my favorite school is is wage. I think they want me to speak is you know segregation Bible College Technical Church scripture faith-based. A&D Tech Juco long name for a Juco right there. Well, you know Jewish companies tend to have very long names. I don't think that's what it stands for. Its Junior College not Jewish College. Now is Jewish company? reputable colleges Who You Are I was what you were just talking about all these colleges that was shows before and you were laughing at me getting emotional. I don't know what that was about just too long ago. You just said that was and whatever I said, excuse me, excuse me, whatever I said it was at least 15 seconds ago. So that's fake news on your part. All right, you're not worried about Russians hacking though. I don't believe the Russians hacked. So as one big lie. Well according to my posters at oh, yeah, no, no my posters. We were running a new out of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State Bible Technical College practical College. I like that of faith in Ministry University. They ran some very strong poles and they found that no Russia didn't do anything ninety-eight percent of my life photos think that Russia didn't do it. So we'll ask the notion what he thinks because he's actually in charge of that not me. Mister president the last piece of news I want to get too. It's pretty scary talk show host. You might want to call him he. Please in a lot of crazy stuff Alex Jones, you know who have migrated the great the great Alex. I mean he's when I say the great it's lowercase G. Not the great Sir Jeff Epstein level. Okay, but Alex Jones if there was somebody, you know, he's I would actually I would put Alex Jones as a potential 20-21 Epi nominee. He loves you. Did you hear what he said? I said a lot of things a lot of strong strong things. So what what exactly you're referring to? Cuz he says a lot of money. He actually says many great things. Well, there's a lot of protests going on in DC this past weekend with a proud boys were there and we talked about before but he was there he did a speech and he said Biden will be removed one way or another and I wanted to know how you took that because I take that as either going to do it legally or illegally, but we're going to get him out like the choice a and choice B is not a good choice a illegal Choice a an illegal Choice be what how do you interpret it? I interpreted as actually Both illegal choices, I didn't even think of illegal choice. I liked what you're saying though. I think you know when somebody, excuse me, excuse me and say anything school-related, excuse me. please See anything please? When somebody tries to take your country when a fake doctor named Joe Biden and an old geezer named sleepy Joe sing guy dead. Jill okay, Joe and Joe and Joe they couldn't even get that right. It should have been Jack and Jill but when they Try to steal your country. They did it once with an Arab Muslim named Hussein Obama on there and now they're back to do it again. And this time our people are saying we want to be we love our law. We love our country my supporters love this country more than you more than any of the Democrats and the issue that country being stolen. They see it being ripped from them. Anally probed. And left you know with no breakfast in the morning. You don't do that to a country saying it's upside down. Excuse me. It's a great I didn't say the word. Okay, but I said it's what they're doing is a disgrace. And at some point a country is going to stop and say sir. I want to do it legally. I want to do everything legally, but if somebody is taking off your country. Meeting it at a Waffle House. At 1 a.m. Excuse me, and saying to your country when you're done with. Getting very most about our country. I am because it's very important when they when they take you to offer us. They take your country to a Waffle House at 1 a.m. And and they say why don't you follow me back to life Motel 6 when you're done with your waffle and then they take your country back. And they destroy a country you mean a hotel and then leave without saying goodbye in the morning. We can have that weekend. I have a country if you're going to let the Democrats treat our country like that. I don't really think they're treating our country like that, but wouldn't you speak up against? You being in a president you're here for America first now someone spoke up better acting president regardless of you may have a disagreement of who is the president you shouldn't say cheaper anyone seeing anything threatening in a public speech about the president cuz it was about you and the other way around I thought you one bite into have your back on that just being president. Like there should be some sort of bond for president. But I didn't steal the election. Sam I Am the real president sleepy Joe is a real fake. So let me ask you a question. Yes. So do you have do you have any children? Yes, I have one child right now. So if if somebody replaced your child with the different child. And said, oh no, sir. So respect this child you like the other one respect this one to you would say I'm going to go Alex Jones on you. If you talk to me like that because I have a child this isn't it? And that's the end of the story. There's no well, you should be nice to this new child that's replaced know and that's how my supporters feel about their country. They have the greatest president ever are far-fetched comparison right there mister President, right? Because there's only one me there's a lot of kids you can but there's only one Donald Trump, but there are there are other presidents. not any more than that but what happens in 36 days I think it is what's going to happen they really going to rip you out of the White House or you going to just going to leave like the Joker while I'm going to take a dump in the desk we know that but I think was say I think we'll see I think that we're not done fighting the country we love this country so much we're not going to let them take it over so I'm telling you we are going to fight and if they manage to get me out of the White House on January 20th if I choose to leave by the way and I'll choose to leave me out I'll be back in four years just one last question if Alex Jones was saying this about you it would be removed off say that he wouldn't say but am asking you if Trump will be over one way they wouldn't it's a it's a terrible question because Alex Jones is a patriot on the Patriot and he would never say that about me But that's I'm giving this a scenario like you had the scenario of my child that compared to you as a president which is and I went along with it so I can you get home with mine if I get an allergy is very poor. That's why I had a tremendous analogy. I'm asking you a question if the if the roles were reversed and Alex Jones was saying it about you I'm saying that you should be removed one way or another do you think action should be taken against him or he should just freedom of speech I'm very appropriate freedom of speech but when you threaten a great and lawful president, it's not okay. Okay, so you're saying you wouldn't let him say that even say it. Okay. Well mister president. I wish you luck in finding the Electoral College and hopefully overturning this election. It's not looking good. But I do wish you luck. Thank you for joining us. Once again. Thank you to all the listeners patreon Patriots who are at the epi's what a fun night that was and if you'd like to listen to it and join the patreon, you can join $5 a month and listen to all the bonus episodes for every single month which are the holiday episodes including the epi's patreon.com. Also this month. We're going to have a live holiday episode for the perfect. Excuse me, answer Christmas episode. It's going to be a Christmas episode and we got a lot of surprises for that one song. Maybe Trump Clause might come out for that night. Thinking will do that on the 23rd. I think that would be a good day to hopefully do Trump Clause perfect and jump close perfect. And so the twenty reviews and video the video, excuse me. I'm going to give the people the content that they need em rotten oranges. December 30th, we're going to be reviewing very big films Soul which is about a black cartoon and often wonder woman 1994, which is about my next wife. Well check that out. Join any level that you would like, like I said before patreon.com slash wage and checking the website. Also, you can see our YouTube page and see all our episodes with video. So check that out and PGA pod.com Trump pod follow us on social media and thanks for listening really appreciate all the support and we will see you a couple more times before the year is over. Seventy stay safe out. There are getting dangerous stay safe. Don't listen to the Cox tough guy go out there and breathe on people no masks no condemnation. That's that is the official saying of making podcasts great again as your re-election, no, Mass, no condoms. No problem from twenty to age. For hey, guys, this is Jael. Thanks for listening. Have a good week. Stay safe. I'm exhausted but seriously everybody Call to Arms. If you're still listening. How are we still only like fourteen Thirty ratings 1500. We wanted three thousand. We wanted to have a a 3K party and we can get the 1500. So the one free thing you can do is just give us five stars on on iTunes. That's that's your homework assignment. Everything else is gravy. But but seriously, thank you for listening. These were a blast. Like I said same batch of bonus content coming to the patreon this week this month. So it's been a very fun year were very busy year. So thank you. We'll talk to you before Christmas obviously, but if you're celebrating Hanukkah, hope you're enjoying it and that's it off. Tired J's tired God help us all.

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Episode 180: General Pool Za

Making Podcasts Great Again

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Episode 180: General Pool Za

"That's what's going on everyone. Welcome back to another episode of making podcast screen again, I am your Tech stuff. Guy Jana and we are here of course with the president of the United States needs of Mara Lago. Mr. Donald J Trump. Mister president. How are you today? You know, We're only a few weeks away from a very strong major occasion in America. How are you going to kick sleepy Joe out of the White House? When this whole thing goes down? Well, they're very powerful. Very expensive. Black shoe. Okay. That sounds good and Harris. How are you going to get her out? I'm going to order some Popeye's chicken sandwiches to the front door and You know, maybe we'll even pay that lady from the commercials, the annoying lady was like, Cajun, Louisiana, chicken. Yep. And have her out there and We might even order some Indian food as well just to cover all our bases with Kokomo. And then when she, you know, cuz she's the one doing the work. So then when she looks in Gozo, is that my doordash order? Secret Service will grab her and send it to Guantanamo. That sounds perfect. I wanted to a lot of topics to talk about today, but before we change, the topics are Alive podcast for our Perfect. Ten Patriot Patriot, we've had some requests of our, our West coasters are missing out, right? And they, and by the way, these aren't our great wrong answers in Oregon. Okay. Trying to like, take Federal officials hostage. These are the week. Oh, I have a job and I have to serve Starbucks Coffee till 5:30 p.m. sir. Can we please push it back? So we're going to be nice to these losers on the west coast and do the live episode at 9 p.m. Eastern. That's right. It's August 19th. Thursday night. We're going back to Thursdays 9 p.m. that's 6, p.m. Pacific. So hopefully more of our West coasters can get on the stream and that's patreon.com log. GA we had a couple few perfect tense trickle in this week. And remember, we're going to announce about those t-shirts when you get on those teacher, it's the next week or two and then make an announcement of how to Vore them this month. As well for idahome. Militia Christian, Bible texts or how ever go to college. Yeah. Sorry state. It could be a president wage during which state you have to add the college. That's it, you know? Okay, I see we were sent a very disrespectful. I tried a try stuff person who leaves off the college, life it right off, like it's not a real school. Well one of the talk to you about this people have been trying to fight to see your tax returns for four years now since the before you took presidency and you're fighting the release of them and there was an article that came out very strongly by the way of course you're always do it very strongly know, sometimes that's true is strongly. I'm telling you, this is the highest level, this is the very strong level. Now, I just want to let you know and we can talk about these things. Maybe just want to reveal some because you're always an honest man and you have nothing to hide. So if your tax returns are released and you're fighting it, these are the things that we will find out and I want to ask you about them, maybe just tell us straight up right now is how rich you are. It's report that you are worth two point four billion dollars. That's what that's what you say, 2.4 billion dollars. Is that truth or is that false wage? That's actually false I am actually worth over ten billion dollars so so they're listing a fraction of what you're worth, right. I think you know poor people tend to say billion and that's a different measurement. What I'm telling you is I am with ten billion which is a lot more than two point. Four billion you were worth it. I thought it was reported, you're worth, I think 15.4 billion, but that was back. I think in 2004 and now you're only worth 2.4. Right? But these numbers have always been wrong. I'm actually right now I just got a report that I'm actually with twenty 1 billion dollars right now you just went up eleven billion in seconds. That's amazing. It's you know we're doing strong crypto are doing strong crypto. Also we're doing we've invested heavily in Pepto-Bismol. We're covering all the tip toes. Now, I wanted to ask you about the next thing, it's who you owe money to do. Are you in debt to anyone? Do you own money to anyone? That's going to be revealed? What did you say about that in other way? You said it's people don't realize in business, you always. So everybody has, you know, you let it's called Leverage, you have dead, you downgrade certain Arrangements but now in the in the sense that you're talking about, I don't know anybody money I have properties, I have businesses that offer some corporate debt and things like that but not I don't know, anybody money, there's no Russian presidents that I specifically on Monday to well that brings me to the next question and do it. Any have any Russian ties because they will they will reveal know when I went to when I went to Moscow to meet with Putin, The Prestige It's retired up in this very sort of. I don't know what he called it, but it was just very unique, sort of fabric and I said, rad, what is this? And he says, oh well, you can, you can keep that. And so once we, you know, we were, you know, dumping the Packers into the ditch, but let me get the nice little cloth, Russian cloth size of the off their wrists, you know, in a waste that but now I don't have any sized divided, Bowden other than, you know, a strong friendship. I mean that's the time that it's at, I organized. Trump dies are also very nice day. They're beautiful. Any organized crime, connection, you own any Trump dies? I do not. Okay, so they're expensive. I won't spend that much money on a tie, okay, but you can send me one not happening. Okay. How about any connections to organized crime? I mean, hunter. Biden. Now, I don't have any dealings with Hunter Biden. No, zero, dealings, totally clean on that one. Any mafias The movie with remember there was a movie with Jay Mohr called Mafia. Yes, I do. Remember, I I own that on DHS. That's awesome. I mean, like the Italian mafia the mob. Oh, they say yesterday. I mean you really want to deal with if you're going to deal with them up today. It's you want to deal with the Chinese or the Russian mob, to be honest. So that the Italian mob boss have no Jewish anymore, any mob connections, no connections whatsoever. Okay. So you just told, which are the best mobs, but no connection. Okay, deep, I know you were a fan of Mobb Deep. I rep Queens, very hard. You should know that, okay? Do you pay your taxes every single year? I I, excuse me, I paid taxes. I paid taxes when they're owed every time I owe taxes I pay them very legally, very strongly. Last thing I wanted to ask you is I'm going to pay. You know, if I don't know taxes and send me. I'm not going to just say, hey, do have some money. I'm not Canadian. You know, how they hand over all that money to the government? No, I understand that's a total week disgraced curious about this. Do you donate to charity? I used to and then she got fat and quit her job at the Hustler Club. And I said, but not getting any more money to charity. I did not mean that charity was a person I meant as far as it to be honest, is Bailey a person, you know, with what she does. What about it took. A lot of the humanity has gone but we still technically, go there a person. Do you donate to feed the Homeless? Do you donate for, you know, Mothers Against Drunk Driving? Do you donate for suicide prevention? Do you donate for any mental health causes? Do you donate for? That's the kind of Charity, I'm talking about, I donate to do. I do donate to. Well, it didn't we discuss this? I thought we just I, I, you know, they used to have these charities for the ugly kids with the messed up clubs. Yes. And I said, who wants? Best case scenario, you make an ugly kid, a little less ugly but he's probably still not going to be Brad Pitt. so I remember I had a a a a a charity we discussed did I think a little while ago where I we go across the world mostly in America, but some in Europe Improving the cup sizes of hot young women. Okay. It's really. We did. We did discuss that, but that's not the kind of Charity that Doctors Without morals. That's that's that's our charity off. It's not the kind of Charity that everyone else thinks about when they should say, well, you should see happy. You make the women when our great doctors go and say, you know, What would you like, man? A double D or an F? That is charitable. I take that back. I wanted to ask you, Simone biles. You had some opinions about her letting down our country. Recently, she sat out for the first week of the Olympics and now she is coming back. She didn't say she was out of a totally and now she is coming back and she's going to compete in one last competition, the beam competition. Why do you think she's coming back and just competing in this one? Last event. Because all of the Great. Strong white men on Fox News convinced to support our country and that's why we have to have. We cannot take this, we have to have real news with real strong white men telling black ladies what to do. You don't think it's probably cuz she's not going to be in the next Olympics and she wants to go out on top. We're going to ban her. We're going to ban the crap out of her executive order off. I'm in BIOS. No gymnastics. It's it's Simone. Simone Simon is Simon is a person. I don't even know who Simon is. Simon biles. Michael Jackson. He was Simone. Oh, I'm sorry you're not familiar with Michael Jackson. I am familiar with Michael Jackson. I just, you know, you know so many references, Mister president that you're a wealth of knowledge and then we had added a joke with I'm fat and he said him on him on whole wheat. Okay, I do remember that I say, okay, so you remember, remember, we're. Not a great Michael Jackson, okay? I can, I can respect if that's if it's based on race, I can respect that. I don't think it's based on faith. Do you consider Michael Jackson since he got so much lighter? Do you consider him a white man, or you still consider him African American? I consider him. Let me put it this way. Yes, not not going to date Ivanka. I hope that answers your question. I wanted to ask you about the Olympics, that you happen to see there's a viral video going on of Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg, talking about the Olympics that you happen to see that often. But I know that I was going to order a peacock, which is where it is, you know, the nasty, Comcast NBC streaming. Yes. And I said, let's get peacock. And then bounce, came running in and broke my TV. He was so excited to hear an in, you know, how he runs with the clapping and then he tripped, he tripped and went face-first right into the TV wage as you had peacock and it was really disgraceful. So now, Mike Pence's band and we were working on finding a new way to watch. Snoopy and and Catherine heart. It was rather, it was rather entertaining. I must tell you, but so you're not rooting for Simone biles or you going to root for her still. Sketchy is she is like competing for our country. You know, I'll be the first one to say that. I think African Americans are almost. As great as Americans almost. And yeah, it's very close. I'm six years me, very not racist. I'm saying they're practically Americans and so I want to do compete and be proud but what she did was a total disgrace. But she did. First of all, getting that Larry Nassar in jail when he seemed to be just a nice doctor, you know, what a great. What, what, what a horrible thing to put a doctor in jail right before covered. Okay, when we need all our medical professionals, I think that was a big mistake. He's not a good dog. Did you go to medical school? I didn't. But do you know what he was doing to to all these gymnasts? He was he was sexually molesting them, assaulting them. Okay. So basically He was Jeff Epstein with a medical degree and you expect me to think this is a bad person. But aside, gassed will not have Epstein slammed a not now not ever. You're fired after this episode. That's you should go to jail for what you just said. You are correct. You are a criminal, a Smooth Criminal, by the way, which is a Michael Jackson song, which I guess, you don't know. I do know that one, but where you can see the drop this mobiles, talking get back in in a second thoughts. First, we have a great sponsor. Then, by the way Mar-A-Lago, this weekend, Michael J performing at my, at my liner for me. I just want to this week is back online. AG BetOnline, the fastest, and easiest way to bet on all your Sports Action, baseball is here in full swing. And we have the NFL is right around the corner or NBA draft. Recently happened, we have UFC and MMA, every single weekend you can been on reality shows there. You can bet on their Casino you have roulette. You have craps, you have Have poker Blackjack all different table games and you can use, BetOnline AG, do you know the fight coming up? Mister president Thursday, between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley formerly of the UFC and Woodley recently was streaming on BetOnline Ag and he said that he will be knocking Jake Paul out in the fourth round. Would you take that bet? I, I don't know, I think that would be a a solid bet. Okay. You know that Tyron Woodley is African-American. You know, Jake Paul is is a white man. You know, does BetOnline have a bet where I can say police come in and shoot the African American in the third round? Because that the odds are pretty. Pretty, you know, that'd be a pretty good bet money. I'm not sure but I I will check with BetOnline AG about that, but if I was ever went out there, I would I feel Jake Paul is going to finally get the beating. He deserves. He's got a big mouth and Tyron Woodley has iron fists and I do think it's going to happen in the fourth round earlier. And if not Jake Paul, you have my respect as a fighter but we will see them and you can bet on that fight on bed online. That's right. And also we have a special offer for all our listeners. It is a welcome bonus. Okay, that's right. Your first deposit. Use promo, code clns, 50 to receive a 50%, welcome bonus on your first deposit to receive 50% more money on your first deposit down. It's only on your first deposit, so make sure you Buck up on your first deposit. It's promo code, clns, 50 to receive that. 50%, welcome bonus, BetOnline, your online Sportsbook experts, been online. AJ. Next day, I wanted to talk to you about Mister president, is I think this is probably the first celebrity who really took rallied against you and she had a fake severed head of yours during do you know who I'm talking about? She held it up for a, it was supposed to be this artistic photoshoot. This was this was Carrot Top sister, right? That's not related to Carrot Top. She does not have red hair, though. Orange hair Kathy Griffin, do you remember who she is? Sort of a very annoying, very unfunny comedian who hung out with, I think Anderson Cooper. Well, very sad news. She has lung cancer and has never smoked a day in her life. She says, and she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Isn't that sad? some people here said some people here strong prayers from a Christian, president answered So you think this is deserved look? When melatonin the Sun. Billy saw the picture. Of his president for the severed head. It was very upset. I'd like to see the, what did you say? Melatonin son's name is Bailey and he was very upset, very tiring, it's Barren, Barren, he's your son too. But it's it's down what I am melatonins Baron because of all the cocaine during the modern days. But I don't know sometimes miracles happen. Even with beautiful coked-up European mail order bride whores and he was so upset when he says president said like that, that I told Mike Pence to get off his knees and start praying page, Mike Pence said sir, I'm going to pray that she gets a horrible horrible disease. And I said Mike I endorse your prayers and regardless and so, Probably the last good thing. Mike Pence did. Well, we I I hope Kathy gets better and and fights this but all have our opinions. Lollapalooza with this past weekend, you know what Lollapalooza is? What is it? It's very strong country in Europe which we have. I think we have great relations with the passage was, you know, I talked to the president of Lollapalooza a few weeks ago, very, very tough guy, very tough. So who is he Plz. Jani. O. General. A general pools and you say a talented, guys, a tough guy doesn't take any crap. I can that I can tell you but he's a strong leader and we we respect what they're doing and a la palooza. Do we trade with Lollapalooza, often? We do thanks to me by the way, thanks to me. God. What are they known for that? That we import? They import certain plants that are made in medicines and other things that we use for great healing, you know. And they also Have great. Sugar sugar as well, which is of course, very important is have you ever visited Lollapalooza? We were supposed to visit when we were taking a Mesopotamia home to check in with her pimp after the first year of my life duration and there was bad weather there was a nasty weather at Lollapalooza and we couldn't unfortunately go such a coincidence that besides Lala's. It is also a music festival. Well that's I mean you know I hopefully hopefully general pools is getting a little bit of a taste, getting a little bit of a taste, you know. Because I can tell you, if they were running a, if Europe was having a trumpet Trump, trump concert, you better believe. I'd be getting a lot of that. Money for our country and for me. Do you know, you're you're very Deep into the hip hop world with all your connections. And, you know, helping people being a Ghostwriter Do you know the baby do? You know who the baby is? Well. I'm more familiar with abortion to be honest. I've had a lot more of those in my life, but no, we we I've actually been talking about doing a collab with the baby and he said, as long as that f word pants isn't around. I said, you got it. The baby, there will be no big game, Mike Pence at our recording session and now, but it's a disgrace, what they're doing. They're trying to cancel him for free speech and free speech. And, you know, this is what the radical left was going to do first. They complain about Iraq at this in high school. Oh, look at what your tweeted forty years ago and now you have somebody who's a de baby and they're actually holding it against him what he said, as a dababy wage, that's his rap name, the baby, he said it as an adult. Some point we're going to be, you know, canceling, de sperm know. Mister president de baby is horny thoughts. You know, the foreplay, you know, we're going to keep going to four players now canceled, you know, even before the became an egg, and a sperm and an a in a de baby de force canceled, because you said something homophobic. Well, they did cancel him from the Lollapalooza Music Fest. And that's why he will be co-headlining with Michael J at the bulb abstain, fundraiser at Mar-A-Lago this weekend. But you know why they're canceling him. I said Epstein, I just in case anybody is confused, we're having a very powerful fundraiser for forgotten. Here is for the cheapest. Doctoroff self-respect yet, they will be sending care packages to his prison. Well, he did make some homophobic remarks at a concert. In Miami talking about Aids, HIV making a slight against gay people and they didn't want to performing out Lollapalooza because of this. So instead, you're going to have him perform at Mar-A-Lago with Michael J. Exactly home. And, and guests of honor, general pools will be coming front row seats for the general. Well, speaking of free speech, you are on getter, you're on your own getter. The new social media app, as well as pin or down. It's it's, it's kind of a strain. Getter is a strange name for it, but it's a, it's promoting of free speech. Right? Free speech for anyone. There's no censorship. So free it practically costs. Nothing now it's a it's a very pro pro Trump social media site and now it is still with beheading videos terrorist propaganda for the Islamic State and means that promote violence against the West. Do you think that it's it's January 6th highlights. So I can be a TV classic. This is like Maga classic. You don't think that's dangerous. It's going to have to limit what free speech. And what's if you hide with these radical Islamic terrorists, do? And that's part of the goal of free speech is everybody on gather can see these animals destroying human life were very pro-life. Now I'm going to ask you if you'd still think it should be free speech. Do you know? There is a me more GIF featuring you in a Guantanamo Bay orange jumpsuit jumpsuit. And I think it's you being beheaded in this kind of cartoonish, kind of odd thing that they put out. Do you still support the Free Speech? That's funny. You should bring that up because that's actually the album cover from a rap debut. Featuring Baby produced by NASA Studios and Epstein Productions. And it's called The head of the state. So actually it's a it's called good promotion. So thank you gotta, thank you. Okay. I think that's horrible how it's it's violence against the West. They hate us off and yet we're giving them up cuz they ain't us which is actually attracted to on my album. But we're giving a platform to them for them to spread hatred against America. And the back cover, by the way, is a cartoon of Nancy Pelosi spreading her legs. And it says, in between hatred of America in between Banks. So it feels like you should probably pre-order the pre-order it on mypillow.com. That's the only place you can buy it right now. He's silly pillows and your name album. Bingo. Well before we get to questions, Mister President, we always do the first episode of the month. We have questions from the listeners in the fans and everyone on social media. Again, I just want to say our live podcast for our Perfect Ten. Patreon Patriots is August 19th. That is Thursday night at 9 p.m. Eastern is 6 p.m. Pacific. I don't know mountain and all the other times I'm just giving you the East Coast West Coast and to join and listen to that. And be a part of it, patreon wage. slash MP GA join mom and, and be a part of this special live episode that we're going to do a little later, and hopefully have more West coasters on wage is now mister, President we have Questions that came in from our listeners and we'll go to Instagram first Instagram. The grand was not very heavy and questions usually they do very nice. Well, I think Twitter one this week for this month is good for Twitter because Facebook had been really dominating for a few months. Yes, Facebook has some quite a couple of questions, but it's really took took it. The first question we have to go to our patreon president Idol. The dog. Sarah Mister presidents, are so patreon Patriots. Get discounted rates at the Trump Hotel in DC for 813 Yours. Truly patreon, president Auto auto want free reservation. At one of your hotels, can you hook them up, or we'll out of the dog has to be, even let dogs in your hotels. We recently redid the laws because obviously we can't keep that up a tree on President so Auto actually it Canna can attend the hotel offers free. How about though? No. As long as he brings one paying adult customer and at a very reasonable rate of $42,000 a night off, I think that's fair. So, out of the dog, the free night is yours. Our next comes from taralynn on Instagram. Mister president Dr. Trump sir. Esquire phone now that Bill and Melinda Gates are officially divorced with what level of strength. Do you think, week, Bill Gates sign their divorce papers? It was strongly or very strongly or was it off something that maybe Turlington mentioned, thank you, sir. I will Bill Gates, has spent too much time trying to plant, microchips integrate Patriots, any forgot how to be a man. I wouldn't be the first of all, you know, he should have had a powerful bring up like I do and I have a back up to the prenup, which is called a hit squad to make you and your family disappear, okay? With Bill Gates for all his billions and billions of dollars is obviously a very weak person. You know, there's two types of billionaires is the type that are stronger than their money. The money is just part of the strength equation, and then you have weak billionaires, like Bill Gates, who all they have is the money. And if you take away the money, they fall like a dog. And I think he signed it with a limp, Mike Pence wrist, which is the least amount of strength possible. Wow. So you think without his money, he is nothing. He is a week. He's basically a week. Arthritic Mark Zuckerberg. Okay, just a strange nerd. Okay, well off our next question we have from Facebook or it's only question. I'm going to read it comes from our former patreon present roughly with the hardest are possible. Mister president, sir, doctor doctor Esquire, still respectable respectable and respectful towards you. What are your thoughts on Kokomo? Harris declining popularity in the recent polls and how do you think this can Aid your reelection in 2024? It's great to say that America, truly, truly hates black women and that will play into our hands beautifully because that's what we're going to do is I'm just sharing this with the bad. Guess this is sort of top-secret campaigning because, of course, wink, wink. I'm not running yet. We're going to say that sleepy. Joe is basically It's like a gender-reversed Driving Miss Daisy, it's driving, mr. Biden home and You know, I'm sitting there with his applesauce and the White House, nursing home and Kokomo. Harris is saying, I'm trying to drive you to school. and then at the end sleepy, Joe says, koala bear, you are my best friend and The point is we're going to portray at the Sleepy. Joe doesn't know what's going on and it's actually Koala Bears doing everything. And as her ratings, slip more, people are going to blame her. She's not going to be able to run for the presidency. She's going to quit on a gymnastics team and off. we waited a landslide against old Joe or awful coconut oil. All right, huge plants. I love it and I wish you had respected the powerful, Morgan Freeman, impression. A little bit more. Obvious choice, not accepted, we're going to Twitter now and this comes from, before I ask you this, have you spoken to Shinzo during the Olympics for the issue last week, and half or so, and talk to him about the Olympics. We we, we talked about Simone biles, it was one of our few arguments, to be honest, you know? But respectful arguments, you know, we're too great. Well, I hope you can give us some information here because at BS detector underscore on Twitter, the independent, dude, he writes sir, mr. President sir everyone is very respectful with their posts. They know. Can you please ask Shinzo for his extended thoughts on the Olympics, including political gestures by African American? And athletes. We love to hear him speak a lot more. Do you have any information for us from Shinzo? And maybe you can tell us some things that he said, that's a great question. And we did have two discussions. And, and I one was, of course, about Simone biles. And I said, can you believe what she's doing? Can you believe how she's disrespect our country and shields have said to me, These are important. And you know, we politely disagreed, I said defending a country is even more important than mental health, and he told me about such a, I don't know. Stuff about the past. In Japan, I wasn't really paying attention and how it used to be a more rigid culture and they're trying to be a little more understanding. And I told I said, as I said changes, they're not making them like you anymore, and if you let your country become weak and quit on things and worry about mental health, you won't even have a country anymore. And we disagreed with was the one time I thought, Shinzo, he's allowed to feel this way, but I thought he was a little soft, you know, I thought he was going to say, you know, I was so surprised because I thought he was going to say, I'm here for two more in the Bios of Japanese. we give her sword and say, keep your honor and, you know that's that's what I thought it was going to be, but it wasn't, he was actually a little weak as far as the African Americans making gestures. Shinzo is not so happy. He was more with me. He was sort of approach Simone biles. But anti gestures on the on the medal stand. I remember it was so strange because I thought he was going to be soft on the metal stands because he was soft on, Samsung dryers, but I was actually on speaker phone with him. When one of these athletes did their gestures, and he said you lived. And so he was very, I actually was like, whoa, I didn't, you know, you went from thinking Shinzo is too soft that like shoes off. You're going to even a little too hard on the athletes right now and I said hard on and Mike Pence, came running in and knocked over another TV. Our next question. I'm from that Cletus Hackett. Hello sounds like a strong supporter of mine. Yes, hello, mr. President Sarah, I have a question about b, g, m p. I heard that his nickname is the conductor because he likes to command so many trains. Definitely, definitely, just shut up. Sorry about that. His nickname is the conductor because he likes to command so many trains to run on his tracks, can you confirm or deny his nickname of the conductor? It's close. It's closed. We actually call him the Pollard Express because he's always covered in white and he loves Christmas movies and a powerful trains. This question comes from TC underscore Libby from Twitter. They don't address you. Do you want me to still read the question? This one-time never read from them again. If they ever make this mistake, I understand your. It gives give you a compliment so that's why I asked you you're obviously very strong all around but do you lean more towards powerlifting bodybuilding, CrossFit or strong men. I would say powerlifting. But I had to move to more strongman things because you can't get to your gin when you're the president. So it became a thing of, Okay, order up, 8:20 Happy Meals, and then I would lift all the Happy Meals up and move them to another table to work on my powerful strength. Well, that makes total sense across CrossFit is weird. I leave CrossFit to the weirdos like Martin Taylor green and Bodybuilding is for let's just say it's for the people who haven't gotten in touch with their inner, Mike Pence, yet. Well, I think this last question kinds of sums up our episode here. We've talked a lot about this and this is from again, I gotta give them two questions in here. The bsp, actor, underscore independent, dude, sir, mr. President sir, he addresses. You can you please tell us about Sir, Jeffrey Epstein's friendship with Larry Nassar at the child molesting gymnastics doctor and how it might relate to the current Olympics. I mean, really like, we've already addressed this. I know you just wanted them to get credit for having. Yeah. Just just basically rejecting to be on the podcast. I thought that was pretty impressive, you know, as my great supporters, say about David. Your research, if you've done your research, you know that Hello. I don't know if there's anybody in a more talented, Jeffrey Epstein. As a server for a reason. Incredibly talented, but if you say to me, what if Jeff Epstein also had a medical degree? I would say, I don't know if one person can have that much. Mm. And so they were, they were good friends, they shared tips together, you know, I think you know, it was I don't know if the personal relationship with NASA that I had with Jeffrey Epstein so I can't speak for his character. He might not have been a good person, I don't know. Some people say wasn't a great guy you know I wasn't but You know, I think they would just you know to Patriots and there's a lot of ways to patriotism and one more question here about it a real question instead of just showing a prediction of one of the listeners and this comes from atcam Nielsen 3, sir, mr. President said black quarterback for the Patriots off now. It's Cam Newton this person. Yeah, this person has notes say, Fig Newton around Cam Newton. They might think you said something else. Yeah, I wouldn't try it. But this person has a picture for their Twitter profile, which I always think is always little sketchy. No picture or the Egg always sketchy. But Sarah, Mister, president sir any thoughts on sleepy, Joe Biden's whisper wage. I said is a grape and he's basically a race reversed Driving, Miss Daisy. so, you know, we don't have a president, we have, we have You don't even whisper is a trick, mr. President, like you know when someone, if someone talks really low, then you have to really listen carefully. So maybe it makes people pay extra attention. You don't think that's like a trick or something wage Whispering. Well I yell and curse a lot and I have rallies of twenty thousand people. Right? So what everyone everyone has their own tricks of the trade, right? Exactly. I have a successful trick of the trade sleepy. Joe has a whispering dumb, fuck up, stupid thing. Okay. That explains that one. Mister president. Those are all the questions from our listeners for this month. Again, want to thank been online. AG. Let's make your thoughts. They're also just a reminder August 19th. Thursday night, 9 p.m. the live episode for our Perfect. Ten patreon Patriots, patreon.com /. MP GA mr. President. Any parting words for our listeners The original name of getter was supposed to be Nasir until you know, after the astronaut. Okay? And we decided Thursday, we decided to go with gather instead and I think that was probably a strong choice. Very strong. So what I would say is going to talk, can I talk freely now? Yes, hey, everybody. If you were in, I guess is the first episode since I bought the show in Boston cuz we recorded before then. So a lot of a lot of fans showed up. So thank you everybody who showed up. It was a great night and I really appreciate it off. So, going forward, the next two things I can tell you about September 26th. I mean, Philly at Helium on October 6th. I'm at Raleigh North Carolina, a good night's. So if you're in either of those areas, get your tickets now. And then of course my special taping is October 23rd in New York City, all that's on my website. So I can listen to my other podcast for non Larry Nassar content and as always very much, appreciate you guys supporting the show and listening and The if tech stuff has nothing nothing to add God, help us all.

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"A heart. Now, you gonna call. Don't play. Tell me that good. So you got that wasn't becomes. Baby. That. Tonight. Five. Thank me. The. Walk the real news network. I'm Mark Steiner. It's great to have you with us Trump. Once again is in panic mode. A caravan of over four thousand migrants from Honduras across the border into Mexico on their way to the US Mexican border. The fleeing the gang violence. The states follows the abysmal poverty face in Honduras. Trump call this caravan of a threat to the United States he threatened food tweets to quote stopping all payments, these countries which seem to have almost no control over their populations. I must in the strongest terms ask Mexico to stop this onslaught and if unable to do so I will call up the US military and in caps. He writes, close our southern border will these four thousand migrants in the caravan make it all the way through Mexico. We have to ask a number of questions, including why they March into the border, given the reactions of our American government, including separating children from their families. Who attempt to cross the border hundreds of thousands of been stopped at the border already is this March symbolic or are we seeing a new confrontation that will unveil or begin to unveil all the contradictions that have led to so many fleeing poverty and violence to our borders. We are joined today by Adrian pine who is a militant medical anthropologist who's worked on Doris, Mexico Korea, the United States Egypt in Cuba. She wrote the book working hard drinking hard on violence and survival in Honduras and is associate professor of anthropology at American University. And Adrian, welcome good to have you with us. Thank you. So this caravan they have to ask the question. I, you know, I remember covering some carrots and the border and Americans in different church people had organized these caravans in the past. So what do we know about this caravan? How did it start? Is it wargin is where does it come from? What what do, you know? What do we know? Well, this caravan. Is really indicative of what's going on in Hundres now in that it is not formally organized by any sort of group with any political motive. Instead, it represents what's going on which is almost everybody in Honduras right now has a plan to leave because of how horrifying dangerous and unlivable. The situation is. I wanna take a step back. You, you know, a lot about Honduras less time, you talk was years back, but you would just come back from Honduras, and you talked about what you mean what you just said what is happening on doors that forcing people to flee. Well, I'm trying to figure out how far back to go. Really start early. I'll start with two thousand nine the military US supported military coup that really brought one hundred s in a very dangerous new direction from where it had been going. And that was that it exceleron added the neoliberal restructuring of the country, which meant that all of the public institutions were really destroyed public education, public health care and infrastructure, and and also job protections that the little there were time were destroyed as well. So it left people with a government that was really a ruling by force was Mary unpopular, but supported by the United States and progressively carried out these reforms that made people more. More vulnerable as the years went by in two thousand thirteen through massive electoral fraud. The current president was elected to his first term that's one or Landau at an end us, and he has played a key role in further militarizing the country institutionalizing the militarization through the stablishment of the military police which receives tremendous US support and training and an economic support. And and by a wide variety of crackdowns on on civic rights in Honduras. So then in just long story short he in two thousand seventeen just about a year ago illegally round for a second term in office and through even more massive fraud. That was condemned worldwide seized power in at follow. That election. It was very clear that his opponent Salvador, not rela had one. And so there were protests in the street following that theft to that electoral theft. I think it was upwards of forty people were murdered by military police and an police and the military who are protesting against that fraud in months that followed and dozens of people were taken political prisoners some of those people, including my my dear friend, Edwin s banal are still being held prisoner in maximum security prisons that were built with US aid and support and are run by the military. So there is a situation where there's just there's just terror. There are no jobs left. There is no chance for people to get education. There's no opportunity to get health care if they get sick. And. And and organized crime has taken over the country. So you have an ARCO state that's propped up by the United States activists have been demanding an end to US aid to the hunter and military and police, which is basically the only place words going for years. So actually Donald Trump's threat to end that support. I think would be welcomed by a lot of people only it's only harming hunter. And and you know, they're very clear about that. 'cause I apologized digressing what was important to give some background. What do we know about who has organized? This is being organized by clergy churches from the United States people who resisting the migration policy in America, who's organizing this happen. What we know? Yeah. I mean, this was very organically organized to March people as I mentioned are desperate to leave almost everybody. I know in Honduras is thinking about leaving if they haven't left already just because of how dangerous the situation is for for people right now. So what happened in this case is? Basically, if you don't have the money to a whole lot of money, many thousands of dollars, which is far more for a hundred and than it is for someone in the United States, given the levels of poverty, then it's very very dangerous to make the trip through Guatemala, Mexico. If you're going to the United States as your alternate destination. So the only way for people who don't have that money, but who are trying to save their lives by fleeing hunter travel safely as traveling larger groups, and so basically it started with a number of people in the same region just through what's up, you know, making a plan to leave together. So that they could travel safely as people heard about this initial group of two hundred or so folks who were who are planning to travel to the Guatemalan border, many people who already have their own individual plans to leave for more or less. Same reasons violence in the economic despair. They decided to join on to this caravan for this for for for the safety that it represented. So it doesn't have a central organizers. And that's an important note that I think a lot of the mainstream media doesn't understand certainly Donald Trump doesn't want to understand that that this is actually an organic movement of people fleeing desperate situations rather than some sort of political ploy to see the Mexican government which said they're going to stop people reporting them, give them to go home with him in jail for ninety days, and then send them home. I haven't heard reports about what exactly happened in the in southern Mexico with these four thousand migrants from Honduras Guatemala, but but that could have a do they may not even make it to the border. Yeah. I mean, it's a, you know, I think that also speaks to the level of desperation that. People are feeling in hunter. Because they know the governments that they are going to of the countries that they have to pass through they know how hostile they are two hundred migrants and. You know, and and in particular, they they are very clear. They know crystal clear what's going on here in the United States with concentration camps for children with separation of parents from their children, you know, with a horrible human rights abuses, that are occurring Hondurans all know that that's going on. And even knowing that they are facing such danger in their home communities that they are willing to risk travelling north. And and I think in Mexico. I mean, one important point is that the incoming president under s- Munhwa Lopa Sova, though has actually stated that he recognizes the situations that hundreds coming are coming from end would grant vase migrants work visas and and assist them in living situations, but unfortunately, he is not going. To become the new president for. Livan is presently the president who will cooperate as much as he can. I think the United States Mexico in this. So I think that that Trump is using a lot of fear tactics. Say these this group full of gang members, these are Honduran gang's coming into a Cavaco in the United States when the reality is is you know, if someone knows on doors, well, these migrants well that they're they are there. There are small minorities. People these are families fleeing oppression and poverty and on doors trying to make their way. Exactly and Trump paying all this attention to this is really a mid term electoral ploy on his part. It's you know, part of the same fearmongering that has round up his face and has no attachment whatsoever to the reality that the realities that that hundreds are facing. Yeah. So I'm curious. Why were you things? This will go. It does show a level of this ratio on the part of people making this trick four thousand people crossing three countries their own Guatemala, Mexico to get to the United States where they may not get in at all they do get to the border. The Trump forces will come in separate families put them in camps. And then send them back. What do you think this takes us in our in our in our in a battle over immigration immigration this country? Well, you know, I think the reason why we're paying attention now is because these people are traveling in a group, but but they're hundreds of people leaving Hundres every day in any case. So this is really just highlighting the situation. This little. Still bed. Is to muzzle. Don't devote. Just. One. Play it. Are they? No. Joe? Critical. No. Wickedness places. Just the. When the crowd. To the same thing. Don't. The word of God. When. What's? What's what's the no? The motivator. With the proper. The next spend the. If you. It's a guy through the. If you want someone who under stay. Then things could get up. That I care. Check. Dan, complica- can sometimes. Different. Your. The. Checking. It's been that way. Look at me. Can't. Check. Kids. Good. Get out. Traffic. Craze. Play. Stomach. Two. Will take. Just. Never. But the. It's okay. Good. Wasn't. Good. But. Okay. Good. But. Good. Been. Slept. But. And. But this. Cut. Call. Jeff. If. If you call. Ext? It's. This. Ted. To stop. Astle? Mine. How? Partly like. That what a love that could take person. That they hit or more point of the creator. Creator. Could have that they want. Where? Got up by. There we go. Wanted to be a super hero. Power. Only in play. Just be giant imagination. Play turtles space. Static to make friends the girls and they played. World on a string course everywhere had pen. Be in play store picture. Create advantage. Heroes comics. Skill up until. Felon. Cadaver power. What? Even. Slow down. Made. Years. Seamanship never happened. After high school. Having thinking. Finland. What are still continue conscious decision to keep real life? Good bad still. Kim honesty and respect. That I. Subject section pay the pay channel young. Streams? Slow down. Made. Was that? Came full have magney in. When. Superman in the air. Now, Scott, some stair step the shit doing here superhuman. Thanks. Choice. Creator and producer. We have over two million applicant listeners reaching two hundred. Twenty four. Dot com. Smile. What's painful to? TMZ reports that even from America's next model may be the newest addition to the real house flats Atlantic. Sources close to real housewives Atlanta production had leaked the film filmed. Same. See with Mimi. And if all goes, well, she may replace either or Porsche or real housewives of Atlanta. Their story too. Reports the real housewives Atlanta, switch things scene. And up to form America's next top model winner. Close the production. TMZ producers. Upcoming season to see if she fits the case. We're already shot. Few seems with Mimi leaks at home, even age awesome. Her tractive at thirty two younger than other ladies, however, told the most important requirement chemistry drama even gotta bring like she did on America's next you here for this. I think could bring much-needed breath of fresh air to the show, and as far as house why even engage, but I don't think that really matters when it comes to real housewives of Atlanta. They just need someone who can bring drama without bringing the loss. Coming through. Take. Singh. Keep on. Case. Things. Take. See? We will. Some. So. Do do do. Do this. Just. Fanny. Recording. Over and over. And over and over and over and over. Kills. Play. If I babe. Click. Kills. Sees. Flow. Kills. Carson are watching. Do I ever touching living single? People are Eric all the time keeping touch with Erica. And the most. Talk to John every once in a while. Of course, every now every day. So many moments people when you work with comedians is always a party. John Hinton was Larry best never got the best of happened in rehearsal. They would just riffing him Kohl's crazy. And then put somebody like Eric in the mix who is good at improv and people don't know how improv quitting. So every day. We really had a we had that we are our brothers and sisters. Do you fight? Maker. Love them. Miss work friends. Everyday miss the most about being away from the show because we were friends I got a chance to all those people. I really like. Anything like some people would tell you. I would tell you that there are pieces of. Yes, definitely pieces as well. As. My father Dr. A lot of people that create no. Never dated anyone on the show. I never wanted to date anyone on your show Eric on the same. That's my twin sister my personal favorite episode. A couple actually the one where to sing my funny. Valentine. And it's called a raise Harlem where. Character was trying to sing club actually was the owner of the club. She wouldn't let him back to forty twenty four. People recognize. Do a lot of video game work and lately getting a lot of God of war. Video game voice. A lot of people know me from the video. There's really no question for me. I would say before acting because singing acting especially in film television. Lot of people have control over what your performance often looks. You only have control over which they have control over everything. I'm working on a project with company CD. Cd they brought me in a couple of months ago concert when really well bringing me back to Christmas. High school kids, which would be. I'll get a chance to work with them in the classroom them guitar recently. I've been thinking about a cover album because there's so many songs that I grew up. I want to do, you know, so create new music music. That's out. There is still really well good. Spangles too. As. Good. You. What you? True. Angels. Spend nine. To say. Heard him. Free. What do you do? Karen? Carrie? Three. Tell mom. Would you? Care. When. From the same. Bring. That. Just. Just. Just. Just. Robin. Lynn. Still. What? My way. Three. You know? Robin lee. Choi. Brown skinned Brown. Wow. Sixty. Sevi- trees. Rob. Bad brad. Dark star record real slick. Good. Turn. Right. We. Clink? What? Talking about me like. Phase. Spun? The fuck. Spot. Face. Style. White. Like every. Twisted. Just talks. Letting. Reality. Kind of. Anyone would? One. I know if. Cars. Crowd. Pass. But. What? Your. We almost never say something like this. But somebody up beyond sick someone is behind right on. Well, they are fighting all over blue Ivy her daughter and also a company called blue. We told the couple months ago that say and filed for trademark name actually trademark they wanted to get was blue Ivy Carter another company stepped in. And it's blocking that are trying to block filed ocsta- say that you can't take that name. Now sounds weird. Because why is there daughter's name did file this saying that they wanted to use it for a lot of? And all sorts of staff almost everything under the so this other company, which is an event planning firm. Big big, weddings and stuff. No, you can't have the name. In fact, they said that they're calling Jay Z say for lying essentially application. So again, another thing will never people say, but they're saying they live because other application they're saying they intend to use the name to sell all these products. Well, then they called out the fact that Jay z has been on the record said in interview that they have no intention of using making blue Ivy into business selling products with her name. They're just doing it. So other people can't use Charles actually fascinating legally because in order to get a trademark you have to use our services and put them in the stream of commerce. So this is actually kind of effective legal argument to say they're actually trying to block people. That's what trademarks are not to be used for could be actually argument and if they lose the trademark name. But isn't there a difference between Carter and blue? I there's a difference in the nave the question they ask. Are people going to be confused source of this company? So they say we have a strong brand we've been in the event planning business for a very long time. We think you're going to dilute our brand by bringing you're kidding. Twitter blue. Yes, matter time sense. So yeah, they're putting this before. Because after I was born in two thousand twelve they file a trademark, but just live and the same company stepped in and said, no you can't do that. We've been in business for three years already before you even thought about having blue. I can't do it. And then they came back. This year added Carter thinking that would make difference wonder if the twins the new twins. I wonder if they've already looked into the names that they want. There's a copyright out there already if it is. I wonder if changed because maybe wouldn't have named blew I blew Ivy. They known about. Complicated. Toronto. And as much to go against actual royalty beyond say. I mean, the company did have it. I basic- trademark common from. There. Taking L. Is she? Never gonna take L anywhere else. Make sure to subscribe to live to keep up to date on the latest entertainment. And if you wanna keep watching. Too drunk draft. To trumpet. Drunk drop. Too drunk. The out the window when I ain't talking. Attend some thin. Found out within the game. Classic down your fabric. Let me speak on your behalf. Necas annoying laugh. On your weight. Nigga nigga sling pain place jumping. Lecco? Hit franson. Geez. Only get on. The kid. Detroit. Path. Ebro these town block more than weeding. Back sling. The pre hailed real next year. Drunk draft. Dr. Drop. Like. I know. Going king pick. Killers white boys nigga. Funeral. Pro. Couple gang. To win. Legend. Hundred win battle. Has. Troll. Thinking purse to retaliate. No heavyweight. Spec for Kim. Business interests somebody's they ought even when kick down build it was. It was. She's too drunk draft. To dry. Draft. Two. Every. Can breed dig. Even when we. Food. Okay. Okay. How? Thing about. Need? Can. Even when we. I was actually is. All. Can. Would. It's. This. Some. Q. Has something very special for you. Right after. Branch and. I'm Robin Lin queuing for with every glass. Live to new time. Three PM eastern. Fifty. What? We got face that you've seen many sees now. But that's. But that's. Eric. Thank you. Feeling good looking good. Thank you. We cut right to the chase. So many seasons of love and hip hop. Lynn. Why? Bouncing. The platform. I say it out. Not a career. Use for you know, what it was. I'm in a point in my life where I want to tell my story. I have creative control of put it out. There about me that has too much, you know. You know, air going to tell you about your. Scrapping. He was. Rapper fictional that used to hang out with Scooby doo. Clear. Curveball take like me go from what you said is platform like television show, which a lot of watch reading children's book at a time. We're media's dying could pay off. After next Levin populated or do you feel like completely say this? I'm not completely down with reality. I am still in front of the camera. Hits. As before like, I have complete creative control of our. If me tell him story. The main care I'm to tell my story from beginning to leading to tell where will tell. From the beginning. The in from starting a reality to in reality. The truth will, prevail. Mama who? Talk about the crazy Yelm. I love you love you personally. Pretty girl. Pretty. Look. You think? Clay. I liked about daughter like. I don't tell her, you know, do it to her. And she seemed make mistakes do things and tell her like mom you made a mistake. So you don't do what? Mommy has done and I would say having. It's always a heated moment. But sometimes you look at things like, you know. Two times in the short time. We talk about the the way stories hit Salat like people that are reality shows shoot content. You the narrative going to be spun finally the final. Not even. Feel that happened to you. Really hit me until lassie's pretty much was able to stay grounded. You got to see me for who. I was. And then it was like a flip last season because that was so much, and it was like portrayed me like beater upstate. Father, and you know, at the time, I wasn't a relationship in a relationship with and it's like it was like five or six, and it's like all like really portrayed me way. And I didn't really get my taste of intellectual. I was like, you know. I was like, okay. I know, you know. Some stuff. I'm not to what did they cut out all scenes? They have complete creative control. They're going to portray you they want to portray. So you can go from. The ratchet is worse attitude person world most parts. We're going to change your image. Show, you know to show. Oh, wow. This person got excellent favorites. So we put this person. Look this way, we give you shine a different light. So the most negative thing that has come out of this whole of hip hop. How was the most negative? I mean, it kind of. Every time. Like. What what do? Mr. cheer, Florida supposed to wanna give DJ rob. Thank you Keeble. Let's go. So. Stay. How? How? And. Favorite halloween. What? Just. Celebrate. Come. Thing. What? My way. Turn. Seven three. Bus. You know, we like. Robin lease. Six. Brown skinned Brown. Judge brandt? Sixty. Seven. Trees check seem. Rob. Bad. Star records real slick. Good. Turn. We. What? Later. Welcome the real news network. I'm Mark Stein. Once again, some people Kratz forgotten fight stand up believe fight the opposition to show him how they can fight back the kind of nation. That's all of them are leadership seems to more about shaking hands across the aisle in full unity than fighting everyone has healthcare education shelter racist building across cross lines wages support a family, and the interest of working class people with a majority of people in our society. I guess conversation longtime activist organizer. Just times entitled free lessons for winning and beyond. Organizers can teach the Democrats which inspired me to this conversation with her to explore how we can organize take power or the ship. Ship seems to have a hard time fighting and billing organization, and we'll learn from unions themselves and back with real news. Great to be here. So what do we begin? Inspired you first up something actually pushed you watching this election cycle that said something has to be said here. Several things happening. One was I was receiving. A fundraising appeal from party hand. Country like all say things like. One point one point we've exceeded half a point the opposition organizer literally sitting at my desk, every one of those. Saying it's not actually actually not enough. Helped me out. Right. Pinon piece one organizer. In hell. My realization role have actually changed in this country. The power structure has shifted such way less really twenty twenty twenty mid-term elections twenty. Try Republican patrol broke out in thirty seven states at once and country. And then you add that twenty sixteen we lost the White House Senate, the House Judiciary and we've lost state houses. And try fact, we've lost governorships statehouses say ways. In this country, red conservative power shifted ship really happened eighteen under Bill Clinton leadership Christian Democratic leader congress. They all say that. Here's. Democratic Party in the states. Dipping seeing the working class as most. Happel Wall Street after Silicon Valley as important as democrat party leadership shifted pro-corporate giant mega corporation party. Frankly, they working class behind and that's hateful. Paypal watch right now important point about this which is. In this country Republican party whenever they control whether it's state house, or whether it's federal government level. First thing. Swiftly policies that help sustain their victory and grow their potential future victory. It's the opposite of what the national credit party doing since. Had opportunity opportunity pass labor lower make an easier working class country. Rebuild a robust trading, which is what propels Democrat's office. Generally speaking, you have this sort of. Understanding. Standing part of the National Democratic Party that Democrats will they will regain. Regain any kind of power power factor less until act indecisive smart ways that promote base building that office pass things resurrect rights, resurrect robust trading. Not forgotten actually just walked away working class people. I'm gonna pick. You are just said raise issues for me. I've been dealing with wrestling with talking about for while. I thought. Which? You've been a long time union organizer. I was organized well for unions as a community organizer. So I only say that that one of the things that drives a wig in any movements have been built in the working class war race racist. Building unions and voting rights. Well, what we've seen here ability Republicans and others kind of put that racial which between separators when you see some times in strikes in organizing factories, organizing cross lines, and we built powerful missing a key component here. I think when we talk about what we can do it off when you hitting pundits talk about working class white, folks. And that's. And that's. Really do something Regis huge. Absolutely. So I couldn't agree more. But I would say one is. Let the media framework classes, the working class has always been multinational, multi ethnic rainbow people, and it's still very much multi-national ethnic diverse Rabo. So that's one thing. I just think we have to say that over over over second. Part of what I love I really love about during where protective artist. Country part of what is so rewarding. And profound about organizing work contract negotiations and running strikes if any of. There are progressive movement racist become overcome and it can get over fairly quickly. I have watched white workers with limited experience dealing with race or the consequences of country. Come around to understanding impact of racism in a way. Peppino campaign, right? Your table in a way, simply happen parts are progressive movement. That's why the entire progressive prioritize. Because the question of race and racism, gender, sexism and all sorts of immigration issues. Like all the issues the right wing is using working class country or in my experience best attended to class struggle. And I don't miss them. I feel as if I age era. Still a lot of two handed sort of older white men around would say it's all about class all about class divisive. And that was. I was bridge Jeter bridge between. Energies progressive, and I would say that I represent sort of bridge and the sense that we have to pay attention race racism, mentally, also pay attention, sexism, gender issues, all sorts of stuff, but their best when we're actually putting people in what we call struggle because it's when people say a common objective raises the right hire childcare the right to raise their kids to have the right to control their schedule like really basic fundamental issues in every. Workers come together around prominent matter and in those conversations when employer professionally investor attract I using race by gender by immigration. Where actually over because people are fighting common issues, and they're less ideological. And so when we say trouble to white workers are getting around race question or or maybe a bunch of. L workers any color or not quite getting around gender while childcare matter much the table, or why maternally matters the table, and frankly a lot easier to bridge those gaps and help people learn real solidarity and common enemy is when they're struggling around common issues and workers have issues and part of what I was taught. Organizer is our objective is to help people say, they're only they're only. Working class and there's in class, and that's so this country, but when you're talking fight, it's not a terror, which is why we need a lot more talking. Arkley from. That's kind of push me conversation. Reading your piece in the times. Moment for our viewers. What is should be learning from union organizer? That we have to learn build something different in this country that we've lost. First thing I wrote about three basic. So one building super which already participation really, hyper. Election. Everybody. We know that we can't just like fifty one percent. Fifty three percent that number hope election employer has a long period of time to campaign against Dr. Trump riding, everyday, racism sexism. Gratien actual all the weapons what I call the national boss fight right now, that's Trump and White House. So everything national boss trumping actual case. What they do pay. So what those still win coach? When do we built majority participation which means we'll start at seventy percent, sixty eight no less seventy percent really seventy five percent when I'm running. I wanna get seventy five per se. For the election because shave those numbers in final week in final day, right fire. Someone. Up on charges patient. Actually people and we're. Actions in this country, right now, that's one majority participation. Second point about that matter building supermajority participation going into a campaign if it gives you governing power. In the last twenty or thirty years in this country. Like hell democrat gets office, and who has no ability to actually implement we do that's because. One little narrow margin. That's not actually exercise governing. Our that's organizing. Power. Election. Election. And after after after you learn when you're building on you. Boss day happening lecture walking stupid, right? Many nasty payback time when the employer lose election workers. Supermajority highveld, fellow Tara and really structure actually implement workers contract like. Think about not just winning campaigns for them product party building governing power that's organizing the second part of it was less about patilally hard. Watching Trump force of coq brothers corporate class hiding behind populace. What they're doing is driving killing which is still that no matter what you do lectures. Matter chain, actually, Hillary strategy union busting because Trump national player in White House watching strategy. Right. Doesn't matter. You know accusation about now court judge forget it matter. What you do? We're gonna we're gonna roll you. Anyway, like strategy and Tripoli when you hyper governing power. And so the second thing tactical tactical issues semantics how we talk. Not. Campaign the entered earlier. No, let's election election set for twenty days from now. The US extra realize how parallel are and the employer comes in barge money message. What's the body needing all? They suddenly start to say, you know, if for. Go to jail, literally literature every campaign. It's all a lie. I know my listeners people. What we what we do campaigns outsmart the employer. If we say all the live before the employer. We find here's your here. Let's talk about why the employer saying actually worth question if age. Let let actually why the boss. Immigrants jobs, right time. Really interesting. Ship jobs from Detroit. Question. Correct answer when we barred them. Crappy yesler. Issues. Really rich talk today for having extended conversations covers we have a lot to talk about here. And it's really important. Appreciate your working taking time today. The iceberg things I wanted to raise. But. I didn't tell folks to to check how Jean Michel new book because it's a great book. No short cuts organizing for our age. Well, we're three when they come back have to talk about the book. Thanks so much joining. Day to having. Marched on here for real news. Thank you so much joining. Teves? But. Out here. Based? Well. Kids. Imbredded pray. Just. Is she in? The. Win. People. There's. We hope. Don't. We should. We. Some. Come rachel. Neck. Pene slaving. Teaching them. Cast feels like shit killing since. Six. Like. I think the government. Look around that. Like. What for? Live in the country. Really is. We just. Cool. Like personal pays felt. All. Every. The brain. It's pretty. World. Source leaking skid. Streets. Free shed. Talk like kids can tables. When you. Teach. Make everything. Like in. Some. Full table. Three. The full chain in peace. Four. Sniff. This is. I. Camping. Three. Trill. Join. From the floor. Think. In the morning. Computer? What this? Check swing. Think. Loan. Loan. Hit the. Even sometimes. What town live? I know. Don't do. Hip only make history. Make mystery is why. His friend Joe. Much. Still phase me. Some. Trolling. Rush. Mara. Where? Progress? Hit. Even times. What? What is sort of? What? Tree. Visual. Ten. Plenty. Its trim time. And it's. Visual. So much more that we. Tom. Always. Where? Progress? Hit. Even times. What? We are brain ticking. Pave. Accepted always reach. That's my. Purpose, creative. Journey. To supply, limitations. And. Raiding. Win. Let me. Reading. Really? And. But he just kept.

