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Dr. Sophia Yen

"Hi this is teddy in your will to Dr Sophia yet onto rods talking politics Eh Woah. Everyone this is Kelly to broaden talking politics which is part of the cast family of podcast and I am on with my co-host Sophie. Hey Sophie Hey Kelly and joining us. Today is Dr Sophia Yen. She is the CEO and Co founder of Pandya Health and also a clinical associate professor at Stanford heard. Hello Dr Yan. Hello and thank you for having me. Yes so we are excited to talk to you so maybe just to sort of frame the conversation if you could tell us a little bit about you and how you came to be founding and CEO of Pandya Health. Yeah so. I am a pediatrician. That specialize in teenagers so I did double the years of training just to specialize than what we call sex drugs rock and roll a little sports medicine in some acne and being a academic clinical associate professor at Stanford Hanford. I had to pick an area to choose but just my passion has always been women's rights reproductive rights and specifically birth control preventing unplanned pregnancy. The preventing sexually transmitted infections and more recently minute passion is. I'm all about hashtags has had a period optional and and letting anyone who bleeding one week out of four no that that is optional and we now have the technology turn that off and how much better would like be without without random blood one week out of four hitting you in random places at random times love it and How kings have become the CEO and Co founder of the only woman founded women lead? Dr Founded Dr Lead Birth Control troll delivery Company was I was giving a talk much doctors. Why don't those Pesky women and their birth control and one of the top reasons glove? We didn't have time to run to the pharmacy. Go get it and my friend and I were like. It's two women. We all saw this. We will ship it to him in and keep shipping it to them until hill. They tell us to stop. And then when we ran ads for free birth control delivery sixty percent of the women. That responded didn't have a prescription either expired fired or they never had one to begin with and I'm a doctor. I can write prescriptions so we added in a synchronous telemedicine where you just a lot of questionnaire. Same questions I'd ask you to came into my office. You know what medical problems you have given your blood clotting disorders with drugs have you tried like you know etcetera etcetera and Mana and Self reported blood pressure Selfie a government. Id to prove that you are who you are and then our doctor looked at it. If it looks good we write the prescription billet Tier Insurance and pharmacies and to your door set it and forget it what happened. Yeah health worries. And you don't have to so doing that. Because it's kind of culmination of my life's work. Is You know helping women make their lives better. So what type of control are available with Pandya health. Yeah so the beauty of Penny health is that we are a pharmacy so we carry all the birth control pills patches and ring. There's pretty much nothing that we don't carry. There may be a specific generic bran that we don't carry because our pharmacy doesn't have that contract. But I would say ninety nine point nine nine nine percent. We've got you covered. And we take all insurance except for Kaiser and we're working on Medicaid in different states cause some states deep have one medicaid for the whole state. So that's easy contract. But if they have is a California a different Medicaid for every single county then you have to deal with like fifty different counties and we are all about access so we want to get those medicaid contracts so we basically are services free if you have on an existing prescription at a pharmacy. You just tell us where that and we move it from that pharmacy to our pharmacy. We bill your insurance ship it to your door and then we also conclude a goody every month so sometimes it's height you very popular and now it's gotten colder. We're GONNA be chocolate which I'm excited about Gear Delis it's peppermint Bark as well as sea salt caramel and mint and then We also Provide information from other female founded founded female lead companies Were sending out some makeup By I think it's pocket pals. Forgive me forgetting the name wrong but it's you put it in your person so if you're an emergency emergency needed a little lipstick or Mascara or some rouge. It's already in there in this little pocket pal. I believe we've also given out. Feminist pins condemed Wyndhams a free subscription amid magazine a discount off of my friends vibrator the most Internet of things vibrator if you WANNA check that out lioness I mean company uh-huh so and all that is free The only thing you have to pay for is if you do need a doctor's appointment we absolutely prefer you use your doctor or your provider but if is not we WANNA make sure women have access and so in California and Florida and soon to be Texas and soon other states as soon as we get that going. It's twenty nine dollars once a year. Air To use our doctors reliability legal and all that and you have accessed relearn sixty four days to our passionate excited academics. And so as I'm listening to you say that this is all about making things easier for women I am struck by how many of the reproductive laws that we are seeing being passed around the country are seemingly designed to make life harder for women to make things Accessing healthcare harder to make things like making personal autonomous choices harder. What are ways that we could be? Better advocating four four laws. The that do exactly what you're talking about that make access to things easier instead of harder. That puts choices and decisions back in the hands of women doctors. Instead of lawmakers I think with the current administration and the current people that are in power in the Senate. It is dark times for anybody with a uterus and I don't understand the Republican Party when they say they want small government. They want to get into your bedroom into your uterus My favorite frayed my uterus my choice nor uterus your choice and this country it is about freedom of religion and even amongst the same religion Catholics for choice. They believe that you listen to your conscience and your connection with God what is through your conscience and what God wants you to do with your uterus And not from some outside force telling you what to do so I I love that attitude attitude and I love the diversity that this country represents and I don't think one religion should be pushing a view on another religion and I think that reproductive rights needs to be seen and as bodily autonomy and freedom of religion as equality. I if I'm not here to be your breathing cow how you know and if somebody rapes me that doesn't give him the right to my body and to grow whatever he wants to grow inside my body my body my choice oyster your body your choice so What our company does is unfortunately needed? I would love a world where our company isn't needed it though not for our investors but just that everyone had access all the time but we also bring birth control to wherever you have Internet in the mailbox. So it's about care convenience and more importantly confidentiality so you can't be slut shamed so that you have access people who live two hours away from the nearest clinic. Two hours away from the nearest pharmacy. People who worked two jobs and don't have time to run to the silly pharmacy. Go get their medication or even in Liberal California where I'm located gated you walk in the pharmacy. Your comes in after sees you there and then the Pharmacists Sophia your birth control and then your boss knows and and then everyone else behind. You knows nosy. Nancy then tells your entire village you know so I think this is the future for Medicine and from the policy side. What would help us is to One for the public. I don't think they realize this has come up. A Lot. Is these p. b. m.'s. Pharmacy benefits managers. If you guys haven't covered this before They are a monopoly and they control the mail order and brick and mortar pharmacies overseas. And they're squeezing out any possible new innovation competition but also the Independent Pharmacy They make people signed contracts that that make them lose money. which is crazy? Talk though when you signed a contract with CVS or care mark or something like that and you're a small independent pharmacy. They'll give you wolf. Oh for this drug. We'll give you ten dollars for this drug. We'll give you five dollars and some of them. You make money but some of them you lose money and I'm like how can they force they don't force worship take it or leave it but how can they even give you a contract wherein you lose money and and that's that's the sad part. We're seeing a ton of independent pharmacies. Die Why because of these monopolies and the government is not aware of them and I was on a call with the newest youngest congressman. And he's out there to reform reform pharmacy and he didn't know about pharmacy benefit managers and I was like. Oh please educate yourself and get people who know stuff right. So that's the other small matter. Week is telemedicine laws. So the question is what is defined telemedicine who is allowed to do Telemedicine tele-medicine and interstate licensing or physicians. So we answered this to take a national exam for the American Board of Pediatrics. The actress and I shouldn't be practicing pediatrics. Any different in California than in Florida Than Maine or whatever but I need to get licensed in all fifty fifty states or a big portion of it if I want to practice telemedicine and I'm happy to pay the fees if I have to but to fill out all these forms and and get certified by every state is absolutely ridiculous so we we need to reform that and then the other thing is whether or not Insurance Company wants to reimburse different types of telemedicine so ours is a store and forward method where you capture the information and then you Ford it. It isn't by phone isn't by video and we like that for the convenience and the confidentiality But some people consider that telemedicine some people say is explicitly not telemedicine. Some people say you can't prescribe unless you physically seen the patient but If you were to come into my office I wouldn't do anything anything differently. I would ask you these questions. I would check your blood pressure and medications so to make it invalid or not legal is decreasing people's IOS access to birth control and same thing going with specific laws against abortion pill. That's not my company but I have a lot of friends in that field and and they're facing specific log going after them. So as I was looking through this sort of process of how you get control with India It made me think about how it's a lot of it is sort of a formality and it made me wonder about sort of the ongoing. I'm going to be. It's over whether birth control should be a prescription medication or be available over the counter. And I've heard until recently it was mostly Asli People on the left. Who wanted to see it be available over the counter but recently there's been sort of pushed back on that Where people are saying well but then insurance companies could up not to cover it? So I'm wondering what you think about birth control as a prescription medication and whether how you think we can resolve that kind of dilemma. Yes I think. It's unfortunate that the Democrats and those who believe an access to birth control do not want it to go over the counter because they're they're afraid insurance won't cover it so the solution is not to not let it go over the counter. The solution to pass a law that you will cover it right and that is what has been done under the affordable care act any. FDA approved method of birth control for women have to be covered by insurance whether it's over the counter or prescription Only and Some insurances have some insurances or some companies have been opted out of it for religious institutions. Unfortunately we like Georgetown University or Jesuit colleges. Certainly you know Catholic church unfortunately might extend to Catholic. Hospital have opted out of covering birth control. And as I said it's fiscally stupid and morally wrong to not cover birth control because for every one dollar you spend on birth control troll you save six dollars in healthcare costs and that is not including Pre and post natal care and the effect on families lies. When you have an unplanned unwanted pregnancy it should be over the counter of the American College of Setris and Gynecology in two thousand twelve and two thousand sixteen and I believe again in two thousand nineteen hundred affirmed firmed? Did they believe birth control pills and consequently the patch and the ring are perfectly safe if you give women twenty questions which are the twenty questions we ask them on our website website. They are perfectly capable if they mark anything in the wrong column to realize this is not safe I will get a blood clot and I could die and so they will exclude blue bins where they've actually done research with our. They had a bunch of women take this quiz and St. How many of them got it wrong and decided to give birth control? They didn't give it to them. Just you know questionnaire are and all the women excluded themselves correctly from taking birth control. I would still like to see some physician guidance. Only for if you have Difficulties picking it or if you are obviously fit in any of the no categories then you need to see a provider to deal with that but I absolutely absolutely supported going over the counter and I think the solution is not to not get over the counter for fear of not insurance coverage but rather to mandate insurance coverage via the affordable care act and California has passed an extra law thing if the forcible character is reverse then these contraceptive rights and access are guaranteed that it will continue to be available with no co-pay no deductible as long as it's an FDA approved methods of birth control. And I believe probably five to ten other states have done similarly all the progressive states Washington Oregon Are often in well. Well it strikes me plenty of other over the counter medications. That people don't always exclude themselves from practically. Yes we always say that a tylenol. Aw is far more dangerous than a pack of emergency contraception then thing than a pack of pill. You can't do too much damage with one packet. So so what are the other things that we talk a lot about on. The podcast is a women's executive could have power. So we're we're talking on another series of episodes about the possibility of a woman president and one of the problems. People seem to have an envisioning joining a woman. President is that they don't envision women in executive roles at all We have very few comparatively very few women. CEO's for instance. So I'm wondering wondering if you could talk to to to that piece of what you do of being a CEO and a woman and and a doctor and an how that role in seeing women in those roles is so important. Yes I have heard the phrase and I I believe that Sally Ride. If you can't see it you can't be in certainly unle. Many of us have shattered. Glass ceiling entered areas where others have not been before and we definitely have our male allies and I am thankful for all those that our are allies but being a woman. CEO has absolutely opened my eyes to the continuing ceiling against against us. When I go and pitch I have all these negatives seen against me? I'm a woman I'm a mother. I'm a doctor. I'm over the age of forty five and I see vs all as benefits because I'm over forty five. I've got amazing connections and networks. Because I'm the mother I know how to multitask because I'm a doctor. I know the field inside and out and I will make sure that our customer gets the best care possible and and I think it's really important that we as consumers and we're going to start a movement it's going to be either called full and then female founded female lead our heart heart full and the glasses half full and the sky is at least half full or it's going to be while like growl women on women lead and and we're GonNa have a stamp of approval that says this company is women owned women lead women's founded because I don't know people arch checking when they look at the companies out there that this company is run by this run companies. Run by a guy. This companies run by a guy. Who's a lawyer just wants to make big money? This companies run by a woman who was passionate and just wants to prevent unplanned pregnancies and make woman's life easier and make the world a better place for her our two daughters. Which company do you WANNA patronize? And people are just like going for the cheapest possible option and we are. Prices are very competitive additive. But it may cost more because we have better doctors we have providers that are coming from. UCSF UCLA harbored These kinds of things and But it's a different the five dollars a year. You know or or a couple of dollars there but mainly I want people to look look at the company I'm choosing who is the founder who is the leader and ask for accountability if you own shares of stock look at how many boards awards have women on it and I am perpetually horrified and shocked whenever I get this vote on your stock thing that only one out of ten one out of twenty on t it is their woman representation there and what's beautiful being woman. CEO is that my daughters and those around them all know that so you can be a CEO. What really touched me with my daughter for Had John Wayne at her summer camp where you can dress up in June or July forget in and whatever costuming wanted and she's just us as a CEO so that was really. There's a picture of her. I always wear my Pandya. T T shirt a white skirt and I carry on bag and I was like do you want to carry the combat is like no mommy a dote but she had. She had the shirt that she had this skirt and I was talking to sleep. And she's like mom and giving them business cards hand them out semi camp Camp Counselor and I was like yes. They'll do the perfect target audience. Audience here takes them business cards. And so you know. I love that. She seeing this and knowing this and I love my husband for his support in my family and and everyone anyone out there and they're for anyone contemplating there is a huge community of support for you but it is a hard and long haul and I hope that women realize realized we have the money we have the power and weakened in power more. CEO's if you purposely look for a company run by woman and Support Court that if you have money to donate You can actually help. Fund female founded female lead companies through various organizations that just portfolio or impact acid. And you can actually do it through a nonprofit donation impact assets if you have a donor advised fund or if you just have money and and you can also just do it straight up with your money if you WanNa make money. But sometimes people like doing it through their non profit donations so I think it's really important to get more women. CEO's out there but also more women CEO's found funded and we need more women to invest. Women are really good at donating but they're not investing and we need you to invest in women. There's also she. EEO Give a shout out for them. And we're you know I believe the minimum vestments like a thousand dollars but there are other platforms where it's I think like Iceland women in like zero dot. Well you have to give something to invest in a woman founded did one in life company. Is there anything else that you wanted to make sure we talk about. Yes I just want If any real listeners WANNA learn more about turning off period and the safety and the science behind it to go to Pandya health dot com slash periods optional and on top is a nicely presented and find some safety on the bottom. Is My tech talk on the science and safety in the middle is if you're on the pill patch ring how to do it and also WanNa give a shout out there. We're GONNA have a black Friday cyber Monday special for those of you who want to check it out. We can deliver again to all fifty states and Lincoln Prescribe in California and Florida and soon to be tecos and soon the entire United States But always happy to answer any questions about periods about reproductive rights and One parole I always like to give Pearl is no that there are four types of emergency agency contraception and two out of the four are better than the one that most people know which is plan B or leaving gesture all generic and those two are the copper. IUD Is the most effective ninety nine point nine nine percent effective and the second most effective is the prescription only emergency contraception called Ella and because under the Care Act etc it should be available. No Co pay no deductible AKA free if you have insurance and that one is better at every time period and if your BMI twenty six or greater and I say you know my Bmi twenty-five and after Thanksgiving it's probably GonNa be twenty six no Don't be using plan. Be An generics. Ask Your providers prescription of L. A.. And have it on the side as they fire extinguisher anguish or just in case of emergencies. And when you get to ask your pharmacist for the one with the farthest expiration date after one expires today excellent will put it links up on our website and links to your youtube channel as well. Because I know you've answered lots of questions on there as well so we'll put links up for all of that. Thank you so much. I'm yeah always happy to chat about The horrible attack on Women's reproductive rights. But hopefully that will change everybody the vote and everybody who donate twenty twenty all right well excellent. Thank you so much for joining us and I'm sure that Hopefully everything will go great. And we'll get that our laws but if we have more attacks on women's reproductive health which we likely will maybe we'll check back in with you. Thank you so much for having me and I love what you guys are doing and I love women helping women all right thank you thank you. Thank you for listening into two bras talking politics. Part of the dim cast podcast network. Our theme song is called. Are you listening of the album elephant shaped trees by the band land and we're using it with permission of the band. Our logo and other original artwork is by matthew wetland and was created for use by this. podcast you can contact contact us at two broads talking politics at g mail dot com or on twitter or facebook at two brides talk you can find all of our episodes at two broads talking politics dot com or anywhere podcast found.

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Improve Your Hair Health With Nutraceuticals  Dr. Sophia Kogan & Dr. Tess Marshall : 622

Bulletproof Radio

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Improve Your Hair Health With Nutraceuticals Dr. Sophia Kogan & Dr. Tess Marshall : 622

"You know that i am the hugest fan of grass fed and grass finished beef and pastured pork and it turns out what you put in your body changes how you feel and and i don't eat industrial meat. It's also hard to get grass-fed and grasp inge beef sometimes and i've got the deal of a lifetime for you. My friends at butcher box have a new you deal. I've worked with these guys before. I love their products. They have heritage breed pork. They've got one hundred percent grad grass finished beef is really convenient and it actually actually saves you money over going grocery store and it actually tastes better so you just need to go to put your box dot com and use code bulletproof and you can save twenty bucks you can stock your freezer with grass fed beef organic chicken and heritage breed pork and if you're on the bulletproof diet or you just i wanna eat clean. This is a required thing. This is an affordable flavorful tasty amazing way to do it. It's awesome that but your box dot com use code autres bulletproof radio station of high performance. You're listening to bulletproof radio with dave asprey today's cool factor the day. Is that getting goosebumps. I bumps might actually help you grow more hair. That's because nerves and muscles that raise goosebumps also stimulates stem cells in your skin which make hair follicles and help burgo harvard university's stem cell researchers just reported that getting goosebumps when it's cold probably helps make animals for thicker nerves part of the sympathetic nervous system which controls your people dilation your heart rate other things like your automatic or automatic processes they nestle next to stem cells that will create eight her follicles which no one knew before this new study and usually nerves a wrapped in a protective coating called mylan which you've probably read about in the bulletproof diet or headstrong or something thing but it's kind of like the rubber wiring around and around a extension cord researchers found that nerve ins were naked where they meet hair follicle stem cells sounds like wire stripped at the tips. That's something you would never imagined is happening going on in your head and those nerves secrete the hormone nor epinephrine which is necessary ashbury for hair growth and that might explain why hair loss is a side effect of beta blocking drugs which interfere with nor difference action however betablockers beta blockers can help you if you have stage fright anxiety going on stage. I've had a few clients who decided to go that route. I don't think it's the ideal route you might want to deal with. The root causes house of that anxiety but now like what happens if i don't want to be bald <unk> professional speaker deal with your crap now now. You're asking yourself as going to talk about being a professional speaker. Dave talk about hair. What could it be well this point. I think you should go with hair because because we're going to talk about hair because well interesting and it's part of living to one hundred eighty because if you lived one hundred eighty would be nice to have a full head of hair rate which passed hundred eighty. I'd i'd be okay with losing a couple of hairs along the way but not more than that and what is this study mean for you. It means that men with male pattern baldness lack these interesting muscles called a rector p muscles in their scalps which are responsible for goosebumps and that suggests that sympathetic thank nerves and goosebumps raising muscles might be important in that one type of baldness so restoring nerves and muscles could cause new hair growth. This is cool because <unk> when someone says you know we know everything that there is to know about science therefore what you just noticed isn't possible even though it just happened to you that kind of ego while you show them studies like this. We didn't know that before. Maybe it was possible and you just didn't have the right study so when someone says that didn't happen because it can't you know that they're following religion not science now back to hair because i'm sitting here across from couple people with just truly truly awesome here. I'm talking about dr sophia cogan and dr tests marshall now because i'm interviewing bring to people with great hair at the same time and they're both by the way from company called neutral. That's been studying how to have healthy hair instead of just how to have here. That doesn't fall out. I'm ask each with them to tell me their voices as i introduced them so sophia say something hi everyone right so sophia's a integrative health expert and this means for men and women and she's the chief medical strategists that neutral and she's written pure reviewed studies on hair hair thinning hair loss treatments botanical medicine and has an m._d. and dermatology fellowship from s._u._n._y. Or did you say sunny. If you're cool now it's sunny days. They don't like the the the word downstate but never wound up never changing to anyway downstate downstate medical school in brooklyn new york so i guess one of the oldest and a country villa sorry so it's like a big deal. I mean it's it's a deal in brooklyn all right so in other words someone who's gone deep on the science and medical side of it and then you flip over with dr tests high every on its task happy to be here goes on really similar. That's going to be so confusing. We'll deal with it tests. A naturopathic doctor and director of product signs is innovations for neutral and i wanted to get both of them on the show today because there's the white lab coats m._d. I mean it's amazing. I mean right now so few is wearing a white lab coat. She has a stethoscope around her neck and looks looks super medical headbands with the little little amplifying light thing on on it okay not really but it used to have that like i went to medical school kind of vibrate and then you have idaho well yeah you know you'll recall professional stuff and then you cut over to like an outer path so she's wearing like a floral dress. He clearly hasn't showered in like two months and actually it was like another bath. You know what i'm saying okay so now i've offended both my m._d. Fringe other emerging m._d. And my natural preference. I'm just kidding but but i did want like the more natural will systemic holistic perspective as well as like the hard science m._d. Side of things because i've never been satisfied with hair stuff when stuff the research search because it tends to be either all one was like you know dip your head and castro oil or something you know. I'll be good and then on the other hand. It's like just take some of these pills that might neuter you in all be good and so i wanted to sort of have this holistic perspective says i what's actually going on in their <hes>. My understanding is that there's multiple pathways for away hair falls out why women get thinning hair so i want to get to the bottom of it because i think most people listening you're in one of three buckets and we're gonna hit all three of these buckets one of them is. I'm young and i probably have most of my hair and i'd like to keep it that way and i can't imagine my hair. Thinning for a marriage is falling. I was the guy but if your guy you look at your dad. You'll get your grandfather your uncle uh-huh. Maybe i should think about that and so then it's how do i keep it then. You have people who are starting to see some out going. Oh my god. This is actually happening. What is going on the people who already have thin here or that isn't healthy <hes> or are mostly bald saying. Can i grow it back and he's like three different use cases so i wanna go through those with you guys today selling plan great and if neutrals sounds familiar to you. It's probably because i've had them on more more than one hundred episodes ago on episode four twenty i believe it or not i should've had cd one for that and and i was take five thirty five where we talk more about hair and some of the things like that but this is an ongoing area of interest. I hear feedback from radio listeners and now now that i'm really focused on anti-aging with masuma book. I just thought it was time to have you guys back on for another episode to talk about this if we didn't get to cover last time so you've now moved into what you're calling with neutral hair wellness. What exactly does that mean especially if you're looking at it from the perspective of each of those three different buckets of people either so i can happen to me but i don't really want to the it's happening right now o._m._g. And it already happened to me. How do i get back so her wellness. What's the deal. It's a great question. <hes> so it's just like you said it's three buckets of people and <hes> i missed one. I think there's yes. There's one bucket now. The one year messed might have been. I want better healthier. Hair is already healthy but you want to be like yeah. So what if what if you're not afraid of what's coming but what if you're just i just i want to have better better looking hair and <hes> yes there are so many people suffer suffering from a hair loss awesome thinning and <hes> there's just as many worried about it <hes> and just as many wanting to to do something about it but they're also a lot you know. It's also a wide range of <hes>. If you wanted to <hes> sort of go across all of these buckets you wouldn't just call it hair loss and thinning thing so hair. Wellness is <hes> something in between the medications that we have available which are <hes> f._d._a. Approved drugs like propecia and rogaine and the simple vitamins and minerals like a and also castro whatever other stuff that people could be using it is really about utilizing clinically proven and acacias interest goals basically botanical that have clinical efficacy see to rebalance the pathways from within so like you said there are more than one bucket here <hes> of people if it were just talking about hair lawson thinning it would it'd be hair loss and thinning hair wellness is about encompassing all of these on really looking about prevention as well as restoration so i heard a lot of marketing marketing substance suffering medical in there so i'm just gonna go deeper okay so topical interventions towns very fancy. Let's start with the people have my hair is pretty good but i wanna make it better so i mean are they going to. I know eating more collagen helps <hes> for sure like that's one of the things that are they going to take you just to supplement or are they going to switch their shampoo or are they gonna start micro needling or using lasers like like how do you know there's there's you could spend ten grand on your hair and not even get started. I was completely blown away that anyone does that level stuff but give me like stacked rank. I i'm a healthy be here but i want like god his hair i do. I think it depends <hes> a kind of person you are <hes> but then if you you just are wanting to support hair i feel like those people normally turn to the common things. They considered good for your hair so they might use pantene who have become yeah everyone. There's a lot of people that understand that you know like parabens and sulfates are not good so people are using natural shampoo booze and conditioner but that's a misnomer that that can actually help grow your hair so it can definitely help like texture and clean your hair conditioning but it's not actually spending enough time on your head to actually do anything on underneath the surface <hes> also those people are probably looking for bio ten. They're taking college in their eh water and smoothies and coffee <hes>. They're just really supporting it on a very not superficial level but we'll call it a nutritional level. I think as hair hair loss or thinning progresses is when people start to turn to other treatments so those people might be taking a drug n._s. Upland and topical and then they're gonna pay seven thousand dollars for for p._h._p. They might get a hair transplant after that so i feel like you start at the minimal and work your way up your naturopathy. Would you recommend the drugs. <hes> i do not recommend drugs mostly because we've seen them <hes> not have the most efficacious results <hes> <hes> so. I'm not gonna say that. Perpetual doesn't work because it does it just comes along with some unfortunate side effects that are in the the sexual realm and aren't too enjoyable for your average average person and then a girl using rogaine and minoxidil. You have to put something on your hands. You have to put it in your head. It makes your hair kind of greasy and sticky. <hes> a lot out of <hes> side effects can be like irritation such just not something that i think i would recommend to somebody else okay so it doesn't really work okay now. Let's get the medical side of things all right so we got our our natural path perspective and you guys both worked for neutral. You're both coordinating on this. I'm expecting there to be some overlap but the other times via were you said yeah pop some puffs and drugs here will like it well. I'm not a practicing an m._d. I am fully this one. I'm i'm one of the co founders of the company so obviously my opinion is a little bit skewed food. <hes> i do not recommend the medications. <hes> and like test was saying i think rogaine could work and i think when when we did our clinical go study. We actually asked that question. Would you prefer to take a supplement or use. A topical study was in women and most women said i would i think over over eighty percents said that they would prefer to take a supplement over using a topical because it messes with our hairstyle and it leaves a residue and i do very strongly strongly believe in <hes> interventions that are multi targeted that have an ability to target multiple pathways and some of those are of course <hes> <hes> p._r._p. On an a nutraceutical pierre p. platelet rich plasma does work. We often use it in conjunction with the supplement okay. I've talked about p._r._p. Appea- a few times on this show not just for hair <hes> i've had done in my hair. I talked with <hes>. Let's see it was amy killing from medical who last time i was there. I did this. <hes> this whole six hands whole body stem cell treatment they did like every joint along my spine my my brain and and was unconscious for four hours. They also did p._r._p. On my face in my hair and maybe even know wherever else they did p._r. Because i was unconscious but i will ever rape i had some. I had been pretty open about the the mail. The mail was the called enhancement shots but they did that as well. The p. shot the shot for me really hurt they. You know i'm kidding but it's <hes> <hes> my wife did have that done as well and it's powerful but i so i did did have a pure pee in my hair done but <hes> it's painful if you're not unconscious for it right which is so it's expensive <hes> it can be painful. I think that take my business partner had done i had done and he was screaming in pain and i was just like what whatever i can have a baby factly i i think there's definitely a slight difference between how we perceive pain men and women they do say that women <hes> have a higher pain tolerance than men surprising <music>. I think especially for for hair <hes> i've had a couple of different practitioners men's than amy mentioned the same thing like injections on the face and inhere women are just tougher than guys are apparently and also so a lot of our doctors use <hes> distraction mechanisms so they'll use actually vibrant a vibrator to <music> in on the scalp yeah <hes> on the scowled to distract from the sensors so that helps a lot for a lot of people people and also <hes> sometimes they utilize <hes> even nitric oxide to just like to breathe gas and get a little bit hard but that's my my business partner had he was great. I loved it yeah that that will sell a lot of all right. I got you now. Syncing using nitrous oxide can get a little bit high but if you have certain types of genetic things it can also make you feel like crap for days because it affects your nitric oxide cynthia system and i'm one of those people so for me. <hes> sorry whip. It's are not my drug of choice. That'd be coffee. That's my choice just tend to fall but but for other people it's profound you're the dennis i was just kind of loopy and then everything was done or you you get whatever done your hair okay so. I'm hearing a little bit from both you obviously k. You you work for neutral and you have a combination formula that works on multiple reasons people have hair. That's unhealthy people losing their hair and cetera <hes> and it's wolford obviously you guys wouldn't be on but what <hes> what i'm hearing though is that from both you there's a path that goes where you start with getting here healthier and that's nutrient based and that wouldn't obviously involved neutral you guys wouldn't bother making it <hes> and then there's a path that progresses up from in there. What are the pathways that you're going after i'm with you. I heard earlier like don't use bad stuff on your hair. That's not though in a capsule so if we are using natural shampoos made from the unicorn juice and whatever else what what are the pathways that that you need to hit whoa also originally reformulated <hes> amends formula anna women's formula and both of them are targeting inflammation oxidative stress us <hes> stress because stresses a big impact on hair loss and hair health <hes> as well as the hormonal pathways such as h. h._t. And of course anything that is coming at us from the environment <hes> we published <hes> some papers with very prominent dermatologists talking about the fact that hair loss is not do one thing or another genetics are not the only thing i always say genetic slowed the gun environment pulls the trigger and that's why the formulation asian works so well because everything else out there targets one pathway only however today we've evolved since we last spoke we actually early tests and i wrote a fifty page white paper looking deep into the research of how functional medicine applies to oh hair loss and it's fascinating as we were doing the research and this is really where how wellness comes in from the scientific and medical support is is that the follicle is actually not separated. It's not separate from the rest of the body just like every other disorder in the body. It is really a combination of different systems being affected in the same way the follicle any dysfunction in the follicle can is the result assault ultimately of other systems being impacted as well in the body and not swear <hes> we created a new <hes> an evolved loved version of neutral fall and the way that we apply neutral for <hes> pro customers into a patient's is personalized and systems wide approach what is personalized meaning tag about taking vitamins well internally we do research and we also test people so one of the things that we had started doing earlier on as we started doing a hermano analysis test on customers that weren't responding fully only to the core formulations and what we found were some very interesting trends that perhaps are not very surprising is that some of the most <hes> <hes> some of the pathways that were most impacted were the detoxification pathways the stress pathways and and the gut yes and the guts or hair loss is detox systems stress systems and gut. Oh my god god. We just say that hair loss has to biohacking because those are the main things that you go after yes now. Does this mean that you're saying people with unhealthy looking. The hair might be unhealthy. Yes in fact we are at the medicine as it stands. Today we look look towards normal ranges as a as a as a standard <hes> when somebody comes in unless they're sick they're basically healthy and that's not true true. There's a period of time before a disorder or dysfunction happens where there was sub optimal functioning and that's where biohacking comes in an eastern medicine comes in and naturopathic medicine comes in and functional medicine comes in where we understand that normal if you're one <hes> if you're within the normal range and you're off. You're still considered normal but that's not true <hes> you could have a normal normal sira test but that's not true either. An thyroid hormones are very important for hair growth. So what we're basically doing is worth supporting the systems that are having sub optimal functioning and when they have sub optimal functioning that results in hair loss and thinning as some of the first signs along with fatigue or or any other symptoms that can come along when we say personalized it's because not everyone is going to have poor problems. Not everyone is going to <hes> have poured detoxification problems so all of our new targeted booster products were curated so if someone had a little bit of stress issue and some problems they could take <hes> formulas that would address those things then if you looked at your best friend that person might need some liver support and b-vitamins <hes> <hes> it just goes back to the to the point that no two people are actually the same even if they're presenting with the same condition so how would i know if i'm like a liver guy or am my like a stress guy or you'd probably be nothing guy because you're already taking all of the i. I'm working tonight. I mean i i take all the stuff you send me <hes> and i i mean i'd take one hundred and fifty pills a day right <hes> but i will tell you that my ford words or higher than it used to be right but i'm almost fifty and all the guys in my family were bald by their like mid twenties so i've way exceeded the expectation here <hes> but <hes> i definitely pay attention to it and haven't done anything like crazy unnatural. I don't take any medications for stuff like that. <hes> so i'm always going through this. I also know many years. There's a fire dysfunction. <hes> played a substantial role in <hes> in my hair. I finally got thyroid but it wasn't until <hes> probably my late twenties when i did that. Ed already started saying feeling differences and since then there's been times when i'm like all go off because i just took whatever arms and then i'm overheating for my third. I actually need to reduce it but i reduce it too far like wait. What just happened to my hair like crappy. Get back on thyroid but you lose a little bit when you're a hacker. Can i grow that stuff back. It gives my fourteen get lower. There is some damage that happens to follow calls over time and at first to get thinner thinner and they're under scar tissue that forum so there's some follicles are not able to come back unfortunately if they've been significantly damaged <hes> on the other hand <hes> the there are also sleepy follicles that have been dormant and when they are available underneath the skin that you can stimulate that by proper balancing hang on the <hes> of all of these pathways so that doesn't answer the liver versus <hes> stress verses whatever got him but it was a nice dog. Yeah we'll to find out what you are affected by in your lifestyle. We need to ask you some lifestyle questions so for listeners today we actually have live <hes> developed a lifestyle questionnaire on our website <hes> which will actually ask you questions about your energy about your sleep. They'll ask you about your digestion gestion. It will ask you about <hes> if you're have or eating too much fish with mercury in it <hes> to really kind of see what systems may be over compromised compromised for you specifically so about five or five to seven minutes. Take this go to neutral dot com neutral new t. r. a. f. o. l. dot com and then there should be a nice button. That says get started. So is it going to be long and gordon actually not boring but it is a little bit long. It takes five like i said five to seven minutes who asked me a couple of these questions that are on there. Okay so you want to ask them to hire men or women. I'm pretty. I should got that one today. I'm identifying as a man but so some of the questions might be related to for instance. What energy patterns do you have to elicit it. Whether or not you have cortisol dysfunction. We all knew that cortisol supposed to be highest in the morning so that you can wake up and be ready for the day and lowest at night. A lot of people who are an adrenal dysfunction. We'll have imbalanced. Cortisol levels will ultimately have low energy in the morning and will be wired and tired at night <hes> we'll ask about about fish consumption to what would you order us for instance because aluminum toxicity we find a lot of connection between the environment on your hair you're <hes> and since our liver is responsible for helping metabolize all these elements from our body so this way they don't damage us and our hair <hes>. That's why we're really asking the questions so here's what you eat. How old are you. I'm only got to the the how old are you. Are you a man or woman and also so aged matters especially for women we recently came out with a <hes> a product that targets peri menopausal menopausal and postmenopausal puzzle women so there is a slight difference in hormonal shifts that happens later the the sign's behind. It is actually pretty interesting. How come on these women are starting to notice similar patterns as to male pattern hair loss around that age <hes> and it's because when menopause happens you're estrogen and progesterone <hes> really decrease at a rapid rate and their testosterone isn't necessarily high but it just decreasing at a slower pace so we like to call that relative testosterone astro dominance and then you at that time you actually have less sex hormone binding globulin junior have more free androgen which are likely to turn it into d. h._t. <hes> and then will affect woman in those specific patterns women premenopausal gets above the diet. The dietary questions are really important. Most of us are not eating <hes> a a great diet an some of us that are eating an amazing amazing diet <hes> usually i would like to say that i'm pretty good. I'm still impacted here in the united states versus when i go abroad because of <hes> glyphosate data because of all the other toxins and antibiotics and it's even if you're eating organic. It's usually still going to be not fully organic and so the microbiome i am a significantly impacted and some of the most interesting things that we've witnessed recently is that hair connection to the gut and <hes> <hes> the hair connection to the god <hes> is is through the permeability of the of the <hes> the digestive tract also so to the from the inflammation systemic inflammation that occurs that actually ultimately imposter hair follicle <hes> there are some interesting studies studies that came out recently two case reports of <hes> to adults picture. You never saleh's patients that were refractory to treatment so joel apiece universality says when it's one of those immune <hes> hair loss pathologists or your whole body lose hair and interestingly enough they were refractory through normal treatment like steroids and all these other things and <hes> they also happen to have a clustered difficile infections and so they were given f._m. F._m. tease fecal matter transplants and lo and behold. They grew hair back. Whoa so yeah super interesting. I think that just is case in point that the gut has a large part to do with your immune system and immune regulation in your body <hes> because it's it's crappy. They had to have a <hes> c diff infection. It was crappy. Sorry pun intended. You know it's it's unfortunate that they had to have a c diff infection to be able to receiving emba f._m. Thi this huge can you go on overseas. You can definitely medical freedom and you can just go to the pharmacy. I'll just have a <hes> that much food is healthier. I was just thinking like you guys have good hair can have some poop. Okay never mind. I wasn't thinking that wander young organic farm microbiome your i'll sell it in all seriousness. Do you see a future that tries trying to go with that. Even even though it was gross <hes> is <hes> you see a future where actually we might do specific not necessarily fecal matter transplants but the bacteria from those is and you can already by those for people who are really sick but they'll be once oh we know these bacteria make you grow hair like crazy absolutely so we know one of those strains already is called lactobacillus beck sylla's for tara <hes> or you can buy that as a probiotic right. Yes got. It actually has really wonderful benefits for upper g._i. Issues the brand biogra- i don't know if you've ever heard of them or or are you guys put in neutral. That's a new edition though right. It's not in our core formulas. It's in our a hair biotic interesting but this one particular strain actually has preliminary studies done in mice <hes> where they have actually shaved off off part of their hair so the mice are still living and being treated wonderfully and they take this ellard tara and actually grow more thick and lustrous for they also dove in a little bit deeper to see why that was happening <hes> and they noticed it's because of a modulation between i'll ten seventeen which are inflammatory cytokines funds for people who are not as hackery as the three of us so basically inflammation. There's different pathways and these are signaling molecules inflammation so that's that's intriguing. Do you know what that stuff eats. Does it like fats proteins carbs. That is a great question. I'm going to say like fat but but i'm really just using my educational knowledge off of that. I'm guessing if it's <hes> lactobacillus. It's probably going to be more of a fiber carbon. Okay most of that species that i'm aware of don't eat fat other. They tolerate it. <hes> the reason i'm asking is that most probiotics like you can take them they work and then they go away but if you take probiotic with it you get an explosive things like like we're just grows like crazy. I'd love to talk so we are prebiotics in two so tell me about your provider so we use a non-conventional prebiotic. It's actually bacteria fog which sounds like a jerry very word but <hes> it is a really innovative proprietary blend of different viruses that you actually take any goes in there and basically targets all of the bad bacteria think of as like a little bit of it is considered a prebiotic because the results that the at that you got so close in the little sniper blasts the backpack bad bacteria and then the good bacteria eat those cellular components and it's been clinically shown to grow okay. I am so going to get some of that stuff. So factory of ages are an area of interest for me for people listening. The only time you've ever heard me talk about those probably with navene jane from volume because because he <hes> their test. I think you've used code dave. They give you a deal by the way but <hes> is the only one that can actually measure what phages you have in these pages are basically viruses that feed off of certain bacteria and the only target bacteria and viruses sounds scary <hes> but i think for any <hes> for any probiotic prebiotic combination. There's this concept of <hes> we'd feed seed and feed <hes> and the idea <hes> as you might you want all of those three components in there for us. When we developed the hair biotic we wanted the bacteria to weed the bad bacteria and and then to cede we also have a bacillus subtilis which is <hes> acid resistance more forming in here biotic. They're all in this isn't this is is in here by has the good stuff okay. The phages are really unusual in a in a product formula and i'm super interested in most of the injuries which by the way it was done in russia you guys may know this and then the russians when the economy went down like hundreds of millions of dollars of research is just guys freezer at home and <hes> this is larger than ignored in the west but it's now researching so i'm super stoked the have that yeah still find that freezer i mean there are people who are doing that sort of stuff. It's it's fascinating. <hes> what i'm i'm actually gonna totally take that stuff. That's the i'm really interested to try it and doing narrow brothers since superhuman to the bulletproof inner fuel which sounds it'd be very compatible. There are no ages in that and there are no probiotics at all. It's just the growth medium to cause lactobacillus and the other good strain ago so when you take something like robotic it can grow and proliferate and just have a substrate to grow on <hes> and to get enough digestive fiber in your diet because a lot of people when they're going on kito especially the dirty kito guys you should read the thing about more vegetables anything else but a lot of people they go down the pork rinds and yeah mark ryan's eggs and diet soda akito route and bad things happen guys now in fact. I don't think they could feed that special species that you've discovered because what they're eating. There's no food for that lactobacillus strain in their exactly and i think that's why kito has gotten so much on that. It's bad for the microbiome but it's really based off the dirty kito practices. You know when you eat enough veggies. It's good the problem. I was having so when i travel you can go to restaurants. I'd like a plate of steamed steamed vegetables and they bring to piece of asparagus. Oh no. I'm sorry i wanted to play. Here's a thousand dollars. Four piece of asparagus cannot get vegetables. It doesn't doesn't matter what you do so i'm traveling hundred fifty days of the year so half the time i diet is not enough fiber from vegetables because when i'm home i get it. That's that's why i made inter fuel but stacking with pages and with the specific species you found that grows hair growth. I'm actually really excited to give that a try. So i wanna look like like a werewolf next level. You'll be our subject right. That sounds cool all right <hes> that's fast thing i did not realize you guys are going into phages. I also didn't rise you could call ages probiotic but i like what's between like short term stress like sort of thing. Where are you okay. I got a car accident or i got an infection or had a bad breakup versus. Just the longer term stress <hes> <hes> was it did you hair will answer that question. I love this question because from an m._d. Standpoint most doctors believed that there's only one type of stress-related hair loss. I'm that's called tillage enough lamb. It basically means that are follicle is suddenly very suddenly pushed into the resting phase which is the tillage phase and it can only stay there for three to six months so inevitably after a stressful event all the hair that's suddenly shifted into that phase phase will fall out and that's what your average doctor will will test for. They'll do a pull test and see how many hairs come out now. What we are understanding now from research is that it's not we're not encountering life threatening events very frequently today what we are really truly encountering encountering. Is this chronic level of stimulation facebook like exactly exa- i wanted to actually it's a part it's facebook. Dating apps <hes> watts up i- messenger. It's that whole emails. What else is there now. I have slack <music>. Hey you're not caught up in your videos. There's so much pressure on this exactly so we'd never disconnect from our phone. I want to say i think back in day hand silly who actually coined the term stress basically said that i think in the sixties seventies steve basically said oh we don't have enough <hes> anabolic time they did not have enough time to disconnect now think about what that means today if they did not have enough time to a disconnect then what does that mean for us so there is this chronic level of underlying stimulation of the hypothalamus matured serie access and of course stay the nervous system and the adrenals a constant working and that disrupts our normal cortisol patterns and the follicles actually have receptors for cortisol and for corticotropin-releasing hormone when they're stimulated interestingly enough they can actually produce their own hormones so they act almost than tennis for stress on the skin so with that in mind we you can't say that it's a sudden stressful event. That will impact them. It's actually every little bit of accumulated stress that might not look like stress so i often ask people are you stressed and they're like no and at the same time they will say <hes>. Oh yeah you know. I don't really get a chance to eat in the morning or in the afternoon. I was a recent question russian. I asked for some <hes> residents medical residents and i'm like how do you just said that. You're not stressed <hes> so that's why we ask the questions on our quiz quiz in a very sort of roundabout way. We wanna make sure that we're not asking directly. You stressed but we're asking energy levels. We're asking about sleep patterns and things like that and we do ask if you've had a big event because sometimes it's just like the event tips the glass over like you can have all of this cumulative stress adding up adding up. You haven't reached this threshold yet and then you have a break up you get surgery or you have a big move and then you're just adrenal system collapsed houston handfuls a haircut then you're gonna have those handfuls of news that like what the heck is going on yeah. Sometimes it's hard for people to identify one thing or or they'll be like. I had this <hes> traumatic. <hes> event happened to me over two years ago like i should have my hair back by now and we notice people do not and that's because even after that there's no rehabilitation time your body can fully recover because you're still exposed to these low level chronic stressors on a daily basis jason and that's very common for post pregnancy actually a lot of women <hes> so even though well pregnancies in itself beautiful and wonderful but it can be very stressful in the beginning once the baby's born <hes> and the body actually during pregnancy it <hes> it tells the hair follicles to stop cycling so all the mechanisms that were happening normally in your normal life at the bodies very smart. It just says that's not important right now. Can we stop. We'll focus the in all of the attention on the baby and the pregnancy and so during that time the hair looks beautiful and lushes and wonderful and when the baby's born inevitably within three to six months a lot of those hairs will fall out now normally speaking unleash to tell patients <unk> back in residency. I remember this. Don't worry about it. It'll come back now. What i hear a lot now is that those as women actually never recover fully and what's behind that well also that babies very stressful to have in the beginning <hes> and yeah there are on nutritional depletion nutritional differences when during pregnancy post pregnancy and not accumulates so there hasn't been a chance for the woman to regain her normal way of being and that's why two to three years after they're still feeling the hair hasn't come back fully so that's chronic stress for you and that's really what's important to address not just those sudden stressful events so having babies causes baldness baldness in men. That's what i got pretty much. Yeah that is very multi modal. The comfort is a little stressful to have babies because they keep waking you up and then sleep is disturbed. It is stressful for a man also to have a baby because you're dealing pulling with maybe a hormonal lady and also waking up and having to feed the baby you're having to deal with with straddling your sexual like six years and we have to study those effects we haven't maybe that's a next shirts three. I'm sure look into it in the meantime this breath and that's a really good point so one of our boosters is actually the stress adapted gin and the <hes> yeah actually have to boosters for the stress response system. One one of them is the actually a. b. Complex because <hes> b-vitamins get depleted during stress one of the things that happens is that we actually deplete all of our new transit and most importantly vitamins and some of them have been studied and shown in mice when we repeat them that the adrenal gets adrenal glands <hes> become healthier and actually prevent them from getting worse. You take vitamins in early stage. Yeah good for most people to be on those xactly and and the stress adopted jin we have stressed up in the core formulation its thatched for gondar standardized to very high percentage of the by octaves and has actually been shown in clinical nicole studies to reduce cortisol levels in chronically stress adults and then the boosters have many other adaptions kitchens in them and that's for people to have that who have really almost at a point of adrenal fatigue or have been impacted by chronic stress so probably everybody's racy mushroom ravioli and sha sandra surprisingly shandra has some <hes> research that actually tied to her health as well. Let's talk about stuff. That's bad for hair that we do that is just purely environmental like like not enough sunshine too much sunshine bad air air pollution. I don't know <hes> sending garbage rain tump. Tell me what's bad bad that people are doing. They're using products that are not healthy for them. I think one of the biggest issues that we find is <hes> xenobiotics including b._p._a. <hes> and <hes> as as drinking plastic water bottle title <hes> we don't often do that. That's one of the questions that we actually do. Ask from our customers is how often they use plastic or anything that is contained in plastic caustic parabens sulfates all of these phthalates they do <hes> damage us and one of the big things about the hair follicle is it is one of the most sensitive <hes> <hes> hormonal tissues so it's incredibly sensitive to a good endocrine balance and anything that disrupts at endocrine balance is a big issue for the follicle and it's a finely tuned mechanism through multiple growth factors and cytokines and hormones that has receptors for absolutely every hormone if you do throw even one thing the rest of the biological clocks offers and so i think in terms of air pollution and in terms of the topical things that we put on our hair on our scalp or even on our skin because that travels and anything that we ingest as well to such such as the b._p._a.'s infant plastic can throw up that balance sophia is making a great point for how the environment kind <hes> throw off our current system and then you have like the direct toxins that actually come in and can hurt your mitochondria. They <hes> 'cause <unk> oxygen species of which in offensive world is for oxidative stress <hes> which can long eventually damage the follicle and impact the growth cycle so give me some specifics here. Which should i not do if i would have a head full of drizzle. I don't eat a lot of sushi n- not she because mercury mercury <hes> unless you're really using a great <hes> sliver support something that helps you detoxify well <hes> otherwise all that mercury will accumulate eight an aluminum for instance in our <hes> durance. I think we spoke about that. Last time i use a crystal daughter in salt doesn't doesn't say like aluminum on there right on the crystal now sure absolutely one hundred percent sure. I tested negative. I was one of the few people in our office lumina lumina who had no aluminum and my hair that's cool the rest of the people who are not using crystalline. We're not hippies like me. Actually need specific in our m._d. Was cleaner than our natural. Oh my goodness defying stereotypes but everyone always says that about us actually so again so not utilizing any aluminum <hes> keeping the medals out <hes> i think e cigarettes hurt as well or cigarette smoke treasure exactly so cadmium <hes> was found in hair just nicotine itself in high doses bad for her fall in fact about cadmium they they found in premenopausal women <hes> most of the cadmium sources were actually coming from soy products <hes> so you know we have a lot of vegetarian and vegans who are eating soy and it can be a garbage we just so many issues because not only is that soy product with a cadmium but also thyroid thyroid hormones. It's a it's a huge interference or normal. <hes> employed was sade and and the pseudo estrogens and all the other electons and all the other reasons that is not food for humans or animals and now to both of your point we kind of just covered five of different things that are influencing five different systems in our body that we've actually found type two hair so you're using products that are disrupting your detoxification vacation system. You're eating food is disrupting. You're <hes> you're eating soy. You have thyroid problems so all of these things are compounding in your body at one time <hes> ultimately with the end result of <hes> inhibiting the hair follicle so i'm gonna fix all this with some neutral capsules right. Wow the the way that <hes> we've evolved as a company is that normally speaking you would take the nature full capsules to really target the pathways waste at the follicle and then once you identify which system is impacted <hes> for you and it's not just i really based on what you environmental inputs are also <hes>. It's the cumulative effect <hes> not everyone is going to have the same system impacted because it's accumulation humilation of all the different stressors that makes an impact and genetics and biochemical individuality. Do play a role so for you it might be the detoxification system and the stress response from you might be the sugar support or sugar or metabol- bolic's system that is impacted so it's different <hes> so once we identify which of the supporting boosters you would need. That's that's the personalization aspect of the of the intervention so the the average person who has average or below average hair decides that they're going to eat less or the bad stuff they're going to. I'm i'm gonna assume eat some of the bulletproof collagen because it just makes her easier to grow and they're going to add neutral in. How long would it take before they would say. Oh look i can see a difference mayor. That's a great question so lows to answer but because i think people like to jump the gun they take a product for a month and they don't notice anything is happening but the hair cycle actually takes very long to go through its whole process it actually takes six years but not six years three to six years in the antigen phase and then the cottage in phase which is the antigen is the growth phase for anyone listening hang on ketogenic is the regression phase and that's about three weeks and then follicle goes into the resting phase which is <hes> t- legitimate <hes> you can think of it as has <hes> having a cup of tea yeah and so the follicles essentially resting and the hair has already detached just so. It's just waiting for it to fall out. Does it wait before. It falls out about three to six months. She drove a dead hair for six months out yeah and and that's when there's regeneration process starts and when the stem cells gets activate get activated for the new fall for the new hair to grow however again there's when you don't have all of the pathways balanced that hair might just decide to stay <hes> in the inbetween phase and kind of sleepy we call it that keen face but that's not often used in common language okay so it's gonna take me six years after i started out now the clinical study at actually showed that <hes> people saw results in three to six months progressively so as time goes on they were seeing better results in general and are all a everyone is different. Most people will say i'm going to try out for a month and by the way most supplements unless they're direct metal con drill things and i make you feel those in five minutes but most of them if you can take your vitamin d like you probably aren't going to have like angels singing from heaven for vitamin d but if you take it for three months like oh well you know i didn't get sick the way i used to and you see these changes rate so it's not unreasonable amount of time but it's longer than the short attention span naturally have have a neutral role comes along with a lot of side benefits. <hes> like some of the ingredients have been like ash rhonda for instance. <hes> actually helps reduce anxiety. It helps helps promote stress resiliency. You might sleep better and these have been proven to happen before the three month mark so i think people a lot of our customers. They say you know neutral and was make we feel great. I don't notice my hair is growing yet but i'm still going to take it because i feel so great on it because stem effects okay that makes good sense all right so we talked about bad stuff. You can do how long it's gonna take to get your hair grow better. We'll say what if you're just like. Full full on bald guy screwed. I wouldn't say you're screwed because there's plenty of really beautiful bald men but i mean air balled anyone agree hair yeah. It's probably unlikely i would say it depends on how bald yar and it's interesting to me. Sometimes i meet men who actually shaved their hair and and the are bald and <hes> and i would. I don't offer them neutral. I have friends like that and all of a sudden they come to me and they say hey so. What about that supplement. I take and i'm like what <hes> and the reason is. They actually want to have those little black. Dots on their scalp still maintained. It's it's not like they're looking to grow their hair but they actually still want to prevent the loss of it. So i think in no circumstances you can still take it if you're really sat on having a of retaining hair which you you have to do something because it is progressive <hes> but you would not grow the the scarred follicles back. It's just impossible the ball because there's not much you can do with that unless you're having a transplant i will use the the true light like red infrared light stuff is just full disclosure sure i'm a founder of light and hope to extra some of the patents they have on the glasses i i wrote <hes> so <hes> but i'm using that like on my had and noticing difference would you stack red light therapy with neutral. Is that a good plan so yes low level laser as a light therapy has been actually shown to a stimulant mitochondria and the follicles around the follicles and stimulate it grows so a lot of our doctors who have neutral in our offices. They are utilizing together <hes> with the helmets as well so it does work. I think okay i think that if you stimulate the mitochondria and lower the inflammation and provide the botanical said are countering all of these other pathways. It's a really great combination therapy tra tre and even in addition to that neutral does contain <hes> vitamins and nutrients that help support hair growth <hes> nutrition so you have more mitochondria under your have more cellular energy to be using all these great things coming through the bloodstream to actually help generate the hair that you see should also use a dermot roller on top of that. It wouldn't hurt yeah. There are some studies that basically show that <hes> healing or the process of <hes> you know that creating a micro incision <hes> does generate some level of good inflammation right and it stimulates growth and stimulates stem cells as well so do they do help. Sometimes the dermot rollers that are at home are not deep enough so a lot of the <unk> our doctors they also ah use micro needling which goes a little deeper. I'm just a quick disclaimer on the dermer rollers. I think they're starting to crack down on how deep they can actually go <hes> <hes> because you know doing a medical procedure in the safety of your home isn't always that safe you know if you're not <hes> cleaning your head if irving the doors license yeah. Are we have seen more people in my hair was dirty and i got an infection those the downfall yet so let's definitely knowledgeable. Sorry yes a little bit of a shout out there for self responsibility but you're right okay. If you're going to take like one inch needles in roll over your head okay got it. How how deep do you think it's safe for just mere mortals to go who don't have a white lab coats. I don't know maybe like one one millimeter. I think one point five is actually significant enough if to <hes> you know 'cause a michael trauma bleeding around if i were to yeah if you're drawing blood in your house it's probably not the best thing to do. You should see your dermatologist. Adjusts your petition to do some micro needling their president's doing activity on like the middle of your scalp. It's a different animal that you're doing it like on your forehead and you're gonna look quake swollen broder till dear that's okay. I'm just speaking for a friend <hes> i would say if you really want a real. The micro needling treatment board certified dermatologist and are you a board certified dermatologist. I'm not board certified okay. I left my residency. Okay doctors have the electric little vibrating micra kneeling stuff that works really better than the rollers anyway so that's what they did on my head when i was unconscious ah that's what they told me. I believe them so okay so if you were to just go all in on like okay and there's a lot of people a lot of people who are exactly this well. Why would i do just one thing. I wanted to result and i must worried about knowing exactly one thing so you would start off by saying. Don't eat crab. Okay might plug the bulletproof diet there. That's got the yeah kryptonite foods at the bottom avoid those and then i toss him collagen in there because it's really easy and you probably already doing and if you listen to the show bulletproof made collagen cool and then you you don neutral right and you'd figure out whether you need the core product for men or women and i'm intrigued. I can't say that i've tried yet but this new prebiotic probiotic robotic hair biotic. I would toss out there right. I'd had simple enter fuel because you want any probiotic. Take like areas to grow and it's good for gut health anyway and then from there you would do first light therapy than micro needling. I would likely well i. I want to say that we don't have the hair biotic we also have the liver support <hes> we also have other products so there is about fill out the survey in fear what you need we have seven seven seven targeted booster fill out the survey and understand if you need the particular booster because you also might not need boosters <hes> and we we don't wanna push a product on you so by taking the survey you'll understand what it is that your body needs are and based on not you might wind wind up with neutral core and two boosters for instance and then with all of these other components which i fully think are amazing <hes> from bulletproof as well and when you decide what procedure you want to to to do i think it's really good to go go to a doctor who actually knows you know knows all of these things who is actually utilizing multiple therapies like a person who has a good hair association component to their practice and they can really identify what it is that you might need or desire this point and not everybody needs everything. That's the thing. I don't think that i knew i think we're all jumped gone by saying. I wanna do everything right now and it's not necessary. There's no survey very bright counterpoint to that. Because there are those people who are every one of the are those people and i would do the three prong approach. I would do the nutro-ceuticals in the food and everything else <hes> uh-huh and then i would do both love is low level as a light therapy as well as the pierre p. and dodd p._r._p. Light there i i would i would bundle p._r._p. Was my colonel and because i think they're very similar in that way <hes> except parapet adds to the micro though she walked more expensive sir yes but if you are one of those people at once everything then you're probably going to want to go the the full gamut so that's the way that i would approach. Check okay that that makes sense and the reason that i say that that you might not need everything we're all walking this delicate balance where going to get results alz and i went down this path twenty years ago. I said all right. I'm gonna try vitamin c. For a month or two i know didn't work so i'm gonna try vitamin b. for month to okay didn't and work and eventually realize if i try everything possible for just two months. It'll be the end of my life and i wanna try. Everything and i haven't tried combinations of things either so the pragmatic bio hacker approaches look. I'm going to do everything that might work. That doesn't contra indicate. I'll just do it once and we get the results. Which is what i wanted and then i can say all quit. Doing whatever this thing is and maybe there's gonna sundays. Maybe had expensive p for a while but it's okay because i got the results i wanted versus versus this fear of oh my god. What if i took one thing. I didn't need well. It probably going to hurt you. It's vitamin for god's sake so that's why i'm like. Just go go bigger. Go home on on getting something done and when you're walking you feel the way you want. Your brain works. You look the way you want and you've got it. I start paring back until you fall off the rails ago. I guess i should do that like this. It's just so much easier. That's why you'll be surprised when people like give me everything right and they'll book something they'll probably call. They'll go back to episode with amy. Killing had okay and i go out with my earpiece. Whatever <hes> because their goal was i only have so much time and i want hair so just do uh-huh i agree and i think that's actually one of the things that a lot of our doctors doing as well the ones who really truly understand hair loss and thinning and hair health in general is they really just just throw everything on the patient and of course coming at it from the medical standpoint and looking at the integrative standpoint as well. I agree. I having that if you do everything at least you know you did everything and ultimately something's gonna stick most likely the combination that it's going to stick because it is a multifactorial ideology so no matter what you do you're making yourself healthier and that's where the philosophy of the core plus targeted boosters came from its thought you know core is wonderful on its own supporting your body when you have these incoming stressors from all different angles you just need more so we're supporting some of these foundations to health that if they aren't balanced your hair can't thrive get one more question for you and tech t. tests will start with you. Good good should be you know that superhuman my new book on anti-aging is an preorder and i've been pretty public public about this one hundred eighty but people think i'm completely crazy pants for that. How long do you think you're going to live. I think i will live till about ninety ninety five but it is it even with neutral. I think i might be tired at ninety five though this pictures of being okay what if if when you were ninety five you weren't tired if i was ninety five and i wasn't tired then by all means. Let's live as long as we can the joma ninety five year olds when you ask him say hey. Do you wanna a day right now because you're so tired of them. Say yes no you were them and the ones who do usually do something about it. My grandfather did that. He's it's like. I'm going on all wind diet and four days later he was done right. Yeah i just like to say my grandmother is ninety five and she. She's just one of those people that's always curious. I think if you're always curious about life about everything should just picked up yoga gal come on ninety five really does she gong in the park and that's my eighty five year old grass something ahead stanford oh the other day even do that the game okay so i'll move it up so one they also i mean you guys are young and sciences. This is moving along and we have this picture especially if you've been through med school where like old ages like diapers and tubes monitors in wheelchairs and not knowing your own kids names uh-huh right and if that isn't what aging looks like because you took care of your stuff fifty years before that the picture change is not wise person who walks around and talks to people a third my agent tells them how to not be idiots when they're fifty like that's cool i would say my most important thing is to focus on health span not really life span as long as i have it all together and feel really great. I even call it within our company. Your hair span so if you're supporting your body for <hes> for health. You'll have better hair for longer. Say the u._s. Live as long as you have good hair. I think it's good answer good all right so few and i would say memorial your immortal all right. No you got impact a little bit. This is because of your hair totally because hair you know it's a spiritual will the length of the hair really does have an energetic component. I i don't often think about this. I think we are immortal all in many ways and this is like a reincarnations yeah. Okay i've been here before. I'll come back. I'll come back exactly that that that's really my answer. <hes> i think tests gave a great answer. I would probably if you were really push me. I would say around that age as well well i look at my grandma and i think while she's really thriving so <hes> and having some backaches and some issues but she strivings just driving having because she is still her her spirit as as up and i think having the spirit up is one of the most important things as well yes to having the health of the body auty is important but the spirit is super important so self care and finding ways to support oh our soul and spirit it is very important to me and i think in that aspect i think i am immortal all right. I no one's ever answered that way before so i can i do absolutely i switched from the perform better as a human being after a game changers came out. Which was you know five hundred samples and like really good data and now that i'm talking about aging the the mission is to change the way people think about being old and i think the world is missing. A lot of village elders elders 'cause a lotta people are too tired and too sick and infirm and because of what we're doing the environment where they live so what if when you're old you're like oh. I'm wise is highly functional. Then was like i have this great idea. I have a whole plan figured out. I just want to go to an island and have like a home with with all. My friends live with a community. They call that bali right a lot of fun beautiful. That's a good way to live a long sometime. I i'm i'm with you there. So i appreciate you guys coming envelope radio today. You're with neutral neutral dot com and the cool survey. I'm super intrigue the new her biotic and i think that the idea of personalizing wisconsin for your hair is really important paying more attention to my hair and i think that you guys are onto. There's something here so. I appreciate you the third time on the show but we got some stuff that we've never talked about before and <hes> if have you on again in a while. I'm gonna follow follow up on that. Hair has energetic powers thing because i think there's maybe something to that <hes> and then we have talked about the effect of laser hair removal but i'll be on another another show have an awesome awesome. Thank you thank you.

