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"dr stephanie sunup" Discussed on One Life Radio Podcast

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"dr stephanie sunup" Discussed on One Life Radio Podcast

"To one life. Radio we are live from dallas. Texas with stephanie. Son off Dr stephanie sunup is a senior research scientist at mit computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory. She has a bachelor's degree in biology. With a minor in food and nutrition and a masters degree engineer's degree and hd and electrical engineering and computer science. All from mit she has authored over three dozen peer review journal papers on topics relating to human disease and nutritional deficiencies and toxic exposures focusing specifically on the herbicide glyphosate and the mineral sulfur. Dr summit is the author of the book. Toxic legacy how the weed killer. Life is destroying our health and the environment. And it's what we're discussing today. You can find. Dr sun on twitter at stephanie. Nf that's s. c. n. e. f. f. or on facebook at stephanie. Dot senate dot five such an honor again. I have to say it to have you on the air with us today. dr fm. We're talking about and our health. Let me start with this. How does life estate impair your immune system making it more difficult to clear a virus like covid nineteen very good question and i think that is a serious Situation that we're in right now. And in fact in brazil in uk there's various countries that are having a hard time controlling india. They're all having a hard time controlling kobe. And they're all heavy users of and i think there's a connection there. I have a whole chapter in my book on the immune system is quite complex. And it's quite interesting. And one of the critical things is the mighty andrea. i mean i think like disrupts Both the matt might economy And the ability to clear the Debris for example. If i fell gets killed by a virus he can't be removed. The immune cells become very sick in the presence of glyphosate and the mighty country are essential for the immune cells to have energy to fight to fight the bug. And then they were. Maybe the worst part is that the the there are these Molecules that are released for example. There's surfactant proteins in the lungs that are able normally would be able to trap viruses and make it much easier to catch them and remove them because that's the whole thing. The virus comes into the long. See if you can quickly get on them and remove them before they start multiplying. You can clear the disease and not even get sick from the symptoms and the The immune cells are being weakened by glyphosate and probably by other toxic chemicals toxic metals. Many things affect the mitochondria and might conrail stress might have contra. Disorder is a major factor in many many diseases that we're experiencing today so our might a are really under stress and there's many papers that have shown that life is a causes oxidative damage in the maya country interferes with critical enzymes. Such as sucks Garage names that are central to the metabolism of sugar for example. And so this is one reason why we end up with diabetes. Diabetes is linked to eight diabetes obesity. Those are actors bad outcome and covert and those are highly. They're going up dramatically in our population. Exactly separate the rise glyphosate usage core crops people say well correlation doesn't mean causation. But i think it does. And life say to my book disease diabetes obesity. All of those things that are going up are caused by life is as disruption of metabolism in my country and this affects all the cells but when it affects immune cells. It makes it very difficult for them to clear. The virus and the virus starts multiplying wildly in the lungs. And then you get into a very toxic situation where the adaptive immune system kicks in and releases all these side of times it end up destroying the tissue in the lungs and then you can't breathe you know you can't get oxygen. It's a real downward spiral. Starting point is the weak immune system that was set up by the previous exposure for many years and it affects our brain as well. A lot of people don't know that yes i know. Well well no. I mean the glyphosate. Yes yeah yeah. You mentioned a study in your book that shows glyphosate becomes part of the tissues of all species of animals and plants that are exposed to it. Why is this this finding particularly chilling. Yes this is what really Made me wake up and take notice. I was studying glaxy trying to figure out exactly how that it's doing all these all this damage because it's kind of like how could one chemical so bad and i think i figured it out and anthony samsonite collaborated to figure this out. basically life is a little bit of biochemistry here. Glyphosate is an amino acids and amino acids normally are the building blocks of the proteins. Those are the things that dna code coach force. That's very important. The famous four letter code watson and crick. That code is coding. For protein synthesis and the proteins are are built like beads on a string with each bead being one of the amino acids. and there's about twenty m very critical building blocks of proteins and the proteins workhorses of the body. They're the enzymes transporters there the in ion uptake. I mean they just control so many things in the body So when they're messed up you're in trouble and life is what i believe is happening. Is that it. Substituting glycemic by mistake during protein synthesis this smallest amino acid. It has no side chains. And so there's a very special fits in a pocket that no no other amino acids will fit into because they're too big gripe is has the same property it has exactly the same shape as the seen except that it has extra material stuck onto its nitrogen atom which has to be outside of the pocket in order to hook up so it's the part that's in the pocket that fits and the guy gets into the protein by mistake place of life guy seeing and that extra materials ticking off at the nitrogen atom causes all kinds of trouble so certain protein certain crises tremendous trouble really wreck that proteins ability to do its job and i can go through and i did in my book. I mentioned so many proteins. That have critical lysine residues and if you replace them with something that looks like lifestyle. Because there's some amino acids kind of have similar properties lifestyle so you can look at studies where they what happens if you know and then you can life. They would have the same effect. This and i've done this and it's really quite striking because it becomes a way to explain all these diseases that are going up. Each one has particular proteins involved. It's quite fascinating. It's a giant puzzle. And i love puzzle so a lot of it in my book..

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