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21st Century Space Race; AB InBevs Hot Stock Summer; Buttigieg on a Bipartisan Bill

Squawk Pod

34:48 min | 4 months ago

21st Century Space Race; AB InBevs Hot Stock Summer; Buttigieg on a Bipartisan Bill

"Out steer means pm navigates market volatility with an active investment approach designed to capture opportunities globally. Join the pursuit of outperformance at pj dot com. that's pg. Im dot com bringing in show musically this squawk pod cnbc producer. Kramer today on our podcast getting a trillion dollars off the ground in infrastructure framework is in place but not much else transportation secretary. Pete food is yet. I think it's reassuring to see. The legislative work is possible. Now we still got a lot of work to do this year to actually deliver and somerset's with other people. Ab inbev zeo carla's frito. Vaccinations of progressing asked and that is getting consumers back to our normal lives and his diet rub. You meet your friends physically those stories plus a t shirt for your issues and doomsday prepping. Well positioned for all worst case scenario on wall street and joe kernan imagination. They're here. they're ready to come in here. At slimy slithery tentacles. And like you know. What are you gonna do. It's friday finally. June twenty fifth twenty twenty. One and squawk pond begins right. Now becky by in three two one. Good morning everybody. Welcome to squawk box here on cnbc. I'm becky quick. Along with joe kernan. Andrew is off today. President biden announcing that the white house has reached a deal on infrastructure with a bipartisan group of senators. We had a really good meeting. Answer your direct question. We have a deal and I think it's really important agreed that none of us scott what we always that we wanted. I clearly didn't all i want. They gave more than i think. Maybe there were climbed to give him the first base but this reminds me of the days we used to get an awful lot done up in the united states congress. We actually work. We've got five parks. Do bipartisan deals to compromise. The deal includes five hundred and seventy nine billion dollars in new spending of that one hundred. Nine billion goes to roads and bridges sixty six billion goes to passenger and freight rails forty-nine billions for pro public transportation Fifteen billion dollars will go to electric vehicle. Infrastructure and electric buses and transit and seventy three billion dollars will go towards the power grid. You've got sixty five billion dollars for broadband and another fifty five billion dollars for water infrastructure to pay for that. The proposal calls for the irs to increase enforcement to ensure that wealthy people pay the taxes that they already oh under the existing law it would also redirect unused state and local corona virus relief funds to infrastructure and proposes public private partnerships and bonds for the funding dug. Through some of this. There's things in there like the future. Five g spectrum sales. We're going to go with this s. pr sales. I saw that to the strategic petroleum reserve. Like we're going to sell it down to me. This looks like this was moving. A bunch of chairs jury rigged. It looks like a you know. He's gold. I would think some of these were things that were already maybe allocated for other resources or for the general budget so it didn't look like a bit of Kind of chicory. When you chicanery yes when you get through it. Senators back the framework including eleven republicans attempt ten democrats. They will probably need to win support from democratic leaders and win over the vast majority of the democratic caucus in order to get the sixty votes they need to pass this bill in the senate to keep the republicans on board. You can see. There's no tax increases anywhere really. And here's what the president says about. He said i didn't get everything i want. Bill what he really wants. This is what we could agree on a day but then he goes on to say if the other bill doesn't come to my desk containing the rest of the agenda. This is the only one that comes on. Not signing it. Only one comes to me. Not the only new comes me. I'm not signing him. And then we've talked about this earlier speaker pelosi at some similar comments and choose this blood. Make sure you understand this when people say well. I'm not gonna vote for this. Unless i see that there ain't going to be no a partisan bill unless we gonna have the reconciliation plain and simple so that the market is trading up on this. If this is a done deal and happening here stuff like that i. It makes me think it's not gonna really if it is happening. That's what i was thinking. We were going to talk about okay. The market more money so it's another trillion and love. It's love the five hundred seventy nine billion. When does it become. This is too okay. So let's do six trillion and they're also asking for six. Trent does the dow can go up another twenty percent on six trillion. Where's the difference between the one trillion that'll reserve raises rates. And forget but somewhere between one trillion. What we're doing six day someone's gonna sit up and take notice at some point and and it will be when the federal reserve sets up and take notice that the market will have to take notice because they'll be fine with it until the fed says it's going to get inflationary and we're gonna crack down with by raising rates porn with like keeps any stimulus taken positively with with interest rates the slow and you wonder about and then if there's an interesting piece if you re back that i i'm fascinated by mansion and his power right now and and the interplay between shumer jordi leader schumer and and mansion and they try. They're doing this this weird ritual where they wanna keep on each other's good side but there definitely are some disagreement so mansion bought a houseboat. Did you know the almost heaven. That's nice and it's more on the potomac when he got there in two thousand and ten so we invite senators and they all come and they have cocktails and who knows you know. It sounds fun. Are you implying. Monkey business no. No no no nothing. It's nice if senators politicians on both parties would have a couple of cocktails. They might do more. Bipartisan talking to each other once in a while. I haven't been doing much lately but for mansion to do. They need fifty. They need all fifty. They can't a single person on reconciliation and he said i'm not for the fifteen dollars minimum wage. I'm not for the twenty eight dollars. But then with the voting bill shoot. He wasn't for that schumer gave him one thing in an in an amendment and then he stayed on board and he stayed with the caucus so we were discussing this this morning. I'm shocked there's really taking place here. And everything they say is a bar. Horse-trading it's horse-trading so that they can so that they can make their constituents happy and that we talked directly with josh gottheimer. Yesterday i asked him about that. Can they buy your vote if they put the salt deductions in this. Can they buy your. I said it in that language. I didn't catch where it comes from. All politics are local because all these huge issues that we have if it comes down to something for in the house for their constituents by the way schumer. Pretty good of horse-trading nancy pelosi's pretty good horse-trading biden knows this. He was in the senate for a very long time. That's how deals get done. It's president twist break lot. We talked about this too. He wouldn't be the first weird president whispering last one. some we're thanks tended probably things. We don't even know that some of those weird things may not have been true nike soaring this morning company reported earnings of ninety three cents a share. This cracked analysts said expectations to fifty one cents He didn't carry a you know you to carry the one. I don't know all it was phenomenal. What they Revenue of twelve point three four billion dollars beat estimates of eleven billion and then the biggest market still north america sales more than doubled sales more than doubled the pandemic record five point four billion dollars. But even you'll see it some things even pre pandemic. They're up just an unbelievable amount italian a second but the company was selling more goods at full price relying less on markdowns digital sales up one hundred and fifty percent versus the same quarter in two thousand and nineteen so not last year but before the same court in two thousand nine nineteen one hundred fifty percent. So that's pre pandemic for your guidance of fifty billion dollars exceeded expectations by one point. Five billion dollars first time in the company's fifty year history. It's got a a a more than twelve billion dollar record quarter In in terms of revenue It doubled because everything was shut down so a lot of the stores in in in twenty. Twenty you know. It went from just about six billion dollars to twelve billion dollars. All those stores in the first quarter a year ago were still closed down. But now they've done a better job of reaching out to consumers directly and that's a huge change the that means more trouble for all of these retailers when when the brands themselves can reach out directly. And you don't have to go into a store to get these things to think about. Sam walton one man can change the world. It happens a lot howard. Show us talk about phil knight phil knight had never been born like like in. It's a wonderful life. You watch out different. Potters ville was or Bedford falls was before that happened. Would've phil knight had never been born. Did you read dot carr's book. The it's amazing there'd be something else i guess but but you all the social nike. It's just were competitors that he fought the whole way through and really kind of grounded out. Against but i to get to these levels to create things. That's what always impresses me. The the idea of having a dow component that was created in. Somebody's lifetime watching that company. Get to those levels and there are a lot of them. You look at microsoft. You look at home depot intel. There's there are a lot of these companies that were created an in the founders lifetime achieved the sort of status one person really consequential life. It's just amazing and if aliens are watching because we see. ufo's all over the place. If they're watching. They must be like well. It's it's a big world but lou things can happen. It's really small compared to what's going on probably in the anything about these things i've got issues within the t shirt on. I wanted that. I have issues and i think it was in the gym and someone actually said i love that t shirt. I need one of those who doesn't need. Why are you on amazon. This for you. I have issues also this morning Big banks are on the docket to watch. Save all pass. The latest round of stress tests administered by the federal reserve. Twenty-three banks were tested in the fed. Determined that could survive and worst case scenario. I can think some scenarios couldn't survive really. I'm afraid to say they've already. I mean they've run a pretty rigorous stress test. Of course we've all seen things the last year and a half would not have anticipated. But they've done well through that we can think of some things you clear oblivion be friday and a war world's ed baxter here to ready to come in here. Does slimy slithery tentacles. And like what are you gonna do in our theory that we did you. I mean you remember will. Smith was up against amber their hair on day. Tom cruise and i remember the series which was pretty cool too because the or the things that came. Were exactly like those robot dogs that did compared to the original war. The word where llahu radio on the radio. Yeah i love door. So well wells. We were very very close as a result the fed said it would end temporary limits on dividend payments and share buyback. There's a great winston churchill's story about about that and and orson welles really. Yes because i apparently someone dropped orson welles named i. It's a great story. But even people like winston churchill can be impressed by my holiday. Coming up secretary pete. The one point two trillion dollar infrastructure framework may have gotten the green light from the president. But there's a lot more road still left to lay to fundamental questions. Not which month which date. Which part of wichita passes the fundamental question is. Are we going to deliver for the american people. Squawk pot is back right after this. Cnbc's workforce executive council is the premier group c. suite human resources executives from leading companies across the country. It offers a members. Only portal and chat plus exclusive industry contact with access to breaking news calls and digital networking experiences the networking resources. Hr leaders need now. Apply to the workforce executive council at cnbc councils dot com slash. Wnyc this is squad from cnbc. Today with joe kernan and becky quick. Here's president biden says that he and a bipartisan. Group of senators have reached a deal to allocate hundreds of billions of dollars towards upgrading. The nation's infrastructure. But it is not a done deal. It first has to get the support of at least ten of the olympic eleven republican senators. Who worked on that compromise plus every single senate democrat and they may not okay the bill unless it's paired with another one to be passed through budget. Reconciliation party's divided but my party is also rational thing they want but all that they have in the bill that it'd before them is good but they're going to vote no. I don't think so joining us right now. To talk more about the infrastructure deals so far is us transportation secretary buddha judge mister secretary. Thank you for being here today. Thanks for having me on great to be with you. you know. The market looked at this news. Pretty optimistically yesterday. I have to say. I was pleasantly surprised to seal. The deal was getting done But some of the language we heard later some of the walking back gave me some pause. the idea that this deal will not be signed by the president unless it's paired with the other half of the deal the other part of the deal that got kind of split off from this and similar comments coming from nancy pelosi really makes me think that we're not that much closer to getting something done. What do you think. I think this is an extraordinary deal. I mean when was the last time you saw senators from both parties coming together to do something. This big Look there are parts of the president's vision for this country That the republican party won't support but there are parts that we really can do together in fact the question that's been asked of us for months is okay. Is it really true that when you look at infrastructure you look at what needs to happen around broadband around water around transportation. Infrastructure is really true that even on this democrats and republicans can come together and yesterday was evidence that the answer is yes. This is going to be great for the country. It's going to be great for the economy and it's a truly historic level of investment. We're talking about more for passenger rail than has been done since the creation of amtrak we're talking about in major investment in our roads and bridges as well as a lot of things that are going to benefit our sustainability as a country. Clean energy transmission A lot of steps that are going to Be critically important. And it's so much better so much better for the country so much better for the policy when we can actually do it together across the aisle something. A lot of americans were beginning to despair over whether it's possible on any issue. That's how i felt when i heard the president. Come out with those ten senators. That's not how i felt. When i heard they were tying it all to everything else being done i. I mean. this isn't a deal if you still have to say the other four trillion or six trillion dollars or whatever it is the bernie sanders is working on has to get approved. I i think the president made it clear speaker. Pelosi made it clear lead. Schumer made it clear. Let me make it clear that there will not be a so called. Bi partisan bill without a major recall package. And that made me think okay. This is not going to get done. No i think this has been understood from the beginning. you know. Most of the senators most of the republican senators. I've spent time with this year. So far understand and accept that there are some elements of the president's agenda that We're not gonna be able to do with them. But of course we're going to still pursue them. Republicans have understood and have not asked us to abandon the rest of the president. I that was always going to get done later. But i didn't think it would be tied to that getting accomplished. My thought was and i think most of the republican senators. You're talking about just from speaking with them. Thought yes we'll do this part of it We can't agree with the rest of it but that's okay. They can figure that out later. I don't think they realized that had to be figured out first before this gets done. I think you lose a lot of them. I if that's what this is tied to what we're doing them at the same time. And i think the fundamental question is not which month which date which part of which bill passes the fundamental question is. Are we going to deliver for the american people. And yes the american people expect and demand that we deliver things like childcare other things that aren't in this compromise like improving veteran's hospitals of course we're gonna continue working on that that's how to tracks strategy works. Well we'll do one part on one track and the other part on the bipartisan track. And we are proud of what we were able to put together on. This bipartisan track. It's not perfect. We didn't get everything we wanted. The republicans didn't get everything that they wanted. But as the president says that's how compromise works. And i think it's reassuring to see the that kind of legislative work is possible now we still got a lot of work to do this year to actually deliver but this is incredibly encouraging and the substance of this steel obviously transportation secretaries the thing that i'm most excited about because it will transform what it is like to move around To drink water to to have access to the internet in america. It's not just good for the economy. it's good for our future. I guess everything hinges on whether you're going to be able to get the fifty votes in reconciliation do. Do you have mansion and cinema. Have they signed off on some sort of plan for the larger part of this because they've been the ones who have expressed lots of concerns without them. It doesn't happen. Yeah you can't guarantee how. A senator is going to vote on a bill that hasn't yet been written. But what i'll say is that this atmosphere of compromise and collaboration. I think makes progress more likely and more on all fronts and we're going to continue to pursue that something that Not just democrats but americans expect us to do when you talk about something like childcare You talk about some of the other things that we know need to have happened around clean energy. These are things Not just democratic party priorities. Their american priorities but there is a part of the president's vision an enormous part of one point two trillion dollar part of the president's fishing that we can actually do together we can do republicans and democrats side by side. That's what you saw yesterday and that's something. I think the country has been hungry for us to do mister secretary. We've i've appeal to your your transportation secretary urges before i didn't get didn't get the complete answer i wanted to last time. I'm going to do it again. Get it to you this. Let's say all these other ancillary things that you're talking about. Let's say that. That's just not going to go that nate from mansion or the caucus. Or whatever and that your deal. Your transportation focused deal get scuttled. You wouldn't be the slightest bit chagrined or or unhappy if you know going for the moon with the human infrastructure or whatever you wanna call it you wouldn't be grand if you had to sacrifice all this stuff that you were going to get because you don't get bernie sanders kitchen sink bill. Of course we need and want to do all of these things and i care deeply about the transportation infrastructure elements that we struck a bipartisan. Deal to get done. But the american people don't expect us to walk away from childcare. The american people aren't expecting us to walk away from clean energy or these other wildly popular deeply important policy priorities. It's just that we have a common sense recognition that there are some things that we can do together across the aisle and some things that we can It's like the rescue plan unfortunately It was necessary for the rescue plan to be passed on party lines. It still was right thing to do. And it's making america better off but it's so much better when we can do at least part of it together and that's what this deal represents market was up yesterday because investors assume that this deal was going to get done and probably get done sooner rather than later. What sort of timeline would you put on it now that we realized the two bills aren't split that they're actually linked together role. There's no time to lose. Congress works in very complex ways as you know there are markups in committee on Bills that are that are relevant to this. Thing's going to the floor over the summer. I think July is going to be a big month and then we head toward that end of the fiscal year. What i'll say is We have an enormous sense of urgency about this. Because the american people rightly are impatient for us to deliver results. And so is the president. Mister secretary wanna to thank you for your time today. Thank you great to see will be coming up on squad pods. Ceo of the world's largest brewer anheuser-busch inbev will crack open a weekend. Cold one with carlos retail level was just like the olden board nine to go back toward. Tell me about it. And the news space race it's us versus sputnik again bazo versus brinson. Back after this water exchange is now a podcast. Brian sullivan join me. As we hit the biggest money stories from around the world breaking down the risks and rewards of global. Trade the news. You need to know. What real world actionable advice and even a little fun and unique content. You won't get anywhere else like the most random but interesting thing you'll hear all day subscribe to the worldwide exchange podcast today. You're listening squawk because good morning everybody. Welcome to squawk here on cnbc. We're live from the nasdaq market site in times square. I'm becky quick. Along with joe kernan. Hello we are. Two bars and restaurants are back in full force in much of the country's sports games and live events are also back worldwide with full stadium. So will this be a boom for. Apn beta it's the world's largest brewer. The stock is up about fifty percent since the beginning of the pandemic. Join us right now to talk about it as carlos brito. He is the ceo of anheuser. Busch inbev he stepping down from his role on july. First after fifteen. Years as the head of the company and thirty. Two years working at bud and carlos Pretty huge achievement. We can talk more about that in just a moment but but thank you first of all for being here. It's good to see you. Thanks for having me so. Let's talk about what you're seeing in the world right now as things reopen. How has this changed your business. How has this impacted things. Does it really feel like we're back in full force. Some countries for sure. I managed the us uk for example vaccinations of progressing and that is getting consumers back to their normal lives repetitive. Grab a beer to go to france physically to go to ballparks girl to buds restaurants bars. Go back to traveling. Some other countries are still behind in terms of vaccinations. Still some restrictions. But you know at least. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Some tunnels are longer than others depending on the country but is going towards led lights. So it's good. We had the ceo of rite aid on yesterday. And i was kinda surprised by some of what we saw in her numbers In the front of the stores sale same store sales were down by twelve. Percent and part of that was because people weren't hoarding up toilet paper and cleaning supplies but the other part is they weren't hoarding liquor and buying it they're like they had been in full force a year ago. We're actually seeing the highest turn inventory turn levels that we've seen in many many years. We're almost three three times in terms of our inventory turns which are up eight percent and that's really reflection of how strong our new merchandise mixes. It seems to me that during the pandemic people didn't stop drinking they just found different ways that they were purchasing it. How how did you deal with that. Because it must have been just chaos trying to figure out how to get to the consumer as restaurants star shutdown event. Shut down airports shutdown. Would you do and hour you switching back now. Yeah i'm here proud of what about our people in our guys and supply chain sales at to be very agile very flexible. As as you said it was a big shift in dissipation among channels packaging brands because consumers combined in buzzer restaurants. They had to resort to grocery stores and they found their way to their love. Products of course void was still slightly down the us for example. But it was very sean. In the grocery store visits so a lot of the occasions migrated to the whole home. Became the hub for living working. So the hub. The home became had make up a lot of their occasions. Migrants the home but We found out ways through the grocery stores to consumers. Have you unwound that process though are you. Are you supplying to the grocery stores less to the the the places and back to normal bars and restaurants. That's that's not an easy feat. Yeah and in the notch more balanced. But we'd be prepared for the recovery normalization out for bid. Let's vaccines be ruled out. We saw some states in the saugus tumors reacting to this new role and we saw that a loved in. Your wobble was just like the old normal in that people are dying to go back toward habits in restarted preparing our supply chain back toward bortles more draft beer in more of a normal balance which we will what would like to have so you have different tax for different occasions for different channels and consumers are back in revered side about the summer which is going to be an amazing summer so much so that we have this promotion. You know that the white house announced in that we're going to give a free beer at two on july. If you've got to trust will challenge by the white house. Yeah i like that. How many beers you're thinking you're going to give away. We'll see him in but it's all about celebrating freedom celebrating all of us being able to go back to normal edge so team out and it came up with this idea that You know people excited about this new orleans not just rather cornered in that says more people get vaccinated. The more communities feel safer in the more pupil back to toward habits. And that's what we said. Hey a short beer. We just heard recently that alcohol is going to be banned at the tokyo olympics. This is a way of kind of bowing to the japanese public that that doesn't want the games there to begin with. We're seeing alcohol. Sales either cut back or stopped on a lot of the airlines because there's been so much. Air rage from passengers. Recently has any of that filtered. Its way back to you. And what will the impact from the tokyo olympics Not not selling alcohol being actually. Yes there were talking just yesterday. We were talking to our japanese colleagues about you. Olympics in what's going to be banned from what our understanding wise was going to be in stadiums but in stadiums no be social people in the state in anyways so if people are going to be really watching from their homes again. The home became the hub and beer consumption japan. Which is a very small whitish anyway. We'll be at home. So that's what's going to happen and it's going to be more for. The two stadiums consumers would be on the in watching games. Carlos fifteen years at the helm there. It's kinda hard to think of a company without you being there. What did you learn along the way. What advice would you give To your successor. I think my successor. Resplendent as i was through the ranks here in the company's abandoned company for twenty five years. Michelle is a great leader in my vices. Always been i who then what our company has always been most about people so a lot of time in the right people create environment with these people. Stay in and then with dig about big things to do. We tried to get his people inspire that they can achieve much more than they think they can under own so powerful and then we create an environment where people feel that they own the company that we are owners. Because that's what it is. It's myself and one hundred sixty thousand colleagues around the world that brought this company from two countries one in europe latin america brazil belgium in became the biggest global brewers the most profitable with operations in all continents. And i was there with my call during the journey and it was all about people. Becky i mean when we started expanding was because evil or is offering was about creating a company that was so interesting offers so many opportunities for people to grow that the great talents were bringing on out of college would find opportunities to continue to develop themselves within our company many carlos very quickly. If i look back at the trends in your industry over the last several decades i i would have said micro breweries popping up and then the last decade. Or so. It certainly been about consolidation. What what's the next trend for the next decade. What we see now is emergency The fourth category so the cell service cocktails stowed the the barriers between wine beer cocktail or blurring into a lot of innovation in between drinks during each your section of all beverages. We've been very active. It's the amazing. Category is growing in coast. Specifically shoe needs of floor calories low carbs gluten free in many instances more coed in that something. It's great for us because it's very profitable and it's something that we've been very active with dr trump brands into something beginning to from the us. For the countries around the world. And we've been in the forefront of getting distress to our global footprint. Wanna thank you for your time today and again. Thanks for being with us as you up your career there. It's really great to see you and we appreciate your time over the years. Thanks so much. The best shares of virgin galactic blasted off this morning. So when you see that you just you just read it or do you you. Just i wouldn't try and read it with a little more enthusiast but when you when you see something that lane did someone at tried so hard to do you just trying so hard to do you. Just let it flop all right. Let me try. i'm not gonna. I'm not you know back up. I'll say This is how it's done ready shares. The virgin galactic have blasted off this morning. You don't think people at home are going. Just they wouldn't be until your side. Thank you richard branson space. In fact they blasted into space. They changed it adding more. They're messing with me again. I can't play the plants friday. And you're in love so gonna just torture meeting with these hackneyed. His branson space tourism company says the faa has granted a license to fly passengers on future spaceflights. That's a key step in getting the venture off the ground. Three more virgin space flight tests are planned. The second will carry virgin founder. Sir richard branson. The current question will Dispaced before amazon founder. Jeff bezos who people signed a petition. Saying stay there even done that for brandon. I don't think but basis scheduled to go up on july twentieth and rocket made by his space company blue origin earlier. This month the report from a california base blogger said virgin galactic is considering reorganizing. Its flight schedule to launch brands. And over the july fourth weekend there is a us versus sputnik again now it's basil's versus to see who gets up there. It's up there. I yeah i like this. Can i try this one for go ahead. Shares of nike are running ahead. They didn't put that in there now. I'm just trying to make a few came in. You came up with that. I can do because i don't think they're clever enough to think about that interesting. Get to it because they were trying to assert so many read. While you're reading rockets. What else can we do. We can come up with some other ones. Eddie and that squawk pod for today and for another week. Squawk box hosted by joe kernan becky. Quick and andrew ross sorkin. You'll hear all three if you tune in monday morning at six eastern or any weekday morning on cnbc and to get the smartest takes and analysis from our tv. Show right into your ears. Listen and follow. Spock pot wherever you get your podcasts. And if you like what you hear would you be so kind to leave us rating or write a review on podcasts. When we get back here on. Monday have a good weekend. We are clear thanks guys. I'll steer means. Pj navigates market volatility with an active investment approach designed to capture opportunities globally. Join the pursuit of outperformance at p g m dot com. That's pg i m dot com.

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Hot Takes #1: WE NEED TO TALK

Hanging With The Homies

57:03 min | 9 months ago

Hot Takes #1: WE NEED TO TALK

"Also. Complicated choice. They call it may be happy. Would you still say it's me. You boy jim boy. I'm baby the new segment over because that will be cutting out. The two weeks surprised. Just two weeks Today today or trying to buy my segments play hosts got right now had like the main host which is your favorite go easel. Never but now there's a new boy into new sheriff in town in intone my president kwa my plane. Intent is in one of my friends The chew cheat now now. Good things in you. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. So what's what's this segment about. It's about technology politics right. We'll be talking. Politics and technology is pretty much. Get three hundred hundred eight remember. Let me just say remember. I think it was two days ago right when you say remember when i told jump out into sheet. Musk and people saying that. That concern be jason poisson. Was that each node yes it was about it was about. The article is about Elon musk and how you won't necessarily celebrate elon. Musk success and because wouldn't think it's enough struggle and we don't value him as like someone who necessarily grew up from south africa who necessarily experienced the struggles as People on the ground in south africa experience and why don't necessarily have to be the type of growth and how we need to change the narrative of a billionaire rising from nothing because in order to be below near you need to at some point us exploitation as image off. Lake your growth. So that's why we missing. How elon musk operates. And how necessarily balloonist age of business. The company similar to get the nick. If you think about it the way the world treats ill muscular compared to other bitterness that with jeff bezos bill. Bill gates analyst. Remember wasn't that way when we talk bud a billion and we're talking about bill gates now when we took over but we took a boat on must now there isn't why leg if you if you think about it does it. Does retreat like this kind of business differently. Compared to the dinners it seeing you might find retook in true Begin see something right you know. How a luma on twitter right. He tends to be lissi to. He's a mean he's a troll. The internet is a true right but let let's demands on leg. will bill gates try. They do think like his way to pass his age. Of what do you think is richard delinquent I think it's a measure of the that tam that it them to get Where they are. I think bill gates. It's different than you took about. Bill gates because microsoft is old. Regular software has developed into very multiple company in a long period of time and it took bogeys mother just in all a push to develop microsoft into where it is but it took a lot of time to end. Tried to at some point i remember. They tried to break up microsoft. So that a segment of microsoft would be owned by this beat just like because unionist of power like a been centered around Single company or a person because you will like the government's decisions and would literally by state which would jeff bezos wanted to do so but besides that they respect respect bill gates more because we think we authority because he developed into so we saw his development so developing into something greater. We didn't just wake up and found ourselves. Having most been skyrocketing sculpture but with with elon. Musk spacex has been has not been like has not been operating for so long. Read his multi-billionaire so in order to do that you need to exploit people in you to take advantage of weak point of people on the ground of like blue collar workers right so this why amazon amazon is a thing because people on the ground are not necessarily respected in saturday d- but like the collar has more and boost. Jeffries is someone that just values his pocket. More and that kind of person you can take me. Take him serious as much as you take Giving bill gates museums who just accept it. Just take it as it is. It will not be that much of anything but with elon. Musk and he doesn't even there foia while that's the ticket today. They move jin boone. News team to cable do those a those other countries. Ninguna not is not even the old. It's not even that old. The the houston day. She was this other controversy whereby the the the manufacturer like apple. Hey is this other company. You build the iphones right. So what happens. What happened was into nuked in to the company that builds the iphones and found that the use tissue jane children to build them. We trust ho. How bad it's homes right now in son's really fucked up so it is it's on it's it doesn't sound gluten so what they found when the from that know what happened it. Apparently it's been happening for years and years and years right to the point even able new and still gave a allowed them to make them the meaning. Let's say the iphone that you're using now may be built by the older nine year old year old biden up the j. Using redmond mad at a deal many old might be using fool knows how to put some certain features intuit and all stuff which is interesting. But that's the problem. I feel like with with with like people like jeff bezos. And you know people like bill gates. We can't necessarily call them out. You can't say that because in in some countries child labor is a thing like we'll take it serious baynes like they instead expert on it. If your child you know so it. Isn't that stipulation. That children are not allowed to work. But would you have. People like jeff visas and you know this other multiple uni- you can't necessarily call them out on the because they have some level of advantage. Imaging mutating bill Knowledge during all you can overlook children. You can't have children over. You can have children working for you. And then when we up next next day he won multi-billionaire. And it's like it's just casey because at the end of the day it all boils down to who is the most financial powers and even even if it's not about financial powers who has the most influence in society so that i can necessarily drive people to believe in what i believe because if our to see if i was to start calling out ill mask and seeing that. What you're doing is wrong. You got where you are today because you exploit people and you don't like the people who are working for you the people who are making it possible that you're the you're necessarily pay them will and like you're disregarding some principle like Principle strategies that you should be implementing in order to have like more justifiable level of like financial power. The your position right now. If i was to start calling him out on that it'd be loose. It be easy to influence like brazil and people in south africa. Because he's really into like what like us people has already bought into like what he believes him. You know and people we think people think in musk's a great person they think he's an inspiration to pretoria and people in south africa though. Who really not like that. So if i if not got a new. I want to start pulling out. Muscle not did because not i think is wrong. I think it is not Justified it'd be. It'll be a huge thing. And i'd be outfield overpower you. That's all we can tell them. That child labour is wrong. We can't we necessarily have to nick. Let those factors end at the end of the day. I still want iphone through and i. It doesn't matter like to me and then with the someone on the gunman in malaysia. Once an iphone is they don't care that it out built. I food about the principle. It's about let let let that kitchen. You get from buying an iphone. Who gets fired. you know i get. I guess they use the us. Use that product sprite on that very that very emotional part that drives you buy an iphone big on that end the mustard. I'm telling you and like it's crazy man. It's crazy we're living in a fucked up world if you think about it but checkout checkered like Think about it so what happened to donald trump right to donald trump now. So he's already after after he wasn't a houston formerly known as former president of the united states is so what happened right Panis studied banning him on the sites tweeter for example analyst and translator google and facebook and instagram. But but defy spotify bend him. Seem like allegra. Your phone is a bleak lock. Your phone is literally a break stone. I think anything is. You can do anything with your phone and it's crazy it's crazy but i think i'll do the same thing i'll do the same thing and the thing with donald trump is that trump was jackson s more like older trump thing right but since since i'm creating a technological business. Yeah i'm be making a bunch of product or projects. I'm not gonna speak above them right now. Because i have informally like let's say for example one of i'm just gonna see one example. I will be making murals right but will be different versions. But i'm not gonna. I'm gonna put in lord out there because this is my idea right. So what what. Let's say let's say donald trump you a need those Those mirrors and put them all put it in their voice mean. I'll those a- all this mud mirrors very smart to put them in my office and they look smart very. Thank you very much. I will not even give him those things all black magic. You'll be misrepresented what they did but then just think like they have decided to have way too much power on the intimate do they do. And this is a problem with general is that he can drive something and don't some donald trump when he was. Us president right. She could fuck up the intended to you could fuck up the internet in our companies. Don't like that. They don't like it because they think the promise. Donald trump is that he got he got into power because of his advantages financial advantage. And that's that's the main problem. Donald trump is abnormal. You have this. This people are buying into people like obama because they'll implement policies that will necessarily suit the the in in that in that country and in when you have people like donald trump. I don't care about what he cares about. Is like making america great again and which is false by still they use it. You always want to hear lissette. Make america make america great again. Many vote for trauma but lawn voted for him. Yes voted for him. Is you look at the The acronym of make america. great again. right it was so new one. We made this The joke on his daily show with automata. He made his other Joke no you said this other job. Where when you get the acronym maga- make agreed gannett. It's it's one letter. Sort of seeing mega one letter. Saw what let us show like legit if you say an a. g. a. n. a. j. right some people will take it of rome. Instead of saying mega it's you see how it sounds. Negga mega mega mega. Like that's i think that's the reason to pit like just pressure to you. Know you know when you when you're with your friends and doing stuff and people like that you know you'd get peer pleasure. I think those companies. That's the problem with those companies. That like you you you want to fall into what society believes in you want to buy into at you. Want to think you want to make society thing that you care about them view like you care about them in the riots I prioritized and that's the thing with with this. Companies is that if tiktok besides ben donald trump right which then instagram unto. Ben will ben donald trump because if tiktok bench donald trump. then it means to tocqueville us. it's The safety of its users. And how they how the active. That's on on that on that specific site so you you have that level of pressure from lake from from other companies with telecom in. What's up is that now. They're in some type of yet competition because no one would leave. What's up but that's beside the point. You'd have the type of like you know competition. That is weird. you know out been out bent. Donald trump from by and then the next day april music will do the same. That's different too because you have like some level of influence caused by donald trump. That is very weird. You know donald trump even if donald trump issued people's couples intact chit and then it's weird because he just leave shit journal tula were able to interact him and telling you imagined Missouri we'd look at lake if donald trump's tweets on keita like they're just shit and people in texas and actually like to to. Kate retrieves somewhere and even though they saying stupid. Start at the end of the day that that thing area. I was able to do the house. It will have been influenced and that influence was valuable because it costs like it it spike some type of like moral chaired which in those people because at the end of the donald trump uses those sites to act racist as he is. You don't trump is done. Don't trump is i. I hate him and trump is interesting to see you can think about. It is just really really. He's what i could see his the dumbest person on this world. Literally the dob clinic when it comes to business to business when it comes to business he. The he's the smartest person make. America has plummeted comes through when construed business. It was plummeting right then. He happened any god businesses. Beg when it comes to stuff like international stuff that see intentional stuff right. He cannot just go and see on treaters basically nc double the xt mung to look into the jane among to look into south. African farming lend potion eight. What an fund blah blah blah. Why people have been killed on maize and other stuff then c. j. j. z. Y. white people came to to help them. No he said why people were the ones that brought all the innovation. South africa wouldn't be what it is thought. White people being the ben does it does of stupidity in what he see show we wouldn't yes wouldn't be wouldn't be without. Yes yes we wouldn't be but we will still be develop will still be developed enough still busy enough without them being here without. Let's think of with with donald trump with donald trump. is that dr trump. donald trump is racist. And here's why pity's racist because you know you know how many police get away with police brutality cases and how ill-treated in the they get away with it and put it. They're concerned disappointed by the state. That's the problem. That's the problem doesn't mean problem. I keep posting. All cops are bad because it really heads because when black pupils to fight for rights when dispensing seeing no black lives matter guys lose moves team should be premium. We'll just that black lives matter. When when the protest for black on they're making black lives matter protests. It's a thing because they take them as You know they take them riots and you can't riot this people are fighting for the right. They're just telling you that it is. You is little so you must like us but it is our right and has never figured neck rights. We don't talk about south african black people. But you're talking about black people and any does constantly being like challenged on all about race about issues of race in america but omitted penn. Student have a great life when donald trump was president. Black americans have a great life because like it's a big everything that happened is eight protected the white man and deserty and even if colonialism didn't happen right i still feel like leg triple would would be creative. Right would be would be innovated in a way because the resume. Why you still have means that. Say that Blake visits white people because white people win exposed to the type of privilege of its it's generational and why people exposed to that soft life when they were young and when black people experience that it was a thing because they didn't have that for what brazilian years now up like this give them out of the blue is give them the best luxurious life. And usually they did have isn't actually the didn't take technical game was freed. Look at it. Technically gave us like is just like you know what i will give you feel by but i will not give you food fleet among give me like fifty percent l. for pacific my friend you see well my offend me volvo warfare something have praised though because that amount so if you think about let's say new kate look at The career finding what you're looking for jobs when it comes to. Let's say you're fighting for position your and let's see i am white. Your name is detroit. She and my name is jonathan right. Let's see while playing for a job at a high of his right and we both have the same qualif- codifications we better yet. I have you know you have more to quantifications compared to me right but fighting for the same position which is management right. So who do you know who who they're going to call back the most competitive me in you since. I'm jonathan jonathan near detroit. She is going to be me. You wanna know why. Because i have a white centime name so which is which is why you have you have more quantifications and i have just skeptical on that one on the one. Who's what you need to consider. Is that companies. Companies have exploited on the affected. Everyone wants to see people rise and even if they don't want to be associated with the idea of f- i made i empowered a black woman. You know because because of that because of white collar people colored people are you know you think we don't involve them in our protests and things will involve no struggle because you have colored piston and they're sending is for example. Explain to the. There's as me right. You have the channel when you have that kind of sending not necessarily privileged as us bill face more or less. Let me not say the same struggles but more or less the same struggles like you. You can't you can't get into some states of power because they just want to see black people rise and they want to be associated with that idea was good. You know those white black white people like to say. I'm not racist. I have a friend was to be associated with black people and like the idea of associated with people by their own nightmare. People and that's why racism still exists because of the lemme. Lemme lemme yes splinters. People who cut people out the doesn't have that the more doesn't do how we reasons to to amiga coloreds are black people to america that black pupils and all over the rest of the war. But once you get into south africa this is what happened in they started there was a party is the particular separation of races grace right. So yeah so what happened was the was a black people. Intermingle z. nico beck. Dixie intermingled with white paper and had babies. Those babies were classified as illegal. The will neutrally illegal babies but still but more rights compared to the black people you see so the colored other on the phone with beck those days bedpost is not nowadays nowadays perfectly. Okay beg does. This will literally be cincinnati. You're not allowed to have sex with someone then. Different calories especially white when colored people are later. Mitzi migita them in the emirate pickup start right to them so you can find majority of them in the cape. You'll see them as in titian everyday you'll see them from a outside the country and see them as people but when it comes to south africa gotta move them as colored people let me see brown pimple. Black people white people white people in dense indians. Chinese chinese japanese asian. That's how that's how it happened in partake so colored. People are done legit and degrading a manufacturer manufacturer of deke. We see so yeah. That's what a pontiac copy are in south africa to you guys. That black people. Sue doesn't matter have you have you ever. Nfl that she's ever have you ever thought. Why have you ever read it today. Come in as i think. I think you have to go out of south africa south africa and many african countries minerals and pheasant idea of collusion coordination. And this is why this is. Why many african countries right. I generally like like people on the on the ground people on the safari right but the government itself has has access to who has access to many to multiple minerals that municipal benefit the economy but because those minerals are necessarily not well managed if. I miss you all you have. Countries like china exploiting on on on countries like nigeria. And seeing that you know what we would want to buy into your country but we need one thing from you. You need to give us your own right. But his sick we're going to sell the oil back to you but you're going to get some type of economic advantage who's going to bring like Not one job creation to a county Right but we'll talk about that later. I automatically is a thing and will bring job creation to county and will also like pay you for renting out your your oil wells and shit. But that's the problem with that is that you're you're you're taking my minerals away from me right and giving them back to me and selling them back to me. That's the problem is the main problem with it and as the concealed idea. That doesn't make sense right. This is to say that. I'm constantly going to deep. I'm constantly being going to be dependent on. China won't economic support and so i can survive economically insult. My country can stay afloat very big problem. Think about it. If you think about it we we. We as africa's have enough. I gotta have more than enough for us to be able to create our own manufacturing manufacturing cleanse in africa. modern enough. If you think about it like we could. Lego lent with african union is a thing is you need to create like the first thing that the new to think about is to create those kind of stuff and then we can stop sending on gold like the. Is the this other two were. Let's say overall goal to attain also makes in is the second biggest place we can make. Gold you can find gold. You know that china's this please so you know what china does it sounds. It sounds good at a at a price. It sets a micro presence. Sos gold so. But what africa does the the sell gold at a lower cost. Compared to other countries chain is the silk cheap for countries to buy gold from africa compared to china they prefer coming to africa and bank called care to the point where it in order. If you think about in order to today in to may showed africa stays may be no what it says. You cannot take a horse to go you can take a host to go drink water right but you can't take a you can make a horse drink the water and also there's another thing that i want Does this thing sees order. You can give him in fish and he eats it for a in. It's for a day but you can if you get if you teach them if you teach them into feature he'll be able if you teach them into fish he will be able to sustain himself right. This is the case in africa. A lot of countries are just giving us miami to thinking that it will help us thinking. It'll help us by the it. Means countries certain countries more and more poor. Because everything about it. So if you teach if africa's able to establish their own ways of manufacturing gold that see gold platinum and we will be able to raise a cheap piece and all those that all our stuff and be able to make africa slow knee if you think about my fifty possibly two hundred seven. Before the the twenty first interesting cincinnati ends right would be able to finish to show onto a were first country will connect it did is the main idea. The the au focuses on the african union. This is why they they signed free. Trade agreement from also have african countries. Are she spent so. I feel like in fury. It works but practically you want like. That's the thing with african countries. I love africa. I love africa. Don't get me wrong. But most african countries generally value principles more than policies. They video the principles like those ryan. Some african countries. You still have homophobia you still have homophobia at its peak. You still have april be hanged type of like inches of the because levy. Yes which is which is yeah. That's that's yeah that's cool but you still have those countries the principles more and honored willing to give in to some of the principles in order to gain some type of economic advantage. You know they you'd like they don't be like the people come after you know but the values and morals of dispeat- before anything this is why you can't this way. They can progress because this they'll have that like attachment. You can touch them from that principals idea you can detach like constitutes like some ballet from the affected homophobia is a thing they still believe that you can be. You can ditch when you start talking about instead. Took about gay rights in zimbabwe. They just cut you off. you know. That's the thing with like that's the thing with most african countries is that they're not willing to give in and the printed which you're not willing to give in but you want to be associated with a union that will possibly make your country great again. Generally taking us off bag. Those y you're going to have people buying in your country and leaving you with financial distress but gaining the middle's in any case because we still going to be in the same situation if nothing changes we still going to be in the same situation unfortunately if the power and you can't do anything about the anc in 'cause they have generational support they keep telling you that no we took you out of race. We took out of upper deserve. You have that type of like support because we are of the west ham's which is great but mandela's out but we're focused on deadlier you need to consider the fact that you are still under oath and you should still provide for your people first and for the movement later like that's why most african countries are way way like feistiest big. That's zimababwe is the same situation as ren mugabe even worse situations you know. Even though we have is president was you still have attachment to that movement to zanele movement. And they don't like barros. No change it's not about to change. I'm officer tried but still have the nc like having mess his crunchy. It's still a think about it since i'm a puzzle. Came in zuma to cut by the hawks right Due to the way he to them out do today dan the were the edmonton leaching his The missing money on the state to most of in front of him so the he took them out to the community. He took them away. There was no healthful at five five years right five six seven years right insults and claim in corruption flu claim in clubs in blue it up to the paint. Where he he was that bad. Though again again team. Norma poza Back bright he brought them back is finding people who have corruption. But i think they're not that they're not supposed to be the owner forces that are looking for corruption no government it makes sense it makes sense it really does make sense but i think that's the problem too with our people. Is that when we see that they arrested. Jacob zuma in public where everyone was watching jacob zuma the we buy wherever knows what she but they do with many politicians it wherever knows what she we celebrate not jumping for the gun celebrate and we see that finally justice prevailed you. Don't you don't know them. Th just the starting point right hold them accountable by alliston them. Wrestle image of you you still have to go through the process of the legal process of going to court and try and then you can then prosecute them and say that okay. Justice has prevailed. And that's the thing. George zuma gucci. It's it doesn't make sense you can go to do you want to. Do you know but what they would rather do is that if he's found guilty would find him and that's the thing here's a. Here's a report for that. I think jacob zuma now news where that kid is going to end movies and he's going to end because he has his type of infants. Imagine someone being president and then the next day you have tiling for brazilian for fraud for fraud not for excuse me fraud and money laundering cases. You know that person has some some level of influence in debt in that system that you can't necessarily control zuma hester has influence in the government that you can control and that's the thing it will like that until you would for that person to die as the less. Have the engine power. You're still going to experience the same problems like attaching yourself to principles and it's it's a generational it's passed on from siruma pasta to david. Mabuza would you. Who's always quiet and from mob was a son together a montage and from democracy to gysi. Ju what you still passing on the tab of like influence and the type of corruption the as roma. He's not he's not he's pretty. He's a scene in politics insignia. Exactly that's the thing you know. As long as you have the power you still going to explain the same problems. Like those white covid those i think salama posited hindu the pandemic everyone listen to this right. At first. we had a string of infections. We had like we had like inc. At that point. We had like hundred cases in south africa one hundred cases or does and was excited. And you lose. Everything implemented lockdown hundred cases. Listen to hundred ceases. We need when he does he when he is when he was smart. He throws it before. Is that a developing on major. Like on italian levels and almost entirely levels he started at a point before which is smart smart president. I think it does smart but when he opened when it started opening and fighting against call. I was like why. Why are you fighting against this. Why we need to providence in government in eighteen against useless things. Why and that's the problem. I think i still feel like him. Because listen to this. You have a second three a second wave of infections which is worse which is much more brutal than the first one. But you have a lower level of lockdown then then the storm on the walking dead and the convictions was manageable. Still feel like as much as it was a gradual process or it should have been equivalent process of european could meet it should have been a greater processed of closing the because what happened is that you know he closed. Yes two days. You have two days to move into everything and then i'm losing everything and people just like to poor penny penny by people pink board and everything like it was it was a thing and the third like just like just hitting a reverse like a reverse gear when we've made lever five lockdown and the everything was closed and county in the country. Dimba zip that much. Living there is the main problem with with the system and there was in the system of south africa and more over then wanted stimulus. Package of five hundred. Our debt will pay for it. That's the problem right. Revenue at the country doesn't have given us one name either dying. Maybe what happened did did who took it like what what magician came into the country and to five hundred billion that was made for people suffering and just make you disappear if any of their five hundred billion rag weed even in the best west in the best case scenario right going to be in dipped. It wasn't necessary. It wasn't necessary. It wasn't necessarily because it took us back. We still have to tell you the five hundred billion but moreover we could have prevented this we have had a rigid cruising of the economy and then gradually reopening of the economy in order to stabilize the economy in the process. Right here you can just close the economy in today's and expected to cooperate back in three days. It doesn't make sense. It doesn't work like that especially for developing hundred lights africa. You have need a type of system that innovatory sustainable week you need to sustain what you make like his decisions unsustainable. That's the thing. He chose alcohol today and five days later today later he open schools. But that's the problem with that's the problem with the anti-government and how they deal with this panorama as means it doesn't make sense at all is a big though. There was a central point. Where was it should clinton pleating on going to the da. Our thought leg the would take. Yeah yeah listen you think other do would be the answer to at least lowering the corruption in south africa. Hear me out. I was young. I was young then but the video of how they treat people in criminals in a cape town negative showed up right where the number guy who was Was arrested made was in his heart in his shake than the police Shakeup in the hours that they didn't even let him get through we just like the demoralizing make it was. Why why would you let alone at. Least allow him to get dressed than arrest him. But when i saw that do really dwelling monte to be dat lead us. No don't want them at this thing with. Da man. that's as that the they have some type of leg racist approach to yet there is seen one gb basis. That's my money came into power is because they want to blake routes. That's the thing and kicked him out like trash bag is like spend money is now being. That's just my limo and left the in. You know who are so eager to start. His only catholic of politicians was quickly principles and things. Just change within like overnight leak up and that yes. I know support one south africa for all but i support this kind of party carefully of politics. The have that they can be detached themselves from anything at in-incident type of point was why i don't trust with me and this and the reason why i don't trust the even today because i see the is once foods and then to pick us out like when they when they get into power. It's like it's a thing. And i i i. I won't lie as looking at this point. We don't have anything anything other than aid. See because you can't have. Yeah that's why. That's why. That's why that's what i was like. You know you know other than we're going to take the point to efl. Then i want to hear and assorted melinda was. Hey i was like you know what. Let me you stayed neutral. You know what. I will not vote. I'll just chill. You could burn until seven days and save. It does new no greeter evil. You cannot choose between which evil is better than which can think about it. 'cause melinda is pro day diverging. He's pro some sort of cabrillo greet again but he's militarizing it. You should go into this. If addressing the tickets from the loom with the white person do this good is this is our lend you keep no wonder i don't want what they don't make sense to leave. Forgive them to with them. Being here. A hundred percent love white people but i don. I a hatred people at hebron people end. I love what people are ever want them to because if they if they need is going to be a problem it's going to be appropriate in a state because we don't need them as much as we hit them as much as we hate. People are just in some type of week like you. Can't those why this way above is how it goes when we came into power was like yes. We're good to deal with this. And his allies to a survey use thing man was under this other website amigo. No is this the website where you go online and talk to strangers. So what happened was i went online. I was wanted to record a video leg. Study youtube channel cut for that youtube channel so i went peppy. Ap's miley amid my first person. We will vie being he was in. I think in saudi to be stereotypical. But i think he lived in was because he was right. I think he lived in. Because and hewas living in the oval right around oval. So it's just like you're living in a hot wheel times you need when you need a job. We made a joke. We love those legaments you later. Then i went to the net. Stranger extra was white. Also right as like yours up. His he loved moved onto the next day. No we didn't. I didn't even tell you where she loved. She looked at me and laughed. Three to my face and changed and went to the next person i was like. Nah okay. faded next. One skipped automatic as deep as has been our phone ago. Kid a kid a little kid and guess what he said. Guess what that little thing said to me. He was. Guess what he's fifteen. Your sob us like you a k. A kate word then he kitted then his keeps me that the nerve to look at me and see your then come to me to people who are in. Let's america. The key is equivalent of the n. Word but much much much worse much worse much but the thing with the thing what the look nigga is. It was used. It was used among people tori festival. Know you're my brother. Because william slavery together we is even use it into like reuse it amongst ourselves and it was used to dictate as an accuser country. Was you can some type of respect when saying the in which another black man but if he would another blake it'll be offensive so imagine what a wet presidency that keyword in some very much more sensitive. It's very seriously very serious issue. Now do you take it really serious because like you can't you can't just get over because you still come to someone that what people do it and kills his needlessly in. That's a big man. But i guess what i guess. We'll discuss that in our next into two weeks discuss that. That's what happened with me. But i still have people still because i think the idol. The there's no that's this is my own opinion to me. There are certain white. Able that i can live with that. I love my whole hart right that accept me back for heavy my own culture own heritage being myself. I don't so you may not trust them. I mean you trust them. Also i mean. I trust them also but still be defended them. Lend to leave in the shoes of my enemy. That type stuff you see. I forgive them like. I forgave them for what they did to not. Parents not grandparent's by former parents. Preteens them this. I can't forgive someone that that's why i keep saying that i can tell us owners out. I can't forgive place for the white people. White for white people are still the white people that oppressed us. Come forgive it. who's it happens. It will be extended the fact that a white person still has more privileged than me. It's annoying it's very annoying because you're pressed meat and you gave some type of privilege and the us system that you'd be benefiting me against me which is you sense. It doesn't since ten discerning time is running out so we'll talk about next time next a next episode so what we should be called as the chief this Sapient 'cause this is the first segment that are headman. the sigma what should we call the segment. Something something to lead into politics and technology I i will. I'll come a mask. And i'll i'll tell you i'll tell you end yes is yeah. Let me tell people so this this every every two weeks. You'll be receiving two episodes. Those two weeks the will be the one that comes on sunday which is annual dojo. Homeys caused the main the main one where we took through celebrities bunch of poll man curry so then there will be this one. They heated conversation one. He let's create hotshots with detour not and An excellent will call it. That heartaches hudson's heartaches right with an excellent so this this segment. We'll be talking about politics in south of ken. The walled technology in south africa and award and how politics influence technology in the world in general is what will be talking about in this segment. Pritam much. so what what. We will continue this discussion weeks time. I hope you guys will look forward to this cuisine. We still have a lot to get. A chest is still have a lot together. What it's still have got started right. Now we'll see you next time. So i will link each and everything to detroit cheese accounts. Instagram tita maybe phase. But that's he's using his after or this whole physically typical. We broke up. I don't use facebook boutiques accused someone shop. It's going to be on dictionary. Jane twitter instagram. Linda in the description below this one this episode. I'm not sure find. I will look for and song to this to this segment so that we can. You can know which which segment in this. But yeah thank you guys for joining us on this heartache. With metro detroit. And we'll see you in two weeks time possibly possibly. I'm not making promises but show say goodbye.