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Exploring Algorithms of Oppression with Dr. Safiya Noble


35:16 min | 1 year ago

Exploring Algorithms of Oppression with Dr. Safiya Noble

"Hey, folks, you're a very good developer probably regardless you do right bugs that's unavoidable. What is available is wasting time. Trying to track down the cause of those bugs century dot IO provides full stack era tracking the lets you monitor and fix problems in real time. You can see the severity and the scope of the air get immediate access to the stack. Trace connect the problem to the commit that caused it and fix it without delay century to name so common that they have to include the top level domain in their advertising to make sure you remember it century dot I O that century dot I O open source full stack web apps native apps mobile game smart oven mitts if you can program it they can make it far easier to fix any errors you encounter with it. Your code may be broken. Let's fix it together. Visit century dot I O. Scott Hanson, Hansel minutes and today, I'm talking with Dr Sophia noble, she's professor at the university of southern California Annenberg school for communication as well. As at UCLA's graduate school of education information studies, and I found you because I read your book algorithms of oppression, which is a book that you wrote with over six years of academic research on Google search algorithms, thanks so much for talking to me today. Great to be here. So this is not the first book you've written. But it's definitely a book that has got a lot of people talking. You you went and did research into the power of the al-gharib that we use every day to for something simple. Just find a picture or find pizza locally. I did you know, I was drawn to this work because I was you know, kind of serendipitous Li I guess you could say looking for information that might be of interest to my bonus daughter and my nieces, and it really started. This study started. With a simple search on the keywords, black girls. Back in about two thousand ten and I was stunned to find that pornography, and hyper sexualize content was the primary way that these two key words together surfaced up content, and that he launched me into a multi year study in looking at all of the ways in which a whole host of things that I think we might not have ever thought about before particularly when it comes to vulnerable people like children, people of color, sometimes women in our society in the US are misrepresented. And I was thinking about this in the context of other types of information institutions, like, libraries and schools, and the prominence that search engines are starting to take a bit in their place, and why we might wanna pay more. Attention to what happens in search engines when it comes to representing people communities and concepts. It seems like there's a lot of as lots of different kinds of people with different educational backgrounds. A lot of different people have different perspectives on what happens when you type a word into a search engine and hit enter some people might think that it's curated that as a real person some people understand the algorithm in our forgiving of it and others have no idea. It's just magic. It's true. At one of the things, we know, for example, is that from the Pew Research on search engine users is that many people think that the things they find in a search engine, especially on the first page are reliable are credible trustworthy. And I think that's mostly because when we look for banal information like, where's the closest Starbucks, for example? Oil or some other kind of fact, that's not disputed searches can often give us the right answers. So that bolsters our trust in for a lot of things they are reliable. But when you start getting to more nuanced complicated contested information when you start thinking about identity and an. The way in which misinformation or disinformation can be easily manipulated or kind of game to the top of the pile of information. I think that's where I'm really interested in thinking about what's at stake, and in what ways might that undermine the public really having good reliable, trustworthy information. It makes me wonder also what the what the correct result would be like we all have an a subjective perspective on when these women search for something what we expect to get. We're delighted if it's correct. And we're upset if it's not do you solve that by making better algorithms building different teams or do you solve it through curation? It's true. I mean, I'll tell you one of the things that I was thinking about for the years that I was finding pornography as the primary representation of black girls Latina girls Asian girls is that I don't think that's the way those communities. Those people those groups of people would represent themselves. And of course, these are, you know, in this case, those examples we're talking about children and adults scence who don't have a lot of money who don't understand that Google search is primarily an advertising Injin, right? It's those who have. A lot of capital, and there's a lot of research to kind of bear this out people with an organizations with the most money are often able to take advantage of let's say add words, and and helping to make their content more visible in the case of the pornography industry. You know, you didn't really even have to add the words sex or porn or pornography to make laterals. Asian Rosa teenage girls synonymous with porn. And so those are the kinds of things that I think people are less aware of as part of the way in which powerful industries and organizations really have a lot more ability to have their version of black girls represented, maybe African American or black or Latino girls themselves, and those are the kinds of power dynamics that I'm really interested in studying diffuse now this is the the the focus of your book is called algorithms of oppression using this search. Term as an example for underrepresented groups. Does this apply to any result? That is an undesired has an undesirable result any term that I might search for that. Whether it be like, I might search for I I have no idea. I haven't searched for it yet. But like, you know, Americans in Google says are dumb, or you know, so in so actor that I might like is. And then it starts to auto complete is an idiot is whatever when one of these things. Correct. And are they not, and when they problematic and winter, they not where I think, you know, this has been one of the issues that's been in the headlines hair, quite recently. For example, you know, how Google auto suggest certain ideas, you know, whether the word idiot, let's say gets paired up with a politician or someone in the White House who that kind of thing. And and these are you know, course, the new conversations that were having our about particular. Types of bias, whether in certain kinds of political bias right around search engine results. And I think that this is a new opening that heretofore there was a high degree of trust. Not even a questioning of whether there was a particular slant or bias happening in search. Now, I think me certainly with my book in other investigative journalists in people like yourself who are opening up the conversation. It's allowing us to say, well, what are the primary influences in a commercial search engine, what's at stake. And how is that different for different people, and certainly on heat that celebrities and political figures, you know, there's a long history of having their names associated with unfavorable content. But those are people who have a lot of power in our society, celebrities and politicians, I think much more is at stake for people who are. Vulnerable who don't have influence who aren't millionaires who don't have the ability, for example to affect public policy. What what's happening for them? What kind of bias is in place? We see this for example around immigration. You know, there's kind of you know, negative as south of the border types of conversations that come up and can dominate in search engines about, you know, award like that. So they're certainly kind of a a set of politics that you might say that are popular in that circulate. And in some ways, I think what's a challenge is that the public relates to search engines as a bit of a truth teller like that it will give them facts, and it's less. The public is less likely to understand that they're all are all kinds of influences happening around what they may see and those are the things they think are worth talking about. One of the phrases that you using the book that I really like. And I think I'm going to start using all the time is this concept of algorithm literacy, I didn't think that anyone needed that. But do you think that this is something that should be taught that the idea that one should be conscious of an algorithm know, what it is that it exists, and that it may not necessarily give them what they want. Well, I definitely think that we are moving into an era in our society where people may not understand the very complex mathematical formulations that undergird the algorithms that they're engaging with every day in all kinds of different. Let's say apps that they're using on their phones, or you know, at work and at play they may not understand the mouth of it. And in many cases, that algorithm is you know, it's black box. You can't see it. It's proprietary. It's a trade secret. But they certainly should understand how to evaluate. The output of these systems, and what they might mean rather than I think blindly trusting that. There are no power dynamics or no effects that you know, could be manipulated in a way to get a whole host of answers or solutions. And ultimately, I think with many of the algorithms that were engaging with the very first motivation is a profit motive, and so whether it's collecting data on us as we use these applications in these algorithms or whether it's feeding back a very consumerist. Dick, a set of propositions for us our literacy is really important in. I think one of the things that I try to stress in my work is that the more. We let algorithms make decisions for us rather than using kind of our own critical thinking in our own ideas are kind of human subject. Titties? I think the more we lose a sense of being able to participate in our own decision. Making that affects our ourselves our families in our communities. I think it was a really significant pointed you're making it. I'm seeing it in my in my young sons that I'm raising that they are taking things for granted in there. Taking auto complete as as dos bowl for to mix. My metaphors a little bit. My thirteen year old was like, hey, I've got this thing in the back of my head is cancer or whatever. And he'd been looking know some something he typed in brain or head or something. And it was like might be cancer auto complete or something. And it was like, well, no like use your critical thinking, let's he's like this Google know all these things we'll know your common sense is as important or more. So than anything Google could give you and it was really surprising. Yes. While you know, I work in a university nineteen seventeen university students now for some time. I will tell you that. Many of my students say they could never graduate from college without Google Google's the first place, they go to help them write papers through ideas in one of the ways. I challenge them as I saved. Listen. You've gone through twelve years of education k through twelve now you're in a us university for a few years, and there are many vantage points that you could take up looking at any particular phenomenon or object, and we spend time years cultivating a complex way of thinking not all questions can be answered in point zero three seconds. In fact, there are many forms of knowledge ideas that are heavily contested have been contested for thousands of years. So what we seed in our own acculturation to algorithms is this idea of, you know, an instant answer that everything can't be known that it's fixed, and that we don't have a say that you know, the machine is dictating to us what the answer is. I think that you know, that is not the way you want to educate people in a democracy. You want people to have high levels of literacy be very well educated and not a just kind of function as a dumb box where you know, the the machine gives you an answer. And I think we we're losing something we're putting something at stake in our human education when we have moved to these these new processes, it seems the heat gets turned up on the stove a little bit at a time. My wife noticed recently that I'm using the GPS for basically everything even places that I know darn well how to get to. And she always chastises me for trusting the GPS, not trusting my own commonsense. While you know, this is certainly important and some of the things that we know, for example, about mapping technologies is that often maps will route us through certain neighborhoods, not routed through other neighborhoods. I think there was recently some stories about. Uber drivers for example, going through affluent neighborhoods and people not liking apps like ways taking them through, you know, affluent again neighborhoods that don't wanna see a lot of traffic down there streets. But also, conversely not going into certain neighborhoods that maybe have been programmed or deemed somehow by the outgrow them to be quote, unquote, bad neighborhoods. So, you know, these things are really interesting to me. I think they I find it fascinating to sit and think about these things to research them and to talk about them in when I talked to other people they often scratch their head in there. Like, I never really thought about that. And yeah, maybe I should rethink my over reliance upon a you know, wearing being directed. And I think again, you know, this conversation's really interesting to think about what might be at stake in concretizing in making. Even more real these ideas that some neighborhoods, which of course, we often know are like neighborhoods where a lot of people of color live or poor communities are, quote, unquote, the bad places and not the good places. And I think people are studying how abs- are reinforcing. Some of these ideas to this episode is sponsored by stack overflow for teams a private secure home for your team's questions and answers. It's everything that you love about stack overflow. No for your company get instant, reliable answers from your co workers without disrupting them, unlike documentation or Wicky long Email threads or distracting instant messages, QNA mimics the way that we naturally share. And find information introduced stack overflow for teams to your company and start building products faster and better visit S dot T TK slash Hansel minutes to get your first month free. That's S dot T K slash Hansel minutes. What do you say? Say for people who might be listening in might be thinking that gosh, you know, she's making this all about color all about politics. I don't want color in my in my neutral, computerized artificial intelligence. I wanted just to simply be neutral. Well, you know, there's such a strong. I'm set of ideas in our society that technology is neutral, and I'm not the first person to kind of question. Whether that's true or not I will say that. I've had a lot of computer scientists over the years students in my classes, and one of the things that I find interesting is that after three or four or five years of an engineering education. I mean, these are very smart students, many of whom have AP tested in high school out of English out of their humanities courses. They're not taking history or any social science or humanities courses at the university level. They're in strict kind of math, and engineering education. And I often say to them how much confidence do you feel about designing technology for society when you really have not studied society at the university level. Now end often, I find that the kinds of books and articles that I asked them to read about the impact of technology in society or things they've never been exposed to. And they find themselves, you know, in some ways, I think feeling ill prepared an incredibly responsible for the kinds of products. They're going to be designing for people, and they really have bought about any adverse effects. So, you know, I often say, and I say in the book that an interdisciplinary well rounded, kind of preparation for engineering students in nearly crucial because I think that there's always kind of a set of intended outcomes, and there are often. Set of unintended outcomes. And they warn, you know, about history and society and people the more you can kind of be prepared to address some of the unintended consequences in even Silicon Valley executives now will often see that they are thinking about ethics now thinking about the disparate impact of their products. But I think it's been people like myself and others who have raised some criticisms that have helped the industry rethink some of its practices. And I think overall that's a great thing. One of the things that I appreciate it, particularly Richard book was that you stated something very simply that search results are more than simply what is popular. But somehow people are using objective and neutral, and you're using it as a synonym for popular. Yes. Well, you know, you can find something that's popular in society. And it may or may not be true. So we know this right air respective of whether we using technology are not that many things that are popular are not positive for society or are misrepresentative stereotypes, for example, down whole kinds of groups can be wildly popular. It doesn't actually mean they're true or helpful in terms of having convey, a the kind of. You know, fair society may be that we wanna have for everyone. So I think many times the challenge here is that people use search engines as if they're let's say an online library rate in the kinds of things you might find in a library would be a big context. And I'll tell you I give this exercise to my students will say you go to a library database and look up any topic. You care about anyone. It doesn't matter. You pick something and then go to the stacks of books and find that book that you're looking for and Intel come back and tell me something about the context within which you found it. And so they'll often find like, wow, you know, this subject I was looking for. Let's say a, you know, they are looking for something about LGBTQ identity, but they find it in a big context of books about sexual deviance. And that tells them something about the way in which. Which for a long time, we've seen sexual identity right in this, very scientific, clinical, psychological sense. And then they see that that's a point of view, kind of subjective point of view that has a long history. But that there's a lot more to it. And now in a search engine, you're not gonna find a context for finding that those things that come to the front page. You're not gonna spill to see. What's influencing the subjective nature of the thing that you're looking for? And so even in the book, I propose kind of other metaphors and other ways of making information context. Much more available and visible to us again, rather than just assuming that the things we find are absolute truth. I think we need to know more about the things we're looking for. And what might be influencing why we're finding them on. It seems like early versions of the Google algorithm. Cre- two thousand seven. Were a lot more. Well, understood in the in the giant black box. It was quite a less sophisticated algorithm in the past. And there was this notion of Google bombing where you could get enough people to quote, something, and you could basically prank the internet. So you go in search for French military victories, and you click on feeling lucky and suddenly you'd find yourself on a fake version of Google that says did you mean, French military defeats? And that's you know, that's cute up to a point until you realize you can entirely game the system and put falsities in front of searches for truth, while we know this happens quite a bit, and you know, in the early days when I've been on the internet for a long time. And you know, we used to have how we found information was we had a lot of experts communities who might organize a, you know, bodies of information, you could go into parts, you know, a kind of bulletin board. System of the internet in fine. People ask for experts. There might have been people who really were teachers or experts in an area, you know, we when we moved to this kind of white opaque page where you could put in a search term, and then kind of trust that mechanics of the logic behind it. We're going to give you the best thing we've removed a layer of kind of again understanding that there might be many points of view, and many experts involved in helping us find what we're looking for. So now, we we have a whole generation of people who have never experienced that kind of library ask type of search and have moved to this rather opaque type of search. And I think you know, we know that there are people in organizations who often try to game the system. There was a great story by great. Emmy terrible story. In the guardian a few months ago about how white nationalist had taken over Boase, Ian anthropology. And of course, we've seen white power white pride organizations takeover, different kinds of keywords that would lead people to holocaust denial sites. Right. Just flat out disinformation, our sites any think, those are the kinds of things that have been are very difficult to see you really don't know that's happening in every once in a while. The news media will pick up for example, stories about students writing papers on Dr king, and, you know, providing a lot of relate terrible misinformation disinformation about Dr king, you know, and what they find is that storm front and other organizations have been able to co-opt Dr king's name on the internet and. Basically, try to discredit civil rights and the civil rights movement. I think those are the kinds of things these are very like I think it's fairly uncontested in our modern democracy in two thousand nineteen at the civil rights movement was probably a good thing for our society. In yet, we still find people who fall into you these crevices of the web where there led to really harmful. Hateful, anti-democratic information. Annexing our things we should you know, should definitely care about especially as our kids are engaging with this content often quite unsupervised in your book. You talk about since you work in -demia, and you think about things in a scholarly way with other scholars you talk about the importance of citations, I spent all those years in school, and in college with footnotes for everything inciting papers, so that you had a web of trust. But that web of trust doesn't seem to scale to the actual web. Well, you know in. The early days of Google in particular, but I don't think just Google near. This idea of hyper linking to other sites was away of signaling credibility and trust ordinance at in search. And so if I had a site in a lot of people were linking to it, and pointing to insane you should go to, you know, a Safia noble site than you know. That's that's something you can trust. That was something that was available to us as a kind of practice of citation that was quite frankly borrowed from the field of library and information science what scholars you. Now, you have other kinds of imperatives like purchasing keywords and trying to optimize content, and we have a huge gray industry of search engine optimization in advertising companies that are that spent millions and millions of dollars trying to optimize their content to the first page mostly because most. People don't go past the first page when they're using search engines, so what lands there is incredibly important and Google and big a commercial searching Jin platforms are always trying to, you know, keep their their own algorithms from being kind of subverted by this SEO industry. So now you have a according to Google zone. Search lab over two hundred different factors that go into helping bear AI decide, you know. You know, what to bring to the first page and oftentimes one of the things you'll find is that large advertisers, large clients of theirs are at show up on the first page. It's why when we look for certain, for example, news were probably going to be led to very large news organizations rather than say a teeny local campus university campus newspaper or some very small community paper. Right. We're gonna find the large platforms. So that kind of, you know, same with for years of, you know, a view looking for women's clothing, you're gonna be led mostly to large companies at spent a lot of money to be made visible around women's clothing. I'm civil mentally, you know, it's advertising that is driving. Search engines not necessarily a quest for truth or curated cited trustworthy information, which might be something that you find more. So in a library. And I think it will search is excellent for commercial content. You know, when you're looking to buy products and services is very good for that. Or if you're looking for certain types of undisputed facts, you know, might send you to Wikipedia I, but in many cases, it's it can be a quite deceiving. Whether you should trust, you know, advertising as a primary source of information for making good decisions. And you point out something very interesting. I think children should understand is that they think that Google. Search engines are part of the the internet. They are synonymous internet, and they are treated almost as a a public utility. But they have interests they are a company that need to keep the lights on. So as such you need to kind of take those Google results and put them in context. And that's asking a lot because we search dozens of times a day. It's true. And you don't even with my own family. You know, I find my second grader saying, we just Google it. And you know, of course, he doesn't know his mom is just kind of really written his books offering a set of alternatives to just googling all the time. And I said, well, why don't you start? If you're interested in that topic. Why don't you talk to your life worrying at school, or why didn't you ask your teacher about it? Why don't you? Call your grandparents, you know, why don't you get multiple points of union brand? Parents might know something about that because they were alive during that time they were young during that time, you know, like in even in my own home. I have to you try to teach my my son out of some of those habits because I want him to learn that there are other ways of knowing besides just going to a search engine. And I think that, you know, again, a lot is to be learned, and you know, society and ideas their complex and. You know, one of the things that I offer up as a in the conclusion of the book is that, you know, I don't think the answer is a getting rid of Google, I actually think more competition. More search engines. More investment in public library's public media public education. Public universities is really kind of serves as the right way to bolster our democracy. It's not that commercial. Search engines don't have a role to play that can be helpful in sorting through a lot of what's on the internet. But I think to seed so much of our educational space in our knowledge space to advertising platforms is probably not in the best interest of having a well, informed democracy. And so those are the kinds of things that I really try to argue for is that, you know, it's not just enough to public policy and regulation around big tech firms social media artificial intelligence firms, but we also have to bolster that with deeper investments in more democratic knowledge institutions like libraries. So as we reached the conclusion of this show. Let me ask you one final somewhat loaded question now that it's twenty nineteen and if we go to Google images, and we searched for black girls or white girls or Asian girls, we see largely positive representations that appear to me to be from the rise of of positivity, and and in user generated content. There's a lot of very enthusiastic beauty bloggers and people blogging about, you know, pretty pretty this and beauty that and positive this, and these people rock, and those people rock are we affecting Google did did we did we the community of positively affect them. Or did they change their outgrow them for both? It's both. I think I can tell you that as I've seen kind of my own critiques. Get more traction in visibility and other scholars who are and people on social media and journalists are saying, hey, wait a minute. Big tech companies. This these aren't fair representations. Just like other mass media of the past television and radio kind of demands. For better representation, I see tech companies responding quietly in their own ways to tweaking their algorithms, and and putting more people have on the case of carrying about these things. And so I think it's a bit of a symbiotic relationship between the public and critics and also people who work in those companies, I know a lot of people who work in tech companies who care deeply about these issues, and who are also inside those companies saying, hey, we we need to do better. We need to care about misrepresentative information in the search. Then we need to care about disinformation and hate information and hate speech in social media. And I think there are, you know, we're at a point now where we can be in a more open conversations finally about what that stake when we aren't having the conversations I see that as a progress for sure. Fantastic. Thank you so much for chatting with me today. You're welcome. Thanks for the invitation. You can learn all about Safiya's work at Safia you noble. I'll put a link in the show notes, and you can read her book as well as her other books and other expertise and research as we explore these topics. This has been another episode of Hansel minutes, and we'll see you again next week.

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The Neuroscience That Will Get Your Kids To Sleep Through The Night With Dr. Sofia Axelrod PhD

Mom Brain

54:55 min | Last month

The Neuroscience That Will Get Your Kids To Sleep Through The Night With Dr. Sofia Axelrod PhD

