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"dr trae young" Discussed on The Bower Show Podcast

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"dr trae young" Discussed on The Bower Show Podcast

"And i don't know about you. But i'm kind of over mocks while thing. Entrance i to me as if it. Yeah i don't know. If he's not ricky vaughn you know. It's like this song just as a refit him. I guess i don't know maybe. Does he picked it. So i could see you saying that. It doesn't fit him but Marver surprising and i feel like we're we're getting an interesting dr here a little ornery tonight. Dr try little owner here. It's all been grumpy. Old man stays walmart parking lot revenue. Engine he did tell me that but for the show next match here for the awa women's world championship doctor bert bakker. Dm d defending against crystal inner. We both had baker winning and she did win the match and retained. I really enjoy this match. I loved orange kassy's role in the outside being fired up and breaking away from his quote normal character as it show. This was a big match trying to fire up. Kristalina awesome by burger and kristalina who've been my favorite wrestlers in the awa women's division. This far dutcher. Your thoughts on this one is. Bert bakker defeats percents. Outlander was not saint pleasantly surprised because both these girls are actually really fantastic wrestlers. But you know this has been the achilles of aws their women's division and it's getting better Kudos zola's that's actually improving. I actually can watch. Women's matches known awa. Because i couldn't do it for a very long time but this match was was was pretty damn good and i really enjoyed it so And you know getting any time. We get baker on tv she. She's just just incredible. I love the way she puts her matches together. I loved the way she trash talks during the matches the way she sells like she's probably one of my favorite female wrestlers. She's top three. I think For me to enjoy watching right now. So kudos to her next match for the is the steel cage match for the awa world tactic. Championship is the young bucks defense. Luther brothers either. Luther brothers dr trae young box and lujan brothers are your new. Avia world acting champions Dr troy what a match longtime coming for the latrobe rose. Who needed this championship win. I love this match. Great storytelling to match the air contender. A what else can you say about this match. Maisy work while for men. The emotion from ray phoenix penta. Post-match showed how much of a career defining moment that match was. I loved it man. Lubos defeated the young bucks to become new. Awa tighting champs. Yeah it was great It was well done. Well thought out well put together. The whole thing was was great. It's like so once again. I'm anri i'm old. one thing. The dive off the top of the cage onto three guys. They hit all three ellery guys go down pendant jumps right back up. The three guys are there to the bucks are down. I'm like hit. All three of them wouldn't be equal across the board with all three guys be down like how the jump right back up but that's just the old school wrestling guy. Being a little audrey little grumpy overall ivan loved I don't know the guy's name. I forget it the hype man for the browns alex Avant us or something like that. Yeah yeah here's a little little thing i love..

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