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Gym Etiquette & Avoiding Hormone Disrupting Chemicals #1004

One Life Radio Podcast

46:06 min | 2 years ago

Gym Etiquette & Avoiding Hormone Disrupting Chemicals #1004

"The content of the following program is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis treatment, or cure always consult your physician or a health professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Do you wanna go higher baby? You're in the right place. Your listening to one life radio. This is Bernadette with diamond, gray, AVI, Anna, Betty, Antos, and Daniel, he's back. Chow. He went out. Eva doubt she to Italy for awhile. So, so you were gone for what ten days to on a little over two weeks, a little. Wow. Yeah. Two weeks in a weekend. And so tell us all about Italy. What did you? How did you love that? It was awesome. The food was phenomenal. The coffee was definitely lived up. Oh, yeah. I love their coffee buying Expresso machine. Like I, I need my cappuccino expressway in the morning. Now. It's awesome. Yeah. Look at you. It's awesome. Bulletproof expresso. Did you drink your did you drink Espresso every morning, you were there? So I had a cappuccino every single morning. Pacino. If you're running low instead of like an energy, drink, you just go grab an Expresso shot of expressing like mid afternoon because they have their coffee shops, or use it called bars. And so he's smiling. Right. I just love everything talian and I watched godfather to like last weekend on top of all of it. So I'm just you know I love being talion. I really do. And I'm Rishaad well, but I don't know the Italian culture and everything that my that my dad taught me it's just, you know, it's just awesomeness. It really is. And I ran across a couple of pitchers, I'll show you of my mom and dad. They're super. They're so sweet. I just miss him so much I do. And they taught me so much. You're still you see the ones of her with the wine bottle, guys. These are so funny. Okay. So this is my mom in her rose garden hurt with her roses. And this is my dad. Remember I told you name Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth, Elizabeth Therese? Your dad was my father's name is L. Mondo was Albert, I'm on. And, and my grandfather his father was Jero and, you know, I was thinking about, you know, my dad grown up around the house, I still to the state. Don't know what this means, but whenever my father would get really angry. He would swear an Italian, one of the things that he used to say is godly newly are low, and I have no idea what it means. I don't know godly Bill that. I don't know he would go low, and I would be like, you know, you knew he was really mad when he said that. So, but yeah, I miss my dad look at him there. And I think he was tending to the tomatoes, we had that, and we had a pretty big backyard. And upstate New York did. And my mom was always so happy. She was always outside with the birds and the flowers. So as you can see I'm kind of like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Because like you're outside so much of the time you're walking, you're doing stuff outside all the time, walked a lot, didn't you? I mean, I would track in Rome, I do about fourteen to fifteen miles a day of walking Lau. And then averaged day was probably closer like five or six you go down to the countryside. Like in Tuscany or Florence or anything like that. Most my time in the countryside, in Tuscany. Did did you just find it wonderful like Italians usually are typically so friendly and just wanna feed you, they wanna feed you? Oh, did you have your I sit down where you actually? Of course. I'm joking about it being a down, usually, if you have a sit down that means you're about to be killed they want, or they wanna check you out. They want you get to know somebody when you break bread together. And you sit down over, like a three hour meal, and you and you drink wine together. The second day I was there with the wedding party. And, you know, we tasted seven or eight different types of wine and had a four course four or five course meal. So that was probably the end the lasagna that they had there with this truffle L on that was made fresh at the vineyard was worth the trip. Just I was phenomenal. They love their food. They're very passionate about. Yes, he said that a lot of people were smoking, though, even kids were smoking, like first thing in the morning kids. I mean, everyone that not. So euro feel yet, every city you went to the GIS moat up a storm like you couldn't even six clock in the morning. Eleven o'clock at night, no one could smoke indoors from what I saw all the shop owners would come outside their shops, and smoke and see when you're walking down, these cobble streets amazing anyone ever coffee, you can't because just everyone smoking. It's crazy. I lived in Europe for almost two years. And I never I never and you know, that's back you know if you years ago. Definitely smoking was more popular back then than it is now because we're so much more educated, but I never saw that. There's a surgeon general like thing on the packs in talian, one of my friends said that says this causes death, and I guess, they just don't care and it's become like a fat or something. I mean I can remember people smoke in a little bit the last time I was in Europe decade ago, but nothing like this. I mean it was really interesting. Was that and so of intuitive to, you know, truly how most people live in Europe, especially in Italy. I mean, they're an for their healthy culture, minus that. Wow. Interesting. And what else did you find? What was your favorite thing? You had to pick one thing. Okay. We already talked about the lasagna. I just love the girls. What would the girls like girls were good looking? But it the smoking was so unattractive. You didn't give him a second look. 'cause it's like they all smoke is just girl can quit smoking. You don't disa girl. I mean I mean you know what we're looking for. Yeah. But I could never date someone like yeah. I mean you don't like you know. Quit. But that I wanna make him do something. Yeah. It's a cigarette that you've got compared it makes me physically ill could not be around someone that smokes. Like now. There's it makes me physically ill. That's no. Yeah. But I think the, the best thing for me was just getting in a local cafe, first thing in the morning before it got, you know, bustling in the in the cities, and I just sit out and how Cup chino. That was my favorite say it like an Italian, did you legitimate any Italian while you were there. I mean play go gladdy. You know, you do the Bongino, just the basic jeeze, if you are Eva doubt cheese. I never use the river. Never did that. But, you know, it was really cool is the history of Rome, like seeing the Roman Coliseum in Saint Paul's cathedral, was just in, and I've just just everything you just go round and see the Roman form with all the Roman Emmons a lot of these I forget, which home obelisks tons of obelisks, and just really neat things from ancient Egypt and just so much history. And just so much cool culture in Roman Rome was like, vibrant like at night. I'd be walking around like midnight, and he felt perfectly safe. There's police everywhere there were crowds a friend of mine was there a couple days ago to someone tried to steal her her husband's watch. You have to watch for this crime. In Rome, you have to watch for the pickpockets, and there's a lot of peddlers of gypsies trying to sell you stuff gypsy gypsy. I remember the first time I met my first chips, right? It was working at the first wingstop on northwest highway, and I met my first family of gypsies is, like, wow, is this really how you live your life. No, they have not changed in centuries. So I learned before you go there that they come up to you. If you say no in English that means nothing just keep on pushing you. So if you say nine nine means no in Germany. They don't screw with German, so usually nine and they just leave you alone. Hand on nine no. Oh my gosh. Yeah, yeah. That's crazy. We'll, you know, that's where I live when I lived in nearby Germany, and I actually used to speak fluent German. I used to read it and write it and speak it and I have forgotten, like ninety eight percent of our German. Like in Germany. Like when I was there, I started picking up the language a little bit. Just a couple of days. I was there and east great country. Yeah. No, it is. And gosh, I think back to my youth when oh my goodness gracious. And all the I moved to Germany, during Christmas right before Christmas. And that's when the double Bock beer, you know. So the first of all, I didn't even really drink real beer, but I couldn't afford when I say real I mean, you know, like fans the heavy stuff. Yeah. And so, yeah, but I, I was at a party. I want to tell the story so bad. I want to hear the should I say it was it was it was. Yeah. Okay. So I drank two beers, and then someone had some hashish. Okay. And I was talking to my feet like five minutes later. Toes to my chosen talking to my feet. Just they, I don't remember. I don't think they were but I remember my sister just laughing at me, because my sister was over there as well. So, but anyway, crazy stuff. I think it was in Germany. I was because Amsterdam, you know is very liberal as well. You know with their drug laws, but yeah, I mean when I was in Amsterdam, they walk down the street with huge chunks. I'm sure they still do. It's been a few years since I've been there, like, big handfuls of has she shoulder known for having the ash. She's like a cafe as and everything. Yeah. Yeah. Did you go to Amsterdam to now have not been to Amsterdam? I've never went to him. I love to travel. I haven't traveled in a while like outside of the United States. It's been a decade over decade for me until I went to Italy. I haven't been over like I don't know fifteen years, something like that I'm busy. Today over here. If it wasn't for my friend's wedding. I would probably not gone for another ten years. I'm so glad it was is great wedding great people. So a great time just hanging out near what? We're glad you're back. We we miss. We miss you, Daniel tag. He's going to be talking about Jim advocate a little later on the show. You're just now joining us for the first time Daniel tag is an Ortho kinetic specialist. Trainer at Tello fitness stunner right next door to I heart media studios here in Dallas, Texas. He certified in Ortho kinetics abou- mechanics of resistance training, muscle activation techniques. He's also a licensed massage therapist, and hold three different belts, in martial arts. And he was a wildland firefighter and it's good to have you back. We've got an incredible show. Coming up today, we have Dr Leonardo Tron Sunday. He's a talion. Pretty sure he's a medical doctor. And he's a masters has a master's degree in public policy. This guy's bio is off the charts. Can't wait to tell you all about them. We're gonna be talking about avoiding. Hormone disrupting chemicals, which is a, a article that was featured in the well-being journal, and his new book, sicker, fatter poor the urgent threat of hormone disrupting chemicals to our health and future and what we can do about it. So stay tuned, everyone we've got Daniel tag and Dr Leonardo trust Sunday coming up. Stay tuned. Live. Of five, that's a more. One life radio is brought to you by our sponsors, great companies like sun warrior plant based protein, use the code oh, L are for twenty percent off crazy water. The only mineral water bottled in Texas Kito mad ketogenic metabolic nutrition. Use the code oh L are for forty dollars off and free shipping on his temp. Happy healthy on a CD use the code oh, L are for twenty percent off. Nature's played plant based meals to go paleo magazine wellbeing journal, and the international society of sports nutrition, be sure to go to our thorn research dispensary on our website for twenty percent off and free shipping. Thank you for listening to one life radio. Thank you for that diamond gray. You're listening to one life radio. Everyone. This is Bernadette with AVI on about Antos diamond gray. Daniel tag and my very special guest today. Dr Leonardo on Sunday. He is an MD an MP, and that's a master's degree in public policy. Dr Leonardo tra- Sunday is an internationally renowned leader in children's environmental health. He is a tenured associate professor in pediatrics environmental medicine, and population health at New York University. Dr trend Sunday has appeared on today. CNN NPR, CBS news and been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, National Geographic USA today and dozens of other media outlets. He is the author of the book sicker, fatter poor the urgent threat of hormone disrupting chemicals to our health and our future, and what we can do about it. He currently lives in New York City with his family and you can find him. Website at Leo, tra-, Sunday dot com. That's Allio TR essay, ND dot com. Welcome, Dr tra- Sunday, such an honor to have you on one life radio. Thanks for having me. Well, you know, this is such a timely book, and such a timely time, if you will for us to talk about this article that you wrote in the well-being journal because right now, the world is on fire, and there's so many hormone disrupting chemicals out there. And so, you know, the article you wrote in the well-being journal about the hormone disrupting chemicals. So tell us if you will, you know what are hormone disrupting chemicals, and how do they get into our bodies? Who hormones are natural, signaling molecules that play such crucial rules. And so many bodily functions. They may help us maintain a healthy body, temperature good metabolism salt, sugary and sex and synthetic chemicals that scramble, those molecular signals and contribute to disease or what we call hormone disrupting chemicals. We now know about over thousands of chemicals in the environment that can be hormone disrupting chemicals and the evidence is strongest for four categories of chemicals. The phthalates used in personal care products, 'cause medics and food packaging this finals using paper receipts and aluminum can linings pesticides us agricultural, culture and bro native flame retardants, which are using electronics and even furniture. Wow. I mean it's everywhere isn't it? It's just everywhere. Well, the good news is that they're safe and simple steps that we can take to limit exposure to the chemicals of, of greatest concern. Okay. We can talk about that more get into it. Okay. So what are some of the physical effects of these hormone disrupting chemicals? Well, the evidence is, especially strong for of pesticides. And these brominated flame retardants on kids, brains the use of that when we checked baby's, newborn blood spots that we were able to take care of thyroid problems, completely insofar as we could treat kids who had congenital hypothyroidism, who had really severe disruption of thyroid hormone because they weren't able to produce enough thyroid hormone on their own. But now we realize that exposure tired hormone during pregnancy is equally important with even subtle effects, thyroid hormone. Being associated with cognitive deficits even autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. And so in so far, as these subtle effects can have permanent lifelong consequences, and contribute to a child being less. Valuable to be productive in school and less label to be productive in the economy. These are big human health problems, and problems for Konami. We know that the cost of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the United States, are like likely in the order of three hundred forty billion dollars a year you point three percent of our gross domestic product, and that's based on an estimate for less than five percent of endocrine-disrupting chemicals. A subset of diseases do the small subset of chemicals that we were able to study and a subset of economic costs of diseases to those same chemical. So this is an underestimate of an underestimate of an underestimate. And yet, it's a annual cost in so far as exposures continue at current levels. It's incredible to be talking about this today. Like I said, the timing is, so fabulous with everything that's going on in the world and all the headlines that were that have been, you know, all over the papers, and in the news, headline news, but, you know, children are riskier, mostly how can we protect our children? Well, the evidence is also increasing suggesting that chemicals can literally make us fatter. We now know for fifty synthetic chemicals that can affect our bodies metabolism the prototype. Chemical is a chemical that's been the news. A lot lately called this Fennell air BP fills bigger it disrupts the function of adiponectin a protein that protects the heart and it's also synthetic estrogen. And so it can have sex specific effects on body mass. In addition, another category of chemicals. The teff. Like chemicals, the per floor out Gill substances that have been the news lately, because they're in water systems in forty three states in the United across the country affecting nineteen million people are more. They actually have been found to literally be socio with regaining weight among folks who successfully achieved diet and physical activity and, and lost weight, and what they found when they looked further is that these chemicals were associated with reduced rate, a body metabolism. So it will literally turning the body's thermostat the wrong way as the body was needing to burn calories. And instead, it was instructing the body to slow the burn rate leading to that, that weight regain. So none of this takes away from the fact that diet and physical activity are still the greatest contributors to the obesity. Diabetes pandemics were experiencing states today. Day. It's just that diet and physical activity or so hard to change let alone continue to keep in a healthy lifestyle. And so, in contrast changes in manufacturing practices, be it through regulation or just through industrial practices can are easier to change and, and be have more permanent. Yet, you know it when I was reading your book, I learned a new word ABI, so genyk about air pollution, asking the question is air pollution, and obesity. Jan can you talk about that a little bit for people that don't have never made me heard that word like myself? So these chemicals. I'm talking about that literally contribute to us to being fat or are called obesity, and their chemicals that work in a variety of ways, independent of diet and physical activity and thereby contribute to wake gain, and ultimately the health problems. Come with that it's also interesting. And so, so how have these, however, these chemicals, infiltrated our homes, our schools in our workplaces? Well, the chemicals that were talking about are not just in foods. So we know that Sally's, for example, insofar as foods come into contact with food packaging through the highly processed and busy lifestyles, they absorbed into foods that way, there also are the finals that absorbed into food through can linings and such, but they're also chemicals that accumulate in dust in our homes from electron IX and even carpeting, and furniture these broand flame retardants that I talked about where required to be sprayed into furniture as far back as the nineteen seventies until just a couple of years ago. And that's because the concern was that fires in the context of the tobacco wars were killing people. And the idea was if you could slow the spread of fire you could save lives. But the reality is that flame retardants did not. In the end. Save people or even kids lives, and actually, the structure of chemical flame retardants is much alike. Thyroid hormone, and but little, we know about flame retardant suggests that it cannot just disrupt the function of thyroid hormone, but even mess with the metabolism, thereby having cognitive consequences for kids. I mean, I'm looking at some stuff from your book and specific diseases related to underpin disrupting chemicals in our bodies. Some of these you already touched on. But I you know, low sperm count, breast cancer diabetes, obesity. Infertility ADHD, autism, testicular cancer, heart disease, fibroids, and Mitri. Oasis first defects, and lower IQ's. These are very serious health problems, and, again, the consequences are not just for people's lives, but for our broader Konomi, and the these kinds of data are important, because typically we talk about the need to have better living through chemistry. I'm not trying to suggest that we go back. To eighteen fifties kind of lifestyle, but the reality is that there are costs of these chemical exposures that affect people's lives and affect our economy and often when people say about safer alternatives. Well, there those are too costly. The reality is that some of the benefits that are socio with reduced exposures these synthetic chemicals can often outweigh the benefit that the costs of these safe alternatives in the first place. Well, let's talk about that. What are some of the ways the American economy is suffering due to these elements caused by chemicals? Well in so far as children are listenable able to learn in school. They're less able to contribute to the economy. So the analogy here is if a child loses an IQ point, and mother of teacher, even a pediatrician might not notice, but if a hundred thousand children come back with wellness. I q point the entire Konomi notices. We know that on average a child's I q each q. Is worth two percent of child? Lifetime economic productivity, and so far as a child produces roughly million dollars over his or her lifetime and economic for tippety coupons worth twenty thousand dollars multiply that over four million births each year, and you get a lot of zeros on the right side. If a large number, and that's a big driver of the three hundred forty billion dollars in annual costs. Dente fide Duda endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the United States. Yeah. And speaking of the United States, what about the policy making behind all of this, that's caused you know all this freedom if you will to basically use any chemical Yuan. If you're a company that has such an impact on our economy. Is there any new policies being made? Well, there's been substantial hope and progress on a number of fronts. We recently had an update to the toxic substances control act at the end of the evolve installation, that now requires chemicals be tested before they're introduced into new products with foods were a little bit more behind. I'm sad to say, we haven't actually had an update with regard to chemicals and food since the nineteen sixties drug and cosmetic act and many chemicals. Our attitudes under the rubric of generally recognized as safety. Some shin is based on a presumption by scientists from industry that there is safety, and it's not necessarily grounded in the rigorous scientific data, you might expect for chemicals that are introduced into foods that were all eating each day and that leads us into a situation where there were undergoing dangerous than a natural experiment. Let me ask you this. What do you think about the US department of agriculture approving the planting of genetically modified crops? You know, even if they were declared unsafe. What do you think about them passing the approval? Well, the bigger issue when it comes to pesticides herbicides in food is that we know that our house pesticides can disrupt thyroid function developing brains of kids. And the good news is if you eat organic. You avoid any GMO food whatsoever in any exposure to herbicides such is life to say that have received a lot of attention in the news absolu- in so far as you eat organic. You avoid the issue of Jimoh foods altogether. Yeah. But, you know, I'm I'm concerned about the people that can't afford the organic food, and I and the disruption of the earth and people's lives that are in the balance because of the high usage of pesticides in our country. Well all of the world now and I mean, Monsanto has been selling roundup, it's everywhere. It's everywhere. It's an Cheerios, a lot of progress in eating organic and. The price margins the five to seven years ago, I wouldn't have suggested necessarily eating organic across the board, because the price implications as you suggest are were substantial back, then we've seen such an acceleration in market, share double digit percentage, annual gains in organic as of component of, of food sales in the United States, such that you seem prices drop. And now even the big bucks tours are carrying organic foods side by side with conventional. Well, there's some indeed there's, there's some priority fruits and vegetables for which eating organic is most important. Those are the leafy greens and vegetables that you eat that outer layer as opposed to, let's say, avocados where you, you, you basically peel off layer before you eat the fruit or vegetable. Well, I've got a ton of questions more for you about your book, sicker, fatter poor, you're gonna stay with us for another another little. Small segment. Correct. Yep. I'll right we're on the air with Leonardo tra- Sunday. He is the author of the book. A sicker fatter. Poor don't miss what's coming up. Stay tuned, everyone. You're listening to one life radio. One life radio is brought to you by our sponsors, great companies like sun warrior plant based protein, use the code oh, L are for twenty percent off crazy water. The only mineral water bottled in Texas Kito mad ketogenic metabolic nutrition. Use the code oh L are for forty dollars off and free shipping on his temp. Happy healthy on a CD use the code oh, L are for twenty percent off. Nature's played plant based meals to go paleo magazine wellbeing journal, and the international society of sports nutrition, be sure to go to our thorn research dispensary on our website for twenty percent off and free shipping. Thank you for listening to one life radio. Welcome back to one life radio. Everyone, this is Bernadette with diamond gray. Daniel tag AVI on about end toes and our very special guest, we have with us today. Dr Leonardo on Sunday. He is a medical doctor and an MP that is a master's degree in public policy. I just have to brag about his bio, I mean, this guy, he's just you're very, very knowledgeable. Dr Trump Sunday about this many things, but especially this particular topic. So for those of you just now joining us, Dr tra-, Sunday is an internationally renowned leader children's environmental health and a tenured associate professor and pediatrics environmental medicine, and population health at New York University. Dr Sunday has appeared on today. CNN NPR. The CBS news and been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, National Geographic USA today and dozens of other media outlets. He lives in New York City with his family and, you know, he earned his masters of public policy from Harvard's Kennedy School of government, an MD from Harvard Medical School. He completed pediatric residencies at Boston's children's hospitals and Boston medical center is a and a fellowship and environmental pediatrics. He also participated in the Dyson foundation, legislative fellowship in the office of then Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, and it's such an honor to have you continue on with those we're talking about a voiding hormone disrupting chemicals. You know, at the beginning, we talked about, you wanna talk about solutions. So let's go there. How can we limit our exposure to the chemicals of greatest concern? While maintaining our urban suburban and Royal are excuse me, rural lifestyles of choice. They're safe and simple steps. We can all take two. Limited exposures that chemicals of greatest concern. So we talked already about eating organic, and the steps that you can take eat organic without breaking the Bank, and you don't need a PHD in chemistry, either by the way to figure this out. So let's talk about a different category of chemicals phthalates, so watching the plastic, and how you use it in your home is a good way to start. So there a recycling numbers on the bottom of most plastic containers, the numbers three six and seven are the ones to avoid across the board. These are the three aero triangles that you typically see with a number in the middle. Three is for phthalates, which mess with the male sex hormone as well as are known to contribute to BCC and diabetes as well. Sixes for styrene known carcinogen and seven is for the finals that we talked about earlier in the program. So in addition avoid to avoiding those across the. Board. It's important to avoid microwaving plastic. And that's because you're using a plastic that doesn't have one of those numbers, the reality is that you're breaking down a polymer that into individual monomer chemicals. And when you heat plastic at high temperatures, you're wearing that down and enhancing the absorption to food, and ultimately, that enhances the exposure through food and into your body. In addition, voiding machine dishwashing plastics with harsh chemicals. And high temperatures helps because it avoids breaking down that plastic, and it's, obviously edged or scratched, it's time to throw it away. Ow. And some of these plastics, I'm reading found in Kuzmic products like now, polish and hairspray and deodorants as well. Yes. Some of these chemicals are used to enhance or add sent or. Insure sticking of certain materials skin, the way to watch out for that is for two words. Phally. P. H. T. H. T H, T H in it is a pretty good way to, to resolve that and fragrance is important because there's something called a fragrance loophole. There are many chemicals that due to a much older legal framework for for these chemicals that dating to the nineteen thirties. Right. That allows many of these chemicals to just be added without really formal testing. So even though I'm not saying the fragrances are bad across the board. The realities are some synthetic chemicals under the fragrance loophole that get added the have been properly tested, well, and you know what about, you know, sprays that people use. I'm going to name, I'm going to name the one that I'm thinking of free breeze because I have read that there are chemicals in that product that are very hormone disrupt. Thing I can't comment about specific materials, but I can comment about safe and simple steps we can take to limit exposures. In addition, when it comes to lotions and cosmetics environmental, working group has a great app called skin deed, that provide some specific guidance. Right. Literally can scan QR and see what products are safer compared to other. Yeah. We've actually we've, we've put that information out before, and it is an excellent appetite is. So you know, let's talk about BPA. It's still very present and aluminum cans. Right. And thermal like paper receipts like you said at the beginning of this segment. The reality is that we've seen a lot of attention to be PA such that many manufacturers are starting to substitute out the BPA with other chemically similar bis finals. And this creates a problem of what we call chemical whack-a-mole regrettable substitution. What little we know about one of the forty replacements of BPA bis final s or BPS, is that it's as estrogen IQ as toxic to embryos and even more persistent in the amendments adjusting that we're repeating the story of BPA in human population with a chemical like BPS and the same may be true for other related this finals in the family. And so that's not really a healthy way to approach the safer ingredients might suggestion in the context of the of the delays in regulation. And other things that may be in the wanting is to avoid canned food consumption across the board, and also saying no to that thermal paper receipt, Morton, because the glossies layer of that is lined with these Fennell absorb into the skin into people's bodies. Well, I loved having you on the air today. You've given some great information to all of our listeners one more question. So are there any other simple tricks or tips that you can give us to implement immediately to reduce exposure, any other ones opening the window? Every couple of days is important, the air and gets rid of the persistent organic pollutant dust that can accumulate in from carpeting, electrics and furniture. Wow. Well, thank you so much. It's been such an honor to have you on a doctor tra- Sunday. And I absolutely love your book. I encourage everyone who wants to get a little smarter about this to pick up a copy. I think I ordered mine on Amazon sicker, fatter poor the urgent threat of hormone disrupting chemicals to our health and future. And what we can do about it. Thank you so much for jumping on the air with us today for having me it was. My pleasure. Everyone stay tuned. We've got more coming up with Daniel tag, Jim etiquette. Oh boy. Stay tuned. One life radio is brought to you by our sponsors, great companies like sun warrior plant based protein, use the code. Oh, L are for twenty percent off crazy water. The only mineral water bottled in Texas Kito mad ketogenic metabolic nutrition. Use the code L are for forty dollars off and free shipping on his temp. Happy healthy on a CD use the code oh, L are for twenty percent off. Nature's played plant based meals to go paleo magazine wellbeing journal, and the international society of sports nutrition, be sure to go to our thorn research dispensary on our website for twenty percent off and free shipping. Thank you for listening to one life radio. Searching for so. That's. Daniel workout list, and you don't know that who it's by Nickelback. Oh my gosh. No. Boo fighters. Nickelback. I liked the song does it make you wanna like play the guitar. Makes you lift that what guys do they listen to rock and roll. So they can lift. Yeah. No. It is. Well, this song makes me. Well, yeah. Does it like I don't know. It makes me wanna do something with some schools. Or something? There you go. Well, it's always great to have you on studio, and he's back from Italy, Daniel tag. Would it be talking about Jim advocate here in just a second? But I want to let you know that you can go to our website. One life dot com to download and listen to our podcast or subscribe to our newsletter. You can also go to I heart media dot com to listen live or download the free iheartradio app and listen to us from anywhere in the world. And a lot of people do a big shout out to our sponsors, great companies, like sun warrior, it is a premium all natural raw SuperFood company dedicated to providing the best vegan plant based protein powders and supplements. Go to their website son warrior dot com and use the code. Oh, L are for twenty percent off your order. And of course, crazy water all natural mineral mineral water that is make has been making people feel good inside out since eighteen eighty one and the honest hump company. Their products are natural alternatives for managing your stress, reducing mild anxiety, and relieving pain from exercise. Induced, inflammation. Visit them at honest dot com and use the code L are for twenty percent off your order as well as the wellbeing journal is one of our sponsors, great company. You just heard, Dr tra- Sunday, talk about an article that was featured in last month's issue. It's a publication check it out as well as paleo magazine, and Kito med is one of our new sponsors. It is the first over the counter over, the counter clinical Kita genyk antifungal meal, replacement, find them at Kito mad dot com and use the code oh, L are for forty dollars off your first order and free shipping, and of course, nature's plate. They offer handcrafted one hundred percent vegan always non GMO ready to go meals to help lighten your cooking, and maybe save you a trip to the grocery store. So check them out. And of course, thorn research, you have higher standards, and soda, we so shop at our thorn dispensary for twenty percent off and free shipping on every order everything you need for everything you are. Go to one life radio dot com and click on. The thorn dispensary. So Daniel tags. So good to have you back in studio. You know, I'm not a gym girl. I've never been a gym girl. I have gone from time to time so but I have pretty good advocate Beziers special this something special about Jim tickets and things. I need to know. It's common courtesy. Pick up your crap pick up your crap. Okay. So Daniel tag is an Ortho kinetic specialist trainer at Tello fitness center, and he is certified in Ortho, kinetics bio, mechanics, bio mechanics of resistance training, 'em AT. That's much muscle activation techniques and Daniel is a licensed massage therapist and holds belts, in three different martial arts systems. And he was a wildland firefighter so you can kick some, you know what? Right. Two, okay. So Jim etiquette picking up your crap. What are some other stuff that people don't do? Well, one of the biggest things nowadays is sitting machines and texting. Get on it or even talking on your phone. I it's funny, I had to tell the guy yesterday at tell us he was texting on his phone, sitting on a piece of equipment for at least fifteen minutes and talking on the phone and tell us we have a member voted, not talking on the phone. I go approach him and let him know. Hey didn't know if you know it, but we have, you know. No. Speaking on the phone. It's like, well, maybe I shouldn't come in here. Any more like, well you know that's your choice. Honestly, I don't want them in the gym because he's just disruption for everyone else. Let's just say his name. Nah. I'm kidding. We'd never do that. I think the big thing is don't sit on a piece of equipment when you're not using if you doing a circuit get off, if you even resting thirty seconds in between sets get off of it. So someone else can get on it and use it in between sets that he's a bad driver, too. But. And you know, something else is like if you're having a circuit and you want that machine, and you're trying to reserve multiple machines that you shouldn't do that. Let someone else work and don't Haga machine do a set get off, and then go to the next machine if someone's on that machine go to something else. What, what, what about rack your equipment, how many people do or do not do that or don't do it? Well, so a lot of people don't do it. It's just put your dumbbells back where you got them where they're supposed to be most people. Tell us do pretty good job of that. But racking your like your your your plates like when you put on a bar or something, most people don't take that off, or they'll be a little thing to kind of put it on, like a little. Just a, a rack to put the weights on in the lien against the rack, which means someone can walk by, and it could fall over there, and that's completely it's like all you had to do was move, it three inches and put it on that designated rack that one makes me man. What do you think makes people so lazy? They're just they're not thinking about this, and they're just they're so self absorbed that don't even think about, or they're used to having someone else pick up their crap, like Bill cups and towels and stuff around for those places that have towels I think, so people are just used to have an ear maids, pick up everything that they just don't care. It just it comes me. Mad comes on a lack of respect for others and a lack of respect for the equipment and the people that own that equipment. Right. It's a real pet peeve of mine. What, what, what about this people that take up multiple machines at once exactly that's where you're trying to do a circuit? And I had this once where like I'm going to machine and the dude's working out on a machine right next to it. And I get on it with the client. He's like, oh, dude. I'm on that. I'm like, no, you're not. You're on that one. We're going to use this class. There's a lot of testosterone over there at Tellas until us to be all fair. Tell us, it's really not that bad considering what you could other places, but it's. It tends to be the younger generation for the most part. Yes, some elder don't either on older man the other day he he was taking selfish on a machine. And I just I was like, oh, I say something. With the girls. Usually, I'm so sick of like serious. Self fees are horrible. I didn't know what to do can. Yeah. That's just like, hey, can I can I get in a set? You know, can I work in with you? You know, in a big thing is, you know, just let the person know in a in a non-confrontational way. Like, hey, you know, that's, that's not very considerate. Can I get on that thing? You sit in Texan. They're not using it kind of jump on a set. And if they don't then go get someone that works in a management of that club. And then have them come talk to him. I know on this list, there is don't lift like an idiot. What does that mean? So there are there's this one example of this guy again. I don't know his name, but he, we have a couple different squat racks, for people to do back way, squats Kay. He goes over to a chest press. Right. And he picks it up and then leans over and then turns around and sits in front of the mirror where people are walking by, in a kind of a lane, where people need to walk back and forth and does his squats, there instead of going, the squat rack that's lifting. There's a designated area for squats and he's lifting down. He's turning the bar. A whole bunch of places where people are. Walking where they can get hit right? Or there's other people that jump on balls and do crazy things in heavily attracted area. That's just I don't see the point of that. And if you wanna do, that's great. But don't do it where other people can be hit by you. That's what I'm talking about. Don't lift like an idiot. Don't do things that could potentially hurt others to my next question. Safety is so important, especially in a gym, when you're slinging all these heavy things around that could do serious harm or even kill someone. Exactly, it is very dangerous. You need to be safe and consider yourself, but more than that for one thing, like if people wanna hurt themselves, that's their business. But when you're doing things around other people that could potentially hurt them that becomes everyone's business. Well, I love it. I do. And it's great to have you back Daniel tag. He is about on the show for a long time. Really good having back everyone. Thank you so much for listening. We always love doing the show. I hope you enjoyed it today, because you get one body, you get one mind and you get one life, get out there today and make the most of. It.

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Democracy Now! 2020-04-16 Thursday