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These amazing interactive activities range from puzzles in DIY activities to arts and crafts, sports and more head to the APP store and download the Walmart apt play at Camp and give your kids summer adventure. They'll never forget camp can be found in the services tab of the Walmart APP. Being a mom is the toughest job there is and it doesn't come with instruction. So it's okay. If you don't have all the answers, we'll figure it out together this mom brain for the Larrea Baldwin and Daphne. US? Hey guys. Welcome to another episode of Mom Brain? I'm deafening and ALARIA and today we're delving into the science of sleep with Dr Sophia Rod she is a neuroscientist sleep researcher and mom of two kids who actually sleep through the night. Learn everything from this woman, what we're going to our entire conversation today is from my scientists standpoint, how to encourage our children to sleep as well as they possibly. Can I eat so interesting sleep training is one of the most requested topics we get from you guys, tons of emails about tons of messages and their moms are, and myself included who desperately craved more sleep. For our children so that we get more sleep ourselves. Dr Axelrod has kind of distilled literally a hundred years of sleep research into three simple steps that she's going to share with us to debt was even better as her new book is science back and is inspired by the latest Nobel. Prize winning research are you guys? Here's our conversation with Dr? Sophia Axel among. Hi I'm Sophia axelrod and I have two kids and I'm also asleep scientists and so when my first baby was born, I thought what can I do to sleep set scientists to help her sleep through the night and had a few tricks up my sleeve and she slept really well, and my son slept really well, and then I wrote a book about it and I. made an APP and where we find you where can we follow? You can find me on Instagram at Cool Alan and also at Sofia axelrod dot com and at Coolum dot com, or so excited to chat with you to chat and learn tons of learning I'm really excited about this. I, want to hear a little bit about your specialty in and your background, but I also I think that whether or not your children are currently sleeping while they're definitely are like sleep hygiene things you can do for kids that helped either create good habits and establish them or prolonged them or like wreck rectify ones that have slipped back because I have a child who used to sleep great, and now we've moved like a few times. So an now does not say. And it's just there's so many things that could contribute to children not sleeping. Well. So I WANNA make sure I can take off the list that I'm not doing any of these things oh yeah. Yeah. The details matter. A lot is talks a little bit about your about your background. Yeah. So I'm I'm a biologist by training and. I have peach tea in. Neuroscience and I now work at Rockefeller University here on Manhattan. With, someone who won the Nobel Prize for Discovering Circadian Rhythms Circadian Rhythms. Is kind of our inner body clock that helps us understand when his thing time when his nighttime, when should be we'd be sleeping when should we be awake but also a lot of other things that we don't normally think about bowel movements, alertness mood all these things are happening on a circadian. And my mentor discovered the genes in our body that regulate that and so when I was pregnant with my first baby, just like you pretty much seven months. Yeah. I was handling why we actually work with mice, but we also with route flies because you know couple Lucien and you might as well study food flies when you want to understand something about humans ultimately, that's that's what we believe as scientists and was handling my fruit flies into because we didn't make them up because we studied their sleep in. We used Rhett flashlights to not wake them up because we know from circadian biology that every light except red light wakes us up wakes the fruit flies wakes everybody up. And that's what's special about light. We think that's because at sunset in the evening, the proportion of blue light diminishes, and so we have adapted to the signal that you know red light means. Sleep. In the sense that blue light activates special receptors in our is in that tells our body it's time to get up. It's time to be awake sleep hormone down alert list alert this whole hormones up, and there's just nothing you can do about that. But if you read like you're safe. So I was standing there with my wreck flashlight and I thought. What could I do to help my kids leave because I'm a lifelong SOM- Yak and? You know a light bulb pardon the pun up in head and I thought I need an red light any red light bulbs to help my baby sleep. So I bought a bunch of red light bulbs installed them in the nursery night wasn't a on nesting phase. Making everything perfect and when she was born, it just work in works because it's out biology. and. It's just really powerful in this red light in the stark contrast between day and night really trains call it entertainment intrigue their body clock to these differences and there's other things. But this was kind of the most unusual thing because people sometimes think blue light a soothing. No Blue Light is very activating and blue lights happens to be what what's from our phones right like our phones, our computers all. Right so In bed watching that flakes or whatever. It's probably having to sleep that's I mean that's just simple like easy. A sort of change to make but I mean, it's such an obvious like scientific basis where which is so cool. What obviously I think I mean for whatever reason we ended up talking about sleep training, sleep issues, sleep sleep all the time on the show because I think a lot of us kids I'm assuming most our on the. US. Do, not sleep I. Know You did your training Germany maybe it's the same. He's like the world over children are not sleeping as well as their parents would like and I'm curious why you think that is happening and if there's sunlight Janik things without going into too specific of our own children just yet generic things that parents are doing that are set in their kids up to not sleep well I I don't think people used to talk so. Much about it and people I, mean, there's multiple things right I. Think we're just expect a sucking it up as MOMS, and that's the main reason for me why I'm like I felt so angry to do something I didn't want to suck it up already don't sleep well, and you know sleep deprivation causes all kinds of health leading postpartum depression and nobody's talking about that connection is like Oh. Yeah. Baby Booze this like weird thing postpartum depression. Yeah. It's because you're not sleeping. Right. We're just supposed to like whether to storm in like you know the pediatrician tells will get better or whatever other moms tell y'all get better. Yeah. While you're suffering, you're suffering potentially for a long time. Right? Your kids are you know not even babies anymore and you're still it's still a struggle as so now I think moms are more power to kind of talk about it and know maybe not just accept their fate. And that's one reason hearing more about kids not sleeping. The other thing is I think that. In a good way, we're really trying to focus on what is good for your kids right and and it's so important to us. Now is a generation that our children get the optimal child development everything we could imagine to make them. Happy Healthy. People and that's very important. But there's a clash with certain things that we need to do to help them sleep through the night and you know that's where it is really contentious things come in like. Co. Sleeping. Imposing. Any kind of schedule on children a Lotta people completely don't want that. So you know it's kind of it's kind of emotions run really I anyway about parenting and then when you become a bomb, your whole brain is united altered states in. So cheap is drug. have a try. I know yeah. It's just like this hormonal cocktail in your you're you're completely wired to protect this that you just created an you don't WanNa. Hear about sleep train. You don't hear about anything that could potentially. Jeopardize that and that's that's that's good. But you know it, it will be hard for you to to implement some of the things we know from science that help but don't fuck. Stick around for my mom to this message are you guys if you follow me you know that I am obsessed with hair health and scalp health Venus farmed Sharon's part haircut collections include clarifying blends that help remove build up on the scalp where you're hers glamorous always us and especially very nice right now. Yeah like. Okay. A. Lot of this has to do with using products that are not damaging and are going to. Give special vitamins and allow for lots of hydration and you guys are always asking me what kinds of products I am using and the bottom line is these are products that are without parabens without sulfates. Definitely no sulfates because it's so drying your hair. So I'm very very impressed with with my family. We are really really big Avena fans over here of was farmed shower inspired haircare. Collections, include Colloidal as the very first ingredient in the scalp soothing blend of Venus Farm Sharon's inspired haircare collections are safe for color treated hair of emails farmed shower inspired hair collections are blended to clean, clarify, and reinforce shine and color vibrancy from root to tip find the latest time to shower Vino haircare products at Walmart. Dot Com or on Amazon and visit AVENA DOT COM to learn more. Okay so so talk to other than the red light. What are What are certain things like we have a baby are this baby that I have from the beginning because it's always easier right from the beginning to the baby comes home from the hospital, and then what do we do other than having? Red Lights. So, The red light in the blackout shades will help them learn automatically without doing anything. What's the in night in? It's important actually to really stick to the Times very strictly because our circadian clock gets not just in trained by light, but also light, very specific time. So you know nobody wants to hear that but varying bad bed and wake times is not good. It's not good for us. It's it's even worse for baby because the baby doesn't have them yet in it's our. Job To kind of tell them with what we're doing in with the light that this daytime nighttime. So try to create a really stark contrast between day and night that's number one. Then in a newborn, you obviously can't PM opposes schedule. It shouldn't on the you know we're we're taught to feed on demand if we're nursing our bottom feeding same thing but some moms they fall into this trap where you turn into a human pacifier if you nursing, you're just like constantly nursing babies constantly snacking. In, the nobody ever sleeps and that's not good either and what has been shown to be better is you know babies baby eats and then sleeps two hours, and then you can feed game. So having the two hour periods you know that seems like not a lot or a lot depending on what you're used to. But that gives you a little bit of time also to have a nap, you know if you're constantly nursing Crazy. So that's the second thing and then when they're about a month weeks, that's when you can start seeing. You know that's when nighttime sleep starts getting a little bit consolidated daytime naps are more different from nighttime sleep in and around to two months I would say. I don't know like where you are on that spectrum but you know if that's possible around two months would victim from your bedroom I would put them in their own nursery. And the reason is that research shows that it night when you delay responding to babies Brian just little bit I'm not talking about like, let it cry out or anything like that. Just a minute and a half teaches them self soothing teaches them that Oh, I'm crying. I. Help help help. It's not the end of the world maybe I can fall asleep by my staff. And this is a really. Powerful thing and just introducing with little distance easier to have that little delay in responding to them. So that's that's another thing I. would do around around two months. When was parents feel okay with not having the baby right right next to them. Some are ready earlier many or not ready but you know that's what works for many people and then I would really start watching those nap and that's something that is maybe the biggest confusion in the parenting community where people think. You need to sleep a lot during the day to be able to sleep at night but that doesn't really make sense like if I could shoot down for a three hour nap or you you're not gonNA be as tired I mean. Okay. Maybe right now you will be you're sleep deprived but. In general you know daytime sleep will affect nighttime sleep in the reason is that we have a Total. Sleep need that is twenty four in twenty, four hours in that is daytime sleep plus nighttime sleep. You can literally just do the math. You know if you need a sleep when you sleep three thousand during the day, you only five hours at night in the same is true for babies. The confusing thing is that, of course, they need a lot more sleep and it's not obvious how much they need at a certain age. And that's where he did all the research. You know I looked exactly at how much baby sleep at every age to tell you. Whatever one year they shouldn't sleep more than two hours during the day to sleep ten hours at night, and if your baby naps for hours during the are not going to be able to sleep for or ten hours at night and Ashiya's assign you know if your baby or your child shows you that don't WanNa sleep this thought resisting naps. That just means that they're see pressure has been has been naturally as naturally gone down they don't need as much sleep and you shouldn't fight it in order to get that nighttime sleep back in order to get bedtime back. So for for the one was leaks between one and two hours, I would say, well, then just like stick to maybe an hour and a half and to one hour soon, don't just wake them. And that will help you because they will be more tired at night. It's it's very simple in research shows up. In denied, it's the same thing for some reason people think that. Babies down at seven PM in expecting them to sleep for twelve hours I mean that works in a certain phase of their lives but. It at other ages a dozen in what has to understand that you know babies only have a certain amount of total sleeve, and if there are any nap two hours through the maybe only ten hours are left in that means pushing the bedtime later if you don't want to get up at five thirty. That should help as well. So for those ages. Just, forget about even trying to put them down at seven pm just stick with the nine PM bedtime you're gonNA, limit all the struggles because they will be tired enough and just you know pass out pretty well. But what do you think about in terms of creating a routine? So the one thing that I hear a lot of MOMS on here talk about indefinitely I struggle with is well, what is that routine? Is it? You know when we're gonNA BATH TIME RUSTY PAJAMAS WE'RE GONNA play a little bit restored and then you guys are going to go to bed. Or is it I sit with you and hold your hands for the whole time or hugging you while you go to bed or is it something something else? Daphne you talked about having listened to stories sometimes, which I've I, need to get that information again because I can't remember the night of stories. It's a changer it is I. Did that too. I think that one thing that's true to alarm you like since I've known you. Sleep Max five hours. Parts like parents. You're not. I would like to as you know. And I think that we give our shutting onto our chance way to I desperately if I could sleep ten hours a night twelve hours, I could easily do that. John is the lightest worst that he like Max five hours five and a half hours but I also, my brain won't stop I oftentimes especially as a kid had to have like a story, I'd already heard playing in the background too low myself to sleep, and so absolutely we are we are our own best instruments for gauging what's absolutely Thank you. That's important information. There is obviously distribution of sleep in the population in some people need ten hours I need eight hours in. If you only need array, don't sleep a lot. Sleep has a super strong genetic component. There's people like me just study. Families because there is. The also the same amount. So that's if you are all on the lower end than it. Is Important to keep that in mind you know then. You're putting them down at seven PM and they're on the lower end for a two year old only on BBC even hours and then they're up two or three or four or five am. MIAMI smaller one actually also on the lower end, and it's so frustrating because I want him to go to bed early. So I can use signing, but it's just doesn't work. It just doesn't work, and then you know once you kind of accept that bouquet spent times right now pandemic everything is a bit shifted. He's going to bed at ten PM in wakes up at seven. That's not great. But at least there is no time struggled irs no waking up at night nothing it's just it's just that's just what what's happening. On. Skid around for mom after this. Mom. Mondrian is brought to you by welches farmer owned and family grown vibrant range of juices, breads and snacks. The next year is right around the corner. We don't know what that will look like for many families. What we do know is that parents will be native convenient and delicious options to offer up for lunch when you're thinking about what to give your little ones to drink. Try welches one hundred percent grape juice. Delivers delicious and refreshing fruit flavors crafted from high quality family farmer grown greets the best part while just has no sugar added ever. The grapes used are sweetened only by sunshine and an eight ounce glass contains two servings of fruit and provides wholesome nutrition good for the whole family. Treat your kids with a vibrant taste and quality welches. Family farmers have worked for generations to provide available at most major supermarket chains. You said that you're not a good sleeper are you weren't a good sleeper? Talk a little bit about that, and then with your with what you've learned, have you have you incorporated different tricks to encourage more sleep because I don't know if I'm somebody who just doesn't require a lot of sleep or I just don't get a lot of sleep because I'm I'm I just have so much on my plate and I'm just that kind of person that I. Catholic just get up and do things, and maybe I'm not I, think I don't get enough sleep for myself. And I should probably feel better if I slept more. So for you who who have said that you agree sleeping you had you didn't get enough sleep or don't get enough sleep now are there certain things that you do for yourself? Yeah. So first of all, it's very hard to know is kind a mystery. How much sleep do you actually need right in? It's hard to understand that the reason that it's hard to understand it also scientifically that we actually don't know why we sleep. That's why we don't have any any measures. Any markers sleep is still this really elusive thing. That's why I study. I actually studied in the lab. Trying to understand why we sleep, what is the basic function of Eight on a on a physiological level, but behaviorally, the best measure to understand how much sleep you need is simply how you feel the next day. So if you whatever how much you sleep if you? All the time just feel super tired in wiped out and super sleepy during the day. That's just that you didn't get. You're not getting enough sleep and easiest way to figure out how much you need is simply play around with the duration of sleep. So if I get anywhere less than. Seven hours I've I. Don't feel well, and I just feel almost achey somehow. Ange for other people that might be more for other people that might be less and it can be as little as four hours at frontiers leaves for hours at night you know happy as a happy as a clam. So I would play around with that. But if you constantly feel tired during the day than that suggests that you're not getting enough sleep for me, I used to be a really bad sleep or not in the sense that I didn't get enough sleep in the sense that I had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep I'm a worrier I'm a little neurotic I'm just like a lay in bed and my eyes are open and worrying about everything. And and you know I had also really erotic schedules as a student I would stay up to like five am, and then like sleeping and it was just a total mess and then when I started working in this lab, I understood all these things that explained to you regularity all this boring stuff you have to do everything the exact same time every day you know the light aspect, all that stuff in ethics, my own sleep in that sense you know by by living the breaking boring life. No more students nothing you know nothing anymore I just get up everyday at the same time weekend or not, and I go to bed at the same time and I'm really tired because my circadian rhythm is now so strong that you know come eleven pm. I just fall asleep and that's what you want registered like be sleepy fall asleep, and then I had kids used all that same stuff in applied to the kids. Skip onto my mom. Message with social distancing measures in place in summer camp canceled across the country parents are looking for activities to keep their kids entertained all strengthening academic and creative skills to avoid summer slippage during the kids break from school. That's Walmart created the camp video platform on their camp by Walmart is a free choose your own adventure video platform on the Walmart APP designed to bring the spirit of day camp doorsteps everywhere all fifty plus activities are powered by echoes interactive. Video Technology, which allows campers to make choices that shape their activities to create unique experiences each and every time they play. Families can choose interactive activities across series like Sports, arts, and crafts, and fitness for kids and parents to play together head to the APP store and download the Walmart APP to play at Camp and give your kids the summer adventure. They'll never forget just look at the services tab of the Walmart APP, and that's where you can find camp. So talk to us a little bit about that. The the sleep method that you came up with you actually you have a whole APP it hey Hula Kula Colombians would collapse sounds really cute in it's also sleep in Swahili. Oh yes. Oh. I don't know I just thought it's an unusual word and I wanted I, wanted something like that for my Alec it is very soothing. It's Onomatopoeia where like sounds like what it is or whatever, but it's very it. Definitely, you know seems very soothing and There are three main steps I guess in your in your sleep method. Will you just you just break that down for us? quickly. Yes. So the first step is the light and talked about that. So exclude any light except red light from your baby's room and get blackout sheets for how long before bedtime I would say half an hour. So we talked we actually didn't talk about the bedtime routine I would like use it for the portion of the bedtime routine that is in the baby's room. So for example. If your nursing or reading a book or feeding the baby, I would do all that with the red light already. Okay. Okay. So maybe half an hour and then at night if you have to change diapers if you have to feed the baby, only red light in the morning, if the baby or your toddler wakes up before the time you WanNa be getting up he dark you. Can play with them if it if you have to in there in the room only with red light because that morning, what if you open the shades and you're just like I'm going to start the day it's only six. Am that is a one off. That will instruct their body that this is the new wakeup time. So you know this is the first step the second step. Is the correct schedule and the naps, and that's where, for example, my APP can help you with. It's literally everything I just explained to you all the information from my book. I put it into this APP, and it just creates these customize schedules for your children. Again, this is the average. So we talked about your kids can be on the lower end on the higher end but if especially the naps are too long and you have trouble with bedtime with bedtime or nighttime sleeping, adjusted according to the APP, and it should help and then lastly. I call a gentle sleep training I'm thinking I shouldn't have used the word sleep training at all because that's such a trigger for many moms. And our he told you while at the one and a half minute delay that's just such a tiny bit of time and even a minute and a half is really hard when your baby is screaming their head off. I. Know That was sitting myself at the edge of my bed with my watch and like you know waiting for two seconds to pass. It feels like somebody's stabbing you when your children are crying I'm sure you know that. So that's why I find it hard to sleep training the real sleep training crying out not of the baby research actually shows doesn't affect the big because of the parents. We, we can deal with that. So that's the third step. Wait a minute and a half before soothing that teaches them. Self soothing and has been shown scientifically to lead to babies. That's the sooner. So that's it. So interesting as Because I think it's also the even one and a half minutes. What that also gives you is enough of a breath where it doesn't feel panicked like I think sometimes you are initial instinct is to ration your your child falls you rush in your there's anything happens you rush in and if they weren't already scared or alike frazzled or whatever now, they really are because you seem so out of sorts and crazed. And I think that minute has painful as it is when you're sitting through, it is actually like enough time where you go in and you're not you're not the panicked response you're you are always present. You're always there to protect them, but it's not this like I. Don't you know. has saved. Me helped me something's wrong such you. I WANNA ask one one personal question on that. I have and I wonder if I'm sure their parents out there listening, you have this to my my two year old who has had periods of her life where she slept really well including when she was a baby now, her favorite thing to do is Go into her room at like eight o'clock at night fall asleep by nine. Sleep until. Two and then be awake from two to five playing talking singing. She has you know like we've done everything. We put things in her room to play with you taken everything out of her room to play with like it's blackout shades they're. Going six sound machines going no no, she doesn't know like if you if I go in there with her, she's like nine Hami pulls her. Pretend she's going back to bed and not the craziest thing is. Because she was climbing excuse is my most like you know monkey childlike climbing all over everything out of in and out of her crib. So he killed the crib now she's cute little toddler. There's also a king bed in her room. you'll puts herself to bed in the king bed sometimes edge it is the craziest thing that drives me bananas because the poor thing. is so fry them when I have to wake her up, literally go in the room and Shaker and her up eight am because she's been partying from to five so. So I, don't even know why it's happening I. Don't know what to do about it. She's so happy a obviously if she was crying or anything I go in but she's so happy just like talking and doing your thing I I'd written it off because I was told over a variety of different parenting experts interesting things that as kids get into new developmental stages, it's very exciting for them to learn how to talk. It's very exciting for them to learn how to walk and crawl and all these things. So when they hit these new miles, don't they oftentimes disrupt their own sleep patterns because they're just like pumped to get up and do this thing that they learn how to do but I mean. It's it's been a long time of her having her weekly nightly Rangers S. I don't know what to do. So. I have one question for you and you already told me chase it as really good would have got the NAP. So this was exactly my thinking was because she'd been taking these long legs es dot three hour long naps in the afternoon. So I took that out entirely a month ago hoping that I knew there was an adjustment period new there be a period of time where she was so tired and cranky and Madame, it would make her sleeping worse and then eventually I had hoped that she would cross over and it would be so exhausting that you would actually go to bed on time but now we've totally Phased out the KNOBS and she has completely full days and even like she's wiped at six pm used I could not put her down until nine o'clock at night. Now, she is absolutely comatose by sex. We insists on going to bed early and then we'll still wake up in the middle of the night. So known abbot anymore no nap at all and she's like two and a half. Two and a half. And That was easy to destroy the Napa she was resisting at anyway. She was she was again awake for a long time before she went to sleep. When we put put her down for her house, she would stay in play and talk and hang out and then eventually fall asleep and stay asleep till five o'clock in the afternoon. So. There's two ways to do this either. So six am six. PM Too early bedtime. That's why she she goes to bed two and a half. They don't sleep more than like eleven hours at say so you know if you WANNA be getting up I don't know it's safe aid, right? So the nine is is a good bedtime. So six is just too early for that but you can't if you can't stay up than all day than maybe reintroduce the NAP on. Some problems but really make sure it's not too late and it's not longer for sure than like an hour can even be just forty five minutes and he added it's like hard for them can be really cranky. So. Some. Plan in mind to distract them when you wake up in their cranky, you know you can be anything. Food is always a good thing. Toy. With babies boob is. Great. Not Not doesn't the PGA not in this? Ban. So. Yeah. So yeah, that's it's a hard age because his transition age because around three dropped their naps and so she's not quite ready to stay up till till nine pm right but you don't want her to be awake for hours at night. So those are two things it has to be later and if she can. Would introduce a short map I will try but it's amazing. She doesn't and it's also true a little bit. You know there's always these things that people think are really important for their sleeve while in this case it I have to. Agree when you transition them especially to toddler bad. They suddenly have this Freedom, Oh my God I can get out of bed and like it's the most amazing thing our. So that takes a while to to settle down but with these sleep things that will reduce the. Use the desire to do that. Still around the mom way off message twenty twenty has been a learning experience and we are all looking for more ways to keep our children entertained and have them learning from home before we could send them to camp and we could send them to school. We could send them to play dates and all this other stuff, and now we have to be more concerned about these things, and so we're looking for more and more activities here at home. So this is really amazing that that camp and Walmart have connected to help us out with figuring out to activities that the kids will find to be fun and engaging. and. Want to do and activities that that they're literally teaching us what are different things that we can do with their kids because it does start to feel like groundhog day camp by Walmart is a virtual authentic summer camp produced and developed in partnership with camp. A family experience company camp by Walmart is a free choose your own adventure video popcorn on the Walmart APP designed to bring the spirit of day camp to doorsteps everywhere all fifty plus can't buy activities are powered by echoes Interactive Video Technology, which allows campers to make choices. That shape their activities, and create unique experience as each and every time they play. That's why I'm so excited to see what Walmart has done with camp is created this platform. Yeah. But you can enjoy from home that will provide you with great resources to have a lot of fun as a family to have you know some of the burden taken off of your plate to create all of that creative engine and get some support both Daphne and I love to move our bodies and we love we love sports, right? Daphne. Loves loves sports. Competitions. Opposition or I'm right there with you can't buy Walmart has so many different series and I'm super excited for Sports Shuffle Board with regional sports try something new by picking the best part from various sports combining them into something completely new. Now, I love this because first of all kids don't love rules they're like, okay why would love to break the rules? So let's just make them completely different and you feel like you're you're inventing something yet moving your body's because every didn't every parent knows that when our kids are just sitting around all day they become. Little monsters. So moved that move their bodies, get some energy out sleep better than we sleep better more meantime yet, how this works sports shuffle the answer to our prayers I have to say, you know we do these physical activities as a way to bond with each other as a family and also a way to feel good for ourselves, and of course, to get some great activity in like said where your kids out and they will actually sleep and leave you alone for a few minutes and you'll give you a second to yourself. You know in that in that vein of getting creative with athletics and not necessarily eating it. To Be an organized sport the way we've always played them that sometimes require a lot more people than you have around or are just like more complicated than you want to have it be this is a really cool and fun way to combine sports and create a new activity. Give your family away to bond together, get together and do something physical and good for your body's same time and and just have some fun head to the APP store and download the Walmart. APP to play at Camp and give your kids the summer adventure. They'll never forget after you download the Walmart APP look under the services tap and choose camp. What about room sharing? How do you? How do you juggle multiple because like my daughter I can go in and she's just like, I'm like time to go to bed she'll lay down just. No more talking it's time to go to bed and she'll go to bed my boys I think part of the problem is number one they're really little and and then the other things they all just share a room together. So they're all like bugging each other and if I'm there, they're fighting over me. So it's like it's it's crazy but what the two three-year-old? No, it's the two three now five recently five year old, they're all missing, right? Yep. Yeah. So if you pan put a good sleeper, bad sleeper together, that's better I would. I would not. Too Bad sleepers in the same room because they will they just wake up. So, if you can't, if you can't change that, then a white noise machine can be did ask. For How Louis des Six. Time. I'm not telling you anything new here. Yeah. That's crucial because it just drowns out all this noise right? I mean here in Manhattan, we have other issues like you know high movie and whatnot, but kids are also just just loud and annoying. So white noise for sure crank that up. If you can. I mean I would I would I would I would take I, would separate the bad sleepers good sleep are bad sleepers great. 'cause the the vast leaper doesn't bother to Gresley. But but too bad sleepers. It's hard. It's just really hard and if the white noise is not enough to drown out there like whatever south or actually start Lake A. Touching each other or something like that. What about what action I think that I am one of those mothers and I know many of those mothers that I slept with my kids for the first year of their lives were breastfed them on demand and I was definitely there pacifier and it wasn't anything that I ended up I plan on doing it was just I was just so tired and if you stationary light sleep burns says my husband and so felt safe If I was a heavy sleeper that moved around a lot of my husband was than we would not choose that but I think that I'm definitely not setting them up right from the beginning. and I think the the fact of having so many children. So close together it's just like survivor urine survival mode. I. and. My determination to to be somebody that unlike I will do head and then they. Get to be a little bit older and they want to they still want that connection with you. You're like now you go in your room and you go to leave and like wait a second what happens to the BOOB and the coast the. Really There was such great. What's wrong with having such a good time to go on their? Zone I mean I definitely I think that one of the things that mother's struggle with is is that crying is the APP sadness you know when I. If if I decide that it's going to be a nightmare. I. Am going to leave the room and I'm not going to tough it out which means that they're going to end up falling asleep really late 'cause they're having this really tough of me being in the room. But if I leave the room, then they'll go to sleep. They'll scream for a little bit. Then they go to sleep but just to hear mommy left me mommy less man you just Talk about mom guilt designed like an Mike Ryan the other room. But I, mean, what? In terms of connection to? Self teaching them self soothe connection to another human being whether that's mommy or daddy or two mommies to daddies or or or nanny or whatever it is but connection or to each other you know the fact that my kids all sheriff room, can they get the connection to each other How do you teach your child to feel safe at night and not be there holding onto them? Yeah. It's it's tough. I mean, you know with my daughter was also much better bad. Never ever being in the room when she fell asleep and now with my son, he is like much more clingy somehow in also just like really cute and I just have a hard time like being. The strictly scientists with him. So I often stay in the room with him when he falls asleep however that just like five minutes because I, kind of calibrated the naps in the sleep time in the bedtime so that it just five minutes is just hours like before. So I kind of like, okay. But you know this kind of feeling of mom mom guild in this feeling of breaking that connection betraying your children are abandoning chillier warning that they feel abandoned. That's really biological and I have a chapter about that in my book because I wanted to understand what? where it's coming from if you if you talk about sleep with anybody who's not a parent, they're like, yeah. Why don't you just like put them in their room they will sleep is not a problem. Well, that's not how we think and it's really because of the altered state that our brains are in. It's not in this semi permanent and it's not just a few hormones. There's neuronal connection that have membrane Israel it's absolutely real. You're spot on I. Have I think the chapters in my book is called. Using. Mom Using Mom Brain and dad braid actually because even data have changed. Their testosterone goes down in there. Serotonin goes up they become these like nesting cuddly bears you know isn't that crazy? Cool. Yeah. In for us, though it's like really the auditory CORTEX, which is part of our brain that processes hearing. That's on high alert since we have children and actually attuned to our babies cry right. So it's not just like a little bit more noise sensitive. No, it's specifically more sensitive to our babies crying, which is important for survival, but it really is makes it makes all this whole thing with crying. Almost unbear- physically unbearable. That's what really people don't don't understand. You know it's not just like Oh. Yeah it's annoying it's annoying it's almost physically almost incapable of not like a robot like a-. Mom Bod right walking to our children child in helping them. But I believe understanding that we're not actually harming them on. The baby doesn't care at you see that with a little bit older children how quickly they can turn off the crying, right? Anything was actually wrong than just going there and picking them up with not immediately. Stop crying or with my toddler her tantrum was actually an expression of of you know some kind of deep seated abandonment issue than you would immediately stop crying even start laughing the second giver Lollipop So. It's not it's not they're they're going to be fine I. Think it's important for us to be fine as well and with the sleep training what helps for example, if that's available is a partner waiting for even a minute and a half if you have to do that. For a couple of hours at night is very hard with the crying baby and that's where I, for example, used my my husband and these the very well at night but. I may get up go go in I can't go and especially with young kids you know when when you're nursing, they're also expect the BOOB and has been doesn't have a boob. So baby knows that too and they will accept that soothing from your partner. So you know tack teaming is very powerful ended in all stages of all that like you said actually the they accept they accept your Osborne and then they can go to bed. Yes. No, no I mean it's it's I'm like I work so hard and then you go in your like go to sleep and they're like okay. Whereas I go in there and they're like, oh, now we're going to have fun and we're GONNA. I mean it's it's definitely I. Mean I do think that a lot of it. That's what one of my favorite things about this interview is is how you spoke from from birth because I think a lot of the situation that I've gotten myself into has been from birth right on because yeah there's there was like another aspect to this the reason it's so easy to to get. The younger two children, the easier it is to get them to easy could sleep is because of they just don't they don't have any memories like you described right once they're even six, seven, eight, nine months day remember all the good stop right there. Remember Mommy's here. Mommy is my like. My little goodnight crush and and you know the Boob is just awesome and why would I not know and then you stop it and they're like no guest, right? and. And the other thing is it's not working if you just don't do it every night if you just do it a one off, that doesn't work and part of it is also the circadian rhythm because we really have to do things day over day over day to create this this new habit and to instruct the body that that's how it's going to be. Now, if you just do like, okay, I'm not going to do tonight tonight you're sleeping over there and I'm not going to come and then tomorrow do you break down? Then, they just learned that they need to cry a little harder and they just need to ask a little more. Again right. So Consistency. Yellow and unfortunately, kids told me to get it that there will be some nights I'm like. All right. Then you go in there when we're going to figure this and then like and it's always the baby that falls asleep blade just like actually invite you over to my house for bedtime can do it together. You can hold my hand. Let's. I. Want I mean I've never I never ever ever do this but I of want your favorite thing to be what is this red light and where can we get it? So. Funny. You would ask because I actually started a company to develop you know lighting technologies that are safe for children and also for adults because there is a long things that can help you feel better with this kind of stuff. So we're developing a light just like that and it's going to be awesome and made of wood and beautiful images like these. You know these ugly plastic, the plastic thing as as you and it hopefully, it will be yeah. What's IT GONNA be called from Kerala also? Raise it. We're going to have to keep keep focus on. Thank you so very much. Thank Learn Barium earns a lot I. Hope European sleep better me to. Thank you. Thank you so much. All right. Guys will see if the the but we need to have if it's just some red light bulbs in ancient throw into their room and all of a sudden they're going to be like, Okay Mommy I will go to sleep right now so you guys can tell that I am going to be the first one ordering her product because. I mean, maybe this red light sciences maybe maybe something to a Daphne, wouldn't it be so cool like wouldn't it be so great if if that actually does make. Me That's the one variable you haven't controlled for yet, and it's GonNa make all the difference I'm really excited about I'm curious by like slide necas room with rap site. If it's GONNA, keep her to sleep. But I'm also going to try the tip of you know maybe reintroducing a one hour nap is always told never wake a sleeping baby. Doctor axelrod's take is very much like wait does leaving maybe to help them get the longer term better sleep results but you have have food ready when they wake up which proves she really knows my family very well love and I'm excited for her I'm really excited for her I always love Com- I mean we've had a couple people on the show recently who've really felt like they've taken the kind of. Unique struggles of their parenting and made cool businesses around them and I think this cool. Allah the lamp that she's coming out with sounds really cool and how nice to have something not plastic to put in the nursery. That actually is maybe like a beautiful kind of aesthetic peas interior design piece that also happens to make for much better sleep hygiene what I'm learning from all these conversations and from adopting vehicle. Manchego. Ten month old puppy, which has been a really great experience for me in my parenting like I've been able to practice parenting because I have my dogs before I had kids. So I just gave them on a treat them like children. Then this dog I'd like really been focused on training and I've been very focused on his sleep training much more than many my children and if you stick to it, they do learn. Now we'll see if I can apply that to my human baby because with a dog right now I'm so great. I'm so tough in an like a very like motherly like I love you and you are going to bed right now in your crate and I got nice and dark for him and he's got like little bone his little towel. Curls up in there and he loves it. He loves it. So hopefully, may I be as good of a mommy to this baby as an to the? I. Love It, and you know what? That's I mean that's the that's the core of this is like the research is and we know this is parents the better our kids sleep the moral rested. They are the more acclimated. They are the better they are to take on stress and everything else in their life. So Here's two more sleep for Diego Montego and for all of our children. And for us. And now it's time for our favorite things. Nest half favorite sayings. This week I'm going to highlight something I know that straws have become something of a hot button item for people. I know that we try to avoid using. Plastic that has to be thrown away right away. But paper that disintegrate into my mouth, drive me absolutely bananas and most of all when I have smoothies, which is pretty much the only thing that I use a straw four the it's too small. It's too narrow to try to get it through like one of those papers stress. So I found these extra extra should be my grandmother found an Nice Dole and then had. To rebuy for her extra wide reusable smoothies straws they're made for like bubble tea and Boba and things like that. They're real like you probably like a dime sized diameter but they are the perfect size. Smooth is you literally just washed them with this little like bottle cleaner essentially you know the thing that comes to the bottle that like a little tiny tube sponge thing and then you can use them over and over. and. So you don't need to worry about the the disposable quality, but it's such a for me. It's one of those things where like my kids love them, they want them with juice and for me with my smoothies I love him. So that's my favorite thing this week because it's made my summertime smoothies so much more enjoyable My favorite thing today is Palmer's cocoa butter man I know that it's not you know I'm not telling you guys probably something they haven't heard from others and your grandmothers and stuff like that. But I am a fiend, it moisturizing fiend and especially when I'm pregnant and I've I've I've shared with you guys some of my favorite pregnancy. Lotions and creams and stuff like that and oil's. But I have to say one of them that I've really used religiously and when the you know all the ladies in my family always used as Palmer's cocoa butter and I just ordered some more. So came thousands run out and you know what it just works. I love the price point I love it it's easy to find and my kids think I smelt like chocolate and it's really great and so far so far not a stretch marks. I love the and I love I have to say that the smell of booklets calmer takes the right back to high school it was like. All my friends and I used all of this so. Chocolate thanks for listening. Guys don't forget to rate reviews, subscribe tell your friends leave his five star review. It helps us open much and follow US everywhere at mom brain and an email us. Right. Definitely US bring potted jimoh Dot com I will have you guys was talk to you next week. Bye Guys. This is membrane with Alario, Baldwin and Jaffna's. Mom. Brain Gallery media. Group. 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Closing The Gap Pt. 2: What Changed In Englewood?

Reset with Jenn White

16:48 min | 7 months ago

Closing The Gap Pt. 2: What Changed In Englewood?

"Hi I'm Jen White. And this is your Sunday reset when reset went on the air last October. We knew we wanted to take a deep dive into disparities in the Chicago area. These disparities affect how and where people live their education their mental health services and more. We wanted to understand where these disparities come from and talk with people working to close those gaps. Which is why we call this series closing the gap today in for the next several Sundays. We'll look the stark life expectancy gap between some of Chicago's richest and poorest residents. Two weeks ago we spoke to Dr David. Ansell author of the book the death gap how inequality kills what people don't realize is that diseases are not just a matter of your belief behaviors in biology but place where you live in the conditions you live under were under play in can have a profound impact on life itself in part two of the series. We step back and look at how we got here. What did Inglewood look like before the decay of the eighties and nineties? What does this disparity looked? Like on the ground. Rodney Johnson is a public health researcher and president of the Group One Health Englewood. He's lived in the neighborhood. Since the nineteen sixties described Inglewood was like at the time in the nineteen sixties Inglewood at a higher population. There was a demographic shift going on but during the nineteen sixties. There are over seventy thousand people that actually lived Inglewood at the time and the sixty third street shopping mall was a huge financial anchor for the community The schools were at high capacity to do today and neighborhoods were somewhat safer because it was more of a community feel in the neighborhood. So what changed? What a number one change if you WANNA look at between one thousand nine hundred seventy and now is housing happened over a gradual period of time? It just didn't happen overnight. Neighborhood nowadays went from over in the high seventy thousand two now is only twenty six thousand people that actually live in the community. What about the accessibility of jobs in the area? How did that change? Well during the nineteen seventies there were a lot of jobs that were in the city and stockyards started the actual change because they closed and there was a lot of jobs for people. They didn't even need high school education to get a job and then you had other factories in things that moved out to the suburbs and it was a gradual shift in employment from the city to the suburbs during the nineteen seventies. There was nothing to fill that void so a breakdown in infrastructure issues with housing job loss. How do those changes impact the individual health of residents? Well it started from the behavior point of view you know because when you look at the life expectancy from one thousand nine hundred seventy two two thousand. Two mortality rates decrease thirty two percent over that period of time. Most people actually went to the emergency room or to Cook County actually get their healthcare and then you combine that with actually the trauma that people were experiencing is sort of like what they call embodiment where it continues over a period of time in actually asked to high levels of stress. One example. Did I really saw when I was looking? At the data from both communities with the level of childhood obesity in street or via US Scotla Health Atlas Data. The new look at Childhood. Obesity is identical. Who was twenty percent and Inglewood and twenty percent and St of you on the near North but the time got adults. They decrease the seventeen percent and thirty four percent in English so those days associated with behavioral data have developed over a period of time. One thing this contributed to the mortality and actually mobility female population is that when you look at the incidents of breast cancer you have a higher rate of breast cancer incidence in Sri Deville but what that means that people are getting tested early whereas an African American community there. It's almost seventy five percent of the diagnosis or incidents of breast cancers in La Stage. So you talk about a challenge around access to care what are the barriers that exist around access before the affordable care act? It was really a Ford ability because when you look at the jobs that left that community during the seventies and eighties those jobs actually transition to better healthcare plans for the people that actually work there so the stockyard jobs that left came with health insurance healthcare that people could access but when those jobs left there wasn't so much there to fill the gap correct because nine hundred seventy S. It was the life. Expectancies between black and white was probably as close as ever wasn't history as a public health researcher. You focus again on health equity and social determinants of health but specifically you're focusing your research on the south side of the city. Why was it important? To focus on. That area was two reasons why when we grew up there. And I've thought an era in the nineteen seventies and I've seen how was community was vibrant at the time and there are a lot of things going on that really were identical to any other community in place in Chicago. In one of the drivers has been. How do you really connect people to that pass? Because I think is very important that people understand that how we get there. There are solutions to issues. There is a lot more power in the community then community realizes in so being able to mobilize that from an economic point of view and actually a civic point of view is very important to him earlier. This summer you actually went community to community to ask people why they weren't using services that were available to them. What did you find out? Well just two things that were major one that most people had accessed ahead healthcare insurance which was a positive if you want actually ty to life expectancy there were issues concerning prevention and so it is educational opportunity. I look at things as opportunities more so than issues because I think that opportunities create action and actions bear important and then another thing. Is that still a tiny thing where people as far as access. It's not that they don't WanNa get treatment type of jobs that you have. They're not as flexible as denying a five jobs. Who you don't have an ability to take off work you want to. And so it's a time thing when you think about the history of Inglewood and some of the breakdowns you described earlier in our conversation what you see as being the key places where say lawmakers could intervene or community organizations could intervene to help close this. Life expectancy gap. Were saying one of the most important things is to not have one says it all approach. I think is important to recognize that each age group has his own different issues in so you have to really look at it and and have different interventions for different levels. That's public health researcher. Rodney Johnson who focused on social determinants of Health on the South Side Rodney. Thanks for speaking with us. Thank you I wanNA bring another voice into this conversation. Dr Sophia is the medical director with the inner city Muslim Action Networks Health Clinic which serves residents from south side neighborhoods including Inglewood south shore engage park. The group Eman says the health clinic started as a grassroots effort in response to the lack of access to healthcare on the south side. Dr Outta we welcome to reset. Thank you so much for having me. Just tell us first. How A man's Health Center? I came out so there was just a strong need expressed by members in the community. This was back in the late nineties. Two thousand ish time. Before the affordable act there were a much. Higher percentage of people who are uninsured and healthcare was very big need in the community and so immense health center started as a volunteer. Run thing that was done twice a month in a rented doctor's office and they were just doing health screenings at the time and the need proved itself so quickly and so dramatically that within just a number of years it went from just a couple of days a week to a five day a week operation with a handful of volunteer physicians In Two Thousand and twelve. We added Mental Health Services and in two thousand sixteen. We added dental services. It just keeps growing but all of it has come about as an expressed need directly from the people within our immediate community. How important is it to have access to a clinic like this? That's actually in your neighborhood. A place where you may be could walk or at least catch a bus to absolutely. We have the community members who walk right up. The street who've been in this neighborhood for years and years grew up there but believe it or not. We have patients that come from over one hundred different coats to our health center and we really feel that. It's a reflection of the type of care that we provide and the approach that we take to health wellness and healing. What are some of the main health issues? The clinic season residents. Who who come in. So we see a lot of chronic disease There's no getting around that. We know that People who come from historically disenfranchised communities do have higher rates and higher morbidity from the same conditions diabetes hypertension high cholesterol. We see a lot of depression anxiety but then we also see sort of your everyday stuff. You know kids come in for school physicals or women who want a pregnancy test or a CD screenings. I think what's unique to the communities that we serve is that there is a lot of chronic disease and because of all the barriers that they face oftentimes they have a harder time getting a grip on those conditions and getting the care that they need for them. Our previous guests talked about the sort of divide in being treated for illnesses and accessing. Preventative care and is the clinic. One way you can encourage people to take preventative measures. When it comes to their health I would argue. Good primary care. Is Preventative Care? You know that's a passion of most primary care providers. You always want to try to catch something either completely before it started or when is in the early stages and easier to treat. I think unfortunately people come from the communities that are not getting the resources and the care that they need. Oftentimes don't have that luxury. They often don't get to a doctor until it's bad enough that they have to stop what they're doing you know so many of my patients work. Two and three jobs sometimes. Can't afford bus fare. They have childcare issues. They can't get to the doctor because they don't have anyone to watch their children. I've had patients that I've tried to send to the emergency room. Who Say I can't go. There's no one to pick up my kids so yes preventative. Care is the ultimate target. But right now we're at a point where we're even just trying to get people stabilized. So Dr Ottawa. This started off as a free clinic. But you've gone through some transitions since then tell us about that. So yes several years ago. We switched to fee for service. There was some debate about whether to remain a free clinic or to go in that direction. But there's actually a movement with community health centers with the attempt to approach delivery of healthcare directly from within the communities they're affected the most and that movement actually started from the organizing movement People like Dolores Huerta and others talk about how community? Health centers should have organizers within their clinics so it just made a lot of sense for human as an organization to move in that direction and to pursue that federal status in that federal designation and so several years ago we embarked on that process formerly it had been going on for much longer than that in two thousand eighteen. The Health Center became a federally qualified. Health Center look like and then just last month we were the only health center and all of Illinois to be awarded. The Full Federally Qualified Health Center status it. What does it mean for your ability to serve patients? It's a game changer. One it gives us access to resources that we didn't previously have in the form of grants from the federal government to. It has us now at the table with the big players when it comes to community health and people have been doing this much longer than we have. I'm so just having the access to those other people who can help us avoid some of the pitfalls as we grow and expand this holistic model. There's a lot of work that we do. That addresses the social determinants of Health. And Not in silos all within that. Same picture of health wellness inhaling. We recognize that. You can't just treat someone clinically and expect them to get better with a federal designation. How does it change the way people are able to access your service up until receiving this designation and the federal dollars and resources that come with it? You were reliant on grants were reliant on donors you know. There's a small amount of revenue that we generate but fifty one percent of our patients are uninsured still even with the affordable. Care Act So yes we see. A lot of Medicaid patients some Medicare patients but at the end of the day. You have to keep the lights on and so this is really going to be a way that we can be sustainable and allow that same quality of care for everyone regardless of their ability to pay when you think about the health clinic Iran and you think about other healthcare resources available for local residents. We know that some go unused. What in your estimation are the barriers for people who need this kind of care but aren't accessing it? I think one of the barriers is culturally competent care. And that's a really broad term that I think people throw around often and it's more than speaking different languages which almost everyone on our staff is bilingual trilingual. And that's by design. We serve patients who are Arabic speaking Spanish speaking and and obviously English speaking as well understanding people's cultural references and things like that is still sort of a surface level thing. We really pride ourselves on when you walk through our doors. You feel like you're walking into someone's living room you're welcomed in a way that doesn't feel sterile and clinical and I think that's important particularly because the people that were talking about have a deep-rooted distrust of the medical community for some very valid reasons. A few months ago there was a gentleman who biked all the way from. Oak Park to our clinic and we asked him. What had you ride your bike past at least a dozen other health centers to come to ours and he said it's the care that I get here. It's the way that I'm treated when I walked in these doors. It's I know I'm going to get the quality care and I'm going to be treated as more than just a number coming through these doors. It's hard to disentangle poverty and violence and lack of access to good food and toxic stress in general and the other host of social determinants. That we talk about that people are facing. It's hard to disentangle that from their experience in healthcare settings and at least in our house and our word trying to do what we can to address that. What do you think could happen at a policy level to close this gap because you have individual clinics doing this work in communities you have community organizations but from a policy perspective? What needs to shift. I think policy-makers need to pay more attention to the work that community health centers are doing and maybe develop deeper appreciation for the unique role that we can play in addressing these issues directly more resources towards us and I think there needs to be a shift in the way that we think about patients Again one of the things that we pride ourselves on is that our patients are not just patients. Their community leaders there. We really look to them. As being a source and a part of solving the problems that we're encountering that's Dr Sophia Outta we medical director for the Imagine Health Clinic. Dr Ottawa. Make speaking with us. Thank you so much for having. And that's your Sunday reset. Join US next Sunday for three of our closing the gap series where we continue our look at the life expectancy gap between the richest and poorest residents of Chicago. Until then. I'm Jen White. Have a great rest of your weekend and let's talk again soon.

Inglewood Health Center Chicago researcher Jen White Rodney Johnson Group One Health Englewood Mental Health Services Dr Ottawa Dr Sophia Imagine Health Clinic Muslim Action Networks Health breast cancer Qualified Health Center Health Center Dr David medical director
Meet Your Hosts, Kat and Becca

How Do You Train That?

