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March 25, Hr 2  Dr. Thomas Kranawitter and Troy Coverdale

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March 25, Hr 2 Dr. Thomas Kranawitter and Troy Coverdale

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi Yeah not so much. These days as Cova de Nineteen unfortunately has pretty much stopped us in our tracks if not significantly slowing our role Had Mayor Michael Hancock ordering residents of Denver to stay home except for essential travel and limited outdoor exercise? Did this on Monday. The order Kicked in yesterday at five PM continues through April tenth unless extended. Hancock said. This isn't a recommendation anymore. If you're sick stay home. If you're not sick stay home seven. Oh eight now. Thirteen ten K K. A thirteen ten. Kfi DOT COM or. He's with Gail. Fueled by Great Western. Petroleum joined by Tom Christina. Witter Dr Thomas Cranny Witter Founder. President of speakeasy ideas also are prognosticator in chief as I mentioned before the top of the hour Basically sending out an e Mail on the twentieth and Tom. You saw this coming didn't you? I heard you know Gail I always look forward to being on your show and talking with you. What and typically I say. Good morning but I'm not going to this morning. I'm sitting here sipping my coffee reading the headlines about what our Congress did in in the middle of the night and and I've been crunching a few numbers and with this one spending bill. There's one stimulus bill. They just passed it. They are committing to spend more of our money unless be real clear. Every check that gets sent out is a debt that you have to pay. I have to pay all of our listeners. Right now have to pay or our children or a ranch children. This is that that we have to pay. Is this one bill. Our government is spending more than the entirety of the new deal in the nineteen thirties in the nineteen forties. And the new deal. No small thing and the new deal made the economic crisis of the Great Depression much deeper much longer. Much worse for everybody than it needed to be. An our government is doing the exact same thing all over again. Let me ask you a question to play. Devil's advocate here. Okay just because well. It's kind of what I do. What else at this point in time could the government do now? I understand our concerns. I share your concerns about the the. Here's the bottom line. The only thing Congress critters can agree on Republican. Democrat is spending our money like drunken sailors but what about the millions of Americans that are really facing some pretty hard times? Yeah so okay several things I mean we are in A. We're in a very peculiar strange situation right now because because I mean we're we're facing. I want to be real clear I I. I don't want to sound like I don't care about the corona virus because I do I. I don't want to get it. I don't want you know my loved ones to get it. It's a nasty little bug and I'm not downplaying it at all. It's not the only danger we face out there. They're all all kinds of other dangers including total economic collapse. Total personal financial destruction when people start losing their jobs. Losing their homes. Unable to buy the essentials of life they're gonNA find themselves confronted with with immediate threats to their health and their safety no less real than than this virus floating around. So so what else could be done? Well what's the cause of this economic crisis? It's not the virus. The virus has not caused businesses to shut down government policies government. Eds government executive order is what shutting down entire industries entire entire states in some cases So the first thing that has to happen to say look if if you want to be productive and and you're feeling good and you WANNA take measures to protect yourself then by all means you should be free your human being to be productive to do the kinds of things that you wanna do one of one of the singular great problems we have right now is productivity in. This country is coming to a grinding halt. And I'm reminding people you know. Government can send a stimulus checks. And what are you gonNA spend the stimulus checks on if there's nothing in the stores it's the things that you need to live are not being produced and and some people might think well. That's just exaggeration. When no it's not when you start shutting down thousands of businesses across the country Who's going to be producing all of the things that we need for life? So so the one thing we could one thing government can do to stop this insanity of controlling people and stopping productivity happens. I'm sure you've seen the videos coming out of Miami in the spring breakers and it's like party like it's nineteen ninety nine the boats up on the sand bars. Don't we bear some personal responsibility in the action? That government has taken because so many are taken seriously well at the same time I went to my office pulled up the big house right across the street and I saw a couple of guys up on the roof fixing the roof. Right they were they were. They were doing roofing repair good to see some people doing something productive right and they were up there and they had protective. They had masks and face shields on they had gloves on They weren't right next to each other in other words right those guys clearly. They're thinking well. I have worked to be done. I need to do and I don't want to get sick. I don't want to get this virus going to take some measures to protect myself and I think human beings should be free to make that choice What kind of risks they WANNA take. If you're if you're a high risk category if you're among the elderly or you have respiratory problems. I mean by all means take extra precautions. Stay inside stay away from anywhere where you think you might get sick with it. What I'm trying to emphasize is In in the study of economics. There's a there's a critically important concept Of all other things being equal right when you are faced with a choice. A or B. Look the choices are get the corona virus or don't get to the current virus and all other things remain equal. Everything else in your life is the same. Then it's a really easy choice. We do not get the corona virus if everything else remains the same. The problem is everything else is not remaining the same we. We are cutting down everything so the question. What if someone said instead of? Do you want the virus or do you not want to virus? What did they said Risk getting the virus or total personal destruction. Lose everything you have well in. If those were the options I suspect large numbers of people would say you know. I might risk getting the virus That I don't experience. Total personal financial destruction. A big part about the the with with regard to the federal government. Our federal government has been spending our money so recklessly not merely for years but for decades very first thing they should have done rather than looking for new ways to spend it on. Stop spending it on the wasteful ways. They've been doing in the past. Stop spending sending all of our money around the world to other countries stop spending our money hiring literally millions of unelected bureaucrats who are unconstitutional regulatory agencies that come and harass us about how we run our businesses in how we use our property. There's all kinds of that. The government could have done to repeal abolish. Get rid of the weight of government. That's already pressing down on us I'm sure your listeners are familiar by now. Many of the story we have been tire. Warehouses sitting there full of medical supplies that they cannot get shipped to the hospitals. That need them because there aren't enough. Fda inspectors to come out and look at these are trusted medical suppliers. Just ship the stuff. Yeah it's necessary step in a process. I mean you know desperate times desperate measures we. I was reading an interview recently said the federal I believe is the Federal Department of Transportation. They have all these Regulations about truck drivers and you know how many hours truck drivers can drive. And there's all this stuff and they're suspending because they need certain things to be shipped in that requires people to drive trucks arrange transport. These are unprecedented in one of the bureaucrats was saying you know he said it's still it is possible. Some of