Democracy Now! Audio

59:02 min | 1 year ago

Democracy Now! 2020-04-16 Thursday

"From your the epicenter of the condemning this is democracy now with the largest one day death toll in the US yet. Twenty four hundred in just twenty four hours an average one hundred deaths and our the highest one day total for any nation since the start of the pandemic president trump wages a war on public health experts and science threatening to cut. World Health Organization funding and fueling a theory that the corona virus originated from Wuhan Lab. China's pushing back. She wanted me on this position on the origin and means of transmission of novel coronavirus. Clear always look. This is a scientific mission. It should be by scientists and medical experts. We'll speak to a zoologist. He's been sounding the alarm about a cunning pandemic for years then to India where officials say six major cities are corona virus hot spots including the capital city New Delhi. We'll go there to speak with writer and activist earned off Roy who says the pandemic is a portal historically forced humans to bring to the prostate and imagine the world. This is no different. It's important a gateway between one and the next we can choose to walk through in dragging carcasses of prejudice and hatred on databanks and dead ideas. I daydream and smoky skies behind. We can walk through nineteen listen luggage ready to imagine another word engraving into all that and more coming up from democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm Amy Goodman. The White House is unveiling new guidelines today aimed at rolling back state. Stay at home. Orders protecting against the spread of the corona virus president. Trump's call to wind down social distancing came as the United States recorded more than twenty four hundred deaths in just twenty four hours the highest one day total for any nation since the start of the pandemic the battle continues but the data suggests that they should would we have passed the peak or new cases across the United States are over six hundred forty four thousand confirmed cases of Cova Nineteen though the true number is far higher due to a critical shortage of tests. More than twenty eight thousand. Five hundred people have died of the disease nationwide and just a matter of weeks. Despite that President Trump said some states could begin relaxing social distancing restrictions before the end of April. The plan has drawn intense fire from medical professionals and even corporate executives tapped by trump to advise on reopening the economy. They said Wednesday far. More testing needs to be in place before workers can return to factory school stores and office spaces. They spoke with President Trump in a conference call this week. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health warned that unless vaccine becomes widely available social distancing may have to extend until twenty twenty two to prevent a surge of Kovic nineteen cases that could break the US healthcare system the Labor Department is set to announce weekly unemployment figures with economists estimating at least five million. Us workers filed jobless claims in just the last seven days that could bring the number of unemployment claims over the past month to well over twenty two million on Wednesday millions of us. Taxpayers began receiving payments of twelve. Hundred dollars five hundred dollars per dependent child Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin set in late March. The one time payments would be enough to tide over Americans. Four months I think the entire package provides economic relief overall for about ten weeks. Some Democratic lawmakers are pushing for far more direct assistance to US households during the crisis the emergency money for the People Act would provide all but the highest earning. Us citizens aged sixteen and over two thousand dollars a month until unemployment falls to pre corona virus levels in California. Governor Gavin newsom Wednesday announced a one hundred twenty five Million Dollar Relief Fund for undocumented immigrants left jobless by the pandemic meanwhile a Congressional committee reports tax provision in the Corona Virus. Stimulus passed by. Congress last month will overwhelmingly benefit the wealthiest Americans four out of five tax filers benefiting from the seventy billion dollars temporary. Tax Loophole are millionaires or billionaires. They'll receive an average windfall of one point six million dollars dwarfing twelve hundred dollar payments for working Americans here in New York the epicenter of the pandemic over eleven thousand five hundred people have died of Cova. Nineteen Governor Andrew. Cuomo said that beginning Friday all New Yorkers will be required to wear face coverings public when social. Distancing is not possible. Mayor Bill de Blasio introduced one hundred. Seventy million dollar plan to provide food aid to New Yorkers increasingly at risk of going hungry de Blasio said over two hundred New York City residents are dying in their homes each day with the vast majority of those deaths due to Cova nineteen in the small town of Andover New Jersey. Police discovered the bodies of seventeen people stuffed in a small more get one of the state's largest nursing homes after receiving non. Mus Tip at least sixty eight. Recent deaths have been linked to that and over sub acute and Rehabilitation Center medical workers at hospitals around the United States held a national day of Action Wednesday demanding into the preventable healthcare worker deaths from Kofi nineteen at the Kings Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn where five medical workers have died and several others remain hospitalized. Protesters stood Lee six feet apart as they demanded more personal protective equipment. This is arlene. Mehrtens a patient care technician at King's Brooke attacked us. That's all we ask so because survive contents me help. Those who need on continuously keep people workers are also demanding better safety training better staffing levels temporary housing for workers who risk spreading disease to their family members in Lansing Michigan. Thousands of protesters flooded the streets around the state Capitol building in their cores. Wednesday defied a state ban on public gatherings to demand an end to Michigan's quarantine measures. The protest was organized by the Michigan. Conservative coalition under the Hashtag operation gridlock. One Large Group of men armed with assault rifles posed for a picture on the steps of the Capitol Holding signs reading trump pence and remove the whitmer regime. Inside the Capitol. Michigan Governor Gretchen. Whitmer said the protesters risks spreading disease and blasted them for blocking access to a hospital where an ambulance was unable to discharge a patient. I support your right to free speech and I respect your opinion. I just urge. You don't put yourself at risk and don't put others. At risk either in Frankfort Kentucky dozens of protesters shouted through a window of the State Capitol building Wednesday Interrupting Governor. Andy Bashir as he held a corona virus press briefing in Mexico a massive campaign to recruit more medical staff has been launched as the country faces an alarming shortage of healthcare workers however reports emerged of hundreds of applicants being rejected after standing in line for hours to apply for jobs elsewhere in Mexico. Dozens of workers from an Assembly Factory Juarez owned by the US based company. Regal held a protest Wednesday demanding. The factories shut down over safety concerns. The protests followed the death of a worker who presenting with cove nineteenth symptoms. This is factory worker Isabel Flores they will say you're scared for health and the health of our children because we all have families all of us here and they just look at us as a business. They don't care if we die. The French Navy has evacuated. Its flagship nuclear powered aircraft carrier. The Charles de Gaulle where nearly seven hundred sailors tested positive for corona virus on Wednesday French sharply revised its cove nineteen death toll upwards to more than seventeen thousand has nursing. Homes reported hundreds of additional deaths over Easter weekend but for the first time since the start of the pandemic French hospital so the total number of patients decrease Sweden so a sharp rise and cove in nineteen cases. Wednesday Swedish authorities have refused calls to close restaurants retail stores and classes for primary and junior high school students. Even as corona virus deaths far outpace those in other Scandinavian countries with strict lockdowns in Germany chancellor. Angela Merkel has extended a nationwide lockdown until may third but will ease some restrictions citing a fragile partial success in fighting corona virus. Unlike the United States Germany began testing early and often for the disease and has a much lower death rate back in the United States. The privately owned Otane Mesa. Detention Center near San Diego has become the US Immigration Joe with the largest corona virus outbreak. As at least seventeen immigrant prisoners have tested positive for cove nineteen as of Tuesday according to documents obtained by the San Diego. Union Tribune and Tacoma Washington imigrants imprisoned at the Northwest Detention Center have launched another hunger strike the third in just three weeks. Prisoners held a protest Wednesday in the facilities yard forming the letters. S O s with their bodies as they continue to demand their release. Meanwhile a Federal Magistrate Judge in Miami has ordered Immigration and customs enforcement are is to disclose how many of its third party contractors have tested positive for covert nineteen ice reportedly hid this information as the agency claimed third party. Contractors were not considered staff in related news Kovic nineteen cases continued to at the Cook County jail in Chicago with individuals held in the jails medical unit especially vulnerable to contagion in newly published phone interviews recorded by the South side weekly newspaper six prisoners describe worsening health and sanitary conditions and a loss of access to their routine. Medical care is hard to stay away from. Because we're in a dorm and this thirty nine people and you know there's a Lotta guys coughing and no got a fever in. It's like you gotta be family time for them to get medical attention in Pennsylvania. Sixty seven year old prisoner. Rudolf Sutton died of Cova. Nineteen on Saturday. Just three days before Philadelphia prosecutors were set to review his claims. He was wrongfully imprisoned for a nine thousand nine hundred eighty eight murder. Sutton's case was backed by the innocence project which concluded a five year investigation. That Sutton was likely innocent. Sutton had been serving a life sentence at the. Fbi Phoenix Jail. Meanwhile rumors circulated online that internationally renowned political prisoner Mumia abu-jamal Jamal held at Sei. Hanoi person in Pennsylvania was hospitalized with a headache in trouble breathing but supporters of the campaign to bring me at home reached him Wednesday and he said the rumors are true. Heard that I was hospitalized. It is not true in fact I haven't been up medical for about a month. I usually go three times. A week has accepted and a recent commentary. Everybody's like that Menu. Twenty three hours in the bill and then that lasts twenty four hour. Forty five minutes out of this. You can do. You can take a shower. You can get a bucket and swab decks and that you can call people on the phone. You can clog up your tattling to the kiosk but you you're not leaving the bluff and they only started yard about a week ago and that's one forty five minute period every three days so everybody in the state is lockdown just like everybody in the United States is lockdown that was prisoner. Mumia abu-jamal well-known journalist. Speaking with Professor Johanna Fernandez denying claims that he was in a hospital with covert nineteen in South Dakota a smithfield foods. Meatpacker has died Kovic nine of Cova amidst the largest single corona virus hotspot in the US sixty four year old. Augustine Rodriguez passed away. Tuesday morning after spending two weeks on the ventilator he was one of six hundred forty workers at the Sioux Falls Smithfield pork factory who have tested positive cove nineteen most of them are refugees and emigrants from around. The world. Smithfield said this week. It will also close plants in Wisconsin in Missouri after workers. They're tested positive. Other major slaughterhouses have closed due to the virus including a Tyson pork plant in Iowa and a J B s Beef Plant in Colorado in Florida all residents and employees of the exclusive Fisher Island private luxury community receiving logical tests for corona virus. Antibodies even though such tests are not yet available for the General Public Fisher Ryland consistently ranks as one of the wealthiest zip codes in the United States on Wednesday. Ten African American pastors from across the United States held an online news conference to demand equity and testing warning communities of color are suffering the most from the virus while receiving the lowest per capita rate of cove in nineteen tests in New Jersey. Rutgers University researchers Wednesday began administering the first saliva based test for the novel Corona Virus for patients. Taking the test is as simple as spitting into a test tube for healthcare workers. It's far safer to administer since it no longer requires close contact with patients during nose and Mouth Swabs Massachusetts senator and former presidential candidate Elizabeth. Warren has endorsed Joe Biden for president. Senator Warren made the announcement in a video posted online Wednesday morning in the evening she spoke with. Msnbc's Rachel Maddow. If he has to be his running mate would you say yes? Yes in international news and South Korea. President Moon John's left-leaning governing party won over half of seats and South Korea's parliamentary elections Wednesday. Which saw the highest voter turnout in a parliamentary election? In nearly thirty years South Korea is the first country to hold nationwide elections since the corona virus pandemic began in climate news. A new study confirms a record. Amount of Greenland's ice sheet melted in the summer of two thousand nineteen. The study says the dramatic loss of ice was due to atmospheric circulation patterns. That had not been taken into account by previous climate models and that may be significantly underestimating future melting a US judge has revoked a crucial permit needed to complete the disputed keystone excel oil pipeline citing the US Army Corps of Engineers failed failure to adequately consider the effects on endangered species inhabiting rivers and the pipeline's path and ignoring guidelines. If the endangered species act the ruling however does not shut down the pipeline's construction currently underway at the US. Canada border in Montana and in Baltimore a transgender woman has been violently killed and what is believed to be the sixth murder of a transgender gender non conforming person this year in the US. Johanna Metzker was reportedly stabbed while visiting Baltimore from Pennsylvania. This weekend a virtual memorial was held in her on Monday and related news. The American Civil Liberties Union and legal voice filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday challenging a New Anti Trans Law in Idaho that bans transgender women from competing in Women's sports the group says the law violates title nine the historic statute. That banned sex discrimination in education and those are some of the headlines. This is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report when we come back. What are zoonotic. Diseases will look at the possible of the Corona virus with zoologist who studies diseases. That crossed the animal human. Divide stay with us Aw the musicians of the National Orchestra of France playing together alone in their homes. Yes playing together. Bolero by rebel. This is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm Amy Goodman here in New York. The epicenter of the pandemic with my co-host near means shake usually sitting right here at my side but joining us from her home to keep us all safe and stop community. Spread Heiner mean. Hi Amy and welcome to our listeners and viewers around the country and around the world. Well we're going to begin right away with our first segment. The White House is unveiling new guidelines. Today aimed at rolling back states. Stay at home. Orders protecting against the spread of Corona virus president. Trump's call to wind down social distancing came as the United States recorded more than twenty four hundred deaths in just twenty four hours the highest one day death toll for any nation since the start of the pandemic across the United States. There are nearly six hundred. Forty thousand confirmed cases of Cova. Nineteen though the true number is likely for higher. Due to the critical shortage of tests. At least thirty one. Thousand people have died of the disease in just a matter of weeks. Despite this president trump's spent the last few days waging war on journalists public health experts and science on Wednesday trump suggested without evidence that world health organization officials conspired to hide the truth about the corona virus. His comments came one day after he announced the. Us would begin withholding hundreds of millions of dollars of funding for the UN body at the same news briefing. President trump fueled the fringe theory promoted by Fox News that the virus came from a lab. And we'll hunt China. This is Fox. News reporter John Roberts questioning trump at Wednesday's press briefing does the president of multiple sources are telling Fox News today that the United States government now has high confidence that while the Corona virus is a naturally occurring virus. It emanated from a Veraldi lab in Wuhan that because of lax safety protocols an intern was infected who later infected her boyfriend and then went to the wet market in Wuhan where it began to spread. Does that correspond with what you have heard from well? I don't want to say that John but I will tell you more and more. We're hearing the story and we'll say when you say multiple sources though there's a case we can use the word sources but we are doing a very thorough examination of this horrible situation that happened. This came just one day. After the Pentagon's top general Mark Milley said that Corona virus likely client came from natural sources not a Chinese lab on Thursday China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson responded. You going to be a million position on the origin and means of transmission of novel coronavirus. Clear cool always and this is a scientific issue should be studied by scientists and medical experts. I would like to remind you the head of the show has repeatedly said there's no evidence that corona virus was made in allowing. He went many well known medical experts in the world. Also believe that claims of the so called laboratory have no scientific basis the scientific journal. The Lancet has said the virus seems to have come from wildlife for for more on the origins of the corona virus trump's response and where we go from here. We're joined by zoologist who has long studied diseases. That crossed the animal. Human divide and who for years has been sounding the alarm about a coming pandemic Dr Peter? Dau- Shaq is with us. He's a disease a colleges. The president of Eko Health Alliance a nonprofit that works globally to identify and study our vulnerabilities to emerging infectious disease. Eko Health Alliance has been studying corona viruses and China since the end of the SARS outbreak in two thousand four This corona virus is really called SARS to. He's joining us from the Hudson River valley in New York. Welcome to democracy now. It's great to have you with us so if you can unpack what we just heard. It goes to the issue of the origins of the corona virus especially interesting. The president trump is raising this now as he's being a seriously attacked for the United States lack of action and delay and so he is striking out at as many sectors as he can but talk about the origins of the corona virus. Dr Dash you great to be here alone. I the the idea that this forest escaped from the live is just pure Baloney. It's simply not true. I've been working with that length of fifteen years and the samples collected were collected by me in collaboration with our Chinese colleagues this some of the best scientists in the world. The there was no viral isolated. There was no coach at virus that this anything related to sauce carnivores too. So it's just not possible and you say it's really politicization of of the origins of pandemic and it's really unfortunate. The stories as president trump said he's been hearing have been around since day one of the break and and they're around in every hour every single outbreak of a novel virus. Somebody SOMEWHAT SAYS WELL. This has been manufactured in a live in fact. I am a few weeks ago when this started circulating Google. Hiv is manmade. Do It yourself and see there are people who still believe. This is a bioengineered virus that spread around the world. It's just really unfortunate and I don't really know why these conspiracy theories get such traction. I think the people just have trouble understanding. What's going on the planet? We've been studying the origin of emerging diseases about seventy five percent of every new emerging disease. Think about it. Bowl H. One on one flu. H Five N one flu. These pandemic viruses that emerge originate in wildlife Every species of wildlife carries viruses that are natural part of its and its biology. We have the common cold and herpes cold sores. They don't really do much to the species in the wild but sometimes when we make contact with them we pick those viruses and they can be lethal most tons than not but every now and again we get a lethal virus and we estimate there a one point seven million unknown viruses and mold. So there's a lot of diversity of the could emerge in the future and really we need to be looking at that instead of pointing fingers for Political Gain that scientists are working to benefit public health. The scientists in those labs right now today working to save Thaksin's and drugs will kill the corona virus to save our lives. This sort of battle doesn't help an a pandemic Dr Dasha. Could you say more about the origins of this Specific pandemic What do we know about its origins? Of course many believe as you've said that it originated in bats but explain how it moved from bats to humans. Was it at the Wuhan Market? And what did that involve? It's we don't really know for sure but we can trace back the origins by looking at genetic six signal within the forest itself so we sequence out the gene from the virus genome and then we compare it to others when we do that. We see that the viruses in people the closest relative of those are from bats. This is not unusual. Bats happens to carry a lot of different viral species. There are many different bats around the world but carry their own viruses. We make contact with them often. We don't see them. They fly at night for instance and we pick up their viruses sauce. Current events. The original emerged from bats at Bolivars is about origin. Vars rabies many of this What how do the virus like this get from about two human? It is a very strange thing but we try and think about it but first of all in Southeast Asia. There's a huge diversity of bats. People live out in rural areas close to bat caves. They're exposed every night when bats fly over them urinate defecate maybe onto their food or into that drink and people go into backhoes. People going for various reasons. They're going to dig out. The Bat Guano the feces and they use it as a fertilizer. Just like we used to do many years ago. With Bird Feces. They go into caves to shelter from the rain. The the farmers there Subsistence farmers hunting. Anything wildlife so they get exposed that way people do eat bats. It's true and they that's all around the world. It's a free source of protein. If you're out there in about cave that pretty easy to catch and these are the ways to expose. Now how do they get into the market? We we know for sure that the Wuhan Lock. It was part of this outbreak. But we think that the first few cases one in the market and this is not uncommon. We've seen this with many many of the disease outbreaks news new viruses that emerge they trickle out from rural areas. Through a person getting -ffected maybe in Yunan province and then moving into that maybe the parts of the wildlife trade. Maybe if Obama got infected or a farm animals and they were shipped into the markets these what markets on just places to sell wildlife that places where people congregate they come in in droves the circulate around the really good places for virus to spread and if a person brings it in or an animal that virus will spread. And it looks like. That's what's happening here and could you also explain you've talked about the environmental Causes of this. What's called a virus spillover Like a infectious diseases like covert nineteen causes such as environmental causes such as deforestation the loss of biodiversity and wildlife. Poaching you've also said that people are developing a lot of new towns in this region of southwest China with a lot of high-speed train lines. And you warned that we're going to see more pandemics. This as long as such rampant development continues so could you explain what the link is between a development and the spread of these infectious diseases. We've done the signs on this. We've been working on this. For Twenty s we tracked every known emerging disease to its origin from the scientific literature and then we tested with mathematical models. What's driving that? What's what are the causes? That could underlie the emergence of these new diseases. And what we find as they emerge in places where human populations are very dense and growing and the emerging in the tropics mainly because that's where the wildlife diversity is and the viruses that become pandemic come from wildlife and the other key factor is land. Use Change people moving into new areas encroachment into walked habits at building roads into a for mine or for logging camp There are many many examples of diseases like Ebola Saas. Hov itself from this and that's a global trend that will drive the rise of future pandemics. Now we're not saying that we've got to stop every modern aspect of development. We can do these things but we need to do them smarter way a more sustainable way and we need to start treating pandemics as a risk of doing these things around the planet. We've got to reassess our relationship with the environment and reduce our ecological footprint. It's to the benefit of conservation. It'll reduce climate change. It will also stop was getting sick and I think that's a really important point for foam some the right who uninterested in conservation of climate change. What about your own health? We making ourselves sick by making the planet sick. And that's really the message that needs to to come through from this because if we just treat this as another disease wait for vaccine and then think great. It's all over. Well I've got news. There are one point. Seven million more viruses out there that will be emerging in the future. We can either wait for them to emerge and get sick and and have another global recession. All we can get out there and re-address our relationship with wildlife and make the planet a little bit healthier. Let me ask you about a recent tweet. Dr Dash you refute the widespread belief that Cova Nineteen is a black swan event pointing to a two thousand thirteen wired article. Let's said quote. There are bats carrying virus that can directly infect people and caused another SARS pandemic if you could comment on that and also the idea that if this came from a virology lab their labs of Cross of course in China their labs in the United States. It doesn't have to be a conspiracy theory that released on the world but the idea of perhaps there weren't the proper safety precautions or someone inside the labs somehow got infected. That can happen in any virology lab the world. Yeah I lo- I mean we've been raising the flag on these farces full edison sauce. For fifteen years. We went out to work in China with our colleagues out there with the specific goal of saying wedded sauce. Come FROM IT WAS. It was an alum. Coal sows because we're at eight thousand. People infected ten percents of them are very high death rate but it didn't go to a true global pandemic Kobe. Nineteen so we went out to China and we started looking into wildlife origins of this forest. And what we found was really surprising. A huge diversity. Dozens hundreds of spat origin Caro- viruses. We found evidence. They will continually spilling over into people and we look to rural populations in southwest China and found three percent of them had antibodies to these viruses. And we estimate that the exposure across South East Asia's about one to seven million people a year. Just find living in rural areas dots. So it's not just an expectation that will have more events it's a certainty and we started saying that we look to the viruses. Bats carry them. We showed that they can actually infect human cells in the lab they can cause disease Like Saas and some of the mouse models for Saas and the evade the vaccines that were being developed at the time and this is not unusual there are many of the viruses are viruses related to a bowl that we don't know much about we don't know if in fact people the reverse is related to influence around that we don't know what they do in people and the way to deal with this is not to wait for them to emerge and make us say the way to do this is to get out there ahead of the curve find out what's out there find out his at risk work with the people on the front line and reduce that risk and you know that's a really important public health message it's also a really important message for International Development. These pharmacists tend to merge in poor countries in the tropics just by by the nature of where wildlife live countries are the less able to deal with outbreaks so sending our tax payer money to those countries is very unpopular with the current administration. But not only protects them it protects us. It's a it's a right wing agenda under left wing agendas now on the issue of whether this could be a lab release. Well this is the problem with conspiracy theories you know. It's impossible to say that it didn't happen and it never will be possible even if you showed video evidence of every hour of everybody working in the lab and their video cameras. These bio secure labs with very high tech sophisticated security systems. Even if you showed all the notebooks conspiracy folks would continue to say well. It's a cover up. Clearly something happened. These adopted no books dotted videotapes. The point is that. Let's look at the balance of probability. That's what you have to do. We have a few hundred technicians and scientists. Working in these labs. They do not have a problem with staff with security with loose controls. These are very well relapse. They've been inspected by the US. Cdc By people working full labs high security lines in the US in France and internationally they're accredited by the US. So it's it's ironic. That now were saying. They're not very well organized. We actually inspect them properly and allow them to open cables. Sorry if I might just interrupt just we only have a minute and this is a question that we have to get to before we moved to our next segment which is on India. You know there was widespread widespread believe that Kobe nine hundred would cause hundreds of thousands of death deaths in the developing world from India to Brazil and that millions would be infected. But that's not yet happened Your response to why that might be the case and whether we should expect something different in the future. We have a minute. Well you're rich countries test more. We can afford it an poor countries. Don't and what I expect is that there are a huge number of hidden community transmission in poor countries around the world that is going to create an incredible problem in the future. Who's going to deal with that problem? Countries can't afford to seek support from their colleagues and that the allies around the world. It's going to go through the. Who the very organization. We heard yesterday. We're going to pull funding from. It's a travesty and again if we if we let that happen we will see this outbreak continuing to cause problems in the developing world. And it won't go away and it will affect us. We never going to be free from a pandemic if we allow virus to rage uncontrollably in countries that are that are out there with travelers coming back into the US. So again it's it's misguided it's shortsighted and I. I really hope we addressed this quickly and aggressively because you know I really feel that. There's going to be impossible. To do social distancing in the FA Velez of of Rio and the in the slums and some of the places where people are already disenfranchised because it considered illegal squatters. So they're really gonNA be issues around the world with this current us in poorer countries. Thank you so much for being with US disease. Ecologist PRESIDENT OF ECHO Health Alliance a nonprofit that works globally to identify and study our vulnerabilities to emerging infectious disease. When we come back we speak with the claimed author aren't out Roy about the corona virus in India the political implications of the crisis. She says the pandemic is a portal. Stay with us Too Too Oh medical workers in Kerala India dancing for their patients. Carola is where our next guest are. Undoubtedly Roy was raised. This is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm Amy Goodman with nermeen shape. We turn now to India where officials say six. Major cities are corona virus infection. Hotspots calling them red zones including the capital New Delhi and the Financial Center Mumbai. The country has more than four four hundred twenty deaths. Twelve thousand infections so the number is likely far higher. Due to lack of testing this comes press freedom and civil liberties groups are sounding the alarm that the government of Narendra Modi is using the corona virus outbreak to crack down on opponents and dissidents. This month police arrested a prominent journalists Darth Varna on drum accusing him of spreading discord and rumors after he reportedly criticized a Hindu nationalist politician for participating in a religious ceremony with dozens of people. During the national lockdown elsewhere activists Annan Talamante who is sixty nine years old and journalists cow. Two o'clock with sixty seven were arrested. Tuesday over charges they both say were fabricated Tell Them Day road an open letter to the people of India on the eve of his arrest saying quote. I do not know when I shall be able to talk to you again however I earnestly hope that you will speak out before your turn comes. He said Prime Minister Modi has announced India's nationwide corona virus lockdown affecting one point. Three billion people the largest at any time in the world announced it will be extended until May and Mumbai hundreds of migrant workers left homeless and unemployed by the lockdown Hoda protests Tuesday demanding the government deliver food and assistance walked. Nathan promised to provide money and other amenities. Nothing has been delivered yet. We have nothing to do now. We have small kids and they're not getting anything to eat. What should he do for more? We go to New Delhi India where we're joined by the award winning writer Author Activists Dotty Roy. She has a new essay in the Financial Times. Headlined the pandemic is a portal. It's drawn from her forthcoming book. The Freedom Fascism fiction her most recent book is my seditious heart collected nonfiction. She won the Booker Prize in Nineteen Ninety seven for her first novel. The God of small things are in doubt. He welcomed back to democracy. Now as you speak to us from New Delhi If you can talk about what's happening there and why you see the pandemic as a portal in India. You know we have a a big crisis. Who's gone to us? We don't know yet. I mean you mentioned the figures and also the fact that we don't they're reliable. 'cause there's not that much testing happening but on the other hand You know just looking around. You know that that isn't a run on hospitals like there's been in New York you don't the disease doesn't seem to have really got its claws into us yet but we have a Kubik Crisis. We have a hunger crisis. We have a hatred crisis and we have a health crisis apart from coded so as you said. You know on the twenty fourth of March Read four hours notice which ran between eight o'clock at night and twelve midnight are moody locked down this nation of one point three eight billion people without warning and the crisis that that has created the lack of planning the lack of thinking forward although like some states like Which you talked about have have done. Wonderful work you know. But from the center the crisis has been exacerbated into something that might might Really become even more serious than the epidemic that it's planning for You have a situation where you have. Millions of workers and migrant workers under lockdown rich which is supposed to influence social distancing but only enforces physical compression people are crammed together. People are separated from their families in many places they have no food. They have no access to money. Even their phones It's it's it's it's you have the sense that you're sitting on some kind of explosive substance and yet at the same time like you said the arrests being made not just to people who you mentioned artois. Dodging Has Been arrested the the metal wire but he has a case filed against him senior lawyers. Who SPEAK OUT AGAINST MOORE D? Have had filed against him got him. Car and not until doomed. They've been arrested. Young students and people are a lot of Muslims who who are now being accused of being a pocket Taffy massacre that took place against Muslims in northeasterly are being arrested the so-called closing in and the reason I said that depending is four to news that all the world you have a situation now where on the one hand the powers that be are going to try and surveillance increase inequality increased privatization increased control and on the other hand. You have populations people who who will want to increase solidarity and who will want to see and understand the fact that what has happened in the US as well as what has happened in. India is the pandemic has exposed structural problems of searching regis injustice and inequality even the calling off the shutdown in four hours with four hours. Notice was a sign of panic from from from the prime minister was he knows that. This infrastructure of this country can't even deal with normality. Forget about pandemic. And I WANNA ask you more about that about Modi's declaration this this of lockdown with just four hours notice. He declared it at eight. Pm and it went into effect at midnight on March twenty fourth but the first case reported case of Kobe. Nineteen was on January thirtieth. So he had it's unclear why he he's Took a seven weeks to shut down a country But you went when the first when the country went into lockdown. You're used a press pass and you went and spoke to some of the migrants. The hundreds of thousands of people who were forced to flee Deli wants all transportation had already been shut down. You spoke to some of these migrants a in Delhi. Can you tell us what they said about their situation? As soon as the lockdown was announced mass transport was stopped. It was as it was the last week of March people had not been paid their salaries. People who live virtually from day to day the landlords in these little cramped medieval tenements into which you know five and ten people are squashed into a room said that they wanted their rent on time so people just had to leave and they add it was a it was a surreal sight. You know while there was no traffic on the streets but suddenly you know the the the the the structure lean equality and the the Hara. The shame of Hollywood Society Made themselves manifest and I just realized that these people have started walking walking for hundreds of kilometers to their villages. And I went out because I like the tech tectonic plates shooting. You know it was crazy so I went to the border between Delhi and Turkish. Where I was I walked with with many of them and I spoke to many of them including Muslims who had just survived this horrific kind of want to be fulfilled Rome against which didn't turn out that way because people were so prepared that they fought back but having that now they were walking these hundreds of miles home. All your carpenters tailors construction workers and all the aware of the wires. All of them were wearing masks. They were doing their best to maintain social distance. It was impossible. There was a rumor that buses might be organized and seventy like one hundred thousand people were dead together. Press together waiting for buses and I. I asked Some of them. So what? What do you think of this virus says whatever we think of the virus right now? We have new who'd we have no water? We have nowhere to sleep. We have to reach home and that was so much more present for them than this. A lot of them felt that you know this was a rich. People's illness brought him by planes. Why didn't why didn't they stop people at the airport? Instead of King Uh us out of our jobs and our homes you know and a lot of people just want one of the people who I wrote about in the Financial Times piece said he just said to me shy the mortgage equal Hamady Patani meaning. Maybe he doesn't know about us. Know which was just perhaps true in a way that the the government and everybody else who controls anything in this society has more or less airbrushed poured out of the out to films out of literature out of everything you know except Ngo Bruce shows where the cooler feature in order to raise money earn dotty. I wanted to ask you about president. Trump's critical trip to India right at the time the pandemic was exploding. The famous pictures of them shaking hands the stadium of one hundred thousand people when president million a son in India and it was a million people as in the US it was fifty thousand so as president trump took off and was flying back to the United States it was then that he read the comments of US scientists Talking about the effects of the pandemic and what will mean in the United States? He was so enraged by what she had to say that he cancelled meeting of scientists When he was returning in retaliation. And then you have this whole relationship with the With India around hydroxy chloroquine. What Dr Trump? And I'm saying that very facetiously. President trump has been pushing hydroxy chloroquine because Narendra Modi said he was going to crack down on Sales exports of this drug until president trump pressured him and now one study after another is coming out saying people are dying in the studies around anti-drugs chloroquine just overall talk about what trump has met for. Mody what mody means for trump this? Us India alliance and what it's doing your country where it is giving a such a great amount of legitimacy to a situation which I can't hardly explain amy on a on a pro on on TV. Because I've been writing about this for so long you know and what I said earlier the crisis of hunger and then the crisis of hatred so so the time moody came to the US and did the howdy modise show and then the the when trump came here and it was the number state trump. And so on this sort of bizarre dance between D two. I'm sorry to say but not very intelligent human beings but very very powerful people who who are legitimizing but the horror of what is happening in in the US immigrants with racism with undocumented workers and the horror of what the BJP regime the other says. Which is the mother ship of the BJP? A cultural guilty to me belongs which believes that. India should be a Hindu nation and everyone else should be second-class citizens towards which they have made new citizenship. Laws AND OUR BUILDING DETENTION CENTERS. And all of this is being legitimized by this idea that the most powerful country in the world and the most powerful manning the world loves the. Moody you know and between them the district. I mean it's it's it's a tragedy for the world that this particular pandemic has arrived at a time with country after country is controlled by people like this which is why I said it's a portal. Because you know are we gonNA? Are we gonNA sleep? Walk into this fascist surveillance state that everyone has in store for us. I mean the the APP to APP richer. Moody has asked people to Download and became the fastest downloaded APP in the world. They are fifty million downloads. Now I mean every technical expert says is just a surveillance APP you know and and all all various stimulus so many democratic societies are moving towards this in this panic and fear of that has been created and and there are so many things about the corona virus you know so many hot wyoming things. I was reading The New York Times today. How House creating solidarity between people in the US? I just saw a wonderful video of people can king of Pakistani doctor for having invented a mechanism that allows a single entity later to be shared by many but huge. You have Muslims. Being blamed for Karuna does the whole concept of Corona Jihad. I've been reading of how in the Nineteen Thirties. The the Nazi state basically blamed Jews for typhus and used it as a way of stigmatizing and ghettoising Jews. Same thing is happening with Muslims. You know you have to hear the language that the mainstream media users find people on the street you know so extremely dangerous situation which is being completely legitimized by By trump and by all these people who meet and shake hands and And refused to see how this virus is going to move in on exacerbate inequalities exacerbate injustice and create a situation where they too frightened because they know these millions of people hungry starving. How are you going to deal with that anger in India? I'll tell you Hollywood a deal with it. They're going to try and diverted into an anti Muslim rage. Which is the only thing they do always but at some point to already. Things are exploding people. Are you know boning shelters and sewn and the hunger is sore geant it has to be addressed now? The food go the granny's full of food. Which is not being distributed. People need cash transfers but they don't have bank accounts or they don't have access to their bank accounts. It's a crisis which you feel sitting on on some kind of explosive substance right now and You know as it deepens want you distribute that grain web will do next dodger food? Come from because right. Now is the harvest season and You know people are even those who are being able to harvest and not being able to sell and and you know the whole cropping pattern of this country has still changes dotty. We have ten seconds. Yup Tummy. We just have. I want to thank you very much for being with us. We run out of time. But we're going to we're going to link to your piece the pandemic as a porthole. That's in foreign policy. Our INDATA Roy is next Thursday April twenty third. We'll be joining an online teaching with Princeton. Professor Imani Perry and hey mark books on the haymarket books on the pandemic is a portal and will link to your essays as well at democracy now dot. Org Democracy now is working with as few people onsite as possible. Majority of our mazing team is working from home. I'm Amy Goodman with nermeen shake be safe.

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What You Say May Get You Fired and Disinvited, with Exceptions  EP008

The Vibe Juice Podcast

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What You Say May Get You Fired and Disinvited, with Exceptions EP008