39:02 min | 1 year ago

Meet Your Hosts, Kat and Becca

"The. You're listening to how do you train that the place where advice and encouragement for people? Interested in learning more about positive reinforcement training, you can interact with us on our Facebook page. How do you train that we've some questions and comments, and we will put those topics into our feature podcast so pitcher feet up. And let's hit start it. Hello, welcome everybody. I am cat Camplin. This is Becca hats, and we are basically gonna talk to each other a little bit today. Let you guys get to know us little sort of meet and greet cat and Becca doesn't that sound? Like an awesome episode. Had sounds like what's gonna be fun. You might actually get into some how to a little bit too. But. Beca. Why don't you tell everybody sort of how you got interested in animals in the first place? I think I was born that way. I I am that child that brought every animal home from school. I was fortunate when I was fifteen I was allowed to spend my own money and buy my first dog, which was a Doberman that I competed in showed and also was heavily involved in horses doing three day, eventing and dressage. And I never stopped it. There's. Almost never been a time in my life. I moved to Germany for five years. I had a very brief time for a couple of months where I didn't have a dog or a cat or a horse, but it really quickly. And I started teaching at a very young age. I grew up in pony club in pony club. The older kids help the younger kids. So I was teaching at fourteen as I progressed in age and experience I began training horses working with an showing dogs and kept going competing at pretty decent levels in three day venting, undersize working and training my own horses off the track thoroughbreds way bread Morgan's as a family, and I showed dobermans my mentor was a labrador and drug me to a lot of dog shows when I had the opportunity I would mentor with anybody that would take me pretty much nice. How did you get interested in dogs and behavior? Oh, gosh. So my parents put their loss in Mike crib with me. So my first babysitter was a dog. Much to the displeasure of my grandparents. Great grandparents. And they they you know it somewhere around. I was about three they decided. Yeah, we tried this kid thing it didn't work out. So well, so we're gonna just go back to dogs. So they kept me, obviously. But you know, I grew up with we never had like less than three dogs. And it was just my brothers and sisters were dogs. They called them my brothers and sisters. You know, I would've traded my sister for almost any animal. I love her. Now. Yeah. So. And then we got a alab that bit of vet tack during a vaccination in the vet basically said you get this dog training or it needs to be euthanized as dangerous dog. And so I went in with my family in worked with a trainer that was like on Johnny Carson and stuff. He was like the way long ago version of the dog trainer to the stars. And I ended up apprentice seeing him for a few years and kinda got the training bug as opposed to like the dog bug. You know, yes, I kinda went. A more circular path. I got heavily into showing horses. I was always showing are in competing and training either horses or dogs, and I was really good with young animals, and I was really good with problem animals and. I liked fixing them. So that became something. I I did quite a bit of working in. California and Louisiana to places I lived I did a lot of horse trading in dog training both and when I moved over to Germany, I got more heavily at that point. I was already disabled. I'd been in a bad car wreck. So I have four fused vertebrae and writing just wasn't something that I could do a whole lot of. And I got more heavily involved in dogs and competed over there at world winner dog shows all got to travel all over Europe showing dogs spent some time with Jeff burn hill, who's a wonderful terrier man and working with a variety of of Germans and some other nationality trainers and competitors. And became just more and more unanswered. And while I was there in the deep snow. Ordered Karen Pryor's book don't shoot the dog. And that was really my turning moment of. Deciding what type of training are really wanted to focus on and becoming more and more involved in the science of trading. It's nice. That led me to Sofia again, Dr Sophia yen when I moved back to the United States. I actually went over and was able to work with her Sam, and she talked to me about certification. And you know, it's not something that's required in our profession. Correct. Correct. Is kind of interesting because almost anything else, you do you have to have some type of education and certification to do it. After a period of time if talking to her I decided to look into certification and chose to go with the Karen fire academy. So that's who I'm certified through. Been training dogs for over thirty years and other species and am really really happy with the changes in our industry. At what point did you kind of really focus on making it your full profession. Well, I did it for as volunteer as a side job for a Jillian years. Not really. But. I got. I got involved with a a rescue group that I worked with for about eight years as like a part time job to my full time job. In then I moved in. I got involved with obedience on competitions in AKC clubs in that whole crazy competitive Uber competitive world, which is sometimes bizarre yet. And then I got laid off for the second time in four years with the whole economy bust, and I said, you know, what I don't wanna work for anybody anymore that release sort of you know, when they can just dispose of you on a win that sort of. Crashes that little balloon. So I took my severance pay. I went through the Karen prior academy. And you know, I had already been working as volunteer in already had been training dogs for Jillian years in. It was an easy transition to make actually in the night back that up. The Karen prior academy certification with the CPT, which is the certified professional dog trainers association in then. Yeah, might do some more you there's thing. I that funny. How you start learning in looking at what you can really learn and one of the things I love about dog training is I can't ever stop learning. There will always be something. I haven't done that. I don't know in somebody. I can learn from it is addicting. It is a dictator certifications are addicting. The knowledge is addicting in sort of the what was one of the discussions that? I saw this week on Facebook was rethinking the leave. It like, you know, there's the Kathy's today. A book plenty in life is free sort of. Disassembling the notion of nothing in life is free protocol for a behavior change dogs. And there was you know, this fascinating thing of like, you know, the leave it really sort of looking at is that something that we should be training the way that we're actually training it. Do you train? How were you training before you read that? Well, yeah, good question. So I start with the Dougie's end. I think what with the topic was was that the food is actually presented in an open poem. And as the dog moves forward the hand closes. So it's actually not the food is actually withdrawn, which is right trading. It's frustrating. Like, can you just imagine someone sitting there holding out a Donut for you? I can imagine. My response doughnut. Leave it and you're like, but it's a Donut. I wasn't don't it you go to reach for it. It's like the donate goes away. Like, I. Recall that teasing. It's it is it's teasing. That's a very good word for it. But I don't start that way. The hand is already closed nickel ready lead. It. Technically, it's it's not the food isn't available. They can smell it. And if they back away or turn away that action makes the hand open. Yes. So that's usually how I from the hand also dude on the ground in sort of, you know, faded in in the do a very similar thing with food on the ground under the foot where it's not available in backing up. Makes it come up makes the foot come up. Anyway. So yeah, how do you normally train it very very similar? I like to start my dog getting reinforced really quickly. So I start off telling depends on the client sometimes, but telling the dog get it or take it or whatever we're gonna use for you're allowed to eat that. And so I start off for I'm very well prepared. So I helped my food my hand I have my dog set. And then when I turn around. It's ready set were training and get it get it get it. And then I pause for a moment and the hand is closed. And if they just will hold for just a second the hand opens, and they get it again, and we pause, and I want the rewards to start right away. I want my dog to know that this is going to be a fun game. You're going to have a good time together. So I really try to avoid any frustration at the beginning. So I normally start with rewarding. I and then I close my hand. So very similar to what you do yet. You know? I I actually I like starting with the foot simply because we can have a with our hand, it's hard because there's food everywhere. But if we place like a piece of Kibble under your foot, and they turn away from it because they your foot isn't moving, and they get a piece of chicken for leaving a piece of candling. Like the light bulb is just sort of like, dude. What did I just do it? Waist lower value. Reward but something much higher. So they learned that leave it. I mean, who cares? I would leave broccoli to for exactly. That's a little hard harder to do though. If you're if you're starting with the food in the hand in the hand backing up makes the head open. They are receiving what they've left, right. So if you're to make it if you're gonna make it too hard if you want to start with chicken, that's actually really really hard to leave. I actually do start with dog food. I try to aren't with something lower value. Exactly. And it depends on the dog. I've got dogs that get pretty excited over dog food sometimes. So I always, you know, when you're training this at home, you wanna just have already done, your treat hierarchy and have have a list of ten items, and there should be a couple of things on there that your dog's just, you know, hey will eat it. But he's not just going to jump through hoops. And then I always tell people I want everything, you know, scaled on one to ten with ten being the highest and you have to have at least one thing that your dog will jump through hoops for what is your dog's food. For is for pays. Yeah. Pays has an interesting hierarchy, and sort of the she will work happily for Cheerios. Without any complaint. Really? I can't do that with Kibble for some reason. But I can do that with areas. The mid grade is is like the chicken and the the cheese. She's she's a big cheesy dog maya's to she likes to chase. But there did you know that bacon comes precooked. Yes. Yes. So we've been having some problems with some needing to desensitize encounter conditions from sounds outside and going potty now gets her bacon. And you've never seen her p and run so fast in your life. Isn't it funny? How just raising value up the reward can completely change the enthusiasm of your learner. Yes. Although I'm worrying that she's like running an peeing. I don't really I waited hold. That's okay. That's hilarious. Mytalk is you know, I've got a massive bowl and his jump through hoops. I'll do anything for your food is pizza. Nice. He might take after his mother who. Yes. And my cattle dog is is very chicken a meaty stuff. I actually like buying the pre made meatballs two grocery stores. They're usually in the frozen section, and you can just get a lot one Meatball. In use that for your super high stuff for the day. You don't have to worry about spoilage and all that fun stuff. So. Yep. I use a lot of chase sticks in what I love about him. I occasionally like to spit food at my dogs. Yes. And I can keep it in the rapper in bag with everything else. Pop. It open. I 'cause I can't do food my mouth when I first started off showing dogs. I clearly recall being dog shows in the handlers having liver shoved in their cheek. Yes. And I never did that not that. I thought was good. I did that with string cheese. See I can do it with cheese. But there's no way I was ever gonna put liver in my mouth. With hotdogs little tiny pieces of hot dogs. Yep. I could do hotdogs maybe I would have a hard time. The cheese. I'm good with. Will you put them in the microwave? So you cut you cut them in like nickel-sized slices and then each one gets quartered, and you put them in the microwave, and they get a little bit crusty levels. Like they've been grilled. I'm now, thirty seconds. So they're not slimy. Yes. That was one of those things for a little while. I thought oh, I don't know if I can be a dog trainer because I can't put my. I seriously thought that for a little while. And I'm really glad it wasn't one in the qualifications. I can't remember which client I told to spit the food at them when we were working on I contact in the horror, she like the horror. I might as well have asked her to like, you know, pick up cow dung or like, it was the most terrific things should ever heard of in her life. As spit the food at your dog when you working with the client, what's one of the funniest experiences. You've had where perhaps they got surprised or shocked by something that happened with the Dogar with. I don't know. I'm going to have to think about that one. Do you have a story for that? While I promise I yes, a wonderful client with a husky. And we she would get it too peppy and she would get too excited over being groomed. And then one. The brush in play. Oh my gosh. Are we wrestling? And this client is a realtor. Absolutely wonderful, family, beautiful home, and I discussed you have peanut butter. And they did is this do you have one of those saucepan lifting is that you bake with. And they did and we walked into the kitchen and her house is clean, and I walked over the sliding glass door, and I took a glove a peanut butter. Let's brush her husband in son just died in while they laughed and giggled the dog ran to the door and was occupied for five minutes, and we brushed her. And it was just her face was amazing. And she says finish work. Work. I, you know, we talk about dog training, and we look at the obedience you, and I both done obedience in it so serious when we look at Jillette in it so focused in fast. But it's so if we take the time to just enjoy ourselves and have fun with our dogs. I'm always I love watching people just have fun with their dogs. That's just kind of what makes a filling in wonderful career. Yes. It is. It does it does have its downsides than I do think. You know, we're going to turn more of a professional industry. By that. I mean, if you are going to be a responsible person with the Karen control of another being under your care and under your instruction. You need some sort of proof of knowledge. Absolutely requires a license. That you know, we know that the veterinarian community already has a very high rate of suicide that we really need to sort of have these conversations about how. Work in this profession when we see a lot of abuse. And we see a lot of problems that are human induced that just really makes you want to drink. I will say I I know a lot of. People come into the career failed. And then they choose to leave. And I think that you're right. It has to do with a lot of the stressors oftentimes in veterinarians go through this as well people expect that because you're working with animals, which we all love that. For some reason, you're going to be happy to rescue their dog that honestly is not rehome -able or to provide that training for free. And when you can't do that. Because you know, I have a family to support you have a home to support. It's frustrating to people and when people get frustrated they tended to not act in their best behavior because that's just nature. So I think that oftentimes it's important that we formed friendships within our career field. So that we have a support system. What are your thoughts? Yeah. I just you know for any dog trainer. That's like you need someone to talk to just call me lady. I'll be happy. You can text me. I just got I was just texting with someone at nine ten at night because she had a bad day yesterday. Dog trainer. You know? It's up. You can find us on how trade that you can send me a message. I will answer out. You're having some problems in difficulty 'cause we really need to. I think I would like to see a more formal support community where you know, there's I don't know a conference call every month or something like that. That would be incredibly useful. To sort of deal with the stress of of. Being a dog trainer in. It. Sounds really funding. I get to play with puppies all day. Yes. Sir owners to. I I agree. I always laugh when people, you know. Oh my gosh. All you do is play with dogs Altay. Why? Yes. But I have to sell myself every single time. I need a new. You know, we are we are technically in the sales businesses. Well, because we are our product. Yes. And that comes with some stress and some challenges. Which we don't always think about and so I agree with you a then, maybe that's you know, that's our next project is putting together a support system. I'm very fortunate. I was on the phone till eleven o'clock last night with one of my veterinarians that refers to man, we were having all kinds of discussions, and I think that you can build a support network locally. But sometimes it's nice to have people that are little bit more of a distance in our professional connections because we really understand each other. But we're not so into each other's. Business area that it's sometimes easier to talk. So I think you know. That type of professional group is really a good idea. Yeah. I definitely think it some something that we need to look at the. Certifying bodies in the professional organizations to look at we need to support people. But we also need to support people. Who were you know, have a reactive dog in? They can't let anybody in their house because the dog will be upset, and you know, I just overall I think our society needs to be more supportive. Yes. And we need to lighten this topic. Because we do where did we go? It would fast. All right. So what's your favorite thing to train? Your favorite is favourite thing. I love. Taking a dog that has fear anxiety. And turning them into happy confident dogs that can. Exist in society in their home as joyful members of the family. Yeah. The love I love the transition. So it's funny. Because when you think of a dog trainer, don't you think of teaching us sit or down, and it doesn't include any of that. What about you? What do you love training? Well, I. Yeah. I love using context. Cues? So it doesn't really really mean the behavior, but just that the dog can read the environment without the human needing to tell them what to do, exactly. So. Huda some that I have trained so putting my dinner plates with food on them on. My dining table is the signal for my dog to go to her bed and lay down. I don't have to do anything. I put plates on the table, just as you would any tiny resetting the table. And my dog goes lays down. I like thinking of things like that. Where it's useful where you don't necessarily have to think, oh, I need to control the dog right now because I'm bringing groceries in or whatever we just teach the dog to be able to read these things and do them. Yes. And one of my favorite context. Cues is somebody's knocking at the door are coming in go to your place. Yeah. Whatever it is. And one of the biggest complaints. We hear is. Of course, dogs that run out the door when you open the door. I can't get my mail. I can't bring in the groceries. If UPS is here I can't sign for a package because my dog runs outside. And that is a perfect example of a context. Q the doorbell rings or somebody knocks in your dog runs to whatever area. You've designated in top them to go to exactly so. Yeah, that's I really enjoyed that. And I think that they're important because they allow us to just live life together in harmony with our pets. Yeah. And in most every. Every person you've talked to that's have a few dogs. There is the practically perfect dog that they've ever had. Then they get a new puppy that isn't practically perfect in there. But. The practically perfect dogs figured out. How to do the context cues on their own? Absolutely. Like, that's every single human is like he just she potty trained herself in this new when to back up from the door, and she just she was practically perfect all that. All that dumped it was figuring out. How to read the context of the household and do the stuff on there, which really dont? Really good skill set reading going on in the world and responding to it appropriately. And he's exactly. The coming from the human side, we can actually manufacture that in in a harmonious way in teach sort of household dance of you know, hey, I'm putting on my shoes instead of licking my face because you're excited. Go can need getting by shoes. The closet mean you go. Get your leash. So your mouth is occupied. And you can sit nicely in release while I put on my shoes. You know, we can create those kind of I think of them as dances like, you know, the human does something the dog does something in there, isn't any sort of dictation. It's just it's a nice dance. So I I really like that I agree with you. I think that's a really good skill set for a dog to learn in. It's a wonderful thing for a person to learn how to teach. Yes, quite easy. If you wanna if for those of you who are listening, if you wanna try this at home, this is one of those times when you like try this at home. Okay. So I have to say that's one of the great things about our. Our podcast. We want you to try this at home. Where it says do not try this at home are try at home, try this at home. So the concept of putting a. Contextual cue onto a known behavior. Is is what's called a new Q owed Q? So you actually have already taught sit or you've already taught it down and that dog can your dog can do it on the verbal or the hand signal or have ever you've taught it, right? So let's just go ahead and use my. Dinner table analogy so placing plate on the table equals your dog goes down. So what you would do is you would place your plate on the table. And then you would give your signal for your dog to down. And then you would give them a treat, and you're just gonna do that nice repetition place plate on the table. Tell the dog to down and with repetition. They're gonna go will. I get my tree faster. If I do it when the plate hits the table than if I wait for them to tell me what to do and pretty soon, they're doing it. When the plate hits the table. It's really quite fun that amazing anticipation kicks in. Yes. I get the faster. She's gonna do it. She's gonna say the word or the downward anyway. So if I do it with the play it just comes Astor, don't you love the dogs start trying to figure out how to make behavior work faster? They really do. They do are amazing. And they really that. You know, if you're doing chains chain is. Bunch of behaviors put together they'll switch. They'll like skip steps. I I shouldn't have to do this little bit. And here can we just skip to the next things that I could get my trees. Now. Let's go let's just you know, I read the first page, and I've read the last page where. Dude, you're gonna tell the tennis. There was a whole middle their home middle there. Exactly. And you know, I have to say if you wanna talk about what group is going to skip the middle terriers. I have rags on the terriers man the have their surpressed darn smart. They have a function. They're like anyway, I love my terriers. We have a new terrier. But we do they jumped they jumped to the end if you let him. Well, yeah. That's the goal. This thing about the process there. Well, and that's also what makes them so wonderful to train because they are very focused. And once they understand how to get to that goal. It's a done deal. Yes, you're going to get there. Every time in they're going to talk about a group that will get fast. Watch. If you watch them in obedience. They they can be very sharp. Good working dogs, and which is really nice because a lot of dogs. A lot of people think you have to have a big working breed Mellon wa in order to do competitive obedience. But you know, I've seen some amazing terriers that are just as sharp and precise as it can get and who is the woman that had like the blue tick Coon hound like at national like the invitational. A few years ago. She she came in second or third like with a hound. That is a heck of a good train. I know I did the show and we have to put it in the show notes. I will have to find her in her dog. She taking the performance. Yes. That would be awesome. I might have been before the the KC TV. But no, the whole wonderful competition thing is that you get to sort of figure out your dog in your team in its. And I like to elect us dancing, you know, or ice skating. So, you know, you watch dancing with the stars in in some teams are a lot better because they communicate in s work better as a team on. And then they switch partners, and you can see that they have to work all over again. So, you know, part of the fun of competitive obedience or rally is that you get to make a dance partner out of your dog and not just any dog which is perfect for those of us who have husbands who won't take them dancing. Yes. I. And not to discount free free style. Right. So there's delivery style inhaling to music in all kinds of fun actual dancing with your dog sports that you can do to. So I'll end up the thing is we're talking about competition. My master has never competed in he never will he's eight. Now, he was rescued. He's just the greatest guy in the world. I adore this dog. But you know, I turn on the music and my kids come out, and he jumps up. And we rock out we and he dances. And I get out the food. And you know, we will all be dancing, and sometimes he gets the Zuma's which is really interesting when you one hundred thirty pounds. Kids are what we call couch trained when Justice which is my dog gives you that look which means zoom are here. Both my children will jump on the couch because that's the safe zone. But, you know, even though we're talking about competition. Everybody can dance with their dog at home. Everybody. Can in fact, it's fun. We would like to see you dancing with your dog. So if you get a chance to take some video or some photos of you dancing with your dog. So we wanna see pajamas. And happy dancing dogs, and you can post that on the how do you train that Facebook page by typing in how do you train that? There is a question Mark at the end. If you're not finding it without it. So my daughter's gonna, you know want to put glitter toenail polish on her peppy. That would be I'll have. Yep. I have the glitter child so eleven years old and she out glands me by a mile. So I think that's awesome. So please post some fun stuff for us. We want to see your dog anu. And if you don't have rhythm keep the camera on the dog. It's okay. I'll have to have to get paid to do a little dance. The problem is is that she can't dance quietly. That's okay. You know, what she's celebrating the moment? She is. And she she's so happy in. But it will I will have to put a disclaimer to please turn your volume down. We love we. Yes. So pays a she's almost eleven border collie that starting to finally act like a normal adult dog at eleven you should have seen her at two. That means she's a completely normal border collie. Yes. Although she's not really border collie. I guess we did the DNA in there some Chow in there too. So child border collie thing that's a little sneaky. I wonder where that came from. Yeah. So pays at eleven this week discovered that she could scoot the gate that I have to the kitchen open in getting the trash. Ups. So that that brings up the question for those of you who are listening and saying gosh, my dogs too old to learn how to dance. Too old to learn. She she the the problem with pays if she gets bored and she tries things out. And so all she did is she sort of like there was probably like one tiny piece of something next to the gate in tried to get it screeched in. She realized that the whole thing could move and that she could get access to the kitchen. We had a kitchen remodel two years ago after a pipe broke. And I think the funniest thing justices ever done the pantry had the doors off. I never even thought of it. I thought it was fine. I came home. Everything in the pantry cabinet that he could eat that would've tasted good. He chose to eat egg noodles. Makes no sense and a box of bread mix. Okay. So I had crunched up noodles and powder all over my floor. My goodness. And he was a little crusty white looking. Yeah. I don't quite understand what he was thinking. But he's he's a unique gentleman. And I just love him. So it's okay. And I love pays to there's part of part of her creativity in her board. What can I get too into even at eleven is pretty amazing? I think one of the funniest things as we talk about this is. How people think that dog trainers dogs must all be perfect. Oh cash. No. My dogs. I I will never own a perfect dog. And I don't strive to because they're any o- secrecy are what make them so fun. And so uniquely who they are and one of my favorite things when I'm working with dogs in talking to clients who maybe have a dog that isn't quite what they thought a perfect dog would be is we just love the dock in front of us and accept them for your just like we want to be accepted. So I, you know, we talk about the silly things are dogs doing. Those are some of my favorite things. And in years to come when he's not here anymore. I probably won't talk about his wonderful sit. But I'll tell you all about the egg noodles. He ate. Yes. And how many pizzas have been stolen off my counters? Yes. Exactly. Anyway. So we get this backup on the a little light hearted, topics. So that was good. And so yeah, go ahead and Popeye our Facebook page, we wanna see dancing dogs. You know, if you have a topic that you wanna hear shoot us a message on Facebook, or we actually do have a website. It's how do you train that dot com? And you can comment on any of the posts or fill out the contact form in we will add a topic to the list. Yes, give us your ideas were happy to work in figure out what we can do to answer your questions. Exactly. All right. Well, we will talk to you. Also. Thank you Becca. Thanks cat. Have a great night. Bye. Bye.

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Nutrafol Co-Founders Giorgos Tsetis C.E and Sophia Kogan M.D on Getting to the Root of Hair Health From The Inside Out

Marni on the Move

1:07:01 hr | 1 year ago

Nutrafol Co-Founders Giorgos Tsetis C.E and Sophia Kogan M.D on Getting to the Root of Hair Health From The Inside Out

"Serve our mantra as a company's Gabe doing it's not just growth hair but it's growth humanity wise right how can you grow personally exceptionally as virtually whatever that means to you was Georgia you hit the five star button and then tell us what you love also feel free to hit us up on social on instagram and facebook or email me at by three times year over year and received numerous prestigious accolades including lures best of beauty breakthrough award in two thousand eighteen I am sure you are going head over to their website neutral dot com and use the Code Marnie ten for your ten dollars off your first month okay now onto the episode Marnie on the move one the number one dot com neutral is offering money on the move listeners ten dollars off your first month of subscription suitable one hundred percent drugfree physician tested hair care products focus on hair growth from the inside out for women and men a giant biosphere of microbes and what happens is is we are inundated with against environmental toxins and things like that as for tuning into my podcast Marnie on the move each week I will be inviting interesting innovative movers and shakers to join me on the show and share their story inspiration behind neutral they also share the wellness and workout routines that fuel them for success you will learn how chronic stress got health inflammation and hormones you will discover and hear from thought leaders experts influencers and entrepreneurs from the worlds of wellness sports beauty fitness fashion and more it's a lot of fun to serve I'm Bernard and so I've been in this world for about six years more than six so I started burning action neutral full takes an integrative approach to hair wellness pioneered in nutraceutical science with natural formulations that address various hormonal environment experience and for me personally that gives me more freedom and brings community I like that people have their own and while adding to your overall health with their proprietary blend of botanical amino acids designed to provide bioavailable nutrient support for healthy hair for have so much to do with hair loss and how you can turn it around using neutral products with these science backed products you can increase hair growth texture strength and shine Oh and hereditary causes that compromise hair health all of which are supported by clinical studies and science since its inception in two thousand sixteen neutral has become wide and building an authentic brand with heart I think was Sophia and Georgia's about where it began and the fun story of how they met their personal hair loss experiences and the contribution like inner sense these events they come together they come together because people are bringing their own talents and I love watching that we what's a burner and and it's funny because I I met Roland and Georgia's separately and I was like friendly with them separately never knew that they were connected right that there is a connection actually between hair and biker by that was Dr Sophia Cogan this is Marnie Salad Marnie on the move will feature an eclectic mix of people I know work with and thank are generally doing cool things on each episode sync up with my guests about life career I said what is this it sounds interesting and and he starts explaining to me sort of the very top level explanation not and I said well and training and showcase their expertise and story pie thanks for tuning into the morning on the move podcast I'm your host morning sal up on today's episode I sync up with Lee recognized as a next generation hair wellness product in the US mutual has been adopted by more than thirteen hundred physicians clinics and stylists around the country grown revenues what the other one does right like outside of just socializing I love that and I was in residency at the time love this episode if you like what you hear leave us a review on apple it's easy simply go to your APP scroll through the episodes click on a review yeah I didn't want to get too detailed I I remember were drinking a beer and yes she didn't know about need to because yes okay that's what I thought I just want to ask that in case somebody else doesn't know it yeah two of the three Co founders of the game changing hair health and wellness company neutral doctor Sophia Cogan and Georgia's to seize their revolutionary line of and we consume them the microbiome depleted so sugar everything everything really challenges the microbiome and there's a lot of research that came out that says that it dismissed the physician right did you like know what I do and that's so funny I said Yeah I said I actually meet long story we have a lot of times we we were social friends okay funny enough hanging out and you're going to love this inspiring an eye opening conversation I learned so much from speaking with them both well beyond their brand ingredients about community passion six years ago but prior to that like I was already in the community so I've been evolving might teeth and music and might taste in like what I like to have as the hold on wait a minute and I throw myself onto the bus likewise I didn't take him seriously because I thought he was just modeling right and Dopson doing the New York thing and on Wednesday night yeah well and never really knew I remember we were At some again route event tonight said we started talking style and I was like well what are you doing and he tells me Tongji resident and is all no dermatologists are the ones that are dealing with hair and and he was just shocked an interested and what happened was I remember this one instance where we she's GonNa Laugh is I'm GonNa under the bus totally cool does something nice about being in the community setting and not knowing what people do because sometimes you just get a feeling like you get a vibe and you just like someone on your friends with them and that's it and that's all what's the signs right and yeah and he's like he's that's going into it and then he's like well you know what that's probably too much for your too difficult for you to like understand you need to know and then you find out what they do and you're like wow that's pretty cool but it's a good lesson to to really not judge cover right yeah yeah well and he pulls out the card and his card says neutral on it and I said what is this and it says the time I think we had a different tagline but new each other socially and it's like well we just thought of this new venture it's about hair they don't Wanna get too detailed and I decided to pass on the compensation fourteen really faith is brought us all together yeah this is just what you hear from the beginning from the very beginning I joined about a year into their time but this was really where I decided that self-care was so important energy work all of it so for me it was really interesting to tie the signs and the proof along with what we know anecdotally works eastern medicine because if you wanted to bridge those two working the doctor's to complete the formula so Georgia's when did you start neutral fall this was the idea really started in two thousand central idea so at the time that I started working with them initially it wasn't wasn't sure I was going to do much it was just like so envy really got to know each other and understand that's when we they they told I was taking a actually a break from residency and right at the take a prescription drug called Phoenix right and that was the only solution monopoly bill was not available Europe back then and he comment was about to and enrolling endured said well if you're you know how do we how do we work together and I came in and started doing research and signs and the trajectory that I was going in the medicine right as I had health issues that I didn't know how to resolve together and bring it back to the doctors there's got to be proof and I'm I'm sort of like a mix of that yeah where I need to have the the proof in the signs did you know that I was also an engineer and like no defensive school Kansas Phil by looks or I mean but that's all with regular medicine and when I started diving deeper into the botanical world into a health and wellness yoga meditation I've been doing for a long MHM was enough evidence that it was nearly predisposed my father was bowling in his early twenties my mother was thinning early thirties and I he warned me for some of the side effects but I took the risk and Sierra I was on the prescription drug for nine years wow to basically sided but not excited it was it was definitely a problematic so I hit a bit of a y suffered for too long in silence thing in my early twenties that I was genetically predisposed to hair loss and there was enough evidence that would go down a downward spiral yeah I know I asked this then I interrupted you and switch gears to Sophie where did neutral began for you started with me recognize felt this was a really aligned with what I wanted to do and at the time I was also sort of questioning what I was doing on my own with the with evidence which leads to it could cause permanent sexual dysfunction post discontinuation of drug and that's when I really panicked may sort of income and so when I came to New York Long Story Short fast forward I essentially was still suffering from from some of these side effects and news of a very potent nutraceutical that targets some of the inflammatory biomarkers and some of the side effects of side benefits iced that I needed to take action proactive action and I went to a dermatologist back in Holland where I'm from and he recommended me to take it converts into the and that's the genetic component that leads to hair loss for men and this specific prescription drugs by hacking his own body and it was treating successively rheumatoid arthritis and sled was always very fascinating to me and then his approach included a d I kept taking the drug also I didn't want to lose my hair because I was muddling at the same time while I was studying engineering so that was and recognized that I had to to take action and at least explore other alternatives and this is really where opened up to talk to my previous point faith is what really brought us together we started to basically analyze and look for potential solutions that are but also understand that there is that component how does it work like I needed to prove it to myself before we could even appreciate it that's GonNa say so tell me how you solutions and every single time I stopped using prescription drug my hair sided fall out in clumps so that was always very scary and that was one of the main reason why hey can you do the signs what do you do what you know research and let's dive deep into it but I had my own hair hair loss our hair health issues and so I as a young man and I because I didn't have any alternatives I didn't I did not I tried a lot of alternative that's right some of the basic vitamins and minerals out there tried some educated and and being able to really dive in deep into the literature and connecting to specific dots and we recognize that a multifactorial approach flee in in just in brief it blocks specific enzyme in the body that's that is responsible for discuss Ron conversion Connecticut predisposes as a man you sort of like sort of see it and you expected in some ways yeah as a when you're genetically predisposed as a woman you might not x are could be decrease in veto or sexual dysfunction which is not fun at all now especially when you're young Young and menopause whatever it is these these female state anything that has to do with that it's taboo so no one had been talking about it identical twins with exactly the same genetic makeup will have different levels of or different extent of hairs earning depending on what else is happening with them residency and other residency so and I look back I understood that it was really add the times of extreme stress right so when you were predisposed apotheosis of that that we came up with but we need it of course somebody likes a fee with so now enters not new it right and most likely won't because we don't I think these subjects female for women the subject of periods hair from hair loss as well and your hair looks great by up to keep taking making sure that you're taking manageable I would say unhealthy ineffective because everything that was healthy was not really working some of the basic naturals out there some of the pharmaceuticals that were associated with side effects. Include I keep my hair and fortunately I did suffer from some of the side effects and I don't know if you know exactly how the macneil works but that protocol that he was he was doing were just increase and increase in better health so I noticed that he knows that as well so when I look back I'm also genetically predisposed my dad's bald and it's not always from your mom or your dad my mom has diculeng hair right sometimes you could see like I am hit the panic button when I when dumped dermatology friend from La Called me up and said do you are you aware of some of the new research that that has enzyme so that conversion is not possible what least being reduced but as a result of suppresses to stop and some of it when I was young so learned eighteen it came back but it never came back the same and then again in College Med school actually intervene right to control basically yeah right so you can intervene with by taking neutral this product is amazing back to until I think more recently in the last couple of years and at the time I I noticed that I lost a lot of hair secondary to an eating disorder that I experience new environment really jeans load the gun environment pulls the trigger I always say this and really make sense because it's a combination of factors and that's really where and it was a time of extreme stress exactly so the thing about hair hair loss Harrison is that we can be predisposed but we might not manifest or not how was absolutely necessary and nobody was really doing that the pharmaceuticals by nature cannot meet the targets and some of the basic vitamins and minerals simply address eh I challenged them on a lot of things so I think the initial thoughts were very broad and then young for Nike million and asserted putting all that stuff together I personally suffered saying with different factors that affect hair loss and your hormones in both women and men but I know that historically when that's right which we understand now is not junked because hey mother nature would never create anything that's not necessary right right so we but we don't know how so we understand now there's pathways right and they're sign's behind that for instance follicles are highly sensitive to cortisol levels embedded in our skin and then there's environment there's pollution toxins everything it really contributes. Do we do have that what we used to call junk. DNA people are stressed they've been told to take various versions of vitamin B. which I know is a major ingredient in neutral so we have a separate talk to you because that's what I learned in residency it's like always stressed okay what can I do for you number one not much and number two is like it happens I'm paraphrasing this are to I like the voice to connect and we don't have enough time to disconnect and I'm writing and reading this today light that translates into chronic stress because we're in fight and fight all the time right considering all the inputs that we're facing today today's society I mean it has it's never been all today modern day stress yes hunt Sealy I think at some point maybe in the seventy s or fifty s I can't remember now but he said the problem with today's world is that people are too I and now that hey actually that's not junk and we turn genes off we turn on genes on it depends on what's going on what else going on so the good news about that is that you can he complied okay and you're absolutely correct what happens is that B vitamins get depleted when our adrenals working extra hard right and that happens during stress yeah we just we think it's normal default and that's another thing and people definitely today's society think it's absolutely normal to have an reading the topical Solutions Axiom so we we connected we research for about a year we came up with a whole new offices being very critical consumers and of course the stresses on the skin from the stress that you're experiencing overall in your in your whole body so there's you know that brain skin access yes that happens in our follicles are actually thing that you're deficiencies they're not targeting these online causes such as inflammation such as stress and cortisone so you can talk about that a little bit more than second but it was we felt that we brought that science together tie the dots together because what else is going on right we understand now that there's also stress and stress doesn't just anecdotally a in two thousand nine hundred nine and I'm thinking wow holy I'm like if you think you were disconnected back then imagine what it's like then medical-grade botanical it's called Gonda and it happens to rebalance the stress hormones so I love the word adapted. NBC is two cities. I think what's really fascinating today in research and signs is that we realize that we're not a singular organism literally we're just like right they tested turn your genes on so you have identical twins that have been there's clinical studies that have shown that both men and women every balances the body so that it can respond or perhaps not respond as much distress and it knows where to go like when you take an adopted Jin like you can have multiple and in clinical studies it's actually been shown to lower cortisol levels in chronically stressed adults by a significant percentage so the good news about that is one thing even mind is that we use standardized botanical so it's really ones that have clinical data that have been extracted standardized to a certain percentage of Fido active is it actually the definition of that helps you adapt to stress so it modifies stress response as opposed to having very direct targeted action instead it kind of Fido actors are basically molecules that do all the work because when you take a plant it has hundreds of molecules in it right there's research available to us today too never ending to do list have an absolute overcommitted day never really having time to just GonNa i WanNa do what does that look like for a person is still on the phone are you still looking at your phone so it's not disconnecting that's not true house connection so it's important to find those moments in time and so all things happening multiple stress triggers and it just finds them and then it exactly what it contains Fido actors at a called with amyloid and stress hormones receptors receptors on the follicles that accurately and help it produced its own stress hormone stomach an antenna in some way kind of measuring is a is a really big factor what we have in our formulation is we include stress adoptions one of the best wraps it up to JEN's it's a botanical we use I will times because adrenals are those organs that sit on top of you kidneys at look like little hats and they produce cortisol stress hormone so when we're in a sort of fight best and probably GonNa go more and more and more we're inundated with disconnected I think that's one of the things that I I was writing a paper and I was looking at and I think the father of what we call Sigli they sort of mimic what stress hormones act like so they kind of all Mr Mini vaccine to allow your body to rebalance itself as it relates to stress interns pleading not man and putting him in today's world in what he's going to write about I know about the levels of stress that we are actually facing chronic stress we don't even realize it mightier friend Rollin protons no business partner and I always trusted him with his with his science background and the way was analyzing bow happen and which ones are the ones that are doing the job and how can we maximize their potential that so so the the main problem with industry right because the the supplement industries aunts properly regulated so as a result there's just so many products out there that have been manufactured by available to us and also the products that are like you said being elevated in their standards to be able to intervene and prevent that or maybe personally I'd rather take supplements all the way through until like in very old age yeah and instead of resigning to medications time you are going to be taking pills now the question is are they going to be drugs like medications because now you have cholesterol problems you know knowing about supplements and plants and herbs as healing solutions and you know they're still stuck on that old school mentality yes so we'll tell me a little bit about neutral and some of the products that you have and then we can dive deep into the ingredients and all that we started out with that's a very good point what I usually tell people when they tell me I don't WanNa take pills I say if you look at the data at some point in time you have to get from food and certain things you don't and you know the other thing is you know the argument that I hear from people that are not in our world of in general yeah so I I I would take preventative approach in that respect and that's what I tell people at some point you're going to be winding up taking place yeah better take supplements even drugs diabetes or whatever it is at some point in your life as we age right or are you taking a preventative biohacking approach where we now have the knowledge so for me very gratifying to know that we've brought that conversation back to Western medicine as well so channel to them and this is daily routine make sure it's point people do want to take control of their health they WANNA have their own medical dashboard I personally sumers are are critical way more educated than many years ago and it's very wanting to see that the about the supplement industry from like decades ago which is your job as founders and from behind neutral to really the conversation uh of fully or properly even for it to be effective so that's that's what always so what Sofa just explained about all these intelligence the core formulations which was the men's and the women's and through the time we've evolved so now both the men's and the women's has been working really amazing beautiful plants and then using medical great standards to be healthy and very efficacious at the same time is is where good news industries now heading because I'm doing this and I want to know what like what are the solutions what are my options what can I take to help with stress or what and what brand very loud and clear is that they were using the men's product for older women interesting and it happened to work better for them and a lot of them are you are fortunate and go back to the last question for a minute the conversation is not only changing for our customers but the conversation is also changing and the level of dermatologists mm-hmm that they really came on board right away and as a result of of having this base of doctors that we work with we also get a lot of feedback this and then also just absorption right by stability yes ingesting something doesn't mean you actually absorb it are doing it well and who is getting the best products in the best plan so the best quality and processing it right so that you can absorb the nutrients because there's a lot of things that rumors now are really a demanding that proof and are very interested in diving deeper especially if it's about taking control of hair health something very dear we've these two products they really trusted are signs even before clinical data came out because we use clinically efficacious studied ingredients and the scientists so compelling to that for women only again there's not a lot of options for women at all very few and actually only one FDA approved medication that's it and that's Rogaine and it used to be higher percents doctors because we've been adopted Bob over fifteen hundred doctors at this point co recommended Charlotte's yeah and most of them I think over thirteen hundred are dermatologists okay so it's really to Georgia's this point it's really important that post extraction they still have efficacy yeah I mean you have to know the right brands to us also we're using it themselves most of them so I think we tried it out themselves and then kinda figured it out stronger and where there's just there's no proof of efficacy I there's no proof that a they're still actives so the fodder neutrons there's still were the healing powers talking about okay because again men and women need different things but what we understand now is that women actually need different things too and the reason is because women have yeah so they came back to us and I know why because when you think about hair Harrison and yet I anything about his and the biggest difference between the men's and the women's was that it had higher levels of supplemental which is an ingredient that inhibits that dihydrotestosterone a DVD that Georgia's very specific stages in life that they hit like when you start your periods your have your babies or if you do and then you know when that periods and right right you still don't know the source of whereas East come from times when they extract them if they don't use the right techniques by activity of those fighter actives can go down significant lingers for a little while it's still decreases but lingers and that creates what's called his relative androgen dominance so when we understood that we were like oh well that made sense now kitchen strength for men than women until more recently when they finally approved for women as well other that's a whole lot yeah I can go off doc or when the times are more stressful for instance so women's hormones are much more susceptible to fluctuation and changed throughout her lifetime so and that made sense so as Angela here so the doctors were using the men's rot for older women exactly and they found it to be more effective so we said we went back to the drawing board with what's working here back and it's great and as well because we stand now not only from our customer base what's working what's not but also from our and one of the things that we heard back the woman transitions into menopause actually the ovarian function declines pretty rapidly so estrogen progesterone decreases but to start had a couple of more we were looking back to the scientists to what else is necessary at that time in her life and some of the new ingredients that we added were fantastic which is Maka it's we have to create a product that's very specific to a woman in that phase of her life because that's what she needs right and I'm people are too happy taking a men's product You know so reacted address musical stress so that you need to take a lot of antioxidants because as we grow older that antioxidant potential for ourselves to produce dachshunds and our body declines and to be to boost that with intake of external antioxidants that actually will help to boost your own production and of great mood swings and sweats flushes and all the symptoms so it's has fantastic properties so we knew that that would probably energize that would be effective as a company when we're sourcing these ingredients we we traveled the world to find specific ingredient partners that are released specialized in these advocate gradients and have proof of advocacy right so some of these are patented they are optimized for by visibility they Clinton and is awesome well thanks really does it. It targets the underlying causes that eventually going to lead to decrease in hair health so we went as a just in other adopt the gym but it happens to adapt the communication between the brain and the overseas oh interesting yes I have a lot of Maka avance they can truly make a difference in the body so it is it always has been incredibly important to us to have something that's healthy and very effective something externally and the truth is that there's a so many pathways that are leading to compromise their health and again the body at home to my call some of the things that you know Margaret has been clinically studied in women going through menopause and they show that there were positive impact on which is that our tagline is hair wellness from within I think the perception of hair is that it's external and somehow you gotta do woman right what we did was we really increased you know the the supplemented made sure that it was they had the higher levels of habituation but also we knew that we needed to addressing with the rest of our ingredients and then also again as we grow older produce more oxidative stress I'm sure you know that you're Rana triathletes there's a lot very targeted ingredients specific to health however they do work inside out as opposed to outside in so what that does is really pathways like dd oxidative damage all those things metabolism got health everything that will impact your hair house so yes we chose we live in New York City like we can wear a hat it's fine we won't get cold but in a sense that if anything is going wrong within the body itself or it's not balanced the hair will suffer so it's about really re balancing those pathways countering inflammation stress the hormonal it which is interesting you can buy similar ingredients if they're not standardized right and by National Gunda or or a merrick extract can as a company even though we think the hair's important honestly the body it can care less it might be important when you're young and you need to meet and produce babies but from an evolutionary standpoint so that's why all the ingredients are there so very expensive for us to to even even license right you can buy just to give you an example it also they have their own biochemical individuality as well as genetic predisposition and what that means is that in reality we may need something that with stress chronic stress so their dreams were depleted and other things that we found were toxic society a lot of people had ed the more we understood that actually everyone may or may not experience the same levels of environmental stress you can buy it for twenty dollars Kito thirty dollars Akito our ingredients are hundreds of dollars a kilo for a reason right there carefully extracted you know exactly why the coming is that it actually it's interesting thing take of hair kind of liquefies it and and through technology finds out what is the hair is almost like a recording chips reminds us that can also decrease your production of hair as well and so those are the top notch things that we found there was other stuff like sugar people were not always balanced folks that over the past right the past few months or the past year that you passed your last year that you've been launching the past year or so so when I say that we're targeted for men and then there's a woman's product and now we have women balance which is for women who are about to enter entering that transitional phase of menopause the more research we house comes back abnormal but you could have been on a high level of normal for a while and that might not be normal for you right so are you seeing patients from their test it and it's the right combination of the ingredient exactly but what I want to add to that was that you meant you hit up on something very important understand what are the ratios of those minerals and vitamins and toxic metals and through that can tell you what system in your body might be stressed and what we found what for a lot of people there got compromised they weren't absorbing properly so even if they're taking neutral and they're not fully absorbing it well guess what happens the other thing having models like if you're eating a lot of Sushi mercury that will compromise you might have conrail health not ultimately leads to your hair needs a lot of energy and so anything very personalized to us we internally do a lot of research and we have over two thousand sample points from something called the Hermano announces that which we did doctor and do my annual blood work and the doctor says Oh yeah you're in the range your normal but I feel like that's a generalization I mean what is normal yet Johnson we went deeper to look into what was that was preventing them or what could be the stress of nurse system where was that within them and what the hair mental analysis does our customers and found that for actually it was mostly people who were were not fully responding or maybe you would respond but not you know maybe they wanted to a better response called blood tests right of the range of normal is is an is an average right so that might not even be yours yeah it drives me crazy when I go to the now in addition to myself we have really well trained naturopathic doctors at actually go through consultations with our customers because glucose metabolism aims like that so and again this is not a diagnostic test because it's not like yes you have diabetes no that's not the case because the doctor for that you know that's why they do drug testing hair as well because everything that's in your body will eventually come out to your hair and so it tells you that this particular task if you read it properly will be makes for a really good product that has some really awesome side benefits to that no that's what I was thinking so so you have a part for manpower for him and then you have a lot of new products it has to be the same for you and me but what's really interesting is that when we call something a disease in western medicine it's at the time point one the blood it s still contains all the other ingredients that are really effective like anti inflammatories we have curcumin which is an extra in the products are amazing every single one of them great to go back to that question of what other product of that we personalized so essentially we went back from this and we understood that what else could a person need Sushi need to detoxify liver so what we did was we created boosters and zone today an algorithm so essentially the algorithm in her life we want them to make sure that they're connected to us to be able to have a voice whatever they're experiencing and also to help them with their lifestyle and Diet because disorders don't happen at the time point of one number out of range of normal okay and so there's a period of time prior to that that somebody's functioning no this is not diagnostic would choose is that inbetween phase of what happens between time and point when you go to the doctor and your blood and something is wrong going through this myself and I go back to my own personal story because I remember being in residency and experiencing happening and never act is right and you also when when someone goes to your website you have QNA that people can fill out to find out like what products they need Oh yeah so so that's energy we ask questions about sleep and things like that which ultimately guides us and will come up with a growth plan that is most recommended for you simile or something is being stressed like if a system is stress does that make sense yeah yeah I mean it's like you can't just know from one task that's why you go back for another test or oh currently you know we speak to customers and so I I will speak to some do talk to your customers we do do I used to really having anyone to talk to or even thinking about that I need to bring this to somebody's attention because you know sort of paled in comparison to what I was seeing with my patients also made it very acid resistance so it's packaged in a way that would allow you to make sure that again with probiotics biggest challenge is making sure that they're alive and effective boom them the microbiome is depleted so sugar everything everything really challenges the microbiome and there's a lot of research that came out that says that really strange because you might not know the connection but Georgia's point you might not feel stressed but your body will show it so for instance we ask questions about all different that normal can also fluctuate depending on on your on the day and on the time period in your life and and the normal doesn't and that might include up to two boosters so for instance if you went through that questionnaire new you could also wind up going through the whole thing just want to say and not wind up with boosters because human modifications because that's what our doctors do is they they really they can guide you can answer questions but also guys just like what else could you be doing lifestyle and diet fear of microbes and what happens is that as we are inundated with again environmental toxins and things like that and we can that there's a connection actually between hair and the biker by well the microbiome actually impact everything in our sustained every cell in your body it's sort of reflective of that Hembo analysis does that I that I was talking about and incense you go through a range of questions as you go on the website that guides you and the questions might be my favorite one is definitely liver cleanse it is it's a fantastic product and then I combine it with the deeds inhibitor algorithms side of it on the back end we found that it was probably recommended for you based on your test so you what are the boosters so in addition I think my favorite one really fact only the bad bacteria exam up and then creates food for the good bacteria like how cool is that it's very cool so that awesome so that's my favorite one reselling our bodies impacted our every organ system so it's no wonder so I think this is really cool because we really did research and found what strains would be most effective and not needed why we're not in the business of up selling anyone on anything so if we really if that recommendation comes through it's likely because there's a where things come from I mean they're they're not just showing up on that day they've been happening batteries so that you can be the drainage of normal is just what we ah I don't actually but I haven't used deodorant in so long me neither yeah blessing so I was using for a decade wellness but they are very targeted to really address some of these some hair loss or at least some of these hairless triggers so and then in their Miranda like what what else maybe that's specific to you maybe you're more stress so you might get extra stress about the June maybe I have hired existed because eight months I body what kind of the are using what kind of deodorant print use anything not even better so these common brands right and didn't even realize there were full of aluminum and obviously you get that gets absorbed by the body on a daily basis very I companies or even single people yeah selling supplements on Amazon or even in some of these larger retail stores. What's really fascinating today in in in research and signs is that we realize that we're not a singular organism literally we're just like a giant bias because I'm genetically predisposed right I definitely appreciate that one and then of course the hair -biotics I'm actually to be honest I'm taking a lot of them on what's your favorite product I had It was actually very interesting when I did the hair mineral analysis does I was highly toxic having aluminum in or what they are bringing to the table we really feel that it's important to create that communication with our customers and communities so that if somebody's going through that challenge in the body that's where kind of forgets about some of the other very important components and the old correlate directly to to hair right so concerning so my my aluminum is just off the chart and now we understand how when your liver is trying to toxic by all these heavy metals with and she's a burner yeah I don't know I'm not burner yet but after my last interview I'll be microdosing Ah I love the B vitamin so remember that all the boosters are specifically formulated for hair right so the answer today would target is the why don't we do this tell me your favorite one I'll tell you my favorite one go ahead all right my favorite one is the hair biotic so I not use a you could tell it was really actually indicative of who was using an aluminum daughter-in-law really on and I just negative and that's because I've I'm a hippie and yes we're using the latest technology to ensure that we have a bacteria called PREPO which actually it's like a it's the be- boosters as well I love that it's liquid so he can it's a great taste and it gives you a lot of energy throughout the days well keeps you going and then it literally takes I'll tell you when we did the test everyone in this in this office funny fach everyone who not to forget the stress at up to Jen's we can't live New York without stressed out jeans that's an additional does your love them as well they're keeping me sane while you have to run it does not have anything in it at all just and it doesn't prevent from perspiring and just prevents from smelling and I don't really smell much anyway but that's kind of what I was using so I- Georges Week so close so I've been using a crystal do order and for a long time and it's basically a salt crystal yeah I mean so it sounds like yeah like you need to be technically

Georgia cortisol instagram Gabe macneil College Med school facebook Harrison Jen New York NBC Jin ten dollars six years one hundred percent thirty dollars twenty dollars eight months nine years
56- The Instagram Scam

