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"dr steve mann" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Five times today if it goes like you would for me is like Michael throat is a Saturday was like I just I just started to feel uncomfortable but not all right now felt a little bloated what I like that for years not out of the little bloated man you know I started getting a little ache in my back seven a my background and then I was started to sweat not sweating and then the fever came no fear and then the explosion happens diarrhea again you got it fast way to lose weight though yes you just got a playoff Iorio's now yes when you open that way back on right hello back I I I I can't wait to get on this I can't even see your face and you look visibly depressed I am all I can see your your eyes Dr Steve ruin his day doc Dr Steve Mann and Susan side bad body language just I'm it is a caller called up yesterday and didn't destroy Jerry vers body language your body was very disrespectful and always always always family do via his body language but yeah I can't I can't wait that cocktail on this point right now forget about this damn stomach Marcy that's the thing you got to do you just got embrace it maybe it take you know little to Cuba get rid of it contention and doctor Steve can to kill it killed that's what's going to happen drinking Everclear on the you know just drink their World War one was to raise right yeah I'm gonna mix cost Amigos with cocktail all right Jerry got some for so you're brought to you by the rake eighteen auto group schedule appointment today or getting a service center for first class service at affordable prices you know last night we found out the Laker clipper game for this evening would be postponed the Lakers I guess one of the story said the organization as well like they couldn't have this game is the league decided that's fine they will make it up at some point going forward not sure when and from the way doc rivers was the other day you pray good thing for the clippers to not to play in terms of other reaction here was a buddy Hield he says that he's of the kings they want to be in the T. wolves last night uses Kobe Haas certainly is inspiration holy was always the guy.

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