"Welcome to episode nine of vibe, juice. Hey is song be we've been gone a foreign little bit. But we're back and it's December. We couldn't leave you hanging winning. We I'm here with my co host this episode Christopher Jefferies. And we've got a lot to say about orange juice a little bit on sports about those rates. Well, of course, the fire. We'll work. Hey, we are. We are. It's been a long time about a good November. On the Jews? Is your girl on your song? Be welcome to episode episode of vibe, juice. We miss ya. And my host Mike O host missed a C. Christopher J Christopher Christopher Jeffrey baby was at missed the Christopher Jeffrey missile CJ. You don't as those Monday main back in the day. Yeah. Ahead of both where the CJ because the my name, I went bumming dad's nickname, which was cocoa. And I wanted to be cuckoo now. So I was cocoa. Jonathan miller. Was C J you. My pop bought me. Mothers brand new Volkswagen with the little. Sun roof in it was that metallic silver when they came out, and I was cool cute. Dawn L A's Southern Cal CJ, bud. What I had on lies play. Hey, but good to see you, bro. I mean, it's been holidays. Banks given wallo. This Walla would those just just into whole victory. Just add. Just add. You know what I'm saying? Oh, I'm glad you Walla Walla Walla Walla Walla be wallow in victory. Talk about little some of them victories. Okay. So we're going to this go right into the orange juice news about the Bala ticks, while you're gonna last weeks, we were really really saying on pins and needles trying to figure out exactly what was going to be happening with the two thousand eighteen senatorial and congressional elections coming term elections major major we were worried that if things went in the way that in the Trumpian way we may be living in a very soon to be Topi in society. And none of that. Lord that all our phrase were answered right? No bombs came fine. Or, you know, the Russians didn't attack crime meal or try and take Alaska back, right? And even and even to the better, you know, the American people actually went to the polls FOCA in said this bullcrap will not stand and here, California, y'all must've been listening to the by Jews because boy y'all went out and vote it in droves ADA in the state of California of the fifty five of federal positions that people would be going to to legislative branch with the Republicans were able to retain seven out of five seats. California's California's representing very very well. They listen to you Christopher C J. They listen to you know. They listen to you. Thank you all for listening than you know, going out making it was because we urge she we I think we begged you. But because I'm word, I think, you know, in the rest of the country has has has a lot to do that. Well, I think that the rest of the country was really able to make some some some strident moves as well, they did actually to you on fortunately better on a rock didn't make it in as a Senator. Adams out of Stacy Adams out of Georgia while I was pulling for very close. I think it was wonderful for Oprah to come out in due the clearing house. Campaign Andrew gillum. Unfortunately, the governorship Florida Florida came very very close. It was close. I really, you know, we did. Well, but those would have been major upsets there, but there were governorships. Yeah. Yeah. But we really need really was to. Dominate the part of the legislative branch until legislative right? That was really going to be a that that wing of government that's gonna make difference. Check. Right. And that's what they did. You know? The. That the house. Over fifty seats. And by the way, can we say that there was some of sort of a blue way there was a it was a Mary Kay. You know, I think that, you know, the only reason why the Republicans were able to maintain their portion of the Senate this time was because while you wanna you know, she wanna look at the states where they won in the Senate, you know, places like North Dakota. Nobody lives there. Right. Back to the president sitting in the in the White House Oval office with with Janik with closely. Yeah. Oh that was a dobacco tumor, but they played it. Well, he said, well, you know, we we won the Senate Nancy we in. No, you didn't win the Senate. You already had the Senate first off Riazan would Schumer came back and say when the president has to brag about London Carolina and Indiana, he's in trouble. And you know, that's a true that was wonderful. But you notice how will he played to the cameras which Trump was that really peeved him because he thinks that he's the only one that said he'd plane into the cameras but Schumer did the right thing. Look over his left shoulder shoulder and spoke to reporters and the camera that was smart move. And you know, truthfully. I mean, he really did Trump favor a couple of times. Hey, look, let's just take this out from in front of the cameras and going the back room and had this conversation because I I really to get your butts white over here catch stepping into it did. You know, there's there's a. Admission to like, okay, look, I'll take responsibility for shutting down the government. Wow. There's a there's a there's actually a cartoon that there was posted somewhere out there where they have Trump standing up on on the table in the middle of the office Janika lows sort of looking at it. And like, what are you doing? Right. And then Chuck Schumer was doing his thing. And and Trump was standing up with gun to his head, basically. Shoot myself in the head. Just go ahead and do it, right. Don't tell know what it really is. I mean, I just can't believe that that he that. He really kind of felt like he was he was gonna come out on top right situation. Like that. You know, he said while you know, we have the votes in the house too. To to you know, to basically, get this wall set, and you know, we we could go right over you guys. Do it right now jump just do it. Yeah. Right. That's. We're doing now you guys got it. Yeah. They did. If you if you if you thought that you were so cool, right? Do the do it with the house, and I least you'll have half of it. Right. Exactly. But he he he knew and he was just he was just. Used to doing that. You know, he he thinks that he can just you know, just bluff everybody and bully. And this is you know, this is what he's done. He's comes from like a hustler. I mean, that's that's his generation away. He was raised. He knows. That's that's the game. He plays. Right. This business play poker? Right. Exactly Joan his hand that he doesn't have a full house anytime right under the table. He's lost his pants. Garters on his socks and everything like idiot right now. And you know, what it is? I think that if you looked at his behavior the last year or over the last few since since the mid charge. He's nervous. He's nervous. One b. City went out. I think one of the press conference he was running running across the white off White House lawn, and he goes. What they're they're they want to impeach. Nobody's none of the reports said anything about impeachment. But it's in his mind, obviously, isn't as sub-conscious in conscious mind. He's he's worried. He's got his britches. In a bundles. Trying to form. So what is fine for fan with right? I think that is in tire family could end up in supermax with him. You know, it's kind of an unfortunate thing. I don't think he's gonna have to put him in like some kind of supermax because you know, you get all those, you know. You know, those those people trying to choke. Choke. Breaking out. We got some hope will make it easy for you. Do about to lose everything in the crazy part about at all that you know, the matter is that he could have had his people comply with questions that were being asked the very beginning of all this would have been a reason for Vinnie. Cancel and they would they don't care what maybe the Russians did have something to do with it. And a lot of and. Okay. Well, you know slap on the hand. All right. Let's keep it. Let's keep moving over eight. Because because he decided that he wanted to hide everything right in front of me. Right. Is the point that he wanted to try and hide things that have to start coming up in line right with that made watch it? That's what made the independent counsel to do was go and search and look at every bad thing he ever did. You know, that we can look all reffing everything. Now, he's got you know, six or seven different independent investigations on him for things that he's done while he was running for the presidency, and and things that he's done after presidency. And now the thing that's that's the same thing that Clinton did when he when he'd lied about certain things about the about, you know, giving the Chinese pay for play type of thing because what ended up happening. That's how they found out about Monica Lewinsky, Monica Lewinsky nowhere on the radar because he lied about one thing they find him lying about another thing. And that's why. Not the one the next, and then you find out there like a Jack in the box, right? And they just keep propping. They just keep popping. And that's that's where that's where he goes wrong. Because, you know, even though Clinton was you know, was definitely a liar about his about what what was between his legs. He was just lying about that. Right. Dr Trump, you know. Trump Trump has to worry about what he lied about between his legs because he's got that one girl. But then he's got this other people because people tapes this that there's there's there's there's their main seventy lives, but you know, what really got me is that this Giuliani when he decided to step up and being the spokesperson Trump on media and Giuliani says oh, Trump only pay Michael Cohen because he was trying to prevent the information from getting he was protecting his family, right? Oh, it had nothing to do with running for presidency. It had nothing to do with colluding to hide and to boost his his his votes had nothing to do with that. But it was only to protect. His war Malania in. Doing and in what's the other idiots name? Be other brother. Yeah, barron. Oh, and then the other. Another one is. Yeah. Who cares Johnny our members name? You know, but I really Giuliani. I think is is we already know that Trump is delusional Giuliani is becoming senile signs killing. I think Giuliani is acting scene. Now, the actually I think he he just doing anything he can do throw some of walk Keith pressure off trauma, putting on all kinds of Giuliani spaghetti against the pasta against the wall on the aperture out. Yeah. Yeah. That's what he's just anything any calls. It out of his ask. That's basically Giuliani is a male version of the what's her name, the little blogger washy, not a girl. L turned. Alternative facts? Who was that? All you talking about. How will sit and Megan? It was married to the Filipino. They can't stand the that's the term, right. Secretary Kellyanne Conway. Yes. Yes. He's. He's. The New York Italian version of Kellyanne Conway. Point eight. Say anything I agree to get you off the president's back. He'll do or say anything, you know, order to anything to make national news and keep you right back. Hi rounding wears Giuliani's has been like, Kellyanne Conway, the counter, everything Kellyanne Conway been has. That's what it was. Like three divorced needs time. The only reason why Juliana became famous because he walked down the main main street right after right after the towers went down and everybody trying to make it like he's promising. Yeah. Did just coming after. But also because he went after coin bosses he took down the the big crime bosses. You know, the whole thing the Rico. Yeah, it was it was he was that made him big shit. You know, his head is still still blown up. Now. You don't wanna use none of those tactics to they don't he don't want right same tactics that he took? He knows right on his boss, right? He's drunk figure out ways to make sure that those same tactics with Rico act are going to be are going to be overlooked because you're dealing with somebody who's in office Giuliani gives more excuses. More legal excuses that he deems as nonsense foolishness. It's okay to lie to the FBI. There's no crying. There's nothing not a legal to not illegal to what he's say to mislead the American public. Is not illegal for you to lie on television is only a legal for utilized federal prosecutors, right and. So what's what's really scary about that is is that you know, is that they're trying to make that you can't guess. I guess there's a point there. They're making the point that Julia has been trying to make over the last few months has been you know. Okay. Even if he is. You know, guilty on any of the charges that you say you can't. Prosecute a sitting president. You can't. Office of the presidency. You can't you can't you can't prosecutor rise. The only way you be prosecuted him for you to impeach him for I then try him under those crime, right, right? And that's the whole thing that they're looking. They're trying to they're trying to put him in a position where he where he maintains the presidency begin run for another forty years. We'll be forgot about it. Right. Ryan over eight year period. Right. Or that's what he's hoping. Right. We beat Jane. But. Thing. Trump clearly is a he's got his Birchington a bundle of these little worried about that whole piece. I'm sure he's ever night years nightly. He's got a falling failing the ministration thinks he's running it. Like, he's running Trump towers or or apprentice, no one can stand. There. Clearly people are, you know, such as his former chief of staff will what was John general Kelly who's leaving at the end as sympathy. I why carry me because he don't want to jail. In covering for this dude for last year. He's serve the country prior becoming his chief of staff, so his allegiance should be a lot higher with a lot more honor. Then Trump, right? Will you know that that was all van with the FBI with with the the head of the BI there Coney James Comey. You know, the President Trump said, well, I need you to. Oh, yeah. Jerry lee. Of loyalty. Right. And the cubby said, what would you do get honesty from me, which is basically saying, I haven't the oath that. I hold is fair. For the United States checked in different. Brought to you by the digital the president. Right. And just crazy for Trump. I mean, you know, what he has first of all he has no respect for our democracy at all it doesn't matter. And I don't think it would matter whatever country. I don't know. Clearly, you know, if you look at what this guy's done. He is done everything we can to do to story and destroy what we have as a constitution, our everything whether it's legislative branch, he's tried to manipulate that whether to reduce branch, you try to manipulate that, you know, the the the press is what they call the fourth state, right? Which is actually, you know, there's there's really only three branches of government. But the fourth estate would be depressed, and he's tried to destroy that. Right. Did you hear about the courts senators who wrote their open letter in the Washington Post about their peers country is entering a dangerous period? And it's all because Trump at our constitution is at its highest and most vulnerable state ever. Right. Ryan Ryan, forty four. That's so true. You know around forty four. Forty four was four right, right. In forty four came out. He's going to be ultimately something has gone gonna haunt him to his death. A number forty four. We need to press forty four forty four for four. We need. Counts. Exactly. And it's probably is probably. We will make it for you take that to coughing. You know, forty four years. To sure they have so much right now. This is going to be several years in a legacy of nothing, but movies Hollywood's is going to go beserk the next fifty years just on Trump stuff perfectly all doing right now. Continuing to to to perpetrate, and and and and commit crimes because if they get does key could committing crimes they'll never have. They'll never be able to finish the investigation and then prosecute him. Right. You know, I think that that's what they're really hoping that maybe some kind of bad thing happens, but, you know, equally important like like, you said, I mean, our constitution is that is that a state of crisis. And the fact that matters is that people say, you know, we're getting ready to go into a constitutional crisis. No, we're not getting ready to go into. After we are in a constitutional crisis. They haven't even changed hands. With regard to the. To the to the house, you know, and when that day happens when that bright line comes on, right? I can just I just I'm just not sure what we're going to see. I mean, you know, I don't know what we're gonna see from him out at the his his ethic is behavior is going to get him more Radic. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Well, you know, what Trump obviously, his MO is to distract distract distract. So the more disturbance he has the more things that he doesn't leap it might because he's disturbed everything is getting under his skin is. So he's just gonna try to create throw more turmoil in different directions to distract because of his fear. This is a man as living breathing in not sleeping out of fear of all of the hearts of his bullshit coming back to bite him chick and come home. Common. He wait a minute. Now, they keep his legacy of live. It always goes back to haunt doesn't. It. It always comes back. Speaking in preaching in this. Sounds coming through. Hey man that, but yeah. But Trump is as the other thing that gets me is that Trump how he's trying to even he'll he'll distract with using the state of Israel and the Palestinians, he'll he'll distract with throwing us into some other turmoil with Yemen. And you know, I ran and look what's going on with Turkey is Saudi Arabia. Okay. I mean, this is this the kind of stuff that he does he's he's had criminal acts in involved with all of these places right now. And we know clearly with Russia. Clearly, he knew about the journalists associ-, I know that NBS bullshit with jazz for master bullshitter. Okay. That believe by theories that Trump knew all along they had a conversation 'cause you know, Jared in Trump and whatever. Ask to see him in prison oranges coup. Jerry tradition. You know what he's a little bit. Automo- big or angular? Skin over the roof. I'm really scared of what he might. I point you're. Point your Kushner want people out of prison. Listen, I mean, this is a little side side kick. But I just got it just came to be. Okay. So again, getting back to Israel. They fired that brother from CNN because of the statement that he said. Is the port of the Palestinian. You know is wrong though. That was really all he did was just break it down break down at truth. You know, every time you look up saying that, you know, every time you look up they put they put in a tighter and tighter noose around Palestinian people's next. They're putting walls. You know to do John wants to do he made statement about supporting in that Mark Lamont his name? And that he said, you know, that that the Palestinians just like the African Americans have a right? The stand up for their civil rights from the hills to the sea, and they the the anti defamation league. You know that they take everything. But they see they use position everything is being anti Semite and everything is not. What about pro humanitarian, you know, causes is Trump also likes to you. You see how he James the capital of Israel from he moved it. As the capital, right real. She is. Ever do you're gonna start name people's capital. But this has to have something to do with jerick. In his connection in things that he's been putting in this era. I really believe that Jared has a lot of influence Trump while Saudi about the segments Israel signing Namche myself. Yeah. On constant human rights. Don't give a shit. About. No, no because Trump doesn't either. So who else can they talk to it? Who has better belongs in that chaotic group other than Putin, man. Putin in MSG or whatever. Mr. Bs at the conference see artist. Unbelievable. Yeah. Very trouble. NBS Putin win just gave each other. Like, I mean, like the most liked the Muslim hotline ghetto bre. These fools on road. Right. Right. Trying to be on the. Man, we got this full, right? We go raise the rent, and they were gonna do over. There you go. Looking thing. And I was like oh my God. And he's just he's and then he went over there, gene. Acted in eighty oppa stage at the president of Venezuela. Shook hands and walked away. Time, you know, 'cause you know, he's good at book for. The NAFTA agreement, you know, saying he signed on wrong lies. Party. This up and everybody's looking at like, dude you sign the wrong. And then you see your name there. Even the wrong thing. Now, we have ever. Well, you know, everybody's gonna get one right, man. They look at look into the camera angle his. Oh, wow. Embarrassment that you president embarrassment. Absolute embarrassment. You know, and, you know, just like, you know, kind of have a night that big head water had baby brother, you know. That was just you know. Maybe play baseball, which you can. Right. But. It's just getting worse. And you know, speaking of you know. Speaking of you know, just really weird stuff, you know, with with Marc Lamont. That was that was kinda jacked up, you know, but, you know, people are now starting to put pressure on people for you know, sort really speaking your mind. Kevin hart. Right. Well, you know what? Let's take a pause. We'll take a little break and we'll come back from the break. Let's talk about Kevin Hart in here. We are back on PC member. Our last show was titled no PC here. Just go. Yeah. But we'll take a break. We'll come back, and we'll talk about that. Where antisemitic? But he's a lot of people are are backing him. Now, there's a whole thing about being PC, and which can say what you can't say. And you know, it kind of coincides with. Kevin Hart losing his. Opportunity to be the host of the whether the Academy Awards. Stop. Yeah. You know, Kevin Hart more or less said southern to to the to the effect of, you know, at, you know, m being a straight father. Of course, nationally wanted to have a straight son and wanted his son to grow and have on. And that he would he would try and do everything due to keep a son, you know, on on the side of being sexual. I think that might have said some my will be there some Fiji's on my I don't know what he said. I don't I really don't know what he said at the end of the day. It was more or less saying, hey, look, I want my family. I wanna I wanna steer. My my my sons in my, you know, my children into being heterosexual. Right. I don't see honestly that there's anything wrong with that. You know, what I do see problem? This thing wrong with either you know, I mean, I can understand listen a man if you traditional man, and you have children of son daughter. That's definitely that's how you got. Here. You want to see your son, the image of you volume. No better than you. That's right. You know, you wanna see your daughter be a better person? Then maybe even you know. Her mother or your mother. There's nothing wrong with that. So and then Kevin Hart people take things out of context. Now, I know that he meant what he said would you wanted the best for sun? But I think people tend to take things out of context that at the same time Kevin is a comedian. Right. You know in he may have said certain things in certain type of way, but it could have been tinge of humor. But take it. They take it. You know, this whole thing the anti. Simitis them. You know, the gay thing thing about the transgender. You know, just the other day in Virginia. They they fired teacher for not respecting the students desire to wanna be called the mail when she decided that that was what she wanted to be called. These are my pronouns. I want my pronoun to now be that even though I'm walking around here. I am obviously a girl. Right. I want my pronoun tu that I'm a man and because of teacher did not. Here too that students desire to change gender. They fired. You know, I think there's too far. Where do you draw the line? It's gone too, far and other things that they're in powering children with the wrong ideas. And this is really an extreme liberal concept about you know, what what you can. And can't do with kids. Right. You you know, you can't spank your child. You can't you know, you gotta let your child if they wanna be, you know, a transgender at five you got allow them dressed up in little girl's clothes Charlie's. They're inside. Right. You know, Charlene's Charlie's. There is a world renowned in very famous actress who went and adopted a little black boy. And now she has that boy that six year old boy running around with dresses with Woodhead Rapson, Braise and boots and all kinds of stuff that boy is not old enough. Make. Does this come from? Child amount, you know, at five and four five and six, and I'm a little girl I like playing with dolls I wanna wear this is like will. He said it five six I'm just gonna let him go ahead and do this. You know, and I, you know, it's it's disturbing is very disturbing. And I mean, no wonder the boy scouts are going bankrupt. I'm just saying, you know, when when there's no line when it comes to morals and moral mores is almost saying that as long as you can do anything in the world is long as you don't touch kill anybody. But if you want to you know, distort, but to me, you could kill someone mind as a child, you can kill into their mind and brainwash with all these other perversions as an any age thing, right? I I don't necessarily consider versions or anything like that. You know what I'm saying? But here's my thing. Right. My thing is is when a child is old enough to decide or determine that they are that they are are male or female has decided they want to be another. Gender or something like that. I say we let them right? But at the end of the day, you still can't necessarily expect from me to fall in line with what you fall in line with so now now, you're forcing my main your, mama, right? Okay. I think everybody should be able to jump off a bridge. The okay Reggie on rich. They want Chris Jehovah's Reggie now. Now, see I don't jump off the bridge. Right. Well, what would you tie bridge jumping win? John seven years old eight or nine years old. And that's what I see. And that's all I'm assess within talking about. And so who were you as an adult tell me, I can't do this. Okay. This okay. The differences. Okay. Is taking the line. But when I say perversions is like, okay. So if you have two little kids. And let's say it's a perversion when a little boys playing with a little girl the two little boys when the sleep with each other. And you find out that they're doing little things. It's almost like saying, oh, no leave him alone. Don't stop. Let them be themselves. Explore. I mean, we're at that point -ociety. That's why I'm saying is becoming so perverted that. Nobody knows everything goes you can't say, it's like, okay. Everything goes. So to me now, you have all these women you heard about the is the president CBS ABC the guy that's being that tried to they were going to. He was gonna get one hundred and twenty million dollars for a settlement to lean as president either. I think it was ABC our show get it up. Yeah. And his wife is on a talk show, but he's an executive, and he's basically fired. And but he the shakeup is that he was supposed to receive like hundred twenty million dollars. For like severance, man. I wish I had that job. Right. Right. And I think it's. Sexual all these allegations of sexual harassment. So here's the thing too. When you can, you know, all now, all of a sudden sexual harassment is a big deal. And so all these less, less Mamoun vase, Monet's. I think as they his name in the he was. Head of CBS. I guess. Of soul allegedly because the sexual misconduct in supposed to leave. His Pat package was gonna be like one hundred twenty two million is so it just came out today that he will not be getting that many because it came attached to a sexual reference. Yeah. So good. I it seems like whatever is the high. You know, Justice issue of the of of the moment than that. That's where all the focus is see whereas everything else. Let society in all these things they can happen. So kids can do kids, you know, hands on. You know, where to grow? No don't want that. Dan, do now as we girl two girls. Vallone right. But at the end of the day, it's an unfortunate too much like, you know, as a child, I would think I would have such distorted version about what I can do. And what I can't do you know that everything is, you know, for the most part, you know, so you have kids. Today news. I think it was in somewhere in Louisiana fourteen year old African American kid cables. This is America, okay. In black in America. But anyway, I guess he was speaking talking back to the vice president of the school principal or something like that and two police officers in offices. It's recorded Sante. They just grabbed the kid. He was cursing out people. I guess and they just grabbed him embodies slammed him on camera. I mean, you know, and so they they they were suspended or they they resigned from their department. But it's like, wow. I believe I believe they were police officers to verify that information, but we'll go for that pretty horrific yet someplace in bruise, Lii bruise, leave Louisiana. And it was caught on camera. It's terrible. It's it's pretty bad. So yeah, they were. Yeah. They were former Louisiana cops indicted for being of student and. Sounds about. Right. I mean, it's it's it's it's it's open season. You know, I I'm hoping that they're making a change. Here's the from the open season type thing. But yeah. But, you know, at the at the end of the day know that you know, it's it's it's horrific. You know that that it is all casino. We got a prime example a few weeks back. You had. You had the the security guard that had caught somebody was doing something wrong whatnot any any had his gun drawn with security patch on his back that said security, I'll write Goss run up and shoot guy. Right, right. Few our week after that Chicago was Chicago. I think not sure where it was. But a week later in Alabama. Right. You know, yet another situation where young man should serve. Some time military was joined had joined the military whatnot. And had and this this young man was at a mall during black Friday, all of a sudden somebody started shooting at mall, right? This young man. Had it, you know, the open-carriage state, right? Who we're going to open care? You know, if you if you have good guys guys guys. But if there's a good guy with a gun right out there in the midst of a mass shooting. The good guy with the gun is going to be the person that's going to be able to save the day. Right. According to according to the gun Tuesay's, right? And what what ends up happening is that the the good guy. You know, what I'm saying gets his gun to either defend himself diminish physician or to find the guy that's actually shooting. Right. And what happens the police? Don't investigate situation in find out that he's the guy. They just because he had done Hsun which allows the Bagai get away. They still haven't found the original perpetrators again. It's really release sad. You know? You know? So guys, just you know, you guys just don't aren't black situation. It's crazy. So the incident in in Chicago is that the officers responded to a shooting at a last Sunday a believe at a bar, and as a result they killed a security job security guard who was just doing his job. The he was from metal to illinois's Jamal Robertson twenty six year old security guard working at the bar in a allegedly what happened was. It was at manny's blue room lounge okay? Out twenty miles outside of Chicago three people in the alleged shooter were injured. Okay. So Robinson apprehended the alleged gunman in which was middle lot middle live VM. Anyway, the militia light in officer shot Robinson outside the bar when he was trying to really just really just com- an escalating situation people were outta hand in bar it. It's really messed up that that type of thing when everybody in the bar has Yale stop stop. He's a security guard don't shoot him. And without any thought they shot him his security guards security guard. The very the best security guard, but they shot him. Anyway. There. It is. You know, these. Horrify things in this guy. Djamil was just trying to save other people's lives. Let's just be thankful that the the house is now run by liberals because of. Say you man, you and see oh gosh is just getting is getting out of hand. Thank really glad there's some part of. So part of our government that actually will swing back. The really sad about the guy in Alabama at the mall. He was a former his serve the country army. And he was twenty one years old little baby. Just a little, you know, why is it when it comes to incidents of when it comes to color. In this country. You know in in the the is almost guaranteed that has a act could American or black. You know, because they don't know what country you come from does matter. He black right. And that's all they say, it is said of doing the right thing is already presumed that year, Robin. You're doing the wrong thing. You're at fault. Raise your hands going are with over this country. Too often, you know, and it's it's an unfortunate thing. I just don't I don't I don't know how that's gonna change the year isn't out yet. But I mean, if we had the count the number of shootings and killings of African American people, you know, in this own on armed, you know, from the the woman, and they did indict that police officer that went into Boheme both in Texas. Yes, they took three months to figure out whether they wanted to do it or not though didn't her right, right? Let you know about time that some form of Justice in actually there was another incident that I think they indicted the police officer recent was in Dallas shot the little boy was driving by drive by car and the cop shot as they were trying to driving away a little boy. Yeah. That that other cop got try got a. Murder charge. It was a it was teenage kids were out at a party and the kids were car and the cop pulls up in kids driving away in the car, and he just shot in the shot, you know, around into the car and kill one little fifteen year. Boy, he got he got charged and convicted of murder just probably a week before this thing. Well, I wanna just just backpedal just a little bit about Marc Lamont in Kevin Hart. So they're allegedly. You know, they're they're saying that possibly, you know, more. So because Marc Lamont I didn't realize that he was professor or you know, in the Todd at college. He's very very intelligent, brother. He has some very profound statements in common. Last jacket member with the black lives matter thing, you know, they were talking about you know, a couple years ago. Black lives matter thing, and they were saying yada, yada, yada. You know, figure out, you know, how to figure out what's your own thing is, and and you know, that was the whole thing. Like, you know, you guys need to. You know, you guys need to figure on black crime before you start worrying about whether or not cops killing guys. And you know, he said, well, okay. So the percentage of blacks killing blacks is say. Say the percentage of whites killing whites is eighty five percents. So there's really five percent disparity right in, you know, why don't white crime in black on black Ron guy who's actually break that down. And really, and really, you know, be able to own that. I don't buy, you know, he's also able to say, you know, win blacks kill whites. They go to jail right when White's kill blacks, they go free. Right. And you know, and you know, he's the guy that's going to point out the disparities in in our society, the person that's going to actually he's actually gonna give you a realistic and logical point of view it just as he did with with with Israel and Palestine and when he did. So he was he was he was not down by acclamation by those guys. You know? Hey, look, I am all for anti defamation of Jews. I am all for. I am. I'm all for you know, what I'm saying people protecting what I'm saying that the angle sure, but when it comes to them. I'm being wrong. They have to be for it has to be allowed for them to be wrong. Tolerance them to be wrong. They're wrong. And and you say someone's wrong, and then you have a whole organizations lying is say that they're wrong absolutely people their own capable, you know, that. That's okay. It's okay. We can say, but somebody likes Mark Lamont hill. No. You can't do that. Right. It's unfortunate because. No, he wasn't he'll believes that activists should consider seeking the establishment of a single democratic state in which is Railly's impel Finian's live together with equal rights. Proposal, and he gets knocked out down for. That's why he was saying that Palestine should be free from the river to the sea. But it's dead. This got taken to the extreme whole. He's announcing death to Israel kill. They never out of context. They just they just you're right. They just I mean, they didn't even try and take his words and flip them. They just went straight in like, he's anti-semitic ri- just just period. But you know, so I have to bring them for some reason. Alan Dershowitz, okay? His name comes up quite frequently so much respect for him. I used to. Back in the ninety during the OJ before. Wanna into? What is with him? He was one of the very best appeal lawyers in the history of our country. You know, he was a guy that could figure out what little loophole that. You messed up on what little technicality, you might messed up on that will allow this person to go free, right? Didn't whether whether the person was guilty or innocent. He was such an edge in genius lawyer write that he was able to find find a little bit of a wiggle room in order to be able to show that there was there was probable cause or probable or whatever. Right. There was a shadow of a doubt. That was what it was. Right. Whereas now this guy he is. It's like really as as you know, because he's a frequent against CNN box in Foxton. Okay. So he he's frequent CNN. He just received one hundred twenty thousand dollars from the gate stone institute, which is at anti Muslim group now for spreading is is llama. Islamaphobia conspiracy theories yet he continues to be a regular on networks. So it's okay to be anti Islamic which is no different from spreading the same phobia. But but Marc Lamont has to go. Speaking of Alan Dershowitz, he also is the one that says that the maybe I right. In line to the FBI. You know that maybe the FBI acted improperly. What is going on with Alan? I've lost all respect for him to flash that for men in black make him forget it. Man. I do eat a loss of. He's an embarrassment. I wonder if he's still married, and it'd be is she's got a miracle him because I can't see anybody putting up with that. If you of someone that's you know, really in same mindset. Yeah. Probably. Yeah. But yeah. Yeah. Outdoor for the jerk in now. And I just don't respect them very much at all. You know, Marc Lamont hill. I'm just wondering to go ever about back at least from the perspective of you know, being able to be back in the media is could be his career based upon what he said here or could be the beginning of something new for him. So you know, we wish you best Marc Lamont hill. You know, and we hope that you know, whatever it is. That's next on your Jinja that you're successful. At it. Keep telling the truth eventually rail set us all free keep telling him to be a moment where there's going to be some kind of title shift in in in consciousness, and I think that hopefully if you stick around you'll be there when that happens, we'll see you soon. Exactly. Well, it's time for a little booty juice little business. Jews. But it's booth. Hey, go. So what's sports and entertainment? So how do you feel about your little g raiders one two more? Berg. That was that was funny. I was out. I happened to stop out at night when out to local bar the district. What's up the district and there were several people from Pittsburgh? Stiller shirts. All over the place the maze us like what you mean? To tell me the raiders one today. Right. We were. I was like because I thought we lost gang. I looked at the score. Okay. You know? And sure enough some happened that we we ended up the game because I guess the guy slipped and missed field goal. And I was like what? Couple of hours later. What happened everybody we want? Again, you know. We. It was. Like the Super Bowl celebrating dollar. Oh my gosh. The hotel fire. What is it? Three eleven downs. All I know is that is that you know, when I look at the raiders season this year. It's nothing really be really proud of. I say I mean, let's look at the teeth. Let's look at what's happened in basically taking all of our best players and gave them away to other teams in the other teams are about to. Right getaway are wide receiver. I forget his name. Johnny on remembers. Name doesn't really matter because he's not a writer anymore. But he went out to Dallas. You know whole bunch touchdowns. Right. Hoover. One. Wonderful. You know? So he's out there doing his thing. And then our linebacker. We took him on Chicago now eight and four. They bought the headed to clinch the whole NFC north. So so, you know, so, you know, more power to all you team. But here's the thing about the raiders writing look at how the raiders loss. Okay. Yeah. We had some losses that were you know, maybe a touchdown or more. But most of the games that we lost or very close. We lost most are games less than five points. You know what I'm saying? Less than two touchdowns usually a field goal or something like, okay. Okay. Games redeeming quality because we. Right. A couple of those. We didn't win any of those four hours. Just the idea about booting whole faint and take any steam out of people just not taking serious anymore with their heart nodded to it. In oakland. I think in black community. We are starting to bail away from in. I think. Gay left us really bad says her mouth with wiscon- cabinet being thrown out doing being blacklist. I I just feel like black just aren't in. Heart of it ain't really made a big play may have lost very large segment of our community. And I'm not sure hitting economically because they're noticing Nommik yet. But they will just like major league baseball major league baseball has stadiums. That are you know, that that hold seventy thousand people, and you know, they're lucky if they can get half of those numbers now after those two strikes they have back in eighties. Never were able to get the people back. And I think it's the same thing's going to happen to the NFL NFL. I sent because once you have Blackhawks off the bandwagon. Everybody that calls it everybody. Blackhawks at the game. Right. Maybe Lambeau Field. Saying people continue to come to those games and stuff like that. But you ain't gonna hand that the rest of the the rest of our cities those big pockets of cities. The NFL has to understand recognize one thing, right? That in most the majority of the NFL cities. Those are those are those are blue states those are blue areas. Those are not read you can't you can't run that conservativism crap. Right. You know, what I'm saying what you have made football stadium sign and they're gonna find out. You know, do you think the lady raiders will play their last game? Will the last game picture you'd think? So 'cause there's a rumor that they could maybe even entertain going to Fresno for one season. Because right now, I got no place to go for what? I agree. Right. Ain't nobody. You don't thanks. Berkeley. Fresno. Hey, google. There's some thought about it. We size some golf. Okay. So what else is late in the? Sports. News warriors is not doing it. They haven't been doing. They did when they would. They would not doing timber wolves. They're not they haven't been doing very very honest up and down. They've been up and down. And then not have they're not the warriors that were used to. Injuries in the little we've had some tyrants, internal by that that that the green right. You know, I think that there's some kind of psychological impact morale. It did. But it looks like slowly, but they're not the raiders that I mean warriors. Eaters. You're going raiders thinking about you the war. Here's here's that. We're used to what I'm tripping with the war. Is that people actually care about what's going on with the warriors this year? Right. Not because the warriors are good because they suck or anything like that. But the truth of the matter is that nobody really gets into professional basketball until really out right at the March Mallika then been there beyond -cerned about the first place. Well, yeah, I don't mind other than I have to say the timber wolves are doing magnificent. They've got super tall as long leg. Like, I don't know. What are they from Africa tribal Bantu or by I don't know? I'll you don't those legs are strong in their fast and over everybody, and they're slamming and they're running court to coordinate get into the end faster than any other team. Right. So that's that's for sure the Lakers doing, okay? Because you know, you gotta look at the castle. Oh, no, not at all terrible. Without LeBron Brian team. Goodness gracious. Right. Right. So Lakers doing a lot better. But they're not winning everything. But but then. But then we. I think we are. I think so. The Lakers are playing ball. That's what that's what people need now. Yeah. And they haven't seen in right? So, you know, they're they're they're happy to be, you know, have a a new day of somewhat of a Showtime what they're trying to get close as possible. Yeah. But Brian B O. End those knees. So we got a new miss. A Miss America. Miss you coming Miss Universe Filipino? But she she was born in Australia. Looks straight Simone. Yeah. None about Filipino. But nonetheless, never looked at the picture. But yeah. Yeah. Nonetheless to you. And then what's next? But maybe miss Spain made history the first transgender woman to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. It happened. It did. So that's what we're looking at now. So from now on in the future, you can pay when you guys are watching. You know, these beauty pageants. I don't know. Gerald. She got nice glue. I'm sorry. Now. Would there where they will not? We're going to be living on. Right. Be accepting new. Immigrants aliens from outer space. Society, so fast beyond human beings. And then we're gonna have third just like some of the movies starring fiction Sifi. We're gonna have new hybrids of human beings or aliens. And we're just gonna have to accept everybody. Puppy people feel about that. I don't know. Now. George Bush died last week. Okay. Right. Real quick shift to som- ver. Because I see we need to that time. Jordan. Okay. I'll let you do on their. We'll we'll push. President of the United States died. George H W Bush that. Yes. Walker bush. But he he got kicked off the planet. Planet. About a million people. He's responsible for at least the main people being dead. Is also partially responsible for. Iran contra scandal, that's rise also very partially responsible. The of. But they make the. He's responsible in some people's eyes for killing Kennedy. And. Yeah. Yes. Also partially responsible for the downfall of president Nixon. You know, he's responsible. He's he's he's been involved with at least four coups that have happened. Nation's history that were that were not necessarily bloodless coup. But they weren't they weren't coups that were rally overthrows cut Sandinistas and all of that. I mean, a lot of go back and look at George W Bush's. Okay. George W Bush. They said that he was part of the wind and in Houston ended Houston, Texas when John Kennedy chef that's that's right. He was the head of the CIA during the Nixon years running Nixon was actually thrown out of office. That's the second coup. Right. He was the vice president. Of the United States when Reginald shot. That's right coup. Right. Yeah. That's another cool. Not reagan. But you mean, vice president of the United States when rang was the president vice president vice killed president who becomes all. Right. Another who write his son, right? Ran for president right and lost the popular vote. Right war crimes. Yeah. Son, Las popular vote. Somehow ends up being the president the next morning who number four. All right. So. This is part of the coup family. You know, Jan? Yeah. I with went down. So so you're talking about you're talking about the invasion of Panama Manuel Noriega where millions and millions of dollars worth of weapons were were were tested right on on. He was antiabortion on on Panamanian civilians, right? There there were rumors of people being bodies being pushed with the ocean, right because of because of the numbers that had been killed in that invasion. Operation just cause right at that point after that, the the the war against Iraq. And in the Gulf war where they flew over two thousand dollars per day bombing not only military targeted surveillance targets inside of Iraq. Millions. Ended up losing their lives. Mini mini starved hundred thousand starve to death right on as a result of of that war. And and of course, you know, you put our soldiers in harm's way. Once again, just before he was actually. Moved out of office by by moving people in Somalia, and you know, we ended up with the Black Hawk Down fiasco, a few months later, but. Was he the one that came up with the Willie Horton campaigns? And he was. Civil Rights Act. Did you know that? That. Yeah. Water was guy that that that was that ran that ran those those negative campaign. Cafe racist ad campaigns water died of cancer. Probably about thirty five. But the, but yeah, he he was he was very responsible for that the sent troops to Iraq as Saddam Hussein was about to invade Kuwait. I think with the story was that he actually told Saddam Hussein. Yes. Okay. If you make await. And then when he did it. He said you can't do that. You told me I can do it. And he said, well, you can't do it. Now, it's too late. And that's when we invaded took Sadan. I was there. So really I mean right now, and this is when you could say history in the writing of history when they can ride it in a way that's going to be just so nice. He only served president for one during the one president in. But you know, I think that people look at this man being old and in and they look at it. Oh, very trouble for light random people by biscuits. This up. Zap bell country. Miss get right on Texas. White gravy. No catch a great big air. You know, say he's been a president. It's time for me dirty old man Barbara's not around anymore. What they are. But. Well, you know, this is the time when you know, history writes, maybe can be extremely nice, even though people aren't so deserving. I mean, there's a ugliest tax to him to in, you know. Compare compared to Trump. A good, man. He was a good for it. Lying backstabbing. Good. To sean. I mean, he had he had a stinging respectability. You know, he lied to. You is stabbed you back. The way we expect white people to oh, no, no, no, no not much. Not like Trump not to get out there playing and like some evangelists message. Just Larry you've got to do it with dignity. Gotta what respect right. And you gotta do it. You gotta know in a calm and orderly fashion right and make everybody and really really utilize that years of press and everything else to create a consensus necessary to do bad shit that he was very good at that. You don't he was able to. He was able to get you know, it took him six months. You know, you talk about the they invaded Kuwait in like July of nineteen ninety right? You know, everybody was still kinda. I'm not sure, you know, by the time we had troops in their April and August and by September, October people are starting to feel a little son James some runaway by thanksgiving. And then you went to visit the troops in in Kuwait and had Turkey with them. Never. It's kinda like, okay. Well, they know what we need start getting behind these troops Christmas time right right by Christmas time, I was there. And all of a sudden everybody was wrapping yellow ribbons around trees. And suddenly, you know, what I'm saying the whole country was like all four it. And you know, Lee Greenwood was thinking, I'm proud to be American. Right. And boy man, they had they had. They had like one hundred boys choirs on stages and Whitney Houston came out the flu plays over this ball. Like it was yesterday. Man, you man, he had it was a production. It was like we were we. Right on the time. We came in on him suckers, we had bombed for about a month. And right, right. It's like just take it. They want wanna have nothing to do with gun. They didn't even they didn't want to have nothing to do with fighting as we've bombed the hell out of endurance for like, two months. And but what was so crazy was that he had built up such consensus. Right. That. That it was it was it was it was it was one of the most amazing to me one of the most amazing war marketing campaigns I've ever seen. We've never had another one like that. George Bush junior did something to try new and gathered as much support and getting the conservatives were little bit into it. But as we started sitting bodybags on it, didn't it didn't remain popular. You know, George Bush was the father was mart enough to jump in beat the snot out of them. Dudes kills many magical and then walk out with victory. Geneva's HALE high, you know, and when we came home with they had everybody happy they were welcoming troops on we were getting tickets parades. And all that stuff because he knew win stop, right, right? He knew wouldn't pull out, you know. And that was that was not something that the sun knew how to do right now, send wasn't so smart. I have to say, you know, as head of the CIA in also, we'll someone. Honorably served in the military. You know, that's why they referred to George H W as one of the last of the greatest presidents because he actually served in the military. There hasn't been you know, presidents since since him. Well, George his son son was Jimmy Carter, sir. You know? Okay. Jimmy carter. Jimmy Carter was is. Because the same age org foot L Catholics may serve both of them. Certain words. Okay. Jimmy Carter's actually Napoli's graduate. He's right now because he's still around ninety three hard and Jimmy Carter is you know, Jimmy Carter served in the navy. He was Lieutenant and he served his time. And they got out, you know, and that was all he didn't get shot down over him over in the Pacific. Like George did. He was he was actually the naval academy. George was was over there fighting. So by the time the war was over Jimmy Carter had gotten Jimmy Carter was just graduated from naval academy. Smart route Unum sending to college. I. So we can say that George H W Bush was the last of the grade is because we still have Jimmy Carter laughter. Jim Carla Jakartans, isn't it fought in war? Last veteran on war. And enjoys W Bush served in the air force. Reserve navy reserve, I'm not sure what I can't. Remember jet pilot. Mabel, Mabel fighter pilot. I don't know. There was a lot of controversy about his service in a couple of just like you gotta pick out a couple of will you call it. Those those. Deferments or whatever I think whenever somehow any any joined like a national guard unit. He. Right. He was he was really bright. So if you're not act. What it was right exactly Air National Guard or something like that? You know, saying one thing, you know, well, he laid its state over those days and Trump family showed up to give their honors. But did you notice how when Trump came to the the actual of service for just age W Bush pet? He didn't Trump want in this wife walk past the card. I mean as a the Clintons they walked around late. Okay. Okay. They sat next to the Obama. Right. Right. Exactly. And then you had and then you had their bombers who were sitting next to the Clintons were should miss Jimmy Carter. Right, right. I don't think Roslyn was there. Now. Okay, cancer, ugly. But it's still the all presidents were sitting on the front row. Right. But what was crazy was the video was that was the picture? I don't know if you've ever felt picture did you see the picture with with the with the bubbles? And that everybody was like, basically what everybody was thinking. So like down. I haven't seen that pointed man, slowly. So like, so. So it was like a president was like why did you know, so central such keeps his mouth shut, you know, who was somebody? Basically, you know, testified as hope Michael Cohen keeps his mouth shut. Right. And then the next bubble next to her you had you had Milanez look at straightforward, right? And she's taken be best. Right hit. And then you had in the head Barack Obama. He's looking up in the air light. Please help me keep me from slapping this. All right. Had you had you had Michelle Obama. She had her hands on Roxie. Like like, she was like, you know, hold on. Hold on like, I'm a hold his hand. So he does knock the shit out. This. This. Next to her. You had you had you had Bill Clinton bright and Bill and Bill Clinton's like Barack smack this by the. It just you guys Hillary Hillary, ma'am, it was it was funny. And then they have going back the other way like strength this fall and everybody loves Hillary. Shanking you know, Trump. I didn't see that. By the way. I stand to be corrected. Rosalyn Carter is still with me. He's still how does she know? Oh, gosh. She's got to be like ninety one ninety one. Gracious, what people asking healthcare programs don't they got some good health care because I don't think they got a president. We have had president die onto ninety under ninety not writing. I mean, we'll get right. Reagan was ninety cartons before Ray was maybe it was like ninety nine four Brady had he lived long time for the timers because his last few years of serving as president. I'm pretty sure that he has four was the last president today. Did he Jerry Ford Ford dive Jerry died in and before him? It was Nixon. But although the president said score are still alive and on Reaganite. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. And I think Gerald Ford. How was he? Well, he was more. Okay. Yeah. He was born in nineteen thirteen. Two two thousand six so with ninety while. Wow. But that was that was that was pretty good. That was pretty good. I think I saw that were several little spoofs of out the that that scene at the. And it was so funny because there were times when Barack you know, when he knew that clearly after the Trump's walked in and he was looking up at the he had to look up. You know, he's looking up at like the staying glasses like let me just put my mind something else because I cannot believe these people walked in so honorably in disrespectfully. And there you go over to shell like. Oh, yeah. Points up to the year. And then they look up to as like, okay, let's distract attention. Because the whole world is looking at is right now. That was, you know, no tact. No, no decorum, and he has the nerve to get remember when he got mad. The White House about all the black reporters that were talking. And he's remember that number. They went all, but we put his. One day where he went after April Ryan. Got mad at reporters. But it was all the reporters in the press room. Only tried to snatch the micromanage from the news. Took away his. His security clearance. I can't think of his last name. Yes. That was just what to call a leader area. I remember the guy. Oh, my God my God. But it just you know, when it comes to this. Presidency. It just you know, they never cease to entertain or off allow ninety three. Have you noticed that? Maybe there's some ninety three four died at ninety three. Bush died at ninety three. And how Reagan? Good one. I'm not sure. Looks like the cutoff time Alicia Kennedy's. It's ninety three right? Kinda messed up. Jimmy Carter's still still hanging in there. He's ninety four now. So Jimmy Carter passed up the the life expectancy a cut off period dinning yet Jimmy Hart. Will. Know. So we've got is just a little bit before the holidays before Christmas holidays thanksgiving in a lot has happened since last five Jews cut podcast. Yeah. We really had quite a bit to catch up on. But it's truly. Been fun doing what we've done to catch up. Say I say, and you know, there's a lot of things in between periods that we didn't get to cover, but we're going to you know, moving forward. I think looking forward to twenty nineteen twenty nineteen in. Such. A good year. Such a big year. I think twenty nine hundred such big year. I'm really looking forward to seeing if we make it to it. I'm playing I'm just playing that. As a country with the lights on Evan. Government. Goodman shutdown already. Right, right. But I mean, I really just I mean, I just really am praying for for good things and a great future for a country in end for the rest of the world. Abc just hoping that you know, this man that we have in the White House. You know, doesn't get so desperate that. He does something crazy in the end. We talked about this in a very very first universe time. We had the conversation with that. You know, if if things got worse got worse that he might do something crazy either remain power or Zach where we did talk about that keep themselves writing further Trump as he was toying with Kinjo noon. Yeah. So in moving twenty nineteen I you know, my my wish and my hopes first of all is that you know, that everyone have of you know, wonderful in more healthier new year. But a way that I hope in twenty nineteen that we will be able as a side the mitigate all teams that with this being thrown at us from potential loss of health care from, you know, the crash in possible the market we've seen drop dramatic dramatically since. The nineteen thirties. Eight the market is drop in the last couple of days tremendously. And it has a lot to do with going on with this administration in the potential government shutdown. You know, we don't know what's gonna go on, you know, we've got a plant still closing in in the US. Hit on that the rise of cold still opening up. Or the death tax bills reason why those fifteen thousand people are getting laid off in Ohio. Just remember, exactly. Bill while we talked about ROY just know that the tax Bill and everything the tax has everything to do with that they gave them General Motors, basically carte blanche to take that whatever mount of millions and may hundreds of millions of dollars that that they got an attacks break exactly that they Bank little in their back pocket pay out on their major executives and then closed the plant in the United States and keep the ones in Mexico and everywhere exactly guess what? There ain't no reason for the Mexicans cross over into the border because they got jobs down there. Right. He'll turn it around and say see I helped Mexicans, and that's what I intended to do. So they could stop coming over here. And we could cold our borders and help their countries get better just know now that he's going to he's going to twist everything around so night twenty nineteen you can expect more of that. But also. Checked more dirt to be revealing also expected death that wasn't begin his ass shake liking hockey. On his butt. So just be ready. So with that also say that really I just hope that for the most part people keep together. Try not to go fifty one because I know between city county Federal's date corporations, you know, everybody in your pocket and police, you know, keeps everybody on edge. When I know that everyone every dollar you make you live in a twenty five cents in keeps going. So things have got to change. I'll kinda like what the yellow jacket movement is doing in Paris because data one thing about Paris when they don't like something they let it be known. The people come out they damn near revotes K. And you know, mccone his people off I think when our president our so called leadership pisses us off we need to come out strong. And it's not just about black lives matters is about American lives matters. So let's do something unless just not sit back. You know, what put him in jail. What was that? He used to say about Trump freeway highway in white Ford. Sean Hannity driving. Did you see that picture? Oh, man. Hilarious. A lot of great ones. Man. It was it was fun here. It is right here. Oh, I love it. Go in the white Bronco where Bronco Trump's fitting on a tree get them. One two three. What do you know? What's going is? Is going down going down going down to nineteen y'all on that? Hey, thanks for joining us for another show by do's. Look for us in twenty nineteen. We're not going to be gone that long. We promise you just Hase be sure to give us a five star on I tunes, apple podcasts. Stitcher. Whatever form it. Listen to in. Also, give us a hands up. You know, soon the thumbs up or follow us on Facebook. You know, you can follow me on Twitter Twitter. Vibrant woman. Or you know, again, just gives the by. I appreciate your report in by. Chris Bob from song be peace. Happy new year. Trump. Good. Ration-?

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The Media is Spreading Hysteria (Ep 1194)

The Dan Bongino Show

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The Media is Spreading Hysteria (Ep 1194)

"Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino Ladies Gentlemen. This is really unforgivable. What's going on with the media and this corona virus unforgivable? The tender box of hysteria. The media is throwing gasoline and matches onto. It's absolutely gross. I've got a lot on that today. I'm going to cover that. We're going to set the record straight here because you're not getting news from the media you're getting hysteric that spy gate update a incredible reveal by Joe Biden who unbelievably can't stop stepping on a can't re surgically remove his foot from his mouth. Busy Newsday loaded up today show sponsored by friends at express repeal and protect your data from prying eyes today express. Vpn Dot com slash Bongino. Don't forget welcomed. Dan Bongino show producer. Joe How are you my friend? Hey Dude I'm doing pretty good back to reality my friend back to reality reality. I know Joe was Thank you for the kind words to Joe at CPAC. We loved seeing you there. I hope you all had a good time. We gave away two boxes at t shirts bunch of free books. That was all for you so thanks everyone that showed up. We really appreciate all right. Let's get right to it sponsored by our friends that you turned the Duke Duke thin say but what's good about a thin steak or a thin wall. Thinning hair the of these rhetorical questions. Nothing's about of so. Why then is every brand men's body wash so we can water down week any argument for using this crap? They stand junk edgar thick a new product from do cannon we love do Kevin Love their soap love their solid Cologne. I love everything about it is a big hit on date night. Get the high viscosity alternative to watching your money. Rundown this hour gene thick comes in a big ask container that lets you crack it. Open like a and it comes in four distinctly masculine sense their body wash. 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Canon DOT COM use Promo Code Bongino for fifteen percent off free shipping with orders over thirty five dollars a range of do cannons men's premium products. Were also available. Your local target go to Duke. Canon Dot Com Promo Code Bongino. Fifteen percent. Joe Let's go Ding Ding Ding. A man leading your you go. What happened your Auto Bell yes. That's exactly what happened. Yes all right so here is chuck todd who you regular listener to. The show is the second dumbest guy in media. He's always working to be number one but Brian stelter from CNN is of course the gold medal winner of Dopey and the Doak Media Olympics. He's hard to take out like an Olympic level sprinter. He's like Carl Lewis at his prime. There's it's very hard to be chucked. Excuse me Bryant sell to chuck. Todd always gives it the good old college try so the second dumbest guy in media has vice president. Mike Pence on who is leading the Corona Virus Task Force. This weekend on his awful show on. Meet THE DEPRESSED. And he's on there and this is chuck. Todd who asked a question of Mike Pence saying hey who in the media is trying to politicize this. We're not trying to politicize. This is Mike Pence goes to answer the question. Dopey silver medal in the stupid Olympics. Chuck Todd cuts them off of course because he is the second dumbest Guy Media. Listen to this dope chuck. Todd who is by the way one of the people contributing daily to the politicisation of this corona virus. Trying to stop Mike Pence from explaining why that in fact is very dangerous. Check this out. You've gone out of your way since you've been appointed to this to say to try to keep this from getting politicized you have made every effort every statement but I wanNA play for you. What some of your allies have said about the corona virus. Here's including the president's son and the The take listen sir. The Corona virus is being weaponized as yet another element to bring down. Donald Trump Democrats are using this for their political gain to try and stoke fear in the American people which is shameful wrong and I got American for them to try to take a pandemic and seemingly hope that it comes here and kills millions of people so that they could end. Donald Trump's streak of winning is a new level of sickness. None of this seems to match the facts. What what facts are the Democrats are doing? This seems like people are asking questions. And they're concerned about the fires this. This implies some sort of political motivation which is kind of gross. Well I will tell you. There's been a lot of beer responsible rhetoric among Democrats and commentator who who is on the left named some name. Sir Well Because this is just it just feels like gas lighting. Please name some names. I'm A. We're all big people name. Some names there was a column in the New York Times that's that by a prominent liberal journalists it said We should rename it. The trump virus okay. That does that apply to all so that the president would be blame. Chuck visit began in China. Why take this this sort of action to protect the American people? I'm we may have to adjust our foolish morons in media chart because I'm telling you chuck is making a valiant effort to be number one. This is a I mean to be number. Two is impressive but notice with chuck. Does their number one. He stumbles over somewhere. I've never seen a guy more inappropriate to a major audience show on a network then Chuck Todd. He's clearly a life loser. A Guy who's done nothing in his life of any significant accomplishment whatsoever who sees himself as a liberal Ceylon. Who's there to do nothing? More than attack Republicans. He hasn't seen himself as a serious journalist because nobody else sees chuck that way so we asked the questions were. We're all big people were no. You're not you're believe me you're very small man in more ways than one chuck so he asks for evidence that the media and Democrats are politicizing. This so hat tip Steve Guests who I saw. He had this on twitter feed. I tweeted it out as a threat. Let's produce the evidence for chuck to show you why the meetings do and I want to be careful. I'm going to tell you why I'm doing this. This is important because you may be asking right now. A very valid question Dan. Why are we re-litigating? These attacks folks. I promise you I'm GonNa show you a Washington examiner headline that is GonNa show you exactly why? I'm publicizing what they're doing. You don't think this is real. That trump is getting taken a hit on this. You think I'm making this up. I'll get to that. Let's go through because chuck wants us to name names. And he's Dopey so we'll put visuals if you WANNA watch along at home dot com slash Bongino. Let's go to exhibit A. B. S. Icho otherwise known as politico you could fill in with the BS means so again notice. Politico sometimes put out a piece saying that. President trump on Friday night tried to cast the global outbreak of Corona as a conspiracy intended to undermine his first term lumping it alongside impeachment and the Muller Investigation. Now I took a screen shot which you can see again youtube dot com slash Bongino. They tried to put it up on left far left leaning facebook which is probably the left politico and it was the false false even far left facebook deemed politicos post that president trump tried to cast this thing as a hoax conspiracy corona as false. That is not true again. Chuck you're looking for examples example. One politico trump said that corona virus is a conspiracy. That's not what he said. I'm not GonNa play the whole speech because I'm short on time. Today we have a loaded show. President trump was clearly saying that. The media's hype of Corona and its subsequent coverage of what the trump team was doing was a hoax which it was politico busted by left leaning facebook. There's example one silver medal waiting. Chuck Todd in the Dopey Media Olympics. Now all right. Let's go to exhibit too because this stuff is having an effect. Don't give this off big mistake. Showed you this one last week. New York slimes sole purpose to be liberal activists and take down trump. Let's call it. The trump virus an opinion piece. That's the title of the piece. If you're feeling awful you know who to blame. There's example to Gail Collins Opinion Columnists at the New York Times. Chuck you may have missed that one too because you cut off vice president when he was trying to explain to you who the people more because I think people are. You're not being you trust me. You're not you're as small a human being as we could possibly imagine. You may say Oh. Those are a couple examples here. And that's going to New York number two another New York Times article. Keep in mind according to chuck that. Nobody's hyping this thing is. Nobody's trying to take down trump headline opinion. Column by the Hapless Maureen Dowd. What are the worst opinion columnists in the history of opinion? Commentary at all Maureen Dowd quote. Trump makes us ill. That's an actual headline in the New York. Times NEW YORK. Times believes they're the tip of the spear of responsibility you think. This is an appropriate headline during a potential pandemic of a virus. That has killed some people. You think that's appropriate fi wrote that and suggested that Fox News Dot Com. They would tell me. What are you crazy? Yep I'm sure of it. You may say Klein Dan so he got three examples. Chuck said he clearly meant less than three three or more. You got three. It's not that big of a deal right. Well let's go to the Washington Post. You may say well. Clearly they were playing this game to not because remember folks. Democracy dies in the darkness right the Hilarious washingtonpost motto because they are the darkness to Washington Post. Here's a jillion buckle to Washington. Post trump is ignoring the lessons of the nine hundred eighteenth. Spanish flu pandemic killed millions. Historian says he is. That's interesting you said that because they've only brought up prior Prandelli pandemics trump administration their response multiple times in their speeches. So if they're ignoring it Joe. If you're ignoring something do you talk about it in public press briefings? That happened repeatedly. I'm not sure that's a good idea if you're trying to ignore that would not be ignoring it. Dan that would not be ignoring it. Now thank you. You're very welcome Dan. Let's go to the Vegas now. You may be saying if you're a liberal which means you're chronically confused and I get that because you're lied to and you accept the lies or you're a liar yourself and you propagate lies. You may be saying well okay. So the media's clearly biased and trying to her trump but you haven't shown any examples of actual Democrats Serious Democrats lying about this stuff. Have you okay again? Hat Tip Steve Guests at his twitter feed. Here's a brief video of Joe Biden again on a national show Joe Biden who knows one of the leading contenders to be the president United States. No question about that. Here's Joe Biden. Making up an outright grotesque hoax falsehood that one of the task force members? Dr Anthony Fauci oppose that trump and the administration are using to combat this viral outbreak. That he was muzzled by the trump administration. So let's listen in this clip to Biden Hawaii. You because he's a liar. A disgraceful discredited hoaxer liar. Involved in one of the biggest political scandals in American history but his son in UK. Here's this disgraceful. Human being lying about it. And then you'll see right after that the actual Dr Anthony Fauci who Biden claims has been muzzled completely. Refute Biden's complete total. Lie Chuck. Todd this is for you. You may want to watch this one you moron check this out the scientists and muzzling the scientist Mr Vow. She's been here in any way. All the way back to the Bush administration very dishonest question. But that's okay so let me let me clarify. I have never been muzzled ever and I've been doing this since the administration of Ronald Reagan. I'm not being muzzled by the city in the situation what happened. Which was misinterpreted is that we were set up to go on some shows and when the vice president took over we said let's regroup and figure out how we're going to be communicating. So I had just stand down on a couple of shows and read submit for clearance and when I resubmitted for clearance I got cleared so I have not been most of that was a real misrepresentation of what happened considering again. I can't say this enough. I know it becomes redundant at the risk of being annoying. But it's important chuck. Todd is the second dumbest human being immediate. Nobody's trying to politicize this. Mr Penn's Penn's coach give him examples and he shuts them up. I'd like to name names. I just named one Joe Biden Jillian. Whatever our faces Maureen Dowd? The New York Times editorial board the opinion journalists at the New York Times The Washington Post. We just named them chuck again. I know you're that stupid but maybe open your eyes for a moment in a serious situation for once in your life act like an actual journalist not an outright gas lighting liberal propagandists. Now you may say Gosh. That doesn't seem like a lot only one. So now you only have the two biggest media outlets in the country propagandizing and lying to America The New York Times and the Washington Post. That's all you have Dan and one of the leading candidates for president. Wow that doesn't if you're a liberal. I can almost see you at home. So that doesn't sound like a lot biden. Only told the one small lighter. Let's go to more. Joe Biden lies. This is a fact. Check of all people from the leftist. Ap Sorry we have to do this again. But again we're in the middle of a very serious crisis and the media and the Democrats want to see every single thing burn before we get we get the AP. Sorry Pauline went through my wife off your but I'm on messing me. Listen you know. I always get pop. Culture references wrong but I love movies I used to before they were populated by liberal lunatics. That dark nightmare we that Christopher Nolan Batman series where Was it Michael? Caine plays The Butler Alfred the Butler for Batman. And they're talking about Bain and they're trying to figure out his motivation. Baynes the bad guy and they're trying to dig into his head and Alfred. Who's a you know a genius in the movie says Mr Wayne? Some people just want to see the world burn those are. Democrats right now. I am not kidding. They want to watch this thing burn. I'm telling you they don't care. I'm not even done with this segment yet. They will lie cheat steal. Watch THE STOCK MARKET COLLAPSE. Your job disappear. Scores store shelves go bear they. I'm telling you ladies and gentlemen they do not care if you believe they do. I feel really badly for you right now. Here is the Associated Press of all people the left leaning associated. Press by the way I have all these fact checks up at the showed. Bongino DOT com slash newsletter. I'll send you the stuff every morning. Your email box. I have these fact checks for you. So both Biden and Bloomberg is we can see from the Associated Press have made the claim again a total lie. Here's an AP fact. Check by Lauren near Garden Calvin wooded AP fact check Democrats Distort Corona Virus Readiness Bloomberg Biden. Not just lied about FAO. Ci being muzzled Biden's cases. They've also lied very seriously. About president trump cutting funding to the CDC Ladies and Gentlemen Not True. You can see on the screen. Here's the quote from Bloomberg. There's nobody here to figure out. What the Hell we should be doing. And he's funded the CDC. That's Michael Bloomberg Liar. Many Mike three and a half foot. Tall lying sleazeball mini. Mike. Here's Biden. He says we increased the budget of the CDC talking about the Biden Obama Administration. We increase the budget. Trump wiped all that out. He cut the funding for the entire effort. Ap says quote the facts. They are both wrong. Their money hasn't been cut. Bloomberg is repeating this false allegation and a new AD. Trump's budgets have proposed cuts the public health to be overruled by Congress where they're strong. Bipartisan support for agencies such as the CDC instead financing has increased ladies and gentlemen. You want to make a move fair enough in your move you want to say I think trump should have funded. The more I disagree. That's fine. I think the funding if they requested it and right now in a situation like this it may be appropriate fine. I think the funding has been fine. I haven't heard any heard any complaints from CDC people do. We'll put him out there fine. That's a fair argument to make it is fair for you. Say I'm a Democrat? I believe we should fund the CDC NIH at this level. And here's why you should have to make the case. Why what is grossly unfair disgusting disgusting? I mean evil downright evil in time of real national panic now is for you to just make up a story completely. That president trump cut. Cdc's NIH funding has in fact increased. You're just a liar. Look yourself in the mirror liberals and tell yourself what you always true. You're just lying to yourself and to others. You're not a good person. You are not a good but some people email me. Don't tell liberals that I'm telling you that. Listen and Digest. What I'm telling you. I say with absolute clarity. If you if if you are one of these people propagating these miss FAO. She's been muzzled the doctor on this the CDC funding's been cut. It's the trump virus. No you are a seriously awful awful person who has single-handedly for you made the world around you worse by being a lying fraud. That is who you are and I say that with absolute clarity. You may say okay now. We have two major candidates for president three major media outlets lying about what's going on and propagandizing people. I still don't believe it. Surely there's another Democrat out there. Well here's the hapless. Ted Lieu Democrat congressman total mess complete. Liar Ted Lieu. Ted Lieu tweeting out the rumor math hoax that Donald Trump called concerns about the corona virus a hoax. Which is not what happened as we just saw with this politico fact check. Here's Ted Lieu as you can see by his sub tweet tweeting that out again that Donald Trump called it a hoax. Which is absolutely false. Because that's what Ted Lieu does. Because that's who ted lieu is. Ted Lieu was Aligarh. We should call him Ted lie. Yeah Yeah we should get rid of that you at the end or put an S. headlines. There you go. That's that that's who he is. Now Ladies and gentlemen before I get to that meeting through my neck spot here for saying but I just want to wrap this segment up when we come back on. The other side is break. I just want to show you why. I'm covering this because you one. I want to give you the ammunition again to an election season folks. You are the Paul. Revere is out there as my friend. Jenny Thomas said to me often. You are the leaders. We've been waiting for you. Everyone you don't wait for leaders. You're the leaders. You need to go out there and make the case twitter social media facebook on the phone out of public events that none of what they're saying about trump's response to this corona viruses true. None of it nobody's been. Cdc FUNDING HASN'T BEEN CUT. Trump is well aware of Spanish flu. And what happened in the early nineteen? She's being around. Nineteen when soldiers were coming back from World War One. He is well aware of what's happening. It's having real damage. This is having a real effect. It does me no good on this show to pretend this isn't the media's lies and the Democrats aren't working because they are and you are the leaders out there after changing. We'll cover that in. Today's show also brought to you by but he's at Harry's razors edge. Love Harry's razors. Joe is a big fan of Harry's you could see I have mine right here raises. These are beautiful. I Love Harry's right. 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I'm not providing scientific medical expertise on Corona Vars. I'm providing commentary on the political outcome of this that the public panic that the media's is stealing but when the media with no medical expertise whatsoever writes an article world supposed to take them seriously. Maureen Dowd noted Virologist Maureen noted virologists at media matters. Here's a headline. I did not want to put up this morning for you but I'm here to inform you as joey says everything you need to know what an hour you need to be aware. This is doing real damage. Look at this piece Washington Examiner by Paul Dr Trump approval rating catches the flu crashes overnight about saying this is going to be catastrophic. I'm not suggesting politics should be a primary concern here. I am suggesting to you however that I think the president has done a very good job with his medical team of doing what can be done and they face a very very dangerous threat but a threat. That in my opinion is being hyped by the media unnecessarily to scare you because their concerns based on the evidence. I just laid out appear to be Joe Political. Yeah and not based on the hard science here ladies and gentlemen the death rates from this very serious virus have been dropping. You look at the numbers from Iran. They had a death rate of seven percent. Five percent then. Four percent is they discover new cases. We're finding out now that a lot of the cases that were not uncovered because the cases weren't serious enough for people to present themselves to a hospital meaning. What the death rate may appear higher because there may have been more people infected who just got over it. Not suggesting this is in serious. I'm not suggesting you shouldn't be concerned. I've said repeatedly you should be concerned. I've I've sponsors. Were who I love and adore. Who that's all they do is the preparedness business. I'm simply suggesting to. You should be basing what we do in our actions based on facts. Not Paul you get the rest and the media right now has become a full-time Pravda like outlet out there solely to scare you another example. They are loving these leftist. I hunted through twitter this weekend. There were thousands of these tweets. I'm talking from like ten or fifteen follower crazy liberals on twitter. I'm talking about from prominent accounts with tens of thousands of dollars. There were tons of tweets like this. Look at this lady Andrea Junker. I think it's younger but we'll call her junker. For a reason celebrating practically celebrating the Dow Jones Shop. She says look the eight largest Dow Jones drops in our history. She goes to all these drops in the trump administration. Notice what she does here. She says at the end tired of winning yet. This is the trump slump disgusting disgusting absolutely disgusting horrible people. Listen I'm telling you again again. You're looking for someone to kind of sugar coat this with the left. That ain't this show. These are awful evil malignant terrible human beings. Notice what she did there. Though largest Dow Jones drops in history you notice. He puts the point straps. She doesn't put the percentage drops before we get to the actual eight largest drops in the history of the Dow Jones because liberals can't do basic math or cannon lie about it all the time Joe let me ask you. A question is not hard math so I don't WanNA put about Paul. I'm GonNa need you on this one too because liberals are really. They have a hard time with this. People like Andrea Junk Andrea junk doesn't understand Dow drops in percentages. What do you think is worse for your wallet? If you're invested in the Dow Jones show I'm going to put these two examples exam. Lay the Dow Jones. Say Right. Now it's twenty five thousand say the Dow Jones was five hundred and it drops four hundred points. That's example that's pretty bad right. That's pretty bad dude. When you say okay we got that now do you think that example is worse or example? B With the Dow Jones drops thousand but the Dow Jones is at thirty thousand. So Joe which one do you think would be worse A. or b? I gotta go with a Dude. You would be correctional. That would be absolutely correct. Some of you get inside Joe. Thank you that will be if the Dow Jones is five. Yeah and it drops four hundred points. You wiped out most of your value. The Danny Jones is thirty thousand and the points drop is twice as much of thousand. You've only wiped out about one thirtieth you value again. This is only complicated to liberals who can't seem to do basic math now. My residence fact Checker at Bongino report DOT COM JOE's laughing Palumbo put up a chart to show Andrea junk. Just how silly. And dopey her tweet about the largest drops are here are the actual biggest gains and losses to the Dow and the S&P According to index solitary. When you go by the percentage change and not the point change and you see that those drops he is not even close to the top. President trump. No less eight largest. It's nonsense you can see in the last column there. That some of the biggest drops were obviously. The stock market crashed during the preceded. The Great Depression. The recession black was black. Tuesday that we had was black Tuesday we had was in grammar school. Those were the biggest ones ladies and gentlemen again. They're just lying to you over and over again all right. Let me move on because I got a lot more to get to. Please correct the record out there. Ladies and gentlemen this is having a real effect. We've got an election coming up. We cannot allow Pravda and the lying Democrats to put out false narratives. After this is way too important moving on so yesterday Putin has dropped out of the race now. This is an interesting story because Buddha judge barely had a little bit of Mojo going left. I mean he did finish really well in Iowa up and he dropped out what happened there. I spend a lot of time on this one but I do feel like I owe you an explanation of what I'm hearing. Buddha judge was about to get mauled on Super Tuesday. He had just put out a memo a few days ago lining out for his supporters of Pat Victory. It seemed like you present it to the end. All of a sudden something changed. I always I sat on Fox and friends this morning. I'll say again. I don't do irresponsible speculation. I'm simply putting out there that my joe. I think you'd agree is not uncommon. My history politics understanding how these people work many of them. Sadly dreadful you cut deals not suggesting anything illegal no at all. Please don't mistake what I'm saying. I'm simply suggesting this happens. It happens a lot. Hey if you drop out now Mama. Maybe there's a position for you later right right. It happens. Did it happen here? No I'm not speculating. But I'm just telling you what happens and this is very suspicious. Why Boo drop after putting out a memo a few days ago and how he was in at the end. What I'm hearing. He was GONNA get annihilated on Super Tuesday. He's probably trying to hold onto is as Paul said to me Political Mojo realizing Isa's next time and come up and coming guy he probably figures right now. Trump stands a good shot at reelection. Buddha judge comes in the next cycle as the next like Barack Obama type savior. Look at me. I've finished one in Iowa. I was the next big thing if he gets mauled on Super Tuesday. Remember what I always tell you your political bank account it campaign snapshots and sound bites and they either add to or take away from your political bank account and the amount of money air quotes you have in your political bank. I'm not talking about hard money. Talk about political capital determines if you are the next big thing or not. If Buddha judge gets mauled on Super Tuesday now he can say what well. We stopped campaigning. We dropped out get that way next time when he runs in four years or whatever it may be can say well we did really well. The racist we competed in we finished top three top fire Rico Just wanted to give you the inside baseball. That's what's really going on Buddha judge. I would not be surprised at all. If Buddha judge comes out endorses by we'll see maybe by the time this airs. You may see something like that. Okay just one more thing. On Corona Wall Street Journal has an interesting piece about the corona virus. Today you know Bernie Sanders missing an opportunity against the politicises. I don't they didn't do that. Chuck Todd said no Bernie Sanders now. Some of his surrogates. Also suggesting that Medicaid for we're not going to be calling it medicare for all anymore because that's not what it is it's Medicaid for all Bernie Sanders proposal calls Medicare for all because Medicare's popular it's Medicaid for all that's what it really is. Government run healthcare that is totally insufficient. So you see in the Wall Street Journal at some Bernie supporters saying well. This is the perfect reason for Medicare Medicaid for all. Here say slip. They'RE GONNA try. I'm going to try to do is be Howard stern with Bobo. Come Bobo anymore. And they slipping and calling him. Bo-bo somebody who listeners Doug About Wall Street Journal private healthcare to the rescue so Bernie Sanders the suggesting Medicaid for all government is the option. Here when the feds quote a calling on academic labs and Big Pharma for help folks again. You missed the whole story here. If you're one of these Bernie supporters. Do you understand that? The government flubbed the response to this on the testing kit. Some of them didn't work so now finally they're fixing it right away. They came back and now they're reaching trump as a meeting today in an effort to get out ahead of this thing which is what he does to get out ahead of this thing with pharmaceutical companies. That have a quicker test ready to fix this thing because this is what he does. He's a problem solver. Get fixed all the government overnight but Bernie Sanders suggests that government is the PROB government and Medicaid for. The solution is hilarious. Hilarious in its stupidity. But don't worry joe politicizing anything all right all right because we got a lot to get to so sestak show bear with me. Today's well Joe Biden in what will be unquestionably. I think considered one of the great flood of this election cycle possibly the Hillary Clinton deplorables line redo different core context. What Biden said. But here's Joe by in what will undoubtedly be used as a campaign ad from this point forward. Joe Biden crowd now. He's this with a bunch of Democrats in the crowd and listen to the response when Joe Biden talks about the trump tax cuts and says what he's GonNa do to your taxes. Ladies and gentlemen. This is a crowded Democrats. Tear not really happy. About what Joe Biden say? Check this out all the way. How many did really well with that? One point nine trillion dollar tax cuts increase. Really good shape right really changed your well you did. Well that's good. I'm glad to see you're doing well already. But guess what? If you're like me I could have your your taxes are going to be raised cut. If you're if benefit for that you heard it not me not me. Paraphrase suck at that so he didn't know back after that sentence and say. I'm just kidding. We didn't leave that part out. There is Joe Biden. This going viral now on twitter all over the place like at the twitter next by the way unintended segue but it's going viral. There is Joe Biden on the record folks again. I am not here you do you. I am not here to tell you who to vote for. I'm telling you who I think is the better candidate. Obviously president trump. If you listen to this show you do you. You're all smart intelligence adult. You can figure out what you WANNA do. I'm here to give you the facts and the data to make informed decisions because you have very busy lives and this is what I get paid to do. That is Joe Biden in his own words. If you want your taxes to go up there is Joe Biden telling you he's your guy that's it. I have nothing further to add. Simple sound by simple statement. There's no more analysis needed. You heard it from Joe Biden himself. You love higher taxes. There's your guy expect to see that in just about every single trump had going forward and if they're not shame on the people doing it that anywhere everywhere you saw that just wondering all right we got one final sponsor and I want to get the two stories one of the federalist which is just unbelievable. Stuff I'm Margo Cleveland Indiscreet. Where but I got a twitter story next which may put a little smile on your face. I love this story. It was Paul as favor story the day before the show final sponsored and they had a look for as Darren is my toothbrush Q. U. I love. It is the finest electric toothbrush out there. We use it Paula. How much you love your quick. So we've got Paula using it. Me Using this is mine right here. We got my daughter using it. We love it. They make the quip electric toothbrush. And They WanNa you know this one. Single discovery matters most for your dental care. This if you have good habits you're going to have good dental care. 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We've had issues with other companies as well again. Not a SOB story doesn't but you all know that. Listen to this show what's happened. Well folks I've said to you that eventually and some of you don't like it when I say this. You want a government solution. Fine I respect your opinion I disagree. I think the government's only GonNa make it worse and the Democrats are gonNA use it as a formal reason to ban conservatives from these platforms using actual law which disturbs me deeply putting the Democrats in charge of social media if we get elected president and a majority of Democrats in the House and the Senate side should frighten the hell out of all of especially with a bunch of liberal judges. Still out there too. I don't think it's the solution. I respect your opinion. I've always said to you. I believe the free market is going to find a way just like we found Fox News. I get this story to take me just a little background on that I will never forget. Being an instructor at the Secret Service Academy and one of my classes was graduating and they had roger ailes. Who was the head former head of Fox and he came down to speak at the graduation. Someone New am. I forget how we get down there but he was talking about the idea for Fox News and he had this line. I will never forget. I heard it right from his mouth. He said you know when we thought a Fox News. We said you know. There's this unserved market in America for media like actual facts now propaganda called fifty one percent of America and everybody laughed because it was so obvious like the Fox News model was so obvious and yet nobody saw. Cbs NBC ABC. And we're all lying to people for years. People were pissed. Someone finally said. Hey how about we just tell people the truth and they started Fox. Well folks the obvious solution to what's going on left wing media as Paul said this morning you know. It's good to start up alternatives as well. We seem parlors. One of my sponsors here terrific. I'm over there now at Dbongino but one of the great stories. I've seen to one. That came up this little gem from Fox News today by Gregory which will be up in the show notes. And you should really read this but dot com slash newsletter. If you want to gregory billionaire Republican buys a major twitter stake may house the CEO amid gop inserts of bias. The report says now is Paul Singer who is not really a trump guy for a while but since I believe come around according to people I know Paul Singer yeah so to be full and candidate disclosure but Paul Singer is a very wealthy guy is a major controlling share in twitter. Now why does this matter ladies and gentlemen because unlike some other social media companies out there twitter only has one class of shares? Meaning if you're wealthy enough you can buy some outstanding shares of twitter and eventually over time depending on your controlling interest take control of the company. So what again we have competitors like Parlor Which. You're doing a great job. There were sponsor full disclosure but I was on before they were a sponsor. I'm at Dbongino. There we have a number of competitors these social media companies coming out there now and not only that we have Republicans who are concerned about them. Buying controlling interest ladies and gentlemen capitalism is slow freedom and liberty isn't easy but I'm telling you the government solution is not a good one. The markets will eventually find a solution. Here it's GonNa take time but it's a far better way. How great would that be Joe? This guy gets a control of Fires Dorsey from maybe the greatest thing ever. I would love that. Keep your eye on this story pier. I and please read it Fox. News Dot Com. Check it out again. Being shown us today Bongino Dot Com and Bongino dot com slash newsletter. If you want to get on my email us all right. This is a great story. One quick thing before I get to the federalist Just broke before. I came on the air. I hopefully have some updates for you tomorrow. Supreme Court is now looking at is going to hear a case on Obamacare. Go through the Newsday. Yes this is going to be big. Could come down this decision right before the election and ladies and gentlemen could acts Obamacare completely. Which would be huge just came out this morning. We'll have new details tomorrow. Hopefully on what exactly is the stability thing. I'm not really sure yet. I just saw it before. He came on the air but they are going to hear obamacare case which could be devastating for the Democrats healthcare plans. Okay moving onto my final story because it's going to take a little bit of time but there is a terrific wonderful story. You didn't think I was going to get through all this did you. I know I know she was like no way. I gave her all this stuff. She probably wasn't even taking note Sunday Jake at that. I know my husband better than anyone. You were wrong your she is alright. She is always prepared. Off Course I'm talking to policy does exist many of you matter at CPAC instagram. We took some pictures at the Bungee in Polo article up at the federalist by the great legendary Cleveland who I hear is writing a book about spy. Excellent will be happy to. Maybe we'll do an interview with about that or have her on the show great news. She has a peace march. Second Twenty twenty again be in the show. Notes leak of crossfire. Hurricane agents identity to the New York Times suggests more to come. This is a fantabulous peace. Ladies and gentlemen the segments going to be so good. I wanted to do it in the beginning. But the coronas stuff is important and I wanted to get to that so let me give you the background. I what's going on? There is an FBI agent who has now been outed by the New York Times. Who in the Inspector General's report all the malfeasance that went on in the spy gate case spying operation against trump? This case agent is at the center of the report everywhere but his name in the report show was case agent one trying to keep his name and the rap. So you may be asking yourself. Why would the New York slimes hell bent on still advancing Russian collusion hoax and attacking Donald Trump out? This agents name that agents name according to The New York Times who? We've known for a long time to be fair. I pat myself on the back. It's just most people who know the case have. Is Stephen. Soma why out Stephen. Somos name now remember what I just told you? Throughout the report case agent one we now know is so my agent so MMA is everywhere. Why are they outing him now? Are they trying to get ahead of some potentially devastating stories that are about to come out with the John Dorm investigation? About just what case agent one? Mr Soma did well. Let's go through the peace methodically. I'll take some snapshots from now explain to you. Why Stephen Soma case agent one? Why The Times may be outing him now. Afraid that his real story when it comes out is going to be more devastating than if they just did it and drip trips like the Times prefers drip drip their next thing. You know nobody notices when the actual story comes out. Let's go to take away number one from Cleveland's piece which is believe me worth your time quote. The first question raised by a review of the IDC. Report is a big one. What prompted Soma to push for a FIS warned against Carter page a question? Ladies and Gentlemen I've asked you on this show for months now. Almost immediately after opening the page investigation on August tenth. Why is this important? Quoting Cleveland so again. Why did so much push to open up? A case on Carter page quote immediately after opening on August him. Why why Carter Page? So apparently guy doing this. Here's why this is why this is weird. Quote recall the FBI maintained that it launched the crossfire hurricane. Joe Because trump campaign member. George Popadopoulos Yeah Brag to an Australian diplomat that the Russians at dirt on Hillary the FBI Surmise. This tip was somehow connected to the wikileaks release the DNC emails. Yes Margot Cleveland. The verdict is in Nice job. We have asked this question now for over a year if the FBI's B. I. Officials Story which I said on the stage whatever newness at CPAC and it hasn't changed the FBI's officials story is. We only opened up the crossfire hurricane case on July thirty first because this Australian diplomat told us about George Popadopoulos opening his mouth in a in a wine bar in London. And why would they pushing to open a case against quarter page? He wasn't there. He wasn't a new wine bar. So my case agent one who conveniently Stephan alpers handler to you. Know the spy so must pushing August tenth not to go full force Faiza on Popadopoulos but to go full force phases spying on page but the FBI keeps telling us it's not page it started. The case is popular Abbas folks. This isn't hard to figure out We opened up the case because George Popadopoulos. But let's go investigate Carter page. Why do that keep that question? Your head it'll make more sense as this goes on regular listeners. Probably nailed some of this already. Let's go to take away number two for Margo Cleveland's fantabulous piece in the federalist quote. Recall that the report maintained quote the FBI. I receive reporting from steel regarding Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election in early July but the crossfire hurricane team member of the team investigating trump says they did not become aware steals reporting until September nineteenth of two thousand sixteen whoa but before then only steals handler and select agents in the New York field office new of steals reporting? Keep this up a moment just to be clear. The team investigating trump crossfire. Kane team. Said we didn't see Christopher steele dossier this fake collusion stuff until September. Only people up in New York new about that but we didn't hear about it. Well AS MARGOT CLEVELAND SAYS WHERE STEVE SOMA CASE AGENT. One work before joining the crossfire. Hurricane team in. Dc you'll never guess joe the FBI's New York field office. Oh my gosh. What are the chances where he served as a special agent for counterintelligence Joe? This is even crazier focus on what Latvia Lithuania no Russia. Oh Wow. Isn't that odd? Yeah let's put two and two together for you now before we move on to more from the excellent piece by Margaret Cleveland so the FBI's cover story forever has been not so we didn't start this case because of Carter page. We started this a case because of George Popadopoulos and this tip from Australia. They keep telling us that they determine. It's simple please tell me you take this away from my show. The FBI will not Mitt even admit even today that Hillary Clinton paid for dossier was fake from a guy named Christopher Steele and got the FBI investigation based on. It's no harder than that. the FBI is continuing to advance a BS. Nonsense false story that we didn't start it. Because of the dossier we started the case because of George Popadopoulos that tip we got and by the way. We didn't even get the information about Christopher Steele in the paid for political hit job noticed that ASEAN till September match with. That's true we know London. Add it if London we know. Fbi New York at it and conveniently the guy who's the handler for Steffan Halperin intimately involved in? Starting this case against Carter page worked in the New York field office where they focus on Russia. Who had it before? September Nineteenth New York field office at. Is You really believe this guided? No now you may say well going back to that first nip at their. Why would they push this guy case age at one for an investigation into page if the case was really about Popadopoulos because it wasn't about Popadopoulos car? George Popadopoulos is a small figure in the dossier at best. Who is the main player in the steel hoax? Dossier Carter page. Why interview on my weekend. Show which you must watch. He was amazing. Youtube dot com slash. Punch you you getting it folks. Why was pushing to open up a case on Carter page because Carter page is the dossier that's why no no? We didn't have those timber. Sure making me nervous over their computers restarting or something. You freaking me out okay. Everything good I saw of computer restarted. Panic because I can't do my show twice this stuff only comes out of my head one. Let's go on to take away number three from Argo Cleveland's fantastic piece. So Steve Soma case agent one who seems to have some inside baseball here about Carter. Page and the dossier despite protests stations otherwise by the FBI. This is fascinating besides being confidential humidors. Otherwise a spy spy for the FBI. How maintained an academic position at Cambridge University? We ran intelligence seminar. Which Sir Richard? Dear loving a name that continues to appear kept dear. Love was Christopher Steele former Boston. Mix Ladies and gentlemen. We'll have more on dear love in the future. That dear love case is just fascinating. What he did. Wouldn't it be really weird if Stephen? Soma this case agent pushing for them to investigate Carter page was the central figure of the dossier. Despite insisting they haven't seen the dossier yet and they opened up the case because a Popadopoulos. Wouldn't it be fascinating? If Soma had appeared at Cambridge Intelligence Seminar with Richard Gere. Love who used to be Christopher Steele boss while Stephen Soma was acting is the FBI handler for help. Or who knows you? Let's go back to that for a moment because that would be really really crazy. Wouldn't be so it turns out some along with two other. Fbi actually spoke at that seminar. The Cambridge Intelligence Seminar about the FBI and quote Russian illegals additionally steals handler data had worked out of the New York. Field office as well. According to the edgy report. Steel that work with the New York office to support some ongoing investigations. So again folks just to be clear. Fbi story sounds like BS. We didn't know put up this case because they hillary's bought paid for dossier we opened because of this friendly foreign government tip from Australia about Popadopoulos really. Then why were you pushing to open up on page? Oh because Carter page is the central figure in a dossier you said. You didn't have that you got from a guy who worked for this guy. Richard Gere Loving Emma. I six put on the seminar London that the F. B. I. Agents Handling Helper showed up at to talk about Russian illegals. We hear it a little bit right. Yeah goes on a lot of snapshots from ARGO. Cleveland's piece. I had actually distill it down to five. I could have had twenty read the whole piece. Here's another one this is a short one takeaway number. Four is pretty obvious. Now we know what's going on significant so so mo who claimed. He had never previously dealt with political campaigns and this is the FBI. He's coming. Oh I don't know anything about politics. It's not my thing proposed. The meeting would help or on August eleven significant and he says significantly the report then noted that Soma also believe how per might have information about potentially may have met one or more the crossfire hurricane subjects now. This is the tactical nuke in the peace. Please I my I do not want to make this hard to follow it. Aw It's pretty clear that either so more people are working with right now. The FBI agent handling helper has access to steals information despite their protestations otherwise saying they didn't get it until September. It is clear this information from steel paid for by Hillary whether pass through helper others is getting to the FBI and is what leads. Them Open investigation. They are lying about that. That's clear now. What did I tell you the other day that on August? Tenth ten days after they open up the crossfire hurricane general case they opened up cases specifically on Paul Manafort page and Popadopoulos targeting page heavily. Because he is the dossier he's the key figure. Who Do. They not open case up on August. Tenth Mike Flynn who shows up so August tenth. John Brennan Wants Flynn out. So does a momma. We know that Obama specifically mentions flint the trump on guy terrible gotta get rid of them who magically shows up the next day after probably Brennan and others get wind the FBI to open up a case on flint what time the cendant hopper bringing out of the bullpen how per shows up magically and can we go back to that again look at the highlighted quote at the end. This is important. Thank you for the highlights there. How for shows up the next day and he says hey look at this. I may have met one or more of the crossfire. Hurricane subjects and the F. B. is like Whoa. That's so crazy dude. You knew what more than what we know. One of them he knows is Carter page. He doesn't know popadopoulos yet. The FBI already has their case on Manafort from their other division DOJ. So who's the other Guy Joe that helper magically showed up and have information about? I would say it's pretty much Mike. Flynn which is exactly what I told you. During last week. Show magic how a day later clearly. Brennan and his boys are upset over there. Gosh I didn't open up on Flynn. Let's send in the bullpen pitcher. Let's go to take away number five from Argo Cleveland's excellent piece and you have to ask yourself the question to all of this now. Who is managing who is the FBI managing helper or somebody else managing how who's managing the FBI last takeaway from the peace again. How says he knows a couple of people we know page? Who's the other guy? He knows quote on the other hand. Evidence continues to mount suggestion that how for started spying on Flynn even before his chance meeting with Carter. Page in mid July two thousand sixteen reopen questions about how pers- interest in Flynn and what Soma may have known about their quote acquaintance. Here's with someone told the I g when helper magically showed up job out with information about Flynn apparently wow we just kinda stumbled upon how or know in these folks. It was serendipitous. Soma said that how had contact with three of the four subjects including Carter. Page and the crossfire. Hurricane team couldn't believe their luck. Joe Golly exactly look at our luck crazy winky dink the day after. We don't open up case on. Mike Flynn who John Brennan. The Obama Administration hates this guy. Helper shows up. We can't believe our luck that he knows. Flynn Oh my Gosh. Ladies and gentlemen now for those at home over your all brighter than apparently the FBI ran this case. They're only one of two explanations here someone's putting helper up this go to the FBI. Quick go tell them you know something about Flynn because they didn't open up a case autumn and somebody's managing helper. That's the question now isn't it? You'll have something to do with that. Deer Love Brennan Brennan Channel Channel Backchannel. Not Five I channel unofficial China. Maybe oh we'll see about that a future who's managing who here but you're telling me that trained FBI agents were supposed to be our nation's counterintelligence counter-terror experts cannot figure out that they're being played for suckers here that's explanation number one that they just suck that bad were so incompetent that they got played by helper who is being played by someone else. Willingly or option number two is Soma knows this is bs is handling helper the whole time and fully understand that how intention to come in in the bullpen. Every single time the case starts to fall short facts because how can just make them up. Who Do you believe I promise we got more on this in the future is dear love? Brennan how bird channel steel throwing their two is the scandal. And the fact that you paid for. Please don't Miss My weekend interview show. I did at CPAC just stunning interviews with set. Lana over thank you for the feedback. David Harris Carter Page Representative Doug Collins. It's about forty five minutes show and it's worth your time. Check that out and please if you don't mind. Subscribe TO OUR YOUTUBE. Channel YouTube dot com slash Bongino. We really appreciate all your support. We surpassed a million downloads on Friday. A million Is Crazy crazy? Thanks to you thanks for your support. We love you to death. Crm You just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also get Dan's podcasts. On itunes or soundcloud and follow Dan on twitter. Twenty four seven at Dbongino.

