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"dr sam dr sam" Discussed on GSMC Health and Wellness Podcast

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"dr sam dr sam" Discussed on GSMC Health and Wellness Podcast

"Place there and I were discussing. Waste raced training and the big craze around waste trainers and pretty much. A little bit of the health concerns that come along with it which we're GONNA dive even more into right now so I'm going to talk about a specific waist training brand. There's so many out there now but this one specifically typically works very closely with the Kardashian family and I mention them a lot during this podcast just because I feel that. This family has definitely heightened craze so again this company called Wasting Society works so I just the name Aced aced gang society. I mean yeah it's not I don't know it's either a really threatening gang or like the worst gang ever right. I don't know if I want. WanNa be part of this thing. I'm not trying to be part of the whisking society. I'm going to read to you guys. The claim that's on their website so and I quote Wasting Society High Quality Reshaping Waste Shaper is a unique latex material which attacks unwanted it fat and impurities within your body. We need to stop right there. Okay yeah can we. We need to enter up to you. Now is okay. I clearly don't have the research on this but that just doesn't sound accurate to me. Latex that attacks unwanted impurities is other thing that's what I say that's why I was like. There's no way this is true. You can't put this out to the public and expect people to believe this but you'd be surprised. People rarely eat this up and believe like sure we're always looking for a magic secure magic pill or something bridal is going to work to attack fat Yes oh just by that I end. I had to take a step back and be like. Is this real uh-huh as this company serious right now. Moving on our re-shaping line will strengthen your core all while improving your posture. The Thermo Genesis created within your body will allow your body to get rid of harsh toxins and impurities through perspiration so pretty much claiming You sweat and you're releasing all this toxic impurities out of your body due to the trainer making you sweat which again not not sure about that. I mean I know. Athletes where you know like sweatshirts with the hoods up and you know things like that especially like UFC trainer or fighters when they're they're trying to make weight but that's not healthy either guides definitely not so again. I don't want to be going throughout my day. Sweating for my poor all day like I. I already sweat a lot just me alone so I don't want to waste trying to help me even more taken it off at the end of the net late sweaty latex right not just smelly no thank you and again. I'm going to continue reading the claim that waste gang society. It's on the website while wearing a garment. our waste trainer. The tight compression will help to reduce food volume intake which will help achieve the healthier practice of smaller meals more often rather then three large meals a day all right. I have a lot to say about this one especially because I come from a fitness background. I am a certified personal trainer and that is completely false. It's healthy. It's good to eat three large meals a day. Your body needs so it just sounds to me that the purpose of this garment is suggest the press your appetite and that's not healthy either. So uh I mean I know there's been so many different various theories on this. You know you should eat breakfast. No you don't need to eat breakfast. Three large meals six meals throughout the day. I mean it's just a million different things but I don't know if you if you're wearing something that's constricting you so you don't feel hungry. You know that just sends up red flags for me absolutely. It just doesn't sound right. And there's other forms as other products now Being sold to the public about suppressing one's appetite like I saw one on that claims that a lollipop just by licking lollipop will suppress your appetite for like three to four hours. Okay the guy that's crazy to me especially young girls who are watching. You know these advertisements kind of message. Is that sending saying to the younger longer a population and unfortunately it's just a new attempt at what's been going on for. I mean centuries obviously with the course that being from the fifteen hundreds but even think of all the Diet pills things things that then caused so many problems. They caused birth defects. They caused you know women to have a massive side effects and had to be taken off the market. There's always something that's being touted as the next big thing that's going to make you have the perfect body but there's no such thing as the perfect body here is your perfect body exact. I love the I love that you said your body is a perfect body as long as you feel great you feel strong and healthy. That's all that matters. So yeah and I brought up wasting society diety because the following study that I'm going to share with these guys is from the tech insider which is a digital publication nation focused on examining the areas of tech science innovation and culture. Andy Tech insider actually did a study on waste gang society so I just wanted to first introduce the company to you all and I'm going to dive more into waist training. Do the experts support it. Do they believe that this product works. Is it safe although there good stuff so many. Many medical experts are warning consumers. Pretty much about the dangers possible side effects health problems associated with using a waste trainer for long periods and according to the tech tuck insider they asked a doctor Dietitian and certified personal trainer to weigh in on this social media trend so according waiting to Jim White he is a certified Dietitian as well as a gym owner amp personal personal trainer he explained to tech insider that most of the time wasters quick fixes and they work for only a short period of time but not for long lasting health. Which is pretty much what we've been saying throughout this entire podcast that obviously when you have a waste trainer on you at the moment it's obviously going to shrink your waist? Are they wearing it on. So that you've got the smoother lines or whatever but even shape where I'm like ooh goodness can't right so so I mean be careful people especially like I definitely would not recommend wearing this at the gym. While you're working now that Gotcha like you're I feel much oxygen as possible young. Oh speaking of passing out you know the the the one. The next the next quote says that shortness of breath nausea nausea fainting and bruising or just some of the common side effects but you know couches that have like the one arm on one end but nothing on the other end. They have like a back that goes about halfway down typically designed. They're called fainting couches. Did you know that I did not know that women in Corsets so often fainted that they needed somewhere to land. Wow so often couches. We're designed so that. When they get lightheaded they had some place to sort of gracefully draped themselves Omega? I learn something new every I did not know that a piece of furniture was invented. Let's not get rid of the course that let's just make a new that's insane. Wow Oh yeah let us know on the comments. You guys guys knew that already because I had no idea. There's literally furniture made for this type of thing. Wow so as Sarah mentioned there it can cause shortness of breath nausea all that other stuff that you don't want and it can also caused law or long-term use of the product could cause permanent Oregon and nerve damage edge. which makes sense because again? You're just squeezing all your organs and pushing everything into the center of your bigger court literally right the fat still there. It's just being squished into other places and the squishing things and also within thin tech insider. They asked Dr Gina. Sam who is a gastro entrance lodges and director of the Gastrointestinal Motilal senator at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. That was long. I ordered for short. Dr Sam Dr Sam and and Jim White both stated that these waste trainers are only helpful for short term fix to create an illusion while you wear them but they both stay that they do not recommend for long periods and that there are serious side effects health side effects and even more dangerous interest that this company wasting society along with other ways. Training companies have told their followers dot Dave worked out in the waste trainer so again people are actually using this product in the gym. which is just again crazy to me? Yeah Yeah me too and I'm a leave everybody on that note. You think about that really quick. We're going to go on her second break and when we come back we're going to continue discussing talk about the dangers of waste training..

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