these drivers might drive much and they might get tired and they might have a wreck and we're hoping that won't happen because we think these drivers are going to use their best judgment right in and practice Driving safely Because they don't want to get an accidents and I'm thinking well that's true. Then why do we have regulations at all where the that's what he said is true? Not only during a pandemic. It's true all the time and so what I would point I would. I would love to see government lift some weights off of US rather than create a whole new series of weight debt. And I promise you we're GONNA see. The debt is going to include the creation of entirely new bureaucratic offices and agencies to oversee all the spending and all the regulations and Streams. Come come attached to this money. Now you set up a interesting paradigm Dr Thomas Cranmer. Whittier President Founders. Speakeasy ideas seven eighteen. Now basically when you pose that question and I was watching Texas's Republican Lieutenant Governor. Dan Patrick last night on Fox says saying that he and other grandparents would be willing to risk their health and even lives in order for the United States to get back to work so you set up an interesting paradigm. Would you rather run the risk of getting Cova? Nineteen keeping in mind that what eighty five percent of the cases are exceedingly mild to and You may even be a or or would you rather just careen into personal economic destruction but I wanNA get back to that freedom to make that choice right. Here's well in view when yes I agree. We are all free to make the choice to be responsible. We know that nineteen There's a lot we don't know about it. But we do know that it's highly contagious. Okay so we have to make that choice to do the responsible thing and you know the Litany. You know the drill Wash your hands. If you're sick. Stay home and the list goes on and on. But what happens if you don't make a responsible choice given the fact that Cova nineteen is so highly contagious. I mean don't our rights and my rights and your rights begin well so so. Here's the thing that point. I want to emphasize this. Not One of US nobody has a right to infect other people. I don't have a right to become a carrier of some terrible virus and forcefully infect you or anyone else who wants to be a thirty percent are and so you know I'll give you an example My parents are not young people and neither of them are in great health. They live in a part of the country. Where there's been very little corona virus I live in Denver Colorado where more cases and so we talked on the phone. I was supposed to go see the last weekend and you know we did we. We we used our reason and we came to an agreement. I'm going to wait to go visit them until all this settles down because I don't want to risk infecting them even though I feel fine. I don't think I'm sick. I don't know I don't know if I if I you may be a symptomatic so you don't want to expose them to the possibility that that's absolutely right. The other thing I've been pointing out you know I don't know if you remember there was. There's this fun movie. I think it was in the early nineties. It had Have Rene Russo and Dustin Hoffman? And I I think the titles outbreak and it was about a really serious pandemic was a fictional movie and in the movie the fictional virus was such that. If you the moment you breathed it in it started melting your skin and you know and you died this horrible death looking within minutes. That's right yeah I think it was just like a horror movie right point. That's not the rotavirus. That's not what we're dealing with. We're dealing with something very different. We're dealing with something where a lot of people can be exposed to it. And and and write their symptoms. Aren't that bad. They're going to recover other people. It's different we just don't know and there's they're in is the source of individual responsibility. You make the choice How much how many steps you WANNA take to protect yourself and preserve your health And along the way we ought not forget that that the economic crisis as the economic costs are just as real devastating I am. I'm genuinely scared what's going happen. All these people losing their jobs and very quickly. They're not going to be able to pay the rent. Paid their mortgage. They're gonNA find themselves being kicked out of their homes That is a public health crisis justice serious arguably more serious than the corona virus itself. Absolutely I wish we could resolve this this morning by the way Thank you for the virtual installment. Last night p known Veritas Fort Collins Carson exploration of the federalist Papers Missing Ya. I missed your wonderful toasting you. Do you know these. Nobody's doing this. Great program that injured Baker Tiles three wells. As of yesterday we have three more meetings. We have two more now and as I said in that so did a little recording and we sent it out what we're supposed to talk about together and I mentioned in there. I said I can't even look to the next to. I don't know what we're GONNA do because I don't know what's going to be open. I don't know what available right. Yeah unfortunately uncertainty the name of the game. Well let's continue the conversation. Dr Thomas Cranham. Later President and founder a speakeasy ideas certainly enjoyed it. Where can we learn more about speakeasy ideas best places? Stop by our website. Speakeasy IDEAS DOT COM speakeasy ideas dot com also Not by our facebook page. Do a quick search for speakeasy ideas. You'll find a robust conversation going on there like it. Follow it and stay up to date with everything speakeasy ideas. Thank you sir as always for your insights perspective certainly do appreciate it be. Well thank you gail. Thank you for all you do. Especially in a moment like this right now you. You're really important to work that you do thank you. I appreciate that seven twenty four now thirteen ten. Kfi The whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey catch me Dan. Patrick and the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten. Kfi Koa all right. Take a breath become. Let's put this into perspective. Piece out of the Greeley by Trevor Read. The viruses here weld health not naming towns and cities with cases because the virus is so widespread this as the number of cases in Weld County has risen to eighty four The Third Cova nineteen related. Deaths reported in weld some forty-six now thirteen ten. Kfi May joined by TRA Kover Dale Thirteen ten KFI Koa news director morning Troy. Good Morning Gail you know it's interesting because I think we do have to maintain a sense of calm an perspective here because Well County The public health officials public health officials around the state around the country have said Yeah It's GONNA get worse before it gets better so we shouldn't be surprised that we're seeing more positives right absolutely at a big part of that is because we're seeing increased testing that for all of our discussions about well such and such tests here or in another place. We're seeing increased testing now because the the tests gets are being made more available and as we continue to see this develop. Additional ways of testing are being developed as well so those numbers are going to continue to climb no matter what plays out Or no matter what. The spread of the virus has been just from the aspect that more people are getting tested. That's going to skew those numbers constantly. Oh absolutely and I know this might sound kind of convoluted but given the fact that we have numbers doesn't really make things any different than they were yesterday or perhaps You know ten days ago. All we're doing is recognizing that yes. The virus is spreading but once again it doesn't change the fact that the virus as well health sing is here. We're such a knee jerk now. Has It. Well I'm looking at it another way. I am trying to figure out the best way to put this. But as humans we like quantitative evidence brainers like quantitative evidence and the numbers are that evidence to us and fortunately they could be you know as we said they're going to be skewed in this situation because of the the multiple variables that have played out thus far in the spread of the virus There's there's something about us as humans trying to take comfort in having numbers to to give us information and yet they're not always the