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Episode 140: Sports Corner

Zero Credit(s)

1:24:14 hr | 2 years ago

Episode 140: Sports Corner

"Welcome to the new model a podcast in here. We like segments that create their own up so perfect. It's like a the six sided star that has new stars haven dissection of every point and the you're, you're talking, you're talking about a tesseract. So let the Beck delta. You're talking about a no. I think. Tests. Wrecks, the tesseract is like a non non Euclidean frac object. This. This. Struggles a I want you to become a bus guy. Oh man. No, not a skirt. Do it now. So I can only people on the buskers shit. I felt I was so excited because I was like finally a chance to use his power. What does she Jeannie? You can only turn people into fallback courriers. That's my on our investment banker. Here we go. You can only turn people into the careers, they could've had, but didn't want, I wouldn't be rockstar. Barbara here we did. Hey, I think it'd be really great if I could, like you know, solve some massive world. I'd like I'd like if at all possible to cure cancer here yet. Go Maitland regional manager of Dollar General pays more than you think. Needed ask, okay? You know regional manager for Dollar General makes like almost two hundred thousand dollars a year. It's gonna guess do you know how much things he could buy from general. He could probably by multiple dollar generals of that monkey could by so many of those tiny empanadas, Infinite Campus. Nada denied app, blood Nahda's. Jesus christ. They've detonated, an EMP the atmosphere and maybe more input, sir, sir, we're picking a breeze of EMP. What an ultra magnetic pulse. No, you idiot and implement. It's just a massive Empanada over New York City that explodes all the lights, turn all with the Dollar General one. So only, like, little bit of only only a tiny amount of potato, but still all all the lights come out, and then, like a Healy crashes and people have to like bite off looters, I forget the plot of modern warfare two. It's a shame valves, beat him to the touch to the to the with counterstrike. Yeah. Options counterstrike tells the most compelling modern worst, or your dad forever. I like to think beat him to the touch is a path that this the way insane beat them to the punch. Yeah. Like a feed two birds, one stone. I don't make the jump the puddle jumper gun jumped the road. Yeah. Jumped the rope man pacifists. Dropping bits is important, but never do it ever. Dropping bits is important, but never doing again. Dropping bits is important. But if you do it, you die. Zero credits. Make your mama, Thad tight make your girlfriend mad tight might suit. Sear bad type. I'm the bad guy and welcome back to zero credits. The show where we talk about things. My name's Billy Irish. And together, we're Henry, John coming at you to mix it up and throw that cultural zeitgeist out the window and still talk about it at the same GD time chop up the time ghost and throat up the window, John. Yes, I've noticed something in my adult age. I've, I've noticed something working an office job, being graduated from all things academic and belive style that carries you know what, I've noticed, John? What is it? I used to wait for things to happen because things would happen. You can't just go to school, ad infinitum, something different happens test and event of football game a break a holiday, all of these things would happen to you day to day, and you wouldn't have to do anything to make them happen. They just happened. Yeah. And going to work, you know what doesn't happen things anything it's the same. It's like I drive into work in a park in my. Spot every day. And it's a different spots at the same spot by part in the state like the same area every day. And I look at the building, I'm like, wow. Nothing happened. The building still here. It's not on fire. An earthquake Tim swallowed whole and all the people in the building. They're going to be there. It's monotonous. Yeah. And you know what else was monotonous John, what the way we start this podcast. Oh, is it? I don't know. I feel like if I have to be the person the agent of change in my own life, I should mix it up. And the things that I do. So. That's why I mixed up the intro this week. I appreciate it. It will never happen again. I, I do totally agree, though, with the with the making things happen because the primary benefit the primary utility of school is that it's a structured program, which forces you to meet people and experienced things and once school is over that immediately, like it's not a slow decline into what school offered. You versus what real life, does it just immediately stops. And that's why a lot of people enter aid, severe months-long depression upon graduation. Sometimes years layers, logging depression. And it's one of these things where I woke up and realized, hey, nothing's happening. It's the same. It's literally the same week after week and that's sad. And I'm sad. You have to you have to be the principal. You have to be the teacher. You have to make things happen. Give yourself breaks. Give yourself proms give yourself footballs. I give myself a prom down. Oh dance. Just just take a day off and dance. It would be so funny, a hundred and forty episodes into this podcast via to your question you start giving me platitudes get through my own prom, and you're just like dance like no one's watching. Yeah. I changed the my changed from how I usually am to being a positive like blow smoke. If you're asking, too, I like a hallmark greeting card of a person. No speaking of asses, and monotony. The same beer is the same beer that we've trunk for the past cut look of a bubble. How it's gone it is a Hans pills. The beer we've been drinking for as long as I can remember I got married in February. It is it is weird solidly into June now. Yeah. Four months of this shit. Well, it's not a pad beer. It's just not the beer that I would shoes by had a gun. I. So is the assumption if you had a gun that you could get whatever beer you wanted. If you have a gun, you can just go to the store and pay for any beer you walk. What about roughly twenty dollars? If you have roughly twenty dollars, you get Hans spills, sorry need the gun, you need the gun to get different. Go to the store to pay for it without taking the gun out, and they wanna take our guns away. I know they want us to, you know, it's all big big on spill. It's, it's all big Hans pills. Big real ale brewing company, only in Texas. By the way, cool. I did not know that I've been having a lot of Texas thoughts lately. I wonder if it's because he moved to Texas like two years ago, maybe something to do with that. I don't know if you had anything immediately to talk about about times I had an experience that one might say could only happen in the great. State attacks us the Lone Star state, they call it the snakes boot, I believe, is what it's been called the rattler the long haul. The multitude of world's state. Yeah. The entire universe Walt Whitman. They call it, they call it Bill the big hole Walt Whitman the Billy Irish of statements on my Texas living shit. My Texas loans that Nixon's all all of my Texas lives in excess special fear. So you had this big old, Texas grand adventure. I did. And it's something that only exists in Austin, and that is, of course, I went to the one, the only the icon, the party world wrassling, oh, you went to party world raffling. Yes. I went to a, a small very hyper local wrestling federation, which is held it seems like roughly every two months to every quarter depending on funding. Okay. And it is a wrestling event like none other other than like maybe hood slam in California, which is a very similar vibe. But this is less extreme than something like hood slam. So I just wanna. Kind of open the floor. There's a lot to talk about as far as party world. Wrassling goes but I feel like this is an event. Everybody wants to go. I was I was privileged enough to get in for free because it's a free event you the honor. Yeah. Getting in for free. Because everyone else got also we all the all the hundreds of us had the great honor of getting in for for now. I did see a little Piccolo on your Instagram, and it seemed like you were very far back a, so it seemed at the time that I was far back because I'll level with you. I was so the venue, it takes place fourth tap brewing. That sounds like a brewery, it is a brewery, and it takes place seemingly in the warehouse, where there is no air conditioning, and it's very hot home and dark, and people are wearing a lot of clothes. And when it started we got there like twenty minutes late. I got there twenty minutes, I was meeting other. People. But they ditched, but I met someone else that I knew there you go. I get there about twenty minutes late night was packed like pack to a ludicrous degree. And then I did the classic. I did what I like to call the John move, which is you go to the nearest purveyor of open top alcohol, ick beverages. In this case, they were Dixie cups. Full of beer. You get two beers. Your boat, you're gonna drink both of them. Yeah, that's a little spoiler. But you at two beers because it looks like you're bringing a beer to someone. And then you snake your way through the crowd defined kind of an empty spot. And then you start sipping on your beers. Cause people kind of empathize with you, 'cause you're bringing beer to someone else this guy's. All right. He's got to beers, I've suffered from that policy. You have now the thing is I will never I never interfere with someone's good time. I always go, I'm not gonna muscle someone out of where they are but will just find a good spot. Well, just want to remind you of a time where you did that you did that thing. That you, do you bought the two years. They were both bud lights. Oh, yeah. You're right. And halfway through one of them. You're like I don't wanna drink the second Henry hell year. Right. Was that a that was a south by south allies, Nathaniel Radcliffe, in his nights, west? Yeah. It was Daniel Radcliffe, and is a nightmare. It's nothing annual if it has live. Yeah. Here what you want to hear John? You did say correctly. But no. I. Nathan read. All right. So you did you paid to that because over, and that was after I take the Instagram story thing, and it was much closer. No as far as you know, the venue. But the most important thing is like what the wrestling event is about. Yeah. At least, like connecting plot lines are these all new faces. What what was did they do? They have like narration what's happening? So it's highly narrative, so this is something that I believe party world. Wrassling gets the most of its criticism from league actual wrestling fans for is that it's very narrative focus. Let me hit you with the narrative because it's a little both. It's a little bit of both of the two things that you said it isn't interconnected narrative. So this event party will Rasim bio slam takes place inside of an all knowing lifelike snake, God called mother worm. Okay. And during the proceedings if you ever hear someone say. Say hail mother worm, you was put your hands at a triangle and everyone of the crowd screams hail other word three times. And so your side of mother were mother were is, of course, the God of the party will Rasim universe, urine side of mother worm because mother worm has gotten sick and no one knows why and the only way to cure, her of her malady is to visit all of her organs, and to figure out what's wrong. So the wrestling matches our between organs, you know. Okay. So the first man the one that I got there during the middle of it was someone against the bladder. Okay. Someone was dressed as the bladder and they had a, I did not see most of this wrestling, Mitch, I believe they defeated the bladder by blasting them in the face. With soda. I don't entirely. Remember the later, we went to things like the stomach were. Of course, you had a Ken bones who is famously undecided, voter from a CNN townhall who has died in the past and comeback. As a skeleton. His name is Ken bones. He is a skeleton man dressed, like Ken bode. Okay. So it's not the actual can blow it is it a second that I thought his fame had, like, you know, risen and then crashed so far down that he's appearing at free wrestling events in Austin, so Ken bones came out, Ken bones was fighting someone I forget, who there was a lot going on, like a joint no Oregon's you said, so the years. Yeah, so no, it wasn't fighting another Oregon. It was another as the bones. All the other wrestlers went into mother were as well to help solve our problems why but a win. Ken bones was fighting Ken bones. Never even got a chance to land the first blow. Because as you might imagine like you've read a lot of fiction, so you know that you know what happened. What happened was the lights went out and then someone ran into the ring. And of course, it was bench horse the horse who can bench, and he ripped Ken bones is spine out and used it to attack the other wrestler. And eventually, of course, Ben choice, loss of paraded through the crowd knocking beers out of people's hands. And he touched me newsreel sweaty. Bench horse, the horse who can bench. I you know, I didn't realize all my classic favorites who are going to be here. I'll all of your favorite wrestlers are here. One of my favorite things about this event is there was a twitch stream. There's a you can watch will I, but the people who put it on did a really good job like introducing wrestlers Chiron like a graphic at the bomb showing their name. How do they do their life on projectors in the backhoe? Okay. But they, they put on chirons and just the people running. This have a sense of humor, that so closely aligned with mine, because when bench wars came out, and they gave him and they gave him the Chiron car to just a bench horse, a horse that can, and then there were like six Lipsius, and it's a bench. Like talking cat. And that's all you knew about bench stores. And then, you know, regular things happen. Skip rathbone. The, the half cyborg, half human evil game show host was was tried to take over the inside of mother worm, but he's too much of a coward to wrestle for himself. So he brought in the mighty, mighty Qendra the powerhouse of the cell home fight on his behalf. There was I wouldn't want to face that might have Kandari and saying, there was a great title tag team match between the platinum partners of party rolled wrestling's, first one hundred percent queer one hundred percent forest nymph tag team. And then they, they made a video of them destroying a toilet with a sledgehammer to promote the event, and then they fought against the garb the dumpster babes, which is a married. Tag team whose primary concern about the platinum partners was they did not understand how you could be tag team rustling do without being married. The never heard of such a thing, that's pretty funny and the platinum partners were followed up by, like westboro Baptist church style. Protesters protest sign ended up being ripped apart and turned into a cross and someone was crucified a lot happened and say, a my favorite Chiron is there's a there's a doctor trauma. And Dr Trump was Chiron said miss read the Hippocratic oath as do mo-, Har. And that was against Gary, the go-to Gary the goat lost one of his horns after the match. This isn't even Tut touching on like the age old battle between the now evil and possessed by the fended net crow belt dock master and his fight against longtime rival Dan, the fucking worst of the man. All of these are one hundred percent. The best wrestlers I've ever is. It was all so good. I don't know how many people listen to this live in Austin, but I cannot recommend this hot sweaty. Weird event enough. It sounds amazing. And it sounds like. A lot of people know about it. Oh, did I tell you that the biggest match of the night was against big, daddy bolero, who is from Highland Park, Texas, who is like a very traditional kind of wrestler, and he was against the, the party weight champion pug in head? A pug, and head is a child with the heart of a full grown man, who is a. Puckett head as a child of the heart of a full man, and the he could tell a child because he's a really shitty child shaped puppet, that's on a wrestler his hand as he liked control my and the guy who controls him, his whole thing is the only speak Spanish, so we can't possibly be he can't possibly be pug it. Head. Because Plugin head speaks biggest Puckett head is a man is a boy with the heart of a realtor, smack extinguish. Yeah. So pug and heads chant, which would come up from the crowd to egged him on his. He's a real boy. He's a real hell it was. So it was so good. I cannot recommend the now I feel like if you're going to do a wrestling show, and you're not, you know what WWE or whatever it's called her a e w. Yeah, all any of those like the professional ones you've gotta go as bizarre as crazy as possible. 'cause otherwise, you're just imitating, what's already there. And maybe you're working on your finesse and your skills, but I feel like the story lines. That's what we we've seen in media, bell wrestling. Yeah. Like in your, your what's that one Spanish one, literally by one, gender ground lucianne ground glow, the, the Netflix series and of course, Lucia LeBron, the cartoon that I watch going on? Yes, of course it's the storylines that we see in media that keep us coming back in the wrestling is impressive. Yeah. But it's not the folks, where I feel. Like in WWE there's more and more folks on physicality bigger moves, and wrestlers can only wrestle for about, like five minutes at a time because they're fucking huge fucking huge in old on. No. I do believe that like good technical wrestling is so impressive. Yeah. But if you have something where you understand that because party will Rassam? Is an I say this, this is a lie. Want to say party regresses a comedic event? A lot of people they're not super trade. Dressers actual truth of is the party role. Rassam is the foremost wrestling federation the world. It's true other word. Yeah. And all of these people are athletes at the peak of their physical, mental and spiritual condition even that game show, robot even especially the he surprisingly athletic like when people did stuff on stage. That was like real wrestling stuff. Your mind was blown because these are comedians. That's great as a significant, and I mean, like visible overlap between the comedy slash improv community of the party world. Wrassling community like people I know as improvisers were wrestling. That's pretty awesome. So it's definitely it's, it's definitely a thing. No, I was not wrestling. No, I'm just saying one of these days. One of these days. Right. I have an idea for a wrestling persona to chew. That's I'm just a really caring. Dad care, dad. Yeah. I come out to like a like a sturgeon Simpson song about legates firstborn son or something might catch phrases. I'm so proud of you. His point of the chorale on sue proud of years you. Yeah. That's all that's mazing. But now that's party real wrestling. That's all I have to say. I could talk about for the entire podcast because it was a magical, magical night, man. I'm really glad we're starting out this podcast of sports corner and other news tonight the women's World Cup team played their next match this past Sunday. And it boy was it a blow out was it, it was. I mean it was a blow out, obviously, on the US as part. So you know, you know their previous matches was against Thailand. And they won thirteen zero. Yes. Which is I want to put this in perspective. Immoral anyone who listens to this? That doesn't watch soccer slush football. That's unbeliev. Imagine does it happen. I'm magin if like a hockey game. I'm all that's not real hockey is just ice. Soccer. Imagine a baseball game got to like triple digits, imagine a football game ended two thousand this hero. So another thing that doesn't happen on the world stage. The World Cup the foremost in biggest soccer event of, of, of soccer. Another thing that doesn't happen as you don't bench all of your starters. Uh-huh. For your second game though, would make sense. We did a new whiz benched every starter. We have all eleven of him and laid the second-string against Chile. Uh-huh. We won three zero. Okay. That's. Okay. So I feel like for the thirteen zero. I know that I know soccer doesn't have the commercial real another isn't and it's encouraged not to do that. Because I believe the dosa, professional soccer is if you could score score. Yes. Especially in soccer were scoring is so rare because both to kind of understand this is why people watch. But I know that there were few World Cup gays. I was like, why can't they like take it easy on these people? And apparently like in the culture of soccer, it's considered insulting to take it easy on people in the World Cup. Especially on a lot of tournaments stages. You have what is a separate statistic? Besides wins losses ties you have goal differential. Yeah. And the tap by how much did you win? And that is the tiebreaker, which is why you'd try to set like huge goal differential against teams that are relatively easy to beat. Yes, because that'll help you out maybe later on tournament. Like if you watch the World Cup and you don't know why a team advanced it's big. Because they, they racked up a huge goal differential. Yes. But never has been done that you bench all of your starters, play all of your second string and still win. And another shutout. Is this like when Piccolo fights with his way to clothing on this is exactly like Piccolo putting more weighted clothing on and beating his opponent without them landing a single punch? Is this like when Rockley puts the weight things on his wrist and I don't watch all of these anime examples it's usually they take them off, and then there would be putting more on, okay? Or actually getting their younger brother to fight you and they still whoop your your, you're your anime bud. Yeah. Because apparently, we're does that dominant in our group. I that's amazing good on the women's the USA women's team. Now in soccer related news. I do have a little bit of. Damn interaction what our good friend, Jeff, we make fun of every episode fucked. Jeff texted me, personally, because we are friends, and anyone who listen to this podcast could do the same. Okay. Whatever we'll put my number up on the screen, there is no scream up on the Chiron. So he yesterday. Four sixteen PM. He texted me, you guys talking about soccer is triggering me, and I responded S O C C E R of space in between because vapor wave is life. Yeah. And then, and then I sent what did we get wrong? And he sent. We couldn't remember the name of the. US goalkeeper. Brian Wilson the lead singer of the beach boys. And so he sent the correction turns out, it was Todd Howard lead game developer at the buzzed on. He was the goalie and it was against Belgium. Not germany. Oh, you're right. I'm not Howard taught. Howard creator of Terminator two the video game. Yes, the, the lead developer at Bethesda studios of maker of such gains, such as oblivion size entity sick fall, seventy shelter and the US goalkeeping that he does is phenomenal. He said, I don't know. I already forgot what was triggering me an addition. And so, I said, Gotcha, low credit Todd Howard in this week's episode to correct that he then said, also hope solo has been cancelled to, which I said, wow, Star Wars fans will be devastated. And then he said, also jingoism is the best thing about international soccer. And I sent this banjo. Kazoo news is really taking off. Didn't even know the World Cup. Knew about Jinja's. Okay. Pretty good exchange you. You gotta, you gotta good a couple of good jobs. Maybe a hook in there. Jingoism is the best part is. So is that. So they're five Jinja's on every level. Yeah. And if you collect all of them and the final battle against grim Tilda. You can summon the mega gin Joe to end the game. He destroys her. You have to like use it in terms that, that I would understand, like, what's the name of the mass guy from crash bandicoot? Oh, the little Tiki man. Yeah. I have no idea. I never played those games. Okay. You collect him, right? Aku AKU AKU AKU. Yeah. That sounds right added. I know that, that sounds very. Yeah. Jingoism I love hating on other countries as Shinjo, ISM is that like when you don't like another country because they're bad at soccer. Yeah. So it's like it's like nationalism. Nationalism has like a undue amount of pride in where you're from is this, an undue amount of eight where other people are from exactly that's sad? I love it. I was not in sync the rest of this podcast will be a nightmare. Oh man. Remember when we record over Skype, we could have just opened beer is to do the audio cue all man. We didn't drink when we did this over Skype. We are trying to take it more. Seriously? They had we had a whole segment called the break. Oh, I remember the break when we used to get musical guests that was such a professional time in our lives. It was it lasted for a couple of weeks. So the US women's national team everyone keep watching this this World Cup keeping track. Because it seems like we're on a pretty steady rocket to the top. I don't know if there's a third string. I'm going to say there's not because that would be thirty three girls Oga that the US has the sent over what they do is for the next game. They bench everyone and they feel the dog that they feel air pied. Yeah. They feel the best v the female equivalent of airbud. Yeah. The female equivalent of soccer airbud. If we were like zoo crew radio host I would have a perfect name for that dog. But I'm not going to say because we're not Zuccari radio host discretion is the better part of valor. Now, I'm glad that you continued sports corner, because I actually have a little bit of sports news myself. That's pretty amazing. That that's this is great. I, I'm glad the distant this first little slice of the podcast, we're gonna do sports corner. And then we're gonna move on something else. Yeah, we're gonna sports corner, followed by sports quarter. Well, no, this is all the same first segments, and then after sports Christie will on something else. So it sports news. I don't know if you've been following a late, oh, I have. But here here's the thing about sports. I'll just read the headline to you. Everyone's been following this pretty closely news broke three days ago, Dwight Howard to white Howard is he actually wait, hold on. I know who that is that is the guy from the office who Jim hates. Enjoyed Howard is a basketball player. I was close. And this line is Elon Musk. Doesn't learn posts uncreditworthy artwork from near automatically deletes tweet quits Twitter. Yes. I actually I heard about this. He posted, I don't need to credit anybody because I'm rich bitch. So essentially, what Elon Musk did in, like a, a Giga shift kiss move. He wait hold on in the lower of, of international ethnicity shifts is Giga chef like the kaija version of the shop. So of you ever played a Siruz wrath. Oh, is that the one with shoora it is? So in a series wrath there's a character, this bigger than the earth, any like looms over her her. He's getting magin a chef doing that. And as he does the kiss his hand like brushing. The atmosphere makes it glow. Oh, red and creates like a sonic boom. That's a Giga chef catch. Wow. So the news is a gig chef kissed. Let me walk you through the time line. And I'm going to paraphrase from the article, it's a taco article written mode Plunkett, the tech billionaire who is over twenty seven million followers on Twitter posted the art over the weekend. The arch being this picture of the wall done picture. It's very good of the main character of near automatic to be to be. And he posted the are the week with a caption that just said to be with no Lincoln even mention of where it came from. He then added a followed. Isn't that a follow up to a follow tweet that red would be period, your speed? Your speed to make. W d be ellipses to make real now he loves musk has been doing something very weird of his Twitter. And that he's just shit posting he's these like the king of ship posted on Twitter. I mean, I guess you can be the king of shit. Posting if people take you to the net every single time you do it because he white Howard. Yes. Dwight Howard and takes him to the net. He does so Todo, Nintendo s at Todo Nintendo s reply to credit, the artist alon- to which she responded. No. Yeah, I saw the tweet does in. Oh, note like this autumn. No. And then he'll on musk had another, like, totally on must break down and said, I wish people would stop crediting artists on Twitter when any fool can find out who the artists wasn't second. It's destroying the medium the medium of Twitter. I guess the medium of the medium of. Twitter as as, as he say, Twitter is art. Is that Twitter is? Maybe it's running the medium of art in general. You mean the medium of art were are orcas, always credited to the artist like as a as a standard fucking role? So even though we have not shown the art on the pockets, I would like to officially credit the artist behind this melanoma. Golly French Malima Dolly at. Mugali. M. G. A. L. I P R OD on Twitter dot com. I mean a spell that slower and like Mike alike, alpha g like golf alike. Alfa L like Lima. I like India Pila popular like India, I love India. Oh, wow. I love. All right. Well, let that bits over Megan megani Meli Mugabe. Okay, said, oh my God. It's me my explodes. Just thanks a lot for all protecting my art and for notifying me. And the best part of this, interim disease PSE line. You're not cool for having crash. Edited me sad. I mean it seems like you're taking it kind of in stride. You're, you're not you're kind of putting Ilan? You are putting me on on blast kind of like in a joking way. You're now school the it's a playful. It's more playful than it is serious. But it's also like you know, thanks everyone for doing this for me. So I don't have to be because of the artist is always the person bringing up, you know, credit the artist. It's like another artist begging for credit. But in this case, the public was, hey note, cut the shit out credit the artists, and the artists was like thank you, Finally, I mean, I believe that if you if you reproduce. The tweet is a reproduction of someone's work than you owe them credit. Yeah. Especially if you have twenty seven million followers live a couple thousand like give them exposure help them out on that note. Do you wanna give credit to the people who sang our theme songs for the first two season? Oh, the Japanese band Komodos. This just. To reiterate. I think we gave him credit in the past, but just three hundred eight Japanese ban, the KOMO knows when you're starting upon cast, you do certain things. And one of those things is you find a song, you really like and you sample it move it around, and you think it's like a really good intro to a podcast that's not going to go anywhere. And then you just keep making episodes, and you don't have time to come up with a new one. I, I mean those sounds that sound clip is still kind of, in my brain at least for the sportsman. It's very good. It's really good then. Yeah, Komodos is fantastic. They don't I think they can't stop making stuff begins our s- credit now. No, it was years and years before we started the podcast give artists credit. But then they call them out. They call Ilan out for another thing. Or something, the reason why he deleted the tweet was was because, like, in an interview or something he got mad Cho's someone didn't credit him for something and people posted that on mass. And that's the reason he deleted everything that's entirely possible. The article does not get into that. But this is not the first time he lawn musk has been in hot water for posting uncreditworthy work. He he posted a picture like a he posted a picture of like a unicorn following a car. It was like a children's drawing, but that was plagiarized by someone who had that printed on mugs, and was the owner of the original drying, Elon Musk apparently, ended up settling for them for probably quite a lot of money. I bet. So that was a mistake that cost him Elon Musk credit people. He's kind of a bad person. I I'm putting together slowly just because he lawn must had one good idea and a father who owned an emerald mine. Doesn't mean he deserves any credit way. You love your hearts. Okay. Wait. He logs VAR? I would like to crediting lawn musk for the dunks have delivered of taught him for posting fat. Here's the thing you've ever played near I have seen near played near near automatic are on a Mata onomatopoeia are amazing games, and the, the great thing about all of this is that the central core theme of near and near autumn Mata is self awareness. And the fact that this happened him reposting fan art about something being self aware, and this happened, just great. Just great stuff near the CEO of a stupid company that makes flame throwers and electric cars, which I'm not gonna knock the electric cars because the world is burning. But like you're the you're. Presumably, you've got shit to do during your day. A apparently not. Why are you on Twitter posting Fanar of someone else's of a game? I doubt you've played. I mean, I hope he's played it but he probably has brought just like watched a let's play. I mean if you take offense along, when you listen to this, I hope you take offense with me calling you out for not having played near on the Mata, and then you prove me wrong by making your own. Let's play series of you playing through the game. It's entirety if what all the endings, if what comes of this is Elon Musk. Let's play series of near auto motto. I will watch it because I don't like listening to his voice. But that would be a con that would that would so perfectly be the universe collapsing in on it self, I couldn't help but cheer. I mean, the universe is already kind of collapsing, the non self at least when it comes to people's decisions in action. These days. This is unrelated to my next concept. But have you heard about the Justin Bieber? Tom Cruise not even spat isn't the one. We're Justin Bieber wants to fight. Tom. He wants to fight Tom Cruise, like a sixteen year old man. Yeah. It's, it's really it's funny to me that he wants to fight. Tom Cruise a six year old man who make no mistake would body. Justed be look, look, Tom Cruise maybe a horrible person. But does his own stunts is in physical peak shape like is basically who he is in movies, like they're, you know, movies are, of course magic and there's some falseness, but Tom Cruise regularly late holds onto the size of helicopters. And does his own stunts. I'm pretty sure he could handle a twenty eight year old on a whole doesn't beavers but like a twenty eight year old like musician. Yeah. I think that Tom. Cruise has a retinue of people around him at all time supplying him with, like, fresh blood and peaches to let keeping him. Keep him in peak physical shape. Justin Bieber wouldn't have a hope. No. He would be destroyed. There's a joke in Silicon Valley where like the CEO of the Google equivalent has a young. A young man that he employs because he gets regular blood transfusions from him because he believes that's gonna make healthier in the long run. Pretty sure Scientology has hooked up. You know that's not a joke. Right. That's the thing. Yeah. Blood transfusions, Peter Thiel, a bunch of people, mcconaughey, while I'm saying show silicon there is Israel joke. Yeah. But it I mean that doesn't surprise me because I think that's a Jutta pal or I want, I judge. It's a Mike judge. And I'm pretty sure a lot of his humor is like taken from real life stuff. Yeah. I want that young blood. Oh, I like that song by five seconds of summer, Australians, premier boy, then how did you know that what that's the first time you've known anything, about musical this podcast ever? I I like that song. I did not realize they should fight someone. They should. Young book, five seconds of summer, five seconds of summer should fight someone they wouldn't win. How many people are in that band? I don't know they need to fight four people. All right. So I'm glad that we started this podcast with sports corner. And I'm a worried is starting to drag on a little bit. But I've got some good news. I've got another sports related topic to talk about a sports and to start this the segment office. When I asked you, John. Once-in-a-lifetime. You got your gambling freedom of, when's the last time I got my gambling free. Call tickets cabling freak out. Oh, it's been quite some time, I'd say, twelve maybe fourteen hours ago. Yeah. For me, it's been like, however long it was between season one of category and season, two of Kaka Gerry that just came out on Netflix today. Okay. The only watched half of the season. Okay. Is it good? Here's the thing about cocker. I here's here's my thing Akaka. Gary my girlfriend watched liked it. I was not in the room, most of the time, a lot of the time, I was concerned, not concerned because we're cool. I was convinced rather that she was just watching straight upenn. I mean you're not completely wrong. So I'm gonna put this interns, that you will understand so grappler, Baki. Yes plea is a show about muscle Lee men, killing each other, and the most manly muscle weighs possible. Yes. Kaka Gurry is about young highschool curl. The feeding each other in gambling game. Oh, much. Like how Balki evolves defeat and the most Otto around ways off? Okay. That's it. I think I think that both of these things take. The take a certain activity, one fighting the other gambling, too, like non moral like to do pretty like a basic concepts. And both of them deliver it in a real tight awfully erotic uncomfortable package very much. So to the point where it's like I'm not even sure who the target timber graphic is I cannot say for Baki or for Kake Gary, who is supposed to be watching. I can only say this four Forbach because of my love Abok. I think that the target demographic for Balki is the creator of. Similarly, I think copter Gurry, it's for the creator of Cocker's. Do we think that we need to do like a cultural exchange program? I watched some cocker, Gary watch the Bucky. I mean, everybody watched half of the first season of Bachi. Oh, how far did you get? I'd gotten to the point of this is what this was a little while ago. I've gotten to the point where. They almost defeated the that bastard. The guy who uses a bunch of like items to fight. Oh, doria. The beard guy peered guy, yet they almost feed him, but then he ran away. But then, sunshine man, I don't know any of the names followed him to his underground layer, and then I am giant to the song, not yet. You're one episode delay for the best episode of that season. Yeah. The, the item guy was this like, oh now I'm gonna play for real. He's. I like it as version of powering up is just using a fun, one more of items like, and their whole thing, the whole thing that the entire entire fight was a philosophical debate about bringing items to a fight versus view being the weapon. Yes. And like seemingly no one learned anything. I think the I think the root core theme of Balki is that no one learns, I think that is absolutely accurate. No, you absolutely need to watch the next episode because if you haven't gotten to the singing you haven't seen shits, but also tell you, Mr. Dorian is the best part of that season's till like him. No, he's awful. He is the worst. But oh my God. He is the best. There's a recent trend that I've, I've started to pick up maybe a more sensitive sensitive to it now of just like things with lasting consequences in the real world, meaning just like nothing and media. Yeah. So in bocci guy gets his hand cut off. Uh-huh. And like this is this is a show rooted loosely in reality of up, like there's no magic there's no fantasy bullshit. It it's all everything martial arts to the extreme. So that hand can never come back. And yet, the guy who loses the hand in being happy, because it means he can punch us hard, as he wants to cause his fingers won't give him the way. Uh-huh. That fuck it messes me up. I don't I don't understand that of what I what I really like about Bach and something that you can take away from it is that consistently the characters. Will awful things done to them, and they will always turn it to their advantage. He ever since I, I watched the entirety of the net flicks at a patient of devil, man, crybaby things that have fatality to them, strike me in a different way. Yet, devil may cry baby. I still have made mayors of Adela, man crybaby legitimately do not recommend. But I think it might also be like an aging thing like I'm getting older. My body is about to get to the part where it is not as good as a replicating, the cells that it loses, and I'm getting to a point in media were, like if something if something dark happens to a character it like hurts me in a way didn't use to. Yeah. I feel like and this is something that I worry about recently having turned thirty congratulations. By the way, your congratulations, Connie for fraternal. Thirty something that I think about now and I thought about this a little bit while I was watching game of thrones. And I wanted to bring it up on the podcast because I think we talked briefly about the morbidity of cultural consciousness when it comes to things against people, I'll be able to talk about who will die when will they die. How will they die and I found that extremely dark? And I think that's rooted in a fear that I have that I can only enjoy, so many fictional universes. And if I haven't enjoyment of something a character like die as I used to be so into that stuff when I was younger and now as I get older, like I just want my characters to be alive. Yeah, I want my characters to not lose hands and faces. Like, I think mine create is fear in terms of media is that I like dark things less than less than I'm more kind of pine for things to end like parks and rec does where every character has their happy ending. That's probably migrate sphere. Because like I hate the happy like the forced happy ending. Yeah. And like Dirk things they are more real than not dark things dark things happened in the world. But it's like watching the there's a trailer out for a new Amazon prime series called the boys based on the graphic novel of the same name was a Garth NS. I'm not familiar with our. I don't know. I'm not familiar with the creator, but it's like a very dark take on superheroes. Basically, of superheroes were not virtuous, dick. Yeah. They're just assholes incorrupt like the rest of us and the trailer features a man's head getting crushed by a woman who was writing his face. Uh-huh. A super speeding, superhero obliterating a woman while a man holds her arms and they're very happy. Has something happy happen to them on, then he runs through her and kills her on goes, I can't stop. I need to keep going while he's holding disembodied hands. Like the more I get what that's doing. It's a twist on the John Rao. It's, it's, it's purposefully dark. It it's Macab for a reason, but seeing these things affecting me in a new way were on this. Like I don't want that that is sick to me now. And I'm worried I'm gonna done going to be turning more and more into my dad. See, that's the concern is like you're you do worry, and I have this worry, too, that were eventually just going to become the people who watch NCIS. Yeah. Because it's like there's Infinity episodes these people get paid, while we know no one's going to die is going to be like, a, a modicum of intrigue and interest happen over time, but we just want things to end the same way as they began on that is an instinct, that I'm like actively fighting against. It's this I guess it is a demonstrable fact. That your taste in storytelling changes as you grow older. Like when you're a kid, it ceased pot run spot runs fast. You know, basic facts, there, the dog, it's cute chasing the ball. Yeah. And eventually, you get to, like, Harry Potter where death only comes in the final chapters. And then he graduate 'til a game of thrones where death is just a common commonality of the world. Yeah. And somewhere in between. That is the things like the boys are other dark things for the sake of being dark. But then you get to Tom Tom Hanks in the divinity code words, this, like I need things explained to me in those Yale actual danger because the protagonist is the brain me man, not a Brahmin man. Like that shirt, Tom Cruise I feel like maybe the maybe the thing that we have to do is we understand that the reason why we were excited by things being dark is because they were new. And we have to we have to like keep fighting and be like I keep having to experience new experiences so that I can like internalize. The is like do emotions. So like Cormac McCarthy is one of my favorite authors. I'm I'm among the league's of other unexceptional white dudes who can say the same. But hey don't knock a good writer, just because you happen the like him. Yeah. He's not a bad run, within Cormick McCarthy is a tremendously gifted writer. L K really is. I think blood Meridian's those beautiful books ever written. Nice. It also includes like scalping babies and stuff like horrible saying it includes really awful awful stuff. And I was trying to reread blood Meridian. And I never thought this because reading this in my twenty s in my early teens. This is incredible. This is how really is life is bad at any given point every human being regardless of. Virtuous. They are has a great monster living inside their hearts and the only thing that's separating you from that. Monster is like the barest like skin of thought like your, your barest level of consciousness exists over a great pit of darkness, which is true. And I do believe to be true. But I was reading it recently like what a fucking bummer. Yeah. I don't wanna read this. I wanna get a half price books by David Burns. Bicycle diaries, very makes milk toast NPR observations about public transit or riding a bike through Detroit. Like that's what I want. Yeah. There was a time in my life was like. Yeah. Sure. I'll read the novelization of American psycho knowing what happens in it in the home gruesome, horrible things. And now today's like Alridge on hodgman's latest memoir. I'm okay with that Bakke shin land is Batak. Yeah. Opened my eyes to be like, oh, you can just write shit. You don't have to you could just like tell it, how it is in a way that's not more boasts. Let's not a word. It's not more. They morbid plus for folks. That's not you. You can tell things how how they are without being morbid without being overly dark. And I think it's because we were discovering those things. Oh, other people are putting into words have we see the world, the world is dark? It's full of blood and guts, and so blood Meridian and American psycho spoke to us in that time, the thing is, is like now is kind of old hat to us or or were just used to it. And it's hitting me in a new way where it's a slight that kind of lost his fucking hand. Yeah. If I lost one of my fucking hands, I would be sad. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that as you grow older, you kind of inexorably experience, more actual tragedy? Yeah. And for for me I feel like going into things being relatively fresh faced not having to live with a lot of great darkness in my life, being experie-. Inste- being able to have an experience where I could see the, the face, or at least what I perceived to be the face of true darkness. I was excited because I was like my life doesn't have the Senate. But like the older, I get really bad shit has happened to me. And sometimes, I just don't want to experience bad shit. But I don't know how to strike a balance between not being okay with experiencing at sometimes, but also not running away from the fact that is totally valid way to tell a story. It's very interesting. The settled these because I feel like when we liked seeing the dart bad shit, we were younger, and there is like this feeling of invincibility that you feel when you're younger like, oh man. I'm gonna live forever. Yeah. And everyone always warns you like that feelings going to wear off my always thought it's because something happens to US Pacific -ly like a doctor says. Oh, hey, you don't yet like you experience a medical thing or near death experience. You always think it's giving a close call the proves you wrong. Not no one ever warned me that feeling just goes away on its own. Yeah, it's, it's a gradual decay of that feeling of immortality. And like it's like the brain cells that held that invincibility thought can't regenerate as well anymore. And so now all that's left is the, the voice in my head. That says you're probably going to die earlier than you want to. Yeah. I think that is true. I think that we have this, this drive within us. And granted, it's not a perfect analogy because human beings. One of the few animals, or at least mammals that are born without the ability to walk. But I feel like we have that drive because we're supposed to be bored. And then we're just supposed to raid. Yeah. We're just supposed to work and eat and kill and be productive. And we're supposed to use our, our most powerful hormone filled earlier years to put in the most productive output possible, which it like a, a sense of like a like a genetic nationalistic was, like make babies kill people. Get food. Yeah. The Viking way. Yeah. Maslow's hierarchy of needs in that order. Have you seen that picture this maslow's hierarchy of needs? But self actualization has a has a little lock and it says, premium content. Lot mo-. That sounds pr-. Good pretty funny, but I feel like maybe that's what humans are, like, quote unquote, men or programmed to do not to look, a naturalist Fallas, like at least in a biological way in most basic terms, that's why we have the feeling of invincibility, because we cannot consider death for we have so much work to do. Yeah. And now at the end of our lives to steal John Laney joke. It just feels like everything's breaking down. And we don't want to see a guy get his hand cut off a Teflon carber -vivor string from a lighter. There's so much real genuine bullshit in that show. But back the Kaka Gurry yes, law shit watch cocky season two. If your girlfriend be lost its, it'll be great. It's just like me watching Sabrina. Riverdale good shows in their own right? But I don't know what's going on. I mean, here's the thing about season two. They bring in all of the members of the representation. Of this clan who are all vying for the seat of power, the, the president of the student council seat. Because you see the former president, who, who gave up her seat consolidated all of the debt in the nation. Because her family controls all of the debt in the nation. So that makes her the most powerful person in the nation, because she has all the debt of all the different families. She controls it and then the school, your, your rank your status is determined by how well he can gamble. And so to win the seat of the presidency for the student council. The most powerful position and the nation. You have to be you have to go through a bunch of gambling games. They're holding an election, but it's not one person one vote it's one vote per chip. So the more chips, you have the more votes you have, and the get ships got a gamble against other people, which episode has knife monopoly in it out all of the games are made up and people people can die in mos- know that all of the games are made up. And they include like knives, or poisoner. Needles poison was in the most recent episode, I watched it, it took out our protagonist, can't remember her name dole know any of the names in the show. Piggery bets. The name of the school academy. I just wish that anything in life made me as horny as gambling makes these AMA team. Oh my God. Same. And like it's not blatant is not strong enough to describe it. Yeah, it is like muscles to Balki horny nece to cook a curry is just there in your face. The thing about both Kaka Gorie Baki as, if you were in a different room listening to either of them, it would sound like you're watching very different proceed. Yes. But as a bunch of, like flexing and squishing sounds of dudes going. Oh my wife came home today. And I was at the tail end alive. Came home to day to see. No maze ads on the tail of DeKalb jury episodes and rather than pause it, and explain what I was watching. I was in a different room looking for that laptop. And what I heard was the door close. Then high pitched screams. I rushed to just slip by hands on the keyboards hoping, one of which is aid like close out the window is rather than pause, explain. Hi, I'm watching man-to-man which you don't want to know. I just thought maybe she didn't hear it. If I close out the window enough, I will be safe. You really didn't you, you handle that, maybe the worst way because only a only a guilty man. Whereas rumpled suit, Detroit L you, you did the behaviors of guilt, you should have come out and owned it. You should come like, like wiping, a dish while it was, like, what's up? This is what a watch was my thing. Now this, Mike my reaction, no matter what I'm doing. When my wife comes home is to close everything I him doing. Yeah. And pretend like I have just like appeared in the emergent fresh. With a computer on TV know on, but on the desktop is like welcome home wife. I have been doing nothing. I have remained in stasis until your arrival. I don't know why that is. I, they, it's a transition to living a person from. Yeah. Living by yourself where you never have to explain anything anyone I've lived together with someone for about three years. But before that I was like. Solely a- basher. I love living alone. Oh, it was a thousand times. So the first year I spent living with. So I was like, oh, I have to not be myself and then after the first year like oh, we can just both be ourselves. I am still getting to the point where it's like one in Malone. It's my time but as soon as she walks through that door. It's us time. And there is a some of that there is a some of that, but also like, I think gradually will transition to I'm still doing my thing, the L, how's your day still doing my thing. Yeah. You the thing about me time results time as it's like two floating circles. Sometimes they interact. And when they touch that, like, digs up the time, but you can have slowly, do your own thing, around someone else that took me so long to be okay, with we're still getting to that point just, you know, or in still were in the early months of her marriage to. So it's not like other one understand that never will man. Well, let's like amac Noar each other because we just made his lifelong commitment to each other. But at the same time, it's like, but I really wanna play cadence of high rule this rhythm. Jairo rid of the Necker dancer for Zelda. Get it, it by the same people. It looks really cool. But it's way, different. It's not a rogue light. What? Yeah. You keep your keep most of your progress. I don't know. All I care about the Witcher three port. Looks worse. Plays worse sont. Don't get it. Yeah. I don't get Oregon PC at on. This is fucking sports corner. Stop talking about shimmery obtains. We're talking about Kaga girka. We need to stop Taiwan shitty video games like the entire. What your franchise anyway? Kaka gurry. I liked which you're okay played through which one and two two wasn't bad. I'm not very good on the three is good as well. I've played through half of three and then I realized. I realized that the, the, the Myo t p. Sports corner by one troupe pairing. I missed an event and so I can't end up with her. And so now I just don't wanna play anymore. Is it more goner whatever? No. It's trysts the girl in with me the entire series, not this. That's gotta be it, though. Right. Like it is Garrelt and trysts, right? But, like, I, I missed one event, I missed NFL meant and now it's locked to me. Hey, man. You could live my life. You could go through mass effect one and then in mass effect to the only character the romantically made any sense. They completely right out of for. Oh deals. It's fine. I played through a three games mass effect three and then watched the girl I wanted to end up with throw herself off a cliff. Oh. And that fucking sucked. Yeah. I can I can I replayed the entirety of that game this to not get her to throw herself off a cliff? If mass effect, great I really wanna replay it. I really hope by aware doesn't throw that sports, corner away, so speaking sports corner. Yeah. I, I know that we said that we are going to get to other news and we will sports corners, short segment. Yeah. You know, it's the shortest of segments it really is. It's the sure segment ever done. So, you know, have you ever heard of Dwight Howard? Oh, the famous basketball player, who has gyms least favorite person in the office. So he wears a basketball shoes. Okay. And turns out that a Japanese not Japanese a Chinese sneaker company, why as put out a series of. I'm going to try to use some parlance. I don't typically use some hype kicks that you can they, you can get to drip, you can wear them and get the drip, don't hate the drip. The fuck is the drip. You get the drip. When you wear will you were height beastie close. You get the drip and if people hate your drip, they don't get it. What's the drip? The drip is the drip. Is this a straight wear thing? Yeah. The drip is if you wear clothes look bad, but are expensive that's trip. I understand human beings. So the Chinese sneaker company. Chiming unnamed because I can't find the name in the article. Have you ever heard of a little something sports corner called Anna may, you know, I have heard of sports enemy macaca, Gurion balking copying, Bucky another famous sports enemy Gundem, this Chinese sneaker company has officially partnered gone are the days of the of the fan called Gundem color way for Jordan's now you have actual branded Gundem mid to high tops, and they actually look pretty sick. Holy shit. Like they've looked pretty good. Holy shit. Let me try to find the name of the sneaker companies. So they made to kind of a sets for these. They've made a, a federation and a Zeon. Does the faction was g gun them those the factors in every gun them? Nah. Not in a good way. I'm thick again, what's the one with burning gun them? That's g-gonna are it's not so cut the wing Gunda wing. So didn't have factions. It was country in a different countries. Yeah. A Chinese company three six one degree is has created some pretty sick kicks. And I gotta say, I really want the Shaar, as noble Zaku ones, the red ones up, top are those the little guys who explode? No. So, you know who shar as noble, and I never watched my only gun to my ever watch G gun to Miley watch like three episode. He's the antagonised he'd be pilots are red sock who MAC Zaku is Japanese for forgotten, you're right now the interesting thing about these, you can get the drip. For a budget price if you're willing to convert some money you can get these about seventy dollars, seventy US dollars seventy US dollar any one is that the three hundred ninety nine is at one Yuan Yuan. Maybe. I don't know money, but these sneakers are sick, and I really want them while, I hope they get the medication. They need Lear. Seriously entering a world. And this is a very bad podcasts onto because most of this is visual a so it will describe to our listeners. We're entering a world where we you and I Henry and all of our elk, we've won the culture wars, because we're now entering an era, where people can dress like characters from eighties. Anime. Converse, makes a shoe called the ER X the ER X to sixty had a collaboration with Chinese designer whose first name is FANG and they have these, like off, these kind of light red kind of pinkish, high tops that look like shoes the characters in, like macro, or dirty pair would wear just classic eighties anime shit. It's so good. You do know that with TD is making Akira. Right. I do know that. Yeah. ABC anime is like Sheikh right now. I would be I'm excited I'm excited because I feel like Tyco TD will either give it all the reference, or none of the reverence Liam, Capri owes in that. I don't know or he, he recently walked out of some project. Titanic. He's walked out of the Titanic. We have to wrap the episode up, but I just want one last sports corner update. Yeah, no trust us, we're gonna get to normal stuff. Eventually, we just have to get through all the sports, corner, ice, one last sports quarter update, I wanna say I think it's in four days time. What is the? Even gelatin event, Gelian even jelly or even gallium even galleon, or even gelatin, or pelicans it's going to be, it's going to be on Netflix. The entire original series is in Netflix. This is the thing that I've seen the most hype about, as far as like Netflix series because even Gelian is, and this isn't a remake. No. There were hype about giving the original episodes, from, like eighty ninety early early nineties late eighties. Mid nineties, midnight. I don't fucking know join a hill, mid-nineties, what Joan hill made a movie called mid-nineties. I never heard of that one BC with Michael Sarah, the drip. It's called the shit. Timothy are dumb. Bits. Evangelical is gonna be on Netflix, low booth even gel, and I'm gonna be at Neo. Genesis even combines. Yes. Is going to be Netflix on fire would be able to watch this goddamn enemy. That everyone I was a cavalry bebop. Try again guy, but everyone was like odd. Yvonne Djelic Kevin is the best anime I ever watched. I and I could finally experience it in all of its ten eighty p glory. I do feel like you missed out because I not miss that. But I do feel like you're, you're missing a little bit of something because like the trifecta of the, the, like the great three mid to late nineties, Sifi animates was cowboy bebop try gun and Evangeline. So in the Tri force, which one was wisdom wisdom was even Jillian. So our, I got power encourage power was try concur to cowboy bebop -solutely. Yeah. So I got those too, but I missed out on the wisdom wisdom, you did go the wisdom's shrine on shoot the scale off of linear rue the cursed dragon the cursed dragon he became an evil man was I supposed to do that much later in the game than I did not. I think you can anytime you want to scale that one. Particular mountain, you can do it. I did it extremely early. I a lot of soups. Oh to keep yourself. Warm daylight a lot of warming soups. Listen, we're about to enter an age at thirty is a very good year because I'm only twenty eight thirty is very good for me. Let me have my moment thirties, a very good year because we're entering an age, where we will have even jelly. And in its entirety on net flicks. Plus a remake of final fantasy seven that remain looks really good. I ever played the original black think I will actually play this roommate, I would be so interested to check in with you regularly on number one year. I watch of evangelical in, but also your affective. I play through final fantasy seven. Those things made ten to twelve year old me like final fantasy seven and eight and even Gelian and gun dome. Like we're the only thing is I consume in Ohio everyone, who is older than says. Oh, yeah. Things. Go and cycles like things come back around things have finally, come back around for you. You know what's honestly really sad and terrifying to me? Yeah I'm realizing now that. I've existed. And you've existed long enough that we're starting to see these things come back and people get really excited for it and kids, probably don't give a shit. This is like a GI Joe or transformers or teenage mutant ninja turtles thing coming out like twenty years efforts poverty to me. This is something that I'm experiencing for the first time because I used to be like, very disdainful older people all these little rascals movie or whatever. That's a very extreme example. Yeah. Rascals is like nine of made for racists. It's not wasn't it wasn't. I kind of caught that remain tail end. But I mean, I think that, like seeing knowing that fucking detected Pika chew like all this sheds for us all the sheds like awakening, all the like acid in my spine from twenty years ago that all the remakes that I made fun of as a kid for people who are older than me, while the hold, the remitted green hornet. Yeah, it's, it's all that shit. It's all the shit that I made fun of and that's my demo now. Yup. We've also love it like I genuinely do love culture shapes us and we will eventually become that which we made fun of it's the cycle. It's designed Geist in a weird way, the site is not supposed to judge just like a reflection of culture. But culture is an inherently kind of judgy of the things that doesn't get we're being cycled out. We're being a p is too. So we can be cycled out. We were being appeased so that the Libyans sarong can be taken from us. Yes. What so Levin's are on was a concept that Hitler. Use Togawa was loin when he annexed the Rheinland the very iron rich portion of France suits. You try to fuck explains the island to me, livan's are on which was explained to me as elbow room, but literally means. The living room a moon to live was the explanation. We just need a little more room. And the peace movement, is what the European countries did Hitler. Yeah. So what I'm trying to say is the youth are Hitler. They're going to kill other the Hitler youth. Hitler youth is coming for us. It's probably the smartest, I've been on this podcast because I don't know about you. But I got a five on the American eight p tests American history, eight Pete tests. It's my proudest achievement in life. I served with the knock Texan. So I feel look, John. What look I think it's finally time than sports corner. I think we should get into a regularly scheduled contents force corner, very brief very fast segment. Yeah. But now let's give him to the rest of the episode. Yeah. So I've I brought a little bit of a segment. Okay. Cool out. So, so I think it's been on everyone's mind will probably talk about for the rest of the episode. Fuck Mitch McConnell. So anyway, if you want to reach out to us on Twitter, you could do so at z C, P C, w share on Twitter dot com. You can send us your thoughts Sundance your box, but under no. Circumstances, should you suck us your t h OT thoughts. I think it's the weakest thing in the world that we came up with. T. H. O. T S. And we pronounce his thoughts. We should say thoughts. I thought it was taught of has file a no toss are good children in or fried potatoes. You know what I didn't do there? I didn't throw it to you for what the Z C P C delegates J stands for. And you know why, why this is the episode mixing, it up or mixing up if you want to send us in Email, you can do so zero predators a podcast G mill dot com and that stands for Henry. I always wanted to make that joke. You have no ideal. How many times I've wanted to make that joke. And you just did it to me. I am not participating I improved us. Please send us an Email. It's the only way little codgers like us, communicate. Gimme though poke him on. Gimme the cloud strove. I used to like anime. I don't smoke in June. Of course, we are on Spotify. You can find us on the Spotify podcasts, I guess people use that by searching for zero credit open parentheses s closed for disease on spot upon casts Spotify podcasts, we are on Facebook search for zero cuts podcast. Facebook search bar, we don't post, you can also find us on apple podcasts because I tunes does not host podcasts. Exactly anymore. Leave us. This is so important if you find us on apple podcasts number one, no matter what occurs stay alive. But also like comment. And subscribe, you can't subscribe leave us a rating. Leave us at somebody subscribe, subscribe leave us. Like I imagine Jeff did a five. I hope we did. He say he told me he wrote a review, but I have yet defeat it Jeff is review bombing us, and we will not stay in for only verified purchasers of Syrah credits podcast will be allowed to review in the future. Fuck you epic game store. I know that we said that apple podcasts is important. But most importantly, word of mouth is the only way that we can survive. So if you tell one friend, they tell one friend, and they tell one friend that friend then in turn creates some kind of religious or pan religious organization. Let's say loosely based around the tenants that we preach our podcast. Love your fellow man get horny from gambling and fight muscular man. And then maybe everyone on her it starts listening to the podcast. It's a real Colt of ISIS situation. The Colt device Egyptian religion. Yes. So the ancient Greeks they, they were taken by the cult of ISIS. These Colt religions because they promised life after death, which for the most part, the Greek pantheon didn't really offer which really gives us the roots of like modern, like Christian belief systems in most of the most popular ones promised some life after death. Because everyone's greatest fear is death. Then everyone would be listening to zero credits here. And in the hereafter. Moving on to our next segment. Everyone here in the zero credit studios. Studio apartment apartment students too bad to bath. Cricket filled comes us by studio. We wanna wish you a very happy week except for Jeff Kahn move onto the next segment. I didn't want like step on your toes. Look, I know you don't want to step on my toes, the thing about this second is it's over. And so, none of your segment can begin. Okay. So I can start my second by goodbye. Done with that one. Hey, I just wanted to do one more segment hit the table. You trying to give me the finger, you fucking idiot.