Call Her Daddy

52:10 min | 1 year ago

56- The Instagram Scam

"Are Presenting sponsor is is Roman you know the drill sometimes guys are like Oh my God i have to think of something hurry quick so I don't I all over her tits and you're like okay think about a cheese grater going up and down my digger hurt so bad oh my God oh my God but you can't do that all the time so what do you do Gorgan Zone you call him daddy do I call her daddy hall her daddy without trying to do it on purpose you guys I think like ten or fifteen minutes past and I got so freaked out I jumped into my mother five dollars when you choose a monthly plan if you use the link get Roman dot com slash daddy whatever falls out of your pocket it's not a big deal nomo even know what it is yes so you guys go to get Roman Dot com slash daddy and you can get your first month of swipes for just so anyways I'm trying to put the pen together and I'm pressing the button and I inhale it as if it's like a jewel so as hard as I fucking can I'm pressing down the button four to Christmas I would Christmas better than New Year's better than Halloween start this off positive you never do there's no one is expecting sophia come in here in a good mood what's wrong sophia so my mom was in town and there was it was the first coughing up a lung like I couldn't catch my breath for like twenty minutes and I'm like Holy Fuck I'm about to be so high this is not good Ooh hope you guys are feeling refreshed it's Hump Day everyone gets excited for Wednesday's it's like a holiday every week I'm like mom I smelt I need to confess I'm freaking out my mom is like what is going on I F- I had a full mental breakdown panic attack your mom was probably honestly we've been together and there's like the button on and I'm like pressing it and I used to smoke jewel jewel jewel 's I actually quit doing that but the low the father it's the father's call her daddy's Alexsan Sophia back at it again house everyone feeling we'll see where's my my mom is in my room she has no idea this is going on so I realized that I took a fucking monster monster okay right she got here and Alex Getting Ready Because Alex was gonna go I don't know probably suck Dick Asta don't worry about what you focus on your mind Alex was like do you have any weed and I've talked about this before we'd and I it's a love hey we don't like the hard stuff like Sophia hance and you're fine with Horley chilling and we just is not suit Sophea so alex is like can I have I'm like oh I actually have a weed pen I've had it for fucking years and next thing I know Jain Norma's cloud of smoke comes out of my mouth out of my Nasha I fall to the floor they're effective easy to use and fast acting and they don't even require a prescription you guys are also in really discreet on March packaging so if you're nervous about like someone seeing them in united smoke weed I start to go into these like different alternate universe different realm and I hate how it feels it's morning she said Sofia would like look at me and I would be like smiling trying to make her feel better and so stop smiling mom stop fucking smiling and she begged I know I know okay would never happen to me now but back in the day I was dating this guy and I went to visit him on a trip and I wasn't like super comfortable with him yet sometimes people that smoke we'd have an issue if you're in public and you do it you're not comfortable with the people around you right but I can sympathize with you because I remember like pacing like up and down like our apartment just freaking out and your mom told me I remember because guys I had to leave okay I had planned I couldn't sit around and watch never use it and it was disassembled and Alex is like okay I'm rushing to get ready can you like put it together and hand it to me where's mistake of my life and I start putting the it's like impending doom and I'm like Holy Shit you're going to be stuck like this forever like you fucked up your brain and then I get scared to be stuck like crazy next week wha what's this so so I remember I was in Chicago with him and we went to its friends place and I was trying to be cool and they were taken tell room when I tell you I was having the biggest panic attacks God I ended up walking into the hotel room turning on aw I did end up saying like I think I might feel better by go to hospital my mom is like are you sure and I was like yeah and she's like let's just like wait a minute she was like let's put on TV so I was trying to be a fucking Harto and go hard in the paint and take this I'm GonNa Rip Abang Hatami Asshole Al's because I'd the worst cotton mouth so imagine this guy why do I don't know I was freaking out and I were freaking out he knew I was freaking out a little bit ars meth on like a couch and we'd right so I'm like Sophie give me some we oh no but I will say like I've tried some arguably harder oxy and you're like I don't feel the impending doom and I don't think it's GonNa fuck man you've not doing those drugs but okay okay so I'm hallucinating and I go back outside and I'm trying to pretend like I'm totally fine I ask him because we had to go get ready for dinner I asked him like hey staring at myself in the mirror for like what felt like an hour and when you're trying to get yourself to like feel sober normal you're like this you've got this and you're yourself for a second and in my mouth essentially trying to like get out my my cotton mouth wow and then after that I got like all undressed and got under the covers and I cannot go to dinner and interact with human marijuana it's interesting now I know you're like twitching let's let's move on Okay Uncircumcised Dig Dangling Deck Edibles Oh my God I know because edibles are fucked up because you don't know how much you're taking us from a head of we'd like edibles really fuck you so legalized I swear to God methods like flashing on the road I wear seventy two pedestrians that was just an update his lap and curled up in a ball and I was like mom I'm so scared I'm so scared it was like reflexes like a cat he was like what the fuck is no I think it's so interesting all right now can we like kidding what is over my else did you say to your mom see we're just asking her to hold you shower and I got into the shower with all of my clothes on and I took off the portable sour had one I just put it on my face and open I took the same amount as them like the little loser I am and I login I swear to God started hallucinating yeah I remember I went into the bathroom of this guy's place and I started many women that look at it like it's the green eyed monsters I run away bigfoot and you've never seen it but you can only imagine what it looks like and born usually it's when they're born or sometimes people get circumcised later but most of the time a baby is born and there's a decision made whether they are gonna cut this extra skin or they're going to yes no nope girls what it is is it is a thin piece of skin that is covering the head of the peanut I do not agree I think other drugs are they gave way too fucking weed and shit fuck I don't care I've never tried every time I read about it online people are like Oh yeah I thought it was gonna Die GonNa die no craziest Shit I'm not here I was like this is my Saturday night I don't even this yeah sorry about that so but your mom did tell me the men have extra skin I wanNA clarify what the fuck the extra skin is because uncircumcised eggs when I was younger I thought the extra skin meant litter we go back to the hotel little show yeah yeah for sure this shit no shit I was so we get back to the US women always right in saying I didn't know what to do with it a lot of people think that when a penis gets hard yeah that you don't see even the skin can you imagine we walk in the shower on and with all of my clothes I be like fucking furious issue and I just stood there with the shower a bit and those who keep it the way they were naturally born you know fucking fuck the plastic surgery from day on their going Notch Arou- yes these data looked on the size dude weed is such an interesting drug and I do think though to me it's interesting that you freak out when you were with me and your mom because I find out hey start like rubbing you and you're like why are you rubbing me like everything on it was wrong yeah my mom I was like stop doing that dump me stop breathing can way and rip it down emotion down to the base of his fucking Weiner head absolutely not and you need to be so gentle because tile about there's nothing to be scared about know the first thing and the first thing you need to know girls do not for the love of Christ do not think Oh my God we gotta get that thing out of the hey the forest can has nerve endings and it's super super sensitive super-sensitive MVP depending on how well this guy takes care of his they are lightly throughout you starting to give him head your easing the skin down it's not in one big motion girls and don't get freaked out by it use it as a former would get hard that there was still some of the foreskin was like covering a little bit of the top of the Dick and so she said you're going to give head and it still the deal with it yeah sometimes if the guy gets hard the foreskin will just roll all the way back it will fold back and be skinned it starts at base you know how it looks like a little mushroom and cartoons like his mushroom part of his peanuts off the head there is a piece of skin that covers that yes ax uncircumcised Dick's it's like there's this greening month Dots Magda no it's an enigma and there are so it's like girls girls enough is a big fucking deal that skirt very similar to vaginas actually some girls go about it like a regular peanut yes sometimes though whether it's a smaller Dick or whether he just has a lot of force cry sometimes it will still Kinda look like living in like Oh my God like my daughter is back in her childhood way like stroke her hair Bob Okay this is the thing quickly discuss panic attacks this story about how he was this guy in high school giving him hat okay and the guy like didn't take care of himself and he said that he almost literally through in the middle of the blow job and that it tasted like the inside of a fucking belly and he was the lead the entire peanuts from base to head was covered in an aerial she skin wearing a fucking long pimp for oh but the main fucking issue how the hygiene issues Oh this was the main thing that girls were complaining about my friend told me all of a sudden I'm like on the ceiling and store distorted sordid people try and be like marijuana's not a hallucinogen yes honey it's so true but okay the bellybutton also smells fucking ratchet so so and I do not want to give uncircumcised like that's the type of shit get high guide a hell of a rug wage weed is a gateway drug just like so one long peanut it looks kind of like an ant eater and either does we come back amazing pigs in a blanket yeah and sauces your skin you just need to be careful when you're playing down I talked to my friend who had dated a guy that was uncircumcised since she said from her personal experience with her boyfriend when the Times the amount of girls that wrote in saying I actually had lint come on my mouth you can kinda tell if fine there's a fire building okay so the thing the uncircumcised exists it's similar when a man comes out of a vagina and he's okay so we didn't sorry this is so random didn't did Lamar Odom Khloe Kardashian Pussy smelled like the bank Gobble Nag Turkey Gobble then in that instinct that's what I think the girls free guess that's when they're like what the that's what we need to talk that's what we need to talk penises about we love we love our fine but men you don't have the luxury if you're uncircumcised jump in the shower and do like second scrub because just hiding under the blanket so every time a girls like oh to do it it's not that serious girls by a piece of skin it's literally skid like Oh wow heavensent bit we love a good heaven angel in our mid eighties you'll in our midst and I read this this is for to do like I've never done this what do I do see in one of those yeah I never seen it like that don't do versa roles girls can you imagine if you took off your pants and have like the hot dog bun it's an actual slid the Regina looks like a line Yup hey yes or then there's some girls that have soon nationals only okay did read it was like from this guy that was uncircumcised he said his favorite thing is girls nibble on the floor there is the skin and there's extra opportunity for gunk age together mayor and men are listen man I love you but you guys are disgusting yeah do not though however because I feel like there are girls probably do this gotta go in there acting scares Oh my God oh my God I'm so scared I don't know what foreplay we said okay we have to slowly get that thing down like let me liquor now let me go slow let me start licking the base and I'm going to come back up holier kind of weird I stuck to his day at the base of the head girl going right there it's all the way down onto his fucking balls yeah and so in that instance it's kind of like you kind of of an older thing you ever smelled that changed fucking souls rented to your Pussy and he was like Holy Shit I've never seen flaps that what am I supposed to do how do I get an hour and it's like you'd WanNa die same thing goes for men like you don't want his tips I have for girls when they're giving a blow job is if you pull the skin over the tip of his deck and then you play with it don't really let him do that I just want to read this really quickly okay there was one girl that wrote in and she was like one time I took a shot of WanNa know how you like you could be like tell me this feels good and try different things and look up at him and figure out your son into one of the big big FAT PSA by sex with an uncircumcised Dick is really almost the same as it is yeah and the other the only thing I wanNA point out with sex is the condom takes care of it if you're like going downtown about to give a blowjob like his shit does not come back all the way to move it and it's like a little stuck dot as a huge indicator ah body shame them no can feel like it's not a big deal you're like I've a little you could think you've never give him a fucking blow job yeah literally just saying like I want you to teach me I this is if you put up with this guy twenty times and he's like confirms that he's into it wo- EPA sides I I want to do on because some guys will prefer that the skin is pulled back and then there are some guys that wouldn't WanNa pull the Carr's guys are so much like a water guy actually water balloon if you're into golden showers I need your fucking set super soaker get back like it's going back and show the light yes the stage to shy dancer regard cooking up a storm in the kitchen lately absolu- on we don't have any food in our house except for one hellofresh delivers it's been actually really nice because it's forcing us to cook and with your tongue a guy's gonna go crazy like mid blow job yeah that shit back over his tip and go to town Oh yes he's going to be get a little bit more healthy yeah you guys say goodbye to the endless grocery store trips that shit is awful and takeout food I was doing that for a minute yes yes also you can add extra meals to your weekly order or Yummy add-ons like garlic bread and cookie dough oh baby so guys scooping out so you could really it's a little on the go go Kubwa can store things in there I did talk to me exter- skin over their head when they're fucking oaks they kind of have a preference and so if you go to put the condom on you're risking that maybe his shits pulled back when he wants it forward Etcetera Sidka out of the extra skin at the top was soft so there was like a Little Cup holder situation I took a shot out of his fucking you want so if you want to do a family recipe if you WANNA do Calorie Smart Vegetarian there's all these different options so obviously everyone has different needs go look and you guys can basically pick and customize your order I friend who has an uncircumcised that's amazing thank you for doing he said that he will do this thing where he will squeeze the skin like the Foreskin Addi eight zero and you're going to enter daddy eight zero at checkout again that's hellofresh dot com slash daddy eight zero instead following a fitness account or a body in Spo- account you know we're talking to you follow a girl who has the nicest fucking that it's like crusted up in factors and infectious repulsive repulsive discussing but so yeah that's a great tip go down there for like a pre blow job go to bed you scroll in your dreams you skirl and I bet that everybody that has an instagram account which is almost everybody is you write me a workout plan that I can give to my followers and then tell them this is how I achieve this and they're all lying because really the workout plan fucking girl in La who has a good body and people are asking Oh my God what's your workout routine they're making money because they went to a trainer and they said Hi can WTA retraining say fuck those people just kidding we just want to talk about number one number one as injection sweetheart you got it selling you I swear to God they're not doing that whole workout they are absolutely no no no and this is the other part of it because I completely agree they are not erskine equals condom you're right so when you guys are using a condom with a guy with foreskin I am telling every girl that you should let the guy put the right so for the condom with a guy just don't use them you just all you know foreskin serves as haunt him actually a will or that she's trying to sell the fuck in protein powder that God shows are calories so all nine Weiner because the doing because guys picture it the little where the fucking top so there's like a little want to try this out if you want to get started on hellofresh you guys are GonNa get eighty dollars off your first month of hellofresh go to hellofresh dot com slash daddy eighty that's so much more respect if like the card Ashi or any other girl that got there but done and was showing their butts off when they're working out would just be like guys I got my butt done ab like we're all going to be fine the band aid off I don't really wrong rip the fours I have a question for you okay hellofresh then good it's great hollow fresh Sufian Eric Asks you ever fucking scene and she is hawking products he is Hawk and fitness plans. I mean Stephen Hawke this stair stepper yes they're not doing that they're photoshop oh as soon on that asshole it's about look real asshole protein powder the pre workout the Diet pill yeah like the facial lifters even though the fucking doctor did that very tip so it's like a Balloon O- Go pee and fill it up with all of the P. while he's like holding the skin tight and then just drop the pains of the toilet oh good for my body Nikai lead at some home cooking guys you can make these meals in about thirty minutes which is really good and you can customize whatever we bats unbelievable so they really make it like a storage unit cupholder a Measuring Cup I guess you could probably hide stuff in there we br along the flaps flap away into the sunset fly away with okay we flop flat hair issue here she Asia and I think that's fine when I think it's an issue is when you're trying to shove it down people's throat that it is Real Aka the girls with the fake ass I there is nothing wrong with girls getting fake butts do your thing I love it go for a queen but I agree with you I think it's fucked up when people post a video of a quickly can we just address the instagram situation. That's going on right now I'm going to take two seconds to say because everyone knows going on instagram has officially taken away the following activity pre-tax you he's GonNa come he comes any holds the sports together and he comes in the little guy and it doesn't go anywhere so Fredo surgery surgically removed and this goes for Photoshop to it when you are enhancing your ass and using the nip tuck feature Graham God it's just every week every day scrolling you're scrolling you're scrolling you wake up using girl seeing some guys don't lie to my friend I'm upset I am too it's upsetting is I'm deactivating into mucking not workout. I was looking at this other girl the other day okay so you clearly have a but in plant and you're trying to convince me that if I do those squads and I do those reps that like Sophia's that don't fuck and sell me shit right don't try to shove it down my throat allied to my fame and try to convince me that I should be purchased and then telling girls Oh go workout do this plan and you're going to get this ass yeah those that are selling it and doing for Photoshop we're all sitting there wishing that they're asked to girl doesn't even have that no Richie's it's all you so swipes guys you swipe it on your Dick and it's going to help you last longer fuck the cheese grater not said she is trying to sell fitness plan right Khloe Kardashian you're lying to people you're trying to like tell people to buy something over by right I think that is what go I mean some of them are going to the gym like that's fine so that they can keep up their ass injecting thaw I wanNA clarify to hide so we've talked about in the past anti-gang used to be able to creep and crawl and watch your crush or your boyfriend cheat on you right before your eyes and you knew he was it's great if you guys have asked injections sleigh on she queen okay we've set in the past we totally support girls that photoshop face tune do your fucking thing I'm GonNa get that button absolutely fucking Dr Giovanni gave you that right now you're looking you're holding little dumbbell weights pretending like it like that I really would go about I don't lie to me I know there's silicone and there's no way I could get that ask this is how I feel about plastic surgeons tells us now restrained and it's like no you got your ribs remove like little tweets that you're just missing a mark on the fact that like knowing that product and this is my the workout I'd do to keep everything around it looking good like I need to make my leg stay in shape tonight that my legs are fin no should be selling is Adobe Photoshop plan listen we always say again and I'm going to reiterate it I think this going Oh we're gonNA tell us if you're gonna get plastic surgery and you don't want to openly tell people that's your eating I know now it's like how the fuck do we stock everyone instagram doing this I think instagram I don't want to enable this yeah that's turned them onto our podcast and you're like this is how people's lives ruined maybe we can help these crazy bitches are going to grow up to be serious okay listen to me the woman call me Lazy I don't really give a shit I wanna lay on my back and I want to be lazy and I S- crawled house those videos until I find the one of her link down I think they are so overrated and this is what it is the as fuck when he's going down on me absolutely that's number one number number to tell the angle of his tongue on your clothes ninety five percents off your I care of order if you go to take care of dot com and you're going to enter Code Daddy again that is ninety five percents off your order when you go to take care of dot com an entered daddy milk hunter was like Bjorkland while his while he sucking on your Pussy Lips and like ducking the rest of your pussy I'm like well no no no I would rather you've would really rather the flip flop took on her pussy lips you can finger her love it all yeah no what Alex we never do this we decided to fucking override milk hunter and we are here to say that we are not a fan we're not a fan I just it is it is what it is it's it's a shook it and he's like you can take a knee but one on the floor provides great stability you can be eating her pussy while like you're rubbing her clint with your thumb they go on like liking sprees I am now fucking go like every person's picture and no no one is going to know care of guys supplement and protein powder pocket together for you based on your quiz and then they're gonNA send it to you so it's really great so all of you guys are not healthy out there maybe get all Congra- sound you are a little bungalows like that Bikini pick you're not getting in trouble like twelve round you go online and you take a quiz that literally takes five minutes and really you just tell them about your diet your lifestyle and your health needs and then what they're going to do is they're going to put a recommended vitamin can either be standing or she can be on kind of all fours like when you're fucking your dog eat or hey but the other one is she standing she lowers her chest onto the bed I mean who really wants to go to the fucking Dwayne nri absolutely kickout vitamins your care of order gets shipped right to your during convenient daily packs perfect for busy view fingering my vagina is on my absolutely number three I don't necessarily want his face in my ass it to me personally when it's from behind it's just not as good I agree I just feel like he can't angle it is well he can't get in there as much even milk hunter said he's GonNa take his thumb and how the fuck have you guys not talked about this and we're like sweetheart and he was like eating the pussy from the back it's such a unique switch it can be great like the video of like a girl getting oral yes so many of the videos of her getting eaten out from the back behind we know you guys really are just dying out there because you don't take care of your body's okay take care guys we've talked about it and you feel the wind coming oh you cannot dare relax your asshole if you're getting your pussy eat in that direction four it is a wellness brand that makes it really easy to get vitamin supplements and protein powders that are for your specific needs so I actually have done this before we even started working with them the local Indian joint and I feel any any wind coming my way I'm sorry I just say this I decided on kind of moment we've never really come on here so we disagree with milk hunter we do on this and I think a lot of girls will agree I do too if you're scrolling through porn and you are trying to to get off it's way harder for us the last thing that a girl wants is when she's laying there trying to relax and get her oh and get off is to be worried about Oh my God is my back sure no but the point is we've always said from day one of call her daddy in order to get a girl off it takes a lot more work than a guide sweetheart those three points are unbelievable and I wanna really let everyone know that I agree with you I agree with you disagree a lot but I'm absolutely agree with you on this one it's like what of course we're going to come up with something for sure don't worry we'll get back to you so you can go back to being the shady hose well actually it's good for all the cheaters out there Indian the rumble the Code Red Rumble when you start to feel the whole point is relaxing the body when you're getting your pushed yet and if we if you just went and got Indian food and your bell has been rumbling to go there and you're like I do not need his nose in art and like how does my ass look in this position fuck no when I'm getting my pussy I want to be laying there I want to be able to close my job is about another man Dan to you seems like this hot cool amazing position bender over sucker pussy live yeah it sounds all great I'm laying down like I should be getting my pussy normal you you get away with murder like squirm a little you know what you squirm a little and I'm trying to get eaten out you'll like this whole shoved up the asshole basis there every once in a while but not that's not my favorite Goto feel you're spending facts how fun go forward but I'm gonNA tell you nine out of time John Grow would rather be laying on her I agree I think the time that you guys can do is say like you're switching ask cry right is there could be aloneness state I like that you brought up the in this position technically you think about it upside down way los men can't even eat it fucking straightforward what the fuck are you doing thank you can air before a switch of change of position don't be like about to eat this bucks get right and then she's got to be an all force town I remember when we were talking suggested female perspective because then you know how you like you're Dick sucked we know how we like our pussy so I know how I like this like yesterday Alex goes I mean I think I would maybe like it was like super drunk or something and I was like to be had on the go lifestyle just throw a couple in your suitcase if you're traveling good to go leading your purse your purse extra plan B. You're going to get ride daddy gain to tell us we are boring okay dot no there's so many different opportunities when she is laying on her back yeah yeah yeah don't call us lazy we told Milk Hunter and any man that's listening if you want to spice it up and you WanNa go down on her not do it the generic way arse so you kind of like it's I feel so good on my plsy when really it's like okay okay okay men I think that this position and don't pay attention to the guy down there like you WanNa be in your own world how fuck am I supposed to do out my ass is on the line also when you're on all fours it drops you in yes those are her legs and her fee are like resting on his young girls you can even cross your legs if you want but that position is great because your head is suffocating it could be any food McDonald shake shack whatever they come after me for being racist fine we're fine if you're getting your pussy eaten from behind mhm and they can be Ben obviously reach that high up and then you put your face in her pussy and that also angles her pussy up a little bit so nice little cakes my ass in is also I do Wanna point out I think it's very bold for men to even be proposing this position eating it from behind when they're eating about movement before m. v. 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B. M. T. dot com slash daddy join the movement movement question guys I know you maybe kind of confusing but sophie and I were so excited actually to try these blue light glasses we were waiting for them and super excited because every time I go to bed and I can't unwanted have side and I know you always want to have so much shit was fucked up yeah I think men have to understand not like there is a there it'd be something medical with her birth control I had gone sorry we're getting deep here but I went to a gynecologist for my whole life that was just throwing me on this generic and finally when I moved to New York when I went to see a new doctor she literally did test and everything to understand where my hormone levels were to ensure that there was on this was a this was like over five years ago and I remember a completely diminished my sex drive I never ed and if you don't WanNa Fuck and look at that Ho you fucking stretch those legs over her fucking eyeballs and you focus on the Pussy Pussy is I'm she goes to bars whether I'm with her or not there she flirts with other guys in order to get free drinks we've talked about it and she you should feel like you just have to put up with so many different kinds of birth yes yes just try something else boom my girlfriend does a thing every time knows it makes me feel uncomfortable even though I trust her that she won't take it farther what is the daddy gang think of this we love Y'all keep doing what you're doing oh I thought that hall don't go home and tell your boyfriend that you were fucking flirting to get free drinks all he needs to know is you got drunk came home and you're ready to fuck him doesn't care who got yeah except sixty nine we should talk about that soon his I'm going to also dot Com oh okay talk about that we've talked kind of barely see his face which is a great do like that it's Kinda squash him in between your eyes you wanted to look at you he doesn't really have a choice control and they were like I had to switch like me tell appear before ever I cannot remember what pill I was no not at all reason ever nobody was going to say if you have a picture of your kid in your pictures I think that is enough purview all you need to do very aggressive to be like I don't even know what they're called but like one side was more balanced than the other because I had less of this in my blood like there was some specific ships if you girls don't know if you are on what about buying your girlfriend's ranks if you if you have an issue with the flirting then fucking video her absolutely absolutely this isn't a question but it's another Ted there you go baby but if you're not doing that this is the thing one girlfriend if you are not planning on cheating on your boyfriend and you're going to a bar and you want some free fuck and alcohol L. fucking great crisis such a good one because I used to do this all the time me too when I listened this is the thing first and foremost talking to the lady friend The lady okay what is with guys putting childhood photos of themselves when they were seven on their hinge profile. I don't give a shit what you look like if you can't handle that I played swipe left it's like okay bitch Fi- it's a yeah it's like you're the kind of mother that's GonNa let her kid suck on her tits fuck in divy hours when he was younger and why what is unless it's the funniest ever I've seen guys where they put like their school like a yearbook photo from when they were little and birth control make sure to a doctor that is making it very specific for you totally they're not just throwing this at all the patient and you have you lose your sex drive that is not something that you I'm the asshole thinking it's the you know prefer doing and that doesn't give us an Oregon doesn't may feel good all we want don't even woman I would maybe I get this except I don't really get why she's flirting with guys when she's with her boyfriend why isn't your boyfriend buying drinks he's there when you were a fetus knock it the fuck off food totally agree I was just on it this morning when I open like going through and I

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Nalo Hopkinson's The Chaos

Teen Creeps

1:29:49 hr | 1 year ago

Nalo Hopkinson's The Chaos

"Something wicked is coming this sweep on the pipe neyla hopkinson the chaos hello welcome to teen creeps and one of your host lindsay case i on of your hosts kelly new gin and i forgot to say what is podcast okay notice that but i wasn't upset. I forgive you. I feel like we haven't recorded in five years. It doesn't look a long time. Why is that i don't know because it did record but we haven't recorded. A teen creeps in a couple weeks. What because we didn't want less didn't record last week. That's why or redoing last week. I couldn't finish the book i didn't. I'm tom we skipped week. We skipped. I forgot about that but it doesn't feel like that because we've still been recording the casteel. Yes yes yes so yes yes <hes>. I forgot to say what the podcast is because i've forgotten apparently aren't we just like three years of autopilot well. We all get a little rusty sometimes so anyway. This is a podcast where we talk about why pulp fiction welcome well gun on today. We are talking about nato hopkins. They chaos or possibly nao nao or neyla. I'm not sure i'm sorry if i mispronounced that up to you know you'd think we could do a modicum of research always assume the problem is i assume i know how words are said and then when i'm i'm saying the word. I'm like you know what. I don't know that i know yeah. I'm gonna see if maybe i can nail hops can send and did she lives and teaches in riverside. Oh go say hi. That's really cool well. We remember seeing that now kunwar aw so. What did you think of this book. My takeaway is that it was fine line <hes> and my big overarching criticism and i truly this is a very irritating -ly common note that executives give in hollywood in big internal town incensed pencil and shiny tinseltown. My note is that the character was not proactive enough. Things just happened to her constantly yes but she didn't go. There was no sort of like hero's journey kind of joseph campbell. Oh <hes> arc she did. I think i think she learned how to embrace kind of her race. She's mixed race. <hes> so that kind of something that you like learn how to be okay with who she was but but i was because she used my that because she didn't learn how to be who she was. She was happy that she became blacker. Her which is cool if you want to be black or be blacker <hes> but that means that she changed also and she was an didn't okay with the way that she already was. I think she also lake this is i think she also realized allies that she had prejudices that she didn't know she had i liked that along the themes of the book and i like that like people called her <music> out on it and she was like oh yeah yikes yeah. It really put you in the mind my goodness. How am i gonna put you in the mind of somebody you who is a good person but hasn't been exposed too much yet. <hes> yeah yeah now. The one thing that i actually really liked was kind of the and i think this was something that some people had issues with in in this book were the fantastical elements of it lying. I was just reading some good readers. Reviews and a lot of people were like i couldn't. I couldn't tell what was going on. I'm like bitch. It's called the j. It's called the fucking chaos. It's fucking sci-fi. There's weird shit going on that. I thought was really cool like i liked that things that people feared or like <hes> imagined or <hes> like sources of of of folklore became real <hes> and i liked the <hes> the witch that was the caretaker of this house house that was like a big giant bird that laid eggs like i thought that was cool. I like thought everything that happened was very fun. Yeah it was very fun and cool. It reminded me of douglas adams. It was a hitchhiker's guide to galaxy kind of nonsense allison wonderland nonsense. Yeah i am on board with yeah. Yeah i think if if it had been and this was just my read and maybe other people felt differently. Maybe you felt relief. If what was happening in in scotches life was that she was like more comfortable vol- with her like she wanted to be able to pass for white and she rejected like if she likes the people were like oh. I like that i'm ethnically ambiguous. I like that people can't tell i like i'm afraid of my of my blackness breath then i would have understood that story of light yeah a black tar appearing on her skin and wanting it gone and feeling like she's ugly but all she wanted the whole book was she was calling out racists for being racist the white guy who was like what how can that be your brother. He's black. You're not black. Are you. Wow i would've thought you were this. You could totally pass for this awful. She was rightfully calling him out on that if she had been struggling with that side of herself then the black tar overtaking her and her wrestling literally with that problem of identity and then her her overcoming it and and her skin being darker at the end <hes> i'd have been like oh cool that's beautiful what an allegory <hes> but it was like like she was fine with herself. I wonder if it's because i think there was kind of the struggle that she was kind of. Having having some times were was that <hes> she didn't feel as if she was black enough sometimes because she'd be like oh. I don't pass and like her. Her brother would be like well. You don't experience that. I experienced because like i'm darker than you and yeah that sucks. It's not fair and maybe she i'm. This is me really doing gymnastics here. Maybe it's that she <hes> you know is like like am. I like. What am i am. I black and white. I mixed. Maybe i'm not black enough and and then at the end it's like she finds out that no she is black she is white. She is mixed. She's maybe that's her find out that she is unquote black enough this whole time but i was getting that sense. It wasn't getting the sense that she was struggling with her identity. She didn't seem worried about struggling ogling with bullying she was dealing with bullying and and people saw <unk> yeah and people slut shaming and mike the unfairness of you know how boys are studs in girls are sluts and that's not fair and just how mean people can be <hes> <hes> <hes> but yeah. I don't know how yeah i just wasn't getting an identity crisis and so her wrestling the <hes> on i don't know i can't think of the term spot was spot rolling calf yeah in her wrestling with the rolling calf that had spit all of the black tar on her and throwing it into the volcano <hes>. I don't know what like a seemed to be very symbolic but i was like but she didn't seem to be struggling with that. She was struggling with being ugly yeah and also you while she was also struggling with because remember the conversation. She has at the end with her brother and how he's like. Hey like i forgive you you. Oh you are yeah. She ratted him out their parents so i think maybe that's her guilt like i think the rolling calf is like her own. Yeah neely the guilt but then like. I'm just confused about the her being blacker yeah. I didn't get your fact. I mean maybe if it'd been yeah if it was like. She feared the blemishes specifically specifically because they were like darker her skit. Excuse me skin tone seem like she just <hes>. That was an all. She seemed completely comfortable in her mixed identity. Maybe it's just a maybe that it that is just serving the metaphor and like you know how like everything in the book. It's like and i know it's tricky because we don't hear it from her mind but you know how like so when the chaos comes which is like like this just chaos chaos the way her aunt marissa's puts it is that everybody's madness is on the outside now yeah so but was there a is there a summary you could read a back yeah. We both got it on kindle. Uh-huh sixteen year old scotch struggles to fit in at home. She's the perfect daughter at school. She's provocatively sassy and thanks to her mixed heritage. She doesn't feel she belongs with the caribbeans whites or blacks blacks and even more troubling lately. Her skin is becoming covered in a sticky black substance that can't be removed while trying to cope with this creepy. She goes out with her brother and he disappears a mysterious bubble couple of light. Just swallows him up and scotch has no idea how to find him soon the chaos that has claimed her brother affects the city at large until it seems like everyone is turning into crazy. Creatures scotch needs to get the bottom of this supernatural situation ace up before the chaos consumes everything she's ever known and she knows that the black shadowy entity. That's begun trailing her. Every move is probably not not going to help a blend of fantasy and caribbean folklore at its heart details about identity and self acceptance because only by acknowledging her imperfections fans can scotch hope to save her brother. I just didn't get that. I wasn't getting done. That's the story i wanted but that's not the story was yeah like i was reading. I think that there i got that. She was struggling with some kind of guilt. Would joe's are sure brother that she saw her brother got sent to jail for weed. Their parents turned him in jail for three months. Also so this takes place in toronto <hes> and he's in toronto <hes> he her brother gets sent to jail for three months and then comes back and she at first is like blaming her parents were really strict and calling the cops on him <hes> getting arrested but then it turns out later that like her parents had just been yelling at her and things at school have been really really bad and <hes> because everyone at school was slut shaming her and and <hes> <hes> she had told her brother and he kind of like ignored it and so she was feeling angry and vengeful and she told her parents like hey he's got we ms ram and that's why they called the cops and so that kind of becomes revealed later where she's like. I was the one who got him sent away. She calls halls. She attempts to call his cell phone when he's missing and leave the long message confessing that <hes> and in the chaos he has been like sucked his is being has been like sucked into the phone lines yeah and so he like calls her back and kind of tells you like look. It's yeah it. It's up to the told on me but like you know. I should have listened to you that people at school are being really mean to. You and i should have helped you as he was this this. He was dismissive of it because he thought that there's no way girls could be as mean as she was saying. They were being <hes> but really they would like hold her down and put gaughman her hair and say horrible thing. I'm like your size her yeah so she got to move schools and so now she's at this new school <hes> <hes> she's friends with ben ben and gloria glory <hes> she glory for short and i thought it was so funny but in glory because i was thinking sir i don't i can't believe i didn't think that <hes> yeah and she's not talking to glory anymore because she thinks that glories is moving in on her ex boyfriend to fiery who she broke up with olding because she didn't want him finding about finding out about what she's calling the blemishes. She's getting more and more of them and an engine <unk>. They'd go to see her. There's like a very quick reconciliation reconciliation rape before everything happened during glory so ambanis gay a hand that is relevant <hes> later not just like randomly yeah it is wrong and and she goes to see her brother perform some like spoken word poetry and this this crazy bubble appears she dares him to touch it like this bubble of light set like sending everybody back moving back in the club shears them to russia. He does it like hops and swallows everybody. She has a whole like shared hallucination with girl girl. She just met named poonam poonam <hes> who is in a wheelchair and and and scotches have to deal with her like able mentality when it comes to get her own yes and twenty they they have a shared hallucination. They go all around the city trying to figure out what's going on. Crazy nonsense is happening. Everywhere like a woman is sprouting roses from i'm her shoulders and she can't stop sneezing because she's allergic like some people are like dissolving into marbles like it is nuts. Yeah it is just rampant vint absurdist nonsense fantasy on and everything's very fun at one point she <hes> yeah encounters this giant birdhouse walking around and stomping on people yeah and it's laying eggs and the eggs are falling the shells are like flying around and cutting like it cuts scotch on the forehead and then a witch emerges from the house and calms the bird down in like kinda threatens scotch that she's gonna make her her slave assistant <hes> housekeeper yeah i forgot. She calls it something like russian yeah and like she's like well. I'm gonna come in like <hes> like some day. I'm gonna find you whenever i want oh and she also like by the way my birdies people yeah so like i wanna feed you to the bird and she's like whoa okay. This is weird trying to help you know lady but like i gotta go i i i loved like scotch having to come to terms with her own ablest and <hes> like hetero her own normative mentality like there's a part where she's with poonam because so after the chaos kind of bursts open everything's kind of wackadoo and everyone's all over the place and people aren't able to find each other blah blah blah so she and put them together and they go to a donut shop and <hes> <hes> poonam light goes outside to defend this guy from being beat up by the cops and <hes> who is also in a wheelchair drag him out of the wheelchair is really bad and i think edwin is very likely laying down on a bagful of papers that i need to shred that's a very prime spot <hes> <hes> and so putin like runs out or like goes out after them and <hes> what's her name. Scotch is like oh this woman. Is she going to be okay. Can she go out there by herself. Scotch is like what the fuck and like stands up for her. She's as a grown ass woman yeah off but then when push comes back then she's like oh. I'm so proud that i stood up for her like very like self congratulatory but then like turns around and has the exact same fucking attitude poonam as like okay well. I'm gonna go like volunteer interior at a shelter for people who are like trying to get their lives together in the midst of all this chaos which is what they're calling it on the news and and scotches like what all by yourself and lee wheelchair yeah and brooms like okay. I mean like you you could like try and help people and she's like oh. I have other things i have to find my brother and then some fine whatever i'm gonna go fuck off ah by and leaves and then she's like like inner hedge i if poonam only known that i stood up for her when two minutes before that like like i love that moment that like she's such a little snot and like very entitled and self-centered <hes> <hes> yeah but then she meets back up with ben who is now seeing a tiny invisible person following him at everywhere and he nicknames him junior yeah they do go to the disaster shelter and start volunteering and and glory is there and glory and poonam are getting together ever crush on each other and that's when scotch is like no you can't be gay because then i'll be the only we normal one among us and they're like bitch. What did you just say and she's like no not. I didn't mean it like that and they were like well. You said it like yeah and then she's like oh. Shit i ate them. Saran wrap and it tasted delicious so she's really needing plastic uh-huh in his new chaos world but so the sticky like they're like sticky black dots on our skin that are growing and their growing got an alarming rate now that the houses out and about like it's she can't barely get her boots off because her feet feet of swollen stuck in them and so she's like pretty freaked out but not telling anybody about it oh yeah and at the shelter right after they've gotten mad at her that's when she sees spot for the first time yes and he drives her out to you like cheeses hurt scares her out to lake. I'm not sure which lake i don't know i can't remember i don't know toronto nominee either <hes> and her aunt marissa is drowning in the lake and she he helps her out. Oh yeah also scotch for a very long time have has been seeing what she terms. Headless horse men horseless head eh yeah so are they just like horses heads that iota around with no body horses and like that was her madness that in the spots i believe are hurting agnes that then manifest that everyone because other people are going to get them now yeah that manifest after the chaos but like marissa use them mm-hmm as friendly helpers which they are yeah tumorous but not scotch because she's afraid of them. It's like with amorous everything that's going on works to her advantage because she is like open to it <hes> and spotless and to her and says it like i guess she's she's had this dog this invisible dog that she's always said has been there and 'cause he used to pretend that she could see see the dog <hes> and all of a sudden. The dog is real and it's like kind of a dog but it's also kind of british mostly acting like a cat and a beast yeah. It was so so cute little cat. I wanted to say a little three legged cat forever so cute little like in the palm of your baby smokey uh-huh so she finds her aunt whereas helps her out turns out spot was just trying to get her there to save burress rabi debate yeah and then blah blah blah driving around oh god spot is getting in a fight with a giant bird and he's wound he's mortally italy wounded the bird in amorous like girl you're going to stay with the bird and help it and she's like an fine <hes> and then she calls on the witch and the which she handles birds yes in the witch comes and in the house like observes the bird who which has was like just a mortal wound in tar so then it just burns it and then it becomes a little baby phoenix phoenix in crazy. That's got she. She doesn't know what that is to me. Yes and it's also a little bit crazy that she doesn't then go. I'm gonna jump in that fire because she already is halfway tar get that. She's not phoenix folks. She knows here's what i would have in that moment. I guess just because i read so much that like the second that happened. I was like oh. She's got a jump in the fire. We'll get narrative. Yes that's gonna happen. Obviously if i were in scotches would've gone close close to fire i would maybe try to flame like all my toe. See what happens good for you. You're smarter than me well. I think i'm like crazy easy. I think i'm like bathroom surgery kelly like it's not it's not good bathroom surgery kelly bathroom surgery. That's what they call it. When you like like do minor surgeries on yourself in the bathroom oh interesting. I've never heard that phrase before. I use it to describe like if by you know if you have to use some tweezers to like dig something out of your skin. I make sense items jewelry. I only ever got that that because i went to a doctor <hes> because i had like a spot on my foot and i had been like picking at it a lot <hes> and the doctor is like okay. We're going to like do a biopsy of it or whatever and i was like no more about them surgery and i was like i mean that's the perfect term <hes> i do understand what that means uh-huh so she like cats away because the phoenix and birdhouse or jiving on each other they like really hit it off yeah. <hes> tom and scotch goes to find her aunt. A blah blah blah turns out. I loved how they got. Ah the fighting out this spot wasn't spot because so spot is her amorous terms that a rolling calf which which is a creature in to make in folklore. It's like not exactly good but she sort of views it as a protector yeah. It's a spirit of a dead person who during their lifetime was wicked or a dishonest person. <hes> rolling and cavs are always male. They're believed oh yeah interesting but i think she calls her female a yeah. They're old world shape shifter's. Here's a spot can get like huge huge huge and then turned into an e._z. Kitty yeah really cute cute. Little kitten so like spot comes in the house tiny cute kitten. <hes> antivirus is feeding spot and then scotches like it's crazy that i can see spot now. <hes> and and amorous is like honestly same yeah because i know you've been acting like i could see this dog but i have not been able to see this dog. She's like i thought it was a dog and now it turns out the cat. Yeah yeah and she's like oh then. How do you know spot and then spotlight kind of jump on her lap and is being really cute. During an in amer is like you know i guess i don't really know that and then that's when spot spits black tar on her and it starts getting more and more and she runs from it is then turned completely tatar bird which comes uh-huh upon her again takes inside. She forgives her because now the phoenix is fertilizing bird houses zags so she's gonna get more birth. She's like oh great thumbs up ex for me yeah and then spot comes and which bird which like get my oven spots or an scotches like ordinarily i wouldn't but shorter guessing the oven is just like in'ash well turns out. She's in the volcano like right next to them. Okay no because what kane came out of the lake and while she's in the oven she has like a bit of a hallucination and is remembering when she was a little girl and her parents were telling her the story of rare rabbit and bear fox <hes> and and about the part where burr fox's created the tar baby be brera rabbit gets mad because the tar baby won't say hello to him because he thinks tar babies real which always strikes me. He is funny. How fucking dare you not say hello to me yeah. I'm gonna fucking punch you yeah so punch. You get stuck punch. Get stuck cake. Get stuck headbutts. Get stuck completely and then scotch wakes out of it and he's like oh weird. How is remembering bring that now. She's on the side of the volcano. Whoa look it's too far and he's not a ghost because by the way i second fire was ghost. <hes> and and scotch was like get outta here ghost. You're making me sad as far as like got it but this is real to ferrari. He stuck in a bubble tar scotch gotch. He's like wow that looks like delicious. Saran wrap me <hes> starts eating it yeah too far as free from the bubble bubble withers and dies well look. It's rich her brother. Everybody's happy what of spots here scotches like. Oh i'm gonna punch it like at that time yeah and then wrestle it into the volcano and if i die with it so be it does it target offer. She emerges kind the phoenix everything's fine right yes and then she is her skin is a lot darker and she's it's like oh i hope that it stays this way but it might not <hes> but yeah and she also says was struck means very sad which is like. I understand it but it was sad her. She's like great and now honestly all the boys who were hounding me before there are fewer of them now that i'm darker and i was like that sucks <hes> but she's happy with it and i get not wanting to be you know have a target on your back but what a sad reason not to have as much of a target on your back yeah oh man everybody debt can be paralyzing and that is why lending club is here to help with london club. You can consolidate solid at your debt or pay off credit cards with one fixed monthly payment. Since two thousand seven lending club has helped millions of people regain control of their finances with affordable fixed rate personal. Don't loans no trips to a bank no high interest credit cards. 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E. l. p. and joined the over five hundred thousand people taking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional special offer for teen creeps listeners listeners get ten percent off your first month at better help dot com slash teen creeps so and that's basically the end of the book. She reconciles with ben and glory. Oh yeah glory rian roka we've glory because she also was to ablest yep yep <hes> i was actually looking into the <hes> because so when she remembers the story ory her dad keeps saying it's an see spider <hes> versus brea rabbit which is what her mom was telling the story because her mom version versus so yeah in the bahamas the tarp it's the tar baby story in the west african tale involving a non see the spider her it is a non si creates a wooden doll and covers it over with gum and then puts a plate of yams and it slop in order to capture the she fairy mom she takes the bait eats the ams but grows angry when the doll does not respond and strikes it becomes stuck in the process but that's not the version that her dad dad was telling her no because that's different he was saying nancy. Oh in a very recorded in jamaica the non on emily trapped with the tar baby made by the eldest son of mrs annency after announcing pretended to be dead in order to steal her p.'s that's what he was talking about stealing the piece <hes> c- either basically the same story but he's saying the jamaican names chasing the american names. She's these mixed and from america and he's a comedian and they've moved to canada. Oh right they moved to canada. Yeah yeah and i mean i guess like so story like i get. I get the whole thing of like the more she runs from something thing and tries to forget about it the worse it gets. It's like i knew what story it was telling. I just didn't think it was telling it enough. Yeah makes sense. Yeah and i do understand that like honestly not understand. My question is is like do i have the right to interpret this <music> as a white lady when this is not like a lived experience of mine yeah yeah. I think that might be why we're having trouble <hes> <hes> but i just didn't i wasn't getting it being. She was so comfortable in her identity and if that was a front it needed to be made clearer by the narrative and also it didn't like she was sort of passively looking for for her brother and she doesn't like getting on her cell phone. It did feel and talking about how she was out minutes very dreamlike. Ya yeah did like i i liked. I liked this book. Maybe like seven out of ten from new so i go a little bit above <hes> <hes> feeling nothing <hes> you know. I felt like i enjoyed myself. I liked it <hes>. I did not like i kind of interpreted it as like it's all very dreamlike so in in in in a way where the everything happening to her thing was a very dreamlike like thing right where you're eating like dreams. You're not really doing anything. You're just kind of like oh. I guess i'm here now and missing is happening. Alice wasn't doing shit in alice in wonderland no shoes you're going going from one thing to the next so she's kind of like getting a rolled around yeah so like i guess but like she was just like looking for a way <unk> out as opposed to with scotch. It was like well. She was looking for her brother but she's only sort of looking for her brother. <hes> i think she just kept getting and and again i attribute this to the dreamlike aspect of it where she just keeps getting sidetracked from this like i need a friend my brother stuff uh-huh with like oh man i got i helped my aunt who's drowning guaranteed low prices after crayons for her crisis crisis <hes> so i think like i wasn't so much bothered that she wasn't really that active because it just it felt very like this is gonna sound very strange because it is so fantastical but it felt very just like slice of life felt very like we're not gonna have really a full plot lot here. <hes> we're gonna have stuff that happens and this character is going to be a little different by the end so those okay with that <hes> the kind of meandering quality that <hes> her actions had <hes> and i did really like i liked her kind of like experience with being mixed race and like with dealing with like people fetish shining the like. What are you thing i did really. I thought that rang really true not that my experience is the same to hers but like certain things i was like oh i like like there. Is this kind of fascination that like white two white. Dude's tend to have with like what ethnicity are you. Oh yeah that happened to me. Yes all the time and they're like you my whole life where it's like. What are you one question. You are such a unique flower. Let your sister back the ethnic beauty like what is this an 'nigma. Oh my goodness so that i i like when that guy sitting around in the bar and he's oh what ethnicity are you. I saw you yeah and i like the like <music>. You're racist ah i liked. I loved her confidence. If i choose smart i related to her what she was struggling with. I think are just it's like a storytelling preference for me. <hes> ni- got that yeah like a full criticism uh-huh it's just that like i would have liked a little bit more of a journey as opposed to just being sort of like blown from one crisis racist to the next <hes>. I thought she was a good character. She was i liked her loved reading all the nonsense going on. I loved the nonsense sends. One of the good reviews i was reading was like i just like it was only random like a house that lays aches. Are you kidding me. Crazy like yes called the chaos. I don't understand what you're not getting the other night i for or no reason just like turn to mike and went donna anna anna anna anna y'all gal ready for bed and he jokingly said oh my god. That's so random <hes>. That's so weird that you did that. You're so weird yeah yeah if you do something even slightly out of the norm when we got your soul random yes. Yes the office like death sentence. Yes i it is really interesting when you like or if you and i think we've talked about before if you're like i was with this group of people and i was like oh man i like fell into a weird wikipedia hall where i like end and this was before the true crime craze so granted and i was like oh and i fell into a weird hole and was like reading a bunch about john wayne j._c. Right before i went to sleep and like thought really weird and people were like why would you do that and i was like i don't know man i was on the internet and they're like why that's so weird and i was like okay. Well well fuck off so oh can i tell you so. I don't know if the if the increase listeners listeners now but lindsay knows about there's a makeup artist that i work with who says she just like looks like just just the sweetest like just normal girl and she's really sweet and she like says the strangest things so she was so i was telling lindsey about this. She was talking to me and she's like <hes>. I mean this guy and he's like so. I met this guy on set a couple of days ago and he's like so weird. He's just been like texting me ally and like i don't know what to do. He invited him. He invited me to go like me his dog before it gets put down and i was like all right and she's like i don't know he's really weird like he bought a whip and arrested for whipping in the park and i was like whipping in the and she's like yeah anyway. It's like really weird. Are you thinking you want your hair like or like. She'll like do the stuff so i don't know have taught told you about you have but i didn't remember we like to wanna come with me to put my dog to dog and then there was another one where she's like so we were talking about. The videos is that you watched that scars you for life. <hes> the early two thousands terrible time for scary videos rotten dot com all those overhead and someone mentioned. Ill soup soup which i have not seen. Have you seen it. No i didn't go through this experience of of scarring video. I did not watch this video. It was explained. It's me feel the need to watch it. You can explain yeah it involves two women <hes> in a tub sure with a funnel okay and eels while but wait <hes> the eagles okay right after they're going in their vaginas. The the emails in front of the camera and like nodding on the eels is not fossil. They've disgusting the eels in their bodies inside them. Yes then they take the all's backout. He'll shoot out and then they eat that. Yields eat ills on camera on camera going and why yeah seriously why these things exist. It's fucked up so anyway very disgusting yeah. It's so someone we're talking about this. <hes> ah the cast of talking not on camera we're talking about this in the green room and we're just like do fucking disgusting and she's like she he walks up the mega partners walks up and she's like yeah i watched that when i was in <hes> middle school and like i think i was scarred for life well so you see these really bad night terrors and i'm like oh and she's like an after. I watched that that night i had a night terror. The i descended ascended into hell and the voice of satan spoke to me and said that i had to remain there and i was like i can't like you guys if you saw her. She look like the sweetest like here's the thing what's your face. Are you still there might still be there. This is the third the nights circle will be yeah so i. I really really love her. I think she's very i wanna make a character out of her someday because she's just so so perfect and so random. She's like soaring but like that's the type of person who like who like legitimately legitimately is i guess random or she's she. Raynham things happen to her. I think there's a big difference between talking about random things that happen to so you make the craziest most random things versus making a joke but also yet also though like or having an idea but but like also like when i meet a person that i'm like oh i need to know more yards like there are some people that are like ill. That's yard and you're like okay okay. Well yeah. I review on amazon is a good review. Oh that's good about the cast was so freaking bizarre. It was definitely a lot weirder then. I thought it was going to be but that certainly isn't a bad thing like i said the cast is weird so weird. What happens after that bubble. Appears is truly chaos uh-huh true. I don't even know what to say about the chaos. If you like weird semi apocalyptic books then definitely check it out. It's so much fun. Also if you're looking for divers rates is that are authentic. You need to read this. One scotch and her brother are half black half jamaican. Her best friend is gay and she teams up with a wheelchair-bound lesbian to save the day. There's a lot of great great stuff shoved into these few pages great review i would maybe not use the word wheelchair-bound but that's just me yeah. I don't know <hes> <hes> <hes>. I think it's a great phrase nothing wrong. I wrote this view. Whatever yeah it's not certainly not the terminology us. No no which is sort of well intentioned attention ablest perhaps which is what this book tackles glory is yeah yeah and went what scotches scotches oh. This is another scotch dancer. She's worried about her dance battle the whole book. I did like that. I liked that she was like fuck. We we gotta figure out the dance. Battle would be great for battle scotched. The world is and she's like yeah. I don't know you never know. I also liked that. She had such a secret life from her parents. Non really resonated with me. I love that. Did you ever did you you ever sneak out of the house as a kid no he neither i was scared. I also like to go to what yeah i know. I was on the curb urban. I'm like oh well here i am. I've been invited anywhere that i need to sneak out to also my mom was very like lenient a and encouraging of my independence that's cool. He's far cooler than me as a teenager and what has been fine if i'd been cooler but i wasn't so it was wasted it was wasted on me and i'm sorry because somebody else needed it but i took it all the hogged all of the independence and i used it up sitting in my room. Yeah you're well yeah. I mean should've should've given some of it. Just gosh i remember thinking as a kid like oh if only had like freedom to be a teenager do what teenagers do but like at all like i had any plans that i could go like i'll just like oh my mama street. Oh that's the end of the book. Is she saying. She says she's back together other with too far it and he's really nice but he's got his whole life plotted out. Oh i loved that and she's like and i don't think i wanna have my whole life plotted out so i'm not sure i i can stay with him. I'm gonna look up the last bit of the book yeah. I liked how that ended <hes> so it's i liked a lot about the book. I you know you don't love every book it's fine. No not all books are for you and by me like i tweeted not that long ago. I was like you know what it's official poetry. We just isn't my thing and a couple of people were like fine more for the rest of us and i was like yeah. I'm not trying to say it's bad. I'm just saying it's not for for me. By all means yeah help yourself to a second serving of poetry yeah. I'm not using it like i have you have you you read. The two headed calf. That sounds familiar. It's very best friend is a poet. She writes great poetry. She wrote this amazing poem about just like stealing donald trump and keeping him away from everything like safe and him like struggling child and it's very beautiful. I really liked it but like on the whole when i encounter poetry i just go. This isn't for me yeah. I really love poetry really but here's the thing i i. It's very strange i own. I really love good poetry but i tell you in what may yes yes in. Specific civic china's my problem. What makes real. Laura gilpin is tremendous tremendous. I i really love nikki. Giovanni and i keep meaning to look in chris look into christina rosetti because we loved her the story we read on public domain theaters and who else if i liked pablo neruda i love leonard. I have a book of all all my stuff is very like basic bitch poetry like high school. Can i redo mullany james right across a poem. I am like no thank you yeah <hes> yeah okay. I'm going to read you. This palm is very short. It's called the two headed calf by laura gilpin tomorrow. When the farmboys find this freak of nature her they will wrap his body and newspaper and carry him to the museum but tonight he is alive and in the northfield with his mother is a perfect summer evening the moon rising over the the orchard the wind and the grass and as he stares into the sky he sees twice as many stars as usual. That's so sad. I'm sorry i just ruined your whole day. It's really our road day really really really really really good. It is beautiful yeah. When i encounter a poem i like i really really like it. Yeah yeah good poems and that sounds so fucking dumb but i do only like bombs. That's the problem with subjective taste is i'm like i wouldn't poetry is good. I like it a little shit and yeah i mean i liked this book that i like poetry yeah no now <hes> but anyway my point was just like not all things are for you. I mean they're bad. Hey everybody wanted to take a quick break from the show to talk to you about one of our sponsors worby parker. 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That's meant mobile dot com slash teen creeps. Cut your wireless built. A fifteen bucks a month at m. i. n. t. he ammo b. I l. e. Dot com slash teen creeps but i will read the and this tutu sir half and i are still together and that's great but lately. I've been thinking about it too far. He's wonderful. He's nice and normal and he treats people well and he has a car and he's hell acute if his dad is anything to go by. He's going to take you for a long time but as much as he can. He's going to do everything in his life exactly the way he's expected to finish high school. Go to university majoring something that looks really impressive on a resume use that resume dischord good good job and soon after that find a wife and start having kids with her. He's already talking about how good looking our children would be part of. Me thinks that's awesome part of me hungers for something different. I don't even know what it is yet but i'm going to go find it. It'd be great if i wanted to find it with me in fact i'll be a total wreck if he doesn't but i've been a total wreck a couple of times already in my life and i've learned that i can make it through to the other side a love that yeah i love that yep. That's a great ending like i said really like the characters really like the nonsense. I really like the message. I just just wasn't feeling like the book was nailing the message. I think it could have done the message harder. I just thought it was a little nebulous. Yeah i think we could have had a couple more seats planted more are at the top of the book and yeah just more insecurities about her like obviously i i love when people are are comfortable in their identity but if you're telling about his telling a story about somebody who needs to become comfortable then she can't just be like bad ass bitch the hallway through and that was the problem i had is. She seemed really comfortable yeah and she had flaws for sure but yeah those weren't one of them. I i don't know i agree. I agree yeah yeah overall. I liked this book. I you know what happened. Happened happened. <hes> when you were saying that like not not everything can be for you. Do you know what i did. Okay yes yes i do. Here's what you did little and i'm like none of those things where what i was going to mention bhutto and that's what you did so thanks for listening. I <hes> made the mistake of reading a review <hes> of something that i've worked on. It's not it's not ten crepes <hes> <hes> and it was a one star review. <hes> person specifically referenced me and the reason why i hated it and cited me as cringe-worthy and amateurish white thing i will an purely monness find your son and i will kill them. Yeah <hes> and i was like holy fuck and i read that last night anderson ted bundy. I know i know i like looked at it and i was like as the true nightmare and like normally. I don't give a fuck like i think once reviews on most of the time like you said they're worse than kellyanne conway yeah there were going on conway and to that. I have like almost an idealistic response to them. It doesn't matter to me because i'm like okay nothing matters. You're fucking like nightmare. It's to be that it needs to go out of your way to send negative energy at somebody yeah <hes> <hes> but for some reason that i think it's because it was like they were like that person did this thing and it was so terrible i like it just was really cringe-worthy and stupid and i was like embarrassed for her and blah blah blah and i was like a ha 'cause the thing was i wasn't embarrassed. I remember doing that bit thing and i wasn't embarrassed that i did. In fact i thought it was really good and i got really good feedback on it from like sure runners and from everything so i was like okay but instantly all of that positive feedback melted away for a second. I was like i'm a hack. Oh fuck hack okay. Fuck that sucks so i just i don't know i remember when i had like a full on meltdown because that person left us a review on itunes tunes and they said that i interrupt you too much starring. I don't know how kelly either. I don't know how kelly stands it or don't know how kelly puts up with it like two or three a oh kelly. I'm so sorry this is how you feel. I went on and on it was i felt so bad it stuck with me for yeah j yes yeah and it wasn't because i was being criticized. It was because i worried that i wasn't doing right by you on the podcast yeah yeah truly. I think it's when it it must be a thing where it's that was your opinion of me. Yes yes. I think that's what it is because my first thought wasn't oh i'm doing. I'm like yeah. I did think oh okay. I'm a hack that was one of my thoughts but one of my other thoughts was like does everybody on the show think i'm like that's the things you start like fucking thinking that other other people via because if one person things and of course right like if you have haters that just means you're famous yeah but like like fuck the heater yeah yeah but like seriously fuck the haters yeah. It just asked for aventis your paper. Yes yes yes. It just kind of threw it. It does throw you and you're like and i feel better today. Obviously i woke up and i'm like i'm fine. I don't care but for like a good. Don't wanna say fifteen the thirty minutes. I was like ooh so then mike it comes through mica. I need you to be honest with me and he's like what and i was like my hack and he's like what was your he's going to be like. I'm glad you're broaching the subject because i have been on you she she. I'm glad you asked me if you're a hacker not because i have been a fucking around because i haven't fucking our neighbor yeah though now's the best and you're like okay but i am i am i a hack. We'll deal with that when we get like crossed that bridge but that's not the bridge where at and i literally i was like mica. Do you remember this bit that i did for this thing and he's like yeah and i was like. Did you think it was good now. Did you think is bad and he was like no. I don't think it was good. Be honest and he's like yeah. I thought it was good and i was like okay okay. I should think about things right now. I'm like i lay down. I was like i have to go. Oh i have to go on a nature to go on a week long nature walk. I seriously think about my comedy. I seriously truly truly because i was before that i was like playing fire emblem on my switch in bed which shout out to my fire emblem heads. Tell me what you are and who your romancing and shadow to my bed to my bed for always being there when i need you and i was still playing that and then i i don't know why i looked up. I was i stumbled upon a site in which had reviews the vet and i clicked all i don't know why did that and then i saw an like oh okay i have been reading will first of all you're not a hacker talented and you're so funny in q. and i'm jealous all the time and i actively the mind and i'm like i hope you fucking stupid bitch. We all good because if you were immortal ooh on top of all of this. I don't even know what ailing dome so. I have been reading infinity train refuse nonstop for a month. They're older woman leigh positive. It's been great. <hes> people all overwhelmingly get it. I did burst a blood vessel in my eye possibly because of the ice train of reading all these reviews but it's been glued in because they're so wonderful and i love reading what people think and how people are connecting with it emotionally and if you haven't watched it yet. I guess you don't like me. That's fine but all the reviews views or any of like criticism of it and it's kind of like before it's like guy like good poetry so yeah i don't like it. It's not good. I have the thought like well then. You didn't get it yeah. If you get the show. You'd like to the show uh-huh if you didn't like the show you didn't get what we're doing. <hes> and i'm like wow this is what being well adjusted is like imagine if if i could get a personal criticism of myself and have that same mentality like if you don't like you like me. You don't get me yeah yeah because if you got me you would like me. You don't get what i'm putting out there. I will try my hardest to have that be my mindset about about myself. It's like think of myself as a project yeah that i have created and putting out in the world yeah at this point now so i'm like ninety percent. He is like kind of back to where i was before. I read that. Which was you know like i get it like. There's no way that everyone in the world can like me and a lot of people think i'm annoying and that's fine but i'm not like there are people that like in the people that aren't and you can't not really change those yeah mine's yeah so. I'm okay with it now but i wish that in the moment and i think it's maybe near impossible when you get a personal like when it is so that person was what what really tipped me over the edge was yeah there are cracks and certain things can worm their weasley little way in <hes> and i literally had the thought the heater yeah fuck the haters. I literally had the thought of like. I don't even know how it jumped there. It was like oh this. This person sees the i'm bad and so if i get on a show for acting people are going to see on the worst part of the show yeah that we literally my thought process of like well. Maybe i shouldn't even try like this is the objective truth yeah yeah they've seen it and other people see it <hes> yeah when like at that literally that same bit that same exact it was something that my show owners were like you should put that in your real that was amazing and like i could hear video village laughing when i was doing a there isn't like dot but all of that evaporates in a second when one person some random fucking. Nobody person that i don't i don't know is your the worst part of this thing. 'cause your insecurities. Are your worst fears yeah yeah. Oh my god. The chaos would be so bad. Oh my god what would be happening to me in the chaos <hes> will there as in buddhism <hes> there is the idea of the six realms of existence and one of the rounds is the hungry ghost realm <hes> and that's where you're a little ghost with a big pot belly. Tiny little hole for a mouthy can't fit food but you're always hungry dots me me. I turned into a little hung on my because that it's like oh you need validation. Nothing's ever enough you just need to you. Just keep acquiring and acquiring wiring so hungry ghost called my production company hungry ghost cute hungry hungry ghost production. That's really sweet sweet sweet and sat and that's me. I think i would be like i don't this is more of a like just a maybe a nightmare. I'm trying to think what would be like hell to me but also says my existence which i think is when you go running or do any any kind of exercise you break through the wall right and so usually your bare retire right before and then you break through the wall and you feel good and then you're not as tired yeah but right before or that you're exhausted yeah. That's where i am all the time right before breaking through the wall of just i wanna give up but i think there's something ahead of me. Yeah yeah it never comes and i'm just running running running and keep pushing and pushing and pushing and i'm never breaking through that wall. That'd be me and the cats so anyway. We're doing great. We're doing really really good on soga. In life is life is great. Honestly life is great but <hes> you know and depression don't yeah i mean f- i follow actual reality yeah. I'm gonna be honest like right now. I don't feel like life is great at all all like i can. I just feel very far away from everything that i want and frustrated and tired and angry three and just so like i don't know i like not to you know be all like but like i work harder than almost anybody fucking now and you are a very very hard work. I'm upset on your hustler. Exactly i hustle a fucking lot and it's not that like coffee for breakfast hustle twenty nine whatever like i hustle all the fucking time. If you look look at my calendar it's upsetting and i feel like i have to show for it is not it doesn't lineup when i mean comparable yeah and you're just interesting. Why the fuck yes yeah. It's not like a proportion. It's not equal putting in equal coming at ya. It doesn't reflect the work that you're putting in yeah and i think it kind of gets defecate wears on a person yeah and it gets to like certain point around work that wall all yeah i'm before that fucking wall and i and the thing is i will never fucking give up because that's me but it just they're hard place to live. Yes and i like burnouts real guys. I am constantly burned out and at the same time i'm like what do i have to show for it and like yes. You can look on paper and be like kelly. You're going right right the thing you know it's i. I think i'm just being a little brat head and you know shut all that like where i feel like people could listen to that and be like oh. You're such like you're so ungrateful for the things that you have the ball ball ball type of thing that's dumb. You have a right to to your feelings yeah yeah. I mean that's refreshing to hear and you you know want things for yourself and you're trying to get them. You don't feel you have them yet. That's it's hard yeah. It's just like they're. It's weird right because you have to be slightly delusional to do what we wanna do <hes> we we do yeah you have to be delusional yeah because if you look at the numbers it's there aren't enough spots for everyone there aren't there aren't and so you have to believe that you are so special dole that you can beat the beat the odds and then you also have to on the other side of it have that fear that you're not gonna make it and then that fear pushes you to keep trying but the delusion also pushes you to keep trying that feared does not motivate me at all really and that fear makes me lazy yeah i do much better are just like happily delusional lake and things took a lot longer for me for that reason i think i i was way more lax. I think i'm still way more lax. I'm like it'll happen and then i'm not working. I'm not working hard enough for it but i i just don't get motivated by fear for better or worse yeah i think i think there is a value to not like i. I think there's value to both sides yeah. That's what i'm saying. I think there's a value to like not being so freaked out by fear. The fear also is from like a money standpoint where i'm mike. I got a book of piedmont rent. Gotta like live so because i remember what it was like when i quit my job and tried to do this and almost no oh money that was really scary and harvard and bad and i just stayed. I nothing day job yeah. It's like well. I was alive but yeah. I wasn't trained to move <hes> and i think i know i i was there. I was like in my fucking job. Yeah and i was like well at least like you kind of get caught up in the treading water of everyday life that you don't think about the rules and so i think because i haven't done that right 'cause has now right. Would you ever go back. No exactly so like you know what it was like and you know yeah yeah. You're infinity. He trained. There's no yeah you can't go back now. Yeah and that's how i feel about like when i was working. My you know being a lawyer and being i'm like well. I'll just like consume media. Yeah i'll be okay with that and like i'll work on my stuff on the side but never really have the urgency to gotta. Gotta make this shit work because oh i gotta go to work the next day. I got to go to this got him. You know do my problem. Now is i'm not i'm not working on stuff on the side while i'm at i my current job because none of our jobs last forever no they don't. It's not like other industries. Nope el-rais wraps in october and i'm like well. I hope there's this season 'cause momma's gotta eat yeah. It's like you gotta constantly and that kinda gets freaky when you're depressed. Yes it's like oh. What is this under supposed to hustle tie fucking. I why even why even if it means. I'm just going to lose the job someday and it's like i have time to work on my side projects and i'm still not doing it because time flies truly yes. You're like well. It's fine. I'll like fucking in creatively fulfilled yeah like happy that it's making me complacent <hes> so it's like i was numb and complacent before and now things like better though oh sure but like it will have the same andras fel yeah yeah. I'll be like out of a job yeah yeah thing on the horizon. I actually did like <hes>. I have trouble prioritizing and i think it's similar doing things things that are good for my career but that aren't gonna pay me like for example like in the moment like for example you'd be saying like you know working on outside outside projects like my own personal things yeah and this was out for a long time podcast yeah yeah outside. Aside creative project was making no money for like a long time two years and even now it's. It's certainly not like paying the bill. We're not rich off of this show. What is very nice and thank you to everybody who donate we do really appreciate insurance episodes <hes> but but like i say i don't know this is a this is a side hustle like the thing that i i have trouble doing is like putting together. My demo reels putting like that kind of thing where it's like okay well. This is going to help your career but it's not gonna pay me right now so i did that this weekend good for you. I put i put together new hosting real happy about that but it is just i know it. It sounds very very whiny and i guess i'm just gonna whiny place right now but i'm just fucking tired and i just want. It's okay to wine yeah. I just wanna fuck and break. Dude dude i want. I'm like good. God like it is true truly. I'm gonna show you my calendar. Just so i can just you can join no no like oh it's beautiful but ugly community because it's a rainbow rainbow of obligations what it is all the fucking time which wichita all that stuff kelly it's meetings and work and gigs and appearances in all this shit and meetings and done it a first things that like it just feels very so that right. It's like look all this fucking shit. I'm doing and how come it's like like it's frustrating because and i know this is bullshit and you know there's not five pieces of success and if you lose one success <unk> says it means that it's not that but you do see people who have really good gigs and don't seem to appreciate them <hes> or be that good at what they do sure and you're just like oh my fucking god i'm over here like treading fucking doc and water was sharks biting my toes and this person could not give two fucks that they have this career and not boggles my mind yea truly fair to be for us when you meet people that fail upwards that just get promoted and promoted the fucking worse and they're terrible. Yeah you know. The song nine to five is very great. Thown wonderful song just as much like has just as much meaning now as as it did oh yeah thirty years ago maybe more maybe more for for most of the country yeah so thank you for listening to hi. It's lindsey. I really appreciate it. I need all so yucky. I understand very bad. <hes> be fucked if infinity. He trained didn't magically fall into my lap well. Here's the thing the opportunity presented itself and you rose to the occasion and shown that's what it was thank you. It wasn't that it felony lap. They still alpert your fell into my lap opportunities. I won the lottery artery of it being the right show for me at the right time but i don't think i don't know where the fuck i would. It'd be if it weren't for that because i was not working hard enough by far. I don't know i think though you've put an time in effort and like i remember remember you like a lotta times being like up all night like revising this thing and like but i remember you like i dunno whenever i talk about this the person i'm talking about it too and they're like yeah but like uber doing like improv and schedule fighting doing this and that and i guess it didn't feel like i was working as hard as other people though but it's because i'm surrounded by workhorses like you who are just like workaholic like making it happen for themselves and i am a lazy piece of shit. I don't know it's i think it's just late word while you're feeling down because it isn't happening for you. I'm feeling down about me. Not making it happen for myself self like i need to be working on stuff and i'm not well you will. That's what i keep thinking yeah. I think you will know go. I always like well when i have to. I will you have winds man. When you have to uh-huh hopefully just lock yourself up in a hotel the shining it yeah well. I think that you're going to get their kelly all the faith fucking world. I hope so i don't i don't see what a waste of time posssibility. I mean deep down. I think that's true. I think i think i believe that on some level right. There is a possibility 'cause wiles. Why else would i be fucking trying so hard. It's fair to be frustrated with time. That's what it is. It's frustration with time yeah so turn out to beat yourself up about being frustrated in the first place. Yeah that's hard and it is. I mean i'm i'm for sure i'm i'm in some kind of low grade depression because right. It's like so many thoughts of like oh so upset about this but like why are you being a whiny little piece of shit thing and it's like your another yeah layers. You're just helping that douchebag who made that mean chroma young. Go fuck that hey you know what i went and looked at the the other things that they raided. All one stars like a couple of things. I think they liked that trolls movie okay. You know what not everything's for me. Pace did not change and you're okay okay. <hes> you know everyone's got their thing yeah. Everyone's got their thing <hes> oh we do. We have a question that we wanna post. Yes we do we are considering reviving on on the patriots on the patriot on reviving public domain theater yes and having a public domain theater episodes. Take the place place of the mini mini suds so it'd be a full length extra episode just like public domain theater used to be of us doing the cold read of a story that's in the public domain and <hes> it would be weekly <hes> we are going to put a a poll and pin it to the top of our twitter page so please tell us if it would inspire are you to support on patriot. Basically yeah or something you would want to see is the thing that would interest you yeah only if you're a current person on patriot and you're like. I don't really want that then. Let us know i prefer my many so yeah like what is that what your preferences we don't want to fiddle with the patriot one an unless the people who currently give support it yeah and unless you know other people would be into it yeah yeah so we could also. Maybe find a way to post poll on petri onto yeah. We're also many poles as we can. Yeah we want to find ways to make sure that our patriot is days valid value yeah yeah giving the value that people want for the money that they're donating yeah and we want to make good stuff so let us know and we wanna make money so if you just heard about our woes yeah honestly like i feel fine saying that i find same it joe yeah. We read a book a week anyway so do love it and we really appreciate it. If if if we got our patrons patrons patriot patrons on patriots let us know if that's something that would be value to you enough to want to subscribe ya. Let us know yeah and if you want to support us you go to patriot dot com slash teen creeps. If you want to follow us on social media we at to increase spot on everything <hes> <hes>. If you want to support us this with your <hes> praise you can leave us a review on apple podcasts and again. Thank you to everybody ready who got us over a thousand listens. We hope that you have been enjoying the casteel episode. Yeah and we're gonna keep building. We're also like percolating ideas for another other milestone. Try and think on that sure eventually i mean it's not gonna anytime soon because we are burned out like a steal thing but we don't want some time has passed and i think we're thinking of some fun ideas for that <hes> but if you're reading along with us you are not required to but you may night world number four four dark angel halley yeah. We've been consuming a lot of stuff called dark angel lately. Yeah different dark angel angel very different arcades. Yeah probably a hundred percent less incest. Yeah well remember l. J. smith at that romance sorta but we just wanted that wanted. It 'cause cousins back there. <hes> thank you guys so much for listening and thank you for for <hes> being a cool community. You guys are really awesome and <hes> thank you for listening inspiring. We really appreciate you and and we will catch your ears tomorrow against the casteel movie and then again next week when we read dark angel levy guys this has been a forever dog production executive produced by killing nugent lindsay k. tie joselito and alex ramsey engineered and mastered by alex for more original podcasts please. He's visit forever dog podcast dot com and subscribe to our shows on apple podcast spotify wherever you get your podcasts keep up with the latest forever news news by following us on twitter and instagram at forever dog team liking our page on facebook.