most accurate way to do it see. I think we're coming to the same conclusion hair because that was my points and I don't know if I articulated appropriately but yeah we like numbers. We understand numbers but in this particular situation Those numbers could cause a little bit more anxiety than is warranted. Because nothing's changed since yesterday. You know what I'm saying point. Yeah I mean the virus was here yesterday. It's here today and we've been told to expect it so again. It's all a matter of just putting things into perspective really the the number that you could look at that probably would be the one That that is the most quantitative and the one that does change day to day and should concern. You is the number of people that are going into ers. Yes and the number of people that wind up hospitalized because of it and again for multiple reasons we don't know all of those numbers nationwide We that some of them in the in the breakdowns but for the most part We don't know how severe any of the cases are we don't know how how long people are in or out depending on again their their individual situation but those are the numbers that we should be concerned with the most going forward rather than just the confirmed cases because not everybody winds up in the hospital from the right. I mean you know anywhere from eighty to eighty five percent Maybe as symptomatic or just have very very mild symptoms and You know I'm trying to look at the positives Hopefully that leads to herd immunity so that this time next year. We're talking about this in similar fashion. Inform as we do the flu. Let me give you a hard example of what you're talking about. When it comes to the symptomatic were the lesser cases of this a professor at my Alma Mater. Kansas state in the school of journalism and mass comm and his family had been in England part of a study abroad situation for this semester. And when they got back from that trip all six of them were suffering from the varying Symptoms of it. Five of them are okay but Andrew happens to be in the hospital. Hyper ahead because and on a respirator and fighting if you want years old so you know a younger case than you than than what? We've we're to believe but in the grand scheme of things okay. You're talking one out of the six other five suffered community the food like symptoms and the other variables that are there But he's the one that winds up with the most of your case out of it. My heart breaks to hear that. I'm I'm my condolences. My I mean my heart goes out to you troy because when it hits really close to home yeah exactly. Yeah that's numbers. Go out the window right because it becomes very very personal. Does he have underlying health conditions? No no no. And that's part of the supplies of their hate in the case of this family and and you know they they will tell you what front they while they understood what the what the symptoms were and the like. They never expected that this was going to be a fight that they would be involved in Definitely well I certainly hope for his recovery. There's been some pretty miraculous Cases I believe you and I actually talked about one of them. but Yeah so I hope that he's able to beat it. Yep and it sounds like he's doing all right but you know it's it's little by little that statement just like just like any other thing then. We talk about trek over down thirteen ten K. K. News Director. Thank you so much so appreciate All your updates and just keeping us up to speed not a problem Gail. I do want to mention before we sign off Larimer County. Today is holding drive for personal protective equipment you've heard all of the discussions about PT and and the lack of the face masks and the like that have been available. Larimer County is holding the drive today between eight and five at varying locations if you visit the link on our website for the Larimer Department of Public Health and environment. You'll find the information there. Try thanks so much great work. Thank you go preceded. Seven fifty three now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage thirteen. Kpfk a thirteen ten K. K. A. Dot com seven fifty six bass. Unc bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Business is good Samaritans entertainers. We want to hear from you on no cone now nine. Am To ten am on thirteen ten. Kfi maybe you're working from home. Kids her home from school. Sadly maybe as a result of orders not only from Denver Mayor Hancock but also governor. Police maybe right now. You're sitting there going. I one wonder when I can get back to work. Now as a pull us has suspended. All non-essential medical procedures in Colorado extending the restaurant and bar closure To April thirtieth along with the closure of hair salons tattoo shops much size polars nail salons and spas. Well you might be asking yourself the question. Well maybe had an upcoming appointment. And how do you determine if it is Still on because again Governor police saying this includes all voluntary or elective surgeries or procedures while when it comes to maintaining your dental health that is so very important particularly when we're talking about The spread of covert nineteen. How can I make that connection because your dental health determines so much else that goes on in your body? We're going to check in with the doctor. A bit. Buddy Benson who will differentiate between elective and getting in to see the Dennis at integrated dental. Kfi Greeley or all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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July 3, Hr 2

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July 3, Hr 2

"It's time for mornings with Gail Thirteen Ten KFI K? Well plenty of opportunities throughout northern Colorado to celebrate before the July. With fireworks and a host of other festivities, of course promise safe a social distance in a time of covid, nineteen, seventy, eight, now thirteen ten KFI, a thirteen ten KFI DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail, live and local via the auto collision specialist studios, working piece by Jackie hutchins out of the reporter, Herald who makes the obvious assessment observation, though much has changed this fourth of July and well, we're all discouraging. The world discouraged and a little discouraged by the fact that we are advised not to gather in large crowds. There's still some options for. For Fireworks Watching Northern Colorado ranging from firework show sponsored by the cities of Loveland and Fort, Collins and Larimer county at the ranch, and of course a Greeley stampede as sponsored show bigger and better than ever. Thanks to all of you, the generous support of so many this course on the fourth of July, fireworks show in Berthod on actually today, though Fort, Collins won't have its own fireworks show. It will have some activities during the day on Saturday, so we'll start with a drive in fireworks. Show at the ranch. This'll take place around. Fifteen am Saturday July fourth and. That doesn't sound right. I think that should be an at the ranch fairgrounds on arena circle and East loveland a gates open at seven thirty PM. The city of Loveland Lamoure County the Lamoure. County sheriff's Office city of Fort Collins and the ranch event complex will host the drive in fireworks show about ten thousand parking spaces are available in the vicinity. Now no food or other vendors will be on site, but fortunately when nature calls well, you can answer restroom. Facilities will be provided. If. You are planning to attend. You are asked to remain either in or adjacent to your vehicle admission by the way is free, berthod will hold a larger more. Spectacular fireworks shows starting at nine fifteen pm. Tonight launched from the Wagner Farm. Park organizers say fireworks will be launched high enough to be seen throughout the community this again in the hope that folks don't gather in large crowds in addition to entertaining berthod residents on the eve of America's Independence Day. Town administrator Chris Kirk said the. Display will allow everyone to enjoy fireworks from their homes and once again. To gather in large crowds now there will be no dedicated parking or viewing areas and birth to ask viewers to block driveways exits with their vehicles, and to to allow enough for emergency vehicles to pass. If deed, if needed during the event, folks will not be allowed to