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NutriMedical Report

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NutriMedical Report Show Wednesday June 26th 2019 Hour Three Dr Juergen Winkler MD, http://qfmed.com/page4/index.html, Cancer IPT Therapy, Dendritic Vaccine, Cancer Vessel Vaccine, GcMAF, Detox IV, Ozone IV,

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Don't worry your voice carry. It's really good road. Mike. Dr Winkler is actually he's my doctor believe it or not in Charleston. You are. You're my doctor. Russians tried to follow a mixture of your infection to my instructor. I think somebody, but I do follow a lot of them. In fact, you can't doctor doctor doctor doctor to Phoenix. Well, that's that's true. But I'm going to get some more tests on route soon and I tried to much as I can if I need something really serious I will go through you outsmart my doctor my cardiologist, Dr right about smarter. You'll listen to me. I'll listen I that's impossible not true. Actually, I, I tell people over and over again that people should understand. If you have a good argument and good evidence. I don't care if you've got great SRI and your teenager or child. I'm listening. If you've got good evidence and logic. Now you're a reason Mark, I even studying alternative functional medicine for long time. And you're like me you mutated out of medicine. I started medicine medical school back in nineteen Seventy-three regimen, seventy seven trained internal medicine family medicine. I've done burning trauma unit ICU done every kind of surgery, open heart brain overnight, brain. I didn't do, but I did vascular George peaked and plastics trauma unit furniture and everything. And what is that? The medical system doesn't know what's called the living pathology. They don't know how the body works. That's where you're getting more expert every year. I notice even from our what two years or more. And, and you've got some really cool things you can do at your clinic, detox by ozone syrupy for clearing passages you can do amazing stuff here. I'm gonna pull over the microphone just a little closer. Think of the ozone is also via anti-aging, right? Because you. Ability to repair. Right. And the other thing that's really important that people should understanding is you can do cancers therapy, so you do the test in Greece. Call the tests, and they can create the dendritic vaccine, we had on the show a few weeks ago. One of your colleagues as Thomas Yvonne commish, I'm using and he's all just with the need to try build a Trump past, the vaccine against the blood vessels of cancer, which are different energetically can be attacked by this vaccine. So we have all kinds of things we have the grand site macrophage activation factor. We can obtain can either you can get it for your patients. You've got the cookie cancer therapy can do that actually radically to cancer and get rid of their Naga. Lays. You've got. All kinds of things, including we have their supplements that we use for cancer suppression, like high does power see allegic Azima lake block etcetera. And we want to strip off the capital of the two merge, Banco from cold, so the hot so you strip off the capsule. But you've lost let's renewed therapies over at your clinic. And that's why if I have somebody that's really extreme that has cancer, detox or immune dysfunction. You have to function cheapens you over there as well now. Right. So that's kind of a focus for the last several months, I look at things and just gonna take a chunk of lookout his mess. I can't write kind of rethink what's been done or any and what we've done is, is figuring out that the, the body's immune system is very surpressed can't patients they're going to go. What trauma I mean system? I mean, I hang around my grandkids. They don't get sick. I'll catch anything right? You're my wife sick or something like that. So what's really happening? Is your immune system is really not even responding to that virus that they got exposed to right? Whether it's bacterial infection. So the immune systems are very suppressed, and they're also. Shifted immune system shifts because to arms everything in the body works in a binary system. Right. It's like let's just say you flex your arm and extend your arm. So the biochemistry is the same way, the immune systems of same way to understand what true even even during detox. For example, I started going Kito diet losing weight and to better control. My blood sugar, and it broke my I had bad when I was a baby because you release toxins did you did you talk to me about doing good detox active charcoal clean the liberal, I met you things. In fact, one of my colleagues, we're going to work on a project jazz. And he's a very brain guy, a lawyer and his son, who was also weird touch Jesse, Jesse and Jesse is he's going to bring a product over. We already have a very highly absorbed form of curcumin to America. I called her sold events plus but he is wanted to even more absorbed. The mix drinks earn topical cream on thing is it's tasteless dissolves. So we've compared a couple of other products with that. And what we've found is that other products that they say they're soluble there's still. Donkey in the water this pure. Oh, yeah. No text put an expensive glass of wine or want him changed the flavor. Well, let me tell you the testimony, I had because I like testimonies. Right. So I took a little scoop of that stuff. I had these little packets, and, and I'm gonna tell you, I been detoxing for years. I take it max. I take all of the Mitchell oils and all the. I mean, I'm I have an interesting maniac. I have a bag of, I'm taking here now. And I took that little scoop in that in my drink, and I can tell you, there's stuff that came out of my body. Sequester different Dante. Now, I'm probably one of the most talks people, you can manage our water systems repair water system. So we have no toxins and our water leader, Ganic, non GMO food. We have grass-fed beef and lamb from New Zealand, whatever, but that stuff is amazing. So we will be private labeling that and we'll have a topical I wanna put in our topical pain gel, which is a version of precise. No problem with that are paying gel is now is made by pro Meg, it's really good for pain and lamb tree. It's got the Dead Sea minerals, but I want to add special Kirk gold in it. I also want it for people to put an either package or scoop in there because I think the reason why our population is getting sick dementia. Diabetes its own. We're just talks. It's like Dr Gunn talks about leaking we we're just getting some talks. We're all turning hypertensive diabetic, getting heart failure, thyroid problems auto immunity. And I believe the population is getting sicker younger, rather than living, exactly what we're seeing as well to cancer. Just take that as an example, right? Most of the time, we thought it was a disease of the elderly disease of any age. Right. And it's up to statistics up to forty percent of people in a lifetime experience that, right? That's now what it's going to be in seven years from now ten years when I went to medical school one percent, twelve cancer rate. Now it's roughly one into and for some cancers, like prostate, it's more than that less than less than one in one. No, not all of them, aggressive cancer. But I see in cancer rates up to them. Rates are higher. Everything's number one cause of, of deaths in Britain, I was dementia, and apparently, and this is where I came up with vexed thirty nine years ago when over Dr oughta Hyun that, and this is my current Syria. Diabetes, diabetes is where your school, legal muscles, become insulin resistant. And the first phases of it, are, hypertension, and vascular disease. What's happening is you lose copper zinc, superoxide dismutase in your muscle. If singlet oxygen which is the only way, by the way, you can go back of sugar to protein is you have to have presents a single oxygen, and hydra proxy, radical will not attach unless there's free radicals present, so diabetes. Hypertension are free radicals, these and you get a down regulation of Glueck for transporter and insulin receptor. And then if the insulin resistance moved your liver, you get fatty liver, and you get liver. Failure. It moves to your brain, you become demented, because you're Astra sites. Can't actually fire created neural network. So what's going on, is a massive increase in end by the way, these are all caused by Kondracke dysfunction? So when you're might start to fail because of these things in your muscles, your body needs things I keep tone. So, for example, you can use protocol Kito power, and it'll provide medium chain, triglycerides in three different salts of ketone bodies. And so if you're dementia, or you wanted. Just increase performance. You know, liquor gentlemen. Here's from rugby player. He can take some Kito before he goes on hill last longer on the field. So the key issue, I see is that our whole society is mineral depleted, it, scanner radiation increase toxins, like round up the food, genetically modified food that the body doesn't recognize. I was just in Yosemite. And the skies are beautiful. You know what happened by Monday what the planes came out. And then we saw entrails Kemp gels everywhere. Criss cross in the sky made a check of order. The sky was horrible. Yeah. And, you know, the thing is ios them when you see at lower altitudes, the stuff that I took care pilots flying out of a Rura. They were flying perkasie went thirties, and pushing out of the back of them at forty thousand feet. Drones and they would fly to higher altitudes up to seventy thousand feet dumping nanoparticle sodium, strontium very minimum, and they're doing that. So they created Dyson fear around the entire planet, so that the satellites can control weather earthquakes and. So on now there's five nations have control the weather. We in the Russians of the most advanced twelve years ago. The Russians call up the resigned and said, hey, there's a cyclone we hadn't towards follow. It's gonna destroy your city you pay so much fly in airfli- jet down. We'll modify the weather, so we'll hit your city. Now, people know all these storms in America, we have the technology to create our very disperse storms internatonals. There's no reason for any of these firms need to hit America or allies. So either Trump is either ignorant of or it's compartmentalized. I believe it's compartmentalized. What I saw when I worked taking care of employees working on various classified projects and Denver. Is that one department? Didn't talk to the other. And if you're on a different colored line in lockdown, they didn't let you talk to the other person, or you get in real big trouble. So the talk to me and find out what people are doing another classified projects. Go tell the doctor the doctor Nilsson experts, and that's Afrin time spent the other and what what happened when you told them they go white. They pay a white, because a stuff is scary stuff, like I didn't realize doing that kind of thing. Now in healthcare, let's the other things that you provide provided your clinic that are kind of really cool. Well, let's go because you brought up exit. Right. Right. One of the things I mean system shifting towards auto immunity. So we have to do is get the immune system shift back. Right. And the way to do that is actually using your own body fluid, or using something from your skin, or even something food, and making a homeopathic diluted version version of that. And then give that is an injecting skin to the immune system, ceases from a different angle right to seeing that gotten under the skin. That's very dilute. It takes about seventy weeks. It's building up building up its its own range change in the system. Right. So then you, then having less ex- more or less other food, reactions and things like that. In a couple of years of these things you need to do injections. I don't see that happening at the same time I feel my weightless dropping, but also joint pain and suffering for decades is also limited, the foods that are activating two. Well, basically, I'm on. Dying. I basically have other than having, like a Akito bar or something like that in the morning with Makita drink. And this is glycemic switches are food, two blocks hydrogen Kito, and they combine brain Meghan there. There's nothing else just like you know, basically puts me to Kita state, which means I'm not gonna crash, my blood sugar, but it also means a Akita genyk suffer have some protein, that's really good quality and veggies. And that's it. Keeps it in. And so in your start detoxing you end up things like this happening. Well, you also have to cumulate, whatever committed in the body is going to detox into you have to make sure the liver channels gallbladder opened. Right. So pushing through activated charcoal or vet night, or something like that. Well, that's one of the things I noticed this Grecu. Woman took that my detox reaction was serious. Yeah. Yeah. And that's why I want to add it to our protocol of nutraceutical because interesting to Erica. Kumon is only interested in the world. It gets rid of cancer stem cells. Not on this others. Have you looked at black humans? That does well same coup. And does similar things. But the only one I know has got more research is research. But there's a lot of research coming out on black humor is a product by renewed, or national, which has that of those edgy seat based products, which is the ready. They do red raspberry with the black Kumon. Yeah. That actually tastes pretty good in his achy, Kirkman few other products that they have they've three to our product, which we push sell defense. Plus our catcher protocol includes the inflammatory trips the capital to merge the woman's. I'm in formula. Plus Sara, I we have syrup separately, we have Alagic acid from the terminology bully that helps DNA repair our programming us and we have elective lock. That's from the broccoli seed extract that helps that saw for fan. Yeah. And we also have the green tea, supremely capital, ten of green tea, and these very similar, because it work on the story pathways, which helped do you normalize, your body have used it met for me. Yeah. And the metformin, of course, is very so as I'd put reussir stays last week. Yes. Affects to metformin. I am tour with him with green tea so burglary will Atkin that areas. Well, there's some good. Think i'll. The. Riverine plus. Forget it. Yes, we have a really good. Product is really good. It does three things it cleans out your from display else's it blocks. Glucose gone didn't makes your liver convert protein into sugar. Right. And it also helps to stabilize your blood sugar because of course it's a seesaw, but a lot of people don't realize when you take drugs through Greece insulin, oh, foot, you'd actually can make your underlying Divac problem worse. You got to reduce insulin resistance, you got the sugar challenge. So you don't wanna have high glycemic index foods. Right. Have you looked at Torrey helping receptively? Yes, we have a product called magnesium calcium, Tori. Okay. It's gonna call Skopje's term being pins and needles stops and only restless legs in Drome, but also stops panic attacks and helps us Fleischer, butter and a lot of Tf alpha inflammatory mediators that come along with this chronic illnesses terminating. Yeah. 'cause you gotta look at the source of these things also comes from the food. We eat that actually creates a candidate in the despite. Haussas bacterium. Got that action, the insulin resistance and other problems. Yes. I had talk from this morning from Montana, and she didn't want to do other treatments, but she's got a stage four cancer. When we come back, we'll talk about that, because you have a major cancer clinic there with your treatments, and you can provide ideals own, you can detox people can provide insult potentially to chemo. Lots of cool stuff that you're living stuff and the website address is q dot com. Q F. That's functioning dot com dot com. Back in a moment talking you're gonna Winkler and his buddy here. Diabetes is a condition which in some resistance, in muscles, can be verse with Diabate lean Biton, plus and these elected metabolic, lower insulin resistance, and tissue. We can block the conversion of carbohydrates to sure with Lacey mix and reduce the conversion of protein in the liver to sugar through the USA. Berber Staten, these protocols are very helpful to read this heart vaster Z's, Perfil neuropathy, and euro degeneration, contact us at neutral, medical dot com, and you cheer. I medical dot com to receive the protocol expanded therapies or triple eight two two eight seventy one. We're vailable on our show daily from twelve three Pacific time to the five central speech Easter Monday to Friday. Dr build us consultations to reveal your case and help you with your condition with a free starter protocol a callback. If you purchased any products advanced video. Tape consultations? 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What do you do for them? It you're cutting spend a lot of time with them, right? And it's conflicts process, because number one people with cancer, cancer cells are survivor cells. And there's five infection and toxins that accumulate in the body, so I call it one of the analogies I use use metaphors is cancer is a fungus. And viruses. I've seen Nevada parasite and the cancer cell becomes a pair of Sade because it loses Celtel contact, it looks telomere is searched reproducing then spreading because it can't be inhibited by contact with local cells. And. What people don't understand cancers. Those are not weeks us. Why using analogy cancer cells like prepar with Nike two hundred. It's an Olympic athlete with, with a billion dollar Bank account and is very inventive. Great means of defending and attacking, my so cancer cell is not a week's out. It's like an alien from another parallel universes. Not easily killed. Right. And so you're going to be clever. So you have lots of clever ways of doing it, you could detox, those on, you could actually give them my picky cancers. Listen, directing directly kill cats Swamy vet. She'd done it done it. With some cancers at it on the surface, you can just detect on into the itself actual start making shrink, and we do some of the inflammation, so direct ozone, there's low dose chemo forms of it. Because the cancer replicates at certain frequencies. And if you actually induce it with insulin to replicate, and then be there, when it replicates with something that kills that's the replication like logos chemo. Right. Which is targeted to those cancer cells targets the cancer. Right. But you'll see the cancers other forms of metabolism. Right. They also have like Luda meets you have to be careful what you're putting your diet, how to block that. So I met format Burberry and some of those things Lahtchi block uptick. Right. There's a couple of medications we're looking at it or awfully will use doxycycline has some interesting effects. We know that former burglary, we also know tag, it is an immune booster over the tag, medication isn't being booster. So you have to kind of take a lot of tools that you have, and very specific to the person in front of you. Right. So do they need the chemo last guy guy last week with? State cancer. He needs something different keyed in came. So we have to customize what they need to be aware that the shifts that cancer will change the body will change over four to six weeks win re-test and figure out what the need to do differently. And of course, you have colleague few, we had him on chauffeur's segment, talking about the vaccine against the end Degen's in different blood, vessels and cancer against cancer vaccine, the vaccine, do use the aftermath of invasion factor, too. You know, if they test for negative Haydn accolades level, so I use it. But some people say, despite the high not having a high level that you see Marcus benefits wants to test test for it. And then I'll ask if that's something that we which lab do you like to use the lab. Eleven New Jersey health thing, NASA club, the one in New Jersey, the New Jersey. Yeah. Right now, besides cancer, which are reading a master at, and people need to realize is not without side effects. You gotta make sure that person is is. Some people are even getting rid of the tumor they can have nausea and so on too. But there's far less toxic. You usually don't have a crash Vollmer or bleed to death and don't go ball. I'll made us a little bit hair initially we go into the treatment yells have other types of diseases itchy. What other major diseases you? Find alternative care, can you help that otherwise chronic rigor doctors can't help chronic fatigue hormone imbalances. That's about everybody. Everybody's got a hormone abouts. Right. We're seeing seeing a lot of that lines disease, all the socio kommt factions that go. I'm going through two books right now in lines disease. We're looking at other technologies that might be benefit for them as well. Right. Let me throw a couple of things that I'm working on my reasons because one of the things flipping retired, I have lots of time on my hands to research and develop other things. One of them is, is that I've shown you my seen before called sonic life that does epigenetics. We couldn't sees. And one of the things we've discovered based in research of Linus Pauling, is that inside? Every cell is a little. Basically a little fear. Always hold your DNA. All right in nuclear plaza. And the end of h chromosome is a little telomeres and infra-red Tanna that infant talks Ryan, channels, let minerals into tell your genes, which genes are not. So it's my theory that the every disease has either mineral deficiency in the diet, or a mineral blockade in target organ, or tissue, which turns off production of structural protein, and an enzyme messenger. Anne. There's also appears to be genetic effective. You know, acids if you have wrong amino acid blend in the blood you can also affect your genes. Right. Right. But the primary one is, is minerals, and that's what I call the induction thing to create structural proteins. There's also a second thing, researching growing probably take some years is I call origami DNA where your genes are actually control how to build an argument, how to build a right hand almost like how to computer code to create an eyeball that size of an I rather than a dinner plate or the size of p and how to make a right hand and reproduce that rand 'cause you're fractionally cloning, your body, every day you go to sleep. And so no one's older than seventy year old some tissues change in as little as four days. But if you go seven years old, even neural tissue. You're always creating new nerve cells used to say you never had a new nerve cells like in medical school that teaches that use. If you drink you're going to destroy whatever nerve cells, you have you're gonna get stupider. But in fact, actually, if you're healthy eat, if you're over person, and you're not have disease state, your Niro. Connections and an eight year old or more complex in sixty year old so that in fact, if you're healthy, and you don't have any real prosise causing today, so aging is basically an information process. It's not a hate flick theory, or accumulated toxins or whatever. It's actually it's guy called four photocopy, if you ever really good, fodder copier, and remember this back in medical school when they first came back in the seventies, we do things like put her face on it, or somebody put their but on the photocopier we try to figure whose face it was after the fourth fist copy of a copy. It was a joke. We do medical school. Right. And when I realized the same thing, happens, your body, if you clone yourself fractionally into a good body accurately, every day, the agent Voces less, which is why we have things like green tea supreme practically carry anti, h max and other things actually, like Fashir example, the research on is invasive, it works in the torch system, you can actually link to life because you stimulate pop toes of old damaged cells. So the organ clears the. Old damaged cells, and might a conju. And so you get mighty Congo. Genesis and Selva generation, and there's never nutraceutical stimulate that what I'm working on his, what's call genetic frequently treatment, and we have now cyberattack making a special device for me that can use it for the light pets. Like you sees light PAT's here. We're going to be able to put the mineral or other frequencies that right right now there specifically to like frequency, three is for the skin nervous system for internal organs and five is for glance I'm working on atomic presence of minerals, and I've been talking to a tiny from president light, and also, my friend Accu China and Phoenix. And apparently, there's other devices you can use to transmit these frequencies to the body. The project three for example, is microcurrent device and Pearland, plus can actually make a feel up to thirty feet away. And so we do actually put D resonant frequencies through it now. It's my theory. That disease is like a quantum frequency almost like a whole game. Now, what I did back twenty years ago is, I had been working doing med, and I got Casey, enterprises spectral analyzer. And I actually had cancer patients in the late nineties, that actually or people with disease, like rheumatoid, and I could pick up the specter frequency of their Z's has rheumatoid the right knee. But the last frequency was different or if they had cancer, I can pick up the frequency in their bones, and it would tell me which bones was gonna come positive on the bone scan for cancer. So, in other words, it's like Katina Dali outside all is a frequency doll, and then interdollar epigenetics control genes, so that, basically your body is a hologram to condense physical flesh. It's almost like the bible talks. The voice, the voice of God is frequency that tells you DNA, which gives the control and PICO seconds and create structural proteins is how to rebuild you. And every living thing basically, is an informational hologram. So right now, we do have genetic frequently. So one of our colleagues Dr Royal is using a photon Sal being, which is one of the ones that did, Dr what's colleague, Brexit's producer, Dr tesla, who has she belt at nineteen Ninety-three. I actually have two of them he also. Okay. And they have to crystal electrodes that can generate I call them lightning bolt machines the generate this, this little blue light that really cool, you can only electric, and you can put it over a target, Oregon. And when he showed us, actually doesn't cancer markers, within two to four weeks, dropped their cancer markers, two zero with that in the queue rest, Matt. So you can actually shoulder cancer markers. Inaugurates dropping to zero was multiple tests from the Avs and, and their in jersey lavon show, their markers, dropping to zero. Now Naga lays, and we've worked the mathematics is Dr Trump, Dr falling this. If you gotta talk or, or let's say, nog lays, the frequencies inaugurates, his three hundred thirty seven hurts. So if I put that three hundred seventy seven hurts to your body's microcurrent or light, Pat, or whatever it makes your body, get rid of nog lays, or if you're trying to get rid of mercury or some pathogen in your body line. So I can actually have a pathogens the civic frequency of your body eliminated. Cool. What how do you put it through the? You can put it through the body life, but she in which generates, to the basement of Wolfersohn make electro, magnetic field and the sound, you could actually hear the song DNA reach to the machine pluses near Jack, we wanna hear with your headphones actually turn out. Loud enough. You could actually hear it in the room, while talking to your DNA. Let's head. So the resident frequencies are, for example, I have a nurse diabetic, and I give her my motto Tomek minerals with liposomes, and she's getting frequencies through to try to open up. Ron channels and our muscle. So the ideas that we can reverse, your muscular, insulin resistance than the blood sugar won't back up the bloodstream, because really diabetes blood sugar back it up because it's not observed by muscle. That's simple right now, you'd never before. Right. Which that's diabetes with the insulin resistance in your muscle thought it was wasn't liver liver, muscle to major. Yeah. But they never talked about. That's the actual causes diabetes. The only thing Packers rate, which is why Dr vicuna had such a fitness office back in nineteen one. Would I showed the data that me doctor working on, they had a fit, and it was like being set of the exercises? So. I have the advantage of here being more timely hands, and, you know, jeans like you, that's why I trust you to be my doctor my family doctor if I have something serious right now you're gonna help me with a cream for my leg besides stuff. I'm taking. And I am detoxing like I'm using the cure us Matt for detox, and it's getting better love better, too was, but I realized when you rapid change someone's diet, and they detox, if you don't watch it, they're going to end up with a detox reaction, and I think that's what happened to be. I'm losing weight all the toxins have been in my body for decades coming out like crazy. And then, of course woulda added that Kirk who gold, which I'd take already are other detox does piracy by body says, okay. We're going to dump it all. Now. Now, I've been three years since I've had my working Malcolm's of and my body saying, whatever toxins, you got in your tissue. It's coming out. Daego. And you gotta realize dangerous. That's why people won't take all your Morocco Malcolm's all at once. So besides cancer, what other major conditions you got chronic fatigue? You've got chronic viral infections, mostly the diseases that go along with aging. I mean we just arthritis arthritis. We own injections into joints. Even people with back issues. It's my suspicion because every furred stem cell clinics voted decade with you, you can't do stem cell junctions, even from your own fat, you can have flow Tom, she separate, but I have suspicion that you that you need, you can use effort today treatments because a lot of people have enough stem cells. Just need to building blocks and the other things like ozone therapy, even I prepare auctioned, like, male chamber here, I have a feeling, we may not need to give people stem cells as much as we need to mobilise activates them. There's a big question big big issue so activate them because stem cell sit wherever they said. Right. And they don't really go and do their job activated. So what's activating jobs? So sometimes when you use fetal stem-cell courts, they're ready somewhat ready activated, right? Joining the go stigma joint putting it back put it someplace where they can begin to start doing their job. What am I calling? Dr Kristen Teno clinic down and grab came in and the FDA. This is back in late nineties, we worked on IRB pain panel together, nationally. And they told him the FDA you cannot do stem cells in your lab and multiply them in Broomfield as we moved his plan to Grand Cayman, so because even if you barcode at all the stem cells from your bone marrow multiplying. Jack Jews Sierra. Injected into their joints. There's fine. And so what I see happening is, is that the government interferes with innovators like him. So then you have to fly down spent two weeks there. He draws you mayor from your spell, your list, your hip, and then reinjected into your joints, under CR me regenerate enjoying. It works. Yeah. It's actually be doing active it. Well, I provide the other side of it. I give smack divisions things that'll help to get your own stem cells. Like read your velvet now that has patents last week. If the patent nice is the first front rogue spies, all the field by building, blocks and hormones, so that, when you take it, he can regenerate any tissue. Kurdi Vasquez ASEM center, just a cart formula containing number of amazing. Reciprocals contains Cayenne releases nitric oxide release oxygen aged garlic. Luxy engine tension, earning enzyme inflammatory markers, and your heart and kills off bacteria and viruses, Hawthorn, which flower that releases. Texan tax credit talk for your heart love vessels, Larry and assistant torpor sympathetic milk Sissel that helps detox body from toxic chemicals and affect blood vessels start, and belfry fall stylized Andy oxen's, and so say about the size of amazing farm. 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Try dine proven time and time again to be the very best. Iodine available for you news is the only tesla activated monitoring plasma Haya dine in the world. Optimizes might Okon drill function generation of new might Okonya from totally neutralizing venom. From a desperate spider bite in southern California to eliminating malaria parasites reported by medical new Canaries central India. Doctor bills, try dine is simply the most powerful healing formula. There is try dine clears the body of all known passages restores to an alkaline state, and even promote them cell regeneration order bills, new, trion dined today and triple eight to one to eighty seventy one or visit us online at new. Medical dot com. And we're back with Dr Winkler. Seductive, you're gonna things become very person. One of the things I've realized over sixty seven and a half. Now is, I think God allows me to go through certain things physically myself or friends of mine family. So I become an over comer. You've found yourself takes same thing like, why am I going through this? You learn a lot more when you go through yourself finger, a lot more out, right? Whether it's a break up my head when I was a kid or blood sugar problems, or blood pressure, or issues of sinusitis, or whatever, or bone regeneration, for example. I think we need to pay with the colors of what I call functional Madison. One of the things that we do is we gender lie in conventional mess on drugs or procedures. And I think confidence, for example, if I get somebody would have bad knee, and I was research around to find an particular state in orthopedic surgeon do cleanup. I've done this for now. Believe it or not. I've been doing this for three decades referred, north peak surgeons that will actually go in and actually clean out the crap on joint deeper, if it needs to say their conduct of their femur, or the tibial plateau repair, the partial tears of minuscule by or their. And then get the hell out of there. And then they put in Highland, which is great polymer from rooster Coleman, or six million electric weight and it lasts with those shot. Just walk in twenty minutes, boomed and Jackson, you're done and things. You don't want cartilage touching cartilage, then you can go if several layers of that first off, you can just take ourselves. It's Debra generate cartilage. We have cartilage by regulatory peptides I get from Europe. Okay. We have joint performance intendant vendor in college and max, which triples raider. The transient I fleas to make new cartilage ironic acid polymer. We've got joint performance if you make two hundred vista layer in the cartilage and tendon vendor to modify the Tino sites. We've in anti-inflammatories arthritic-type lamps, you don't wanna take Don struggles because non strolls destroy protective prostate gland. Things like I pro- Finnan Volturno zone. The actually will destroy jobs may not be painful when you're going playing golf, but you're Siri faster and you increase the risk of heart attack increases the risk of cardiac arrest thirty one percent. That's actually published literature. So what I like to do and I called like is like Linda venture. I think he made a lot of his own paints and colors. And that's what you're doing in your clinic is really cool. Is your constant evolving learning? New things you're an actor practice. I'm like an affiliate. I like to work with people like you and clinics around the country outside the country doctors in Germany, that I talked to a consultant America, and Santiago, Chile and won elect to do is say, okay, can I give you a little more perspective on new things? Offer for joint. We generations, for example, people, I referred to my colleague, doctrines Teno, and if you go to centennial clinic dot com, you can range to have an appointment to fly down to Grand Cayman, he'll dry your bone marrow. He'll actually inject your joints with your own stem cells. He's multiply. In the stem cell lab and boom you grow joint these great success. Now, I provide a lot of support nutraceutical to give you the building blocks like read your velvet, and so on and activate like come Aisin and pulse light therapy looming photon, or epigenetics pulse, magnetic field therapy, like the cure us Matt now with the Soviet on that was the financially frequency sequence to raise your cell energy level, because if yourself biker voltage, energy levels low, your stem cells aren't going to work, so you need things to raise it. Now I have any. NIH tablets. In fact, I think I've bottle of right here. Where's my age there? That's energy, h. The call. Inapt that actually makes the h if you take inap- instantly reverses aging, in terms of energy in the south, so you can take one of these tablets, put it onto your tongue and that the best woman, I've looked at Thorne has a nice. No. This is the best I've checked on. This is actual NADA chapels. Okay. And if you take one of them, you can actually pop one of those on your tongue that your, you'll actually knows a couple of minutes. Your energy level will just keep it on your dissolve, you'll see your energy level, just take off like a rocket. Yeah. Now, we also have a called ATP you can raise your ATP levels with the product recalls. Fortunately, like speaking of which we give that intravenously. Right. And that's why we're here. Here you can provide IV therapy, that's even quicker and easier what that does and doesn't mean extent. So powerfully actually versus narcotic addiction. Exactly. Yeah. Changes the brain up. Complaints? So what was news that I don't prescribe drugs, but I do think that low dose chemo with insulin is helpful for a lot of cancer. I think that the dendritic vaccine is very helpful. They basically had it here in America for prostate only, but you can get it done in Greece. Now almost anywhere doing. But basically, they're taking it training. Retraining yourselves to actually recognize that the cancer is far right? Tricks vaccine, it's like a teacher vaccine, right? It's, it's the cells that are sitting there immature that now being programmed to natural killer cells inside of toxic. Now, now, the couple of things that I think, as you're expanding your clinic that I think you should probably add is, I think the chambers like that one here. Newton get one seven inches taller, taller, mild, hyper barracks is an incredible addition to functional medicine. And the thing is once you add, hyper barracks, you can add ozone to that, and you can even have them being inside. They're getting because each even at the same time or if you haven't set up, you can have e- portent even giving a dream asus if you want to. Very creative pressure. Does that go one point three atmosphere? So it speaking to be at Getty couple thousand people, see little is going to being at the bottom ten foot pool. So at the bottom of ten feet of water to go into being under in right now what it does is it dissolves on. So it's not irritating. So when I get in it, and I have my on generator is on your Tangier ways, when it's compressed and dissolves, right. The other thing that we're working on his genetic frequency and going little device to limit photons. So if you've got cancer, for example, what I wanted to put the neck frequency for nog lace with the rest can't you put Lewin, Pat on, and you put the frequency to actually knock at the nog lights. The buddies could find the cancer and kill. Right. What about just treating the cancer with the frequency, we do it actually remember cancer is, is an infection and genetic problems, and one of them, working on is called average. Netflix, Quintin neutralization therapy. In other words, I have the time here too. So you after the show, I have a ten oscilloscope and I'm working on another one, I'm going to get. Onyx and you could actually measure the frequency of disease, and like both headphone set. Yeah. Yeah. We've extracted frequency of the disease joint, or your cancer. I continue noise canceling frequent to Detroit off. But here's a natural noise canceling frequency. That's right exists in our body. Right. That's frequency of the heart. The heart doesn't get cancer in his that she devices that were replicate that frequency throughout the body and Kansas, go away. What makes sense do you know that pretty did studies devices what? Well, the closest actually is a new one now called Dr Fisher's financially frequency Salvator now the one the generation before there's this here call a cure curious, Matt, now the older devices, he is non-certified them the IRS, two thousand the on, and so on because he said generate the generate was call electro pollution. But the curious bet I'm sitting on and the veto, Matt. Will raise your cell energy level? And in fact, we've already shown that these combined with the photon sound being, which is a tesla machine will make cancer go away, because they generate the same pulse frequency that actually recharge yourself to get rid of cancer, because this is the one that, yes, I have two of them here, I'll show you them. I got one right here on the corner on that chair. Pulse magnetic machine, which is like yours in your clinic because you have a pulse magnetic field machine to buy. Yeah. And I have these mainly play with show, people when they fly in driving for consul, and then referred to people like you actually get actual treatment because I don't have a clinic, I basically provide consultation carrying connected with doctors like you. And what's neat about this is that. Say I believe that we need to start reading advancing of the idea of that, that there's a frequency behind life. That's only pass, for example, if you look at the at the. What's that, that number that talk about when you reach beyond that number if the homeopathic? There's a specific number where all you have just tend to the mind is twenty three right now. What happens is when you get into these really good. Homeopathic, those trained by allergist like forty years ago. And what happens is when you have a homeopathic is just single. And homeopathic powerful because they literally are the pure single talk to your cells, and DNA. So they're epigenetics treatment. So when you take a homeopathic, or a serial dilutions through the wrinkle method, you're giving signal to the body and the best way to actually find that is actually do those injections of acupoints. It's funny. You mentioned that I do something called Accu immune. So I'm you think we're actually or mixing up. Our extracts develop an immune support formula, and they were putting that into acupuncture points selected with those points are there's twenty two points that we. And I'm hitting them. They're all the low. She right. Right. And I'm hitting all of those with a booster homeopath. Yeah. Exactly. And now goes homeopaths are basically energetic medicine right now. The regular eventual docs, they don't wanna hear the same as you don't wanna hear about rife, or even tesla developed as machine. His tesla via Ray machine was used in clinics in Chicago, and elsewhere in New York this to save people from dying of the, the swine flu. Now my grandmother lost her brothers and sisters to this wine food, nineteen eighteen. And what do you do have people lying around the corner and you zapping for a while? And they would actually recover from the flu that otherwise would kill him. Now, the swine flu how to originate it was that we were creating a vaccine against typhus in Lupton, Kansas, and they use figs and the pigs were infected with big Lou created artificially carbon pitching pig flu human flu. So would they injected them with vaccine, they'd fly to Spain because we're going to the war, and they got sick when they arrived at, that's why they call it the Spanish Liu. So the Spanish flu is actually due to accidental. Recombinant virus was created by creating a typhus vaccine. Is an interesting back in the early nineteen hundreds nineteen eighteen when they flew them over there hundred one years. How do we have the technology that? No, we were making a typhus vaccine. So we were actually kind of experimenting head. Can we vaccinating typhus because that was a disease that they military was exposed to? So if you're well, we're going to send troops or we'll give them the vaccine, we're developing. So they're doing the experiments in fort Lupton, Kansas. Okay. Okay. So when they fly to Spain, they are they had the vaccine, but they weren't sick yet, they get there. And they start getting hypoc sick and go to respiratory failure. Because the virus was interesting but lethal, flew it grows at higher. Temperatures in your deep lungs rather than your throat. So if you've got a virus Bush in your lungs and respiratory failure, and good. Bronchopneumonia. Interesting. So what are the kinds of cool treatments said, do you either know about, or you can do in your clinic, they're really helpful to people talk to you about where using the therapy talked about, right? But we're going to connect us, body fluids, one of the components of our immune boosting thing is to come into do that. You'll help me with my excellent. Right. What we can do that right now. But the body is, also the body is spending, too much time to spend too much time trying to deal with it self. Right. So what we using his urine, and stool, and we make a immune booster from that sterilize. It we, we delude it out. Sterilize it and put it back into the body. Right. So the body begins stuck innings to it. Self better. So what are you doing? You're single back into rebalance it right along with hitting the acupuncture points. Right. Right. And that's why we'll see what I what I can do a project three which talked to Edney Taty from resonant light. I can give you the frequencies from the Rif tables, or my genetic frequencies, and you can put the acupuncture point with these electrodes. Over the points. Machines only about sixteen hundred dollars so you can actually put it in the clinic. And if you wanted to acupuncture, you take the Rif tables, or frequencies, only non rife or my frequencies, call neck from last Bali, and I give you those frequencies, you can get actually pump the acupuncture points like the Naga lease frequently get rid of nog lays, and that can be done right now. It's not like a long time in the future. You can get a chance for you right now. Three from residents. If you have any questions, do contact me and do go. Visit Dr Winkler clinic online at quantum functional medicine, that's med dot com dot com mad Q, F dot com. Thank you back tomorrow. We'll have another mazing. Thanks for having me toxic you for coming on.