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885: Teledentistry in the New Reality

The Dentalpreneur Podcast with Dr. Mark Costes

1:10:49 hr | 5 months ago

885: Teledentistry in the New Reality

"The dental podcast. Okay doctor it's time to put down that hand piece. You're listening to the show dedicated to helping. Dentists get their lives back. It's time to decrease your stress increase your profitability and regain your passion now introducing your host. Dr Mark Costas. Hello everyone welcome to another episode of the Dennis podcast. I'm your host Dr Mark Costas. Hope you guys are doing great out there today. Hope you guys are doing well. Considering the crisis that were going through and help you are using this time as positively as possible to spend some quality time with your friends and family and loved ones actually just family probably And I hope you guys are remaining healthy and safe Two-time code this episode. Four ten two thousand twenty on Friday As you guys know most of US listening to my voice right now are under some level of Shut down in their dental practices. Many of us are still seeing emergency patients Many of us our shut down completely but what we do know for sure is that we are obligated to decrease humid human contact right now in always We have shelter in place and quarantine laws happening throughout our country. Here in the United States. so a great opportunity to stay kind of involved with patient care is tele- dentistry until dentistry has been something that has been on the upswing four years now but it has really been pushed to the forefront given the limitations that we have with patient care right now so in this episode we interviewed. Dr Vilas Sastra. Who is an expert in the area of Dentistry and he owns a company called L. Tele Dentistry dot com? He is a great resource and he kind of demystify is kind of what goes into tell dentistry how to actually do an exam. the issues with hippo etc. Really really great interesting speaker and I thought he did a good job of outlining exactly the reasons why we need tell dentistry the benefits of it and the rules and regulations associated with it as well this episode of being brought to you by the dental success network dental success network dot com slash. Free Forty. Five would get you forty five free days of the network which includes one of the largest buying groups in the world one of the Best C. E. Banks and libraries in the world as well as what everybody is joining for right now and that is the community and the experts within that community giving the best advice and most accurate information of all things related to this crisis and also we will soon be getting to the plan to reopen and how to create a bulletproof practice once. This is all over and we are tasked with going back to our offices and putting the pieces back together and creating a more sophisticated business so that we can become profitable even challenging times so delicate assess network dot com. Excuse me dental success network dot com forward slash. Free Forty Five. Get Your Forty. Five days guys All the rights and privileges for forty five days. I think you guys are going to love the network okay without further. Do we have Dr Vilas? Sassari on tele- dentistry enjoy the episode. So welcome everybody. We have a good number of people on the live. Right now are ready. We have a good number of people on the actual zoom webinars. So we'll go ahead and get started here first of all thank you Dr Sassari For for doing this for us on such short notice we really appreciate Your participation a little bit about Dr Sassari. Since two thousand six he was he has been the chief. Dental officer of ACE's dental you continues to provide real world dental services the Las Vegas area for two thousand seven two thousand sixteen with the CEO of health networks of America. He grew dental insurance brokerage firm. From scratch to multimillion dollar operation spanning over three thousand offices. Nationwide. He has gained industry insight from both the dental practitioners perspective and that of the insurance companies and he has that he has worked with. This has allowed him to create solutions that help dental practices don't insurance and most importantly the patients we serve. He is proud to present. Tell DENTISTRY DOT com the Tel the combination of decades of experience in patient care dentistry technology and insurance. Welcome to the Webinar doctors. Astro at the much for for being here. Thank you very much for having me. It's an honor to be here. I I have been a longtime Dr Mark Costas Fan. I have listened to so many of your podcasts and during those years when I kinda hit a ceiling if that makes any sense I turn on your your podcast and gained a lot of inspiration inside and direction. I gotta say and You know how the pleasure meeting you at One of the summits a couple of years ago. And it's been it's been a real pleasure absolutely awesome. Thank you so much man Of humbled by those kind words but I'm also fascinated by your history and I. I WANNA DIG INTO A. I'm holding back because I know that we have an agenda here. We need to talk about Taliban but I'm fascinated by your entrepreneurial journey I'd love to see a practitioners that also have gone down the road into entrepreneurship. An actually have been successful in it so if we have time at the end I'd love to dig into a little bit of your background and Some of the cool things that you've done outside of a clinical dentistry also wanted to introduce Mike Loma Tan. Who Many of you guys know? At least a the DSM but some of you may not have ever met him in this in this. Kind of format Michael is one of the CO owners and Co founders of the dental success network. We call him our number. One dental spouse no offense to any other spouses that are listening to right now His wife is Katrina agatarap and they have a very successful business right there in San Diego California one of the more competitive markets in the United States. And they kill it. They do very very well. So Michael is very versed in all things technology that his background but also he's very versed in all things. A dental practice management add dental practice ownership. So welcome to both of you guys Dr South Street so unfortunately this This challenging time has brought us together. tell dentistry is Has Been for you know a few years now. Kind of an interesting topic that people have dipped their toe into and and those of us. That are much more. Technically Savvy Have Gone Down the road and and really started to implement tell dentistry within their down practices the people that are kind of on the cutting edge of technology have adopted this and implemented this And here we find ourselves in this situation where It is not the responsible thing to be doing. Elective dentistry anymore. And and we're trying to eliminate human to human contact as much as possible. So of course dealt tell dentistry has been brought to the forefront and and has become a huge topic of conversation lately. So if you wouldn't mind If you could give us a little bit of history about a tele dentistry how people are using it now and at how we can actually implemented in our practices if we are in some relative phase of of shutdown seeing emergencies only or not even opening the doors at all certainly the best guidance Now suddenly from the authorities comes from the eight self and I think we should look to them for guidance because so goes the ADA so goes the rest of the industry so to speak our talking about you know State dental boards to insurance companies and out on and so forth the history dentistry. I mean you know. There's there's a long history to anything but for the sake of time I'll just kind of highlight what the ADA guidance has been so that way we can kind of like a fast forward to today and how we can quickly implement and You know provide solutions to our patients who are kind of left hanging in the lurch you know and that's that's really the I believe the focus should be So the Ada just came out with guidance which is phenomenal In in these times They have specified exactly what is tell dentistry. And what it is not importantly what it is is a video conference whether it's a synchronous synchronous or synchronous and that's and there is a standard of care that is meant both in person as well as across the system that you're using so if that makes any sense you know because the what is the difference between a video conference between anybody then and then calling it telehealth or tell it industry for that matter. The important thing is that the standard of CARE is maintained. Why would anybody comes with Dennis in the first place because there's a certain standard that they're expecting from you you know and so those same standards maintained while performing these teller dentistry kind of consultations On our side. You know we've been doing this now. For many years we have A television DOT com we have government contracts. We have insurance contracts. We provide solutions to large entities and for emergency dental a dental emergency type of situations. And it's not like there was a book that we could go to and then use it as a resource for example on how to tell a dentistry. So we've we just developed it. You know and Dr Sophia Sade. Who is a harvard researcher and a good friend of mine? She actually developed a telephone industry. Triage Protocol that we utilize in all of our Consultations by pause for one. Second go ahead. You want to get to down the line before I identify some things that some people not be familiar may not be familiar with as far as vocabulary now. I'm just doing this for the sake of everybody else because I know all this stuff already. Everybody that knows me knows that I am technical wizard. I mean I can attach emails sometimes and I can do a basic powerpoint but aside from Nat In in all honesty. Not Very savvy it also and that goes de. That comes down to The vocabulary of technology as well. So why don't we want? We talk about the difference between a synchronous asynchronous. And what you meant by that? I Don sure showed thing so synchronous would be what we're doing right now. You know I'm talking to you talking to me that's synchronous And so Essentially it's using videoconference technology. That's the important part of this. That is a recognized standard where the Insurance Company the dentist and the patient. All three are in agreement that a session took place right. Asynchronous is let's say store and forward. That's when somebody uploads images or or something to that effect and then send it over to you. That's so you're you're getting information from the patient. You're reviewing it. Maybe you're calling the patient back or something to that effect. What is Taliban history? Not Telephone call not tell dentistry. You know Text messaging back and forth not tell dentistry so and there's a hip compliances and understood. Thanks let it be video conferencing Tax Compliance or text messaging compliance. It's all well and good but as for the definition of dentistry. That's what you want to be able to ascribe zoo and And this is a bit off topic but not entirely exactly because right now during this Kobe. Phase Shockingly Light State licensure restrictions have been lifted. Hippo compliance has been lifted. So there's all kinds of things that are happening right now which is kind of Completely out outside the box you know and and and as dentists you know we are constantly under threat of some kind of regulatory body coming after us for something that we did wrong. You know what I mean and so my advice. Anybody is an gotten some some feedback from some dentists like I just use skype hip gone. It's like wait hippos not gone. It's just on pause so if you're gonNA use skype and give out your number two patients. You're comfortable that by all means but it's probably best that you use some kind of hippo compliance software and platform that can help connect your practice to the patient and then you have a more integrated experience versus And for the patient as well I mean we also expect this postcode. Let's not forget you know what we're going through right now. This month long shutdown. It's like a reset across the board and so the the the the new pathways that we build now these new highways if you would you know This is this is the roads that people will travel down. And you want to be able to make sure that you have those roads connected your practice so that you can continue to see your patients. Otherwise they're going to do the different road you know and it's no different than other marketing methods. Quite frankly in some in some ways you know people are GonNa want to see you as a dentist. And that's the main thing. So I have a question on the hippo compliance right so you're thinking with lifted for now but truly like when you're using severance technologies what defines compliance and a very high level. We know that a business associate agreement needs to be had between both parties. You know that if you subscribe G. Suite or or officers sixty five professional. There's a there's a there's a BA in place there. But let's just say why would like skype or facetime fall outside the scope of hiccup hip appliance. Once this regulation has been lifted. Sourcing why wouldn't a SKYPE Compliance right from the technology back perspective aside for BA. What actually makes this call? Hitler compliant the essential feature is that nobody else can come into it at the same time. Of course they have been invited in the. What is Hippo compliant for example the ability to have multiple layers of protection on that data is? What makes it hippo compliance? You know it's not just And and we've all heard you know gosh hundreds of thousands of times when you know even credit card companies get hacked and millions of users data gets exposed to hackers and whatnot. I mean you haven't heard that from EPA compliant Entities like insurance companies for example. You know and that says something like have you heard of an insurance companies database getting hacked. The answer is no why because they have so many layers of compliance and as as must Also any kind of technology platform. That has that kind of a feature that you are going to be using. Those kinds of things are very important. this goes. Kinda dark web kind of stuff but if you were to steal somebody's. Ib for example. Okay just basic information first name last name date of birth social security number. That's worth about one hundred bucks on the dark web. You know now you steal their first name last name. Social Security Number Insurance Information and Maybe some information about their medical history. Suddenly that person's value went up on the dark web six times. Six hundred dollars that's valuable. That is now asked the question why because people on the dark web will use these kinds of information and then submit false claims to insurance companies collect information using doctors information and then both the doctor and the patient even know this took place. But guess who's responsible because you did not adhere to compliance if you if it was your server or something that got hacked and still and the information got taken from their hence. There's so much of emphasis on hippo compliance. You know you gotta be careful about these kinds of things right now. Everybody's saying it's okay to do it but if it gets hacked you're still responsible you know and so still. The doctor always remember that no matter what happens. We're still doctors. Buck STOPS WITH US. So we gotta be gotta be gotta see why it completely you know. Yeah for clarifying absolutely. Don't ask me how dark web by the way I was GonNa say I knew. You're an entrepreneur. Really bad really fast. All right so As long as we're going along with some of the things that you you've talked about already alluded to can we talk about the standard of care. So hippo compliance as part of the standard of care it has to be synchronous or or can be a synchronous and still get compensation for you can From what I read from the Ada you can get paid for acing crisis You have to build certain codes But it looks like Tell you what we do with some of our insurance partners and how it works We don't do synchronous we do. I'm sorry we don't do asynchronous. Do asynchronous you know so In eight states right now. We provide services to about five million patients right now and so And with this current Shutdown that number has quadrupled. You know almost a just twenty million is under twenty twenty million people so our phones have been just going insane you know on our side and we had to scale systems very quickly in order to respond to that and our team has been phenomenal and doing that Thank you Michael by the way for shouting out the Or or or putting it on a loudspeaker that we need a dentist because quite a few of the DSM people did sign up like almost immediately and they've been getting calls and stuff like that so some heaven But there's just like this queue of people now and so it's like as soon as a call comes in and just kind of goes into you know whoever's available at that moment Talking about the actual you describe a little bit more to write for those love it. I would love it if you could kind of. Walk us through what that looks like that. Experience looks like from a patient's perspective how they get connected with you and then how they end up in that loop with the doctor a DSM. Dr Yeah sure absolutely Do is actually did. A recording of the The patient experience on the APP and I can just play it here right now. You know like okay. I'll share screen and hopefully I don't destroy my computer and all other computers at the same time one moment chair. We're getting all this by the way. Yes Yeah Great. Okay moving to the middle. I think your screens much bigger than resolutions. Zoom here. You're villa Showcase to you DR side up not Dr Size. Not Minute put in my information formation here so you can see and about how this work log in and now of course. It doesn't know what I'm doing. Hang on guys station. Search joining the call. Hold a call center every go all right. I got the right one now so hold on a second. Sorry this this is my first time ever doing webinars. Everybody so I can do everything else but somehow got me there. Hold on all right here. We go there. You go all right. My name is Joe trivialize. Sensory co-founder Creator. Who TELEDENSITY DOT COM APP? This sophisticated APP has been developed for years and is now simple. Do System. The patient and dentist connects and allows for complex functionalities as needed but to be going over the Asian part demos demonstration. First Rogin in is a patient and even my this is my own profile kind of filled in with some random information just to kind of showcase to eat occupants section. You could we see here the same medical and dental history that you see your Inside of your office Have Dental history information medical history information and all this stuff historic say. Free-market compliant servers spilled details here. And of course the patient has except I'll be above in seat. Once that's done you can see here any images or anything that the patient has taken in the past random photographs with myself and over here you can request a consultation on the third button in order to be put in touch with one of our dentists where she can take a picture. And then they'll get stored in the GAL that we were sitting above recommended. A dentist is an area where your dental office will be showcase. And you'll be able to push information. The patient can push information to your office through the section payments is if there's any payment integration that you'd like to get for the patients that he can use a smartphone stupid you as well as review our APP in the survey for any kind of additional. Help that about sums up the patient of the the experience Look forward to talking to you on the dentist Arrive so hope that kind of Helped to explain some part of the patient experience And ultimately when you launch into the video conference with the show through the APP. It's a video conference but it's the channeling and on the back end. You're talking to a live call centre representative. Who will be connecting you to a doctor. Who's licensed in your state? That's the thing that and by the way all the stuff was set up pre Kobe. It's not like we said the stuff yesterday or two weeks ago and You know We were expecting and Kobe happened. No we've had this stuff in place now for well over four years and we've been working on it continuously In conjunction with our with our government and insurance partners to make sure that you know the patient experience a seamless. I'm not kidding. We literally launched our dental practice A solution on March first. We deployed it in just under fifty offices. And then Colbert hit you know and and be like Oh my Gosh. This is so crazy and so This is this is now. You know what we are helping we. Of course we were charging for it but Because you know we have the technology and I mean Everybody shut down. I mean this is the unprecedented no and so Talked about it with the rest of our company all the partners in our company and we said. Hey you know what If we don't help now I don't know when we're GONNA help you know quite honestly you know and so that's why we give it away for free for hopefully for three months. It'll it'll do the trick and we'll get through this period of time. Everybody can Kind of learn how this process works. You know and after that. We'll we'll talk about charging and stuff like that and see how it goes through. But you know but at least now using our tech. It's a safe environment. Everybody's practice is shut down as we all know you can Bill for the zero one. Four zero codes that deviates allowing and You know as Wants wants to kind of get the flow of it you know and how it integrates is a practice You'll understand and see him. What a value. This has been for my own. So you know here in Las Vegas. You know because I have three practices here and we've been running them for you know my partners and I we've been running them for so long and We we've just been integrating these technologies be. Go along you know and we kind of forget to turn around and see what the impact has been. This is just normal for us. You know so. We're still seeing patients technically on our side as well as people who deployed our software prior to Kobe happening. The APP is intended for patients. That don't have a dentist or that ethnic or it can be utilized by a dental office to work with their existing patient base. Exactly yes so. Our first iteration was just like a standalone. It's government facing if that makes any sense and then on March first. We launched our solution that can now be deployed in dental practices and the same APP can be used by patients and dental dentists alike to connect their their own patients and dentists within dental practice. Yes so just so I can kind of level center and right so there's two different facets of this business there is the Bassett where a dentist like for the Lincoln out a dentist can become an associate under the GIG economy. Pickup phone calls at referred to them through insurance companies are just patients go their insurance companies. I needed to do whatever teleconference it gets funneled to whoever's available pick up the phone and they will get paid as a ten ninety nine whenever contractor to pick up that call. That's right yeah. Second part of that The dog business to it is offices such as ours can implement yours technology into our own environment and then basically promoted to our own or run advertisers wherever you want to get potential patients to call our office directly using this platform right so absolutely you separate but related businesses. Okay yes yeah and this idea because I'm a dentist and I'll tell you the one thing I hate. Spending money on is marketing. I mean you put a big billboard outside you know spend ten grand. Whatever it is you're gonNA spend on it you know who's GonNa come in? You don't know how they're gonNa you don't know what's going on it just like a blanket blast right and that's all marketing no offence to people who do marketing right but as a dentist. I'm sitting here and I'm going like okay I got. I got a do a crown. I gotTA generate profit on that and then I got put towards marketing and then hopefully it'll turn profit. I mean my my brain just bursting. Start thinking about those those metrics right for all of us right so with this system. You're able to touch directly that person right you know. Exactly what's going on in their mouth because you're synchronised doing the consultation. You know exactly what they need if they need an implant or wisdom tooth extraction or a root canal or if it's a child and they need a children's dentist and you don't see kids. I don't think it's right personally It'll be somebody else in the practice. I want bet person when they're initially calling into the practice right if they are doing video console at triage at the front desk in my own practice than. They're not gonNA be seeing me if there if it's a child if it's a pediatric dental issue. I'm going to be sending it to a different doctor and our practice. Now I've saved the patient time because now they don't have to come in see me. Oh I'm sorry Jane DOE but I don't see kids is probably better. You go see somebody else in our practice. Go scheduled with some other doctor right. That's that's a time saving mechanism so the patient goes directly to the doctor that needs to be that they need to be seen with so huge efficiency. Play right so that's At ski optimize the schedule. And you can. You can play that in a million different ways like root canals. I don't I happen to the root canals. Okay if a patient has a need for a root canal I could see kind of what's going on in there and then you have them come in and see me an all determine okay. I'll do the root canal Extracted the case may be you get it. So that's that's as far as the initial triage of I view. Incoming patient is. I'll show you the dashboard here in a moment when I showed that screen and then That's the that's the first thing we do second thing. We DO IS POST OPS. So rather than having a whole column of post ops sitting on my on my schedule. Right I just say hey. We'll just do them. Virtual you know and if you really need to come in and see me by all by all means you're more than welcome to right otherwise you can just do them. Virtually and I don't know about your practices but in my practice when we schedule like a whole call. A post ops like eighty five percent. Don't even show up. You know so. It's just like this reality check because like I've wasted all this all the space on my schedule. That's the second thing and third is if you guys have. Ortho our chief orthodontic officer. Dr Rau has developed a protocol that begin deployed for their practices as well so those are the three different ways in which use this tech to kind of integrate three high volume areas. Where it's efficiency schedule optimization and then you know stuff like that. Sorry by Text messages Still going on here in the background. So so that's as far as how the system works and how you can deployed and utilized this to make practice more efficient any questions. So far hours is really good. This is really good at at some point. I want to do a little role play so you instead of describing it to us. I can be A patient calling you for the first time. Say I'm part of your patient. Base now is during this this. Kobe outbreak had I have an issue. You got absolutely should actually so percentage. What percentage of calls? Do you triage that you say. I can need to see you before. I can make an accurate diagnosis right. So you need say next. Ray like if you were to sort of just whatever. Roll the dice. Here percentage wise. How many do you think you can do by tally? And how many do you think you can do? They must come in for an accurate diagnosis. They all must come in for an accurate diagnosis. That's understood the idea is to have them come in. You know what point in the right direction but you wanna point them in right direction. So it's not so much about Not having them come in you now. It's about making sure that when they do come in. You know what you're dealing with. I don't know how many times does this happen to other people but this all the time we'll have an emergency patient come in and the front lady. God bless her. She'll be like oh you're having pain come on right now. She doesn't know if it's going to be an extraction it's going to be a root canal is going to be a Bob Extraction Bridge or God knows what and so. Just throw the patient on the schedule. Now I'm happy to see that person. Don't get me wrong and I will and then I do. And then it turns a four hour procedure. You know and now your schedules blown to whack. And you're like okay. I was supposed to be here from nine to five and instead of a now here from like ninety nine or something right and I have no control over this because I gotta take care of this guy you know if you know in advance what your patients walking in with then you have a much better way of understanding what your treatment modality is going to be and how you're going to be better better able to serve this person as you're going along that's yeah. That's that's the whole crux of is like having that advance information. You know Just like go through the slide deck and then let's see the presentation because all the questions that I've written down already are GonNa be answered in your you got all right okay. Let me just go ahead and maximize this screen here. And then go from your all right. Sorry Dot com telephone number The mole buffer platform. Really this this. This section here is important because It's it's smartphone based on on up you know that's the that's the most important part of this And again like I was saying before you know. We are We we've been in existence prior to going into a becoming an blow up in our faces and We've got our own tech. We have over five million people prior to Kobe robbery in eight states. Now we're operating in all states thanks to some of these government contracts deployed already at multiple independent practices and the practices. And how it works. Okay somebody download the APP. First thing they do is fill out that document. You guys saw him the demo okay. Then they basically joined a video call all right they just press that request to consultation but in the middle life and then at that point they talk to your patients connected to us and then there you go you know. So that's that's the nuts and bolts of it on the doctor side. You'll see all the information that the patient used. I'm sorry entered into their side of the APP. So that way you can see it for yourself. You know that's the one two three you know. It's pretty straightforward and simple so right now everybody's eyes on and that's understandable because our practices shutdown And we'RE GONNA go over how this is gonNA work but I encourage people to count look a little bit into the future. Because that's what I'm referring to when I say there's going to be a postcode here pretty soon. This this period of of this nightmare period. We're going through is very bad thing. It's great you know you are practices are shut down but when we opened again right you have to be ready for the new reality that is going to be facing us. You know. And that's POSTCODE WANNA go over that too so these things. We already kind of discussed. Last point is probably the most important is the team management or team engagement. Well I can't tell you how many demoralizing and almost defeated conversations. I've had with my staff members these past couple of weeks in a row. Who's WHO's WHO's on our in our company. She's been handling that completely. Well I've been taking on the Taliban stuff and I have never seen her so stressed out by having to give her give so much bad news to so many people at the same time I can only imagine that's the same situation with everybody else. But the shutdown and having life in the practice is it so important. You know if you don't have that that that people people business you know if you don't have people in there then the whole thing just stops you know and of course us for everything that's affected by the shutdown too but I feel like dentists have been hit worse because of this the aerosol contamination by a transmission of covert so Having our team members engaged with patients and then us as doctors engaged our patients through a a meaningful a meaningful way is very important For example I just use this as an example side over here you know. I have a patient right now. Who's in temporary crowns? And she called me the other day and she's like. What do I do so hopped on a video? Call and she had like. She can't get this temporary on to stick back in for things you'd like stuck at like backwards I mean and so she couldn't figure out which was what you know simple things like that. You totally help him out. Plus importantly you can prescribe medication through our APP. You know and we've got an integrated on the back end with the different Electronic prescription systems and That's something that we can do for the dentist to sign up with us as well. You know so you can have it go directly through to a pharmacy that The patient chooses So these are some of the things that you can do of course Again very importantly no control substances. Of course you don't WanNa be prescribing controlled substances over the Internet. That's a big no-no and if and this is something that are larger. Dso CLIENTS UTILIZE US or If you have a large call volume you're spending a lot of marketing dollars and you want to be able to capture. That are y because when you give Google like thousand dollars for marketing. That marketing dollar is going all the time you know so. It's not like you. Can you can tell them. Only from nine to five and people are looking at these websites Betas who had twenty four seven. So somebody clicks on that on that ad at two. Am and there isn't a and they're in pain they're not going to. They're not going to be appreciative of of a call center answering it. They're gonNA WANNA see a dentist and that's what we're able to do with our optional call center system where dentists will actually answer their calls for you state. Licensed dentists will and this is why you know be able to capture those government contracts with with our systems. So that's in a nutshell. You know what we can do during Kobe. If if that's something that some some If that's something that people are interested I'll go to post Kovin all right. I do have a question actually. How are you managing the patient? I assume it does a link to a practice yet. Right so say a patient were to call in A. You'RE GONNA do a teleconference dentistry. I with them do enter them in the practice match system and sinks here or do you just have them go here first and then copied information over later So we have them go directly into the APP IN FROM. Enter the information over there Sometimes the front desk call the front desk upper. Your front desk can enter the information on the dashboard for the patient at if they already are a patient record nearly have all the information. You know doesn't integrate. Now the answer is no but we are working on those integrations. I don't think that that's rocket science that some people can get going pretty. I'm not not too concerned about that. And do you collect a lot of medical history your dental history prior to the colony? Just take the call. I standard of Care Man. So whatever whatever we whatever we would do real life. We do it here on Telly as well. So that happened to be a new patient to you. And how old building is there? A billing section on your APP not an apt to send out a claim directly no That's something that we would expect a dental office to utilize their existing. Hr or practice managers offer system to To send out the claim our goal is not to replace every single dental practice management software system. There is better integrate as an add on feature and And then provide an amazing experience for the patients and the dentist that way so and that's also a reason why really keep the pricing so low is because we don't want to take over you know every piece of software and the in the in the dental office that's not feasible for us We'd rather just Help you engage with their patients and and optimize our schedules. That way more questions please. All right so Going Onto Post Cohen. All right again. We have the What I talked about. Which is the targeted our return on investment with your marketing dollars. That's a big deal After ours patient management is another thing that we can do for a customer of as a customer would be a dental practice right. And so you're able to answer your own calls after so let's say now phone call comes in your front desk has now transferred the call to our call center. Okay we answer the call and say thank you for calling. John does dental office right and Now if Dr John Does available will connect them back to John Doe. Now if that's not something that has been selected as an option or he or he wants not to be disturbed after hours or he's on vacation for example or he's out for whatever reason no problem and he wants us as Intel Dentistry Dot Com to answer. Those calls for him will be happy to do. So you know so. Those emergency calls the simple being and then we'll take care of them the same way that we would And then when he comes back into the practice you'll see all the notes than any medications that are dentists have put into the system to you know so That's that's a big one Schedule Optimization we talked about just now you know as we open up your schedule by moving the routine appointments and Philip Urumchi slots in scheduled high value procedures. That you know are coming into the triage. Of course we have. Those value added benefit contracts with various insurance companies and working on those As we speak In Greater and greater volume right now. The the main thing to note is our dentists are platform can choose any talent industry company out there ultimately. We are a video conferencing really. Nice well-built video conferencing system. And why should you care to use US versus like you said skype or anything else that has maybe a BA back? You know what I mean. It's because we can actually refer patients that are without that are not attached dentist so our value added benefit contracts with the insurance companies like telemedicine for example. So you had a rash or something and the doctor says okay. I'm going to prescribe some kind of cream and the rash goes away right okay. Great that's telemedicine Tele Dentistry the other hand. You have to do something so you have to go into dental office and get something done like let it be an extraction or or whatever. The case may be so. We're essentially obligated to kind of say as doctor. Because we're the ones doing the consults go to that office and Dr John Doe will take care of you for this procedure and by the way we know. He's on the same network. So that's a new patient revenue ad for you. That's just coming as part of it. You know and as long as you're part of our platform than we can just refer that patient over to you and it's a snafu finger because we we can do that. The patient themselves will select that button and push that information to your office and so it's a patient driven experience so these kinds of things that we can do and It just depends on the patient's choice ultimately and that's what. I wanted to kind of go back to this slide right here. The very every single each our system out there you know and dental practice management software system is built with the the dentist or the doctrine mine and I took that whole thing and I flipped his head. I said how about if we put the choice into patients hands you. I can't tell you how many times I've heard patients like were contract with the given insurance and going like well. I wanted to go see that dentist but I gotta come see. You've because I'm contracting with that insurance. I'm happy with that but still so this is the kind of thing right. But imagine their their situation that they've had this relationship with Dennis for so long and then now they're forced to come and see us for you know an insurance reason so there's different ways in which we can kind of go about managing that and if we're able to direct somebody a little bit better than I think. People will be a lot happier if people are happier than you know. We'll do better dentis period. It's gotta add to their okay and I think we'll get to that demo here in a second here. Let me go hand showcase this okay. So Michael's wife has already signed up for this For our program. Okay so we need I'm counting all. Dsm doctors as one. Okay so if five people sign up than everybody. India San gets this for one hundred bucks. Ninety nine bucks ninety nine dollars after three months or as totally free no setup. No anything is just public service for me to all of you Because of the value that I've gotten from The Dow Success at work and It's goodwill to everybody else so hopefully all can can kind of get through this door and we can all get through this together and just so you guys know of here is going to be coming back into the DSM so his accounts GonNa be setup. Shortly so I open that link movie able to answer the Sydney. If you're listening please send it to disaster here. How does it look? What's the on boarding? Like so. Say SOMEBODY SAYS OKAY. You convince me where have I been? I need to tell a dentist? What do we do now? And I'm still gonNA. I'm still going to do that. I WanNa see what one of these exam looks absolutely counter website In order to sign up. Is that what you just asked or yeah okay just come to our main website dot com. Click get set up right. Away are as happening ways and then just if your single practice to practice whatever the case may be and then there you go you know so. It's all there. It's super quick. You know so. Just the guns singled practice sign up. Then it's just a quick system set up you know typical stuff right there. I'll show you the the dashboard here in Oregon. We have to give a code or anything or are we just directly Jay. Sorry sorry yes you do have to give a cook and so I can track that. It's coming from this channel. Absolutely all right so there is that okay so we get set up. How long is the on boarding process? How much time looking at I mean most of us have a little bit more time on our hands right now. You're leaning anywhere from forty two hours Right now Which is pretty quick turnaround because we got to spin up a server for you and then get this set up. You know So that's that's kind of what we're doing at the moment and this was in L. Andrew asks is there an APP or is there one in the works? I think we answered that. Yeah we have an APP. Yep absolutely nicely great. Excuse me so all right. I'm going to log in on. Give me one second year again. Let me see who is. This is a test Okay so all right so I'm GonNa show you something now k. So Doctors Cereal Demo Doc. So sheets just asks how do you? How does it platform compared to the compared capabilities of platforms such a smile virtual or your virtual consoles haven't heard of those can't compare? Yup I mean I'm I'm kind of me with it one. I think Your virtual smiles way more expensive. I think it's I want to see like four hundred bucks a month. I believe shout Dr Ahmed Theright who basically helped a lot of folks create their own so using oxy dot com combined county which also which also works on works great and so I think is a good option for those of you. Who actually don't want to go deal Wi- if you wanted to just use your own a nice sort of system the the other one. The other virtual systems. I've been looking at our she. In my opinion a lot more expensive their whole game is really to tie you into a marketing contracts. So they signed you up. I think your your smile virtual smile you you sign up you pay for the platform but then they wanna run Google Edwards for you for anywhere between five and seven hundred dollars a month and they make their money. Because they're gonNA promote that tone platform to find you leads for their angles at Gotcha looking right. You know one second okay. I'm GONNA use either one set up just for Diaz and then air it is are. That's the one. Sorry I wanted to the wrong. One was like wait a minute. Where's the dental success network logo? Because I know we set up for you guys so yeah it was. It was not a demo. So give me one second here. Sorry about that all right so billable console so we can have it where a lot of charging forty nine bucks for a new patient console. We can just charge them. Right here is supposed. That's an idea. Yeah actually billable. Consults is When we bill you for consoles that we've done for you after hours so that's that is But let's go back to the dashboard. Okay and I'll show kind of like Okay so I'm going to say on my phone here so actually logged another doctor right now. And some of the other video where. I played For the patient experience. I'm GONNA show you how this works for the doctor. Okay but just for the argument right now I'M GONNA go to I'm on my My my client dashboard right now. Okay and You see it here. This is the problem like managing dashboards. That are all demos so as like you have to like know every single one of these. Hold on one second okay. Any other questions coming out through the The work there. Yeah Street ask is it again. He says ask differently for the synchronous aspect so not live concerts. Can we set it up where the patients fill out a custom form that we design they submit photos and we consist Respond with either custom video or send a prefab video while Some that wants to be off line. all reply to all. I suppose that's a lot Let me figure that one out. Okay it goes in line with some of the other services do that. The intent there is is like for cosmetic consuls. They'd take picture smile. They send you the time to digest it and then respond back to them. So it's a little bit of a different mode than this year where it's a synchronous opportunity for you guys. It's okay so Right now here. I'm looking at James Information. Okay so I'M GONNA go ahead and write a note in James. It'll be clear here. Okay this is the dashboard but the front desk lady is looking at. There's no notes here in Jane's Profile. Right now okay. So I'm GONNA go here. Click on add note. I'm choosing a template and then I'm gonNA write down here that Jane has broken tooth and I'm going to save all right now. I did that my smartphone. Keep in mind okay. And I'm at home or I'm in quarantine wherever I am right and I come here to notes and here's Mike is my note. So this is this is how fast the whole thing works. Okay so I'm on my phone. I've just done my video console. For example everything is seamless. Right here okay so I just wrote down on my phone Jane has broken a tooth right. And I mean you can modify these notes however you want you know what I mean and so that's how that works so the important thing right now is I could be on the beach. I could be post Cohen. Hopefully at some point I could be here at home and I'm just doing all this stuff for my smartphone. I've also seen my patient through smartphone to and You know my friend desk is sitting at the office and has Has has done this entire experience. And so they're now able to A basically bill for this procedure using the traditional districts or curb or whatever it is they have you know. And so. That's that's how you're gonNA keep your revenue Jen in intact. You know As we go along with the integrations this will get better and better. I mean we have another update coming up in about thirty six hours so That's going to be another massive update to see the patient experience so we have a team of twenty six engineers constantly working on this so it's pretty cool all right so that's as far as knows her concern. Okay now I'm going to do the same thing for the Rx okay. So that's for the the prescription system and I'm going to click over here Jane Okay prescribed Amoxicillin five hundred milligrams and then prescribe ibuprofen. Eight milligrams done I go back. I did that on my smartphone. By the way okay. Let's go back to Jane And then go to our x button and here we go. I have done all the information right and and Motrin okay. So now this is just a note taking facility it's not an actual fulfilment on the back end okay but This is something that we can add on. If you'd like to have that capability in your smartphone APP okay so When you come here to education and training you will see Dr Sides Protocol a this actually was developed after spending. What five six hundred hours? I'm sorry Spending countless hours on five to six hundred video consultations that we had done on patients and then develop this protocol so that when dentists who come into our system as associate for the first time they can triage a patient properly over the telephone because this is like a brand new feel bill dentistry It's entirely one thing to say Okay you are A. You'RE GONNA use a video conferencing system but you gotTa have guardrails you've got to have those those Those those systems in place. To what you're doing you know we are licensed dentists after all so we've got to be able to point to something and say okay. This is the the protocol used you know. We have some additional information there about statement from the Ada stuff like that so all kinds of things that we constantly keep putting up there almost like a university of sorts you know so that's education training protocol system. Oh and you can have like staff members also loaded in here to help Take those Those To for them to also log in so we were using a this is like the practice log in then. You also have a staff member log yet. I'M GONNA go ahead any more questions. I can a couple of CUNYS owner asks. Is there a way to download all of the information from the platform for station history? Information notes that you can just upload it to the accession software from the Er into this platform. Is that what they're asking or the other way around now now from the Platt's from your platform back to the PMS right now? I am not no right. Now no you just have to cop copy and paste the notes into whatever the COM log into. Yes that's right okay. And you'll ask if you code code the deal. One four zero for the online visit. When you have the patient come into the office. Can you bill another deal? One four zero if you end up not doing treatment or is there a better way to build a the one four zero for the online exam and then planned to have treatment when they come into the office. Yeah the first time you do it you want to build. These are one four zero plus the telephone industry code. Which is the de nine nine six? And so that's going to designate that as a telehealth Code or a service to the insurance company When you do it in real life you're not going to be adding that That denied six code. So I'm GonNa hold you to this now. Let's let's do. Let's do a console together right. I'm going to show my age ring. You want okay other into this. So we're connected. Now you and I are are meeting for the first time on their doctor. Okay so Hi Nice to meet you mark. How're you doing today? And how can I help you doing great but I have a killer? Toothache seems to be originating from one of my back molars. Okay in that case. Then let me ask you a couple of questions. Is there a swelling associated with that That too that's hurting you not swollen but it feels like when I push on the side of it. It sounds a little squishy. Sounds a little and it's a little loose as well okay. Can you feel like any kind of Pasta anything coming out of that or any kind of ood from that tooth down just looseness and like squishy. Okay all right. It sounds like you have like an infection by any chances. It sound like you or does it feel like you have a throbbing sensation. Every time you're heartbeats does the does the pain in your tooth kind of like a synchronized with that heartbeat so to speak pounding. Yeah it does it. It feels like it's got its own heartbeat. Especially when I lay down at night got it. That is characteristic of a dental abscess. And so we're going to have to do is put on an antibiotic as well as In order to down the infection. Have you taken anything over the counter for the pain? I've just been taking tylenol. And sometimes ibuprofen. Okay that's that's good that you're doing that How much of the Ibuprofen has been taking only sixteen eighteen tabs day? Is that too much? Yeah you want to restrict about twenty four tablets two thousand four hundred milligrams and in two thousand four hundred twenty four hour period. You might just burn a hole in your stomach and have another issue there all. What's happening when I go to? The bathroom was going going through Okay so I'M GONNA go ahead and recommend that. I put you on an antibiotic as well as a painkiller. I'm going to prescribe it right now. You've already put in the information on your APP. So we'll we'll send the information over to that pharmacy and pick it up in about a half an hour to forty five minutes and it'll be ready for you. Please make sure to check on your APP for the recommended into section. And then we'll be able to You'll be able to go and get a Treatment in person at your convenience awesome so doctors Astra would you would you ever Encourage somebody their mouth and to try to get a look in there or are you trying always always. Yeah Oh yeah. Yeah every single time. Every single time usually ends up being the I the nose but you kind of guide them and they get it into the Mafia. That's what I probably should alleged to that by grade. The pro good excellent okay. So all we have to do is go to tell. Dentistry DOT COM. Fill in the prompts. Us the DSM Code and will get ninety days for free. Yes Sir that's right. A question about the book appointment feature so would that exist on our website somewhere separate countering system. Yeah so let me show you so if you go to book appointment now okay you can actually Go here update and you can update and send notification. Okay so this was. You know like today's session right so if I do that right now watch. I'll just see what happens. Okay all right. So here's my phone okay. You're looking at this over here. So I'm updating notification to try and track with me okay so notifications were sent of. Jane was logged into whatever this dummy address of hers. Okay I'M GONNA go to join a video call now and if you can see here does joint session. Okay okay so hang on this. It's GONNA feed back out so with the two videoconferences going right now. So I'll just do it on my smartphone. Okay so Now Right now. It's saying waiting for the host to start the meeting. Okay and that's going to be your best manager who's GonNA managing the meeting okay. So she's going to actually welcome the patient into the meeting room and then call you or another doctor in the practice and then get you also join into that same meeting room and then bat meeting that entire interaction is recorded and so That's when that gets stored in the service and whatnot. So there you go up amore question. Can we request pay payment from the patient within the platform? And it says their fee for service. They don't they don't bill insurance companies dancers. Yes there's a stripe integration And so we can connect that directly to there being processor. And so yeah. It's not a problem awesome. Okay so thank you guys. I hope we got all of your answer. Your questions answered. Let's see Oh Andrew says can we bypass having front desk introduced in other words? If I'm doing this at home my front desk would be directing any patients. Come directly to him. Yes absolutely so in other words Where you'd see this You Click right here to practice one meeting room. I don't want to do it right now. Because we're on a video conference So it would you would just jump into it and then you would send the notification to the patient to jump into. There's so you'd have to have them download the APP. Send them the Or you can just like come here go to patients and you add the client or agitation. Not Putting their information here and then once you created like as clients number two you know. Over my that. Their email address their email address becomes their unique identifier. Okay and then you create the password for them okay. So that way they only you as as a doctor or slash front desk and the patient will know this because they're on the phone with you right so again I'll just been eligible for five six whatever. Okay it's actually do this. So hold on a minute okay. let's find Test email at GMAIL DOT com. All right and I'm GonNa hit Save Okay and created that patient right so I'm going to log in onto my APP now okay test email at gmail.com and one two three four five six dummy patient now. I have now on the patient. I've been given the log in to the APP by your front desk or the doctor in this case. Whatever again so now is a patient. I'm going to start filling out random information here. Okay so something something all right hang on heart attacks strokes and why not I have virus to buyers to arrive so all disease shoes and by the way keep in mind. I'm on my smartphone right now. Okay I come back over here to patients. I filled out that form on my phone. Okay tests client number two. I Click on documents. Okay and I just love most blank but here it is art attack stroke snap carnivores too so while you're while you're doing this while your front desk is busy handling the telephone handling the calls or if you're if a forget the doctor's name if they're handling these telephone calls coming in they can. They can create the patient profile for the log into the APP but then the patient has to create our fill out their own document and medical dental history on the on the phone. Okay so that way. They're not like sitting there like having like dish back and forth with all the stuff because unique log in for that patient. Okay and that's that's the document for that patient. Then they can go through the process of actually making the appointment and doing the video console fiction so awesome. Thank you thank you so much Dr Salary. That was really good Going to sign up awesome. It's desk to so far so need three more. All right. Sounds like a plan. Go a couple of other persons couple of the people persons so Let's see how they go so I'll keep in mind the code as it comes in a report back you guys asap assumes we have five people and then we'll go from there okay really appreciate your time you and I. Let's get on a podcast. At some point I wanNA I WANNA go down the road of your entrepreneurial journey and talk a little bit more. You know it's been more failures than successes. I'll tell you that that's all settled. That's that's listen to your stories as well. It's all good all right as always. Thank you to all the panelists Dr Not Dr Michael Lumberton. Everybody's favorite dental spouse. Dr Vilas. Thank you so much Ashley Evans. Am I missing anything Ashley? Do you have any any announcements to make before we let on just that if you check out the chats there is linked to get your c. e. and then if you also know someone who could benefit from this information we are doing a referral program as well if you WANNA touch on that mark. Oh yeah that's right. So we've been getting a ton of people ask if they can share the information inside ideas and with their less than Educated counterparts outside of DSM. And a lot of people are saying that they're just exhausted Regurgitating the information on and we right now. We want to make sure that everybody is covering everybody's getting the right information so much ridiculously bad information misinformation and speculation happening on the free forums. So we want to open up to people that you like and referred by you not just random people So just go to dental success network dot com forward slash free forty five and That is how your friends can get a forty five day membership. That should get them through. Hopefully most of this this crisis are are well underway. Well underway with the the resources that we have cash yup good for me one more last question that popped up so I think the Is He Daniel. Doesn't see the the code section where to put descend so tell dentistry. Is there a field Dsm for the discount. I believe on a solo practice only That's where the issue is so On one second I got. I got a text here while I was talking to. You guys hang on one second not that one Rafer. Multitasking tabs were invented on. A browns yard is here. Have a coupon Put in right there. So that's how to do it for those who are watching the video right now. I don't know if it got stored on the double practice or whatnot. Whoever doctor was can you text back on the on the on the Q? And A. and see if Oh yeah that's here. Have a coupon so okay. I guess they're all them. So maybe they still in the back in Baltimore talking. Who knows so that? That's where it is that. Hopefully that answer the question Dr So awesome once again. Thank you so much. Thank you everybody for attending tomorrow. It's Alastair part two. We're going over many many many of the questions that you guys asked that we didn't have time to answer a in our first session. So Alastair MacDonald myself tomorrow look in the announcements for the time and the and the like okay. Guys have a great night again. Thanks everybody and that wraps it up for another episode of the Dental Poor. Podcast look forward to reconnecting on the next episode. Thank you so much for joining us today. On the dental for Noor podcast check out true. Dental success dot com for full recaps of every show a schedule of our live events free video tutorials and a whole host of practice building resources.