enter. The safe zone bounded by Bunion Avenue to the north. berthod parkway to the West. Mountain Avenue to the South and the park fence, including the Middle School football field to the east city of Fort Collins while offer several events as part of its twenty fourth of July community celebration, a hot air balloon launch will begin at six am. As balloons will launch from various points throughout the city and stay airborne. Airborne for several hours, launch and flight time of course will be dependent on weather and wind conditions and airplane parade will start at ten am. As more than twenty local pilots salute first responders here here by flying over Fort Collins and loveland several the planes were be carrying covid nineteen front line responders, including nurses, doctors, a respiratory therapists and assisted living facility workers. Planes will take off from the northern Colorado. Colorado Regional Airport, heading toward lemay, turning West near vine, drive than heading south over tapped, he'll road then intellect, loveland and over Boyd Lake. A stars and trucks driving parade also starts at ten am from the Fort Collins High School parking lot. That'd be heading east then north around Fort Collins people can being bring a blanket or chair, and see vehicles, including police, cars, ambulances, and so much more they are. are asked supports to maintain physical distancing, and where face covering pop up micro concerts will be presented from one to three PM this in conjunction with he nights, local bands will travel to surprise destinations throughout the city for instantaneous live pop up. Micro concerts minimize crowds. Musical destinations will not be shared in advance. A musical tribute from the Lincoln Center will also be presented in conjunction with, but he mian nights. You can tune in to a video stream from the Lincoln Center. At FOCO Lincoln Center Spelled S. T., R. C. T. R. at Foco Lincoln C. T. R. to hear local bands. capped off with a performance from the Collins Symphony, playing a rousing patriotic set for more details on Fort Collins July, fourth events you can simply jump online. Go to F., C. Gove, dot com, but then the Greeley. Stampede fireworks show well. It'll be bigger and brighter this year with the help of so. So many generous sponsors, and if you are among them, thank you, thank you, thank you for helping out. In such well unsettling time with all the restrictions imposed by cove, nineteen to ensure the Greeley stampede fireworks show indeed shines brightly now. The Greeley Stampede of course is asking all of us as we enjoy. The fireworks show to watch from a distance Justin. What Totta is Greeley stampede general manager He. He says we just want everyone to stay safe and healthy as we all enjoy the fireworks and the holiday, the fireworks are visible from at least ten miles from the park. So there's plenty of space around the Greeley area to watch the fireworks from now just a reminder. There are no organized activities or amenities in the park this year. If you do choose to go to island, grow park again you are encouraged to. To practice social distancing between groups, and of course follow the city of Greeley Park rules now the fireworks are scheduled to begin at nine thirty PM. This is the Greeley. Stampede fireworks show on July fourth weather dependent, and the show will continue for approximately twenty minutes now, adding to the at home experience if you'd like to stay home of watching the fireworks, country, music station and Greeley stampede sponsor big ninety seven point nine. Customize soundtrack to go with the show Sean Patrick is a big ninety seven point nine afternoon show host, saying we have worked with the fireworks crew to sink the music to the show and having the music playing in the background really adds something special to the fireworks, and brings the show to a whole, `nother level, and if you wanna tune into that custom soundtrack. In Big Ninety, seven point nine on the radio or on the IHEART APP right before the show starts, but to added, and in addition to I should say the customized soundtrack nine news. We'll also be live. Streaming the Greeley stampede fireworks show for anyone that's unable to make Greeley or prefers to watch the show from the comfort of your home. The livestream will be available on the nine news facebook page as well as on their Youtube Channel Nine News Dot, com and And a variety of so even though covid nineteen has put a little bit of a hitch in our July, fourth, giddy up plenty of events, and festivities and fireworks shows to enjoy seven sixteen now thirteen ten K.. F. K. whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten. KFI K.. Hey, northern Colorado, you're listening to mornings with Gail. Stick around for me. The Dan Patrick show nine am on thirteen ten KFI. Again. To Sleep. Well despite all the cat, Riley, and all of the descent, and all the unruliness that we're seeing across the country, indeed, it could be argued that that indeed is a foundational principle of what America is about. It's a whole lot of noise as we celebrate our liberties and freedoms, happy July fourth to You, independence, day twenty, two, hundred and forty four years after this nation's founding, and well, it seems as though as I said earlier this morning. The more things change, the more they remain the same. We're going to check in this morning. With Dr Thomas cranny witter the good doctor, course the host of Vino Veritas great program that I. Along with my husband Keith had the opportunity to participate in as we work through the federalist papers, and learned so much, but as we approached the fourth of July. It's going to be fascinating when Dr Crane a witter joins us this morning at eight. Oh five talk a little bit about all of the unrest that we are seeing across the nation as well. If you look at the Declaration of Independence and everything that was leading up to that well, it kind of mirrors what was going? Going on two hundred and forty four years ago with the exception than our founders were indeed creating something as we have, anarchist's now trying to tear that something apart, so it's GonNa. Be Fascinating Dr Thomas. CRANMER witter, the good doctor of founder President of speakeasy ideas, speakeasy ideas dot com when he joins us for an in depth conversation at eight zero five. As you heard in our news, the Larimer County Sheriff's Office Has Begin Equipping Deputies with Warren cameras with plans for agency wide implementation by mid July this of course in response to that police accountability Bill that was signed into law by Governor Jared Police. Training according to Sadie Swanson out of the Fort Collins Colorado and training on a newly purchased body, worn camera system began in June, with several deputies, already using the cameras in the field, according to the sheriff's Office, they hope to have the entire agency using the cameras by mid-july deputies assigned to patrol and investigations units along with jail deputies who transport inmates to court, and by the way that's. That's one hundred and fifty deputies. Total will be issued body worn cameras. All three hundred deputies with the agency will also be issued a new Taser through this system purchase, which will cost two point seven million dollars over five years again, according to the sheriff's Office, the total program cost also includes hiring a new records technician who will be responsible for managing and releasing the footage last year sheriff. Sheriff Justin Smith directed the agency to move forward with a body, worn camera system from Exxon as well as a new cameras for interview rooms and patrol cars to tie the entire system together. The specific package was selected for several reasons. It includes something called Exxon citizen, which allows the agency to easily collect and store videos taken by citizens and citizens can submit photo or video evidence through a Web. Web Link the plan also comes with the ability to activate deputies body worn camera with thirty feet when a deputy activates an in car camera takes their firearm from their holster or arms their teaser. The sheriff's Office policy is to have deputies record interactions when enforcement actions are likely. The agency's policy also includes directions for supervisors to verify. Deputies are using the equipment properly by periodically viewing random recordings. Now the new