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Quick News To Go: 9/14 to 9/17

Quick News Daily Podcast

1:11:41 hr | 1 year ago

Quick News To Go: 9/14 to 9/17

"Hello and welcome to the Quick News daily podcast where I give you the facts, I no click bait stories just real news that matters to real people. Today is Monday September fourteenth and thank you for trusting me with your news. I've got to come clean right off the Bat I. Don't know what happened to me but I forgot like half the stuff I was GonNa talk about Ri-. So today, I'll go back and talk about morality question with the Woodward trump tapes. I'll shift and talk about the NFL season some corruption with the CDC data. We'll see what else we can get to. So let's get caught up the most important story I missed. Friday was another ruling in this long battle over the census. Frankly I'm not sure how there's anything left to challenge and I think it's infuriating that the government can blow so. Much money trying to make our votes not count in and say, we can't pay for that when it comes to the postal service or benefits programs. But after semi self right there before we get too crazy important things that last Thursday, a panel of federal judges ruled that trump's order to commerce secretary Wilbur Ross to come up with a number of undocumented people so that when the final senses comes in trump can just subtract them from the total twenty one states and fifteen cities and counties sued and that ruling last Thursday was the judge's ruling in favour because the Fourteenth Amendment says persons not citizens like I've mentioned before and you can't just decide who counts as A. Person Anymore. Also, I'm not sure how they can decide where these people live if they're not counting them unless they use the fill out census to find them and then exclude them, which is just be s basically this is a suppression effort to scare undocumented folks from filling it out. So they think it won't count. So it's not worth the risk to them exposing themselves as undocumented. That's why it's important if you have undocumented family friends or neighbours to urge them to fill it out, explained to them what this all means you could wait a little bit to see if this ruling stands are they challenge it, but they're sort of running out of time for that there. was another ruling last month Tung Census Bureau to stop winding down their operations for the end of September and to plan for the end of October like usual pending the results of a hearing on September seventeen. This is because human rights groups were afraid that they're going to be excluding minorities using the pandemic or the lack of resources to say, Oh, we need to shut down earlier. So we'll see what happens on the seventeenth but in general I can't stress enough how important the censuses it'll help us get rid of gerrymandering. So that Republicans can draw maps that help them in automatically win them seats and it's not like this is control for two or four years it's ten. It also makes state races more important because they're the ones who actually draw the maps and approve them in most cases I guess in believe me I know firsthand because the Census Scott Walker in the Republican legislature completely messed up Wisconsin they did back in two thousand ten we're still feeling the effects now like in twenty eighteen Democrats. Won The popular vote across the state like fifty three percent but they hold one third of the legislature seats. So it matters it matters a lot because we are just gerrymandered to hell but anyways, this is why I say fill out your census in my sign off every day it is so important. So fellow at your senses. So onto this report about the CDC, that pretty much everyone including me called as soon as it happened. Apparently some political appointees including. Michael. Caputo who was questioned numerous times in the Russia investigation and was a deputy to Roger Stone. So that tells you the kind of person he is. But he's now officially the health and Human Services Department spokesperson and he and his goons is group helpers including this person Paul Alexander are asking to review CDC reports on the Corona virus before their Santo to the public basically just making the match. The president's Rosie tone saying it's all good nothing to see here we're fine. It's it's actually winding down when it's not like this example right here. Just kinda tells you everything you need to know about who these people are. Paul Alexander who they say is like a doctor but must depend from trump university or something. He says quote CDC to me appears to be riding high pieces on the administration CDC tried to report as if once kids get together there will be spread in this impact school reopening very misleading by CDC in shame on them their aim is clear and quote. Yeah, it's not like that happened at all. It's not like a UW Manton. Here is on lockdown for two weeks because they've had such significant spread. Oh, wait that's happened all across the country at every school that's tried to reopen. It's ridiculous. So that's basically the gist of the story. They're adding all these caveats or trying to say that things misleading when they're not really. Essentially. They're just trying to be those bad used car salesman in to get people think it's better than it really is out there. I feel like I would lose my packer fan status. If I didn't at least mention the full-scale return the NFL yesterday and the packers beating the Minnesota Vikings but come on. That's not really news isn't not a shocker personally, it just felt really bizarre and confusing to me the whole NFL thing on the one hand when chemistry showed the field, the players know the action on the field, the bench it felt like everything was normal but then when they would show the empty seats it just all seems so strange in like the fake crowd noise. I'm sure I'll get over it after like a game or two, but these NFL games or even playing men is tough for me because the last time the stuff was on our entire world was different just feels like it'll never be quite the same. This is just one small example, and maybe I'm making too much of it but I feel like we're going to have a mental health reckoning fairly soon. It's like your grandparents or maybe even your parents live through the Great Depression maybe they were penny pinchers to the Max no matter how much money they had or they still thought certain everyday food symbolized wealth like the Great Depression. This corona virus thing was is because it's still going on even though we're acting like it isn't. I guess what I'm trying to say is that people's habits are going to change forever because of this people are going to be impacted forever because of this was a major thing. I guess I'm sorry to be a Debbie Downer here but I just had to mention it because it's not to be like a vaccine everything's back to normal. Oh, by the way packers fans stick around to the end. I, think you'll enjoy the end song I'm hoping what it means. So as soon as I got over the shock that there were real audiotapes with trump confessing to lying to us I, begin to think why didn't Bob Woodward Release these sooner? Would it have saved lines I pushed that away though because it's not his fault that we're in the situation it's Donald Trump who supposed to be the president also thought could bob even trust anything trump said because I guarantee most of what trump said in those interviews was like puffery just parading to make himself look better that sort of thing because that's what he always does. That's what everything is. He's a salesman he's a bad used car salesman is what he is well from Bob Woodward himself it sounds like He's saying that was essentially what he was thinking in an interview with the Associated Press. Woodward. Said quote he tells me this I'm thinking wow, that's interesting. But is it true? Trump says things that don't check out right and quote goes on to say he didn't get other sources to confirm this stuff until may which he says was too late and he was just trying to release the book before the election, which is good, which is noble, which is what we'd prefer. I think we probably could have shut up the anti massacres quite a bit more if these were released in May, but what's done is done what matters now is using this audio to convince voters in that's the trick. But what do you think was he was he right to hold onto this vista should he released it? I just WanNa, play a few clips of some of the insane stuff that trump has been saying lately into this first one is from an interview with Judge Janine on Fox News and the US marshals went into get together. And insured time they ended in a gunfight. This guy was a violent criminal out of the month and the US. Marshals killed him. And I will tell you something that's the way it has to be. has to be retribution when you have crime like this. So retribution with no trial, no arrest, these people just get to kill them. That's who we are now. Let's be clear. No matter if the guy's idiot or not in authority figure cannot be saying this in the US. This is the ultimate slippery slope into becoming a country like Russia. Because next time, we're GONNA have a competent donald trump who's really going to know how to do stuff. Then we have this clip here from his rally. This was in Colorado on Saturday and during pandemic he's making fun of social distancing take a listen. Give with a little circles, the circle. You know why puts the circles because he wants to be like correct with covet but it's not really because they can't get anybody to fill up a room said he put these big circles. So. He can't get anybody to fill nobody wants to go. These next couple clips there can be from that railway as well. How about this one in his rant about Antiga I think just listen to this one and see if he can make sense of it. And with that comes tremendous crime. And you know I was being I was talking the other day. Darling somebody just moved next door who is it? It's a representative of ANTIFA. She. Will look at her husband say darling we're Outta here. We're Outta here, ANTIFA remember trying to blame other people. They don't like to mention the name Antifa I said it's ANTIFA and I was right I was right they're bad people and you know what? They have to pay a price for the damage and for the horror that they've caused, they have to pay a price. and. So easy. Here's one where he's complaining about the venue and napping employees Air Force One. Now, after this is over after this over, you'll have like it. NBC's this third reporters dead. They had a small crowd a insignificant insignificant crowd in a great location. You know how great it was. We landed we drive for fifty minutes. That's how great but I like it anyway, I'll think. I'll take it anyway I like. My kind of people we love each other I like it. Landed the big beautiful Air Force One. I just sat says we're coming in why couldn't we have landed here? I would have rather. Could've had the plane right behind me? Instead, we have the beasts either based. What you don't know is the beast cost as much as the planned. To Hell of a car so walking army tank. The base? East lowering through the whole thing who says insignificant like that except someone who's drunk? Oh. Yeah. Probably someone WHO's had a couple of mini strokes. ID significant crowd. Okay. So he said this one too many times for be joking more. At fifty two days from now, we're going to win Nevada. And we're going to win four more years in the White, house. And then after that will negotiate right because we're probably. Based on the way we were treated with probably entitled to another four after that. and. It should never happen to another president. It's just a dishonest group of people but. Here we are. I guarantee he thinks that he can do this like they'll just let him keep being president for as long as he wants also, very, very wishful thinking on his health wines if he's already deteriorating this past to actually get to a third term again though that's dictator stuff that's Vladimir. Putin stuff. We can have that it's unacceptable. We have to say it is unacceptable. Here's Donald Trump. The classy person we all know him to be if you just. So it's not like they haven't been here. He was a vice president for eight years and he only did one thing. He treated Obama good. I was GONNA. Say something else but they would've scolded me. I was that's exactly what I was going to say. It's better that you say do you want to shout it out go ahead south? That's what I said I was. Thank you very this could only have and closing with the last example of how trump is becoming a banana republic dictator another clip from that interview with Judge Janine. Let's say there are there are threats they say that they're going to threaten riots if they lose on election night assuming we get a a winner on election night. What are you? GonNa. Do we'll put them down very quickly they do that. We have the right to do that. We have the power to do that. If we want look it's called insurrection we just send in and we we do it very easy very easy. I'd rather not do that because the reason for it, but if we had to do that and put it down within minutes within minutes, this is just it's madness. Mississippi election not because the candidate isn't good that's going against trump because the people in this country are so. I've never felt worse about living here. All right folks that's all I've got for news today. But before we go, do you want to take a minute and tell you about the sponsor today show the time Turner Harry Potter Indepth Time Turner is a podcast that comes from the sibling duo of Ken and Eliza into the show they're going back and rea reading all seven books of Harry Potter than analyzing them as they go. The show focuses on foreshadowing feelings, interesting nuggets they try to tight to the main end game and over big questions that. They still have there's also their fair share of hot takes. So you won't want to miss those either it's a great listen because you get a whole range of emotions. There are the serious moments when they discuss the I guess more problematic themes, the character flaws, the plot holes in the miscellaneous things that come up now that we know jk rollings, shall we say controversial views at the same time? They have fun pointing out some of the stranger plot points inside stories that actually never come back into play. and. It's even better when they take these random moments in related to something from their own lives, and that's where the brother sister perspective really adds a lot to the show personally the Harry Potter at home series. Got Me back in Harry Potter in general. It's been a long time since I've read the books or even the movies for that matter ABC family. Anymore. ABC but this show time Turner is a great compliment to Harry Potter at home since you can essentially listen to the audio book read by celebrities and then get analysis from Kenan Eliza so would definitely recommend that combination listening to them side by side it really goes well together so far the time Turner podcast is covered all book one Harry. Potter in the sorcerer's stone or philosopher's stone and book to Harry Potter, and the Chamber of secrets in the podcast breaks up into seasons when you're looking at it on apple podcasts. So that's really helpless listeners they know where you left off or where you need to start. It's great. Those two seasons are available in full on apple podcasts. Stop. I, Heart Radio and pretty much any of your favorite podcast platforms. They just started season three with the first episode for Harry, Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. So there's already a lot of content out there to consume and they're still going I put their website in the show description, and from there you can get all of those podcast platforms wherever you WanNa listen you can also find on twitter and Instagram as at time Turner pod. So give the time Turner Harry Potter in. Depth, a listen because Kennon, Melissa have clearly put in a lot of time in thought into each episode. It's funny it's wholesome. It's real. It's authentic and it's certainly a must listen for Harry, Potter fans out there. So while you're checking time Turner Out, don't forget to subscribe in Lever of you here for quick. News daily if you like which here, it always is really appreciated otherwise stay safe make your plan to vote fill out your census and I'll see you right back here tomorrow. Don. Trump. got. Factor. Ah. Today is Tuesday September fifteenth and thank you for joining me man we have a lot to get to today. Glasses over here but hurry please we have so much time. Wait a minute. Strike that? We've I thank you. So let's get caught up. So, this was another big story from over the weekend. It was the announcement by Mike Bloomberg that he's going to spend at least one, hundred, million dollars in the state of Florida to help Joe Biden win the state. This Washington Post story says that Bloomberg made decision last week after seeing those numbers on Florida in seeing that Oh maybe binds a little performing there. It's a little closer than we thought official quotas voting starts on September twenty fourth in Florida. So the need to inject real capital in that state quickly is an urgent need. This is Bloomberg adviser. Kevin Cheeky he continues Mike. Believes that by investing in Florida it will allow campaign resources and other democratic resources to be used in other states in particular the state of Pennsylvania. So, there was always this fear of all. Where's Bloomberg's money? He got to speak at the convention, but he's not gonNA fork any over even after he said, he made this promise to keep his campaign staff employed and put all this money in to help be trump. Personally I was really never worried by didn't didn't really come after Mike to personally at least for too long also because they were both from New York I'm sure trumpcare. Bloomberg. His Fair share of grief during the couple of terms that Mike was the mayor of New York City. You can tell when Bloomberg speaks whenever he goes on TV his aunts were also pretty devastating, but you can just feel the vitriol contempt he asks for Donald Trump Mike Bloomberg is obviously a big money guy you know he's a billionaire but even he trust show by more than Donald Trump. So that should really be a warning to everyone end as Rick Wilson always says, Mike Bloomberg has more money in his couch cushions than Donald Trump, has at all I think alluding to the fact that Donald has some showers loans into he's probably not even a billionaire really when you get down to off topic but thank goodness that is a breath of fresh air. Some good news for Joe Biden on the money side to go with an even better August and by the way, the Biden campaign pointed out that since Calvin Coolidge in nineteen, twenty four, no Republican has won if they don't win Florida. And this year it really is all about Florida because of trump doesn't get that one and he's got to pick up a couple from either Minnesota Wisconsin. Michigan Pennsylvania Arizona in those are looking shaky. Really generous because he's behind in all of them. So He needs Florida to have any chance in s a little note to yourself. If you're watching on election night tour as the votes come in the days after in the mail, we're GONNA know pretty quickly because Florida starts counting there's early. So we'll know on election night mostly with the vote is going to be. So a Florida starts going Biden were going to be in really good shape that's when you know. Okay we might have this one. In follow up to a story that we started last week the Supreme Court right here in my own backyard that Wisconsin Supreme Court decided to keep the Green Party candidate off the presidential ballot meaning that the absentee ballots can be mailed out in time. The four to three decision, which is closer than it should have been means that Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins will not be on the ballot this time, which is good for two reasons one obviously, the absentee ballots mailed out on time voters have more time to mail them back but also now there's one less person to split the vote among trump and Biden those the whole story about twenty sixteen. There were enough third party votes overall to make up the difference between trump and Clinton. So obviously, we all a little bit worried. More. Than a little bit probably that's something similar would happen this year and that trump would win again because people didn't want either of them. So this helps in those two big ways. It was three of the liberal justices and then one conservative justice dissented and went with the with the Liberals. So it was four to three again, much closer than it should have been. Now, we all remember the Big Tick Tock. Scare a couple of weeks ago. Don't we? Yes. Back in trump was talking about banning tectonic because it's owned by a Chinese company, the rumor and the buzz at that time was that it was actually going to be Microsoft would by at least some portion of Tiktok, maybe just for US operations, but it wasn't really clear how that was going to work. Well, it seems that at the last minute here Microsoft is out and Oracle is in. It's not set in stone yet but some people familiar with the negotiations say that this deal would actually look more like what? Tick. Tock has wanted all along which is that Oracle could take a stake in the newly-formed US Tiktok business while serving as a tech partner in housing tectonics American user data on servers that's according to Bloomberg. Ironic. So that's the. Whole point of contention here that data is it stored. What can they do with it? Obviously, with Mr, look at me I'm tough on China trump. He wants data here and he and Mike pompeo spreading the well, what are they doing? They can watch you at any time there watching you right now they're listening to you record this podcast. It's just all. It's almost to the point where I don't want to criticize tick tock anymore because it just feels so racist, it's just so anti Chinese at the same time it is more towards the Chinese Communist Party but as with all things trump, it's taking a little bit to the extreme and is getting into the territory where it's more. All Chinese. People are bad. So. We can have our data over there because they're bad people. But yes, shockingly it is oracle not Microsoft might be swooping in for the tick tock deal. The reason I called today show. Bloomberg. was because that seems to really be the theme of the day. This next story also comes courtesy of Bloomberg and their investigative team end. It's about a major development in the Cuban on saga now Cunanan as the Pizza Gate Hillary Clinton pedophile sex ring BS is and all those conspiracy theories where Donald Trump is fighting the deep state he was sent by God. Himself or whatever wants well a website titled q map that pub was recently taken down after Bloomberg's investigative team, located its owner, and finally found out the identity of the owner. So q mapped up pub, it's under the umbrella of Q APP Anon. It's the online name of Hugh maps creator and they have their own patriotic count. So they're accepting donations as well. I would not recommend contributing to that one. But in March. They said that they were going to release an android APP titled Armor of God, which would be social network for all. These Cunanan followers the APP developers email address was then listed on Google, plays page. So link where they could download the APP and through that Bloomberg's investigative team was able to trace it to new, Jersey State business records, and the parent parent company Patriot platforms LLC matches. The address of Jason Gelinas. So he ostensibly end allegedly for legal reasons is the owner of this APP end of this website. Now, what's special about Jason Gelinas? Why would I spend so much time on this well, as it turns out Mr Glenis is a senior vice president of a company. So that makes it a big deal right but hold on just one second. It's not just any company. It's Citi Group. That's right. City group who you might actually know from owning Citibank one of the largest banks in the US a senior vice president was allegedly in on this Cunanan stuff. In it enough that he made a website and an APP for win they confronted him outside of his home to try to get a comment. He said quote I'm not going to comment on any of that I'm not going to get involved I want to stay out of it end quote but this group, this investigative team also reported that Colinas, was wearing an American flag baseball cap in offer to comment about the Cunanan following, calling it quote a Patriotic Movement to save the country. So. Doubling Down Really I. Mean I just don't get it. He could even try to deny that he was involved with the website or the APP. Maybe, he knew it was to. To rock-solid of a case. But he tried to do that and say like. I don't know anything about and on I'm not gonNA comment I. Don't know what's going on here but no, he decides to double down give his support for Cunanan as an executive of Citigroup. So even if it turns out that he wasn't involved in the APP or the website unlikely a city group higher up still voiced support for the same group that alleges that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring in the basement of a pizza parlor. Just think about that for one second I don't know what else to call the except very scary development. In the trial of a covert vaccine. So I think a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Astra Zeneca had briefly put their vaccine trial pause because one person came down with a I forget what the exact term was but they weren't quite sure what the source of the side effect was well now they're releasing what the patient went through and it does not sound great. So strata WHO's running this with Oxford University over in Britain said the trial volunteer recovered from a severe inflammation of the spinal cord but is no longer Hospitalized. This is from an article on CNN. It goes on to say they have not confirmed that the patient was afflicted with transverse Mileit is but dr of injure Nath who has the title of Intramural Clinical Director in a leader of viral research at the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and stroke in Nih Division. So National Institute of Health Division again don't ask those people where they work because you'll be there all day. So AstraZeneca didn't confirm this transverse smile lightest but nath into another neurologist said they understood this to be the case. Transverse. My lightest produces a set of symptoms involving inflammation along the spinal cord that can cause pain muscle, weakness and paralysis. All that said Britain's version of the FDA which is called the medicines and healthcare products. Regulatory Agency reviewed the case and has allowed the trial to resume over in the UK. However are NIH is still investigating and seeing what we should do about the problem. These specialists say that there could be several causes for this Mayan. Lightest one is that vaccines often bring out previously undiscovered conditions that patients have. So the vaccine triggers an immune response and sometimes when that immune response happens, it's sort of them. It causes a lot to happen within your body. So things that you might not have otherwise discovered come to the forefront. That's kind of the hope in this one, there was A. Patient who earlier had similar symptoms early on in the trial but they found out that she had multiple sclerosis. So they chalked it up to that. But the second one in have to see if this person has any underlying health conditions, but they're worried that the second one could be more of what they call molecular mimicry, which is where some small piece of vaccine may be similar to tissue in the brain or spinal cord resulting in an immune attack on that tissue in response to the vaccine component. So, if that's the case, this infectious disease specialist at the Courtney article says another of transverse mind lightest would be likely if trial resumed. And if this were to happen a second case would shut down the trial. No IFS ands or buts about it. The thing to keep in mind is that this condition occurs at a rate of one in two hundred and fifty thousand people. So it's a it's rare and it quote strikes most often as a result of the bobbies immune response to a virus less frequently such episodes have also been linked to vaccines. So at least now, we know a bit more about what that volunteer went through what their symptoms were. It wasn't just like flu like symptoms or something like that. It definitely does sound pretty serious and. Man, who. Could have predicted that rushing through all these trials except a lot of people now obviously, we do have to wait for the final results to see if this was linked but. I don't know seems like a pretty big coincidence if it's not. Thinking back to when I mentioned that Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf was actually come to be installed illegally like he's in the position illegally a federal judge in Maryland has agreed with that decision from the Government Accountability Office. The ruling was actually issued last Friday and the gist of it was that when the last homeland security secretary the last one who was actually nominated into full time secretary Kirstin Nielsen, you might remember her. When she left Kevin. Mecca Leinen took over on an acting basis and he modified the order of succession. So like if he stepped down who would take over so that would make sure that wolf was the one who would take over because wolf is just like basically he's been a lobbyist synthetic career. He has no experience with Homeland Security. He's just there to while he's just a trump lackey. So the first acting secretaries appointment was actually ruled invalid in that was found to be because of the order of succession. So when he also modified the order of succession that meant that Wolf's transition into the position was also invalid. So. This guy who was talking about sending troops in everywhere and cracking down on protesters and I love the idea of throwing them in unmarked vans. Yea He's there illegally himself now that doesn't mean he's leaving of course because flying what they do that. But the irony of you yourself being illegal in saying, Oh law and order this law and order that it's just it's insane. It's too much. It's literally too much to handle so. The irony. It's almost as crazy as saying this, I want my commander in chief to the calm under pressure I want him to not exert his stereo to the American people and cause a panic that doesn't mean he's dealing with it sincerely severely. But that's the reality you know Bob Woodward is a couple of weeks before an election he's got to. Crank out another book. You know he was right once forty years ago and he's carried it that way ever. Since in case maybe you didn't recognize the voice that was donald trump junior supposedly talking about Joe Biden like Joe Biden is the man the guy who is just in over his head, just the projection the projection of these people is incredible. Well that's going to wrap it up for me here on this Tuesday I think you guys know the drill by now make sure you're subscribed wherever you're listening. That's number one first and foremost most important number two is leave a review. If the platform you're on Letsie leave review because it really does help the show get out there get more visibility I would appreciate it there. Again, we do have merchandise available with the News daily logo on everything from masks shirts fanny packs long sleeve shirts getting a little bit chillier up by me whatever you one we have otherwise as always stay safe make your plan to vote fill out your census. Today, we've got a lot of updates on stories I've covered in the past including Alexei Navalny, Brianna Taylor, and Michael Caputo. Then we have trump lying during town hall because of course, and a disturbing story. If it's true folks, there's not a minute to waste. So let's get caught up thankfully Alexia volney seems to be progressing well after being poisoned with a nerve agent. Nevada leader from Russia. Putin. And yesterday, he was able to make a post on instagram in the post. He mostly talked about breathing own since he's off a ventilator now, which is good. His spokesperson confirmed that he'll be returning to Russia when he recovers. I don't know man he is much much more brave than I would be I think I would keep at least four countries between me and Russia if I got poisoned with a nerve agent I can only make sense of this by that. He thinks the extra attention on him will mean it's harder to kill him without people knowing in my opinion that's kind of a risky bet I mean they don't even know for sure how he was poisoned this time. So I bet it's even easier if Navan as in Russia again. By the way it's been reported that Germany France and Sweden have all independently confirmed that evolving wasn't he'd poisoned by INOVA chalk nerve agent. In what's being called a historical settlement a family Brianna Taylor was awarded twelve million dollars as well as the promise that police reforms will be put into place including reforms such as establishing housing credit program in hopes of having officers live where they serve using social workers to go along uncertain police calls and requiring commanders to review and approve search warrants. Mom seemed most grateful for the police reforms saying quote, the police reform measures that we were able to get past as part of the settlement means so much more to my family, our community into like you see all that said, the mayor said, the city is not admitting wrongdoing in the incident. So you pass a law banning no knock warrants. Then you settle a lawsuit out of court promising twelve, million dollars in police reforms, and you still haven't arrested the officers who killed Brianna or even admitted wrongdoing. Sounds like those other things admit wrongdoing. But Hey, that's just me the man who is allegedly her killer former officer Hankinson is still on the loose. Well, just a couple of days after mentioning him good friend of the show Michael Caputo is once again back under fire political is reporting that yesterday he held an emergency staff meaning to address rumors that have been going on around to my guess but mostly that disturbing facebook live video, he posted over the weekend and then deleted his account in the video. He claims a lot of stuff but let's take a listen to just a little bit. Whether as the Buffalo News or the New York Times or The Wall Street Journal or or any of these media outlets? I'm under siege. It's been going on for couple? Of Weeks. And? I don't care. Because I have the president's support I know that because he's toity some. Other after me for two reasons and one, a hybrid I want to well, I want to tell you what they are. So you understand. And you understand. That Might go anywhere. They're gonNA. Have to kill me. And unfortunately, I think that's where this is going. Partisan. Democrats. Conjugal media. And the scientists, the deep state scientists. Want America's sick through November. They cannot afford for us to have any good news for November because they're already losing. Donald trump ranked. Now, if you election were held, today would win. Okay. So He's claiming that he might take a medical leave sort of a a convenient way to get out of their political said that he's already on thin ice with trump and that was before the facebook live thing. So. If I had to put money on it I would bet that he's going to be taking a medical leave here pretty quickly. A former HHS official also told politico that Caputo has long complained of the stress caused by having been mentioned in these special counsel as investigation on Russian interference in the two thousand, sixteen election. It. Also says Caputo. Speeded anonymous White House criticism about his mental health saying that some of his comments had been taken out of context in concluded the meeting by encouraging his staff to listen to music by the grateful dead. Okay. All right. So That sounds like a a normal person who is completely in mentally all there right? That doesn't sound like anyone who in have mental health issues. Just force it does now here's where we have two separate things or at least I'm going to. If he truly has these mental health problems he really needs to go get them checked out. He needs to leave his position and never come back. And, I don't ever WANNA. Make Fun of someone for having mental health issues because you just never know you never know what's going on with someone. That said if his mental health issue is that he's annoyed in paranoid of being investigated because he was a criminal in worked with the Russian government during two thousand sixteen. Which I think it's pretty clear that everyone did I mean he's an associate of Roger Stone who is indicted in convicted on seven felonies. Even though he got his sentence commuted and he's out spewing lies again because that's just to Roger Stone is Roger Stone is still a felon. So again, if his mental health issues is just paranoia because he's a criminal. In, criminals usually get investigated. I got no love lost form but man, if he truly believes what he's saying in those facebook videos, he really does have problems. This disturbing if true story is the one about an ice detention center in Georgia where one doctor there is accused of performing mass hysterectomies on these immigrants being held there as well as refusing to test detainees for covid nineteen and shredding medical records. This is a sort of whistleblower complaint. It's coming from a nurse who works at that facility. It's the Irwin County detention center again in Georgia. Apparently, in the complaint, she says that the gynecologist is called quote the uterus collector and was performing quote mass hysterectomies and. Now it's still early in the story and maybe by the end of the day to day more, we'll have come out about it because even yesterday some of the bigger networks starting to pick up on it. So we'll be able to see if there's more here. If. Substantial truth to it. But. But yeah. This is one to watch closely because earlier in June when trump was gassing peaceful protesters, it was like living in the V for vendetta world. Now, if this is true, it's like the handmaid's tale. So it's like the crossover, you would never want like V for vendetta in handmaid's tale. So like what H. for handmaid's Tale I don't know but it's like the worst of both worlds, both of those stories are back in the eighties. So at that time you like, okay, these are a little bit extreme I don't think this could ever happen. Maybe the ideas are there, but it would never happen in twenty twenty s like MSN. A beer. So this is one story that I'll be watching closely and updating you on as we hear more and more either evidence or. Evidence to disprove. A quick update to the Florida polling problems that Biden had supposedly as well as the Bloomberg cash infusion in the state. The good news about those polls coming out early is that everyone sort of got not even sort of everyone got freaked out about them. So now resources are absolutely pouring into Florida and Mike Madrid. One of the founders of the Lincoln Project WHO's in charge of political operations for them confirmed yesterday that they will indeed. Be Moving into Florida as well. Moving some of their operations, some of their ads I saw the already released a Spanish language one just yesterday I think. So now they're even joining the fight. Obviously, that's really good news and thank goodness that this came out. So early that everyone's sort of had time to course correct in adjust tuned focused there is on. Florida. Because like I said, it's all about Florida and trump doesn't get Florida. Good night. Just another sign of the times and what apparels position were actually in the scientific American, has broken with its tradition not endorsing anyone for president in their one, hundred, seventy, five year history. The Scientific American has never endorsed anyone for president, but they broke that rule yesterday and they endorsed Joe Biden citing the fact that trump is completely ignored all the science on climate change as well as openly admitted to ignoring the science on Corona virus to help his reelection chances. Man If even the scientists are getting involved you know we're in a really really tough spot as a country. Lastly here the trump townhall that took place on ABC last night it was moderated by George Stephanopoulos into win about as well as you thought, might have trump constantly lying sometimes the voters actually. Back, checking them in real time, which was nice. Here's one of the highlights the wearing of masks has proven to. Lessen it spread of covid. Why don't you support a mandate from national mask-wearing? Why don't you wear a mask more often? Will I do wear them what I have to and in hospitals and other locations, but I will say this They said at the Democrat Convention, they're going to do a national mandate. They never did it because they've checked out and they didn't do it and a good question. As you ask like Joe Biden they said, we're going to do national mandate on hold on all governors to have them it a state, but he he didn't do it. I mean he never did it. Now there is. By the way a lot of people don't WanNa wear masks. There are a lot of people think the masks are not good and there are a lot of people that as an example, those people I'll tell you who those people are waiters they come over and they serve you have a mask and I saw it the other day where they were serving me and they're playing with a mask. I'm not blaming then I'm just saying what happens they're playing with the mask the mask is over and they're. Touching it and and then they're touching the plate that can't be good. There are a lot of people. If you look at Dr Fao Cheese original statement, you look at a lot of people CDC. Statement they said very strongly George, don't wear masks. Then all of a sudden they went to wear masks. The concept of a mess. Good. But it also does you constantly touching you touching your face. You're touching plates. There are people that don't think masks. Good. Yup because Joe Biden is president who could have done that. It's man like you're the one who could have done a national mask mandate. You're the president for now not Joe Biden another one here right here she's from. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and you actually have voted before. Hello, hi, my question is If you believe, it's the president's responsibility to protect America, why would you downplay a pandemic? That is known to disproportionately harm low income families and minority communities. Well I didn't downplay it. I. Actually in many ways, I played it in terms of action by action was very strong tough Nicholas what I did was with China I put a ban on with Europe I put a ban on and we would have lost thousands of more people had I. Not put the ban on. So that was called action not with the mouth, but in actual fact. We did a very, very good job when we put that ban on whether you call the talent or luck, it was very important. So we saved a lot of lives when we did that there were holes in the ban in the European bandon come for another month while they were Americans, I mean the holes in were if you have somebody in China, that's an American citizen we had to let them in. This one I mean it's just too easy I wanted to always play it down. Yes. That's your own voice on the tape man you admitted to downplaying not anyone else last one here with time because any deaths and you'll develop you'll developed hurt like a herd mentality it's going to be it's going to be heard developed and that's going to happen. And if we did follow that approach, I think we might have two million people that the fact Checker for CNN Daniel Dale who made a huge splash after the Republican national convention in Trump's speech when he went on that like three minute rant about all the lies in that speech well, he was back at it last night again, this time for this town hall he does address things that I've already brought up here, but it's just easy to let the mango and not really interrupt his stream of consciousness. Let's take a listen Daniel. Let me bring you in because you've been busy fact checking this town hall what stood out to You There are just so much lying down I'm. GonNa go quickly here. So literally just stopped me whenever you to said again, Democrats won't protect people with preexisting conditions. That is nonsense as a voter told him Democrats created those protections he insisted he didn't praise China on the virus he did. So repeatedly, we know that he claimed that nobody knew at the time he was praising China that seniors were especially susceptible to the virus that was one of the first things we learned out of China and out of Italy. The US he claimed that. Biden said in March that the pandemic was quote totally over exaggerated I can find no evidence that Biden ever said that he said that a Winston Churchill was kind of like him playing down stuff because he went on rooftops in. London during the Nazi bombing and told people everything's going to be good. Churchill did not speak from the rooftops and did not say everything's GonNa be good. He warned of suffering danger trump said. that he fired James, Mattis matters resigned he said that protesters took over twenty percent of Seattle. It was a six block area nowhere close to twenty percent. He took credit again for sending in the National Guard Minneapolis, saying that this happened after a week and a half violence there it was not even close to a week and a half it was days and the Democratic governor is the one who activated the guard He. Said, he essentially repealed obamacare by getting rid of the individual mandate not even close to true the Medicaid expansion preexisting conditions, protections other stuff remains he said, the cupboards were empty ventilators. His administration admits he inherited about sixteen thousand from Obama. He did his usual false boasts about so-called bans on travel from China and Europe. They were not complete bands. He said stocks are owned by everybody just about half of Americans own stocks. He repeated his nonsense about testing causing cases testing merely reveals helps fight hase's he said that Biden has agreed to a Bernie Sanders style socialized healthcare. He fought sanders on that issue he has not agreed to Sandra style plan, and this is a preliminary list. I have our the fact checking tonight to do because there is more than this. This was just a fire hose of lying again from the president do drink water. I think McCain. Apologized it was like just what an hour about an hour and a half townhall and Like every. Line, which is false or misleading is crazy. Okay and then well, let's talk about what he said about crime listening to what the president said about crime tonight. Here it is. If you'RE GONNA stop we have to give the the respect back to the police that they deserve. They've done a fantastic job in so many locations, but then bad things happen. Look at New York new. York was a very safe city Rudy Giuliani did a fantastic job. The city was safe, and then all of a sudden we have a Mary starts cutting the police force and grime is up one hundred, percent, one, hundred and fifty percent. So one form of crime up three, hundred percent. What are the facts Daniel? So. There have been spikes in certain kinds of crime in New York, city this year particularly shootings where there's been an more than one hundred percent increase, not a three, hundred percent increase but substantial. The thing to remember though is that crime has fallen hugely since even Giuliani's final years Giuliani presided over decrease then there's been a subsequent big decrease. So last year in two, thousand, nine, hundred, there are fewer than half the murders under bill blasios in the last year of Giuliani. So yes, this year has been an increase, but the city is still way safer than it was entirely on his last year in two, thousand and one. Well. There you go. Don't let facts get in the way of a good story. That's it for me here on this midway point of the week. You can do the usual things rate and review the show wherever you're listening as well as leaving personal feedback for me with that Google form I linked to in the episode description the feedback go straight to me anonymously and you can have a real impact on what the show looks. So make sure to take advantage there otherwise that's about it. I think as always stay safe, make your plan to vote fill out your census and I'll see you right back here tomorrow. Well Ladies and gents. It seems like every day brings another huge signal that to vote for trump. Sometimes. The Sky Turns Orange because weird knowing the climate. Sometimes. The president tells you to drink bleach to beat a killer virus. And other times he reenact walking down the ramp. Down a ramp. Lucky for us, he gave us a couple more of those signature moments yesterday. So I'll tell you all about those. As well as a check in with our favorite propagandist. Michael Caputo. Some vaccine news and even more. To you remember when Barack Obama was such a narcissist that when his townhall didn't get good ratings he had a meltdown at a press conference the next day. Remember that. No of course you don't because we've never had a spoilt toddler for president. Obviously. I'm making some assumptions here, but it is one hundred percent true that trump's ABC townhall didn't even crack the top five programs of the night. The top five in terms of viewers were. America's got talent. America's got talent with five point nine, four, million viewers. Now gets clippers came seven Tucker Carlson's white power our. Sean Hannity then at number five. Big Brother with four point one, three, million. Trump's townhall. Trump pre. Drum roll please. Drew three point nine, seven, million viewers. Ouch. If, you're were a normal person though that would matter to you. But? If, you're a narcissist and you only care about yourself don't possess the ability to care for others. You might go out and save vis. Hey Donald. Hey. Hi. Maybe don't want to say dead Americans don't matter because they live in states that deterrents. I. Mean I know you said Dead American soldiers were losers and suckers. So this isn't surprising. But yeah maybe don't say that. Maybe don't say that part out loud. Honestly folks. How do people still believe in this guy? Even, if you think he's a sinner or whatever, but then he does good stuff in his actions. Isn't there some limit. I guess not. especially. Especially, if they only watch box. Sadly that wasn't the end of the press conference. Naturally, since his CD director told the truth in his testimony in front of Congress yesterday. Trump spent nearly the entire press conference ripping him to shreds. In that testimony. Dr. Redfield said, he expects vaccinations to start in November or December. Dangling it right around the election, of course. But. He also said, it'll be unlimited supply and only those who are most in need will get it. So like healthcare workers and the elderly. The entire public will take about six to nine months to get vaccinated. meaning that normal life. If we remember it. Won't take until about the third quarter of next year so. About one year from now, best case. That didn't please the dear leader though. So, Dr Trump. Infectious Disease extraordinaire. Said quote I think he made a mistake when he said that it's just incorrect information and I called him and he didn't tell me that. And I think he got the message may be confused maybe it was stated incorrectly. We're ready to go immediately as the vaccine is announced. And it could be announced in October. Oh. Well, there you have it. Well there you have it. October. Eleven months before the expert said. Interesting. Dr Redfield let this slip. To which Donald Trump said quote, the mask is not as important as the vaccine. As for the mass. As far as Damascus concerned I, hope that I hope that the vaccine is going to be a lot more beneficial than the masks because people. Because people have used masks. No they haven't downed. Because you keep making fun of people who do. It doesn't help that only forty two percent of Americans want to back seen. As. It. Turns out. People, don't want you to. People don't you injecting things in them when you've lied about almost everything else? Kinda hurt the credibility. And of course. The press conference wasn't over with this classic line from Keighley mcenaney. The updates on Russian opposition leader Alexei navalny are coming fast and furious now. As his team is claiming that they have found. His team is now claiming that he was. His team is claiming that he was poisoned with a hotel water bottle. After. They heard that he had fallen ill, really suspiciously. His team went back to his hotel room and started. And started gathering up anything they thought could be useful. including. Those water bottles. A quote from post. A quote from a post made by the team says. It was decided together everything that could even hypothetically useful in hand it to the doctors in Germany. The fact that the case would not be investigated in Russia was quite obvious. was quite obvious. Two weeks later a German laborde. A German laboratory found traces of Novacek precisely on the bottle of water from Tomsk Hotel Room. And then more laboratories that took announced sees from. Confirmed that that was what poisoned navalny. And then more laboratories that took analyses from Lexi. Confirmed that that was what point. What poison volley? Now. We understand it was done before he left his hotel room to go to the airport and. So. Another part of the mystery solved. It sounds like much of Europe is going back into their lockdowns as they've seen, covid nineteen infections spike recently. According to the World Health Organization. More than half of European nations have. Have reported an increase of more than ten percent in new cases in the past two weeks. Of those. Seven have seen newly reported cases increase more than twofold in the same period. Sadly, again, the biggest proportion of new cases is among twenty five to forty nine year olds so. I guess there must still be this thought out there that it's not serious for younger people. And it's not as serious but. You. Know you hear these heart conditions pop up and? We don't even really know. We don't. We don't even really know what happens long term. So yes. Again, it looks like Europe going into more lactones and if it's that bad over there. Can you imagine what it's like over here when we? When we don't really have that much testing. And we don't even care about it anymore in her states are almost completely open. It's just menace. This new information about trump's Lafayette Square Stroll in clearing peaceful protesters with tear gas. Should alarm everyone. There's another whistle blower out there this time from the military. He's a national guard major and his name is Adam demarco. Major Demarco says that the Defense Department's lead military police officer for the national capital. Region. sent an email to the DC national guard. Asking if they possessed a long range acoustic device. That's used to transmit loud noises. That's used to transmit loud noises to clear up crowds. Or? In active denial system ads, which is a heat ray. I'm not, kidding you. We actually have a heat ray. This some. Now this is Dr Evil. But. It sounds it sounds as bad. Is it? It sounds almost as bad as you would think. The ATS system this heat ray amidst a directed beam of energy that causes a burning sensation. And was considered a nonlethal way to control crowns. Especially I'm guessing in the Middle East when it. When it was harder to town who was the bag who were the bad guys and who are the good guys. That's what you hear a lot from the region. The soldiers who came back is that it was you know it's harder to tell. However, it's not clear if it's been used much or at all since. It seems like. Since after some testing, it seems like there may be some actual burns more severe injuries other than. You know. Just a just the sensation that they're talking about. I would guess that's probably the case because I don't know. I guess I. Don't know what their technology is, but I feel like if you get a burning sensation. There's gotta be something causing that. In any case. The fact that they were even thinking of using this peaceful. Peaceful protesters. So that trump could go hold the Bible upside down out side of a church. Is just. Like I said, this is the V for Vendetta World that we live in these days. In just some super-quick News. Some quick news. Just short pieces of information. There's new Quinnipiac poll out yesterday. Release Summer Zoltan. Racist going on and in Maine. It had Sarah Gideon up twelve points fifty four to forty two over Susan Collins. It was reported that Susan? Collins. was deeply troubled and her brow was very, very furrowed. In addition it has Jamie. Harrison. The Democrat in a tie forty eight to forty eight with Lindsey Graham. The South Carolina put the South Carolina poll I'm not as. Surprised at. The. Race has been remarkably close especially for South Carolina. Especially for South Carolina. But this main one is where I am getting a bit suspicious here. That one has showed like tie or even a Susan Collins lead for most of the time sometimes been like you know. Three or four points. They've been sometimes where Gideon shows that she's up three to four points but. Mostly it's been pretty close. So this twelve points especially since it's Especially since Gideon's all the way up to fifty four percent. I have to think this might be an outlier. Now according to five thirty Quinnipiac is a plus rated pollster so not banned. But. It doesn't the trend. Now, if we get a couple more of these, then it gets interesting. Interior. Minister Slash Attorney General William Bar is making a fool of himself once again this time saying quote. In this is real. You know putting luck. Putting a national lockdown stay at home owners is like house arrest other than slavery, which is a different kind of restraint. This is the greatest intrusion on civil. Liberties in American history. and quote. Okay. Maybe, don't want to be comparing those two things. Maybe don't want to be comparing those two things. I saw someone on twitter it was something like. Yeah these things aren't really comparable. It's either literally being forced to work for someone and kept. Kept. In slavery. Or having to do applebee's curbside pickup you know it's like. So many people asked like Oh, my life is so hectic I. Wish I could just get a break. And then you get a force two week break. and. Literally all we had to do. was like two weeks. Of sheltering in our homes. We still go out. Just not necessarily eat out or. Get haircuts or whatever. But my God William Bar, what are you thinking? But. Yeah mortar clown want a clown William bar is what a disgrace he is. And just this morning you had donald trump once again, trying to undermine. To undermine absentee ballots. In this morning once again, Donald Trump is on twitter trying to undermine mail in ballots. But thankfully. Twitter seems to have wasted no time in marking that as. Misleading. Or false they have this little thing on the tweet that says. Learn how voting male Learn how voting by MANDLA SAFE INSECURE SO? Thankfully twitter jumped on that pretty quickly. Already I think that's going to do it for me here today. Just, as a heads up I'm not quite sure yet, but I'm toying with the idea of maybe taking a. But I'm toying with the idea of maybe taking the day off tomorrow. Unless of course, there's some super big news that We just really need to discuss which is always likely with Donald, trump and charge. But maybe I'll. But But I'm sort of thinking of maybe just writing something instead or you know just taking the whole day off completely. So if there's no new episode tomorrow. Don't be. Don't be too shocked. Some other business I do have to take care of though and I recorded every single day, but it just gets lost in the editing process somehow. Thanking. Our contributors. Thanking contributors. We, of course, have our executive producer Gwen and producer Cathy and again thank you so much. And again, thank you so much for the support. Other. Than that. There's just usuals. Reviews rating the show. Merchandise. That's about it. So in that case as always.

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