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2702 - Maria Bamford

Never Not Funny

1:57:02 hr | 2 weeks ago

2702 - Maria Bamford

"Please don't take this personnel. LAGODA. A What's up. Dude it. Call the COPS. There's a plant singing Boston name and the van you freak she liked Mr Bean Gilberto I find you. So a sexual use it use it don't me Frankenstein Live team. It's the fastest our in podcasting. This is never not funny now your host Jimmy, Pardo? L. Already indeed. Welcome to the Program Episode Twenty Seven. Zero two, two, seven, oh to. To. tongue. Welcome everybody part of his my name I'm the host of the program I have been from day one. Why wouldn't I be ready to called the Jimmy Puerto Podcast to try to get anybody else and by This I found this interesting. There's some dude named Joe Pardo. Who is some podcast guy what? You're looked at a he's like a business seminar guy or whatever. I think it's called Super Joe Pardo or something like that. So A. nope. Super Joe Pardo. Small Business. Something and he's part of the Indie pod cast fester whatever it's called and. brees doing seminars over there, and by the way I don't know anything about this guy. So when I say no, I'm just being silly for humor maybe the nicest man in the world I just I think it's bizarre whenever I hear the name Paro because the only other one I knew is my family other than my values Don Pardo. Then there was of course when we had. Jason Pardo on as a guest who is again. The only other part of I knew was in comedy, and then here's the other part of the third. All right. The first one I knew was Don Pardo show business. Second One I knew was comedy and other third one that I know outside again of my family isn't podcasting. that. You're forgetting Mexican national team soccer player Pavel Puerto Oh. That's true I. AM forgetting about Pablo so he and I have nothing in common Other than the fact that we both have legs and feet that's as close as. I get and he knows how to use them. You might be. Around your size though height wise because Soccer players tend to be a little bit shorter Well, that's good. Maybe I'll get lead career my I just have to start going to soccer camp are they're up and going during Colvin? Well, I'm GonNa tell you know I. Don't know if you've heard because it's it's not in any of your interest wheel houses but the big news in the soccer world is that Leeann Al Messy is leaving Barcelona a team that he's been associated with since the age of fourteen I think. They have an opening I think I think maybe they're going to be looking for for you to step in and fill those shoes fill those booths is he is he a tiny man like myself? Yes. That's the only requirement right? You don't have to know how to play soccer. D-. Take one look at you and go. Yeah. This fits the he'll fit the same uniform. He's fine. So. Greg. Johnny Bravo. I see I see a a wacky movie premise here where we're you just put your last name Pardo. And you apply and they accept you because Pardo is coming. Yes. Part of the American you get A. Job in a soccer team you apply. Resume over. they don't have to video or any sort of try out slug it worth the tape. Premise. Did work. That do you see this week's episode of? Wonderful, what a wonderful episode that scene with between he and his wife was fantastic. Yeah. What that's a great show boy on board with. Ted. Lhasa in the heartstrings baby. Yeah. Boy had. Worked in this House I. Tell You that here's the here's the downside. I. Don't know how many episodes it's going to be but I will tell you that my one year free subscription of Apple. TV plus ends in. October or November. I can't remember when I whenever I bought my phone is when the the one year thing started Oh man maybe when I bought my laptop, I showed her to sneaky sneak into. Restarting that and he was like basically buying any apple device gives you a year of that free. I would have had to probably registered under a different name, which is not worth it. But anyway, if it runs out before that show ends, I'm going to be in trouble because I didn't WanNa pay for this service. This is the only show I care about on the whole thing What couldn't you just do a month of it to a month of the magazine We're in the you're not going to the movie theaters you're not. Doing any of that. So apple plus it up maybe editor at the end of Ted. And maybe then you'll get on board with that The morning show is Gary Moore shut the F. up about that and. I can't wait for new season Oh, my God dude try. But. It's not gonNA. Happen Soon Garin a pandemic. So they are making another season of that. Yeah it's crazy because it seems like I thought they may have already started it but I guess not. When you think about the price tag of that cast, it's just nuts that they would I I know it's apple. They're worth true two trillion dollars but it's it's gotTa be insane to pay corral and Aniston and reese. Witherspoon. Yeah I don't know how they're going to. Link the awards helped because they're all nominated. Except for reese. But Nominated for the other thing. The. Dirty little is. Being a little I. Don't think she's not many for anything I. think that's what they controversy. That's ridiculous because she's Using I don't know about in this morning show, but she's a great and the other one she she's always great. It doesn't matter what I didn't like the morning show, but she's still she's still great. So. Yeah I don't know I think that's second season a big little lies was so disappointing that the maybe a awards people just ignored completely mouth. Got Caught up in mural strips. And performance didn't get any nominations I could be wrong but maybe a few I don't know. But I think maybe Laura dern. By the way I don't know. I'm just talking about it this my mind, the other way Elliott your fire. Alright Gary going to. Today the recording right now split out here and all the rest of my data. Hang. On our end so we're good. which today today Elliott Apple supposed to split their stock or something? Yes. Yes. Did that hasn't happened yet. Yeah. Did and you're not sounds like you're not happy with the jolts I. Actually both Tesla and apple were available today at a stock split Tesla would have been to seventy five. If it had stayed at the price, it was that when they announced the stock split but instead it's four eighty or something. So so that that went away but apple stay within the range of the reason why making a I was going to save it for my sort of segment but. My stock, the broker platform I said, all right. I WANNA make sure I get the apple stock. So I'm going to put in for the number of shares that I could afford, which is not not as much as one share with splitting from. So it was four hundred and something dollars they're going to split four ways I could afford to shares after the split. So I put the amount in for those two shares great. Went on Monday morning. When it opens up, it's GonNa hit that price I'm going to get those shares What did they do but they they split the price that I had offered. So I offered one hundred and thirty five and they split it by four and of course, stock wasn't thirty, three, seventy, five. It was one hundred and thirty. So I missed I missed the the opening fortunately. I. Was still able to get the shares because I happen to go and look and see whether gotten them or not I see. But. But they played a game they played a game. I didn't like their game, my message Oh. Did you? Yeah I haven't heard back yet. You don't think you're. Shares or the They're going to have to answer Elliot Hook. This off. There's a price for not giving me what I wanted it is you have to read this email well. They also, they've heard you talked to a ups guy so they are hopping to it. They do not want the wrath of Burgum kidding I will say this I'm with td Ameritrade I used to be with Scott Trade, which I never had this problem with Scott Trade it's the way I. Think it would work. And and now they're merging with what's the other Big One? The big discount one trade no, it's the guy's name. Robin Hood? No, no no it's the guy's name Schwab. Robin. Hood. That's a guy. Charles Schwab. Robin Hood is a fictional character. And Charles, Schwab and actual man it's gone with the F. Hutton that guy still running his mouth and people listening to it I I haven't listened to you in decades my friend Elliot. Robin. Snowman. Off. Everybody take turns. Go ahead. You have something to play when somebody. Shits the bed as badly as Garin just did. All. Right Garin. You know. I didn't even really hear what he said honestly tried to make talking to the snowman joke. Wow, that's deep. Fell on deaf ears. Matt? please. I don't even know what I was GonNa say anymore save me. I think it was going to say that my friend Elliott told me that Robin was the documentary. Nice But I. Think Robin Hood was a real person. Wasn't it? Well, there is there. There's controversy. There was there was maybe there was a robin of Loxley Yeah but probably not there was somebody who could have been that guy. Somebody's going to actually know this information. I don't remember Robin Hood is thought to be a real person but probably wasn't I think is is where it lands speaking of people knowing things apparently, Tom Wilson was the coach on freaks and Geeks. I got caught up into being a CW show. So I didn't get the. We didn't really found that but that that's that's what I was thinking of. and. Luckily people tweeted that me four thousand times. Good about yourself as someone who was staring at his IMDB page, I had zero memory of that even being listed. Say it. It's so far back. You're like starting new and like that was two, thousand, one or something nineteen, ninety, nine was. Before I moved out here. So it was ninety, eight, ninety, nine. Yeah, I guess that'd go back that far turn of the century party like it's nineteen, ninety nine. That's so I I just looked up with Robin Hood. Real. And you get the result of the top of the Google page. Yes. It says Robin Hood was a real person. Next paragraph robinhood is an invented archetypal hero. So So, there's controversy even read on page. On the main page. I saw once with the gentlemen wore tights and it was very, very funny. So I would imagine that that I was watching a documentary series exists or were there other people there was men in tights all sorts of men intense. Yeah. with. The way not a laugh to be found. Documentary Oh my God. It's boy that thing was a clunker that was. That one. Oh, what a bummer that was man. I think baseball's is last one of his that I saw I know people like but I find that very rough to and you. The. Sorry. Go ahead, Elliott space balls has like five. Good. Sex like five good scenes, and then everything else is tough. Your generous by five in my opinion around by assholes come on, you don't like that. I. Didn't do it for me. And maybe I built up expectations too high based on my love of. Mel Brooks and his previous films but no, by did not like that at all and then revisiting it with Oliver. I wanted to throw myself up. Okay did Oliver like it I don't think so. Interesting. I do nothing. It was my first Brooks movie Oh that I. I think it might have been. Another one. Yeah Oh I love it. Should not be a surprise. It's really coming to light that you have shitty taste. You have your taste in music is what people claim. My musical taste is so I. Like what you like, who gives a shit minor business? That's fair. That's fair. Right. Business did any of you guys see the the the Russell Crowe Robin? Hood movie I forget what it was called nothing. Yes. I remember it was called. Robin Hood. Robin Hood Prince of thieves who started that close Kevin. Costner one. Okay. The reason I, asked I never saw that Russell Crowe one but it was it was an imagine project that I read over and over again when I worked there and the original pitch of that was the classic. you know. I don't even know what you call the contrarian pitch of which everybody seems to love to do, which is, Hey, what if the sheriff of Nottingham was the Good Guy Actually? Oh That's fun. Is that what actually ended up being though Garin? Now Yeah they I think at some point, the script reverted back to now this is just about Robin Hood being an awesome and but yeah, the prices that the mythology that built up. After the fact about About Robin Hood was actually revisionist history and that the real hero was. The sheriff but I, guess they ditch that idea. Can we agree that I? Don't remember. Sorry Elliot go ahead. Can. We agree that the title of of that movie you just described would have to be Nottingham. Scripts called Yeah. Very good. Oh Gary just out of curiosity. Are you give it a Celsius over there Yeah. We have a conversation I'm not your father you WanNa. Do have we as a show have a conversation that maybe you should stop drinking those. I've cut them off to only have them. Could we do Tuesdays and Wednesdays then for you with the Celsius Yeah, we could do that. That sounds good and if you enjoy them I don I. DON'T BLAME I think they're delicious but. It's affecting your performance here and I'm tired of it. Fair enough your your joy when you're a sloth that occasionally says something. Funny. When you're hyped up on caffeine running your mouth, you're very fucking unlikable. Video people see my big smile when I say that audio people think I'm being serious. Serious about Celsius. Ad Campaign. On that a Walkman to the program everybody twenty, seven to a lot going on over the weekend. We we went to a drive in movie again we. Different drive in movie from the last time, we went to an actual drive in movie theater this time. which the other ones those pop up ones where you know you watch it inflatable screen. This was out in Torrance California. and. We got there. Here's what happened. We got there. Early and said, let's go get some dinner. We'll bring our dinner in. By the time we did all that the the line was bananas and we ended up being From the screen but way to the right of the screen, which was a little annoying. But we saw twister. That's what we saw. And it was great the. We've talked about this movie way too much for anyone movie in the history of this podcast but. What a fun movie to watch at the drive it that is just the perfect drive in movie how Meta's the scene in the movie where they're in a drive in, and then they're watching wizard of Oz I. Think Right Watch you wait what are they? Know it's the shining. Shining Yeah good call. Oliver pointed out though that the marquess psycho. That's on the marquee, but then they're watching the shining. So we'll continuity person got fired. well I think you know the maybe they after they shot it they've decided what to put up there you nope. In Post because the probably was just a CG for whatever you and it's all special effects anyway again, somebody made a mistake do that though because like what's cool is it's the scene where he's chopping the bathroom door down and then the tornado ripped the screen apart as he's chopping through the door. Very cool looking. It's really and I'm guessing by the way if it was supposed to be psycho it probably Oh yeah been staring that man. Been Cool maybe they could but it was Matt to your point. Our first one that we went to see was Greece at the driving and that also has a driving scene so we're only going to drive INS. These that have seen added driving. Yeah. What's loss? I. Think we covered the two we got. we adapt, but it was fun when we got there and. For the most part everybody was polite, there are some people that left their lights on for too long which was infuriating does it hits your rear view mirror and blind you? But. It's Either I'm glad to see the drive in making a comeback during. This time gives you something to do. It's not This was only twenty five bucks for the car so. Three people getting in for that that's that's not a bad deal. I thought you were going to say you went to see because I I heard that the new bill and Ted was playing it some drive ins or was it yeah. Go do that but I know my kids don't care. covers interested in watching it. He's like, Hey, maybe if we but you know we don't want to drop the twenty bucks for pay per view at the. House but. Seems like a good call. something. To do I I saw the first one. So obviously like everybody else so long ago. But I think I was too old to enjoy it. So wasn't for me so I don't have any stellar for that at all. I think it was it was a movie that worked mostly because low expectations like it looked like it was gonna be a crappy movie and it kind of is a crappy movie, but it also is like smarter and more more clever than you expect crappy movie to be, and then it's just like charming. I feel aches joyful. Yeah. Keanu. Reeves Alex Aleksandar just kind of charmingly stupid and it's just it's hard to. It's hard to resist just like a good natured edits for for ninety minute movie like I I mean that's the premise of our show to. Good. Natured. It's Jokes. So do you think I have a chance to start an action film at some point and have. Like Yana that's Oliver's big campaign now is that He He's dead. So what do you think the meeting was like it's like, Hey, we need an action star get the guy from bill and Ted. the same joke that we've made about failed kilmer being topgun. Hey get the guy from top secret. Cases like extremely handsome men who just happened to start out in sort of comedy movies. Comedy Stu like not even. Yeah. Somebody saw under that shaggy do and said, this is this guy is if you if you cut his hair short, you got yourself an action star by the way that's the in the in the new in that movie scuba that out Scuba. Apparently, off before this movie was made to shaggy in Scooby Doo have sex, and they had a little baby call shaggy do. So that is a long way to go for that. and. If you need to hit that McCartney again, Song works for. A playing. I, deserve play it. I need to be punished. Matt. BELKNAP Elliott Hofburg. Cockerel. Who else is on the walls? Oh. No. A. The poll So. Sorry my pelvis. That happened but I take my lumps I accept I actually thought you were quoting. Thing that I didn't know which was like a someone making a terrible joke. Because it's Very out of professional community Matt Matt to quote you. As we. Did that show Friday with the Kurt over there at the the game show? Yeah we had a great time doing very much that that's a fun show. To quote, Matt Belknap Matt your favorite comedian. Made. That joke. The gentleman who on Friday said I get to do a show with my favorite comedian that man demand that you claim your favorite comedian did that Scooby Doo joke after you may need to go home and talk about? Up and cross something off reserve is this list actually Would you on paper? Did you watch that Elliott I did I I missed the first maybe ten minutes. But Yeah, you missed them at bill story that was. Very, in depth interview. That wow I did not It was it was nice. He asked ahead of time like You know give me a couple of facts about yourselves and So Jimmy and I both sent him you know four or five things and he asked me about every single one of them which I did not expect I did neither but it was. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed your sitting back and listening and. It's not your turn to play the game you shut off your camera. So you're not distracting because that's a hint to Garin and Elliott at this point. I although we can't right effect everything. Maybe. Not even for the yeah. But I enjoyed that I very much enjoyed it, and as I said to Matt Belknap if that was something that Jimmy hosted at the that would be a monthly favorite people would be lined up out front to see that show that is that's a fun fun show and very talented people very funny. Talented improvisers. The one young lady told us. Figured, was gentle this before we started that never not funny. Was the first podcast you ever listened to way back. She got the year wrong. She said two thousand two but she went through two thousand six and the listen to his way back then she was starting college. Wow was. Very flattering toys flattering to her that. The time that I did the that one oh, I apologize to every I won't remember any of the names. But when I was. Shoot when I did that movie won the the guys up in the. San Francisco. Area? Secretary Sacramento. When I did that guy's livestream. Game. The improvisers she too was never not funny listeners. So that's It's always flattering when somebody in your profession or there's also in comedy listens to this because they enjoy comedy. Denver stand. And they got it today with Scooby Doo jokes. Came and they received they can leave happy customers. They got it man see. So scoop and shaggy had sex they. And, then they had a little dog a little puppy called. Shaggy do. That's what I said when mental map used phrase shaggy do and had to go a long way to get there. I had to drop somebody crumbs so that people can remember that that was set at one point. And Boy. Let me. Let me go back to the idea of you being an action star though because I yes, I'm in. Your. Your, acting careers. Nonexistent. At this point. They can call it a modest acting career how? A few roles I think best we could say, but let me let me just say like you know when Bruce will I if you watch that the show I was talking about last week I think on the show the movies that made us if you want someone about die hard you know. Bruce. Willis was a TV. Comedy actor who had been in like one or two movies maybe and they both tanks and. Was the was blind date was that was yeah with yeah. anyway. People were like this guy is not an you know they. They wanted Clint Eastwood for it. They wanted all these other guys Clint Eastwood, turn it down. It was actually originally supposed to be a Frank Sinatra vehicle it was. Frank Sinatra made a movie in the sixties based on a book by this guy, and then frank commissioned another book from this. Guy. That, he would more than star in the movie of an it took. So long for the guy to write the book that by the time it was done Frank Sinatra was like sixty and so he was like. I can't do this anymore but it was very different and weird but anyway. So back to Bruce Willis Leibel were. So he was so out of left field that when they first showed the trailer, the trailer for die hard in a theater people laughed when he came on, they thought it was gonna be a comedy because they saw Bruce. Willis in their whatever he did it didn't matter. They just assumed it was for humor and they started laughing. So it's not the craziest thing in the world and when you think about his look, he's not like A. Trip right. He's a handsome guy, but he's he's so I'm in traditionally. Kind of the appeal of him as he was like an every man. My hair is receding in the same way that Bruce's was at that time. So yeah. See you want to reboot diehard is what I mean I'd like to bring back die hard with me in the lead I could I could shimmy through a duct. Where do they get a letter? You? That's a different movie actually. What line was trying to think of COME OUT A. Few drinks something like. A few laughs think. She knows, and that's what I got by the way version. Bruce. Willis is another one that Oliver brought up the other day about people making that transition to Why would it be that guy and now I have an answer for for young Oliver although I think Oliver Watch that die so he knew the answer. Watch that. How this movie is made movies the movies by did you guys get a chance to watch that hailing documentary that are? Actually I did what did you think Elliott? It's fascinating and sad. Yeah. I mean I, you know there are other manufactured bands like guess, the monkees was manufactured right And but they ended up you know doing pretty well. So it's not crazy that that ban Kha what was weird to me was how of threadbare the whole Disney? Machine was at that time where somebody you know you know what I think we could do this. Maybe we can get away with this and we'll have this band talking about jail bait at Disneyland, and they'll spirit like. Like, that that was pretty fascinating to me. I'm just good song. It's a good song I. Don't know how it was approved for Disney to sing at a theme park but It was. Times different time. Different place. But I was. texting with. Our friend Julie. Julie Dickson. And she was in the show at universal the monster musical show. and. And she sent me a photograph of that where she was the female lead in that and. Wayne Brady was in the cast with her oh wow. He played the Werewolf and then Frankenstein, and so she said watching that documentary reminded her of. Of Her time doing that show at universal and as I pointed out. The Theater Nerd in me N- While I. Recognize those are cheesy and Some would say lame I loved every second of IT I. Loved. Go into those things and I would've. If I was like I said, I said this last time if I had been to Disney when Helix was performing, that would have been three hours of me. Go on rides. I would have watched one show and then waiting for the next two. That's fascinating to me. Much before my sister did did an off brand starlight express type show at six flags magic mountain but it wasn't. It wasn't didn't. It didn't have the kind of thing that the helix thing had where they were. We're GONNA make this tour the world like it was it was much more modest just like we're going to be inspired by that everybody's rollerblades instead of roller skates and you know we're GonNa hang from the ceiling or whatever, and people have a good time to that's what's fascinating to me is is the ambition of what they were trying to do. Yeah Well, again, watch it I very much enjoyed it. I recommended. Village and let's take Maria Bamford is here. Very exciting, we haven't seen marina while it's going to be nice to catch up with Maria. She's got a couple of projects that she's working I'll. Tell you about those quickly she's got a brand new comedy special. It's called. You are a comedy special a fifteen step self help guide to forcibly force yourself to write and perform a full hour of stand up comedy nobles on hold on guys. Hold on what David Letterman's chosen the show lookout. Are you are you making fun of my new glasses. I love these new glasses I saw them we we were having a conversation prior to the recording today and I gotta say these they look great on you and I know I'm sure Christy stratton is bungling around her of house right now not being. Able to get anything but they're. Working. I. Did I did I mentioned that they? were, those other ones last time they broke when I did that bit where I threw them to the ground. Holyhead said that on the show or just to me. Oh. So I don't remember last week I got. So I guess I pretended to get flustered and my glasses flew to the ground and I picked him up they snapped in half. The other reading glasses that I had here in my house were not be right. Power they also didn't fit my head nicely knowing that that's right you when you and I had a record ads. And so then I ordered these these package of five and these are my favorite of the package I. I like these I like these camera like everything about them guarantees. It looked you got thoughts on these. I was just surprised because they're so out of what you would expect you to wear. About me I, you don't WanNa. Think about me they look right. I Love Him I. Think. If, you're looking for me, I'm doing a video with Randy. Rainbow so Look out for that anyhow let me get to get back to this. It's called. You are a comedy special a fifteen step self help guide to force me to right into perform a full hour. Stand up comedy is an audible original production available now on auto auto plus. And then of course, she has a livestream comedy show on September twenty. Six. Maria. Bamford helped me help you help me. So we'll talk more about that stuff with Maria when she joins us and we will do that right after this. Hey Mamadou friend with us today talk about Lark. Gas Yes, Lark. L. A.. R. Q. is how you spell that listen I, look I I am guilty of this I have a dirty water bottle and if you put your nose in that thing Jesus, you you're gonNA send your nasal hair. Yeah it's You know you try to do the right thing by not using plastic water bottles in this day and age but there's something disturbing about when you grab that waterfall and you're like, what is in here? What have I done to myself? What am I? What am I consuming by drinking out of this thing I have had to throw away many a water bottle. Because I open it up to refill it and go. nope. Now, not drinking of stink pot. Now listen that musty smell is odor causing bacteria build up in your water bottle gross right Matt Burgers well Lark. ELLIARA. Q. Created the world's first self cleaning water bottle. The large bottle uses patented pure of is technology, which uses scientifically proven ineffective UV see light to a radical up to ninety nine, point nine, nine, nine, nine, nine percent of bacteria and viruses from the water the result a brilliantly clean and stink free water bottle that purifies water at the push of a button it is sniff tested and worry free every time. This is a beautiful water bottle. Danielle has one of these things. and. IT IS A. It's a beautiful water bottle. That's the best way to put it I. I'm sure this phrase gets thrown around a lot but I feel like having looked at this thing, it's it's the last water bottle you ever need to buy because what it does is you don't just like my water bottle I fill it from the filter thing in my fridge or the one at work. But this you can fill it from anything. You just do grab a water hose from someone's lawn and fill it up this thing's going to purify that water. It's basically creating clean water from whatever water you're filling it. With so it just opens up the possibility. You don't have to worry about Do I have like? Do I have one of those at my office that you know you have to the water cooler to go to the watercooler now you don't you just fill it up from a sink and you're good to go it it. It has a battery in it, but the battery lasts for a whole month, which is amazing. So you charge at once a month via USB and then you got clean water wherever you need it. The downside is it's a car battery. So that's a little converse till around. Near. Just kidding that's an Joe. Of course answered size water bottle with with no no, you can't even see the battery it's just built. Nobody tell you something you you they got neat looking colors. They've got ones that will keep. Your your water or liquid cold or hot because. It's insulated. They've got other ones that are just a water bottle that will keep your water crisp and clean Here's the way to is it true that I think I saw this it keeps water cold for up to twenty four hours in hot for up to twelve or something i. believe those are the numbers twenty, four, the Razi it's rush album now listen. It's not You can get your own lark bottle so you could start drinking brilliantly. Hey here's a way to get five bucks off your own large bottle right now to live Lark L. I v.. E.. L. A. R. Q. Dot Com. The. Promo Code Pardo that is. L. A. R., Q., DOT COM, and use Promo Code. Pardo and that's going to get you an additional five bucks off and I like with the that they're doing this for the month of April, a portion of your purchase donated to the direct relief. To support healthcare heroes in the frontline fighting covert repeating for the mother April. A portion of your purchase will be donated to the direct relief. 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Those are my favorite most comfortable zip up pants like a non sweatpants pant. That's as comfortable as it gets what colors do you have by the way I have a Khaki Tan and I have a a gray. Gray in a navy and I love them both boy do I love the most current agree with you the most couple pants I own that is not a sweatpants although Mac Weldon does make a fantastic sweatpants sort of thing as well. That's also true. Those the by my sweatpants from Mac Walden, which are also gray maybe the most comfortable sweatpants. I love putting my back. Any any MAC welded I own I like putting on that is no hyperbole or write US perfectly. Phyllis AMAC Walden's a premium central brandon believes in smart design premium fabrics. They have course that line of silver underwear insurance that are naturally micro anti microbial. Which means they eliminate odor now listen they've got a brand new thing that since we last talked about mack well, then I at least as far as I recall maybe we talked about this before but I don't recall that they've got a loyalty program called Weldon blue. Oh what's that? level. One gets you free shipping for life. And then once you reach level to by spending two hundred dollars, Mac Weldon will start giving you twenty percent off every order for the next year. That's great. That's you know when you have to, you have to buy a certain amount of underpants in your life and. If you're going to do it with them, you just build up some credit with them. Then you start getting those rewards. That's awesome. Absolutely Weldon blue is the name of that program, and of course, we're talking about Mac weld and we like Mac Weldon haven't talked about him for years. Now here's the way for you guys take advantage of. An ice offer you can get twenty percents off your first order if you don't already have Mac Weldon. Jump In get twenty percents off your first order visit Mac Weldon dot com slash nfl then entered the Promo Code and enough at checkout that is MAC wealthed dot com slash NF enter the Promo. Code and NF. To get twenty percent off your first order. I like Mac welded. Matt BELKNAP. Likes Mac welded and there's no reason why you too will not like Mac Mac well, then a better way to dress. Comfy. Hey walked back to the program episode. Twenty-seven to Maria Bamford is here has got too hot new products coming out some project she's working on that I alluded to earlier we'll have her tell us about those and give us the names because I'll be damned if I, go back to that email and try to rep my mouth around the unnecessary words that she has involving both of those projects. Good Lord. Hi, Maria. Can we think you so much for having you on the program coming to you live from my dad's office he may come in. GRUMPILY Looking for his hearing aids. We don't. Know Winter's here. So are you telling me? You're you're are you in Minnesota as we speak Duluth Minnesota I have come back for the rest of twenty twenty to be here with my Mama. Mama has. Has An illness arms order that will yes. So to speak in a being here and taking out the trash do the chores of my dad lines up that I have to try to find shape in meaning in what he's signing me. Yesterday had dump dirt. Near, a fence. Why Don't ask questions. It's not important. Honor. Your. Question in the middle of your comedy because I'm worried about it. Is the re printer at that house chance. Have you seen? Okay, Oh there it is. Okay. Zach. Has. An intent set up and I have to tell you I was trying to print something alice and a printer, and it needed a pass code and I said, Hey, Dad, what's your passcode? He's A. Given. Paschal. What is Your Dad? If are going to play the long game and take you for everything you've got. Years in that seems but yeah, I love it. He did not give you the password did not nor would he type it in with me in the room? Leave the room. Excuse refuse to type of them completely, how do you print? Print to a staples of. Hand I went to the staples, copy center and I thought you know my dad has too much promise play and I don't want to give give him any trouble. Giving me the Wi fi codes I feel like there's a level of trust. It's building a little bit. What's That story answered the question I was going to ask which is, why can't you just ask your dad why the dirt needs to be near the fence but I I get the sense that he's not big on answering. There's I mean, it is anything late will I'm up his daughter? So as you said There's a poetic freezing of everything that my dad says it can be confusing where he worked as a physician for forty years of they would come professor from planet, Pluto? Because sometimes the way he would. verbalize. Things would be confusing I think I'm doing it right now got. You know we all understood that. Oh. Yeah the molars look good. The more. Maria I went to last week on Thursday. I went to the dentist for the first time in the middle of the pandemic. Have you been to the dentist or anything like that during this time? It Lake. was, the same as it always is except that you waited in your car and you called you let them know that you're there and then they would call you in your car to tell you that Europe and then you just immediately are brought into the room that everything is done and then they use Graham. No polishing go there they don't do the Polish. Because that could spray? Everywhere where's the cleaning stays in your mouth, but the Polish can make stuff splatter. So they're saying that that is one of the things that the. Dentists have all agreed that they should not be doing. To. And even if that's not true I'm glad that my dentist isn't doing it and that there. Seemed very I was very comfortable Maria. That's great. That's good to hear. I recently went to a different dentist whose TV's on the ceiling sorry. Even have to focus on what's happening in my mouth. I appreciate did you like that? Did you do I loved HDTV and then? He'll light pain happening but then I'm further distracted by the renovation of a back splash. I Maria I. went to his here in Los Angeles I've been going to Matt Sky Dr Herbs and Dr Barrier Persson for years and then I moved from the Valley and I knew dentist local closer to where I'm at. And I went to a guy that. Had a state of the art place over on Wilshire and he? He too had the TV's and if you wanted to watch a DVD, put that in for you. If you wanted to stream something, you could do that. It was very comfortable and he ruined my teeth. Yes I had to go to another dentist correct with this dickhead did so I hope that's not who you went to at the TV's on the ceiling is. What I'm getting at I went to alter dental. They're very pleasant. There I had five star experience I did have a four and a half star doctor who got on Yelp I had some hot times in the late nineties sexy times Hitch Peavy, which transformed into pre-cancerous cells in anyways had surgery done orna started with his doctor. She. anyways what happened and we'll go into the whole. But. I sort of bleeding profusely shows that too. So something. There and she ended up coming to take up my tear services said that I made it and she said. You know everybody days at work took off half a story I mean that's a fish starring. I looked at the reviews leader Dr Sophia Vergara Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center. At birthing babies almo that if you have a kid inside, you have a pull it out. Any surgery. She's not the one. Boy Oh boy do you feel lighter without the cervix? To my step. You I mean I know who led adjudge like I'm not good at certain things. I'm not good enough I did a when you all those talk shows where you get a jump in all the time on TV a with COMEDIANS. Had Never. I was on a sixty minute show in. Talk Show. where I said nothing for full sixty minutes because I'm shy. Like other people had it covered. You know it's interesting. You Say I. I was on that Byron Allen Program. And I tried to. Involve myself in it and I actually got hate mail from people saying. I've seen you do stand up you're one of the fastest person I've ever seen on stage, but you don't know how to interact with people and it was like. I'm giving people space. I also may have been edited out like there's But I'm with the when there's too many. You pick your spots and it might look like you don't know what you're doing and there's and there's people that maybe being more obnoxious is a way to put it maybe. I think on the is the comics unleashed show. It was very leashed when I did it. It was very Kabuki theatre like everything is forum all and We were wearing stage makeup and you were given a Q. Maria is your mother concerned about you dating? My stick. Maria. Bamford, who watches you get the brand new project. Now, this is over at Let me get to choose audible plus don't worry. I'll tell people it's. September twenty six it's helped me help you help me I'm a useless white woman. What if I took a shot at your problems there's no health care anymore I'LL A. Swing at it So yeah, I'm going to do but seven people in just whatever it doesn't have to be any healthcare related thing but I will I will try anything and if it's terrible if I end up harming people what effects the impetus they need to get real health. And the name of the project is what Maria help me help you. Help me. So that's that's on the twenty, six, zero six. Six on rush ticks dot com fifteen bucks at the cheapest. Health care you can get on. Then you also have something coming up on audible that dropped. Twenty. It's free on audible free on audible it is. You are a comedy special fifteen step guide on how to forcibly force yourself to write and perform a full hour a standup comedy Oh. My Gosh. That sounds impossible I. Know That's why I'm glad it's out because I need to do it. And and that's available now on audible but the other one is on September. Audible. Plus Maria Bamford her two projects that sound. Wordy God. Comedy. How long have you been in in Duluth? When did you arrive at been here about three weeks? And Yeah. We just made the executive decision as a family to stay here to place all the yeah has anyways little complicated a mama has lung cancer. But that does not define her as a person she still shops. And so just here to to help out or get in the way as. Often do. I, know you already hassle with that printer. Screwed everything up in that? House old. Pilot dirt as well. Yeah. Jesus just dumped the dirt where you're told and mind your business. Yes. Later to. Lose a bit of the magic. Ella. that. There was no reason for it other than he just wanted Maria out of the house for a little while. From there. What if? met with the her father wanted to print something and just wanted her seeing the code. Maria you go dump that dirk quickly. No Prince. Come back is that a is that a laser or inkjet what printer we're looking at that question? Ask Your Dad, we got Tommy it's an officejet. I don't know where he is. He's since disappeared since our last point of contact I believe he's playing his keyboard down in the basement. Where he's learned, this land is your land along with they call the Wind Mariah I think on my behalf because it's going to be my fiftieth birthday September third that'd be Burlington big concert on the lawn. So so you're GONNA be fifty this I guess it's worth thirty day this week. Yes Thursday. Yes. Yes. Has Fifty my God every year gets better I mean this pandemic has just been I finally. I'm just finally really know Thing. I do enjoy life much much more than I did in my twenties but A. Fifty here fifty in the group. nope all younger than all much younger than that. Thank for asking all much younger than that. None of us, none of us are older that certainly none of us are older than fifty. Like an I have hard ten not telling everybody everything. I love preventative honesty. So then nobody ever goes. Or No? No, I think. I told you I was very clear on the second track of my third album. Maria Bamford shared during all of that Oliver delivered the Trivia question boy. So the Trivia. Question has been delivered posted school one he put something together. Here is the. is this is his note before I get any of it. This isn't my best I was rushed. So boy is that the I? Guess this is the topic. The topic is Super Trivia. Man. Doesn't doesn't seem like a topic does the Hell Should I I guess I probably should bring him in and having clarified that? Yeah. Please hold. Oliver Griffin A. Quickly now father need you. Pop your. Head. You, what Maria our friend Maria Bamford why? Oh my gosh. Get your show your face. What US weekly she'll your face. Oh, my gosh. Sweet face he's going to be by the way Maria fifty Thursday he's going to be thirteen. Wednesday. Over a teenager, my son's going to be a teenager, we are living parallel lives. She's making fun of you and I think it's very route so. Nobody, knows what this means. This is the topic Super Trivia Man. Interest or Super Superhero Trivia. Superhero Trivia and as a reminder, this is not his best he was rushed. So Superhero. Trivia. All right. Thank you enjoy your break. Questions can be a nightmare. So all just said if I had trouble understanding this, this whole topic is going to be a nightmare for me. Now. Courtesy of the word hero is not on that words are Super Trivia was rushed. Super Super Trivia man you don't. You don't have to keep it a secret I do. Those headphones bleed so I didn't WANNA brisk. I also have it stream into the other room so You can hear anything that's always a fan of the show so. Loves the show doesn't care for some of the guests I'll tell you that he says and I think it's very nice because you know what did I come to show for you for I don't care who the guest is wild I know very nice of a minute. Hands like I hate it hear this week's episodes. It's like. It's all dependent for me. I don't I. Don't really care for what you for bringing. So. All right. So everybody write your bet down. Superhero. Now I've got the double challenge because we're trying to beat Matt Yeah I know right we go to limit what? Are we talking about cash. Well. You win five dollars. You don't lose any money. I don't lose any money. Okay. got a chance to win five dollars. You do not have to you know what this week I think you'd. Have to pay five. Bucks. Yeah this week only I, think, we're going to do a little something different of allotment. Then more council is nobody saw. He My Visualizing the hot seventy from from Zoom Sean ended last night. I visualized that the county series with her dad and he won't give her the past researching money out. Maria God damn. It. I paid my father for every single job. He's done last year nine hundred bucks cash on the barrel head. Of course, it's non union. The day rate and that was very generous. Apparently That lack of trust though. All right. So everybody have their bed in. Yes. Marie. Down don't tell me what it is. Just write it down write your bet down. Okay. I'll put on the LETTERMAN's. We need a new song for. The Schafer's you wanNA shapers or Letterman. Shaffer. But then realized they're more letterman. Kinda folks but Maria you want to weigh in what? What do you think these like letterman shaffer and give a third choice? No the Letterman, they were letterman sweaters. Mother had. More David Letterman I guess what we're getting at Marine. Oh. ooh I'll go. If, Letterman over over Paul Shaffer you think these classes are more, David. Letterman. Than Paul Shaffer. All right. What about Randy? Doesn't Rainy Rainbow play into this at all I guess they're they're not pink enough to be Randy. Is. He's the guy that does those political song parodies. Him Very talented. talented. I don't think he's had a miss demands with they've all been Grayton. All right. So here we go. Here's your question Maria. Rotate Maria what are you doing? WHO's there? WHO's there Maria? Shame my forehand. Yes. It back in front of your face. How he's seen what don't show a your bed? Until. One. At all right that's good. I like how you just looking at the screen like you couldn't believe who was on it. Persist. Now. she goes the other way. All right. Here's your question. Here's your question again Super Trivia Superhero. Trivia. I think he doesn't know that he left a word out I'll talk. No I think what he meant was it's Super Trivia man likes like Superman like, yeah. But doesn't It's hard to be we. We didn't understand because we didn't know the intonation but. Right All right. Here we go. Number I have to say each and every week. My son's handwriting is atrocious I never know with these words are so I if I mangled a word here, give me a second. What Superhero was originally pitched? As an industrial capitalist WHO SOLD WEAPONS TO EVERYBODY And was. What? Is this word? It looks like G. R. E. E. D.. Greeted, maybe read it but he's gone with Penguin hard. Maria. Right down your answer and I'm taking you right now to shut. Mouth Can't be couldn't be clear in the break right your answer out and when I asked you, you reveal it. Okay. Let me finish the question. How about that also I'm claiming in I'm precedent. What who you Catherine O'hara? Sketch off. The Beatles Alex. By God and it was. I guess this has greeted, but it can't be as he challenged to make a person like that. What superhero was originally pitched as an industrial capitalist who sold weapons everybody and was greeted as a challenge to make a person like that. Likable. All right. Write it down Maria I'm begging you to write it down I mean. Again if you need to unit a code to find the paper as your father. Boy Oh boy. Oh my God, my pen just broken shot across the room. That was crazy. This that which is all it's left cal whilst that doesn't happen like the part that you know. Pulled now went flying. This spring there it's a clicky fan yeah. That's Okay all right. All right well, Marie is writing down ready mad is putting his pen together. I just got a new one I can't. I can't that one's a trash that much done. Yep. All