system will also come with docking stations for each deputy, allowing them to charge cameras and download videos remotely as well as have the cameras available. If they need to respond to a call while on their way home or into work now, this announcement of course comes less than two weeks. After Governor Jared Pola, signed a police accountability bill crafted by State lawmakers in the wake of George. Floyd's death at the hands of those Minneapolis Minnesota police officers now among several other things the law, this police accountability law also requires all law enforcement officers to activate cameras, either on their bodies or mounted to their patrol cars during any interaction with the public, the law also applies to jail deputies who are about to perform a task that requires an anticipated use of force Colorado. Law enforcement agencies have until July first two, thousand, twenty three. Implement these changes now interestingly enough. Fort Collins police services began testing body worn cameras back in fall of twenty twelve, and began more widespread implementation of body, cameras and January of twenty thirteen in July, thousand, eighteen by the way loveland city council gave the Loveland Police Department the go ahead to test out a body worn camera system. The department began implementing body Worn Cameras Tennessee Tech. In mid twenty nineteen. Accountability transparency. I think this is a good move. How about you? Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten drought me text at three, one, nine, nine six on our thirteen ten K., a text line first time using that text line. Is, enough to do just text Tocchet Aka no, we're not going to try and say anything's pretty much. Your conduit to us so that we can read your thoughts on the Air once again. If it's the first time that you're endeavouring to use our thirteen ten KFI text line, just texts KFI K A two, three, one, nine, nine six, and then I guess what you can text away with wild abandon all right where the market's finished the week and a some industries were jobs are indeed coming back and other industries. Where they may not heath wineman, presidential wealth management feels in all the blanks all the details when he joins US this morning around seven thirty five closing in on seven, thirty, now thirteen ten, K, F K, thirteen ten k. k. preps radio is northern. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick and the Danettes, as nine to noon on thirteen ten, KFI K. Well you knew it was common. Let's see we've. Put the put the brakes on gone with the wind this as they had to put a disclaimer on gone with the wind pop patrol kind of went the way of the eight track as the cops. Well, you knew this was coming didn't take long. A stadium sponsor Fedex. Skins to change their nickname. Made a request yesterday Fedex, which has the naming rights to the stadium, in which the Washington redskins play made a request Thursday that the team changed their nickname on Thursday nights. Nike appeared to remove all redskins gear from its online store. The other thirty one NFL teams were listed, and a search for Redskins came up. Nada. Zilch zero. No results Nike. did not immediately respond to an email message seeking comment this according to a piece I pulled out of ESPN in two thousand fourteen, you had the Oneida tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, asking Fedex shareholders to consider the naming rights agreement, but shareholders voted stick with company officials and continue the business relationship, according to the Memphis of business journal, but Yup Stadium, sponsor Fedex has made that official requests that the Washington redskins change its nickname seven, fifty, two, now thirteen ten K. F. Kia bursts to UNC, bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten Kfi am thirteen ten KFI. Thirteen ten KFI, K. A. DOT COM seventy seven. Sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten K of k. the day's headlines podcast mornings with Gail and more and schedule upcoming sports broadcasters five minute thirteen ten F. K.. A. Dot, com. Coming up, we'll talk independence day, social unrest, and these sixteen nineteen project with Dr Thomas Cranley Witter, founder and president of speakeasy ideas, so be sure to stay with us. Thirteen ten KFI Greeley loveland closing in on eight, o'clock thirteen ten K.. K. A. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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July 3, Hr 3  Thomas Kranawitter and Kevin Carr

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July 3, Hr 3 Thomas Kranawitter and Kevin Carr

"It's time for mornings with Gail on thirteen ten KFI K.. On July Fourth, the continental, Congress, two hundred and forty four years ago, formerly adopted the Declaration of Independence which had been written largely by Jefferson though the vote for. Independence, took place on July second from then on the fourth became the day that was celebrated as the birth of American independence eight now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten KFI K. A.. Dot Com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail. Live and local via the auto collision specialists studios well, it was a time of change back then, yes, of unrest of a rather robust discussion and debate of struggle of a burgeoning nations fight independence, freedom, unity, and liberty, in fact at its very core back in seventeen seventy six columnist turn toward down. This equestrian statue of King George the third and hacked it to pieces. Funny how two hundred and forty four years later the more things change, the more they remain, the same yet with different intent joined this morning by Dr Thomas Cranmer the good doctor. speakeasy ideas speakeasy ideas dot com pleasure to talk with you again. Good Morning Gail it's it's been a while since we've talked and I've missed you. How are you? Oh, I've missed you as well, I am doing fine, though my I gotTa Tell You my heart sinks, says I watch all the destruction of the mob rule across the country. Because again it goes to intent. The founders were creating something. It seems as though the angry mob is intent on destroying the very underpinnings of this nation. Yeah, it's really. Really a great question to ask. What exactly is their purpose? Their goal mean I. I've read. Several statements that the various groups have put out, but it's very unclear, and you know I wanNA. Remind the audience, too, so you? You were introducing tomorrow. Of course is independence, day and the incredible history behind and today right now July. Third is the anniversary this. This was the last day the third day of the terrible battle at Gettysburg In eighteen, sixty three feet that battle in that battle, fifty thousand Americans were slaughtered in three days more more men died in an hour at Gettysburg than in the entire month long siege of Iwo Jima during World War Two just to give some perspective of how bloody civil war was and what was it civil war? All about this great effort to live up to the idea contained in the declaration of independence by abolishing slavery Lincoln said So. So, when he returns, when he came to Gettysburg later in eighteen, sixty three, and gave that famous Gettysburg address, which is now etched on the wall of the Lincoln, Memorial in Washington DC He starts by that famous remember nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition. All men are created equal. There's the reference to the Declaration of Independence and the very next line. He says this war is a test to see whether this nation were. Were any nation so conceived, and so dedicated can long endure, and we did endure, and we did abolish Li ry it at a tremendous expense living up to our own ideas, our own principles of justice, and so when I look at that story from from the you know these very imperfect people in Seventeen, seventy, six, highly imperfect every one of them they put down on paper a perfect idea. The idea is perfect and we made tremendous strides. Strides living up to it. We abolish slavery faster than any nation ever had for four score and seven years. We get rid of it and I look at that, and I think one thing to be proud of how wonderful they made, though sacrifices and they they made those strides to live up to those ideas, and instead we have. We have fellow citizens today. Who are who think the whole thing is shameful and embarrassing. That's the tragedy. That is the tragedy speaking of which tell us a little bit about. Triumph and tragedy as it relates to the sixteen nineteen project. So we are. we're doing an online awfully. It's become online since. Since, lots of things have been closed down now due to covert but we're doing a ten month program right now. Close tragedy and triumph people can find out by going to our website. SPEAKEASY IDEAS DOT COM once a month. We're doing a two hour conversation and I am leading the way through the story of how the United States abolished slavery We still have four more calling each installation a chapter. We have four more chapters. Chapters the everyone can find out the dates and all that information at our website, and it you when you really get into when you really get into the details there, it is a standing with the Americans do i. mean they have all kinds of hurdles? All kinds of challenges, not least of which is the fact that you have this. This class of plantation owners and slave owners would deep vested interest that they're not real quick to. Vote to abolish this this institution that they have deeply deeply vested financial interests, and at the same time in the. In the eighteen twenties, eighteen thirties, eighteen forties of decades leading up to the civil war. Most of the leading lights in this country. Tell me if this sounds familiar. Most of the leading lies meaning the influence the. Knicks the political class, the great public speakers, the people of tremendous influence. They turn against. They reject the ideas of the founding. They start. They start challenging everything. The founding we get, we get new philosophy imported into the country from Europe New Biblical theology is being preached on Sundays All of which is is making the argument that human beings are divided into racism summer superior in summer lower, and therefore, the ideas of the declaration must be false, and around that new rejection of the declaration, a political party was formed in the eighteen twenties for the very purpose of pushing back and rejecting the ideas of the declaration of. Of Independence, and that would become the oldest and most influential political party in this country that still exists today. It's called the Democratic Party and that party. From the time it was supporting slavery later it supported Jim. Crow, later at supported things like affirmative action and special protected classes of people who get special privilege It has never once never in its entire history from the days of Andrew Jackson to today. The Democratic Party is never stood up in defence of the idea of equal protection of the laws for the equal rights of each and every individual citizen. But, they are really effective in camouflaging that in their messaging. Beautifully said my friend Yes indeed because they will do at the very moment that they are dividing citizens into groups and saying we're GonNa win offer, special perks and subsidies to this group over here and we're GONNA. We're take some things from this group and put a special burden on them at the very moment. They're doing that at the moment they are. They are institutionalizing tribalism. They say it's all about equality. They they present it as advancements for rights. You know this is for gay rights and Trans Rights and minority rights, and the rights of the poor with the really doing is building into our laws, tribalism and they call it quality. It's a shameful thing. Let's talk about How indefensible very premise of the sixteen nineteen project actually is! Yes so the sixteen nineteen project is, it was a big effort that was launched last fall. by the New York Times lots of funding, lots of talent and resources being thrown into this they started with big big flashy essays and videos, and all this material online, and and of course they quickly turned to the realm of education there now, packaging this material in the form of. And sending it to schools. Across the country, and and their whole purposes right there in their title the Sixteen Nineteen Project. The sixteen nineteen was important because it was the first year that. Africans. Black Africans arrived on the shores of North America in Sixteen Nineteen We have one little fragment, a tiny little piece of paper that. That recalls the arrival of twenty and odd. That's how that's how they're counted. Twenty and odd Negroes African. Negros arrived in in North America and so. the writers of the New York time say that the dating of the founding should be changed I. Mean How audacious is this? The date of the American founding should be changed from seventeen seventy six to sixteen nineteen, because they say, slavery is the real founding of this country. Slavery is the foundation. It's the core everything that America has become has has sprung from flowed from the institution of slavery, so the the the initial arrival of black slaves should be the date of the American founding. Well consider the source it does come from. At times. And here I mean there's there are such glaring problems with his, not not the least of which is the fact that. When we look at the whole Atlantic slave trade that lasted for about four centuries, and I WANNA make this point very clear. A lot of people don't know this every African who was sold into slavery through the Atlantic slave trade, put on a slave ship sent across the ocean, every one of them was enslaved, while they stood on African soil, and they were enslaved by fellow Africans. Africans various tribes like the Kongo the Dahomey the Shanti these are all African tribes that specialized in raiding, other tribes and kidnapped men, women and children. They would bind their hands. They would forcibly marched them to slave markets right there on the coast, and then the chefs Spanish Portuguese, British French. Those slave ships would be anchor just a few hundred yards offshore, and that's where. International slave traders, purchase slaves. They sent them across the ocean about twelve and a half million Africans were shipped and sold into slavery over the course of four centuries, twelve and a half million of those about four hundred thousand. Arrive in North America. That's about three percent of the total vast majority ended up in south. Brazil, being the number one destination. Of those four hundred thousand Africans who were sent to North America the vast majority of them arrived in British. Colonies British colonies, not the United States because the United States wasn't founded until seventeen seventy six, so in in the sixteen, Twenty and sixteen thirty all those decades in the sixteen hundreds and early seventeen hundreds. Those Africans were being. Being sold to to Brits in British colonies in North, America, when the American stage their revolution, and they say this, is it we're we're done being part of the British Empire we're. We're a new sovereign nation. They announced that on July fourth, seventeen, seventy, six with the declaration of Independence and a mere thirty one years later. The Americans prohibit the criminalize the importation of slaves of African slaves from the Atlantic slave trade. In fact, they make it a capital crime punishable by death to to get caught importing slaves, human beings from the Atlantic slave trade, and the president at that time is a slave owner Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson signs a bill into law that takes effect on January one the first day allowed under the constitution to prohibit the importation of slaves, so so so human beings are. Are being imported into the United States with thirty one years and then the Americans bring an end to it again. When you, when you look at all the things going on creating a new nation, replacing monarchy was some kind of constitutional republic which had never been done before establishing a regime of religious liberty, making sure that property rights are secured in law. Right all all these complications, and they stopped the importation slaves from the Atlantic slave trade in three decades. I say to my show. Pretty good job I mean not perfect, but but anyone else did. Yes, and I think that's what's key here. is we see all of the mob rule? The social unrest, the toppling of statues, this movement to a race, the past I believe at the peril of our future I can't help believe though the American spirit will reign supreme, and this too shall pass