right. Well, we lost a pen. Maria put your paper down. You're not reveal until I ask. Until I put it down. down. I like to play I like the visual play Maria Bamford share. Let's go around the horn. Let's check in with everybody this the Garin cockerels doing now the last time we spoke to everybody die Garin waiting for his roommate to have the results of his Cova test. Maria Garin guarantees roommate was a near. The head covid he had to get tested and we were hoping the results were to come in during our last episode they did not. And because Matt Nellie and I are such great friends. We said don't tell us until next week so we can reveal it on the show. because. We don't care what's happening to in your apartment less. It's show related. So, Garin first and foremost please reveal. A guarantee. Of course never not funny whether s sponsored by pop culture beets DOT com. Please tell us is you does your roommate did he test positive or negative for Covid nineteen? Well. After a long and grueling wait. Finally, found out, he tested negative for. Twenty. Twenty just twice both tests came back negative. Great correct. All right. Good. Unless. I haven't don't know it. sniffling like crazy on Thursday at maybe psychosomatically I, don't know but you seem like you know it. Yeah I think it was that. Yes, she's cleared up very quickly. Wanted have sex with the BAT. Microphone now, we what ever your microphone Maria. Make, you want to have sex with a bat. To Your crotch and put it near your mouth for grant allowed, which we can hear her setup. Jimmy were you went to get the Trivia from? Oliver, the break but she's got the laptop on a standing desk while she sitting regular seat height and then the the I think the microphones just on a pillow or something. A moment ago. I was like an orb floating around the room. That's. The thing that came into play as cell when they were trying to. It looked like. I wish I knew what that was called so that I could have tortured Roy and everybody would have been holy shit part. Oh, that's impressive for him to know that. I think it is just interrogation right? I don't think it has a good name. A good name. Compared to to to it's not a good name. I don't know I kind of like entirety enter. No, it turns out I don't. I try. Garin congratulations on the on the result there on the COVID. Happy to hear that nobody there has it. The last thing we wanted anybody that you know to have it I don't want strangers to have it. I want this thing to go away although I've just been told that if you get it you WanNa fuck a bat. So maybe not I wouldn't mind having it a little bit. Right guate-. Garage. Bang around with the upside down. Inversion table so I'm ready to fuck like a bat. It's my favorite Ozzy Osbourne album by the way, fuck. Off. Sounds like maybe Elliott's never heard Ozzy Osbourne. But he's heard you sing other things on the shows or the that was based on that was more Motley crue than it was Yeah. Ozzy. Now now here we known now Yana crazy feeling. There's your Ozzy. Not a good. But that's neat Disney crazy trained and he's not, the rails on a cruise train, but it's not he doesn't Shriek it. Does I thought well, I thought it goes up. He's not that Sh- reiki no. No He's not that tricky stopping top painting him as a streaker. You are really reducing his talents to something that's. His domes was not for me at all maybe fans loved it but it was not Jimmy Pardo from Chicago. Gary what else I know go Maria Garin does this thing where he tweets out to the fans of never not funny hey, give me a movie to watch and I will watch it. What did you end up watching this weekend Garin. Past two days I want on a mini marathon of movies. Including fans a couple of suggestions actually. I did watch all three had movies out in a row then includes the new one including the new one. Okay. Great Fun. Just it's just they're just joy. Joyful Joy. This guy I mean. The we love me hate him whatever but they're. Hopeful happy movies. There's like not down thing really to that. Question about. That the young man Alex Winter. He's a guy that people like to poke fun at isn't that he didn't have the success that candidate and they put them down. But did he go? Did he go into directing what? What did he do? Post Bill and Ted? I don't could question I know he lost boys but that was way before I think he's a denise start making documentaries or something I thought he was like filmmaker, right? Yeah. That's what I thought but people like to go. Together. I wonder if they can find that guys. Jiffy. Lube by people like to make that. He's one of those and then fuck you how many movies did you star in? He's he's pretty prolific director. He's done thirty six credits which. House documentaries. Does he get time off from the Lube? God. And that gets it. Way that Garin Elliott never will. The point directed. Show Biz kids. Yeah Yeah. Panama. have. Not Wash it. Will. All right. Let's check that out. Then what did you watch a show you the bill and Ted Marathon Yep and then I watched a documentary. Oh, documentary go. Which one will it be this one? Marie I. Bothered with this are you? We bothering you. Know I I, just lose myself. Maria before we get to guarantee movies, did you bring the dogs with to dilute or they they at home the right now they're being driven out by the Father A Scott Marvel Cassidy is on a five day trip with Boston Common Gary. Peterson, they're going to the country through the country. With a pug older pug as well as very old rat terrier. Currently. How how far were the drive? Are they day wise and and distance wise David's start yet. I made it up as if it more dramatic them surrogate that they will be starting soon. Okay. Well, I wish them luck as I do all travelers. Garin. What what movie is the the doctor what documentary speaking about? Courtesy of Steve. At gw Steve forty-three I watched class action park on HBO Max. Hang on Class Action Park. Is that the one about the one? That like Johnny Knoxville to a movie about yeah about. Action. Park in New Jersey. My hope and always wanted to go to. Read the book about it. It sounds so awful and hilarious. House, the movie Garin. It's good. It's a good documentary it. Has. Even spoil anything for you but you get everything you WanNa know about this place you learn about it. And I think the coolest thing for me was hearing people reminisce. About aid being kids in the eighties and sort of having this sort of. Fair lifestyle where parents just let them just. Go do your thing dude whatever right and they would go to accent park and they would get. Wrecked basically. But yeah, it's it's a good doc and it's a cool. Where's that available Gern Hbo Max All right I'm GonNa make a note of that. Be a Max. What else did you watch? And then Ted Sullivan gave me a couple of suggestions I watched the parallel view. With Warren Beatty from seventy four. And then supercop, which is a blast. Chance. From our friend Ted Sullivan, that's her whole. Correct All right. Well, Gary. No that sounds great. It sounds like you enjoy a couple of movies over the weekend a lot of continue to what so give me your answer here on this Super Trivia. Superhero was supposed to be A. Whatever it was. my. Who helped me I think it's and. Jimmy, you're welcome Maria Dunn, September. Twenty six you could get that is over at. Rush tickets I believe rush chicks, brush takes, which I believe is owned by rush limbaugh. So that's great. I believe it is boy. Is it no, a comedy show Pricing I'd never know what it might be. I don't have a clue I. Don't know what rush limbaugh has got his fingers into. He's got his fingers into a bunch of different pies. Among On all spread Nelson Riley, these glasses when I do that. And also could also be owned by Russell Simmons also. Apparently. Not a good person because his management company was called. Rush Oh you're right. Also not a good very. So apparently, if you go any sort of rush although the three guys in Russia's must be three of the nicest guys. Good guys they. Bucks, the trend although Alex into net bar fight with his son down in Florida five years ago or so. So at one point they were Nice. Nice. Guys, nerds. Well, they're they're Canadian. So that's maybe if you're. Canadian. Rush Related Nice. Down, here in the states, opposite I just saw by the way that there is a documentary about Gordon lightfoot speaking Canadians Canadian crooners that I cannot wait to watch I, cannot wait for my wife to. Be under the weather and go to bed early so that I could watch that and Gordon lightfoot. Is. There's way she's sitting through that with me. You know those glasses I just realized you look like Tom Hanks with glasses. Thank you very much. He has how he has flashes like these. Yeah. I do like Oh boy. Oh boy here we go money pit to bring it. That's that's the one that's the way you want to remake cuts one. That's what I want. Then, yellow I'll watch anything with my husband. Old World Series. The News. I'm a baseball nut and I won't do that. Holy Ripe. It's all available. Youtube. Right. Youtube of course as we all know, I just owned by rush limbaugh home. Only tracks. I believe Comedian Kevin Shea. Went was roommates with the guy that started youtube. Wow. So that used to do a funny bit about how he would. The guy would be talking about the his life is if there was a problem, you have anything to go. That's awful. Buy me a castle. A. I think it was Kevin Shaved very funny. Young men opened. From Los, Angeles will prefer me though up at rooster teeth feathers. Great comedy. Club. Horrible name. That's what the. With the answering machine would say say. Do. See. I thought it was a because you cut out a little bit I thought it'd be clever if it was chuckled doodle do oh. Yes. That would that would only ever be great. They did have because then it released it wouldn't be going cockatiels. love that club love it. Garin please tell me what superhero was originally pitched as an industrial capitalist who sold weapons to everyone Jimmy I'm gonNA. Go with Tony Stark also is iron man boy what he's going to get this one. This is another Oliver special where he he pulls it out from under US as a reminder. This isn't my best I was rushed. We all thought that about the Jesse Ventura question. Not. Jesse Ventura question turned out so Boy Well. We'll tell you that I did not say that. So I did not say Tony Stark because I don't. Know anything about. My guess can't be worse. Penis. Yes it's penis. Penis man. You saw the rubber tire junior iron man that's what it's about. I know that which is now that you say it out loud. It's like, of course, that's the answer I went with Howard Stern's superhero character art men. That is not what I guess. They succeeded in making him likable. So congratulations to them. That's All right. Well, Garrett I. Wish you a lot of luck. It sounds good to be putting that money three. Oh No, it's GONNA. Come down to the bed. Right let's check in with the biotic bore. He's over there video village in Palms California. Elliot how are things going there? Not Before we started you were you had to move your car. What does that mean? Because I thought you had signed spaces there. So. First full disclosure I didn't end up moving the car boy. Thank you because I, don't want to do bullshit. No Bullshit. The one of the other vendors texted me because they're painting the outside of the building next door next to the next. Building, which certainly could use a refresh. The other building is being treated. Yeah and so In fact, another tenant had complained and asked me to intervene because they had been doing the like the primer coat. Yes and they had covered the cars for that building but then the paint had drifted over to our way and she has a brand new like one of those big GPS, a black, a black jeep and others white primer on it, and they are now I think based on having gotten paint on my Mustang my black Mustang before that actually there is a simple solution because you're not allowed to use like oil based paints anymore so. That would solve it. That would that would take care of the problem I. Agree Maria well Elliott case the solution was have an inch of dust on your car and then. came. Off the most. Dust off it goes right away. Can I ask you a question? Are you better care for your new car than you did the Mustang I'm trying to. For this car I haven't because a covert, I haven't had a chance to get it washed. Its IT. So how are open you stay rate your car there couldn't you couldn't be anything safe you. You can stay right near Card and have other people touch car I would like to not do that at the used car go through the fucking car wash. Well what I keep trying to find one of those automated ones. But it's really hard to search for that in Google you one where you hold the wand and no no no you get. You get in the car it's like the back of the of the gas station and it. CanNot be one closer to your house. Where is there a? We can talk about it later it's right on Robertson south of Whatever that street is twenty eight through whatever that had not twenty five, eighteen eighteenth south of eighteenth on Robertson. Car. Washes what these Tacoma Pussy. W? Caught off guard. Blushes trying to Keith Keith. I'm Marie is that the type of stuff you're going to be doing on the twenty sixth? That's very therapeutic and that'll help all of your. Make people laugh and that's what you need. Right man when you're breasted nothing like laughter to get you out of it. Best Medicine Jimmy they say it right that penicillin helps as well tornadoes. Still Penicillin and apples. Apple. A day keeps the doctor away. Oh I a very fun tweet about trump and apples early on in the covert, very tweet that people seem to respond very highly. How did they like them apples? Matt Damon they did. Well. I'll give you that all right Elliot. So you move the car no no I didn't I up I've been told you move the car. I was very clear sir. there is no, no advantage is taken. one I ended up doing is I saw the guys they're having their lunch? Yes and and I saw that they had covered the once again they'd covered they're doing the grey coat they done the primer but now it's GonNa. Be Gray. Okay. working on that they were having lunch I I asked him for some plastic. Because they put plastic on cars under there but here's the thing is I had an email conversation with the owner of that building because my tenant she doesn't want to deal with the conflict she would like me to handle it for so so I contacted them and and made it very clear. Hey, this is happening I actually suggest a solution he was like, yeah, I'll probably do that Made it very clear. You should let us know. When this than this, that did not happen. I mean, maybe one of the people on that crew told the vendor who told me but I would have expected the owner to tell me anyway. So I ask them for plastic gave me some of the plastic and I put it over the front of my car because that's the only part that was vulnerable to potential paint and That's what took me the time rather than finding parking space right was navigating the very thin. Plastic to. Try. To. Without Having tape whatever. So I it's interesting when you try to put plastic I, don't know. I, think it's interesting if you try to put plastic and close the door on it. That's actually not as easy to do. As you might think because every time to close the door every blow up the air pushes it out. I had to do that four times each side. Before it got to stick in there. But. We only have to hear about a once so we win Area is the kind of superhero we need. Thank. God He's not storyteller because I would have given you. Details. It's also mindfulness meditation where you just you know you. anyways, just he's he's a guy who's able to to get things done a point by point they're real. Maria Bamford has a Elliott, help her help you. Getting, an early Ed that's not till the twenty six for the Deli getting reading today, I call them readings when you were to therapy. Therapist like glowing ball on the table mine does you? Do you talk to the spirits. I talked to a bottle of booze that's what you're asking. Come. Play. That's play. Your Little J. D.. Me and Sammy Hagar. Flood. Wall Burrito. Elliott. This is a serious question what kind of lunch or these gentlemen having they go from the the truck or do they bring a sack lunch? I didn't. Specifically, see, but I believe there was a branded drink. So I want to say that went to a fast food restaurant of some sort something local. please D- Are you also guessing Tony Stark is that also your? So here. Again with with with Oliver's history. I second guessed myself. Because Iron Iron Man Tony Stark is the obvious answer I am saying that but I'm also saying out loud the only other thing I could think of was Oliver Queen. As a possible answer and that's is the Arrow greener hero yeah. Who could we all drop some balloons for me knowing live you knew that that's crazy. Wow, I didn't. I can't believe I knew it. Yeah. If that had been the trivia question than. I boy insolence. By the way I know that because my son's name is Oliver and I believe at some point when he was a kid said Hey dad, you know there's a superhero also named Oliver I. think that's how I know that. You want to say he was a kid I mean probably a week and a half ago. It's perfectly good reason to know that. You went with Oliver Queen. No No. I did go with Iron Polymer Queen. Got You down. Man Tony Stark got down Queen Ver-. Elliott Tony Stark. Iron man for Garin. All right. The balloons are going back up Jimmy Oh By the way you guys see the video of that girl that got caught in the tail the kite yet. Odd. That was on television. I was like I don't even think you should be showing this this no agreement. Matt further for Maria and people that have not seen it, please explain what video is a girl got. G-. Wrapped up in a very big kite and then pulled up into the air and was being whipped around violently about twenty five feet in the air. Mad. If I may one hundred feet in the Oh. Okay. I didn't even. I just saw an ad like a teaser for it. I didn't know. But yeah, she was up there. And it was crazy looking was like those things and by the tire store but a human in the air was she was she I believe is three years old or five years old or something and authors all I'm I'm looking at the numerous still images and she she weighed met to your to your twenty s you weighed twenty eight pounds. And got taken up by the kite one hundred feet, and then they had to finally get her down so that somebody could grabber and get it down but could you? Could you even watching the video I was stressed out of my skull I couldn't imagine being there. My first thought was who the hell videotapes this put your phone down and help. You put your arms out to catch her if nothing else I what you do, the fact that she didn't fall is fascinating to me. With all that whipping around that, she didn't become untangled right? It was like sly strangled by the Yes swords or whatever it is. I both recommend watching it and also recommend ever take a look at it. I was watching that tribute to Chadwick. Bozeman on ABC I saw that little. Clip and I was like Whoa like, why are you making me look at this is this is scary but and yes, of course, rest in peace rest and power as they say. Are We allowed To do the thing now. Okay. With white guys in their forties and fifties can they? Let's not. Saluting Kanda. Yeah No I don't think I know what you're talking about something. That was And as I pointed out in the text chain that we're on that I found it I found it interesting that he passed away on. Jackie Robinson Day yeah. Today's usually in April but because of you know the baseball starting late, they move that back and so the man that play Jackie Robinson passed away and I thought that was just it's crazy that that made a sad thing even sadder in and and we're poignant But yeah, that's awful man by all accounts she was supposed to be a great guy. Couldn't. Couldn't stop thinking about that all weekend it was just a it's just such an upsetting. And especially, you met with the you know with what's going on in our country at the moment, and here's this positive role model and for for kids and you know black specifically and then. Just awful. Awful Yeah but I mean the other way of looking at it maybe to to try to find the the light side is that he I do think he helped change the world I mean like that is the impact of that movie and his him playing that character the way he did is indelible and I think Woke certainly will collie would to the idea that there is a hunger for that. Type of positive representation in film for for all people of Color and minorities and so It's it's awesome that he was in his even though his time was cut short that he was able to to have that kind of effect on the world I think also the positive takeaways that you got to watch that commercial free. So really. I didn't Actually Watch the movie I just watched the little thing after I say. It was like an hour long but. But Yes. Obviously very, very sad. And so matt. superheroes who'd you go with for this answer? Yeah. I didn't go. I didn't really go beyond my first thought, which is Tony Stark slash. IRONMAN. But I do think that there's a one percent chance you could also maybe and I don't think this is true. But maybe Batman also a guy thought that man fit into that but I don't I think that that that it undermines that because because this is when this character was created for that purpose, right? No Batman the first one that's why I thought Oliver Queen might because he was created later I, think has created this. Maybe I'm wrong that anyway. But Yeah I. think that the the era in which Batman was created, it wouldn't really make sense for there to be an. Industrialised. A weapons dealer via character because it was like before. World. War Two or at least before we entered World War Two I believe and and also Batman. Quicken so that you guys are huge nerds. Please, do not include me in that. Please do not include me that Maria. Era was God Damn Right I. Do Oliver Queen near the biggest. NERD. Not on this topic but I, will the Maria Bamford. Let's go to you. Now Maria Bamford of courses in Duluth Minnesota. She's taken up ref others office who we were told A. Bed Name. We were promised would make an appearance. No you're you promised appearance by Your Father Mr Bamford I can't I I can't control them. he's a seventy nine year old man noses where on his own house. And he's GonNa try to. Escape from me then. He can do it. That's exactly how old my dad is to. Is. Batman Seven. You weren't with Batman Maria that was Matt Not Fall Back. But had some thoughts about it All right. Well, this is. Maria before we get move further, this is now is your husband when he drives out there with the dog. willy. Be Staying there for awhile or is it? Back yes. He's going to stay here for as long as he can take it. Day a week among we don't know but I feel that a totally. Yeah Duluth. Is An acquired taste and Does you get along with your parents yes. Yes. Very much. So but it's it's. A. It's a tense. My Dad. His way of showing love to give you a list of tasks. Friends. I try to tell my husband that that it's a it's a respectful thing like I I know you can put together a barbecue grill by yourself, and that's why he's handing that to my husband as soon as he. Walks in the door but. It's Yeah. So it's it's a tense. Does. Your sister have any views on him coming in staying. For this. She's she's popped. My sister is Super Goof ball a she was a physician and is now is a life coach Shaman. Which yet, she's potassium for kids. Dealing with yes. She as she does give she's she'll be happy for here. Okay. Does, you have anything to say about it right now I guess what I'm getting at the. See. Make impersonation ever nurse. I can't I can't anymore. She asked me not to owes at trump. Okay. Yeah. I thought maybe it would scare your family into thinking she was there. No. All right. Well Vernon. No, I am trying to. Be. More loving. It pains you can see on your. Really does that and sincerity, right? Love. Maria. Bamford is here She got the the new special on the twenty six. You could livestream that over rush ticks helped me help you find this website I think it's called. I went. Here's my shit answer, I Thought this under and over thought this at the same time Matt You bring up World War Two play into this a little bit I went with. Captain America. That's what I went with thinking that maybe again because the wording is. was originally pitched. So they pitched that idea and they went well, that's never going to work. Why don't we make him a hero instead? Blah Blah. So that's my. Jimmy, we've done that magic trick where you longer your. House. Office hang on. Let me let me get back there. Didn't like that answer. How do I put in put your put your hand in front of your are they go wait hang on I'm going there I'm back. Who guys that was weird. I was floating through space there for a second to. Like like we found, we finally pulled back the curtain and saw the wizard and it was pretty good seventy. Okay. Now everybody knows nobody knows I'm out of the office. Boy. I was afraid of what never not vine he's going to do with that. Okay here boy. is dressed to. Say That I'm sorry did I was about to say it'd be. Ready I think she's great men her speech was terrific and I wish a lot of luck she's She's a woman being held hostage. Believe anything that she says were or acts good sentenced you. All right. Here's your answer. Here is your answer. We got three Tony Stark's Batman and a captain America let's ready I assume we're going to go have to go to the numbers but here's the answer. Yes iron man. Okay. No time for extra info thought I, have some. Though I have, I really have to start typing these because this. This is you know I don't ever I'm not really a strict dad because so far there hasn't really been reason to be but this is bullshit this. This needs to be dealt with maybe it means he's going to be a doctor. God if anything but a comedian and. Easier sister and dad have terrible handwriting. My Dad had to take to handwriting classes. When he was a physician to. The the secretary. And assistant could. Tell what he wanted. It is not improved but boy, did he work work hard at it? I, don't understand because that's always the joke of the doctors have this horrible handwriting and I would always assumed like that's how they make their own notes. But when they do the prescription and they write the prescription, then you bring it to the pharmacy and they go kill. Let's see if we have this and they know what it is like I don't know what those letters are. What's the man wrote down and you have an answer rather get I don't get it and why is it so universal or at least I don't know if other countries have this issue but at least in America, it seems like everybody knows what you're talking about when you say that. Maybe that I I don't know the answer I had an answer and then I looked over at my phone I'm getting a text message from somebody that's never texted me and I don't know why it's happening. So I okay. I got distracted Milania. It is. Joe Biden text me. Seven Times an our I believe. I get a lot of. I mean, I said Tim. Ten fifteen twenty bucks. But then when he texts me again and says, Hey, just three three dollars I, go JAL. What do you buying? The Yard signs hopefully yard signs man. Four those or you did. Great Twenty Five Bucks Right for the for the art sign. Shipping. Last I was very unhappy with my shirts. My shirt deserve is a thick shirt. I don't like a thick shirt. I've been thinking about that Jimmy and I feel like there must be some other shirt from like a an affiliated organisation. uh-huh. I. Hope so that you could get maybe because I can't wear this thing I can't probably wear it. Yeah. You get the pins. Pins to stall. knockoff it's he said, son Silky bamboo t shirts for men I. Hope. So I. I do have a yard sign but full full disclosure I when Joe Biden was speaking near my house on election night here primary election night here and he spoke and. Four minutes away from my home my a yard sign on the way out it was like well, they don't need this anymore and I grabbed it and I'll put it in my yard and. Possibly the show of American spirit. Do with it. Probably want you to take it and put it on your own. That was my that was my thinking like other just going to put this in a dumpster you'll save the diamond I'll put it in my yard. All right. Well, iron man is what we went with. So let's find out what your ever bets were. Two of us are not. Part of this marine both. stunk that we we know Maria bet twenty four because she showed us. The OL- southern Cooper Sutherland Now, have gotten into Matt's mind or not today that's what I'm trying to figure out. Oh, by the way, let's not they did that game that met and I played. The other night Elliott you watched it began I'll tell you guests who won guess who won Garin. My Gut says matter but I'm GonNa Guess you over steady. Thank you for trying. Let's close one by one question different. Five points and I won by five points fury eating. It was crazy. We both agree we both killed it on the final round, which was separate. We only went head to head directly in one round I think yeah but that. They were like Sh-. After after we were done there were like nobody's ever even like you smashed the record for how many you got right in the final round. And then I'm and then I got the same and they were like they couldn't believe anyone got more than one I think because usually there Are Well, they were good at it and you are sharp. We are. We're not morning we're not morning deejays. We've we've been in training for five months doing the doing our show edging Trivia and all this other stuff. So All right. Well, let's reveal I guarantee you were first. So what what, what did you bet? Jimmy I went twenty five. Oh boy and Garin Cockrel I can't beat that. would. You do would you teen seventeen conservative one matt would go with well hit to say it but I also said twenty-five. Dick. Get fifty congratulations. At least somebody tied him though what? Maria, what does this mean mathematically am I am I owning a lot of money? Out of it for minimum Fido but she does Jimmy she does don't don't don't interrupt. She does us all money. Oh that's right. Yeah. Twenty dollars five bucks each. I'm a little short. You know what? Pawn one of the yard signs and Val covered whatever you get more. Yeah. Okay. Up Printer. It isn't it's a good-looking printer I. Don't know if it's any good quality printing. It's HP officejet. My father loves quality. He has he no, he is a streamlined office situation here. Looks Fantastic. I have an HP right behind me behind the green screen there I have an HP and Matt you also have an hp I just got an HP because finally with the kids with my wife working at home and the kids doing school at home, we just needed like a good color printer in my mind wasn't cutting it. of course, HP Sans. For. Hanna Barbera. That's That's who makes these printers. So that's that's good stuff they know from color because they make all those cartoons. So why wouldn't you want to get a printer made by the same people? we'll congratulations to Matt and Garin on getting. Literally my son phone this in. That's how. Early in the game, this is a new season. We're back to being a on level ground. You gotta you gotTa. Go Big to get these points well, and again you're going to get that money out of the Jeremy Herbal. Trivia. Tins. So Tribute Heaton. Trivia teach-in. Memorial Talk Let's get back with you. They're. Fun and make sure yes. Marie cured debt with these. You know I could send you something. That's worth says not add want back so that it you know if it takes me a while to pay back then collateral. Clear. Against Punter. I think that it's clearly a little bit more valuable. As more like a CB. One, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, nine. Guy Who's the artist No no no. Just me. Yeah. See your CD. Has Hundreds of her in atop. Shipped out. Molly. OFF THERE IS A. Worker here and he tried. Burden her with. My comedy. Maria did you fly to Minneapolis Yes. How is flying during this time? Never felt safer it's empty They give you. You're nuts in your your water, your water milk in a plastic bag and yeah, you're so far away people nobody's at the airport it feels completely safe or. Not Mistaken. That's probably a Delta Airlines Delta. Love to fly right met it shows. Thank you. Edge how many people would have your own Romaria oh? Yes. I am I mean ECON comps. So there's somebody across the cross the row from me. Carson I'll. But no perfectly lovely I could not recommend traveling by Delta enough. Did you fly out of La Exit Burbank Yes la? Super Mazdas. I thought I. Heard that was Kinda crowded there, but maybe it just depends on the day or the. Airline maybe may have gone on a weekday and also also it was free and so many frequent flyer miles that the free part really speaks to me. So maybe am talking it up because I. I don't feel like I've spent any money, right? And did you. Ever everybody they're wearing a mask you wear a mask. Did you wear added? Field, the shield are wars she? No, I did not wear shield jumpsuit though some people were wearing tie back jumpsuits. Only yes. Ben I got to Duluth. Right there's a wind off the lake. So somehow everyone goes outside. It's fine. We're all good outside. Then you have to put your mask on when you're inside which is a cover government mandated thing they say you don't have to have a mask on outside but very different for California. But if you go to if you go to target or whatever you have to, you have to have the Wisconsin the store. Yes Oh just at target. Purchase this ploughs Oh. Is that right and do as Maria. When you go to target they recognize you as the as the spokesperson now that mask on Scott. Smart Yeah no and yes no, and it was fifteen years go camping so. I was GONNA say is it is it really that long ago? Just yesterday. That's how. Help me up purchase a home. Thank you. Thank you to target. I love target boy can't get enough I do love target I from what I learned if. They treat their workers both here and abroad. WAS THAT RIGHT Oh, God is just as bad as Walmart like union busters they. Keep everybody at ten dollars in part time so they can't get. To work. This. Out. The reason I was able to buy a house I remember and I do get paid very well right and you always look for the Union Label Maria I certainly do I will as Jackie cases I will love wear clothing made by toddlers I will not sell it. Comes on my stuff is unique in the united. States on this country. Making great again, if we can guys ignore the last four years. Let's make it great again. That's a good slogan. Good. Great. The meaning has been lost for the word. Here here. We'll Maria you. WanNa. Win. Win. Does your Goddamn it? Hi, I'm Jimmy Pardo. Welcome to the show. I may or may not have just had a seizure. I don't know what tap legit Jimmy if you're not feeling well, maybe we should take a break in and then compare that's not a bad off together. Let's take a break. We'll come back and say goodbye to Maria Bamford. How about that? Good Call Elliott. Let's do that. Little chance to gather my thoughts. We're back wherever this. Hey, guys met here are some dates for you Maria Bamford on twitter at Maria Bam Fu. Her website is Maria Bamford Dot Com. So that's a little more standard if you want to just find her on the Internet, you can also find her on audible apparently this is free for anyone to listen to it's called You are a comedy special. That's our audible original, and it's available now to go to audible dot com to find that and then on the twenty sixth of September this is the other thing that I almost mixed up the names of. September twenty, six, th seven PM. Pacific time she's doing a live special via rush ticks are US H. I, x. that's called me help you help me and it sounds really fun. It's going to be Maria doing comedy, but she's also going to be talking to you guys whoever comes into the room. I think there's maybe six or seven people will have the pleasure of Maria giving them life advice and that sounds very entertaining and possibly destructive for your health. Enjoy that if you are a part of it and you can again find out at rush ticks, dot com meanwhile, Pardo is still at Jimmy Pardo on twitter. Elliott is at Elliot Hofburg, guarantees my name is Darren the show is at never not funny on facebook at facebook dot com slash never not funny on Youtube. It's youtube dot com slash never funny that's where you. Find clips of every episode and Jimmy's records and tapes. So check out, click the notification bell if you want to find out when new stuff pops up and what else there. Yeah. I think that's it. Oh, two more things I forgot to mention There are two dates that I wanted to tell about one Jimmy is going to be doing another flappers show in the. flappers zoom that is on September eighteenth I believe it's a seven PM. Pacific show go to FLAPPERS COMEDY DOT COM to get tickets for that zoom event and this Sunday September sixth. We are doing another game night, but it's actually in the morning for West coasters. At least we are doing the Bingo night. This is for tier three platinum pre subscribers only we will. Be, playing another game ten am Pacific Time on September six. So go to never not funny dot com and click the platinum link and you will see all the information you need in the bonus area there once again ten am Pacific Time, that's one p. m., eastern, and hopefully some people in Europe can join us too. So check that out. Sunday ten am enjoy. BELKNAP is always I, have a question for you and my question today is have you noticed how much better my skin is look lately you look marvelous and I'm not saying that because I know how much you love that billy crystal character on SNL Do you have less bags in my eyes? That's a serious actually yes. Yeah I. Wouldn't have thought of it. But now that you say that I definitely do notice that I noticed it to tell you what I'm using a new product t.j Hanley is what I'm using. It is a whole system. It's a care system and here's what here's what I. Here's how I do it. I. It comes a little bag, a little toiletry bag and you gotta wash. Then you've got a scrub and so you go in order you wash your face with the wash. Rinse it. Then you can use the scrub. They don't recommend using it more than a couple of times a week news described which I enjoy. It cools your face yet and you feel it working invigorating. You then rinse that off and then you put on a serum a super serum put that on I. Rub that in now while edge drying I- then put the ice stuff on. My eyes and and then by the time, that's all done i. then put on the the lotion and evolution for am and PM am has little sunscreen it right So that's nice that you're you're you're by doing that procedure met which I've been doing now since I received the product, I wanNA say two and a half three weeks ago. You do it morning and night. Honestly I it's Insane it gives me something to look forward to at night. It's like, Oh, I'm getting ready for bed you brush your teeth all that and. Where's the Hanley and I cut it out and he's got a little booklet walks you through the steps on how to do it. I don't need the booklet anymore I guy figured it out and wrote a and by figuring out what I did I made a copy of it and blew up to poster size and have that hanging on the wall in the bathroom. No. You just look at that thing instead. It's also I. It just shows you how much each product to us and it's wonderful and it makes it make I'm not kidding my skin feels better and. And especially underneath the is it really is it it it it I can see that it's working is what's crazy I got some to and I love how it feels I love that the confidence it gives me you know it's like I. think that's one of the things that maybe guys who you know don't necessarily think about skin care as much but especially as you get. you know you start to look at your face in the mirror and maybe notice some things that weren't there before using this stuff if if your face feels good. And you like how it's looking in the mirror it gives you a little spring in your step, a hundred percent agree with you and and. To your point getting some wrinkling. puffiness. Parts care that into my skin is looking just looks fantastic. I always get compliments on my skin and I've gotten some more lately. They don't. They don't see anything but my forehead and my cheeks because I'm wearing a mask but I know that underneath there when they're saying that they're about my entire face yeah. T Hanley's the news the name of the company Ti H. A. N. L. E. Wise I spelled T. Hanley. For. US shipping. There's no coupon code required to most other countries said well, but here in the US, it's a free shipping. If you cut out the middleman, they still the consumer. And you can get t Hanley's high-quality skincare products for a super affordable price and here's the important thing. Here's what I want to tell you because t Shanley is sponsoring never not funny. They're offering you a free toiletry bag with your first box. Nice. So just go to TJ dot com slash nf let me spell that for TI. E. Dot com slash NF claim your offer, and you get started for just twenty five bucks. I'll tasting systems worth it. That's a great domain name by the way just nice and short and bright T.J DOT com. I'm guessing that a by that from a guy named teas that was sitting on that for years. Do you think it was to use Notaro? I'd like to think that take you did that and just just like see I see registered the wrong domain. God I put to unnecessary vows in the. Season here. Wait a minute a take a look at this email that's our assistant talking to her and then. Somebody company named pige wants this silly for a song. TEASED DOT com slash enough. You're gonNA claim your offer you get a free to bag I speak highly of this. I like it. We're doing this at four in the afternoon I'm already looking forward to tonight because you tonight, Matt Scrub skin-care gets used to scrub the night. I haven't used a few days. There you go. Yeah. That is that's like a As refreshing party for your face right there really isn't to use your word from earlier invigorating teach dot com slash NF t.j dot com slash on an f. t. a better way to treat your face. Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the program. So twenty seven Oh too late second break. This episode is I said in the break. Free. So into Maria Bamford. Catching up with my friend that I forgot the format of her own show. So I apologize for that late break because now it's going to seem like this last segment wasn't worth coming back for. It's going to be like, couldn't you guys said that before the we asked Maria? Too, bad hold on. We're GONNA close up strong with Mr Bamford. I was GONNA. Suggest we've maybe tell Maria more about comic books because. She can get her dead and. Must have heard watering hall there. Let's see if we can get him to print something I'd. Just like number of comedy something has. Richardson doing. How's it going? Get it or you go. Here's Mr Bamford. Hello. Sir. How are you? Sir He can't hear US Maria because you have headphones on. I. Guess. Maria we don't even know your father's first name you refuse to tell us. Tell Dr? Joe Bamford Hello Joel How are you nice to see? A Joe, Lieberman vibe home it. Yeah absolutely. You covered. Joel. To upset you. beaver mentions okay. said. All Bimbo More Memories Tickles Maria it's the best. Jaw your daughter. Yeah. Your daughter is one of the people on the planet. Do you guys feel the same way around the? House yes. Yeah. We appreciate the humor and. Yeah lightens the load. When it's Tough but right now, it's pretty good sons how? Are. You enjoying her being there for this duration I understand that she's not there under the best of circumstances, but you enjoying her visit. It's really nice said, and we're getting closer to her than we came when we went to Califor-. Oh Unless you're in your own pod. Joel Let's talk about what's really important here. Walk us through that printer. You've got the you got a pass code that I could get. So I can. Past hold. Here. Well the problem with the mail system right now. Maybe that's the reason that. It's slow down the male Joe have. From time to time. Well sounds like a big one because this young lady had all the way staples to print something out refused to let her use the printer i. Bother my my father but now he didn't. Print directly to the pretty. He doesn't want to give me password on his computer. Okay. That's not what you said earlier. That's a whole different story. You hundred to have one password. Ol- I'm with you on this. Maria. You Solis ability here. Well, what happened I sometimes fudge the truth because it is a crowd pleaser. Calls my bowel movements. That doesn't sound like Maria Bamford joke. Right. In front of Dad. Where's your mind? By the way? Did you put under the again? Sorry yeah bring that up your. Talking into the floor I own. They heard me fine I'm sure we did her you find it was Maria. Joel, you gotTA model number on that printer. It's a Hewlett Packard. HP Hewlett Packard. Oh It's a ninety, two, thousand five. Zero two, five yeah, Metro. Sounded I've gone through five printer so far they all say they're going to give you a bargain. You look on the Internet it's cheaper to go buy it at the store then began it from them. Where did you go? You go to staples you go to office depot. Joel. No I. Got this from the Home Office I'd like to pay more than it costs. Okay. I don't know if that answers my question but I. Got Drink from HP Oh, I see. Oh, I see. Thank you Ellie for. Solving that riddle for me because I. Saw I'm okay onto their printed addiction system you know where you promise to you think you're going to print three hundred pages a day for the rest of your life, and then they mail you the ANC whether you need it or not. You got to charge. what does that set you back? How often do they send it every three months every month supposed to be every month and it's nine dollars. So it's not exorbitant if you actually printed anything right? Well, maybe with Maria there the you'll finally get through with this month. Yes. I think that's what I'm hoping. Sure. It was a pleasure chatting with you. Yes. Okay. So much for having us on the show and you're not done yet Maria. Here we're just cutting your dad lives here. Okay. All right being love you. A that's that's what we call a cameo. For that. Oh, no cameo for I mean that's the guest star will at least you have to put him. Prominently. Font you told them. It's nonunion. Cover non-union Right Maria. Very familiar with. Maria the special airs on the Twenty Six at livestream you get tickets at rush ticks, DOT com. It's called the me myself and Irene. All the. Maria Bamford helped me help you help me, and then of course, she's got the brand new audible. Original production available on auto audible plus you are a comedy special. Fifteen step self help guide to fortunately force yourself to write and perform full hour of standing up comedy. So. Beyond the lookout for that, if you want to. But then on the twenty six, th marine when you do those live streams like you're doing on the twenty six, do you have open for you or is it just an evening with Maria Bamford? Well, this this particular one is just because because it's going to be like a chit chat show. So I'm going to start doing stand up and but usually I, would have mistake occasion open for me but this time I'm just GONNA stand up to open and then Talk to people for the rest of the show. Great with that way. That's going to be great to be on the lookout for that, and of course Maria you can find her dead Maria Bamford Dot Com I. Don't know if that's true. True. Yes. All right. I just by the way I just bought the. Domain Joel Bamford DOT COM and Yeah. I just got it. So. Look out for that. It's going to be all photos of human though sunglasses. So it's GonNa. He did look a little bit sinister with a single did look with the shades. Handsome. My father. I don't disagree Maria I'd think it's just as creepy that you said it about your dad is when trump says about his daughter. If you can't see the innocence. By the new blows. Maria thanks for joining us. Of course darn away. Hey, everybody. Thank you for listening. Thank you for supporting subscribing for everything. You do when it comes to all things never not funny behalf of the pop culture. He's looking right there at the weather desk that's scaring cockerel over there video village it's by. Hockberg hold the fort. Headquarters, Germany California that is Matt Belknap. Our great friend Brennan the show one of my favorite people, the World Maria Bamford we think everybody my name is Jimmy Pardo stay safe everybody out there. We'll see you next time on the PODCAST AK47 gone not forgotten. Love never not funny for a second episode every weekend video of every episode plus bonus perks sign up for a platinum subscription at never not funny dot com never not funny is executive produced by Jimmy Puerto and Matt Belknap video production by Elliott Hofburg Production Assistance Garin Cockerel music by David and watch it burn copyright. Two Thousand and twenty never not funny LLC.

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