Dr, Thomas Cranny Witter speakeasy ideas a speakeasy ideas. Dot Com. So good catching up with you, my friend and I for one going to celebrate the fourth of July with joy. I WanNa, join you in that. Gail thank you so much. You Bet thanks so much for your time. Eight, twenty, two now thirteen ten KFI K A. Sports Story Northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. K. Hey hi. This is Dan Patrick. Reminding you to catch me in the Danettes next on thirteen, ten KFI k. a now back to mornings with Gail. The man who? Is Interesting these surveys? On coming across these days and of course I, don't put a whole lot of stock in polls as my guess is, you probably don't either, but talking about Oh. We're seeing a lack of pride in America were seeing a dearth of patriotism I don't buy into it for one New York minute as I believe. Many of us still believe in the promise of America sure there are parts of our history that are ugly that are flawed. Our founders indeed were flawed individuals, and if we're honest and take an introspective look at ourselves, we have to admit that yes to. We are flied, but to forget art history is at the peril of celebrating a robust healthy future. We need to talk about that history. We need to learn about that history. We need to embrace that history all of that history. And not a race it, so it is with that attitude of gratitude that I celebrate the fourth of July and our declaration of independence as I hope you do as well a twenty nine now thirteen ten Kfi K., a thirteen ten. A DOT com all right coming up the staple of Friday. Morning shows as Kevin car that guys at the movies fat guys at the movies Dot Com of course you can hear his weekly syndicated program each and every Saturday right here and thirteen ten K., up K, a thirteen ten. K., A. Dot, com from noon to one Nevada new releases this week timely to be sure Hamilton on Disney, plus and the outpost on video on demand Kevin Car fat guys at the movies joins us about five minutes from now eight thirty now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten, k. k. preps radio is northern Colorado's home. For the past high school coverage, the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten Kfi K.. Eight thirty seven now thirteen time Kfi k a thirteen ten K. K. A.. Dot Com northern. Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. Wait for it. Wait for. It joined this morning by Kevin Kara fat guys at the movies. Fat Guys at the movies dot com deep breath. How you doing are. Doing. I am doing great looking forward to celebrating our independence. The great dream, the great idea that was this. Tomorrow how that's you? I am too. yeah yeah. I'm always for the weekend always ready for the weekend when there's olive day more ready for the weekend. See there you go there. You go well I. Love the timing on this and I'm sure it was just a coup winky dink so to speak, but then they release this week Hamilton on Disney, plus I would've loved to have seen the original Broadway version of Hamilton, but I would have had to take out a second mortgage. What were they like for the terror, the worst for like six hundred bucks. And then you had to get there and you had to pay the airfare and the hotel room and you know all of the snacks. Yeah? Sugar Daddy out there to do that, but. Well, yeah because you know what he will team. Two Thousand Fifteen was when the with Broadway show premiered I believe. Absolutely, right, this is the two thousand sixteen cats, so it's almost the same. There's a couple of differences from the original Broadway cast, but it's basically the the full cast that you'd expect to see in the films. I believe four different productions for different nights and edited them together. So you've got a very seamless show and we know we've come a long way from you know somebody's dad just putting a camcorder in the back of the theater. Looks really good I mean the the Broadway stage. And you and you get the full production, and you get close ups and angles and everything, so they cut it together, and while it's still on stage, obviously it. It's dynamic and it works. And bakes it something. That's cool to watch now. Disney, like paid a good chunk of change to get this. They're going to put it in theaters next year, but he decided to pull it on to put it onto. Disney plus this weekend makes it relatable fourth of July birth at the country Alexander Hamilton I. You've got all the founding fathers in this one. To you know so. It certainly fits it. It certainly is a good time to release this. And I mean I don't know. What can I say about Hamilton? That hasn't already been set I mean. Is it going to be a big revelation when I say good good. Realize that Oh my gosh. All the standards superlatives apply. Yeah, it's the thing. Is I I am very late today? Hamilton Bandwagon simply because I never lose some of the soundtrack. My kids weren't doing their into theater. But I never I I heard some of the songs but I, never sat down and listened to the whole thing. I was like I'll wait for the movie. 'cause I can't even afford to go to Broadway and while they're not GonNa make a movie. Adaptation of at this is the closest. You'RE GONNA get anytime soon. And this is the closest you're going to get to the Broadway show also anytime soon because Broadway shut down until the end of the year at. So I mean this is a kind of a very well timed unique experience, but I'll tell you. The one thing I wasn't expecting was. How much energy is in the show? It goes from song to song the song the song. It's two hours and forty minutes of nonstop show. No downtime, no boring scenes where people are just talking now that garbage it just goes and goes and goes. There's a fifty min assuming a fifty second intermission fifty. So. You may need to use the pause button. If you've got to use the bathroom, make a sandwich or something. Come back exactly. My guys. It's kind of like a Fussy Fussy. Posse Martha. Graham Martha Graham. Keeps going right. Because what it does well, the interesting because I realized, I had use the bathroom when I was watching. It I'm like! Oh, my gosh starts counting down the clock and I'm like they didn't give me much time and I'm running. Presser. Or the kids had no idea what it's like. Nowadays you pause anything you remember watching I gotta get back and watch the last half of the Dukes of Hazzard so I can go to the bathroom I gotta go. Get something upstairs I gotTa. Make a phone call gotta get some sandwiches, or whatever and you're. My sisters are screaming. It's on, it's on running. There's to get to the. Coming I'm coming. Oh the humanity, yes. All right well and I'm sure this isn't by Baku winky. Dinky either Disney plus used to offer free seven-day trial for news subscribers, but yeah no. Oh yeah they'll. They don't have the free trial right now. No. Service recently ended that promote. People would just sign on for Hamilton I. Mean It's a big deal I mean there's a lot of people that have wanted to see, but you don't even look it. It's GONNA cost. What six seven bucks. A month and You can't Park in New York in the Broadway district for that so. You're still coming out ahead on this well, and apparently you can cancel your subscription at any time, so you could. You know, subscribe for one month and Watch Hamilton and say thank you very much see. This goes to one of the things. One of the reason I think is the put this on there. Is You know when they set up this D plus? I don't think they expected the at home usage to spike the way. It hasn't twenty twenty because of a lot of people staying home, and one of the things that Disney plus how that's different than like Netflix Hulu or Amazon is they don't have the library of content. Yeah, they've got all the Disney channel stuff, so you've got kids. That's cool and they've got the marvel and star wars stuff, but they're not putting out new series constantly like Netflix and Hulu and Amazon are and so I. Think they're trying to beef up their service to kind of hold onto any subscribers who who might try to go away at this point. So! Let me ask you this Your Dad is Hamilton appropriate for kids. There was famous. It's famously been edited out. There's a couple of bombs that they had to edit out. For the, but even then I mean. You know having been. They're not like they're not graphic. They're just kinda thrown in there as expletives. And even then they added out. You wouldn't even notice if you didn't know where they were Are there other Peccadillos that people are doing in in the past? Well, let's just put it this way. The founding fathers were no more or less prone to Pecadillos than politicians today. Great constant in the world. There you go there. You Go yes, not to skirt the issue or anything. Yeah, I hear you very bad. I mean I. It's you know I wouldn't show four year old. They might get bored with it. How long is it? By the way it's two hours and forty minutes. I mean it's a Broadway show so when when they eventually get around to making the movie. Adaptation I'm sure they're going to streamline it. Maybe Trim some songs here and there but but yeah, it's it's the Broadway show all right fair enough. switch gears the outpost on video on demand. What's what's that all about? This is based on Jake Tapper Book about an outpost in Afghanistan true story that happened in two thousand nine. It was and I still don't understand why they built this outpost here. It's literally the most strategically bad place to build anything in a combat zone in Afghanistan at the base of three mountains I. Mean it's in this valley. There is no highground whatsoever, and it was. It was an outpost used to. Do certain levels of outreach to the locals to try and you know. Who's Alabama and WHO's not and it's the story of the soldiers there when you know of course, the Talibans are taking pat latch on Adam constantly, but then when they finally attack, it's It's a pretty hard place to defend. And it's about the soldiers defending that area, and then the heroism that goes on and helping each other and keeping trying to save lives and survive down there. It's a it's a very intense movie. It's a it's a good military thriller like you know I'd say. A third of the movie is the siege that is really makes you feel like you're standing or ground zero with the with the guys trying to survive. The attack sounds like time westbound actually. I'm what it sounds like time. Well spent I mean I'm always fascinated by that, because so many of us have not had that experience and. Depending on how well? The story is put together whether it holds together or not. I find that I learned so much particularly about the psychological aspects of war Oh. Yeah, well and the other thing I think that's Kinda neat about it that I think is is is not mentioned as much by some of the reviews is it shows that when when you're just you know when you're a soldier. They don't explain to you why the outpost there on why the generals have thinking strategic position. Basis and most times you don't need to know. Yeah, and it shows sort of the chaos and confusion from their level as to why they're there, but did they have to follow? Their orders to to defend it and they're stationed there even if they don't understand the full reason or whether it is when they never address it, what is this is a good idea or not and I think that that's important because you gotta realize that's how the military works. They don't have to explain to every single. person carrying a gun wider going into battle. They just know they're going about right Kevin car that guys at the movies that guys at the movies Dot Com? Of course you can hear his weekly syndicated program each and every Saturday right here on thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com from noon to one. Hey, any fireworks displays in your neck of the woods, or they all been canceled. Canceled which I mean, that's probably the right thing to do but that doesn't stop all the neighbors from having their own. Private firework display. which could be a terrifying experience particularly one lands on your particular roof. I haven't had any. I haven't had anything infiltrate the perimeter yet. Oh I see what you did there. Kevin car fat guys at the movies. Thanks so much. Have yourself a great of fourth of July weekend you to. A, forty eight, now thirteen ten F K A best to UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten K of K. The regular crew offer a week, but when we come back, we'll hopefully talk actual baseball on the next live whole show thirteen ten KFI act. Eight, fifty, two, now, thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen, ten KFI K., A. DOT COM northern. Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local auto collision specialists studios. Well. It's going to be a hot one today, but the question is is Mother Nature going to rain on our well virtual fourth of July parade joined by meteorologist atmospheric scientist channel to pinpoint weather's Matt Megan's Hey Matt. Happy Fourth in advance. Before you too I'm looking forward to it. Because you know, there are some fireworks displays still that have not been canceled that we can still enjoy from a safe social distance. Well, that's true. There were a couple that were canceled my way just as of yesterday. Mike County was just added to a burn ban stage to is that Douglas? Yep Yep in my kids. Well I should say me I'm not happy about it. I wanted my fireworks show I. Know I know it's just part of the pomp and circumstance in the celebration of. This, still great country! Yeah, we've got problems that we've got our flaws, but I think we got a lot to be proud about a lot to be thankful for. I do like those shows. The big ones we don't do the little fireworks on the street or anything like that, but oh well, we'll find a better way. We'll just have the water balloon, fight or something. Oh you mean you don't like my father did hand for your old sparkler? Good. Right EXA-. That always boggled my mind. You know you've got these little kids running around the sparklers and it's like those burned really really hot a made. We all survived. Early training pyrotechnics. There you go there. You go all right, so it's going to be a hot one today. We got a pretty good chance of some scattered afternoon, showers and storms into the evening. We do, and that'll be the trend for the weekend, although not quite as hot for the weekend. look for Middle Nineties today. At least the clouds will decrease a little faster than what they did yesterday, and that'll Reagan. A storm or two storms will pop up for us today on the mountains, and just watch down to the West or southwest of you, and that's where you're. Storm will come from today if you should have one. Tomorrow and Sunday there will be enough humidity. We'll have widely scattered thunderstorms. The chance to still better over the eastern plains but but yeah, we'll have some storms storms to come through on Saturday so anybody that's outdoors, and if had a Laker, pools are open, whatever you doing do keep a weather out of the sky tomorrow, 'cause a lightning and gusty wind and hail, maybe rolling through. And Sunday same story. Same story for Sunday Yep well have scattered storms around and temperatures well. Mostly operators, you may briefly kiss the low nineties, but mostly upper eighties for the weekend. Okay now, what about the week ahead? If you can just gaze into that meteorological crystal-ball, not not good in terms of grout or danger, mostly nineties across the Board We bay touch on one hundred and a couple of areas couple of times next week. in really. Outside of these little scattered storms, chances that are about on a frequency. You've seven to ten days happening this week. beyond that. There's really dry outlook for July so hikes fire. Now all right channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists, Matt Mickens thanks so much and well enjoy the fourth of July. Before eight, fifty, six, now, thirteen ten. K.! All sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen, ten KFI K. Spacious. Some great. Promise of our founding fathers lives on today, and while the founding generations did not make a perfect country in many ways they failed to live up to their powerful vision of liberty. They gave us those founding aspirations and institutional inheritance that we can still rely upon to solve our problems as long as we don't erase our past, so as we celebrate the fourth of July, raise a flag and salute that promise of America and all of those who have fought and died and live for it. Be Proud to recognize that we as a people controlled our future. If only we remember our past happy fourth thirteen ten K. K. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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